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"2016-05-30 14:03:26"
Sacred Science: Basic Yoga Theory - Understanding the basic principles and foundations of yoga.
\\hello and sat nam this is a mop Prem and today I've got another video for you under the category of sacred science once again I'll be teaching about yoga and today I'm going to be showing you one of my personal post is which I put together a few years ago ... I've been keeping it at myself for I've been using it to ... help teach with my clients a few basic fundamentals of how to get the most out of your yoga practice and some very important theory ... and principles involved so without further ado I'm going to be showing you the poster now so here you go you go poster which is definitely seen a the wear and tear of time but ... I just want to kind of glance over this and without going into too much detail just hover over the different sections and then I also wanted to show you a little bit basic anatomy because yoga really is all about the mind and the body and how they how it connects so and that he's got the spine and how big the spying the spinal column the 33 spinal column ... have different organs I touched to them so every spell vertebrae has its own trigger point ... for a corresponding ... organ and as you can see the various zones in the body and the various a friend zones of the spine reflex pathways see segments of your spine are like the keys of the piano different organs muscles meridians except truck will send messages to different segments of the spine and vice versa if you have pain in your lower back those pain signals may be sent to your digestive organs and abdominals as well you may not necessarily feel pain in these areas but the organism muscles will behave like they are in pain unknown not functioning as they should this may result in and Pat digestion or abdominal weakness which is just an example ... so basically the organs the shocker is the vertebrae the spine everything connects to everything so you have to understand that when you're practicing yoga especially kundalini yoga we're working on balancing and harmonizing and integrating ... or of the ... things inside us so we work a lot with the spine because it really is ... the main cost way as you can see here so this is just a bit more western understanding you got the different parts of the spine lower higher okay middle and how they correspond what what kind of parts of the body and they they control and these are zones 123456 and then you'll see the crown at the top which isn't very ... measurable but you see how they'll correspond different functions and different zones so this can be seen as a a western approach to understanding the shockers and this is how they manifest themselves oversee quite generically in this little cutout but ... we if you have problems in your route then that will manifest itself in a very grounded and you know route like problems and zone number 2 sexual functions elimination water stress over relationships and sex so you see how the body the mind and how behavioral patents and you know things that you may be struggling with always come back to what's manifest that and what's expressing itself in your own body so you can you've probably read it all now and he you have a powerful a system so we will begin with are being just the fractal of that Spock of that you know life force that comes down into the US and sees itself and then you know our light body art Shawcross system are energetic bodies built and then from that than not these the energy channels ... are created and from that the mind the nervous system the endocrine system though glands number system really is like the monster ... of your experience ana fits basically were electricity lights and information passed through and it connects you mind and body so the last thing to manifest as the physical body so I understand that it's not a physical body and then up it's you came from there and then you then syfy down so you know it's all connected we work with the physical body because it's the easiest thing to work with now head what do you have hit this is where it gets a little bit more east them a little bit more Sanskrit and a bit more energetic okay so just a different type of thinking ... one isn't superior to the other this is a little bit more mystical language where is this is a little bit more scientific so you got the different shockers hit mullah Dada so I stick rusty's Tana money Putra another Harta the shooter by Gina so Haslam and then you've got the 2 snakes the 2 some parts of the nervous system the pin gotta and either and then the central channel spine Wilson known as you Shuna okay so the route the sacral the solar plexus the hot throat third I and the crown they will have their own ruling ... attributes and you know functions so as you can see survival and basic means new animal self your sexuality and your creativity your ego in a sense of self the new power center Ryan the middle your heart your emotions your throat communication obviously Arjuna the wisdom and pure consciousness also your intelligence and your intuition and you've got your crown so crown royal something people around the top of the head in religion and royalty is nothing more than that out the symbol of the fact that they've raised their life force to the top of the head so that they're fully enlightened and fully conscious living beings so here you have another diagram and all of the various channels and energy pathways so as you can see these other 12345 the 5 types of women wind or the wind element pathways so we need to learn to control them these forces inside our body so that we can