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"2018-05-19 13:41:21"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About MICROSOFT
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"2018-05-18 12:46:29"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Karlie Kloss
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"2018-05-17 11:10:03"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Quentin Tarantino
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"2018-05-16 12:17:51"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Alcohol Industry
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"2018-05-15 11:37:21"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Austria
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"2018-05-14 12:46:30"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Larry Page
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"2018-05-13 12:06:22"
15 Brutal TRUTHS People Don't Want to Hear
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"2018-05-12 12:39:10"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About SUBWAY
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"2018-05-11 11:58:00"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Heidi Klum
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"2018-05-10 14:08:49"
15 Things You Didn't Know About iJustine
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"2018-05-09 12:18:12"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Telecommunication Industry
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"2018-05-08 11:50:37"
15 Things You Didn't Know About ISRAEL
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"2018-05-07 11:54:16"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Rupert Murdoch
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"2018-05-06 14:53:01"
15 Reasons Why People Don’t Find LOVE
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"2018-05-05 12:03:18"
15 Things You Didn't Know About SONY
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"2018-05-04 12:11:16"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Gisele Bundchen
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"2018-05-03 13:41:51"
15 Things You Didn't Know About KSI
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"2018-05-02 13:32:33"
15 Things You Didn't Know About The Pharmaceutical Industry
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"2018-05-01 13:50:48"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Iceland
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"2018-04-30 12:43:17"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Bernard Arnault
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"2018-04-29 13:24:42"
15 Things You Should Know When Starting a Business
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"2018-04-28 16:02:55"
15 Things You Didn't Know About FORD
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"2018-04-27 13:11:22"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Philipp Plein
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"2018-04-26 13:54:49"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Natalie Portman
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"2018-04-25 13:08:00"
15 Things You Didn't Know About The Tobacco Industry
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"2018-04-24 11:59:47"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Denmark
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"2018-04-23 13:18:09"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Jack Ma
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"2018-04-22 16:09:20"
15 Steps to Master Self-Discipline?
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"2018-04-21 13:56:11"
15 Things You Didn't Know About NIKON
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"2018-04-20 11:59:09"
15 Things You Didn't Know About RICHARD MILLE
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"2018-04-19 12:13:57"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Vivienne Westwood
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"2018-04-18 12:17:28"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Agent Provocateur
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"2018-04-17 12:03:03"
15 Things You Didn't Know About SPOTIFY
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"2018-04-16 13:34:18"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Gwyneth Paltrow
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"2018-04-15 11:15:27"
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"2018-04-14 12:16:10"
15 Things You Didn't Know About SELFRIDGES
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"2018-04-13 14:11:32"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Ben & Jerry's
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"2018-04-12 20:35:05"
15 Things You Didn't Know About COLUMBIA PICTURES
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"2018-04-11 15:08:13"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Mauritius
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"2018-04-10 15:24:13"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Victoria Beckham
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"2018-04-09 14:08:26"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Piers Morgan
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"2018-04-08 22:18:34"
15 LESSONS People Learn Too Late In Life
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"2018-04-07 14:30:01"
15 Things You Didn't Know About The Panama Papers
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"2018-04-06 15:24:09"
15 Things You Didn't Know About David Beckham
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"2018-04-05 12:48:44"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Jamie Oliver
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"2018-04-04 12:00:34"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Will.I.Am
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"2018-04-03 10:51:43"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Megan Fox
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"2018-04-02 14:46:56"
15 Tips To Manage Your Time Better
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"2018-04-01 15:12:39"
15 SKILLS You Need To Develop If You Want to be RICH
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"2018-03-31 21:19:39"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Thailand
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"2018-03-30 14:37:38"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About LA MER
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"2018-03-29 13:27:15"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Venezuela
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"2018-03-28 15:16:50"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Ukraine
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"2018-03-27 11:10:32"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Las Vegas
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"2018-03-26 15:06:11"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Logan Paul
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"2018-03-25 11:57:10"
15 Things Rich People Worry About That Poor People Don’t
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"2018-03-24 15:20:09"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Mohammad Bin Salman Al Said
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"2018-03-23 12:01:14"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jason Statham
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"2018-03-22 15:00:49"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Xi Jinping
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"2018-03-21 12:05:53"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Giuseppe Zanotti
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"2018-03-20 16:03:56"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Kors
\\ //
"2018-03-19 11:48:35"
15 Things You Didn't Know About The Winklevoss Twins
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"2018-03-18 12:36:01"
15 Things Money CAN Buy
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"2018-03-18 12:35:57"
15 Things Money CAN'T Buy
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"2018-03-17 12:36:40"
15 Things You Didn't Know About NAS
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"2018-03-16 14:50:55"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Pope Francis
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"2018-03-15 14:27:31"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Lewis Hamilton
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"2018-03-14 12:57:22"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jim Carrey
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"2018-03-13 13:32:14"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Pamela Anderson
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"2018-03-12 16:04:30"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Kat Von D
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"2018-03-11 16:16:39"
15 REAL Signs You’re Going To Be A Billionaire
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"2018-03-10 15:16:27"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About John McAfee
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"2018-03-09 14:34:41"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Vietnam
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"2018-03-08 14:53:17"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Candice Swanepoel
\\ //
"2018-03-07 12:47:08"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Zoella
\\ //
"2018-03-06 12:14:47"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Zendaya
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"2018-03-05 12:45:38"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Christian Louboutin
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"2018-03-04 13:14:21"
15 Reasons Why Women Earn Less Money Than Men
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"2018-03-03 12:49:54"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Vin Diesel
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"2018-03-02 14:01:24"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Marc Jacobs
\\ //
"2018-03-01 16:42:48"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Irina Shayk
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"2018-02-28 12:48:17"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Rowan Atkinson
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"2018-02-27 17:02:34"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About MIAMI
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"2018-02-26 15:01:58"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Simon Cowell
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"2018-02-25 13:30:57"
15 Business Books Everyone Should Read (Part 2)
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"2018-02-24 12:39:16"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Maria Sharapova
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"2018-02-23 14:30:38"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About IKEA
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"2018-02-22 13:29:23"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Steven Seagal
\\ //
"2018-02-21 14:22:51"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About John F. Kennedy
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"2018-02-20 15:13:42"
15 Things Poor People Get WRONG About Money
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"2018-02-19 15:23:24"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Dalai Lama
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"2018-02-18 13:53:05"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Rita Ora
\\ //
"2018-02-17 13:37:19"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Dan Brown
\\ //
"2018-02-16 14:23:40"
15 things you didn’t know about Denzel Washington
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"2018-02-15 12:02:23"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Elvis Presley
\\ //
"2018-02-14 12:09:06"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Sophia Loren
\\ //
"2018-02-13 12:57:20"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Tom Hanks
\\ //
"2018-02-12 13:44:09"
Top 10 Most Expensive Actor Homes
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"2018-02-11 13:58:29"
15 SACRIFICES You Need to Make If You Want to be RICH
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"2018-02-10 21:01:50"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Shaquille O’Neal
\\ //
"2018-02-09 13:04:58"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Mother Teresa
\\ //
"2018-02-08 13:13:41"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Pakistan
\\ //
"2018-02-07 16:50:55"
15 Things You Didn't Know About HBO
\\ //
"2018-02-06 12:12:17"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Scott Disick
\\ //
"2018-02-05 11:54:15"
Top 15 Exotic Destinations To Add To Your 2018 Travel List
\\ //
"2018-02-04 14:39:22"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Ryan Seacrest
\\ //
"2018-02-03 13:19:00"
Top 10 Most Expensive CEO Homes
\\ //
"2018-02-02 14:38:14"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Princess Diana
\\ //
"2018-02-01 14:27:19"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Audrey Hepburn
\\ //
"2018-01-31 15:33:40"
15 Things You Didn't Know About ALUX.COM
\\ //
"2018-01-30 14:38:02"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Howard Hughes
\\ //
"2018-01-29 12:59:50"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Macaulay Culkin
\\ //
"2018-01-27 15:17:28"
Top 10 Most Expensive Homes Of Football Players
\\ //
"2018-01-26 12:56:08"
15 Things You Didn't Know About UNIVERSAL
\\ //
"2018-01-25 15:54:20"
Top 10 Most Expensive Rapper Homes
\\ //
"2018-01-24 12:02:27"
15 Things You Didn't Know About PARAMOUNT
\\ //
"2018-01-23 13:44:27"
15 Things You Didn't Know About MARVEL
\\ //
"2018-01-22 12:26:28"
15 Things You Didn't Know About DC COMICS
\\ //
"2018-01-21 12:16:29"
15 Things You Didn't Know About GUESS
\\ //
"2018-01-20 12:11:58"
15 Things You Didn't Know About 20ᵗʰ CENTURY FOX
\\ //
"2018-01-19 12:59:06"
15 Things You Didn't Know About PANASONIC
\\ //
"2018-01-18 11:42:19"
15 Things You Didn't Know About GILLETTE
\\ //
"2018-01-17 13:29:19"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Warner Brothers
\\ //
"2018-01-16 12:18:41"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Walmart
\\ //
"2018-01-15 14:56:06"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Tommy Hilfiger
\\ //
"2018-01-14 14:23:43"
15 Things Rich People Buy That Poor People Can’t Afford
\\ //
"2018-01-13 12:50:11"
Top 10 Most Expensive Fireworks Shows In The World
\\ //
"2018-01-12 12:18:03"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Peter Marino
\\ //
"2018-01-11 11:58:08"
15 Things You Didn't Know About HSBC
\\ //
"2018-01-10 13:34:41"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jean Michel Basquiat
\\ //
"2018-01-09 11:13:55"
15 Things You Didn't Know About POLAROID
\\ //
"2018-01-08 11:53:47"
15 Things You Didn't Know About SIEMENS
\\ //
"2018-01-07 12:00:47"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Colgate
\\ //
"2018-01-06 11:25:39"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Jourdan Dunn
\\ //
"2018-01-05 12:34:41"
15 Things You Didn’t Know About Hershey's
\\ //
"2018-01-04 12:12:43"
15 Things You Didn't Know About NESTLÉ
\\ //
"2018-01-03 13:40:35"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Lancome
\\ //
"2017-12-31 14:47:05"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Prince Harry
\\ //
"2017-12-29 12:35:37"
Top 10 Most Expensive Christmas Trees In The World
\\ //
"2017-12-28 11:08:00"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Heineken
\\ //
"2017-12-26 15:55:53"
Top 10 Most Expensive Christmas Gifts Celebrities Got
\\ //
"2017-12-25 10:30:00"
Who Is The "Alux Lady" Narrating The Videos?
\\ //
"2017-12-24 14:05:30"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Santa Claus
\\ //
"2017-12-24 10:30:01"
When Are You Coming To My Country?
\\ //
"2017-12-23 10:30:01"
How Do You Get Rich In A Developing Country?
\\ //
"2017-12-22 23:57:34"
Top 10 Best Hotels To Enjoy Christmas At
\\ //
"2017-12-22 16:07:02"
Inside a $21 Million Wine Collection
\\ //
"2017-12-22 10:30:02"
Should You Go To College Or Start A Business?
\\ //
"2017-12-21 16:11:42"
15 Things You Didn't Know About IWC
\\ //
"2017-12-21 10:30:01"
How Much Money Do You Need To Be Rich?
\\ //
"2017-12-20 10:30:01"
Can You Still Get Rich If You’re Old?
\\ //
"2017-12-19 15:08:11"
15 Things You Didn't Know About RIO DE JANEIRO
\\ //
"2017-12-19 10:30:01"
How Do I Get Someone To Invest In My Idea?
\\ //
"2017-12-18 10:30:00"
How Do You Find A Mentor?
\\ //
"2017-12-17 20:49:25"
15 Things You Didn't Know About BAHRAIN
\\ //
"2017-12-17 10:30:00"
What If You Fail?
\\ //
"2017-12-16 10:30:01"
How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Business?
\\ //
"2017-12-15 22:49:41"
15 Billionaires Who Are Now Broke
\\ //
"2017-12-15 10:30:00"
Should You Buy Bitcoin?
\\ //
"2017-12-14 21:15:25"
15 Things You Didn't Know About MASTERCARD
\\ //
"2017-12-14 10:30:00"
How Do You Get Rich?
\\ //
"2017-12-13 20:14:22"
15 Weird Things People Paid A Lot Of Money For
\\ //
"2017-12-13 10:30:00"
Which Industries Will Blow Up In The Future?
\\ //
"2017-12-12 18:18:22"
15 Homeless People Who Became Rich
\\ //
"2017-12-12 10:30:01"
I’m A Teenager What Should I Do?
\\ //
"2017-12-11 17:25:52"
Top 10 Most Expensive Flowers In The World
\\ //
"2017-12-11 10:30:00"
Should I Drop Out And Start A Business?
\\ //
"2017-12-10 13:13:51"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Post Malone
\\ //
"2017-12-09 12:08:26"
15 Ways To Improve Productivity
\\ //
"2017-12-08 14:47:16"
Top 10 Best Winter Destinations In The World
\\ //
"2017-12-07 13:14:38"
Top 10 Most Expensive Snowboards In The World
\\ //
"2017-12-06 13:05:20"
15 Luxury Yachts That Only Billionaires Can Afford
\\ //
"2017-12-05 13:17:37"
15 Signs You're Going To Be Successful
\\ //
"2017-12-04 13:27:02"
15 Things You Didn't Know About VIRGIN
\\ //
"2017-12-03 12:58:07"
15 Luxury Islands You Can Buy Right Now
\\ //
"2017-12-02 13:26:01"
Top 10 Most Expensive Wines In The World
\\ //
"2017-12-01 11:39:57"
15 Things You Didn't Know About TOYOTA
\\ //
"2017-11-30 12:15:26"
Top 10 Most Expensive Robots in the World
\\ //
"2017-11-29 14:05:34"
15 Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones
\\ //
"2017-11-28 11:51:05"
15 Things You Didn't Know About CLEOPATRA
\\ //
"2017-11-27 13:24:42"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Meghan Markle
\\ //
"2017-11-26 12:17:34"
15 Business Books Everyone Should Read
\\ //
"2017-11-25 13:44:08"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Faraday Future
\\ //
"2017-11-24 12:32:27"
15 Thing You Didn't Know About BUDWEISER
\\ //
"2017-11-23 12:32:50"
15 Things You Didn't Know About VISA
\\ //
"2017-11-22 14:16:15"
15 Reasons Why You Should Have a Mentor
\\ //
"2017-11-21 12:33:32"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Angela Merkel
\\ //
"2017-11-20 12:46:03"
15 Things You Didn't Know About INTEL
\\ //
"2017-11-19 15:27:27"
15 Reasons Why People FAIL
\\ //
"2017-11-18 13:27:09"
15 Things You Didn't Know About BRABUS
\\ //
"2017-11-17 12:32:58"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Michael Jackson
\\ //
"2017-11-16 13:18:20"
15 Things You Didn't Know About CHEVROLET
\\ //
"2017-11-15 15:21:18"
15 Things You Didn't Know About CITROEN
\\ //
"2017-11-14 12:42:33"
15 Things You Didn't Know About FINLAND
\\ //
"2017-11-13 12:49:44"
10 Hot Guys To Follow On Instagram
\\ //
"2017-11-13 12:49:33"
10 Hot Babes To Follow On Instagram
\\ //
"2017-11-12 14:12:42"
MILAN, Italy (Travel Guide by
\\ //
"2017-11-11 12:10:53"
15 Things You Didn't Know About SKODA
\\ //
"2017-11-10 13:03:26"
15 Things You Didn't Know About Keanu Reeves
\\ //
"2017-11-09 14:58:51"
15 Things You Didn't Know About LOTUS
\\ //
"2017-11-08 13:48:18"
15 Dumb Advice Unsuccessful People Give You
\\ //
"2017-11-07 14:39:19"
15 Things You Didn't Know About RENAULT
\\ //
"2017-11-06 13:50:36"
15 Things You Didn't Know About AUSTRALIA
\\ //
"2017-11-05 15:07:04"
15 Things Rich People Do That the Poor Don’t
\\ //
"2017-11-04 15:09:27"
15 Things You Didn't Know About JEEP
\\ //
"2017-11-03 12:42:09"
15 Things You Didn't Know About RED BULL
\\ //
"2017-11-02 12:48:44"
15 Things You Didn't Know About BRIDGEWATER ASSOCIATES
\\ //
"2017-11-01 13:44:32"
15 Things You Didn't Know About VANGUARD GROUP
\\15 things you didn't know about vanguard group welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a lax was unwelcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today we're revealing some unknown facts about the investment management group that has been dominating in the investment industry ever since they came to the scene over 40 years ago let's talk about the vanguard group John C. Bogle after referred to as Jack graduated from Princeton in 1951 and immediately was hired by the well respected Wellington management company about 15 years later he became the president of the company and was named CEO in 1970 when I merge with another fund management group ended badly he was fired from the position in 1974 Bogle has said that he was embarrassed yet grateful for the firing because if not for that there would have been no vanguard group vocalist evil to start a new fund division at Wellington named vanguard in 1975 and established the first index investment trust growth was slow to begin with but accelerated in the early eighties additional funds were offered including the first bond index fund ever offered to individual investors during the 19 nineties vanguard became the largest mutual company in the world it continues to be the largest provider of mutual funds and the second largest provider of ETFs or exchange traded funds they are headquartered in Malvern Pennsylvania a suburb of Philadelphia and they also have offices in North Carolina Arizona Australia Asia and in Europe they currently have over $600000000000000 in assets the vanguard group is unique in that it is structured as a mutual company meaning that it's owned by funds managed by the company and therefore is owned by its customers this gives the customers a greater possibility of growth due to the lower fees and it makes it more difficult for other funds to compete if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks the vanguard group is a dominated force in the investment industry and we know many a lectures count on investments to help build their wealth so let's take a closer look at this revolutionary company with the 15 things you didn't know about the vanguard group number one the percentage of mutual fund industry assets they own has doubled in the last 17 years Vancouver currently owns 22 percent of mutual fund industry assets a percentage which has doubled since 2000 when they only own 11 percent the added 350000 new accounts in both 2015 and 2016 just of individual investors who wish to purchase their mutual funds directly through vanguard number 2 fans of Jack Bogle are called Bogle heads there is a group of people who absolutely adore vanguard and the founder Jack Bogle in particular fans of Jack Bogle affectionately call themselves Bogle hands and the group started forming at the very beginning of the company's founding the group started as a forum where members discussed how to save more money plan their investments avoid mistakes and retire worry free ends now they've become a cohesive community that refers to Jack Bogle has Saint Jack in 2009 the vocal has created their own website called Bogle and the site currently gets more than 16000000 page views a month number 3 vanguard is going faster than all the other investment groups combined from 2013 to 16 the more than 4000 firms that comprise the mutual fund industry took a net of $97000000000 vanguard on the other hand took 823000000000 from investors in that same time period meaning that vanguard brought in about 8.5 times as much as all of their competitors combined number 4 vanguard is named after a British warship Jack Vogel was given a book about great Britain's naval achievements that featured the warship the HMS vanguard which was built in 1787 global thought this would be a great name for the fun division he was working to develop as a part of the Wellington management company initially the Wellington executives did not like the name but it was narrowly approved after Bogle reasoned with them that vanguard funds would be listed alphabetically next to Wellington funds number 5 vanguard has more than 20000000 investors worldwide as of the end of 2016 vanguard boasts of more than 20000000 investors who are located in around 170 countries worldwide in 2026 out of every $10 invested in the United States went through vanguard number 6 there's an annual Bogle had conference the idea for the annual Bogle had conference came when a group of avid vanguard investors who met through the vanguard die hards forum met the Miami home of Taylor Laragh more and now the annual conference is a major event in the investment world and Jack Bogle himself often makes an appearance the 2017 conference was held in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and sold out just 5 days after the announcement was made at a cost of $275 per ticket with Jack Bogle as the special guest number 7 the company's first fund was almost canceled due to not meeting expectations the first index investment trust which is now called the vanguard 500 index funds was the company's first fund it was incorporated on 12/31/1975 and it raised $11000000 in its initial public offering failing to meet the expectations that would raise 150000000 the banks that manage the public offering suggested that Bogle cancel the fund that Bogle refused the fund now holds over 100 83 $0 in assets number 8 Jack dubbed Taylor Moore the king of the Bogle heads in 1998 Taylor Moore was 1 of the founders of the vocal heads community at the vanguard die hards forum on Lehrer more who turned 90 in 2014 has led an interesting life that is included being a World War 2 paratrooper a scuba diver a life insurance underwriter the revenue officer for the IRS and the director of the Dade County housing finance authority he also won the Biscayne Bay sailing or got on his ninetieth birthday he first discovered vocal in 1986 and his portfolio improved dramatically when he invested with vanguard he soon became the leader of the Bogle had movement as many look to him for investment advice he was the co writer of the Bogle has guide to investing and the Bogle heads guide to retirement planning Andy is written tens of thousands of posts on the vanguard Die Hard forum so it's no wonder that Jack Bogle calls him the king of the Bogle had number 9 the naval influences go beyond the company's name we mentioned at the company's name was inspired by ship but Jack Bogle took it a step further than that much of the company's culture shows and naval influences for example employees are called crew members the gym is called ship shape the cafeteria is referred to as the galley and the company store is called the chandlery number 10 the company received a perfect LGBT inclusion score the Human Rights Campaign doesn't extensive review of companies'policies and culture regarding the LGBT population and the signs a score on a scale of 0 to 100 the vanguard group was included among an elite list of companies that received a perfect score of 100 on the human rights campaign's corporate equality index other companies that have achieved this include coca Cola forward Marryat Walmart apple and General Motors if you'd like to check out another well known company that received a perfect rating click at the upper right hand corner to watch our video of 15 things you didn't know about apple number 11 Jack Bogle regularly donated half of his salary to charity Jack Bogle has a net worth of around $80000000 which is much less than its counterparts in the investment industry this is due partly to the business model of the vanguard group and partly because of his philanthropic endeavors well he was the CEO of vanguard he regularly gave away half of his salary to charities especially to fund scholarships for the Blair academy a private high school in New Jersey that Bogle attended on scholarship and Princeton University where Jack attended college number 12 Bogle was forced to retire at the age of 70 vanguard's company board implemented a mandatory retirement age of 70 for the company although Bogle agreed with the rule he didn't necessarily think it should apply to him when he turns 70 he argued that the creator of the company deserves a tad of extra consideration when it comes to the retirement rules however no exception was made and the company board require that he stepped down in 1999 when he turns 70 Bogle still stays involved with the company and runs a researcher operation on vanguard campus anti especially enjoys engaging with the bubble had community number 13 the vanguard of fact has saved investors over $1000000000000 the so called vanguard affect refers to the way in which the vanguard group drives down costs across the investment industry by influencing their rival funds to lower their fees in order to better compete 1 analysis found that over the history of the company the vanguard of fact has saved investors a total of $1000000000000 and the estimated savings for their own investors since their founding in 1974 is over 100 75 $0 number 14 they move about $20000000000 a year in revenue from the financial industry one Bloomberg analysis determined that vanguard's index funds take away about $20000000000 per year in revenue from the financial industry it's clear that the passive investing made popular by vanguard has significantly affected wall street's revenue number 15 they manage assets totaling more than 4.$2000000000000 in 2013 the assets under management at vanguard past the $2000000000000 mark and just one year later the assets under management past the $3000000000000 mark in part thanks to vanguard's fast growing international operations by 2017 the total number of assets under its management was more than 4.$2000000000000 now that you've learned more about vanguard group we'd like to know have any of our a like Sears use this investment firm less know in the comments still here hears about a stock just for you the average daily inflow at vanguard is $740000000 and vanguard's traders put as much as $2000000000 a day into stock which is 20 times the amount vanguard was investing daily back in 2009 thank you for spending sometime with us a locks airs make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock Sir and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About OPEL
\\15 things you didn't know about opal welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a locks or some local to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today revealing some interesting and surprising facts about 1 of the longest running and most successful German automobile manufacturers opal opal was founded by Adam Opel in 1862 the company started with making sewing machines and then moved on to bicycle production and finally automobile production in 1899 in 1911 a fire wiped out most of the plants but opal came back strong and celebrated their fiftieth anniversary the following year in 1924 they started incorporating an assembly line in their factory and they were able to increase production dramatically General Motors assumed full control in 1931 by 1935 opal was the largest auto maker in Europe although the Opel plant in Germany was completely destroyed in World War 2 it was rebuilt in 1950 from there the company expanded and opened additional plans to meet demand the company currently offers a number of models including the atom astra because gotta Corsa insignia Carl the fear and mocha asks in 2017 at GM sold the Opel brand to the French automobile manufacturer group PSA opal has been through some major ups and downs and it's over 150 years of existence but the brand continues to push forward and evolve to meet the demands of the ever advancing auto industry we were inspired by opal's resilience ambition innovative spirit and long history as the company if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks so let's take a closer look at this German automaker with these 15 things you didn't know about opal number one opal started as a sewing machine company in 1862 a man named Adam Opel started building sewing machines in a cow shed in his backyard what was so innovative about this was that the sewing machines were highly personalized and made with extremely precise and advanced technology for the time the company built a 1000000 sewing machines by 1911 no one even thought the name opal would become world renowned for its cars but after Adam Opel staffed the company had started branching out into other market opportunities number 2 General Motors bought a majority share of the company back in 1929 in the early nineteenth century the American company General Motors started delving into the European market so that they could boast having a presence in every major auto market in the world and they soon set their sights on opal the Opel company went public in 1929 and G. M. immediately bought enough stakes to hold a majority in 1931 General Motors assumed full control of the company V. opal family gained 33 0.$3000000 from the transaction number 3 opal was the first a German manufacturer to produce more than 100000 cars per year after Adam Opel staff his son took over the company and started experimenting in the auto market in the early 19 twenties they became the first German company to incorporate a mass production line in their factory thanks to this technology their cars quickly became accessible to most middle class families and by the mid 19 thirties they are producing more than 100000 cars a year and where the first German company to pass this milestone number 4 they invented the first vehicle with a self supporting all steel body in 1934 opal invented the first vehicle with a self supporting all steel body they launched in 1935 under the name Olympia and started mass producing it which was also the first for this kind of technology in Germany this unibody greatly revolutionize the auto industry worldwide and opal received a patent for their innovative technology by 1937 the production plant in the muscles time was the leading car plant in Europe ranking seventh worldwide number 5 Opel models are often rebadged based on the target market because of opal's incredible designs and innovative technology General Motors has sold Opel models all over the world re badging them with the brand that is the most popular in their target market the course that is an excellent example in the United Kingdom it was sold under the box whole name in Germany as opal and in north and South America as Chevrolet number 6 the 10 millionth opal was produced in 1971 the a record see was the most popular of the record series and it was the first record to sell over 1000000 units a record C. helped opal break a record when it became the 10 millionth Opel car manufactured since the start of production in 1899 number 7 V. allies bomb to their plants in World War 2 although they were owned by GM when the allied forces solid technology that opal was being forced to create for the German army in World War 2 they started attacks by air in August of 1944 the destruction in Russell time was devastating and stopped production altogether the first few months of 1945 were pretty bleak for the company's future and after the war ended the Russells home plant fell to the Russian control part of Germany making their recovery and even slower and more painful process number 8 PSA Peugeot bought opal from GM for 2.$2000000000 in 2017 General Motors decided to sell their stocks and opal to the PSA group in March of 2017 this sale was finalized for 2.$2000000000 which the owners of PSA gladly paid to take charge of the prestigious German friends it's not the first time that General Motors thought of selling opal it was almost done decades before immediately after World War 2 and during the Cold War when tensions with Russia were so high that the world market was struggling but this is the first time since 1929 that General Motors is no longer going to be in charge of the Opel brand or production number 9 Opel made at Frigidaire refrigerators after World War 2 opal came back stronger than ever and started producing more than just vehicles they were also the manufacturers of Frigidaire refrigerators and extremely famous brand that became known across the globe the Frigidaire brand is now owned by Electrolux number 10 they slipped under the radar while Germany was preparing for war during the German preparations leading up to World War 2 the country sees many of its international companies and made use of the factories buildings or property they deemed necessary for the war effort interestingly enough the big production plants that opal had and Russell time were not deemed important or relevant to the war preparations this allowed the company to keep growing well many competing companies had to halt production on their own products once the war started some auto factories were shut down not to convert them into war factories but rather to save resources it wasn't until 1942 that Germany decided to use the opal production plants to make aircraft parts and takes for the war and it wasn't until 1945 that the Opel company started to see steep dives in their production numbers if you want to learn some interesting facts about one auto company that Germany heavily relied on in World War 2 cook in the upper right hand corner to watch a video of 15 things you didn't know about Mercedes Benz number 11 the Opel Adam has over 61000 possible combinations for the exterior look the Opel Adam was named after the company's founder it was launched at the 2012 Paris motor show and production began the following year one of the most unique qualities of the atom is how many personalization options the car offers starting from the basics the car is offered in 3 different trim levels the Adam jam the atom slam and to the Adam glam and a wide variety of colors but it is much more than that there are actually over 61000 combinations possible for the exterior and over 82000 for the interior with options for different roof colors different interior colors day car headliners like the LED lit starlight roof trim and many more number 12 Opel cars are typically not sold in America under the opal may Opel cars were sold under their own name in the U. S. from 1958 to 1975 however in the years since then it has been very rare for an Opel to be sold under that name instead they have often been sold under the Chevrolet Buick Pontiac Saturn and Cadillac brands the recent Opel cars that have been sold in America include the Buick regal Saturn L. series Buick has gotta Buick lacrosse Saturday astra and Cadillac terra number 13 opal has had 5 different love goes in its history Opel's first logo was a red and gold stylized combination of the founder Adam Opel in 1860 a second design was created featuring Adam opals name along with the phrase Victoria blitz which referred to lady victory the third logo had opal spelled out in an outline that was the shape of an eye and this was used in the early 19 hundreds to the 19 thirties the fourth was a Zeppelin which represented progress surrounded by a ring which represented a bicycle wheel in the 19 eighties the modern logo was designed featuring a sideways lightning bolt that was taken from the earlier idea of Victoria bless since blitz means lightning in German the reason it's horizontal is about it resembles the 2 stripes on the first opal trucks number 14 the opal astra is among the most common cars scene on the autobahn the German autobahn is one of the most famous highways in the its reputation for not having speed limits and being heavily to drive on has attracted the attention of car lovers all over the world you would expect to see many Lamborghinis and we got a speeding up and down the autobahn but in actuality one of the most common cars scene on the autobahn is the opal astra number 15 oval heights sharks in some of their cars you might be familiar with the term Easter egg which refers to a hidden message an inside joke or secret feature usually in games or movie opal has hidden some Easter eggs of their own and some of their cars in the form of little shark designs hidden in some of their models there's one in the glove box of the 2004 course that 3 hidden on the inside of the fear out and 3 that can be found on the inside of the atom although opal won't tell anybody where to look you'll have to find them yourselves now that you learn more about opal we'd like to know if you have ever owned an opal vehicle and if so which one must know in the comments still here hears about this fact just for you before opal delves into the automobile mark they became a big name in bicycle sales the killer at the penny farthing the penny farthing is an unusual mode of transportation with a huge wheel in the front and a comparatively small of the back these were very popular for men and women to use in Germany in 18 eighties when opal started selling the penny farthing he was so successful that he soon was selling more bicycles that sewing machines and by the time Adam Opel died in 1895 opal was the leading brand in Germany for both of these markets thank you for spending sometime with us a lock there make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we had picked these videos you might enjoy our head over to a lock stock com for the best in fine living content on the planet be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About COACH
