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"2013-05-08 12:35:49"
Speech Recognition App for Google Chrome
\\hi this is a Mitsubishi inspiration and this is a quick demo of the dictation app in addition not that is available as a webapp as well as an extension for Google chrome is basically a speech recognition software that works offline has been so it uses the vips PTB have Google chrome to transcribe P. art Y. seem to whites now to get started on you have to do is click the start dictation button I love the script to access your microphone and we'd start speaking hello Peter how you doing new paragraph I've been trying to reach you since yesterday but the call is not getting through new sentence would you please give me a call once you're back new paragraph you gots stop listening sue Cromer donated by recording the last sentence so what I'll do is and manually could take this as simply click in the text heavy off the spark back make the changes in headstart dictation again to resume recording regards new sentence stop listening no once I'm done recording I have a couple of options and whatever response grabbing Google chrome is auto saved in the local studio of the browser so you can come back to this website and you find your text there alternatively you can use the export feature to send your text to Google drive Dropbox or you can download to your computer is a looker that next fight you can access dictation up but controlled Goudeau Donna slash dictation of download the half from the chrome stores thanks //

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