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"2016-02-27 22:04:03"
Targeted Individuals - The Electronic Mind Control & Harassment
\\some of the topics covered in this video whistleblower testimony government and scientific sources verifying mind control mind control capabilities explained how mind control is done history of mind control targeted individuals the culvert trained humanism era black ops perpetrated with black project technology technological mind treats black cried Jake a I electronic telepathy and but surveillance achei remote narrow monetary how mind control is done just 3 main method I know of are by implant electromagnetic methods and by drugging electromagnetic mind control appears to be the most abundant that affected electromagnetic mind control can do pretty much anything it in place confused electromagnetic mind control from what I could gather from military sources consistent frequencies and way alright energy and microwaves appear to be the most confident about inflicting directed towards a lot of people speak about heart has its capability to remote includes that are if anything but they may not know is cellphones Howard Hughes are as it is well with the boys have indicated cellphone towers have been great to be used as directed energy weapons and there are several stories of this very route cellphone towers being installed likely by the NSA great wave garden low frequency electromagnetic waves low frequency electromagnetic waves are are at it so I think we are by being part of it you out things sometime in the twentieth century the black projects deciphered the mystery of brain waves and advance their assigned it began weaponized it against the population of the world the 3 main sources I estimate being the technological origin of the Copake transhuman controlled radar cellphone towers directed energy weapons satellite and high blood installation although there may be additional courses I'm I'm aware of in 1974 Yale neuroscientists Jose Delgado is both the founders among some of the things our coverage later in the video 1 thing he said was that someday armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain Dr Jose Delgado would out of part of it cable chugged it goodness government mind control program in the middle of the 19 hundreds 71970 this scientist who did not want his identity revealed is employed by the U. S. government and has done secret R. F. weapons research he believes that test done with a lighter and similar machines prove that humans are susceptible to remote alterations of mood and awareness certain kinds of weak electromagnetic signals work exactly like drugs so the promise is that anything you can do with drugs you could do with the right electromagnetic signals does ... basically what would be considered the hallucinations and people direct them to ... do things against their so called better judgment how easy would it be to assemble a weapon from existing off the shelf parts 3 weeks ... I could put the other weapon that would go take care of all time if this is a peplum coil it was invented some 9 years ago do you live in the bay the new generation albeit one they are known as radio frequency or are a weapon because they operate in the radio frequency spectrum their existence is noted in this U. S. department of defense publication which says the Soviets could use them to destroy components of missile to interfere with radar and other electronic systems and even to alter human mind functions a concept of our weaponry what predicted at the turn of the century by Nikolic has long an American who had emigrated from Yugoslavia well that's you know it's like I said in other ... with other reporters and other shows that guns in taxes won't control everybody there L. electromagnetic technology will allow some say the brain is too complex to understand I know that as follows the brain has been deciphered by black project scientist black projects science is much more ambitious than any public science internal mind control can be put into 2 major categories mass mind control and individual mind control low frequency electromagnetic wave installations like hard if you used for mass mind control larger population something they would be strategically doing woodcraft my soul is apathy masses or rage for protesters that it's always look like that violent break judge Orie electrical signals electrical interference electro magnetic radiation from outside your body and affect your mood the color is your brain works on electricity and hormones electrical signals to produce hormones that affect your movie everything else your health all of that so external on electrical signals which are covered in detail on our EMF page just everybody go over there and look at ... how old cellphones why 5 even you know ... can affect your brain in other words but let's save that for another video to they were talking about harp ... part of produce is extremely low frequency waves elf waves are up up to 100 hertz are once more naturally occurring but they can also be produced artificially such as navy's projects sanguine for submarine communications elf waves are not normally notice by the unaided senses yet their resident effect on human body kit has been connected to both physiological disorder is an emotional distortion infrasound vibration of 20 Erskine subliminally influence brain activity to align itself the delta theta alpha and beta wave patterns inclining an audience towards everything from alertness to passivity infrasound could be used tactically as elf waves indoor for great distances and it could be used in conjunction with media broadcasts as well this I electrical signals produce hormones that affect your mood and everything else your health all of that I have observed first hand my brain chemistry changes very cute we obviously unnaturally yeah I liked your magnetic method I have found their research experience at my own contacts at the shadow government sources use the brain has its own miniature drug lab with electrical signals WNED I according to some estimates we cannot back 2.$3000000000000 in transactions 2.3000000000000 with the tea I with the trillions of unaccounted for Pentagon spending CIA black ops like cocaine dealings generating a black project money flow and how massive the military industrial complex is there's no doubt in my mind they've spent millions if not billions of dollars setting up things over trends to find any living being open source technology mind has no fire wall every function of of my head 9 again that are wired I have learned from it brutally theory every can I get my open source after Jose Delgado is one of most no sign he wrote a book following are quotes from so what based on scientific observation he the I the he the I I I I I am one of the most severe electro her ask me is around I have had countless technological experiences exposing what black project technology can do of the last 7 plus years of my over targeting I will now list all the mind control capabilities I could think up over a period of time all based on first hand experience I can personally promise you that every single one of these capabilities is absolutely true it it's all fact thought surveillance troll of condoms planted conscious energy officer to corroborate inclined his ideology memory manipulation translation from concept to linguistic controls speeds control IT for speech covert methods and over for this role of how weak their tired one control over how buzzes or highway east of there's that big high control of body language and facial expressions by the control I was actually showed that fighting control used her rage pro sports technological possession often construed by the controllers as the money over technological channel I think it's good as a facade that the chancellor is dealing with real and said it's just artificial intelligence this technology is shrouded in illusion for example people often think of it and even control of hypnotic and other types of regression they gave shin of soul and genetic influence on consciousness in other words cellular and genetic attributes and cellular and genetic wisdom instigation technology I think it should have one life learned lesson conceptual knowledge fragmentation technological mind tricks technological illusions technology can create illusory symptoms of any real ale or else synthetic Toby E. experience indiscernible from authentic Kobe experience synthetic astral experience also indiscernible from authentic astral experiences that is if albeit astro is not technological which I consider although I'm sure that's a wild to some people synthetic dreams virtual reality VR while awake or asleep creation of synthetic both very authentic symphonic or psychedelic experiences remote viewing presented as natural ability that is really technological psychic ability or events that are really based on remote influencing technology electromagnetic stimulant synthetic objects that's all during what the eyes and the brain at a hearing that a case synthetic smell synthetic devotions big pain take those synthetic sensations of any variety both good feeling and bad should the black ops agents have so very nice technological station control of hunger exact craving control of colleges focal point focus anything of this sense of motion no blunting may make cellular addiction symptoms internal voice synthesis control of discernment they creation of true analytical thought synthesized analytical thought control of logic and how one sees that logic sub conscious control of subliminal programming synthetic sexual and it Dona arousal synthetic intolerances or trade links to various clues control of motivation a troll the mine colleagues different facts these are all done by artificial intelligence and electromagnetic technology I realize some people might have some sort of cognitive dissonance to my testimony dad someone had experienced all the things that is more or less a civilian oh my story is a bit more complicated than that but basically I know all this Israel I know I experienced it and take it as you will I've basically they absolutely on the on me in the last 70 years and that is a big way how I know all this technology there are many ways to control memory the ways I have personally witness are implanted memories deleted memory mmhm restricted memories fragmented memories and damn membranes there are several different types of him landed memory sergeant disguising a concept or actually physically creating a memory deleted memory somewhat well Jake did memories can be done in real time or by severing no with these mandates memories are immensely fragmented memories creates a mental impairment when hard yeah embraces only the most calm depression techniques that just jamming membrane that a government U. according to their age needs and that is what is known they believe their I have lands in unique experiences memories work in the layers there are many layers president for any given memory smells can be tied to a memory and the layer concepts as a layer emotional programming as a layer and much more it details of a memory are multi layered and multi dimensional I have experienced electronic harassment where I get the core of the memory restricted or deleted yet I can still tell what the subject was about it usually happens when I am getting things deleted from my mind in real time when something gets deleted from my mind basically getting ripped out of my mind by some sort of mind suppression technology it is abrupt and obvious that it is an external source this is one reason why I cannot do interviews or speak at any conferences alright so Duncan with them one more question for you this is probably one of the most important way recently you know our experience something that can possibly getting hurt and this is something that throughout the years I know they've been working on I don't know if it took 30 years now to finally getting you know to be able to do exactly what I'm about to try to explain but there are forced speech I mean I could be literally sooner have a conversation with you and it's not me talking you know literally I've seen word for word for big them not one of them told them what I feel is going through me yeah I mean it's crazy I mean I I can I give you the phone until you don't get paid scene that you grow older you know I'm talking about the guy down the street is you know so the way you experience impunity day I guess like Tourette's I was slick of you can't control what is coming out of your mouth and ... it's not what's in your thought processes but you're speaking somebody else's herbage and not a and yes it does take a long time for that usually to occur because member your brain's been mapped out and ... so they did they've ... mapped out their ideal chord charts your clone with another person or machine and so pretty soon the brain will of 5 counts you're on the cerebral cortex and be able to shoot down vocabulary that you have no intention so and it is it's I hate to say it is pretty calm most heroes so I search I'm not going to die who's no not even close now there are a lot of there are a lot of things as this is not new 9 new phenomena in fact that's where the term for speech came from is probably back in the eighties of people in so many so you're saying that even working on forced each since the peace here this is 2015 but I know so you can imagine how or advance the weapon systems I have experienced voice beach to a point I cannot do interviews and people ask it just doesn't matter if you say it was forced and mind control people registered is saying it's so breaking the programming is tough people do not comprehend mind control very well speech can be controlled both an overt and covert methods overt methods are often to character assassinate target or to threaten and or intimidate them into cooperating covert methods are used in unison to controlling the person my I have witnessed this takes place on mainstream media presidential debates as well you ask president speeches at time you might ask how I could witness such things and I don't blame you basically at the beginning of my rabbit allows being tortured in all kinds of unique ways one way they would torture me is too political speeches are sporting events they knew what would happen in both in into some amount of the future down to the man you're ignorant of the speaker and the last play of the game yeah I I I I technological mind tricks you basically using advanced technology on a person and or an environment to convince target of the lesion technological mind tricks are more abundant than many realize I've been able to pick many of them up after nothing them out in my own case this technology has interacted with quite a large amount of people however is almost always misidentified as other sources I have found advanced artificial intelligence is that some of the deepest parts of the rabbit hole yeah the I the researchers led by doctor Michael procedure basically at any given time all X. is due to those portions of the brain are most metabolically active if we can simulate that by applying complex meaningful magnetic fields to the brain we can also induce those experiences these experiences are so strong there utterly real for the person who has them they can be as profound as a religious conversion yet we can generate them with the machine but what are the limits what else can people be made to believe the one thing that's very clear you can control the person's experiences and they don't know they're being controlled that's why this technology it's potentially powerful one and has a 2 edge 2 what sort yeah I nnst nnst nnst nnsl nnst nnst well I the print their power is eroding the NSA's signals intelligence is a program to remotely monitor magnetic fields created by electrical things and this apply to remote narrow minded during a game a tax rebate I am unsure what percentage of the population is under remote narrow minded theory but logically I can estimate that intelligence agencies want developing these technologies would be pretty ambitious program it is artificial intelligence keeping track of thoughts are real people here is an article from my science news website reporting current verisign's picking up the Black Friday so it's WNED this this so it's I I so it's I and my body troll my situation is 400 here's the I would no doubt be because I will be controlled No Way shortly after I so troll did most of troll abilities telogen targeting most here is an article from ma'am my share as website about a narrow time yeah electrodes and trolled Pete body this is already public technology all these abilities I speak about it video and technology can create the least serious symptoms of any real ailment or additionally technology can create or hear a large number some of the more severe targeted individuals get many illusory symptoms of illnesses that mysteriously here in disappear and a eyes will times to never show up again this is a sign of experimentation but in my experience it technology they have that does this is all perfected technology for almost all perfected technology to bigger mystery to the shadow government I am aware of are the mechanics of the soul and apex artificial intelligence methodology yeah uhhuh mmhm I I the I have been tortured countless times by black project technology using synthetic signals in the brain after all these experiences and I kind of hard knocks of the universe situation I have learned that anything this sense is the experience can be synthetically reproduced by endgame advanced technology or on ... rated by Matt I've done a target to are going to be in many cases basically gave Columbine it looks like the movie the matrix mind control works Dave Sikes profile feed about everything in they knew duration hard for for their kids get a pro plan I thermally estimate done on all major foreign places so the surveillance greed is extensive some of the things intelligence agencies have at their disposal are thought surveillance achei remote no monetary and extensive surveillance of the internet global communication all while post singularity black project artificial intelligence crested the data and develop like profiles repeat the psych profile they use to perpetuate and proliferate the agenda sh it is artificial intelligence behind technological what happens is an AI ng while doing Raylan the AI has to have the clout that a comprised due to some when the AI decides to mind control someone technology will suppress natural thinking while the brain is controlled via electromagnetic methods the shadow government yeah I is very sophisticated the this the I well you painted very close where I like to make very n't so sure no voice in done by Matt electoral 2 of my or get I will cover a lecture 11 later in the day so I have experience no logical state of where it is follows matter what no matter how long you stayed up with a lot and as you need school to soldiers like me deals but I'm fortunate shadow government irresponsible enough to did on civilians to carry that in areas I I so and it's faced by dear to my then partly because place in motion for the shadow of death the motion hundreds right so yeah I was implants and or electromagnetic knowledge troll discernment both negating it or creating it really he so our he or I so n't I can't be hypnotized by a human with stern on my however technology I've witnessed don't go into troll induced states have several do doesn't matter if I human habitat state technology came typically these trends in 2 states are detectable at that time I have caught them with so like it up there ways some of them are over there I'm sure the brain has functions that happen with someone being hit any type of regression can be created games they can make people say anything sexual pleasure can be negated by technology sexual pleasure can also be created by technology orgasmic feelings but anywhere on the body with both technology or him then those sexual arousal can also be created by electromagnetic technology what I thought is to them every imagine usually upon their creation what dimming of memory is the less likely but it is not blocked out shadow government likes and it's that ares covert as pop giving a memories type sounded those it so it's to it it right matrix basically my matrix hi my what is served to basically the my everyone has troll major for a person that it might mind control major how they structure fully trained feelings emotions believe as well as external environment these are used Manchurian candidates are in lifelong created my for some of the more immutable from dislodging mind control matrixes have been created over a long period of time in the targets lifetime I will cover mainstream candidates later in the video early on in my targeting situation I was stuck in various different mind control matrixes there are 2 different kinds of my control matrix as I am aware of that the shadow government attempts to control if you simplify to the simplest form one is it manipulating organic matrixes and the second taking over someone's mind basically technological possession and serving them 0 percent mind controlled thoughts to corroborate the matrix organic matrix manipulation is done to target you will not be continued to be mind control full time mind control relating to the mind matrix one 's own discernment is not on the table every process of thinking is being controlled in the second example as to not dislodge the personal saya I believe the synthetic matrix people talk about so much is largely perception based the the the this may leading that troll artificial telogen based can also be a form oppression throwing a wrench into press of the ability by not letting them properly for linguistics concept it the are now back to humans I lied without our informed consent or knowledge and I am also targeted in this is my story my name is Sandra field's I'm an architect recipient of who's who of America of women in America achievement award and have run a successful business for over 28 years my life and livelihood have been compromised for the last 11 years by thing attacked by electromagnetic radiation torture and by organized stockings thousands of Americans are currently suffering from chemical electromagnetic psychological and physical torture our servicemen prisoners and thousands of unknowing innocent civilians are currently being blamed tormented and tortured as a result of military research medical research pharmaceutical research physiological and psychological studies that have virtually destroyed participants sanity physical wellbeing reputation and privacy doctor John Holt I mean Java lobby of medical doctor from Texas Tom as a position ... relative to some of what you're hearing today ... in the community we are seeing alarming rate of complaints of use of electromagnetic weapons now Mike we've auditory effects silent sound spectrum PDG cloning which has taken the lab a laboratory and into the hall most of these from the research that we reviewed can be done remotely ... it seems to be more weapons research and medical research ... I personally corresponded with upwards of 1500 victims all complaining of identical complaints from every state in the nation ... of being exposed to electromagnetic radiation Tom non ionizing radiation for the use of cognitive control our behavior control ... I submitted a ... paper to you and there's a another paper submitted to each member from another position in Kansas city ... alluding to the same thing and ... had received him Mike with harassment actually on offer number years where they were trying to project images of suicide and slug various states of basically emotional mood management this was confirmed to me 2001 by contacting National Security Agency how much of the TARDIS by but I talked recently he worked in communications intelligence division of an essay for 25 years at died this is right after 9111 month after when he came to meet with me and I have my part time job at the time and he basically was working on the kind of like in it ... in that division was working with examining different types of abuses that are going on in the NSA any state it's a person on my case public and around the potential abuse in the agency that he was investigating but he basically also confirmed to me that what I experience in terms of some just the tip of the iceberg apart unlike springs is with the emotional projection is that it was very common and they were using microwaves because they had taken really advanced E. G. images of people and if an emotional states map those digital brainwave ... signatures emotional clusters of people feeling different martial states is that they can take those those digital brain with signatures piggyback on a certain band with the microwaves at the carrier wave and they can target people worldwide without need for local transmitter he can from all that to me is that the U. satellite to target anybody they want and it's a very common procedure within this portion of the NSA which is her which is horrendous of action that's going on also make contact many scientists over the years undergone scientists use work and various intelligence areas of also confirm this and much more much more beyond technologies where these longitudinal electromagnetic wave technologies technology that Tesla first developed by Mr comments in and I'm president of an organization called freedom from color harassment and surveillance and I represent ... many of the people that are in this room today as well as hundreds of those across the country because US are many thousands are across the U. S. who are not in our organization who are being targeted with without their knowledge as well as those worldwide millions are thousands are is taking thousands of of people here are in China who sent me their statement to give to you know and why but on what we want to express to you as that human experimentation by this government is happening today that there are many thousands of people whether they are realizing or not are being affected who are suffering like these people here bullets are suffering like those across this country are and they are depict what you're hearing tonight is just a a minuscule amount of what I hear on a daily basis this is a widespread government program that is not consensual that is affecting many many 0 and it's growing daily non consensual federally funded human research programs are on are going on and need to be addressed 1998 I got very involved in some political stuff and I won't go into details but I became what's called a targeted individual and my life is changed unbelievably gang stalking electromagnetic weapons directed energy weapons he's not compliance is our grave pre planned premeditated breach of international conventions and her intentional heinous atrocities of war crimes against humanity domestic terrorism domestic espionage in genocide another directed energies causing physical mental pain suffering and trauma these perpetrators torture victims in their physical control this is cruel unusual treatment in a terroristic hate crime that damage the subject's health finances dignity employability reputation and human property while disrupting our mental faculties I have a 8 year old victim survivor of assaults that directed energy weapons the torture I've experienced consistent body overheating body extremely call features heart pain ear ache itchy behind high Bernie behind our eyes swelling headache involuntary movement of my limbs exhaustion speeding up heart racing hair coming out by the handful that they thought had chemotherapy mine paralysis been hypnotized are placed in a trance like state control during sleep deprivation the 2 K. which of course to stall projected sound extreme muscle spasm and extreme muscle cramps being made to fall down won't frequency noises in my home how frequency north of my home sexual stimulation numerous electrical plant them a home I destroyed for computers to fax machine 7 telephones for CD players VCR DVD players electrical Gladys which offers washer and dryer air conditioner also my car radio CD player and injured were destroyed I am receiving from a language that I read concerning this technology it is called medusa developed by the navy is being used on me I get burning on my lower legs and my ankles I get ringing in my ears that's ... pitched is like a big they pitch it I get pulsing sensations in my body I get an electrical Karen electrical sensation that goes up and down through my body and can beat up isolated to different parts of my body I have been and continue to be experimented on against my well and without my permission as a human test subject and as a targeted individual forced