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"2017-08-14 02:21:37"
America First Media Press Conference
\\ ... bears go welcome back out Josh liberal American person yes you'll hear you know how the world bill saying you know we got the whole crew here do us a favor click those 3 little dots and share this get out there this is a ... a big night for America first media Tracy beans in the house Eddie Graham allows through the government Hannibal mood then will our our entire team is on this go 3 in person 3 a person and the you know it's it's it's that we are talking about a lot of things have transpired in the last 90 6:00 hours for the America first ... media group you to name I wish I knew guys maybe Hannibal mood or somebody who's archer the government any silly little more tech savvy than I can throw the you do out there armed with it but it's there yon search America first media press conference on you do it will show up armed we need to have a little talk America I guess very Sarai Josh you did understatement as Josh says only to turn the music down arm thank you over to their do me a favor sure that's rich we get out there okay we don't talk a whole lot about the fear factor here all America first meeting it's frozen pop out come back in guys there's a lot of people they're gonna tune in tonight this is a our this is important for America and for our Republic what we're gonna talk about tonight I don't talk a lot about my personal things I don't talk a lot about my family on here a joke a little bit about my wife you know and leave it not putting gas in the car and little into windows like that renewing us I state I'm from Arkansas I wish use on that's alright so with that being said when you threaten our families when you threaten our livelihoods when you threaten our team members when you when you take it to that level cross the line that our team will not tolerate period period at approximately 110 in the morning this morning I guess I should say late last night I was on a conference call with Josh for boat Eddie Graham of America first media working on the case while the third I can let it go thank you allow that I was a split moment I was laying on the sofa and ... ... to rule out certain estimate something's on guys hang on I could see through the ... the big blinds in my house I see 2 pairs of legs out on my front porch and 110 in the morning Josh Flippo who's right here my brother in real life in one of our partners in America first media group says I'm on my way it's about 10 minutes away he got there in less than 5 I think called the head of our security detail and he was there in less than 5 minutes as well so there I am in my own living room on one knee watch your legs move around with one in the chamber with my 9 millimeter and I'm gonna get graphic with you folks okay waiting on back up to arrive a lot of people are gonna say why did you call 911 because they not gonna get there as fast as these guys number one and and number 2 you don't know who to trust right now this investigation period we have no clue trust it is it is now gotten to that level asked and number 3 jobs will say something number 3 out in one 911 there because I want to find a question the my cell so that's what there you go so that is the second time in 2 months I've had someone on my property during this investigation Josh for Perot has been ran off the road he's had to pull a gun on someone that followed him for multiple miles he lives in a gated community where we're at right now and is there someone knock on his door and no one 's there bill Pierce is on I don't know what cell phone bills on you have so many cellphones that he's gone through from ma from being hacked there you go and so it's absolutely absurd and then I have other team members some you know about and some that you don't know about but when our safety is threatened it takes you to a whole new level it takes you to an absolutely whole new level for our team and it's just something guys that we just can't tolerate I have a wife and children bill has a son and grandchildren Tracy beans has a family people in our organization have families and this is not something that's tolerable on any level we won't tolerate it we are worried for our safety worried for our family safety and down you know it was just us guys we can handle certain things like that but when you talk about women children and people like that ... you know when you talk about you know I'm not gonna comment on George web when I'm doing a press release now and so when you look at this situation and I promise you the people I'm talking to you or not disinformation in this investigation my team can wanted a percent tell you that 100 percent and we take offense to that as hard as we work in now that our lives are literally in danger you look at your end back and his wife in the attorneys in the DNC fraud lawsuit and no one really wanted to talk about that okay but it needs to be talked about as far as the investigation of Seth rich goes with America first media group an America first investigations we are not stopping we are however going to pump the brakes we are going to that Intel we are going to vent sources we need to take a step back and do an internal type investigation and we need to find out if there is a leak we need to find out if a source is leaking to someone else we have a lot of things that we need to dig into right now in this investigation because I'll tell you right now no one is going to threaten my family or my brothers or anyone and I'm not going to put up with it period we are not stopping we are somewhat slowing down because we want to vet this information properly and we want to find out for all those young YouTube Twitter periscope Oliver platforms were on right now we want to find out what's going on we have security teams in place guys those are expensive we have some that are brothers we have some that are hired and have a certain skill set a leave it at that we are self funded except for the crowd funding that comes from all of you and we thank you in and we can't thank you enough for where we're at America first media this point we are not stopping we are also branching off into multiple investigations if you look at morning show the Josh's been working on the 2001 murder I work aside this the aid of Joe Scarborough you look at the murder of Sean Lucas process server for the DNC fraud lawsuit you look at brain can wise the junior federal prosecutor who was shot in back