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"2017-02-09 23:09:07"
Green Smoothie With Seasonal Ingredients (February 2017)
\\YouTubers what's up today how want to show you how to make a seasonal or at least somewhat seasonal green smoothie using some things that you can easily find at the grocery store in February so I live in Oregon this is what's available to me here and I'm just gonna assume that those of you in North America and in Europe watching could find the same ingredients so in today's movie we are going to use pomegranates which are in season I also found a sweet lemon all citrus in the wintertime is readily available so this is a sweet lemon and I have a 10 to low so that's those are gonna be some of the fruits in this movie we also have a pair in an apple we might not be able to cram all this in but we'll see what we can do sometimes I go to the store and you lucked out because you get beaten and the greens attached to on a lot of people just twist the meat greens often chakram and they missing out on a lot in nutrition because these things are awesome in green smoothies they're loaded with vitamins and minerals so if you didn't know this before know now that you can use beet greens and smoothies and you should use the greens and some of these here's my trusty vitamix I love this thing I found that it's best for any blender turn to throw the greens and first because that way they blend up the best so I'm gonna pretty much use a complete bunch of big greens and the stems are perfectly fine to use because they're very nutritious stems are essentially the veins of plants so they carry vital nutrients from the roots to the leaves another thing I like to do that like a bomb my green smoothies with various herbs in previous videos you may have seen the Basil bombers moody today I'm gonna parsley bonnet so essentially what that means is I just take a good amount of parts the greens and just shot him right in so you can see I'm using a lot of greens this is like 3 quarters of a pound of greens in fact why not do the entire bunch of parsley next let's add some juicy fruit as I already mentioned this right here is a sweet lemon so my goodness that's what it looks like no totally sweet yum closer that guy and if you find some seeds Bob amount in their little bit better a little trick to getting the seeds out is if you hold him up to the light you can see them better so then you can just kind of hoop get him out of there here's a tangent won't also very tasty citrus very juicy as you can see well the thing is delicious can already tell next we have a very right pair and you know it's very right because it's very soft when I put apples and pears in smoothies I always leave the seeds in there because they have trace amounts of arsenic in in Lupin's very small quantities that's actually very beneficial for exploding cancer cells if you were to eat a bucket of seeds it might not be so good for your system but in small amounts like if you see that a time that's actually really good for you and I'm gonna do the same thing with apples some I leave the seeds in will we had you can have to squish it down sometimes a banana will make any green smoothie creamy so let's add a banana as you can see this one 's very right and our last fruit that we're gonna use is a pomegranate the easiest way to put a pomegranate in this movie is did you sit in a citrus juicers on come over here check it out so I could peel it and then spend a few minutes individually peeling away the kernels or I could simply cut it in half just like bank and I put it in the citrus juicer this give it a good squeeze and as you can see pretty much gets all the juice out of the colonel's I there you go so plop that guy in are add a quart of water or a leader you're watching in Europe just to recap we have our big greens we have our parsley bomb we have our sweet lemon are 10 Gelo are paired our apple or banana pomegranate juice and we're ready to rock here we go get out is when you're little zealous overloaded with anger the lid off remove so when that had poured over the top and then no months that way we have recently a court a pint when you can safely lift your lid and that will make 2.5 more courts and that is how you use seasonal ingredients in your snow the Sir member to switch up the ingredients in your green smoothie cheers to you thank you for watching and if you'd like to subscribe to my channel you'll get a lot more content just like this I think this movie I'm //
"2014-11-30 11:00:02"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 30 (end here)
\\this is day 30 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge and I won't line I'm a little bit sad about that today it's over where do we go from here a I don't know we'll see maybe I'll think of something by the end of this movie for today's green smoothie you will need some dark green be a Cup of frozen or fresh apricots a Cup of fresh or frozen pineapple a handful of green grapes and water to help it blend let's begin the start with the grapes book group but to poop boom we'll do our greens next and again this is the dark green baby green mix which contains kale and spinach and beet greens NO arugula though when paper cuts next paper cards apricots I don't know and pineapple with water to help that land the and here we go who Alex good boom no but let's delectable I no in this is day 30 so you really got to enjoy your green smoothie on a well my dears who come to the end of the 30 day green smoothie challenge if you want a new challenge I got one for you I challenge you to keep going don't stop at 30 days you already know how to make delicious green smoothies keep going before I sign off I want to do a little bit of shameless self promotion last year I made a movie it's called powered by green smoothies I think that this is a really awesome movie that every athlete every person who's athletic needs to see so if you're interested in renting downloading just previewing the movie click the link I think it's gonna be right here or maybe it's going to be right here just take a few minutes check out my website I think you will enjoy the movie and if nothing else go to the ebook tab of the site and download the free ebook with lots of recipes there's no attached to it you can just have the free ebook and have I believe it's 18 more recipes with which to our fill your life with secondly my mom Victoria Bittaker wrote a new book it's called the green smoothie prescription and it has lots and lots of awesome recipes in it so if you need more green smoothie recipes to inspire you to continue check out this book it's called the green smoothie prescription and it's available everywhere thank you guys so much for watching for tuning in subscribe to my channel who take a film is for more videos and challenges to follow and I hope you have a wonderful day //