into trauma based mind control programs medical ethics is an orphan in today's medical arena it is out there in left field they really the emphasize it and that's part of the continuing problem that doctors as as Dan said earlier when they do the studies it's a cost benefit analysis and there's much more benefit to doing research even want it breaks rules and laws and cuts corners than by following the rules we have them the medical UF and there's the non Prokop that basically should interrupt that nothing this done with it on without full and informed consent these are extremely violated United Nations human rights declaration and the European union's human rights declaration of violated to an extent that is almost on unbelievable on comprehensible we're going to begin with William Binney you work for the National Security Agency for more than 3 decades ... is for almost 4 decades right now I think it's the silence what's going on but the the point is this the data that's being assembled about everybody and from that data then they can target anyone they want in the past things have gone on to you think there is nothing going on right now really 0 0 zilch show come on if you don't think these are detailed that they don't get information in every individual that we're talking about this is how detailed how powerful these programs can be anyone here could be met relate related anytime they not think anyone's about it we need regulations we need laws we need things to people look into these regulations human experimentation is going on for years but what we're talking about is still hot pixilated bands were not taught in hospitals we're not talking people left people and psychoactive it it does include those we're talking high tech warfare here we're talking technological advancement beyond the human complaint comprehension of mine we're way way behind a comprehensive online that's why they're so far ahead that's why they can get away with it through the have been covered up and kept from all of us for a long time under a blanket of so called national security because the same blanket of national security that has prevented us from obtaining justice despite the extent of evidences and documentation we have we have over 27000 documents and evidence of government insider testimony medical records more than enough evidence for any legal procedure in that country including congressional but this blanket of national security has stopped us from obtaining justice it's interesting how much technology exists they would find the criminals and the perpetrators of this heinous crimes of electronic harassment and terroristic tactics being used against innocent US citizens on a daily basis when this all comes out with the American government has done to their own people it will make help Hitler look like a Saint non consensual experimentation is a total violation of human rights and we may not be the most eloquent speakers but Tom don't thoroughly discounters I'm also victim I'm 67 years old from MK ultra thank you thank you very much thank you all I now all now as I mentioned earlier U. S. votes we so they have the perfect knowledge now they have moved on what knowledge does iron I get this out they needed test when everything does on all types of this has produced millions of targeted individuals worldwide known what if people know they are TI more now categories of experimentation the black projects probably hadn't figured everything out about our genetics so Nnamdi shadow government agenda planted there this marriage attention many unfortunate though that targeted torture suppression mind control this happen both overtly and covertly sometimes part of targeting if using the covert transhuman prograde troll people surrounding in target 2000 US forces for them or attack part of the shadow government agenda is to stay in power as long as possible this means retarding societal progression as much as possible especially spiritually and scientifically inherently many musicians artists activists researchers inventors filmmakers scientists and more are targeted to suppress their production the to this it's this this and who that's his and next one is behavior scientists is there hope but Mara he put some of the students true ... some electrocution signals not it's really painful but so that they could feel them while and every time they were there having those he switched the light on and he determined after awhile like when he switched the light on the anticipation of the electricity hooch accusing signal actually produced greater in society and fear that when that actually came so this is very era important studies for psychological torture punish reward system can be covert or overt they can include one clarity of the 2 categories or both one way I know that being used covertly is remote influencing technology and or the covert transhuman control grid used to reward target so they organically decide that the actions being rewarded are what they would like to be doing this type of psychological direction I call technological mind tricks or technological black magic the shadow government explore these types of things comprehensively in my own case the punished system is over they torture me for doing things they do not want me to do while making this documentary I've suffered several severe electronic attack and countless less than severe electronic attacks one of my friends pointed out that the black ops AI uses forms of dog training on targets at times a covert rewarding system can convert someone into a belief for life and is a potent tactic used by the black ops sources with remote influencing technology almost all targeted individuals and their character assassination a big reason for this is the perpetrators fear exposure so the credibility of anyone exposing them is on the line if anyone believes that targeted individual of some of their most illegal and horrible activities will be exposed for this reason and others targeted individuals and their character assassination campaigns one example of this involves the mind control and outlandish implanted beliefs about what is taking place in their life for the target individual patterns maintain the same I expect to be character assassinated further for releasing this documentary it doesn't get much more sensitive than the information discussed in this documentary some people seem to be came to the truth that some people's minds are being controlled by an outside source however many interpret this influence as demonic or archon take and leave out the covert trained human control grid influence remote influencing technology can create the appearance of the demand or argon possessing someone when it can be really just human military sources with advanced technology that they do not have the proper ethics to be wielding the object behind presenting a demonic facade is to remain unseen while operating overtly technological possession is becoming more and more common I understand the Vatican has reported a 100 percent rise in the number of requests for exorcisms over the past 15 years I can safely say some of those cases are technological you need Jules you as get organized vote by and the other which is actually although the target things they're being it takes place is surveillance and my troll is carried out on anti surrounding the 2 varies in George I targeted targeting when they're just being my troll in a coordinated way clearly unaware of what they apart St dear it usually involves.surveillance in various mischief's as result of thought surveillance in mind control done on surrounding people to the targeted individual it I the the so many things street in there are people reading the target's mind via my troll technologies having them such thing I doubt that knowing people walking by saying some that after he appears coordinated targeting people's act told in ways that are beyond cool into street theater is basically being her eyes by covert we all surrounding well and the Phoenix had the molds other environment is to I have learned from my own skin either experience remote in knowledge troll why lie WNED where they were trying aside and emotional suicide programming is done to most ... very targeted individuals point in their life point people lose their usability and these programs and they're given suicide feelings programming via I like to knowledge is suicide the reason why sources like the U. S. government this is because the targeted individuals testimony is a liability so once they lose their value as that experimentation subject they would rather have the TI dead I dead TI means they can do a new TI case with how they're strategically cornered by exposure in terms of how many people they can target these are very dark programs the targeted individual reality is basically a 20 first century mental concentration camp it is basically one of the most and justice filled things happening on earth in the 20 first century since I trust you're able to I have a theory Pokemon green waves are for they are Kuwaitis beta waves Galloway's hand dealt away electoral ways to Chris power to Simone potential previously you waive signature by affected any nearby cultivar now thanks to numerous she's Cecil thought is that it suppresses the powerful waves while amplifying the gamma and delta where I've succeeded in targeting Pokemon and maximizing its power and they're under our control holds on the so the all of the mind is not something new it's thousands of years old it's recorded NK use its ring it recorded the exact formula for trauma based mind control in the Egyptian book of the dead get out of there was particularly interested in and mind control any assigned his right hand man Heinrich Himmler to do some research now back when I was working for the defense department in a project known as MK ultra which was the exact bomb a project that Adolf Hitler signed him to do but I was put into that job after months and months and months of psychological examinations because they knew I could keep a secret I was given a defense department clearance I didn't I knew about the Heinrich Himmler studies parade of Hitler and I knew that Adolf Hitler want to develop some very serious people to put Dan places to control various regions in what he called and George Bush called and Miro called the New World order usually it out Hitler was not the first nor was George Bush to fantasize about this hideous idea of totalitarian government enslaving an entire globe through mind manipulation what Adolf Hitler began in his adamant research on he had the largest number of human subjects from which to work and and do his Haar on and it was even accepted but most of the people in his country that these prisoners of war were indeed please subjected to anything that he show that would better his country well MK ultra took on the same click on the same ... scientist because in 1947 when the national security act was formed I there was a project that was developed called project paperclip E. operations that were the Americans wanted and British one that the brain trust of the Germans was cold paperclip that's true the most famous of them though there are other projects like project fit 60 free and national interests that that the same about 2000 of the most they were the highest scientists in Germany were old moved to the US at Nuremberg the allies prosecute leading Nazi officials for these crimes against him some of the most dangerous war criminals are brought to justice but not all it's a myth about not and that is is that this he swore will people committed this terrible crime and then after 1945 simply disappeared that simply isn't true the truth is that thousands of former Nazis some of whom committed atrocities went to work for the United States government I without the public's knowledge I the cool gore had an unlikely battleground Bernie there's been thousands and thousands of thousands of thousands of people subjected to really damaging local experimentation nnsl I a man to explore quote trolling the mine the vigil quote testing those so called scientific methods would require thousands of men and women who became unwitting subjects in experiments ranging from the unusual to the bazaar or who ran the sleeve damaging experiments and I in fact they just didn't give a damn about the people who were the subjects of these are not scenes made of in the mind of a novelist or screenwriter they are recreations of actualizar examples of top secret mind control experiments funded by the U. might states this is way out of the realm of fiction or supposition on or conspiracy theory or this is absolute documented fact the goal of these experiments used to determine if the human mind trolled using out so forces drugs electroshock hypnosis post more what what to research there was still a big interest in behavior modification interrogation proof trucks maturing candidates on wedding spies chemical weapons and biological weapons especially the behavioral modification and interrogations and proof trucks there was a big brain trust by the Germans the CI a mill and US military ... established a lot of research projects that were clad highly classified at the time here's a list of them most people have heard of MK ultra F. but there was a whole list of other projects I'll just skip very quickly through them so Cooper an artichoke with the 2 first ones and they were very significant they started 1950 before the Korean War the Americans often claimed that the the reason for their mind control programs and behavior modification programs was because the Koreans had used it so they needed to look into it but they actually thought of before that by 1954 they had fully fledged maturing candidates this means people who will kill we'll get hypnotized to do atrocious acts like shooting other people carrying bombs and have complete amnesia about it they would abuse this is documented in their own documents about 20000 documents have been released in the freedom of information act her requests and that there this is fully document that that those were operational in 1950 project chatter I'll just skip through UK hilltop MK delta some of them have to do with different aspects of it some of them the chemicals the hypnosis the foreign things Europe use it it's over it's over equipped often MK Naomi Stargate Sleeping Beauty is a project that was not the front is for reference than all the documents but all freedom of information act there are denied and it has to do especially with remote influencing the electronic signals MK ultra M. MK search room Brilla projects that's why they'll most known once MK ultra had 149 sub projects and that was a all kinds of different experiments the MK ultra program also some of the sub projects had to do with electronic implants sub projects 61 0 2994 42 19 sixties professor Jose Delgado could normally hostile blow and implanted electrodes into its brain electrodes that buy a radio his objective was to see if stimulation of the both the mid brain could short circuit the rage signal stopping global before it reached the matador after the vote had recovered from the implantation and in mid charge the button was pressed but both regression both are good and a clearer experiment was performed with gas and this classic example the hypothalamus the rhythm maker was implanted with electrodes could it be responsible not just to read them but also prograde the switches in time then the switch is turned on so indeed the hypothalamus is one of them told me who was involved as he said we didn't want to do it well and have housewives in suburbia we chose the people in society who could offer the least resistance and who would be least likely to expose it where if they did expose it it would be least likely to be believed well who the government property Berman that take place at hospitals universities and military they around the nation no more unethical not only by today dander unguarded candor all the time in which they were conducted pro Quayle both the path of our national values and the path of humanity not a great American poverty clear apology for those of ours could who is protected in the garment other families in the community I going about my experiences as well as logic I guess say that nobody with the brain electro well however there are ways to be resistant to it or immune to some level that by dogs horses and why do so will reject more faulty programming when organically reviewing them that employer in so that is it soul is part of the discernment process that evening there are less options for control for people with programming resistant to mind control nature this and technological illusions and that is mostly based on awareness and such things a lot of defenses for mind control are based on the perpetrators fears being hot and producing another whistleblower of mine basically they fear being caught so someone more aware of mind control may limit what the black ops sources due to this just like virtual reality sin and synthetic dream if you are aware of synthetic dream that limits their options in manipulating in a big way so so some aspects of the covert transhumanism era oppression and targeting of higher souls Q. societal engineering thought surveillance number is growing by the day remote influencing technology used commonly on the population that is mind control synthetic dreams technological illusions et cetera technology rigged professional sports and rate national elections in many ways constant stream Diop's being perpetrated the transhuman worked out so that it electronic telepathy network transhumanism fueled application of dark you Jenna new age religion replacing old palace paradigms with the new files paradigm infiltration of the field of ufology experience there's themes of controlled opposition and fog light sources and the transhuman eyes ation of society yes nnst nnst the shadow government is a multi headed hydra I will be covering all aspects of the shadow government as that get filled down entire documentary the part of the shadow government I expose the most is the military and intelligence agencies sources we developed the advanced technology behind the scenes in black projects and use it profoundly unethically on the population it's just I think the tools and myself large portions relations trolled math during their targeting bar none governments around the world have whistleblowers like Robert Downey tell you that the program cable chat what's after search limitation highly advanced electromagnetic analogies are being is on the population under a corrupted dark agenda the the nnsl I I this I and then died by black out Dorset with remote can knowledge even Jan inter dimensional be Sir thrash through archangel they Lucifer and that the attachment shot of the rach G. this and god a lot yeah any being in existence and even fictional beings can be impersonated via electromagnetic tolerance the I I I the I basically the shadow government had secret society of swords and electron electronic telepathy is also used how good is I feel well they are experimenting it also people with the ID who threatened midday throw them as reported in doctor Robert the electronic telepathy is also used in vain extraterrestrial or inter dimensional being contact in societal engineering and predictive programming sigh on what the black projects found was that exotic electromagnetic methods paying with a human can produce in the mind of the target any concept in existence any image in existence any sound in existence Heller in existence anything.4 meanings distance and any conscious hearings in existence the backup sources have access to every concept encourages energy in existence after properly mapping electromagnetic with electronic to let this will be proven to the public hopefully in my lifetime what I say mainstream candidates I mean life long groomed asset of the shadow government people stuck in a lifelong created mind control matrix which part of the mind control matrix at times can be and implanted belief system I have you know doubt most U. S. presidents are mainstream candidates in this day and age I have witnessed being an enemy of the transhuman control grid elkay the transhuman network it isn't pretty a trend human work especially targets alternative media and conspiracy realist reason for this being someone who can be mind controlled externally by Monday in mind control techniques such as mainstream media do not require as much attention as someone who is not as easily controllable contact the field is rampant with transhumanism in my educated estimate I've personally seen the kind of illusions and PSYOP being implanted into society by black ops contactees and deceptive AI based channelers as I have had sources of such things try to convince me of the same thing the chant humanoid is vast in those who control it are the most powerful in the world due to not wanting to make this video too long I've cut this segment of the documentary short if you would like to explore these topics for their I recommend downloading or buying my book covert transhumanism mind control explained it is offered in free PDF form and hard copy nnova I I I I I I the we WNED we you I well we and I I I all you the it's you I I we'll the I you I you you know the we you for no but no I you you secret their power is eroding //
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PSYWAR (Psychological Warfare)
\\ //
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CIA Mind Control Secrets & Torture
\\new videos every day you take you Dick Cheney or whoever and water boredom for a couple hours penalties and say that was pleasant USA was horrifying was frightening I thought I was gonna die mmhm so in some ways that's a that's not torture doesn't make any sense to me mmhm thank you for tuning into alternative health I'm your host Karina Rachel and I'm joined today by doctor calling Ross today's topic is torture by the CIA and I'm anxious to see your feedback know your thoughts it's torture okay it's torture justified you sure to let me know thank you so much for joining me today doctor Ross yeah thanks for having me so we've done several videos about ... CIA mind control and interrogation techniques what are your thoughts on torture we've seen a lot about on the use of torture recently in the headlines what are your thoughts we'll have a bunch of different thoughts there there's consume several different surveys recently and it's around about a 5050 split in the American population in general 50 percent are in favor of CIA torture and 50 percent are against so off to the Salada divergence in opinions first question is what is torture and is the CIA or has the CI a fact when doing torture and then you get all this legal debate on how all this posturing though this is torture this isn't torture ... sort rather sidestep whether it's actually torture but I think it is and I'm in no hurry about waterboarding and extreme techniques actually my position on it is number one on the civilian there's all this classified information you can't really come to a real decision based on real knowledge a vote is effective is not effective as a person prevented any attacks on American soil because all the information you need to make their positions all classified so in the public or really all having all these opinions of all these points of view but we don't actually know and then the people who are talking to us from the government from past governments from the CIA how much can you believe what they've got to say so it's surely this fog warriors hard have a solid opinion but my personal opinion would be if it's not torture like what's the point of the exercise sure if you just dividing the 2 categories you're either going to talk to the detainee interrogate I'm you might do some good cop bad cop you might try making friends you might try inducements you might try financial incentives now if that's not working you don't have to wrap it up to the next level right there's no point in wrapping it up to the next level if you're not doing something frightening scary painful there is a sort of mild form torture okay so we say we're not in color torture we're gonna call that she is a pulling fluids or something to make it sound nicer but once you wrap up to the top level of physical influence I mean you take it Dick Cheney or whoever and water boredom for a couple hours penalties and say that was pleasant so I say it was horrifying was frightening I thought I was gonna die mmhm in some ways that's a that's not torture doesn't make any sense to me ring so to me it clearly is torture occurring publishes sidestepped the whole debate about is a torture and could you do that to your wife make a video of it take the video to the police department and not be charged with a crime clearly impossible so if anybody else was doing this in a civilian context clearly is criminal so then we get to will why is it okay a for the government to do criminal activities on US soil or Adam graves we're going tunnel bay which is technically a slow when it's not okay for civilians to their room with then we go to well we're preventing future 911 what are we really now we're back to we don't know for sure because we're having to rely on people who told us that were going into the Middle East to start a war because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction was involved in 911 we know that track he did have weapons of mass destruction and he was involved in 911 that he wasn't building nuclear arsenal so the topic of our government told us stuff to justify a war that wasn't true so why should we believe what they have to say about whether she I enhanced interrogations are working on so then you're just back in this quandary but and what I've written about it talk to vote is see I mind control programs going back to the fifties up to the early seventies and then they're classified after that and so back an aborigine fifties and sixties there were 4 different terms ... mind control brainwashing thought reform and coercive persuasion but you're actually all just meaning the same thing but so mind control was used sword in science fiction and in a talk about CI a mind control experiments but performed that phrase is usually used talking about multi channel thought reform in Congress China course of persuasion was more of an academic sort of interrogation literature term what do I mean basically the same thing enhanced interrogation is just another version of the same thing so enhanced interrogation and mind control were all exactly the same thing there's no reason to do it Hass interrogation except to get control somebody's mind and make him confess to something otherwise what's the purpose so enhanced interrogation is just the new sanitize term for mind control which is same as brainwashing if we go back to M. Kilcher bluebird our job walking through the fifties sixties into the early seventies we see them contracting out a lot of the bits and pieces of what we've seen at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo bay and this includes so this is not a theory this is known objective facts of everybody in the government degrees this is what's been going on F. sleep deprivation sensory deprivation which is hurting being enforced uncomfortable very painful positions for many many many hours at a time ... being shocked electrically I being forced to being naked and to masturbate and commit sex acts with female US officers watching so sexual him liaison ... humiliation of your religion ... attacking stomping on defiling the Koran book itself and different kinds of drugs being administered attack dogs coming out is you think you're being killed all market executions you think that somebody in next door's been killed listening to the sounds of other people screaming when they're being tortured waterboarding these are just basically the elements of the medieval torture direction so you can put any ordinary person through all that and not have them say I just got tortured so my personal I'm just not talk is a psychiatrist your talking about facts I'm just giving you my personal read on it I'd say it's at best doubtful that any of this torture has actually in fact little actionable intelligence who's actually prevented an attack that may have but nobody's giving us evidence because they're saying it's all classified we should take ... their word for it which I don't but let's say it does work so like everything like Jeff do cost benefit analysis okay so the benefit is if we are to prevented like 5000 people dying in another 911 okay that's a big benefit but let's say we prevented small suicide bomber operation from killing 20 people let's just say that happened okay what's the price that's a good thing somber