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"2016-10-02 22:20:27"
Henry Talks To Arsene Wenger -- Full Interview -HD
\\20 years with the club and so we're going to go through bad moments good moments and also can you find any windows being against has limited us almost a resolution on the on the 20 years and that's something I want always wanted to ask you is you know not so much as a as a team to see me being called a beaten and lost a phone line it's like from the outside but you as a coach as a coach your best moments and worst moments ... the best moment is maybe ... when you boil on the first time I turn often I think the invincible you because of the dream of every coach I think is to make ... a spotless year and always for you never hold you know how long would you have done as a coach as long as your misgivings in Mosul is not much room for improvements of 2004 was exceptional and doing it because you're diverting workers had good intimate of quarantine here where I team United the and I'm not sure critic to scrutiny was just exceptional moment let you never have been your career basically you said the first ... double insult live exactly because I can marry tuning into the completely unknown awesome who I was a bit to French when I arrived you know and that was a lot of skepticism are all on the boat my appointment and they're just you know that I can win or was something been politically liquid convinced people with our I yeah I have a chance to do a good job here from the west eh one of the worst moments was lost you when you lost it 9 United ... because it was the moment where you fit just the championship is lost you know and the it's a game we couldn't afford to lose and not to turn up on the day you wonder what did I do wrong there what didn't work and ... ... again where X. picked it absolutely when hi fi it you had to win it but I said that more than losing the game we went out of the race is on the day so if if I said to you full full to 2 were full to 31 depends on how if the wind is our eyes on not so it depends it depends on that so why did you change your full full too because I'm not at full throttle since one uncle I played in a fourth of 2 it may be that the end of each episode one went to the final would change its what a wide wide to change it is it because of personal old bald again what's changing basically it is a game and a chrysalis being the same I adapted to the personality of the phase I have grateful for Tunis Dennis Bergkamp who was a west Wycombe but William greatness you we became already of 1421 then it could be and that and ... by dissuaded mainly I changed because in the champions league I failed blocked ... we lost some time symmetry and willow and ... that he suffered a lot and just where le when you wake up then and it depends on the individual Cortijo for striker you can create something on his own and so I could let go liquid graves one will praying retrieved and skin pretentious and this world as the time we had a great is like when you were here with the proposed runs from the you know and ... so it wasn't any big like you're playing user to what we strike a sometimes so if if 5 effect of 20 years of us that we have to sort everything that's and and that was amazing but is it fair to say nice almost face it's a fact that defense spending years where more prolific then the following venues schools much more did you think that there was going to think that belong to to to win a title again although you knew it was going to beat up on the net I 14 would take us so much time ... to win trophies again but the work was too contributing factor is the first one is about the reviews the new stadium and you'll where players to know that you had to restricted finances had to sell our best players and ... the second one is right the big investors came in at the same time the ... like JG like I mentioned to you often who was over you which ambitious and ... everywhere and Dr anymore but god who is a real quick or we're basically compatriots them on the financial front 2 dates different was today of so many investors but everybody is basically Neil Young and equipment again but for years I must say you know were it was the most difficult to use progress I had created the liberal fix dictation and ... I forked left we had not anymore the same potential to compete and then you will always on the back foot orchestra justified why don't you win anymore the championship and that can understand that because a but some normal request fall for somebody rubs off so what do you think that ... that signature of right now is well equipped so to compete for a title this year I believe so yes I believe around more much you'll be a bit to creep give the what is not there anymore made of kits but this crowd then made a further much Chula graves with experience and the stone too satunya how consistent community and the like is so down to produce producing the performances every 3 days now I I will I will let you know that this year as you know books are afforded seem a there's something not not a lot of the season we're all being disrespectful is some sense splitting up front definitely gives of semen of environments and why some of his in the middle of this you know it's a big thing for me because that's something I'll was what's thinking you know why not putting him in the middle and a wide you see it because well big engines you wouldn't want to play there anymore first of what I had to be competition ... phone because of wood where they quickly visual was playing there different qualities and ... you know on a restricted diet agenda of a scene there long time and I decided to try to do some shows he's a bit similarities miss well there's you know and then it goes into winners and there and the stock I must say is one of the many people in the question plant decision manual but data I'm happy that you are out of your life not it up like how old was what was the T. V. he has all the attributes to to bring something different to get a team because he has a different style of play and well like with them is you can see a bus to but that's that's very important if people didn't notice a lot with him yes I I but now I must say ... the few times I tried to do before he was not convincing so earn in this position so you think he's not a wrong decision or do I have to give him more time you know and in the first 2 games I was not completely here convinced button all game after game he is growing into his position and they're getting better and better and the way he swung it you can drink really can the finishing can this wouldn't give a final vote I mean it's it's it's I know that myself also was something it yeah what he needed his a a run of the game to find is is is you know where hall when to give the bold movements and I think that's the good of the biggest in record different this year also most of the of the black you don't check out in the middle of it when he plays I think that's it that that the Soviets in all of the team look small you know there is a better suited attempting it enough it looks like you know I agree with you about the earn the impression you have and I have a has to be confirmed novel by you consistent doctor June I think the team is a good script they want to do well but you know that you have disappointments suing machinists or missed the waiver champion respond strongly ... to disappointments and ... we have to show vox duh that you're capable to do Latin does well it's not forget the competition is often very high Lebanon oh you have other many teams in the premier league now with the top 10 can really ... compete from the title and there is one thing that's a good question actually never I see myself as a player because because people don't care about the bus it's SO before them out of the bus anything that just wanna know you off to France always for the team you have to answer earth at a price student to define snowballed tool to declare something might come and knock on you know when you'll go like I used to do what about Clinton was what was I wanted to ask you all while you and the dog will you yes I'm fine how well you 20 years 20 years and president he is before how to deal with that so all you who held the helper how was the secrets ... disagrees my passion for the game and the fact that I'd love some I think I am an optimist about human being I believe ... back so that takes me to so live and is when I think I have quite a good resistance to stress you know when you were you created a top level the people on the estimated under estimate misquoted she like when you're 2025 or even later when your manager the resistance to stress and keep keep whether fixed on what you think is important dead because when you're under pressure you can use common sense many times and the I was maybe not too bad did not but first of all the older is a I'm gonna need to be to dream out orders Pinguin next game will be perfect you know so yeah the job we await orders from the next game is a play is when you want to do it again and this time better and finding little black 20 years have gone by did tosses like grant they're all 3 more question I want to ask see if you know y'all yall spots well known well it you know if this is just you know progression of a gun US tell me the name of the player that you they used the most throughout your visit also career one on several Swanson one owns according to one shall I tell you it was yes but the real but cigna it's funny because it in this situation between Patrick and coral and you I wasn't following that and the ... who must not be funny article isn't for but it's it's it's project ripple idea that you sub the most you're welcome then his Beckham well I knew I would either accident I you know I'm ready to be crucified for about 31 on I it out I was surprised myself when I saw 140 times 0 and fourteenth done let me admit it can be positive as well can view the game was moderated game a and the last one that the the scene that just scrolled got jobs in school to more schools against little food the open not to put that one in sorry and I thank you for that yet the open button bus thanks a lot they can find one then again I think you know the best for the title please thank you reports reliable enjoy all screens //

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