of head may rule the suicide in Miami there are a lot of things to look at in this investigation and others we also will be reporting the news real news not fake news real news and that is the platform that America first media is building thanks to all of you out there but I needed to address and my team needs to address the safety concerns they're associated with this case you have to look at this investigation from all angles information is coming in casa lane is coming in hot and heavy there are good sources there are bad sources there are some people that just want to make sure you fail and there's others that want to make sure that you succeed regardless of what your safety level maybe and that my friends is very concerning because whether it's real information or fake information if it endangers our team it's a liability at this point and that we want to address that situation when you look at the situation of the family the rich family we have information that we I'll let my team there in the chat and I have 2 of the mighty members here bill piercing Josh Flippo we had an opportunity to receive information that crosses the line the first day Josh that information crosses a line if we arm you know if if we were to ... thank you Tracy it and it is all there difference with that type of information is do you want to live safely or do you want to look over your shoulder for the next 35 years I don't believe that America understands how deep this murder is and here's something that we need to talk about folks and it needs to be said to everyone out there because I don't think anyone's my team's been working on last are you aware of the 5:00 in the morning last night 4:00 hours of sleep a day for the last week and I say that because I want sympathy from anyone but you need understand of were on fumes right now and think about this folks think about this Sean Hannity will not touch this information Lou Dobbs will not touch this case Dennis Michael Lynch will not touch this case Jesse waters will not touch this case one American news they touched him but not the information that we're touching okay all the people that I have mention I have respect for and love and appreciate in the media the mainstream media restraining him another example what is a personal friend please not touching this case and when you look at this type of information and you look at all of the things out there it should be very alarming and very concerning for everyone very very alarming and very concerning for everyone and love you know it's just one of things where you have to look at that you have to look at the safety of your family and your teammates you know you have to and all and that's something that I don't want you guys understand ask yourself this question why are people bringing information to America first media what for anyone what exactly did you hear that man because we're the only ones who have the testicular fortitude to put the information out that's it no one else wants to talk about this no one else wants to put this information out period it's not happening no one 's putting this information now hell wikileaks won't touch it folks think about that one the founder of wikileaks Julian assigned is locked away in the Ecuadorean embassy in he won't even touch this damn thing yeah I think we should be a little alarmed by what were uncovering your no one is touching this case and it's concerning it should be concerning for everyone out there and they should be scare we are either very naive or not paranoid enough and we have decided which yet folks we haven't okay so with that being said you know transition here with what we're going to do in building a media platform that that report the truth we got off that so our information we've got to we've literally we're in uncharted territories Tracy said we are 100 percent in uncharted territory there's there's literally there's no no explanation for where we are and I and I and I honestly think and ... count if we think that we should be a little more more scared than we are and love my teammates a lot of the teammates I'm not gonna mention names they're very scared there are people that want to walk away from this investigation on this team we are doing everything in our power to hold the group together no they have to shut us up never show some of the shows up you would see me talking right now but let's let's be realistic here what can.coms got armed guards in New Zealand I would be scared either met armed guards in New Zealand in a mansion that's a terrible analogy we have concealed carry and let me explain something to you folks we train these guys we train and their souls and everything else and we need your help we absolutely need your help in this investigation you know we can't do it alone you know the funny has been great but we can't protect our families I got a wife and 3 daughters and I travel quite a bit so who's going to protect my family when I take off to go do this someone explain that one to me you know someone explain that one to me because your families haven't been threatened you ever had people in your yard you haven't had people on your front porch you know we've got some great patriots that volunteered their services what you can do is you can ... Josh what do you think we need the most what you think would be the most people are asking prayers drag message me whoever said that it's going so fast I can't keep up with it for versions one yes prayer just one share the story like Tracy beams just said if there are 3 dots there's almost 100 people live watching the scope right now share this get it out there the more people to get this the more people to get money we don't need money for ourselves with the money to be able to buy security at this point not there did it or I know what's going on I'm just sitting here in the background that mac talk here's the thing when I show up at his house that one up forget in the morning because Hammond as brick and families been threatened I think that personal I've done this for 1013 years defending this pretty country and I'm sick and tired of people like yourself sooner all just don't know what's going on here you're afraid they're not gonna let this go out go screw yourself right right now you guys are threatened you don't know what dad gum saying you can sit there under the old thing is certain old season you know tell these guys that they're threatened yelled it you guys just scared yeah have some to show up at your forget