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"2018-05-19 15:00:01"
Why I Avoid Price Gouging Tourist Spots
\\ //
"2018-05-18 15:00:03"
New York Here We Come Vlog
\\ //
"2018-05-17 15:00:03"
How to Get Started Investing, Buying Fractional Shares with Stash App
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"2018-05-16 15:00:11"
Pot Belly Ramen Review in San Jose CA
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"2018-05-15 15:00:00"
How to Quit Your Job Safely
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"2018-05-14 15:00:03"
Engineered Spring Roll Recipe
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"2018-05-13 15:00:01"
Reasons to Get and Not Get a Wireless mic for your Phone: Comica CVM-WS50
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"2018-05-12 15:00:06"
How to Turn a Profit and When to Call it Quits
\\ //
"2018-05-11 15:00:05"
How Many Pounds of Food can I Eat Mukbang Popeyes Fried Chicken
\\ //
"2018-05-10 15:00:02"
Why Your Amazon Boxes are Tapered
\\ //
"2018-05-09 15:00:06"
How to Shun Materialism and Be Rich
\\ //
"2018-05-08 21:53:17"
Meet Me in New York?
\\ //
"2018-05-08 15:00:08"
Mukbang Dinner Time Chat
\\ //
"2018-05-07 15:00:00"
How to Put on Pants with No Hands
\\ //
"2018-05-06 15:00:01"
Eating Subscriber Donated Eggrolls
\\ //
"2018-05-05 15:00:04"
Reskin a Yoshimoto Star Cube
\\ //
"2018-05-04 15:00:04"
Easy to Use Video Editor for YouTube: Movavi
\\ //
"2018-05-03 15:00:06"
How You Can Make $200 in 15 Minutes
\\ //
"2018-05-02 15:00:06"
How to Annoy Cquat Vlog
\\ //
"2018-05-01 15:00:05"
How to Tell Your Nikes are Fake: Air Max 97 OG QS Gold
\\ //
"2018-04-30 15:00:06"
I Got Too Cocky
\\ //
"2018-04-29 15:00:02"
After 10 Years This is How I Make Milk Tea
\\ //
"2018-04-28 15:00:08"
Graphics Card Unboxing and Engineering Analysis
\\ //
"2018-04-27 15:00:03"
2 Free Tacos from Del Taco Review
\\ //
"2018-04-26 15:00:03"
What Does Parrotfish Taste Like
\\ //
"2018-04-25 15:00:03"
How to Build Credit
\\ //
"2018-04-24 15:00:04"
Eat Well for $3 a Day for 14 Days
\\ //
"2018-04-24 00:22:14"
How to Build Credit with Bad Credit or No Credit w Self Lender BeatTheBush
\\ //
"2018-04-23 15:00:00"
Del Taco Bell Comparison
\\ //
"2018-04-22 15:00:00"
$2 Meal Recipe: Pork Cutlet
\\ //
"2018-04-21 15:00:02"
Caught Doing YouTube
\\ //
"2018-04-20 15:00:00"
Are You Really Saving Money with Moviepass
\\ //
"2018-04-19 15:00:04"
How I Fly for Free with Plastiq
\\ //
"2018-04-18 17:38:47"
Lower Self Employment Taxes Fast Food Mukbang Ramen Vlog
\\ //
"2018-04-17 15:00:00"
The Health Insurance Cliff
\\ //
"2018-04-16 15:00:02"
How to Setup AutoPay for Bank of America Credit Cards
\\ //
"2018-04-15 15:00:01"
Vlog at Stanislaus National Forest
\\ //
"2018-04-14 15:00:04"
I Failed to Warn You About BitConnect
\\ //
"2018-04-14 15:00:02"
Meet Me in Sunnyvale, California
\\ //
"2018-04-13 15:00:03"
Easy Kimchi Recipe with Only 6 Ingredients
\\ //
"2018-04-12 15:00:03"
Healthy One Dollar Meal: Mackerel Pike
\\ //
"2018-04-11 15:00:05"
Casey Neistat Is My Inspiration
\\ //
"2018-04-10 15:00:00"
How to Handle Hate Comments on YouTube
\\ //
"2018-04-09 15:00:06"
I Spent 35k While on Vacation
\\ //
"2018-04-08 07:30:01"
Save Money with Instant Microwaveable Shrimp Chips
\\ //
"2018-04-07 15:00:03"
Cash Back Credit Cards for 2018
\\ //
"2018-04-06 15:00:06"
Cost of Health Insurance for Self Employed
\\ //
"2018-04-05 15:00:11"
How to Buy Anything Online with Massive Discounts
\\ //
"2018-04-04 15:00:07"
How I Put My Net Worth Increase on Autopilot
\\ //
"2018-04-03 15:00:00"
5 Dollar Gift for You While Supplies Last
\\ //
"2018-04-02 15:00:03"
Travel to Tokyo for 100 Dollar a Day
\\ //
"2018-04-01 15:00:03"
Before HowsItGoingEverybody
\\ //
"2018-03-31 15:00:01"
How To Play Chase Freedom Paypal 2018 Q2 Categories
\\ //
"2018-03-30 15:00:05"
Why Leaf Blowers Wont Make You Fly
\\ //
"2018-03-29 15:00:02"
How I Quit the Rat Race
\\ //
"2018-03-28 15:00:02"
Thermal Cooking to Replace Your Digital Pressure Cooker
\\ //
"2018-03-27 15:00:02"
How to Play the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Card
\\ //
"2018-03-26 15:00:04"
How Much Does It Cost to Shower
\\ //
"2018-03-25 15:00:04"
Consequences of Retiring Early
\\ //
"2018-03-24 15:00:03"
Don't Buy It: Toys R Us Edition
\\ //
"2018-03-23 15:00:11"
How Coupons Make You Spend More
\\ //
"2018-03-23 05:07:04"
The Amazon Locker Experience
\\ //
"2018-03-22 15:00:02"
12 Mind Blowing Things I Discovered in Japan
\\ //
"2018-03-21 15:00:09"
Buying Free Stuff and Subscriber Gathering in San Francisco
\\ //
"2018-03-21 15:00:01"
Amazon Locker Experience
\\ //
"2018-03-20 15:00:02"
Bitcoin Going Out of Fashion
\\ //
"2018-03-19 15:00:03"
Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce First Taste
\\ //
"2018-03-18 15:00:03"
BeatTheBush Silver Play Button Unboxing Thumb
\\ //
"2018-03-18 15:00:00"
Unicorn Gundam Diver City Full Length in 4K
\\ //
"2018-03-17 15:00:04"
This is the Last Travel Vlog
\\ //
"2018-03-16 15:00:04"
My Japanese Friend Tells Me How its Done
\\ //
"2018-03-16 15:00:03"
Fastest Tangle-Free Earbud Winding Method
\\ //
"2018-03-15 15:00:03"
Grilling Live Scallops in Ueno
\\ //
"2018-03-14 15:00:01"
BeatTheBush Looks at Things at Akihabara
\\ //
"2018-03-13 15:00:03"
Exploring Tokyo Vlog
\\ //
"2018-03-12 15:00:06"
Hedgehog Cafe in Tokyo
\\ //
"2018-03-11 15:00:03"
I ate a slab of Otoro from Tsukiji
\\ //
"2018-03-10 16:00:07"
Capsule Hotel Experience in Tokyo
\\ //
"2018-03-09 16:00:01"
Is 105 Yen Sushi any good
\\ //
"2018-03-08 19:00:02"
Visiting YouTube Space Tokyo
\\ //
"2018-03-08 19:00:00"
What Happened Before and After YouTube Space Tokyo
\\ //
"2018-03-08 16:00:04"
How to Not Pay Credit Card Late Fees
\\ //
"2018-03-07 16:00:03"
Minimalist Travel Pack 4 Weeks Later
\\ //
"2018-03-06 16:00:05"
Testing out VR Zone Shinjiku and Vlog
\\ //
"2018-03-05 16:00:07"
Trying to Walk into YouTube Space Tokyo
\\ //
"2018-03-04 16:00:03"
The Best Tonkatsu in the World
\\ //
"2018-03-03 16:00:03"
Eating a Viral Video Omurice in Japan
\\ //
"2018-03-03 06:00:00"
Meet BeatTheBush in San Francisco March 10th 2018 at Garaje
\\ //
"2018-03-02 16:00:03"
How I met a Jpop Idol in Japan (さくらシンデレラ)
\\ //
"2018-03-01 16:00:02"
Minimizing Airbnb Costs While Travelling
\\ //
"2018-03-01 16:00:00"
Trip to the other Hachiko Statue
\\ //
"2018-02-28 16:00:01"
Too Poor to Buy Anything at Ginza
\\ //
"2018-02-26 16:00:03"
Tsukiji After Hours and Eating There
\\ //
"2018-02-24 16:00:01"
Kappabashi and Fake Foods Display in Japan
\\ //
"2018-02-23 16:00:01"
Best Ramen in the World is Ichiran
\\ //
"2018-02-22 16:00:01"
The Amazing Onigiri Wrapper
\\ //
"2018-02-21 16:00:06"
Nerding out in Akibahara
\\ //
"2018-02-20 16:00:05"
Visiting an Owl Cafe in Tokyo Amazing Footage
\\ //
"2018-02-19 16:00:04"
Giant Gundam in Tokyo Closeup in 4k
\\ //
"2018-02-18 16:00:01"
I Spent a Night at an Internet Cafe in Tokyo
\\ //
"2018-02-17 16:00:05"
Tokyo Wonderland Arcade Pancinko Ramen Oh My
\\ //
"2018-02-16 16:00:01"
Muckbang Mantis Shrimp and Sea Snails in Hong Kong
\\ //
"2018-02-15 16:22:55"
Giant Gundam Transformation in Tokyo in 4k
\\ //
"2018-02-15 16:00:00"
Tai O, Michelin Star, and Lamborghinis Oh My
\\ //
"2018-02-14 16:00:06"
Tai O Village in Hong Kong
\\ //
"2018-02-13 16:00:01"
One Vid a Day while on Vacation and Meetup Turnout
\\ //
"2018-02-13 02:47:24"
Meet BeatTheBush in Tokyo Sun Feb 18th 2018
\\ //
"2018-02-12 16:00:10"
Space Capsule Hotel in Hong Kong
\\ //
"2018-02-11 16:00:06"
Macau Night Time Views
\\ //
"2018-02-10 16:00:05"
Lets Go To Macau
\\ //
"2018-02-09 16:00:00"
Strange Foods and Toy Stores in Hong Kong
\\ //
"2018-02-08 16:00:02"
Cheung Chau Dried Fish Golden Computer Arcade Hong Kong
\\ //
"2018-02-07 16:00:04"
Bitcoin Mining Short Talk in Cheung Chau Wan
\\ //
"2018-02-06 18:00:01"
Bitcoin Price Plummet February 2018
\\ //
"2018-02-06 16:00:01"
Meet Me in Hong Kong Thursday 7pm Feb 8th 2018
\\ //
"2018-02-05 16:00:01"
Tiered Pricing Benefits Those Who Can Afford It
\\ //
"2018-02-04 16:00:01"
Bamboo Construction Haircut and 7 Eleven Hong Kong
\\ //
"2018-02-03 16:00:01"
Giant Budda in Hong Kong Speed Tour
\\ //
"2018-02-02 16:00:01"
Why You Need VPN While Traveling
\\ //
"2018-02-01 16:00:04"
Eating 5 Times a Day in Hong Kong
\\ //
"2018-01-29 00:30:00"
Hong Kong Cellular Service is Dirt Cheap
\\ //
"2018-01-27 01:30:02"
Real Estate Prices in Hong Kong
\\ //
"2018-01-24 17:00:02"
Hong Kong Wet Market in 4k
\\ //
"2018-01-23 18:00:06"
My Minimalist Travel Pack
\\ //
"2018-01-22 16:00:05"
3 Traits of an Obsessive Compulsive Debt Repayer
\\ //
"2018-01-21 16:00:03"
You May Have Pre Diabetes and Not Know It
\\ //
"2018-01-20 16:00:01"
How to Lower Your Internet Bill
\\ //
"2018-01-19 16:00:03"
Getting Around YouTube Demonetization February 2018 Intro
\\ //
"2018-01-18 16:00:05"
How Much to Invest in Your Business Video Slider Example
\\ //
"2018-01-17 16:00:02"
Ethereum Miners Pricing Out Gamers
\\ //
"2018-01-16 16:00:01"
2018 Tax Changes Simplified
\\ //
"2018-01-15 16:00:01"
3 Levels of Making Money from Credit Cards
\\ //
"2018-01-14 16:00:01"
BeatTheBush Financial Independence Level
\\ //
"2018-01-13 16:00:03"
Plastiq Referral Value Extraction
\\ //
"2018-01-12 17:27:30"
Are First Class Plane Tickets Worth It
\\ //
"2018-01-11 00:25:18"
Fake a Direct Deposit
\\ //
"2018-01-09 14:00:03"
PCK Dividend Drop
\\ //
"2018-01-08 07:06:54"
Epcot Space Shuttle Launch Vlog
\\ //
"2018-01-07 16:52:56"
Elimination Diet and Animal Kingdom Vlog
\\ //
"2018-01-05 14:00:05"
Epcot Space Shuttle Launch Vlog
\\ //
"2018-01-04 14:00:00"
Testing Boundaries
\\ //
"2018-01-03 08:12:39"
Warren Buffett Percent Cash in Portfolio
\\ //
"2018-01-02 16:00:02"
How to Retire with no Money
\\ //
"2018-01-01 16:00:02"
What to Look for in a Time Lapse Camera
\\ //
"2018-01-01 07:00:00"
Landing a Drone on Myself
\\ //
"2017-12-30 16:00:02"
BART Ride to San Francisco
\\ //
"2017-12-29 16:00:04"
How to Sell Bitcoins Fee Free on Coinbase
\\ //
"2017-12-28 16:00:02"
I Just Spent $60,000
\\ //
"2017-12-27 16:00:06"
How to Save for a House
\\ //
"2017-12-26 16:00:00"
Vegan Gluten Free Burger Cooking Show
\\ //
"2017-12-25 16:00:04"
The Bitcoin Aftermath
\\ //
"2017-12-24 16:00:01"
10 Sound Effects on the Theremin
\\ //
"2017-12-23 16:00:06"
Rumble Chair at the Movies DBox Review
\\ //
"2017-12-22 16:00:08"
Is Churning Checking Accounts Worth It
\\ //
"2017-12-20 16:00:01"
10 Kitchen Gadgets You Dont Need Anymore
\\ //
"2017-12-19 16:00:10"
Perfectionist Danger
\\ //
"2017-12-18 16:00:06"
Get out of Debt with Positive Cash Flow
\\ //
"2017-12-17 16:00:05"
Ask BeatTheBush How to Start Using Credit Cards
\\ //
"2017-12-16 16:00:01"
Pushing the Mavic Pro in Mid-Air in 4K
\\ //
"2017-12-15 21:35:28"
Make a $3 Fresh Seafood Meal
\\ //
"2017-12-14 16:00:01"
Do You Take Bitcoin
\\ //
"2017-12-13 16:00:04"
BeatTheBush ASMR
\\ //
"2017-12-12 16:00:07"
10 Things Bitcoin Bulls Say
\\ //
"2017-12-11 16:00:01"
What are ICOs Zen Protocol Case Study
\\ //
"2017-12-10 16:00:02"
I Sold All My Bitcoin
\\ //
"2017-12-09 16:00:00"
When BeatTheBush Goes Out
\\ //
"2017-12-08 16:00:02"
Why I Stopped Waking up to my Phone
\\ //
"2017-12-07 20:00:06"
Bitcoin BitCoin BitCOIN BITCOIN
\\ //
"2017-12-06 16:00:02"
Are You Spinning Your Wheels?
\\ //
"2017-12-05 16:00:00"
NetWorth Spreadsheet and You
\\ //
"2017-12-04 16:00:03"
Should You Multitask or Singletask
\\ //
"2017-12-03 16:00:04"
I Broke My Credit Score
\\ //
"2017-12-02 16:00:02"
Build a Luck Factory to Increase Networth
\\ //
"2017-12-01 16:00:03"
My Conflict of Interest
\\ //
"2017-11-30 16:00:00"
How I Exited The Rat Race and Thrived
\\ //
"2017-11-29 16:00:03"
Learn to Fly a Drone for Cheap
\\ //
"2017-11-28 16:00:08"
$10,000 Bitcoin: Is it a Bubble?
\\ //
"2017-11-27 16:00:00"
Black Friday Non Haul
\\ //
"2017-11-26 16:00:04"
I Quit My Job Again
\\ //
"2017-11-26 04:00:01"
Money Money Money Money
\\ //
"2017-11-23 19:10:28"
13 Kitchen Gadgets You Do Not Need
\\ //
"2017-11-22 18:00:01"
Undercover at a Sortation Center
\\ //
"2017-11-21 16:00:00"
Buying a 1oz Gold Coin
\\ //
"2017-11-20 16:00:01"
Quit My 6 Figure Job for $13/Hr
\\ //
"2017-11-19 16:00:03"
BeatTheBush Suscribers Q&A
\\ //
"2017-11-18 16:00:03"
More Expensive is NOT Always Better
\\ //
"2017-11-17 16:00:00"
5 Ways to Streamline Your Life
\\ //
"2017-11-16 16:00:04"
How to Stop Hoarding Part 2
\\ //
"2017-11-15 16:00:02"
Watch Me Stop Hoarding Part 1
\\ //
"2017-11-13 16:00:01"
BeatTheBush Reviews Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps
\\ //
"2017-11-12 16:00:01"
Trading 31 Fico Points for $4000
\\ //
"2017-11-11 16:00:00"
Moment I Reached 100000 Subscribers
\\ //
"2017-11-10 16:00:07"
How to Save Money While Dating
\\ //
"2017-11-09 16:00:03"
Getting the Most out of Life Parting Gracefully
\\ //
"2017-11-08 16:00:05"
Black Friday Antidote
\\ //
"2017-11-07 16:00:03"
The Groceries Purge
\\ //
"2017-11-06 16:00:06"
How Asians Save on Heating Costs
\\ //
"2017-11-05 16:00:02"
$7000 Bitcoin and Impending Crash
\\ //
"2017-11-04 15:00:07"
Pay Off Your Mortgage Early with a HELOC
\\ //
"2017-11-03 21:00:04"
Quit My Job But My NetWorth Kept Going Up
\\ //
"2017-11-02 15:00:00"
Living Life for Free
\\ //
"2017-11-01 15:12:49"
Dangers of CFL Bulbs
\\how's that gonna baby visits beat bush today I'm gonna talk about the dangers of compact fluorescent bulbs previously I recommend it to replace most of your incandescent lamps with CFLs now this is before I broke a CFL lap in my life I've only spoken to the so far one of them is from this lighting posts I have right here that's lighting this video the second one was from a desk lamp where have a C. F. L. bulb in it and I accidentally tripped over and then that toppled over and crashed onto the floor now why are these a huge problem and why am I mentioning in this video this is because inside C. F. L. bulbs there's small amount of mercury about 11 hundredth the amount in the thermometer there's mercury vapor and powder that's inside this class once you break it it's going to expel all this vapor and you really don't want to breathe it in because because your health problems now the cleanup processes Solanki that it becomes such a hassle if you ever break one of these the process goes like this the first thing you do is do not use a vacuum if you try to vacuum all this class up it's gonna vacuum up the powder as well and it might expel this right into the atmosphere and then you can end up breathing there's a sea of overall benefits in the socket like this when you're removing a broken CF all Bob don't grab it by the glass over here trying to grab it at the base and twisted open out like this and then you take that out because if you hold on to the glass you might break the glass itself not assume as your opening it it breaks what you need to do now is gravel little bit a cardboard like this and sweep up all the debris that you can see and assume this is the little bits of powdered that's left over after you sweep everything because you can't get everything then you take a plastic bag maybe something a bit bigger than this and put all of us into the plastic bag including the little piece of cardboard what you have remaining you wanna sweep around and get all the mercury powder over here then you take some duct tape or packing tape like this and what I do is just wrap it around 3 fingers like this and then you have a little thing where you can stick all the fluff off concluding this little piece over here turn it around and stick the other side and after you're done speaking generally everywhere then you take this and put it inside because well because this has some mercury in it and you closes up and because is bush might have a little bit of mercury on it you take all of this and bring it outside and put it outside somewhere now if that's not enough you still need to open up your windows and let the air for several hours just so that the vapors would escape all this just because of breaking one tiny little ball and you still have this danger of grieving a little bit of mercury vapor in now you broke your CFL bald knob on something flat but rather on carpet instead you do exactly the same thing that I said now after you do all your sweeping and sticky taping and you put all this in the back your carpet might still have a little bit of debris on it now after you exhausted all this other stuff including sticky tape you remove most of the mercury as much and already then you might be able to back him a little bit and even then you need to make sure all the windows are open so that you know vapor so in light of all this trouble I think the best bet would be for any lamps that you need to move around or a desk lamp you really should replace all of them with a levy on as if you use them daily anything on a tall lamp posts or fixture is a little bit more safe than if you have a desk lamp because that's clap tends to get moved a little bit more my studio lighting right here gets move quite often so it could benefit from me replacing them with LED bulbs so why the change of attitude because before I was saying all just replaced on most of your incandescent lamps with CFLs and if you happen to use it for more than one hour a day I'm like okay just use LEDs this is because of you guys and you guys pointed me out to the environmental protection agency's guidelines for cleaning up broken CFL bulbs if you go and read it it's just kind of ridiculous on the stuff that you actually have to do which is basically what I described this is a shame because I think a lot of people are not aware of this cleanup procedure specially when you buy a ball they go all yeah you know this is like 99 cent and they don't put the cleanup instructions right on the package itself so I hope this video reaches you well and if you ever break a CFL Bob you would follow the correct procedure for your health don't forget to give me a like on this video common I'm alone let me know if this changes your views on CFL balls if your interest in supporting this tunnel I have an audible link down into video description below we can get a free audiobook and you don't like this subscription or the service you can cancel it before expired and you don't have the peer think and you can still keep this audio book for life and you can also help benefit this town house on the page and link over here where I give perks such as hope we declared score a help with your finances and as always and begin to subscribe to my channel here and click that felt like a mix of the subscriber incident you did a nude over there better //
"2017-10-31 15:00:05"
Gazillion Hobbies Master of None
\\how's it going embodied his beat bush you might notice on this channel I share a lot of different kinds of videos mainly because I personally am sort of like a one man band type of person I think this resulted from me trying to learn different skill sometimes yes it is to save money other times just out of my own curiosity not today I thought I'll do a little bit of a different video where I'll share my hobbies the many many different ones I have to I wrote a brief list down and this is not completely inclusive of everything there might be little ones here and there that I missed out I counted about 30 different hobbies and sometimes you might not count like radio control car in radio control helicopter as one single hobby of course so you can count it whichever way you think it's reasonable and then just let me know I sound a lot it's around 3040 or something like that so sometimes I can show you the item itself I have a lot of equipment every single thing I do here I always seem to have something and that's accumulated I have not sold it because on its still of good use for me I regret to say that I probably thing myself out way too thin across all these hobbies or some of them I can't even get to in many many years this is my RC helicopter I only know how to hover it merely because it was so expensive that I was afraid to crashes later on I learned on my clock copters this is my partner and I probably need a better one later on so I can record some video and put it on this channel this is my radio control car is one of those really fast one that's reasonable this thing is heavy this is my Taig welding rate it's a cheap you one from China but I'm trying to learn how to weld aluminum now I do a lot of cooking myself so I have a lot of specialty cooking equipment such as this dehydrator with a jerky gun and I did make a video about the this is my CV machine you can make really good food this way because you can cook very very evenly including eggs I gets panned a bread maker a really powerful juicer and electric yakitori go so you can have Jackie tore at home and you know when you go to Jackie toward it's very very expensive but the materials are so cheap on top of this I have a whole bunch other tools like a mixer George foreman grill crock pot you know the usual I do like 30 modeling such as doing it on pro E. R. solidworks this is something I designed it suppose to be part of a puzzle but then it didn't work out too well because I wanted to print out each of these pieces and connecting together and of course after you design them you want to print them out with a 3 D. printer this is one of the cheaper ones but it's a very good one at like around 2 your dollars I have this electric guitar and nope I do not know how to play too well mainly because I have just too many hobbies it's ridiculous that I cannot focus I guess I cannot just do you justice my main focus these days of course as you too bye been spending a lot of time learning how to arm at it in different formats learning how to do different things in video and that takes a significant amount of time so I can't just go in here and you know just keep on playing knowledge not tuned and of course I also had a base at one time I sold that one not a very good in this musician I can play holy one song out of every instrument a keyboard and I'm not very good at at least I know how to play a few songs one very advance song and I taught myself how to play now why the heck do I how often ice I at least I used it once now I wouldn't consider plumbing 1 of my hobbies but I do do it myself so that I do not have the call plumber this is 1 of the tools you need to turn on and off the main water supply this is a really wide range things so that you can open you know really big wide knots so 1.I did install my own 50 gallon hot water heater now over here a water heater is on a pedestal about 2 feet high I cannot personally lift 150 pounds but I was still able to do it I think I'll talk about the story sometime later nigh consider selling on Amazon and eBay also a little hobby because you need to up put time into it and kind of get good at it these are all 83 size Amazon boxes so it's only 1 type of box I have a lot of other boxes that he saves to so that I can have a cast of good boxes so that I can put whatever I want in those boxes and solos night some plan I also actively be traded for quite awhile maybe about a year 2 years or so and what I realized as I pushed a lot of transactions through but in the end I was not very good at it I felt like I was just spinning my wheels because I did a lot of transactions sometimes I lost money sometimes I got money but when you add it all up there's very little gain here because there's so much transactional costs every single trade you gotta pay you know a few dollars here and there and it adds up I like to dabble a little bit in robotics mainly using an argument what I realize what this bipedal prototype is that the response rate is so slow there's no very tight feedback loop here so then I can probably never make it walk dynamically you need something much more sophisticated to do that here's a little fun toy is just a little foam head thing with a bunch of us our foam balls and inside there's a few servos and you know I can make it open and close his mouth and move its eyes around my coworker got me at go golfing with him so I Bob Bryan you set and now I have this you have to wonder did I waste a lot of money on hobbies here and there yeah probably so I have to say I probably could receive a lot more if I didn't go and venture to do this but I'm really happy even with this sitting here and I'm not using it all that much I know how to go to the driving range and actually hit a ball and you know I'm very happy with that this is my snowboard and I think it's a generational hobby because people are not going snowboarding as often these days anymore this is my skateboard and the most I can do is just an Ollie not and all the onto a curve or anything I'm not that good I use it mainly as a transportation hero my rollerblades and yes I can do grinds 3 sixties and 5 Ortiz my bowling shoes and I'm not very good at it I don't have a bowling ball but I think I bull like 140 or something really terrible at least this was not a complete waste of money because I did go enough times for it to be worth it because you have to pay a rental fee and you know after you go I think about 10 times or so it becomes work that all I think it's probably a lot more worth it because I think I got $30 off of $40 because I signed up for a credit card I'm not gonna dig the pitch out again but I did costly for a few years I think I made maybe 4 or 5 costumes it was fun but I feel like this is something that I do not really want to do long term I have my own electronics lab is just a little bit equipped it doesn't have all the advance instruments or anything but I do have a nice soldering iron something that you need to repair electronics over here is a piece of my table top CNC machine it cuts metal there's a label that goes with it and there's a computer that operates this thing I have used this machine on camera on this channel before this is the UCS lego Nambu it retails for about $180 used I do enjoy legos by realize I do not have the time to do the collecting nor keeping all this stuff to display even so I would say it's not really a hobby for me to build all of this but I just get it so that it can be put on display if you like robots and building guns is pretty darn fun because you get to look at each par and you get to see how it comes together there's like a skeleton inside this is fun building itself and then when you're done you get to put it there and display personally I've been eyeing one of those perfect grade once just so that I can try to build one of those really high and one I've never build those high and one that's always like all you know let me just build something cheaper so we'll see about that later on I deeply varsity badminton back in high school but then I wouldn't say I'm very very good because sometimes I can go to the courts and I can see people use these baton and they said when they hit the birdie is like lack it's just so darn fast is just much harder than I could ever hit itself I'd say I'm probably just beginner between beginner and intermediate even though I did do training this is my scooter helmet not motorcycle mainly because I don't want to go all that fast I want discuter tin hot go that fast this in case I crashed there's a GoPro mount over here so I do plan integrate some footage from when I'm on the scooter this is one of my fishing poles and I'm not very good at fishing I think in my lifetime I call may be 3 or 4 fishes and about 3 or 4 craps not crabs are really awesome and I really want to go out there and get some more crabs a season so you probably get the point right now probably have another dozen or 2 of these hobby things that you know I occasionally do or like something I try to learn a little bit of just so that I can ... do a certain thing I hope you find this interesting about me these are actual things I didn't Beit failures or something that I'm continuously doing I just the purpose of this video really assist the share of the different things I do I've collected many things that I would actually do that you know may or may not save a lot of money don't forget to give me a like on this video comment on below let me know if you think I have too many or maybe you have just as many as well if you're just in supporting this channel to forget to take a modeling down the video description below we can get a free audiobook and go like this audio book you can cancel it before the subscription expires and then you can still keep this audiobook and also hoping that that this town house of a peach on over here where I give perks such as helping to create scores or help with your finances and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get a new notification whenever aboard a brand new video thanks watching //
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Cut Your Own Hair Without Clippers
\\because I don't know but it is the the bush today's going to be a very special video because I've been wanting to do this video for a really long time but I kept on delaying it because of the complexity of it today I'm a teacher how to cut your own hair now I started cutting my own hair with the little buzzer thing back in high school and you do fades and then sometime after college I decided to transition to somewhat longer hair at feel like it fits me a much better then ... like the body shape with my feet on the side today all you need is a pair of hair cutting Sears like this it has a little special little angle thing at the end over here so you suppose to put your middle finger right in here and then you just go to top top top now before attempting to do this you probably have reservations about cut on here would if you mess up what if you mess up so badly you and you need to go to work with a really terrible haircut there is some risk to cutting your own hair like this because back in high school sometimes I did mess up and I'm like oh my gosh I miss if so badly I and it ended up achieving just my whole head clean and then just waiting for to grow a little bit so it's very very important to follow my advice you to go slowly and not chop off everything and be very very patient with yourself this will take practice and maybe you might mess up even so maybe you have to go into a haircut place and have them fix it somehow once you're able to do this you gonna be able to save on Arnold $1020 every single month on this and you'll have to waste your time going into a salon or barber because this operation takes about half an hour to one hour and you go to a barber and come back it also takes up on how now let me first go through all the materials you need you need to mirrors of course one bigger one and then one little one mounted on something I have a tripod over here that it's a took off so that you can have both of your hands free to cut your hair I can look into the mirror and look at that mir over there and what I see in this mirror is exactly what you see on this near over here it's kind of mirror image so you gonna have to learn how to ... do things in the mirror image way when you're cutting the back of your head you also want to cover your sink so that your hair does not fall into your sink and sort of back things up in the line the floor with one of these right now not typically I would be doing this in the bathroom the bathroom mirror is going to be pretty big but then I do use this little portable mirror mounted on a tripod here other tools you might need is a little clipper thing like this he can clip your hair in place a comb a little brush to brush off tiny little bits of hair off of your skin just so that you won't get all itchy I have a secret here because you want to shave off all those little fuzzy things on I get a little fuzzy hairs on the side so you need to ... shave those off this is a hair thinner and generally I think people use is way more often than they should people just call me just then this then this then this and then before they know it the thing that an area we too much the Moshi should ever uses hair thinning thing it's 1 clip per area so if your hair is like 23 inches long and you clip over here then don't clip further down again within 23 inches generally I don't even need to use this hair thinner thing because this pair already does enough I can thin my hair without needing the help of this thing so out of the 10 times or so that I cut my hair loss I didn't even use a hair thinner I just uses regular thank the brand of this thing is my favorite brand has the same brand as the knives I have which is the G. A. 10 calls ... Germany thing I have some water over here this is mainly to shape your hair so that you can move your hair aside nicely so that you can cut the part that you do want now think cut my hair like this it just breaks on like this let me set my mere over here because this is a little bit difficult for me to see so I am using that mirror over there so I part my hair a long top over here first I mean you can have different hair cells that you want to do so you just basically are kind of figure out how long you want each part and ... you go ahead and cut it now what I notice is when you cut your hair you don't really want to cut everything to the same life or else you just use one of those flow be things just back humid up and it's gonna cut at the same like the thing you need to do is whenever there's care close to the edge you actually have to cut it shorter are otherwise it's gonna look a little bit funny for example this little bit of hair over here is really long you don't want it that long you wanted a bit shorter than what you wanna if it's a little farther from the it's like over here where you want it a little bit longer so when you cut it there's different ways to do it sometimes you can just use your hand like this as a call and you can just cut arm on top of your fingers like this be careful not to cut your own fingers measure the distance from your head with your fingers since you're cutting it yourself you'll have different ways you need to do it depending on what part of your head you are because over here it's kind of hard for me to ... hold it while cutting with my right hand over here so I would kind of like pull it out like this with this hand and you can see I'm not just grabbing a bit and then just kind of topping it off straight like this because you always want to avoid this chopping action where you cut everything up very flat because that's going to create a very sharp edge on your hair and you're done you gonna be able to see distinctive sharp edges there so in order to avoid this what you want to do is just kind of pull at your hair of tiny little bit like this just you know kind of gentle and then you start somewhat close and then as you close this year's you draw it out like this so that you giving your hair different kinda links as you draw it out now if you want your hair to look very blended yeah you would do you know things like this where you cut it a little bit and then you are go up it does not look good if it covers your ear like this so what I'm gonna do is I'm I'm going there and just chop that off like that so you see on this part I've kind of grab it with my hand and I've spaced it away from my scalp with my hands and so now I can go okay let me just come over here and just chop some of those off for now so I'm kinda using my hand as the comb and then just kind of doing it multiple spots like this and I'm not doing that arms you know that feeding motion right now because over here in the back is not as important as ... on the side or the top contender shave it a little bit over here and ... cut it all the way to this eye level here I mean if you like sideburns and yeah you can keep along this basically if you wanna longer in the CERN areas and you keep on longer in certain areas for me I'm going for you know what I always cut sometimes on the top on my longer sometimes I might have shorter it's just kind of ... depending on how I feel but generally I like it ... medium length so this is kind of like a rough draft of what the left side would look like I'm gonna work on the right side now you see all this hair over here we definitely know we want to get rid of that so I can just do a chopping action here when you're doing this even the notice is kind of difficult to control your hand movements ... in the mirror and even more difficult if you're trying to control your hand movements arm in the mirror in the mirror because when I go and cut in the back I'm gonna have to bounce off to Maris look at it and move my hands ... neo normally I cut my hair so long in this way that when I look at the mere I don't even have to think about aren't which way to move its tally flyin quadcopter when it's up facing yourself when you do it enough it becomes instinctive and yes it's gonna be a little weird at first so that's why it's gonna take some practice as you're coming in here you gonna make sure you don't have room to little pieces a hair that's just one or 2 piece that's flying out that's why I keep on combing my hair like this and I'm just kind of pulling it out with my ... all my fingers like this and if there's like one piece that's like you know just kind of dangling you really need to go and get those and make sure they are not sticking out one thing you have to watch out for is whenever you're cutting near your ear you don't want to snip their ear your ear will bleed and I cut myself before like this before but ... you know lately I've been was much more careful so I don't cut mine here anymore but you gotta really make sure you don't ... going get your ear while you're doing this so what I like to do in the beginning of course is just give the side 80 I initial cut like this now everything from this point back is not cut get the top is not cut yet so let's work on the top first now some guys like to have their hair dangling down and have longer banks but I find that you know if I want to spike it up I need to cut it need all kind of towards 3 quarter to weigh down my forehead and when I spike it up we'll do speak fine and definitely definitely you don't want to are cut it straight across like this what I do is I just kind of cut it you know gradually and when I know there's a stopping point then I would cut more you always want to go over here and if you want to make it a little shorter over here you just kind of do it several times are near the area here around here and here tends to be a little bit thinner so you want to make sure all of this is roughly the same length everybody's head is going to be a little bit different and this is now just what I learn about my own head and you gotta kinda know on how dense you're here in is in in certain parts of your head and then you need to adjust accordingly when it's wet like this and I'm pressing and Dow armed it looks longer than it is to see if I if I just go okay and then a put it back it's not all that long so another technique I like to do is I just kind of cut not to all the way to the scalp starting an inch from my scalp and I just go cut cut cut cut it could cut and then maybe like 3 inches above my head I'll just kind snip the rest off like that and this will kind of give it a little spike you look when you put in hair wax or gel you'll have to make every single part of your head the same length here ... generally what I like to do is make the you have bangs a little bit longer in the front so the front is gonna have maybe I don't know like an inch longer than the back and you just kind of work your way everywhere until you feel like okay all of it is about the same length here so little bit long over here now if you just kind of do this all over the place you can end up having some hair dye or extremely long and other pieces that are not so long so you gotta like Chyna give a surveying all around your head and go okay well now this piece over here is too long so you gotta make sure ... there's no extraneous piece of their hair and I are just flying so you gotta you gotta go okay you know measure with your hand everywhere you see right now I think this side over here is about one centimeter longer so I'm gonna go here you don't have to be super accurate over here roughly that link skid and if you go to a Japanese books are they have books where they kinda teach you all how long you need certain parts of your head to be to have a certain look so it's all about how the hair links changes depending on where on your head it is and given a certain spot Armonk how there's a change in that same spot because if you have a bunch of little hairs and then a bunch of medium and long hair all in the same spot then you can have the spiky look the more you do that the more spiky all look like and you definitely definitely do not want everything to be the same length because then you're gonna have like a top be I I kind of like a top you look that's why you hardly see me just go top at one single spot you see over here I have a whole bunch of extraneous pairs just for no reason so gonna going get does and sometimes it might look a little bit too spikey so you can just kinda you know top off the little pieces at the end in that case you can chop them off because you're only cutting you a few pieces of hair there in those cases so sorry but near covers half of the screen over here but this is the only way I can do it where I can see it and you can also see what I'm cutting as well right now I'm looking at the back of my head and you see I did not cut all this part starting from up behind the ear over here all the way to the other side on neither in this area typically for guys you're not gonna have as big a head of hair on the top and is on the side the side tends to be a little bit thicker than the top so we need to do to make it look good is that you need to thin the hair ... on the side over here so when you're cutting it on you want to cut it based on your head shape if your head over here is not completely around and that means you need to leave a little bit more hair here so that the end product is nice and round for me I know I have more hair on the side over here kinda like where my hand is touching all the way over here so I'm going to ... concentrate on this part more and cut more along the side and I'm gonna go easy whenever I cut of the stuff around this area now this is a bit awkward angle for me but ... I know you're not supposed to go straight across like this but there's a lot of hair here so I make that an exception exception here if you're just starting out over here what you can do is just take a little bit at a time like this and just cut a little bit don't come all the way through then come out a little bit cut a little bit guy come out a little bit cut a little bit then it's not gonna look have this choppy look if you're not from you said that so right now what I'm doing is I'm just clipping my hair like this see I have one line of hair along my index finger and middle finger and then I can basically just go no cut a little bit above that and if I just kind of go everywhere eventually harm a lot of the hair is going to be cut to that link now over here is behind my ear so I'm gonna use my hand like this gonna a fully guys concede to but I now I'm not quite done yet I have this thing here here on I guess I don't really need to use it but I'm just going to show you if you're gonna use it just kind of clicked at once like this and that's it you don't want to do anymore than that and the rest of the way you're going to ... you know just just do the way I did it's now and this is kind of like an art over here because as you're cutting it you gotta like step back and then go home you know what over here looks like too bushy over here so I'm gonna cut it some more kinda like molding clay so you're lying around this is a little bit too too long over here you step back and then kinda look at it again make sure not hurting when you're doing this and you have like 2:03 hours before you're doing something else just so that you can relax and you know take your time doing this because even with me know kind of knowing how to do it I don't like to be rushed and I can mess up ... if I'm trying to hurt them with this so you can see as I'm cutting it it's Kyle looking like it's getting shorter and a little bit there's a lot of little fuzzy hair I mean I have a lot of fuzzy hair I need to go in there shave off all the fathers now I've been looking at this side mostly so I'm gonna switch to this other side to rehear I'm using a different scissor holding method on incentives going like this I flip it around so I can cut this hair over here easily you got checked the bottom to see if it's kind of why you want it to be even you want to check that around this area kinda like the crown area it's roughly even and I can see it's not to even right now so I'm gonna trim that over there summit touches up a little bit off camera because I cannot see my forehead arm in this mirror set up I have over here I'm gonna go due to an income back and then show you guys you know and result basically is just looking in the mirror and I bawling and and go home you know that has a little bit too much care so you just go in there and snip a little bit off here and there you know you can just work very slowly and just do that little progressive method where you pinch a little the hair cut a quarter of the way you come out a little bit maybe a one centimeter cut another quarter the way come out and see you do this sliding motion and it's gonna be very gradual if you always use that method so that that put the final touches on acted a little bit here and there just to make sure everything it's even to Qatar kind of style that with some hair wax and you know this is the end result so let me ... turn around for you a little bit long over here generally I notice around that year here is really hard to cut because it's really hard to kind of wrap around and cut over here so you got a light push your year down cut around it for me this is good enough and I hope doing this in front of the camera for you gives you the confidence to kinda try to cut your own hair to start a little at first and you know see what you end up with now the whole purpose of cutting your hair of course is that each time you cut your hair is a brown $10 $20 depending on where you go I've been to places as expensive as $50 a hair cut and sometimes I walk out feeling not as good as when I cut my own hair because they always do something that really we hear that I personally dislike been Andy didn't really ... warn me before day did it all of this of course can save you anywhere from $100 to $500 every single year if you're just in supporting this channel I have an audible link down the video description below where you can get a free audiobook and if you don't like us audiobook or the service you can cancel it before it expires and you can still keep this audiobook for life and you can also help benefit this town household he turned over here where I give pricks at different contribution levels were recently I made an exclusive videos for diamond members and as always over to to subscribe to my channel over and click that bell iconic to the subscriber incident you get a new notification whenever I upload a brand new video thanks watching //
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Richest Man in Babylon Book Review