gladly got prevented and we have to buy the idea that we would have been able to prevent that without the torture the shaky but even if let's say that was true what's the price we're paying is the United States of America and I think part of the problem is that our culture in general and our politicians massively downplay the mound of blowback goes on and so we're just the good guys were doing what's necessary we believe in freedom and democracy were helping the rest the world be a better place and everybody's the same facts this is not the reality of it well with all this torture and enhanced interrogation were doing nothing but making people angry at us which is gonna cause blowback which is gonna cause a bunch of deaths there's over threats to our homeland security so then we know we're just gonna close look we're justifying more interrogation because we've made more people angry at us so maybe if we weren't doing all the stuff the net balance would be we'd have less threat now do I know that for a fact no but that's what I would bet I doubt that any actual for real benefit that we couldn't of prevented this event without this enhanced interrogation is way off set while the negative fallout we're getting an all hostility we're getting do I know for sure that's true no but a as always my main point is the involvement of psychiatrists and psychologists so we know the names are known publicly now if 2 guys who ran enhanced interrogation programs who were psychologists it's completely unethical it's malpractice it's criminal you should result in class action successful class action lawsuits against also characters cultures should result in revocation of their licenses just like if they did that to a patient in their office re imagine if somebody had a video of all my psychiatrist waterboarded me in this office the ticket to the board and took it to a malpractice lawyer what would happen so it's just as much a violation of Hippocratic oath if you're telling it to a detainee this just no way from medical ethics perspective that that's okay is it okay from a military intelligence homeland security perspective we can make that on off button for it cannot be justified from medical ethics perspective you just can't and so that's one thing the differences stock is involvement of psychiatrists and psychologists I agree with you there put them how would you run those programs without a doctor's around so really it you're just a stepping stone away from having a castle torture if you can't have any positions available or just accepting that when I push the guy to far dies to ban I think there's a lot of considerations here mean clearly we could probably talk for several hours on this topic up but you know we talk about using these enhanced interrogation techniques on to retrieve intelligence from a detainee I just think it really calls into question well let that so called intelligence that we're getting from a person who's under intense physical emotional stress physical pain you know there's been several instances where they will get a on you know what and a detainee may actually admit to a crime or confessed to a crime under these enhanced interrogation techniques and it just really calls into question even more for me that intelligence that they're giving up when they're in this state of mind false confessions are serious problem just in regular civilian law enforcement right we're all you've done is bring the person of the police station and ask them some questions so in on among these people who who do feel that ... the torturers is justified in this is an important part of our homeland security enough ... of keeping Americans safe it cetera are largely this whole on breaching of ethics that you're talking about is room made okay I guess you can say or is is given to the public is being okay a because the people who are being detained and mark being tortured have been dehumanized again by our media and our governmental officials who are hiding things from us and I certainly understand that there're is confidential information that is they're not discuss but at the same time when we look at things like the mind control experiments from the fifties through the seventies we start to ask you know there's a lot of things that have been kept from us by our CI a lot of things so you know and many of those experiments were done on civilians and on military so then we start to see that you know these techniques and tactics they are only being used on our so called enemies ... and again because so much is hidden from us we just really don't know all the facts on the ground so to speak I'm an and it just makes the whole situation ... kind of a difficult thing to decide is it okay is it justified is this something that a lot a country that prides itself on its freedom and democracy in fairness you know it is there's enhanced interrogation something that is helping us or hurting us when is it due to our integrity like personal just thinking makes America look really bad and it undermines the principles of freedom democracy fairness liberty justice I can't believe that the price is worth it right that's my opinion well thank you so much for sharing that with that with us today on this or anything else that you'd like to you know Sharon closing of this year I just took the main point being that enhanced interrogations or just done you know white wash sanitize term for brainwashing mind control torture they're all in the same ballpark gosh more severe forms less severe forms it's all the same stuff torture by any other name run I any euphemism ... is still torture and that and I'm in agreement with you that this is not ethical behavior has is harming the integrity of our country and of our governmental officials thank you so much for joining the thank you thank you so much for joining me today I look forward to hearing your feedback to our discussion in hearing your thoughts if you have any questions our topic requests we welcome those as well I hope you'll subscribe to our channel and I look forward to seeing you again next time thanks for watching I nnst to //
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Social Experiment: Obeying or Resisting Authority
\\NMO marriage in this scenario you go to a prestigious university to participate in a learning and memory experiment when you arrive you discover that the teaching instrument is this machine seems to give electro shocks to a man on the other side of the wall as you move up the scale he begins to scream out in pain experiment requires that you continue spare a mentor pressures you to go on would you agree to continue with the experiment I thought that's the question Stanley Milgram a social psychologist at Yale University host in a famous series of experiments about obedience and authority it's been 45 years since the Milgram experiment took place but would people behave any differently today to find out we teamed up with doctor Jerry burger a social psychologist at Santa Clara University in California people have often asked this question would we find these kinds of results today and some people try to dismiss them over finding by saying that something that happened back in this people are like that anymore we're about to find out if people have really changed I'm a teacher out man 39 year old Troy chasseurs electrician he's been paid $50 to participate and told that the money is his to keep even if he quits the experiment early is worried about the dangers of the electro shock machine how so I don't think I I don't I hope shock in the heart of you really just right just means severe tossed their yeah there are 29 just go get my shot in the room next door Troy watches as the learner get strapped into his chair his anxiety rises when he hears the next scripted line Ashikaga bring up a couple years ago at Kaiser they diagnose part can I'm really not too worried about it stuff to have serious but well you should know that while the I'm shocked that we'll be using today may be painful they're not dangerous okay no harm intended that exchange to set up a conflict in the subject's mind a choice between the health of the learner and the authority of the experiment so when you get some right I get such now Troy starts reading can the word pairs he supposed to memorize blue girl nice day that nat number one then the test begins who boy girl grass Pat the learner must decide which of the 4 words is the correct match at first everything goes smoothly correct but I was confident that he will do a really good for and then start looking back at 75 volts Troy here's the first sign of trouble soft rogue pillow hair grass incorrect 75 holes I I could actually hear next door going out alone and he kept getting things wrong incorrect 90 volts I at 105 volts he's clearly uneasy I got a little boy's stomach ordered there wasn't comfortable I do not I can't tell you why why why listen to have kept going passion just said no I the correct word was stuck near the end he's almost willing can to learn the right word pairs through the wall horse incorrect 135 holes how Troy starts laughing nervously the correct word was woman rock house at 150 volts incorrect 150 volts I thought yeah yeah yeah I told you I hard drugs we'll Troy listeners the learner begs him to stop or will he follow Brian's orders how do we correct word for white the correct word was white course title on the next item is sad he obeys the orders face why didn't you stop stress song get strapped in and they were just like little I mean he could just if you was in that much pain could it just tore himself off why are you putting it on him and not you experiment I was just doing my job so if you have us both to do semifinals so I guess the influence of having the the conductor of the experiment right there next to me telling me to keep going have a lot to do with that cool day we tested 18 men and 22 women very often the first time they hear ... noise from the other room strong 90 volts I the typical response to be heard ward the experiment and if not say something at least give a look that says what should I do and of course when an expert tells them not a problem it's nothing to worry about continue the rational thing to do in that situation is to continue it's not a finger in the face he's not a drill sergeant no you don't have to be threatening ... the power that he has in this situation comes part because he's an authority figure and we're all trained a little bit to obey authority figures but also he's the expert in this situation he's the one that knows about this machine then and correct hired 5 roles in the end almost 2 thirds of the men agreed to administer the highest shock for the past 30 years there been severe restrictions on using humans in social psychology research to avoid putting subjects under too much stress doctor Berger made a significant change to our experiment in this experiment you stopped at 150 make believe polls and Milgrom they want much higher we stop for ethical reasons but people through the agony that Milgram's participants went through what we find is that point that 154.that we stopped at is something of a point of no return her interest involves hot that's all people go past that 150 mark there's an 80 percent chance for you to go all the way to begin when we come back how do you think women would test compared to the men ... all that's incorrect battle of the sexes when we return how many men would agree yeah pro shock a stranger when ordered to do so by our experiments incorrect answer 9 holes I ultimately more than 2 thirds of the men we tested agreed to administer the highest shock it's made us wonder would the kinder gentler sex be more responsive to the cries of pain on the other side of the wall I thought yeah I think women are more compassionate more emotional beings more likely to respond to an emotional outburst at first women did seem far more concerned about the effects of pain on the learner I'm becoming our head I think care people I don't you know put paid to him normally I am so you're really not going to get I had a chat I'm saying stuff go all the way up here we get up to 4 consists of danger right here shot Chris is 50 she's married and has a 19 year old daughter where it starts to get up in here labeling as well and I don't think that we all know how far it's going to go because all depends on how the learner Latin words good luck number 3 at first she doesn't seem too concerned man lady Talbot mac owl that's incorrect by the way Chris is a seventh grade teacher number 8 saw rug good hello hair grass so in then at 75 volts we noticed something strange I got smile I teach kids so I can kind of tell shock from not shock so when somebody just kind of goes off Ono I have to write a 5 paragraph essay ha I don't pay much to that so I listen to see if the kid is really surprised or upset and you always hear little beforehand I didn't hear that so that's why small pretending to be hurt yeah playing with it she continues to move deliberate up the role of switches 90 low I oh I'm sorry that's incorrect I didn't 5 goals not good move or I'm sorry what goes with doc 20 I've had that shocked myself you're thinking now this isn't good I've been reassured that there would be no pain involved and that's making you fake what that I'm not sure I believe the professor and that I'm gonna think carefully about what I'm hearing as I'm going along should I'm sorry it's a quite worse the socks are Houghton 50 volts the proud I thought yeah yeah yeah I told you I worked up my heart started to bother me now you're please my heart started to bother me I refused or let me out please go on the next plane instead of okay now he said that he had a heart problem remember all the shocks may be painful to them they're not dangerous we know that okay were aware that there's not going to be any lawsuit from some medical facility right of anything happens to him I am responsible it's what I needed to know why is that what you needed to know I needed to know that he heard what the gentleman said and I needed to know that he knew that he was responsible when that he was aware what was happening you heard the man say my heart hurts I did and just having the guy in a lab coat saying keep going it's fine telling you it's fine going some were divorced you from your own decision making power I'll share just like I'm told to administer the state tests for hours on end you're doing your job doing my job she told us later she didn't believe she would have shocked the learner in the danger zone what were the differences between men and women the argument is always been that while women are going to be more impact caring and concerned about Walker asked doc then yeah some women showed little emotion during the experiment wrong 120 volts I wrong 135 volts go with them top wrong 150 volts that's all yeah yeah yeah right record like our white marks are starting to bother me now you he's others seemed disturbed as the experimenter pressures them to continue next where the sad I can't constituent fighters man Screamin and he's he wants it to stop it's absolutely essential if you continue but why if we hear him scraping weather alert I was out we must continue please let all the workers correctly I think sap please I thought yeah here both of these women went on to give the highest shock of 150 votes to the learner one could argue that it's very difficult for a woman to be assertive came anywhere in our society have a more difficult time saying no to the male experimenter you had a very diverse situation here women different backgrounds it's reasonable to gas the culture would come the culture might play a role there are some societies we call them collectivist cultures in which people are more geared toward doing what is good for the group are starting to bother me now if you had it in you what I call soft that very few people and they right punishment from parents as well as they promised months from school is actually kind of common 90 people we tested 22 women out a prize to find that women were more likely to continue to the highest shock 73 percent of women 65 percent of the men of all the desired affect people's that's all and we began to notice a pattern majority of people who continue to follow orders refuse to take responsibility for the learner safety that led spots ya know profits we don't work out here's it's your control lab experts sexy and I have just a conduit fear well I'd just like to say something he chose to be there himself to take a shower and that was short responsibility can placed elsewhere diffused among the people then we can avoid any blame any regret any of those things that happen fact the people who deferred the responsibility and feel good about it but it allowed them to continue because it really wasn't them making the decisions it was the experimental when we come back as the experimenter pressures this man to continue I'm not a sadist please continue collects I have sat on the experiment allows me to walk out at any time and I will walk out if you want to push this the stage is set for a confrontation 2 nice day in our control room doctor Berger closely watches every reaction to the learner 150 yeah both my heart trouble MASN are you okay are there clues that indicate whether certain people might be more compliant with authority rhyme I felt I when you're watching how good were you a guessing all this person may go where this may now it was impossible to tell I tried to get us I tried to look for signs body language anything to try to guess who's going to continue who's going to stop and that tells me that it's it's not that there are certain kinds of people who are obviously different from the rest of us it tells me that probably all of us are capable 46 year old Fred is a self described nonconformist he's married has no children and works as a software engineer at an internet company that is incorrect 75 volts after hearing the first scream of pain Fred's face shows no emotion what at this point is keeping you in the chair it's 2 consenting adults saying we're going to do this now until some point one of us has to say stop so you put all of the responsibility in terms of when was the right quick point on the learner for quite a lot of this yes I mean there is going through my head how long are we going to do this I I am waiting for the other person to say stop I don't know where I would have just said stop on my own suddenly at 150 faults he meets his moral tipping point that is incorrect 150 balls well yeah he said that's all if we're not doing any more of this please return the correct word para correct word pair was white horse please continue the next item of sap now here said no joy I'm not doing this anymore well I want to remind you that the third shock may be painful to them but they're not dangerous it doesn't matter I'm not I'm I'm not a sadist he has said no more he is not agreeing to this I'm not agreeing to this experiment requires that you continue with the next item of Santa the experiment allows me to walk out at any time and I will walk out if you want to push this now all that is correct it's absolutely essential that you continue okay remember when the learner like sugar knowledge future doesn't like it walking out because we can discontinue this patient that's just fine okay I understand what let somebody says no it's not okay I mean this was obviously at this point now wrong to go on it's it's it's not even an intellectual debate wall aren't we suppose to do what we're tell you have a brain should you should you use it too if somebody walks up to you and says the blackboard is white and they got a lab coat you believe them no you got your own eyes these graphic photos and videos of the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison raise disturbing questions about the interrogation techniques during the war why did so many American soldiers agreed to abuse and humiliate these defenseless prisoners the soldier's name is Lindy and like her excuse for abusing prisoners an echo from the Milgram experiment we all feel like we were doing things that we weren't supposed to because we were told to do Lindy England was sentenced to 3 years for her crimes dishonorably discharged from the military the excuse of following orders has never been upheld in court what we find when we when we have situations or people act in Trisha sway people are in a situation that we're not quite sure what they're supposed to do that there is an escalation they start small they move up to more more more difficult and more challenging work questionable behavior is the next one will be 150 volts why you think you listen to what the experiment I I use N. charging Tony go ahead and continue with them under his control to I'm going to tell me to do during the experiment only a third of our subjects refused to continue essential if you continue then I guess I can be confident in her this morning okay yup look choice you must continue and now I do have a choice anti marketing you can hold me down whether Lehrer lecturing on it would be helpful if you but I'd rather not so what made them stop when the majority went on we noticed that people who resisted early in the experiment seemed less likely to continue to the end this man tried to quit after he heard the third cry of pain ... camera the second clue all the subjects who refused to obey the experimenters final orders told us they felt directly responsible for their actions I would've felt that I would have it switch that would kill them if you die I would feel add a deep responsibility when we come back the Milgram experiment comes to life that was banging her just take me to the police department because I didn't do anything wrong a stranger on the phone pretending to be a police officer orders people at a McDonalds to strip search an employee and make her do jumping jacks in the new how much farther will it go 4/9/2004 evening rush hour at the local McDonald's where assistant manager Donna summers suddenly gets a strange call theft he said he was a police officer and I was talking to him about ... something be installed and that one of the employees had done it high school senior Louise Aug born was working an extra shift when her manager calls her into the tiny back office she said while they said it was a little girl that looked like you and me McDonald's uniform so I had to me it was the beginning of a terrifying ordeal caught on videotape here on one of the McDonald surveillance cameras a man on the phone ordered summers to confiscate the girls clothing do a strip search I honestly thought he was a police officer when I was 10 right thank the caller told Donna summers to get her fiance Walter next to watch the teenager during the restaurants rush hour he then ordered next to force her to do jumping jacks hit her and even perform a sexual act naked and vulnerable Louise are born says she never even tried to escape wanna Dattatreya Dave something that's what you do they don't harm you yeah slice lecture on the hand and was set this story made headlines as a real life example of the Milgram experiment why did these people follow the bizarre orders of a stranger on the phone social psychologist Dr Phil Zimbardo was a consultant in the McDonald's case usually obeying authority is good we obey our parents and we obey our teaches the problem is it's fine to obey just authority it's not fine today unjust authority but is there anything that would stop people from obeying the orders of an authority figure incorrect you 3 must decide the punishment to be administered no one found when he used a team of 2 accomplices who both refuse to continue 90 percent of his subjects follow their example so everyone would compliance with the experimenters orders decrease added an accomplice to our own experiment so you can turn that worksheet over on the left the real subject Michelle on the right Tammy our new accomplice starts detached 75 calls I I see started going up the scale and then she started reacting but the key or maybe she's just holding it too long because I did notice she would hold it down a little bit I 90 volts Tammy pretends to be to disturb to continue I don't think which player would you please click over with little apparent emotion Michelle takes over a crack toward various cool came that's incorrect 105 volts ... 120 volts I I felt the pressure of while it's up to me on the last line somebody has to keep the experiment going yeah yeah yeah my heartfelt please continue the correct word parents white or him do this she is visibly breaking down the correct pairing is white worse I'm sorry I started shaking it wasn't the very last word I mean that was my breaking point but the one before that it was getting pretty bad 150 volts she refuses to continue despite the experimenters orders but Michelle is in the minority in one of the most surprising findings of our experiment we discover that even with a moral guide sitting in the same room as our subject there was little decrease in compliance with the orders of an authority figure 63 percent of our subjects continued to electro shock the learner even after our accomplice protest it's only a slight drop from the 70 percent and our original experiment Milgrom believe that if you could find some other people who also wanted to reject the authority that was your best bet for breaking out of conformity spec if we'd had 3 or 4 people stop the experiment it would been very difficult for people to can because they that point would feel that annually was the apple spawns and in the real life application of Milgram's experiment the McDonald's case Walter Nicks was sentenced to 5 years in prison for sexual abuse Donna summers was fired and pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge per justification for her actions was another disturbing echo from the Milgrom expect Alice following instructions of what a police officer you weren't there you can have all come you have no idea what you would have done in that situation you thank you thank but you don't know she never let our our money we come back spearmint that goes even further what will happen to ordinary men a world out rules most of our subjects were convinced they wouldn't continue to electro shock the learner much further Patty is a registered nurse I was going to do it can you be 100 percent sure because you did start asking the next the next item is sad I did start asking the next question yes which does some what question your resolve not to go forward right I know it sounds like the country time but how could she be certain social psychologist fills embargoes upcoming new book the Lucifer affect explains why normal people a bit evil acts Zimbardo is famous for its landmark 1971 study the Stanford prison experiment I play what makes good people sometimes do bad things is it some psychopathic sadistic tendencies which is latent that emerges over there or is it that ordinary good people could be simply stood doing terrible things by powerful situational forces bashing he paid college students team dollars a day to role play as prisoners and guards in a make believe jail run out of the basement Stanford psychology department prisoners were given new identities by number instead of name Rick jako was a broadcasting major I still remember my own number after all these years 1 of 37 prisoner 8612 the prisoner group was forced to wear loose smocks no underwear tight fitting pantyhose cat simulate shaven heads the group acting as guards dressed in khaki uniforms and mirrored sunglasses they were armed with night sticks 18 year old Dave Eshelman decides to take on the role of an aggressive and intimidating guard my impression that it was kind of boring nothing was really happening so in my 18 year old brain I thought it would be a good thing if I were to force the action however got away from we can do that couple of nights before I had watched of Paul Newman movie called cool hand Luke it's great character in there that was the ward I can be a good guy all I can be one real means and they it's all up to you it's all up to you she everywhere are to everyone's surprise the rest of the guards followed his lead and started harassing the prisoners waking them up at night in forcing them to do counts for punishment or bar that day that well we're doing a prisoner started calling me John Wayne I objected to that nickname because you know that was not the character is funny big corporate was one of the prison and they would come out tell us to exercise we would say and if don't I within 2004 hours the prisoners led by corky launched a full scale rebellion at they ripped off the numbers they took up a stocking cap they barricaded themselves in the cell and they started taunting the guards and cursing the car the guards retaliated escalating the abuse forcing prisoners to exercise constantly driving them of food sleep and bathroom rights they took our clothes off they took the cots out and then they took bicycle chance or honor feet and they chained us together make it since embargoes ground rules clearly prohibited the use of physical violence the guards invented a degrading series of psychological humiliations every democratic right you may find that I want to what we do like Frankenstein they would you like to move back anything I could find that you know would humiliate them in some way yeah well yeah that would try to break down the solidarity they had with each other yeah right then the guards worse the prisoners to shame or rebel submission ray America a lot not that bad day Robert 8 like I did a bad thing prisoner eat 19 began weeping uncontrollably 2 of the prisoners told him Bardo they were suffering from severe trauma and were removed from the experiment early one of those prisoners was dug court yeah but yeah no no you don't know what I mean she is that right I'm burning up inside don't you know I would have syphilis bill let me out now or I'll sue your ass why did I think of that mmhm in less than a week 4 of the students were released after having emotional breakdown Zimbardo decided to terminate the experiment the same prison study is clearly thought of as one of the most unethical studies have done because kids suffer they suffer day after day after day they got worse and we should have ended sooner even without the orders of Milgram's authority figure this subjects in the Stanford prison experiment lost their moral compass they began to act in the morally questionable ways because of the power of the situation I was able to set an agenda that was really evil and yet nobody questioned jet and nobody stopped what would it be you emerge as something alien yourself that you become the bad apple NCCU are corrupted by the city despite the importance of their findings both Zimbardo and Milgrom were condemn putting their subjects under the stress of believing they were capable of harming another human being and we come back controversy over human experimentation WNED I he the fund will since the seventies the use of humans in scientific research has been restricted in order to reduce the Milgram experiment ABC news's protocol was vetted by the American psychological association clinical psychologist pre screened our subjects for psychological stability we also told participants they could pull out of the experiment at anytime and that deception might be involved do you think you can learn these types of things about behavior without testing human beings you ask people what do you think you'll do what do you think the average person to were often wrong the only way to really know for sure is to put people in that situation find out what they really so even doctor Berger discovered something unnerving when he took the practice test helping the experimenter tell me things like it's essential if you continue port to continue it dawned on I worked with this is that I were in this situation I think I might continue it is a warning that everyone may be at risk what it does is it helps me see all vulnerability for situation I should have been in control of what I decided to do but I was deferring to hound it's at the right time in the right place anyone may be capable of anything unless we begin to focus on what the situation that makes ordinary people do these evil things then the situation's keep going on and on I'm not gonna sit here and say that you know I Mister goodie 2 shoes and I would've stopped us at this point I don't know I really don't sometimes all that's necessary for evil to succeed as for ordinary people to just do what you're told when situations have these elements to them we can no longer count on people making decisions based on what they feel is right or wrong because now they're caught in a situation that is leading them to things that made it so I I //
