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"2014-11-21 08:04:31"
11 septembre 2001 WTC 9/11 - NIST FOIA Release 27/42A0240-G26D115 [Intégrale HD]
\\I supposing I thought is and then I saw this pin you know that kind of Broadway I think it great and then turns out I see this the World Trade Center I World Trade Center Bernie I know my suits are we this but it is it I was small it is it everywhere a papers that's why we need to get right on the but Trinity Church although there's people walking around there I all the sirens going off you these I city hall Paul this pardon me let go name I right Lewis well so 3 of 4 boys my she reached there is a gaping hole in the side so yeah it's I NDA nothing no rest of it is just sex the lawyers smoke if available I don't know if you can't see the other this side we got it by also would be so damn it now people that down there they're running I don't care what we are people are running away feeding himself I'm sure no no no love and I mean Broadway but it was a very strange greater no why are so many ambulance right I that right yeah I live in a world trade gorgeous day how the main because traffic I yeah the I of the world it I if it doing all all good there's ... omega we building is it Reds Graham in small going away for I feel like I should be standing here recording Mississippi like we aimed the world is like when I had to go on it was about somewhere around 9:00 in the morning so thousands of people were just been arrived hopefully most of them nice to be on schedule in the work but I doubt to use we by it no could annnnd exclusive we I it in it famous shoes I think if this job 2 weekends if the structure weaker credit Paul whispered with be safe I we think I'm going to get treatment or the other way the because I the because well I one well I just thought it was 3 planes this building I need to evacuate so our we I didn't receive a very very additional a moment ago the smoke cleared 2 there was a whole I higher Florida is the here again beginning words I saw little pieces of the voting acts the Syria video there it's spreading batteries better over on this here but it appears to me that structures to I we have a you know what maybe that part of the our there so by saying area I don't think we are going to get a this year wow go it looks like the smokers spinning a little it looks like it is raining a little I can only hope that means that firefighters who including right so able to that really but inside this the building so this I the basic thing go you yeah when I look at my real but I yeah a lot big there could be outside you know what so they I for safety's sake so 0 ballots for people on the streets much more than this there the dog so it people everywhere they there let's go you know those who I in an area it does appear that the other I yeah I did and we we don't have came by train news there is absolutely no reason I resent okay nothing it's every governments out there but I think it I mean on the still there is no hole there right there I mean you see all these papers run around work lying all over the place I smoke so we go which way the wind is blowing now go but what yeah so hear the sirens the so I leann when I could be a warning sign he right sure Larry yeah read to many people running in a state everyone is remaining we've been in shock I can do trains go through the World Trade Center you I the only because artists so all the ... I just saw the World Trade Center good app so it's trying to rewrite a get out of here we should I go oh my god all my so I just saw it is to move for just a moment on it so for a moment on itself okay don't Pentagon moon thank well I I home I see nothing but focus I. to nothing but smoke I see nothing but smoke I see nothing but smoke and ash we're I don't know where he can go I mean I I I had to spend apparently got got this thing I'm trying to call people and ... I watched a building collapse and now I'm sitting here in the dark that's like I'm in the middle of the night and there's absolutely nothing outside my window but this white are white stuff ... it's like being Dorothy in the middle of the cyclone and then occasionally see something ball case only on CD some sort of thing fallen I'm thankful I was inside when this happened did you see little bits of paper falling I'm die I can't get rich on the phone it can get anybody on the phone except for crack hi I am skies stay here now no ... well maybe I do I should try radio and video taping the 12 alternately church right now phones corrugated cysts starting to clear love little now wow so it can't get anywhere well I just got a message that we exposed to come pick up exactly but when I heard from we say that he was with her so with message resuscitate I think they're just going through the rest yeah she but she said that she couldn't there's some great site look at this shit again following okay much right now church is covered with a rash a witness to come across a terrace is covered with ash ... disrepair sequences of buildings right now it could be about to run out this guy is technically a just a little I still think that I never phone except for credit I don't to I love it here as well the tower is a Stiffy you should be able to see the power right there //

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