\\housing or anybody does beat the bush awhile ago I did a video on paying yourself first and how this does not work for some people now since a video a lot of you have told me that the concept of paying yourself first come from a book called the richest man in Babylon this book I went ahead and read and of course instead of buying this book I just search on the internet because it's a pretty old book you can just get it for free in PDF format or ebook format and then I just downloaded into my kindle and get a book for free basically if you inch sin the copy that I read or the E. book length I'll leave a link down in the video description below now I must admit that I'm very thankful that you guys pointed this out to me because otherwise I would just look at this and go home yell this doesn't work for me so it's probably not going to work for everybody this book is actually very entertaining because most of the material on this bill comes from these clay plucks that their citizens of Babylon written down on these and then they fired him and and so they left messages in these parks from a civilization about 5 or 6000 years ago that's interesting that even so long ago they have this concept of currency and also they have this concept of lending and borrowing now the main concept not the only concept is that you should pay yourself 10 percent first and 20 percent goes to paying off debts and 70 percent goes toward your living costs now for me this automatically did not make much sense because ever since I started working I always see more than 50 percent of my income for the people that are automatically saving 10 percent 20 percent and up this concept of saving first might not make as much sense because you are already saving so what matters is I may give you spend 10 percent first and then spend 80 percent on debts and living costs and then you're left with another pen 10 percent that you put in your savings so that together it means 20 percent is just an additional step for someone that already saves a lot already now the main points are thinking as I read the book is that it's addressed to people who are living paycheck to paycheck or that they have lots of debts they keep on living life where they're not saving any money at all now because I think this is good for people who earns a little bit more than their absolute bare minimum needs this assumes that if you save 10 percent of it whatever that you have left you can still live on it innocence is essentially forces you to reduce your spending so that your discretionary spending like if you're buying a coffee or if you're just buying little trinkets out the store or something that you won't buy those because you simply look at your checking account and you go all you don't have that much money left of them therefore you won't buy those things it also assumes that you're spending everything like a cash account like you're not really using credit cards at all otherwise if you're using credit cards it's easy to arm just look at your checking account and you just spend it down let's say you have $1000 to spend at that month and you spend it down to $200 but little did you know your credit card has already racked up $350 $400 so your bills does not match up with what's left in your checking account so therefore in order for this work you really have to care either cast aside all your credit cards or keep very very good track of what you spent on your credit cards now who'll does not work for obviously myself where I turned down my spending all the way down to the bare minimum always trying to reduce my bills and things I'm trying to find creative way to minimize this and then I come back a notch or 2 so that I'm not living just bare minimum because I want a little bit of luxury and I want to you know just kind of live life a little today as well so I advise most people depending on save you take maybe 10 percent of the amount that you save so let's say you earn $1000 a month and I spent 500 of it on all this living costs and stuff and I save our $500 of it so then I would go okay you know I'm gonna take 10 percent 20 percent of it which is like $50 $100 and then I can go okay this money I can just spend it ever any which way the I want I can buy toys I can buy entertainment go out to eat or what not what situation will pain yourself also not work for is for people who earn a really really low income already and the it's already reduce they're spending to a bare minimum and if the we do say anymore they're gonna find themselves not being able to buy food at all now for people that protests that you cannot reduce your expenses anymore the bare minimum stuff is food shelter and internet your internet could be negotiated to be reduced for food you can actually reduce your expenses on creatively some people they go to secede and they come are always all the time with like 100 of expenditure however if you look at the car is always filled with all this process foods all these ready made stuff because they go all I don't have time to cook and then so then that's why the bill is so expensive if you decide to lower your food expenses all you have to do is try to cook more yourself by natural foods things are not pre packaged already read seems like something that you cannot reduce but indeed you can you can get extra roommates or you can just move to somewhere where you can have more roommates now the argument for people who are not saving anything and are spending paycheck to paycheck is that if they save this 10 percent first then they're spending becomes a bit elastic you're gonna get creative in trying to reduce this and for someone that does not save at all and is able to reduce their discretionary spending this might be the thing that can help them psychologically to reduce their spending now the book does go over a bunch of other tips and tricks for saving money and building wealth and that kinda resonates with much of what I go over on this channel as well this book goes over a whole bunch of other tips on how to save money and build well so there are 7 topics here that they talked about another nickel over each one very quickly the first 1 is start by purse too fattening which is basically save 10 percent of your income number 2 is controlled by expenditure this is the point that is different from my perspective because I rather controlled I explain it to first and then just safe basically everything else which could are come up to like 50 percent of your income 60708091 0 even so if you habitually say more than temper saving 10 percent of it would not make much sense anymore number 3 make thy gold multiply which is basically investor money and invest it in a smart way you should learn how to invest and invest it wisely and take advice from people that actually know what they're doing and this is something that's not put in the book but you need to make sure the person giving you advice does not have a huge conflict of interest with what they recommend you to do another point of multiplying your gold when they see gold is not actual gold you're not gonna go buy gold these days but it's actually saving a currency make your United States dollars or whatever currency that you're using multiply and work for you one of the things of investing is also to keep away from dangerously high returns people are always gonna promise you or you gonna get like 40 percent return within a year those are roughly 2 crazy and usually they're too good but to be true number 4 guard by treasures from lost when you're starting to build up a big nest people are gonna start get wind that whole you know that person may have some and if they're starting some business or something they're gonna want a piece of it they're gonna ask you to invest in their ventures the point here is to guard your money from fetal loss because if someone asks you to our invest in their business you need to find out if that person that is starting a business to business if they know what they're doing have they done this before and in which way can they ever pay you back and if there's going to be a collateral if they borrow this money from you now live there never done this before and this is their first business and they have some wild idea and they go on gonna start a furniture company or do you gonna start a ... restaurant business just from scratch and they've never done this before then you'll know that this is super duper risky number 5 is make side to all in a profitable investment which basically means to buy your own place to live in I generally do agree with us and most people would say all you know what the status of home it's really high price you could buy into its highly leveraged you might lose a lot of money from it but to me long term is actually a good investment number 6 insurer of future income which basically means that in your old age you're not going to be able to work anymore so you need to set up a residual income source our dividends or royalties or collecting rent from tenets something where you do not actually have to physically work so that you can still get income in your old age number 7 increase the ability to earn which basically means you should always improve yourself increase your skills in everything and this is what I advocate as well you know like if you don't know how to do something go and find out when you know how to fix electronics and stuff you improve your ability to earn you're not spending as much money when things break you can fix it yourself like our car repair and things like that you can fix that yourself which means your spending less money not only that when you increase your skills you're not only saving money at first but later on when you get good at it you can actually use the skills to apply yourself and earn real money later on so thanks watching and if you have time to read this book check out the link in the video description below the forget to give me a like on this video coming down below let me know what you think of my reassessment of paying yourself first is for some people and not for others if you're just in supporting my topic of modeling down in a bid to diffuse in the law and if you don't really feel like reading this book you can obviously get it on audible and listen to it on your commute if not completely satisfied with this which is man in Babylon book you can cancel the subscription before expires a do not have to be a thing and it you can still keep this audiobook for free you can also check out my page on link over here we can support my channel directly where offer services such as help with your credit score or help with your finances and as always when we get to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell iconic so the subscribe button so that you get a new notification whenever I upload a brand new video things watching //
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AI and Cryptos Made Easy: Neuromation
\\how's it going of Brady does beat the bush today I'm gonna talk about artificial intelligence block chains crypto currencies an initial point offerings now I think most people who are not data scientists and those who are not invested in crypto currencies will have no idea what these things are not today I'm gonna explain to you what these things are in layman terms and take the company near Mason as a case study so that we can use as a platform to understand all these things this video is Bonsor buying your mission and they have their initial point offering with the 25 percent bonus before November 28 of this year now are crypto currencies to begin with there are big points Etheria and like points all of these are typically generated by a mining machine it's basically a computer solving a very complex math problems now these mining machines for crypto currencies is not really completing any real work it is solving effort teaches math problem that is created by the cloying creator at the end you do have something of value which is the point itself which is why people buy expensive computers and pay the electricity to run these computers in order to get this point now crypto currencies are hard enough already but now let's teeth artificial intelligence and somehow mix it in with kryptos now how do you even come by artificial intelligence and crypto currencies which seem to be very different things into what the point of realizing shin here is that you have a lot of mining machines our mining crypto currencies and all of these have really powerful GPUs and they are in that big network so instead of taking the CPU power and running mining software you can take it and contributed to the near Mason notes now why would anyone want to switch from mining the coins are a theory him over to contributing to a near Mason note this is because let's say you have a really powerful machine it's like see graphics card all doing computational power you might make a mining bit pointer theory I'm about 7 to $8 a day on this one particular right now if your data scientists and you want some access to a lot of computational power you can go on Amazon and pay for this computational power the cost on this platform is roughly $4 an hour for the same amount of CPU power now the difference here for data scientists is that they have to pay about 12 times as much as what's on mining operation would pay this means that your mission can come in wage in between this price point and charge something a bit less than Amazon cloud services and also pay more than the theory of or pickling mining operations now artificial intelligence comes down to a whole bunch of additions and with applications which is why it costs so much computational power not explained this before in the different video but I make this really quick when you go on Google you can type in something and then you can click images and I'll show you a whole bunch of pictures related to whatever you search for now with angle will they do use artificial intelligence to try to figure out these pictures for you automatically now how do you do something like this basically you do this with the new your network you can think of this as a really complicated program that does a lot of multiplications additions and it takes the picture as an input any picture at all and at the end they'll go okay it's a cat a dog mouse or rabbit now let's see we put in a picture of a rabbit and all student at the end after a lot of competition it's going to go up it's a rabbit but this is a little bit abstract because we don't really know what's inside here what really happens is at the beginning it might take parts of the picture and convert them into a number somehow they might look at color in my look at the contours of the picture in might divide the pictures in multiple this is a might look you know look at it if it's fuzzy so you have a whole bunch attributes over here and it gets multiply on you can see there's a lot of multiplications going on here and typically and the CPU multiplications are very expensive after you multiply you Adam all together and then you get a new number over here so this in essence kinda mimics the brain because each and these are kinda like a neurons whereas in the person you have a lot of different inputs you have sensory you have visual you have smell taste and all of these is a lot of information and it will be basically inputs into your brain and your brain arm through these near Ron's process is all this information and at the end you gonna make a determination based on everything you know about this picture and you gonna make a determination what kind of thing it is sometimes for humans in might be a little difficult because you have a picture that's the in an awkward angle or something like that on you might not recognize what it is but with more pictures again and all yeah okay that's a rabbit so for a person he might not even know that's a rabbit so it takes some sort of training arm to recognize something it's a rabbit for a Kitty might be very easy you show them one single rabbit and the next time around on they might see another rabbit and they go all that's a rabbit but maybe if they've never seen a dog before but they've only seen rabbits the my go all this kinda looks like a rabbit so they might call a dog a rabbit initially until they get more information not typically for a new or networking need a lot of examples pictures to train this stuff in here all these multiplications here the are essentially set 2 bombs some random number and it needs to be trained and he needs to have a feedback that comes into these nodes over here and go okay let's a justice a little bit and this is the automatic process of training here so you feed in the picture knowing what it is and you're no network that's not trained it is gonna be a little stupid so it's gonna go all it's a mouse and then you're going to go now this is wrong it's really a rabbit so it's gonna come back have a feedback loop and change these little weightings of these neurons this is the same thing that happens in your brain when you're training your essentially training your neurons you are making them stronger and stronger a connection now as you can imagine training something takes a long time when you're learning a new skill it takes a long time so in order to get this data to train your no network sometimes this is very costly because you need someone to make a picture take a picture or something and label it this is where near mission comes in because they have 3 models where do you can automatically generate 3 D. pictures from a source file so they're not really taking pictures or anything and then they can produce to the pictures that are automatically labeled already so they can have a whole bunch of data that's automatically generated that where you already know what that picture is already and then you can use this to feed into your network to train all these little lines over here which are the multiplications now you see here I only draw for different points here and 3 internal points and already there's 12 multiplications already now multiplications in the computers typically much more expensive than an addition in a real near network you might have something a lot more than it's maybe 1000 different inputs going into multiple levels of this and by the time you're done with all this you can have like thousands and thousands of multiplications which is why every single time you put in one single image it's going to cost a lot of computational power typically even if you have a really really powerful single machine that won't cut it even if you have like a big cluster of many many different machines which you can use that won't even cut either this is where crypto currencies and near Mason comes in because cryptocurrency miners have on tap a lot of graphics processing power they're all network together and if the joint in your mission know they can essentially be part of this one giant powerful machine that's on tap in order to process and these things to train and artificial intelligence neural network thing like this now the miners of course we gonna have an incentive to put their ranks onto the near mission network because they're going to get paid more than if they were mining for crypto currencies one other thing I like to know is that near mission does generate all this data from 3 D. model so when they're doing this generation arm it's actually rendering something and you know that if you are ever rendering something from a 3 model is actually very computational expensive so they can also tap into this computational power in order to render these pictures to train this narrow network non covering this because there's a whole bunch of new crypto currencies everywhere there's a lot of blockchain stuff water all this stuff everybody is always going all we're offering a new point ... by this it's like the new gold rush here where every company seems to offer some new coin and they want you to buy into this investment into their company not taking all of this as a learning platform so if you know one of them and how one of them works it's gonna help you a lot in knowing how other initial point offerings work here's one the door slides of how the money works in your mission basically you have crypto currencies like big points in a theoria you can exchange this for Nero tokens this is nothing more than an exchange of value basically you can take your US dollars or whatever currency you have and by that point if the area and they use this to then by Nero tokens now nor tokens is basically another point and people will value this based on what they can do for them there are a whole bunch of miners that could potentially earn a lot of money from offering their processing power now you also have real companies I have real problems that they want to solve and they will pay real money in order to solve this problem such training there no networks now the prices of their company is like this they have automatic data generators now their data generator is not gonna be able to generate any sort of data that you want to have certain sets of data that they can generate right now store shelves in the European market if there's no such data generator for whatever you want to use your near our network on then you can order something special like this and bill have people that can make this for you order can be external people that can generate this for you as well not even though you have this data generator you need to generate a lot of data and this takes a lot of computational power so you need to pluck this onto the near work and let it run in all those notes then you generate all this automatically generated 2 de images with labeling so that you can train your neural network the training process itself of course takes a lot of computational power as well so you also pop this onto the near me network so I agree this is all very complicated and there are a lot of companies like hundreds that are taking advantage of this similar model they essentially create a marketplace for a brand new point where this claim has definite value where you can exchange it for some sort of service if you take this new virtual point in the for some sort of service it if this coin has a value to it that means you need to use some other crypto currencies United States dollars or whatever to buy these Brian you quite so this coin itself has some value in itself now in terms of investment a really has to do with how much people will value disappoint in the future will this company be around in the future our company's going to use this platform and or minors going to jump in and offered their computational services and joining this near Mason network these are all questions to be answered and is part of the risk whenever you're investing into a brand new initial point offering one thing I do want to cover here is that a data scientist might set up the mall over here and after you train it might reveal things that you did not see before it there are many times where if you look at the train near our network it's not gonna make complete sense to you because it's gonna take a little piece of this image and maybe a weird color of here and then it's gonna multiplied together and then added up and then it's gonna somehow contribute a lot to the determination that it is a rabbit and then at the end this is going to be like 0.9 let's say and this is like point all something like that and then this gonna go okay we're gonna take whichever one that has the highest number that is the highest probability of it being this rabbit thing so there lies the danger of artificial intelligence because when you expand this to let's say 1000000 nodes and you expand the death of this to let's say 1000 things are going to be really strange with what happens internally over there and I think this is the mystery of what goes on inside and your network that makes things very scary for people because it's understanding things that even after analyzing the model that real humans do not understand at all so thanks for watching this video and I hope you enjoyed this coverage of artificial intelligence crypto currencies near missions initial point offerings and the like if you're interested in checking on their mission and their initial quite offering I'll leave a link down in the beta dishes the law the forget to give me a like on this video coming down below let me know what you think of training known networks on cryptocurrency mining rakes if your ex isn't supporting my South Africa to to come out of a link down then the video description below where you can get a free audiobook and get like this are you can cancel it before disappears expires and you can still keep this thing and also hoping that this town I also have a peach on over here where I give various perks just hoping your credit score or help with your finances and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel here and click that bell iconic to the subscribe button so that you get a new notification whenever I upload a brand new video makes watching //
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How to Lower Your Gas and Electric Bill
\\housing or nobody does beat bush previously I talk about my gas and electric bill being roughly about $55 a month on average now in the summer months it's likely a lot less than this but in the winter months is probably a little bit high so this is the average over the whole year first of all when I first moved in I didn't energy audit of every single item in the house everything that consumes electricity after I did something like that I was a little bit crazy back then not that I'm not that crazy right now but right now I backed off a little bit because before I was able to get energy usage down to close like $25 a month arm in the summer month these days it's about $3540 a month instead so I backed off a little bit and I added more appliances that improves my quality of life such as security cameras are things our always on all the time like a computer back up and things like that now long time ago I used to do some firmware programming for a portable music device when you have a microprocessor you have various stages of low power modes when you're on full blast yes you can do a lot of competition but this is not the mode at which you want to reside in most the time when you're programming a chip on a mobile device you want to be in the lower St and yet still be able to wake up and do the things that you wanted to do you would often hear things like old up process is going to wake up for like couple microsecond so it's like 11 thousands of the duty cycle and then he'll do something very early intensive and then it'll come back down into a sleep mode this is kind of what you need to think about when you're operating your home and trying to minimize the power usage in your home so too drawn equivalent this lowest state powers cow like vampire power when you're not even at home all the devices that are connected in your home that's drawing vampire Powell it's looking this down so the lord out you get your vampire powered the better because even though it's very small like let's say 1 walk or 0.11 it's still consuming this all throughout the year 2473 0 65 days a year when you add this up arm it adds up to be a lot now homes in California have a thing called a smart meter we can just walk outside look at the meter and you can see how many what's your home is currently consuming you just go look at it and then they'll cycle through and then I'll show you arm how many watts how many kilowatt hour that it's currently consuming now you do not have something like this you can just buy something like this called a kilowatt and you plug it into your sockets everywhere and just plug whatever your devices that you have into this thing and it will show you how many what's that it's consuming and stand by or when it's operating now let me just go over really quick what you should do we care like Bob's most the time if you have a lot of them and somehow let's say LED light bulbs are free sure replace all of them but I only be light bulbs are not free and sometimes ... stir special light bulbs are very very expensive so because all LED light bulb is gonna cost a finite amount roughly the best thing you can do is any ball that you're using more than one hour a day go ahead and replace it with an LED libel if it is not just leave it as a CFL compact fluorescent light bulb now let's see you still have a whole bunch of Inc and light bulbs every maybe suddenly someone tells you all you should upgrade to LED you gonna see a lot of electricity but the thing is if you use that light bulb for let's say 10 minutes let's say it's a porch lamp that you just turn on for 10 minutes a whole week then it won't really matter you can just use the incandescent light bulb until it breaks and then later on then you replace it with ... something lower energy the point here is for things are really really low duty cycle it doesn't not really matter because it's consuming so little electricity anyway now there's also a point of it incandescent light bulb acting like a heater if suddenly you go on to save a lot of electricity and replace all your incandescent light bulbs with LED suddenly it's giving off a lot less heat suddenly you have to turn on your heater all that much more longer now efficiency Weiss gases likely cheaper to heat a room then using electricity so if you're in a cold climate area you may not have as good as the incentive to replace those incandescent light bulbs which CFLs or at we dis now if you're in a really hot place you might want to replace those incandescent light bulbs with CF elves or LEDs and you might find that you're using the AC a lot less okay so that's a light bulb spew the first thing you should do to do your own energy audit is basically unplug everything this is exactly what I did unplug everything and make sure that you're smart meter is reading 0 make sure you know where every single drop of electricity is coming out of your so now when I did this I was a little puzzled because I unplugged everything I could think of and when I went outside to the smart meter I'm like well how come they're still like 15 what's it turns out I could be your stove or it could be your refrigerator that you forgot to unplug momentarily now you should not unplug your refrigerator for too long it could also be a 24 volt transformer.permanently wired into your wiring ... that powers your doorbell not AV search high and low and you still cannot find anything maybe someone is tapping off of your electricity if it's on the order of like 0 watts a chill OR something then you'll know something is really really wrong now step to you start to plug every single thing in at a time you look at what's most essential and then you plug those and and see how much power that it consumes if you have 1 of these kilowatt hours is a great time to plug in all these things and measured the vampire power when I did my energy audit I found a few surprising things I want to share with you so that you don't have to do this yourself 1 of the things I consumed a lot of electricity onto my surprise was an alarm clock 1 of those things I sit by your nightstand it just turns on the LCD and probably be do not have our energy saving in mind when they build those things and it consumes something like 7 to 10 what's just sitting there so it's like a tiny little light bulb that's always on 247 another big consumer is land line cordless phones when you have a cordless phone just sitting there arm and you have a little wall wart does transformer things that are really heavy it's always consuming some sort of power trying to charge this cordless phone and I found that it's about 7 to 10 what's also if you have an infrared camera then you can go around and check what is warm or you can just go around and touch everything see what is warm anything that is warm it's basically like a little mini heater and it's acting like a tiny little light bulb and this warming at any cost energy to warn these things another example is nightlight sometimes even though when it's not at night and the light is not on some seem a lot more parting you thinks you want might want to plug in one of those and check how much energy at actually consumes another one is those plug in air fresheners those things consume a couple of what's in order to heat the fragrance so that you know it would evaporate anything that does not have a mechanical switch for you to turn things off ... for example your TV does not have a mechanical switch it just have a soft button those usually consume couple the watts of power a microwave these these usually do not have a mechanical switch as well now mobile devices that I've noticed are generally pretty good for example kindles ... iPhone Samsung's you know all those things even with the charger adapter plugged in it does not consume all that much although if you really really want to save ... if you're not charging is sure you can unplug it but I found that it's kind of a hassle when you have to unplug it every single day now what is the strategy here I'm not saying all just because it does not have a mix local switch goal and unplug everything because it's gonna be a huge hassle for example for some time more a microwave I did unplug it I'm like this it's kind of getting ridiculous you know every single time I want to use it I have to plug it in sometimes when I try to use it it doesn't work because I forgot to plug it into the strategy here is if you use it every day or every other day or maybe and every 3 days you should just leave it and it's those things that you do not use for more than 3 days or so that you should actually unplug so that it does not consume as much vampire power not other ways I've been experimenting on saving energy is possibly instead of cooking some meat that takes maybe about 2.5 hours to cook I might get a pressure cooker although I do not have one of those yet an alternative to a pressure cooker of course is a thermal cooker you just keep things up to boiling and then you stick it into this thermal cooker and team that he and ill just kind of sit there and cook itself rather than lose heat whenever you lose heat you're using electricity of course and and you're just gonna keep up the whole house when you cook something for a really long time if you do not have any of those of course you can just cook something and just turn off the heat and leave it on the stove because it's gonna be really hot still and generally I find that you can cook something so that it softens up this sort of uses the residual heat that's in the stove itself and in the pan and it just kind of keeps it warm just enough it doesn't need to have a thermal insulation leave it on there and it's gonna cook the rest of the way I hope you enjoy these energy saving tips I sort of just stumbled on this just by trial and error of course that we get to give me a like on this video coming down below let me know if you can to try some of these tips out if you're just in supporting much analytic out my audible link down in the video description below we can get a free audiobook and you'll like this audio book you can cancel it before disappears expires and then you can still keep this audiobook and also help benefit this town you can also support my channel by taking out my pitch on link over here where I give various perks just helping your credit score or help with your finances and that's always on the go to subscribe to my channel here and click that bell icon Nixon the subscribe button so that you get a new identification whenever a load of brand new video thanks to watching //
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Spoil Yourself with Very Little Money
\\how's it going everybody does the device today I'm much about how to spoil yourself with very little money now have you ever notice that sometimes you get a large amount of satisfaction even though he spent very little money on whatever item is this the first thing you can do to spoiler sophomore while spending very little money is to identify all these items that cost so little and yet brings you a lot of happiness think about what you enjoy the most maybe its not morning Cup of coffee then it might be worth it to spend a little bit more on those coffee beans maybe you enjoy sleeping more so you need to work your schedule so that you do get more sleeping with very little cost to you there could be improvements of seeing the people you actually like more and more and seeing less of the people that you dislike less and less sometimes it might just be washing your favorite showing piece where there's no one bothering you see turn off your phone just kinda cut all all these other interruption just set things up so that you get what you want the whole idea here is to identify all these low cost things that makes yourself happy and actually write them down so you know what they are so that you can expand on them when you do this you could not be generally a happier person and you won't strive to by various expensive goods just to make yourself feel happier happier because you already know what makes you happy which are very simple things now I know this is very vague so I'm going to share some of the top things I really enjoy that cost very little the first thing that comes to mind is my sister how to Dodge whenever I go over there they would come right up to me like me and welcome you generally and I really really enjoy giving therefore the way to get more of this of course is to see those dogs more often sometimes I like to create jobs all the time I might laugh out myself I might create corny jokes just for the sake of it as long as I get a good laugh out of it I don't know about you sometimes I create jokes that are funny at least just to me and not to everyone else but I get a really good take out of it one of the things I extremely enjoyed is having milk tea in the more sometimes I would be at night they all got I can't have another milk tea there's a cap to home the milk teas like and how because their sugar and I can't have too many I can only hope Max alone to milk teas a day so sometimes and I'll be like all man I wish it's the next morning already so that I can have my milk tea so it's different for every person and for me I extremely enjoyed mine at TI and because of this I go and buy specialties I buy really good milk to put in it and I find out ways to make the team better and better and I feel like whenever I have it it's like wow you know I'm just you know really really happy just hiding it and sometimes I just want to just sit right there with no external distractions and just only concentrate on the T. itself and just you know case the flavor and that makes me really happy people that know me know that I go to candy extremely extremely slow I can have a big bucket of candy here and at most I would have one piece a day not only slightly particular about my chocolate only want the chocolate to be slightly rich in flavor a lot of times when you buy the Australian talk with the house this ... rich flavor to it I just bought this one recently is a trader Joe's Belgium milk chocolate pound of plus here this spring is 17.6 ounces who gets one cow 1.6 ounces large look at how much there is in it and I cannot finish one whole piece so therefore I need to cut it up this is like where if I eat the whole piece off you like all my gosh is C. suite I can't have it it's just the way it is and I'm glad this is true because then this means I'm not eating all that much sugar I don't quite enjoyed our talk that no matter how many times I have it on this just the way it is now sometimes I might spend a little bit more it's not like hundreds of dollars where I would just go by like seafood such as like razor clams Osteen fish and stuff I highly highly enjoyed those things those are food items I just buy and I make it myself what are other ways to spoil yourself now recently I've been turning a lot of trouble critic cards I just got the delta skymiles card where I spent $2000 within the first 3 months and I get 50000 points 9 Senate scrambling to spend this $2000 on buying a laptop you know spending it on groceries and just trying to put every single bill on it what I did was I use is classic service and then I use it to pay my mortgage $2000 so immediately I already satisfy all the requirements of this credit card the plastic service cost 2.5 percent so it net cost me about $50 now you know what I bought without 50000 points I have an upcoming trip to Disney world so I bought a first class plane ticket to Disney world not gonna take 23 more hours each week because I got a really really cheap flight for under 50000 points this first class flight to Orlando cost me most of my point and okay another $11 in and this is what it cost me to get that full first class flight now the net amount I paid of course is $2000 in advance into my mortgage of course you can just as well pay your mortgage and not pay in advance like I did not need his whole round to cost me one critic car hardly curry $11 of my money because I have to pay a certain amount of cash to buy the ticket and $50 of classic fees so in the end this cost me very little and it's satisfying my curiosity to go on a first class flight if you're interested in this delta skymiles credit card orders plastic service I'll leave a referral link down and you don't just law now do I ever want to like super brand name stuff do I have a Rolex no I don't do I have a super fancy Sir this looks fancy but this is a known name sure I liked it it's nice and white but it cost me very very little another thing I've really enjoyed over the years is this massage chair now you not suppose to use every single day so I use it maybe once a month or 2 months the cool thing about this is you don't have to buy a $2000 chair in order to get this arms rulings xiaxue thing when you turn it on it has these little knobs that turn round and round I'm sure you tried at one of those stores at the mall the point with this massage chair is that massage is the point that I wanted most which is right on the upper back or middle back that's all you really need when you get a $2000 miss I'm sure you want it to my socks and that could mean part so why not just get this piece itself not why really lightweight tool and you might go all you're spoiling your sub you spend $200 on this thing but no I did not spend any money on this thing I got this for free I signed up for his American Express gold card and I think you spend like $2000 yet again I pay more in the mortgage and I got a $500 gift card to home depot and I've been trying to spend it and I'm like okay I'm just going to get this thing and this thing in fact was not on sale and I'm like you know what I I looked at it I'm like I really want this one I won this one because there's another one that's a little bit bigger but it's on sale if you do not know yourself you might go all I wanna see a little bit of money I wanna get the cheaper one but in the end when you get the cheaper one you're always going to think about ... the smaller one because your little I want the small or whatever whatever thing that you want ... you're always gonna go high one that once you really got to know yourself on if you know in the future that you're always going to be thinking about it you need to get the one on that and you really really do life and this is the one I really do like and I use this like 5 times already especially with disassembling that coffee machine it's just a pleasure to use I like how it's super lightweight it's a little bit lighter than the slightly bigger one of course and because of the lithium ion battery is just I don't know this is like it feels good in your hand and I'm so glad I got this for free like I said I'm doing all these methods and I'm sort of spoiling myself without spending any money like all those banana Republic close I've been getting that's ... I also get those for free and right now I'm also building up a cache of gift cards from banana Republic through that method I talk about if you're interested in the I'll leave that link over here this is a thing we need to get the credit card and then you just kind of accumulate points sometimes they have these options of our if you use it once and you get like 100 points which is worth a dollar see just keep on doing this and then you accumulate and I think I'm gonna keenly about 70 to $80 were to give card and I'm gonna spend this on get more clothes later on so I hope you enjoy this video and go back and really think about what makes you happy especially when you're out point of buying something that's on sale versus buying something that's not clicked on sale just like this item over here in the end you really got to know yourself I certainly cannot tell you what you like so it's more like a self evaluation thing and really kind of think in the past of what you actually did like ... what things that you could learn from it where you bought something that's a lot cheaper and maybe you didn't like it that which after all the forget to give me a like on this video coming down below let me know what items that you bought that was a little bit cheaper and you ended up not really liking it actually one of the more expensive one if your ex isn't supporting this how take all those products I talk about also heard an audible down in a video description below a piton over and over to subscribe thanks for watching //
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Pay Yourself First Delusion
\\because they don't everybody does beat bush today I like to talk about paying yourself first 9 did a little bit of you to boxing on other personal finance videos and all of these keep on saying pay yourself first this concept somehow seem to form somehow with personal finance blogs and YouTubers when I first heard about it sort of makes sense but when I thought a little deeper into it I was like wait a minute how can this actually work paying yourself first really means to take money out of your paycheck and put it in a savings account or an investment account and sort of let that money build instead the concept is to take money out of your paycheck before you even see it in your checking account so that you would not be prone to spending now for people that do not use credit cards and they're only spinning out of their checking account sure that may work if you use credit cards that may not work so well because by the time you get the statement you're not limited by the amount in your checking account you're limited by the amount of credit limit on your credit card instead now some videos even does a little bit wrong saying that you should pay yourself first before paying bills credit cards mortgages and including saving money now what does that mean if you're paying yourself first and you're not saving this money does this mean that you're paying yourself first to buy stuff does this mean that you're paying yourself to ... further your education in all these cases if you're living paycheck to paycheck let's say you bring in $1000 every month and then your bills and everything adds up to be $1000 sure you king goal and go to your direct deposit and say okay arm every single month take 20 percent out to $200 and stick it in the savings account right away now if you just do this at the end of the month you're gonna see all I have $100 are spent but I have $1000 with the bills this does not add up and does this mean that you're going to older credit card $200 this pain your self concept is not really complete because it's saying that if you save first you're automatically going to spend less some people reduce their spending as much as they can already and if they take more money away from what they can use to pay their bills they're essentially not going to be able to pay their bills therefore do you gonna go back to their savings account they got some money and then pay their bills anyway now for me I never pay myself first in fact I always clean myself last instead I always make sure I take care of all my obligations all my bills mortgage ... rants ... credit card bills I just paid everything in full initially when I was making really little I basically just did not spend all that much as my income grew more and more after graduation I held my standard of living roughly the same and in fact my cost of living actually decrease more more as I became more aware of my financial situation now I don't really remember how many percent of my income I was saving it was usually something really really large more than 50 percent even when I first got out of school then as time went on he went to like 50 percent 60 percent 708090 and then at some point it's actually at 100 percent of my income die actually saved so you see the mentality is a lot different here I actually paid all my bills first but I need sure that everything that I spent into my bills I minimize those as much as I can then everything that's over and beyond my expenses are essentially put into savings and as soon as that savings ballooned up to more than 1 year of emergency savings all of that excess gets put in an investment account so I do not think that you should pay yourself first you shrink your bills first then you can pay yourself you'll see that there's a little bit more money in your checking account then you can go okay you have this little bit of leeway than you can automatically transferred back into your savings that so it's the order of doing things that matter I hope you enjoy this way of thinking and not come to thinking that as long as you pay yourself first you're automatically gonna save more money over to give me a like on this video comic novel let me know if you seen some of these videos I ask you to pay yourself first and it did not make sense you as well if your interest in supporting my character forget to take on the audible link down in the beaded assertion below we can get a free audiobook and you cancel the subscription before expires you can keep this audiobook for free and you can still help enough at this channel out of the picture on over here where I give perks such as helping your credit score or help your finances and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel here and click that Bella and click that bell icon so that you get a new notification whenever I upload a brand new video thanks watching //
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Don't Buy It: Fidget Spinners