doorstep at 1:00 in the freaking morning you see what it feels like with intention to harm you and your family not intention to hang out because I promise you will have to look up at the house I think you're both going to jail or not somebody was getting shot so nuff said I'm sorry I don't know you're good you're good you're good completely to heart only to see here even need to see someone motion right now people need to see some some real emotion here are we put my wife spent the afternoon with my oldest daughter putting off during my 10 year old who just turned tense birthday party Mr having this extravagant birthday party we put up motion sensors and why it's all around our house that's a great birthday for a 10 year old America don't you think I was pretty sweet and here's the thing if we were backing down you wouldn't see us right here you wouldn't see us doing a press conference you know you can probably see you just give you heads up so bill Pierce is here as well police report what police reports so that the last time somebody showed up Josh they can tell me a cat jumped into my fire pit yeah that's why I said we didn't want the police to work while they were going to say was well there's nobody here there's nobody here so they can say that you know the last time I try to tell me that he cliff jumping off just a fire pit yeah seems viable right 1130 the morning when I'm working on the case my wife and I sitting at the kitchen table together that seems justifiable I'm and so on no I did not call the cops this time around because it did no good the last time I called them anybody saying did you call the cops you have absolutely no clue about this case you have absolutely no clue about the corruption you don't get it if you're telling my team to call the cops you don't have a clue what you're talking about in this investigation period you have a clue not a clue and I mean that I literally mean that's just a fact you don't yeah in mind something me myself I live alone I don't have a wife and kids yeah matter here couple others on the team they've got families that live with them absolutive self before somebody says no take your view that yes I don't tell my I don't tell my family one of doing a young my parents my sister brother law I don't tell them what I'm doing they don't mind doing this for the very reason thank you guys for the harshness super RTL well right now they don't need to know now I want it's just yeah no matter if it's just one of those things where when you look at the overall schematic of what this case means and are you can you got that when you look at the overall schematics out of this team you have to look you honestly have to look at where we're at right now in this case you have to understand the corruption involved in this case in a separate murder there are no body cans those are just appeared there is no video from Flagler market there is no death certificate there is no medical examiners remarks there is no autopsy there is no toxicology stonewalled on every angle okay Stonewall on every angle folks if they can cover up things like this you look at what some of things we've put out you discover things that we put out and you know they're even able to jam you know gem of cameras in the area we've proven that people trust inauguration we we prove that as well you're not dealing with a normal flood in this investigation at this point we're not stopping we're not stopping yes I I I don't need protection I've got I sleep with a 45 so trust me in a large dog and a large dog so yes okay 10 years of infantry training that's all I did was for living in the military was shoot guns trust right right that's why don't this shouldn't scare me I'm scared for my team so right you know not a lot of jobs for money my language of justice just kicked in doors and broke things that immediate and you and you okay so you know you you look at things right here to what what our goal was with America first media yes the separate investigation is a big part of what we're doing but our goal is to report the truth our goal is to talk about issues that other people refused to talk about and that's what put us all together on this team you know that's what put us all on the same team with America first media because we want to talk about and we want to do what's right we want to report what's right we want to report the truth and that's what we're here well that's what we're taking this platform at this point we've a lot of information in this case that we need to have that that we need to investigate and that we need to really look into and that's where we're at in this case at this point but you everyone out there that support just needed to understand what we're up against this point and when your families are threatened it takes you to an entirely new level when your families are threatened I'll say that again it takes it to an entirely new level anyone out there and I see several trolls you know it's laughable this point for starters you don't even have your ... your real picture and you're in you're not even you know it I mean truthful with yourself everything you're seeing right here bill Pierce my couch Josh global these our our real names we didn't come out here and hide it with us no no one on this team hit we came straight out of and we're using our real names think about that for a second so that being said we're going to our in game here is we want to be able to put the nail in the coffin we did we also want to give you a media platform I media platform their reports the truth not only in the separates murder but in everything that's going on in this in the in America right now an investigation that's what we want to do we wanna report the truth we want to bring that to you guys and that's what our plan is at this point in time and that's what we're gonna do recap please longer again it is a long grey cat does nope it's still a recap at all I'd suggest just want to know what your what watch or it's going to be on you to so those of you that are asking what can we do to help one first and foremost I've told you guys and some of my school did you guys watch me I fear no man you know the person appears got so your purse for now the next thing I say is this why we appreciate everything you've done for us we can't do this without you guys are still right I only I only make so much money Matt himself only make so much money there is the team only make so much money on a personal basis so unless we get some multi