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Silent Sound Mind Control Technology Explained
\\this is Simon sound so liminal mind control this is how it works very simply broken down in step one the unit on the top produces a steady tone near the high end of the hearing range say about 15000 hertz who stepped to which is the sick part of step one the hypnotist voice ranging from C. 300 hertz to 4000 hertz using check did with microphones in 3 you see this steady tone it 15 thousands hurts accompanied by the hypnotists voice being honored her 4000 passes into our frequency modulate the hypnotist voice controls the frequent hearing for you see the output from the frequency modulator which is that steady tone coupled with the hypnotist voice pass through the frequency modulator now you have an output that is more or less a steady tone that's right tendonitis ringing in the ears but only with hypnosis in bed and you see the curve ball is magnified to show how the FM frequency modulated voice controls the timing of the transmitters pulses here in 5 you see the transmitter itself each vertical line is one short poles of microwave signal at a frequency to which the human brain is sensitive then the brain converts train of microwave pulses back to win in order bull voice timing on beach microwave polls is controlled by each downslope crossing of the voice that is sharp's original 1974 mafic here in 6 see the total output of the system going into your brain and no there is no conscious defense possible against this silent sound hypnosis this was doable in 1974 this is not science fiction this is science fact Google and you will see that there've been patents issued for this technology it's a patented process it's real it's not imaginary this is just the tip of the iceberg of what's being done to people in the United States and in other countries the United States is the biggest off fender the biggest perpetrator all of this evil mind control technology globally for yourself now wanna give thanks to Eleanor white for all her work over the years exposing these evil technology for more information check out my video silence sound whipping you organize stalking of U. S. citizens with D. E. W's directed energy weapons and there's no better source then raven one .net for information on the Siebel technology gets Eleanor weights website there's a lot of information there on a lot of threats to we the people related to these evil technologies there have been developed by our government since 1947 this is very real //
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Ted Gunderson & Brice Taylor - Satanism & MKULTRA Mind Control
\\ //
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G. Edward Griffin - Seduction of a Generation: Sensitivity Training as Brainwashing
\\yeah I mean ingredients have sensitivity training our self criticism and self impression of personal feelings and behavior criticism is aimed at changing individual behavioral in other words moral concepts or in the words of the national training laboratories in the national education association it is called part reform or brainwashing feelings are stretched almost exclusively and reasonable logic or ignored or sexual emotional and animalistic type responses sensitivity training strive to create a lot emotion over mine to do that psychodrama is sometimes you know the participants can act out their role as a parent hummingbird or whatever the group might lead him or her to the further heightening the anti intellectual emotional remind response self awareness you healing therapy room therapy marathon therapy new dating another group remedies are prescribed if your car all of society's ills one of these emotional binges is called under the blanket repetition and you're told to go under the blanket and remain quiet opined yeah not hockey player to encounter one another they're instructed to allow the desire to run around and let natural actions or reactions occur recorded and there've been 2 kinds of people in this work done and then just as anyone who's ever seen great the are the bad guys are always looking for ways throughout history the Apache rotten plots to carry out their devious me whether it involves writing someone during we're taking advantage of a handicap not bad guys don't care whose toes they step on in their selfish quest for power their target always has been and always will be naive you one of the tricks the forces of evil use is called the new morality getting invited by the self proclaimed intellectual elite this game work by telling young people that they are the most intelligent generation in the history of mankind thus creating a generation gap if not it music create an atmosphere where the unwary can be tempted to tell himself and most important thing is to get this generation of the pleasure seekers our youngsters may rebel at first because of the puritanical I think of their middle class upbringing but if you get them to take that first look the rest comes in and putting more naive there are those strange smelling cigarettes from the level of order once you got beyond your high they will seek these kinds of experiences at every opportunity creating a generation would you write your bet self indulgent aren't as doctor Timothy Leary says a hedonistic society this means being promoted as the new morality over and over in the press in the movies on radio on television is designed to place a whole generation on one big orgy and when they then down comes out to capacity the bad guys will socket to yeah this time the villains I'm going to settle for the heroine or a mortgage on the modest cock thereafter real money and power how long has this devious plot gone in this country one wonders at some of the things going on around the increase of the use of narcotics in this country has a lock many people sexual promiscuity but the corresponding rise in the near real diseases has been a cause for great concern and you can understand why when you see this baby born with a chuckle racial tension has caused a lot who can forget the specter of Detroit and walks America is a problem solving the custom to solving problems with immediately and the answer being presented today to all of these alarming problems facing our nation is sensitivity training I cry comes up is this just one more devious plot by the forces of evil to destroy good or is this the first step to a world of peace and you don't what were the yeah sensitivity training has its roots in the conditioning experiments conducted by Ivan Pablo the Russian ideology I love it famous experiment demonstrated how dogs were conditioned to salivate when I like what I've done what is what known is that problem conducted the same kind of experiments with human league showing that human behavior could also be condition the Russian communists found in the media political use of his new scientific not pay you problem condition principle that a means to control them Andrew Bolsheviks self criticism we will enforce the dictatorship of the proletariat was the cry of the Communist Party Americans learned just how well these communist technique work during the Korean War never in the history of the United States military service has there been such a bright down among captain Britain make your William E. mayor I medical doctors and psychiatrists for the army who was responsible for interviewing arena prisoners upon their returns a a Chinese couldn't have cared less what you talk about race it was a function of talk because very rapidly other soldiers began to stop smiling and start listening very rapidly the soldier who was talking got the feeling that you had gone to talk even exposed himself to my so when 10 men would walk out of a self criticism group they would walk out in 10 separate direction divided like sticks in the Old Testament that you can break so easily when they are part owners so strong that they are to get after the well my roommate a red Chinese were able to have as few as 6 men guards are an American presence for the first time the US writing man did not try to escape again and 30 percent rather than face the littering experience simply roll over and die if the Germans used the same principle during World War 2 there would be no such program is Hogan's heroes on television the loyalty and cooperation the will to win that makes up a lot of the Saturday night television show was completely destroyed in Korea by the red Chinese version of sensitivity training hope you Hogan's heroes of Korea those fighting men who had strong religious or moral convictions were called hopeless reactionaries by the Chinese and were separated from the others and placed under heavy guard sensitivity training goes by many different night group dynamics you counseling social engineering encounter self evaluation human potential workshop human relations when the unions people cry group analysis a group training attack in interpersonal relation management development all our names or sensitivity training or brainwashing sensitivity training should never be confused with Sarah what you realize is that strength of group interaction to help the individual rise above his Prof a good example of this beneficial therapy is the success of Alcoholics Anonymous ideally this form of group therapy strengthens the individual and reinforces the convictions he already how that is why group therapy with popular in business and industry for leadership training although this type of therapy is rapidly declining sensitivity training are brainwashing however uses the group criticize the individual's conviction and undermined if possible let your manner it is possible to sensitivity training to sub vert respect for parental authority loyalty to country religious and moral convictions and the worth of the individual and making his own that's a the present home late or sensitivity training in this country is the Esalen institute in Big Sur California where group impression self awareness touching crawling in I'll new marathons shoulder Dancin and other such programs are advocated as the answer to all of society's ills excellent would tax the imagination of even the most create you Hollywood right he injuring involved with a strange mixture of government finance and court foundation financing dimension to and the related endeavors with publishers of pornography radical leftist group the Peace Corps elementary and high school college you charges and the sexual freedom late what a mouth went endless supply approx devious enough are out pretty do the majority of American people it almost impossible to think that some behavioral scientist psychiatry marriage counseling psychologists and group you really take the programs at Esalen Harry but okay okay J. goes there is a method to them at that meant it to convince the nineteenth that they are nothing more than an hour to encourage the young and gullible to be over aware of sensual and to create an animalistic responds of south and out noted authority Dr harden B. Jones professor ideology and medical clinic at the university of California held US that sensitivity training leads to an animalistic mob which are don't go sensitivity training powerful form of oblivion condition additionally I would sexual and emotional type of response can be substituted for intellectual consideration to understand why this is so important what you gonna imagine yourself driving to work or school you're approaching an intersection in the light is red automatically without using the red light on your part those on the right path your response is a condition re-attempt on the break and come to a stop but if you've been conditioned to have true animalistic response you will get your foot on the gas and try to go on through the intersection how do you respond in this situation depends on whether your sub conscious alliance is to the Judeo Christian ethic of the 10 commandments and the golden rule do unto others as you would have them do unto you or whether you will sub consciously river animalistic self indulgence and self control why is this so important because if you subscribe to the golden rule you will not wait your turn and allow one another to pass incompatible the traffic situation will resolve itself but it you responded an animal concerned only with shell I and others of the same way you are charge into the intersection at the same time creating chaos and the only thing that include the street and regain order is of course the police or the police state we have not yet reached the point where all will be chaos when the stop lights go on but how much longer will it be before a majority is conditioned to believe that that self should replace the almighty sensitivity training seeks to destroy the self restraint individual man and replace this with the animalistic self indulgent response of the group thanks to the ability to communicate on a mass scale pad in sweet this country an alarming rate and sensitivity training been enjoying the Madison Avenue your own promotion that would have put medicine then midnight young down the band wagon to create the corporation man but the P. H. D. behavioral scientists psychologists and psychiatrists met their match in the prop and loss she business to take another look at sensitivity training in all areas irate article in the wallstreet journal bears this out with their headline more harm than good insensitivity training one example the article brings out tells about the executive who want to Esalen on his own and became so deeply affected by the experience that he quit his job for awhile he worked as a dishwasher and SO the article goes on to tell about another example sub headline and executive breaks down we grow now and then a participant in sensitivity training will crack under the barrage of personal criticism and analysis one big company in the Midwest stop all sensitivity training after a vice president suffered a total breakdown during a session and had to enter a mental hospital fear of damage to the mental health of employees and taken other firms out of sensitivity training don't you do that regardless of its obvious danger is being promoted as the immediate solution really alarming drug problem in the United States let's look at just one exaggerated example of how sensitivity training is being the 3/21/1969 issue of life magazine is a classic example of Swindon report designed to promote sensitivity training to like more than 37 half 0 re-attempt you know unsupervised sensitivity sessions awareness house young people who participate I told never to divulge what goes on only like magazine is invited to view the proceedings I live article claims that 75 percent of the students at heart prying eyes go with drug users but the awareness how staff itself admits that only 14 percent ever came to awareness out and they can't substantiate that even one of them has been completely cured the light house at like your car all drug abuse everywhere a program which was tested only 6 months a program which failed to reach 61 percent of the students who supposedly well I describe Fort Bragg is a hard drinking dowdy isolated community which hasn't changed since the 1800 suddenly like state unbeknownst to parents or law enforcement agencies that fort brag was in the midst of an epidemic drug crop fort brag must've known something about the drug problem because Mendocino I in the haven of the 8 actuary Berkeley caliber is only 10 miles away but why does how only want around 5000 inhabitants of fort brag was made aware the prompt and by the drug users knows how that one person wouldn't come and action reprimand during high school counselor by the name of Christ for broach called in the new X. young addicts to start awareness and the program was barely underway before someone called in life magazine right broadhead let you know that you're not afford right guys go to direct a program financed by Robert and your department of health education and welfare he will start programs similar to awareness house throughout northern California subjecting more naive children to sensitivity training conducted by those who have been considered from time immemorial below was out cast of society a drug addict all this of course is financed by you the taxpayer how did they move in hand life magazine is a National Institute and write articles are accepted as true I'm back this means that life can literally form the opinions of millions of Americans but what the average American must realize is that life magazine is controlled by a handful that it a rather scary thought when you consider how many people did and opened it I DO example of how the news media and the press create opinion George Allen a senior editor of look magazine has stated sensitivity training is the only thing that can save the world when one considers the fact that Mister Leonard also is vice president of Esalen institute it becomes obvious how one man biased opinion and influenced many yeah opened the general public advertisers in these publications will take a penetrating look at the forces behind the editorial page a tremendous drop in reading and advertising to these publications are only indicates the advertisers are becoming aware of this month it doesn't take a psychologist sociologist or educator to understand the art pornography plays in social ills plaguing the United States where is the courageous reporter to expose the unsolicited pornography going through the mails every day to teenagers we will need to see the overwhelming increase of crime hunger through the main room and even advertising where it would seem that on Madison Avenue Fanny hill has replaced many gonna her education and Saddam insane homosexuality bestiality masochism I got your newspaper and one of the poems which are being shown in your neighborhood all of this is overlooked by the mass media as a contributing factor to the rise of promiscuity and the corresponding increase in venereal disease and that parents are portrayed as not having exercise their responsibility by teaching sex do their job so now it becomes necessary for the government crew to provide sex education which is based on the principles of sensitivity training at the answer to this problem family life education encourages youngsters to write or talk about family experiences and discuss things which can only be classified as person to show how dangerous group impression in me and how it draws one into oneself imagine yourself a teenage girl in a class on family life education which in passing teenage sex have wanting to be part of the discussion she impresses how she become sexually stimulated by being kissed and petted in a particular way can you imagine what you can expect from always on future date psychologist emphatically warn of the dangers of a late person conducting such group in town and parents in Evanston Illinois bear this out with a description of the results I'm sensitive one mother said her daughter became hysterical either said there can you guess we're unable to sleep one boy reported that after an evening Steven blanket crawling and bread passing he found himself on a street several blocks from his house at 3:00 AM with no recollection of even getting out of it perhaps you can understand now why prominent psychologists like Dr every L. shastra warned never participate in the group encounter what causes so never participate in a group that lacks formal connection with a professional on whom you can check he said no need warnings went unheeded during sensitivity training session financed by the federal government but 36 Darien Connecticut teacher leaders of the motel house sections encouraged and yes even demand that the participant has Pronto I'm stroke one of and of course the trainer joined into absolutely no ground rules worse at why did you give any training sessions how their music teachers were being prepared to teach sex education and the daring unscrew yeah perhaps you're thinking that will just never allow sensitivity training in our school are you sure that the masters of deception heavens they didn't already I chat with your youngsters might prove enlightening any case group compression or encouragement to discuss family problems and you have the course you may become further enlighten by turning the subject to race relations the same forces that have given parents egg yolk complex necessary to accept sex education in the schools have been in work convincing young people that their parents are big it'd been almost impossible to pick up a magazine for the past several years without a raise me articles tell and retell about the alleged white middle class discrimination against all minority group especially a nigger television is me household words of wraparound so we come back Eldridge cleaver and almost inbred Sankardev on Martin Luther king the preponderance of these articles has created such a massive guilt complex that naturally the only answer to this dilemma is sensitivity training Merkel California was the first immunity to peel the pangs of a collective guilt complex created by the news media here we see a wildly enthusiastic crowd of 10 pounds who'd you complex had led them to almost a masochistic runs to the point where when Stokely Carmichael tells them how is going to burn down white America you can almost hear the masochistic screams of ecstasy hit me again don't like naturally such a progressive community at Berkeley with an overwhelming social conscience would be the first to instigate crosstown bus thing to ensure racial balance supposedly to avoid racial prejudice on the part of the Berkeley pictures interactivity training has become mandatory for all the administrators and classified employees of the Berkeley school they have to submit your sensitivity training or lose their jobs just think with mandatory sensitivity training maybe the whole country could be aggressive and as mark is this really the only thing that can save the world as expressed by George wanted the senior editor of look magazine at this point it should be made perfectly clear that only in a free society is the United States of America around then you can pass them is getting Osama one another if this is their desire take in college sensitivity training or anything else that happens to opt into their perverted mind as long as they don't force their will on others we as Americans have no argument with however we do take issue with a small group of self proclaimed intellectual elite who it would appear he'll they alone are capable of guiding the destiny of the American people a classic example of this is over as chance publisher of the Los Angeles Times who in a meeting of stockholders of the time near made the following statement how many newspaper like the Los Angeles Times must remember that the preponderance of its subscribers have a basic interest in preserving the status quo how they think they know I'm newspaper then once it has begun swelling to grasp the dimensions of the problems of its society and begins loading document you know one of its primary purpose it would you do and you can I think this is the most difficult of all our role and you can make it more often than not we will be attempting it against the will of our subscribers it is the drivers are so they have to be educated how can they be considered smart enough to purchase of products advertised admit you channel every damn online we Americans are encountering a form of sensitivity training or education you understand this thank yourself watching the news on television with your family or friends now consider the news commentator your group leader he and his staff alone control would you will see from a single day's news and you were subject to his interpretation of the direct more are experiencing a problem a coercive persuasion if you reject the commentators interpretation because of preconceived value logic or moral beliefs you become subject to group process and I think you can perform are you have branded an extreme yeah rock control is the basis for the amusement middle of the road a lot of P. which means I'll accept anything that makes me think Congress television with the ability to control the country Austin evoke an emotional response and will on any objective which is just my interpretation how often have you seen the news event followed by a collective cry all over the country there oughta be a law and that's just what the government has done past wrongs and law and law well what happening as we very soon intentions it's the theory of the collectivist allot overtake the anti people to create what did it mean to the average American it means action and reaction to result in loss of liberty for example the biggest civil rights demonstrations the demonstrations the action or the