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"2017-08-18 09:26:45"
De-Google-ify Yourself
\\it's time to say goodbye to Google at least for me while I will continue to use a GL address in a business context for now and will continue to upload videos do you 2 but tell the Orwellian platform either goes bust or just kicks everyone off the disagrees with their Marxist madness I've had enough of this company whose motto is ironically do no evil Google is everywhere and it gathers information on everyone to power its massive advertising arm Google is tracking you around the internet and building an individual advertising profile on you and because if you're not paying for the service product is you and Google has a history of abusing users trust in 2010 Google launched a social networking tool called buzz that automatically listed people as followers of people with whom they frequently emailed or chatted with on G. mail Google was also cut bypassing the privacy settings of the safari browser used by millions of iPhone and other apple users by using a special computer code to track their browsers into allowing Google tracking Google later paid a 22.$5000000 fine related to this violation Google is also an ideological totalitarian Orwellian company that should be avoided by those that value dissenting thought and freeze while in its offices it sacks those with views might well be based on science but hurt the ideological feelings of those that populate the company and at the same time over at YouTube it shadow bands blacklists and to monetize is while at the same time D. platforming anyone that is ideologically opposed to corporate controlled globalism this is truly a disgusting company so how do you do you do realize yourself the and before you say Firefox it has already been compromised and has stated it will be teaming up with eBay founder Pierre Amidar and that's right George Soros tough fight quote unquote fake news and will along with Google attempt to help shape our Orwellian nightmare of the future truth arbiters so going to give you the browser I use brave brave is a free and open source and it claims to block website trackers and removed intrusive internet advertisements the browser also claims to improve online privacy by sharing less data with advertising customers as of 2017 it's currently in beta testing for windows mac and lax and available as a stable release for I. O. S. and android it's a nice looking fast browser and I'm more than happy to make the switch from chrome and the tiny search engine called duck duck go that has a 0 data retention policy it doesn't store any of the information that is automatically transmitted by your computer that being the IP address or other digital footprints as a result DuckDuckGo has no way to link your search queries do you now this search engine Qantas seems to be just as good as Google the only drawbacks is that there seems to be no ability to give a time frame for your search IE 2004 hours over the last month think Sarah but it claims to not employ user tracking and doesn't personalized search results in order to avoid trapping users into filter bubble the company claims that it makes money through commissions it receives when users visit websites like eBay and tripadvisor from the search results and this is the search engine that I use proton mail uses client side encryption to protect email content and user data before they're sent a proton mail servers in contrast to other common email providers is Google so you have what is a secure email that's not being sifted through by the likes of G. male the only drawbacks is as far as I can tell for the free service is the 500 megabyte storage and 150 messages per day but if used strictly for personal communications I can't imagine what more one individual would need I well you too is the one arm of Google that's becoming an ideological echo chamber and is truly an expression of Google's desire to try and control the freedom of speech and the range of opinions people are allowed to have it really has already begun as its blacklisting channels for wrong think of video I will be making shortly but there are alternatives while none of the following have the reach or the library of you tube in terms of videos I think it will change soon there is several companies all just run through them fast there's the French daily motion vydox me bitch shoot as well as mines which acts as a kind of bridge between you 2 Twitter and Facebook I and speaking of Facebook I think that this is another one of these monolithic companies that should be avoided at all costs I personally have stayed away from posting any personal information on that platform and I think you should too I use it only in the capacity of black pigeons be Shirley and as stated a substitute while admittedly still kind of clunky there is minds but there's also the new platform gap I I speaking of social media platforms while we're at it the popular Facebook owned cell phone app what sap can be replaced with the much more rich and functions and user interface or wind which is it Asian quizlet I no longer use what's up for the very reason that it is owned by Facebook but I can't tell you how much better line is and is not affiliated with any of these large monolithic companies so hopefully this will give you some direction on where to go and how to finally leave Google a company that has come to symbolize the worst excesses of corporate malfeasance while at the same time trying to control what is and what is not allowed in the marketplace of ideas obviously having covered all of the alternative so please leave your suggestions in the comments section below and hopefully Google will get the message that we can see that you're doing evil and it doesn't end process us at all mmhm thanks for watching please find it more information like this on the website like pigeon and also find like pigeon on the usual social media //

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