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15 Things You Didn't Know About BRIONI
\\15 things you didn't know about Brioni welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello elixirs welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock today revealing some unknown facts about one of the most prestigious names in luxury men's wear Brioni Brioni was founded in Rome by master tailor Nazareno political the and businessmen get tunnel Savini in 19 from the very beginning but he only has offered innovative designs with distinctive silhouettes color options and fabrics their suits quickly attracted the attention of celebrities heads of state and business leaders at the end of the 19 fifties they opened a production plant in hand they Italy to better meet the demands of their growing customer base the factory introduced the concept of ready to wear hope could tour which elevated the brand to the international fashion scene the company entered a new era when it was purchased by French fashion group caring in 2012 creative director Brendan Mullane expanded the product lines to include ready to wear collection leather goods shoes I wear and fragrances in 2016 just so she was briefly named creative director with the goal of revolutionizing the brand but his tenure was short lived after 8 months with no creative director delivery and each show was appointed to the role becoming the first woman creative director in the brand's history Brioni is now working to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive luxury goods market but we're confident that a company with such a rich history of innovation will be able to evolve to meet the changing needs of its customers if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks let's take a closer look now at the esteemed Italian could to our house with 15 things you didn't know about Brioni number one Brioni have the first fashion show for the menswear industry in 1952 the Brioni branch made history by holding the very first men's wear fashion show at the palace in Florence Italy life magazine wrote about the fashion show at the time saying that it featured startling innovations such as matching ensembles and brass button overcoats the fashion show not only helped make a name for the brand internationally but also made a great impact on the future of men's fashion number 2 Brioni was named for a common vacation spot of the rich and famous unlike the names of many high end fashion labels that come from asserting Brioni was actually named for a group of islands off the Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea that was frequented by Europe's rich and famous in the first few decades of the twentieth century before World War 2 number 3 Brioni had a very unique fashion show to introduce their brand to the United States in 1964 Brioni introduced their brand to the United States by draining the fountains of new York's famous Waldorf Astoria hotel and transforming them into a runway during the New York world's fair they followed this show with fashion shows and 8 other cities and opened up their first American shop later that year number 4 Justin oh Shea was fired after just 6 months with the company just as she was hired as a creative director of Brioni back in March of 2000 so Steen despite not having any design training or experience this was a shocking appointment to most in the fashion industry but Brioni was looking for a radical way to reinvent themselves he introduced only one collection in his brief tenure at Brioni which raised eyebrows as it veered away from Brioni is traditional conservative stylings with looks like crocodile skin jackets a calf length jacket covered in gun print and develop it suits his tenure was abruptly ended just 6 months after it began number 5 the Brioni vanquished too sick had a price tag of $43000 in the fall of 2008 when the world was experiencing a global recession Brioni introduced one of their most expensive suit lines in the history of the company the Brioni vanquished to line of 6 were made from the finest fibers of vicuna patch mia and to keep awake kiva work well comes from the muskox that only lives in the Canadian arctic Alaska and Greenland vicuna wealth comes from a species of lava and the passion you know what comes from 4 distinct breeds of Kashmir goats but we found in India and Nepal only 100 of these hand made suits were created in 14 different styles with the most expensive being $43000 number 6 ... shape posted a picture of a Brioni coffin on Instagram hours before it was announced that the creative director Justin of Shea had been fired 6 months into the job he posted a picture on Instagram that could have given some of his discerning followers a heads up on his impending departure the picture you posted was of a coffin standing upright in the window of company store the coffin was embellished with the initial of the Brioni brand in the new gothic fund he introduced in his rebranding of the company number 7 Brioni launched an $830 fragrance in 2009 in 2009 Brioni launched a fragrance inspired by a Cologne they sold in 1959 called good luck the fragrance was simply called Brioni and it came in an exclusive glass container made by glass blowers in the town of Empoli Italy and it was housed in a hand made Italian leather case that also held a booklet about the company's history the center was sold for $399 for the 100 milliliter size and $830 for the 300 milliliter side number 8 members of Metallica were hired in 2016 as the face of the brand in his short time with the company just a shade definitely try to revolutionize the pre Audi brand by stepping away from the traditional into more unexpected areas one of the ways he did this was by hiring members of the heavy metal band Metallica to be the new faces of the brands band members Kirk Hammett Lars Olrik James Hetfield and Robert Trujillo were featured in a black and white ad that was inspired by queen's bohemian Rhapsody cover art the band wrote on their Instagram we are beyond thrilled to have been invited to be the face of the Italian luxury menswear powerhouse Brioni as they kick off their first creative campaign under the direction of newly appointed creative director uber cool style star Justin OSHA a they were also in the front row for a chaise first and the last fashion show with the company number 9 Donald Trump is a big fan of Brioni in much less controversial times Brioni supplied current U. S. president Donald Trump with suits well he was building his reality show the apprentice Brioni was also one of Donald trump's preferred soup brands while he was on the campaign trail which was somewhat controversial because many believed that he should be wearing American brands school is simply Brioni is also a favorite of former president Obama but trump received more criticism because his brand choices seem to conflict with the America first rhetoric he had during his campaign Brioni has not commented on their relationship with the president but many say that the association is not doing the brand's image any favors but yeah he also has a 220 square foot store in the newly opened the trump international hotel in Washington DC number 10 Tom Ford took Brioni spot as the soup maker for James Bond Brioni was the customer of choice for the James Bond films goldeneye tomorrow never dies the world is not enough die another day and casino royale this was one of the most high profile roles the soup maker had in pop culture and it seems like this would be a great business relationship for many movies to come before Tom Ford stepped on the scene and became the preferred designer for the 2008 Bond film quantum of solace and again for the 2015 film spectra if you want to learn more about the designer that took 3 outings place click in the upper right hand corner to check out our video of 15 things you didn't know about Tom Ford number 11 caring bought Brioni in 2010 for $413000000 caring is a French luxury goods conglomerate that has acquired some of the biggest brands the luxury fashion world including Gucci sailor on Alexander McQueen and partake of an attack in 2010 they also purchased Brioni reportedly for $413000000 they're working to increase the brand's presence in North America Europe and Asia and they're also trying to expand the bread with a collection of fashion forward leisure wear and accessories number 12 Brioni is an unintended victim of companies more casual dress codes but notice bottom line has suffered in recent years due to major companies moving to more casual dress code I companies like JP Morgan where high power suits used to be a requirement it's becoming more typical to have business casual dress policies on most occasions another example is price Waterhouse coopers which is America's fifth largest private company they change their dress code drastically to allow their employees to ditch suits and instead wear jeans except when meeting with clients it's moves like these that put traditional soup companies like Brioni in jeopardy but this is why Brioni is actively working to extend its leisure wear collection number 13 Brioni made a limited edition that James Bond suit just before the bond film casino royale came out in 2000 Brioni introduced a limited edition that bond theme attacks ito which had James Bond stitched into the silver lining the tax was only sold in a select few stores at a cost of about $4000 number 14 Brioni accepts only 15 to 18 students at at the school I dealt us our toria every 4 years the company's school at the alpha Sartorio or school of how it could tour is located in Penang in central Italy and was established in 1985 due to a lack of skilled Taylor's this is where their 400 master tailors learned the fine craftsmanship required to make a perfect Brioni suits the school only accepts 15 to 18 exceptionally qualified students every 4 years and those who complete the grueling training process a comet master tailors number 15 it takes 22 hours to make one Brioni suit let's look at Brioni by the numbers it takes 22 hours to make 1 flawless Brioni 6 and 30 5:00 hours to make a dinner jacket more than 180 people work on each sipped the jackets have 5000 hand sewn stitches and it takes 15 minutes just to hand so each button hole the jackets also go through 220 processes Jerry their creation 80 of which are ironing now that you've learned more about Brioni do you think they'll be able to overcome their challenges and continue to be successful in the luxury menswear industry let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about this fact just for you Brioni has been worn by a wide range of celebrities heads of state and the wealthy for decades the list of people who have worn the brands include Clark Gable Cary Grant Al Pacino Kirk Douglas Leonardo di Caprio Nelson Mandela Luciano Pavarotti Carlos slim Kofi anon and George W. bush thank you for spending sometime with us a lock Sir make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we hand picked these videos you might enjoy our head over to a for the best in fine living content on be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About CARTIER
\\15 things you didn't know about Cartier welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello elixirs and welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today we're revealing some interesting and surprising facts about Cartier the French luxury goods company with a long history of selling some of the finest watches and jewelry in the world the house of Cartier was founded in 1847 when Louis Francois Cartier inherited a jewelery workshop in Paris at the age of 29 nearly 10 years later he got his first royal clients when French princess Mathilde made her first part you purchase in 1856 in 1904 Cartier had built enough other reputation to be named as the official pure of air to King Edward the seventh of the United Kingdom and king Alfonso the thirteenth of Spain in 1909 Louis France Wass grandson Pierre establish the New York City branch of the company after Pierre's death in 1964 the remaining Cartier descendants who were in charge decided to sell the company Cartier is currently owned by the granddaughter of Pierre Cartier al paddles and the Rupert family of South Africa through the luxury goods company Reche month although they are best known for their jewelry and watches they also sell perfumes eyewear fashion accessories and other fine goods like money clips cufflinks and stationery Cartier has long been a favorite of royalty celebrities and the wealthy with their client list including names such as Queen Elizabeth Nicole Kidman Angelina Jolie Kate and pepper Middleton Kylie Jenner princess Diana Michelle Obama Zac Efron and we could go on Cartier embodies true beauty and luxury and timeless pieces that we know many a locks ours would love to add to their collection so let's take a closer look at this incredibly successful brand that has been delivering the finest products for 170 years with the 15 things you didn't know about Cartier number one Cartier sold the most expensive ruby in the world in 2015 party put their sunrise ruby a 25.6 carat Burmese ruby up for auction with Sotheby's auction house in 2015 the final bed which came from an anonymous buyer was $30335698 making it the most expensive ruby the most expensive colored gemstone and the most expensive non diamonds gemstones in the world the previous record for the highest price ruby was the graph ruby ring which sold for 8.$6000000 back in 2014 number 2 Cartier gave the love bracelet to 25 famous couples when it was introduced the iconic Cartier love bracelet was designed in 1969 and still remains 1 of the best selling pieces in the history of Cartier the bracelets were designed so they could only be taken off with a special screwdriver that comes with it at the time of purchase when the bracelets were first introduced Cartier got some major publicity by giving matching bracelets to 25 of the most famous couples of the time including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti Allie McGraw and Steve McQueen and nanny and Frank Sinatra number 3 Pierre Cartier bought his Fifth Avenue New York City with a pearl necklace in 1914 Pierre Cartier was able to make an incredible real estate deal with millionaire Morton plant who owned a building on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 50 second street Morton's fiance had her eye on a particular Cartier double strand pearl necklace and Cartier was eager to move his store to a more high and location Morton ended up giving Cartier what would become his flagship store location in exchange for the prom necklace and $100 number 4 JPMorgan bought his first Cartier mystery clock the mystery clock was designed in 1913 and I got its name because the hour and minute hands seem to be mysteriously flooding the illusion was achieved by mounting the hands too transparent Iraq crystal Cartier decorated these clocks with a number of diamonds and gemstones and shape them into individual works of art the first mystery clock was purchased by financier JP Morgan in 1929 for 32 $0 it was created by the original mystery clock designer Maurice clay and it was in the shape of a temple the clock was put up for auction in 1993 and the winning bid was over 1.$5000000 number 5 the most expensive love bracelet is $56000 originally the love bracelet sold for $250 and it was silver plated with 18 karat gold soon after the first bracelets were on the market Cartier started making the popular bracelets out of solid gold and the first a diamond studded bracelet was available in 1979 now there are a wide variety of love bracelet options available with the least expensive being the $1200 pink cord that comes with 2 links made of brown ceramic and 18 karat gold with 4 diamonds totaling point 01 carats the most expensive is the 56 $0 18 karat white gold option which is set with 216 brilliant cut diamonds totaling 3.16 carrots number 6 Alfred Cartier was the first to use platinum and making jewelry platinum in the nineteenth century was incredibly expensive and difficult to work with in 1847 Alford Cartier was the first take on the challenge of using this high end metal for making jewelry he used the strong metal to accentuate the brilliance of diamonds anti commonly incorporated it into his garland style pieces number 7 the Patala necklace was one of the most extravagant pieces of jewelry created by Cartier in 1928 the patella necklace was created by Cartier for Bhupinder saying of Patala who was the ruling Maharaja of the state of Patala in India at the time the necklace had 2930 diamonds including the world's seventh largest diamond known as the DeBeers which was around 234 carats 7 of the other diamonds were also quite large ranging from 18 to 73 carats the necklace also featured a number of Burmese rubies in 1948 the necklace disappeared but the DeBeers diamond resurfaced in 1982 and was sold at a Sotheby's auction in Geneva for 3.$16000000 in 1998 the missing part of the necklace was found that a second hand jewelry store in London but it was missing the Burmese rubies and the 7 large diamonds in addition to the DeBeers Cartier purchase the incomplete necklace and restore it to its original state although not exactly since they used cubic zirconia and synthetic diamonds to replace the missing jewels number 8 Cartier popularized wrist watches for men in the early 19 hundreds wrist watches were typically worn by women while the pocket watch was considered the gentleman's time please after his friend Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos dumont complain to Louis Cartier about having difficulty recording flight times with his pocket watch Cartier went to work designing a more practical time piece he debuted his first men's wristwatch called the Santos watch after his friend in 1904 the fame and achievements of Santos dumont in the field of aviation helped boost the popularity of the watch and the Santos watch is still a popular watch models sold by Cartier number 9 New York City hospitals keep a collection of love screwdrivers the love bracelet is so popular in New York City that many of the New York hospitals are sure to have a collection of love screwdrivers handy so that they can remove the bracelet from a patient's rest if necessary number 10 Kate Middleton was given a special Cartier watch by prince William for their third anniversary in 2014 Kate Middleton received a ballad blow to Cartier watch from her husband prince William to celebrate their third wedding anniversary the watch was embedded with a sapphire stone that matches the one in Kate's engagement ring which used to belong to princess Diana the watch costs around $7000 if you would like to learn more interesting facts about the Duchess of Cambridge click in the upper right hand corner to check out a video of 15 things you didn't know about Kate Middleton number 11 as of may 2017 Cartier is the 60 first most valuable brand in the world when you think of all the millions of brands there are in the world it is very impressive for a company to be listed anywhere in the top 100 brands B. specially a company that has been operating for 170 years as of 2017 the Cartier brand is still going strong coming in 60 first on Forbes most valuable brands list in 2016 new stores opened in Australia China Thailand and Turkey and the company did 5.$7000000000 in sales number 12 the tutti frutti collection originated in 1901 the popular tutti frutti collection by Cartier originated in 1901 with a necklace commissioned by queen Alexandra of Great Britain to be worn with 3 Indian grounds that she had received as a gift the distinctive styling of the jewelery is characterized by the brightly colored gemstones carved using Indian techniques that are set in French platinum and diamonds mountings although it was a very popular style in the 19 twenties it didn't get the tutti frutti name until 1970 it remains 1 of the most celebrated Cartier collections number 13 Jacqueline Kennedy's watches the most expensive Cartier tank ever sold in 2018 of Cartier's trademark tank watches that was owned by United States First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis became the most expensive tank ever sold with a winning bid of 300 79 $500 at an auction in New York City the 18 karat gold watch is a square shaped Cartier tank ordinaire that was 1 of 3 of its kind produced in 1963 number 14 a Cartier panther bracelet is the most expensive bracelet ever sold at auction Edward the third was king of the United Kingdom from January 1936 until December of that same year when he abdicated his throne to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson the couple had several items commission from Cartier over the course of their marriage including a panther bracelet made with 545 pave set diamonds and caliber cut onyx stones with 2 emeralds for the Panthers size in 2010 that bracelet became the most expensive bracelet ever sold at auction with a winning bid of $7000000 despite having several small stones missing number 15 Cartier sold the hope diamond in 1910 recognized as the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world the hope diamond changed hands more than 20 times before it was finally given to the Smithsonian museum of natural history in Washington DC where has been on display since 1958 1 of the owners was Pierre Cartier who bought it in 1910 for $150000 which is around 3.86 $0 at today's valuation he sold it to Washington DC millionaires Evelyn Walsh and Edward Beale McLean in 1911 for $180000 or 4.$5000000 at today's valuation the blue diamond is currently valued at $250000000 now that you learn more about Cartier we'd like to know which luxury jewelry brand do you prefer let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about a sax just for you Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge wore Cartier's halo tiara featuring 739 brilliant cut diamonds and 149 baguette cut diamonds during her wedding to prince William back in 2011 thank you for spending sometime with us a lock there's make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock Sir and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Saint Laurent
\\nbatv team things you didn't know about St Laurent or welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello elixirs McCutcheon other exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today revealing some interesting and surprising facts about the French luxury fashion house Cimarron Yves Saint Laurent founded the company named after him in 1961 along with his partner Pierre Berge day from its inception several has made a major impact on the fashion industry with innovative pieces like taxied our jackets for women in 1993 YSL was sold to pharmaceutical company Sanofi for $600000000 but still our own retains creative control in 1999 YSL was acquired by Gucci and Tom Ford became the creative director he designed the ready to wear collection while sailor Ron design the host couture collection in 2000 east in Larimer tired and Stefano piloti joined the company to run the ready to wear line he was later promoted to creative director when Tom Ford left the company in 2012 at a salon took over as creative director and made the controversial decision to drop the first part of the name to rebrand the company as sailor all throughout its history sailor role has been a favorite of many top celebrities and current fans of the brands include lady Gaga Justin Bieber Kanye west Cameron Diaz Margot Robbie and a Watson andriana if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks the brand has clearly made its mark on the fashion world and continues to evolve along with the industry so let's take a closer look with these 15 things you didn't know about Saint Laurent number one several started his label after he was fired from do your Yves Saint Laurent was hired by do your when he was a teenager and when Christian Dior died suddenly a couple of years later he was named the head designer of the house of Dior when he was only 21 he was conscripted to serve in the French army 3 years later during the Algerian War of independence but he only serve 20 days before he was admitted to a military hospital due to the psychological effects of constant hazing by fellow soldiers it was at the hospital that he learned he had been fired by DR after he was released from the hospital in 1960 he successfully sued your for breach of contract and then with the 48 0 pounds of settlement money he started his own fashion house along with his romantic partner Pierre Berge day number 2 sailor all is widely regarded as the inventor of the women's pants suit coco Chanel designed loose trousers for women in the early twentieth century and during World War 2 pants were worn by many women out of necessity well they were doing manual labor in the men's absence but sailor Rome was the first to bring pant suits to the world of high fashion evening wear his 1966 line offered trousers and a new take on the classic tic CEO called the low smoking jacket although many fashion critics were not impressed the look was embraced by a few high profile women including Liza Minnelli Lauren Bacall and Bianca Jagger it became such an iconic part of the company that it was recreated in different forms in every collection from then until present day number 3 Bianca Jagger wore a wire Saleh smoking jacket to her wedding when Nicaraguan born Bianca per as more a mass yes married Mick Jagger in 1971 her outfit of choice insure that all eyes were on the bride she wore a perfectly tailored YSL list smoking jacket with nothing underneath along with a long white skirt and a large veiled sun hat Mick Jagger wore a green suit and sneakers the couple divorced 8 years later number 41 of the Nikki boots options is encrusted with 3000 Swarovski crystals then Nicki bits are a major component of Saint Lawrence fall line but there is one pair in particular that really stands out then Nicki Swarovski crystal embellished leather knee boots are hand crafted with black leather that is encrusted with 3000 Swarovski crystals that cover every inch of the boots they can be yours for a little over $9000 number 5 many fine dining restaurants initially would not seat women who are wearing a YSL trouser suit what if still raw introduced the women's trouser suit in 1966 not everyone embrace the fashion forward idea many fine dining restaurants would turn away women who showed up in the YSL trouser suits refusing to serve them because they deems their attire inappropriate nan Kempner a famous New York socialite who was turned away from the Kotte Basque restaurant in New York while wearing her YSL taxi to suit she defiantly took the pants off wore the jacket as a thigh skimming mini dress and was then permitted inside number 6 a photograph of Yves Saint Laurent sold for over $48000 back in 2010 in 1971 Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer to appear in an advertisement for his own perfume and he did so in the news the advertisement obviously attracted a lot of attention to the brand although many publications refused to print it in 2011 of the original pictures for the advertisement taken by French fashion photographer John loops I was auctioned off along with many other photographs from his collection the sailor all photograph brought in the highest amount of the night with a winning bid of $48186 number 7 eve sailor all sued Ralph Lauren in 1994 Yves Saint Laurent successfully sued Ralph Lauren for counterfeiting and disloyal competition Ralph Lauren was accused of copying Celeron is black taxi address which he first created in 1966 and reintroduced in 1991 Ralph Lauren sold a total of 123 of his version of a tuxedo dress for $1000 a piece but the remaining dresses were seized and impounded when sailor all brought the suit the court ruled against Ralph Lauren and demanded that he pay $395000 to sail Ronald and publish an apology number 8 sailor all was the first couturier to launch a ready to wear line in 1966 Celeron made a major mark on the high fashion scene when he launched a ready to wear line with a boutique in Paris called the sailor all reeve gauche this was the first time a couturier successfully launched a ready to wear line in France people waited in line up to 3:00 hours to purchase items in the first several weeks of its opening the ready to wear fashion allowed sail around to make his designs more accessible to the mainstream customer and this allowed him to increase its profits and his friends popularity number 9 Tom Ford would like to completely forget about his time at Saint Laurent Tom Ford who would later go on to create his own fashion label became the creative director of Gucci in 1994 when Gucci acquired Yves Saint Laurent in 1999 Tom Ford was named creative director of that label as well and worked in both roles simultaneously Tom says he prefers not to think of his time as head of several because it was such a negative experience for him largely because Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge day were openly very critical of him Tom Ford said the 2 were pure evil and caused him such misery that that phase of his life simply doesn't exist in his mind anymore number 10 as a teenager Yves Saint Laurent beat Karl Lagerfeld in a design contest at the age of 17 Yves Saint Laurent entered the international wool secretariat competition and won first place the following year he won the same competition again for his design of a cocktail dress beating a young German student named Karl Lagerfeld who would go on to become the creative director of Chanel and Fendi if you want to learn more about the famous designer click in the upper right hand corner the watcher video of 15 things you didn't know about Karl Lagerfeld number 11 sailor row is owned by one of the 2 competing fashion families and friends there are 2 families and friends that now own the majority of French fashion houses among other fashion labels the are no and the piano the are no have a net worth of 51.$6000000 and over a majority stake in over 70 brands including Marc Jacobs Fendi DKNY and most recently Christian Dior which was acquired in 2017 the P. now have a net worth of 19.5000000000 and they own Christie's auction house in addition to the fashion labels Gucci Brioni puma sailor Ron and others number 12 Justin Bieber was wearing Saint Laurent when he won his first Grammy Award in 2016 Justin Bieber won his first Grammy Award for best dance recording for his song where are you now while wearing a white jacket sailor all text ito his plus one was his 6 year old little brother Jackson who was also wearing a sailor on tax he also wore a leopard jacket by several well performing at the awards show but Justin sporting sailor all is nothing new his often been seen in the brand's clothing both on stage and in his personal life number 13 Chris childhood songs sued Yves Saint Laurent in 2012 a lengthy court case was settled between Yves Saint Laurent and footwear label Christiane loop with Tom look what's all sued the French fashion house over allegations of the label had copied its signature red cells the original judgment claim that loop with Tom's trademarked red soles were not entitled to protection but a court of appeals change that decision declaring that loop with Tom had exclusive rights to red soled shoes in the United States except when the shoe itself is red this meant that YSL and other brands could make and sell red shoes with red souls but otherwise would not be allowed to use the red souls Luton had trademarked number 14 Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge days belongings were auctioned off for $484000000 a 2009 auction of personal items that belonged to Saint Laurent's founders Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Boucher broke 7 world records and auction sales including most paid for a Matisse Brancusi motoring and to Chico and Eileen gray dragon chair arm chair lot on the highest figure ever paid for a piece of twentieth century furniture with the winning bid of $28000000 a total of 730 antiques paintings sculptures pieces of art and furniture were auctioned off for a total of $484000000 number 15 Salma Hayek is the wife of Francois Henri Pinault who is the part owner and CEO of the luxury conglomerate caring which owns the brand Saint Laurent she is often seen wearing several designs and takes a front row seat at Salem all fashion shows now that you learn more about Salem well do you think the Brattle be able to maintain its success in the new era of the company let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about a stock to thank you for sticking around sailor Ron was known for throwing extravagant parties and 1 in particular was the $0 party thrown on a yacht in New York City in 1978 to celebrate the YSL fragrances opium more than 800 people attended including share and Truman Capote guests were greeted by a 1000 pound Buddha and 2000 the white orchids flown in from Hawaii thank you for spending sometime with us a lock there's make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock there and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Ralph Lauren