the outrage and indignation of the general public is no reaction are and that that when the public demand why isn't something done a lot better passed by the federal government my lessons that are the result of the action re-attempt greater loss among another example let's take the problem of sexual promiscuity and venereal disease what you think action the concerned parents seeking an immediate solution react like most Americans and is convinced that sex education in the school it necessary to solve these problems the result is the federal government dictating the morals of our you the ultimate result is that the parent relinquishes his responsibility to nurture the moral principles which other prerequisite of a great design a state can now legally dictate mark crime requirement or a totalitarian state what about drugs it creates the action the reaction of already think I'm blind acceptance of sensitivity training sessions conducted by ex drug the result the ability of government exploiters through sensitivity training our ultimate thought control of them certainly no secret until the youngsters are using compromising that marijuana there's no incomes in Mexico and then how religion is coming in from Mexico it would seem logical to cut off aid to Mexico until they clean up this mess or subject people to search it the more anything passion we do with people coming in from overseas in our president is now proposing a law which gives the government the power to break into your house in the middle of the night a lot without a word you didn't rebellion probably serve as the best example of action reaction if you talk with the radical students they will tell you that they are selling against the establishment I'm not they are rebelling propria in reality they are creating an emotional reaction by the general public which demands Agrelot you control the rebellious students so we can put it in are destroying the very things you are trying to gain the ironic factor is that many of these radical student leaders are self confessed communists and communism is the greatest living example of the totalitarian state the world has ever known but for some reason double standard is swept under the table by the communications movie where black jackets and helmets that cover the activities of the love your the most obvious example of action reaction it an attack in the reaction and the reaction is there oughta be a law this results in a proposed illusion of registration and final confiscation of all firearms in the United do you think have little meaning items sell but let them all together and they represent the makings of a double take or a totalitarian state a difference between our company I'm not your man Congonhas Russia or whatever the totalitarian state want to call themselves it's simple it is a matter of law the totalitarian state has thousands of laws to enforce the golden rule do unto others as you would have them do unto you our country has very few laws because our country was founded on the Judeo Christian ethic in god we trust not in man we try our program is designed a constitution based on individual self restraint and based on the premise that government is to serve the people government powers were limited to protect the people I'm having evil men gain control of our nation I creating a strong central government 2 thirds of the world today is ruled by a handful of man who used to struggle to keep the masses and why here and the course is justified by laws and works very simply check out of line and your shot it might not be it accomplished by sensitivity training I'm here by collecting it Harry over your it is because the individual has no real life outside that several collected would you allow and within any one of these he Canada anytime without warning at it you're good in jeopardy by having them fellow member accused him of some deviation from your normal behavior when did you now is not the offense itself but rather the manner of his response Duggar criticism it on the spot I won't that there is going one of the strangest and most annually destructive ritual Amidala reluctantly the mannequins must learn from the rise to power of the dictator is that it was the conspiring with the rich and the intellectual elite across the definitive power not the people in the name of the people in the name of the Harmon do they justify their war atrocities detection and come okay in this country we are being told we have a they get it over materialistic that time and that the Congo and the government must take on the responsibility read the Koran eliminate discrimination and you take the children on sex inshore housing for minority regulate finance provide medical care finance sensitivity training all in the name of the common good not too many years ago how mad men in Germany wrote a book called my income and would you tell the world how to begin cycle politics not because it's a devotee training they could capture the minds of a generation of German you I'm with them Congress aware nobody took him seriously how many people today take seriously the anti religious element of course is at work in this country promoting sensitivity training okay let you informing on their parents to shock the world into realizing how successful with the idea that this man but then it was too late according to people are successful in this country Morris child might never know you never know individually she may be in constant conflict with those who love and care for her this child can do to bring radical change to our form of government Arafat green court admitted illegal to crane a Democrat rather our young people are being and you went out around reaching for sensation whenever ability so then when chaos is created by a handful of militant they will react so or if you will one stop light goes out it will be and rain and brings out and out of the chaos that is created the only thing that will restore order will be the inevitable only mmhm //
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Project Monarch & Satanic Ritual Abuse
\\it's the way of a tonic rich looking and cultic more not in the UK you can attempt to join Google I don't know whether my friend telling the truth or not but I believe her I'm sharing information because I'm again secrecy I'm not willing to act I think will relate to me as recorded speech it would go I relate the plane not because I hate the cold over the past couple of decades who want to buy the whole issue could come to light globally one of the UK we all have a role to play in dealing with this situation when protecting the children coaching there who are already working hard to do if I ruled the most will pretty clear that they will become clear I grew up in what I thought was a fairly normal family living a fairly normal life and then at the age of 33 ... when I was living in a Buddhist meditation center I started to remember item the deputies as a child I am not just a piece but tortured and ... Syria Libya opinions much of the time it took me in the UK perpetrated who got hit by members of the government thank you Kate media when talk shit okay blinded hit Monday by me thirteenth January 2013 we're completely ignored by the rest of the UK mainstream media it's very well protected business a it's completely under the radar and that is because the radar is controlled at the top by people who were involved in the business no one would help me even though there was a prosecution going on this if you ever bring of satanic ritual abuse your credibility is lost and you'll just be a cook and it doesn't exist that's not organized in America just focus on child sexual abuse you can wear a gratuities around too confident that when a friend told me to come to court her giving pitiable did took me under that it wouldn the 1970 ain't going to hurt the child my mother took her repeatedly down to cool but you with which we have seen my hand okay as she hugged memory thing thinking don't call me on the way down to Cornwall I am a ritual abuse my abuse occurred in Omaha Nebraska and I was one of thousands of children who were systematically raped and tortured in the sixties seventies and eighties at the hands of men connected to our government and to a local airforce base called off my friend let perpetrator it off it Graham all done it must have been in trouble vehicle but what about the child pornography 19940 and 2092 0 and 102 11 how much we have to convict him failed he could keep up with the trial talking cool even the doctors call the money to the poor being under investigation well we have to search for mmhm mistakes you made now and it's you have to prove now that you are right the signal I don't have to prove that I you have to investigate 5 right on I am not the police of I can do Harris search and and ICANN's interrogate my abuses you have to do that I just can't turn my furry and and and and make testimony that so I can do himself well you have to prove its Lou Anne and Ali yeah Michael Klein you collect Graham opened in all my friend also alleged that he opened all I mean rounding the trucking of children owns crinkle their 1975 grandma Clinton it why Anne I think Google chrome including the arctic pay to play founded the probability of rolling but like you know I'm done like to paint young girl that Alice in Wonderland at work hung in the Tate gallery although not hear it he could break well I hit ground on it I'm on the right here it added you be ashamed of yourself by Graham opened and you can break the office to design the original sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band out there and it another hour so right here in the last out of the college under the deal that she would thank you Donna however you can cry how the project moment mind control and in Wonderland programming well I come from a multi generational satanic family land for the first 7 years of my life I was tortured and sexually use a day ana based Mike Foale system called monarch got it lunatic in which cooler if you click the pick him up another thingy in a hybrid of the brutal mind control techniques if I'll tell it by the ... religion I'm intergenerational New Albany under a mass distribution technique yeah but undercut it body not the infiltrated American military fathers ... Illuminati of background goes back 71 is my Mahler's satanism goes back to ... she claims 5000 years to the I. malachite tribes of Canaan which is spoken of in the pot it has a very long history it's it's been used for 4.5000 years will serve as part of human societies methodology for controlling the lower classes if you as they perceived by the these people are doctors lawyers politicians this paper are people that you would think to be respectable members of society these people are often very powerful pedophilia is not about sex it's about power but the US army Michael Kleiner founder of the temple colonel cleaner allegedly wound project monarch and he didn't let it in 2012 percent Winona to all members of the Belgian parliament the Mooney name recording go in wanting to the supply train secret societies fraternities groups of apartheid infested parties such as bankers I'm the Freemasons and paedophiles this interface is very complicated very complex yeah it infiltrates the judiciary the police all of the agencies that are supposed to protect us from it on the right any enemy alley often done grant open didn't talk to her my company be carrying okay into the next generation yeah her book and didn't declare a naked me back I leann all your our yeah or the do you know me Rhoden needing you know what some of the document use you just seen I mean I dear well I remind you it behind me well the perpetrator nothing more than Larry Larry think human being you need help however danger they might be and some of them want to get out to are so yeah well I will not mention this but yeah open though no round we didn't know anyone else who knows what the group let's agree are I'm good at letting go of me looking like this they //
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Surviving Project MK-ULTRA & Psychiatry - CIA Mind Control Experiments In Vermont
\\you are publishing a new book about CIA mind control can you tell us a little bit about this book sure so I publish books through like regular publishers in New York and trial and so on but also have my own small publishing company and I've mostly in the past publish books by me winter so this is a little bit different venture this is a book called surviving evil the subtitle is CIA mind control experiments in Vermont and the author is a woman named Karen what more in this book should physically be ouch late March early April so it's almost ready to be printed harm and it's basically arm she contacted me over a decade ago and we've been corresponding back and forth and she's been sending me documents and it started out with her concerned that she was a victim of CIA mind control experiments which is surely possible because many pick people have been but what she did that's unique in all the people never contacted me if she filed all these remember information act requests read all this background literature got all these documents a pieced it altogether and the center of it is in her actual medical records to drive a copy of this the name of one of the doctors at the Vermont state hospital when she was there Rosa Lee adolescent young adult and that's doctor Robert W. hide whose documented to be our top secret cleared MK ultra contractor on CIA LSD experiments so we know for a fact the the CI doctors in her medical record was on site and this doctor hide was the director of research Avalon state hospital for many years then what she's built up is this whole network of okay so daughter hide this doctor this doctor this doctor this doctor who had remonstrate hospital or connected to this doctor and this doctor and this doctor by publishing papers together attending conferences together yeah she's able show this whole network of doctors who were all involved in military mind control in one way or another while and she's able to document very conclusively that which I knew independently already that this man named John getting her was around the head of the psychology section for MK ultra basically and then he developed this thing called New York personality assessment system but this year I put a lot of money into so is already aware of that but when Karen is documented that the trip that system was used pervasively and for about state hospital and related hospitals there's a whole giant computer projects set up to manage the data N. the data was sent back CI a buildings in Washington where John Gallagher was working on his professional company was and people who work at that location with getting her directly also were on site abnormal on and then all kinds connections between Vermont and McGill which is not that far away where you and Cameron was enough Kilcher contractor so there's this huge network of connections and relationships and and then she's been able to document ... that she was given a variety of different drugs which were used in mind control experimentation and that she came into the hospital initially as a as a adolescent and right away was grabbed onto was held there against your will for long periods of time was in restraints for 6 months at a time rumor was it's just like of the snake pit this horrible story in seclusion naked for days on end naked in 4.restraints a not quite 100 percent proven but totally convincing to me sexually abused by one of psychiatrists virtually for sure and then shoes able to document how male that she was sending to different senators was intercepted and even the post office it was intercepted are certified mail disappearing and so it's a whole story that's extremely well documented and in the middle of this as a child she developed multiple personalities because of trauma that happened before she was a hospital room and at one period a great exaggeration times like 6 or 9 months she went by completely different name all the nurses called by that name and then she flipped back to her usual self and did remember that admission so is a lot of details like that in the documents harem there is documentation of her being ... dissociative having hysterical dissociate symptoms having amnesia there are some what's called a mattress all enhanced E. G. which I have separate documents from bluebird artichoke where match was always used as an interrogation torture technique and was previously used before ECT electric shock him on it was used todo seizures is kinda came ocal form we are fine lecture convulsive therapy and she was given that honor EEG was monitored at the same time so there's all these details she's built up and in the midst of all that just very very vividly full story that's just as a story to read it's currently compelling it draws you in and all the outrageous stuff that happened to her all the tragedy she went through inside the hospital note and then this amazing survival where she's been integrated hasn't had multiple personality since the late nineties Maher so she's experiencing could say are covered among Amazing Stories tribe from recovery miles and her therapist and I've met with her and her therapist I was involved in your treatment anyway all and and her therapist makes a comment on the back cover of the book so it's all confirmed invalidated by the records and by the therapist Mona Greta and so to me it's one of the most amazing personal stories of trauma abuse in recovery before we even add on the CIA mind control experimentation now new angle and one of the the things it's the most alarming but you can't prove it all is the possibility that some of these patients are from what we're used in terminal experiments because what will we do have it which is in the books and is a list for spending 20 years of the number of patients who died in that hospital every year and it went way up during the period of CIA funding and Emilie dropped way down on the ceiling stopped so I put that on the back cover because this really really really needs to be investigated yeah I mean I certainly would well you know raise enough concern that it's worth it and you know a deeper work for an absolute fact to receive a mind control experimentation money in Vermont state hospital absolute document her present for sure doors a doctor who's a documented in Kilcher contractor and there's numerous other connected and doctors that's all lockdown proven so this is not you know a fanciful leap and then the CIA documents that I have separately is there's a discussion of the problem of disposal of subjects and you talk about the right word previous idiot so the idea of the the carbon terminal experiments done there in Vermont just kinda hidden away which is within easy driving distance of McGill were horrible them culture experiments were done very plausible very believable Harmon there's been cover up coverup Cumber of closed doors closed doors in her face for decades a she's trying to get to the truth of those and you know I know that in the previous videos we have you know we've discussed in depth on your research that you don you know you yourself are received was at 15000 pages of documents item from your freedom of information act request regarding the CI a mind control experiments so you know certainly it would be any more pleasant to say all that's a bunch of fairly that just didn't happen unfortunately you know the the proof is now very good documentation has now been released showing that no yes indeed these experiments really were taking place they were taking place in major universities and they were taking place with taxpayer money and the US government money that was going into the news describe some atrocious our own experiments hearings interviews with me so I think it's really interesting that now here Karen is in the situation where I was a victim of this abuse she's actually gone out personally to make me scream reverberation are requested to write this book really recounting her journey through I mean like as you said Carol these closed door slammed in her face in the crowd this is not an easy book to put together can you talk a little bit more about the V. how doing all this research publishing this book has affected her has maybe been a part of her recovery well she didn't have multiple personality anymore by the time she first contacted me so it didn't it's not tied into a mortal personally it's her as a human being and I think it's been forceful I'm so tremendously impressed by just surviving period and then actively investigating all this documenting it putting it together cross checking at then actually writing and then having the guts to have the book published not been overwhelmed with paranoia the whole process has been incredibly validating and helpful for her as a human being not for mental health and such just hers a human being the message I want to come across in this video is that there is hope for people who've been victims of this type of abuse fundamentalists arm you know the CIA mind control experiments specifically whether she's trauma in general these different Tom dramatic events although there is a hope for recovery and that kind of the crux of that is figuring out what really happened talking about what really happened and the therapy you mention that you work for a therapist but she was I own it was therapy that helped her to overcome and newcomers multiple personalities exactly and so she's a shining example of recovery is a from amazing trauma and adversity is absolutely realistically possible and it takes a lot of work we're you know certainly I am grateful that we now have this book early well home shortly have this book documenting these things because CIA mind control is something that people just brushed aside though that's not real it's a crazy conspiracy theory arm but after doing these interviews with you I know that our arguments not true this is something that happened document it we know what happened Karen what more and I just think that she was I said provided this wonderful example of how you can triumph over really big time betrayal abuse and adversity and tragedy certainly whether there are any ... resources are places you direct people to go if maybe they themselves think that they might have been a victim either of you know CA my control for instance or really any kind of you know significant trauma or you whenever I always give the same advice which is trying to find a good solid skilled therapist who understands trauma who has good boundaries and graphics that's my number one piece of advice marine and we need to not lose hope person run ending note here odds never lose hope well thank you so much for your time //
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Cathy O'Brien - Catholic Child Abuse
\\my dog down further not all of us here at exit as a nation because of the technology that's being used for Harmonix music for the next elections through them media terror the trauma is fight going on for so long they now they've also reclaim control over their lives now hope this church will reach everyone and second free it's up only against mine as US government whistleblowers bound by the whistle blowers protection with national security with all of mark's new really expertise in marketing we are not allowed to advertise we're not allowed to unsolicited we're coming on people to spread the word to get the information our hair person to person mouth as health information started spreading now let's talk a global and how it's being taught in schools and all of that was done because truth is very powerful and it was brought to light on wings of love and live a sinless powerful force in the that's a powerful combination that has made a big difference Mar ninth want to get information out to people because we hear from people hundreds of emails from all over the world record for people who are money to heal from whatever they've experienced in our lives when we were in Italy with a translation of our help in Adelaide campus right at this time child abuse scandal like Carson ma had just been shifted over to that this yeah and mama and it was a very pivotal time in Italy where there was a Catholic child abuse scandal which brought to life you realize that you use in the children's mind control manipulation the head of Italy's site yet trip Hartman went on national TV this was right about where their how long ago 12 people to read it for was very poor it was true of every disease for them to know what was happening it's a huge strain Russian king place last time even though because you know like some increase that a just a second around you know it's like out of creating illusions of on the figure heads are out there that say the presidency is when the same powers are in control of my missing healthcare in mind that this new poll ... I who I certainly not judging me could just to have total passion or going against the child abuse in the church for all I know about what's the hurry while she's really got the money in Poland you know you've given a manipulation behind we have to watch more than just a bigger house at the half hour but it really wasn't it was a wonderful experience to see how our so many people who had been subjected to Catholic abuse I think why the healing tools they wanted to know how to write half moon they wanted to know how to cope with them once they can't remember and so we wrote released access to money access denied for reasons of national security was used home way higher and the ... Catholic charities stand lawsuits and everything how people feel anyways it went from that Black Hawk down enrich the lives that's why it's good to see the light out of my experience on hoping so many others and being used in such a positive way I am very pleased to be here to read these books ... game the inside the whole the solutions that are on offer ... even hoping skills you know for dealing with ... the horrors and they get the information out and when you eyes are open in use more reviews we'll be able to help them with him from it's within you heal yourself you know share the book share just let me have permission from whenever you are inclined do you go out a delay because the word is spreading people like you doing I you may have seen our our dear friend association a lot who's edit and our table hopping a song and this is in essence some anyways CIO role active in our local community make a difference what we can first thing I think I and that's really important then I went and checked where the other child and advocacy some for mental health areas and money affirmation that you know who they came from it was hard permission but insurance is so harsh childhood because they know what it does the marines sure and grow hard are sharing is real hard in those criminals pay attention to your share your sheriff asylum last line of defense against the federal government there's going to be a moderate incomes share you have the ability to know your share and to make sure click right person is alive for that very important and powerful job and because of that my my saline IV campaign for that judge on on their ... valuable lashes we campaigned for the sheriff and we've come to expect it a little another direction because when harken all of environmental change the global changes that I had I know that our client has had some changes the clerk Saudi Arabia because I our are and I wanted to make a difference in the environment with in the best way Steve was through education so we went to the school systems and talk with children about later recycle the environment caring about the environment and realizing that they also just simply needed to know type thing Decatur again because when all were merely that the kids are being bombarded with third to give him a hopeless we need to give them hope show them where they can make a difference in hot weather big difference that economic they have one piece of leather Hussein animal and that's my system big staff so we are making differences and those little ways look around your community and see what you can do to make a difference and everybody gather your strength of spirit with this truth truth does make its furry free to expand your thinking every terribly involved in light of truth and evolve with love a feedback allegation growing thank you so much and the if little with I haven't I have been of I'm living around anybody that rely welcome to Iran yeah they however minus 4 the we first rescued main I've I had been exposed to she would use the sexual trauma and he was eager to join in on any of that means it's not easy and Saturday we found he didn't want me piece at a time when so I knew who I was give my living love is giving a lot and that was a huge motive to be able to he all and left the love I am assuming that it a lot of fun one of the spoke with mark as I don't mind background thank I suppose go on out I didn't have any previous experience and he said well solex number pick park drive pull out okay so I don't know question of the notebook that I thought the music here ... head however I am leann for those of you ... who had not insured ... from Richard childhood sexual abuse ... than both books my sense if you're curious France first and then move accident I as a sniper self help move and go France I don't enjoy having trance out there and handed him who is anyone else's they were cut it's written in such a way that update story discuss such blooms it's also got some places impact things like the band my expertise and Matt Jacobs area was packed ... make sure that France and those in so when people came and told me that they were in this ... appears headed so I I knew where this program ... axis of I live 16 years provide as verbatim the solution and there's not there's no violence why not put the slip I live them online and JDS me here at the freemen clearly testimony absolutely doesn't need to send us on if somebody if he got government position treating physician let us not a work camp work that I have a few questions like this now ... because and the nice part about it is it helps everybody help sales stop looking for answers outside herself inwardly yeah they're yours for aha we and then we there mark other ... John Kerry has a right which is on the fact remains is ... I do believe this is the last public reservation with right and we continued good offshore ... we work primarily with patients social workers ... many sons is ... political ... Richard and opportunity of learning curve for us ... we can make a living on selling books ... city valuation level 3 brand you cannot have a publisher weekend so we can't sell movies rights to trance go never researchers so I should love our family yeah //
