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"2017-02-23 16:14:53"
RETRAIN YOUR MIND - NEW Motivational Video (very powerful)
\\NPI is it so hard to do the little things that would improve my life aware that our minds are design is our minds are designed to stop you at all costs from doing anything that might hurt you there are so many people in the world and and and you know you may be watching this right now and you have these incredible ideas and what you think is missing his motivation and that's not true because the way that our minds are wired and and the fact about human beings is that we are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable or scary or difficult our brains are designed to protect us from those things because our brains are trying to keep us alive and in order to change in order to build a business in order to things that you do we work with better different scary sets up this the one thing we have in this world as we focus on those 3 choices troll alive you can always make a decision it's always in your control staying with somebody to treat you like garbage is a decision it is staying at a job that you hate is a decision staying in the body that you are not proud of his 8 decision is it going to be easy it was sickening easy change it's simple your job bush self it's not the smartest people who achieve success it's the people who procrastinate plus make your excuses as they take actions everyday towards the goals we want to achieve ... indecision is the feet provocative ... indecision means the door is still ... indecision means the opportunity which ... indecision means what could be his postponed or may never if you want to be successful anything in life never leave the site of setting a goal without stopping the conviction the film the next morning the alarm goes off and ... I pretended NASA was there it's a stupid a star I literally went 543 21 I counted out loud and then I set up and I I'll never forget standing there in my bedroom it was dark it was cold it was winter in Boston and for the first time in 3 months I had beaten my habit of hitting the snooze button there were moments all day long all day long just like that 5 second moment in bed where my new knowledge what I should if I didn't move within 5 second my brain would step in and talk me out every human being has a 5 second window might even be shorter for you you have about a 5 second no in which I moved from idea to action before your brain kicks a full beer and sabotages any change in behavior your life is what you think it should be that's exactly what you are right now you all what you thought you should I don't know who you are you got a change which you think you should be what you think is more important than what you do and so if you want to change you gotta work on this attitude bit aside commit act see repeat the one thing that all the greats have in common is they sweat the small stuff they paid very very close attention every detail what makes you comfortable can ruin you or makes you uncomfortable is the only way to grow what you are and what you become depends on how you use your time the billionaire on the bed up both have 25 the old and the young black people white Indian from the Asian are all given the same amount of every you cannot stop a day cannot stop on our but you can control power is to be use your life comes down to your decisions change your decision change every when you understand the power of a 5 second decision and you understand that you always have a choice to go from autopilot to dis engine maker everything in your life you'll be a different negotiator you will be different sales you will be unstoppable jam because you will realize the amount of garbage you put in the way of folks dreams courage everything comes down to the decisions that take ownership take extreme ownership don't make excuses don't blame any other person or any other thing get control of your ego take ownership of everything in your world the good and the bad take ownership of your mistakes take ownership of your shortfalls take ownership of your problems and then take ownership of the solutions that will get those problems solved take ownership of your machine take ownership of your job both your team of your future 8 take ownership all your life the first source of inspiration is deciding second source of inspiration is planning and now here's a big source of inspiration begin getting started actually turning thoughts and the notes on the paper plans actually know the meaning of action getting started I'm a fungus believer that ideas and that executions well I think one thing that discipline definitely does help is it helps you get things done and when you get things done when you you actually do things you have more success if you have more success and sometimes all a big part of success is just not being lazy and just didn't just get it's like 90 percent of his is showing up get there and start working like you are going to feel perfect every day if I felt if I only worked out when I felt good idea fast disappointment it does start with waking up early it really does that is just the beginning and I we see that discipline is the root of all good qualities but you have to absolute why it things outside of just waking up early it's it's everything it's important now every day making yourself stronger and faster and more flexible and healthier discipline is eating the right foods to Q. warrior system it it's about disappointing your emotions so you can make good decisions doing the tasks that you don't necessarily want to do you but that you know will hope you being about so that it is necessary everything you do in your life the self discipline discipline is not can yeah if you change your mind set and really focus on what is start welcome so you know like you people have to know you not because well he's a good salesman or he's a good yes or use it orders people need to know for one major theme for works good news since the guys there everyday gas pushing and shoving because the truth is no matter how good your ideas or how good your art is for how good your skill set is you're not workin manages not vibrate frequency posted by you all that if you're not vibrating at that rate you know working at that level you know //

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