\\uhhuh 15 things you didn't know about Ralph Lauren welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello elixirs among Coltrane other exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today we're revealing some interesting and surprising facts about Ralph Lauren one of the most iconic American fashion labels that has made a major impact on fashion industry the Ralph Lauren corporation was created in 1967 by Ralph Lauren in New York City when Bloomingdale's New York agreed to sell Ralph Lauren's men's line exclusively in 1969 his brand took off in 1971 he introduced a women's line of tailored shirts and the polo player logo was seen for the first time his first retail location was established in Beverly hills on rodeo drive in 1971 the company went international for the first time when a Ralph Lauren store opened in London England in 1981 Ralph Lauren became a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange in 1997 which raised 767 $0 for the company the polo Ralph Lauren company now encompasses a number of brands including Ralph Lauren purple label double RL polo Ralph Lauren children Lauren by Ralph Lauren Lauren home and chaps and there's more than 450 polo Ralph Lauren store is located around the world if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks the Ralph Lauren Gregg embodies elegance luxury refined style and class and we were inspired by the impact this Brenda's had on the world of high end fashion it's relatively short existence so let's take a closer look at this successful American company and its founder with the 15 things you didn't know about Ralph Lauren number one Ralph Lauren was born Ralph or Ruben life shit Ralph's parents immigrated to the Bronx New York City in 1939 from Belarus their family name was like ships and Ralphs full name was Ralph Ruben life sheds with a name like life shifts you can imagine Ralph as brothers were teased a lot in school this is one reason that Ralph's older brother decided to change his last name too Lauren while in high school and Ralph decided to do the same number 2 the U. S. polo association can't use the word polo when Ralph Lauren bought the name polo from Norman health in the early seventies he made sure to trademark the brand name so strongly that the word polo could only be used by him in reference to his breath that's why the U. S. polo association the official organization pertaining to the sport of polo isn't allowed to use the word polo on any of its merchandising it's also forbidden to use figures of polo players as it would be too similar to the polo player that has accompanied the polo brand for so many years Ralph Lauren even check out a magazine named polo that was dedicated to the polo sport in 1999 for the court reversed that decision in 2001 number 3 Ralph Lauren gained widespread recognition thanks to the 1974 film The Great Gatsby just 3 years after establishing his first story Beverly hills Ralph Lauren was hired to handle the costuming for the Robert Redford film The Great Gatsby in 1974 most of the male cast were outfitted with selections from his polo line but the iconic pink suit that Redford war as Jay Gatsby was designed especially for the part by Ralph Lauren himself number 4 Ralph Lauren bought club Monaco for 52.$2000000 in the late 19 eighties Canadian brand club Monaco started to grow into the higher echelons of fashion and become renowned for its affordable luxury lifestyle in 1999 club Monaco success caught the eye of fashion magnate Ralph Lauren and he decided to buy the Canadian brand for 52 0.$2000000 it turned out to be a smart move as club Monaco has continued to grow in popularity and prestige bringing a new lifestyle concept to the everyday Americans number 5 the Wimbledon logo was redesigned because of Ralph Lauren in 2006 Ralph Lauren signed a contract with Wimbledon to redesign and dress all the participants such as ball boys court judges etcetera he was the first designer to take on this role officially and the Wimbledon directives decided to redesign the logo to include the designer's name since then it Ralph Lauren has become known as the official Wimbledon shop many people believe that the partnership between the most prestigious tennis event in the world have perhaps the most elegant designer is a match made in heaven Ralph Lauren has managed to perfectly portray the graceful elegance of tennis in every single one of its uniforms number 6 Ralph Lauren did not invent the polo shirts although the polo shirt became famous thanks Ralph Lauren's polo brands and the 17 different colored polo shirts with which he launched the brand he did not invent the polo style shirt it was invented by professional tennis player Rene Lacoste in 1926 tired of the stiff and inflexible materials with which tennis whites were made at the time Lacoste invented a new loose knit cotton shirt he wore the shirt to the U. S. open in 1926 and by 1927 he was already placing a crocodile on his shirts as his own personal emblem number 7 Ralph Lauren owns 3 restaurants aside from being one of the most successful fashion designers in the world Ralph Lauren has branched out into the restaurant business with the Polo bar in New York Ralph's in Paris and our L. in Chicago these restaurants serve all different types of food and perfectly portrayed the essence of style elegance and luxury that the brand commands when asked what his favorite thing on the menu was Ralph Lauren stated he loved the warm corn beef sandwich from the Polo bar menu number 8 Ralph Lauren started out as a tie vendor outside of Wall Street before becoming world famous Ralph Lauren was a humble tie vendor selling his fashion designs out of a drawer on Wall Street he quickly became a favorite amongst us customers who are mainly the employees of the surrounding financial companies and business started booming he later went on to sell many of his own designs in new colors and introduced the revolutionary wide tied to the markets number 9 Ralph Lauren introduced the polo texture at the 2014 U. S. open the polo textured is a black a compression to you with a yellow polo player logo beneath the logo is a small device that fits against the rib cage and is connected to a network of silver coated thread woven throughout the shirt that monitors the wearer's heart rate breathing and stress levels and transmits that data in real time to a computer or phone the shirts were tested with the ball boys at the 2014 U. S. open and went on sale for $295 back in 2015 number 10 Ralph Lauren owns a priceless car collection Ralph Lauren owns one of the most prestigious and unique car collections in the world with over 70 cars this collection boasts some vehicles that are priceless and rare for example the Bugatti 57 I see Atlantic's worth $40000000 and is the centerpiece of this collection this because he is one of only 4 ever made as the whole body of the car was made by hand Ralph Lauren has stated that for him this collection is about cars but about arts and he has some sentimental cars as well the first car he ever owned was a British made Morgan but he was forced to sell it when he couldn't pay the repair bills later he bought that same car back and it now sits alongside luxury vehicles of just about every well known brands if you want to learn more about one of his favorites click in the upper right hand corner to check out a video of 15 things you didn't know about the gaudy number 11 Goldman Sachs bought 28 percent of polo Ralph Lauren in 1994 investment fund Goldman Sachs became the first outsider to gain a stake in polo Ralph Lauren when they bought 20 percent of the the back in 1994 for 100 35 $0 prior to this investment Ralph Lauren owned a 90 percent of the company and his business partner Peter strong own the other 10 percent number 12 he was the first designer to release a fragrance for men and a fragrance for women at the same time in 1978 Ralph Lauren introduced his first fragrances exclusively through Bloomingdale's Lauren was the first fragrance for women and polo was the men's Cologne this marked the first time that a designer released 2 fragrances one for women and one for men simultaneously number 13 Ralph Lauren is the exclusive official parade out better for the U. S. Olympic team Ralph Lauren signed a contract to be the exclusive official parade out better for the U. S. Olympic teams from 2008 to 2020 this means that Ralph Lauren designs the official opening ceremony and closing ceremony parade outfits for the U. S. teams and also offers an assortment of village where apparel and accessories for the athletes number 14 Ralph Lauren donated $13000000 to the Smithsonian to help preserve our historic flat in 1998 Ralph Lauren contributed $13000000 to help restore and preserve an American flag created in 1813 that was the inspiration to Francis Scott key when he wrote the national anthem of the United States the star spangled banner his contribution was used not only for preservation efforts but also to build a new hall for the flag to be displayed at the national museum of American history in Washington DC number 15 Lawrence stepped down as CEO at the age of 75 Ralph Lauren stepped down as CEO in 2015 at the age of 75 and handed the reins over to new CEO Stephan Larson who had previously been an executive with Old Navy but Warren clash with the new CEO over creative differences and Larson left the company 18 months later Lauren definitely has trouble putting his baby which is what he calls the company in the hands of someone else but he's going to try again with the new CEO he hired in 2017 Patrice move a who was previously an executive with Procter and gamble Lauren is still very hands on as he works at the company 4 days a week even at the age of 77 and he maintains complete control over the creative side of the company as the chief creative officer and executive chairman now that you learn more about Ralph Lauren we'd like to know do you think that the company will continue to be successful after Ralph Lauren is gone let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about a stock to thank you for sticking around although Ralph Lauren is fiercely protective of his polo trademark there is one country where polo products can be sold without his permission an independent south African company trademarked the polo name in South Africa before Ralph Lauren so the polo brand in that country is not affiliated with the Ralph Lauren Brenda whatsoever thank you for spending sometime with us a lock Sir make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we hand picked these videos you might enjoy our head over to a for the best in fine living content on the planet be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Tom Ford
\\15 things you didn't know about Tom Ford or welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello elixirs welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today we're revealing some unknown facts about an American designer who has made a serious impact on the world of high end fashion let's talk about Tom Ford Tom for its introduction assistant for a sports were come for 2 years after college he was hired at Perry Ellis in 1988 but only works there for 2 years before he had the intense desire to move to Europe because he thought Europeans appreciated style more than American in 1990 he was hired by the struggling Gucci company as the brand's chief women's ready to wear designer and he moved to Milan Italy by 1992 Ford became the design director and helped take the company back from the brink of bankruptcy to an incredibly successful brand in 1994 he became the director of Gucci and then in 1999 he became the creative director of Yves Saint Laurent as well in 2004 he left Gucci he then decided to start his own brand named after himself in 2006 and his looks were immediately embraced by the rich and famous the long list of celebrities that have warned Tom Ford looks include beyond say Jennifer Gardner and half the way Tom Hanks Johnny Depp Ryan Gosling Jennifer Lopez Will Smith and Hugh Jackman the luxury brand includes fragrances skin care makeup candles and more in addition to the clothing lines if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks Tom Ford is a perfect example of someone who took their passion and turned it into a multi $0 business so let's take a closer look at this man and his brand with the 15 things you didn't know about Tom Ford number one Tom Ford replaced Brioni as the preferred brand for James Bond ever since the 2008 film quantum of solace Tom Ford has taken Brioni spot as the preferred Taylor for the world famous spy James Bond Tom Ford's Alec it looks are worn by bond in quantum of solace Skyfall and specter some of the Tom Ford pieces Daniel Craig wears as bond in Skyfall included a $5200 I free Windsor taxi to jacket a $4086 Tom Ford o'connor suit a $4487 Tom Ford Windsor 3 piece suit and a $2235 Tom Ford herringbone overcoats number 2 he wanted to hide when he heard JZ saying has Tom Ford song in concert Tom says he already knew JZ before his Tom Ford song came out and JZ emailed him beforehand to say he was working on a song named after him when the song came out he went to a JZ concert and remembers the surreal experience of him being a stadium full of tens of thousands of people with his name flashing across a gigantic screen and all the audience members chanting his name he said the experience was very strange and it made him want to crawl under a rock because he's actually a very shy person despite his public persona number 3 eve sailor all told Ford that he had destroyed 40 years of his career in 13 minutes when Tom Ford took over Saint Laurent when parts of it were sold to the Gucci group where Ford was the creative director he and fashion houses founder Yves Saint Laurent started off getting along but that didn't last as the aileron became more and more successful under Ford he started getting angry hand written letters from sailor all accusing Tom of ruining his reputation in one letter he wrote in 13 minutes on the runway you've destroyed 40 years of my career number 4 he refuses to pay for celebrity endorsements Tom has never once paid a celebrity to endorse his brand and he's very proud of that fact he would much rather have celebrities choose to wear his clothes on their own without any kind of monetary incentive to do so he does choose to dress a certain celebrities because he admires them for one reason or another but they are not paid to wear his clothing number 5 there is a $2000000 pair of Tom Ford shoes custom jewelry retailer Jason of Beverly hills created potentially the world's most expensive pair of shoes in 2015 when they took a pair of Tom Ford's and covered them with 14000 full cut white diamonds individually set into white gold the diamonds equal an incredible 340 carats and the shoes have a value of $2000000 it took nearly a year and 2000 hours of labor to create the one of a kind style they were commissioned for Nick cannon to wear as the host of America's got talent for the season 9 finale of the show number 6 Hayden Panettiere paid $10000 to where Tom Ford at the golden globes Tom is known for dressing only one a list celebrity per awards show so if you aren't the lucky one chosen but you still really want to where Tom Ford on the red carpet you have to be prepared to pay up in 2014 Hayden Panettiere wore a Tom Ford designed for the first time at the 2014 Golden Gloves she said she had been begging for him to design a gown for her but she ultimately had to buy the gown herself for $10000 since Tom had decided to dress Naomi watts that year she didn't mind the price tag and was thrilled to be wearing the designer's creation she even said she would wear a plastic bag that was designed by him the next day Tom center over a dozen white roses along with a note telling her she looked beautiful number 7 Tom Ford does not want top political figures to where his clothing Tom has stated that although he would have liked to dress president Barack Obama while he was president he never did and does not think it would be appropriate for the U. S. president to wear a $5000 suit he feels the same about members of the British royal family he did decide one dress for First Lady Michelle Obama to wear when she attended a state banquet with the queen at Buckingham Palace in 2011 and he thought that was appropriate since he was living in London and the occasion called for some extravagance however he's declined address current First Lady malattia trump in the past because he doesn't think she fits with his image current US president Donald Trump says he personally doesn't care for Tom Ford's designs anyway because of course he said that number 8 Tom takes one bath an hour if he stressed out Tom has been very open about his OCD and one of its particular habits is taking a lot of bats before his son Jack was born he averaged 5 baths a day but now is down to about 3 however if he's having a particularly stressful day he will take a bath every hour to calm his nerves number 9 Tom doesn't usually carry a phone with him Tom says that he hates talking on phones and cell phones in particular so he doesn't usually carry a phone with him he does have an iPhone but he primarily uses it for music and as a camera he doesn't even know his own phone number and only uses his iPhone to call people in emergency situations number 10 Tom Ford outbid beyond say and JZ for a $50000000 Beverly hills mansion JZ and Beyonce a barely lost out on an epic Beverly hills mansion back in 2016 when they put in an offer of $49000000 and Tom Ford beat them with an offer of 50000000 the 19 thirties era home has 9 bedrooms 10 bathrooms a screening room a chef's kitchen a gym a pool and a tennis court but don't feel too bad for JZ and Beyonce a click in the upper right hand corner to watch our video of 15 things you didn't know about Beyonce today to check out the house they did by along with some other interesting facts number 11 golden globes voters were asked to return the Tom Ford perfume they were given as gifts there was a bit of controversy when the second film that Tom directed nocturnal animals was nominated for a golden globe for Best Director best screenplay and best Supporting Actor when the film company focus features sent 2 bottles of expensive Tom Ford perfume to all the golden globes voters they violated a rule that no gifts greater than $95 should be sent to the voters because it might influence their votes although the gifts were deemed inappropriate after the nominations had already been revealed voters were still asked to return at one of the 2 bottles they had received number 12 Tom Ford announced that his brand is expanding into the luxury watch market in January 2017 Tom Ford announced that the brand would be releasing a line of luxury timepieces the watches will be produced in Switzerland Tom says watches have long been an obsession of his and he has been waiting for the right moment to expand his brand in this direction however as of October 2017 no release date has yet been set for for its watch collection number 13 Tom for designed over 600 pieces for Justin Timberlake's worldwide tour Justin Timberlake dropped Tom Ford's name of the song suit and tie in 2013 so in a fitting fashion board created the suits shirts and accessories worn in Justin's music video for that song which won a Grammy he also designed over 600 pieces that were used for Timberlake's 2020 experience world tour number 14 Tom listed his $75000000 ranch on the market in 2016 Tom Ford's incredible ranch located just outside of Santa Fe New Mexico was listed on the market for $75000000 back in 2016 this one of a kind property includes the main house an 8 core stable an indoor and outdoor riding ring a reflecting pool tennis court to guest houses accommodations for staff and a separate home and office for a ranch manager and that's just the beginning it also has its own airstrip and hanger for a private jet and it comes with a film set called Silverado movie town that is located on the 20000 acre estate several films have been shot at that location including wild wild west Silverado and all the pretty horses number 15 when it's Paltrow and Julianne Moore are 2 of his favorite celebrities to dress in an interview with Tom Ford said that 2 of his favorite celebrities to design for our Julianne Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow in 2012 Paltrow was stunning on the red carpet of the Oscars wearing a white Tom Ford Cape dress and Tom has called that his favorite fashion moments now that you learn more about Tom Ford we'd like to know how do you think his clothing compares to his competitors who've been in the market much longer let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about this fact just for you the average time it takes to make one perfect Tom Ford suit is 30 6:00 hours thank you for spending sometime with us a lock stares make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock Sir and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About MINI
\\15 things you didn't know about mini welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a lobster's welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today revealing some interesting and surprising facts about maybe one of the most popular and successful British car brands in history the idea for the many was born out of the need for more fuel efficient cars due to the fuel shortage caused by the 1956 Suez crisis Alec Issigonis was tasked by the head of the British motor corporation to create a proper miniature car that would save on gas and be affordable for everyone the first of many called the mark 1 mini was officially introduce to the public on 8/26/1959 the many was marketed under 2 names Austin and Morris until many became the official marquee name in 1969 the car was an immediate hit and sales took off not only in Britain but in countries around the world the iconic mini soon became a favorite with a number of celebrities and even royalty including David Bowie Mick Jagger the Beatles Kate Moss princess Margaret and 20 the mini Cooper and Cooper S. were also successful on the racing circuit winning the Monte Carlo rally in 196465 and again in 1967 B. M. W. acquired the many brand when it became the owner of the rover group in 1994 and although they sold off most of the rover group in 2000 they retain the rights to build cars using the many may the production of the original many ended in 2000 and BMW released the first of the new generation of many vehicles that same year modern many models include the mini hatch the mini clubman the mini countryman the mini Cooper the mini roadster the mini paceman the many John Cooper works and the many electric hybrid if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks many has earned its place as being one of the most iconic distinctive and endearing car brands in the world and it's no surprise that many has maintained its popularity over the decades of production so let's take a closer look at this incredibly successful car brands with the 15 things you didn't know about many number one the original many design was drawn on a napkin many designer Alec Issigonis drew the original design of the car on a napkin while dining in a restaurant the fairly detailed sketch included some notes as well including the fact that the car should be able to fit into a 10 by 4 foot box the napkin sketch was used by Alex colleague to create mechanical diagrams and the design took off from there number 2 Kevin Spacey bought the last classic mini Kevin love's the many so much that he paid $130000 for the privilege to own the last classic mini he also got in a bidding war with Hugh grant over another mini Cooper that was auctioned off to raise money for Elton John's aids charity he ended up paying $120000 for that car the minis are his preferred vehicles to drive around in and even named his dog many after the cards number 3 the most people that I've ever fit into a classic mini is 27 the world record for the most people to ever fit in a classic mini was achieved back in 2014 when 27 people were crammed into a classic mini model in the UK during the Brighton many run the annual many convoy from London to Brighton number 4 the first electric many was created for the Italian job one of the more recent films that the new generation of many is was heavily featured in was the 2003 films the Italian job starring Jason state them mark Walberg Charlize Theron Seth green and most staff a total of 32 minis were used during filming when production was told by Los Angeles authorities that they would not be allowed to use cars with gas powered engines in the match or tunnel they had to get creative and ended up producing the very first electric powered minis number 5 the highest price ever paid for a maybe at auction was $197000 the most ever paid for 1000000 auction was 100 97 $0 which was the winning bid for the original many that won Britain's rack rally in 1965 and the Scottish rally in 1966 after sitting for 30 years the car was carefully restored to original condition at the time of its sale it only had 4825 miles on the odometer number 6 the many was named as the second most influential car of the century in 1999 the many receive the great honor of being named by the global automotive elections foundation as the second most influential car of the twentieth century the international award for the car of the century was presented after an elaborate decision making process in which 700 car models were carefully considered it was ultimately decided that the model T. Ford would take the first place and the many would take the psychics number 7 it is the most popular British car ever made the mini was introduced in 1959 and 500000 of them have been sold by 1962 the millionth car was sold in 1965 which made it the first British automobile model ever to sell more than 1000000 cars the total number of 5387862 minis were sold in its production run with more than 1.5000000 of those being sold in Britain alone this makes the many the most popular British car ever made number 8 over 500000 mini vans were sold 1 the unique body style that many introduced in 1960 was the minivan the panel van was a slightly longer version of the original many with no side windows and a weight of less than 1 time it wasn't even more affordable version to the mini since it was classified as a commercial vehicle and therefore did not require sales tax a total of 521494 of the vans were built and sold over the 23 years of its production run number 9 mini skirts were named after is the mini several designers have been credited with the invention of the mini skirt but the one most commonly given credit is London based designer Mary quant she says that the skirt was inspired by and named after her favorite make of car the many number 10 the many was one of and so Ferraris favorite cars Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari was a big fan of the mini it was one of his favorite cars to drive during the sixties and reportedly his first Austin mini Cooper was delivered to him personally by the designer Alec is the governing if you want to learn more about the cars and company bearing and those name click in the upper right hand corner to check out our video of 15 things you didn't know about Ferrari number 11 George Harrison had a magical mystery tour mini Cooper in 1965 George Harrison of the Beatles had his metallic black mini Cooper S. repainted in red and gold with psychedelic pictures to be featured in the band's film the magical mystery tour after the film was released the many was given to Eric Clapton as a gift and he kept it awhile before returning it to Harrison who remain the owner until his death in 2001 his bandmate Paul McCartney also owned a maybe a green 65 Radford could press which is friend actually crashed when you let him borrow it number 12 all the celebrities in their 2016 Superbowl ad actually drive minis Superbowl ads cost around $5000000 for a 30 second spot so it's not uncommon for companies to try and take advantage of their investment by having a well known celebrity promote their product to introduce the mini clubman many didn't just want to hire any celebrities but once that actually drive the cars in their personal lives to make an authentic connection with their potential customers the ad campaign was titled death he labels and it features tennis star Serena Williams American soccer goalie Abby Wambach rapper T. pain former major league pitcher Randy Johnson skateboarder Tony hawk and actor Harvey hito number 13 the many inspired by good what is the most expensive many model minis were originally designed to be so affordable that just about anyone could own one and although their price had of course gone up over the years they still remain reasonably priced with almost all models having a base price of $30000 or below but if you want one of the more high end models check out the mini Cooper inspired by Goodwood only 1000 of the $67000 models were made in 2011 with the intent to combine minis rally car heritage with the luxury of a rolls Royce the dash console carpeting and seats are all the exclusive rolls Royce based on the door handles and control panel are made of walnut and the exterior is painted a diamonds black metallic number 14 David bell we designed a mirror plated mini in 1999 London's design museum had a celebrity design contest to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the many David Bowie's entry was a sleek Mirah played a design that was brought to life in a one of a kind car that was displayed at the museum Bowie said he wanted to make a car that could be distinguished from its surroundings and he called the design the emperor's new clothes though he was one of 3 British icons asked to design a many for the exhibit the other 2 being model Kate Moss and fashion designer Paul Smith the Boeing many is now on display at the BMW museum in your neck number 15 they introduced a mini pickup truck concept vehicle in 2014 many shut off a unique concept vehicle that was basically a pickup version of the Cooper ask pace man a small truck called the pacemen adventure has only 2 seats in the front and a small truck bed in the back the all wheel drive vehicle was given increased ground clearance off road tires and a roof rack with lighting on top this isn't the first pick up created by many though in fact many started producing many pickup trucks in 1961 along with a mini station wagon and a van mini they produced about 60000 of these trucks in there 20 years on the market now that you learn more about mini we'd like to know which do you like better the iconic classic mini or the modern minis of today let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about this fact just for you we mentioned at the Italian job earlier which heavily features the new generation many in addition to the first electric many's the production crew also made another unique many for the film with 2 steering wheels so that a stunt driver to control the car well the actor was being filmed driving that car is on display at the many factory in Cali opts for thank you for spending sometime with us airlocks there make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we hand picked these videos you might enjoy our head over to a lock stock com for the best in fine living content on the planet be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About FIAT
\\15 things you didn't know about fee it welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello elixirs welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today we're revealing some interesting and surprising facts by the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy fear fear it's history dates back to 1899 when fabrica tally an automobile the Torino was founded by Giovanni Agnelli in 1900 the first Viet plant opened in the company produced 24 cars that year in the late 19 tens their production shifted to manufacturing products that would help in the war efforts of World War one and then it too but they were still continually producing cars in limited numbers in 1969 the company expanded when they bought half a Ferrari along with another car company called Lancia in 1986 feet bought alpha male from the Italian government making fee at Europe's largest automaker they also acquired Maserati in 1993 in 2014 they bought Chrysler and formed a fiat Chrysler automotives which is currently the world's seventh largest auto maker in the past few produced a number of models including the fiebre Betty via TiVo fee at 500 Topolino fee at 1100 fear to Dino and fiat panda its current production line includes the fiat 500 fiat panda 4 by 4 theater Cotto and fear Argo the Agnelli family has run the company from its founding up until present day fear has seen some major ups and downs and it's nearly 120 year existence but continues to have a prominent presence a year after year in the ever changing automobile market if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks we are inspired by fee its creativity resilience innovative spirit and insurance so let's take a closer look at the successful Italian car brand with the 15 things you didn't know about fiat number one fee its first car was the fear for H. P. feel it began producing cars in 1899 and their first model was the feet for HP which true to its name had just 4 horsepower 8 models were produced in 1899 the car had a 2 cylinder engine that was mounted on the back could not go in reverse and had a top speed of 22 miles per hour number 2 the fee at 2800 was driven by the Italian king and pope Pius the twelfth in 1938 feared introduce a new model that took the company into a realm of luxury vehicles the fear at 2800 was a limousine model that was used as a status symbol in the years surrounding World War one in Italy it was driven by the Italian king Vittorio Emmanuel the third and pope Pius the twelfth however the model was not very successful overall because of the economic conditions of the times fiat cease production of the model in 1941 number 3 feet introduced the first minivan see it has been thinking outside the box from the very beginning over the years they've introduced unique models with innovative features and technological advancements one of the more notable inventions that FIA presented was the world's first mini van the fee at 600 multiply although most minivans are far from luxurious this 1956 design was very influential for many future models of many bands that will become very popular as family cars in the future they also created the first SUV with an integral body frame the FIA Campagnola number 4 feel acquired Chrysler for 4.$3000000000 when the American car company Chrysler went bankrupt in may of 2009 feared started buying up as much of their stock as possible in an effort to gain a majority stake in the company on 1/1/2014 feet announced they had completed a deal to gain full control of Chrysler for 4.35 $0 fee and then merge the assets of both the fiat and Chrysler groups to create fiat Chrysler automobiles number 5 I feared was used to break a car pushing record in 2013 Joey mocked say decided he would try to break the record for furthest distance pushing a car in 2004 hours and of course the fee it was an ideal car for this endeavor in 2013 he achieved his goal by pushing a fiat 550 miles around a parking lot over the course of 2004 hours and he raise money for charity in the process number 6 fear it produced military aircraft for decades during World War one and World War 2 feet it had an aviation division that was solely focused on creating airplane engines and military planes for the war effort during World War one FIA primarily produced engines to be used in aircraft but by World War 2 they're producing a number of complete military aircraft after the war fiat Aviazione it remained a separate division of fiat and continue to make military aircraft including fighter jets like the fiat G. 91 which was introduced in 1959 and was produced for 19 years for the Italian Air Force German forces Portuguese Air Force and others the division merged with a different company in 1969 and no longer operates under the fiat name number 7 the original fiat 500 was given the nickname Topolino the original fee of 500 that was produced from 1936 to 1955 was the smallest production car of its time the car was a tiny 127 inches in length 50 inches in width and 54 inches in height its small stature earned at the Italian nickname Topolino this literally translates to little mouse and it's also the Italian name for Mickey Mouse number 8 Jay Leno's fiat 500 sold for $350000 at a charity auction when the 2012 fiat 500 pre med disse Janay was first introduced me U. S. Jay Leno was able to get the second U. S. car produced with the first going to feed it CEO Sergio Marchionne Jay decided to donate the car to a charity auction for Fisher house a charity that provides housing for families of injured soldiers a typical 2012 feet 500 costs below $30000 but the winning bidder paid $350000 for let us car at the pebble beach California option number 9 fee it set a Guinness world record with the fiat 500 S. Inanda into 17 fiat Chrysler automobiles teamed up with the Italian supermarket chain as a longer to give away 1495 special edition fiat 500 hatchbacks in celebration of the sixtieth birthday of both the store chain and the fee of 500 the limited edition fee of 500 S. Ilunga features an exclusive pastel white body paint finish with an ivory dressed interior and nestling a batch and they numbered plaque in less than 2 days all 1495 cars were picked up by lucky winning shoppers which helped feed it set a Guinness world record for the most cars handed over in a 48 hour period number 10 a special edition 500 by Gucci was released for Gucci's ninetieth birthday the fee of 500 by Gucci was designed to celebrate both Gucci's ninetieth birthday and the 100 fiftieth anniversary of the unification of Italy the 500 with customized by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini and was offered in either black or white with red and green stripes around the car the rear brake calipers are Gucci green they also came out with a cabriolet version called the 500 seat by Gucci the car was first introduced in cities such as Paris London and Tokyo and was then introduced in the United States at the 2011 New York fashion week if you want to find out more interesting facts about the high end Italian fashion brand click in the upper right hand corner to check out a video of 15 things you didn't know about Gucci number 11 the most expensive fee it sold at auction went for 1.375 $0 the most expensive fee it ever sold at auction was a 19538 V. supersonic but cannot so the idea of Serena and just 15 of the supersonic versions were ever built among the 30 to 40 in total designed by kia it was delivered from the factory new in 1953 being just the tenth of 15 to be belts it was exported to the U. S. by Chrysler chairman Katie Keller who arranged the sale of the car to Lou the speed kings agile a 3 time gold Cup winning power boat racer in 2013 it's all that auction for a record breaking $1375000 number 12 Libya bought 10 percent defeat in 1976 the country of Libya decided to make a major investment in Viet in 1976 buying 10 percent of the company for $415000000 which is well over $1000000000 at today's valuation the FIA bread have been experiencing economic problems so they welcome the support from the Libyan government although they were clear that the purchase was only a financial investment and did not concern politics Libya sold its stake in fear in 198643 $0 number 13 they have one more European car of the year awards than any other manufacturer there are a number of high quality brands based in Europe but none of them have match the amount of wins that fee it has achieved for European car of the year they first 1 in 1967 with the FIA 124 spider and their most recent when was in 2008 with the fiat 500 they have won a total of 9 times and the next closest competing manufacturer is right now with 6 wins number 14 fee it has the highest volume of sales in Brazil a number of companies have found their way into the coveted Brazilian automobile market but fear it currently tops them all in terms of number of vehicles sold in the country the FIA has one factory in the 10 MG that is responsible for all production in Brazil as of 2018 out of every 10 cars sold in Brazil where fiats with the most common model sold being the palliative strata who know and Sienna number 15 fee it loses money every time someone buys their electric car the current CEO of Viet Sergio Marchi ani has said that he wishes that no one would buy the electric fiat 500 E. because the company loses $14000 with every purchase he says the only reason they produce the electric cars is because of rules and certain U. S. states require it he has no intention of releasing the car in Europe the first few at 500 E. was introduced in 2012 and they were initially sold in California and Oregon as of may 2016 around 16500 of these cars have been sold which is a loss of at least $231000000 according to the CIOS calculations now that you learn more about fee at we'd like to know which small car you prefer the fee it or the mini let us know what you think in the comments still here here's a bonus that just for you the Agnelli family who has run feared since its inception is one of the richest families in Italy with a net worth of 13.$5000000000 the only 2 people worth more than the analogies are Leonardo delvecchio the owner of vogue lenscrafters and sunglass hut and Mitchell a Ferrero who owns a number of well known brands including gnutella tic tacs and Ferrero Shea thank you for spending sometime with us a locks airs make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock there and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About CADILLAC
