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Countering Muslim Claims, Episode 3: Contradictions in the Quran
\\hello everyone welcome to another episode of this brand new series that ... myself and our dear brother doctor David would have started ... we titled this counter arguments against some of the Islamic arguments raised either to defend the Karan defend Islam or maybe sometimes even ... try to prove ... the truth that is found in Islam in general or about Mohammed or maybe been attacking Christianity or the Bible last time we talked about ... the argument that has to do with the ... literally ... literally I should say ... if facts or the Excellency or eloquence he of the Karan today we are going to die out to look at another argument related to the ground itself and that's the argument form internal consistency doctor would welcome aboard and down alternate over to you well that this argument is ... another argument that comes from the current so there are some arguments that that mustn't use that are actually ... from the Koran in their other arguments that they use that that don't come from the ground this is one of the arguments that we find in the Koran itself in other words the Koran itself presents reasons to believe that the Koran is the word of god and so these are sort of the the primary level of Muslim arguments because that it's it's allow himself saying this is how you can know that this is true and so the argument from from literary excellence is one like that it's it's a law saying this is how you know this is true and we find the same thing here with the argument from internal consistency so this comes from the Koran chapter 4 verse 82 and we'll go ahead and read it hello says do they not then consider the Koran carefully had it been from other than a law they would surely have found therein much contradictions so do they not consider the Koran carefully had it been from other than a law if the Koran had come from anyone apart from a law you would find much contradiction in the book so this is what allows saying here's here's the Koran if this had come from anyone else apart from Allah you'd find much contradiction in it now there there are a couple of problems here ... one what why does it have to be much right well why not a little or a few ... into this this by the way since translated variously some translations but much discrepancy or ... many or numerous things like that and I wanna and also in Arabic god could have said and they will not find any not much why much yeah so it yeah I think if he could have said if this were from other than a lot you would have found one example of a country if you'd find one error one discrepancy or something like that but it's not you would find much so that's not a question of our one why does it have to be a lot ... the second problem is that right now according to this verse if I write something that doesn't contain any contradictions then it's the word of god I'm a profit right that's what this is saying exactly so if I could write a book right now that contains nothing but true statements right I could I could you name state that stuck to give statements about ... geography or something like that is different countries or something like that history ... you could even give just straightforward mathematical statements I could start in right 1 plus 1 equals 22 plus 2 equals 4 and I could write an entire book like that that contains no contradiction whatsoever no error no discrepancy and according to the Koran that would make it the word of god and that would make me a profit which would make Islam false because there would be a profit after Muhammad but here again Muslims only apply this kind of reasoning to the Koran to look at this and say yes what a great argument but also okay I'll give the exact same argument for something else to show that I'm a profit in the say no that's an awful and suddenly suddenly their ability to reason through an argument and to spot flaws will kick in but it doesnt kick in when they're examining throaty karana through and also you know the idea of contradiction like you said you can even write a novel ... that doesn't contain truth but just a novel and you do not contradict yourself in that novel does that make the novel also an inspired writing and your profit good must be according to run but it runs run into another sick of it if this is a bad argument if this is a silly argument that would that that that we we we can't take seriously after examining it then this is this is god offering a bad argument right then and if if this is got offering about argument that's that's saying something about what you believe about god but but let's go ahead and and look at some examples because I mean again we've already seen even without going to the current even if we looked at the Chrono we and we saw that it it has no errors are contradictions in it the argument that's used to support it already is flawed it's it's already a flawed argument correct but let's go ahead and look and some contradictions I'll give the references here people can look them up so some examples how long did it take a lot to create the universe according to chapter 7 verse 50 for the chronic took 6 days according to ... sore 41 verses 9 through 12 of the Koran it took 8 days so depending on where you go in the Koran ... the length of time it took a lot to create the universe ... changes what did allow create first to the heavens or the earth if you go to chapter 2 verse 29 of the Koran you find that the earth was created first then allow created the heavens so the earth comes first then the heavens but if you go to Sir 79 verses 27 to 30 the heavens were created first then the earth so now both of these can't be right right that they're only 3 possibilities here either the earth was created first then the heavens or the heavens are created first then the earth or they're both created the exact same time under no circumstances can the statement the earth was created first then the heavens and the other statement the heavens were created first then the earth they can't both be true that's absolutely correct and yet the Koran says that both the statements are just give our listeners and why this important I know some of them going to listen and say and I hear this argument from even for sometimes so what what's the problem with this okay