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"2014-07-03 15:11:17"
Comedic Monologue - 1 Minute Monologue
\\James I'm sorry if the meeting they said it would only take an hour but then they kept talking and I can get them to stop and I'm sorry I got you a gold fish because I wanted to get you flowers and I went to the store but of course today's the day that they don happy flowers their best shot next door and then puppies but I figured you don't wanna copy they take so much time that you're happen so that your goldfish Stallone goldfish when I was little they always die bongo that that's because they have this waste in their heels and season sucked in a short amount of time they make a really toxic environment for themselves so that I just briefly maybe god didn't want us to the best vehicle bush so if you don't learn squishy that's okay and how we can be done //

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