\\I teen things you didn't know about Cadillac welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a Lexus and welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today revealing some interesting and surprising facts about a car company that has had a strong presence in the luxury car market for over a century let's talk about how the last Cadillac is an American car manufacturing company that was formed from the remnants of the Henry Ford company in 1902 it is the second oldest car company in America next to view it and 1 of the oldest car brands globally Cadillac had already established itself as 1 of America's top luxury car makers when General Motors bought the company in 1909 Cadillac has a long history of innovation from their very beginning until today from the invention of electric headlamps in the early 19 hundreds all the way to the Super cruise driver assist technology integrated in their 2017 models padlock has produced a wide range of luxury models over the years including the Eldorado develop CTS escalate X. yes ELR ATS CT 6 and axed you 5 if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks we are inspired by Cadillacs ability to evolve their innovative spirits their dedication to luxury and there are many decades of success so let's take a closer look at this 115 year old car company with the 15 things you didn't know about Cadillac number one how blacks first automobiles were introduced in October 19 no 2 Cadillacs first cars the runabout and the tonneau were completed in October 1902 Elmer first displayed at the New York Auto Show in January of 1903 the attendees were so impressed with the precision manufacturing of the cars that Cadillac received 2000 firm orders which really helped the brand get off the ground number 2 Cadillac was the first to develop technology to operate external lights from the car's interior the first headlights were introduced in 1915 but these early models require drivers to get out of the car and manually flipped the lights on by hand had lacked was the first to tackle this problem by developing a revolutionary technology that allow drivers to operate their exterior lights from the interior of the car with the first interior mounted control system number 3 Cadillac was named after the French soldier that founded Detroit and swallow made the level Cadillac was a French explorer who made his way to North America in the late 1600 he added that a month Cadillac to his name and created a fake coat of arms to make it seem like he had a real French lineage in the early 17 hundreds Cadillac was put in charge of a couple of 0 French soldiers and native Americans who helped to establish the fort that would eventually become the city of Detroit 200 years later his name was given to the Cadillac automobile company and the fake coat of arms he once created can still be seen on the emblem of Cadillacs around the world number 4 the Cadillac deville was the first commercial vehicle with night vision automotive night vision is achieved through a system that utilizes a thermographic camera to increase the driver's perception and range of sight in darkness or inclement weather the first World Wide series production automotive night vision was introduced in the 2000 Cadillac deville information is displayed on the windshield as a black and white image with a warmer objects in white and cooler objects in black Cadillac stopped including this feature in 2004 but they introduced an improved night vision model in the 2016 Cadillac CT 6 number 5 how lax Eldorado brawling was once the most expensive car on the market Catholic introduced their Eldorado Brylin in 1957 and became the most expensive car in the American market with a price tag of $13000 which is $113000 at today's valuation it costs even more than the Bentley asks one salute which was still a pricey $12000 the car came with a brushed stainless steel roof chrome plated aluminum bumpers and a V. 8 engine along with special interior features like air conditioning separate front and rear speakers a 2 speaker transistor radio automatically latching electric door locks automatic headlamp dimming power side and vent windows and electric clock and there's still more it also came with a plastic cigarette case holder a tissue dispenser a one ounce bottle of French perfume and a mini bar template with 6 magnetized bottom drinking tumblers number 6 al Capone's Cadillac was one of the first armored vehicles Al Capone owned the 1928 town sedan Cadillac that was modified with inch thick bulletproof glass steel plates the door panels and a flip down bulletproof backlight making it one of the first armored sedans ever produced a car later was displayed in several different easy on some of the eventually sold at auction to a private buyer for $341000 number 7 the world's longest car was adapted from 2 Cadillac cars in 1999 movie car designer Jay or Berg set a world record when he created a 100 foot stretch limo that was adapted from 2 Cadillac cars the crazy long car has 26 wheels 2 engines a jacuzzi a king sized waterbed the helipad a putting green and the swimming pool with a diving board the car went on tour with some of his other car creations to about 30 countries but now sits in storage he's also responsible for the DeLorean use the back to the future movies 5 James Bond vehicles including the lotus esprit submarine from 1970 sevens the spy who loved me pink Panthers Pathom appeal and dozens of other customized vehicles Houston fell number 8 Cadillac earns the very first Motor Trend car of the year title Motor Trend is an American automobile magazine that has been in publication since 1949 one of the facets its most known for is its illustrious car of the year award which is now recognized as debatable eat the most important distinction awarded in the American auto industry the 1949 Cadillac which creature a first of its kind overhead valve V. 8 engine was the first car to receive the honor however Cadillac initially turned down the award from the brand new magazine before eventually embracing it other Cadillac vehicles that have gained this title include the 1952 Cadillac 1992 Cadillac Seville 2008 Cadillac CTS and the 2014 Cadillac CTS number 9 Cadillac invented the electric starter had like invented the technology that made the electric starter possible and this feature was first introduced in the 1912 Cadillac touring edition prior to this innovative technology drivers had to always use hand cranks to start their vehicles which was the leading cause of automotive injuries in this era of automobiles number 10 a special 1957 Eldorado barrettes was created for Queen Elizabeth the second padlock created a custom 1957 Eldorado barrettes specifically for Queen Elizabeth and prince Phillips use during a well trip to Canada the car was created with a clear bullet proof plexiglass top called the bubble canopies that allowed for an unobstructed view of the rail visitors after the Canadian like of the royal tour was completed the car was flown to Washington DC for the queen's visit to the U. S. if you want to find out more interesting facts about the queen of England click on the upper right hand corner to check out our video of 15 things you didn't know about Queen Elizabeth the second number 11 Cadillac released the special 2018 Cadillac CTS V. glacier metallic addition for their 100 fifteenth birthday in August of 2017 padlock announced that it would be producing a limited edition 2018 Cadillac CTS V. glacier metallic addition in honor of the company's 100 fifteenth anniversary only 115 of the CTS V. super sedans will be produced one for every year of the company's history 105 of the 115 vehicles will be available for sale in the U. S. and at a cost of about $104000 each this model as well as all new Cadillac V. series models comes with tuition and accommodation at the 2 day Cadillac V. performance academy in spring mountain which is about 15 miles from Las Vegas the academy's tuition typically starts at $2470 number 12 Elvis's first Cadillac was destroyed by fire one of the most iconic Cadillacs in the history of the brand is Elvis Presley's famous pink Cadillac but that wasn't his first Cadillac Elvis first purchased a pink and white 1954 Cadillac he only drove it for about 3 months before the brake lining caught fire in Arkansas and his car went up in smoke he immediately bought a new 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood series 60 the car was originally blue but he had it repainted by a neighbor who designed a unique pink shade for Elvis that he called Elvis rose number 13 Woodrow Wilson was the first US president to ride in a Cadillac many Cadillac vehicles were used during World War one because of the power and durability of the engines so it's fitting that Woodrow Wilson was the first US president to ride in a Cadillac during a World War 1 victory parade in 1919 in Boston the president was driven in a 1916 series 53 Cadillac catalog has been the brand of choice for the state vehicles of many U. S. presidents over the years including FDR Eisenhower JFK Reagan Clinton and Obama number 14 the first female auto designer worked for Cadillac Helene roster became the first female automobile designer when she was hired by Cadillac in 1943 she reinvented and re imagined automotive interiors especially when it came to upholstery colors and fabrics lighting door handles door hardware and see construction she advocated for more women to be involved in the car industry as well her influence continues to be evident throughout the interiors of many of today's modern vehicles number 15 in 2017 catalog is launching the first luxury subscription car service have like has announced that in 2017 they'll be launching the world's first luxury subscription car service called book by Cadillac although the full details have been released just yet the company has said that this innovative service will allow subscribers to have access to any CAD like model for any activity now that you learn more about Cadillac we'd like to know is this a car brand you see yourself driving in the future let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about this fact just for you in 2008 to Canadian current doozy ests purchased a 1969 Cadillac deville for $800 and over the next 8 years the customized it so it was essentially a hot tub on wheels the car was painted pink and fitted with a fiberglass tank that was molded to perfectly fit the car after many other modifications were made it was insured that the car would remain operational even one completely filled with hot water the so called carpool the ville achieve the official world record for fastest motorized hot tub in 2014 thank you for spending sometime with us a lock Sir make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we hand pick these videos you might enjoy or head over to a lock stock com for the best in fine living content on the planet be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Taylor Swift
\\15 things you didn't know about Taylor swift welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a lobsters and welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today reporting all the focus on one of the most successful singer song writers of our time Taylor swift Taylor swift was born 12/13/1989 in Pennsylvania she move to Nashville as a young teenager with her family to pursue a professional singing career she burst onto the country music scene with her self titled debut album in 2006 when Taylor was just 16 years old she became the youngest person to write and perform a number 1 song on the hot country songs chart with her head our song her next album fearless was the number 1 album in the U. S. in 2009 and it won 4 Grammy awards making swept the youngest album of the year winner with her fifth album 1989 swift became the first woman to win album of the year twice and her 1989 tour was 1 of the most profitable of all time her latest album reputation released in 2017 became her fifth number one album in the U. S. thanks to alum sales merchandise endorsement deals and ticket revenue her current net worth is $280000000 how many relationships with stars such as Joe Jonas Jake Gyllenhaal Taylor Lautner and Harry styles have been highly publicized and explored through the lyrics of her songs between her recent win against DJ David Miller and her sexual assault trial and her new controversial album reputation Taylor swift seems to be everywhere if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks her incredible success talent confidence and ability to evolve are a source of inspiration so let's take a closer look at the super star with 15 things you didn't know about Taylor swift number one she was the youngest songwriter ever hired by Sony ATV music publishing Taylor moved to Nashville at the age of 14 to pursue a country music career and it wasn't long before she found success after she had an impressive performance at the famed a bluebird cafe in Nashville in 2006 she signed a contract with big machine records becoming the youngest songwriter ever hired by Sony ATV music publishing number 2 her first big purchase was a Lexus Essy for 30 when Taylor got her first big paycheck she bought Alexis asked the 430 because that was the car that was driven by 1 of the bullies in the movie mean girls Taylor wanted to send a message to the mean girls who believe her in school she said the girls that tormented her the most idolize the plastics which was the name of the click featured in the 2004 movie in a message to her haters Taylor said you guys are obsessed with that car and the girl in with the plastics where and how they talk but I've been working really hard every single day and instead of going to parties I've been writing songs and playing shows and now I get to buy a car and guess which one I'm going to buy the one that the girl you idolize has number 3 in 2015 she made the largest donation in go fund me history Taylor has been very generous with her money on multiple occasions and in 2015 she donated $50000 to one of her young fans that was diagnosed with leukemia go fund me had to change their donation limit from 15000 to 50000 to accommodate the generous donation which was the largest contribution made up until that point in time on the platform go fun means donation cap remains at $50000 thanks to Taylor's influence number 4 she grew up on a Christmas tree farm swift group in Wyomissing Pennsylvania on her parents 15 acre Christmas tree farm Taylor described it as a magical place to grow up she also mentioned that before she was famous the family would spend their summers at the Jersey Shore when Taylor turned 14 her parents sold the Christmas tree farm and they moved the family to Nashville to support Taylor singing during number 5 she's named after James Taylor Taylor swift is named after singer songwriter James Taylor because our parents are huge fans James said he was incredibly flattered when he found out and he once joined Taylor on stage at Madison Square Garden to sing his classic hit fire and rain number 6 her look what you made me do music video set a record on you too when Taylor's music video for a look what you made me do dropped on you tube in August of 2017 it's set a first day viewing record with 43.2000000 views in 2004 hours the previous record was Adele's music video for hello with 27.7000000 views in one day look what you made me do it now has over 217000000 views number 7 she has 24 hour security to protect her from stalkers Taylor has had 24 hour security detail for years mainly to protect her from stalkers Taylor has had multiple stalkers including one who was arrested in February 2017 after trying to get into her New York City penthouse multiple times over a 2 month period another stalker was arrested in October 2016 after getting within 50 feet of the center violating a protective order a man was arrested at her Rhode Island home in 2013 after swimming 2 miles in the ocean to get to her beach and yet another was arrested in 2012 on her Tennessee property where he showed up to spend Taylor's birthday with her and those are only a few examples number 8 her record label gave her a Peck a truck for her eighteenth birthday Taylor said all she wanted for her birthday was a number one song and she got her wish when our song hit number one just a few days before her eighteenth birthday but she also got a gift from a record label big machine records they decided to give swift a large pink Chevy truck for her birthday in 2007 the following year she donated the truck to the victory junction gang a charity for children with terminal illnesses number 9 she took her 125 person crew on vacation at the end of her 1989 tour in December of 2015 swift rewarded her band and crew with a paid vacation to Hamilton island in Queensland Australia no media was allowed on the island so that everyone could really let loose without the constant presence of paparazzi number 10 she was the highest paid celebrity in 2016 every year Forbes lists the top 100 paid celebrities in the world with their global celebrity 100 list in 2016 swifter took the top spot with an income of $170000000 in 2015 this was largely due to her 1989 tour which broke the rolling stones North America touring record by grossing over $200000000 she also made money from her endorsement deals with diet coke apple keds and others in 2017 she dropped down to number 49 on the list with an income of $44000000 if you want to learn more about the highest paid celebrity of 2017 cook in the upper right hand corner to watch a video of 15 things you didn't know about Daddy number 11 she has spent over $44000000 on real estate her first big real estate purchase was a $2000000 penthouse apartment in the analysts here complex of Nashville when she was only 19 years old in 2011 she purchased a Beverly hills California mansion with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms for $4000000 Taylor paid 17.75 $0 cash in 2013 to buy a seaside mansion in Rhode Island with 8 bedrooms 8 fireplaces and 5 acres of beach front property in 2014 she bought 2 penthouse floors in Manhattan's tribeca neighborhood from lord of the rings director Peter Jackson Sir Ian McKellen have been staying there but had to leave one tailor made the purchase for $20000000 and then she spent over $500000 on renovations number 12 she writes most of her songs in 30 minutes or less Taylor has said that she writes most of her songs 0.5 an hour or less one example is when she brought home a potential boyfriend when she was 17 that our parents didn't approve of what our parents told her that they strongly disapproved she angrily went to her bedroom shut the door and started writing while lying on her floor 20 minutes later she had completed writing the future hit love story number 13 she owns 2 private jets Taylor owns a $40000000 Dassault falcon 900 that she bought in 2011 the conceit 12 passengers although it has been reported that the interior is completely customized no photos have been made available to the public it's stored in its own hangar at the national International Airport she also owns a smaller 9 passenger disco falcon 50 that she bought a 2012 for a few $0 number 14 she has trademarked a number of her lyrics and common phrases Taylor has a great business mine so she never misses the opportunity to trademark a lyric or a phrase she might be able to use on her merchandise a few over trademark phrases include swifties party like it's 1989 this sick beat because we never go out of style and it's nice to meet you where you've been and from her newest album she's already trademarked the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now and look what you made me do number 15 she bathed in $10000000 worth of real diamonds and her look what you made me do video in her music video for look what you made me do Taylor is seem glamorously bathing in a bathtub full of sparkly diamonds one could easily believe they were props or maybe even added after the fact with the GI but she was actually in a bathtub of diamonds world from celebrity jeweler Neil lane that are worth a total of well over $10000000 now that you learn more about Taylor swift what do you think about her recent shift in tone with her latest album let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about this fact just for you Taylor draws her favorite number 13 on her hands before every show Taylor says 13 is our favorite number because she was born on the thirteenth turned 13 on Friday the thirteenth her first album went gold in 13 weeks her first number one song had a 13 second intro and every time she's won an award she's been sitting in either the thirteenth seat 13 throw thirteenth section or row M. which is the thirteenth letter in the alphabet thank you for spending sometime with us a lock there's make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock there and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Justin Bieber
\\15 things you didn't know about Justin Bieber welcome to a lock stock called the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a Lexus and welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today revealing some interesting and surprising facts about the incredibly successful comedian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber Justin Bieber was born 3/1/1994 in Ontario Canada most people know he was discovered through you too but talent manager scooter Braun clicked on one of his videos by accident when he was looking for videos of a different artist after Braun tracked be were down beaver went with him to Atlanta at the age of 13 to make demo tapes he sang for usher a week later who helped him get signed to Island Records he released his first album my world in 2009 he quickly gained popularity and was even invited to sing for president Obama which he did at age 15 he has since released albums titled my worlds acoustic never say never the remixes believe and purpose he has sold over 140000000 records making him one of the world's most best selling music artists his 2014 D. film Justin Bieber never say never made $100000000 worldwide Justin has lived his life in the spotlight ever since he was a young teenager and he's had more than his fair share of legal issues and controversies as well as a very high profile relationship and breakup with Selena Gomez his musical success investments and endorsement deals have given him a net worth of $225000000 if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks we're inspired by Justin Bieber is incredible success influence luxurious lifestyle and resilience so let's take a closer look at the a list artists with these 15 things you didn't know about Justin Bieber number one locks of his hair sold for over $40000 on eBay when beaver cut off his trademark locks in 2011 he presented the hair clippings in an autographed box to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show she listed the cut hair on eBay immediately and within the hour the bid had already jumped to $10000 Bieber fans were not just bidding on the hair but also on the chance to meet the singer on another appearance of the Allen show the winning bidder wound up paying an astonishing $40668 for the hair clippings with all proceeds going to the gentle barn foundation and animal rescue organization number 2 he considered trying out for American idol beaver remembers watching American idol with his mom when he was little and they talked about the possibility of him auditioning for the show when he was 16 Justin said he would have tried out for the show if you had not been discovered on you too number 3 he is claustrophobic Justin suffers from claustrophobia so his biggest fear is being enclosed in small spaces his fear stems from a young age when he was playing hide and seek with his cousins and was locked in a toy box he also had another incident when he was trapped in an elevator this is why he now avoids confined spaces and especially elevators whenever possible number 4 he owns a highly customized Cadillac CTS V. coupe Justin owns a unique Cadillac CTS V. coupe with suicide doors personal logo's crystal blue LED headlights and a custom black paint job the doors open by touching a specially created JB badge on the exterior and there is a black crystal JB button located on the dash as well he calls the car his bat mobile and it has the trademark symbol of Batman fixed on the front grill the car was customized by west coast customs for their cable show and cost Bieber around $100000 number 5 he bought the most expensive apartment in Amsterdam in October 2016 Justin bought the most expensive apartment on the Dutch market a $28000000 penthouse on the famous dam square in Amsterdam he owns the top 3 floors of the building and his neighbors are the Dutch royal family his luxurious penthouse includes 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms and a roof terrace with an impressive view of the city number 6 he has no interest in becoming an American citizen Justin lives in the United States on an O. one visa for temporary residential status based on extraordinary ability or achievement in the field Justin says he loves being Canadian and has no interest in becoming an American in part because of the U. S. is a market oriented healthcare system number 7 he bought a Ducati Superbike 848 Ivo before had a license to drive it in 2012 Justin bought a limited edition a Ducati Superbike 848 Ivo on a recommendation from usher despite not having his motorcycle license Justin paid around $20000 for the arctic white super bike with a top speed of 159 miles per hour it's the lightest Superbike ever built by Ducati number 8 he bought himself a 10.$8000000 mansion for his eighteenth birthday one of Justin's properties is a Los Angeles mansion that he bought for 10.$8000000 as an eighteenth birthday gift for himself the 3 story house has 5 bedrooms a bathroom was a gourmet kitchen private bar theater massage room infinity pool and Jeff before Justin moved it Ashton Kutcher rented out the mansion for around $50000 a month number 9 there are 11 different wax figures of him at Madame Tussauds museums around the world Madame Tussauds museum's are known for holding the most lifelike wax figures of many of the most recognizable celebrities political leaders and historical figures from around the world Justin has found a place in 11 of the 24 locations including Las Vegas Amsterdam London New York City and most recently in Ontario the managers of the Orlando but am too so said that in their 2 years of operation Justin was the most requested wax figure and they finally presented their beaver figure in June of 2017 they were faced with a last minute challenge however when Justin show to pick up his newest tattoo on Instagram the words better at 70 above his knee the wax figure had already been completed including his 50 plus other tattoos but an artist was able to quickly add the newest tattoo to the figure before it was presented to the public number 10 he is banned from China in July 2017 the Chinese government bans Justin Bieber from performing in China one dedicated Chinese beaver fan reached out to the Beijing municipal bureau of culture and requested the reason for the ban in response the bureau released a statement saying Justin Bieber is a gifted singer but he is also a controversial young foreign singer in order to maintain the Chinese market and purify the Chinese performance environment it is not suitable to bring in badly behaved entertainers if you want to learn more about this fascinating country could in the upper right hand corner to watch our video of 15 things you didn't know about China number 11 offend successfully sued Bieber after he cancelled his meet and greets 2 weeks after beavers purpose world tour began he took to Twitter to announce that he was canceling also meet and greets that had been scheduled because he said the pressure of meeting people's expectations of what he was supposed to be was too much to handle this angered many fans who had already bought high priced VIP tickets that were supposed to include a personal meeting with the star one fan took out of frustration in the form of a lawsuit a woman from Florida pain around $1800 for a VIP tickets for her and her daughter before the meet and greets were canceled she sued beaver for breach of contract and was awarded around $5300 when a judge ruled that Bieber had defaulted on his agreement number 12 he has a star on the walk of fame Philippines Bieber launched an online campaign in 2013 called hashtag give back Philippines to raise money to help the victims of typhoon Haiyan within 2004 hours of launching beaver fans donated over $400000 one fan I won a prize of being able to watch weaver recorded a Los Angeles studio the Canadian government match the donations and he also raise money by auctioning off a graffiti design he spray painted on a wall in Los Angeles after his believe tour officially wrapped Bieber visited the Philippines ended a surprise acoustic show he also donated books tee shirts and toys and play basketball with local children he raised $3000000 in total and he was given a star on the walk of fame Philippines in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the relief effort number 13 he had to pay $80900 for throwing eggs at his neighbor's house in 2014 after police obtained a video of Justin high fiving his friends after throwing eggs at his neighbor's house allegedly causing thousands of dollars in damage he was arrested and charged with one misdemeanor count of vandalism he pled no contest to the charge and received the harsh penalty of an $80900 fine 2 years probation 12 weeks of required anger management and 5 days of community service Bieber then moved out of the Calabasas California neighborhood and relocated to Beverly hills number 14 he had 8 records included the Guinness world record 2017 addition Justin broke 8 world records in 2017 the records were listed in the Guinness world records 2017 addition and included most streamed tracks on Spotify in one week for his song what do you mean most simultaneous new entries on the hot 100 by a solo artist first act to occupy the top 3 positions simultaneously on the UK singles chart most followers on Twitter for a male most viewed music channel on you too and the most subscribers on YouTube for a male musician number 15 he owns a leopard print Audi R. 8 one of the cars that has stood out the most among the many that just unknowns is his leopard print Audi R. 8 beaver again put his car in the hands of west coast customs and they created a customized leopard print for both the exterior and interior of the luxury vehicle although Justin eventually decided to have the outside painted black the leopard print interior remains other cars in Justin's collection include the Fisker karma Ferrari 430 Lamborghini Aventador range rover Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari 458 d'italia now that you learn more about Justin Bieber we'd like to know do you think you'll continue to have trouble with the law what do you think he's learned his lesson let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about us FAQ to thank you for sticking around in August 2017 Justin became only the second person ever to reach 100000000 followers on Twitter the first person to achieve that milestone was Katy Perry thank you for spending sometime with us a locks airs make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock Sir and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Selena Gomez
