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"2017-03-29 09:26:52"
EPIC Motivational Speech by Denzel Washington - 2017 Motivation
\\mmhm NPI am particularly proud and happy about the young filmmakers actors singers writers produces that are coming up behind my generation in particular very Jenkins young people understand this young man maybe 101520 short film news before he got the opportunity to make my own life so never give up without commitment you'll never start but more importantly without consistency you'll never finish it's not easy if it was easy they'd be no Kerry Washington if ... season that be no to watching him the if it were easy there'd be no Octavia Spencer but not only that they were easy they beat viola Davis it's all easy did me no Mike Williamson knows Steven McKinley had to say no Russell who wants to be a reason they'd be no Denzel Washington so he worked in strive and never give up pull down 7 get up 8 he's is a greater threat to progress then hardship he's is a greater threat to progress than hardships over Pete moving keep growing keep learning see I work //

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