optimize the energy channel ... flow and also the way the window of the the prana the chi moves through our body we're going to more detail in other media and this is by the basics of full yogi breathing okay so inhalation you are the 3 lock spondylus 15 you've got the malevolent which is your aim is to the sex organs in your lower abdominals second basin containing and pushing the life was up you've got the good young up on the which is your diaphragm in Europe Cajun you drawer it in there is also another lock to pump and contain the energy and then you go let Joe Lockhart up on them so John up on this is your neck look and as you can see it corresponds to the Kurds in your spine Zaynab Cup but it's part of your abdominal to push the energy through the spinal column okay so you in that I owe you expand outwards bite into the barrel of your lungs and your chest in your belly in your ribcage and any excel when you fully rules together so just another symbol see these are your 3 personal shuckers this is very much to do with the you yo the individual self the living being so on your 3 personal route shockers and then as you come into the hot sauce become more and more universal that's why the heart speaks the one language between all human beings and your throat and your brown your crown this is what we share this is what's uniquely yours and as you can see eva and pain gone that the 2 pathways of the central nervous system the sympathetic and parasympathetic snake their way up up and down the central channel the spine and then all of that shockers in the various different pots of the spine user is also the glandular system so the shockers and the endocrine system are pretty much the same see as you can see Hey this is the universal medical symbol called the caduceus and that the ancient Greeks knew their own type of yoga and so did the Egyptians and so did the Hindus and so did all the ancient peoples that's why the symbol has been used forever and it's continued to be used because there is a there's a secret there's a isn't in the teaching to medicine and self healing and self knowledge which is what about you another system your energy channels and balancing the energies within you and CC either pingala caduceus and this caduceus is what gives you wings this is your this is your collateral Moses this is the that if you know the flaming bush this is the this is the cross this is this is basically what connects the small animal self up through the human heart and in up to with the divine so you could you see this is what gives you wings and that's why you know symbolically Apollo had a wings on his feet and he was the messenger of the gods so you know parasympathetic sympathetic central nervous systems very self explanatory it's funny that the 2 part ways either pingala and then DNA strands and then the ancient peoples so you know there's nothing you under the sun really because it's old just universal knowledge repeating itself the DNA double helix represented as a pair of snakes by turning the picture upside down you can see that the molecules the molecule is completely symmetrical each off of this double helix can serve as a template for the since the synthesis of complement of another with complementary Hoff they go you know it's like splitting itself and it's always the 2 coiling strands and this is just another pathway diagram of how universal life force comes down then suffice gets more and more dense more more gross from the south to and ... he becomes the animated physical body so here you go that's a low poster ... which 5 year old or a 50 year old can use to remind themselves of some basic principles and here you have the various body systems okay so the skin had B. integumentary system Xico your clothing your respiratory system you muscular system skill lead to system your digestive system your urinary system your cardiovascular system you lymphoid system you know the system the male reproductive system a female reproductive system the endocrine system can you see how they're basically the same locations as the as the shockers okay and see see the body systems with the western mind the logical mind likes to break things down into its into it's parts and and then you know put those parts together to actually tangibly and rationally explain the whole ... whereas perhaps I'm grossly are you know sooner stereotyping will brush stroking him but the eastern system is is a little bit more ... abstract Louis mo ... experience shel so eastern western mind is coming together to try and explain the same the same things that we are the sum of our parts and that it will connects and that it's all one thing so there you go you use this poster watch this video again because it's ... basic knowledge if you once practice kundalini yoga affectively and understand ... spine the energy centers of the twin ... systems of your nervous system and that's really the basics of why we practice yoga so thank you very much for watching I hope you've enjoyed that ... much more theory ... but yet this is all sacred science so work on your own caduceus work on developing the wings that live inside your hot and practice kundalini yoga practice yoga practice breathing practice meditation and really all the knowledge that you've ever been looking for all the answers are inside you just waiting to be remembered so I hope this is inspired you and educated you in some way and if you like this video please Sharon's and ... don't hesitate to contact me if you want some more tips or ... have any questions thank you this was a mob Prem and happy studying a hobby yoga practice and happy life goodbye //

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