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"2018-02-27 03:21:47"
Minister Farrakhan explains why Jews HATE Jesus!!!
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"2017-12-26 10:28:57"
Farrakhan speaking at the historic 1993 Gang Summit!! MUST SEE!!
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"2017-12-24 03:15:54"
Classic Interview of Minister Farrakhan from 1973!
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"2017-11-16 19:56:03"
Louis Farrakhan WARNS Donald Trump for FINAL TIME!!
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"2017-02-24 02:14:44"
Farrakhan GOES IN on Black people who have faith in the political parties!
\\most of you a soul Hey because queen Hillary loss yeah and some of you customers yeah is because I didn't vote for her I didn't vote for trial CI knew brought with him is the same you ain't gonna get nothing from you know one but more deceit from the rate but most straight how from true yeah told you you know have nothing to lose you've been a Democrat all your life and just so I so I you very upset because Hillary get it you all fall Farrakhan was which I and though I have well faithful servant first he for more you would be with me because that white woman Los and you fell like Los to Massey assuming that here all mass of we was about deb C. N. N. mass well and I thought Farrakhan was out Fran I thought you were my but if you can get along without me I can get along without too but I'll tell you something you got no place to go out be Wheaton funny but //
"2017-02-23 06:39:34"
Farrakhan explains why Trump became President & the plot against his life!
\\when have you ever heard a black person talk about a white president like some of us are talking about Mr trump just think I don't yeah I'm no good Lyndon Johnson and all of the mothers were never heard no black person talk about a white president like that miss that ... John Lewis said this man is illegitimate and they gave him top news building listen now white folks listening to would you technically say ... man is illegitimate which 62000000 votes and 370 electoral college votes he's illegitimate he's illegitimate because he's not cricket Hillary but she's legitimate you really say my dear sister Maxine waters great system of ours it came out strong he's on a fast track to be Indian Pete's white vocalist men what did I say 2 years ago he's peeling back the scam a big overall white civility that's what I say I said if you vote for him you'll be on your way to hell in a rocket she now look at the break up of America and the breakup of the western world the white man is going down is you can take it or leave it alone you ever seen so much confusion among people of so called intelligence listen to the Talking Heads on TV their mass up when they hear this of state and government pop confuse that time if they can't rule anymore to confuse to rule so what are you going to do well now wait until it sorts itself out I I it's not fun sort itself out look at this please please did Mr trump and the Republicans say that the Russians had the campaign Reagan did for trial in that what they're saying now now general freely in he was going to be the head of homeland security I guarantee yeah and now he's on the phone talking to Russia don't worry about those sanctions that that black old grandma put on you all soon as we hit in willow difficult but will manage it and so when you do a transcript it habit was she talking about our children I have a baby in you know a tough thing about those sanctions and that is illegal promise I said there ... Yemen wasn't in the original no no no he wasn't in the original 7 that they were gonna overthrow Sudan Libya Iran Iraq Syria Somalia and is one more you check it out if I'm wrong well how come back and say so but Yemen one minute Yemen is a recent entry into the equation Yemen with no problem for America when we've their brother you and I have visited that putting them we go there then we meet with the president of Yemen he was in the hip pocket of the American government at that time the one yeah remember this was planned over 20 years ago Israel so you now but I think I rule out I really thank you but I noted Yemen when the part of the original conspiracy not at all and why you mentioned Yemen you know when we were there how well we were treated by the Yemeni people in fact to you most of the did you know that the minister went to Mecca and I was taking him up at the same time that the crown prince was taking him did you know that I state it was during Ramadan and when the young people heard the Farrakhan I was sitting up with the cane sit I there are you to call me a fake mostly where the hell do you see when you go the on a damn toilet in the full y'all better leave me alone I don't know what they really I T. fueled my who would you say about me yeah you might wake up and find out if you'd think most yeah yeah yeah a I I believe those that do Kennedy and those that assassinated Lincoln and they base government that's under the real government our weighing Mr trump because if they can't control him they usually will move kill what they can control do you follow me he's not being controlled right now did you see him the other day would be be nothing like home and BB is smiling well and Donald is lookin serious BB is like a boa constrictor well that is curled around the president there I hope you're listening my dear president because if you follow Netanyahu's you could have been the low be full of the stone but if you do what Netanyahu and his scientists want you to do you'll be in the wall in the short term I think it's time for me to wrap this up so it Douglas I was right it was Lebanon no no no women it's his right as my brother if I make a mistake just correct me and if I am as good a brother as a whole to be house and poor take the correction and make the correction because more rowdy should stand up and stop loving you all make a mistake imprint of the big book and be unwilling to say on south have you noticed home vice president pants seems to be the quiet night why that makes trump policies look sane but bass he's masterful it books will visit the boss now Russia did not put from there I and do you Democrats you so racist you can't let Barak's affordable Care Act be we're going to retrieve it Rivera we're going to learn if up the agreement with Iran hold it John back up a minute see this is why partisan politics killing democracy this is all over the carribean all anytime the opposition party does something good and you come to power you only do what was good that's still a bit no country news less then the potty that wins the election if the Republicans won the election that don't mean that's America if the Democrats win that's not America America is when both of you so now and look at what's best for the show and the affordable Care Act it's weak thanks to but you don't even want the rock Obama's legacy to remain I and while I'm on legacy I got to say certain about Fidel Castro if you don't Castro may have done yeah that's my brother he loves Farrakhan and Wagner and loved him and he offered me scholarships he offered me the I surgeries fuck cataract removal and all he wanted was those who wanted to become doctors come to Cuba and get your doctors a degree and then go back to your community and serve your people that's all P. one where is my granddaughter Mariam where we have high is that you Mario where is all kind all right there they're in Cuba right now they got 2 or 3 more years and they'll be doctors they've been there for already don't one of my help the stone media Michael Flynn resigned I saw the same news this huge it I wasn't talking that he was still data the point was he was a general it was going to be used in homeland security for Ross but he was on the phone would Russia that's what I was getting old would do you they go for us the transcript of the conversation to ultimately be release and I know he was talking about sanctions the question is who know what we is he as homeland security contacting the rest since without drops knowledge then it shall told him go here to whom bush deserves some props when they'll be looking at all of that but what is it doing is breaking up the house did you see it can't you feel now where was I they now in Cuba no she there passed away I wanted to go down and pay my respects to a man who's done so much not just for Cuba but for the whole world for medicine for agriculture for science I and showing you how to evolve a revolution now free Dale they say does not want a statue to him he does not want his picture prominently display doesn't want streets named after him and I respect his wishes but I don't agree and I intend to write president Rome and tell my brother see one of the ways that they destroy a movement is the killed the leader and very believe that so that's succeeding generations will know nothing about the great work that that man did I'm with brother hormone then they not to be an object of worship because some of us are sold city and if any of you a dumb enough to worship Farrakhan I have to pray for you I am not worthy to be worshipped only the high I listen listen some of you I sold filled with the spirit of idolatry you see people who would doing great things and we all love nothing wrong with loving a person that is done good for you but it is wrong to worship a person who does good for you and they had not died I was born I live I will die but the good did god has blessed me to do you can't bury that in no cost and with me which you very Britney is flat it came from the earth it returns to the air you know all I am well aware that brother who I wouldn't be here now but my employee he's to disobey you Polish people I well Bob worshipping what does not deserve to be worshipped Jesus never told Christian 2 why should him my dear Reverend he told you follow me but worship god the disciples said good Masta he didn't let them continue he said why call it tao me good there is none good but the father so because Farrakhan is done and is doing good for our people that doesn't mean he should be worshipped and sometimes false leaders best would be of seeking so they might say don't worship Farrakhan but they would love it if 2 people love them tight they Love Me so you always have to check your motives for what you do now you know when Jesus is god to guide god asks him a question did you tell the people to take your mother and you for god's the site me C. evidently the rumor was spread see white people know that I'm loved by my people and white people angry that to Love Me and so they will tell you these people worship him it's a call right these are Farrakhan worship no but they belittling you as saying you are stupid they're saying that you don't know so you follow a man lying as was said earlier I'll teach you but I don't tell you who to listen to who not to listen to where to go away and not to go if you wanna go where ever you want to go call because all our life is a search for and knowledge is the birthright every human being on so if it's contained in Reverend Willy will since share you go there but Reverend Wilson is not telling you going to ever go to another church no way you can find no let's go where you can find please well somebody say well to listen to Farrakhan is all doom and gloom well listen to rap Osteen he's a beautiful past that but you don't have my assignment I wait wait no I listened to him also yeah he talks nice stuff though to know everybody needs my stuff don't you but that's not my assignment I started to read this to you blessed is he who sat down with discrimination upon his servant that he might be only one not to the nation's that's my son my Simon made to give you love notes my assignment is to work on you their job but is about to be status for your food and so he isn't going to pass this will make you feel good but when you come back to me I always tell you a new did you see what god did to Sodom and Gomorrah do you think that's in the book for nothing now I'm in love with my gay brothers and sisters but I'm here one you that behavior got going like the president may signed it into law on his this is Benton but he's own battles saying Jews who was satanic if I had time I could run it down to you but I've been here 3:00 hours already but I'm going to close in 10 years meet me next week there must Mario because you got a savior that will heal America if she killed zoom what would I tend and white people know but what I'm telling you is that true they don't want you to believe I don't hate Jews I respect Jews but I know it Ivo of goals 2 I even you then not Jews at all they'll like trucks is so called judges leaves of so called Jew because the same way they are not now let me white right wrap this up right now they're developing a Patsy for the murder of the president these wicked people I'm just warning you murderous out there you better leave trump alone because if you kill them you will find a revolution faster than you could thank and by the way if you come into Chicago to get me in the name but you're looking for gangs let me know when your comments at the beach goes now be damned if our rooms you and if god lets you killed me now the the last one bed he I can assure you that and all you gotta do is try to kill me and you'll find out how much time to look back ga so all of you haters of the president be careful because I know design is Jews that control you told you it was alright to sit with you saying it because I know you you really that bad you did fine you attest that goes at Walmart's what they're till Busta rhymes I saw him at the Grammys he spoke with how soon Nicole drop agent arm now all you loaded them like true is what I was I'm sorry I'm turning my back because I got audience behind me as a very important audit bottom like I'm looking at my back I guess is some men don't like to look at your bag here everybody and a this is a bad time to back it up this ain't broke back mountain this then I'm going to I'm going to stop now because of but I want it to say that is be careful how you talk about the president I talked but I'm respectful and if I give you courage if I give you courage to speak remember this admonition of Jesus be wise as the serpent and humble as the done I'm going to continue speaking god willing I all they're looking up top okay but these are my favorite people I can't stand that they look in really at my back but they're not been looking that my friend okay but let me finish this because if anything happens to Mr trump these people are going to cut looks and who you think they don't cut with software is the US that's why it's time to separate wait wait wait they're not going to ever give you enough jobs and they'll never ran to chance but with president Truman you might be able to make the deal when the chastisement of god get so simply we gotta have land of our own look what shall you do if you can't find refuge in him and their world Lulu world of your own you existed before there was a white man on the earth you would exist after they're gone if we want to take control of our communities where we live we have to take control of education you can't keep turning your children over to the enemy thinking he's going to make your children better than we are capable of making them we've got scholars of every stripe that can make the curriculum so black and brown red and yellow and even white that will make white people better than what they are because the poison of white supremacy has destroyed you because it don't work today you can't tell black people how great you are when we meet you in everything take your place all would be if we had known about hidden figures 16 years ago how more advanced would we believe but they because they don't want you to know that women help put the white man on the moon so don't to look down on you beautiful that well leann so in conclusion now this isn't the last conclusion Billy in conclusion please know that god is with you yeah please know that guy has come to fight the battle for our liberation please know that your little pop gun that you bought is insufficient to deal with the arms of my of America but a lot can stop these planes from flying yes with a little wind and the messenger said he was saying the sixth and seventh fleet Meg going to be in a lawsuit and if you miss the a trial listens to Netanyahu they want to use you to fight America's war but is not America's war is Israel's wall and when you say Mr trump America first ask any Jew even your son in law America is never for Harris Israel it's always first and as long as Israel is first then what ever you think all claim we'll be in Israel before you leave the room of the White House Mr trump you have to say you're kidding yourself from being controlled by any one of the now I leave you with this feed on this in your spare time all you pass have you ever considered go do you think that America he's not in costs plan hello see just think about see why you're afraid to tell you you don't know what god is up to but we do not because we know but because his message messiah taught us this guy we know it in closing where is gone in Mr trump becoming president if you can't find god's hand then you're afraid but I know his hands by his greatness when I see here's how I know god was involved look at the media a lesson that China they mock tuna they put him on television every day the man didn't even after paying for an addict and they kept question in him so that he could say out Landis things that they thought would derail this presidency so when they thought it would derail it kept coming up stronger did come through they did everything to destroy him and now C. N. N. has become the opposition party but he's the media does the media deserve to be jail for not cute in the sense of shooting them but why are my people hate me I I never did nothing to my people did they should hate me and I never did nothing to you except tell the truth but when you're a lie the truth is what you fear most of all and anybody that would speak it you have to get rid of them I understand and this then I'm willing to pay that price I want to thank all of you for coming out today Joe Louis arena I want to thank you for listening and I prayed that god would show you his hand big because they never expected so too we but he warned against all the odds because put him there to dismantle this house nearly a and he's doing a good job day by day this is the end of this wicked society it has destroyed nations around the earth and now it's coming home as brother Malcolm said in the assassination Mister Kennedy it was a case of the chickens coming home 2 routes may Allah bless you all great you safe passage back to your place is global bold I want you to think about what we have said to you and then watch the news why the weather and see how god is driven in that and then hides yourself seek refuge in a lot because that's the only hope we have to get through the doc times that we have in it thank you for listening may Allah bless you all absolutely no //
"2017-02-21 01:50:06"
Farrakhan's message to Trump and those who fear him!
