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"2017-09-01 19:30:57"
Your phone is manipulating you
\\your phone is ruining your life our tickets your phone does it show that 84 percent people would kill to go a single day without their cloned looking at your phone and social media is a constant dopamine trick your brain take this man for Anthony Padilla is technical unemployed you recently made a career decision that some would describe as the first career decisions and they hysteria doing something productive with this day but instead has been receiving a dopamine trip simulating pleasure by steering a social media on his phone for 45 hasn't been 45 minutes really IGN why does this matter 62 percent of people feel better about themselves after getting positive reactions on social media how would you react if you lost some followers on so I don't know it would probably not we yeah what do you think there is what I would call to get the ball where I'm so for so you need the validation order to make call for the so there's no I mean I don't need it I it's it's just this is part of the play then you'll love sign joining the sands of the air around you feeling of the earth I need your feet your connection with the real world you've so far removed yourself from you'll be content existing without showing the digital world you want of your existence what did you do with my phone town where you can always buy you but this phone is more than just a factory crafted glass aluminum wires and circuit boards this is a reference and of your online personal one and the destruction of this phone everything you've built to represent yourself digital world shall be removed please now yours to keep riddle me question what I'm going to ask you a question and if you answer correctly your phone and your online I also got it okay first question are you addicted to your phone and social media are you serious I'm not addicted to my phone time is running out phone a friend I couldn't to it's to first no need to this chest relations and a here's your real phone your phone in his room we let let //

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