was said this way here and it was said that we it is absolutely true that it won't be a problem except the Koran said it's preserve in a preserve tablets for all of eternity in have a next to gotten so which way was it either Mohammed missed it up but there is a second time or whomever wrote it did not write it correctly or Allah have confused himself I'm contradicting himself and not only that but you have the eternal tablet in heaven and the eternal tablet in heaven says the earth was created first then the heavens that's right and elsewhere says the heavens are pretty first then the Arkley and you know that this book is true because it contains no contradictions right exactly yeah so well anyway but that doesn't contain much contradiction so maybe this is maybe this is why it says you can I'm a little bit of calm action defined a little bit yeah left that house what would we do there right how much exactly you know we have to count how many contradictions in the car and that will become the standards for no it's no more than that more than you need more than that exactly you need more contradictions and whatever you find in the Koran and if it'd been from either the lawyer found more than what you actually find that's correct alright well let's go through some more examples who was the first Muslim chapter 6 verse 14 of the Koran says that Muhammad was the first Muslim you can all you can look all these up Sir 7 verse 143 says that Moses was the first Muslim and yet the current also declares that Adam and Abraham were Muslims even though they live before Muhammad and Moses by the way where it will take a non Muslim to know that Adam should be the first Muslim but that's beside the point the Koran tells us insert 10 verse 47 that a lot has sent a messenger to every nation the Koran also tells us since our 2 verses 125 to 129 that Abraham and Ishmael came to Arabia where they built the Kaaba and yet sort 28 verse 46 claims that Muhammad was the first messenger to come to the Arab cell profits come to every nation but Muhammad was the first messenger to come to the Arabs ... and yes Abraham Ishmael where there where they built the Kaaba and set up worship right there in Arabia so which ones right according to chapter 4 verse 48 of the Koran committing Sherk is unforgivable and then later in the same chapter verse 153 allow for gives people for committing sure you can find other examples like this ... Abraham commits shirk in the Koran he he sees the sunrise and he says this is my lord and exact moon and this is my lord keeps doing this and and but allow forgive him for that minute other verses the Koran say Abraham was never an I. dollar USAC lethal wait a minute if he's never it it's it's one thing to say Abraham committed shuriken was forgiven us forgiven of it even of the Koran says you're not gonna be forgiven check ... that's one thing to say that god forgave from others others share but the Koran says that he was never in Idolator even of the qur'an also says that he committed adultery he was he was calling that there's the sun the moon and so on absolutely he has ignored the crime report it over and over again chapter 16 verse one of 3 of the Koran tells us that the Koran is written in pure Arabic and you know it are are there lots of foreign words in the Koran how checked ... Arthur Jeffrey and you'll see how many of those are there get piles of them right absolutely and that you know that's very interesting ... chapter 2 verse 62 of the Koran says that Jews and Christians don't need to fear because we will be accepted by a lot so Jews and Muslims in the west will cope as you say Christians Muslims Jews were all going to have it that's what the ground right there Elton it does it does it chapter 2 verse 62 we win no need to fear all going we're all going to have it but then chapter 3 verse 85 says that the only religion accepted by a la is Islam that is correct that is correct and if it goes up to chapter 9 verse 30 says Chris because Christians say that Jesus is the son of a law besides the son of a law that you that out allows curses on us we have to be destroyed ... book will guess what all Christians say that right so wait a minute Christians don't need to fear but wait a minute the the only religion acceptable to a lot is Islam and sorry Kristen's you're all going to hell be not only not thorny Christians Jews and sap aliens also so kind of dippy a Las attitude towards Christians and Jews kind of depends on where you go in the Koran what is man created from according to star in 19 verse 67 L. all living thing I mean all living things are created from nothing ... according to chapter 96 verse to man is created from a blood clot according to Sir 21 verse 30 created from water according to source 16 verse 4 created from a small seed according to serve 15 verse 26 created from clay and mud according to source 3 verse 59 created from dusk according to Sarah 11 verse 61 created from earth now you can kind you could try to reconcile some of these like you know well everything's originally created from nothing then a la creates man out of something then the process goes on and so then you're created from a sort of seed you know through human procreation something like that what some of these just just don't work together right dust is very different from clay mud my house right dust is just dries up so what do you what what's the Koran saying here that that were created from you know a lot takes the dust and then adds the water to it and then mixes it around to make mud in the and so on why can't I just tell us exactly what it's talking about a shuttle to true and especially if you don't know anything about these pastors and occur and you can look up one only and say oh that's how mankind was created but is this much is this much contradiction yet I don't know and we don't we have been able to figure out what what counts as much contradiction ... will intercession be possible on the day of judgment according to Sir 20 verse 109034 verse 23 answer 43 verse 86 yes through the intercession on the day of judgment but according to Sarah to verse 123 source experts 51 answer 82 verse 19 there's no intercession on the day of judgment ... what happened to pharaoh when he was chasing the Israelites according to sort 10 verse 92 a la saved him and according to Sir 73 verse one of 72 verse one of 3 ... pharaoh