\\this is a message to the president I'm here to talk to all of you did a Shakin in your boots read well the recruited through that crazy bear he's the president and you don't like but you don't like Mexico they don't like most slim maybe so yeah the we don't give a damn what he likes well what I the future is now your opponents king the mobile dear brother me through which you yet not in this book he highlights how the C. I. A. you are was chemically treating young black people through prison this but take Hilali and making them on one hand soon well planted this yes this is a scientific experiment yes so so president you know if you go to bring your generals and your army into Chicago I to kill outlook young savages for I'm sending this book to the White House before you come before you come read give it to general Mad Dog Madison and read it before you know because you've got to learn how white people you know people and this do not right I'm no good stand up a goblin I yeah NTU No Way to your yeah they need to be right no 0 right that's why this subject loss have no fear well the new job the future is powerless yes I'm going to prove that that's //
"2016-10-31 14:07:07"
Farrakhan reveals meeting with Pres. Barack Obama
\\then came Barack Obama we supported him when he was a community organizer I I had never met him but my chief of staff at bedtime brother landed new Iraq Obama and we backed him with money and with the help of the FO why to get him elected it Barack Obama became a U. S. senator this part of this story I will leave for another time but he visited me that's all I will say and he threw his hat in the ring to be president the United States Farrakhan and our savior's day convention in 2008 spoke kind words about my bro but Hillary had already is it she wanted to be president so she and Barack were locked in a battle she was battling the Clinton so when there was a kind of a debate with NBC news our reporter Tim Russert my name came up and all of you that more national and state prominence sometimes I am that lit miss taz to see if white folk can do anything good for you and some of you out so we and this only bet your design ideas mean mole on them the integrity of your but at the time I full game my brothers Kip Moore Barak did not want to denounce me but Hillary Austin and he gave me in and said alright alright I renounce Farrakhan I don't want his for ported him anyway and some well the followers when I'm angry with me because it does for me but it's not plus so no what's the bigger picture what's in the best interests of our people so I told all of those with me you about Barack Obama followed I Iraq like and me and my wife 5:00 in the morning around the corner from the national house we went out and vote 5 brothers I was very proud of him this man probably one of the most beautiful human beings MCI but isn't in ... vat which Satan can come in yeah most of you don't realize how clever Satan is when you show signs of compromises of who you are so the bigger picture you and I have a 2 Moroccan you never saw it as I would never put end of me they were looking to hurt him told me straight up Farrakhan vote in ship I go maybe me when she but it was sounds made me a U. S. and I will never do anything cause me to lose the down state vote they and I said to him my brother your reality is not mine and we need your own way you aha so I will never ask you to do anything that will cause you to lose that downstate vote and I never had he was the bigger picture I now you in your small mind and heart you are envious because god allowed him to be right now the most popular black human being that has up won't the among us in America not only not only has out Barack Obama and no one no no I know as his mind now so the bigger picture is not Hillary Clinton right the bigger picture is not Donald Trump the big picture is the black masses of America and the American people I'd scoff at it //
"2015-10-01 01:45:56"
Maintain the Earth; Maintain your woman! - Salih Muhammad
\\brothers down with AJ Mohammed said that the black woman as like him until the iron she listened she like unto the earth and then he made as a question every man will fight wars if man will fight wars and men will pay large sums of money for a piece of art then what are we willing to fight and to gear up for that which the earth is my hello I now the earth operates on the principle that as a man or woman sold the same Saude you say the scriptures use a lot of our agricultural Turman most of us have never sold anything in our lives later in the and have never read anything in our lives literally we've never solved the seed into the ground so it's hard for us to understand how this works never seen it actual see think about how small an apple seed is and think about how big victory from the seed is think about how small a peach seed is I think about how big the seed of a peach is now Iraq Jesus says in the Bible he gives the parable of the man planting and ear of corn and is that ear of corn will return as 70 years of course that when you startled away and you read Val well we you are right and talking about the earth but also talking about the one if it bothers you so and so the woman abuse then you will re-attempt lie look at our community I guarantee you most of these balls that are inflicting bottle of physical violence on another black person experience abuse from the womb from their own money does not endorse now they system if you want to understand your man a little bit better understand what his relationship has been like with his mother because that relationship is going to guide his practice of life almost for the rest of life we go with this because some man before he was brought up you got his mother when I start my physical abuse some are calling to still be some are calling to the B. word calling her the H. word that's abuse and the honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the law of the lord the law of the earth operates on the loss of use and misuse that any time you do not use that pain are lies justify and often will stay in someone to remove that being from you don't work out for awhile and that's fixed back will be removed from you right and if you miss you something they can force its it removed some of our athletes play football right that's not the best use of a body that is not the desire to use of their body by god fair if it was would have sports more as long as human beings have been here would I contact sports and he will break in their ankles trotted truck people and stuff right so when you miss you something then that god is also authorized and some dont would deputized other people to remove that something from you so would you miss you Bob you don't want me then you got it all arrive and sometimes W. ties and removing the value of that woman from you alright you see that it's that's the atmosphere the planet miss usual one in the west atmosphere but also today I don't know Tom I've our problem is that people want as deep as level as a problem of relations we don't relate well to sell we don't relate well to god we don't relate well to brother to sister to mama to father we don't relate well to boyfriends and girlfriends the husbands why and because we have a problem of relationship we are never able to extract from real life the beauty of life life is the sum total minister Farrakhan's then up and of your relationship so if your life is a little bit sour examine who it is that you are in relationship to right alright use and miss you when you plant a seed in the earth then you must watch or encourage that see you can't plan a theme just expected to grow up see brother if you saw a seed of honesty and love in shock and adulation you can't just planted at the beginning of Americans you muzzle water that see over and over and over and over again as long as the earth in the live otherwise the food and it will be removed now our I the brothers based mountain way so in Islam Dali Koran teaches that man is the maintainer of one is that right how do you maintain the other you know maintained our by leaving it all the time you cannot maintain this plot of land by messing about plot of land over there all I I'm I'm sits and see on that me that went out there you see in order to maintain the harder it requires focus attention and care the brothers most of the time all the sisters ever wanted for you to be what they call mind full and you receive as Maggie sure I am ... you know I it's alright go come back around you receive that is dire from mindfulness as Maggie because the earth would mandate a change and if you do not get the other plop right Satan than that which was producing land will become unproductive land so the odds with odds mom gives an active actual back how much of the earth is reducing land 29 various was now well how much land do we have on earth 57255000 wet mouth what happened to the rest all right it was not flop rudely at Saint so that was not properly maintained alright well works the other way around too you see because the man has been deprived of the ability to be a man they've got places a burden on the system to build him up into manhood they cannot be a man with his woman I will say they did he cannot be a man with out there is one thing I will say it again he cannot be a mad with out there is one //
"2015-09-29 02:05:24"
The Consquences of Rejecting Divine Knowledge - Salih Muhammad
\\it is like a light I like it is that which allows you to maneuver wind about absence of light would not allow it did you ever walked in the darkness me no real dark room who is that we think you boys and girls really go camping when they got no street lights 7 ho ho's notes on the the other go camping with them I have no street lights and all you have is that last line you cannot walk beyond the distance that battle light from the flashlight reaches you stayed when the people have knowledge it is like that flashlight and your ability to well it's a maneuver had the people can never go beyond the light that has been set out yeah alright so in 1876 I believe other agendas that average Indian feathers that we have as far as we can see possible listen to this that's being ways and Maria Avenue by which a light could reach the mind of this way I must say that again he said we yeah as far have we white folks can be possible extinguish are no put out every Avenue but with delight then into the mind of the sleigh so what knowledge base are we working gotta and is it possible that the knowledge we currently it's not only possible go step outside so I don't have to do a lot of proving Islam today we don't we're not to do a lot to prove but the condition is bad is that right or wrong when we're Los Angeles right lights allows us to travel and to move boards so what needs to happen is that we need a brighter and more magnificent a light to guide us into a better condition alright so a lot says that would make people reached back condition is that I will raise up a messenger all this way that's what he says this that's what every people I will give them a messenger it was good because any time darkness envelopes humanity got is Tony back how Jill did us a means of high you're not alright Joe member that's got to my people are destroyed for the lack love but you know we do a lot of shortcuts that scripture continues if that my people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge but not all but be because they have rejected knowledge I have read Zach hit them all right now I think about it no god raises up a messenger and we don't accept the message on that messenger they these daring thing but as a consequence I'm blowing to reject your prosperity they go over this and the Bible teaches that the consequence of rejection is a very big date until the third generation ... Gummo now black votes they go with this when you reject the methods that they may inherit consequence Evan got fifth consequence if extended past you and your children all we rejected Elijah Muhammad yes we did we would give the lie to my heart we thought he was crazy we thought he was cocoa weight body was doing relative to death the blame ADN and see that and look at our condition now need I say more but because they have rejected not I have checked and for 3 generations think over it for 3 generations we think our people hit by heroin crack cocaine Molly have you all know what that is it abuse of each other ugh you saw my enemy //
"2015-08-20 20:08:25"
Farrakhan explains what it means to be a MAN!
\\when I was a a little boy and I had a girlfriend she couldn't spend her money and sometimes she had more than me but when all my money was done that I spent for both of us to have ice cream from the ice cream follow I would not let her spend her money on me because a real man no matter what take care can no woman love a man she's taking care of you become very child her voice is stronger than yours in the house so don't even try to boss around Kushida boss and she knows it even if you don't say it bomb he don't have a job man I'm the only one I'm alive I listen and I'm so glad it's coming from you but my sense is that this is real and that's the kind of man I wanted to be I told my wife but we would just go home and bought 3 I don't ever want no man come into my house if in my friend so I wouldn't bad if fact couldn't afford it save my money and when I could afford it I bought it because I know it was mine I wouldn't pay in on time if I missed it you will come and get it I bought a car a one time and I missed 3 payments because it was hard to and a white man to say he was coming to get it out when right in his office and I'm not going let you take advantage of a hard time that I have I'm not be I will pay you but if you come to get that car I burned a copy ground up gone bad joke it while I told him I have cute I knew I wouldn't play crazy niggas are the ones that they don't bother to well yeah well well and and and maybe gamble look mon asked me is it school was having you know ... what you call a class reunion and he wanted to bring me there to speak and he gave me $5000 for this fate and I went right to that man that I owe I said here's your money you know got favorites you when you are willing to die for something ... I bought a gun my teacher didn't teach me this but in the day when my teacher was gone I came a little crazy no and I bought a gun for my wife and I bought a gun for me we lived in a neighborhood bets kinda but when you get a place and you don't really understand your surroundings dating one no black folk in there but there was one of 2 hang around but it came true bottle in my window when my little granddaughter was sleeping on before all I got my pistol and I went looking phone then I decided to go right to the police that has some about this man Elijah then when you know him meet takes fear out of you when you know yourself and you know god you're not a week's writing this if I may so I went in the police station and ask for the chief whoever was the head of that I said Sir I went out a few days ago and I bought 2 guns one for my wife in one I said now you all know how to make examples over the black children they're not doing something wrong but you don't know how to do that for you own but I do so the next little white board it come flowing sub in map when bell I'm gonna put a bullet in his you know what they said Fred Carl if you do it will come after you I said you just have to do that I never seen them white people and nobody ever through no more stuff in my window there comes a time in your life when you can't take no more that's the time you decide it's the the life or death but tyranny has that's the time we're living in now no more Trayvon Martin no more temir rise no more every Ghana because that's always gonna be on 2 weeks it's sad in and when you decide that it will end it will end because then you're ready to pay whatever the is to bring it to //
"2015-08-07 00:06:33"
Minister Farrakhan speaks on Cecil the lion!!!