\\15 things you didn't know about Selena Gomez welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a Lexus and welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today we're looking at one of the most successful and popular singers and actresses of this generation Selena Gomez Selena Gomez was born 7/22/1992 in grand prairie Texas she started acting as a young child with reoccurring roles on Barney and friends and guest appearances on Hannah Montana and the suite life of Zack and Cody she played the lead role in the Disney show wizards of Waverly place from 2007 to 2012 which put her on the past to mainstream success she also began exploring a career in music during this time she released 3 albums with her band Selena Gomez and the scene before releasing her solo debut album stars dance in 2013 she released her second album revival in 2015 outside of music and acting Selena has her own clothing line called the dream out loud her own production company and has made millions from social media she has made endorsement deals with brands such as coca Cola adidas Pantene Louis Vuitton and coach she is also known for high profile relationships with Nick Jonas Justin Bieber and the weekends if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks we were inspired by Salinas longtime success influence perseverance and lifestyle so let's take a closer look at the start with 15 things you didn't know about Selena Gomez number one Selina made her television debut on Barney and friends at age 7 Selena caught the acting bug when she saw her mother trying out for roles she decided to go to some additions to and quickly landed her first gig at age 7 with Barney and friends she appeared on 14 episodes between 2002 and 2004 before she was let go for being too old for the series this is also where she met one of her closest friends demi Lobato who also acted on the show Salinas says she learned everything about acting from Barney number 2 she was discovered by Disney in a nationwide casting call Selena acted on the Disney show wizards of Waverly place from the time she was 14 until she was 19 she was discovered by Disney when she attended a nationwide casting call for the show you can watch a recording of 11 year old Selena's adorable and the life changing audition on you too number 3 she was chosen as the youngest a UNICEF ambassador in the history of the organization the United Nations children's fund commonly known as UNICEF is active in more than 190 countries with a mission to protect and care for children UNICEF select celebrity ambassadors there are leaders in the entertainment industry that serve as positive role models and can use their platform to bring awareness and fundraise to support the mission of UNICEF at the age of just 17 Selena was selected as the youngest of UNICEF ambassador in the history of your organization other UNICEF ambassadors include Laurence Fishburne Sarah Jessica Parker Alyssa Milano Lucy Liu and Talia only number 4 Justin Bieber reserved the entire staples center for a date with Selena Selena and Justin Bieber officially started dating in 2012 of their most extravagant dates was in September of that year when beaver book the entire staples center in Los Angeles to share dinner and a movie with Selena you might be wondering how much it costs to rent out the 20000 seat home of the Los Angeles Lakers if you're Justin Bieber the answer is nothing beaver was given exclusive access to the arena for free because his concerts sold out the staples center 3 times Justin and Selena enjoyed steak and pasta from the members only Lexus club at staples and they watch the film Titanic number 5 she has more Instagram followers in the population of Italy and France combined Selena beat out Taylor swift in 2016 to be the most followed person on Instagram Salinas says this was never a goal of hers and she didn't hire a social media consultant so she was really surprised by how much attention her Instagram gets it currently has over 128000000 followers which puts her well ahead of the next most followed celebrities on the list Ariana Grande with 114000000 followers and Chris generate although with 112000000 followers she has about 1000000 more followers than the total population of Italy and France combine number 6 her favorite tattoo was inspired by a fan Selena currently has 7 tattoos and she plans on getting more the tattoo that means the most to her in Arabic inscription below her right shoulder that translates to love yourself first was inspired by a fence when Selena did a concert and you buy a 16 year old fan came up to her after the show and told her I just wish you would love yourself first Selena posted a picture of the tattoo on her Instagram and in one week got over 1000000 likes a number of her fans have also gotten the same tattoo number 7 coach's stock went up to percent the day after Salinas bag was introduced Selena is coaches newest brand ambassador with a $10000000 deal and coach released a full line of products that Selena helped design in September 2017 the signature piece in the collection is the Selena grace back which is a red a black or cream satchel made with suede and refined calf leather that sells for $395 other items in the collection include a $50 love yourself first heart bag charm the $55 Selena many skinny ID holder and the $150 Selena restaurant the day after the Selena Gomez bag debuted at New York fashion week coaches stock rose by 2 percent Selena also helped coach gain 50 percent more followers than they had gained the year before their collaboration number 8 she was sued by a perfume company she was supposed to indoors the lifestyle brand adrenaline at 8 suits Selena and 2013 claiming that she didn't hold up her end of the perfume endorsement deals Selena countersued for 5.$2000000 claiming that the company had been going broke and couldn't afford to make the perfume she was supposed to indoors the company had promised Selina at least 5.$2000000 in royalties the lawsuit was settled out of court with Selena reportedly paying the company an undisclosed 6 figure amount to settle the matter number 9 she has 6 out of the top 10 most liked Instagram posts of 2017 Selena had the number one most liked Instagram post on Instagram in 2016 after she posted a coca Cola endorsement on her page in June that got over 6.8000000 likes although beyond say as claimed the top 2 spots so far in 2017 with her twin pregnancy announcement I got over 11.2000000 likes and her twin baby announcement that got 10.2000000 lights Selena holds 6 of the top 10 spots of most like post her highest one of the year so far was a post about the kidney transplant she received from her best friend actress Francia Raisa the post received more than 9.7000000 likes the only other person to make the top 10 list with his posts is Christiane Renaldo number 10 she bought a 2.$5000000 home in Los Angeles in 2017 in 2017 Selena body beautiful but relatively modest 3 bedroom home in the studio city neighborhood of Los Angeles the home is about a 30 minute drive from the $18000000 home her boyfriend the weekend also bought in LA Salinas home was built in 1953 but has since been completely refurbished it has vaulted ceilings a swimming pool a music room and tall hedges her privacy Salinas previous alley homes sold for 3.$3000000 and 3.$5000000 if you want to find out more interesting facts about Selena's boyfriend click in the upper right hand corner to check out a video of 15 things you didn't know about the weekend number 11 she launched her own production company in 2008 Selena launched her own production company called July moon productions in 2008 with the intent to produce films that she could star in one of the film Selena worked on was the film adaptation of the novel 13 reasons why and she had planned to play the lead role of the girl who commits suicide the adaptation was instead picked up by Netflix of a television series in 2015 and Selena currently serves as an executive producer on the show number 12 Selena regularly delete Instagram from her file Selena may be the most popular star on Instagram but she says she believes the app from her phone at least once a week Selena has conflicting feelings about the site she says she freaked out when she found out that she was the most followed person on Instagram and not in a good way she became obsessed with the site and then fixated on the negative comments which damaged her self esteem and left her feeling terrible constantly she decided to back away from the site and stopped posting things herself she now has her assistant handle posts although she does control what is posted she doesn't even know the password for her Instagram account anymore persistent handles back to number 13 she used a quien therapy to help improve her mental health in 2017 Selena canceled her tour and stepped away from the spotlight for 90 days without any explanation after she re emerged she said that she had spent time in the countryside she disconnected from social media stopped worrying about always looking perfect and engaged in act one therapy with the horses at her location the time away seems to have paid off as Selena now says she's in a really healthy place and it's the best thing she could have done number 14 she bought a BMW X. 5 for her 20 first birthday from the age of 16 to 21 Selena drove the same car a 2009 Ford escape so when it came time for 20 first birthday Selena decided to treat herself with a new ride the birthday present she bought herself was a $55000 BMW X. 5 number 15 she makes the most out of any celebrity per social media posts Selena makes far more per social media posts than many of her fellow celebrities she charges up to $550000 per sponsored post that runs on Facebook Instagram and Twitter concurrently this makes her the highest paid celebrity when it comes to social media posts the next highest paid it's Kim Kardashian who makes $500000 per post followed by Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner Renaldo who both make $400000 per post now did you learn more about Selena Gomez we'd like to know do you follow her on Instagram why do you think her page is the most popular in the world let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about a stock just for sticking around Selena was born when her mother was just 16 years old and her mother named her after one of her favorite singers Selena the famous Tejano singer who tragically died 3 years after Selena was born thank you for spending sometime with us a locks there make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we hand picked these videos you might enjoy our head over to a for the best in fine living content on be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About BENTLEY
\\15 things you didn't know about badly welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello elixirs and welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today we're revealing some interesting and surprising facts about Bentley a British luxury car company that has produced some of the most desirable cars in the world for nearly 100 years that Lee was founded as Bentley motors limited in 1919 by W. O. badly in London the first car bearing Bentleys name was produced in the same year and presented at the London motor show in 1921 the 3 liter Bentleys were made available to the public and Bentley quickly made a name for themselves because of the durability of their cars captain it will start auto bodice first Bentley in 1925 and used it to win it numerous races in 1926 he bought Bentley for around $130 which would be nearly $2000000 at today's valuation the most iconic model of the early years of badly was their Florida house leader lower back which was what James Bond drove in the original novels Kelly was acquired by rolls Royce in 1931 and remained a part of their company int'l Volkswagen AG beat out BMW with a bit of around $450000000 in 1997 in the modern era Bentley has brought us the most silent continental GT continental GT convertible the flying spur and the band take at if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks we are inspired by Bentleys long running success focus on luxury and dedication to quality we know how many of our fellow a locks was out there can't wait to add one or more of these highly desirable cars to their car collection so let's learn more about them with these 15 things you didn't know about badly number one the winged logo changes depending on the car though we need to be hood ornament was originally designed to represent speed and power the initial designer also wanted to prevent forgery so he added a different number of feathers on each side hoping that forgers wouldn't notice that Lee also tends to change the number of feathers space on what type of car vintage cars typically have 13 brothers on the left and 14 on the right derby cars have 1011 and crew because health 10 on both sides number 2 it takes 390 9:00 hours to build a Mulsanne that Lee has one of the longest production times of luxury cars and they are proud of this fact the stitching on the steering wheel of one Malzahn takes 5:00 hours and 620 stitches to complete to contrast stitch the entire cabin of a continental GT takes 2005 hours it takes 390 9:00 hours to build a mall sun 130 hours to build a flying spur and 100 4:00 hours to build a continental GT number 3 there is a Bentley ice driving school in Finland from February to March that only holds their power on ice school in the far north of Finland expert drivers teach participants how to drive the 616 horsepower W. 12 flying spur and the continental GT in some extremely harsh winter conditions participants who by the $13600 premium package get a 4 day experience at the school which also includes private jet flights between Helsinki on the shell a route that peak resort we can enjoy open fires sanas luxury accommodations and first class local cuisine number 4 Bentley set the ice speed record in 2011 the Bentley continental supersports convertible which runs on biofuels was actually the first car to ever achieve the feat of going to 0 miles per hour on nights the $300000 convertible beat Bentleys over a speed record they had set back in 2007 was a Bentley continental GT the same driver finish rally legend you have kind can set both records the super sports convertible had a top speed of 205 miles per hour on a nice when the record was set in 2011 in Finland on the Baltic Sea number 5 brightly maybe special watch to commemorate the ice speed record to commemorate that lease I speed record brightly made a special watch that they gave away for free with just one catch you had to buy a Bentley super sports ISR which stands for ice speed record only 100 of the special edition cars were made and originally sold for around $300000 the watch comes with an engraved titanium case and they carbon fiber presentation box with a unique identification class number 6 rolls Royce secretly acquired Bentley in 1931 after the Wall Street crash of 1929 Bentley struggles financially as demand went down for their expensive cars in 1931 they were no longer able to pay the bills so there was a bidding war to see who would buy the company rolls Royce used a front company to buy the company and even Bentley himself didn't know the true identity of the buyer until the sale was complete production was halted for 2 years before resuming rolls Royce works in derby W. O. badly left on his contract expired in 1935 all Bentleys made from 1931 to 2004 use the rolls Royce chassis and adopted rolls Royce engine number 7 the solar panel installation on the roof of the Bentley factory is the largest in the UK the belly factory has 20000 solar panels situated on their written which is the highest number of any building or business in the UK the panels generate enough energy to power 1200 houses over a year number 8 Bentley one LeMond races 73 years apart in Bentleys early years they had a strong presence of the 24 hour of LeMond race winning in 192419272829 and in 1930 after winning at LeMond in 1930 but we decided not to engage in any more motor racing saying they had learned enough about speed and reliability however many years later Bentleys of speed 8 won the 2003 LeMond the 73 year time span is the largest gap between any of the Lamont winning marquees number 9 the most expensive Bentley sold at auction for over $6000000 the most expensive pet we ever sold at auction was a 1928 Bentley former house leader LeMond sports bobtail the car placed third at the 192924 hour of live on race and is the only remaining bobtail Florida half liter in existence the vintage car sold for $6050000 at a 2012 auction in pebble beach California number 10 Floyd Mayweather bought Isiah Thomas a badly for his birthday Isiah Thomas an NBA player who was recently traded from the Boston Celtics to the Cleveland Cavaliers was given a 200000 Bentley for his 20 sixth birthday by Floyd Mayweather back in 2015 the 2 became friends in 2010 when a mutual friend took Isay along to a Floyd Mayweather workout that night they went to a robin Thicke concert together and remain close friends ever since Thomas said he's given me a few gifts before nice ones but that one was unbelievable if you want to learn more about the undefeated boxer click in the upper right hand corner to watch our video of 15 things you didn't know about Floyd Mayweather number 11 that Lee owners are given a photo album that documents their cars creation when customers receive their cars Bentley also provides a photo album that documents each step of the manufacturing process of their particular car from the shell to the final product customers also receive a second book that explains in great detail how specialized parts work so that the body and repair shops can tackle any problems and if a local repair shop cannot fix the problem Bentley will dispatch an engineer anywhere in the world to solve it number 12 Bentley has their own furniture line Bentley home as a partnership between Bentley and the artisan furniture designer clubhouse d'italia they advertise the exclusive collection of Bentley furniture as being inspired by the techniques materials and finishes that characterize Bentleys renowned car interiors but we also produces a wide range of other products including handbags golf clubs jewelry boxes model cars fragrances and eyewear number 13 Queen Elizabeth was the first to own up and take a 4 by 4 after driving a prototype on her Balmoral state Queen Elizabeth wanted to own the Bentley Ben take a 4 by 4 which badly presented as the most powerful and exclusive sports utility vehicle in the world of course she got her wish in fact she became the very first owner of the $200000 vehicle she intended to use the vehicle for hunting expeditions number 14 Bentley on demand was launched in 2017 that we launched a new concierge al luxury experience called Bentley on demand in the summer of 2017 the service is exclusively for badly owners who want to have access to a badly while on vacation or business trips or wish to ride around in a different Bentley than the one they own for special occasions the program was launched in New York Los Angeles and Dallas with more cities to follow number 15 Bentley invented black chrome at Ralph Lauren's request the Bentley motors Molitor division is that leave customization unit for clients who want their cars to be further personalized about half of the Bentley sold each year get further customizations for Shaquille o'neal they emblazoned the Superman logo on the front row they install the karaoke machine in the backseat for Japanese millionaire and they changed the doors of queen Elizabeth's limousine so that she would be able to fully stand up before stepping out of the car the workers at Mullingar are ready to take on just about any challenge for their high paying customers they even invented a whole new process to create black crow when Ralph Lauren requested this feature that had never been produced before now that you've learned more about Bentley we'd like to know which one of their models is your favorite I just know what you think in the comments still here hears about us faqs just for you of course Bentley is a favorite car brand amongst the rich and famous a few celebrities who own one or more Bentleys are David back up Kim Kardashian Robert Downey junior JZ mark Wahlberg Kobe Bryant and Jennifer Lopez thank you for spending sometime with us a lock Sir make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we hand picked these videos you might enjoy our head over to a for the best in fine living content on the planet be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Lady Gaga
\\15 things you didn't know about lady Gaga welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired Hey there you like Sears were happy to have you here again and we hope you're doing great today we're going to be talking about one of the most famous artists in the world right now lady Gaga the singer songwriter and actress was born on 3/28/1986 in Manhattan's Upper East Side to a Catholic family this great artist who has overcome some horrific life events like rate has become the inspiration everyone needed growing up in New York she went to the covenant of the Sacred Heart bush considered herself a misfit among her friends and was bullied for being too pro active or too eccentric lady Gaga made her breakthrough into music after recording 2 songs with hip hop singer grandmaster belly now which led to her becoming a part of the band Furthermore she continued to climb the fame latter step by step until she became one of the most popular and influential artists in the world known for constantly experimenting with new musical ideas and images for herself and her work she used her looks a voice and attitude to get where she is today if you're new here will help them be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks throughout her career so far she has sold over 27000000 albums and 146000000 singles making her one of the best selling recording artists of all time but enough with the intro let's get to the 15 things you didn't know about lady Gaga number one her name of course isn't really lady Gaga the famous artists real name is Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta her stage name lady Gaga was inspired by the famous queen song radio ga ga X. producer rob you sorry who believed radio Gaga described her so well decided that the name Gaga would suit her bats lady Gaga says the name came from an auto corrected text sent by for sorry and from the same song which she sang to him and reminded him of Freddie Mercury style people also referred to as goggle live loopy mother monster rabbit teeth and a little mermaid but a word to the wise if you're ever lucky enough to go on a date with the mother of monster do not call her lady Gaga according to an interview she prefers her suitors to call her Stephanie number 2 she learned to play piano by ear at just 4 years old the famous singer started playing piano at the age of 4 all by herself at 13 years old she wrote her first piano ballad titled to love again which followed her debut at open Mike nights and eventually to a couple of unsuccessful New York auditions in high school she used to sing in a classic rock cover band mac impulsive by a band that did covers of Led Zeppelin song number 3 lady Gaga dropped out of college to pursue a musical career after becoming one of 20 people to earn early admission to NYU say miss Tisch school of arts she dropped out to pursue a music career before leaving school she took music and theater lessons and put her writing skills to work to compose essays and analytical papers focused on various topics like art religion and socio political order what you turned 19 he decided to drop out of university and move back in with her parents to pursue a career in music number 4 the famous meat dress she wore to the 2010 VMAs made its way to a museum designed by Frank Fernandez and styled by Nicola Formichetti the dress eventually sparked a lot of controversy time magazine named at the top fashion statement of 2010 and Gaga said it was a statement for ones need to fight for what one believes that but don't think the dress cost her millions like her other outfits in fact one New York butcher said there were no expensive cuts of meat use the best she had was a flank steak on the top of her head but that didn't matter to the rock and roll hall of fame museum where the dress became an exhibit along with other relics from the music industry number 5 lady Gaga earned around $60000000 in 2015 but in 2016 her earnings dropped considerably Gaga had a slow rise to fame but with her debut album aptly called faith reaching number one in many countries it was ranked at number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart her monster ball tour made $200000000 becoming the highest grossing tour of all time and the highest grossing for a debut headlining artist then in 2012 she earned more than $80000000 through her album sales tors and endorsements however thanks to her extravagant outfits and glamorous shows she took on some serious data was almost bankrupt 4 times in 2016 her earnings dropped so considerably that she didn't even make it into Forbes highest paid celebrities list like she did the year before mostly because she performed at the Superbowl halftime show for free according to Forbes magazine number 6 the first record label she sighed with dropped her after just 3 months when she was performing in a band called Stephanie German not a band at the cutting room she met music producer rob you sorry he helped her music career by sending her songs which she helped develop to several record labels until the head of a and R. at def jam records signed her to the record label but after 3 months the record label dropped her so she returned home to our parents and started experimenting and taking drugs in the same period she started performing at neo burlesque shows where she met performance artist lady starlight who helped her mold her on stage persona with lady starlight she formed a duo and began performing at club venues before eventually making it big in the world of music number 7 lady Gaga lives in a Malibu home complete with a bat cave during the early days of Gaga's fame she bought a 6 acre $23000000 Malibu that can match it the stunning home features a massive 800 bottle wine cellar home theater salt water swimming pool and a subterranean bat cave but unlike Batman her cave can be accessed through a non secret passageway in the living room in reality the cave is a recreational space complete with a 19 sixties style bowling alley and a basketball free throw machine apart from this mention she also owns the former home of the late Frank Zappa which she bought for 5.25 $0 number 8 she made her acting debut in an episode of the sopranos before she appeared on the famous show she also made an appearance as an unsuspecting diner customer for MTV's boiling points a prank reality TV show during the time her first record label dropped her she returned home and started auditioning for New York shows without much success however she did get a small part of the 2001 sopranos episode the telltale months ago as the mysterious classmate but her first major breakthrough role came in the form of a hotel owner named Elizabeth in the show American horror story hotel for the role she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a miniseries or television fell from there she continued to appear on movies and TV shows like a star is born alongside Bradley Cooper which will be released in 2018 she also has teamed up with Netflix for documentary called Gaga 5 foot 2 number 9 on her twentieth birthday she made her breakthrough after signing a contract with Interscope Records well performing at a different club venues with lady starlight who sorry continue to help her reach fame and contacted record executive and producer Vincent Herbert who signed her to his record label Interscope Records during the same time she made a deal with Sony ATV to write songs for famous artists such as Britney spears new kids on the block Fergie and the Pussycat dolls it was singer and producer a con who noticed her talent and approach the CEO of Interscope about a joint deal with his record label called live which would allow Gaga to be represented by both of them thanks to the deal Gaga became a concept first franchise player number 10 lady Gaga says Stevie Wonder Mariah Carey Led Zeppelin and others served as her inspiration in music the singer grew up listening to famous artists such as the Beatles Stevie Wonder queen Pink Floyd and Mariah Carey who have influenced your music style lady Gaga says that since she was a child she wanted to revolutionize music just like Madonna did someone she's often been compared to what the singer credits fiance as the person who inspired her to start a music career speaking of fiance if you want to learn more about her you can do so by checking out our 15 things you didn't know about Beyonce a video like clicks in the top right corner number 11 her first album Faye was the best selling album of 2010 worldwide upon signing a record deal with Interscope Records at a conflict will calm life she moved to Los Angeles to hit the studio to record her debut album released in 2008 the album which sold for more than 15000000 copies worldwide produced singles like just dance and poker face to massive commercial success poker face became the world's best selling single in 2009 after it sold more than 9.8000000 copies globally after spending 83 weeks of a digital songs chart Guinness world records put goggles name in the book the album also won the best dance electronic album and poker face one best dance recording at the 50 second annual Grammy awards number 12 she wrote the song born this way in just 10 minutes she wrote the lead single from her second album of the same name born this way along with Jeff Larson who produced it with Fernando Garibay and DJ white China Gaga wrote the lyrics while on the road with the monster ball tour and was inspired by 19 nineties music which empowered women and the gay community and represents her freedom song she says the lyrics came to her as a magical message and she finished writing it in 10 minutes number 13 telephone was originally written for Britney spears after she toured the world promote her fame album she released an EP of 8 songs called the fame monster from the EP she released the singles bad romance telephone and Alejandro telephone made in collaboration with Beyonce and became Gaga's fourth UK number one single but the song wasn't even supposed to be on Gaga's album instead telephone was written for Britney spears's sixth album circuits but she rejected it another cool fact about telephone is that the diner they use in the video is the same diner that appears in the popular cop show and see I guess number 15 of her tattoos is dedicated to her father the bad romance singer has a total of 14 tattoos all located on her left side out of respect for her father to ask that you please keep one side of her body at least relatively normal she started her body art journey with a treble clef the center of her lower back and continued with a daisy touch to her third tattoo I heart with a word dad Britain side is a tribute to our father which he did after he had a successful open heart surgery among her other taxis are a little monster had to announce a unicorn and the word art pop among a few others she says she'd like to get more tattoos but it's all about pacing because she says she's running out of real estate on her left side number 15 lady Gaga once bought 55 items which belong to Michael Jackson from an auction if you know Baca you know she's a big fan of Michael Jackson in fact she was supposed to sing in the opening of a store this is it before he died the mother monster has approximately 400 of Michael Jackson's costumes he wore on stage as well as a thriller jacket and one of his glass Gaga spent more than $500000 at the auction although the exact amount is on no she keeps all of his items in a temperature controlled room to preserve the outfits as best she can after making the purchase back in 2012 she tweeted the 55 pieces I collected today will be archived and expertly cared for in the spirit and love of Michael Jackson his bravery and fans worldwide which were sure all MJ fans were very happy to hear so tell us a locks there's now what you learn more about lady Gaga what do you think it's her next step what's the one thing you didn't know about her I just know in the comments oh you're still here because he stuck around until the end hears about us back to just for you lady Gaga was cited by Chicago police for wearing hot pants in public the police once gave her a ticket for indecent exposure for wearing hot pants out in public when asked about the incident Gaga simply said it was fashion she clearly is a true artist thank you for spending sometime with us a lock there make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we hand picked these videos you might enjoy our head over to a for the best in fine living content on the planet be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Croatia
\\I 15 things you didn't know about Croatia welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a like serious we hope you're having a great day today welcome to another amazing video presented by a lock stock com today we're exploring one of Europe's great countries Croatia V. warned though because this video may just make you fall in love with this nation on the scene long before Croatia became one of the best holiday destinations to explore it anytime of the year people began inhabiting the area in the early stuff century throughout the first and second World War Croatia survived as part of the state of Slovenes Croats and Serbs after World War 2 ended the country became the kingdom of Yugoslavia as well as the founding member of the socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia today years after the tree fought for it and Croatia is a Republic ruled by a parliament the country has a developing economy identified by the World Bank as a high income economy with much of its revenues coming from agriculture food processing pharmaceuticals biochemical and timber industries tourism is also an important part of Croatia's economy with the industry dominating their service sector with such great history and beautiful landscape it's no wonder that H. B. O. shows this country as a shooting location for game of thrones plus you can also explore the country's 1000 islands and their many UNESCO world heritage site if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks despite having a great culture amazing food and kind people Croatia doesn't get the attention it deserves so let's fix that Challis here are 15 things you didn't know about Croatia number one Croatia has 2 men on the moon well not literally 2 crows have their names on the map of the moon which is a great thing for a country that small scientists Roger Bosco bitchin Andrea Mahora bitch have had portions of the moon named after them bosquet fetch a physicist astronomer mathematician philosopher diplomat poet hands theologian who lived in Italy for most of his life created a precursor of atomic theory and had important contributions in astronomy the scientists also discovered the absence of atmosphere on the moon while Mahora vich itch a meteorologist and seismologist is an important founder of modern seismology though scientists have a mountain in the near side of the moon as well as a lunar impact crater located on the far side of the moon named after that number 2 we have to thank Croatia for many items we use every day including the necktie we should all just take a moment to thank this country for making us look so good all dressed up the next time maybe the country's most successful export is one of the most famous invention the story of neckties dates back to the seventeenth century when Croatia's people fought for the French in the 30 years war apart from bringing them to the battlefield Croatia also set a trend the mercenaries used to wear distinctively nodded neckwear so they could tell each other apart and from there it spread to other militaries and later catching on in civilian society and eventually setting a trend in time the not made its way through modern day offices and other high class places to become known as the necktie and here's a fun fact Croatia is the Guinness world record holder of the longest necktie measuring 808 meters or 2650 feet if you're watching in America other things this country has invented is the world's first torpedo the mag lite flashlight and the mechanical pencil number 3 Croatia has served as the set design of many famous films and TV shows including game of thrones when you venture into this world of amazing landscapes and edible culture expected take a ton of pictures particularly in the city of Dubrovnik a medieval town located on the Adriatic Sea in the region of Dalmatia which is one of the most sought after destinations in the world the city's old buildings are amazing especially considering they have the oldest a boring I'm in the world as we already mentioned H. B. O.'s game of thrones shot a few of its famous scenes in Croatia but also movies like Star Wars the last genocide and mamma mia were filmed in the country next year you'll get to see the 2018 adaptation of Robin Hood which is also being filled in Croatia and there are plans to build the next James Bond film there as well number 4 Croatia is one of the safest countries in the world Croatia is one of the few remaining countries in which you can enjoy an evening walk and feel completely safe but you don't need to take our word for it the 2017 that travel and tourism competitiveness report evaluated 136 countries worldwide and overall safety and ranks Croatia as one of the most secure countries for tourists to visit the report wreck the country at 20 fourth place on the list with Finland taking the top spot as the safest country in the world for Taurus Russia ranked 109 view S. ranked 80 fourth the United Kingdom 78 and Germany was in 50 first place the report evaluates the countries on their individual policies and the threat of major security risks such as terrorism and violence number 5 the most expensive street in Croatia is a strut on a deep rough neck unlike other countries in Croatia you don't need to be a billionaire to afford living there because the cost of living in this beautiful country isn't that high while in New York these days you can pick up a 2 bedroom apartment in a decent area for around one to 1.$5000000 in Croatia for the same amount of money you could easily by yourself an entire nineteenth century castle with land included Croatia's most expensive street is not even in the capital of the city but located in the popular coastal city of Dubrovnik the main street in the city is a limestone paved pedestrian street that goes for about 300 meters into the old town this is the main tourist attraction so as you'd expect the prices are higher than the average to say the least number 6 Croatia is the home of one of the smallest towns in the world generally small towns in America have more than 30000 inhabitants this town in Croatia has around 30 people which formally makes it one of the smallest towns in the world if you don't take into account towns were labeled with a population of one located right in the center of the is to your region near the town of brusett and known as the town of truffles home is only 100 meters long and 30 meters wide but don't get fooled by its dimensions because this town has a lot of history according to alleged this magnificent place was created by giants who built the cities in the valley of the mariner ever what makes home truly unique is the fact that despite being built in the sixteenth century nothing was built outside the walls since everything from the church to watch tower are perfectly preserved number 7 Croatia is ranked as the eighteenth most popular tourist destination in the world the country doesn't hold this title in vain out of 1000000 tourists per year about 15 percent of them come for the landscapes and for immersing themselves in nature a sector that's flourishing in Croatia tourism represents about 18 percent of the country's GDP with the annual tourist industry income for 2016 estimated at 8.