drown in addition to all of these we have a it's it's not exactly the same thing as a contradiction it's ... kind of abrogation but when you think that in all of us eternal tablet in heaven there's a verse telling Muslims to do one thing anniversary Eiling Muslims do something else and over saying that there's no discrepancies are contradictions in this in this book or that there's not much then these become important so Sir to 256 says that there's no compulsion in religion Sir 9 verse 29 of the crown says fight those who do not believe in a love according to Sir out 4 verse 43 of the Koran Muslims can drink alcohol as long as they don't show up for prayer drunk but according to certify verse 90 Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol at all in the Koran we have to ask what's the penalty for sexual sin according to serve 4 verse 15 the penalty for sexual sin is house arrest according to store 24 verse to the penalty for sexual sin is 100 lashes that edge just think about that right in all US eternal Koran there's one verse saying that the penalty for sexual sin his house arrest lock them up yet another verse there's the penalty for sexual sin is 100 lashes ... you go outside the current Muhammad in the hadith Muhammad said you don't just stoning right so their various penalties are various penalties on but if we just go with the Koran telling us how to handle the situation of sexual sent to different ways and also containing the claim in the same eternal book from all eternity that did you know that this is the word of god because it doesn't contain much discrepancy will we just looked at few examples in that there's there seems to be up some lot of discrepancy both in practice what you're supposed to do and again you can't you can't know what the Koran is telling you to do without going to outside sources so allows eternal Koran his eternal Koran in heaven you could sit there reading it for all eternity and you would not know what you're supposed to do because you don't know that the the historical background and so on that tells you when these verses were revealed so that you know what to do and so practically speaking the qur'an contains all these problems but then just factually speaking when the Koran is is is telling how things are created or things like that historical things ... that they're all sort it says all kinds of different things they can't all be true and somehow this is supposed to confirm that the crown because however much contradiction we find it's not as much as there needs to be in order for this not to be the word of god very strange argument absolutely agree with you and no need at anyway to for the mention of much or many or anything like that if the crown doesn't have any contradictions but here is that ... the that the problem of course I mean I like the idea obligation I mean 1 of the funniest passages is about fasting and sort of book I chapter 2 verse 183 says 1 thing about fasting first 184 says another thing about fasting okay so which 1 is it voluntary or is it mandated I mean just to check out to versus back to back to back so those who argue that there is no obligation please reconcile this for us then let us know which one are you gonna voluntarily fast try it in Saudi and see what happens to you if you voluntarily to want a fast let's see if you're gonna throw be thrown in jail for breaking the fast so all of this and I speak to my audience and hopefully some of the Muslim friends are watching us right now please go on him inspect all of these passages that doctor would has just mentioned to you we give you references were not really fabricating these things it comes from the car and that in fact if you even believe us go to commentators on the sponsors and you'll be surprised how many times they give you different versions of interpretation they deferred this guy said it I said it was revealed because of this reason this guy says it used to be read that way this guy says it is interpreted this way and look at how many commentators in general even disagree with each other not only within themselves within their books but also compared to other commentators those who are closer to Mohammed somehow they give you a different opinion than those who are later and it's kind of funny I don't know if you've noticed this doctor would that there's always an evolution in re interpreting things in the Koran as more push coming against these passages so this is something probably no future we need to talk about how interpretation a pass in the ground continue to evolve as time passes well thank you brother for this wonderful ... presentation and the a solid argument that you presented hopefully our Muslim friends will take us up on that offer to go inspect the spouse is from themselves jealous about what other arguments might we expects more basically in the next episode arm in the next will look and it's the what we'll call the argument for a perfect preservation ... this is another example of an argument we kind of find this in the Koran a law says that he's going to protect ... he's going to protect the revelation ... so this isn't exactly put forward as here's how you can know that this is this is the true word of god but it's a promise that all us making in the Koran is making a promise to protect the Koran and therefore if we find that the Koran has not been perfectly preserved then this presents sort of a problem for the crown but more of a problem for Muslims because almost every Muslim you'll ever meet your life will say that the crown is been perfectly preserved from the time it was revealed right down to the letter when we go to the most some sources they tell us something completely different and so a lot of Muslims have their confidence in a slump ... grounded in this claim that the crown is been perfectly preserved and we're going to go to Islam's most trusted sources to see what's actually the case you will look forward of course to ... more of these counter arguments ... once again we thank you for taking the time to watch this episode you can always of course ... watch this and the previous ones and even future ones as you write your at our you tube channels as your international and add doctor David woods also you tube channel acts 17 apologetics until we meet again have a blessed day //

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