\\I like what you said pass the Jamal because Cecil I think is the name of a line in the path we still got shot because somebody wanted a trophy of a great powerful line now they're looking for 6 so and they're looking for the one that shot Cecil the dentist has close the shop he's in hiding Darren Wilson is walk the the killing of Trayvon Martin is a walking kilo Oscar Brandt is what came but the doctor is in hiding over I did while you we have to answer well how weakness then our would this in the face the barrenness yeah complain about the Damala and I prayed that god will yeah guide my words no guide my heart but beloved brother and my dear brothers and sisters sometime is doctor king said their things worth dying for and doctor king's it if if there's something in your life that's not worth dying for didn't put a year living for my little sister 14 years old a 12 in Texas with a bikini and police not to took the crown put their knee in her napkin in her back was ready to shoot a young brother who wanted to step then he should have stepped I don't want to be misunderstood but if we won't fight to protect our women when not worthy of her all of the children then he produced this what does all living as man his maintain those about women provide us for our women and children pro tech does about family hi Jim Muhammad said the woman is the earth I don't know which you produce your crap what poma would put a seed in the ground and not make a move to protect the crop that's coming you kill the bugs you kill me heavenly that will eat hero through all your sure you all your your you kill me animal that will kill you all heard you say I forgive for the killer about women and children I think we need serious reconstruction Obama phone process Seton's and I wanna say to pass you must manner story by and stop preaching the doctrine that makes you a better fully I no big and put your power you'll go with this on Jesus Christ you misunderstand him totally I //
"2015-08-04 04:05:12"
Farrakhan calls for 10,000 FEARLESS who are ABOUT THAT LIFE!!!!
\\I'm looking for 10000 in the midst of 1000000 this list yes I'm looking for 0 in the midst the 0 I don't know 0 fearless man it say death is so go then continued life under tyranny that this sweet now can you do live children why are white yeah I swear yeah worse let me mom I bulls yeah we're not into say it now and must run yeah goals because and here to bail and move them real pain yeah that we don't //
"2015-07-27 17:29:02"
WOW!! Farrakhan is Making the Call! Justice...or Else! 10.10.15
\\I've actually seen that paper war and it does appear that she indicated to the sheriff's office that she had tried to kill herself at least once I believe should be carried out of the hills ... don't believe there's any NBI is since you will why n't all right now yeah I yeah a lot why but turn it well I you he they and then I want you know hello yeah I'm not no because yeah they lock John annnnd yeah they strive you will have a you can family we one and that if we can get just if we can't have if our children are dying in springs no redress Bob Greene why else thank you 10 years to live like then join in it goes some way and fight same damn enemy that's going what he's doing to us we've got to make see and there's not much time left playing with the light and to play with a future about children and all these Weeknd's that our colleagues if but tyranny they have to get out the way but I I //
"2015-07-15 11:51:50"
Farrakhan Brings The HEAT! Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!
\\I'm hearing what you're saying and it makes sense that if we were United then we could eliminate poverty with him now all communities if we were United then we could stop the defamation a mother if we were United we could stop pollution in our waters if we were United we could bring that in to the pollution it comes from coal and digging for oil if we were United then we would be able to find the answers that our ancestors here mine and yours thousands of years ago when god told us we could find the way back to natural living solar in a through energy from the water that's for as long as there is not a dollar sign to ignore it United and they don't hear about the people that's why my dear brother when you say if if if if if we were United it moves in a dress is our division it's in there injures because as long as we are not United they could continue to do as they've been doing and John McCain and the much Haines up this country will continue to rob the Indians of the value of the land keep us divided cheap us poor that is there tactic that's their goal now if we know that and we do know it then it is in our best interests to knock down every artificial barrier that keeps us from that power that comes from our unity and we don't factors in 3 trucks up up up supplies to rose but all of Japan rich if we I you know I did the land that is under our feet that we have gone soul we can feed cruel shelter produce jobs because it's all in the land so some of my brothers used to say free land and if the land that much of it is in trust we need to read the letter and we can do it if we are United and wait a minute ... and we are willing do not talk about it but be willing to pay that price don't read the land that is no freedom without the shedding of sorry to have to say that nonviolence is not going to bring the land back to us I unity will keep us from having to fire a shot but if we are not United the only way we going to get what belongs to us to make up our minds E. that to live to get it bought died trying to get when you are willing and not afraid anymore to pay the price cloak credo don't let this white man tell you that violence is wrong every damn thing that he got he got it bad being violent Schilling people raping and robbing and murdering he's doing it as we speak and then he has the nerve to come and tell us that violence and hatred won't get it private he's wealthy to be aged where because of the evil that he does god hates I don't know why man think you're better than god when god in the Bible said he loved Jake a buddy hated Esau in the Bible is that no man can serve 2 masters you love one and hate the other they have made us little sheep that they could walk over and run over but when we decide it's all and we should make that this it's all what we not take it anymore and we cannot pass phone to another generation bill legacy about how it is when we know the problem and won't move to erase the problem that's we got a change the one of the things that are ancient people knew yours and mine when it got to the point where they would be extinguished they have to apply even if they lost the head to so the great wiring in spirit came up out of the bus stream would to blacks same in Haiti same in central and South America them my rooms all of those came to a position where they had to fight in that church we 9 about brothers and sisters was shot down bass drug how in the hell I we'd just their pride in offering him love and he offers us a day somebody the other day so you knew me for my passion that's okay as me can you forgive him and I looked at unless it no I cannot forgive him because he knew what he was doing he was cold and calculated and and he ridges fostering the same way who S. you date quickly video look like us yeah yeah he is one of them yeah I know I know I am day here I mean is it ends so it will be that you're going to ask me can you forgive how long have white people been doing this kind of evil to the dock of people in the earth almost instantly have you been here on when we make up on my we not take it no more because it's better to be dead then to live one did tyranny all the days of your life this is why up America separated from England the tyranny of King George was too much for them to bear so what did they don't they've decided that is bad so it was Patrick Henry that's it yeah me liberty or give me and until we come up with that trend of mine I'd rather be dead they just lived continuously under this kind of tyranny and when you think like you do what is necessary to move the tyrant off of you help with god when if we find //
"2015-07-14 01:22:47"
WHOA! Is Farrakhan going to allow Obama to speak at Million Man March!
\\would you invite president Obama to address justice or else rally in October and well native America have an opportunity to speak as well as by the native American yeah it's gonna Mexican the Latino it's for us well Moses we might invite pharaoh did come have a word I think deep about that in because whenever they meet they make sure I don't get an invitation my and double ACP brothers my urban league brothers my African American organization no brothers when they have their meetings they don't invite me and they don't invite me because if Barack Obama is going to be on the program don't fight for so when somebody else is paying you vehicle then they have a right to tell you who can speak in who can who can come and who care yeah Johnny poured out of Alabama told me when they had the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington it is some leaders well on the phone with a our brother from the ... urban league who was chairing a telephone conference made Johnny Ford told me then he spoke he raised my name and the name of the nation of Islam and he was very pass in it that you can have a meeting like that and the brothers of the nation not be involved there were a part of us and it may have slowed told me that term our brother out of New Orleans said well thank you for your passion that speech and they went right on and I was never invited we invited them the 0 man March they oppose us in the beginning not all but when the crowd okay it was like bring a cock roaches out of the top alright out of their holes because they were nearly 2000000 mean they'll I never ever yeah I know up a meeting like that I didn't invite the top leaders in my hotel room Reverend Jackson came and he said brother minister how much time how you going to a lot me I remember I called this with the help of others but I work put to you Tory in this country talking to black men to produce the spirit of that 0 man have to give nobody nothin he asked me that question I love them I'd my him god for that good if he in river now have done I people speak until you finish what it is that you want us I know damn well known of them would say that to me they don't want me Almere programs they can come on Alex but this time if you can talk justice all else that alone this is not a politically correct jackasses this is not for people who are not ready to confront a government that has denied us justice ever since we've been soft token sweet talking globetrotter red light district and use that kind all of that will leave me alone you don't want to be call stay home pray that god bring a chastisement own all I would lead men in who will not Q. about future for our children and our peep so I think about that I really will that's the day I'm sure not going up speed to me I hope I'll let him speak but I'm coming back online and you don't want to be in my presence do you ask them to people and I'm coming behind you yeah out where your back and out //
"2015-03-03 15:31:59"
Farrakhan says Israel & Netanyahu punk America!
\\now today at 5:00 the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu we'll be landing in the United States and on Tuesday he will be speaking before the joint houses of Congress Joey all but the strong objection of many people it is something the president of the United States who is the president what's his name hi he's the president and the man come in your house you go ahead of the hounds and somebody in the house invite you into the house and you sneak in the back go one and don't even greet it of the house and ask his permission is that an insult is that the way they think about brother president that we going to do whatever we won't do 00 I ain't nothin but a hound me going in a white don't tell me they don't think like that Netanyahu feels confident about some seating and when he was unaware he was being recorded listen to what he said I said I know what America is America is a thing you can move very easily and move it in the right Darrick as a man from what time if they call Israel and he's there we can move America very easily in the right direction and the right direction is a direction that benefits Israel then he said they won't get in not I want you to pay attention to what I'm saying get heavier show me before Netanyahu I do yeah shout roamed the former prime minister that died recently was in the debate with his foreign minister Shimon Peres when Sharon reportedly you know cool don't worry about American pressure we the Jewish people con scroll America making this up our this man actually sit there even though they claim Israel is America's closest ally V. on not now nor have they ever been true friends of America on the American people who have been vast support for nearly that meant to you now those of you who doubt me and want to call me an anti semite prove what I'm saying that is false and and you can have my which one of you are going to put you know life well if you wanna take my but I don't need one a loud god is sufficient for me and you 1948 till now millions given to Israel arms cache loans et cetera every year without even so and stood there thinking well how could they do this without consulting the American people because they have been working for years to come scroll your representatives in Congress in the Senate in the house of representatives now tell me I'm wrong and now prove it listen true I look at for him visit Mariko crumbling in goals rest Joe Bob he went to Israel and promised them that no matter what the economy of America is suffering Israel will not moves billions of dollars that America can yeah you think about that is a man that's a great Jewish attorney Harvard professor name is Alan Dershowitz just the other day he was on teller via our own radio in an interview and this is what he said now remember this some of the Democrats we not going show up when Netanyahu speaks because this was an insult to the head of the country and the head of our Democratic Party we're not gonna show up listen to what Mr Dershowitz it I will be real Paul at any Democrat who refuses to show up a president is about to make a horrible horrible foreign policy decision he is opposed to not only by Israel he's opposed by Saudi Arabia Liza polls by Egypt he's opposed by many democratic senators and Congress really see what is happening is he's exposing those that he has control so I want you to see how this plays out then you know why dear killing Muslims in the Middle East who seemed to want Paris the way of the west's you remember Winnie Mandela remember how these negroes that went along the side of the apartheid regime wait a minute how could you be a south African and they doing to us what they were doing and you'll be a spokesman for them but we got them same planet made rules right here in America I want students Winnie Mandela took a tie put gasoline in that I and put it on the head and shoulder Bob traders yeah and set it on fire the great Nelson Mandela was imprisoned at the and he didn't like what she was doing so he sent for her and told her don't do that anymore this something about time in prison that can soften you 9 now listen to Mr Dershowitz the idea that people in Congress should refuse to listen to a prime minister they're treating him like they treat acting within a job you should walk out on a tyrant who denies the Holocaust did they deny that the trans Atlantic slave trade wait a minute was a crime against humanity did Americo walk out and then face the music but we can walk out on this man they call him a tyrant look at what they say you don't walk out on an ally whose America's strongest ally in the Middle East and who has a different view from the president and is right he's right on this one and the president is wrong man man and we how is the president wrong Iran is leadership Dershowitz it is a suicide mission so with side nation that was prepared to send thousands of the young drink to certain death at the end of the Iraq war giving them tokens to go to paradise who initiated the Iran Iraq war was it not American that push Saddam Hussein to attack Iran around did not attack Iraq you afraid of a suicide mission when they can take your foolishness anymore you afraid of the chemical as these in Japan who said they would rather die than be conquered battle Wes and got in a plane in the lock themselves in and told their planes into America's ships that is what people who are committed to us because they got in their lives will do when the time arrives I to my and if I do you know vin politics that's going on in the world today because this is on the headlines but you get in the new straight so that when you hear it on your TV you'll be able to analyze it much better now these people Dershowitz and his kind they have not proved any of their assertion and in their view of Iran as they have been him Iran looking they have not seen anything that would say that Iran is creating a nuclear weapon they have well move done Netanyahu that encouraged America to go to war with Iraq because they had weapons of mass structure did they find weapons of mass destruction I mean he you how many Americans have died and been mortally wounded because of a lot Israel actually wants he wall with Iran they want to see the might of America used to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran all honey all we I'm a wall so he is in negotiation with Iran is that I am telling now if big gold along who plan frightening the no why do you know around not that I'm a bad man but the truth how is what they fear because once you know the truth they'll never be able to put you back that's leave sure in right now //
"2015-02-23 23:28:40"
Farrakhan goes HARD on Mayor Giuliani and police injustice!