\\how's it going everybody doesn't beat the bush welcome to the ninth episode of don't bite you don't need it this is a serious work try to convince you that you don't need a certain item in various ways saving you time and money and then hoping you increase your net worth all that much faster now I do realize that not everyone will agree with not buying all these items I listed sometimes there are very good reasons for buying a certain item even though I read 2 for example bottled water most the time you should not be blind bald water but maybe sometimes the water might be poisoned there might be quality issues in those cases then yes there is a very good need and very good reasons for buying bottled water anyway the first thing I'd like to talk about is fitted spinners now I don't even have one of these myself although I do want to have one however after reading some news articles about dis fidget spinners containing lead paint I'm a little skeptical of you know trying to figure out which one does not have lead paint at which I can buy safely now you might say any inferior product brought from China might also contain lead paint and this is very very true especially the low cost one for the typical consumer we can't really tell which products really does contain lead paint or not by the time we buy and then we find out later on due to health issues it's probably going to be too late already so my stance with which it's been nurses I rather be safe than sorry so I rather just buy a really smooth bearing one of those a back 5 or a back 7 once and then just make my own now as this channel grows bigger I'm a big fan of buying test equipment a things to test things out that other people cannot do in order to test for lead in certain items you need a thing called an X. R. F. meter it's this device that has an X. ray source that bounces off something and then it will measure the things that bounces back now one of these things cost $20000 and I think the cheapest it would go is maybe 5 to $8000 for like a less sophisticated version so in the future if my channel will support something like this I definitely will buy these kind of crazy test equipment just to test things out just tests various consumer items out and and you know just let people know that ... yeah you know this animal these things are safe to use does not have lead paint the second thing I want to convince you to not buy is DNA testing for your ancestry information it's really great that you can get more information about your ancestry but to me this is not where it stops to me there's a huge privacy concern here because when you send in your DNA sending in a lot of information about yourself the par I'm most worried about is not the part that they're trying to sell you where you get all this information is the part where when you send in your data they get to keep whatever residual information about you that they want I'm guessing here but I'm pretty sure the aggregate all of this stuff so that they can make better determination of other candidates now just a speculation alone makes me not want to give them my DNA because if they are profiting off of my DNA somehow making them be able to determine future candidates information a little bit better however I'm not getting paid for my D. any information makes me not want to share this and makes me not want to use a service at all the third item is sugary cereals when we go to the supermarket there's a whole aisle of cereals for some reason and there's boxes and boxes of all these different kinds I use by serial of course and I did not know that all my gosh these things contain so much sugar and in fact when I go in there I'm like no I want the sweet one I wanted to eat taste sweet but little did I know that having a bowl or 2 of sugary cereal is equivalent to having one cana soda it's like 10 teaspoon of sugar in there so why is having so much sugary stuff bad for you it can cause diabetes one sick answers your system it's gonna cause an insulin spike and I do not think I need to belabor this point of having too much sugar is really bad for you the fourth item that you should not buy is frozen or low quality pizza the cheeses that they sprinkle onto your pizza is most likely pre shredded and it contains a chemical called cellulose cellulose is naturally occurring in vegetables of course however to cellulosic gets added to your key so that it does not together is derived from wood and in order to derive cellulose from would you have to put a lot of chemicals into your would to dissolve it all now I'm sure to get rid of most of the chemicals by the time they use it as a cellulose in food products however it's the trace chemicals I'm worried about I don't want to have you know you know acids and things like that ... that's in my food and then somehow they wash it away I know there's a little bit that's left in there still now you might think oh my gosh I can't buy pizza now this is crazy well you know what I do I just make my own and I have my own recipe over here the fifth thing that you should definitely cut out is whenever you go to a restaurant you should just stop ordering any kind of drink at all drinks are typically a very high margin I I'm for a restaurant it's high margin for them it means it cost you a lot for them in my only costs about half a penny for dessert in fact the Cup probably cost them more than the syrup itself of course is going to be hard to cut out sugary drinks if you normally drink a lot of soda so this is some to work yourself and you drink a little bit less each time knowing that your greetings are really really detrimental to your health it's gonna cause you a lot of health problems further down now there's also alcoholic drinks I can answer your tab so the less of the streets that you buy rests on the better because then you're gonna see a lot more you do not need to buy US sugary drink you don't need to buy a beer or an outlaw Holly drink you can just have water I hope you enjoyed these tips on not buying these products and if you believe me you're probably gonna save a lot more increasing your not worth all that much faster don't forget to give me a like on this video comment on the low let me know other products that you think by if you're just in supporting this channel have an audible link down in the video decision to lower you can get a free audiobook and if you don't like the service you can cancel it before disappear expires and to keep this audiobook for free also have a page on over here where I offer services such as helping to create score help we define and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel here and click that bell iconix the subscribe button so that you get a new notification when but if he's watching //
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How to Harvest ALL Your Ideas
\\how's it going everybody does beat bush today I like to talk about saving ideas which to me it's a little bit underrated because people do not seem to actively pursue this now where the 2 biggest locations where you generate the most ideas to me it's in the shower and also when you're driving now let me ask you guys if you're in the shower and you think of an idea what do you do immediately to try to save it down most people would just kill all you know I'm gonna try to remember it and then while you showering maybe you think of another idea I have 2 things you have to hold in your head and then next thing you know you have 3 or 4 and then by the time you get out of the shower and you jostle your mind a little bit and then you drive yourself you might have forgotten all of it or maybe you know you only remember one of them and then you're just sitting down trying to remember ... what it is but then you chance the second place of high idea generation is while you're driving or when you're commuting these activities or so mundane okay that your body is automatically moving and your mind is just kinda in a meditative state so has all these giant ideas generated so it's really good to try to capture dis and in the car it's really hard to capture because you can't without your cell phone and essentially type it into your notepad because that's kinda consider texting for these 2 locations such a simple way to jot down all your ideas number one you can either in the shower by this waterproof notepad thing and stick it on I looked at it just now it was like $8 for 40 sheets I'm like now I'm not gonna buy something like that I have a whole bunch of these little tiny notepads big and small and I can get wet if it wants to but the point here is to keep something like this along with the pen next to the shower so that if you do need to write down your ideas you can just kind of opened up the door peak outside will click in you know scribble something up and then you can I move on with thinking up your next idea so this is essentially free over here or you can get that water proof now what do you do for a car I got one of these voice recorder things where it has physical buttons when you have a smartphone and you try to bring up the voice recorder app a kinda takes your eyes off the road because you have and for to act all you have to like press record and things like that this one I can just feel around without looking at it and I can turn it on and I can just press the record button over here well the need to initialize so neat I don't know that was like 56 seconds and then I just press record all I have to do is this glanced down real quick to make sure that the ... record red light is on and then I can start speaking my ideas after I'm done I just press it again and then it stops recording so ever since I keep one of these in the car and keep it will charge I can always whip it out of the glove compartment or you know I just stick it somewhere where I can reach it and you know I just took it all and just go and ... my idea is so and so and I would record of so many ideas while I'm driving that you know I feel like I'm a more productive person I'm capturing all these little things that are flying off my mind which is really really hard to try and remember on if you tried to do it you know all at once while you're sitting down now and all the other cases most likely you have a smartphone with you which is something you can what Bob take out the notepad happened jot it down those are the easy stuff the hard ones is of course in the car where you can't really use your smartphone and in the shower where you can use your smartphone as well maybe if you have one of those on waterproof once they you can I use that instead I really think that if everyone just sound their bright ideas and actually take action from it or like do something with their ideas they would be a better person we can all be a better person if we can somehow harvests all the ideas that were generated if we get to give me a like on this video comment on below let me know if you already do this and if you don't let me know if you're going to try this out if interest in supporting my channel check out my audible link down in the video description below reason Jeffrey audiobook iva peach on over here and forget to subscribe things watching //
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How to Sell Stuff on eBay
\\how's it going embodied disease beat bush today I'm gonna show you how to sell stuff on eBay so we should really be part of everybody's toolbox because as you lived through life you're gonna accumulate a lot of items and with some accumulation you also need to get rid of some or else you're just gonna keep on getting more and more stuff now there is a perk with having a constant stream of selling mainly when you buy stuff you gonna collect a lot of Amazon boxes or boxes from wherever places so as you buy stuff rather than dispose of these boxes and recycle them you keep them around and you can just reuse them to ship them back out there for you don't pay anything for the packaging of the items that you sell not only have to do is just go on eBay sign up for a brand new account and then you can start selling as a practice round I would select one item that you really want to self for example let's say I want to sell T. rex over here what's he got to be kidding me you can't sell me a part of the show yes he rest you are part of the show but I'm just doing this as an example here so you guys don't get too worried that I'm gonna sell me staying for good this is just an example so you pick T. rex as something that you want to sell get rid of the stuff pain around him course you need a camera to take pictures with you can use a compact camera like this or you can use their cellphones we need to take good pictures so if you're a photographer and then all the much easier for you you really want things to be clear a well lit and possibly if you want a light box you should you know get one of those but those are further down I'm just to begin with you don't really need like that you just you know set it on the ground said on the couch like this and go ahead and you're like this and you are allowed up to 12 pictures for freebies they see change the terms all the time but since they have 12 free pictures minus will take as many as you can or more clear pictures the better because generally if the buyer can see every single angle of the item the can see that it's not damage and you say this is the exact item that you're selling then ill make them more likely to buy so not only I'm gonna take an overall picture like this I'm gonna take you know some close up of the arm the under side over here or maybe I'm gonna take a picture of the tag like this not you know the backside just everything up to 12 pictures to spill it up now since T. rex is a vintage item it's really hard to price it because I can go on eBay and try to find a T. rex and I cannot find anything equivalent but if you are selling something that is a more typical on you can go on eBay search for that item and click down on the very left column click completed listings and see how much the typical item that you're trying to sell goes for now after you have an idea of how much you go for you can go all you had the lowest ever sells for is like $20 and you know on average they sell for like $35 well you can you know have a little bit of leeway you might think your item is really good it's really knew then you might want to set a little bit higher rather than the cheapest so searching for a complete listing really helps you are knowing how to price the item because if you just go in blind and just go all I think it's worth this much to me most the time you might be too low or too high when you press it too high no one 's gonna buy it when you place it too low someone is just gonna be able to pick it up for much cheaper than it's valued for the second thing is to really decide if you want to go for an option or buy it now price generally I personally like buy it now price because I want to put the price in there and if someone wants it for that particular price I can buy rather than bidding when you want to say that up as an option you generally need to set it up bomb quite a bit lower than what the price that you wanted to go for and you just kinda let it be an option and you can have a reserve price but that generally reduces the number of people that want to bid a reserve price is a price that it needs to go over before it sells so sometimes if there's a lot of competition for the item and you are very very sure that there's gonna be a lot of people looking at it it might be good to set it at an auction for even one penny because you know no one 's gonna let a goal for one penny people are gonna try to opt out bid each other now that thing with the auction is you don't want it to and you know like 3 in the morning because then no one is gonna be looking at the item and some crazy person is just gonna stay up all night and by a for one penny in that case that's why sometimes you see ... items that are ... sold for a really low in other cases sometimes I'd himself a really low when the name the product incorrectly maybe D. misspelled it or something so this is a chance for the buyer as well if you're buying something you can misspelled something and possibly the seller also misspelled and then you can buy for cheap as well now after all this you want to set a shipping price now eBay has this thing where you can set how much is actually gonna ship fourth generally for me I want to make it simple very very dead simple I just set a standard flat price generally you can guess that anything over a pound a ship's via either FedEx or UPS is gonna range from ... 8 to $12 if it's something that is you know not too heavy like this thing on I would guess that this stuff and probably ship for 12 to in dollars sometimes if you're shipping something like this which a bit lighter than one pound it can fit in a bubble wrap envelope then it can ship before a lot less at first class through U. S. P. S. now you may stumble a little bit and maybe sometimes you might guess the price wrongly might be a little bit low ... it's okay on it as long as the average averages out and as you sell more and more you gonna gain more experience on kinda really guessing well on how much something which ship right now these days whenever I look at something I just go out ballpark around that much on sometimes the buyer pays a little bit more sometimes ... I'm under maybe a few dollars or even $10 even but the point here is that it averages out and that's okay as long as there's a flat rate shipping it's a lot easier rather than on the buyer needs to try to guess how much they're shipping is or they have to put in a calculator and figure out actually how much ... they cost a ship in this case when you put a flat rate shipping you do not have to weigh the item beforehand you just take a few pictures up make your listing put a flat rate shipping and then let it go and then you don't have to do any work until it actually sells now when actually sells what do you do you need to ship it so that's where these boxes come have a lot cache of these boxes from Amazon or anywhere else generally when I get them I immediately rip off the label because if it stays on the box for a really long time arm it's harder to read rip off the label so once you get the item I description you know rip it off and it becomes a usable box immediately ever I sell something soap let's say arm T. rex here is gonna go to a buyer over here on I also save these bubble wrap things these ... package raft and because he rex is a plus I could possibly ship it in the bag but I'm just gonna use this box is an example here and likely you probably don't really need all this bubble wrap over here on and also you can basically no it wouldn't be there like this and you might want to be careful ... that people use a cutter to Oakland over here you don't want it to damage so maybe you might want to put a piece of cardboard all over there so that if people are carelessly opening it they won't damage stuff inside now so far you just need a camera to take pictures and most people already have a camera you do need wanted these handy tape dispenser things it's just $2 and possibly a good tax of packaging tape by by like 6 12 of them at a time and they just sit around until I need them ... so you know you just put yourself in your box you close it up you see if I don't cut open the tape here from Amazon I do not have to tape it again therefore I'm really really using that piece of tape as well now this is all packed up when you go and ship something you can actually ships up through eBay and I think you can shift things through on USPS or UPS now when I put the listing I selected a flat rate option and the speed is generally normal shipping speed up like 5 to 10 days or something so I can try to pick something arm at the cheapest and most people would actually want the cheaper shipping get the next item that you need is a tape measure or a ruler because you need to put in the dimensions of this box and also the way of this box into eBay so that they can calculate the postage for you and then you can buy the postage through eBay itself 90 disfigurement tape measure and then go okay 17.5 ... 8.5 and 14 and all of these dimensions you stick it inside the eBay thing and over here I have a scale you just turn it on and because it's flat like this I need to offset it a little bit are so that I can see the reading so I'm gonna tear it risky thing says 1.7 pounds for this whole thing so I have the dimensions and the way you stick it all into eBay and then you can select from various shipping options most likely this thing would generally go through fed ex slash U. S. PS is this cheaper option of FedEx I am it's generally I don't know like 10 to 20 cents cheaper and I ended up on normally using FedEx also to note that anything larger than you know about US shoe box size it's certainly better to go UPS or FedEx you start to realize that if you compared it to you can compare all you want for every single shipping option ... U. S. P. S. FedEx I'm all of those and then I'll give you a price and then you can go okay I want you know the cheapest one there's always a lot of U. S. P. S. flat rate is a lot cheaper but somehow it doesn't know that you're not using the flat rate so on those options are always hanging around so you gotta pick arm in arm the cheaper option that is not the flat rate in order to pick the correct one now sometimes you do you want to use the flattery one for anything that is super duper heavy the I find out is ... worth it want to use the flat rate like on anything that is like you know the way density of a battery ... that you can fit in those flat rate boxes arm therefore if it's one of those really tiny boxes and you just fill it up with batteries then then it's really worth it to ship through those I U. S. P. S. flat rate boxes now after you select the shipping option you just buy it right then and there and then it's going to give you an option for printing a shipping label that's were you needing a printer comes in now I would recommend having a laser printer rather than an ink jet because you can print up much more at a much lower cost then you can just print it out on a piece of paper it does not have to be sticking then just cut it out and ticket onto the box with some tape just you know take all the corners and don't cover the particles are anything they don't like that if you get a little bit more savvy you can order free supplies from U. S. P. S. the labels boxes and stuff for priority mail and UPS also gives out free US shipping labels if you use it with their carrier so after you do all this you really need to know where your closest USPS mailboxes U. S. P. S. location FedEx location and also UPS location if it's anything bigger than the USPS mailbox that means you have to go physically to the U. S. P. S. post office is not ideal because sometimes ... most the time it's not that close this is all about going the minimum distance to be able to ship your stuff still so shipping USPS is not bad if you have a ... mailbox that's you know down the street and you can put the packages in it other times when it's USPS or FedEx you need to know the locations of those drop off locations and then you just swing by you know on your way to work and just ... drop it off and it's a done deal typically as soon as you buy the shipping label through eBay you can already cash out the money that ... came into your eBay account basically you can go to your ... PayPal account you also need to register for one of those in addition to the eBay and money will already be in your PayPal account and you can immediately transferred this to your bank account which means you need to link your bank account to your PayPal account as well I hope this was informative for you this is not meant to be like that expert course or anything it's just if you have a few things laying around the house what is the way to get you started this is like a bear Danilo way arm with minimal effort to get you started if you're interested in the products I mentioned all hope you sell on eBay I'll list them down in the video diffusion below this includes a low cost laser printer which is a $70 or less this scale thing now way up to 10 pounds I'll leave a video review tape measure everybody has this this dispenser was incredibly cheap and it might fluctuate I'll leave it down in the video disc anyway this is duck brand tape and it goes for about a dollar 50 a role if you buy in a pack a 6 now this is a little bit thinner than normal packaging tape but will do just fine for eBay stuff as long as it's not too heavy if you go to the store and buy a roll this big is likely gonna cost you maybe like 3 or $4 so on when you buy in bulk if you plan to just keep on offloading a lot of your stuff on you will need a little bit more tape don't forget to give me a like on this video coming down below let me know if you have better tips and tricks for eBay or have you already do this already if you insist on supporting much analytical modeling down into the discussion below we can get a free audiobook and you like this audiobook you can cancel it before deceptive expires and you can still keep this audiobook and you don't have to pay a thing if you're inches and supporting my channel directly take on my page homepage over here where I give various parts at various contribution levels such as helping your cars for help with your finances and as always don't forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell iconic that I subscribe on so that you get a notification when a problem video after watching //
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Accurately Find Out How Much a YouTuber Make
\\how's it going everybody does beat bush today I might teach you how to accurately calculate how much a youtuber makes a youtuber makes a large portion of their income through ad revenue side is sold by Google Google takes 45 percent of this ad revenue and 55 percent goes to YouTube in order to understand this better we have to start at the source word advertiser is paying money into this global platform in order to serve ads on you tube videos the advertisers pay something called the CPM which is how much they have to pay per 1000 impressions of an ad that they're buying now adds gets played on video such as this one but they don't get played 100 percent of the time this is called the fill rate and this depends on if the YouTube algorithm likes your video and they want to place a Lotta ads on it or not I've seen the fill rate go anywhere from none at all which means the video is not monetized at all to something really really good like 99 every single time that you view it on someone else S. viewing it from somewhere an ad gets served that means that if every time someone watches this video and add place they have a chance that the viewer is gonna walks through the whole thing which means they have a higher chance of getting paid now there are different kinds ad that runs on the video there are the little square things at the bottom over here that you might have to click and close well every time that displays they do have to pay up for that particular act for the ads that police before a video which on you might have seen before this video if you click skip the advertiser does not have to pay for the ad however if you watch more than 30 seconds or watch to completion of the ad then they do have to pay for that ad so this all means I've you have an ad blocker do you to burn that you're watching does not get paid for your views if you skip these ad after 5 seconds the youtuber also does not get paid so this sounds great on all and it's a little bit complex but you just want to know really quickly heard use humor how much they make all you have to do is just go to social look at the total number of views this person has and take off 3 zeros and that's how much money they made in a lifetime in the ballpark it's within one order of magnitude as an example you can go to my page and you can see that I have 28000000 total views knock off 3 zeros it means I made about $20000 in my lifetime however this is not exactly correct it varies by one order of magnitude and it's assuming a C. P. M. and effective seat of one dollar per 1000 views now the real range is actually divided by 2 or multiplied by 5 so it's really 10000 to $100000 if you want a good ballpark of how much this person makes everything rather than their lifetime total just look at the detailed view scroll all the way to the bottom and look at how many views they get every single month knockoff 3 zeros and that's roughly how much they make a month if you look at mine it says now about $1000 every month but again the rearrange here is $500 to $5000 then you Michael well that's not very helpful knowing if someone makes $1000000 is very different than if someone me $10000000 there's a big range here because every single channel has a different genre which the ads are paying at a different rate on top of this depending on the popularity of the YouTube channel and the type of content and contains a may have a different kind of feel right now all of this only includes YouTube ad revenue I channel my have other things like sponsorship brand deals or affiliate links if you add in all of this depending on if the channel actually does all these monetize these in scheme and if they do it effectively it may range from 0 if they don't do it at all to maybe 2 to 4 X. as much as the ad revenue sometimes a channel may not make any and revenue at all because they're completely demonetized and the soul we make money in other ways such as patriarch most of these you tube videos that explains how much a youtuber makes basically ends here they just tell voters social Blake and yeah that is the range of how much they make to me this is just a little bit too vague so I'm going to give you some tools today to help you figure out how much someone earns and give you an now over here is my super secret set of CPM numbers that advertisers pay for a different genre of ads you have the low end and the high end and the average CP and that an advertiser pay for in this genre of ads you can see how business and finance tech home in architecture government and politics exeros now if you look on the fourth column is is 55 percent this is what the youtuber would take home after the advertiser pays this out but this is not the end of the story because sometimes when you view a video you might not see an ad at all sometimes if it's a really good video you might see an ad every single time this is what's called a fill right if you play that same video 1000 time and you have 25 percent fill rate it means out of 250 of those views arm and and actually played on it now you still have to multiply this number by the number of times and is actually viewed if the viewer refuses to watch to add all the way through then you're gonna have lower numbers now if you want to find out the fill rate of your favorite youtuber you just go on one of their videos and just click play see if you see an ad and just are reload it 10 times and see how many times the Arab actually plays on that video on the more you do it the more accurate it's gonna be then you're gonna get the fill right now as an example let's evaluate yes that's total income from you too if you look on the social plea web page you'll see that he has about 1.8000000000 views so far on this is the bulk of his views he has other channels but it does not add all that much to this 1.8000000000 Bizarro is somewhat tech and entertainment so if you look up the CPM rates for tech and entertainment you'll see the entertainment is 1.16 tech is 1.9 I'm just gonna take the average of those just as a ball park so it's 1.5 up dollars per 1000 views so I'm gonna assume yes 95 percent for Rick because apparently YouTube algorithms really really like him and so the seat it's really about and so 1.8 times 1.9 it means in total he probably made about 3.$4000000 from YouTube ads alone now view watches channel he does do sponsorship and things like that so I'm going to multiply then I have 2 to 4 times so totaled I he made is probably I would guess anywhere from 6 to $12000000 now with the current due to back controversy the implemented an automatic flagging making any video that are slightly suspicious they're going a flag and de monetize lots of videos are de monetize and I think that happened to about 1015 videos are ready and currently 3 of my last videos are currently demonetized now you can go in there and ask for them to manually review this video and Google did hire a whole bunch of people to actually watch these videos to make sure they are advertiser friendly but something is really broken here because piece on the history of my channel all of my videos are actually monetized they are all basically advertiser friendly so I think they should add in a piece where they look at your brand quality and of up loading these controversial videos so in my experience even though I can petition for them to manually review them it takes some about 28 to 40 8:00 hours the last 3 videos has taken a little bit longer so on 2 days so far and that it's being not monetized so hope you enjoyed this video and kind of give you a tool on how to figure out how much a youtuber makes them forget to give me a like on this video common number well let me know if you're going to go find out how your favorite you to if your interest in supporting my channel them forget to check on my audible link down in the V. did if you're from below we can get a free audiobook and you don't like this book order service you can cancel it before deception expires and can still keep this book for like I don't have to pay a penny if you just in supporting my channel directly check out my page on page over here why declares purchase just help with your crafts look or help with your finances and as always some forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that fell icon next to subscribe on so that you get a notification when X. watching //
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How to Buy Less Toilet Paper
\\housing on everyday disease beat bush some of you have hinted that I might just stop buying toilet paper at some point in order to save money the day has come but I'm not going to completely not buy toilet paper at all I'm still going to buy some but it's greatly reduced because of this be day thing I just bought now I decided to buy the lowest cost one just to test things out first before I plunge into a more expensive today this one goes for about $19 on Amazon is basically the cheapest one I could find if you're interested in this all the rolling down in the video description below now how much can you save exactly for not buying as much toilet paper I don't know I'm guessing may be ... 20 to $50 every year depending on how much it actually reduces your usage now this one is not heated so it might be a little cold in the winter time I don't know winter's coming up so arm will just have to see I'm gonna and boxes and show you how easy it is to install this just to take this anxiety off of how hard it is to install because when I first got this I'm like all my gosh what am I gonna need to do do I need to like bile this new plumbing I have to run to home depot couple of times no user by this and all the hardware is included so you can just on goal and tap in into the toilet as long as you have some branches and screw drivers you should be okay WNED some instruction sheet this is a plastic water splitter tears the hose to all this thing is it's just a water switch you turn it on and you have to manually turn it off it's not needed that's why it's so cheap as soon as you turn it on this little nozzle thing pops open and starts spraying your behind with cold water now over here there's these things that hooks onto your toilet seat at the bottom you connect one end of this post to the bottom of this today and then on the side you connect that to the plastic water splitter this and go see your toilet tank and this and goes to where the hose use to go to your toilet tanks all you have to do this unplug it from the toilet tank weights this thing in between connect this on the toilet tank and connect the hose so you don't have to do that much climbing this is actually the last place I thought I would make a you tube video but I did clean things up a bit so that you can look very nice on cam of course a lot of meat cutting the toilet just kind of grosses me out so ... I kept on thinking about this and that gives me a little anxiety when sleeping on I need to go and touch the toilet earlier this toilet seat thing is discussing so I'm using this latex glove here over here and for this particular toilet seat on you gotta remove it so then you can put that other update thing in between so this particular toilet seat you gotta unlock it this way he's gonna push it and then there's like no this little nothing and then you go over here in the back and they just open it up there's just 2 nights over here and ... it comes right off com other toilet seats might have ... little Phillips screw and a not so then ... use various things depending on the person that you have this is another was holding it in the see if it's perfectly arm no we do the other side okay so now the toilet seat comes off so there are 2 more robberies you need to put on on today's not before you put it on here I think this is just to make it more waterproof it says don't over tightened so you got to be very careful whenever metal touches toxic and you just kind of know get it and then the same I assume you want it in the center like that that would do it well okay so right now there's water in this tank so I need to turn off the water first now I'm gonna watch the law we want all the water to before we go and open up this not this not over here is the water supply lines hopefully not too much water will leak out and then I connected to this team hose thing this is coming from the big day and I'm going to tighten it a little bit more of you can see ... put this TV thing over there inside and then tighten that knot this thing is made of metal and it looks like it doesn't want to be banned all that many more times I'm going to try to not break it and still connected back together so hopefully all that is water tight and then turn this on now this thing's all hooked up in terms of water supply and I just want to test it out and see what it looks like ... when I'm turning it on so see whoops it's just gonna spread all the way over there so whenever you're using this thing can't make sure you're sitting on it palm or else if you turn it on without sitting on it's gonna just pray everywhere not a good thing put in this position over here and I'm gonna put somebody let's see back on on this side put it putting money back on okay so it seems like this thing adds a little bit of pitmasters normally this toilet seat wants to just sit on top of this file it so this little bar stand off here is not going to touch on the toilet seat anymore so you sit on I don't know it might bend it a little bit I'm not too sure we'll see so let me just ... you know hopefully it won't sprayed you badly okay so that's it there's just 2 nights in a policy that you have to remove to take the policy off the supply line you just remove that put that T. thing in and then put everything back and then you got everything working this thing cost about $19 so I think you're going to recover the costs of this the date oh within about a year it is just one person if you have like 4 people on the family probably couple months we already do it now the important thing here is how does the skill I remember the first time I tried this it just shocked me so much that I'm like no I'm not going to try something like this is ridiculous but in light of being more environmentally friendly and also saving a lot of money on toilet paper then I'm kinda like well okay I'm gonna give this another try so I haven't tried this are since I tried it last time so I you know I'm gonna watch me try this out but I'm gonna try it out and then I'm gonna come back on camera and then tell your body well that was actually a shocker it's colder than I anticipated and I can see this being much cleaner than you know just using toilet paper Alonso just for that fact alone it might be worth getting this however arm after trying out this cold water thing ... might not be my thing if you get something that is plugged in that's always gonna have some amount of warm water that means you're gonna have some standby power so it's going to be like a trade off if you wanna ... have a pretty good our quality of life can improve it and not kind of shock yourself we really cold water then yeah it's something that you need to plugin all the time and that type of toilet seat that has heated water is going to be a little bit more expensive one thing about this particular quality and I don't want to get to in detail now but arm it splashes a bit because it's spring water and right when it sprays arm it's a like a stream it it's like a southern stream right when you turn it on its like blasting and I suppose that it needs to be like that you can be like a drinking because that won't ... kind of ... wash yourself I guess it's like a it's legal water gun it's like a stream that's ... you know does the washing I hope you enjoyed this video and I did not go into too much detail just enough detail to kind of show you that yes it is easy to put this thing on and well once you do it it's kinda like a initial upfront costs that's a small initial offering cost as long as it lasts about one year it's going to make it work they are ready on if I see a break I'm gonna leave more information down in the video description below on anytime in the future and just kinda let people know all yeah it failed after ... you know so much time left don't forget to give me a like on this video comment on below let me know if you already use of the day and what you think about them if you insist and supporting much analytical modeling down into video description below we can get a free audiobook and if you don't like this idea but you can cancel it before disappeared expires and can still keep this audiobook for life and you don't have to pay a penny you can also support my peach directly through my P. term page over here where I offer perks such as helping your credit score or help with your finances and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel here and click that bell icon next to the subscriber and so that you get a notification whenever I upload a brand new video thanks watching //
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I told you to buy Bitcoin
\\how's it going invaded his beat the bush today I like to talk about declines again mainly because recently it skyrocketed to $5500 per bit point not when I first recommended to buy some crypto currencies of different kinds of just be calling Etheria it was back at $2600 per bit point not just a show you proof I did recommend it back then I'll leave that video over here now one month after I recommended it plummeted from 2600 all the way down the $2000 now some people row in the comments on my gosh I bought like too much or something and they lost I don't know the said like $10000 or something this is what I specifically said not to do not to put too much and you look at your total investable portfolio you should not invest more than 10 percent of it and likely probably 5 percent is a little bit better now if you did this is going to represent a very small slice of portfolio it's not really gonna affect your livelihood at all in fact after I invest I don't really look at it every single day I don't really care like one week later I'm like oh yeah I look at you know bit cloying nearly doubled in over a week if it plummets you're not going to lose sleep over it just like what I did I put so little and in fact that on it went down to 2000 I'm like nah okay bye don't really care now this is 4 months after I made the recommendation today it's about $5500 per bit point this represents a 105 percent gain I do have the coins right now and I bought it close to that date that I released on video now this say this investment is highly risky it's more like a moon shot type of thing so you should have bought ... equal proportion of the coins ethereal and light calling so because this is the moon shot I plan to just buy and hold for a really really long time I don't know couple years at least and maybe maybe just maybe that if you hold one decline today maybe ill worth $1000000 and maybe 10 years now at the time I also recommend it if you're young and I was more bullish on a theory him and kinda weeded my buying on if you're in a little bit more back then if you're in was $320 issue and right after I bought it skyrocketed to $350 it plummeted back down and right now it's around $310 so you know not a big gain or loss it just kinda stayed flat but this is what I meant by having a little bit of because I have no idea which one is gonna skyrocket or not still holding the little bit of decline turned out to be a really really good thing because now arm at least one of those crypto currencies appreciate it a lot now in terms of these investment things I don't normally go around recommending a lot of different ... single stock or single type of crypto currencies but when I do I generally buy it myself and I have a really good feeling about it I have certain reasons I disclose and after I actually sell out of it I do tell people this in the comments I one of these being tax free municipal bonds where you buy into it as an investment that you can buy a whole bunch of shares and every share essentially gives you a dividend back and it's like about 5.9 percent ... dividend that I've been receiving and I still hold on to this and you know every single month they just give me some dividends back I'm like get beat you know if you're interested in reviewing over one of these older videos I'll leave that video over here one of the previous EPS I recommended was I XC which is an oil ETF fund my thinking at the time was because gasoline prices were so low on I wanted to buy a lot of gasoline at the same time but if you really do this physically it's gonna be hard you need a holding to and all this so what I wanted to do was you know invest somehow instead in it without needing to hold in a holding tank so this is how I came up with I exceed because gasoline prices were so low at the time I'm like okay let me just viable pointed this I'm gonna pretend I bought a whole bunch a gasoline and then I waited for it to appreciate and then I'm like gulping go on it appreciated I think like 2030 percent 4 dots ... how much exactly I appreciate it but it did end up making me a lot of money and I was glad for disinvestment I was kinda lucky I evaluated a whole bunch of things and you know I didn't know that for oil stocks there could be a lot of things affecting it like ... supply and demand all over the world there could be different things pulling and pushing at it so it's a big wild guess arm I wasn't 100 percent sure but then I was a little bit more sure for that one because I was doing a lot of research to it on it could have very well went the other way where I lose money but it just so happens that it was a good thing I do realize I'm sorta Tooting my own horn here but I want to see something about ... just kind of Tooting my own horn type of thing because at any given point you have Ubuntu YouTubers whole bunch of bloggers they would recommend a certain investment over time some of them might fail and some of them might do very well and when they do do well they like to go back and then go all look at me I did really well you have to look at this in terms of an aggregate you have a whole bunch of people that randomly pick some our investment it might not be random it's just the just pick something but you're gonna have a chance that some of these people are going to guess right but the deal with having these people guess right consistently time after time on the chances of this happening shrinks over time so I recommended 3 things and this is not very many at all but it's more of me telling you what I think of ... certain investments and then you can go decide on your own I'm not saying you know go by this our goal by that I'm more of saying all I'm buying this because of ... these reasons now I don't know you guys have heard of this type of scam before but a person can appear to be able to pick ... good investments time after time maybe even 10 times in a row now I just want to go over just really quick because I think this is relevant when I'm Tooting my own horn on ... the past 3 investment advice I've given someone can start an initial mailing lists of 10008 either say the market is gonna go off this week or it's gonna go down this now for half of those letters I would say the market is going up the other half to gonna say the market is going down if the market goes up they're gonna pick that group that they sent it out to and then divided again and then say oh the market is going to go up and then the next one is gonna go all it's gonna go down so you keep on doing this and ... you start with 10000 you gonna have 5000 the next iteration 2500 ... the next iteration after that 1250 after that and 10 times later you gonna have 16 people left now by the time you're at your sixth seventh or eighth iteration the people receiving these mailings in and go only got this guy is right they've been right the last 6 times light right the last 8 times so you know I really should just go invest with this person so this is how the scam works I don't know if they use this stuff anymore because I certainly didn't receive something like this but this is a really good thought experiment because someone can really appear to know what they're doing because they're sending different information to each and every single person but on this YouTube video of course on this video is are sent to everybody so this is ... not something I can personally pull here okay that's a little bit of a side track but your question might be the coin is $5500 right now should you buy now still I personally think it's really high right now and it's a bad idea to double down on it because up people are going to see all my gossip race so much all it's probably gonna keep on going up so let me just double whatever I put in I think as a newcomer to the best way to play into this is our invests definitely less than 10 percent of your invisible our portfolio probably better to be about 5 percent and you should go in slowly so if you sign up for this account initially you know only put in like one percent wait one month later and then put in another one percent just kind of walked where it's gonna go it fluctuates so much bickering and might be 5500 now I don't know a month or 2 later maybe it might come down by half a Michael back down to 2600 so in this way you're kinda averaging in slowly so it guarantees that you will not buy an absolute high because if you just put everything you've got and then you're kind of tie down you can't buy more to average your costume now people might be like all my gosh crypto currencies how the heck do you buy into something like this you have to buy like a mining machine you have to do like a bunch of programming install graphics card or something no you don't have to as an investor you can just go to coin base sign up for an account and link your bank account and then you can start buying big points if you sign up to my refer only can you buy more than $100 with the big points not it Therion now you have the by good points then you'll get another $10 added to your account if you inches in this you can check on my were falling down into video description the law now buying $100 worth of is actually not the most optimal still charge you a $2 and 90 fee for buying $100 worth a bit point so the optimal thing to do here is to buy $200 worth of ... declines at minimum so that they'll charge you a ... 1.5 percent fee so your fee would be $3 as well in that case now when you first connect your bank account and then you click by it's gonna take about 3 to 5 days before that big point or if theory M. or like point appears in your account so you have to wait patiently for your first by or even your second by because it takes a little bit of time to bomb due to money transfer now people have complained that the fees are a little bit too high for client base what do I care I only bought it once arm as long as you're not you know trying to day trade with it arm which I do not recommend because basically you don't know ... if it's gonna go up and down this is like a roulette table here ... one day it's going to go up one day's gonna go down how can you get any visibility ability on my main thesis with this whole thing is that yeah I'm buying this as the moon shot I'm buying this for a long term ... I don't know where it's gonna go maybe it will double maybe it would go 10 X. are 100 acts I don't know maybe you'll make me a millionaire but to me long term investing in this is the best way to go by because I certainly don't know which way it's going to go the next day or the next month or even the next year so I don't really care about the fees because I only bought it once and you know if I want to extract the money I only need to sell it once if you plan to do day trading I think there's other platforms are much cheaper so this is I thing where if you plan to go all I just want to invest in it long term then you start an account then you just by recalling and kinda set it and forget it I hope you enjoy this follow up video to forget to give me a like on this video coming down below let me know if you're going to buy into some crypto currencies I know I read and recommended my friends in real life are to buy some kryptos arm no one did basically ... but basically I'm now sitting in arm about 100 percent gain in whatever I invested in I'm pretty happy about that but I'm not going to go all I already meet this much money I'm not going to freak out if it comes back down because I do plan to hold for the long term if it goes back down to 2600 so be it I'm just gonna still hold on to it Nino for many many years to come since I gave my mailbox out awhile ago I got a mail actually ... sends this little pack thing and it costs $3 of postage now this is not something I recommend because in here it's a note and ... it says you know don't reveal their pictures or something but there are a few pictures of this person on in here thank you for these pictures I'm not too sure what I'm gonna do with them though but now the only thing I want to say about this the contents of this thing is 2 pictures and one note you could have put this in you know a standard size envelope and use our regular ... forever stamp I think it's 49 cents or something these days instead of $3 you could deceive yourself $2.50 of sending this thing to me so thanks for sending this to me Mr M. huge since supporting this house to come out of a link on the video description below we can get a free audiobook and like the service or this book you can cancel it before the subscription expires and you do not have to pay a penny you can listen to this audiobook and kind of expand your mind as you're doing a brain dead to me to work if you instant supporting my channel directly off the page on page over here why give various parts at various times you shin level such as helping your credit score or help with your finances and as always some forget to subscribe to my channel over here include that bell iconic so the subscribe on so that you get a notification when video it's watching //