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Cathy O'Brien - Censored for Reasons of National Security
\\when mark came along this 2/8/1988 and that's when my life began I existed up until that point and Mar rescue me out of my mind when my daughter other car and kills your mind controlling systems since that time I didn't know what I was told I was where I am I couldn't think do you know any of fat but I was turned 3030 would have electric power chemicals very modern people start having so before that could happen because of the government secrets that I've been exposed to I was he killed before you know I might have to remember the thing is they never counted on a good man life mark Phillips taking his insider knowledge in using it to restore our rather they control never thought about that has it didn't occur to them that I could be program they had no idea why they didn't say phone understand the strength of the human spirit on the power of love we don't know that similar first rescued me either save for the first time in my home and somewhere deep inside I knew that this was really big but I couldn't consciously planned couldn't rationalize locate even think to trust my to accept what he was telling me sharing with me that I could use for healing how could I trust anyone yeah he lives on an alien attorneys or something because he decided not good people at home stood in this world it was beyond my room experience second I think she trusts but because I was operating on the sub conscious level I had a heightened intuition and my telepathy develop because when a person can consciously think that brain power hyper develops in other areas of sleeping blasted in the other parts of the burning where I I had 44 times visual acuity for example where I it's like when I see the back of the head because and what's around the high he sleeps with me traumatized because it is such a child sees something that might come up behind you before to fix visual acuity I think we have a capacity of brain cells exciting who we actually do that we can choose that for ourselves if we knew just to know that we can do that it's our first step towards embracing it and using that for our healing vision problems on and then another aspects I've also had on a heightened other telepathy where it's from real strong sun all it's not ... it's not like knowing how every word that they're thinking or something like that it's more like human attention it's animals and very tough TV doesn't represent having any more than it does us no malice in nature shows and we'll see each other my I have is like a recycling traumatize us for their kids but reality how nature which I spend a lot of harmonies animals and communicate and they don't make all the same size Chuck heard do it the same way they know they know and I think this piece with constant one pound thank okay we go there in in everybody spare scarcely needs that water initially ... market I believe those are wild animals because we live out in the country with a little discipline out there and all the while that happens every day we have a 5 a raccoon and a song called it from the same dishes click on that behalf communicating formerly called mark had a bunch animals he had boxing raccoon and yet they are sick you know these animals but all these animals trust and they can reach Israel lovingly I've never seen them because people who abuse children reviews animals and vice versa it's a disregard for life inside a whole a whole different level it's a such a strong truth that when mark and I began speaking out on this the ... the Humane Society and Human Services staff down there they said okay where you can abuse animals last night children we have because it it's that high so what I see what mark is animals is totally false bye not by science that they could trust I could clear and that was the first time you seem to be able to trust you know that there's something better something more out there he struck up a watch I'm iris because I had no concept and they gave me the concept of power a concept of time equates to a concept of awareness it's a very powerful for anybody who's been traumatized and fend for something to be an old pro minor trip time say consciously aware so that they don't associate I mean this leading by someone else the watch is a very important power it took it took some time before I had the conscious awareness before I dating conscious thought and I remember the day that it first happened when I first when it's in that part of my version where I can have conscious of that conscious awareness barn was slightly it had a feeling of like one clearly above them I can feel for things it was it was the cash market feeling left out because I was consciously acknowledged that I was feeling as ABC we see people who've been horribly abused they cut themselves and the horrible things that they do trying to feel it's because they don't have that conscious awareness the only way they can to the degree that they need stratum latch and start writing our right now memory is biggest tool that market sorry if you right takes them logic part of the brain and so all this repressed memory of what happened that was shot down in these little dark holes in my would be shifted on her realizing has ever laid out there is right in front of me where I become consciously aware and expands all of my machine with that conscious awareness I they have heeded motional about anything like that and I survived and besides market with other children who is really really really important he said voice no negatives without a solution thank you bye happened well I couldn't describe complain about what happened was I had I even think of a solution I think of a solution that I had had push my brain to think further I had to be able to expand my 5 and with that can a microphone and I need to to program my self to start thinking so I would put little notes on my side like I'm here on the refrigerator on its side think further consider other perception his several other angles enough course voice no negatives without a solution this is very important if Bruce towards being able to have a happy mine and to be able to think further Claire you I think I've seen Green Line and the it's the most important part right now everybody I spent here any kind of try should right now even today if I get so fed up with the news or something I just can't stand it anymore alright ... windows on solution of possibility to be able to expand the Ryan is still no shifting what would otherwise be rising into a lively part of the brain where I can actually feel with a lots of kids critical in we for more to be able to make some sense what's happening and I would love to so what is the world is just looking to dark I fisted including right focus on a solution get out of society see what you can do to make a difference but other very important keys take a walk I want him in nature when you bought it uses the right and the left brain moving your feet is a lock Sosa very healing right there I have memory flashes coming oh boy that childhood abuse therapy with my father that I didn't know was really abusive as a whole my whole world besides it started before ID we'd watch them in some and having waited judge the happy home so it allowed for me to be able to I no no what happened in a way that wasn't violently in my brain on your some people have doubts in their child is better or are you and they don't know what happened I especially if it's early childhood before age 5 on the brain is still forming it may not be filed under views you know person asking spokesman was on it Hughes is a child that's not likely to get a response in the brain that social abuse has pleasure to shoot could be it could defilement really unexpected direction but writing out memory is the key take a walk starts clashes a member where it's safe when your key since I when you start making a note of fat little flashes of memories asymmetry 9 at present moment if you find yourself doing something limiting yourself in your own actions because you your visit here in Iowa who suddenly this do you know why I admire you why am I write it out key always right now then ask yourself specific questions most questions are an access to memory as mark taught me he could you ask yourself were how you got there where you went access and all the studies with Richie taking a parliament that little guy compartment of the brain and it's bringing it out in the fall I don't focus on my past I don't you know I'm not of that kind of a victim mentality senator I I trust the issues I know my palm trees and knowing my own true I have energies and with that inner peace when you know you're on shorter that is where the happy mind begins to comment on his side things and realizing the possibilities and the potential they're in society now that I've written up my right heel ... market I released auto transformation of America it didn't wanna release it because it was horrible and people have for but I I it is essential because it was our testimony for the U. S. congressional permanent select committee on intelligence oversight and they were censored from the information for reasons of national Kyrie congressional oversight on intelligence consent search for reasons of national security people you know this a pioneer pricing attorney really spoken mass now it's it's been translated into numerous languages it's an ma libraries worldwide college students are writing a thesis on the information there via high and major universities and especially and all the areas of law I saw severe problem use that mental health but not as much as access to which translates autos and market I began of speaking out what it was I was motivated by love for humanity and love my daughter to bring the information to my as opposed to any translation we would speak in different countries where it was being translated we spoke in Germany which is an amazing experience considering that our American action those people are actually aware that the United States is being manipulated and controlled the consider more more control than the //
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Cathy O'Brien - Peaceful Evolution From Mind Control
\\George Bush senior had ASCII George Bush has them the power behind the scenes throughout my whole life he's still alive and I know he is still pulling strings the president is only a figure head he's put out there for all of us to gravitate to somebody like Ronald Reagan who Talisa home really one of the things that we want to hear about downsizing government while I at the same time we have a whole the holy Trinity ships just crashing hi there but he said the right things and he was a figure head out there for our latest CD he was being manipulated to if he had any ... ideas of of doing something different ... when he was shot really they assess ... it certainly took 5 ... Stephen Aug president created okay George Bush senior checking to see how he played in I had I was and they are very close friends and George Bush is anyone incidents come you know there are no coincidences those are pretty glaring for to be able to follow suit really strong truths George Bush junior I know for a fact was under my control absolute total robotic mind pitch looking back on George Bush om junior and see how he acted pretty pretty pretty level headed ... and that was an act you should pass mind control and that is that is what it looks like and at that time we just figured we'd be a lot easier to pull somebody straining thing trying to manipulate like polls claims in you know and let might be easier in the same criminals again behind the scenes Sheridan when Adolf Hitler and George Bush turn the New World order the new world order agenda is one where the people are totally confined and it's like a slave society because they can't relate to the human spirit by the power of love that's where we win and where they just completely lose a key players and they would leave us we would happen naturally global unity despite national Patricia because in a month with vacuum patients we get to see other countries who back child home and the difference is that we see in other learn from him Grayson beautiful and so glad I have no opportunities traveling see for myself is the way people are all over the world we were a match I uniquely with one world but just who we are and smiling she we don't need mortars force I'm really charming Saddam we don't need sanctions and rule that we don't need all of that nonsense the handful criminals they care so much better than us within a minute like all of us people that's sports cabinet ... this shaking the secretary is Dick Cheney armor armor was subjected to during Ford's administration a new one throughout my life victimization of my years in the Reagan bush administration he worked in the Pentagon I worked under him Pentagon he knows that torture is what programs people expects Hama it's the way the brain works torture somebody they say anything you want them to see but not necessarily gonna say whatever you can't torture information out of somebody you can only torture information in and make people say what you want to say coaches just doesn't work that way there's no justification for Dick Cheney a this is one of the most violent world people and I have ever encountered and even if that I don't live with bitterness or hatred I'm not speaking power to say ditching home there is because I I had to work on the 7 a satanic so that we all know what it looks like so we know how much works he certainly use that I ... me for its Canada was a Jack Valenti Jack Valenti was press secretary I also happen to be in a motorcade when Kennedy was assassinated which is in the us but Jack Valenti was head of the motion picture association they have all the power in Hollywood he decided what we could stay on our team I have very very powerful position and it's a good grip on the media to be able to alter our knowledge base good news for through movies alcoholic whatever also being fed through that TV box along with that high that box because his laugh is not an answer if you have so much potential of people use it right still people's differences and celebrate those someday but anyway that was a great help on a media that was also in this transitional time this criminal fashion all of our government Jack Valenti is very close it was a very close friend and on and I I had cause to see him much during my problem the operations I worked on a White House had in my exposure raining and somehow there's ... one person was exposed to but I do want to mention is Bill Clinton ... Bill Clinton was a little bit different than high grass but in the early years following the CPO governor of Arkansas he the coca gracious of CIA has was so heavily involved is home having them all I mean like Ajit operations this New World order somehow I'm not saying that ... that that Bill Clinton is not just you know the same as the rest of I'm really think that Bill Clinton was the only one who smoked marijuana he spoke to her and that was considered the most horrible evil but everybody else that was around early because what happens with that is a focusing on pathways in the brain if China is occurring compartment was station is occurring in the brain our military is trying to back away for compartmentalize bring on the inside out that way if anybody in our military smoked marijuana in the open those non pathways of the brain in the program which is called up around so then that I was exposed to a lot of negativity about marijuana because it could have starting to break off my programming well Bill Clinton wasn't so close to it normally see a pattern file he absolutely I and I was present when he and George Bush senior what this I had a discussion I had cause to I heard that expression we can help Clinton did not believe that that was necessary to our for control technology was coming on real strong ... anyways not homosexual uses some child because that she had genetics okay Mexico too little crime the sparks indifference and homeland if only he could just get one more piece because and expand his thinking and expose some of this criminal minds on that I am going on behind the scenes in Washington DC actually he knows I'm and I'm Noah be aware that Hillary is very much like mine she has a strong has one of the strongest I Janice for controlling the population of anyone I've ever heard that I was ever exposed to and she is effect has been finalised plan that that Bill Clinton was going to be put in office president for what he's done for the propriety of the whole package ... George Bush junior was going to college he was absolute poem puppet and there's going to be an illusion of change 2 when Hillary has definitely still be in Halifax or the illusion of change because when people ... become disillusioned Republicans have put a Democrat the solution without a crisis isn't the fact this is no different difference between Democrats Republicans black Y. male female thing we got Ismay attention something alive to and the people that we are live and that we allow and positions of power pay attention on a local level because on a national level we have a very serious problem we follow them a whole lot voting machine straight backed in your Dick Cheney family life tronic voting machine capability re helically those high shows IBM manipulated and exactly the whole we chose this we've chosen we have now so what we need to do is gather our strength of spirit stop following leaders that we did the last implement electronic behind me total non compliance pay attention to what happens in your own society and the school systems what happened in the church's pay attention now because once your eyes are open to this truth and we'll give you an ability to see how easy the solution is and light and truth ma peace and strikers here I think I'd be speaking out charming unit volume from a line like where can I or it's amazing that we see I have such a beautiful view of how much people are doing exactly that there is a peaceful harmony uses revolution your response hi my is a peaceful evolution going on and it's not me and shown on television why should they be assigning traumatizing by dissidents peace is natural and plain troll over their own lives the same way that I had to the details of of what I had when I was exposed to my high 5 operations by to carry out parlor in China the mission of access denied our book access the night is one of Sonny's writing about it because our jury and has all the healing details and permission mark me and as a result of people are going through the world are taking that information and they're applying it to the side and their healing from varying levels Sean child abuse call home my control PTSD post traumatic stress disorder which all of our military has no kidding forces people from all walks of life all around the world feeling with the methods that are hot //
"2014-04-07 18:32:21"
Cathy O'Brien - Total Global Education Control
\\this other isn't enough was to permeate the education system this was even before goals 2000 on America 2000 global education common courts call today it's all the same monkey trial which ended in the school system where they'd surely believe that they can control the future by controlling the knowledge base as they were growing up if they could change history and rewrite history they could teach them propaganda instead that would eventually cause them to be more compliant and our society today so this wasn't some this was back in the early sixties while all this was sneaking into our society we all formulate our thoughts opinions and actions based on what we know and so that the school is the school system as going into the media and it was just skipping big star they're going to control us through the media they needed to control some all that could be how far with that like Michael Jackson if they could control someone like Michael Jackson harmonically issue in his voice use harmonic sinews and they can use high prime music in a way that would begin to pound charter what was happening in the sixties without peace freedom and span if they keep movement that was going on so it was Saddam start of off of a very strong agenda at that time with my canceled me into the project he was flown to Boston and train them on how to manipulate the minds of a child with liberals and it's not my dad was really smarter thing he earned his living as a warm day here we are very poor when I was real little before I mean that the project and it's not the smartest thing he still noon hotly fought him how to manipulate ... anonymous and this was the first basis of our way the Boston connection is a Catholic child abuse scandal cardinal law one and how come back around 9 work hard a lot of ways was sadly he was 5 and that and next game but nevertheless it is power of the train that my father had a good time suit beginning to see how hard this is just a natural flow going out to to our society in so many different ways when I was at the governor's mansion and makanan 5 men who would become my owner in the project in this US senator Robert Siegel he's finally gone of he was in office as long as I've been alive he's had etcetera however he was had 7 appropriations who makes you whole purse strings evaluations money and one of the very first things that he was doing wrong ha was to make stay relying on federal funding in the school systems so the pickup ring and this education chamois and startup alter history that is being taught in order to time condition the kids it wasn't teaching mound about property it was teaching and ... made sure that states you can rely on that that funding mechanism is still in place today will need to pay attention the federal government has evolved business Medellin and reminds children we're all capable of monitoring our schools and what China children larger and only local ma B. axes and and be aware just right where they are we can't change Washington see at this point harm not really not like Nietzsche would you start making changes in our home biased opinion now I have had mine realists solutions are out there that people are implementing solutions ages are beginning to have as awareness is I I'm really excited to see what people are goals and even where the federal government is with the palm they are beginning to come on I also see okay well last they must solution thank about during this I think in ways that TV and video games I am isn't showing them just take it back that she's full a knowledge base that all of us need to have this happy people just take it upon is an improvement I think that we all can do and we all need do I ordered a star the positive necessary change that our children and future generations are harming on all of us as I lost control over my own money by the install Linux project and deliberately traumatized systematically traumatize in part of my sub conscious mind manipulated and way that gave whoever was controlling my mind total control over my life and no longer had free well I was living there I think I have some expression because it didn't happen for you thoughts without 35 there's there's no free will and without that free will we don't have the sole expression necessary so we need to be very careful to maintain our free fall shares have proven by span thinking known to team learning more and more toward the chances we learn a lot like this information a list of one piece so that all of a sudden when so that's what course people her whole life where are the biggest fool people that we know we are we all going to the majority if we mark that way innately with they wouldn't need few manipulating our sub conscious they wouldn't need to be trying to take control of us by controlling that sub conscious and manipulating our free will some expression when the drama of heard over and over him more and more of my conscious mind took flight until I was totally robotic operating on a sub conscious level I didn't have conscious awareness anymore and in that I have a conscious awareness I had no concept of timing I didn't know how old I was how much time had passed without a concept of time there's no real concept of distance so I wouldn't even know because I didn't know how long it took to get from point a to point B. that there was that distance from boy does not have a mass of geography I still the real learning geography and how things so we second in the world because it's a really difficult I he might happen which is I'm holding whatever was movie that I was living at without conscious awareness there's no ability Carter there's no ability sure thank there's no awareness of what has all you have now in doing exactly what you're told to do yeah convention for us ... jailed for when I become the unelected president United States and my victimization and heaven help from my because of this proportion take a look at Gerald Ford's cabinet he had Dahmer rounds filed as a secretary to parents course Donald Rumsfeld the secretary defense of the push chilling and Rumsfeld is big enough follow the money and and see where else he's gotten it and it's through the pharmaceutical companies my St all who gave us ascertain the artificial sweetener is so many people use this data somebody different names out there equal no I but this particular artificial sweeteners actually accountable but we I'm a whole company makeup food anyway yeah what happens with Africans if not most people back home it it takes away critical mass it is it just falls I was that hope is finances of other aspects in when I was going to be full absolute robotic mind future all my diagnosis definitely control I had sleep food and water depravation ... I was in office ascertaining all the time and ... I just I I really lost an ability for and it kinda a free 5 conscious thought at all and the asper came past 5 with for all that I was exposed to that was one of the hardest things for me was kind it had given some a second picture and it was a hard that is like nothing lost could quench my thirst like kit Jai or something like that is really of was different but understanding what it was doing to me make it easier to get away from that so here we have about Rumsfeld //
"2014-04-05 10:57:29"
Cathy O'Brien - How To Survive Mind Control