\\did you hear guiliani see this is contemporary truth but it sure isn't by prophecy yeah a Giuliani says Obama does not love America and instead of apologize in the city he double down he triple down is that I'm not taking this back he didn't grow up like we grew up how did you grow up guiliani a privilege cracked up well I should say of privilege devil we you grew up on the sweat and the blood and black men and women who made a marathon all of the U. Europeans you reason immigrants but have found a home in America I knew so happy you walk in or not I blood sakes the song love America we've in the wall independence from Britain the fast man to lay down his life flow freedom may not wind chill was a black man named crispus Attucks we fought on the side of the north and the south in the civil war cotton was we pay cottontail laughing cut out group we bailed you took it and sold it all over the world so you can a week are you going to tell me at the god of just please written because of the Civil Rights Act because of a voting rights act and then you walk around behind it and take it away from those whom who fought and died in the streets to get a chance to vote it says been a hell of a country for us to live in come home with your uniform on and I under the Lynch's world you made it from Korea you made it from Vietnam then dive in Georgia on the road is this 2 what Elijah Muhammad's and wrap this up time of separation has arrived listen listen it is there in all la for us be Egypt shins to go Honda on the children of Israel to force them to accept Marie white folk I'm going to go hide out on because you don't want early you don't want a land of your home you don't want a nation of your own go you paid for this well don't be surprised god say he takes the kingdom from whom the police and it gives it to whom it pleases now listen to Elijah Muhammad's it you are all free of the white people are you free I I have heard a whisper Elijah Muhammad said the more humble you back to him and more evil he'd done being peaceful does not bring peace from them that's why he's it Philadelphia it is now time that and we meet him with what he comes to us where you you think that your children are going to free unless we make it so I see but we can win wait wait wait you can win there too powerful look at all the weapons they have they have it all they have it all did that make you free I to defend your life what I come fall ants a policeman if I come to take your life don't you think you have a right to fight to protect and preserve your life and if you but you killed the man look look look listen to what he said Isaiah the prophet said truth has well you all I have missed Muhammad truth has they you so what are you going to do when truth has failed took you raise falls now when a little idea meets the truth the truth is like the light the alliance also news like Dalton is so light vanishes falsehood but when your truth as you know Iowa to make the force is a falsehood back now to the truth then what truths make come to pass denies the of the profit just this spans Bob Dole and equity cannot end time because truth has fallen in this so Elijah Muhammad says then if true has failed to erase falsehood then you must resort to something more effective what is more effective he said you must result took physical force Laura said away I did away deuce try and get rid of it because it is not persuaded by truth do that which truth is ask not as throughout as we now my show you I'll allows him why we've come to that point some of the brothers and Ferguson I hear and we honor their can we force it away can we fight it I can we destroyed know your kid you can find it you can try and die in the effort which you will right now you just said 5 it yeah I did but if you don't be prepared so what and you have to as you are prepared to die you have to be prepared to take lie //
"2014-12-07 03:53:28"
Minister Farrakhan speaking at the funeral of Mayor Marion Barry
\\in the name of the law the beneficent the merciful I bear witness that there is but one god and all of the profits of god I from that one guy and all of the scriptures that we re I from that one got and every human being that we see and that we don't see has come into existence big because of that same one guy to sister Cora masters Barry to marry and Christopher battery to all of the brothers and sisters Reverend Willie Wilson and all those who made these 4 days possibly from the depths of my heart I thank you for putting together a program that right Lee on those and marry and battery and his leg with a life ends the legacy begins what a joy to hear his son speak the way his son spoke indeed the legacy has the gun on the beyond words to be here today celebrate the life about Brenda our champion our mayor but not just a local figure but a man whose work was both national and into national I was introduced to mayor Barry by my eyes theme brother irreverent Jesse Louis Jackson and I found in mayor Barry's a brother a companion in struggle a man who love god and love the people of god and love humanity as a whole sometimes my dear Christopher dad wasn't always there because some of us that come into this life are born for a higher purpose then yes soon work for our families and ... vanities but to work fucked up people and to work for humanity such a man was Marion Barry I was here in Washington when my brother went through his great trial and a reporter from one of the Washington newspapers came to me with the question but before she asked her question he was building me up as song moral giant somebody who was married and had a good life and didn't use drugs and what do you think she said of a man who broke his marital vows and use drugs and did I said who are you talking about John fitzgerald Kennedy I no right then indeed the press conference it is not right or moral to speak of the dead in an unkind way I only raise that what goals who who I talk about how do you think since the while very high the wickedness parolee leader that have been pulled and paint with the world I I nobody passes this line without a meeting soon and when I say it nobody I mean nobody the poll cardinal the basic there is a man opens the warlords the president's the plan today no this way without limiting soon the well and if I did not who live soon I want not me the mass the beneficence the fuck do you notice yeah so the holy qur'an says is I love where to punish men for his sins not one soul would be left alive on their so we don't know who the ones please stand up yeah this he has no time well grief and sadness this is the time for Joe all I and gladness and thank you bring for the life that god sent ... way that may lie wrapped up was sold movie people in this city in Memphis in the south in the know the 0 man March could never have happened in any of the city bad and the ugly time but Washington DC in the time of mail Mallory you battery his wife and all of this T. that came together to put on this program with Reverend Willie Wilson and doctor Dorothy height in so many men we call for 1000000 and 2000000 nearly 2000000 showed up in this city mayor brown was up principle felt well in that effort 25000 offerings found a home after that mom 1.3000000 new voters came long book voter ruled after that mom derelict far booze and husbands went back to their wives and families and tried to make a new start but in this world when you do good for the masses you are not love by those who suck the blood up in the mass is to maintain their wealth influence and power I'm going to close now in this audience of the L. children of is I love your singing your spirit you pro but you are the people of god yeah be for us to you fall off we're the for us Bob lives fall the young people are rising all over America because somebody is sold some seeds out gray vented your mid mid the Bible says you look great I'm the one who's and that the amended day ribbons Dr king thank you Malcolm X. thank you Elijah Muhammad thank you for all of those who went before us because we could not be where we are if it were not for the bulls who went before us it is longer so as of yet good day that gore rock bands of today all so to the L. dues don't get tired don't get wary don't think about retiring a lion as long as it has tease all does not retire idea a line and will continue to hunt until death overtakes there is a land of sleep in judo who will wake him posted not arise takes lying ... wrong you will wake up Britain's now Mochrie last they've been follow up of I grew loved more ever I need yeah grave narrow that man's life down to some cheap words I have a jury they did not still out breath because he had a dream they killed him because he was on an F. blue shirt and never a path of growth and development and if you hear the final words that he spoke you would know why the assassin needed him but he said I'm not fearing any may right that's my problem we are relearning me and that's what shocks less when we meet the adversary we talk would gobbled speech because we want to win friends rather than tell the truth beds just piss me I'm not fearing any man I have read is to the mountain I I have looked all over and I have see not their promise guy not a false premise and nearness to our old friend and a little money he said I have seen them promise yeah I may not get there with you but we as a people will get promised land now Elvis bad elders of Israel didn't get to the promised land because they were afraid of some giants mayor Barry Scheck islands fourth he was not a couple how would this should not speak his name thank so when their elders wouldn't go in because some giants with veil god said I'll let them die in the wilderness and I will take their children and they will inhabit the promised land our children are rising today and they don't see giants I wonder why is the man than the script does not propose means he's some man came to Jesus and Jesus as the popular you see me if I see them as treat Sarah Jesus no demand what so he put panel on this now then asks do you and there are no jobs here there's no but we should not climb the name of god that's the legacy of that it is still and it will and let's rise up from this Pamela brown and go back what and the struggle for freedom justice and equality thank you for the swimming hole //
"2014-11-25 16:33:31"
Farrakhan on Ferguson: "When we die and they die..."
\\in the days of Moses and Aaron and tell us you see they were not afraid to take on the giants these young people in Jefferson they're not afraid to know tanks Ferguson yeah what did as they yeah alright I guess that's will begin government is sending them tanks room he's in Jefferson city you what is it yeah those young people that are out there Martin you never seen nothing like that we get angry and in one week is over but for over 100 day men women children much but here's what got the whole country ups see young people social media as a great thing but the enemy got you the social media come on Facebook and I have 500 follow I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm imitating you and what are you saying on Facebook welcome to if it was me Menston FAQ if they come down with different decision here's what I'm gonna do it and you in your 500 friends agree the national security agency of the United States government got you I but the talk of what's about to go down is all in for the country and that's why the president met dist Kyle because they expect and explode not these young people they have been made for the messiah I am not may fun no apologies leave this I chrome the lawyer attorney from he's a good brother and in the name of the mom and dad is telling the youth peaceful protests right regardless of what they say we're going to be peaceful and white folks gabber preaches politician educate what ever come we'll protests in only a protest the young gods listen listen watch watch now because once it starts you may not want to fight you better get rid a baby how to throw a bottle if they can buy we're going to die anyway let's dive for something yes Elijah Muhammad said 40 years ago maybe near 50 years ago there were 20000000 of us he said if 10000000 of us lost our lives 10000000 would be left to go free so wait wait wait just think about that when now my Muslim family he the man's in this book there is a law I a long like well like the Bible says and now I a 2 a life see not as long as they kill us and go to Wendy's and have a burger and go to sleep they don't keep Killin and but when we die and die die then soon we go sit at a I ... week we want some of this love will goddam Montreal I'm only I the it //
"2014-11-24 01:13:51"
Ferguson UPDATE: Farrakhan warns Black leaders and speaks to Obama!
