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"2017-08-24 15:56:12"
What If Everyone Lived Like Americans?
\\this episode is supported by 23 and me there are currently 7.5000000000 people alive on earth of which 323000000 live in the United States of America as a global powerhouse many have an opinion on the American lifestyle but what do the statistics say and what would actually happen if we all live like Americans first off you would be having more sex surveys indicate that Americans have sex 138 times per year on average which is the second highest in the world behind France point would also be even more abundant a 73 percent of the world's porn is produced in America Americans drive 13476 miles per year which is the most in the world this explains why they have the highest rates of vehicle collisions worldwide and number of meals in a car seriously statistics show that 20 percent of American males are consumed in a vehicle Americans eat 8 ounces of meat per day on average which is almost double the world average this leads to Americans killing and eating 10000000000 animals annually which is 15 percent of the world's total consumption the average American also drinks 403 coca Cola products per year compared to the world's average which is 92 this all contributes to the U. S. having the highest total caloric intake sugar intake and fat take compared to all of the other 6 but Miller and all of this Americans throw out 1. 0 pen car tire visual American this is 729 kilograms of garbage per year of which 5 44 kilograms relation of America which is run we 5 percent of the world generates 40 per the world's for most of the world the mayor that would mean yes life expectancy is 70 a 5 for me but it still only ranks 40 second in the world behind other industrialized nation Australia and Canada this is likely because these countries have better public the median dates is 37.9 at meeting if you divided the whole population of America equal groups people would be and thirties in order Erica is the aging population the world's meet lower at one Niger has the lowest meeting a years old compared to Japan where the aging population could become an issue as their 46 the lifestyle of an American Myers about 10 liters of oil per but some other developed countries can see and more on average like to the news per day well some of the lowest consumers of oil are Bangladeshis who only used liters per day a direct way of measuring the impact of the world switching to an American lifestyle is using the global Hector this measurement looks at how much land sea and other natural resources are needed to produce each person seems prettier for example the price they eat the shelving unit they buy or the clothes they wear the average person in the world uses 2.7 global Hector's per year the highest is the lifestyle of those in Kuwait who use 8.9 global Hector's annually with the U. S. trailing slightly behind with 6.8 global Hector spring with the amount of CO 2 released from this study show that we would need another half of unearthed in order to absorb it at a safe right although other studies suggest that these are under estimations so you can imagine if we were all living like Americans it would be catastrophic in fact we would need earth in order to sustain everyone living like special thanks to 23 me for sponsoring this video if you've ever wanted to understand your own DNA and see which regions of the world your ancestors come from or how your DNA influences physical traits and help then check out 23 slash ASAP we tried it ourselves and found out that Greg has a lot of Neanderthal DNA well much found out why he loves pizza so much I have to do is split in a tube and they'll analyzer 23 pairs of chromosomes which is where the name comes from again had to 23 slash a is a key to learn more about yourself now //
"2017-08-17 16:00:06"
Are You Above Or Below Average?
\\this episode is supported by skill share do you ever wonder how you stack up to others for example in North America if you're a male who is taller than 5 foot 9 or women taller than 5 foot 3 then you're above average and if you weigh less than 88.3 kilograms and 74.7 kilograms then you're below average worldwide however humans actually weigh 62 kilograms on average if you read less than 12 Bucks a year your below average but avid readers likely inflate this number with more books for your being the most common number reported and if you can read faster than 300 words per minute your above average take more than 40 words per minute and you're also faster than the majority if he finished a bachelor's degree or higher your above average but if you don't finish high school and you're from an industrialized nation that you're far below average with only about 10 percent not finishing if you're a man who can bench press more than 135 pounds you're stronger than many and if you're a woman who can run a mile in less than 7 to 10 minutes you're faster than the others if that tires you out and you sleep more than 6.8:00 hours you're getting more than the majority and if to wake up your drinking less than 3 cups of coffee per day you're below average still thirsty most people drink 3 to 4 cups of water a day if you're here and less than 6 times bubbly above I'm but these are not necessarily reasons for concern the average for parts around 14 times a day milliliter a family more than lifetime if Europe and North America you're about but if you have below average and if you're watching more than 5:00 hours and 4 minutes of TV each day that's more than most it's about the same average person's but if you're a teen and spent your act under the the average person also simply is there phone over cheap day think you're smarter than the average person or better at driving thing better house now I or being a better from the fact majority of people all in a phenomenon called illusory it's a cop defiance where people overestimate their own bill with one students at the university did their academic performance about them interestingly people with lower I cues tend to over and above average IQ and arrest me men are also more likely to overestimate their I can well women underestimate there's perhaps the most shocking is that being carded a test even the lowest going groups predict that they're above average showing a strong allusion researchers believe it's because those worst at the task are also worst and understand the skills required to do it well this paper actually won a Nobel Prize in 2000 in the words of Charles Bukowski the problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence if you'd like to be above average check out skills share who supported this video and is giving away a 2 month free trial to the first 500 of our followers that sign up skill share is an online learning creators with more than 15000 classes in design photo and more everyone can take a class try a project and even teach a class themselves with premium membership as low as $10 a month for on the just head to the link speech slash a sub science and use the promo code a sap science to sign up and learn even on their mobile app or while you're off line Skype more weekly so videos every Thursday //

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