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Should You Rent or Buy
\\how's it going everybody does beat bush today I'm gonna talk about if you should rent a place or buy your own home now if you have the option to do either one this can be a very difficult situation so in this video I'm going to lay out some of the things that you should consider art so that you can decide one or the other this video was sponsored by Zen sleep which is a free app for renters that acts like a personal assistant that deals with the landlord for you typically a renter needs to deal with the landlord once in awhile maybe need to get something fixed you need to pay the rent what you can do is take all this delegate to the app the app will follow up for you saving you a lot of time this app is free for download and use for the renters and you can use it to pay rent every single month it will send out a check for you to the landlord will also come through your credit card transactions if you wanted to and allow you to split bills easily with your roommate if you happen you can even send fix it request your landlord and you can follow up through this act and if you wanna too ill even look through all your bills and offer you cheaper alternatives doesn't please only available in the United States right now and one lucky person that pays sur rent the ruse that lead to this free app it's going to win one free month of free rent before I get too deep into the pros and cons of renting versus buying I like to just kind of give a brief overview of the whole thing and what I really think about all this basically I personally benefited a lot from buying my own place this place right here I've deemed an enormous amount of network through it and almost every single person that you ask that owns a home will have had their net worth appreciated by a large amount now this is not always true if you bought right before the housing crash in away and then you saw it plummet way down then of course yeah you're not going to be better off strictly speaking I think it's actually better to own a home about 95 percent of the time it really depends on the market that you're in now currently this is 2017 the housing market has recovered greatly from before and sometimes is at its all time high right now so to me I can possibly go and buy yet another place but I don't really want to because I see this as a very elevated risk now you do need somewhere to live sometimes if you plan to live in it for a long duration then it may not be so bad to buy even now because the price could potentially dip a lot but then it will just get back right to where it was before on in a few years time so that's why I'm saying if you plan to keep it for 510 years then you could be able to buy a right now and even if there's a large downturn if you're able to keep on paying the mortgage you should be okay in terms of ... trying to keep as much networks as possible now however if you only plan to keep it for a few years right now I feel like there's an elevated risk right now it's very very high it's very very expensive now let's talk about renting a little bit and what's good about it well you don't have a place that ties you down you can essentially pick up everything if you don't have that much possessions then you can just are take it wherever you go you can just go all I'm gonna live on the east coast so fine and then maybe like 2 months later you want to live on the west coast you can move arm as much as you want basically and if you own your own home ill be that much harder to move from one place to another because you have to sell it you incur all this a real estate transaction of up to 6 percent and not to mention you're gonna have all this furniture that you need either get rid of or maybe to pay a lot of moving costs to move from one place to another rent prices on the other hand just keeps on going up along with the market if you're in a market where the rents just keeps on stepping up in little steps one year later you gonna see all adds another you know $500 or something you just see it keep on rising however if you have a mortgage if you get a fixed rate mortgage even if you have the same exact price are for the mortgage versus the rent your mortgage is gonna stay flat and then your reticence gonna inch up a little bit every single year so what you can and that seeing as even if you're a mortgage is just a tiny bit higher than your rent arm in a few years time you're going to see your mortgage less than the comparative right now when you're renting you possibly have all these appliances that are usually you know just kind of the low end quality stuff you can't just buying nice things for yourself are sometimes ill break you have to call the landlord you have to wait for them to come fix it you can't just you know just go in and do it yourself of course like I said with a sponsor if it's taking you too much time to contact the landmark could you silently at not everybody talks about whenever you pay rent all this money is essentially are gone okay you pay it you don't get any of it back you don't even get one dollar back all of this goes into your landlord's pocket now if you have a mortgage of the same exact price part of it it's going to go into the principal now if you are accelerate your payments a lot quicker early on you gonna have more and more of the principal applied to love the home itself which means you're increasing your network you can say almost of the interest is going to the bank's anyway but let's say you're paying 4 percent interest after you get all these homeowner deduction things like that is effectively about 3 per so you take off 25 percent of whatever that you're paying SO 4 percent ... goes 3 percent ... that's effectively about how much that comes out of your pocket that you're getting back so this 3 percent goes into the bank's pock I see a lot of comments saying be rather take all that down payment money they would have put in a house and then invested instead now if you took this down payment and plop it all into it SNP 500 yeah fuck for the last 7 years you going to get 14 percent game the first year 12 percent 1.3 percent 14 percent and then 32 percent 16 percent percent and in 15 percent this averages about 13.3 percent every single year just for the last 7 years I know I'm kinda cherry picking data here but this is a good comparison just for the short term on the other hand let's see you put 100 K. downpayment until home and the home is valued at $500000 this is a 20 percent down the price fluctuation on this home is going to be based on the $500000 so if let's say one year it goes up 20 percent or one year it goes down 20 percent you're essentially going to immediately game double your initial down payment or lose your whole initial dumpy now this one that you see in the back or has done me very very well it's earned way way more than 13.3 percent compounded and the growth rate it's more than doubled so this is kind of cherry picking data because I'm picking the best years of the last 7 years is really really good the last 7 years to compare the growth rate of this home versus gore trait of the SMP now I have to note that the 2017 home prices have basically stayed flat if it stays flat you know for another 2 years or something it's going to change the average quite a bit now there's another thing about owning a home and you can't really look at the paper gains here if you live in a home and you just look at the market value of it you can't really arm spend it newt you live in it you can't take the money out and then go buy something with it you can only take it once you moved into somewhere that's lower costs so you can't even just sell your current place and then move you know down the street or something because you still have to buy something that is similarly priced you could of course downsize and move to something smaller and took the excess or you can are take all this money that you self from your house and move to somewhere that's lower cost of living however you have to be aware that if you do something like this is like a once in a lifetime thing because once you move to a lower cost of living area you're likely going to bomb not earn all that much anymore sold the prices of where you move from this going out here the prices of where you move to therefore making it all that much harder to move back if he ever wanted to now for rent DVD eventually going to get evicted but for your home you think you have a large payment down in it so then you have a lot invested you think that if you do not pay you know like a mother to a mortgage yeah well there might be some leeway but it's really not like this if you forget to pay your arm mortgage arm eventually the within I think about 60 days to have the legal right to go and sell your home for you and it may be I I greatly reduce costs because generally they don't really care how much you get 40 just want someone to buy really really quickly so maybe they might sell it for like 20 percent below market value as long as a bank gets their money back they're happy they don't really care if you know they lose a bunch of your money so in the end what can you make of this do you buy or should you rent like I said before it's mostly good to buy long term so this is something that you can rely on about 95 percent I feel you can just buy into it as long as you live in it ... as long as you stay in it for a long time however if you're going to buy for less than 5 years you essentially going in blind you have no idea what the real estate market's gonna do I certainly don't know what's gonna happen so suddenly a $500000 home you put in $100000 of down payment suddenly becomes $400000 which means you have 0 equity and left in it and basically this $100000 that you put it completely evaporated this is like 100 percent loss this is because you've essentially leverage your money so much that arm a normal price movement as little as 20 percent will completely wiped out your initial down payment completely so should you buy or should you rent it's Kyle like asking someone you know at the peak of 2000 bubble ... should you buy into the stock market or should you sell like in the moment no one really knows but my gut feeling for short term wise is that yes it is a little bit heated right now everybody's going to say all it's not heeded people you know are just gonna keep straight arm it's just gonna keep on going up realtors by the way are always going to tell you this they always go always is going to keep on going up because they want to sell you the home now some people have the foresight to see that all my gosh prices are so high sometimes they sell their home okay and then they take all the money and they just stashes somewhere okay just keep in cash or what not and then they go rent okay and then their rents for 23 years they don't care because all they have this whole big chunk of money just sitting in the bank so that they just rant and then they wait for the market prices to fall down okay it falls down by I don't know like 3040 percent and then they go UP arm all the prices are low okay I'm gonna take pull a portion of what they initially sold and then re buy a home and then all of a sudden 23 years later arm they have a similar home and yet the have you know a couple $0 more into sitting in the bank maybe they didn't even have to work all they have to do this dude is very very smart move of selling at the high and then rebounding back at the low but who can exactly predictors not many people can I hope you enjoyed this way of thinking about either buying or renting basically I'm saying go ahead by were long term short term I don't know don't forget to give me a like on this video common double let me know if you are a buyer in this market or renter if you interest in supporting the South Africa to take on my audible link on the video description below we can get a free audiobook and don't like this audio book you can cancel it before disappear expires in I'll have to pay I think you can still keep this audiobook and then gonna listen to it on your commute and Kennedy double duty your time so that you're not wasting it just kind of staring into space or like daydreaming while you're doing your commute if your interest in supporting my child directly on the P. town over here why give various parts of various contribution level such helping her credits or or help your finances and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel over and click that bell icon next to subscribe and so that you get a notification whenever uploaded video he's watching //
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How to Repair Electronics and Save Money
\\housing on embedded businesspeople bush today's Abbas was going to be a little bit different because today I'm gonna be showing you how to fix something not knowing how to fix something is pretty important because whenever you buy electronics like these favorites were out of warranty arm and you cannot return or anything being able to fix something really really saves you on a lot of money I'm able to just take it apart and then fix it and then a goal okay ... it's not actually broken soul arm I can actually keep it myself or I can take it and just sell it to somebody needless to say having the skill seems you all ton of money because if you're not throwing the sting away and you just simply repair it sometimes it's a very simple repair arm then you're not spending more money on buying this thing brand new I have to say majority of the time whenever something is broken all I have to do is just take it out fidget with a little bit you know move some parts around maybe something got stuck or maybe the battery terminals are not good I just kind of replaced the battery or like I took it apart a little bit move it around and suddenly it works again so today I have this Kyrie coffee machine and we all know carried well I'm not going to go by on the coffee pods because it's like close to maybe 75 cents pod I have some on the east I was given ... along with the coffee machine I'm gonna use to test with this now the first thing you would do with anything broken is well check the battery terminals are turning on and off to see exactly what's wrong with it first now sometimes it might be a computer chip problem arm and I'm not sure if I can actually fix this but what I can do is I can bomb just kind of take this apart and kind of look inside see if there's anything loose that's the easiest thing to do and from there on I can you know try to debug it beyond that for people that do not know electronics to well you can still take things apart just make sure it's not plugged in just to get a part you know see if there's anything wrong internally or what not you know take a brief look at it perhaps move things back to the way they were and perhaps you'll be able to fix it so without talking some more let me try and fix this machine here and I have no idea what's wrong with it by turn it on is is not ready add water okay fine I'll add water okay I did not start a brew yet but it seems like maybe it's just trying to get some water hot ... so that it's ready to go I don't I'm not sure that's an interesting feature of this thing because if you have it plugged in it essentially means is always going to have some reservoir of water that's always hot now they need to keep water all the time we know that ... it's gonna lose heat so then that means it has to re boil the water once in awhile which means that it's gonna have a standby power associated with this thing as long as you plug this thing and it's gonna be armed drawing energy and I've I pursed brew and it's not growing maybe it's a button Prue yep it's not going at it now this could either mean the button or maybe it could mean the pump inside is broken because we know you know motors ... generally the break easily so okay it is true that something is wrong here so I'm gonna go ahead and ... open this up and just check out what's wrong inside because sometimes when I open it later on I find out all I didn't really have to open it in order to fix it so be armed and a little bit hesitant before you open something to try and fix it not not like always spoken a lot we can automatically open it up and and check it out okay I think I have that clip in this up after all so I'm gonna turn this thing off the best seem to do is I don't even want to arm just turn off the power switch I always always unplug it and make sure I see the end of the plug before I go and try to open things well one thing's for sure they don't make this very easily serviceable okay I know I'm tearing up pretty badly but actually after I open at one time then I probably would know how to open other wants without damaging it as badly I okay so there were 2 screws over here that prevents this cover thing from going down in order to access these 2 screws of course you have to take off this little cover thing however this little cover thing is connected to this which I have not quite figured out how to remove just yet I think this is classic actually but then it kinda looks like clocks because there's all these electrodes that sticking through it and I assume it's very hot water that's gonna be inside their heads this is the control panel some sort of power thing I guess I got everything all lead out nice and clean here there's a switch here that senses the water level I've hijacked it I put a little magnet there so it's thinks there is water there is water but I can't get it right against their to to make that switch work so apparently about the green grounding wires were just for safety but then it really needed it to carry current so I have to ... put this wire back this is this red ... alligator clip right here too right here I added yet another wire from here to here because I cut out 12 stupid leak panel turns on this is not Brady had water where did my magnet go I'm not here the water's boiling I don't know if you can tell that ... it's fumbling a little bit over here all this stuff here there's these all these loops which I don't quite understand I think the purpose of some of them is to take out the air bubbles be very careful with the A. C. this is the AC cord over here that's 10 volts so ... don't touch it but I have touched it slightly people are with one hand and it's not pleasant okay I see what's happening here look it's clean the water but water is not so we being pushed I think the poem is broken actually so now I'm going to load it with one of these new Thai latte things okay load it press ready to brew no I don't need to press freedom through I'm just going to use this and start are pushing hot water through here nnsl well not the most ideal because a bunch of water over here got filled up this type he latte thing it's just maybe like a mixture because it has creamer or what not in it then it's just pushing it through this little pod this just like a like a mix so I'm gonna give this a try I think it's just gonna be like you know if you crack this open and put some hot water and it's gonna be the same thing you don't really need to brew anything there's no T. N. it's sweet taste like tighty but the thing is the hot water runs through this device here this hot water boiler and this thing is made out of plastic there's a whole bunch of silicone to ban it there's a piece of plastic here so it touches a lot of classic basically and I mean I'm sure it's heat resistant but ... it also makes me a little uncomfortable as well because it's not blacks so what is wrong with this thing okay this pump sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't seem right now here's an instance of where it's not working bomb when I turn it on 8 volts before it was working it was pumping just fine now I won't but I had it sent to radio to brewing because I thought maybe there be some switches in there that allows the water I don't see any switches along the way as long as this thing is pumping hot water is gonna kill go out but I've gotten that electronics is say it's brewing and now that I'm turning on it I see that term it's not pumping so that this is the indicator I really wanted so let me reverse it just just for fun okay I'm gonna make it go forward again okay so this is really great because this really proves that this pump that's not working so now I can go in there and take it apart and see what's going on so this thing works like it's been so this guy is being waterproof to vital like this little spin ... this guy over here there's like a little bit of ... grommet over here this thing just spins on top of that really army tries to it spins it because there's a magnet over here seems to be turning just fine okay so I'm not quite able to fix this the pump actually does work it seems like there's a blockage somewhere between the pump and I don't know the bottom of this our water heater thing or something there so a block it somewhere so even though the pump is ... appearing to work well it cannot push the water through ... sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't it might be this little check file here arm it might be stuck in that checked state so then if it's bad then it means our when its stock up when it happens to be stopped then it cannot push water through is just a great learning experience just to fiddle with things to see things work you can take it apart as deep down as you want to once I find out what's wrong with this thing on I'll update on my Facebook page or something and I'll also arm update in the video description ... of ... what actually was wrong with this thing after I find out later I hope this video was interesting for you guys especially in the process of how to open all this stuff up you just need to you know a screwdriver and you start taking it apart I you don't need to know how things work you just kind of go with it just make sure that it's not plugged in while you're doing all this so that's it for the media today I think it's slightly successful because I'm at least able to ... brew one Cup of something ... even though this thing decided to never brew something I can I still forced it to be able to prove something for me to forget to give me a like on this video coming down below let me know if this video kinda encourages you to take some of your stuff apart if your age since supporting this channel don't forget I have an audible link on the video description below we can get a free audiobook I have a peach on over here and over to subscribe he's watching //
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Grocery Haul and $20 off $50 at Safeway
\\how's it going evaded his beat bush ice one of $120 on groceries every single month that works out to be about $30 every single week Niger legal by a whole bunch of fresh whole chickens every once in awhile I dimly by this in spurts I don't goal //
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10 Levels to a Financial Rockstar
\\how's it going embodied this is beat the bush today I might talk about 10 levels of financial independence now most people are not even shooting for financial independence but if you are you gonna realize that as you progress towards financial independence you gonna pass through 10 stink stages before you actually get there now it's important a divide these into 10 different stages because becoming financial independence is the many many year journey so that if you have a shorter term goal you can shoot for that and then you can pass one stage at a time today's video was sponsored by text now as you know I Karen iPhone 5 with a free service with boys service now I miss a lot of calls so therefore I have to revert to chat messages most the time text now has a low cost service that does use the cellular network this phone over here is called the LG tribute 5 it cost $30 to get this thing it's a smartphone for $30 now they offer a 1.5 giga byte plan for only $20 no contract and if you need more data they offer a 3 giga byte plan for $28 a month if you're currently using a high priced cell phone plan may be a cost you 50 to $90 a month that's a really high recurring cost and ill make it that much harder for you to become financially independent if you sign up with my sign up could beat the bush you can get $20 off I'll leave a link to their website down in the video description below now to become financially independent you progress to many different levels the first level is bankruptcy now not everyone is gonna land in bankruptcy at all because some E. at the pendant and then switch right over to the next level without ever becoming bankrupt but if you manage your finances incorrectly or perhaps something unfortunate happens that could push you back all the way to level one where you're actually owing a lot more money than you actually have little to his dependents were you dependent on the guardian or your pay for your housing and your basic daily needs 9 ordered a possible to you have to move up if you don't it means you're relying on someone else for your housing because level 3 is break even and amazingly most of America operates at this point where you have a job you bring in just enough money to pay off all your bills you might owe you know a big car loan $30000 or something but the monthly payment is $200 but let's say you make $1000 but you can completely cover all these monthly bills but then you have a really large amount that you owed for student loans car loans everything else it just means that you make enough to pay the monthly bills on all these debts level for me to completely paid off all your high interest debt including credit card debt personal loans and also parlance now what you pay off all these loans maybe you have an apartment or maybe you have a mortgage you're going to have more and more of a surplus of money so that you can and look at this student loan angled man ... it's just kinda gets in the way because it keeps on asking you for money every single month so you have enough money to completely cover the student loan so you just take this money and completely paid off level 5 is when you do not have a student loan at all level 6 is when you own a home but do not have a mortgage because you completely paid off as you work you gonna manage your cash flow really well so that you collect more more cash so much so that you can pay more into your mortgage so that you kind of shrink it more and more and over many many years you're going to completely paired off once you do this is when you are at level 6 now why do I say owning a home is important for financial independence now you do not completely a half to own a home arm as long as you bring in enough cash to pay for rent if you choose not to own a home however most people that are financially independent choose to own a home alright because it lowers the recurrent expenses every single month if you have no mortgage that means you have many many thousands of dollars freed up I every single year that you do not have to worry about pain this means that you really bring down your monthly burn right so you only need very few dollars in order to sustain yourself now at level 6 you do not absolutely need to physically pay off your mortgage if you have enough cash on hand to be able to pay off your mortgage you are at level 6 level 7 is wealth building time you might already built up a good portfolio already but it's not large enough so that you can live off of if you burn rates about $20000 without housing now because you own your own home you still need $500000 of investable assets sitting there so that the appreciation and the dividends can pay for your $20000 of expenses every single year now $500000 is a lot of money and depending on who you are and how much your income is going to take years in order to build up a portfolio that big so level 7 is basically a spot where you're trying to increase your investable assets or you're trying to increase your cash flow so that it kind of balances out what your burn rate is level a is bare bones financial in the it's where your residual income coming from your rental properties from royalties or maybe stock appreciation and dividends all these things that you know require very little work in order to collect people call it passive income if this passive income completely covers your bare bones needs then you are at level 8 level 9 is what most people would like to get an are striving for is financial independence with your current standard of living now you can imagine for someone that has a really really high standard of living that they're just living the life the earn a good salary however the expended all that means their residual income needs to match that amount in order to keep that lifestyle so if your bar is this high is going to require a lot more in the in order to have enough residual income or passive income to be able to meet this need this means a higher standard of living that you have the longer you have to work in order to collect this much investable assets so most people if you're trying to retire early you lowered this bar you lower your burn rate in creative ways that means you can retire all that much earlier and become financially independent now level 9 is an interesting position because if you're financially independent and you don't actually have to work you are still going to be doing something hopefully ... and I advise people to you know kind of gold do what they're after what they're interested in and when you do this you're gonna find that this activity is going to generate you more money so I think if you do it properly you're just going to earn more and more money even though you don't this means that you're gonna progress over to level 10 the ultimate the financial independence position where a completely satisfy your current standard of living and you have more because you have more you can use as a buffer room where you can use it as a safeguard against you know falling out of financial independence because of some incident or what not or you can relax a little bit and not push your expenses so hard and try to reduce your burn rate so much you can you can now relax a little bit increase your expenses a little bit to ... match whatever additional amount that you're bringing it so I hope you enjoy this way of thinking all these different levels of financial it's when you break it down into distinct levels like this it makes the next goal all that much easier and gives you a vision of where you need to be and what you need to do in order to get there don't forget to give me a like on this video comment on the low let me know what level you're and I have to say that I did make this video before except there were a lot of questions I'm in the comments section saying all what if you do this and this before this other position and maybe if you don't own our home at all ... can you be at level 6 even though you have no mortgagee means yeah you're right at level 6 even though you didn't do anything it's really much harder than that I anticipated this thing meaning that you own a home in order to progress down through those levels if you find out somehow you skip the level and somehow you satisfy something a leader on ... you're at the lowest level that you skipped if your instant supporting my channel take on my audible link down in the video description below we can get a free audiobook and don't like this audiobook you can cancel the subscription before it ends you don't have to pay a thing and yet you can keep this audiobook for life you can kinda listen to it on your commute double duty your time so that you don't waste it while you're doing your commute if your ex isn't supporting my channel directly or getting some help with your credit score or your finance check out my Patreon page over here and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bill icon next to the subscriber incident again notification whenever I upload a brand new video he's watching all I am for some of you that think I keep on farting when I'm sitting on this couch now this time I'm going to get off this couch I'm gonna push this right here and you know it's this part right here that's making this farting noises see this is not me no one can fart like this consists on cue no one has this much gas you know maybe I can like put some baby oil on it and then the the sound go away //
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Durable vs. Not: Grill Edition
\\how's it going to Brady this is the the bush on this channel I talk about durable products a lot really because if it's reasonably priced and I at last a really long time the per use costs of this item is gonna be really really low and thus it would improve your network today I'm gonna look at 2 different grills our price very differently one is the Webber brand and one is the masterbuilt pro brand just a disclaimer Weber nor masterbuilt is the sponsor of this video today I have a special sponsor from PC game where I reviewed their product on my other 10 called Pete the bush the at what a lead that video over here the 3 products I reviewed this is mechanical keyboard with RGB backlighting and you can program only slight also to different ways with the lotus driver has ... team who blew clicking switches seek very quickly and sort of loud also reviewed this mouse and low friction mouse pad both of them are light up I'm actually going to integrate this mouse and mouse pad into my daily usage instead of using my wireless mouse mainly because this is so light weight and that we go live to cost this much easier than my set up before if you reached in these products these things run for about $60 $20 and $30 and I'll leave an affiliate link down in the video description below now the whole purpose of this video was to go in depth into 2 seemingly similar grills over here and just kinda look at what makes some durable and what makes them not over here I have the masterbuilt pro I bought this for about $19 yet $19 for listening but it normally retails for about $30 so we can just consider yet it's about $30 this weapon here's actually $90 so it's actually 3 times the cost of this cheaply grill now this massive bill program is 18.5 it costs about $30 this weather here cost about $90 and it's 22 inches so I do know that yes it is a little bit bigger so you can't really directly compare but even if all this massive bill pros you know the same signs it's going to be a lot cheaper so we can caller I don't know like half price or something now in this situation many people are going to wonder if you should buy this cheaper Brian and to save a little bit of money now or should you spend a little bit more 3 times more actually or maybe twice as much if you're doing a similar size arm to get something that it's possibly a better quality now re took them out of the boxes and assembled live and everything this is the box or the masterbuilt pro ... we don't really need to see everything that's inside this one at the box or to whatever we don't need this right now now the warranty on these things is very very telling to me if you look in the manual is is limited warranty care for 90 days from the original date of purchase on this Weber grill on the box it probably says 10 years limited warranty watch this is a huge difference 3 months versus 10 years this is 40 times as long as the warranty as this one did you know a little bit of how manufacture set the warranty they try to sit as long as possible before a lot of failures happen this is what I think the master grill reliability plot looks like initially there's gonna be a lot of failures now I as a consumer we're not gonna see these failures because as soon as they assemble them they're gonna check all these failures right off the assembly line and they're gonna go all now it won't pass quality tech so by the time we get it we gonna see that once we open the box everything fits together everything is fine so then we're seeing it like over here somewhere the least somewhere master go since the limited warranty at just 3 months normally I would think ... it's one year even so at 3 months it means arm there anticipating that this thing is not going to last beyond 3 months so you're gonna buy this for one season ... you gonna use it you know it might work just fine for summer or what not but then when the whole year rolls around the next year comes around you're gonna find that maybe your grill you know one car or another breaks or something whether on the other hand has a 10 year warranty so it seems like they really want this thing to last and gave built it that way over here I wrote the warranty down is 3 months for master grew 10 years for whatever the cost of this thing is $30 the Weber is $90 so assuming that these things is gonna fail quite soon after warranty period expires now assuming we're not really going to buy a massive girl every single 3 months because that's a little bit ridiculous probably maybe ill last one year instead because you will last through the whole season and then ... maybe that makes you buy another one and then you go all you know it's so cheap earn $30 I'm Carol just by a leave it somewhere I don't care if you do this every single year for 10 years it's gonna end up costing you $300 however for a Weber grill if you just take care of it ... don't leave it out in the rain or what not it's gonna cost you $90 so which one is cheaper of course this all depends on if you're going to keep on growing some people you know it might be very intermittent a clear one year maybe they don't grow another year so this is assuming that you're gonna keep on using it if you only use to grow for a couple of times in the next 10 years and you're just gonna buy a for some party and you'll never use this girl again then yeah sure go ahead combined is growth now the reason I'm all fired up is because I initially Bacchus Masur growth and after I assembled it I'm like wait a minute something does not seem right because I was analyzing the materials and things just look a little bit weak so I'm like you know what I don't really want this thing are for keeping long term I want though Weber is set so I went and also bought the weather on I intend on returning this master grill actually so now I'm gonna compared to 2 different grills and tell you a little bit of why one is better than the other and can I point out the weakness now I have not even use a master go at all I didn't even grill on it yet but just based on the construction of the thing I'm gonna critique it so that you should be able to just kinda go oh yeah you know I can tell that there is this craftsmanship difference or designed if so let me get to it now as I'm assembling this this tag team attached to this little handle over here it's is hot protective gloves or oven mitts should be warm while operating all handles now why would they say that is because this thing has too much contact area with this hot grill side over here therefore the heat it's gonna transfer onto this handle so then it's gonna be really hot and touch it however on the Weber grill over here you see there's lots a bar of metal over here and I assume because this is so thin as he tries to travel over here on the does handle it's going to dissipate enough so that we can hold this after your grill is really hot this is not going to be so hot that you can still use this and you know move your grill around over here you'll notice is also does not have a heat shield this one does if this top shell is really hot it's gonna try to radiate incorrect heat onto your hand and if you use your hand like this this little piece here is gonna make it all that much cooler free hand to hold on to the topic thing the top here for his little men think this is a review this is a screw and not reliability wise I'm not too sure which one is better but the not on this side over here has a nylon insert over here which might mean that ... we could get too hot I'm not sure if it will melt or not okay I just check these for mounting nuts do not have nylon it this lid on the other hand uses these through shelled nuts these are not solid it's a piece over here arm I'm not too sure why they're doing this however there is no Lionel nylon in this and again this thing is riveted down so you know there's no chance that it's ever gonna come loose this one over here Tom there could be a possibility that if you rotated enough they might come loose now this latest made so that you can pick it up and kinda slide it to the back this little hook over here in the back with hook onto this fall they can stay on here this one I assume you have to have this logo facing forward like this and then you ... push it over to the side muzak as well now there's a hook on both sides which means you can hook it or you can look at this like that now let me just put it back over here just to illustrate a point this little hook thing ... you can see it comes down and it touches the grill over here that's a little bit annoying like you know it won't last this little tip of this little hook is sitting on top of that well I can't really widget in there either that's just the way it is I mean your lid is gonna have with their just fine but it's just this little things that you know kinda annoys me the one on this Weber grill over here you see there's about 2 inches of clearance over here so that I guess when you have your meat in there on you might not be able to accidentally roll it off this one on the other hand if you have chicken or something maybe it's ... bigger on one side and it starts rolling in might pull off there's no lip here to catch your food so this grill grating here I don't have much to say about either one of them because now they look both look similar not inside there is something I do want to see inside the master bill pro one over here there is this grading here and inside the Weber one there is also a grading here now what do you see that's different here this one is painted this one is not and in fact it feels a little oily I bet is I don't know I don't know what it's made out of its like iron or something but I like the fact that there's no paint on this thing maybe this is enamel or something so then it won't really come off even under high but my worry is when the hot coal is sitting directly on top of this thing ... it might affect the paint on there they might not and I'm not sure not it sure makes me a little bit nervous now these her legs are mounted with knots none of these knots have nylon it however the other side with these 3 screws have 9 want not seen it I can just going here and measured the thickness of this thing which is 31 mills this is point 031 ... inches however one however I can try my best to measure is says something about 57 mills compared to 31 mil so the bottom of this thing definitely is a lot thicker than the bottom of this one now measuring is one thing but you can kind of hear the difference if I knock on it and this one well it's very hard to tell but this sheet metal over here I don't know if you can tell the difference in thickness by me knocking on but this is thinner and this is the care only here by my measurements now on this massive bill builders this little lever here just like on the Weber site where you can move it left and right however in this one it does not do any mechanical movement of for you all it does on this one is to open up some vent holes and close them freaking control the fire on the Weber on the other hand you can see this thing extends all the way up over here so as you close it yes you can close it up so that the fire may be a little bit less and less oxygen coming in but it serves a dual purpose if you have a whole bunch actual right here on the move this around you're gonna be able to kind of move the ash around so that it would fall through these holes so that it can fall to the bottom cleat here azer colbern upping get smaller and smaller do going to fit through these cracks and fall down under when they do fall down under it's gonna fall onto this flat surface once is on here how are you going to get those tiny little calls to get down over here one you ultimately want to do is all those calls could fall down over here so it would be nice if the tapered this a little bit so that you will have like a mountain worth of cold that's surrounding here now I think this might be a weakness point because if you how the coal really hot sitting over here on this clean the sheet metal it might just arm you know rust through over here or maybe they seek it's this is going to be a stress point which might cause the whole bottom to fall down I don't know this I've never seen this but on this is just my take on what could happen MA a Maine not at all but it just seems like on the thickness of this art might not last as long as on that one now when I first looked at the south like Obama has this little Cup thing where all the ashes will fit over here I can take this how easily and then go and dump it all out now I don't understand the purpose of this great here because one you have this thing and you you you put all the coals on this thing on anything that gets too small it's gonna fall through here anything that's smaller than the width of this great but because it needs to be that small talk through it needs is definitely gonna fall through this month for this thing might not have a purpose now on this one after all the axis fall through its all down to this place been just kind of squeeze this one any one of them with you and then you this out and about your ashes on this item up captain America's shield thing the bottom of this one it's kind of nice because it has more room as a square room thingy where is this one only has a triangular one so then you know the area as a little bit less but I don't know I guess you can put some pots and pans or something you know things that you want a source so that you'll have to put it on on grass went there instead now both of them have peace cheaply plastic wheels I can remove this hub cap here and over here theirs is not that's also has a nylon thing so that it prevents it from falling off this one over here however has a captured type of ... sheet metal so that once you press it on it's really really hard to pull back out both are viable things I don't think your wheels are gonna easily fall off with either method one thing I do want to point out is that this you interface here is not really flattened over here like the Weber are over here this real house a flat surface to turn against however this one ... it just kind of you know it's on top of this too ... it's not quite twice but I mean it doesn't matter I'm not sure if there's going to be any issue are due to that not this little foot thing I kind of like this one a little bit better than this little drama thing this one might just fall off just like that this one is a lot harder you take out so up plus points for this Masur built one to steal a bit lighter than these 2 so I'm not too sure if la if it's just a strong I mean do you need it to be strong I'm not sure ... as long as it's holding up the whole thing you'll notice that on the underside of these 2 girls it's very very different this one the only opening is are these 3 holes word access fought through these little leg things when they come up they come up to this little ... brown post ... that is welded onto this ... bottom half where is this one you have 8 screws that goes through and in between this thing and this thing there is some sort of fiberglass piece that goes in between ... I assume the 2 not transfer too much heat from here to here so that when you touch it ... this won't be a flaming hot from the look of this thing it seems like they want to minimize as many screws as they can where the hot ashes and the cold that fall through so them welding this in here it probably takes more work then you know it's just stamping some polls over here so you'll notice that the other side of this whatever one there are no screws known knots or anything like that over here you have 8 knots and 3 screws it just doesn't look as clean not generally the more expensive grilles have this little tub think but I think once the ash cools enough anyway this is gonna be just as easy to remove I mean you just gotta move that down and keep his house with the ashes and dump it one other thing is if you try to hang the late incorrectly and use it to close put it down you notice that the lid over here pushes down on the ashtray are what you need to do kind take it out like this Anya just and then I can let it ... touch against this thing so that it won't be on talk back so my take is I'd rather keep the Weber group because I enjoyed a little great thing at the bottom and it's not painted that is probably my main concern the second one is the reliability I rather have that would last a long time they can keep for 10 years rather than its breaking really tsunami I hope you enjoy this analysis of these 2 girls and just kind of give you an idea of what to look for when you're looking at various items to see if they're reliable or not if your interest in supporting my channel take out the audible link down into the the decision below where you can get a free audiobook and you don't like this audio book or to service you can cancel it before disappears expires and you can still keep this audiobook and helping that that this channel as well you can also support my channel directly through my P. town page over here where I give ears perked at various logic some levels so just help with their current school or helping to finances and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to subscribe button so that you get a new notification when a brand new video he's watching all my goodness why are we in this grow hot spots fights fights fight //