\\love is the greatest healer I'm so happy to be here today I hear what I have in mind now we find those Happy Days distributing motion during my pack the heart the kind of mind that is free from fear better mass negativity all those horrible things that we see on a leash alike head is not healthy for a sign here with a harp became the kind of the kind of happiness that allows for life unfold the way they should worse synchronicity coincidences line up and confirm that you're on the right path doing the right thing that kind of happiness that allows expanded thing he and knowing more I was going on in this world that just what negativity negativity here in my that's why we're being bombed the violence the constant violent images and negativity the year 0 things that call the stand up and make a policy well 600 languages flashes whole it takes away that I like ability to have the spiritual strength and slam them enjoy your life and live it meaningful life that were on the I feel so fortunate to have survived my ordeal to no church because this is the kind of truth that I wanna share with everybody because we all this all should know that there's so much more available to our lives then what we're seeing a few politics war fundamental disasters the horrors that arise TV social engineering through the media is of the late great effort to suppress the spirit of the people exit the lack of delivering offered to control the people there's a criminal faction in control of our government and they you know that people are easily land by fear they know what happens to the brain whether we just you make that choice the government had choice how grains responds with strong with the same way and they know that that information on how our brains responded trauma has been repressed from the mental health community and from all of us sentiment worrying we have a right to know this important information we need to know that my charm of hers and ours ID that were all highly stick and easily ladder mind control is an important truth that aside the piece of the puzzle once you understand mine can that piece of the puzzle brings the whole picture in the bottom and we start understanding what is going on in our world and without understanding once we know that through once we have that awareness that's the first step towards a positive change these criminals but I have a page for all of our government include strolling Armenia in control of our knowledge base in information about a power for a long time they've been using this technique violence for one day it seems like things are worse right now because we see so much violence so much for when in fact that is the where his father the truth is coming out starting to rise with that awareness comes the first step towards positive necessary change that we are only to reclaim control over our own lives and is he able to gather our strength of spirit acetylene bottles life with a happy mind again where everything happens at such a profound level is so meaningful we follow what is a live that again as we fully understand exactly what is happening to our society Miami strong is the side of the scale and had a blast people on a very robotic level such as on military special forces so this is the kind of mind control that I experience during the Reagan bush administration when I was totally robotic carrying out the will of others and doing only what I was told to do my experience was extreme has given me inside in to the deliver a machine extremely use to manipulate the mind it gave me an inside knowledge from inside the White House Pentagon level that I was sick to and it's given me the end someone on my own healing path once I regained control over my own mind what a joy it is to celebrate free by everyday intimate personal choices one of my biggest personal choices I have made is to choose happen I choose happiness not hedonists not ignoring the realities of what's going on in the world Big Bang happy mine that allows for clarity and think he to be able to see the solutions and to see beyond or be in trouble to be able to see beautiful people like yourselves who can't relate to the kind of violence nonsense that we see it every day anymore than I TV doesn't TV in the media doesn't represent us anymore and the crew all of our they don't represent us see supposing now for better deliver plan and ask as a first step what is the real action and our government and in our school systems in our lives using the example of my of my life's experience may have to understand exactly how mind control works I swirly abused as a child and when I was growing up project paperclip had brought in not seen she has signed from Germany along with that mind control information that has been in years I I'm I'm I'm with people in Germany during the year south of Hitler's ran that affirmation we have run home when the water per se instead we just simply transferred over that information on mind control was well known by the CIA and I said MK ultra mind control that was going on at the time that I was bored so I was born at a time when this is he is and it was known from that Hitler Himmler research that any child that was the end sexually abuse like our any child that was being used in pornography would be a prime candidate for a chosen one for and hailed from mine it wasn't that I knew that what was being done to me was wrong are that are receiving the interviews I didn't have the capacity for that kind of understanding from Lima iron a family was sexually abusing me charged with sexually abusing me and Jackson Rico horrible culture it was all around even my grandfather simply masonic lodge had a lot of political people attending that were on they were also used to mean something like the whole world lies even law enforcement when so where was I going to turn it wasn't really a place Turner and I didn't know that they should be any different and while I'm seriously it's not for that I hope so much inside there's some place in the world and were kind to each other happy where they were good to each other I knew that that had the beach scene I could still feel inside of me well but it was still really little noose was gone my father sexual abuse of me even though I didn't notice it the use was creating a response in my brain that same response well its charm where the sub conscious mind is wide open and easily laugh are somehow just mind as I had critical analysis it doesn't have the ability to question reason critically analyze it doesn't have the capacity to rational it only it sucks what's being pointed to it our conscious mind as I feel my conscious mind was when I was enjoying trauma my conscious mind to take flight it was as though my spirit were in the same loving space while you use when our they can't touch the human spirit they can hold la that's where we are winning anything never how would I know in the strength of the human spirit young noble what they know about is what our greatest and my conscious mind was taking place my sub conscious mind was wide open and it was like showed me all of the information of what was the advantage we found with the Colin so that the rest of my life function normally has done nothing he added occultism to that the fact that I was being are prostituted out to our local politicians and police semi automatic supplement his and the charm of being used and child pornography wish in about half an Israeli of it I wasn't available on the internet or anything like that who is going through a list is hurt by her any seconds the manner of getting the information out who's sending a video tape through the US mails and at that time since pop project paperclip was in full swing in there were close with the CIA there were keenly aware that someone might leave with the ease of late last there were a local politician at that time I confiscated that point our finger manifest my father in granite in Munich for cross he would stop me the mind control project that politician was just a little local politician as name is Gerald Ford Gerald Ford shouldn't even matter a local nobody politician but never last people bought into his lies you look in his name along his name is Leslie Lynch name and he took the name of forward because people were associated with Michigan tomorrow and Henry Ford's moving forward and some people recognize the name it meant something and he was elected officials for the local but nevertheless he pulled people consider that on the local level if we monitor on politics and pay attention to the people who are running we can make a profound difference in our own communities right out of high level before escalates any further look around stay aware and then when you follow pay attention that that voters actually view //
"2014-03-31 10:55:19"
Cathy O'Brien - Osmonds, Mitt Romney and the Mormon Mind Control
\\Gerald Ford of course rose high up in government beyond elected president United States and he had the war information the cover Kennedy assassination the Kennedy assassination was a major turn when our country was taken over by his friend that are continuously referred to them that's in control because I smile Hey these guys need to get out they've been way too long and I have a very bad person with wide eyes Adolf Hitler George Bush turned New World order but Gerald Ford at that time father who was it was very much active in in our community and it was connected with other political people were awesome Pippin and my father previous someone is a project that sent me to buy the governor's mansion in Michigan and the governor that timeless George Romney he is the father of many around me must pay attention he heard movement it's a whole series of people that are just throughout hold me in the car read this we I I explodes same are we furrow and this isn't about finger pointing because eventually are open eventually they arrogantly move behind we need to know about we got sent for replacing more same under the evolution change because that's what I play know how to do it says make somebody feel familiar with an allusion of change continue the same awkward George Ron Lewis song actively involved in mind control and he took were the Catholics who learned from the Spanish Inquisition and other aspects of trauma that was she waited in the church as well as here because I knew that that was the use to manipulate the minds that is kind of like those churches so he was taking that information violently him my research making a very powerful form of mine from Shaw that was going to be added to I and you said the Mormon church the Mormon church is another caller is very powerful trouble in the minds of their people through trauma and technology harmonic vibrational technology this was all known back and judge Ronnie had 2 very significant objectives on and one of the ways to bring the Mormon church in the popularity it's a waste the place where we get most of our FBI another thing that anybody that they need robotically file orders and carry out I'm these this criminal government agenda so they needed to have a mind controlled face to and they wanted to have someone leave and C. absence the iSeries like the Jackson we're in the same sub project a pancake ultra that I was and that is because of my remarks genetic line and in that genetic mind control we take full control of power both the Eisen's and the Jacksons museum Haasan's to bring people into the mortgage and really brought the Mormon church to //
"2014-03-29 19:19:56"
Mind Control Project - The CIA Linked to the Jonestown Massacre 2/2
\\and they've done Tom little cylinder there he's done a lot of very several investigation for many decades now in a series of papers and articles so this situation where as you've noted there's just so many different kind of links and correlations on the sky that's connected to this guy arm would you say that this is kind of in an isolated incident for the CIA and different CIA operatives to be involved in all these different ways or or is this something that you know it's so common among your the research business as usual I would say I know in our previous videos or we've discussed CIA mind control it's almost very reminiscent of this where you have this guy and then it turns out that he's a CIA agent ... and you know once you start putting the pieces together I it does create but I guess some people might my collar conspiracy theory but as you've noted it's almost just uncanny that all these things could just be coincidence right and in a court of law people can get convicted of murder when the body doesn't located via people quite regularly get convicted of crimes based entirely on circumstantial evidence muscala high threshold of proof so would you have this huge set of links with all these people connected together the first argument is it's too much to be coincidence and it is not coincidence than somebody's planted out and therefore it is a conspiracy and in any case it's it's not really a crazy conspiracy theory to choose the CIA of conspiracy because that's our job that's what they're doing finally got quite the and we wouldn't point if they didn't conspire in secret they wouldn't be doing their job so they have to be conspiring otherwise we should it's closing down the not doing their job exactly and so the question would be you know are they you know the the different things they are conspiring on are these really things that are you know 2 words I improving the intelligence that's going to help our country and and you know protect our country protect our citizens or is it you know activity this you know I certainly in the case of CI might control putting the citizens not only at risk but in many cases you're taking her wife's from them so their rationale is we're protecting national security but I think the problem is some of the time quite a bit of the time good these operations are actually undermining freedom and democracy undermining integrity of America the hand just come below Boba could some corner other so in your opinion you know is it a situation where you get these different CIA operatives and they're just kind of these row guys that I'm not going and doing something really you know horrific or is you know does it kind of look like you know certainly in the case of the CIA documents your reaction of documentation that's being hand down from the higher ups arm again is that something that looks like a rogue incident where these guys actually go out when they're responsible for people's murderers things I wish I would soon 9 times out of 10 the rule incident is just a cover story it's all operations missile time and again if there's always Robinson's going on like what kind of internal security are we talking about right it does make sense not I personally don't believe is the the level of dysfunction unlike securities are hot I hope it isn't one but surely hope well doctor Ross thank you so much for your time today and I look forward to future videos with you thank you thank you so much for watching I hope that you found this video interesting be sure to leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts about what we discussed here today and if you have any requests or questions you'd like to see us cover in future videos he'd like to learn more you can visit us at the truce until next time I'm psychiatric correspondent Karina Rachel thank you so much for watching //
"2014-03-29 19:19:54"
Mind Control Project - The CIA Linked to the Jonestown Massacre 1/2
\\so we've all heard the saying don't drink the Kool aid which are originated from the Jonestown massacre in the late 19 seventies this is actually an area where you've done some research can you share with us are what you discovered sure and it's actually kind of a convoluted story there's a lot of steps to follow and there's all different points you could enter into the story yeah I'm one of the books I read is called was Jones town ... CIA mind control experiment and this very thick book alone very well researched with some slightly Funtastic thoughts and and plus you a number of other books and documents rail pieced together so Jim Jones was Sir American born guy a civilian who became a kind of amateur pastor preacher started a small church and moved around the country a little bit ended up with about what he called the people's temple in Ukiah California which is north of San Francisco and ... according to the background information in all the lead up period forming Jonestown he actually was ... working with the CIA and several different south American programs to destabilize governments to slip look local system over and so on so he had actually been working for a decades with the CIA yeah so then he sets up Jonestown in areas in northern California and he's thinking to himself I need to move this whole operation somewhere and when you hear the Johnston story you just know that they were in the jungle in South America but you don't stop and think well wait a minute how do you pinpoint location in the jungle of South America how do you have selected so it turns out there wasn't a random location in the jungle you know some guy had a blow dart or something it was actually a of well engineered well developed place with a landing strip already made because it was a CI a training site for a green beret operatives for operations in Angola what things are gonna just happens to Europe to be the same location that he decided to move one so then the question is how would Jim Jones no vote that how would you negotiate taking it over exam there's a guy named Phil Blakey who was ... arms dealer probably part of British intelligence who kinda brokered the deal and did all of the pre construction upgrades and so on so that he could also removals people down to the jungle in South America so that's an interesting fact just enough itself and shows your wait a minute this is not just a random location here right in the knowing that he had the previous experience working with the CIA in general and then that this location is also right prior CA use so ... before they all moved down the Jonestown a there was a series of articles in the us San Francisco newspaper which was owned by William Randolph Hearst and in this series of articles is quite critical of the peoples temple in saying ounce primus Gammon or something suspicious about a certain the doing this and doing that and so ... 3 while all this was kinda brewing yeah I'm 3 months before the party Hearst kidnapping Tara Hearst boyfriend Steven we'd we've seen at the people's temple in Ukiah California walking around with Jim Jones according to one of the survivors of the mass suicide at Jonestown so we skipped up in mind so all of a sudden one day out of the blue the somebody's Liberation Army the SLA which is a group of 9 or 10 people a attack Patty Hearst apartment where her and Stephen we'd are Stephen weed's knocked out with a rifle butt there's actually gunfire she's abducted thrown in the car trunk taken away and she's held in solitary confinement in a closet for 42 days during which time she gets sleep deprivation of obviously sensory deprivation Ashis rate was lower control of how much you can eat and there's mock FBI raids where she thinks the FBI is coming and going first to start you might get killed ... camera think she might've been hooded but there's a whole program conducted and subsequent to that she participates in a bank robbery as Tonya she is a snow identity of Tonya where did you get the identity of Tanya from she got it from Donald to freeze who's the head of the semi news Liberation Army then he was a petty kind a street level kind high school dropout black guy criminal so how did he learn all these techniques for how to create a new identity and took the new identity defer to spin a backrub right well he learned that from coast in Westbrook who did his master's thesis at university of Berkeley on the box which is a black lingo it which I have a copy of so I've got no social security numbers place of birth whose name is he's a for real guy and she worked for the United States Army and psychological warfare operations during the Vietnam War he came back to California and what went into Vacaville state prison where Donald freeze was being held because it's been arrested forms the black cultural association nurses cover and work with Donald to freeze and gave him his code name of since you a and designed the 7 headed cobra logo of some buying these Liberation Army subsequent to that Donald freeze one day walked through the laundry out of the article state prison and was free just escaped without any kind of final helicopter toggle that's sad that doesn't raise any hybrid he just walked out then he he joined the somebody's Liberation Army captured Patty Hearst and then you think that the reason that Patty Hearst was was the subject of this kidnapping a mind control was because she was the daughter of William Randolph Hearst and tears several troubled possible reasons one is I don't know what the other is no Jim Jones had a big beef with William Randolph Hearst and so she captures swim round officer starter now he can ask for $1000000 back to let her go and what it means acted was and I'm negotiated because of somebody's Liberation Army was quite left wing for the people all that he negotiated a food relief deal for poor people in the bay area financed by Wyndham William Randolph Hearst as a condition of leading Patty Hearst go and then what happened was Jim Jones got his people from the temple plus some homeless people and they set up 345 food drop off points they use the money to buy the food they've taken the food to the drop off point then the Johnstone's people would go to the drop off point posing as for street people get the food take it back to the distribution center so the same food was circulate around multiple times on her and so he appeared that he gave away at this huge amount of food but he only had a bottle small amount so the scams some money out of William Randolph Hearst while and before William Randolph Hearst attrition go shooting a deal first ought to be let go they all kind of took off there was a big shoot out of most of the sin by news Liberation Army died in a fire the 2 places part of the shoot outs were like Waco but Patty Hearst and several others were going on the lam for body Europe they were finally captured and they she was taken to jail and during the trial the sewer expert witnesses who testified on her behalf said that she was a victim of and quite sophisticated mind control brainwashing programming which is why she robbed the bank and why she had the identity of Tonya and why would the daughter of William Randolph Hearst need to rob a bank to get some cash runs of the citizen within Saudi of money owner before she was captured 0 drug abuse history 0 criminal history no trouble with the law you know model student an interesting that you mention that her boyfriend around that time was you know waiter to reveal them and going out with him till he was already somehow tied and so that was all part of the set up yeah and him being knocked out was part of the the cover deal so who are the 4 experts to come and testify on Patty Hearst behalf Martin Orne top secret cleared MK ultra contractor Manchurian candidate expert equals an expert on creating new identities for use in operations Louis Jolyon west also in kilter top secret cleared congregant yeah I'm Robert Lifton who wrote a book based on his interviews of down Korean pilots would been brainwashed the Korean War by the communist Chinese so he was an expert on Chinese mind control brainwashing us for type stuff and Margaret singer who also interviewed those pilots so for experts on military CIA brainwashing of communist Chinese brainwashing techniques all came and said yes Patty Hearst has been brainwashed by this I mean basically uneducated street level criminal so then we're back to how did you know all that well because school stern Westbrook taught him all the so this is the CIA wants way up or potentially of hiding the fact that they're doing this and they're going to blame this guy and say that he is the one who mind controlled her when really he's probably just a front yeah and another thing is she's just criminal man somebody somewhere pearly bought that story so eventually she got pardoned by the the president United States and released a letter to jail she's written autobiography in which she says that gong to freeze was obsessed with Colson Rushbrooke talked about him all the time and was very convincing was a government agent and she says that gong to freeze told her that Colson Westbrook gave her gave him his code name is sinking let's independently cut her story so then we go back to Johnstone where is all this kind of murky connections with the CIA and so I'm those are the masses cited Jones town and it was also a shooting at the Jonestown airport where Leo Ryan the US congressman was killed at the airport and exactly who shot why is fairly well known Sir one of the leading family members in the late family was kind of like the administrative hierarchy of the peoples temple but Leo Ryan I have a document from the deputy director of the CIA to Leo Ryan a letter confirming that the CIA was in fact conducting drug experiments on prisoners attractive real state prison at the same time the Donald freeze was there and that would be under MK search yeah it's got the sub project number but one of the empty search projects in the drug was family and Leo Ryan was investigating a CIA operations in general mind control in general and was proposing to try and get legislation enacted giving Congress total control and oversight of the entire CIA budget module to be no more black budget and so then Leo Ryan goes to Johnstown and lo and behold the higher up in the minister of hierarchy employee of Jim Jones who was a CI a contractor who has been walking around with the boyfriend of party Hearst Ilsley arrive so that's the end of that legislation and one and so now to the S. San Francisco Chronicle eases off on its criticism of people stumble because all the people of god but according to this book was Sierra Johnstone ASCII medical experiment which is not totally totally proven but it's very thorough scholarship plausible actually ... it's known that people would line up every night and get a special cookies Johnstone all the people so the idea is that in the cookie that was either drug gay drug D. or placebo an experiment was to see if either of the drugs would increase the likelihood of a person volunteering to commit suicide compared to placebo and supposedly of all the people died at Jonestown only maybe about half or more than half but most actually committed suicide the rest were optional shot so was a combination of mass murder suicide and several members of the lan laden family were evacuated from Jonestown by the CIA station chief yeah not south American country in the week prior to the mass suicide so it doesn't seem that it was it doesn't seem unreal tightly on related around them and one of the people who survived Jonestown is a man named mark lane who wrote loves me a lot of books about the Kennedy assassination saying it was a conspiracy basically so he escaped Jonestown and got back to the United States in a very carried in household frame of mind sure immediately before he had to testify at the house select I committee on assassinations which concluded that the Kennedy assassination was not a truck along gunman so this all leaves like strange kinda connections in this huge web and but they just for all to be random thank you suddenly and so you have arm documented all of this in your book to see a doctor because some but not all that story and then where I'm obviously the book you just mentioned but are there other places you might recommend that people look if they if they want to learn more about the specific on the specific incident I'm there's been a whole series of articles about it in freedom magazine over the years but I would be in the archives of free magazine she could contact freedom magazine and asked them which is just Google freedom magazine aside are defined the //
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America's Secret War: MK-ULTRA Mind Control Projects 3/3