$8000000000 with many tourists concentrating along the Adriatic Sea coast Croatia opened its first holiday resort Apax yeah in the middle of the nineteenth century in the 18 nineties the reserve became one of the most important health resorts in Europe although the number of resorts shot up along the coastal region Croatia became the first European country to develop commercial naturist resorts if you had doubts about visiting the country hopefully all of this is convincing you to pack your bags and head out for a holiday in Croatia number 8 Croatia holds a lot of odd the Guinness world records when researching this country learned pretty quickly that has a long list of odd Guinness world records such as the 1 for longest lines of strudel measuring 1400 79.38 meters or 4800 53 feet and 7 inches the country is the proud record holder of the fastest time to push a car one mile the longest moon walk the largest painting as well as the largest box of popcorn Croatia also holds the record for the largest collection of Pantaleon items as well as the largest appendix removed like we said it was an odd less number 9 the famous Dalmatian that comes from Croatia the popular donation is a breed of medium size stocks famous for their unique spots mainly used as carriage stocks in the early days their roots can be traced back to Croatia and the historical region of Dalmatia hence their name the first illustrations of the dog an altar painting dating back to the period of 1600 to 1630 have been found in Croatia well the first mention of the Dalmatian breed an official document is traced back to the early eighteenth century described as Kennesaw back to kiss in the church chronicles from 1719 the dogs unique coat became popular and widely spread over the continent of Europe in the early 19 twenties in popular culture donation serves as a firehouse mascot and is sometimes used to educate others about fire safety so now you know where all those puppies and 101 Dalmatians really came from number 10 Robert her civic the famous shark tank star was born in Croatia the Croatian Canadian businessman investor and TV personality was born in perished in Croatia upon moving to Canada he attended the university of Toronto where he graduated with a double degree in political science and English eventually he rose to fame after founding his company track systems which he later sold to 18 T. Canada for 30.$2000000 thanks to the successful deal producers featured him on investing reality shows such as dragons den and the ABC version of the series shark tank his net worth of $250000000 comes from various business ventures if you want to find out more about the same as Croatian Canadian businessmen click on the top right corner to check out our dedicated video number 11 Croatia's currency is named after an animal and their coins after a lime tree Croatia's currency is named after an animal even though the country has been a member of the EU since 2013 Croatia's currency cuda is named after the Martin a slender agile creature adapted to living in Titus and found in the forests nearby in medieval times Martin skins used to be a form of payment in Slavonia the Croatian littoral and Dalmatia the modern day bank notes feature famous Croatians on the front and architectural motifs on the back the currency issued by the Croatian National Bank is subdivided into 100 lipa a leap out means Lyndon or a lime tree number 12 Croatia has a museum of broken relationships located in Zagreb this rather unique and art museum is located in the capital of the country is aggressive dedicated to failed relationships this museums exhibits are quite unusual splitting personal objects left over from former lovers these unique pieces of art come with short description it all started as a traveling collection of donated items and it soon found a home in the capital of one of the most beautiful countries in the world in 2011 the unusual museum receive the Kenneth Hudson award for Europe's most innovative museum so make sure you visit it while you're there number 13 Croatia has the most beautiful sunsets in the world where can you experience the most beautiful sunset in the world you guessed it Croatia according to Alfred Hitchcock Zadar is the place to see the most beautiful sunset well the English director found himself in Sadar in 19 before he was amazed by its setting sun and named it the most beautiful even more beautiful than key Florida where he thought the best sons that was until he visited that are you can take his word for it or you can go check it out yourself another interesting thing about the doctor there on the Dalmatian coast you'll find the world's first pipe organ that's played by the seas rhythmic waves pretty cool ha number 14 Croatia produced many scientists and important people every country has its bright minds but we're sure you didn't know how much these crowds did for mankind Yvonne was static a criminologist an anthropologist pioneered the method of identifying someone based on their fingerprints the Celtics methods are still used worldwide today then there's the Irishman James Joyce one of the most influential writers in the modernist avant garde age of the early twentieth century was an English teacher in the city of Pula who gave us Ulysses in the early nineteenth century Croatia also has 2 Nobel Prize winners in chemistry do you know any other famous Croatians we couldn't close this less without mentioning the great Nicholas Tesla despite being born in Somalia witches today in Croatia at the time of his birth was technically a part of the Austrian empire making him a citizen of Austria we'll let you guys debate that one in the comic number 15 the MP theater in Pula Istria is the third most preserved in the world even better than the Coliseum for our number 15 we thought we should talk about the most famous and imposing site of the first century the oval amphitheater in Pula the pool the arena is the only remaining Roman amphitheater to still have foresight towers and all 3 Roman architectural orders entirely preserved built around the time Jesus Christ was said to be born the construction is one of the 6 largest surviving Roman arenas in the world as well as the third most preserved first built from local limestone and known locally as the arena the amphitheater was designed to host gladiator contest with enough space to fit 20000 spectators in 1932 the arena was adopted for theater productions military ceremonies and public meetings today many famous artists like Luciano Pavarotti and Drabble Charlie Jose Carrera's Dino marlin Elton John and many more use it as a venue for their concerts so make sure to see if any high and events are available while you're there to visit now that you've learned some more about Croatia telus in boxers what else should be added to our list about this incredible country let us know in the comments still here because you stayed until the end hears about this fact just for you Croatia has one of the top beaches in Europe that changes at Shea located in the region of Dalmatia the beach is unlike any other place you visit because it changes shape the farthest and usually has turned slightly toward the east but certain weather patterns can shift the beach more toward the west which means actually changes shape every 2 to 3 years this awesome beach's length and shape our tech the unknown because a very astute to tide current and wind but because of its unique shape it has been featured on many travel brochures making it one of the symbols of Croatian tourism thank you for spending sometime with us a lock Sir make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we hand picked these videos you might enjoy our head over to a lock stock com for the best in fine living content on the planet be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Cara Delevingne
\\15 things you didn't know about car delevigne welcome to a lock stock called the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a lock sirs we're glad to have you here today as we talk about the amazing human being that car del Aviv is born on 8/12/1992 in Hammersmith London she started her career after signing with storm model management at just 17 years old she rose to fame after she caught the eye of Berberis Christopher Bailey well she works part time in the office of a fashion website he offered her a job at his company spring summer 2011 campaigns and her career took off from there television made her first public appearance at the 2000 live in London fashion week dressed in the birth rate for some autumn winter collection during her modeling career she received the model of the year award at the British fashion awards and has walked for many famous fashion houses including Barbary should now mulberry DMG and Jason where she also made her acting debut in the film adaptation of Anna Karenina where she played princess Sakina car then continue to appear in films such as the face of an angel paper towns and suicide squad her last acting project valerian and the city of 1000 planets was released in July of 2017 and thanks to her whole package deal she was ranked thirteenth in the most desirable women category run by ask men if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks that's enough for the intro let's get to the 15 things you didn't know about car galloping number one she has struggled with depression but 15 years old she started to battle with depression triggered when she discovered her mother's past drug use she spoke about this time in her life while attending the 2015 women in the world summit and said she actually had to take a 6 month break from school as a result and until the interview her mental health struggles were not something she was very open with Kara says her depression actually a point where she would slam her head against a tree in an attempt to knock yourself unconscious thankfully at 16 car was able to get the help she needed and she on medications to help manage the depression a move which might have saved her life a year later at the age of 17 she would find a career she truly loves and the rest as they say is history number 2 she's a gamer watch out call of duty players because car is a passionate computer and video game player and might just kick your ass if you come across are in the game she's quite a tomboy and isn't afraid to admit that car even started the official black ops 3 trailer and even voice the DJ of the non stop pop FM radio station in the video game Grand Theft Auto 5 she says her user name is Tara Dowdell so if you find her say hello from months number 3 she comes from a rich family born in Hammersmith London Kara is the daughter of socialite Pandora and delivery and property developer Charles have our delivery she grew up in one of the wealthiest districts in the world Telegraaf via London with her 2 older sisters Khloe and model poppy Delevingne her godfather is Conde Nast executive Nicholas Coleridge and her god mother is actress Joan Collins her maternal grandfather who served as a publishing executive and English heritage chairman was the nephew of magazine publisher Sir Edward George Morris halted and the grandson of newspaper proprietor Sir Edward halted first baronet Kara's maternal grandmother Janey Sheffield was a lady in waiting to princess Margaret and 2 of her ancestors served as Lord Mayor of London number 4 she quit modeling to focus on her acting career in order to focus on her acting career she quit modeling but not before appearing in summer 2013 to 2014 campaigns during this period she was named the new face of Yves Saint Laurent you say as well as the new brand ambassador of Swiss watch brand hardware with her profile removed from store model management's website she could chase after the dream she's had since the age of 12 acting Kerr says when she was young she wanted to be a Disney star like Miley Cyrus and always looked up to Jennifer Lopez her first major walls were Margo Roth in the film paper towns in 2015 have talent in London fields the same year and the enchantress in suicide squad in 2016 number 5 she makes almost $30000 per day even though the 25 year old quit modeling to focus on acting she still earns beg according to Forbes she earned almost $10000000 last year making it almost $30000 per day she's even taken the crown from Kate Moss as the highest paid model who earned around $6000000 last year Coverdell opinions not worth his estimated to be around $23000000 number 6 paper towns was her breakthrough role after she made her acting debut at Anna Karen even Kara went on to make her TV debut in the last episode of Playhouse presents a series of self contained TV place awhile after she co starred in the adaptation of John green's novel paper towns which made more than $12000000 on the opening weekend in the U. S. soon after the film plays 6 at the box office critics said that she was the real find of the film despite her costar not having a clue who she was until meeting at auditions funny enough when he saw her walk and he realized that her face was actually on the Billboard outside of his apartment number 7 she can beat box like up throw not many people know this but apart from modeling and acting she can also be box like a champ back in 2011 she said in an interview that she was a world class beatboxer joking that you should hear the noises she can make with her mouth a few years later she posted an Instagram video where she showed off her be boxing skills Welling both Justin Timberlake and for al Williams with her impressive vocal percussion talents number 8 she's good with drums and complain the guitar behind her head Kara doesn't only have a vocal percussion skills she can play the drums too as a ghastly Spanish talk show she showed off her musical talents Kara picked up a guitar and demonstrated an impressive flamenco piece before putting the instrument behind her back and playing out the opening bars of sweet home Alabama I'm leaving everyone in all number 9 she's our writer to this is yet another one of cardiology in somebody's house to help her cope with the depression as a teenager she started writing poetry I think she still does from time to time at the women in the world summit in London she admitted that writing was something that saved her life in fact she recently announced on Instagram that she has written her first novel titled mirror mirror set to be released in late 2017 her novel is a coming of age story revolving around a group of 16 year old friends trying to figure out who they are as they learn to navigate through school and relationship number 10 she was discovered by the same woman who discovered Kate Moss even though Kara appeared in vogue Italia at the age of 10 she wasn't that famous until the cofounder of storm model management Sarah Ducas spotted her like other young models Kara wasn't spotted in a shopping mall Jews actually schoolmates and best friends with dubious his daughter the agency cofounder first signed Carlos older sister poppy I decided to wait until Kara turned 17 to bring her into the fold of storm model management number 11 her eyebrows are pretty famous she also lot of recognition to her renowned bushy eyebrows some beauty insiders think she was the inspiration for many women to ditch their tweezers Kara has set the trend for fuller natural looking brows and people love them so much that the phenomena actually lead to a decrease in the sale of brow grooming tools a while ago even Google report about searches for eyebrow plucking were down from the previous year while terms like fuller eyebrows car delevigne and statement brows were on the rise number 12 she credits social media for her success we live in a social media age and Kara is very aware of that the 25 year old credits her meteoric success in modeling to the power of social media adding that she likely would not have had the same success back in the nineties in 2014 the model became the first ever to take a runway video selfie documenting the moment for her millions of followers on Instagram while she walked in the Giles deacon show at London fashion number 13 she has the word bacon tattooed on her foot the English model has gotten around 20 tattoos over the years but most unique and perhaps strange is the word baking tattooed on her foot she says that she was simply inspired by her love for bacon the models first thought she was an etching of a lion on her index finger among her other tattoos she has one of her lucky number 12 in the form of the Roman numeral acts I I and the made in England on the sole of her left foot but her most special tattoo she says is the elephant on her right arm because she got it in memory of her late grandmother number 14 she can saying and also writes music during the course of a year delevigne wrote and recorded 2 music albums under artist manager Simon fuller and she was offered a record deal which she turned down she declined because they wanted her to change her name and she wasn't having any of that a year later she recorded an acoustic duet cover version of son attends with British soul and jazz singer songwriter will hurt she teamed up with musician for al Williams for the song see see the word which was used for the short Chanel film reincarnation in which they both start then this year she released the music video for her song I feel everything from valerian and the city of 1000 planets Kara has been writing her own music since she was 13 years old number 15 she's shorter than you might think the modeling agency she used to work with that she was 59 or 100 76 centimeters for everyone but Americans but in reality if she's a lot shorter car is proof that you don't really need to fit each and everyone of the industry standards to be a topic by world famous designers Kate Moss and Twiggy were even shorter at 57 or 170 centimeters she's not quite as tall as your average runway model in fact designer Marc Jacobs lovingly calls her a door and while she certainly not short by normal standards in the world of fashion she definitely is now that you learn more about car Telavi what's your favorite thing about her do you think that people are mistaking when they compare her to Kate Moss let us know what you think in the comments still here are you well here's a bonus fact just for you Kara has trademarked her name the model chose to do so because she didn't want others to profit from her name which is understandable considering her success she has also founded her own company called Kara and co which has developed a network of concept stores as well as a charity for deaf children thank you for spending sometime with us a lot Sir make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we hand picked these videos you might enjoy our head over to a for the best in fine living content on the planet be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About LeBron James
\\15 things you didn't know about lebron James welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a lax resemble come to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com they were appealing so interesting and surprising facts about one of the most successful influential and popular basketball players of all time lebron James lebron James was born 12/30/1984 in Akron Ohio he's sort of playing basketball at the age of 9 and it was immediately clear that he had natural talent he attended a private Catholic school called St Vincent St Mary's high school he soon began getting national attention for his basketball skills and scouts started showing up at his games his sophomore year he was chosen by the Cleveland Cavaliers as the first pick in the 2003 draft in 2010 he made the controversial decision to play for the Miami Heat but 4 years later he returned to the Cavaliers in his career he has won 3 NBA championships for NBA Most Valuable Player awards 3 NBA finals MVP awards 2 Olympic gold medals in NBA scoring title and an NBA rookie of the year award in 2017 he was the highest paid basketball player with a salary of $31000000 and he makes even more from his endorsement deals that he does from playing he currently has a net worth of $400000000 if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks we were inspired by lebron success ability confidence and ambition so let's take a closer look at this basketball star with these 15 things you didn't know about lebron James number one he was featured on Sports Illustrated while still in high school in 2002 at just 17 years old James joined a very limited list of athletes to have been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated while still in high school his picture was featured behind the title the chosen one which is a phrase lebron has since had tattoo on his upper back he was the first basketball player that was featured on the cover as an underclassman in high school number 2 lebron was a talented football player as well the first team sport lebron played as a child was football even after he took up basketball he continued playing football and was one of the best players on every team he was on in his junior year of high school he was an all state wide receiver and if it weren't for basketball he would've likely been recruited by one of the top tier football schools number 3 he's part owner of the Liverpool football club in 2000 Leavenworth Fenway sports group became the sole global marketer of lebron James is right he was given a minority stake in the English premier league football club Liverpool FC as a part of the deal he can sometimes be seen wearing official a ripple merchandise on the podium during post game press conferences number 4 he was the first black man to appear on the cover of vogue lebron James became the first black man and the third man overall to be featured on the cover of vogue when he posed with model Giselle Bundchen for the March 2008 issue the only other man featured before him were Richard Gere and George Clooney number 5 he made millions when apple acquired beats when beats electronics was first established lebron arranged a deal where he got a small stake in the company in exchange for promoting its headphones with apple bought beats electronics back in 2014 for $3000000000 he got more than $30000000 out of the deal in exchange for his state number 6 some of lebron's high school basketball games were aired on ESPN after Sports Illustrated declared the Braun the chosen one in his junior year of high school he started getting even more attention the excitement surrounding his future was so great that his team move their practices and some games from the school gymnasium to the university of Akron campus some of his games or even televised by ESPN and he had NBA stars like Shaquille o'neal attending his games the 2009 documentary more than a game chronicles the high school careers of James and 4 of his St Vincent St Mary's teammates number 7 he used to have to cover his tattoos and white tape while playing in high school lebron has had a number of tattoos including ally in his mother's name his hometown area code of 330 his initials his sons names and his daughter space he started getting tattoos when he was in high school but the private Catholic school he attended didn't exactly approve of they required abroad to cover the few tattoos he had at the time with white tape while he was playing in basketball games number 8 he bought a 9.$2000000 mansion at the age of 18 in his rookie year at the age of 18 lebron bought a piece of property in Ohio and build a 30000 square foot mansion on the land the 19 room house has 6 bedrooms 8 full bathrooms 6 half bathrooms a recording studio a 2 lane bowling alley a personal movie theater that aquarium a barber shop and the main bedroom suite with a 2 story walk in closet the art holds a pool a jacuzzi a garden and of course a basketball court number 9 his Q. score dropped from 34 to 16 when he decided to play for Miami the Q. score or cue rating represents the familiarity and appeal of a celebrity brands company or entertainment product in the United States the higher the score the more likeable person the company or entertainment product is the scores have been used for over 50 years in the U. S. for example in 2016 Tom Hanks IQ score of 46 which means that 46 percent of people polled considered him as one of their favorite celebrities Adel has a Q. score of 45 Samuel L. Jackson 41 ambience say 32 before lebron announced that he was taking his talents to Miami his cue score was a respectable 34 however after the announcement his score drop all the way down to 16 which the vice president of the Q. score company called the biggest drop he had ever seen that was not criminally related since then his Q. score has climbed back up to 29 number 10 he shares a special achievement with Michael Jordan lebron is often compared to Michael Jordan although he hasn't quite match the all time greats in the championship department just yet they do share one specific special achievement though lebron James and Michael Jordan are the only NBA players to have ever won the NBA and repeat finals MVP and Olympic gold medal in the same year if you want to find out more incredible facts about Michael Jordan click in the upper right hand corner to watch our video of 15 things you didn't know about Michael Jordan number 11 he married his high school sweetheart James and his wife Savannah started dating when they were only 16 years old she became pregnant with their first child in their senior year of high school which made her very scared for the future but lebron was always very supportive he proposed to her 12/31/2011 at a new year's eve party and they were finally married 9/14/2013 after 12 years of dating number 12 Nike commissioned a special Lamborghini for the launch of the lebron 11 in 2014 to celebrate the launch of the Nike lebron 11 and King James legacy sneakers Nike commissioned a specially wrapped Lamborghini Aventador roadster the rap was patterned after the lighter in the king's pride thank you abroad 11 shoe and the car cost $670000 other cars lebron owns includes a Porsche 911 turbo S. Mercedes Benz S. 63 AMG Ferrari F. 430 spider Dodge challenger SRT my block 57 S. and a 1975 Chevrolet impala number 13 he is one of only 3 athletes to have lifetime deals with Nike when lebron entered the NBA he was involved in a 3 way bidding war between Nike Reebok and adidas who all wanted to secure his endorsement Nike was the Victor signing abroad to a 7 year $90000000 deal in 2003 the arrangement proves to be so profitable that Nike agreed to Siler brought to a record breaking lifetime endorsement deal that could be worth $1000000000 over the next several decades in 2015 Nike sold $340000000 worth of lebron shoes and a one year span from 2014 to 15 alone Nike also has lifetime deals with Michael Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo number 14 lebron's first Nike shoes were inspired by his Hummer H. 2 lebron and his mother Gloria have a special bond she had him when she was only 16 and raised him as a single mother for his eighteenth birthday she took out a loan to buy him a Hummer H. 2 which was a bit of a scandal since the Ohio school athletic association had to investigate how his mother had enough money to give him the $50000 car to ensure that he hadn't accepted an improper gift from an outside source the car was sold on eBay in 2013 for around $65000 the first Nike shoes that were designed for him the lebron ones were inspired by the Hummer H. 2 with a faux Hummer style bumper that works as a heel stabilizer number 15 in 2015 he bought a $21000000 mansion in LA in November 2015 James body 9350 square foot mansion in the elite neighborhood of Brentwood Los Angeles for around $21000000 the home has 6 bedrooms including a master suite with a marble bathroom a dual sided fireplace and a private terrace the yard has a pool a Cabana Adak and too spacious patios some past and present celebrities who have lived in the neighborhood include Tom Brady Marilyn Monroe Ronald Reagan Arnold Schwarzenegger and be Arthur the Brentwood neighborhood is also where the famous murders of OJ Simpson's ex wife Nicole brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman took place now that you learn more about lebron James do you think he's lived up to the hype of being the chosen one or the next Michael Jordan less know what you think in the comments still here hears about us FAQ just for you lebron has a digital video company called uninterrupted that got a 15.$8000000 investment from Warner brothers entertainment and Turner sports in 2015 to help the company bring more athlete created content defense it is hosted on bleacher report and is used by several other athletes including New England Patriots tight end rob Gronkowski and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman thank you for spending sometime with us a lock Sir make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we hand picked these videos you might enjoy or head over to a lock stock com for the best in fine living content on the planet be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Nicki Minaj
\\16 things you didn't know about Nicki Minaj welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello elixirs welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today we're revealing some interesting and surprising facts about incredibly successful rapper singer songwriter actress and model Nicki Minaj was born O. Nika Tanya Maraj on 12/8/1983 in Trinidad and Tobago she was discovered on myspace and then signed on with young money entertainment into 9 besides having cameos on dozens of hit songs shoes released 3 incredibly successful albums called pink Friday pink Friday Roman reloaded and the pink print she is now the best selling female rapper of all time with 20000000 single sold as a lead artist the 0 singles as a featured artist and over 5000000 albums worldwide is considered by some to be the most influential female rapper of all time and she was included in the 2016 time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world list she's also appeared in movies was a judge on one season of American idol has her own clothing line for Kmart is a part owner of title music streaming service and has her own fragrance line her net worth is currently around $70000000 if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks we're inspired by her creativity ambition confidence and success so let's take a closer look at this record breaking artist with these 15 things you didn't know about Nicki Minaj number one she didn't want her name to be changed as mentioned in Nikki's real name is only because hi I'm Laura bush she was always called Nikki as a nickname growing up so she was flying to go by Nikki professionally but she was not happy with changing her last name in one of her first production deals her manager big sandy wanted her to change her last name too Menon sh she says she fought him to the nail but he convinced her to change it and that stock but Nikki has always hated it when she's around close friends and family she insists they call her by her given name number 2 she was fired from at least 15 jobs because of her attitude when Mickey was living in the Bronx she supported herself while trying to become an actress but working at the red lobster until she was fired for chasing a customer outside flipping the mouth and then demanding they give her pen back but that wasn't the only time her attitude got her in trouble at work she says she was fired from at least 15 other jobs for similar reasons number 3 she planned on becoming an actress after Nicki graduated from high school she wanted to pursue her dream of becoming an actress she was cast in an off Broadway play called in case you forget in 2001 but have trouble landing other roles when her acting career didn't take off she switched her focus to music number 4 he collects paintings of Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe is one of Nicki nauseous biggest inspirations and she even wrote a song named after her she's also said in interviews that she wants to be the Marilyn Monroe of hip hop she loves to surround herself with images of her role model so she has an extensive collection of Marilyn Monroe paintings number 5 she has at least 15 alter egos Nikki says she started making up alter egos as she was growing up to skate her parents fighting the first identity she created was cookie and then harass you coo Barbie other alter egos of hers include Anita female wheezy Martha's a Lansky Nikki Lewinski neki the ninja and dexter number 6 Nikki's home was robbed in 2016 second 2016 almost $200000 worth of jewelry and other property was stolen from the keys Los Angeles home the home was completely trashed furniture flipped over and many personal items destroyed the authorities thought that the robbery might be someone who had a personal issue with Nicky since our clothing with Scott and her home was vandalized but no one was ever caught for the robbery number 7 she has only one tattoo Nikki is one and only tattoo is located on her left arm where god is always with you is inked in Chinese letters number 8 she doesn't care about following a strict diet Nikki has a pretty trim figure pot not because she sticks to a strict diet she loves chocolate especially kit kat Twix bars she also loves fried chicken especially from the fast food restaurant Popeye's and rice crispy treats are yet another favorite of hers number 9 she shared a kiss with Madonna for her birthday on Nikki's 29 th birthday she was filming a music video for it give me all your Luvin a track that she collaborated with Madonna on at the end of the day of shooting everyone involved gave Nikki a birthday toast and then Madonna kissed her on the lips Nicky said she felt stunned then was trembling and felt like it was all a dream she immediately treated out her very excited reaction following the kiss and she was sure to mention just how soft Madonna's lips were number 10 she paid $30000 to have her Lamborghini painted pick in 2014 a massage bought a $400000 midnight blue Lamborghini Aventador but in the Instagram photo caption of her new car she said now make it pay and that's exactly what she did she paid $30000 to have the Lambeau painted her signature pink color she also has a pink range rover and the Bentley continental GT and she owns a black in my box 62 acts if you want to find out more about liberty cook in the upper right hand corner to check out a video of 15 things you did know about Lamborghini number 11 she was the first female artist to have 7 songs on the Billboard hot 100 in 2010 Nicki Minaj made history by being the first female artist to have 7 songs simultaneously on the US Billboard hot 100 list the songs were a ludicrous isn't my chick bad little Wayne's knock out trace songs bottoms up usher's Lil freak Sean Kingston's letting go Jay Sean's 2012 and the only 1 that was strictly her song your love number 2 while she was sued by her wig maker for $30000000 Nikki's former wavemaker Terence Davidson brought a $30000000 lawsuit against monopolies alleging that she stole and sold his hair designs without his permission Menashe claimed that his hair designs were not copyrighted so she broke no laws when she sold legs that had similar designs the lawsuit was dismissed when the 2 parties settled for an undisclosed amount number 13 being a judge on American idol helped her land the movie role when Mickey was a judge on American idol back in 2013 she caught the eye of director at Nick house about as he called her personally to ask her to come in to audition for a supporting role in the Cameron Diaz film the other woman Nikki was thrilled about the opportunity but almost turned it down because she was so busy at the time the day before the movie started delving she felt her last episode of American idol and performed at the Billboard music awards before flying overnight from Los Angeles to New York she was also a voice actor in 2012 ice age continental drift and had a supporting role in the 2016 Belmont barber shop the next cut she says she's excited to pursue other acting roles in the future number 14 she offered a $50000 award for her lost stuffed animal Nikki always travels with 7 or 8 stuffed animals that she's very attached to in 2010 she lost her stuffed pig monkey Oscar on a flight from New York to Miami after appearing with him on the late show with David Letterman the distraught singer turned to Twitter and offered a $50000 reward for the missing stuffed animal a member of Nikki's entourage ended up finding it and return the monkey number 15 she passed Aretha Franklin for the most Billboard hot 100 hits of any female artist in 2017 when Nikki found out that she had made Billboard history yet again bypassing Aretha Franklin as the female artist with the most Billboard hits she posted a video of herself twerking on Instagram with the caption when you find out you just became the only woman in history of Billboard to have 76 hot 100 Billboard injuries now that you learn more about Nicki Minaj we'd like to know would you like to see her pursue an acting career or stick to music let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about us back for sticking around on Twitter in 2017 Manar said she would pay the college tuition and student loans for 30 of her fans to the bill that promise paying $500 for school supplies for one fan $6000 in tuition for another among others she also announced that she would be launching a charity dedicated to helping with student loans and tuition payments in the near future thank you for spending sometime with us a lock stares make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock Sir and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Katy Perry