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Extreme Budgeting
\\how's it going everyday does beat bush today I'm gonna talk about extreme budgeting now in order to do this I'm gonna show you a little bit of my budget so that you can kind of follow along and see where you can cut a little bit more as compared to my own budget now before do this you probably notice I have a new pair of glasses on for mu sent me these glasses these are prescription glasses I went on their website and just kind of filled all the prescription information because I have some are laying around from my contact lens prescription it also ask you for other information but it tells you how to do it to measure the distance between European poles and then I put all the information in and this came in Nepal a week or 2 or so this pair costs about $30 and it's about the same price I paid when I went to Korea and bought a really cheap pair of prescription glasses now before I get to my recurrent expenses I just want to let everyone know that I'm not really farting really loudly whenever I'm talking see if I move myself around this is just my couch okay before I get to the recurring part of the expenses I just want to cover a little bit of general things that you should be doing in order to save a lot of money these are just saving methods that I generally employed most the time which is eat at home whenever you go all bring a water bottle so that you always can stay hydrated and you don't always have to like go to some store and ask for some water you know you would feel bad if you have to just go all can I just get water and not by anything so it's better to just bring your own bottle water and then you won't get a headache on these get dehydrated so this all means I minimize eating out disease I don't even really want to eat out anymore but I still do it as a social activity so when ever you know friends want to go I don't like old now let's try not to do that I just you know just go with the flow anyway then this is really important if you don't wanna like lose all your friends another one being not buying expensive cars I do have an expensive car but it's really really old and I drove it for a really long time so that you know by the time I've driven it for 10 years the average cost of it is really low you can save some more by learning how to fix your own car I did this by just researching online and also watching other people's you to every once in awhile you would come across really good coupons are something that offers things for free you should not be shy about use keep them and make sure you use them and if you make sure you use them then arm it would kind of dis place you buying something else so you should aggressively ... attacks using really really good coupons I'm not talking about you know trying to clear all the composite 25 cents stuff sometimes you have like really good ones like ... I don't know buy one get one free type of thing or like you know no purchase necessary those type of things then I say really aggressively go after those ... coupons I also save energy and yes you can buy LED balls for $2 each just bought 4 of them for $6 which is a dollar 50 so you just kinda have to watch out for them and you can get LED bulb 60 watt equivalent LED bulbs for less than $2 each and arm if not already you should replace all incandescent light bulbs with CF else now for really really infrequently use light bald thing you might be able to leave them on to become incandescent and you might not need to replace some just yet if it's like you know you use it like 2 minutes a day or something then ... it might be cheaper to leave them as incandescence I don't go on that many trips in comparison to other people for me it just kind of stresses me out whenever I go I'm more tired ... when I go on vacation and then when I stay at home so I only do maybe one international trip a year and which is quite a bit for some people and the couple of a local chips every single year as well I don't go to that many expensive restaurants anymore you'll know that ... I should my budget before and I use to have maybe about a $400 a budget per month for restaurants now it's gone down to close is something like 150 or $100 a month because I ate out all that much less I live in the bay area and I think not living in San Francisco arm is a choice I could very well just pick up and move there and start renting as some people I would do but I purposely don't do you have because I know rent is so expensive there so this is more of Nino purposely not living in the places that has really really high rent I used to buy a lot more electronics but these days I've kinda scaled back a bit and I I always jump on the latest and greatest things I still buy some of it but you know I don't buy the iPhone accent I don't have a 4 K. TV now onto the budget part and I'd like you to go along with this video and just kinda you know have a mental image of how much you personally spend you might have to dig up your bills or something to try and figure this out but know that every single line item I've carefully reduced it to as much as I can and I review it all the time and I'm like you know can I reduce it here or there and I do know that I can reduce my internet usage on in a couple months so that's what's I'm be doing the first thing is trash service and I've downgraded this to a no landfill been I don't have a landfill been ... I use these arm overflow trash bags that you can use and so I average about $14 a month for trash service water is about $31 there's not much you can do about it other than ... you can try to take quick showers ... you know $30 I think this is ... minimum for me basically I probably can push it some more but you know this is about of my comfort level and you know I really don't want to try any harder gas electric runs on average per month this is average over the whole year about $54 it can probably be lower but this is also arm a standard of living type of thing ... I know other people might be you know higher than my average other people might be lowered in my average but you need to have certain things on I have you know lights on and things like that I don't want to be in the dark so this is just what I spent gas can vary a lot from person to person minds about 120 it does not really matter what you compare to me in this case because more importantly is that you know you need to go to work you need to do certain things you need to visit friends and family on the more important thing is to get your gas at a cheap price and also get a cash back on your gas the next one is motorcycle insurance I average about $13 a recent have a motorcycle not really a motorcycle actually I have a scooter car insurance runs about $43 for me per month this is one way insurance now I choose not to ensure my car because the face value of the car is only $6000 these days and if I ever crash it or break it I can just as well probably get another car for $6000 and if I don't get on to weigh insurance for I don't know 5 years or something I might be able to pay almost half of the car on just for not getting the 2 way insurance bush trees runs me about 100 $8 a month just for myself of course now I have reduced my meat intake up by quite a few I you know I wrote average about 3 ounces fish or chicken needs her what what not and then I increase the vegetable intake and I feel like this is really healthy for me online also don't buy much packaged foods some very very limited maybe like 3 or 4 items of packaged foods every single mother so I don't buy soda at all and I made it a point to not buy beer and this really really reduces arm the amount that you spend on your grocery budget as well as being very healthy for you restaurants runs me about $100 I don't purposely go to restaurants myself I don't like go pick up food ever arm this is mainly as a social thing where I go with people to to restaurants to eat internet runs me about $51 a month I think I can probably bring it down to about 30 or $40 arm with the speed coming up ... after my current service plan ends in another 3 months by the way if you want to really low bomb internet rates always know what's available to you and ... know when your contract ends and right before your contract ends call your internet service provider pulled them they're cheaper plan that you're going to move to ... this forces them to give you a bomb something compare ... without quoting people are just gonna go nope nope this is ... all that we can offer for you so you need to have on this leverage in order to get your price bomb lower and lower for the internet car and school loans I don't have any of those I bought my car outright with cash school loans I peed it aggressively down now I have 0 school loans which greatly greatly reduces my recurring expenses every single month I don't have a cell phone plan I don't have a land line of land line it just doesn't exist seldom plan I use a free version of this ... freedom pop thing ... a lot of people would disagree with using that because it's the inferior services like you can't always get calls arm it's kinda annoying to use there's only one gigabyte of LTE internet ... some would say 500 megabytes but you have to add all these ... friends and family things that ... freedom pop up friends they call it and then you can added up to one gigabyte so I don't pay anything 0 per month you might be puzzled by this but I have video about that I'll leave that over here Netflix Hulu and table I don't have a monthly service plan with any of those I might get in the future arm I might get HBO go or something but currently it's at 0 I normally just go rent DVD with a free code so even renting DVDs doesn't cost me anything movies I average about one or 2 a year that's why you see the average per month it's only one dollar now I only go watch movies that are worth watching in the theater and when I do go I only go watch you know IMAX or X. D. close this year and also about last year so I've been getting them from banana Republic and I've been using their credit card in order to get points and with those points I got a lot of free clothes that I spent really really little on maybe altogether I might have spent you know I still have to spend a little bit like a dollar or $5 but altogether maybe like $20 or so per year arm so it's not very much at all if you add all those up it's about $550 of expenditure arm off recurring expenditure of course now $550 is not everything I spend every single month I also need to you'll have some fun money over here I have some money for gadgets and to buy laptops and by this Mike that's hanging off the view over here ... just things for you to arm you know things I want to play with and things like that so you know I just can estimate about $100 there and another $500 refund money for travel ... you know every single time I go international it's about I don't know like $2000 so $500 a month you get about a $6000 of kind of the way I don't really go all I can only spend this much but you know if there's a really good opportunity where I absolutely need to do something let's say I need I have a really good opportunity to go on a voyage or something around the world maybe will cost like $30000 then you know I can just very well do something like that arm and you know I won't be too worried about it but the point here is that the recurring expenses solo that whenever I do need to spend money I have to consciously go and spend it all those other recurring thinks it's automatic if I just sit here and just you know vegetate I would still to spend $550 because those are automatic bills however for things that I have to arm go out and you know spend time to spend money then I have to actively go and spend it this is a really important factor because if you have to spent effort in order to spend money then your automatic mode is actually a really low expenditure I hope you enjoy comparing your recurring budget to my recurring budget and maybe you can see some things that are really really different between your budget and mine if you extend supporting my channel to forget the to come audible link down in the video description below where you get a free audiobook and if you don't like this idea but cancel it before disappeared expires anything keep this audiobook for life basically and also listen to it on your commute and sort of double duty your time so that you're not wasting all this time are you commuting if your interest in supporting my channel directly check out my pitch on link over here why give various parts at various contribution level such as helping your credit score or help with your finances and as always advocate to subscribe to my channel here and click that bell I contacted us subscribe button so that you get a notification when it video he's watching //
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Don't Buy It: Electronics Edition Ep 8
\\ //
"2017-10-09 15:00:04"
Do What You Want
\\how's it going everybody this is beat bush today's episode is going to be about doing what you want to ever have something that you really want to try or do but then you know that people are gonna look at you a little bit strange because it's not something that's ordinarily done this might be just something that you thought up for yourself it's like a creative it you think of something and you want to it's that it's so that you can at least experience it for yourself and just want to give it a try this is all in the name of trying something new and we all know that even if you fail you gonna gain a lot of experience from trying something brand new people typically look at you strange mainly because you're not conforming to the rest of the people you just not being a sheet trying something brand new that no one else house now let me just give you a few concrete examples I made this fake apple watch now it has no purpose whatsoever other than just to have a little model here it does not really work but what it led me to do is use a CNC machine a table top one to be able to craft something like this I actually made the front round parts and when I showed this to people people just don't get it people just go why did you make this this is so weird it has no functional our reason behind it but this for myself because after I make this see I've been holding onto this for all this time and whenever I look at that I'm like oh man I spent all this time on it I really like it even though it's not a real apple watch it's it's a fake one but ... I actually //
"2017-10-08 15:00:01"
Mulan Szechuan Sauce Fail
\\I mean the voice today is not really gonna be all that much of a fight video but rather a demonstration of what happened when you're not working normally I'm so busy I would not just go to a McDonalds to get some sauce but today they brought back the Szechuan sauce from a long time ago //
"2017-10-07 15:00:05"
How to Escape the Rat Race
\\how they learn everyday business people bush today I'm gonna talk about how you can escape the rat race now this is not going to be an instantaneous thing but you can't do something starting today dang it you know what you guys I thought I could slip this under the rug and no one would touch it but previously I made a video that says I saved 100 percent of my income basically I don't really need to work and all my side income would actually sustain myself for all kinds of living expenses technically I do not have to work but this is all in the name of margin of safety because you don't wanna push yourself to the limit where you don't have a good margin so that you have a little bit more residual income then you act I need because if you just go straight at what you need then it's a bit dangerous because maybe one month I might not have as much income and then I would be in trouble so I do have something lined up I cannot talk about it just yet it's just for logistical issues I really want to tell you guys but I just can't 9 order to escape the rat race you gotta figure out how much money you spend every year I call this the burn rate given a certain very if you have enough investment can essentially give you enough appreciation and enough dividends in order to completely cover what you need to use every single year now you have amount of investments what percentage of appreciation should you expect so that you can make your proper calculations of how much you can produce some investment so that it can completely cover your burn rate this 4 percent rule is highly debated some people think all we can to 4 percent maybe it's only 3 percent or even 2 percent if you're looking for the purpose of this video let's just assume 4 percent for now that means that every $1000 that you need to spend every single year it means you need to have $25000 worth of investments in order to have it appreciate 4 percent so that I can give you that $1000 every year so you can spend now let's say you have a really really low birth rate and you only spend $20000 a year that means according to the 4 percent rule you need $500000 worth of investments so that when you multiply by 4 percent ... it appreciates 4 percent so you can kick people with strong 4 percent every single year which means you can as essentially which all $20000 not having enough investment sitting there is not the only way to produce enough income for you on the side for example if every single year you have $1000 of recurring income from royalties or what not then you can essentially reduce your investments by another $25000 essentially you can have your investments produce some of the income that you need maybe half of it and the other half can be produced by residue income of other sorts this residual income can come from your properties where you rented out and you get a certain amount after paying mortgage and everything if you have a positive cash flow then you can essentially count this as toward your burn rate another one is that you could of wrote a book and you could be collecting royalties from it I know it's not going to be very steady for book royalties but they can go up and down you can also collect semi passive income through Google adwords through creating your own website your own blog or even through you took like this so how do you escape the rat race as quickly as possible basically you conserve money which means you're conserving your time in the future I do say save as much money as possible so that you can take this money and put it in investments we can start earning residual income some people might try to save as much as possible but you'll end up living a very miserable life because you're just skimping on absolutely everything basically my recommendation is dial your spending back a lot and then come back a little bit use a certain percentage of what you save for fun stuff so that you can start living today as well because Andi can't wait 10 years later until you retire and then go I'm gonna do all this great stuff when I do retire you got to spend a little bit today as well not today I'm just gonna go over a few things I can help you build your residual income that would cause you to be a little bit more financial independent and hopefully escape the rat race just remember the sooner you implement these tactics earlier you're going to stop working yes you can refuse to do a certain thing that I reckon however every single thing that you picked that you refuse to do is essentially gonna push back your early retirement date I wanna give the cellphone service thing as an example now I'm gonna work up to more more expensive things later on as you know I currently use a free cell phone service and I have the ability to buy a very expensive plan every single month and it would not hurt me one bit in my butt however I see with the service and it's not as good a service because I cannot get calls all the time I only get one gigabyte of LTE data however I do not have to spend some 50 to $90 everything this works out to be about $1200 every single year now at a 4 percent safe withdrawal rate it means I need to have $30000 of investments sitting in there so that I can extract 4 percent from there just to pay for the cell phone bill look at it differently if I choose not to have the more expensive service and I equivalent service where I can get by I can message people I can get on internet data and stuff at a safe which already if I do not use this $1200 every year just on cell phone plan I can have $30000 less of investment money to support myself not just ask yourself how long will it take you to save $30000 of investments so that 4 percent of that can pay for your cell phone bills for most people I might take a year 2 years or 3 years this essentially means your cell phone using the cellphone it's gonna cause you to work 12 or 3 years more so simply if you just choose to use a service that's not as good except it's free it's gonna cause you to work wanted 3 years less this is significant think about a whole long one the 3 years of your time is a lot of people that I know refuses to use this freedom pop service because it's just too much hassle you can very well just choose to use a service bar harbor your also choosing to work a couple years longer one other thing that can keep you from exiting the rat race is financing too much stuff whenever you finance any a car when you file student loan when you finance personal loans when you finance mortgages those are all essentially paying interest to someone else when you pay some interest to someone else you are taking your hard earned money and giving it to someone else now you want to minimize doing this because all this interest that went to someone else could have just very well just sat in your own bank account instead and when you have enough streams of not paying other people right it adds up a lot just imagine if you never have to pay anybody interests just because you set your life up in such a way where you basically own everything all the interest that would have been paid to other people you're just paying yourself imagine how big this is not expensive phones is one thing expensive cars is get on another level because the expenditure that you have to give for ... switching to you know brand new BMW brand new Mercedes or something is likely on the range on the ballpark of about 5000 to $10000 every single year now just talk about a cellphone costing maybe $1000 every single year will require you to have $30000 of investable assets in order to pay for that cellphone if you choose to retire if you have this habit of switching to brand new cars all the time essentially letting the car depreciate $10000 of your money every single year and this is very typical for people that buy brand new cars the switch him up or something they sell their own card that they don't this is essentially gonna mean you need I don't know some $300000 worth of investable assets in order to pay for your habit of switching cars that cost you $10000 every single year now let's go back to think about how long will $300000 not many people ... have that much in the bank not many people have that much in investable assets will likely take I don't know 10 years or more to get you to the point where you can have so much money so that you can keep on buying these brand new cars suffice to say the depreciation of your car and this habit of always driving though newest thing is gonna keep you working for a really really long time and basically I think basically forever the last thing I like to talk about is rent and mortgages at very high cost of living areas now I'm currently in California I own this home right here however is very very expensive and because I choose to live in this area it's gonna cost me more years in order to earn enough to pay it all off basically now this is something that I have not done mainly because I know a lot of people in the bay area and it's very difficult for me to to a lower cost of living area like going organic or somewhere like that if somehow you can up route yourself if you don't know too many people in the area you just moved in for a job and you can without easily that means you can move to a lower cost of living area which means you need that much less money in order to sustain yourself if your rent is half as much because you move somewhere that is much lower in cost of living then that means you need all that much less and investments to support yourself you need all that much less in residual income from loyalties or whatever to support yourself this is just a starting point and a framework of how to get out of the rat race basically you need to not care about what people think kinda like the honey badger and not buy into those expensive cars buy into these expensive phone plans then you can conserve your resources conserve your time so that you'd need to work much less in the future I hope this enlightens you a little bit because for a lot of people who does a 9 to 5 job they're in under so much stress that is literally killing them when you're sitting there for 8:00 hours a day even for our receive you kinda know when to take breaks is actually physically killing you your body is shutting down just from sitting there I don't know if you feel aches in your back just kinda sore or tingly feeling it's literally killing you don't forget to give me a like on this video common double the me know if this video motivated you to start steering your financial ship towards getting out of the rat race if you're just in supporting this channel don't forget to take on the audible lay down and of it it is a simple low we can get a free audiobook and you don't like this are the book you can cancel it before disappear expires you can still keep this audio book for life and its for free and you can keep this audiobook and listen to it on your commute during Iraq race if your interest in supporting my channel directly Alipay town link over here where I give various parts at various contribution level such as help your finances and help with their credit scores and as always some for to subscribe to my channel here and click that belt Belle icon they sued us of carbon so that you get a notification whenever I upload a venue video thanks for watching //
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I Quit My JOB
\\I think whenever you visit me the voice today's going to be a little bit of a special episode because you know what I just quit my job bingo topic at 5:30 PM look at all this time all these people are we seeing that they're not gonna get back before quitting house in this topic every single day and now it's just getting really mad at this sometimes I would find myself cursing at the track oracle along with the I know not everyone 0 we thank you //
"2017-10-05 15:00:03"
9 Ways You Got Tricked Into Buying More Stuff
\\ //
"2017-10-03 15:00:08"
How to Not Buy Trash Bags
\\ //
"2017-10-02 15:00:08"
Avoiding Financial Land Mines
\\ //
"2017-10-01 15:00:04"
How to Identify Durable Products
\\how's it going everyday does beat the bush today I'm gonna focus on helping you identify products the has the lowest cost per use or lowest cost per year of ownership you know milk tea is something I enjoy a lot and if I'm doing something else that's really busy like surfing the web or something I'm not getting as much enjoyment on my milk tea so if I just sit there and just think about the milk tea smell it and consciously taste it then I get 234 times as much enjoyment out of it because if I were to just keep on surfing the web and just drink it before you know it will be gone and I didn't really realize I finished drinking my multi but now back to my video whenever something breaks on the I do my own failure analysis I do not just toss it away sometimes I might have to take it apart to try and figure out what's wrong with it and mostly because I'm trying to repair and if I cannot repair then I can go all my gosh this thing was the critical thing that broke that cause me to need to buy another unit of the same item now what is this thing this is a garden hose splitter this thing because the little plastic a little screwy thing on here decide screws into water source and this is the thing that broke because they had to hold a lot of weight over here and I had this stuff on here perhaps I had too much weight on here but the thing that broke is this little plastic piece that goes to say whenever you have structural things held together by plastic it better be pretty darn beefy otherwise it's not going to last too long all of my devices that are fully metal like the garden hose itself that has a not it's brass or some they'll tend to last a really long time you don't have something like this happen because this little brass not if this was brass it's not going to like suddenly break like this in my experience plastic structural things break very easily you can count on them breaking you know within 3 to 5 years over here is an automatic drip thingy inside there's a motor there are 2 triple a batteries in there and he could not last more than 2 years maybe they have ... commercial ones that will last longer but definitely this thing I the whole set up was 40 or $50 completely wasted after 2 years it doesn't work anymore because it sits in the sun a gets yellowed from here and it does not work anymore so what can I say this is our complete waste and I had to spend all this time too on installed a little drip things and now well ... either I go and buy another one or you know I discard the whole thing but why would I buy another one when one of them ... just completely fail so quickly on me so the moral of this story is whenever there is a motor inside a cheeky item like this if it has to run continuously because this had to arm turn on and off maybe twice a week or 2 to the week then it's going to break very easily as well especially when you look at it it's not like a commercial product is just a consumer thing well it's also based on how reliable the thing you it's really hard for anyone just look at the device and go oh yet this is gonna be very well reliable this little hosting lasted much longer it has a metal thread here and the only thing that's possible about this is the rubber part now I have to say if it's fully fully metal like one of those brass ones that are thin and narrow those classic looking once the last really really long time plus you can replace those little are rubber ... grommets inside this thing however it has rubber all over here and rubber generally ... from what I've seen it last maybe 1015 years or something and the rubber starts to break down and when this thing breaks all of this stuff on the outside is just going to disintegrate and gonna fall apart now these are general of another one I will any electronic item armed that goes in to the shower area or you know something that it has a lot of moisture they always seem to tend to ... leak water in and eventually of the electronics inside break so whenever you bring electronics in to the shower room it's not gonna last very long maybe a year 2 years tops anything with a lot of water or a lot of sun is going to go through a rapid deterioration ... and you need to arm by specialty products that can survive something like this the things that reside under the sun a lot you really just one stuff because the UV rays are really strong if it takes a beating year after year it's not going to last long unless it's metal and unless it's not gonna rush very much I hope these tips help you identify products that are longer lasting and things that cost you less per use or per year of usage if you're just in supporting my child over at the check out my audible link down in the video to shoot him a lot we can get a free audiobook just for trying to service out and if you don't like this audio book or the service you can cancel it before to secure expecting you don't have to pay I think and this is a really good way to just get an audio book get a book that you really wanted after a really long time and just listen to it on your commute and you can kind of double duty the time that you spend in a commune because you know you're mine is really idle anyway while you're driving if your interest in supporting my channel directly I also have a peach on link over here where I give various perks at various kanji and level such as helping you improve your credit score or with your finances and as always some forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get a notification whenever I upload a friend of the and so what //
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The Best Books are Free
\\how's it going everybody does beat the bush today I just like to remind you that you can get free E. books off of the internet and download them into your kindle or whatever E. reader that you have and you don't necessarily have to pay for books this is especially true for most classic books because normally you would go all let me try to read a certain book and then you go on Amazon thinking that you need to buy a cheap paperback copy or I may be biased through their Amazon kindle store or what not they would charge a nominal fee for dis on the Amazon store however you can just go online search for and then just download it from somewhere into a kindle it's M. OB I extension or you can just load up PDF file into your kindle and and you can read it just this is just a reminder to always thinking about things that you normally do that you normally would pay money for automatically people would go all I want to read a book all let me just go buy one online if you want a copy but you can just get this for free loaded into your kindle read it for example I just downloaded this ... book called meditations by Marcus are really S. R. it's a philosophy book and you know me reading philosophy will this book has a lot to do with this channel that's why I'm reading it this author is a Roman Emperor and he directed this whole book not too and a bigger audience or anything he was just writing this for himself and he was thinking to himself so this is all the more genuine ... with the content rather than normally when you have authors they might not even practice what they preach but this guy he is arm just kinda reflecting upon himself and you would read it and then you would be sure that he is actually I'm trying to practice what he's trying to say in the book now oftentimes I would recommend audible and I still do and people might actually go to audible and try to get a classic book now this is not the good way to use audible because you can go on there and get more recent books right that would be much more worth it but any classics like it's meditations book or anything that's really really old you can likely find an ebook online even if it's just in PDF format or if it's in a text format you can just load it into your kindle device or whatever E. reader that you have or you can just read it on your computer and then you will have to pay a penny now have this really old Amazon kindle it has 3 G. on you might wonder why the heck is this old well is still works for me you still need a light to read anything but there's one really cool thing it has unlimited free 3 D. internet and they have this little experimental thing and I mean you can get this anymore but they have this experimental thing where you have a web browser home but through 3 G. so at the time when I got this I did not have all the data for a cellular network so that I could actually use the browser in this thing it was really really slow it would load really slow but I'm in a pinch you can use this to access critical information that you need and if you're in a pinch you can use it to access whatever web page even now I hope you enjoy this reminder that you can get things for free even though normally you get into this routine of paying for it don't forget to give me a like on this video common now below let me know what other things that you normally pay for that you suddenly realize Hey you can get for free if you inches and supporting my channel of course check out the audible link down in the video description below about pay channeling over here where I give various parts at various times and levels such as help with your credit score or your finances and as always don't forget to subscribe to my channel here and click that bell icon so the subscribe and so that you get a notification whenever I upload a bright a video it's watching //
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Collect Cash Back Credit Cards like Pokemons Q4 2017
\\how's it going everybody does beat bush today I might talk about cash back credit cards and how you can collect them kinda like Pokemon cards so that if you have a good large array of them you can maximize your cash back bonuses now before a style like to just briefly talk about my banana Republic card where I essentially reaped a lot of points from using their system and I did not spend all that much out of my own pocket which is I don't know like couple dollars and I was able to get about $65 worth of gift card credit just for being part of the program the giveaway a $15 gift card on your birthday so see 5 plus 50 is roughly $80 worth of merchandise and you know I go on a sale day so then I essentially I just want to show you what I got a black teacher thing their teacher thing soft walk a long sleeve shirt luxury bland 75 percent silk 20 percent cotton 5 percent cashmere our sweater over here and this retails for $80 so total retail price $175 I use $80 what the gift card and I keyed actually $10 of my own money in order to get all of this so why go to a thrift shop why go to ... by second hand use clothing when you can just buy clothing for 10 Bucks over here so that's just one of the benefits of having cash back credit cards if you're interested on how I do this with my banana I'll leave that video over here now because I have a total of 22 credit cards now I can look at all those credit cards and see which of them give me the best cast back and now they have these credit cards I have will rotating category so then you have to kind of figure out every single quarter which one is best for what over here I'm showing you the best card I like which is the Sears credit card you get 10 percent cash back on gas groceries and restaurants now this quarter 4 of 2017 October to December I am not sure if they're gonna have this 10 percent cash back and you can no longer get this card anyway so I'm not going to talk about it all that much so I just wanna let you guys know that if you on the cash vaccine for quite a while you might have had this card as well and they had this 10 percent cash back for the last 3 quarters in a row so I've been reaping the benefits every single quarter I get like 50 to $70 cash back because I've spent 500 to $700 on whatever and usually I fill up the requirements with an Amazon gift card that I buy at a grocery store now let's talk about what you can get today and I'm just kind of doing this for Q. 4 because I'm anticipating that my Sears card won't have a 10 percent cash back I think they will in case they don't then you can get these cards instead and possibly get really good cash back I'm not like 10 percent but it might be close like 5 percent so for example over here BankAmerica cash rewards if you are in 1 that the higher of the preferred rewards tears you can get gas at 5.25 percent groceries 3.5 percent and everything else at 1.75 percent this preferred reward tiers means you need to have $100000 worth of investable assets which means this can be in the form of stock so you if you have a stock account brokerage account that has investment in it this is not cash that you need to put into your bank of America card you just need to open up a brokerage account and I have these ... shares of stock that's worth 100 K. in your bank of America Merrill edge investment account one of the very good things that you can use is a city double card which gets you 2 percent all around on everything so if you're one of those people that ... don't want to mess around with a lot of different card you don't really want to keep track at all just get this card and just always use this thing you always get your 2 percent back note here that you get one percent when you spend the money and you get the other one percent when you pay the credit card back so on if you normally pay your credit card back every single the way it would not issue on that's what I do so I just go whatever you know you can just pay me one percent now one percent later it doesn't really matter to me the next car which I have talked about is the US bank task plus card can still get this right now they have rotating categories and the best one that compliments all these other credit cards is to select the routinely categories being department store and fast food of 5 percent every single quarter you see that out of all these other critic cards you cannot get 5 percent cash back on department store or fast food so that is why I say elect these 4 discredit card and it appears that they've stabilize a bit so you can always pick department store and fast food every single quarter and not have it change that only thing you have to do go back in this account every single quarter and do that selection now the next 1 is the chief in card this is a business credit card it allows you to have restaurants gas office supply hardware stores and home improvement all at 3 percent now gas you can get something better at the bank of America cash rewards card at 5.25 percent so you don't really need that 1 but because but in card has ... restaurants at 3 percent and not many other cards have ... a good restaurant cash back these days on the use to always have a 5 percent cash back but ... those are not around anymore some new rotating categories coming in is the discovery credit card which has and target at 5 percent for Q. 4 of 2017 now if you don't have this card and if you're interested in getting it you can check out my referral link down and of well it's hard to 5 percent cash back is not all that useful because if you have a target credit card you already get this 5 percent cash back immediately are rather than having to wait for discover to give you this cash back if you have Amazon prime and Amazon credit card then you would get 5 percent on off of Amazon anyway but this discover it card allows you to get 5 percent off Amazon if you don't have those ... that prime membership order prime ... tray card which is ... in my case I don't have that but I don't really need an Amazon cash back critical because I have this credit card bought a whole bunch of ... gift cards already from the grocery store at 10 percent cash back already the chase freedom card for Q. 4 of 2017 has cast back at Walmart and department stores now Walmart does not usually have 5 percent cash back so this is a good thing if you shop there a lot and if you have a chase freedom card then this is a great opportunity to keep on are holding onto that cheese freedom card and just put it in your wallet rotating in or whatever so that you can spend your money at Walmart through the chase freedom car now you don't have the chase freedom credit card I also have a referral link down below just remember discredit card needs a critics were of roughly 720 in needs really good credit score for you to get up the new credit card I thought is the BBVA compass card now it has 3 percent cash back on travel this is a rotating category for every single quarter so you gotta go in and pick travel every single quarter the thing I like about this card is because it gives you cash back and not points like a lot of other carts and also 3 percent cash back on travel is a bit rare for critical arts that does not feet you'll notice that all these credit cards I have listed that I'm actually using for cash back on does not have annual fees they all do not have annual fees ever armed they don't have the first year annual fee they don't have sucking your aunt and you'll see this is why I like to keep on because it takes me a long time to ... accumulate all this cash back because I'm a pretty slow arm earner in cash back and you know you gotta spend quite a bit of I'm amounts in order to you know collect enough to get like $25 $50 whatever threshold the habit that the previous 3 percent travel cash back that I got was from an American Express gold card now that one had an annual fee so when I went to use it arm I actually had to keep it because I was like all young you know if I just keep it and I and then I buy like a $1000 plane ticket that's like $30 right there and then I would look at the annual fees I oats only the fiver is $195 and I was like you know if I'm spending $3000 already this is already $60 of the annual fee so once you start using one of these annual fee credit cards for cash back it's sorta gonna lock you in because it spend some money on it and you have like certain amount that stuck in there but get you can not cash out due to whatever reason maybe attacks out thresholds or maybe you want to wait a little bit before you can get a plane ticket or something like that then this is going to cause you to keep that credit card which will also cause you to pay the annual fee this is the sole reason why whenever I get a brand new credit card I try to anticipate so that if I do use that some sort of cash back that I would redeem it before the annual fee is due now I know this is a lot to take in and I know you probably don't have the same mix of credit cards as I do but it would give you a good indication of what cash back that you currently have and compared to what I currently have I hope this will help you spot out some advantageous credit cards were it would help you get more cash back if you're interested supporting this how will forget to take on my audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook and you don't like the service orders audiobook for any reason at all he can cancel it before the subscription expires and then you don't have to pay a thing and then you can still keep this audiobook for life basically and you can still happen if this channel if yours isn't supporting this channel directly a Hopi channeling over here where I give various parts at various contribution level such as help with your credit score help your finances etcetera and as always over to the subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get notification whenever I upload a brand new video thanks Watson //
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How to Reclaim Time and Energy for Yourself