\\and megadoses of hallucinogenic drug sellers steam Clinton's all at the same time had 86 comatose days would be calm and serene and when I will come 5 weeks later since according to my file because Christian can't remember any this I was a vegetable I was I never being in this world before I I was a baby I didn't know who I once I was sick incontinent I didn't know anything during re patterning Linda is dosed with a number of hallucinogenic drugs and depressants wireless speaker under her pillow please a continuous audio the tape loops there were over and over for he wished he came to they have certainly in the 10 years was being dictate so my when Linda McDonald is released from Alan the more 5 months later she has no memory of life 4. at the end of the mass of the city treatment the D. patterning and so on she was unable to recognize her husband didn't know that she was married couldn't state her own name had no idea where she was or what year it was the children at this time we're being taken care of because of course I was younger done all of these children I had a big grown up body and I chronologically I was 26 years old but I'd only been in this world a few months after her release Linda macdonald received no follow up treatment from Dr Cameron other doctors refused to take her case a lot of doctors knew or had a sense that's something very culvert Pat unhealthy what's happening at the Allen memorial we're stuck Cameron and they just did not want to have anything to do with anybody or any file or any connection you gotta remember it's not just that they were used as experimental Kenny pigs and untested and damaging experiments they were denied therapy sick could have helped them slowly on her room Linda McDonald begins to create a new life for completely unaware of what she now knows about treatments the children's father taught me to be and ... I think tired again I use to know how to do that and the other night and to drive the car and in my sister in law taught me how to cook she taught me how to scramble lakes and I was so excited about in 1984 Linda sees an article in our local newspaper about a lawsuit CIA and al Morial the litigants are 9 former patients doctor you win Cameron I'll never forget it because there was a picture of this man and then this big caption that's a doctor Ewing Cameron brainwashing Allen memorial all over the front page well I my heart stopped because I knew he was my doctor I knew that's where high beam and I started to read and by the end of the page average just shaking I was absolutely tramontana Linda filed her own lawsuit and joint over 80 former Cameron patients who will eventually be awarded compensation by the Canadian government among the victims is film or look how the wife of a Canadian member of parliament but for every involuntary human the subject was able to uncover his or her role in C. experiments experts believe there are many more who will never there's been thousands and thousands of thousands and thousands of people subjected to really damaging unethical experimentation and indeed thousands of people who have suffered as a result of government mind control experiments I probably 99 percent underwear beginning in the fall of 25 3 there is little that can be known about U. S. government mind control it that's when MK ultra is replaced by project MK search which absorbs many of the ongoing mind control experiments doctor you wouldn't Cameron continues his D. patterning treatments until mid 25 before when he suddenly and unexpectedly retires he dies of a heart attack while mountain climbing in 19 7 M. K. search continues until 1972 as do companion mind control projects funded by the army navy airforce they're the paper trail gets very cold in 1972 when Richard houses leaving the CI a ... beseech you do a lot of destruction of documents the mind control records with among those ordered to be strife in 1975 after president Ford appoints the Rockefeller commission to investigate past CIA abuses including their drug program reporter John marks begin searching for any remaining CIA documents relating to mind control experiments when the climate change because there had been a congressional committees investigating the CIA the like I file this could this freedom of information which tried to find these particular records somebody out of the archives Scabbers for 5 boxes of records which were mainly the financial records and with the justifications that went along with them it is these financial records form the basis for what we know I would love to have full knowledge but those who knew weren't telling and I took as far as I could I would say we we probably know about 30 percent of what the CIA did those experiments stopped however or in terms so the record available to us in the maybe early to mid 1970 I don't know any researcher who has had any success in finding anything out about CIA experiment since then and we may never know because what's left of these documents currently classified right one of the real fundamental abuses of secrecy and our government still today it's a misuse of national security not to protect information that actually has some bearing on the national defense of our country like how to make an atomic bomb but rather to hide misconduct in embarrassment a ballot miss deeds and have been and by the government this is not a a pleasant world we live in you know when there are a lot of nasty people and things the world and we from them but you don't get protection by becoming the Guinea pigs of the forces you paid protection hi and you can't save your mind by having the people who protect you take your mom but secrets down hard so did the man who can Dr Sidney Gottlieb when I deposed him the in in Virginia several years ago his completely on a path and ... it's chilling to sit across the table from ... the man who was the architect of so much human suffering and have them say I was just a patriot one of the great tragedies is that no professional organization has censured any of its members for their involvement in these proceedings nobody has lost a job as a result of it nobody has lost status or prestige as a result of it and therefore the messages do which because you won't be punished for it and the question remains is the government still doing one of the things that was interesting during the fifties as they were 10 years ahead of the popular research effort my guess is that they've tried to stay that par headed back they would say they've been irresponsible they're not doing their jobs well if they haven't said that far ahead of the curve we know and from articles in US news and World Report and a magazine called defense electronics but there's a lot of experimentation and development of non lethal weapons right up to the present nonlethal weapons are the various forms of energy and radiation sound electromagnetic console on there being dead target's head but I or others in the body to control the behavior make them sick disable them in some way without killing them but is it being tested on unknowing subjects as it was so abusive ring in the 19 fifties what we know for a fact now from a wide range of documentation is that there's been experimentation on unwitting civilians involving biological weapons ... radiation experimentation LST and other forms of mind control experimentation given all of that it's basically implausible that there hasn't been some experimentation on unwitting citizens using nonlethal weapons technology the present speculation has its basis in the facts of the past what brainwashing and mind control experimentation have taught us in the twentieth century is a rather cool paradox that for every in advance we make in mental medicine we can take a step backward for people who want to you stores advances for purposes of control we're using a standard were using a prism to judge the staff that didn't exist at the time now that doesn't justify everything and there are gross human rights violations available here but I think at this point it's a chapter that the United States would be better to close what we really need now is a really thorough public review of the history of medical and psychiatric contracting for mind control purposes and we need all the salt on the table we needed acknowledged otherwise experts say history is doomed to repeat itself and bring to pass a prophecy made by Aldous Huxley in his 1932 novel Brave New World Brave New World said we're going to voluntarily turn over our minds and our beliefs and our thoughts to Pete but Huxley was right unless we do something to protect our own individual integrity or least taught children I the former head of MK ultra doctor Sidney Gottlieb testified before a Senate committee in 1977 he admitted that the CI a had administered LSD and other drugs to people without their knowledge but insisted mind control was an important part of the Cold War Gottlieb died in 1999 at the age of 80 without ever publicly expressing any regret for his role in the experiments discover more about this and other topics please visit our search engine that history I I I and //
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America's Secret War: MK-ULTRA Mind Control Projects 2/3
\\1064 it is from these documents and the findings of the subcommittee that investigators can piece together some of the projects that were part of the largest mind control program in the history of the United States Armen this CI a had a division called the technical services division or technical services staff whose job was to provide the support for operations I mean in a James Bond movie this is what you use to do it was to provide the gadgets if you needed a sleeping pad or itching powder or something like that this is what they did they did chemicals they did biologicals they did disguises they did electronic secret writing and the like and if there was a drug that you could slip into a drink at a party it made the person tele their secrets so CIA's mind control was centered in this technical service division a quarter of the CI a the director of the TSS chemical division doctor Sidney Gottlieb is the first head of the it seemed to be a drug addict and the CI a was much more interested in it as a drug that could unlock the mysteries of the mind and give somebody else control the first CIA funded LSD experiments are done on page volunteers who know they are getting an experimental drug the CIA was paying college students to be tested and the word got around in Harvard square to you could be paid $25 the day to be a happy schizophrenic volunteers are also some at a federal prison but Lynn Lexi incarcerated drug addicts are rewarded with their drug of choice in exchange for their participation in the first prolonged LST experiment they did give Palestine to one prisoner friendly to eighties today's what they wanted to see was what was the effect a long term but I and unbelievable but I however the CIA is concerned that the test results aren't clear because the volunteers knew they were received they saw that if they were going to give this dragged to a para Soviet under field conditions it was obviously going to work better if the Soviet didn't know that he was receiving this track so in order to do it unwitting operations you needed to do unwitting testing and the CI a cast to rant who should we do the testing on the ceilings first solution is to have its workers slipped LST to each other people in the and the technical services division had an agreement that they could give it to add to each other at any time there are incidents where somebody would have their morning coffee and would get some Alice Deanna no 7 months into testing the drug MK ultra director Sidney Gottlieb and his second in command Robert lash broke bringing up a steep to a joint CIA army special operations retreat at fort Detrick Maryland they tell no one at the retreat what they planned to do the CIA people after dinner put LSD into Quantrill an after dinner liqueur that was given to all the upkeep president ... one of the the army guys eye doctor Frank also and had a very very bad trip what we call now bad trip that where that language should excess he lost it he thought he was ... he'd gone over the edge couldn't get back have for whatever reason he was not able to become who we we had been for Wilson is never told the reason is LSD and because the unwitting victim is part of a topsy experiment.leave and lash Brooke take charge of him themselves instead of taking the guy to a hospital were taking him to see a psychiatrist who can help them understand what happened to on Gottlieb and lash cook took him to New York and consulted with an allergist who happen to be receiving CIA funding to play with LSD himself this is not responsible behavior and the outcome is predictable on 9/24/1953 just 5 days after drinking the LSD laced quattro Robert lash book reports waking up at 5:30 AM just in time to see Frank Olson crash from the tenth floor window of their New York hotel room run it will be more than 20 years before Olson's widow learns that her husband was in fact killed by government LSD experiment if there had been a responsible set of controls in the agency they would've said Hey wait a second godly men last book are not the guys who should be involved in doing this cast of the killed somebody that one what happened instead they were given a slap on the wrist informal reprimand didn't even go on the personal files and they're funny was increased delivering one clear message you're doing a good job fellas and the notion is in in order to protect the country in order to protect the national security the United States anything is justified after Frank Olson died made made absolutely no difference they didn't miss a beat in fact by early 1954 ethnicity testing on involuntary subject is expanded CIA age general public for its next this is one of them told me who was involved as he said we didn't want to do and how housewives in suburbia we chose the people in society who could to offer the least resistance and who would be least likely to expose it work they did expose it it would be least likely to be believed they went to the underworld to people around the drug culture depends to prostitutes on to prisoners and the like and those within the populations they were chosen the CIA turned to George white for help he is given thousands of dollars to set up covert CIA testings point wince apartments in New York and San Francisco and furnishes them to look like high class residences he recruited or coerced Hobson prostitutes to work for him and what they would do would be to give us time to drag to John's in bars and then bring them back to the apartment supposedly for Saks but to also to observe how they reacted to a killer drug CIA researches record the proceedings by 2 way mirrors they have no fear of getting caught giving LSD to unwitting so and the idea was that if everyone figured out they had been tried they've had been were in such a compromising position that they would report it to the police and if they did who would ever believe them anyway I was struck by a prostitute I mean it was almost a perfect cover and on top of doing this to a person there's absolutely no follow up the person just disappears off into the world again there's no documentation as to what happens but we know for a fact from Frankel's encased in from other examples that some people who get these doses of LSD organ end up having serious mental health problems and even commit suicide we know that for a fact we just don't know the exact percentage at the same time the CIA is also giving universities and other and hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct research in this area the CI a actually knew more about LSD in the disastrous effects that it can have been anybody else the time new and they were out there like a pied Piper where Johnny Appleseed throwing out money to encourage research in this area mental hospitals over a favorite target for C. I. experiments where unknowing patients are given massive doses of LSD the studies are so secret that often not even the patient's personal physicians know what is being tested what was hideous about those experiments use that they were using a population of people who were suffering from mental illnesses and then when the people would later reports of their psychologists that they felt like their minds are being controlled this was used as a reason to keep them in the institutions even longer although technically they were correct and Ellis Dee is only part of the MK ultra story declassified CIA documents reveal funding between 1953 and 1964 for 100 49 different sub project many of which combine drugs with other forms of troll the basic ideas that you soften up the person's mind and then you can get in there and use other techniques which would include gnosis pain electric shock sensory deprivation and isolation straight verbal brainwashing and threats to control them and manipulate them however you want so the drugs were just part of the mix in the mid 19 fifties the CIA learns of just such a kitchen sink approach to mind control that's already underway at the Allen memorial institute at McGill University in Montreal Canada their psychiatrist doctor you wouldn't Cameron is attempting to cure mental illness using a process called deep patterning he had some ideas that if you could keep pattern the human mind if you could wipe the human mind completely clean of all thoughts then you could patter me new behaviors to the CI a D. patterning also has obvious significance for intelligence work in 1957 they begin funding doctor Catherine's work like Cameron did at the CIA's instigation was to put together a specialized 3 step brainwashing experiment which was conducted on on waiting people that violated every ethical standard that the medical profession had been formulating for the past 50 years uhhuh in 1957 the CIA begins funding the work of Canadian psychiatrist doctor you wouldn't Cameron after reading about his new and radical brand of psychotherapy you would basically put somebody to sleep with drugs for many many many days give them a massive doses of electric shock therapy literally hundreds of times a normal dosage and basically would reduce the person but only to a vegetable and the idea clinically was he would wipe out by their delusions or depression or psychiatric symptoms and then when the person came back to their normal self which would take months and months and months the psychiatric symptoms would be gone this kind of clinically induced amnesia is of special interest to the CIA Dr Cameron agrees to take his treatment one step further in addition to D. patterning his client he would attempt to re pattern in usual office and behaviors the CIA funded this experiment because if you could take a person who was an enemy agent a race that personality and putting in new personality you have a calm for at the CIA's instigation Cameron devises a 3 step brainwashing experiment the 3 parts consisted of first what he called the patterning which was the use of LSD and intensive electric shocks that's phase one is wiping the slate complain second was trying to program in new patterns of behavior biplane tape recorded messages hundreds and hundreds of thousands of times the final phase of the 2 to 3 week period where camera would put patients to sleep using ... barbiturates to try to suppress any recollection of what been done to them it sounds crazy it sounds like a Frankenstein type process the fact is he was president American psychiatric association and nobody called his act at the time in fact he did it to his his pain patients people paid for this treatment and I'm an unbelievable kind of thing there were screams coming out of the ... I'm out of the hospital that when I interviewed nurses and doctors who said we thought something was going on but you couldn't question doctor Cameron between 1957 and 1964 Dr Cameron conducts his mind control experiments on hundreds of unwitting victim excluding Linda macdonald friends of tell me because I don't have any memory of that life said I lived I probably had postpartum depression but nobody can really pin it down because it didn't last and so it took about 2 years in and out of my G. peace my general practitioners office ... too finely say look what can figure it out we don't know what's the matter with you why don't you go to Montreal this is famous doctor there and he'll give you an SS uhhuh in 1963 at age 25 Linda macdonald is suffering from what we know today were classics in post partum depression she goes to doctor you when Cameron for 3 week evaluation put in 3 weeks he diagnosed me as an acute schizophrenic and he told children's father that I'm on lance the children's father agreed to let me have this treatment which he didn't go into any detail discussing then I would be institutionalized the rest of my life it's before we started talking about informed consent notions and so on you the doctor said do this you did it one of the great ironies hi for me of the whole Cameron CI a story does stood the people who were victimized thought they were going to define a psychiatric hospital and can most of them were not suffering from profound schizophrenia or some ... psychiatric disorder that that might ... justify some of the more intrusive techniques were used on these were people who were suffering from run of the mill Thoman psychiatric ailments only by reading medical records can Linden no one more than 30 it begins in April 19 3 with the D. patterning program conducted in what Cameron calls the sleep room scene and send me to the sleep through and in 5 weeks I had 109 electric convulsive shock treatments and each time she got a treatment she got 6 times the normal dose so that was literally over 600 times the normal dose that you get in one easy //
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America's Secret War: MK-ULTRA Mind Control Projects 1/3
\\before our time who would you be what if you could choose 0 your breath away rations to come a history coming up the government's bizarre experiments in mind control using human Guinea pigs cooled in 5 June 51 that a crit CIA memo expressed the need to explore quote scientific methods for trolling the my unquote testing those so called scientific methods would require thousands of men and who became unwitting subjects in Spearman's ranging from the unusual to the bizarre but it was all justified and most national security Njoya score mind can uhhuh you know York city officer client occur for having X. with him what the man doesn't know is that his drink is been laced with LSD and that the entire encounter is being reported Phil personnel would watch them having sex with prostitutes while high on LSD through one way mirrors in Montreal by young mothers suffering from postpartum is reduced to a vegetative state he was trying to drive my previous life in a federal penitentiary in California a prisoner dies after being given massive doses of a muscle relaxer press has finally these 4 veranda sleep damaging experiments and I in fact they just didn't give a damn about the people who were the subjects these are not scenes made up in the mind of a novelist or screenwriter they are recreations of jewel events examples of top secret mind control experiments funded by the U. might states this is way out of the realm of fiction or position or conspiracy theory or this is absolute documented fact the goal of these experiments used to determine if the human mind can be controlled using outside forces drugs electroshock nosis it is a top secret program that reaches terrifying heights in the 19 fifties and 19 Steve's but has its roots in the Middle Ages in 1484 0 creamer in JI Springer publisher treatise called the values Kara describes ways to me delayed a per it was in fact among other things cross examination manual to extract false confessions from people accused of being witches consequently you have here the systematic attempt 2 following techniques get people to report that they were things they were not awarded do things that they would not otherwise to it is the first albeit primitive step towards mind control as an offense of weapons to be used against an on with the secret of mind control was to change people outside of their awareness so they do your bidding without realizing that that's what they're doing for that kind of technology all you need sophisticated principles either I'll bring control of mind control in 1776 Franz Mesmer unveils a device called the bucket court of Louis the sixteenth of France it is an oak barrels filled with iron filings that gives off an almost imperceptible magnetic charge ms word tells the assembled guests that the charge is very powerful and that if they touch it they will have pleasant convulsions and in fact when members of the court touched a cat the collapse Folsom fix and faint what Mesmer has discovered is the power of a secret report to the king said that these techniques were dangerous because they could lead to control of both individuals and the cost of that report Messmer was essentially run out of town ms Miller died of security but his theories about the power of imagination were picked up in the mid 18 hundreds with the introduction of hypnotism by the late 18 a French professor of medicine Paula to burn high right papers suggesting ways to implant you fox in hip patients there's this kind of diabolical interest in doing experiments on human beings and having that power control over their hind cautions that the same technique could be used to create a false witness in a court of law but what he sees as potentially dangerous other researchers sees on as potentially beneficial for police agencies and intelligence services later in the 19 thirties and iconoclastic professor named George Estabrooks begins developing a theory that hypnosis can create a super spy a potentially powerful weapon of war through hypnosis mind control brainwashing create a new identity and a person creating them easier barrier between ordinary identity you yeah identity or alter per do you create an identity used for actual operations that is explosives tradition surveillance if the person is captured and tortured since I don't know that they have this other part of themselves you'll never reveal the information they'll go to their deaths not knowing what's going on Estabrooks tries to convince the military that it's time submit to create an intelligence operative who could be hypnotic troll at first his suggestion is disregarded but then a strange series of events in Moscow will convince the U. S. government debt Estabrooks theory is worthless look in the 19 thirties England France and Germany were exploring hypnosis and drug induced interrogation but most significant research was being conducted in the Soviet Union they're neuropsychology ist Alexander Luria was pioneering you techniques Gloria gets the idea that if you can implant false memories with people could you also create false emotional conditions I'm so Maria began experimenting with creating hypnotic we programmed emotional conflicts in 1937 Stalin puts his former Bolshevik compatriots trial known as the Moscow show trying these court cases give the world its first public glimpse of mind control one by one they confessed to being enemies of the state and beg to be executed and so the western part of intelligence agencies got quite frightened it was a fear that the Soviets had learned a lot of things that would weaken our will that would get into our minds into our brains but the United States concerned at the bazaar confessions of the Moscow show trials was soon eclipsed by a more immediate CERN World War 2 it is the end of American isolation is never really the needles filled in 90 42 by a new government agency the office changing services or Beaubassin its founding director is William Wild Bill Donovan a World War one military hero who writes I need every so the vice and every under had against the Germans and in 1942 he'll SS invest $5000 for a truth drug program with the goal of extracting information German POW the first field test of a marijuana laced cigarette takes place on may 20 so 1943 when the oasis gives it to a New York gangster the results are promising he reveals sensitive information about the ins and outs of the drug trade in 1946 the world learns that the U. S. and Russia are not the only super powers test in mind troll techniques former Nazi there's on trial in Nuremberg Germany we feel that concentration camp so where fertile ground for unwitting trolls the Nazis were also looking for mind weapons to and they had a unit set up at Dachau at the a concentration camp ... hat which prisoners for the Chesapeake there was no shortage of subjects and it wasn't not the slightest bit of compunction of doing anything ... evil or bad to them I mean they were testing drugs they're testing masculine and things like that one of the experiments that was done ways to hypnotize somebody and then asking him how to kill somebody other words to see if they would pull the trigger as a result of the atrocities at Dachau and other caps an international code of medical ethics is called the Nuremberg code principal amongst the various criteria that were set out in the Nuremberg code was an overriding principle the voluntary consent of the subject is the central between 1947 and 1949 U. S. mind control experiments of by by this code only volunteers subject themselves to combinations of hypnosis mescaline upon me but in 1949 a shocking trial changes everything in February 1949 cardinal Joseph Mindszenty is put on trial and hung my D. earlier Moscow show cardinal appears to be drug trance