\\15 things you didn't know about Katy Perry welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a lot Susan welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today revealing some interesting and surprising facts about 1 of the most popular and successful female artists of our time let's talk about Katy Perry Katy Perry was born 10/25/1984 in Santa Barbara California she grew up in a strict religious family I was only allowed to listen to Christian music as a teenager she decided to pursue a career in gospel singing that 16 she signed a deal with red hill records but her debut album was commercially unsuccessful she then ventured into secular music for the first time and eventually ended up being signed by Capitol Records in 2007 at the age of 24 the following year she released her album one of the boys and gain popularity through her singles I kissed a girl and hot and cold her fame and popularity continued to soar with her third album teenage during her fourth album prism and her latest album witness which she released in 2017 she is one of the best selling music artists of all time with over 100000000 records sold globally and her videos have gotten millions of views on YouTube in vivo she is one of the top earning women in music and her net worth is $125000000 she also released an autobiographical documentary in 2012 called Katy Perry part of me if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks we're inspired by Katie's incredible success talent ambition and a luxurious lifestyle so let's take a closer look at this top female artist with the 15 things you didn't know about Katy Perry number one she shares her name with a famous movie star Katy Perry was born Katherine Elizabeth Hudson so when she started her career as an entertainer she decided to change our name so that she would not be confused with movie star Kate Hudson former professional name she dropped the Hudson and went by her nickname Katie and her mother's maiden name Perry number 2 she wasn't allowed to watch the smirks as a child because Katie grew up with parents who were both very strict Pentecostal Christian pastors there were many things Katie was not allowed to do in addition to not being allowed to read Harry potter she was also not allowed to watch many television shows including the Smurfs this makes it particularly ironic that in 2011 Katie made her debut as the voice of Smurfette in the Smurfs movie and continue the role in the sequel back in 2013 number 3 her first album was released under her original name Katie started her singing career as a Christian singer at 16 she signed with the right health records and released her first album a Christian pop album that was released under her original name Katy Hudson Katie says the album reached maybe 100 people before the label went bankrupt number 4 she was the first artist since Michael Jackson to have a 5 number one hits on at the same time Katie's 2010 album teenage dream became the first album by a female artist in the U. S. to have a 5 number one singles which were California girls teenage dream firework ET and last Friday night she was only the second artist to ever achieve this milestone after Michael Jackson had 5 number 1 hits on his 1987 album bad number 5 she was the highest earning woman in the music industry in 2015 Katie top Forbes list of the highest earning women with earnings of 135000000 she made the most of her income from her massively successful prismatic tour which grossed more than $200000000 in 126 cities and she also has endorsement deals with several brands including Claire's and cover girl in 2016 she dropped to 6 on the list with earnings of $41000000 Taylor swift top the 2016 list with earnings of 170000000 followed by a dial Madonna Riana and fiance number 6 she declined a $20000000 offer to be a judge on American idol Katy Perry has served as a judge on the U. K.'s acts actor and she was also a guest judge on American idol back in 2009 she was reportedly offered $20000000 to act as a judge in the 2013 American idol season but declines however she will be joining Lytle Richie and Luke Bryan as judges in the upcoming reboot of the program and you'll be receiving $25000000 for the role number 7 she has the highest number of Twitter followers out of all celebrities and personalities on Twitter Katie has the most followers on the site she currently has 105000000 followers about 3000000 more than the second most followed celebrity on the site Justin Bieber and 10000000 ahead of the third most followed former U. S. president Barack Obama number 8 she helped deliver her sister's baby and their friends living room in February 2014 KT tweeted finally you can add helps delivers babies in living rooms to my resume Katie was talking about her sister Angela Hudson who had a planned water birth in the living room of her friend's home Katie was there to assist with the birth and actually filled the whole thing on her iPhone number 9 she's written songs for artists such as Selena Gomez Nicki Minaj and Kelly Clarkson in addition to writing songs for her own albums Katie has also written songs for a number of other artists the songs that she's penned include get on your knees for Nicki Minaj I do not hook up for Kelly Clarkson rock god for Selena Gomez girl next door for Jesse James passengers for Britney spears and Black Widow for Iggy azalea number 10 she owns a Maserati grand cabrio Fendi limited edition Katie is one of 50 people that owns a Maserati grand cabrio Fendi limited edition she also owns an Audi A. 5 Fisker karma BMW 3 series and a range rover if you want to find out some interesting facts about Maserati click in the upper right hand corner to check out a video of 15 things you didn't know about Maserati number 11 she got her G. E. D. when she was 15 years old Katie only attended high school for one semester before she decided to take the test to get her high school equivalency diploma or GED Katie says she knew what she wanted to do in life and didn't see the point of dealing with high school drama number 12 she bought a $19000000 Beverly hills mansion in 2070 Katie bought a 5 bedroom 6 bathroom mansion in Beverly hills California for $19000000 back in April of 2017 the 5427 square foot property is located in a private area surrounded by eucalyptus trees she lives in a very exclusive gated community and her neighbors include a dell Cameron Diaz Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Nicole Richie and Nicole Kidman and Keith urban Katie recently put her other Beverly hills mansion on the market for 9.$5000000 number 13 Russell brand proposed to her while they were sitting on an elephant Katie met Russell brand when she did a cameo in his film get him to the Greek in her scene in the film she had to make out with Russell and although her scene was ultimately cut Katie felt a spark developing between them the 2 started dating in September 2009 after reconnecting at the VMA awards which Russell hosted just a few short months later around new year's Russell for poster in India while they were sitting on top of an elephant watching fireworks they got married in a traditional Hindu ceremony in India in October 2010 unfortunately 14 months later Russell text of Katie to tell her he wanted a divorce number 14 her prism album was considered a bio hazard by the Australian government Katie's 2013 album prism contained a packet of seeds that she wanted her fans to plant in order to spread the light however the Australian department of agriculture deems the album a bio hazard due to concerns that the seeds would not be native to Australia even though a special edition of prism was made with seeds that were native to Australia the Australian government was still concerned about CD's bought in international locations the bio hazard label did not affect the success of the album in the country as prism still debuted at the top of the Australian charts number 15 she owns locks of Taylor swift and Miley Cyrus is hair in an interview with Mario Lopez when she was promoting her prism tore Katie admitted that one of the first time she went to the Grammys she shared a dressing room with Taylor swift and Miley Cyrus and she asked each girl for a lock of her hair she put a bow on each lock of hair and then put them in her purse Katie admits this was creepy but she still thinks it's awesome now that you learn more about Katy Perry we'd like to know which of her songs is your favorite let us know in the comments still here hears about this fact just for you Katie earned a Guinness world record for her Superbowl halftime performance in 2015 for her record number of 118.5000000 viewers it became the most watched and highest rated show in Superbowl history with even more viewers than the 114.4000000 people who are watching the Superbowl itself thank you for spending sometime with us a lock Sir make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video if you want more we had picked these videos you might enjoy our head over to a lock stock com for the best in fine living content on the planet be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story //
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15 TV Shows Aluxers Should Watch
\\I 15 TV shows a lock service should watch welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired Hey there elixirs early thankful for having you here with us today it's amazing how fast our community is growing we know that many of you decide to use your leisure time watching TV series and although we've been adamant in the past about not wasting your time we thought it would be beneficial if we gave you some pointers on what would be better to consume please don't binge watch or waste extended periods of time consuming content just for entertainment purposes that's why in this episode we'll go through 15 TV series that might serve you well in your journey these were hand picked by our team and each of them can provide guidelines into how you can improve yourself since they're made by big studios the story is enjoyable as well but these particular shows can also provide insights into the life of the rich the future the past and what that life you strive for might entail if your favorite show didn't make this last don't panic it's probably for one of 2 reasons one we could have included it in a top 20 list over maybe at some point will do a second part to this video or 2 despite being a good show it's just for entertainment purposes and doesn't really provide any value to you the viewer apart from being entertaining that's why you're not going to see a game of thrones on this list we have not been paid to promote any of these but we genuinely believe there's value to be taken from them with that said here are 15 TV shows a lack search should watch when they're not actively pursuing their dreams who knows one of these might spark an idea that gets you to where you want to be number one house of cards no matter what you're doing in your everyday life you need to understand the concept of power and how it's structured in the real world house of cards is by far one of our favorite TV series perfectly showcasing what the struggle for power means how people behave when said power is on the table and what you can expect from those around you be careful not to lose yourself into the politics of it all and focus on the little things the things that can apply to your life number 2 billions if we're talking high end business deals and the world of hedge funds this is the show for you we recommend this particular series to anyone who's interested in investment with the stock market and the world of the wolf of Wall Street what you should take away from it all is the attitude needed not only to grow yourself to that position but also to maintain it the show regularly gives glimpses into what $0 deals look like and how everybody is coming after what you've got number 3 Silicon Valley also one of our favorites Silicon Valley dives deep into what the tech scene really looks like in the land of startups it allows you to see how small companies raise money compete with big brands and the struggles young entrepreneurs go through before they make it not to mention that the action takes place in the actual valley and if you're into start ups and coding this is probably going to hit home with you the show has the perfect amount of comedic touch blended with tech top to get the right juices flowing number 4 super Harvey specter is the man he's the type of power player that we ourselves wish our lawyer was like although the show revolves around the world of high and lawyers with their fancy offices and closing big deals it also provides the opportunity of learning what challenges one could face when dealing at that level it might also be the perfect reference point for when picking out your lawyer you need a shark not just someone who's there so you can have someone on retainer number 5 narcos let's get this out of the way this should not serve as motivation for there's nothing worse than struggling to get to the top and lose your life or freedom afterwards narcos is the type of show that allows you to understand business of scale and the fact that it's biographic doesn't hurt at all Pablo Escobar despite being a drug dealer was an incredible individual and there's plenty to learn from his life if you want to learn more about him click at the top right corner and check out our video on 15 things you didn't know about Pablo Escobar number 6 mad men everyone should know how to sell and position themselves mad men takes us on a tour of what the world of advertising you still look like and unfortunately some things might not have changed as much as we would expect this is what working for a big advertising company was like in the sixties sexism misogyny and infidelity are just small details on top of the stress of closing new clients facing bankruptcy starting over and the process of constantly coming up with new ideas we recommend you watch the series to understand context along the basic rules of human behaviors and advertising number 7 ballers if you're a fan of the rock thing you're probably on top of this show already we like it for another reason that we've seen so many professional athletes that get these big contracts and once the money stops glowing in the end up broke the show covers the aspects of financial education in the context of professional sports if you're working on becoming an athlete or interested in financial management for celebrities this is a great fit for you number 8 empire from sports we jump into the music industry rappers singers and media moguls in general will identify with this show it will take you through the ins and outs of what building a music empire is all about it's a lot like if someone took JZ P. Diddy and their current environment and made into a TV show there are plenty of correlations you can draw from the show to your real life plus the music is pretty doe number 9 Californication this is probably the most poetic show on this list and has to deal with what being a professional writer in Hollywood is life it sells you the California dream cutting deals the sex appeal of it all added to a bunch of life lessons every one of you could apply to your own lives this show made us want to buy a Porsche in the first place definitely recommend watching number 10 entourage speaking of Hollywood entourage is a great example of what the life of a movie star is light the show was built for guys it's actually sex in the city for men there are a lot of hot babes big deals big living and how everything can be gone in an instant plus drama is insanely hilarious and ari gold is one of the greatest characters we've ever seen on screen that's why we used him in the thumbnail of 15 things you need to know about your haters video you can check out on the top right corner number 11 shark tank shark take is the only reality TV show on our list head for good reason if you don't know where to start you don't have an idea for a business watch Sharpton the show is centered around 5 successful multi millionaires and billionaires using their own money to invest in small and medium sized businesses you'll learn what a bastard looks for how to present your product which businesses are currently trending and what not to do who we are big fans of shark tank so big that we did videos on all of the sharks and arrange them in a playlist which you can find in the description if you want to learn more about who these people are and where they got their money from number 12 Riviera the Riviera is a new show that you don't watch for plot to since it feels kind of flat but the action takes place in Monaco by far one of our favorite places in the world it's a window into the life of billionaires high end art collectors money laundering and what that kind of life can do to you it's beautifully shot and it's one of the few shows that actually got their luxury things right from cars to art 2 watches and more number 13 black mirror this is what you watch if you want to get your mind thinking none of the 3 seasons are related so feel free to start anywhere you want especially with season 3 the show was perfect for crushing the constructs of reality as we know it and it will definitely struck a chord with many of you black mirror is the type of serious you experience as there is little value in someone explaining it to you number 14 the grand tour or more likely the old top gear we know how much you a Luxor's love cars and top gear was by far the best car show in the world fortunately for us after B. B. C. decided to cut ties with the cast Amazon jumped at the opportunity and now they're making the grand tour you might not even be a car person and still learn so much and enjoy the content they put out that we had to include them in our must see list to be honest our only complaint regarding the switch is the fact that it's missing the stake as were not really feeling it's replacement the Americans number 15 west world's west world is by far our favorite new show and we can't wait for season 2 HBO went all in on this show and they're going to make a boatload of money off it as it's one of the greatest video products out there right now the story is incredible the quality of the talent in the show is by far the best from this list and the concept behind the action got us really hooked the show deals with artificial intelligence and the future of robotics fields on which we've had our eyes on for awhile now Anthony Hopkins is legendary and he lives by his name in this one if you've watched any of these shows please do not spoil them for those who have not and if you were to rank your top 5 favorite TV shows what what those P. please let us know down in the comments also let us know what shows we should add to this list and as a bonus for sticking with us to the end we'd like to give a special shout out to archer and Rick and Morty as amazing pieces of content we enjoy watching but couldn't really mix them up with the likes of house of cards or west world thank you for spending sometime with us a locks airs make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock there and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Mazda
\\ntfc teen things you didn't know about Mustad welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a lectures and welcome to another exciting original video presented by today revealing some unknown facts about Japanese automaker thus started out in 1927 as the Toyo Cork Kogyo comes the name was then shortened to toil Kogyo and finally change to Mazda in 1984 although every car model they produce before that time for the name the company was founded in here shima Japan and contributed greatly to Japan's war effort in the first and second world wars in the second World War they primarily produced weapons like the type 99 rifle but after the war they shifted their focus back to auto manufacturing mass always wants to produce something unique and innovative and this can be determined even by looking at their earliest vehicles some of which will discuss shortly they established a market in Japan and then started exporting to European countries and the United States in the 19 sixties they received increased interest particularly because of their rotary engine which they specifically developed to differentiate themselves from other Japanese car companies NASA has introduced some very popular cars in the market including the mass and acts 5 Masta alright state mats does see acts 5 master and expires Miata and amassed a 6 NASA has been around for 90 years and they continue to innovate and bring exciting new features in every model they introduce they might not get as much attention as some of their competitors but they are a resilient company that is committed to producing high quality vehicles that our customers will love to drive so that's enough with the intro let's take a closer look at this Japanese car brand with the 15 things that you didn't know about Masta number one master started out as a Cork manufacturer the company that will become master was originally named the Toyo course Kogyo company and its primary purpose was to produce artificial corks for the needs of the Japanese army in World War one the company nearly went bankrupt after World War one was a market for Cork depleted but was saved by her shima savings bank and other local business leaders the company was revived in 1927 when the management decided to switch their focus to car manufacturing number 2 for 14 years they only produced one car model in 1931 Busta introduced a 3 wheeled open truck called the best to go auto rickshaw that was unlike anything else on the market it looks kind of like a motorcycle with an open truck bed it was the first car manufactured by NASA and it was sold by Mitsubishi in Japan the unique vehicle was so successful that it was the only model produced for 14 years in 1945 Toyo Kogyo halted production of the car to turn their focus to the production of military equipment must also produced other 3 wheel truck models after the war including the K. 360 and the Mazda T. 2000 number 3 their first passenger car was released in 1960 after producing Cork trucks and military equipment for decades must've finally released its first passenger car in 1960 the Mazda are 360 was a small rear engined 4 seat coupe capable of going up to 52 miles an hour they produce this lightweight car model for 6 years in 1962 but also added the 2 door sedan Carol 364 door sedan Carol 600 to their lineup these models enabled Mazda to secure the majority of the lightweight car market in Japan in the sixties number 4 master is the number 5 auto maker in Japan master has some tough competition in Japan and right now it is the number 5 auto maker in the country trailing behind Toyota Nissan Honda and Suzuki and it's the fifteenth biggest automaker by production worldwide North America is its primary market although the U. S. market share fell to a 10 year low of 1.7 percent in 2016 number 5 the nasdaq amex 5 roadster is the best selling 2 seater sports car ever in 2000 the Guinness book of world records name the boss and ex 5 roadster also known as the Mazda Miata the best selling 2 seater sports car in the world with over 0.5000000 cars sold by 2015 that number had almost doubled with nearly 1000000 souls number 6 the Mazda emblem was inspired by an owl must have had a few different emblems over the years but its most recent emblem has been in use since 1997 designer right jadi Mara Houston owl's wings as his inspiration for the emblem and he was surprised when Mazda management later saw an M. in his design since that was not his intention the company's official explanation of the emblem is that the winged M. represents Mazda with stretched wings number 7 Mazda gets its name from the god of an ancient religion Zoroastrianism is one of the world's oldest model theistic religions it was established 3500 years ago in ancient Iran Mazda gets its name from the religion Scott of light ahora Mazda the company hopes that associating the name with the god of light would brighten the image of their vehicles number 8 Ford about a 7 percent stake in Mazda back in 1979 Florida has had a long relationship with Mazda that began back in 1979 when they bought 7 percent of the company and they engaged in several joint projects over the years by 1996 Ford owned 33 0.3 percent of Mazda but from 2000 82 15 Ford gradually divested their stake in the company until they held only 2.1 percent of Musta Ford and Mazda also severed most of their production and development times number 9 a total of 683 Mazda's participated in the largest ever masa parade on 6/15/2013 683 Mazda and expires set a world record for the longest Mazda parade Elise thought Netherlands this beat out the previous record for Mazda when 459 Mazda and ex 5 owners conducted a parade in Essen Germany in 2010 number 10 in 1991 the most US 787 be made history at the 24 hour Lamond race in 1991 the sports prototype racing car Mazda 787 be secured the first victory by Japanese marquee at the 24 hour LeMond endurance race it also is the only car with a rotary engine to ever win the competition if you want to learn more about a car brand that has a much better track record at LeMond click the operate hand corner to watch a video of 15 things you didn't know about Porsche number 11 hundreds of Toyo Kogyo factory workers died in here a Shiva Toyota how here which would later be renamed to Mazda was here she most largest employer during World War 2 when the entire city of Hiroshima was destroyed after the United States dropped an atomic bomb on 8/9/1945 a total of 400 workers from Tokyo Kogyo tragically died number 12 Henry Ford flew to Japan to get permission to produce a rotary engines in 1972 Henry Ford flew to her she to negotiate a licensing deal with coup Hey Matt sudah so that Ford could start producing a rotary engines to put in their cars however Matsuda understood the value of the technology and flatly refused to make a deal with Ford soon after Matsuda launch a worldwide marketing campaign in which the rotary engine was presented as the answer to high fuel prices this brought an increased interest in the monster brand and worldwide sales took off number 13 the 1975 monster road pacer was the first car with an anti hijack function best is always tried to offer new technologies and functions in their cars 1 example of this is the anti hijack feature that they included in the 1975 road pacer they were the first company to introduce such technology the feature would enact the cars central lock whatever it would go over 10 miles per hour in a hijacked situation number 14 the Patrick Dempsey edition Mazda C. acts 5 was introduced in 2012 the former grey's anatomy star is a spokesperson for master and he has raced master cars multiple times including Iraq's 8 in Daytona and a Mazda 787 B. at LeMond in 2012 master recognize his contribution to the company with the introduction of the Patrick Dempsey edition Mazda C. ex 5 this ex 5 Dempsey is a compact crossover painted and not black with anatomy gray paint and write detailing it comes with a bicycle S. works tarmac road bike and they threw Atlantis rooftop cargo box number 15 the director of X. men to revise the script to accommodate the mass to Iraq's 8 X. men to director Bryan singer worked closely with NASA to probably feature the mas Iraq's 8 in the film even revise the film's original script to better fit the vehicle the must Iraq's 8 X. men car is driven by Wolverine in the movie and that has been equipped with a new generation a renaissance rotary engine it has a mutant blue exterior with an axe shaped grow a customized rear spoiler and a trademark acts on the name plate of the car now that you've learned more about bad stuff do you think they'll be able to improve their standing in the global market let us know what you think in the comments still here hears about a stock for sticking around the world's fastest Iraq's 8 is the highly modified racing beat Bonnyville Iraq 7 which recorded a top speed of 242 miles per hour although the designers hoped it would reach 300 miles per hour thank you for spending sometime with us a lock stares make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock Sir and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn't Know About Facebook
\\13 things you didn't know about Facebook or welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello elixirs and welcome to another exciting original video presented by a lock stock com today were revealing some interesting and surprising facts about the most popular social media site in the world Facebook as everyone who watched the 2010 film the social network knows Facebook was started by mark Zuckerberg and a few his colleagues while he was at Harvard University the site launched on February 6 students later the site was offered to all color students then high school students and finally anyone over the age of 13 in 2009 Facebook became the number the social work in the U. S. and has quickly grown to be one accessible social media sites worldwide with users on every call Facebook held its initial public offering in 2012 and is now a $435000000000 come Facebook has continually evolve that expanded and has acquired additional companies including what's sap Instagram and oculus Facebook is one of the most successful and influential businesses in the world and the fourth most valuable brand behind apple Google and Microsoft and we know that most of you a locks hers out there are among the over 2000000000 Facebook users in the world so let's take a closer look with the 15 things you didn't know about Facebook number one Facebook's like button used to be the awesome button the like button that Facebook introduced in 2009 almost never came to be originally Facebook's engineers planned on implementing an awesome button instead the engineers were excited about the idea but sucker over didn't share their enthusiasm and vetoed the idea they eventually settled on the like button but nobody on the team was particularly thrilled about it over 1.13000000000000 legs have been impressed since the feature was introduced number 2 Facebook beat out Twitter to buy Instagram for $1000000000 Twitter cofounder and Instagram investor Jack Dorsey attempted to secure the sale of Instagram to Twitter months before Facebook got into the picture but ultimately failed to seal the deal Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for $1000000000 and even though Jack Dorsey was not happy you couldn't acquire the company he did benefit personally as a private investor in Instagram number 3 Facebook has over 2000000000 monthly active users as of July 2017 Facebook has 2.01 0 monthly active users with an estimated 1.32 0 daily active users approximately 80 percent of all adult internet users have a Facebook account number 4 face bookstores over 300 petabytes of user data on its servers there are 1000000 gigabytes and a petabyte and Facebook stores over 300 petabytes of data on their servers to put that into perspective all of the written works in every language since the beginning of recorded time would occupy about 50 petabytes of data number 5 every minute of downtime outage costs Facebook approximately $24420 it's pretty rare for Facebook to experience any kind of outage but it's very costly when it does every minute Facebook is not an operation the company loses about $25000 its longest outage since its launch was a 2.5 hour outage in 2010 that 2.5 hours cost Facebook millions of dollars in 19 minutes outage in 2014 also cost the company around $500000 number 6 Facebook users collectively watch 8000000000 videos per day according to 20 sixteenths numbers Facebook users collectively watch over 100000000 hours of videos per day on Facebook with over 500000000 people watching at least one video per day there is a total of around 8000000000 video views a day number 7 Facebook has been banned in multiple countries several countries have banned or restricted Facebook use some for a few days and some permanently the only countries that currently have permanently banned Facebook are North Korea Iran and most of China the site was also blocked in Egypt and Malaysia during the 2011 Egyptian protests in India's Kashmir valley for a month due to a student protest an uprising in 2017 and in Vietnam for 2 weeks in 2016 due to protests number 8 Peter Thiel co founder of PayPal was Facebook's first outside investors in 2004 Peter Thiel the co founder of PayPal saw the site's potential and became the first outside investor with a $500000 investment he was given a 10.2 percent stake in the company which he sold for more than $1000000000 in 2012 and he still remains on the board of directors number 9 you can change your Facebook to pirate language Facebook is used in most countries around the world so of course they offer a long list of languages the site is available in book one is very different from the rest alongside UK English and U. S. English is the option for pirate English if you change your language settings to pirate your news feed becomes home port trending topics is renamed popular booty games are shenanigans and your friends list becomes a crew roster and everything else is presented an entertaining pirate jargon if you want to check it out in your settings go to language than simply choose the pirate option from the drop down menu number 10 Cristiano Ronaldo is the most liked celebrity on FACEBOOK for quite a while singer Shakira held the top spot of the most liked individual on Facebook she was the first to pass the 100000000 like mark and she currently has 104000000 lakes soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has since surpassed Shakira and is currently the most like celebrity on FACEBOOK with well over 122000000 likes if you want to learn more about one of the most popular talented and richest athletes in the world click in the upper right hand corner to watch our video of the 15 things you didn't know about Chris John Rinaldo number 1700000 hacking attempts are made on Facebook daily if you've been on Facebook for awhile you've probably received some suspicious requests or have had either your profile or a friend's profile get hacked unfortunately this is not a rare occurrence about 600000 hacking attempts are made on Facebook each day with 160000 Facebook accounts compromise daily most preachers can be handled very quickly with no damage done to the account holder but there have been some high profile breaches as well even mark Zuckerberg has been hacked multiple times and one hacker revealed that mark use the simple password da da da for his multiple social media accounts but we are sure you won't make that mistake again number 12 Facebook spends tens of millions of dollars a month in hosting costs in the beginning Facebook had to foot a $3000 per month bill for hosting costs less than 4 years later that cost jumped drastically to $10000000 per month as the site increased exponentially in a short period of time now in 2017 it with a higher number of users than ever and more than 60000 servers use in its data centers Facebook pays an incredible $30000000 per month just on hosting because number 13 companies like Viacom Google Microsoft and more have tried to buy Facebook a number of companies have attempted to acquire Facebook throughout the years Google was among the first to approach the company back in 2004 but the talks went nowhere into 5 of Viacom offered by Facebook for $75000000 but were turned down they came back 2 weeks later with a 1.$5000000000 offer but again we're declined earlier in 2005 Zuckerberg asked the CEO of myspace if he would consider buying Facebook for $75000000 and he said no in 2006 Yahoo made an offer for $1000000000 many of Facebook's investors and executives wanted to sell but this was right before the news feed was launched and soccer Berks thought if it was successful the company would be worth the way more than $1000000000 in 2007 Microsoft offered $15000000000 to buy Facebook when the offer was turned down they made a separate agreement to buy 1.6 percent of Facebook for around $250000000 number 14 what's apt cofounder Brian Acton was rejected for a job at Facebook Brian acting apply for jobs that both Twitter and Facebook back in 2009 and got rejected by both companies the rejection led him to building a start up with a colleague which they named what sap around 4 years later Facebook ended up buying what's out for an incredible $19000000000 number 15 the company's lowest paid employee as mark Zuckerberg mark Zuckerberg salary in 2012 was $770000 but in 2013 he requested that he only be paid one dollar per year as the CEO of Facebook and has been paid only one dollar per year since other wealthy company leaders who take only one dollar per year salary include Google's search a brain and Larry page and Hewlett Packard's Meg Whitman then here's your question of the day now that you learn more about Facebook we'd like to know which social media site do you use the most let us know in the comments still here ha hears about this fact thank you for sticking around to the end here some crazy more numbers for Facebook every minute an average of 510000 comments are posted 293000 statuses are updated and 136000 photos are uploaded thank you for spending sometime with us a lock stares make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock there and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Will Smith