\\how's it going and Brady does beat bush today I want talk about reclaiming some of your time back from your day job we all know that a full time job will cost you about 40 hours or more per week on top of this you have the lunch hour that you have at work you also have the commuting time and also the physical toll that you get even if you don't work at a physical we require jobs such as the cubicle job or what not you just sit there and it just physically tired you all and by the time you get home you don't have much energy to do much else other than vegetate in front of a TV or just do anything else just to recuperate by the time you're done recuperating you roughly have only one day left yourself per week this is why sometimes when you have a 3 day weekend if feels twice as long although it's only really one day longer than your typical to date we can now most people don't have the luxury of tossing away their full time job because they need this money to sustain their livelihood unless you're talking about someone dies retiring early they can just completely not go to work and just have the full week to themselves but for someone that needs to keep on working I'm gonna talk about some tricks tips and tricks that you can use to try to ... kinda pushed back this amount of physical toll and mental tool by has on your body so that you can sort of reclaim more than one day a week to yourself now your body and mind sort of works in different ways your physical body gets tired really easily however your mental brain capacity can run for a really long durations and knocked the teeth out too easily now in order to get around the mental and physical fatigue of your day to day life you could consider waking up earlier and just kind of time shifting everything so that you wake up you do a whole bunch just stuff for yourself this is when you're most aware and most awake and you have most of your brain capacity you're not tired at all in the morning because you just physically rested then you can go about doing whatever you need and then you go to work and then you can apply yourself there when you do your stuff first in the morning which I consider is probably more important to you then going to your day job you can then use the best of what you got in the morning and apply all of this physical energy mental capacity on to whatever that you really really do care about now personally I'm a night owl so every single minute I have to wake up earlier I prefer not to do it is just waking up one hour earlier it feels to me like it cost a lot more but this is something that could be changed because armed yes it's gonna be hard waking up earlier in the beginning however once you've time shifted your schedule there is no physical difference between you are waking up earlier because you're just gonna go to bed a little bit earlier now if someone explain to this long ago that I could do this and we kept earlier to apply myself to some project I really wanted to work on if you want whatever side project to succeed that badly you will make the effort to wake up earlier and apply yourself in the morning after being told is I'm just a little regretful that I did not realize this myself earlier because all this time I've been trying to work on things after work and after work I do these videos and I'm just like all my gosh I'm so tired I could have just really just done all of this in the morning instead not if you wake up just one hour earlier every single day you gonna have 5 full hours of your fullest potential to put to whatever that you want imagine how much you can do in the full year of doing this thing of course you can push a little bit further wake up 2:00 hours earlier with up 3:00 hours earlier you can just do whatever you want and then you can just basically apply yourself for one hour 2 hour 3 hour and then you go to your job and then you come back and then you have to eat and then you just go to sleep really tired this is a really good time to keep your full time job and take back some of this energy back from your work so that you can apply all this energy towards the goals that you have whatever that you're interested in now another way to multiplex your mind and your physical self is that whenever you're tired you need to have something in mind to think about while you're commuting while you're Idoling somewhere maybe drinking something you know standing at a park or what not if you're not trying to just you know take it all in and not thinking about anything then you can always jot down something that you need to think about putting your phone notes ... right in a notepad or what not and whenever you have some idle time are a lot of times I do have like 30 minutes one hour I don't mind waiting 30 minutes one hour at any given moment because I always have something to think about once I realize that I have something like this I would pull out my notebook pull out my phone and just re read some of the stuff I need to think about and I go okay it's something and then I just you know put put it away and then I start thinking about it and I stare into space and all home and then all this stuff goes through my mind and if I think of something great I'm gonna take my phone back out and then enter in whatever results I have the same thing with when you start your commute you can't really look at your phone while your commute so what I often I take out my phone before I get in the car and go okay I have this or this that think about okay I'm just gonna you know just kind of keep that in mind and while I'm driving I would ponder about that on this whole time and this is not time we see because I would be driving at the same time and pondering about ... something that I want to think about I hope this video is eye opening for you because if you do this you're going to essentially gets a lot of your time back and be able to apply yourself to something that you're interested in this is not to say that you not applying yourself I work but everybody always have some sort of ambition some sort of ... site thing that they like to think about or do and this is a really great way to apply yourself that's all I have for you for today don't forget to give me a like on this video comment on below let me know if you're going to implement these type of changes in your if you insist on supporting my channel don't forget to check on my audible link down in the video description below we can get a free audiobook and if you want to support this channel directly check on my P. champions over here and over Scott X. watching //
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What Does Affording Mean to You
\\how's it going everybody this is people bush today I'm gonna talk about what it means to be able to afford something now being able to afford something means a very differently from person to person at one end of the spectrum someone might think that they can afford item as long as it will fit in their credit card as long as they can make the minimum payments the second step of affordability may not be as bad as putting on a credit card but it's more like living on a paycheck to paycheck level work if you have enough money for that rest of the month if you have extra then you can go all yeah I can spend this extra money on whatever it is you can imagine just because you have just enough to buy the item you cannot really afford it because you really shouldn't spending that close to your limit where you have nothing left now the third step of affordability is if you have the cash in hand and yet you have some unclean off loans such as credit card loans student loans or //
"2017-09-26 15:00:07"
Build Credit When You Cannot Get a Credit Card
\\ //
"2017-09-25 15:00:00"
Living Without an iPhone X
\\how's it going everybody does beat bush today I want talk about living without an iPhone 10 because apparently for some people it's a lot harder to not by then to give in and just buy the darn thing as you can imagine I and a lot of people have the cash in hand in the bank account to buy this phone out right but this does not really mean affording it to me to me you can only really afford it after you become financially first and retired early first that means you need to have enough cash in the bank account to sustain yourself to not have to work in order to make a living and if you have money on top of this and you can spend this on whatever you want you can buy a flashy brand new car you can buy an iPhone 10 if you want the point here is that you need to put your money into dis endeavors first because it's essentially buying you more time first now of course if you're buying your iPhone 10 on credit or if you have to go through the payment plan in order to afford this this means that you really cannot afford it and you really should not even think about buying an iPhone 10 stick with your earlier version ones like an iPhone 6 X. ask those or good enough or right now in order to live without the latest and greatest all the time you really have to have a good sense of being humble now you're more humble you don't have the urge to need to show off therefore it helps your finances because you never need to keep up with the Joneses and then by all these fancy gizmos that depreciates really quickly over time when you help your finances this way this in turns inflate your net worth increases that really really quickly so that you can arm aim to retire early which means it's essentially buying yourself more time when you think about how much an iPhone 10 costs it's about $1000 and you keep on doing this year after year you keep on upgrading its likely going to cost you anywhere between 123 years of your life if you just do not keep up with the latest cell phone all the time and let's say you're anticipating retirement age is about 65 well incentive doing all this you could have retired maybe around 6263 and set doesn't that sound nice you have 23 years of just free time left for yourself instead of up pouring all this money into the latest and greatest which really does not increase your happiness after all it does not really you know increase yourself valued now being humble needs a lot of practice because you're allowing others to be better than you this is counter intuitive to arm the general sense of people where people always like to go all you know I'm doing this better you know people are just trying to 1 up each other well if you just allow others to you know be better and how their iPhone and I have my iPhone 5 over here I just go okay yeah you have a really nice iPhone this is great I just you know I'm pretty happy with mine as it is when you do this you release yourself of having all this baggage to having to spend all this money to keep up with other people which in turns allow you to become financially independent a lot quicker than if you don't do this now some people in real life as well as in the comments section have commented that he want to embarrass carrying around something sold on how can you even show your face to other people carrying something like this well to me I practiced it in such a way that I decoupled my self worth away from the device that I'm holding I draw my self confidence and a lot of different aspects of life I use this phone as a tool only I do not let it stand for who I am now let me just give you an example of where my confidence come from so that I can actually hold this ugly thing around and not be embarrassed about it number one I own my own home and realizing this I something like this to boost my confidence because I know I have somewhere to live number 2 I have a whole bunch of skills you know a lot of different DIY skills I show on this channel I know I can be self sufficient and do various things myself and this gives me a good confidence that Hey you know if I need something done I can use my own hands and do it myself I also have 2 years worth of emergency fund so if I ever lose a job I don't have to stress out about it and I can essentially ... not worry about being coming homeless or anything I can still live just fine I can self sustain myself I won't suddenly have ... no income at all I mean I have a good little nest egg that I can use to draw from and you know people bills and things like that so I won't be like all know I am broke you know I need to sell so off my possessions and stuff just to live and additionally I do have this YouTube channel which I really really enjoy making videos and stuff and people coming to watch it and let me helping them ... I get various letters ... comments and stuff through email through comments saying how much I help them and just this alone arm I feel like I'm contributing to society arm I'm helping people out and basically this makes all this effort I put into these videos well worth it now in order to hold on this thing for so long which is an iPhone 5 it's a really old phone but I still keep on using it is a good sense of delayed gratification I am pretty good at like wanting something but I can easily easily not by something that I want I just will just wait around until it's a really really good time maybe there's a sale or something ... I would wait around just kind of scope around until I know it's a good time to buy or that if I really need it sure I'll buy it but I think 10 is not something I really really need it maybe today on this phone breaks I cannot buy you know the 67 or 8 or whatever and I have to buy the 10 sure I'll just go and buy now another aspect that can help you hold on to an older phone generally I find that this is from pure pressure people be like all what are you doing with this old thing this is really hurtful it definitely affects me a bit because when I'm holding on to a phone that's just one generation or 2 generations old and then maybe all your other friends they all have iPhone tense and it's a little bit daunting and if you find yourself arm in a situation where they're making fun of you sometimes it happens I had people make fun of me holding onto his iPhone 5 and what I do is I just go yeah you know this is great bomb I have this Eiffel's hive I like how old it is I'm just gonna try to see how much longer I can hold onto it and on top of that by the way you guys are spending $60 a month and by the way I spend $0 among this thing and they're like what's this is crazy and I'm like ha ha ha yeah I see now you might wonder how did I become such a person where I don't care about the phone I'm holding onto this is a gradual process because I you still hold on to ... a bit nicer type of phones the thing that really got me to hold onto even older and older phones is that I've noticed my electronics depreciating so much and I've been using electronics for a really long time and I use to ... get pretty cutting edge stuff and all I see is all these things get old really fast and soon after you know no one wants some and they're just you know bed dead keeper weights and then they're not worth anything when I look back how much I've wasted on these things is just really hurtful is like no I don't want to do this anymore so then I try to spend less and less on electronics these days and if you notice how much you lose on your old electronics all this dead graveyard electronics that's just sitting around then you might start to think up all my gosh yeah maybe maybe I am spending too much you just add it all up it will be like thousands of dollars just just completely evaporated in value well what I do with all this money instead is I just stick it into a retirement account I stick it into a savings account or brokerage account and I see this instead and this is essentially building up my net worth and it allows me to retire earlier which means I am saving more and more time so that I can use this time it might be years or tends the years decades even where I can use this and live the lifestyle I want to live rather than you know doing commuting every so all day doing 40 of 40 hour work weeks where you're essentially doing stuff that ... you're essentially told to do rather than ... you sitting at home and going oh yeah you know ... today I want to ... work on such and such hobby just kinda expand your mind and and do the things that you want to do this is the whole purpose of retiring early which is to buy yourself more time so that you can do what do you think that you should be doing I hope you enjoy this way of thinking about not buying the iPhone 10 or maybe not even buying iPhone 8 or I've won 7 because those are all pretty expensive as well if you interest in supporting discount the forget to check on my audible link down in the video description below I got paid channels here and if we get this sky it's watching //
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Chick in My Life
\\other going everybody speed the bush I have checked on my shoulders today I don't have time to make a video at home so I'm gonna have to take this on the go this morning I'm at a FedEx office because this is a weekly occurrence to me because usually I always ship something you can see over here in my car I got one package 2 packages this thing's gonna net me about ... about $80 after to fees and stuff this one 's about $50 and I do it is usually so ... it's a natural occurrence here so since I hate waiting in line all these things have labels and I just go drop it off and then off I go this morning I was suppose to have a laptop delivered somehow this UPS guy calls me on the cell phone saying all well I can't find your address on the GPS this sounds very fishy to me because I never had a problem entering my address into the GPS so we'll find out I'm not at home to pick it up so I'm gonna have to get this package later by the way the laptop the brand new laptop is an XPS 15 Fourcade display I. 7 processor 32 gigabyte ram one terabyte solid state disk so this is like almost top of the line computer ... it's fully loaded and ... I'm gonna get it and evaluated a little bit later on so part of my day involves going to the U. S. P. S. over here this is where my PO box is part of the the bush I'm only showing this because this is one of the last times I'm coming to this PO box 5 changed it to a different one so ... you can see inside it's pretty has like all these boxes over here and I'm going to go to one fox so today happens to be some review units that I ... picked up at the post office I'm gonna if he's in my car and get going so I popped over here in Mountain View I'm gonna have lunch with my friend asked Samsung over here and this is a you know couple building campus over here can see it's a ball 45 floors up and we're in the public space over here and I'm pretty sure they don't want me filming when I'm inside ... I don't really want to bother filming inside the cafeteria or anything calm it's over there right on the first floor over here so let me go get to it one thing I forgot to mention about that dell computer is that I did get a highly discount because it's a refurb unit through the dell outlet store I got another 10 percent off through Mr rebates now this is a one of those shopping sites portal where you go through it and then you get a certain percentage cash back now you remember to go to death portal then you would get your rebate but if you forget then you're not gonna get it if you're interested in this Mr rebate thing I'll leave a link down below in the video description now in my own experience I don't really ever have that problems with refurbished units they have a warranty period where you know you can just make sure nothing goes wrong and then you can return it if something goes wrong within that period so to me whenever I have a refurb units it's never that big of a problem and from what I can see in the comments section of dell refurbished units actually the good anyways almost time for me to meet up with my friend so let me go get to it so now I'm getting some exits moonless is this is a gets and what city are you and ... I don't remember it somewhere on the peninsula the trick cities being good is that outside needs to be very crunchy the inside being married to a let me look at inside here it's a little bit 28 but we're trying to get into our brand place but she's not around so like it matters it's a little baby doing who had storm over there I'm I'm I don't know 2 months old what and what I think I'm 2 months old no 2 months old Howell MI and to date yeah see that's about enough that's close enough hello everybody I have a check on my arm earlier this he or she just wants to sit here I think it's because of my jacket ... feels comfortable mainly yeah exhale it here this one wants to sleep in my hand it's hard because this black as black stripes I try holding if you put your hand over on they get sleepy very fast tensing all yeah the middle the middle one is very easy to use yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah WNED so after checking out the chicks were going to escape this is called real estate starting soon in a few minutes so let's ... I probably can't I'm right in there anything so ... I'm just going to go and ... and finish and tell you about after I'm done so we ended up not being able to get out of this skate when we were really really close ... about 5 or 10 more minutes would have made it out my whole experience with the yeah it was pretty fun it cost $30 per person and it was about 90 minutes to 2:00 hours worth of ... your immersive ... kind of puzzle solving experience is it worth it well if you go your first time yeah and if you like that kind of thing sure for me I am not too sure if I'm gonna go to something just like that again like another kind of escape room like this ... I had fun but then I don't think it was $30 fund it might be and if I have to put a dollar amount on it $15 one it was if it's something like this for $15 mia then maybe I might go again afterwards I went to an Indonesian dinner with some friends and then I dropped off my friend at the bar say sit now I came home there was some stuff already waiting for me at the door I have a package which is this thing I ordered a set of the Walt screw drivers now I have a set already there nickel the battery basically died on it and I'm not too appreciative of this big old battery anyway so then I decided to upgrade to something like this this is the most awesome thing ever when I went to home depot and I saw this I think well this is really small and I want an electric screwdriver DC's because I do a lot of repairs with electron and I want to just pop something in and have something really reliable and small so that I can just go you know the good and kind of remove all the screws and this thing is one of the smallest dewalt screw drivers there is there's like these little LED pain by the way they're not a sponsor anything I just really like this little gizmo and this thing arm it's about $220 or so it comes with this impact driver these are told what machine and it also came with a third battery see one to a third battery and the charger right here some little belt clip thing and I think that's it and it comes with this bag but the main thing I'm looking for here that I really really wanted was just this screwdriver there were other cheaper screwdrivers that was on sale but then I looked at this I really wanted it and I really have to evaluate to myself which one do I really want I want the smallest one on something handy like this I did not want something a little bit bigger that's not exact I just kinda looked at this and I'm while I really want this I'd like it's it's small issue arm just perfect for electronic servicing and which is the main thing I would do rather than doing contractor work you know putting but just screws into homes and stuff ... that's is something that I normally do not do I mean once in awhile I might put up picture frames and stuff but arm this is more purpose built for me so that I think it's even if I'm spending like $4050 more than if I got something else which I couldn't have this is worth it for me and by the way this $220 is not out of my own pocket because I cut this $500 from that American Express gold card I signed up for I spent $2000 where did I spend it for I pre pay my mortgage and you know pre pay a mortgage get a whole bunch of dewalt tools for free just look at this thing I don't know I think it's really really awesome and I'm gonna have a great time using this anyway the XPS 15 machine like I called FedEx up it turns out that they really could not find my address and after a little bit of searching on Google and stuff on the other end on their side they were able to find it and then I told them the need to deliver tomorrow because I'm out all day so I will get that tomorrow and tomorrow we will see how that machine is that thing turned out to be $1600 arm retail is for $2600 or so or a little bit more on this is before tax so I know all of this does not really have to do it finance or anything I just wanted to make sort of like what a day in life ... is like for me I mean today is the one of the busy days that's why I could not make a video at home so in place of this I just kind of put together you know all the busy things I've been doing today I hope you guys enjoy ... hope you guys gonna get a little idea of what I do arm on a busy day it's not this is not like this every single day so I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to give me a like over here common envelope I don't know what to say somethin if your interest in supporting this channel I'll leave a link for this little favorite screwdriver I have down into the in addition hello again audible over there paycheck on and forget to subscribe things watching //
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School or Entrepreneur?
\\housing or never Brady does beat the bush today I'm gonna talk about if you should pursue higher education or become an entrepreneur some of you in the comments section and in private message have asked me about life advice in general usually completed a high school degree but not quite in the college yet you trying to figure out Hey should you go and pursue your passion do your own business side business or what not or should you go and study get a degree and get a regular job now this is a really really huge decision and if you ask me I don't think I can just say or you should do one or the other it really depends on your own skills now like I always like to do if I do not know which decision to make I was just trying to find out more and more information until it becomes so clear that obviously I'm gonna pick one decision or another so now what's a risky if you choose a school Pappas less risky you're just gonna go through school you gonna get a degree gonna get a job and you can get a steady paycheck entrepreneurship pose a significant risk because you don't know yourself if you're gonna succeed or not some people and I've seen this before that wanted to start their own business do you just go okay I'm gonna start my own business and they don't have any experience in at all I've seen people star a restaurant and they just pour lots and lots of money into it like 300000 to open up a brand new restaurant remodel and stuff and then at the end the bottom right after they open and not many people go to this restaurant and right there the restaurant closed down there in debt because they peed all this money to renovate the place you have really have to know what you're doing so that you don't pose yourself at significant risk because you're gonna lose money if you do the wrong thing now the purpose of this video is to give you an indicator if you may be a successful entrepreneur or not I've read about a bunch of billionaires and what they do as a kid the usually make a lot of money even though they're like a teenager or just a kid they make small amounts of money they're right but as they grow up they just keep on making money they might start off delivering newspapers or mowing people's long or maybe later on owning pinball machines and collecting the fee from it this hit me the other day that if you're young and you started making money and then you just make a bigger and bigger amounts of money is like your in this sort of training mode of how to turn a profit now when you start a business you gotta make sure your profitable and if you're not profitable you better become profitable very very quick this is the cornerstone of having a business it needs to generate you money not lose you money when you start your own thing it's not like the unicorn businesses where you going get old bunch of venture capitalists fund you just burn tax does a really unique cases and really hard to duplicate for the Carmen our business small business owner a person that's just starting small you need to make a profit you need to have enough ... income coming in to support and sustain the business itself and even better if you actually make more than you need to sustain the business now making a profit means you not just spending extravagantly on your business you need to put a cap on it and like we are running a very very lean so that you can get to the point where you're profitable and if you're bringing loads of money sure you can expand a bit most the time when you're just starting out you're not just trying to run so lean and trying to squeeze as much profit out as possible you're running lean because you don't have that much coming in it's kind of like a requirement you must run lean in order to survive so before you start a business and thinking about becoming an entrepreneur think about what you have always been doing before that point where you're starting think about you know 35 years ago have you been making profit some how have you been buying random stuff and then turning a profit on all these things have you been you know not venturing into little things where it does not cost as much to start a whole brand new business like you know you're like meeting a little gadgets do dads or something and selling them if you've been doing this all along ... throughout your childhood throughout all the way to the point where you're thinking about officially starting your own business then this might be a really good indicator if you gonna put a giant investment in it you gotta figure out how long is it going to take you before you make your money back sometimes if you put like 100 KM it it's gonna take for ever if you only make like $1000 every single month how long can you run that business before you actually turn a profit you get more money back then what you put in it's gonna take I don't know 10 years of running a business ... if you only make $1000 in profits every single month sipping killing and making money every which way you probably have a higher chance of succeeding if you become an entrepreneur or start your own business thanks for watching this video I hope you enjoyed this way of thinking and sort of give you a foresight into if you should become an entrepreneur are not if you anxious in supporting this how you can get a free audiobook through audible down in the video description below I have a P. town over here and then forget to subscribe he's watching //
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Credit Card Application Rampage
\\housing on invaded his beat the bush awhile ago I talked about getting more and more credit cards because my credit score is really high house this morning how many critical arts I can get in a short time before it starts to dip since our video and in a short time span of about 4 months I applied for 6 additional credit cards and I got approved for all of them right now I'm holding about 20 credit cards are here and 2 more is coming in the mail now even after 6 new credit card applications for some reason my trans union vantage 3.oh score is still at 120 now normally a a hovers around 835 and in the trans union report this is not the VantageScore shows 835 still it has not really dropped by even a few points but stayed 835 for the past 6 months during which I did apply for 6 additional cards so I'm getting more more increased however it seems like arm me having so many other credit cards to begin with really makes it so that me applying for more is not really affecting my credits or all that much so house is useful for you if you have a really high credit score as well and you have about a dozen credit cards you don't have to be so scared of getting more more credit cards you can just sort of monitor it and just get more and more mainly for the sign up bonuses in order to turn and what not now I do have to mention that I'm not showing these credit cards just to show I'm really wealthy in fact there's so much credit limit on these critical arts that if I spent it I'll be immediately broke I cannot afford to spend this credit card limit and in fact most of it is 0 here because I'm after I spend the sign up bonuses and what not I get the bonus I'm not putting thousands of dollars on each and every card my spec expenditure is roughly I don't know 1000 or 2000 every month really that's disperse all over these cards mainly for on which everyone has the highest cashback bonus now if your interest in supporting a channel and getting some of these cards at the same time you can go down in the video description below and check out the chase freedom card this one if you get it you get $150 of cash back if you spend $500 in 3 months this is really really good another one of these is the discover card if you get it and just make one single purchase even if it's a pack of gum you get a $50 cashback bonus so you can really just go okay I'm gonna get $50 bonus let me just by a pair sneakers or something and then you get $50 off the discover card I recommend for beginners who are just starting out their credit history where they have a pretty low credit score you need to get this card first because they tend to have a lower a credit score requirement however for the freedom it requires something a bit higher needs excellent credit score like 720 and above ... to guarantee are pretty much guaranteed that you would get that card now you might be interested in which of these cards I got and what kind of bonuses I'm getting I got an American Express gold card you spend $2000 you get 50000 points which is equivalent to $500 worth of gift card or you can spend it any other way so $500 right there I got a capital one 's spark card this is a business card yet to spend $4500 on it and after that you get about $500 cashback on top of that you get the $90 cash back from the 4500 because a 2 percent card so in total spend 4500 that $590 back I got the bank of America Merrill plus card where I spent $3000 and you get 50000 points and you can redeem ... for you know flights or whatever and it's kinda equivalent to maybe like $1000 worth of flight so you better I'm gonna use this in the coming year to ... do whatever with it I mean I might do a little traveling ... you know I know make a video where ever I'm going the next card is Citibank 88 advantage car where he spent $3000 and you get 50000 miles I'm not too sure of what's the equivalent to but it's 50000 miles it sounds like a lot more than $500 worth basically are clay of rival card spent $3000 get 50000 miles as well and then I got the B. B. V. A. compass clear points card are spend $1500 you get $100 back now I look at all these and you go oh my gosh how do you get all these cards and meet the spend requirements because you have to meet these within 3 months what I'm not really spending my own money here I am using the plastic service which I'll have a referral link down below this service allows you to take your credit card and pay a 2.5 percent fee and pay whatever you want such as your mortgage or your rent in total de 6 cards add up to about $17000 of spend requirements I'm not really going to take this money and blow it off on whatever products so I am taking this and pre paying into my mortgage I'm about to pay more into it anyway so taking this and funneling it through a credit card harm gives me a lot of advantages let me add up how much advantage there is actually on the high and if you know how to use these points you gonna get a value of about $4100 or so on if you spend it not as wisely you know it might be about 2 or 3000 but this is still pretty good even if it's $2000 you get $2000 just from spending $17000 and you're just paying into your mortgage which means I'm not really burning it up or anything it's just converting ... task that I have on that I would put into ... mortgage anyway it's just kinda converting cast I have on hand into equity in my home so if your interest in this classic service check out my referral link down in a bit of discussion below where you can get $500 of fee fee transfers which means you can go and get this freedom card get this plastic service which is free and then you can use is classic service pay your rent or mortgage $500 and you don't have to pay a fee at all and then you can grab your $50 of cash back from freedom now I realize not everyone is gonna have a really really high credit score and then be able to get all these credit cards and get all these benefits the point here is that once you attain something like this I just want to show everyone that all my gosh I can just you know kind of get many many credit cards and still not have my credit score affected all that much and I'm still going to keep on doing this and I'm gonna just see how many more I can get I'm just gonna you know keep on doing this keep on keep on and as I do it once I realize that maybe my Crisco is dipping a little bit too much I'm gonna stop right there make another video and just kinda tell you guys about it what my experience is how many credit cards does it take to ... bring down this 835 credit score if you interest in supporting a channel which you are already by the way if you trial any of the referral links you can check out my audible link down into video description as well I have a P. town over here and forget to subscribe to my channel it's watching //
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Stop Learning and Start Doing
\\how's it going everyday dispute the bush today I'm gonna talk about why should stop spending all your time learning and start spending some of that time doing instead you see most of our allies who been studying and learning most of the time to complete a high school degree you've been studying for 12 years and if you happen to complete a college degree you have to spend another 4 years this is 16 years total that you've delayed on your life basically from actually doing anything useful sure you're completing your education and this is really useful to get a degree during all this time you've been spending all your time learning and studying you're not actually applying all of this in the real world how many times have we said to ourselves all I need to do such and such maybe I'm gonna lose we first before I do a certain big task other times people might say let me finish learning this language first before I do something else but this learning process is like a life long thing people never really finish ... learning something with what I'm saying here is not to stop learning completely because it's always good to keep on learning however you should not spend all of your free time learning because if you just keep on learning you're not actually doing anything you can just be a lifelong learning all you can ... go to library all the time you can get multiple degrees but then yeah at the end you get to know a lot more but you did not produce anything the idea here is to cut back a little bit on this learning if you you know you got your degree or whatever already you learn you have some core competency that you can exercise already okay then you say here you go okay out of all the skills that you have you can make something out of it what can you do to our utilize all the skills to your fullest extent the point here is most people will never be fully ready whenever you're sitting behind some books learning about something you can spend many many years doing this and you'll find out that once you start something you know the actual practice of it you realize like the first aid that you're doing that thing you learn so much more than the whole year of trying to learn it through a book do your prep work you need a little bit of background first but you should step right in start doing stuff make mistakes the first mistake is your experience here it's gonna be highly valuable so you just gonna learn from it and try again idyllic every single person has their own contribution to make throughout their lives you have learned various different skills it may be very very unrelated maybe like your grandma taught you how to cook away and then your profession is like a finance person but you might be able to combine the somehow in your own unique way and produce something so this is using all your skills to your maximum potential and just doing something with all of this I feel like every single time that I actually practice something that I learned solely through a book or a manual the first day or the first minute that I'm trying to practice something I'm learning something completely new it's completely different from what the manual says it's like learning everything from scratch so yes you still have to prep for it first just to know the basics but once you start it's like a completely different world it's like you know you can have someone ... practiced by the book by some simulation all the time but this is no replacement for actual real experience I can just see here behind the camera and trying to tell you all this experience but it's no match for you actually going to life and experience it for yourself because if you have the experience yourself you actually you know you feel the emotions through it these grandpas you know they're always trying to get really good advice but you know as a young person when I listen to older people is I'll yeah you know they're saying this stuff but it's hard to kind of implement ... things that people tell you without going through it yourself so yeah later on you realize the wisdom words but by then it's a little bit too late because you had to go through some of it yourself already and you kind of maybe on expanded your costs are same thing as an older person so then you held they're just trying to warn you but then ... it's kinda usually hard to on take the advice as is without at least experiencing some of it yourself whatever you're thinking of doing maybe it's something really big stop prepping for if you've prepped enough just jump right in and just started already stop learning and start doing //
"2017-09-18 15:00:01"
Don't Buy It iPhone X Edition Ep. 7
\\because we don't know Brady does beat bush welcome to the seventh episode of don't buy it you don't need it now in this episode I'm gonna featured the iPhone 10 only and I'm only going to talk about the iPhone 10 and why you should not buy now did a little bit of price estimate to figure out how much last year's phone depreciated if you bought a brand new now the iPhone 7 plus 32 gigabytes are sold for $769 in about one year later right now you can go on eBay and buy for about $500 now this is eBay sold listing prices so ... year looking at about a $270 depreciation after one year if you are bought a brand new yourself and then sell it yourself this is roughly at 35 percent depreciation now you buy the cheapest iPhone 10 at $1000 the estimate is that one year later if you choose to sell it and perhaps buy a brand new one again maybe the iPhone 11 if they have it or iPhone tent ass or something like that you gonna get back about $650 this is a $350 of depreciation not put these numbers out there just to give you an idea how much you lose in depreciation if you do all the work yourself now however if you sign up with the carrier and duties upgrade plans were you can just give on the phone without doing any work at all it's gonna cost you $49.91 every single month ... for 2 years now if you do it for the first year it's gonna cost you about $600 and then you get to trade in your phone so out of pocket it's gonna Scott you $600 instead of the I. $269 it would have cost you to do it yourself or an estimated of $350 if you do it yourself for the iPhone tent on top of the $600 you have to pay for the phone itself you still have to pay for the service which runs roughly between 50 to $80 over one year this is roughly $600 to $960 every single year now if you add all this up together if you choose to upgrade every single year and you choose to use one of the big carriers it's gonna cost you out of pocket ... about $1200 every single year that you do this now so far I've only really told you about the actual cost of the thing most people would go oh yeah you know I'm willing to pay $500 $800 $1200 for the privilege of using this brand new phone because once you have it you gonna go you know you can show it off and stuff you can say Hey you know look at this new augmented reality thing and you can do all kinds of fancy stuff with it for me I have to upgrade phones every once in awhile and I think in the past 10 years I might've bought about 2 or 3 ... phones out right and they they're very expensive like $1100 I have not bought service for the past 10 years because most of time I can use the phone from my work ... as a personal phone or other times ... as of recently I've been using freedom pop for the past about 3 or 4 years where I have my own service plan however this is a free service you might be a little bit confused about this free service but I use an iPhone 5 with freedom pop the voice data goes over voice and I would have to say the voice data is not very reliable at all people have a hard time contacting me but I'm able to contact people bomb pretty easily through chat we tacked on Facebook messenger and things like that so I use ... the chat channel on as a more reliable communications how with the free freedom pop service I do get 1 gigabyte of LTE service every single month for free now I pay $0 for this in comparison to the 50 to $80 a month and on top of that I don't upgrade my phone every single year ... I'd use this iPhone 543 or 4 years compared to someone that has the latest and greatest all the time they're spending about $1200 more than me ... every single year now I've done this for the past 10 years instead of you know people like to say oh instead of you know buying a coffee or whatever let's see you invest it was he gets arm 8 percent compounded annual growth rate over 10 years instead of spending $1200 every single year and if I invested instead might end I calculated this already I would get $19000 more in the bank than someone who chooses to have the latest and greatest now you have to understand this whole time I've been using a phone most time I also have internet ... most time I can also call people I can get Texan everything I analogy there though service may not be as good and you know I don't get the immediate gratification and stuff it's just kinda like shifting to a mode where I'm not on the bleeding edge I still have an iPhone okay I still am able to use apps and things like that but in the bank compared to someone who operates every single year I'm not $2000 richer than someone who does this now I'm plan to keep on doing this for as long as I can and every single 10 years and I think I have you know several more these 10 years ago it's just gonna get worse and worse is not going to be $19000 every 10 years it's gonna get compounded more and more is just a mode of ... changing your lifestyle and how bleeding edge you want to get when you have the latest and greatest all the time it's gonna cost you a pretty penny and in the long run you realize that the quality of life does not improve dramatically because for me having ... slightly older phone I still get all the services of the all the essential services at least as compared to someone who has the latest and greatest phone now let's talk features here but I think 10 has a law degree features but which one of them do you think will materially improve your life now this really depends what you're upgrading front if you're upgrading from a flip phone you're likely going to see a lot of improvements because after getting a smartphone from a flip phone you're going to see a lot of drastic improvements such as access to apps and things you have access to a really really good camera ... so let's just not talk about upgrading from a flip phone to a iPhone 10 because most people's not gonna do that most people are upgrading from an iPhone 5 S. 6 or 7 arm into the iPhone tent now the biggest thing about the iPhone 10 is that the screen covers the entire front surface or mostly of the entire front surface of the phone because of this they had to remove the button so then you can no longer have the fingerprint ID to log you went so then they have to invent something new such as the face I do you think now the fees idea thing is completely new it uses these infrared sensors to sense the contours of your face ... and this is likely hard to duplicate but it's not impossible think about one of those square boxes with like 1000 pins on if you stick it on someone's face it's gonna have the same contour as this person so this might be a possible spoof forward this phone spoof meaning meaning that you're going to trick the phone into logging you it in other cases you might be able to log into someone else's phone by sticking the phone in front of them while they're sleeping although they might check that the eyes are open so I don't know maybe you can't eyeballs onto her eyelids or something in order to get into their fault let's just say with any given technology especially with something brand new like this face I do you think people are going to find ways to check it and this is ... something that's gonna happen I believe ... in the coming months now do you really need this face ID thing I think it's only there just to replace that button so that you can have a larger screen so it's not I necessity perhaps it's more like a replacement of the fingerprint ID which only became necessary because your whole front face of the phone because I'm a screen now because you have this face ID thing be suddenly need to implement this whole neural network thing just so that I can adapt to your face so then they have this neural engine thing well do you really really need this well if you don't have this phone with the screen all over the front then you may not need this ... Nero engine thing you may not need this face ID thing you may not need the screen to cover the whole front face now what is this about the screen covering the whole front face of the phone do you really need this this is an aesthetic thing when you take out the phone well yeah it's going to be smaller now because the bezels arm it's all gonna be screen and said so you gonna have a larger phone ... larger screen phone but the physical dimension of the thing is gonna be smaller now is having the biggest screen possible on a phone really necessary are you can kinda argue probably not to me because this isn't a static thing you don't absolutely need this now the iPhone 10 has other features such as ... wireless charging do you really need wireless charging so having wireless charging I think will improve your quality of life just incrementally because you do not have to plug this lightning connector into your phone for you know it'll take you about 2 seconds every day so we'll save you that much is absolutely necessary ... well you can argue why 2 seconds is kinda worth your time or not ... to me dead 2 seconds you can just kinda do away with it something really fancy and it's nice to have of course but it's absolutely not necessary there are 3 additional things are improvements such as arm you have this and Nemo G. thing where you have emoji is where you can like move your face because of this infrared detection thing from the face detect they can you know just double up the infrared sensor there and use the data from there to animate your and emoji so yeah you're gonna be talking to some people and they're gonna have some and emoji and maybe you don't have the iPhone 10 yet so they're gonna be like you know ha ha you know they can move around this is great and all but we have to understand how many people are actually going to use an emoji ... it's going to be ... gray and all it's gonna be a new thing people are gonna go all while you know it's cool and all but we have to see if people are going to use this arm in the long term are people always gonna like ... if they laughed right are they really gonna try to record themselves in all laughing and just say ... and emoji ... more often than before are not ... you know eh time will tell I don't really know this their augmented reality games which to me are pretty interesting however if you're not into these augmented reality games well you know this is something that you may not need and on top of this augmented reality games are games after all so if you spend a lot more time up playing these things then you know to me you know on this how that I think ... Nino generally a lot of games or a week's time because you are essentially putting a lot of hours into it and you're not getting any ... anything back any kind of skills and you kinda life skills one additional thing that you're gonna get better on the incrementally better color and higher brightness now to me I think if you go on a blind test or something you're not gonna be able to notice the color difference or the higher brightness on most people cannot tell on the better color some people are more sensitive to this this better color better brightness it's going to incrementally improve your usability of the phone perhaps but in the end is likely something that you don't absolutely need now like I've said in the series all the time is that there may be applications were you me absolutely need the iPhone 10 maybe you absolutely need the augmented reality version maybe add that to develop games or something because you're a developer for I am Paul minted reality games then sure yeah absolutely you need the iPhone 10 that now with any iPhone if you gonna buy out right and keep it for a really long time you should look at the long term depreciation of this now we don't have data for the iPhone 10 but we do have data for the iPhone 5 S. which has been out there for about 45 years already as you can see here once it's released you know the price got really high for some reason so it's $100 about 1 year later it dropped all the way to about $350 about 2 years later a top all the way down to about $180 and 3 years later it dropped all the way down to about $120 so if you study this chart from camel camel carefully you will notice that apple normally releases their devices sometime you know late September and the phones don't really reached a mass market until maybe December where they have produced enough and that most people have such phones once many people have these phones you'll notice that the previous versions of these phones dropped dramatically as you can tell over here on the chart you can see some time around you know about February is when the price of the previous versions of the phone dips dramatically so once this iPhone 10 comes out this is a really good time to get our perhaps iPhone 6 iPhone 6 S. or iPhone 7 you pick it up you wait a few months you pick it up sometime and of ... January to end of February and you gonna get a really good price if you do get one of these earlier phones you gonna be able to pick them up for like $500 rather than the $1000 that you need to pay for that iPhone tent now here's what I'm thinking picking up one of these earlier devices is really good because you have like 4 K. recording you have really great cameras you have the big screen you have mostly everything that the iPhone 10 as the iPhone 10 houses you know these incremental improvements it's nice and really fancy and all but I think if you upgrade to something arm like iPhone 6 or it leader then you're going to have you know very very good features already and you're going to be you know pretty up to date you're not going to be on the bleeding edge but you're gonna save yourself you know like $500 more every single year even if you upgrade to like the second generation of from the bleeding edge every few years so that's watching this episode of don't bite you don't need it the iPhone don't forget to give me a like on this video comment number well let me know if these topics convince you to not buy the iPhone 10 after all if you're inches in supporting a channel to forget to take out my audible link down in the video deficient look we can get a free audiobook and you'll like this audio book you can cancel it before the subscription expires and you don't have to pay I think you get this free audiobook and you can listen to your commute and just kind and double duty your time and you know learn something while you're doing something brain dead every interest in supporting my channel directly on the P. town over here why give various parts at various times to be Jim levels and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you can notification whenever I upload a brand new video it's watching //