\\you haven't met Jesus quite yet you love him rightly so you respect and honor him not in the right way you praise him with your lips Joe hots far removed even those who of us who preach him far removed his weight if I could choose just bet I know said I am the way that's true why did you mean god said my ways I'm not your way my thoughts I'm not your thoughts I am from above well you file from been me yeah you you preaches and later it's you you administrators you teacher you know as you know Bob why big because you have brought into the enemy and you won't lose your people not to god not to Jesus what you want to lead them into the path of their open and to me that god has come to separate them from so I'm going to put it out real hard tonight and I thank you for allowing me the clown it's been too damn long nope would Li Peng defy why leave all yeah it suited me to night most say it again no Woodley defied lead up will need this new generation of young black men and women Europe is famous all you hear me I you know why you hear me because there you don't want to hear a damn thing you can't feel it when you talk to young people you feel that you're missing that parents you can't feel when you're talking to your children that this is a new generation and they don't wanna hear you know compromising alright did you hear them in practice it Jessie get back a lot you know me you know I was training for my brother because Jesse what tall for our people but time has moved on and what was good yes there ain't no good hopes that day so he now either you come they know that so red nose wine can be poor into the old winds all your day of leading up well it is all and it will come back to you again sorry I said I was going to let god lead so in fact crush your foot go find a podiatrist in his to night in Ferguson everybody's on edge white folks say never been on edge after the kill the black man tonight yeah honey so on edge that our president this come out from behind the curtain well Jurassic black young people cool it that's not my way I heard you Mister president and I asked my son what brings you out of the shadow well wait yeah Eric holder what brought you out now to tell a black youth to be peaceful and you break this your days of being that pacify for the white man's charity I'm black you know vannatter no I say you must have missed the OneNote don't you call you know we can't police department I OneNote and that you will you can browse youth and the whole you know ball suse I I know I'm right that this didn't the Attorney General know that this is going on in every city and town in America with black people live but there you know an explosion is gonna come very narrow it I like that seismologists who studies signs and predicts enough click well then Zulu here rumbling from a sleeping volcano and they say it's gonna blow nature is a terrible enemy water gives us live but don't give us to much snow is so but NASA buffalo how how pretty is it for you tonight the Reverend if all written in the scriptures ain't nothing happening that the profits didn't see what you're saying and stop this that I am not weak Pritchett when judgment have good America you got a prep your people for what if coming down prosperity doctrine no well there won't be no prosperity record a hand of god his America touched her wealth that got the sleeves sort track to America gone is aft //
"2014-10-23 20:39:46"
Farrakhan says Ebola is a biological weapon!
\\they're trying their best to limit people are did you know that there was a policy in America policy depopulated the third world I so how does that affect Jimmy Carter how does that affect the carribean did you know that Henry Kissinger ruled the memo that became policy and they said they were gonna use folder as a weapon and they sent that policy to the department of agriculture to the department of defense to the department of CI a intelligence so they're all in the world of the third world setting the third world off floor in terms of strife and revolution and death where does your food comes from why does your makeup all billions of dollars for the importation of food when you could grow it just sounds but big hero it I 0 miles away and they cannot pick hit ask that it is right they have to pick it before its right then they write printed with chemical yes it one sit Carla it and you need to know it because it looks good in the supermarket and now you're dying of all these from Kansas talk to me there are you know some and needs is a biological weapons the bad guy is a biological weapon I read recently I don't know the truth but it has been patented if you can patent a virus that means some body made it detained on Matt surfing they did depopulating there earth by 2 to 3 brilliant people and you and I are in the cross hairs of the deep population frost of the policies of the American government where do you have vaccines come from if you're not getting them from Cuba you need to look at them yeah please listen you back so maybe in your children but you don't know what's in that value that they putting in your children's on all of a sudden they're suffering from autism then they had no no no no this and there's no connection between the facts then and autism yeah I tell that to somebody else see this is the enemy the same enemy the plot smallpox and blankets to the native Americans to kill them office saying mean enemy that was involved in the Tuskegee experiment to kill black man with cephalus give them the freedom took whole habit with black women //
"2014-08-20 02:33:07"
Farrakhan warns Chicago of Militarization worse than Ferguson! Mike Brown Murder
\\and what you don't realize the Chicago has been set up now to be the center of what you Jess witnessing in Missouri now hear me as I'm I'm saying this so we have retained his son Kim senator Kirk senator Durbin we gonna raise millions of dollars from Congress because we got to go to Chicago and we gonna arrest 18000 gangster disciple they already got the prisons and the concentration camps read listen listen to me the former police chief in Chicago that was the FBI offices Jody we use he and the back offices came to have lunch with me at the national the black officers talking to me about good community police relations sounded real good and certainly has a man that wants to see our people safe I said S. sounds good then I said this train is running on 2 tracks but the other track union say nothin about wow now I wanna talk about that track said miss do we use I read did you audit 17000 automatic rifles would have no point bullets Armonk piercing bullets for your police did I make a mistake did I did I read something incorrectly it will tell me what do you expect that you would harm your police like that and I said you know superintendent chief I said how also Maria that most of the police departments in the major cities are being trained by black water which is a mercenary group did they use in Iraq and they train them police did you hear me now all the police forces are being given weapons there are only used in military fear does a law so when you see a police bomb like they are that's not to serve and protect that is to keep I don't know whether you have that picture up still use of the group that the military force that came against people in Missouri could you show it when I saw that come up I looked in the face those police and you could see to hate and then I one of them was standing mere same bring it on they have a design idea to kill us who see now Chicago is going to be the epicenter of what they're about to do you know why because I'm here Reverend Jackson is here that conscious tia they really want to kill Farrakhan hi I'm saying this to the government you know I'm rented from you then he added but what will happen to you I am I'm not no Rudy poo fella that's just out here running his mouth ... backed by a whole world that can destroy you in the twinkling of an now now I live this morning that the FBI plan in the coming to Chicago ID already here but they're increasing their numbers working with the police tactical forces and they want to work in the hood with Jay well is it all about now look at the money it is being given to rappers continue to drill kind of read this is the hardest core rap videos killing killing Kaelin drugs guns holes disrespect of our women and because they give you money and contract that will allow you to put gold in your teeth I am and bling bling around your neck and then you can come back in the hood Ragman expensive car but your brothers and sisters I've been eyeing on your words and you are aiding in the conspiracy to exterminate the blackmail now I will tell you what I want you to do who you've got to know and at the highest levels of government they've plotted out do my and to come in to Chicago with heavy armament to make Chicago V. example of a slob it and perhaps during that time you know maybe go after rest Farrakhan in the moves looms and shut this thing down because we do only man standing this compromise everybody else but I want to tell you re not going room from because if you plan the Salada of black people in America starting with a Salada in Chicago let me tell you what you can expect we now I see that you know that I've been telling you about this weather and I lie answers real quick but it's getting less now because you get worse annual plan as a movie out called into the stone you ought to check it out because one of the things they said well one of these powerful tornadoes has not hit Chicago or L. A. well let me tell you baby its own way and if you might have don't change don't stop the killing off each other then the wrath of god will descend and blood will be seen in the goddess of Chicago but it'd be overlap OB la then go high and so you want the people of god but you're acting like agents the death a and that has now you know audience today be dis Gee do you use stones 4 Konoha saloons and Feisal Lawrence all of that is here and I thank you great and I said to our staff yes today gregis audience that I will have ever spoken to because it is these young people I that all the whole they're in the cross hairs right of distrust //
"2014-08-19 23:06:43"
Minister Farrakhan responds to Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson
\\that town is a microcosm of what's going on all over the country now black men of being shot down but the courts don't give us justice come on the car a nervous I'm the brothers of the kibbutz so you don't know what happened to Michael brown they don't know how many times he was shot yeah but they know that somehow some cigars went missing as though white people don't steal from cut school the shooting of this young man has triggered now a response that has been building so when I spoke with some of the turning his father let because you do that the real issue so that all of you got children volume of those all you fathers when you do something that your child who like they don't sit Billy by your show you an ugly face they're going to slam a door yet even raise their voice at you because they feel you did them some injustice in just this brings about a response Weber justified or not that's to be determined but the need for justice is in the eye of those who feel 5 double are you reasoning would make so black policemen call beautiful brother not mentioning any names I see Farrakhan some of us we want to go to the family and show support for the family what do you think I said well listen my spirit but the wrong move I said you are a pot of a fraternal order of police if you break that line and go and say to the parent wrist sorry your white police officer I'm going to see you as breaking ranks with them and I say your motives already trouble in all these basins where black and white policemen are impacting this is going on brother you in the captain's that are with you turn your face toward your superiors office because that's where the culture is emanating from I doing you P. like coming to America we have the prince of zoom had wipers don't you let them make you a white pla I fear behind now I'm almost see the goodness of your nature is this it's terrible but none of us want to see the Salada a 5 people so and natural instead can we do to ease this situation but the cry of the people is not east this Jewish the cry of the people he's no justice no penis now where is justice here the police chief why was he set down by the government and they tell me his wife was tweeting if these people are nothing but animal was she reflects him we are animals invent a site there's no respect when they see you won't and industry young man could you please step up on the sidewalk because that that could be G. walking and you don't want to block traffic nor do you want to get hit how would you respond the nothing CFU you don't fail me what you because you approached them severly but when you out of the couch well patriot for black people C. M. walked in there FOR from the side will and you know who gets to we we are being handled not only in that town but all over America but it has reach the boiling point I have warned you so as your brother that they were going to bring tex I have warned you that if you don't stop killing each other your killing each other would be the predicate for a video action coming in to kill us all listen listen listen told you I don't want to say I told you so but I'm probably the only one who could say it because I'm the only one this telling what Elijah Muhammad told me to tell you that big anime is out to kill us all not to my young brother I got a report that when the I'm not personnel carriers and that military might came back the other night some of the info why locked arms in front some of our black brothers joining them on the non face whatever was coming wait a minute going on on on on on north Broad I'm with you to listen we have come forward to offer I'm 5 people so we don't run from death we run yeah because we then I will be sent back com through the brothers lockdowns and I told him I was proud because we see in our prayers my prayer my sacrifice my life and my death are all well a lot of we didn't take this mission to run from death I don't speak as I speak because I'm a free that somebody's will kill me I you're going to die anyway women's the law in retaliation at some point is going to have to be extra at some point see when you think you've had enough then you're ready to die and when you're ready to die you confront the force of death I but death comes after you but they died too well wait we don't have nothing to fight with you know what that's because they resist the devil and he will free from we we ought to try what do you say for do you see how women being killed on the highways but opponents kinda manner we it you can't protect the woman yes your mother and the mother of your children you won't let police just not cut down that's the time that I //
"2014-08-15 06:06:38"
Mike Brown, Ebola, Middle East Attacks - Farrakhan to speak Aug 17!!!