\\15 things you didn't know about will Smith's welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired Hey there any locks as we're glad to have you here with us again today as we talk about yet another inspiring person this time it's all about the fresh prince Welshman he was born at Willard Carroll Smith junior on 9/25/1968 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to parents Caroline and Willard Carroll Smith senior like the fresh prince opening song says he spent most of his life in West Philadelphia in the Wynnefield neighborhood to be precise where he attended a prestigious Overbrook high school Smith started his career as a hip hop artist known as the fresh prince long before he became one of the most bankable actors in the world after he made his debut as an MC with a modest fake his popularity increased once landing a starring role in the television series the fresh prince of Bel Air based on his life when the show ended he transition from television to film starring in many blockbusters he's the only actor to have 8 consecutive films gross over $100000000 in the domestic box office 11 consecutive films grossing over $150000000 as well as 8 consecutive films opening of the number one spot at the box office because of this he was ranked by Forbes magazine as the most bankable star worldwide if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks today he's one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood having amassed 5 golden globe awards 2 Academy Awards and 4 Grammy awards but that's enough with the intro here's 15 things you didn't know about will Smith's number one he got his break into the music industry at 6 teen years old well Smith started his career as a part of the hip hop duo DJ jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince the pair met when DJ jazzy Jeff Townes was performing at a house party just a couple of streets away from Smith some call it fate but the night they met jazzy Jeff was missing his height Ben so Smith decided to fill it soon after they join forces and together with another friend they released their first single girls ain't nothing but trouble under the Philadelphia based word up records just one month after well Smith graduated from high school the single became a hit number 2 he's a really good at math with an IQ of 115 will Smith is rumored to have a perfect SAT score although he'll only admit to the numbers being pretty high in an interview he declared that if he wasn't an actor he'd be a computer engineer because his favorite subject at school was always meant will Smith's is one of the few celebrities like Johnny Depp Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to have an IQ above 110 which is ranked from superior intelligence to genius or near genius number 3 he can solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute the famous actor has a lot of secret talent that not many people know about and we bet you probably didn't know this one he is one of the few people who can solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute impressive right he got a chance to showcase this talent at least twice on screen once in the fresh prince of Bel Air and again in the film the pursuit of happiness there's no trickery involved few solving a real Rubik's cube number 4 Smith is the first hip hop artists nominated for an academy award upon his movie success with bad boys and men in black he started his solo music career with the release of men in black the theme song from the film with the same name his solo album big Willie style Wentz 9 times platinum by the recording industry association of America then at the age of 33 he played heavyweight boxer Mohammed Ali in the biographical sports drama film on lead the film was well received by critics but didn't do so well at the box office in the end though the critics voices were heard as he received both Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for Best Actor for the film number 5 he was a millionaire before the age of 20 after he hit it big with the song girls enough of a troubled Smith in towns attracted the attention of jive records and Russell Simmons who signed them to the label their success grew bigger with the release of their first studio album rock the house which got them their first Grammy Award for best rap performance for the track parents just don't understand although summertime was their most successful single by the time he turned 20 Smith had made his first $0 and it's not worth continue to grow as he transitioned into acting taking on roles in big blockbusters like men in black and bad boys today Smith is worth approximately $300000000 20000000 of which came from his work in men in black 3 suicide squad Hancock and the pursuit of happiness according to the internet movie database Smith's biggest payday was the $28000000 he scored for iRobot back in 2004 number 6 he's had problems with the IRS when Smith started as a musician he experienced a lot of success and became financially independent in his early twenties but the lack of experience made things worse for him as he started to spend his money freely during that period he under paid his taxes and the Internal Revenue Service or IRS assessed a 2.$8000000 tax debt against him and even took many of his assets to avoid going bankrupt and to pay back his debt to the IRS he agreed to take on the role in the fresh prince of Bel Air during his first 3 seasons of the TV show he was forced to give over 70 percent of his pay check to the IRS number 7 he learned to be an actor on the fresh prince of Bel Air he might have only taken the role to settle is death but it turned out to be a very valuable decision in the long run at the start he had no idea how to be an actor but the executive producer of the show Quincy Jones has said that after a 15 minute read through thing new Smith was their guy thanks to his performing background though will manage to get ahead of his new gig pretty fast however well has said he found it difficult to learn his lines and actually had to memorize the entire script just remember his own parts looking back Smith says he finds watching those old episodes embarrassing saying his performances were horrible live and learn well live and learn number 8 the media used to call him Mr July thanks to his energetic charisma funny laid back attitude and the outgoing personality he has Smith is a fan favorite among viewers which is why his films received critical praise and help his career to get bigger and bigger many of his films will be released in July since it's the perfect month to release blockbusters with kids out of school and people enjoy more leisure time for years Smith released blockbuster after blockbuster including independence day bad boys men in black men in black 2 bad boys 2 iRobot and Handcock all in July giving the media the perfect nickname for him Mister July number 9 all hell no is his catch phrase not sure if you've noticed that despite will Smith tries to use his catch phrase in each one of his movies just like Arnold Schwarzenegger's I'll be back will Smith's aw hell no is an iconic catch phrase he used for the first time in independence day when he referred to aliens he's also used the catch phrase in 7 pounds all men in black movies bad boys 1 and 2 iRobot and suicide squad just to name a few 1 other trademark for him is that he often plays a police officer or an agent in his movies number 10 to prepare for his role in suicide squad Smith shaved his head in 2016 well portrayed dead shot in the super villain team up action film suicide squad a role he took on instead of filming independence day resurgence the movie had a strong debut that that new box office records grossing over 745 0 worldwide becoming the tenth highest grossing film of 2016 to prepare for the role of Deadshot Smith shaved his head and spent some time training with navy seals and army Rangers and practiced shooting with a Glock 9 millimeter handgun and a are 15 rifles starring alongside Will Smith were actors Jared Leto viola Davis cara delevigne as well as Margot Robbie here's a fun fact well Smith and Margot Robbie starred together in focus way before suicide squad if you want to learn more about Margot Robbie we've got it covered check out our video 15 things you didn't know about Margot Robbie by clicking on the top right corner number 11 his first major film role came at 25 years old when Smith was 25 he was already famous thanks to his work in music and TV but he wanted more that's when he took the leap to the big screen his first major roles were in 6 degrees of separation and bad ones bad boys was a commercial success grossing over $140000000 worldwide but had mixed reviews but that didn't stop him from moving forward with his career he continued on to work on independence day which was a critical success becoming the second highest grossing film in history at that time a year later he starred alongside Tommy Lee Jones in men in black which established him as a prime box office draw from there it's all history number 12 he wrote a children's book titled just the 2 of us the now famous actor and hip hop artists has actually written a children's book about fatherhood titled just the 2 of us inspired by the song of the same name from his debut solo studio album big Willie style the book is his tribute to his parents and to his little boy tray Smith who we had with his first wife cherries and piano in 1992 number 13 he didn't go to college growing up his parents supported him in his dreams to become a famous singer but if he felt he had no degree to fall back on thankfully for him he didn't have that problem some publications reported that he turned down a scholarship from MIT but according to Smith himself he never planned to go to or even apply to college he says he had pretty high SAT scores and schools needed black kids so we probably could have gotten in but he never had the intention to go number 14 he has an impressive car collection for such a big stars Will Smith nothing is impossible and for a car fanatic like him it's understandable why he has an impressive car collection will's choice model seems to be the SUV and he has a few in the collection he also has a Cadillac escalade with a stiff fully boxed frame and no collection is complete without a classic Smith also owns a shiny red 1965 Ford Mustang convertible number 15 well and his wife Jane I think at Smith owned Overbrook entertainment together with his wife actress data Pinkett Smith will owns the production company Overbrook entertainment which makes the pair no ordinary couple there also business partners their company is responsible for producing several of will's fountains like iRobot the pursuit of happiness 7 pounds and the karate kid his company actually gets its name from the old neighborhood Smith grew up in Overbrook is a section of Philadelphia that is produced some other exceptional talents as well like basketball players wilt chamberlain how Lear and Walt Hazzard as well as musicians like the dumbbells the Orleans and Dee Dee sharp now would you learn more about Will Smith which fact you think is the most interesting about him do you like his movies let us know in the comments and because he stayed with us here to the end here's a bonus fact just for you well Smith is scared of heights and can't really swim he's been 62 since about the age of 13 and says it was really hard to learn to swim at that size thank you for spending sometime with us a lock stares make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock Sir and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Meryl Streep
\\15 things you didn't know about Meryl street welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired Hey there elixirs and welcome to yet another amazing video presented by a lock stock com we hope you're having a great day so far because for those who appreciate great acting it's about to get even better because today we're talking about one of the best actresses in Hollywood you guessed it today is all about Meryl Streep with a career spanning 5 decades she surprised everyone with how well she can transform to better portray a character Streep was born on 6/22/1949 in summit New Jersey to parents merry will full consent a commercial artist in our editor and Harry Williams street junior a pharmaceutical executive she got her start on stage performing in school plays in basking ridge New Jersey in the 19 fifties and sixties later making her professional stage debut performing in the show called 27 wagons full of cotton Meryl made her screen debut in the deadliest season and her career continue to grow until she became one of the most famous actresses in the world throughout her career she has had many awards nominations for roles such as out of Africa one true thing the devil wears Prada among others but more on that later if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks today she continues to surprise everybody with her determination great acting skills and a kind heart here are 15 things you didn't know about Meryl Streep number one she's a distant relative of the founder of Pennsylvania her father Harry was of European ancestry with his lineage tracing back to la often of Germany that's where her great grandfather was living before arriving in the United States but through her mother's family she's a distant relative of William read who is the known founder of the state of Pennsylvania according to some records her mother's family is among some of the first to buy land in the state number 2 before she was an actress Meryl used to work as a hotel waitress Streep graduated from college with a bachelor Barthes has wells in applied master of fine arts from the Yale school of drama during our time in college like any other student she needed to make money to support herself and to do that she worked at hotel Somerset in Somerville New Jersey this happened in the early days well before any breakout acting roles came her way during the same period Meryl took on a number of activities and appeared in more than a dozen stage performances a year such a stressful workload eventually took a toll on the young actress and she reportedly began to develop ulcers as a result number 3 at 26 years old she made her acting debut in Julia Meryl made her first feature film debut alongside Jane Fonda when she played a small role during a flashback sequence producers edited most of the scenes she shot but the brief time she was on screen had a negative impact on her she says I had a bad wig they took the words from the scene I shot with Jane and put them in my mouth in a different scene I thought I've made a terrible mistake no more movies I hate this business despite having this kind of experience she says father had a lasting influence on her as an actress and credited her for opening more doors than she probably even knew about the whole ordeal had Streep thinking about throwing in the towel on acting altogether thankfully though she didn't number 4 she almost went to law school but overslept through her alarm upon graduating from Vassar College she wanted to attend law school but on the morning of her interview she accidentally slept through her alarm instead of feeling bad about it she took it as a sign she was meant to do something else with her career after this she followed her calling and applied to the Yale school of drama from where she received her master of fine arts at 26 years old the rest as they say is history number 5 Meryl Streep asked for double pay for her role in the devil wears Prada for one of the most iconic roles in her entire career Meryl had to negotiate her pay to what she thought she was worth revealed in an exclusive interview for the film's 10 year anniversary was the fact that street had to negotiate for double the pay from fox studios and Michelle offer however she also mentioned that she'd always been hesitant to negotiate for more money but this time she felt she deserved it she says there was a good bye moment and then they doubled the offer she was 55 years old and said she learned at a very late date how to deal on her own behalf today her net worth is estimated to be around $95000000 number 6 she wrote her own dialogue for 2 of the scenes and Kramer versus Kramer cast opposite Dustin Hoffman in Kramer versus Kramer Meryl portrayed an unhappily married woman who abandons her child and husband she felt the script portrayed her character as to evil and often mention that was not a true representation of real women who faced marriage breakdowns in child custody battles eventually the script was changed as the producers agreed with her and she went on to prepare for the part with the help of her mother the film's director allowed her to write her own dialogue into key scenes although Dustin Hoffman had some objections about it she won both the Golden Globe Award and the academy award for best supporting actress for the film in 1979 number 7 she forgot her first Oscar on the back of a toilet when Darryl 1 that first Oscar back in 1979 you would think she wouldn't be able to take her eyes off it however that really wasn't the case the same night she wanted she left her statue in the bathroom on top of the toilet tank perhaps because of her excitement but more likely because of the champagne luckily for her someone spotted the golden statue on the porcelain throne and returned it to its rightful owner number 8 she could have become an opera singer when Merrill was younger she was selected to sing at a school recital leading to her taking upper classes with the style lively when she was 12 years old she took formal lessons and wanted to become an opera singer but quit after just 4 years saying if she felt like she was singing things that she couldn't feel or understand adding that's what pushed her to pursue something she could feel through however those lessons did help Meryl for her film in into the woods and mamma mia where she sang most of our songs live although she did have pre recorded versions as well number 9 she is known for her ability to imitate a wide range of accents during her college years she showed an early ability to mimic accents and quickly memorize her lines thanks to her photographic memory she's taken a wide range of roles throughout her long career which helped her mold her persona rather than only settling for the intense regimen she undergoes Everytime she prepares for a role she also gives her character a unique touch by adding an accent to make it more believable and she is extremely good at it for example for her Oscar winning role in Sophie's choice she mastered the Polish accent as well as the German one a Polish accent was so on point that local spot she was from Poland throughout her career she has used Australian British Danish Italian and the Bronx New York accent among many others number 10 Robert deniro's performance in taxi driver had a great impact on young Meryl while struggling to find your place in the world and with no intention of becoming an actress she saw Robert de Niro's performance in taxi driver which she says had a profound impact on her Meryl sighed and help you decide what kind of actor she wanted to be when she grew up little did she know that in the future Robert De Niro would help her with a breakthrough role in the 1978 film the deer hunter back then deniro saw her on stage performing in the cherry orchard and decided she should play the role of his girlfriend we've covered more information about Robert deniro in our 15 things you didn't know about Robert De Niro video which you can check out by clicking on the top right corner number 11 at the beginning of her career Meryl Streep slept in green park under a tree when she first traveled to London in her twenties she didn't have a place to sleep she says she would bask in the streets to afford food and a bed to sleep in but one day she didn't make enough and had to sleep in the park outside she said the spot that you set up had a view of the Ritz London hotel and says that's the point she vowed she would some day stay there as a guest had by this point she has number 12 she's the most nominated actress in the world throughout Merrill's career spanning from the seventies until now she's gotten herself many major nominations and awards so far street has 20 academy award nominations more than any other actor she is also one of 6 actors to have won 3 or more competitive Oscars for acting and she's also received 30 golden globe nominations winning 8 which makes her the only actress to have that many nods among her most notable Oscar nominated roles are favorites are silk what in 1983 out of Africa in 1985 adaptation in 2002 the devil wears Prada and 2006 doubt in 2008 and Julie and Julia in 2009 just to name a few number 13 she kept the iconic sunglasses she wore in the devil wears Prada after the film wrapped production Meryl donated a lot of close to charity auction but she decided to keep the glasses or character Maranda priestly wore in the movie in the film mamma mia she wore the sunglasses again while performing the abba hit money money money however this is not the first time she wore the same costume twice during the time she portrayed Adeline punk Kirsten suffragette she wore the same shoes from out of Africa when she played Karen Blixen 30 years before the reason to production team just couldn't find the right size for her so she just brought in an old pair from another role number 14 the New York production of mamma mia impressed her so much that she wrote them a letter to thank them like a true fan girl Meryl was so impressed with the New York production of mamma mia that she had to write the cast a letter to praise them she's just like any of us when she's been grilling if she likes you she will tell you the letter she wrote passed hands until it reached the producers and the stage director Phyllida Lloyd who later made the film version Merrill's words gave the director courage to cast her for the part because he needed to convince her to take this kind of role however because she studied opera as a child her vocal skills made her perfect so she agreed to take the part number 5 she and her husband live in an 8.95 $0 penthouse in tribeca after moving out of her stunning New York City townhouse which she sold for 9.$1000000 back in 2014 she quickly moved into another amazing property the luxurious 8.95 $0 penthouse in tribeca her new penthouse is located in the newly built river lost's building which offers breathtaking views of the Hudson River she lives with her husband don Gummer a sculptor in the almost 4000 square foot residence with 10 foot ceilings and integrated sound system plus their bedroom features announce we dressing room and the limestone spa bathroom now that you learn more about Meryl Streep do you think she's the best actresses of her generation are there any more tidbits you like to add to this list let us know down in the comments those still here are you because you are a true a Luxor and stayed with us right to the end here's a bonus fact about Meryl Streep she suffers from core Korda phobia basically she's terrified of helicopters we're not sure where this year came from but one thing we do know is that Meryl does not do helicopters thank you for spending sometime with us a locks airs make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand pick these videos which we recommend you watch next thank you for being in a lock there and we'll see you back tomorrow //
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15 Jobs That Will Disappear in the Next 20 Years Due to AI
\\15 jobs that will disappear in the next 20 years welcome to a lock stock com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired Hey there elixirs we have a very different kind of video for you today I know that for some the future is incredibly exciting filled with new technologies and new opportunities but for some others the future doesn't look as bright and we want to raise some concerns with you guys a study done at Oxford university found out that 45 percent of all current jobs will disappear in the next 10 years with some of them being completely automated or at least upgraded to a point where a fraction of the work force is needed so this will greatly impact the way you plan for your future as the environment is changing in this video will go through just some of the jobs that will radically change in the upcoming decade and the years that follow if you're currently working in either of these industries it might be a smart call to look for alternatives don't say we didn't warn you if you're new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a locks with that said here are 15 jobs that will probably disappear or be automated in the next 10 to 20 years number one drivers let me put it this way if your job consists of driving any type of machinery automobile or vehicle you're gonna be out of a job soon taxi drivers bus drivers truck drivers uber drivers and delivery drivers are all on the verge of complete automation in the U. S. alone there are 15.5000000 trucks and 2000000 tractor trailers on the road with the trucking industry employing 14000000 people out of which 10000000 are drivers these are the people who are going to be pushed out first because a self driving truck doesn't need to stop for a rest is attentive to the road 247 and we already have the technology believe it or not this is already backed by the government in Germany feather bedding hard on self driving trucks if you watch our Tesla video you know that the next generation of Tesla cars will be 100 percent autonomous Ilan must himself agrees that it will take us one to 2 years to get the tach right and then 3 more to get the government to approve it all major car manufacturers are headed towards electric and self driving cars and those who won't will be left behind in the near future riding in a car will be like getting in an elevator you just press a button and it takes you to wherever you want to go now what's going to happen to the estimated 20000000 to have their livelihood is based on being active drivers these people need to reinvent themselves multiple times in a row this might be easy if you're currently 20 to 30 years old but what will a 50 plus year old taxi driver be able to re adapt to not sure what these people be able to do to switch from taxi driving 23 D. modeling for virtual worlds but we'll see number 2 farmers farming was huge when it came to employment numbers back in the day this has changed dramatically though you might still see farming as human labor intensive in the underdeveloped parts of the world but on a macro level this has already been automated with very few specially trained individuals that operate heavy machinery from the comforts of the office via wireless connections back in the day you needed to physically measure your plot of land needed human labor to weeded out and another set of people to harvest and transport the end product to where it's needed now how we measure things with drones or satellite imagery the soil is already treated against weeds or the seeds are wheat resistant to begin with harvesting implanting can be done in a small fraction of the time it used to thanks to specialized hardware and the trucks carrying out will be self driving really soon bearing the title of farmer in the near future will be as highly ranked as banker or hedge fund manager Sincil only be a handful of people having the oligopoly when it comes to watch you eat if this sounds ridiculous to you that only a few people will be in charge of our food you're already too late to the table today only 10 companies control almost every large food and beverage brand in the world anything you eat probably comes from one of them these companies lastly pepsico coca Cola Unilever to none General Mills Kellogg's Mars associated British foods and mine the lads welcome to the future a lock Xers number 3 printers and publishers the newspaper is dead traditional media is suffering as the internet is eating up everything you no longer need to get your news from the papers you get them via Twitter or live streams as they're happening all traditional magazines are fighting for their lives not to survive one versus the other but to survive as a whole if you've watched a video on Forbes magazine you know that despite having such a strong brand they're on the verge of collapse despite their massive push into digital media information is free and there are very few publishers where the trust in the brand is enough to keep the motors going a great example is the New York times one of the only publications have successfully implemented a pay while for readers to consume their written content can you imagine if we would implement the pay while on a lock stock com you guys had to pay one dollar to find out what the most expensive car in the world is we'd be out of business quicker than you can say luxury with the democratization of news sources big brands are struggling to find their place in this online first environment unless you're in your fifties or more you're unlikely to get your news from TV networks while trump is watching fox news we're here backing Philip DiFranco's patriarch on you too number 4 cashiers America alone has 8000000 people working as cashiers and in store sales people these people are going to be out of a job sooner than they think I know you've seen the self checkout stations and they still have someone supervising them and their buggy now and then how we're not far from a total takeover of the machines in this space if you've been following what the biggest commerce giants are doing it's easy to connect the dots Amazon acquired whole foods for close to $14000000000 the same Amazon is running pilot tests with what they call Amazon go a corner store with 0 humans involved we just walk in get what you need and walk out with everything you bought being automatically deducted from your credit card sensors are on the rise and the techniques to only be a little better than the human counterpart for the switch to be made also the A. I. cashiers can go 247 without bringing the drama of their personal lives into the workplace number 5 travel agents when's the last time you went to a travel agency to book a flight the likes of Skyscanner took over the flight to get industry over the hotel booking industry and Airbnb is disrupting the hotel business as a whole there's no need for a third person to book the flight or hotel room for us we can do it ourselves or better yet you can tell Syreeta bucket for you number 6 manufacturing workers when the industrial revolution hit all the people working the fields move to work in factories heads crafting the machines that would make our lives easier in the process and with the advancement in technology the same people were put in charge of building machines that built other machines that would eliminate the need for humans a fun thing to do is to compare the way cars were built less than 100 years ago in the factories a Volkswagen and how they built today back then a multiple humans were working in tandem to put together the end product well today you're watching simple software at work we heard this great quote awhile back that stuck with us and it goes like this the factory of the future will only have one human and one dog the human will be there to feed the dog and the dog will be there to keep the human from touching the machines number 7 dispatchers I know you're probably thinking of the days when someone had to manually connect you to a different line in order to talk to someone but an astonishingly high number of people are still working as dispatchers today the role of the dispatcher is to coordinate the field operators so things run smoothly for everybody it doesn't matter if you're a firefighter dispatcher working with planes the police or ambulances we already have technology that is massively outperforming you at your job and we're now figuring out just the final touches on what is the best way to deploy that technology remember only 5 years ago when you had to call someone and ask for a cab how do you ask for it uber or a lift today one algorithm making their way into your particular niche of dispatching and your job is over number 8 waiting tables and bartending okay not all of them will be gone but the bulk surely have one foot out the door already of course there is a need for social interaction but that's not always the case sometimes you just want to sit down have the food arrived at your table as soon as possible enjoy a particular mix of alcoholic beverages and then leave all of which can be successfully replaced by a carefully documented algorithm head tonight pad more and more restaurants are jumping in on this trend all around the world we've even mention some of them in our previous video about cool restaurants around the world that you should try out and we made this video a year ago since then the likes of ether have taken over and they're here to stay number 9 bank tellers I'm sad to say that this as the lady at our bank has always been so nice to me but we're not going to the bank for social interaction to be honest we don't go to the bank anymore were very rarely one of his is really needed otherwise we check out our balance on our smart phones even the people on our payroll get the money delivered to their accounts automatically without the need for us to manually add physically fill out a form with their details if you want to grab cash if you go to an ATM you could open a bank account to most banks in the world online and only if you're looking for specialized services you might need to meet in person and even then you might get the job done with a video called number 10 military pilots and soldiers the military is the most sensible industry to innovation it is the first one to embrace it and deploy if back in the day wars were decided based on who had the largest number of troops today it's a technology plan you no longer see people holding bayonets and riding horses into battle because that would be inefficient drones can hit a target more accurately than any human could without endangering the life of the pilot who sitting comfortably in a chair on the other side of the world there is still a need for human soldiers but not as we know them these are the special ops the best of the best were deployed only when there's no other technology at play number 11 fast food workers remember when people were asking for $15 an hour to work at McDonald's that's when automation caixin all the people protesting the low wages for unskilled jobs will be the first ones to be head of such an increase in pay does happen fast food jobs are probably the easiest to automate out of the list and to be honest it would have happened anyway but companies didn't do it right away because they didn't have any incentive to mess with something that's working fine right now but now with all the protests the government might actually givin and that's when the wave of automation takes over we have an incredible article on our website that takes a look at exactly what's going to happen with the rise in minimum wage which we strongly recommend you check out on the top right corner and in the description number 12 telemarketer have you noticed that there are already fewer and fewer telemarketers their entire industry has been taken over by targeted ads all around the internet had on all of your devices specially constructed based on the information the tech giants have gathered from your use on their platforms Facebook is not a charity it uses all the data from the things you like click on share or engage with to create a custom profile for every single one of its users match them and sell them to other companies we ourselves use that type of data to get our videos in front of people that we believe will find them valuable the irony is even before this video you're watching right now there was probably an ad promoting something you more or less are interested in ads are getting smarter as they learn more and more from you and that's why telemarketers are obsolete number 13 accountants and tax preparers if it's one thing we've learned so far from this list it's that boring and repetitive jobs will be taken over by algorithms what's the role of an accountant to go through your raw data and organize it that's like the favorite thing to do for algorithms that's where they shine baby the average accountant in the U. S. earns around $60000 per year and there are 1.3000000 registered accountants and auditors even if it would cost $15000000000 to create a highly sophisticated AI that will get the job done perfectly that piece of software would pay for itself is under 2 years that's why a I engineers are going after accountants lawyers and medical professionals number 14 stock traders long are the days of Jordan Belfort in Gordon Gekko a study done by Bloomberg analysts in late 2015 discovered that only 10 percent of the stocks traded on a daily basis worldwide are treated by actual humans and investors the rest are bots where ever there's money someone will try to automate it and get an edge against their competitors the stock market is one of those places and the people behind the biggest funds in the world have deep enough pockets to capitalize on it wanna be freaked out okay let's say you want to buy a particular stock you go to your favorite trading platform or secured portfolio management dashboard you fill in the info with how much you want to buy at such tr