billionaire decided to say here here's $5000000 go do what you want with it we rely on you guys and we're very thankful everything for everything you did I can't take much math muscle Miller how does 18 absolutes itself forward slash American dash first dash media dash investigations and our PayPal as the forward slash America first media that helps as well the main thing that you can do even more so than the financing to help keep this investigation going it keeps things visible yes share everything that we put out retweet everything that we put out you know retweet retweet retweet if you see something that Tracey beans puts out or truth in government or Hannibal move or flinch slightly users or any Graham bill pierced mac counts Josh flipped though simple well our entire team sheriff retweeted will like it talk to people about it the way that we should we stop the corruption in America when we stop the corruption in America is to get this out and we can do it all of you are you supporting us with words and prayers sure the stories that you want covered help us bring a real Americans together to spread the truth that's what this is about we want to spread the truth and if you all can help us if you could help us by bringing real Americans together just read the truth that's what America first media's all about that's warmer and that's what we're all about we want to give you the news we wanna do it accurately and we wanna do it right and we wanna do it honestly and that some you know that's well that's realistically were at this point com ... I tell you what I'm going to take up of I'm gonna take it 5 questions look you know you're real quick because I had a lot of people message me that want that ... I'll I'll take ... you know well takes it's the 3 piece I'll take 3 bill Pierce will take 3 in Josh football take 3 questions if I can answer if you can answer them right there can I talk about the threat Tom at this point I'm I'm going to say no you know let's decline on that yeah I'm gonna decline on that one right now ... when your team direct messages yes Drake messages I didn't say yes you can join a gang correct must drag want us to just absolutely I'm I'm not gonna talk about what security measures we have in place some of you put out some great ideas arm and then that's good yes on the DC thing yes we will we will be we'll keep that going yeah I guess here again something else I've seen I what we do to follow yes were ... like Matt said we're not we're not quitting we're still doing this and we're just pumping breaks get all our ducks in a row now don't cover lowered it Joe Scarborough right I'm still doing that right now we need their manpower yes you must absolutely no understatement we're reassessing where we are like Tracy just said we're reassessing reevaluating what we're getting our ducks in a row and we're doing this the right way Sir where man or woman we don't you know we don't care if you want to no sooner just somebody that I asked about the episode no we worked where did the trick come from again we're not gonna discuss that yeah I won't discuss the threat refresh Ghaznavids yeah it's locking up and sort of asking walleye vision yes Joe rich know about Aaron's involvement yeah yeah I'm in decline to answer that one at this point on sorry guys for all the questions that we can't answer right now you know they'll see more guns first reading yeah it is it is frozen by the threats now no button we'd expected to be at this level this quickly no Kelsey is not an accomplice no I'm not going to comment on the transcript at or our sources on that like truth in government said we don't comment on our sources and we cannot do that this point comics special we didn't come all this press conference to I want to do anything like that we just can't at this point time we got too many things that were working on following up with correctional look to serve the DNC lawsuit papers okay guys I I want to make something clear for all those asking to help you know asking to join our team before you think this is some get rich quick get paid for the thousands of dollars we don't we don't get any money I am still working on my normal interrogation I'll still working my full time job going on earlier this on the side so love it for you guys think all join your team it favors that you're in the wrong gonna is that's not what we're doing it for if you're want to join our team so you can get your name on the papers and get a bunch of Twitter followers and get money and paid and what not your don't even bother send us your stuff because I don't want it number to tell everybody my team because when we both for people you join our team it's gotta be 100 percent across the board it you know I won't let tell you right now if that's the reason you're drawing that want to join our team you're not coming to our take now if you want to come out here to tell the truth just stuff and do the right thing words micro arm ha ha ha your question but if you want to join the team for the right reasons while means by all means send just get on or if you have direct message if you have if you have questions I and you wanna reach out to our team you can direct message any of us arm right now I'm going to you know our website is America first follow at Hannibal mood follow it treason government 2016 follow it fight for the users follow what the real BB 65 NJ football 1327 of the real mac couch well I Tracy beans Lizzie I follow any underscore Graham 23 and follow it thin blue L. R. that is our team as the America first media group expect a lot more from us not just as rich in the coming days tomorrow morning around 9:00 AM I will have my first why news brief or I will go over the day's upcoming events and news and politics aren't we can't thank you guys enough for your support we will keep you updated on the investigation and our progress and everything they were doing of the funny website is the forward slash America first media and of course our our forward slash it's finally if you in D. L. forward slash America dash first ash media dash investigations our old our team here ... you know we appreciate everything that you guys do for us we appreciate all the support aren't we can't do it we cannot do it without all of you will keep you updated on everything we're doing all of our progress ... for mac couch bill Pierce Josh will go in all the America first media team take care everyone and god bless //

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