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Statement Date vs Due Date
\\how's it going everyday dispute the bush today I'm gonna explain the difference between a closing date and the due date in your credit card statement now your credit card statement is gonna have something called a billing period and there's gonna be an opening date and the closing date now this is opening and closing of the statement period the opening day is usually on the same day of every month but it does not have to because I have some statements where it moves around a little bit by one or 2 days this is really annoying so arm just take the concept as it is and realize that the due date is usually about 15 to 25 days after the closing date now perhaps in a calendar format things will be a lot more clear usually in the statement it would show an opening date and a closing date shown in blue here now this is from the sixth to the fifth of the next month so then the next statement period would be the 6 of the next month are all the way up to the following month after that whenever you get a statement it's gonna show all the charges that you did during this blue statement period after your statement here and still go to this frenzy where all yeah you know the tally up everything else and they send your statement and your information to the press would have to print out things right you get a paper statement if you get it then they have to print it out they have to stuff the envelopes and stuff and they have to mail it to you which after you know I don't know 10 days or something you would finally get your statement arm in the mail them when you open it up you'll see all yeah you know your statement period from here to here arm all the stuff that you spent from this period it's gonna be shown on a piece of paper statement by the time you see the same thing you can I still have a few weeks left before your actual due date so for disappeared in blue here you can see after 25 days it's the due date over here all the way on October 30 so by the time you get your statement you're still going to have a few weeks to be able to pay it off before it's actually do you have to pay off before this date or else they're gonna charge some interest be or lay fear what not now some statements are really confusing and I almost think the critic card companies there purposely doing this to confuse the consumer however sometimes the steaming close date the might quote a date for the current statement so it's like trying to tell you arm when your next statement is gonna close so then you gonna get a statement close date November 5 for example and then on that same statement you gonna see all the due date is October 30 so you know that might be a little confusing to some because arm your statement close day how can a close after ... your due date well because the due date is for the previous statement carried over here and the next statement close carried it's over here and the due date afford that closed hearing is gonna be some 25 days or so after which is which is in November ... thirtieth so hope this video hope you understand your statement a bit better I know I've been answering this question over and over again in the comments section I must live retype the same thing about 30 times already so now I made this video I'm going to post this link for anybody to ask about this question again ... it's kinda like just to help myself and help you guys as well don't forget to give me a like on this video coming down below let me know if this helps you all and hope you understand your critic car statement a little bit better if your interest in supporting my counsel forget to take on all doubling down into vivid assertion below we can get a free audiobook and you go like this audiobook or to service you can cancel it and you can still keep this audiobook for life basically and you don't have pia thing as long as you cancel before the trial subscription ends of course if you like the subscription you can choose to continue it and then listen to these audiobooks which is really good on your commute you can sort of double duty your time ... when you're commuting you're not really thinking about anything else you not doing anything else so you can arm you know listen to a book expand your mind learn something new while you're doing your commute appearances in support of my channel directly don't forget to check he channeling over here where I give various parts at various township and levels such ass help with your credit score or help with your finances and the like and as always over get to subscribe to my channel here and click that bell icon next to the subscriber and so that you get a notification whenever outlook watching //
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How to be Likeable
\\ //
"2017-09-15 15:00:00"
Who is BeatTheBush 2
\\how's that gonna baby this is beat the bush today I'm gonna talk about myself nigh don't normally do this and I don't really like talking about myself all that much but in the comments section a lot of you have asked me arm certain things about myself and I've condensed it to ... a few questions first of all some of you have asked me where does the name beat the bush come from well when you start a brand new channel and you have 0 subscribers and no experience at doing anything arms and no idea what subject it's even gonna be I started this channel thinking or I'm gonna make some do it yourself channel ... make some whatever cooking videos I was just gonna little upload whatever I one now that it's transformed into a finance channel I might have done better if I mean my channel something finance or something but now this is the name I have stuck with and this is the name that I've got my initial thinking would beat the bush was well it was a saying for not getting to the point but I got corrected it's actually beat around the bush or be around the bushes where it means you're not getting the point so I accidentally use this incorrectly and it became my channel name could be around the bushes means not getting around that point and beat the bush and you can kind of say okay I'm shortening it and it means getting to the point instead now I do understand if you go on urban dictionary and you look up at the bush it might mean something gross instead it's not that I totally have no intention of that arm after machine the channel I then realize only I could have a second meaning former something weird like that well this is ... way too bad for me because this is what I'm stuck with and this is actually a serious fucking hands channel so enough about the name of the town on that talk a little bit about my background now I made a video where I outlined that my net worth has compounded annual growth rate of 37 percent now this is not much if you're just talking about one year maybe got lucky or something or maybe you started off with ... $10000 and then you get $13700 and okay that's 37 percent but the cool part about this is that my net worth actually increased 37 percent on average about that much for the last 8 years 8 years arm you would think it's kind of hard to do because when you consistently go okay 37 percent 7 percent this is really hard to do because especially when you get up into like you know $100000 with the networks and then you get another 37 percent on top of that that's another $37000 or let's say if ... net worth is about $1000000 then another 37 percent on top of that is $370000 now I'm not actually seen what my network this but I just wonder arm can approve that whatever I'm doing is working that's why I'm ... showing that number rather than my actual network now 19 from a pretty low income family and all the networks that I've making right now none of it was given to me so I may need every dollar of my net worth because my family was pretty low income when I went off to college I qualified for some scholarships but you know it didn't really pay for everything I still have to pay are some money ... to get my bachelors degree I went to UCLA for my bachelors degree in engineering in electrical engineering of course I also got a master's degree at UCLA in digital signal processing so yet another electrical engineering type major not owed a whole bunch of money from my bachelors degree and I worked every summer so then I accumulated I'm about to cash and then by the time I went to my master's degree ally okay I have you know a little bit of leeway so I'm just gonna pay for roughly half of my master's degree with cash so then I just kinda paid for and then the remainder I just kind of took out a loan so then that got added to my full student loan by now I pleaded all offer 80 so I no longer have a student loan know in the comments section some of you have asked me some you know somewhat personal question a might have nothing to do with finances but it really has to do with who I am you know what my background is on the may sound strange to you by my share anyway I went to a public high school the second thing is my zodiac sign this is a bit weird if you believe in that kind stuff I'm not gonna share my birthday but it is Virgo okay so you know we are close to my birthday here in September so I'm I'm a Virgo that's who I am I also have a blood type you might want to know my blood type to figure out what my personality is maybe you guys one of you know guess before ... just based on my videos what type of blood type I am apparently ... in the Japanese culture day like to bomb you know classify people ... yeah if your display type then you know you're traits are like this or what not but what I am is a D. minus AB minus if you look at the population spread of how many people have AB minus is very very little across the U. S. is about 0.6 percent across Asian people I believe it's even less like 0.3 percent or something don't quote me on that one but yes so okay I get to feel a little bit special what I can do with this blood type is that I can go donate plasma and it would be ... pretty universally accepted with other blood types however whenever I go Doni by blood the people that can receive my blood is basically only the people that have my blood type which is really rare so to me arm maybe giving blood in my blood type is not the best thing so arm for the same amount of time I might need to do plasma instead you might be wondering how did I get to be so good at finances how was I able to ... just create this such a high dean of net worth and consistently over time I would have to say this is basically learned from when I was young when I was very young I was a very very good saver whenever I have money ... I would just save that instead of you know buying random snacks or buying like a coke or something where I was giving an allowance I would rather not by those things and then save it up instead and I would save up so much that you know like a kid should not have that much money and then as time progressed I learned about new things learn about credit cards how to invest all kinds of little things in space sickly I'm like a constant research of anything I don't know if there's like financial terms I don't know I just you know these these internet you know on Google and then I go okay and then into it might our to do figure out are what something is and I've done trial and error which reading and things like that with options so basically I owe all this financial knowledge to just constant learning and you know anything that you don't understand you look up you learn you absorb it practice it I have a certain expenditure but I have to spend every single year I look at it like like a little wooden thing where I'm like wiggling it away a little bit very slowly and I'm just kind of like molding it and Chyna it you know taking care of a plant or something you know I'm like every single day I'm like oh yeah you know I should do this you know and by the time you're done with the it's like this beautiful banzai plan or something where you maintained it very well things are pretty automatic and well it's just kinda runs itself these days and finally this time is probably the first time I'm wearing this green are fleece sweatshirt by the way arm you might be interested to know that I bought this from Sears for $2.18 today I just got this we sure it's brand new it's it I I I feel like it's very very comfortable like our units arm they may not be the best color for you but I kind of really like this color myself I mean now I get to look like a pea pod and I don't really mind kinda like this dual tone color and such this goes to show that if you just wait around we've for sales or what not you can get really really good deals without going to a thrift shop and spending $10 I bet if you go to a thrift shop or you know some used clothing store and and if you try to buy a fleecing like this it might cost you $10 not $2.18 which is arm this is brand new I got it for $2.18 so enough about me don't forget to give me a like on this video and common now below let me know other things that you want and I'll jot it down and put it in the next who is beat the bush video if you use isn't supporting my channel to forget the to come audible link down into visitors from below we can get a free audiobook and you can all like this audio book you can cancel it before the subscription expires and you can still keep this audiobook for free and help benefit this channel if yours isn't supporting my channel directly don't forget I pay check Richard why give various parts have various talk to be shin levels such as helping you with your credit score or your finances and as always I forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get a notification when ever upload video thanks watching //
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Equifax Data Breach: What Now
\\how's it going home Brady does beat the bush today I'm gonna talk about the equal fax the to preach not evil fax is one of the 3 credit bureaus and because of the credit bureau you assume that they're going to take very good care of your social security number and your credit fast but apparently if you have a server out there somewhere even if it's a bank with enough time and enough determination from hackers they are going to get in no matter what kind of security measures the do it always seems like it's just a matter of time before some genius hacker they would get in in some way or another now how do you protect yourself against something you basically can't because they hold your information maybe today it's one of the credit bureaus another day it's gonna be a different one or maybe even the IRS could get higher steal your information from you the information that they hold of course is the stuff in your credit report your data burst your social security number your address extender 9 attacker da has your information could potentially take this and open up a brand new low open up a brand new account in your name they could potentially take your information and follow a false tax return and potentially added more dependence even though you don't have all that many just kind of give you more kids so that they would actually get a higher tax return now you may see all kinds of links on how to check your social security number with your last name to check to yeah if you're put affected to me I'm very wary of clicking any link that ask me my social security number or the last name even if it's the last 6 digit of my social security number now if you go on the Equifax looks like they're going to direct you to a brand new website now because I go to the eclipse website on I trust whatever link that it's telling me to go to rather than directly going to this link that's called Equifax security 20 now in it itself our someone we could try to Fisher information they could create a new domain called on Equifax security ... instead and maybe go to this you might just be led to believe that only at this is a legitimate thing that Equifax is asking me to do and maybe it will ask you for all the digits of your social security number as well as your last name so this is a type of ... fishing scheme therefore my recommendation for this is go to directly and then click on that link that shows on their website and then you can proceed from there just to be sure that you're not clicking on some random link that someone tells you to go to now with your social security number and your credit report all thrown out there and just people might be able to read it in plain black and white words this is probably a really good time to check your credit report from all 3 credit bureaus now there's only one place that you should really do this if you do this at any other place it's gonna try to charge you money it's gonna try to ask you are you know you gotta pay $50 $100 to get the actual credit brew a score the correct and free place where you can get your free annual credit report it's called annual credit where you can request your credit report from all 3 credit bureaus once every year there are dozens and dozens of other websites that claims to give you a free credit report now this is the original one go to this one don't don't go to the other ones after you go to the website and check if your social security number and your last name has been affected and by the way they only want you to 6 digit of your social security number they we don't want you to enter in the full 9 digits even though I believe if you enter in 6 that it's it's pretty easy to try and figure out what the first 3 digits are anyway now if you are affected Equifax's providing a thing called trusted ID premiere which is basically 5 different things that allows them to monitor your credit reports to see if it anything fishy is going off the first thing is they will provide you with an Equifax credit report now you can take this and just kinda comb through it I recommend to do this once every year anyway to see if there is any accounts that you do not recognize if there is something then it means you have some work ahead of you you have to go and track it down and say you know this account is not yours and by the way I found some account on my credit report that was for and luckily for me it was relatively easy to get that removed from my credit report because I'm like this is not me I never use this address before even the name is a little bit different so they readily removed it but you may not have ... such an easy time with this especially if they use your crack name your correct social security number and then somehow ... they opened it in some different state or something like that they might ... not give you an E. as easy a time of removing it from your credit report the second thing that the trust of premier credit monitoring service does is it looks at all 3 credit bureaus and monitors it for any suspicious activity so that's very nice the third thing they do is a credit report lock so that the third parties cannot easily access your credit report information although they still leave some are able to still access your credit report the fourth thing is that the monitor suspicious websites on the don't really name which one because it's not really good to tell all the crooks which one they're monitoring of course and they look at the social security numbers that are posted on their most likely whenever a hacker ... gets this information arm the most likely do not have the time or the patience to try to use every single one of the number so the and up taking your in for and they try to sell it just like credit cards there are like black hat websites out there where on the so you credit card information you know I I think I hear like a doll or something or like 10 cents something really cheap they can just buy the stuff off ... off some you know shady website and then pull it out and then they can do their you know their business of committing crimes and things the fifth thing which I find is pretty useful is the $1000000 identity theft insurance now in case they go and steal your identity and makes you owe a certain amount most likely you can track it down and get wiped off the your report but apparently ... maybe you can do that for some one reason or and this insurance would come in very handy but I bet you they're gonna do everything they can to not pay this amount this is just kinda to me it's like ... a really really back up back up resource most the time they're going to create a situation where the don't actually have to pay any money they're just gonna know lot whatever loans ... someone got I hope this will help you understand what to do with the Equifax data breach and also calm your nerves a little bit because once you listen to this you my kind I think all my gosh they're gonna take my information take out loans they gonna steal my money over to give me a like on this video comment on below let me know what you think of Equifax not protecting your information enough and essentially giving out all your social security number information basically all of U. S. is compromise on 150000000 social security numbers out there arm all given away everybody has everything now if units isn't supporting this channel don't forget to check on my audible link down into the discussion below we can get a free audiobook and you don't like this audiobook you can Ansel this I can still keep this audiobook you can keep this audiobook for life basically arm even after you cancel the audible subscription you can still listen to this audiobook and of course if you sign up for his audible trial work no money really comes out of your pocket if you just do the free trial you will still help benefit my channel if you insist in supporting my channel directly you can check out my picture link over here where I give various perks at various times shin level such as helping your credit report help improving your score or help with your finances and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel here and click that bell icon next to the subscriber and so that you get a note of the the brand new video so watching //
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What is Casualty Spending
\\how's it going and Brady dispute the bush today I'm let's talk about casualty spending what it is and how we can avoid that title T. spending it's what its name implies this like whenever he spends something there are side casualties to whatever main thing that you're spending so basically you have something you actually do want and I call this the gateway product because once you buy this you have all these different things that you suddenly need in order to make this main product work for you //
"2017-09-12 15:00:01"
Should You use Betterment Robot Investor
\\how's he gonna Brady doesn't beat bush today I will look at the betterment Wrobel investor at right now I actually do not have an account with betterment but I have an idea of what it's about basically it's an automated Wrobel investor application we're asking a whole bunch of questions like your age your income your investment style and then peace on your answers is gonna Taylor a profile on the number of percentage of bonds stocks like cetera on the mix up of your total portfolio and then when you put money into it it's going to automatically ... divvy up whatever amount that you put in into those proper allocations now for this app is basically pretty good for people that doesn't really want to know about the details of investing they don't really want to go and take ... bond fund and then go pick a ... low cost ETF ... SMP 500 fund the cost of the few here is about point 25 percent and say armed this amount of the charge you is going to be offset probably by the time tax loss harvesting that they do for you tax loss harvesting is nothing but you selling something that took a loss okay then you can take up to a $3000 with the credits or you can ... offset whatever gains that you make then after you sell something you buy something not very similar to that so on a completely different ticker symbol could qualify as something different so you can sell an SMP 500 and then go buy the nasty which is you know to me is roughly the same over a really long period of time it's not gonna be the same but you know if you're looking at like 5 to 10 years is roughly the same and you can go and sell the SNP 500 and angle by the NASA can you will have roughly the same effect now the trick here for the layman investor is that the costs of betterment it's automatic so it's kinda nice that way but they charge you point 25 percent feet this is relatively low too you know other types of fees ... like the high cost mutual funds however this point 25 percent fee is on top of all the each year funds that invest in for you so they're gonna go pick are really low cost ETF funds and then on top of this they're gonna charge you point 25 percent so if the ETF line charges let's see 0.1 percent okay your total affect defeat it's gonna be point 35 percent so then that makes it you know kind of like a cross between you investing in ETFs bonds verses you buying ... bit higher cost mutual funds so it's like kinda in between and to me this might be valuable for some people to be able to just go okay a me just you know plop down a whole bunch of money you take care of it for me ... but you know you're gonna lose out on point 25 percent fee and you'll realize if you compound this over a really long period of time it's going to be pretty costly arm if you have a sizable portfolio by the time you retire if you really want to squeeze out every last drop of your retirement account you can go sign up for betterment and check out what ... the division are between the portfolio there's gonna be a whole bunch of different things they buy into like bonds is a bunch of different ETF funds you can just see ill tell you which 1 that you need to buy and at what all location then you can just copy this and then just go back to Robin Hood or something and then bodies funds yourself and then you don't have to pay the point 25 percent feet not everyone wants to do all this work including the tax loss harvesting part so this betterment thing just kinda allows you to be lazy and you're paying for a service here is kinda similar to paying for a housekeeper or something they do something for you or when you pay for like a lawn mower person they do this stuff for you therefore you have to pay a certain amount of money if you have $100000.01 is actually $1000 so point 25 percent is actually $250 if you think about it in the grand scheme of things $250 it might be a reasonable amount to pay her ... $100000 that he's ... invest with them when you look at the total portfolio it's a small amount so you know you might want to weigh things here and in terms of how much you want to do yourself and how much you want to offload all this work to someone else now what I'm gonna do here is download this better men apt I'm gonna sign up for act right on camera for you and then I'm gonna analyze it updates just use it myself a little bit and then I'm I'm gonna come back here and just kind of talk about what I notice maybe there's something brand new that I noticed I did not know before so let me get to it so let me just start to act over here get started you can roll over an existing IRA or 401 K. open an account which is what I'm doing you can learn more about better man so let me is open at can you I'm gonna do and I are a in my case can you to sign up and her age income now you see here based on what you enter it's gonna go all yeah you should put in 90 percent stock 10 percent bond and then you have all these different highlights of different things so let's look at what they actually did here VT I some sort ETF fund US total stock 16 percent VTP large cap value meal E. BB army a VW Opel and then these are just a whole bunch to stocks whole bunch of bonds in different kind of allocations and ... I guess that's it low fees smart rebalancing over here it means if some of the stocks gets too big it's gonna try to get it back to this target percentage over here personalize advice extreme tax efficiency tax loss harvesting okay okay so I'm going back I'm gonna continue here we could in my email I just entered in my address now it's asking for the social security number I'm just gonna put this in without putting it on camera bunch of other stuff create my accounts okay so now wants me to go back to my email and confirm it let me go do that I confirm my email so now let me just log again knoll known certain notifications so now wants me to link my bank account to fund it traditional are a give better meant to 3 friends and earn one year management 3 somehow it wants access to my contacts but I don't really want to do that teams are here if you want one year's worth of management fees free you need to invite 3 friends ... with an email so you have to type it and send them an email on the hot actually ... fun then account then let's say you have $100000 in there which is worth $250 ... every single year and you get $250 worth of fee free management it seems so I go click in the traditional are a projected balance what you've invested what you've earned earnings time way to return projections transfer money over here so this is the interesting part here in the portfolio it shows you all these target allocations but somehow it does not show you well here it is DTI vanguard total star market E. T. F. and I guess if you go down ... I don't see the expense ratio here yeah ... neither does this show it but as you can see you can just go around and ... just kind of copying BT I 16.2 percent me TV 16.2 percent and you can just kind of follow their ... allocation if you really want to based on my questionnaire and what age I am how much income I make whatever it just set my allocation to 90 percent stock which is yeah I have a long time to invest ... gonna retire much much later so then the stock tingle all over the place and therefore this is much riskier so as you grow older it's gonna have less and less talk as you can see like this let's let's let's let's let's to the point where you have 100 percent bonds okay so let's save that now let's look at all the stock they would like to invest in total stock market VT I which is our broader index and then the SNP 500 hits means it's total all the stocks large cap B. T. V. mid cap B. O. E. SmallCap BB are developed markets mi E. a emerging markets VW all so with one swipe of looking at all of this we kinda know ... everything that this thing wants to invest in I have to go back to the main menu and come back into this portfolio and it will get updated so now it shows 100 percent bonds just up as a fictitious example short term treasuries okay so this is something that was not there before SP can be so there are ETF funds that changes as you change your on target allocation or your investment style soul over here let's say I want to go somewhere in between I save it now it says 50 percent box socks 50 percent bonds total stock market we had that before a large cabinet cap small cap developing markets emerging markets these are all the same as before inflation protected bonds now this is something that wasn't in in there when we had 90 percent stocks ... high quality bonds corporate bonds was there corporate bond was their international bonds with their emergency bonds was there so it does seem like on these nuclear funds the change has you are change your aggressiveness where you are in terms of ... where your investment goals are at the moment so let me close this out we don't need this anymore so there it is I hope this was informative for me to go to the sign up process is just kind of show you are what you can expect from signing up to the service it is important I think about tax loss harvesting is because whenever you lose money on a stock you can essentially take that loss and harvest it basically and get it now instead of arm trying to wait for the stock to come back up and cancel itself now whenever you harvest a lost the basis of that new thing that you bought it's going to be a bit lower because you sold whatever stock and then bought something somewhat similar and the pricing of it you're gonna sell it for let's say $2000 and then you bought something else that is arm at a low price for $2000 sold on the class spaces of this is gonna be low so by the time you sell it much later on at some point or what not you're gonna have to pay taxes on the full amount from the low cost bases all the way up to the top so it's not like you get free money here it's just like you're able to take the loss of the take advantage of it and turn taxes but if you have a whole bunch of stuff in your portfolio that has a really law low cost basis it means when you do sell it sometime later maybe you never sell it because you know you just keep it around and just let expanding you gonna have a class spaces of let's say one dollar but then the stock is worth like $1000 if you sell it the games on that it's gonna be $9999 soul arm you have to watch out that ... tax loss harvesting and it's just kinda like shifting money around hot when you take advantage of the loss or not so if you can actually considered this as paying for the point 25 percent fee or not yeah it's a little sketchy over there so do I recommend betterment and I'm just kinda on the fence on this but most investors is not gonna be savvy enough to go around allocating were the right percentages I'm sure that you know they think a lot about this single all you know the exact percentage of this fund with this type of risk is going to be 16.4 percent while they came out with this this is why they have this app every single person that signed up to this thing they are using a script basically that goes okay ... based on what you have you're going to invest in this way so that's why they call it Wrobel investor ... it's a robot that is managing your money really with us and you can actually do all of this manual you can go and rebalance things if you have a stock portfolio account that does not have trading fees for example Robin Hood ... I'll leave a link on that down into the the description below if you're interested in getting a brokerage account that does not have trading fees so they're probably not going to be very happy about me saying this because you can actually go into this app arm sign up and stuff just like I did and look at the percentage breakdown arm and then go turn around and go to Robinhood and just go okay these are the 10 stocks I need to buy at this allocation and then when it comes to the time you can also do your tax loss harvesting for example let's say on the stock market plummets like 20 percent there's a correction then you can go and ... sell a particular each yes okay and then you can are trying to find a similar ETF on that might be hard maybe you have to go back in the betterment and see what they're actually doing and then you can do your tax loss harvesting yourself but then that's gonna mean that ... you have a bit of tax issues there because you have to do all this manually with it then betterment ... I assume they'd do this automatically for you so me being a super frugal person and not wanting to spend money on fees even if it's point 25 percent because ... these feeds adds up over a really long time and you know setting myself up for a point 25 percent fee for the next 30 years it's just something that's ... I wouldn't do if your hands off type of investor this is a really good way to invest so that you know you're not making a bunch of mistakes because it you just go to a random brokerage account and just start investing picking you know a handful of socks you gonna get in trouble that way investing in a typical for a one K. is not also not a very good thing because ... most the time not all the time though because there's some banks that have really low fi ... for one K. accounts were the funds in it are really low fi but a lot of for one case ... they have quite a high fee so then most of time if you change from one company aren't too another you really want to ... roll over does for one K. perhaps into betterment or perhaps into ... another brokerage account or something ... where it's a retirement account then ... you can have the option to buy more each yes which is lower costs that's all I have to say for this app them forget to give me a like on this video comment on below let me know what you think of pain point 25 percent feet on your retirement especially over a 30 year term if you interest in supporting the channel and I would really appreciate it if you do this check out my audible link down in the video description below we can get a free audiobook just for trying the service getting of audio book is really good especially on your commute because you can listen to something sort a double duty yourself arm you can listen through me you know one whole novel fiction nonfiction and learn something new just through one week and if you keep on doing this you gonna keep on learning more and more stuff so I highly recommend getting an audio book sticking on your phone and having the habit of listening to something learn something at the same time and also do your commute if your interest in supporting my channel directly I have a P. Chinatown over here where I did various perks such as help with your credit score on you can make suggestions for a brand new videos I make ... you can just go on pitch on I'm a lot more responsive on there you can have direct access to me arm via email or chat or what not and we can discuss about your finance and as always over to to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get a note amber I upload a brand of the it's watching //
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Getting the Most Out of Your Costco Membership
\\how's it going everybody this is beat bush today I'm gonna talk about making the most of your membership at Costco we all know that there's a membership involved whatever that you buy in and usually have to buy in bulk and usually the per item cost is really really low however whenever you buy one single item you can almost count on every single item costing about $10 if you have 10 items in your cart it's gonna cost you $100 out the door do I shop there yes can you save money shopping at Costco yes can you waste money shopping at Costco that is also yes and this is done every time when you buy a bulk item and you don't finish it to the very last drop you also wasting money even if you finish the ball item to the last drop however at the last few items you kinda stretch yourself a bit me you don't like the item anymore because you oversaturated yourself you had too much and then you have a few left you are like okay you know I just want to get rid of it and you know do you just somehow wasted some so you take these items and just I don't know give them away because you're afraid that they're going to expire soon some of these items could include like muffins okay business like the 12 pack muffins is really hard for even a family of 4 to finish if you don't really really like these muffins not to mention it's full of sugar and stuff so you really should not buy this month stuff there's also beast he's bites that there's so much of it that if you try to finish it with the family or whatever and if you're stretching yourself towards the end you're gonna not like it as much towards the end and this is in a sense even if you finish that you're not on getting the most satisfaction out of these cheesy bites and therefore it's kind of a bit wasting your money I personally bought a huge Packer sliced meats and at the time I thought it was a good ideas like all yeah you know it's such a good deal right arm it's so low price because you're getting so much you think you gonna finish it all but by the time I had only had maybe ... I think a quarter or half of it and that's stretching it a bit the other half just essentially goes bad right no one wants to eat it just gets thrown away therefore if you buy something like that and more than half of it gets torn away you're obviously wasting money these things I describe where you cannot finish some item and it goes expire happens more often than you think and I'm sure if you go to Costco and you often buy items you gonna realize yeah you're gonna be like yes you know this has happened before to whatever that you bought now the strategy is if you have a family with that rips through whatever item that you buy very very easily then shirt yeah you don't have a problem ... finishing these items but if you find yourself on working towards the end and like people don't like certain flavors maybe Bob variety it's like always this one kind eat and then maybe it gets thrown out what I notice with items and cost going general is that if it comes in the 12 pack they usually give it to you at the price of a 10 pack so you're like all this is cheap I get 2 of them are essentially for free however if you don't finish that last 2 items you're essentially pain arm regular price for those 10 items so you could have just I don't know go to a regular grocery store by 5 items of it okay at at regular price and then you know you won't be over saturated with that item and then you can go back a month later and then buy the item again another 5 items and then you essentially would pay the same price however if you buy that cosco item 12 pack you try to go through this ... 12 pack really quickly you finished 10 of them okay so you kinda pushed herself a little bit to finish these 10 however you missed those last 2 and in this instance he essentially paid the same amount as if you didn't go to Costco at all therefore you're actually wasting money now this is a great time to reflect on those giant vitamin bottles that's about 500 caplets I have never witnessed anybody finishes maybe some of you guys out there ... is over and visit vitamin taker where you actually take one or 2 a day and then if we finish the whole 500 tablet bottle in maybe a year to maybe have a family and you actually finish it then that's great but to me arm I think most people have a hard time finishing these are many many tablets ... vitamin bottles not to mention that ... personally I don't eat that much vitamins and I realize I don't need them at all I just go and eat a whole bunch of ... vegetables that you know that all these different colors and I think I can get most of my I'm a lot healthier myself I know some people out there ... require certain vitamin because you know they have certain of our daily needs for these vitamins so yes ... go ahead get those bulk pack and stuff but for most people for most healthy individuals that do not need vitamins I can get my attendance form you know regular foods and stuff then ... you don't really need them now let me covered the law of diminishing returns again whenever you buy a 12 pack of something ... if you're stressing yourself a little bit every single additional unit that you have the first unit is really great of course a second unit may be pretty good but it's probably a little bit less are enjoyable then the first unit and as you have it your ... the returns your satisfaction is gonna get lower and lower and whenever you buy a really big bulk pack by the time you finish it towards the end you're gonna get like to me like let's say you have a big pack of chocolates or something towards it and I'm having maybe like one third dissatisfaction as one I had it ... the initial peace now when can you buy this box up without worrying about exploration dates it's anything that does not expire of course you can buy you know bulk pack of toilet paper I do that all the time a whole bunch of actually last me a year or something order I buy toothpaste at last me a really long time you can buy non consumables things that are not hurt perishable ... like toothbrushes or what not they can just sit for ever so you can buy a bulk pack as long as you finish it as long as you know you're going to use up all of it eventually then yes you can goal bodies bulk pack of course if you think you're gonna finish it but you buy a book packed like you're just trying something out you never tried this thing before okay let's say it's some new shampoo your like all the me try this you buy a home you buy this giant 40 ounce bottle and you just tried it once or twice and then you will realize all this is you know you don't really like this this is not the time to try something new at cosco you really need to take their samples or something and make sure you like your first before you buy a bulk pack and if you don't know that you like you should really by the smaller version first and then go back and buy the big plaque now Leslie you might think that with my frugal ness and things I always recommend to not buy I might not be able to buy anything at all a cosco there are some things I buy a cosco for example I buy the rotisserie chicken that's $5 all the way in the back I walk all the way there grabbed that $5 rotisserie chicken and yeah I myself cannot finish all of it so you know what I do I just eat a little bit of it and then I just ... DVD up all the rest and I stick them all in a freezer then that essentially arm extends the life of it a lot longer because if you try to finish it arm just a fraction needs to stick in the fridge is not gonna last you know fall for 5 days is gonna taste terrible after like the third day I think you even on the first date you freeze it at its peak of freshness arm and then you defrosted and it's gonna taste almost as good it's gonna lose a little bit of moisture when you defrost the chicken and the second thing is anything frozen is pretty easy to consume over a longer period of time shrimp and scallop and I buy those ... regularly the third thing as I said it's wholly paper you can buy them in bulk and then you can use them over a really long period of time if you don't have that many people you can use them over a year lounge chairs 2 years 2 year old toilet paper is near all it stays the same after 2 years especially since it's wrapped in plastic the fourth thing is like a guilty pleasure of mine I always keep on buying these parmesan Chris they are so good I tried making them myself it's a hassle to make myself so this is just something I'm like you know I'm not going to ... by some parmesan ... that's essentially the same price of ... this bag of chips so it's just something arm that I buy it the ingredients looks healthy enough because they don't add any preservatives in the so yeah it's really expensive because I think it's like 8 or $9 just for one bag of ... cheese chips anti put quinoa parmesan in it it's good the fifth thing I buy is cow arose short grain rice it's made in California so therefore the arsenic level is not ... as high as other ... white rice I since her die you really should reduce our white rice intake I do still have maybe you roughly half a Cup a day but then I'm thinking I should ... lowered is even more I don't know have team are something but this is a shame because I really like white rice anyway I buy the cow rose white rice 50 pounds of it rice last a really long time so guess there isn't expires and they can't keep it for like 10 years I think but you know I pretty much finish it a 150 pound bag within the year at leas more much faster than that so I hope you enjoyed this perspective of getting the most bang out of your dollar shopping at Costco I keep on getting comments at the end saying Hey how come you don't pre record the stuff that you see at the end then you don't keep on having to say it to me I like repeating the same thing over and over again not because I like to do it the same way because I think every single time I do it I do a little bit better I tried it on change it a little bit you can tell if you watch you know many many times ago that I don't see I think it more so a little bit as I go and here it is again if you insist on supporting this how not forget to take them all doubling down in the video description below we can get a free audiobook and you don't like this audiobook order service you can cancel it before disappear expires and you can still keep keep this audiobook any consumer benefit this town and if your interest in supporting my channel directly you can check out my picture on legal research where I give various perks at various times you and levels and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscriber and so that you can notify whenever upload a brand new via he's watching //
