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"2016-01-23 20:33:02"
Public Speaking 2-3 minute speech on a meaningful quote
\\I mean it's actually I'm 18 years old -1 high school well does anyone say that the more you like yourself the less you like anyone else which makes you unique I mean this is life and by some that everyone should take to heart I took this personally because it's something that everyone deals with and I feel like we face this daily as a high school student liking myself was very hard to do my self esteem took a huge nose dive as I entered high school freshman year was hard I was still trying to find myself are still trying to find my friends and I still figure out who I really am I went to the same place every day with the same people and more often than not fell on rightly judged which probably was not the case as the years passed though I grew to appreciate myself more ... I realized that I had various attributes that were positive and not all negative as many people would consummate mia I started in confidence and friends and my friends I mean I started getting those true friends I read that like me for me not the friends I would only give me negative feedback I went from being a very scared and tenant freshmen to being a very loud and I'm positive senior hill was never afraid to give her opinion on on the latest turning topic even if it was something I didn't like and especially if it was something I was passionate about I grew to realize the opinions of peers are not going to matter after I graduate I'm going to be my own person filling my own dreams with my own ambitions and starting to ... really growing to the person I should be and not the person I was king and freshman and sophomore year I'm it took me about 4 plus years still really figure this out and that's okay because I think it's something that everyone deals with I started to enjoy life around junior year I started to read more which is a huge passion of mine ... I started to go out with my friends and listen to music that I wanted to listen to and now it was just on the radio and that was considered popular I think this is a powerful message because it's something it is something that everyone deals with everyday sometimes people unfortunately don't like themselves and they never really grow to like themselves which leads down a dark path and I was very successful unfortunate till and get passed out and get past nah I see myself in growing to actually see the positives of myself I'm very fortunate to realize what mattered most and what matters most is my opinion and not the opinions of others and that's why I think that Walt Disney's quote takes a huge place in my heart think you //

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