\\today are authorized to operations in Iraq targeted airstrikes to protect our American personnel and a humanitarian effort to help save thousands of Iraqi civilians America has a very sure window because they don't want a pet squirrel already know but man and woman of America and the world you don't and what you are making serious and the way the way what do //
"2014-05-19 14:00:03"
Minister Farrakhan Performs at Benefit Concert
\\ ... it this wonderful so I don't by that I don't was paying stall really caps is the beauty of this woman named Sylvia I met her in 1989 in February at the dedication of our mosque in Chicago she brought a beautiful a single with her named Elvira green and miss Greene saying the black national and and afterwards Sylvia and Elvira were invited to the national house of the nation of Islam to have dinner with us and I got excited and I went and got my violin and when she saw me she thought old well he's going to play something like 90 lack of role so and I I started to play the man of sin violin concerto which I had studied 42 years early but had not played she went to the piano and I come made me and was so excited she introduced me to the man that I enjoyed so much tonight doctor Willis Panasonic I told him you know got to have so this is black branch and doctor Pat has who one and so he of course like all of us submitted to Sylvia olden Lee and I played at that convention and Sylvia encouraged me to pick my 5 and then back up again so I studied for 2 years from my 58 birth anniversary to my 60 birth anniversary and I played in Chicago as well as with the tri city symphony in North Carolina that Mendelssohn's violin concerto and a few years later I recorded that Beethoven violin concerto and then I literally collapse it was so hard to do all of this after being away so long and so we are called me and said the Negro musicians are having another convention in T. Troy a and we want you to play again and I said oh Sylvia I'm so burnt out from doing this bait told and I don't feel like I can play right now she just looked at me yeah and got her way because see Pasco and Mr Hale stock who wrote this beautiful beautiful who is Sylvia and forced me I had to come and play so tonight with my violin teacher I've got articles we was a student on the violin and the last teen years his life she accompanied him at his master classes and so I feel so on it to have her as a teacher because that makes me the grand pupil of miss the hive so to 9 we're on to play who is 7 okay would the the I am in uhhuh the you I I I yeah he we do the you well mmhm WNED you the yeah for the well the we no I I use no the I ... I of we you so I this you uhhuh to uhhuh you we I you a I I I ... who no I'm this I'm I I yeah you so I well I mmhm I'm yeah we the we the and if fell down the other day they like that be so we are so they sit I volume one by which would you it's your well I don't know we practice this afternoon the first movement of by double concerto for by a I I yeah you know that I thank I a no yeah the I I you I I the yeah we the I and and I and you you it's I the we Nnamdi I he I new the do I you New I I yeah and I no new in the the who and who who you I I we you I who 4 I right then looking out mmhm mmhm I I ... who I ... I you I I I ... I ... I ... I ... mmhm you who I ... I ... the ... mmhm full the you we I I I then the I mmhm I was now there's no I had but I'm for those pose I think James and what the yes news watching all of the Palmer's their performance and I was governor he laid it all for what I heard and I wanna thank the committee for bringing all this great talent together all of the old bulls call now doctor Pattison came to save his day and call on it me yeah and he said brother Farrakhan we are doing a benefit for the right African American museum would you play so he didn't have to beg me like Sylvia I said absolutely and he asked me what was my feet and I told them I 10000 no I didn't I hope in my with the most happy to play for nothing I'm to pay my accompanists and we traveled here on our own time because this museum most non close I wound all those who hands put it CM over the years and I would implore you to keep supporting this museum do you know why because most of us as black people do not know the harder both are in sleep I most white people do not know so to cheat this marvelous place all I am variety is how what duty sold that many more people from all over the country and all over the world can come and see what we have been through and I have has not been so so we think because since those they see your wonderful father one of them if you go this building will so yes surprised and happy to assume that a black man he was the architect of this and I think a black company Bill Gates this is a testimony to what we can do if when OJ NDEs so I will close my eyes showing sure read lots with this you know if we really want to destroy white racism built on a false idea of white supremacy all we have to do is produced black silk look read full and what we heard big big would you architects and again I want thank you brother a golfer he is for the one H1N1 thank you lord clearly yeah my way but that deed yeah he's here next to her is my dog that Donna I and next to her don't know be a lie going in and out of I think over you will all of the great ones that I hear Congress now I am not satisfied and what they did I'm not so well I so I I all they have full federal this every year and beyond to come in to destroy get our right and I Khloe so there are drug will go back silicon yeah really live live I like yeah we the old one okay here right the we all know now now we Americans are thank thank everyone else and all the proceeds 0 tonight goes to this music so thank you for yeah thank you all for coming into the and that doesn't happen Brenda I'm sorry //
"2014-04-28 22:13:45"
Minister Farrakhan goes off at Reparations Conference!
\\it's like this one I'm gone I want to bring before you none of the then the but minister Louis Farrakhan I in the name of a lot of the munificent the merciful we give him praise and thanks for his profits and his messengers and their scriptures and as a student of the honorable Elijah Muhammad I could never thank a lot enough for his intervention in our fans in the person of mass that fought Mohammed the great mash the old guy who came among us and raise from among us the honorable Elijah Muhammad Tilly teach and guidance in 2 though really pay of the condition and that 400 years of slavery and injustice it's done to us I agree to all of you with the greeting words of peace sell them all day let me let me first say I really and so on be here on this stage with these one of I think warriors soldiers in the cause of the liberation of 5 feet and the liberation of all those threats I wanna Aquarius think don't Ron Daniels and his wonderful helper and doctor Dunstan and of those for bringing various magnificent E. van together thank you thank you thank one of the most consistent warriors and struggles for our people along with .com and read well around here we all we they have minus the rather a great pass the Reverend is no words that can express my joy jester have a chance to see him to hearing and beyond the flames they with my left rear rather the Reverend doctor that Jeremih and right Dr Wayne wants them while re and you can see the Scala nobles so and as always struggling to make things better for us as a people thank thank our brains yards John bent the thank you so much for ducks the betas who came here again from here I during representing the keynote speaker prime minister Dr round zzounds I came here today to listen learn be inspired not necessarily to tell and that I find myself so re invigorate find the of rodents you I like the fact there we were in the slave she and I like the fact that you had gone home sorry about that but I like the fact did we ask your children whose hair on the shoulders of those we have paid and harm rific price that we could be here to day then we have a responsibility to our and says while I'm driving the brotherhood or good lie basin wait wait is number of them now brother I have to tell you I got shields all over my body have seen it done many times but when you really think about those who went before and the price that be a to put us where we are so the only thing that come in my hot right now here what kind of generation will we be to have access to that have gone through one eye hand sets that have gone through and we're sitting here today talking about the re right to live of a movie man that should never have had to be revitalize I only have a few thoughts and but I think ... you know my family didn't want me to come out today because I just came out of the hospital it's not known but I was in a weakened condition but there was something about today and this man doctor Beckel it's and prime minister Gonzalez and this great brother Ron Daniels that I had to be here in support but the thought that has come to my high I read his book and his ball should be up for us to get re on reparations and that that that Britain ... but it's a marvelous scholarship and as I listened to you doctor Beckles I said see dis on them man and women that helped to lay the facts yeah because you could not proceed for justice on assumption you can proceed for justice on actual facts but who will do the research who would do him meticulous study that stuff Colin it's the people that have dedicated their lives did video and then we very we well I well damn muds and we do told me I don't taught our own liveries pass Los current tour I mean not a one day thing it's not a one a life go on Cole we the problem you know Moses and Aaron they had to go to pharaoh Moses was a little terrified actually I mean when you got to talk to big bad white folks but perhaps not to go with and so when you know all of us said to Moses and I want you to go in and deliver this message to pharaoh 10.plan but the first positive brand is lit my P. blue go now wait wait see when you talk took power you couldn't pull a plow a chest with a cry for justice you gotta have they you shouldn't that they is gonna do you good that you see with me and cry and what what threw it down no we've got to have a look yeah awards we'll always need idealization people who get taken off course because of false promises slaves always want to be accepted but if foremost leave math we always want a Pat on the back you do when you could don't go too far press on but don't don't don't go too far when I read the book white governments they moved the truth that was pretty presented to Damon drop on y'all went they had to present truth and they told you to go to hell now did they do not well what is obvious pun you go back and break some rules that's what got suing the city near you your medicated down south income already and one that I didn rabbi notes and that is use more talking to the legal profession good at what you do is a way through the hall get to those draw the law up works and it is the my teacher said even had to have hope can do good under the gun but Hey I'm if you don't have no gun then the good you see can stands a far what is the gun there is no not if these so called do Primat sit around seek justice is not diplomatic you got up show where it needs to be when you're talking about yeah I know more you want friends yeah really don't qualify under me if you want shots hands home on the my pastor one of them to me one of the most beloved Christian scholars that we have I love the way he started for an opening prayer a paradox a reparations I'm going door rack I've been robin that means to you robin and I have been cheating but I won't give back yeah it Z. Z.'s as some man came to the mast as their mascot what can I do to inherit the kingdom of god he's that one dude I love movies is that what I've been doing that he's old go home and take all that you got here themselves then you take the money you get from it you're beautiful the man said I'll see you later Jesus see all this rabid to man the me too rep parent torrid justice now more I'm telling you man see I'm old man now I don't have time to Pussyfoot around so Tammy Wynette but if you really want to get out of this got to bring something to take and the suffering that you bring to the table for us root of your do Doug power concedes without a demand and how would add to my dear brother yeah and the demand won't even be heard on this this power back in up the demand so if this brilliance column and the other scholars and diplomats with him pull the criminals into a room to discuss a 10.plan and they say not at all not known do it what what you've got to make a well if we that came scholarship in every city in every town in every nation where Africa's room have suffered realize that this is the time for repair retarded justice then we stand behind him now we've got to be able to does they cannot be otherwise leann all talk I use me I'm a spiritual man I am feeling too good yeah look look look look look to reconcile embedded in his day so he and there is I'm going to apologize right these people don't even wanna apologize you've got a 500 get him to say so look at the language we we regret yeah I'm going to use a cutting national sure Dick head we we we we sure had recognize you all differently we should head sure this confessional what is the condition that should have been present that would have allowed them to see us as human beings see if you don't want to go to the root of this thing you can't uprooted tree that one just Britain all them white masons were of the same time all of their own so one will come and they act like they're willing and the next one plays a good bad cop and you go home just as confused as ever ended up with more conferences then discussions and not for your people close with his this caller and those with him need back they don't need applause the brilliance of this hands scholarship the brilliance that you sacrifice that Dave port in come up with all the talk human tissue that is now very they need bodies now men and women almost see men and women who don't mind that I am for repair retorted chest I'm in okay Farrakhan is a radical you're damn right the situation is radical and it needs a radical saloons well you know nnova table with stand up on it like there would be proud I'm not Leanna not leave me alone I really and who have no he I prefer who knows why laughs I have read on Wall generates man who beat up by and that's the kind of men and women that will make riparia torrid justice radio Ron no but look so inspired by doctor Beckles and by the beautiful that have been talking and fighting for reparations pero no the psychology of this so he sec romanas out in to all the cities to promise the slaying well and men this to him if they would fight most reparations is strong week people can stand up for that so what happened in Durban whenever it is book leave us punk straight out I yeah didn't do right yeah but I didn't do right even zoom out in their own right but then wrong with him now when they destroy everything to do with yeah well the Caribbean was strong then we got back that currently is because they are a voice who we third there might pull over right now now but they want them why do we keep to a moment like this and now your language gets the Mountie see our people that sell us out they're not afraid no they're not afraid of the justice it Winnie Mandela for women men that are was ready to execute do we not go get what we want I'm sorry until Alcock Tamzin sellouts and all these kind of people they've got to feel the wrath of the common man I haven't I driving a nice car have been a little money in the bank when the dollar's fall down second nothing is more important than the liberation of our people sorry we what do you really want freedom you're not my leave make good slave masters and that collaborates on so all the enemy got to do is offer you a little position and you forget the suffering of your people yes you you you can be a male what well you can be a glutton why even I'll let you be a president notice the language I'll let you be but as long as you say you got to my man do in my way you know I there have been yeah what nettles for us day all brilliant searching hello she had this may walking a Vietnam would talk and and in many more one of them all of us are not going the let's get that straight we need unity we should do we need unity with the people want repertory just we don't need unity with collaborators and pacify isn't people that wanna talk it down when it should be topped up strong we don't need that and if I'm right no no feeling big to please her next time don't bother me no more if you don't want me to tell you the truth and leave me the hell alone because when you call me out phone tells it like it is hard I cry it who will be laying more get no closer than that take one 2 will be Brian being mill gonna take one and leave one then that Jesus speaking he's a real revolution he said think not that I came to bring peace Ned on a song C. defeatism is gonna have to come over repertory just piss division for unity who wants it all over here now what it is price is gonna have to make to get it so I leave you parade god will have their hands as proud of us there we noted struggle we know their pain we know what they went through to give us what we got and now we've got to be accountable for our generation and leave our children and now grand children future and the future is Rep parent Tory chest so let's revitalize the move and those that don't want to come along because if they have to all 3 gathered together in his name you know majority so this school after and so Dr Ron Daniels man I love I for which you get any to Chicago all while this was stream this was all I well you all got it maybe I should have stayed in the hospital but the same is live matter how long you need sure and I in its nature is a struggle and those who do not wish to struggle dead already so if you wanna live make your life meaning your life then your life you understand give your life something big then your when our doctors said to us today 20 first century they'll be nothing peak this century then the cry for all the struggle for and the reception are riparia Tory just and if you wait for others say it is because we every very very real now as we taken well known god is forbidden this holiday too big fight me job over his well so there's another for us here this bigger than him what happened to right 37 you mean a big plane just disappear broadsoft seem today baby all the sadness of the world come together he can't figure this one out books dogs heaven laughs that because you know science is weak in comparison to the knowledge that god is a put all morning on the weak and the poor where so come on man don't you let this conference be a feel good session let's go get a doctor middles book we'll advertise it in the final call we do sell it we need to understand that read it because the Caribbean where my parents are from but the carribean again comes took a full it gave us a goblet Gabe was Pat mall gave us air not James oh no he gave us it would matter a whole month prong folk come up out of the chair be if Malcolm's mother was from down there well here we owe a debt to the carribean Kwame Toure so come on man we we are a family witness Mississippi on Jamaica Alabama Hosein kit Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ... Massachusetts this is a family and whenever we are on the earth we need to for that kind of that will repay and in the it on us that we see very much please forgive me for over extend in my time from my harsh words love you all I the //
