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Banco de México
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"2010-08-02 11:04:03"
Banknote printing and coin minting
\\where do bank notes come from everyone could have an answer to this but how is it printed and who makes it issuing division of Banco de Mexico has a pleasure inviting you to the printing works NPO blankly Mexico was founded in 1925 Mexican bank notes were printed by the American bank note company of New York and it was only until 1969 with the opening of the pre it works when the process of printing Mexican back no start currently the printing works produces here err on the 0.25000000000 piece and denominations the number of bank notes of each denomination is estimated in a rigorous planning pro according to demand from the public the need to replace the worn out bank notes and the level of background infantry's required to meet demand fluctuations the basic raw materials needed in the printing process are the substrate and the security increase in the case of the substrate this can be polymer or cotton paper Michael in Mexico better mind security features on the substrate such chess watermark security threats security fibers transparent window WNED shadowing case suffering we formally there comes oops Richard fluorescence and colors the substrates are evaluated through a rigorous quality control tests in particular the double fold test which confirms the resistance of cotton paper which lasts around 2500 holding cycle as a reference common paper lasts 20 fold in cycles before break another of the tests performed at the quality control lever Terry is the king rubber systems which checks that the ink printed on the back ups does not come off easily another tough test describing resistance which consists in crumpling up printed substrate sample several times in this test the paper terrorist systems and the ink appearance are checked the inks used for bank no production allow high quality printings and resistance once dry these things are resistant to most of the common chemical agents to endure harsh conditions during use being sneaked past different tests for example viscosity and right in the design department the graphical and creative proposals are developed for each denomination or see for these proposals several aspects are considered such as protection against counterfeiting durability ease of handling and identification in addition from an aesthetic point of view the themes drawings and the portrait of the main character the motive for each bank notes are at back no printing is divided in 4 states offset printing intagra printing numbering an overcoat profit printing the decipher drawn in a computer and then transferred to the printing plates these plates are mounted on the offset printing machine which has the characteristic of printing both sides of the sheet simultaneously which allows for a near perfect seat to register printed images on both sides of the bank of which complement each other to complete an image which can be seen by looking at back north against the light for in fact you're printing a single original plate is generate and then transfer to a metallic plate industrially to create the volumes textures and shadows of the engraving finally the metallic plates also called infected plates are mounted on the impact your printing machine which apply several tons of pressure to the substrate once the sheets are processed being kissed victims have to have a tactile feeling I to print the serial number but people graphic printing machine is reduced click this machine princess different serial number on every pack the change in the numbers is monitored through electronic devices to make each note unique the final printing process is the overcrowding which is applied with the flexographic machine that prints a transparent varnish to improve the durability of the backing of it is important to mention that each process has quality control systems pusher correct printing in addition to out called processes there is a strict control after every stage the substrate is counted to verify the integrity of the production batch after printing the sheets are cut into 50 or 60 back notes depending on the denomination in the finishing the park each note is introduced in an inspection machine which digitally checks the image quality as well as all the security features at a speed of 40 miles per second to assure that no defect defect position back now it's not meeting the quality standards are destroyed in the same machine the backing off without defects are strapped in sets of 0 back belts and then bundles of 4000 back further these bundles are delivered to the packing department where our bar chord with the information off the packing up it contains so taxed to each month 5 bundles are grouped into a package depending on no denomination 5 or 6 packages are put into a bag finally 10 bags are put in a container which holds 250 or 300000 back it is important to mention that all packing units bundles packages backs and containers are identified with the Berkeley the printing works responsibility ends when the containers are delivered to the cash department who is in charge of distribution for all the country that in the printing works several support areas are involved which directly or indirectly help the production these are maintenance which guarantees continuous operation the warehouse in charge of reception control and distribution of the materials and spare parts needed in the production department and finally industrial engineering analyzing and studying the data obtained from production to help decision making focused on improving quality and optimizing resource plus the printing works have specialists in many disciplines such as engravers the sign technicians lab technicians warehouse controllers printers engineers Industri researchers and analysts the safety at the printing works is a big concern not only relative to all materials but primarily for the workers thus all precautions are taken including onsite medical service there are also services that allow operational continuity such as the dining backed up all 5050 can be verified by following 3 steps touching to feel the relief seeing the watermark and tilted to see the color she at the probably Mexican printing works the most prepared specialists give the best of themselves to produce back notes of the highest quality the //

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