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Illusion of a 40 Hour Work Week
\\how's it going everyday dispute the bush today I'm gonna talk about the illusion of a 40 hour work week we all know that when we working at a job where essentially trading time for money but you have to understand your job is costing you more than the sticker price of 40 hour a week for example if you're continuously under a lot of stress you're not just giving your 40 hours into the job you're also giving a little bit of health a little bit of your life even now I seen this countless times some people I know where do we go to a job they're stressed about it it affects their lives outside of work even sometimes you work might make you work extra long hours where it will affect your family life your relationship and your relationship with your friends now the purpose of this video is sort of like one of those drug commercials where when you take a job I'm laying out all the side effects that there could be and what it's actually costing you the thing I'm most worried about is that the sticker price of 40 hours is actually a lot more than what it seems think for a second how much more you can get done or how much more relaxation you would get whenever you get a 3 day weekend sort of a 2 day weekend does it not seem like you get twice as much we can whenever you get a 3 day weekend isn't that weird all of this relates to all the time we need in order to prepare for work and also to recover from work 8:00 hours of sleep to prepare for work so that we are mentally capable when we're at our job the one hour commute to get your job the one hour lunch and one our dinner to feed ourselves so that we would be functional during our jobs they hours that you spent every single week they takes a mental toll and also a physical toll even if you're sitting at a cubicle once you get home you really do feel tired because you had to commute all the way back home I spent a full 8:00 hours at work either sitting there or maybe you did more physical labor the point here is that the few hours you spend relaxing is actually part of your work because you need this in order to recover enough so that you can go back the next day when you think of it this way you really do not have much time at all you essentially have 0 time during the week they to yourself and then on the weekends you essentially built up a lot of towards for yourself that you failed to do during the week yes you can push a little bit harder and try to complete some of it during the weekday but doing tours on a week thing is a little strenuous and you realize it's hard on your body because your body is resisting your ally all I'm so tired but you know you just push yourself through anyway just so that you have a little bit more time on the weekends yourself if you take it easy gonna find yourself on a weekday you gonna have some time dedicated to chores sometime dedicated to maybe socializing with friends all of that time is ticking away what you're left with is only one day of the week all to yourself this is not enough time really having a nice continuous paycheck is very nice of course but you have to realize how much is actually costing you and this is much more than the 40 hour face value I hope this video gives you a little bit of perspective of what is actually costing you to earn his paycheck don't forget to give me a like on this video comment on Melo let me know if your views on a 40 hour work week is similar to mine via instant supporting eternal ask I spent over there yeah don't forget to check up on doubling down in the video description below and if you don't like this audiobook artist service you can cancel it before the subscription expires and the cool thing about this is you can keep this audiobook for life and you can still hope benefit this channel if your interest in supporting my channel directly don't forget to check out my P. Tallink over here why give various prints at various contribution levels and as always on forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell like funding to the subscribe button so that you get a notification when ever upload you it's watching //
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Dont Buy It You Dont Need It Ep 6
\\ //
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Dont Buy It You Dont Need It Ep 5
\\how's the going of Brady dispute the bush welcome to the fifth episode of don't buy you don't need it this is a serious why Pixar all day to day items and I try to convince you to not buy such an item in order to save your money and increase your net worth sort of like an un salesman tactic if you will not as a disclaimer some of these items you mean not completely agree that you should not buy them at all now there are very very specific instances where yes there are very very good reasons that you should buy such an item after all the first thing I have a great with this much of the items next to the checkout stand at a grocery store such as taxing gum candy magazines and things like that generally costs a little bit more than if you bought in a larger packing size or what not these items are there to get you to spend more money they are intentionally small so that you would actually have to go back and keep on buying these items because they run out pretty not to mention these are candies after all there's a lot of sugar in it it's not very good for you if you want to get a magazine at the check out stand sure you can get it if you are going to make good use of the full magazine so the way to deal with this magazine thing is if you have a magazine that you like to read just get the subscription and make sure that you will actually read every single magazine all 12 issues in the year the only instance where you should buy a magazine at the check out stand is if it's a really good magazine that you want to read and you only read it maybe once a year for some reason rather than on a recurring thing where you want to read it every single month now the second thing that you should not buy and that you do not really need is a hotel mini bar or the snacks inside a hotel room these everybody know is marked up an incredible amount you just have like a tiny bag of chips and they'll be like $4 $5 it's just insane this is the sort of convenience fee for anybody that it's out of the mini fridge or mini bar this fee is paid by those who do not plan ahead to get enough food and bring it back to the hotel room because you can easily just stop by convenience store are buy something for a lot cheaper by your tips you know will be a lot bigger ... by whatever Jing side you want and it will have a lot more volume the third thing you should not buy and you guys probably know that I was gonna go here eventually is toilet paper now I'm not saying to not buy toilet paper at all because this is something that people need what I'm saying is you can just supplement your toilet paper with a big day where you install this thing in your bathroom it's going to you know flush with water instead and you can essentially use a lot less toilet paper the initial cost of the big date yes it might cost very expensive if you going by the Japanese time except there are cheaper ones were on it's not heeded see you know it doesn't have all the same ... you know digital read outs and stuff it can get a lot cheaper where you just connected to the water source now I personally have not done one of these but days yet but I haven't used them before and I think yeah it's makes sense to get one of these and I'm looking to get one of these myself in the future the fourth thing is not buying food at the cafeteria this is kind of related to going to restaurants all the time if you minimize on the amount of time that you go by cafeteria food or go to restaurants you going to save a lot of money now it does make sense to occasionally go out with your coworkers have lunch or what not but I do not think that you really need to go every single day because this is essentially a big waste of money and I think maybe once every week or once every 2 weeks is a good amount of time to bomb keep up the good relationship with your co workers not have a tear food most of the time it's just as unhealthy as eating a restaurant where on its high in salt high in sugar things are just not very healthy in general even if your cafeteria serves relatively healthy food you're still paying a premium of eating out sort of our cafeteria is kinda like eating out your king of our premium you know 5 to $10 for a lunch verses are making 1 yourself that would cost maybe $123 instead the fifth and final thing that you should not buy is digital picture frames now I've seen a lot of these around and I've myself have it's to buy one of these so that I can just sit around and you know put all kinds of pictures in it the problem I have with digital picture frames is the larger it is the larger a screen that has the more power it's gonna consume now this thing it's going to be on a 47 it's going to build up in heat and most likely you can just plug it in for I don't know I estimate maybe 3 to 5 years the screen is gonna start to darken because it's an LCD screen or whatever type of screen it is armed it's gonna start to dim at the same time because it's on 247 it's consuming a lot of electricity the picture frame itself is likely going to cost more than $100 and judging if it uses maybe 1 walked to 5 watts it's gonna cost anywhere between 10 cents to $1 to run every single month this is in contrast to good all printed out pictures it's so cheap these days you can print out our 4 by 6 picture for just 29 cents you can you know printed out much bigger if you want to and you know you just have enough picture frames and if you want to rotate the picture go ahead rotated you do not need to plug this picture into the wall or anything and it won't continuously suck up electricity it won't break after several years and then you have to go all I have to buy another did you digital picture frame and then replace the one that you had so I hope these suggestions help you not buy these items don't forget to give me a like on this video comment on below let me know if you have other ideas for other products that you should not buy if your ex isn't supporting this South Africa to take on the audible link down in a video description below we can get a free audiobook and if you don't like this audio book you can cancel it before the subscription expires and can still keep this audiobook you can keep it for life basically and you can still happen if at this house if you insist on supporting this channel directly I have a P. town we hear why give various perks at various contribution levels and as always and we get to subscribe to my channel over here and click a bell like on the set of subscriber and so that you get a notification whenever I upload a brand new video and so watching //
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Timeless Products with Low Depreciation
\\how's it going invaded his beat the bush I talk about avoiding depreciation the law mainly to maximize your network gains the corollary to this would be to buy time US items were the value of the item itself retains very well over many many years of course of you by really really good timeless items they might actually even appreciate in value the last time I talked about how a paper shredder is actually a bit timeless because no one ever really puts electronics inside a paper shredder distaste as long as a paper shredder works for many many years if a new model comes out you're not gonna go all my gosh I need to upgrade to that brand new model because there's not that much electronics inside a paper shredder all it is is ... I AC cord going into a motor with a little switch not Thomas items is what I consider things that do not break very easily they usually last for a really long time they're very hard to become obsolete they're usually well me mechanical items and usually with minimal electronics built in inside if it does have a rechargeable battery and it's one of these timeless items you usually should be able to replace a rechargeable battery not wanted these you know apple devices were the rechargeable batteries built in and it's really hard to replace that battery internally now some of you have asked me for some more examples of these things and they're quite hard to come up with and what I notice is yes they are on very will meet mechanical items like things are machined things that are made out of metal such as really really good night knives saw actually go out a date really because as long as they're sharp beating cut something arm sometimes if it's really really old it's even better a mechanical keyboard is another one of these things where the switch is rated to have many many more cycles than a typical keyboard so therefore this type of people who actually lasted a lot longer attests arm pen is another one of these things that is very timeless you can use it for a really long time it actually gets better over time if you use it properly and let's see if you have a 100 year old one that all the better because you have this really really old hand that actually is functional and is actually very very non stick if you know how to use it as an example of a timeless mechanical item I have over here a very well need ranch this is forged in the USA it's a craftsman brand over here 12 inches long it's very smooth when you move this little ... slider thingy if you compare ranch to China made one sometimes the quality control is not so good and maybe the material inside this right just not so good in terms of the alloy that's inside within improperly made ranks you can actually try to turn a nut and it would actually break over here because the metal is not as strong as a properly meets ranch with us and you can imagine that there are many high quality tools out there and yes they might be a little bit more costly however they're going to last you a long time for cheap tools if you ever try to take it to the extreme of what they say they are rated at you might just break the cheap tools this French over here will probably never break on me and will likely last me a long time if I come to a point where I need to sell something like this the value of this will probably be very well retain because the functionality is there so if someone else goes all I want to use a wrench on a buy a ranch maybe they want to buy a used one this thing is going to do its job because you know arm it's just a really dumb piece a metal but it's well made and it will be able to turn your not if you wanted to not other instances of mechanical things that retains value very well is generally optics things are are a piece of glass that's inside such as telescopes microscopes worry has bunch optics inside I've seen armed even use microscopes the self or are really ... high price the retainer value very very things like camera lenses generally retain their value very well because donkeys a class sometimes yes it has a little bit of electronic in it to move the motors and stuff like that but generally what I've seen is optics of ... high end cameras I need to point out that some people are really big fans of Rolex is the are in couple $0 range however if you wear something like that and you're not careful and you scratch it up you will lose the value of it a little bit all exes tend to keep their value mainly canticle piece of machinery okay it has its brand it's made out of very precision made pieces of metal just like kinda like this except arm extended to ... much on a smaller scale I guess I'm a lot more parts even if you have to pay a little bit more on a per use basis it's quite worth it because when you are using a high quality tool you get the job done you save time that way and you don't have to fiddle with this little knob in a badly made ranks you likely have more resistance when turning this and therefore it's gonna waste your time you know tryna tryna mess with the ranch in order to make it work for you so that's all for you today don't forget to give me a like on this video common double let me know other examples of Thomas items that you have if you choose and someone in the South Africa to take on my audible link down in that it it is look we can get a free audiobook and don't like this are you book or to service you can cancel it before the subscription expires and you can still keep this audiobook for life even if you cancel this a subscription you can still listen to this audiobook afterwards and you can still also benefit this town I have a P. town over here where you can get various parts at various contribution levels and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscriber incident gonna notice I kissed him whenever I upload a brand new video he's watching //
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The On Sale Fallacy
\\housing honorbuddy disease beat bush today I want talk about sales that are so good that is sort of forces you to buy more than you actually need not 1.I stumbled into the store right after Christmas and they were having a really huge sale on Christmas cards essentially each 1 of these is about 10 cents so I bought 123 I don't know 1015 of them and I actually have to remove some of these packaging and come //
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How to Hoard Less Stuff
\\how's it going and Brady dispute the bush today I'm gonna talk about how you can hold less stuff I personally am not that big a minimalist but I do try to reduce the stuff that I have in this effort it's kinda like an ongoing task where whenever I I didn't //
"2017-09-03 15:00:00"
How to Focus When Studying
\\how's it going invaded his feet bush today I'm gonna talk about how to focus when your stunning but before I start you heard a little background noise in the humming sound right there let me go get that and show you what I'm doing this is my dehydrator and I have a whole bunch of things in here that's dehydrating so whenever you're saying you gotta make sure you have a little bit of snacks around just she to hungry because when you're hungry it's really hard to concentrate I will leave that off right now because we're recording but let's continue now when I was starting a line college often times I would go to a cafe or go to a library whatever it takes to leave the house if there's a bunch of roommates around or something there's a lot of distractions sometimes you just cannot study at your home because this too comfortable you have too many distractions at home and your apartment or something you have video games you have internet and you have people that would come around and bother you so if your park yourself at some place where you know people don't know you're there and you don't have easy access to a bed or you know food you want your cooking or something then you can more easily concentrate on starting now itself on these these people get easily distracted because you can just pull it out often times I would see people just have their phone laying right there next to what they're doing just in case he gets a message and as soon as they get a message something deep and then they're like you know they get distracted from whatever they're doing and they're looking at their messages instead what you can do is turn it off for certain durations at a time if it's difficult for you to turn off so I would recommend maybe like one hour at a time you turn it off and then you go back turn it back on the checks make sure there's no emergencies or something like that of course you have to be on call for whatever emergencies that makes things harder because you have to leave your phone on in that case you might want to turn off all the notification off everything else except phone rings and just you know put your phone upside down so that you know other kinds of destruction won't prompt you to look away from whatever you're doing whatever your study if you have to study at home sometimes you have games or computer I would recommend to go to your dining table because then you're not at your desk where you have games where you have access to all these you know fun things basically if you're a computer person then if you're at a dining table where you know normally you just eat instead you just study there it might allow you to concentrate a lot more because there's less distraction over there if you do not have a dining table that you can use you could possibly move your laptop away just kind of put it in a closet or something or if you have a desktop just put it on the floor it serves as a good way to make like the activation energy of using the internet a lot more so that every time you need to use the internet you won't be tempted to pull the laptop or desktop and put it back on your desk because this makes things difficult rather than have it right on and turned on to sitting in front of you while you're studying if the monitors turned on you can just go very easily just you know switch tasking go all in the tech something this would cause harm it's traction to be a lot easier so that you know every little distraction you can go okay let me look something up then you would you know go on the internet and before you know it you would be spending a lot of time on the internet and not studying at all the next thing you can do is have a really good study partner sometimes a study partner is not so good because I've had these mice hope before you go study with someone like a friend really good friend and once you sit down you start end up talking you you just talk the whole time rather than starting so you have to be aware of those kinda partners where you end up not sending you both get asked together or something them once you realize you have those kind a study partner you really should you know plan ahead and just kinda no okay if you're starting with this person you're not really gonna study you're just really hang studying is kinda like meditation there's a lot of parallels with this because when you're starting essentially concentrating on one topic and there are a lot of distractions around so whenever that happens you are prompted to not study anymore and look at something else many times when you're starting if you're distracted you tend to switch task very very quickly and you do not even know that you got distracted because the destruction itself switches all your mental capacity all your thought process into that you don't think that you're being distracted so when this happens you might get distracted for I don't know 5 minutes sometimes half an hour sometimes you won't even notice and they'll be like one hour to hour before you go okay I'm done with the distraction and then you go back to your starting meditating is kind of the same thing when you're meditating you will have a task at hand and when you're doing it all of sudden sometimes these kinds of thoughts just pop into your mind because when you're very very quiet things pop into your mind and you start thinking about it now if you're really good meditator once you realize that you are thinking about something else you would very very quickly switch back to your meditation task and the more advanced a meditator you are the less time it takes for you to arm switchbacks which is the time it takes you to realize that you are being distracted so you see the parallel here if you're studying you're concentrating on something and as you get better and better at staying then you'll realize sooner and sooner that you are being distracted then you can more quickly switched back to your task at hand which is starting if you're a novice at setting and you get distracted easily you would switch task do a whole bunch of thing maybe you end up doing that distracting task for the rest of the day and then you end up never sliding and there are people like this but with practice and it takes practice to realize that you're not study now there is a little trick that you can do if you're not very good at meditating noticing that you're not studying which is set an alarm for half an hour or one hour I know this might be distracting ... but if you get into ... distraction for long periods of time this might be a good thing because you might get cost arm being distracted and your alarm would go off and then you look at your alarm and this is your study alarm it'll be like all your are double check that you are actually starting and then you look at it and you're like OK shoot I M. are distracted after also than you can on that kinda like a reminder to I get back to that task I hope these tips help those I get distracted easily starting because if you're trying to concentrate there are tricks to doing it like the ones I described don't forget to give me a like on this video common novel let me know other tips that you use to keep yourself focused while studying if interest in supporting this channel and I'll be very very grateful if you do which is to get this free audiobook just try it out and you can keep this audiobook even if you cancel the subscription service and you can still happen if at this channel at the same time you can support my channel directly through my P. telling over here where I give various perks at various contribution levels and as always I forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get a notification whenever I upload a brand new video thanks Watson //
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How to Buy Electronics if it Depreciates Like a Rock
\\how's it going invaded this is beat bush electronics in general depreciates really really fast so some of you have asked me when you should actually bodies electronic items quite simply for me I buy the oldest I can stand sometimes I might have to buy the current model sometimes I might buy a couple of versions old I use to buy all the latest tech gadgets but now I've kinda scaled back a little bit and I don't buy everything right when it comes out the turning point for me was when I go back and reflect upon all the things I bought I realize that I spent a lot of money on those things and whenever I try to go and solemn or whenever I look at the value of them it just kind of depreciates like the rock I can barely get 10 percent out of these electronic items if I sell it many many years later and most the time they get sold that no one even once these items anymore so they just go in some sort of electronic graveyard and I have a whole bucket of these things like you know old cell phones MP 3 players and things like that sometimes you have to buy electronic items because you absolutely think it's essential for example this camera that I'm recording these videos on on my essentially have to buy these things I have to buy this Mike you might think that this is an unnecessary upgrade to me it's absolutely necessary these lights that I'm using for this video ... even though yes these are electronic items and yes they will depreciate like a rock certain things depreciate lass generally things that do not get upgraded every single year depreciate less now the whole point of this exercise is for me to show you some of the items that I bought that I know depreciated all why so that you can reflect on these items as well yourself so whenever you buy something that's similar just know that yeah that amount that you sink into it is essentially being burnt you know it it it just kinda evaporates and whenever I buy stuff these days I just go okay yeah I'm gonna buy this ... I know that's the amount that's gonna go into it maybe I'm gonna use it for for ever so then I don't really care to a decrease here it's 20 because on the value is there for me now let me give you an example I bought one of the earlier macbook airs for $1800 many many years later now it's worse only maybe $200 or less and I probably cannot even sell even if I wanted to I bought an iPad for about $700 brand new and it hurts it pains me to see that just a couple years later I think it's only 34 years that if I sell this item and I did sell it I don't have this iPad like okay even if it's $150 I want to get rid of it because I never touched nothing so I got $150 out of the $700 I spent on it essentially a $550 loss here so basically out of all the smack items if you hold it for 56 years and you know you're looking at a really really large depreciation arm maybe like I don't know 80 percent of it it's gonna depreciate away jelly for apple products is not gonna depreciate at a rate that's as fast as other items however even given a long enough time it is going to depreciate by a large amount desktop computers I know I bought a handful of them before and each generation I buy one it cost me like $1000 or and now you know these days they just sit around and sold there valued at $0 basically so when you buy desktop computers be very very where you want to hold off as long as you can these days you don't have to buy that many desktop computers because generally they are powerful enough to do what you need if you're just doing word processing web surfing you don't really need that powerful a computer however when I'm editing these videos to edit 1080 P. video at a reasonable amount of time you need a pretty beefy computer and on top of that if I were to ever and it you know 4 K. videos I probably need something even more powerful than that digital cameras these point and shoot cameras I basically use them until they're dead so that I do not feel the depreciation as much because I get a really good amount of usage out of them however I've noticed that generally the newer type of point and shoot cameras the are more generic the break easier so they give you a good utility and maybe use it for a couple years I feel that that they she ation com does not hurt as much because you are using it are quite a few amount of times this is in comparison in contrast to an iPad where it's something that just sat there and I didn't use all that much it's sort of like arm people aren't buying as many iPad seized easy don't they find that they don't need to use them as much personally I use them it was a fad in the beginning and you realize this with a lot of electronics products they are a fad kind of because ... just take a look at BR people spend thousands and thousands of dollars to upgrade their computer couple $0 the VR year itself might be 500 to $1000 for that set up so by the time you're done with everything 34 $0 I just read an article how they're not selling enough BR stuff and they're long wearing the prices arm the mainstream is not really picking up on the RD stays but you know this is an opinion piece so you know I'm not saying VR is dead but you know that someone is saying is that that's all inkjet printers I use to buy these things for $300 a pop I would use them until well one time I broke one by dropping it so out of these items and many many more I see my hard earned money put into electronic products and after I see how much it's worth later on I just get sick of it I'm like every single time I buy something like this it's not worth anything anymore I wish I could have bomb you know when I don't need anymore I can sell it for idea at least 50 percent 80 percent of the value so knowing that things depreciate like a rock knowing which kind of things the P. shaped like a rock then you can make a conscious decision to make an informed decision when you buy the product I guess ... when I buy into this product it's not going to be worth all that much later on then this would weigh in on how much you would actually spend on this product for example I know I don't want to spend all that much on iPhone so I still have an iPhone 5 I bought that thing for like $500 and I think I am it's not worth it all that much these days anymore but if I want to upgrade I have to pay ... $1000 for you know the next one I phone 8 or something yes it will have a certain utility because it will have a better camera whatever screen and stuff however whatever I'm doing with my current phone right now it serves its purpose I can surf the web I can get arm various emails just everything all the apps I need to run I'm able to do that I'm able to get information I'm able to use that yes so functionality is there however on it's not of the most premium type of functionality when I operate on a generation or 2 or 3 later you are essentially arm spending at a lower rate if you are always on the cutting edge it means that your burn rate care the mount that you're burning it's kinda like the depreciation you're taking the grunt of the first year of depreciation if you operate on the cutting edge all the time for every single gadget that you buy you're going to burn through a lot of money so if you step back a little bit just you know one generation even or 2 generation like I am with the iPhone 5 then you'll find out that you're getting ... almost equivalent amount of information or utility out of this however you're spending a lot less to whenever you get a brand new item if you just step back from the bleeding edge just a little bit if this is your habit you're going to save a lot over your lifetime basically yeah you're not going to get the latest sing great is that you can show everybody you're still going to get the equivalent amount of utility though if you're always on the bleeding edge you also realize that whenever you get something brand new it doesn't last very long the upgrade cycles is usually one year for most products there are some products that the upgrade cycle is more than one year for example this camera that you're looking through here it's a canon 5 D. mark 3 well they have the 53 mark for now however ... generally on SLR DSLRs the value of these things keep quite well the lenses keep even better because they don't upgrade the lenses is just a piece of glass so when a brand new version of the D. SLR portion of it where'd the chip is you can just take your old lands and just stick it on the brand new body so whenever it's something that does not get upgraded something that does not have chip inside ... for example this Michael here I'm pretty sure that you know 5 years down the line I might be able to sell this for at least no I don't know half the price I paid for this thing because it's one of these timeless things where a Mike is a Mike it's not going to involve ... unless somehow you know people just start moving on to using you know some sort of other recording mechanism I bought a nest in this somewhere over there back in the Wall awhile ago and I thought well if I buy dismisses gonna last me at least several years but turns out one year later the nest you point oh came out and me minus 1.oh obsolete this is an annoying factor that I did not take into account a lot of times when you buy something just to remind yourself that yeah they're going to come out with the new one and you can easily go online sometimes and and they would tell you on people with China no when the upgrade cycle is gonna be so you'd might not wanna catch yourself in buying an item that's just couple months before an upgrade cycle so let me review the timeless items such as paper shredders generally do not have upgrade cycles when you buy a paper shredder it's an electronic items there's a motor in it 5 years later your paper shredder is not going to be outdated digital scales for kitchen is the same thing however ... you have these brand new digital scales that are $100 plus on the has Bluetooth connectivity so ... in no way ... I don't think that really makes your old digital scale all that much obsolete one last thing to know is that some items of you hold it for a really really long time 20 years 30 years maybe if it's on open it's all that much more valuable you can sell it for a lot of money but it's hard to know beforehand what those items are sometimes people get lucky there like all you know the first iPhone I'm just gonna buy and not opening I mean for an iPhone aid for example let's say it's gonna be $1000 you buy this are you really gonna buy an extra one and just you know not open and and put in the attic for 20 years most people won't do this kind of stuff so I hope this opens up your eyes a little bit in terms of when you should buy electronics just kind of be very aware of the depreciation because I think most people whenever you step into a Best Buy and any place that has a lot of electronic gadgets to just I it just they just look at what's in their pocket arm how much is in their checking account and they go all I can afford this whole let me biased but you should look at how much it depreciates because this really affect your bottom line because if you're gonna get rid of it later on arm it's the delta between these 2 that's how much you spent on this item and the less that you spend on the delta the less it depreciates your network that's all I have for you for today don't forget to give me a like on this video common number will let me know what dad just you actively avoid in order to avoid depreciation if your ex isn't supporting this channel don't forget to check on my audible link down and if it is distortion below where you can get a free audiobook and you don't like this audiobook or his service you can cancel it before the trial subscription ends and you can still keep this free audiobook so you get one free audiobook over here and you can still happen if at this channel if your interest in supporting my channel directly you can take on my paycheck on over here why give various perks at various times you and levels and as always and forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get a notification whenever I upload a brand new video isa watching //
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How to Rock Engineering School
\\ //
"2017-08-31 15:00:07"
Sell, Donate, or Trash
\\how's it going there buddy this is beat bush if you have a lot of junk around in your house you might consider if you should sell it donated or maybe just throw in the trash altogether now for any given item that you want to get rid of you can sell them online through Amazon or eBay for more local stuff you can sell them on Craigslist or acts like close 5 or let go generally what I find to be most worth it is if you sell really heavy things you really want to go local in these items because the shipping will cost you are a large amount and it might offset the profits that you would make if you do not have the person buying I ... pay for the shipping what I want to concentrate on today is if you should spend your time trying to sell little tiny items like these word they my only goal for $10 and then shipping you might charge $5 and at the end of the day after you P. all the fees pay all the shipping you might only met like $23 the point here comes all the way back down to how much your time is worth and I've talked about this in length on this channel how much will you be able to earn if you do not do this eBay activity and instead concentrate on something else perhaps ... if you're a contractor you just use more of your time 2 ... earn more money you probably are more than $10 an hour if you are a contractor for you know a web development or something you likely earn a lot more than that listing a certain item takes a finite amount of time and especially with personal goods you have to take a picture of every single item and you need to take a really good picture too if you want the item to sell by the time you upload the picture research how much is suppose the cost ... right the description and things like that by the time the person actually buys it by the time you ... put it all in a box and ship it you might have already spent maybe I'd say if you really efficient Paul we can do all this arm let's say 15 minutes let's say you aggregate like 10 items altogether and you're able to do all of this let's say in 2.5 hours if let's say you value your time incrementally at $10 an hour that means each item armed needs to make more than 250 per item and therefore if this thing only makes me $2 I minus will just spend my time instead working on ... whatever I'm better at maybe consulting ... maybe on my web stuff on you tube things so this is a purely trade off of where you should put your time should you put your time on working on endeavors that make you more money or should you just try to get rid of little knick knacks that's isn't worth much which will take up your time instead if you find out that something is not worth your time it might be better to try to find similar items and group them together then perhaps you might be able to ... use less time and listed and maybe make a bigger profit because each item sort of takes about the same time to list sort of the same time to deal with if you're dealing with Craigslist people I find that a lot of people are flaky on Craigslist you they might contact you ask you about it the deal might fall through and you might end up spending a lot of time dealing with a single transaction same thing with close 5 are let go it's gonna take a certain amount of time for you to get rid of a certain item and if it's a higher dollar value item it might be more worth your time however if if it's things like you know $10 $20 or less arm the profit that you gain from it ... it's going to be low enough that it may not be worth your time the profit on close 5 let go or Craigslist it's going to be the dollar value that they pay you rather than a minus any shipping costs are transaction costs because on Amazon or eBay you have to pay a fee to Amazon or eBay you have to pay a fee ... for using the sick shipping service if you get paid by PayPal you also have to pay a certain fee to PayPal as well now instead of selling these random little items that might be more worth your time to just pack all these together and donate them instead if you are in an itemized deductions situation that means any incremental amount that you donate it's going to reduce your income all that much more let's say you itemize your deductions are ready because you have a pretty high mortgage interest so that will push you into the itemized deduction arm area so that when you don't need something let's say this thing is $10 you would effectively reduce your income by $10 that means $10 of your income is not paid in taxes therefore saving you about $2.50 if I were to get to 50 from this item then that means I could have saved a lot of time by just aggregating a lot of all these knickknacks and then just kind of writing it off on donations instead this with essentially save you a lot of time and at the same time you can ... donate to a good cause as well now when should you actually try something is when something is of 0 value at all whatsoever to anybody things that are of 0 value or likely maybe we'll hot water pot that do not work electronics that do not work all of those things yes they go in the trash finally if anything that are still are somewhat functional then you can donate still if you have a lot of stuff around like I do and especially the little items you might want to consider how it impacts ... your bottom line especially when you donate it therefore when you do donated you can essentially bomb remove all this work that you have to do that you're trying to sell something and then you make a profit of 25 cents or something you make a profit of one dollar it might just be better off if you just donated instead the we could you give me a like on this video comment on below let me know if this helps to reduce the amount of work that you need to put in in trying to get rid of stuff that you do not need if your insistence upon us I don't have an audible link down in the video this section below we can get a free audiobook and you don't like this or to service you can cancel it before deceptive and yet you can still keep this audiobook and still have benefit this channel if your insistence of honest channel I have a peach on over here where I give various perks at various contribution levels and as always a brick at the subscribe to my channel over here and click the bell icon next to the subscriber and so that you get a notification when ever I uploaded brand new video watching //
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Have You Tried Your Hardest Lately
\\how's it going everybody does is be diverse let me ask you how you push yourself really hard lately I mean really really hard as in after you do it you can say you tried your hardest and use all the power that you have all the knowledge that you have an after you do it you cannot say that yeah I could do a better job because whatever you did is the best that you can do today I'm gonna talk about releasing your full potential and when is it actually worth it to give it all you've got but first today I have a sponsor over here these guys are called I hate the and interestingly my very first video is called I get cold easily so there's a little bit of similarity here simply these guys are just power banks but with a little twist which you can turn it into a hand warmer I'm like oh okay arm if I'm tearing apart bank anyway it's kind of nice to be able to use other features using the battery powered that's stored within in this case over here you can turn this little switch to low or medium and this thing will actually get warm at the same time you compressible and in order to show how much battery is left you can push it twice in order to show a little flashlight thing the same thing with this bigger one over here so this guy's a hefty 400004000 amp hour and this one is twice as big at 800008000 and our it's relatively big you can charge a phone couple times with just one of these guys so check out their product I'll