"2014-03-30 20:20:12"
The Great Flood of 1927 & The Treatment of Blacks
\\the Mississippi a fast river system that spreads across nearly half the United States it can be a tremendous asset to our country yet it can be a great liability in times of slower spring 1927 a torrent of rain flowed from triggering greatest flooded in their you just read and included an enormous amount of land and nearly 1000000 on this episode of when the weather changed history as the flood ravages the lower Mississippi valley it also exposes profound racial and social inequalities platters exploit black sharecroppers I you actually had Boy Scouts holding guns I'm African American men they were part of the economic capital Dili planters felt that the state owned and wealthy businessman re need gun a deal to help their poor neighbors it brings in the disparity between rich and poor who could escape the flooded who couldn't the if 4/21/1927 a storm of epic proportions lets loose on the Mississippi Delta the main channel of the Mississippi River it's more than 9.5 above flood stage water threatens to unleash its fury across the land add mound landing near Scott Mississippi hundreds of black labor struggle to reinforce a week section of levee along an S. curve in the Mississippi River as the mighty river whips around the bed threatens to rip a hole in the saturated let me a day yeah a large section of the levee collapsed 25 foot wall of water crashes through the whole there is no chance for escape for the men working on the left a powerful wave the more way hundreds of men in drag an enormous mano war was pouring out of this all every break delta ... there were 468000 cubic feet of water a sack that's more than double the flow of Niagara Falls the flood waters surged through the gap engulfing everything in their path it just start spreading out through out the protected area and anyone living behind the latest system subject to some very fast rising water people throughout the region race for disaster the tragedy of mount landing is the result of flood conditions that have been building for the state markets August in the Mississippi valley rainfall for the month is 200 percent above normal it rained so hard they were not only floods but record flood hundreds of miles apart in the Mississippi River basin the rains continue through the fall into the winter the river rises higher and higher after 5 months of downpours the upper basin of the river system is fully saturated river gauges measure record high water levels 1/1/1927 and the Mississippi River reaches flood stage Caro Illinois where the Ohio River merges with the Mississippi when in the river goes into flood stage what happens is it's a gradual rise in the river and so it rides a crest walk away and that Chris moves down the river January 7 a 49 foot flood crest passes Caro steady heavy rainfall continues into this 5 storms that spring each greater than any in the previous decade send more water into the missus water from rain swollen tributaries makes the Mississippi even more powerful as it winds its way south by the time you get to early April the river is so hot people and getting excited the only protection residents have from the rising water our levees massive earthen dams built adjacent to the river banks designed to hold back flood water thousands of people work around the clock reinforcing the levees with sandbags and checking for signs of weakness well the court engineers was assuring people that could hold all the water inside the levees were fine everything's going to still in Greenville Mississippi one of the largest cities of the delta with a population of 15000 residents grow tax the water already overwhelmed 5 levees up river crest is heading straight for Greenville the massive flood is about to expose longstanding defy between blacks and whites here the cotton industry drives the economy I many of the cotton farmers are poor sharecroppers sharecropping a system of tenant farming that developed after the civil war is widely practiced ex slaves and their descendants worked the land belonging to plantation owners they give a share of their crop burnings back to the landlords these landlords known as planters hold an unfair advantage the relationship was a power relationship where the landlord had all the power and a sharecropper was in the back in call of the planter he became a very exploitative system oftentimes on plantation owners with also owned stores where African Americans with purchase supplies Timmy need after the crops were sold instead of having a profit ... the sharecropper would oftentimes emerged deeply in debt black sharecroppers are also subject to Jim crow laws which govern race relations throughout the south 87 year old when he'd attorney grew up in Greenville under her grandmother's watchful eye she recalls the racial discrimination she encountered as a child I did not try to drink water from the fountain that said colored I drank a lot of before I left home we couldn't go to the library we couldn't go to their schools that one of the things that we could not do now in fighting the raging Mississippi wealthy white platters exploit their relationship with lecture croppers and treat them as if they were still slick every plantation owner gather up sharecroppers in trucks driving to what it they were part of the economic capital that many planters felt that they owned and had the right to manipulate and so ... Spencer at their will the planters order the sharecroppers to work without pay filling sandbags and hauling them to the crown of the levee as the threat of flooding creases the platters abusive methods insure the blacks cooperation some areas you actually had Boy Scouts holding guns I am African American men forcing them to stay on the lobby and work April 7 team 27 a storm front from the Gulf of Mexico produces torrential rain from Saint Louis all the way to the Gulf the downpour pommels and already saturated Mississippi valley the storm dumps between 6 and 10 inches of rain storm lasts 6 day everybody in town was team and they were finding faults with them lavey and nobody knew where it was going to break or if if it's gonna break they were just praying that the water right would Stockton things with it get better but it didn't the amount of rain was to much for the levee system to handle April 21 it's at this point that a chunk of the levee at mound landing collapses 18 miles north of Greenville Kiliaen it's only a matter of time before the massive wave of flood water reaches Greenville coming up next on when weather changed history the residents of Greenville pray the levee around their town will save them from the approaching water April 1927 after months of storms that dumped record breaking amounts of rain on the country's myths a great flood it's ready to unleash its fury from Cairo Illinois down to the Gulf of Mexico rivers and tributaries are overflowing their banks the mighty Mississippi is rising high and fast for weeks the water has saturated levees up and down the river in mid April ethics storm rages straight days then on April 21 the river burst through the levee at mount landing 18 miles north of Greenville Mississippi 8 a yes in Greenville sirens blare people spring to action and rush to get out any way they can people are panicking they will get in their vehicles and we're driving lickety split but some don't have the means or money to get out of town they take refuge in the upper levels of homes and buildings others find higher ground on the levee and 2 levees protect Greenville the large main line levy contains the river during periods of high water and a smaller so called protection levee in circles the town residents hope this smaller now can withstand the wave of water racing toward I late that night flood waters reached the north side of Greenville autor quickly overwhelms the let that back protection library was about 8 feet hi and the water came in initially the water doesn't appear threatening but by morning shallow muddy water covers the streets Francis Carlton family has lived in Greenville for 3 generations that morning in 1927 her father Herman Callaway visits the local cafe for breakfast just as the owner is making his escape he said well I've got the banner over here just to keep what you want and you're welcome to it so that's what Daddy didn't he fixing some pancakes and had a good mayonnaise say when he left the water was up to his name's Merle less than a mile away we need to turn the then the 7 years old and her grandmother evacuate their single story home when it happened then ... we had just a very short time to get out the house her godfather urges them to find higher we stood there watching the water cross Nelson St my god father who lived in the house behind us said you see that one coming across a Nelson street you better come on we're going to the courthouse they rush to the county courthouse just a few blocks away turbulent floodwater eats away at the same Jim let finally it burst through creating wide avenues for the water to fade this what if you were just inside the protection let me in greenbelt when the water ripped open the levee you saw this great fury coming at John Wiley then 17 years old is at his home with his brother when he sees the water rapidly rising John and his brother climbed to the roof to escape the devilish for the next several hours they watched the chaos that unfolds as their cities flooded we were those is who owns it was gonna get drowned that loan and people how in the low Sheldon swim in the whole city they drowned domestic animals mules Kyle's what really at the mercy of the ground that were on if they could find higher ground they might survive within a matter of hours the entire city of 15000 is submerged under 10 feet of water the next day residents are stranded on rooftops and injuries makeshift rescue crews rushed to their a using small boats they navigate through the flooded town and bring whomever the 5 to higher ground Herman Callaway it is among the local volunteers he uses a skiff to rescue nearly 200 people it get any spoke and go up to the minute K. F. and which is a little north of going via and pick up people there and Chet's bottom of to the mainland living he would be looking for people up in trees they'd hear about of course they'd start shouting for help but not everyone can be saved common approaches one family and witnesses the devastating power of the flood he saw house floating floating with the family on top of it if he was going up to to rescue them he said our son the house must have a stump or something underwater and it just disintegrated he circled and circled around there but nobody ever came never not he said not even one hanging in there litigious engulfed the mask because 4/23/1927 the wall of water that crashed through the levee at mount landing has now spread across the land the break is so big floods in area 60 miles wide to the east and 90 miles to the churning muddy water has ripped out trees and swept away people sharecroppers cabins homes and animals overwhelmed local and state officials asked the federal government for help immediately president Calvin Coolidge a point secretary of commerce Herbert Hoover to oversee a rescue and relief efforts never before had the federal government responded to a national disaster on such a large scale Hoover had experience with relief out of World War one he was that kind of person who understood organization and Herbert Hoover put together this team that went down into the flood area to help people Hoover's first priority is to rescue those who are stranded nearly 200000 people live in the flooded region most of been forced out of their homes tens of thousands are trapped by the swirling waters under Hoover's direction the Coast Guard and navy run rescue operations maybe seaplanes surveyed the area well Coast Guard boats that got stranded people ships and barges transport flood victims to dry land and red cross relief caps but some in Greenville are intentionally left coming up next on when weather changed his wealthy planters use their clout to prevent the evacuation of black sharecroppers stuck on the levees it was thought that if that were evacuated that they would possibly never come back they 4/23/1927 an ocean of water covers the Mississippi Delta tens of thousands of people are stranded and desperate to be rescued the city of Greenville Mississippi is 10 feet under water 17 year old John Wiley find shelter in the upper floor of his father's office building in downtown Greenville he's lucky the poorest residents could only find shelter on the left most of the people own 11 the black people a day in and will it go the displaced residents crowd together in the miserable weather and await rescue at night temperatures drop into the forties they did have tents that in half because they don't have any kind of housing on the living it was frankly dangerous situation there was no water for people much less food April 25 3 days after Greenville is flooded the local relief committee headed by a wealthy 42 year old lawyer named William Percy votes to evacuate 13000 people who are stranded on the levee the governor immediately deploys rescue vessel the plan is transport the flood victims 80 miles downriver to a newly established red cross relief camp in Vicksburg but before help can arrive local platters intervene they want to stop William Percy from evacuating anyone most of those who are displaced or black sharecroppers who work on nearby plantations the white players are convinced an evacuation would ruin them financially planters believed that if the African Americans went to another camp or whatever they wouldn't be able to get them back to their plantation they were afraid some of the workers would skip out on them the platters appeal to Percy's father U. S. senator leroy Percy the most powerful planter in the county leroy agrees the black sharecroppers should not be evacuated I so he talked at length with the sun the sun refused to reverse his possession but the relief committee now also sides with the platters and leroy Percy faced with such a position William Percy concedes the cancels the evacuation to appease the platters he comes up with another plan Percy decided to instead proposed take legal becomes our distribution center for red cross supplies under Percy's new plan all lead for the region will be shipped to Greenville then unloaded and transhipped elsewhere and of course they would need a labor force to do that and that labor force would come from those black people on the levees black sharecroppers would be forced to provide labor without pay those who managed to survive the flood must now face a harsh new reality being treated as slaves that's coming up next on when the weather changed history April 1927 in the days after the enormous levee break at mount landing the Mississippi floodwaters continue to search south late April the flood ravages more than 15000000 acres in Mississippi Arkansas and we see a 600000 people in the region our homes the flood has now surpassed all others on record becoming one of the worst natural disasters in American history in 1927 flood was front page news it was a massive story and of course the plight of the refugees was was a big part of the story roughly 1000000 Americans were flooded in that year and that was almost one percent of the entire population of the country from coast to coast concerned Americans donate their time clothing and more than $17000000 toward the immense relief effort despite this outpouring of charity rumors of abuse begin to circulate throughout the network of red cross relief gaps where's the plight of flood victims worse than in Greenville Mississippi in many ways treatment of displaced Blackshear croppers in Greenville resemble slavery which ID been abolished more than 60 years earlier in order to receive food rations blacks must supply free labor to prove their eligibility they have to wear labor ID techs the sharecroppers are forced to help unload red cross relief supplies fortify the damaged levees and assist with the immense cleanup effort all without pay the Greeneville camp on a narrow stretch of land on top of the levee was set up with the assistance of the red cross under the direction of 42 year old attorney William Percy there was a lot of political power behind ... Perseus worldwide economic power in a lot of ways people describe his burning of the campus in having absolute troll Percy established the camp after being pressured by his father U. S. senator leroy Percy the older Percy sided with local platters who were afraid of losing their sharecropping work force William Percy is angry with his father and it's reflected in the way he runs the cap he was basically in charge of the distribution food dollies ... people and he could not take out this great anger that he felt over his father's betrayal on his father so I started taking it out on the people and the refugee camps they suddenly became essentially his slave labor Percy even tries to force African Americans living outside the camp to work for free I during the flood teenager John Wylie takes refuge in a 2 story building in Greenville he stays out of sight to avoid being forced into labor were you at that we with them they will go us that their political go round to the city picking up people make no weight on the leg that Greenville camp is one of 154 red cross relief camps set up throughout the region these camps house more than 0.5000000 black farm laborers and their families and less than 55000 whites within the confines of the camps segregation and exploitation a comment red cross relief is done within the context of Jim crow laws governor race relations in the south the camps reflected in reproduced the racial realities of the time period in the true different treatment of black white refugees and it really became a place where local plantation owners would often times have a say in how the camps for run we're talking about 1927 in the era of segregation and discrimination so when the relief started first of all the whites got the chance and the costs and the better food in the better claim in the black relief camp people got very meager portions of food and the types of food they got was very low in terms of the nutritional scale well displaced whites receive meet in canned fruits blacks get rations of bread in the last making the camp conditions worse is another change in the weather the heavy rains and unseasonably cold temperatures subside only to be replaced with sweltering heat temperatures soar these high temperatures speed up the decomposition of dead fish floating in the flood waters the stench is unbearable those who were stranded can't escape the weather and can't leave the camps either national guardsmen brought in to help preserve order keep the blacks confined to the cats such is not the case in the white caps in the white camp they provide a kind of advisory and supervisory kind of role but in the afternoon mereka camp they were armed and they often times prevented blacks from leaving and entering the camps on a free basis the guardsmen do not allow displaced blacks to leave the camps without the permission of a platter they were very much sort of helping to provide the enforcement mechanism that would keep African Americans in their places if you step out of place you have to pay and you have to pay off the times by a confrontation I'm with the national guardsmen reason they were kept in the campus was so that the planners would have access to them when the water went down and only the planters could get them out I platters also exploit the sharecroppers through the distribution of red cross relief supplies people who are in charge of the running of the camp in the distribution of those supplies though that often times be local planters local plantation owners who would oftentimes you those provisions in order to ... exercise control over I sharecroppers and tenant farmers who were in the camps accusations of corruption circulate when white platters begin to stockpile red cross aid and then sell the goods to black sharecroppers on credit they learned that they could manipulate federal relief to their own advantage the planners would take the food and distributed to their help they'd put it on their bill planters methods generate income for themselves while keeping sharecroppers in debt African Americans in relief camps are not the only ones who feel discrimination as the flood crest move south New Orleans the biggest city in the region is directly in its path here poor whites also face a harsh reality resulting from a decision by the city's business only in the 19 twenties New Orleans was the economic and financial hub of the south New Orleans was by far the wealthiest city south it had literally double or triple the economic activity of Atlanta if you stand of Dallas at Charlotte New Orleans large shipping port connects the country's interior to the international market the city is run by a powerful group that includes bankers the mayor and the governor flood preparations have been underway for more than a month still the group is afraid the approaching crest could ruin their city which lies below sea level so they come up with a plan to divert the flood water the banking community in the city wanted to make a definitive statement that they would never allow the Mississippi River to flood New Orleans and they had the political power to ensure that they propose to dynamite dissection of the levy to create an artificial break or crevasse the thought was that if you make a crevasse south of New Orleans dislike pulling the plug in the bathtub is going to drain the water through that and therefore the river will fall and new ones will be spared saving New Orleans however would be done at the expense of poor whites who live in 2 neighboring communities Saint Bernard and Plaquemines parish those communities would be intentionally flooded without their approval that's coming up next on when weather changed history brings in the disparity between rich and poor who could escape the flooded who couldn't April 1927 as the massive Mississippi River flood crest move south several levees collapse and send floodwater crashing down on the land below within days large portions of Mississippi Arkansas and Louisiana are under water in towns throughout the region presidents do their best to maintain a level of normalcy despite the disaster residents use boats to get around some towns build raised walkways for pedestrian traffic one ingenious man even turns his boat into a mobile barber shop as the flood crest approaches New Orleans powerful city in business leaders hatch a plan to divert the water into 2 neighboring communities Saint Bernard and Plaquemines parishes those communities are home to the area's poorest white residents most who live in these parishes workers fishermen and trappers in the fertile marsh city leaders view the wetlands as under developed displacement of those who live here they say would be for the greater good of saving the world those 2 parishes were chosen because most of the people there were poor and we're not on the scale of what you are installed at Los many of sophisticated urbane and so forth these were expendable people April 27 following a series of closed door meetings New Orleans leaders secure state and federal approval for their plan there is one condition the city must agree to pay reparations to the victim the president of every bank in the city the president of every business association and setting the law the mayor every member of the city council they all signed a written pledge that they would make full restitution for any losses New Orleans gives the residents of Saint Bernard in Plaquemines parish 2 days to evacuate with little time to pack residents must leave nearly everything behind Edward noon yes than 19 years old lived with his family in a modest one bedroom house in St Bernard parish he recalls his parents'fears they will worry yeah they give you anything back 4 NJ everyday and out John grows as all the good deja vu on April 29 engineers dynamite dissection of conniving levy located 13 miles below New Orleans Canal Street the first explosion throws dirt into the air but only creates a small hole 40 8:00 hours later significant section collapses after a diver plants dynamite in front of the levee 250000 cubic feet of water per second flows out of the river under the land below the river water level goes down for wealthy New Orleans the threat of flood is gone but for residents of Saint Bernard and Plaquemines parish the Daily News is just beginning the Edward and his brother travel by boat to see the devastation first hand all my we'll do it very well straight across no real it at all or whistle these photographs shot by a local photographer were taken as evidence of the flood damage residents plan to submit them with their reparation claims the murky flood water covers 600 square miles of Saint Bernard and Plaquemines parish 12000 people are homeless but when residents of the flooded parishes begin to file their claims with the city of New Orleans they make a startling discovery the city refuses to honor its promise no one done a good evening it never crosses it would support for gay a pair off it did in the end a city break such promise to pay reparations officials reject countless claims were paid paltry sums on those they do accept on average each family receives less than $300 for their losses in the weeks that followed city in business leaders come under sharp attack in the press for protecting the city's financial interests at the expense of others nearly 10000 people who live in Saint Bernard and Plaquemines parishes lose everything in many areas throughout Mississippi Arkansas and Louisiana the floodwater remains until July that's 4 months after the first levee break at mount landing finally the water has drained off the land in total the great Mississippi flood of 1927 inundates nearly 17000000 acres in the 7 states geographically the 1927 flood was possibly the biggest flood in American history and from Cairo to the Gulf you just wrecked enormous havoc and included an enormous amount of land the flood directly affects roughly 1000000 Americans it was devastating it is disrupted everything that that was civilization at that time as people and you as people return to their homes considerable work lies ahead people describe going back to their homes is just so sad for one thing the water that went through in their homes and then the date cake their homes smelled really bad snails were not only the smiles of of the house and in the Murd but of course are rotting carcasses of animals I think the sharecroppers in the camps there was a sense that they have lost so much they lost perhaps the opportunity for economic advancements or at least the opportunity in order to continue along the same economic Pat they had been on for so many years they didn't know if they would be able to produce any cotton or sugar for that year they didn't know what the land look like when they would get back to it there's just a lot of doubts in their mind about what the future would bring for them with so many people hurt by the disaster Americans begin to reconsider their views on the government's responsibility for providing relief if you measure public sentiment by letters to the editor and newspaper editorials and things like that this was a sea change a watershed moment after the flood federal government expands its role in disaster relief agreeing to provide money and manpower in times of natural catastrophes and made people think that the federal government actually had a major responsibility to help citizens when they were in serious distress through no fault of their own the flood also leads to a profound shift in national politics I think it was precipitated author of the movement of acting Americans ... from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party that's next in the conclusion of the when the weather changed history after the great Mississippi flood of 1927 reminders of the devastation lingered and Scott Mississippi the raging currents that ripped through the mound landing levy dug a 100 foot deep hole in the fertile delta so today those waters are still there as part of the beautiful lake known as a blue hole the flood of 1927 changed the political landscape as well in 1928 Republican Herbert Hoover won the presidency his success in leading the flood relief effort won him votes across the south he benefited from the traditional support of African Americans African Americans have historical lesions to Republican Party which you see as the party of Lincoln the party that ended slavery to party of emancipation Hoover gain even more support from African Americans when he promised to look into allegations of refugee camp of uses he also pledged to develop new land appropriation programs but Hoover never followed through on land proposals the broken promises angered African Americans in the years to come blacks would leave the Republican Party by the thousands and switch their allegiance to the Democrats ... Hoover turned his back on and it was such a betrayal that you know the emotional connection between the African American leadership and the Republican Party was broken forever Hoover wasn't the only one whose image was tarnished by the flood the city of New Orleans damage its reputation when it deliberately flooded Saint Bernard in Plaquemines parish is that decision reflected the city's willingness to allow powerful men to take advantage of those less fortunate one of the things that the flood of 27 exposed is the disparity of wealth and circumstance in the United States bitterness lingered for generations so much so that in 2005 when hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans rumors circulated that the levee along the lower ninth ward had been sad there are many members of the African American can who believe that it did happen and they point to what happened in 19 7 same while they did it once that's prove they do it again the 1927 flood did inspire a major change in flood management policy Congress passed the flood control act in 1928 which led to the creation of new flood control measures designed to reduce stress on the levee system since that 10 we got the system along the Mississippi built up would rest lowers blood was ace and lavey such that if 27 were repeated we could control that if they have to die whole levee system was strengthened the hands of the water got so high it would go down a spillway the flood ended the debate over how you deal with rivers forever all over the world you have to accommodate great rivers you cannot dictate to them when you talk about whether you never know what mother nature school doorway today //
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Who Killed Mayor Chokwe Lumumba? Farrakhan offers to pay for Autopsy!
\\how many of you have heard of shockwave lo Mumba short wave I've known him for nearly 40 years he passed away about a week ago his funeral will be on the eighth this month and he's died under circumstances that we don't know what it was he became the mayor Jackson Mississippi and any of you who know Mississippi and no Jackson a black man being the mayor trying to do right by all the people is not a man that those people want he was in the hospital he was on the phone doing may already business he was laughing he was he was in good spirits and within a few hours he was dead I understand that big copying his body and I was so happy to learn that they are giving an independent follow just so because the medical examiners we can't trust them when our babies are dead and they make that it was under natural circumstances they lie to protect the government we have to have our own independent pathologists and what not to look after us so I understand that they're trying to raise the money I told them don't even waste time call me and I will give you whatever it takes to get our whole room forensic specialists to go in and make sure then our brother that died under the rights are //
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Farrakhan speaks on his meeting with Edgar Bronfman - Saviours Day 2014
\\do you mind if I share this story with you it name was miss that it go Bronfman billionaire even Shanley company with this gem Seagram's thank you yeah I know you all know I was in his penthouse it was arranged by my Wallace and rock Newman my wife was with me my son and others Anna when he came in the room we shook hands and he said the not minister Farrakhan Louis feet why folks talk to you like that Hey CD all feel that they own us and you know but grow up big enough for them to call you miss he put Dave dealing with a different black man that day I will not allow you the disrespect me even if I'm in your house a how will go behind in your own house why if you invite me into your house then you ought to respect me and the gap in your house and not call me on a first name basis when you don't know me at all