"2014-11-29 11:00:02"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 29 (plus cool pineapple tip)
\\this is great 29 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge WebM we've been doing this 29 days which means if you don't talk today we have only one day left yes I'm very good at math for today's smoothie you'll need some green leaf lettuce half of a pie and half of a pair half Cup of pineapple half Cup of cranberries and blend do you want a little trick about pineapple now if you've made green smoothies a pineapple before and you fresh you'll notice that your smoothies will get frothy if you freeze the pineapple that will not happen that's a little tip for the day alright let's begin let's start by fear on the pair in seeds and all alright so you're gonna once again take the papaya seeds out of the papaya because we don't want a spicy smoothie at least not in a sweet smoothie we don't and then you can appeal the papaya flesh into the blender with a spoon the easiest way to do it find out who goes next then we have a cranberry a and lead us to finish it off green leaf lettuce from the armors in you go wider if you happen to notice green smoothies are great way to stay hydrated as everything that you put in there including the water has a high water content here we go hula laugh let's see how it tastes well I'm then I think I'm actually getting better at this double star plus a plus plus plus who lovely enjoy your day 29 going make yourself a smoothly and as always what am I gonna say after this that's right the detailed recipe is right below this video in the description enjoy your day guys //
"2014-11-28 11:00:11"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 28 (digestive aid green smoothie)
\\word of this is the 28 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge this is actually the day they were filming this is the 20 eighth day of November which happens to be that the day after thanksgiving this year many of you probably ate a lot yesterday may be sat on the couch trying to digest it all so for today's smoothie I decided to make a digest so many use of the pie in the sky and for our day for today's smoothie you're gonna need some spinach some pineapple guava half a papaya some fresh or frozen raspberries a banana and water to help that blend here we go so a few days or weeks ago I used guavas in my smoothie these are a different type of guava they're much smaller in there called pineapple guavas again pick a nice quiet but it has to be slightly soft to the touch maybe even have a few brown spots on it and when you smell it and should smell like heaven in the snow like Kevin so I'm gonna blend that piece of heaven and soon that heaven will be inside of me like I said this is gonna help us digest our meal from yesterday from thanksgiving so you don't want to take the seeds out because they're very peppery and we don't want a peppery greens movie and then you're gonna scoop the papaya into the blender the flesh of the plan in smells so good I left down for my birthday I purchased a very right papaya which is very rare in the northwest Oregon where I live sound I Musta done something good to deserve such a treat okay spinach and you go well but more and want but and a banana to make it a little bit more sweet and water to help the blind now because you have a blob in there guavas have very hard seeds you're gonna want to blend this movie for a little bit longer to make sure that you pull over as those seeds here we go nnsl and it's getting it's a good remember to improve digestion chew your green smoothies because digestion really does start in your mouth when you're masticating you know what to do have a great day guys //
"2014-11-27 11:00:04"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 27 (happy birthday smoothie)
\\yeah this is day 27 in my 30 day green smoothie challenge and because I'm filming this in November November 27 is my birthday so Happy Birthday to me day for this green smoothie you'll need some baby greens one Cup of fresh or frozen raspberries once had semen Mandarin a pair and a handful of grapes with some water to help that blend there are various kinds of baby green mixes in the storm the conventional one which is made out of lettuce is tends to get a little funky in this movie so I don't really like the taste of that the one you're looking for has spinach kale beet greens kind of the dark kale dark green baby green mix also I'd highly advise to not put a roof delaying your green smoothies because those turn out a little punk a now you can use arugula and say Reese movies I but I just maybe I don't really like the taste of arugula all that much because I haven't had a smoothie turn out quite as good when I use it so for this movie you're gonna want ... the kale the darker baby green mix there we go I broke my rule of using juicy fruit first but Hey it's my birthday I can do whatever I want let's do our set Suman next like that is so pretty vine ripe I I kind of laughed at the way that things are marketed sometimes you know they say tomatoes vying right that means they were still picked before they are ready they just picked the vine with them so technically they ripened on the vine it's kind of funny but Hey who are you gonna do still better than walking all the way to southern California to get these but raspberries go next pressure frozen will be just fine today I have a different pair this isn't as you peer and this isn't as you pair that goes straight in and we have some green grapes we're gonna take those off their stem if you happen to blend the stem on accident don't worry that's just extra fiber in the blender you go you know it's funny I kinda noticing that as this green smoothie challenge progresses I start cramming more and more ingredients in this tiny little blender no wonder what that's about and water to help at all bland so excited about this been craving a smoothie all day no hoon Happy Birthday to me while I know I like every smoothie that I make but I'm gonna make note of this one this is exceptionally good in and they say that the best presents that we get are from ourselves and I have given myself a really good present today for my birthday more than anything else in the world I want you to go and make yourself of this green smoothie and for extra bonus points share this video with a friend alright have a wonderful day and I'll see you tomorrow //
"2014-11-26 11:00:07"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 26 (featuring cranberries)
\\can you believe it we made it 26 whole days how do you feel do you do you notice any sort of difference I notice a difference man I've been having some amazing smoothies lately I didn't even know I had this kind of variation in me to be honest for today's smoothie you'll need some red leaf lettuce peaches pressure frozen half a Cup of cranberries half a pair half and some water to help blend let's begin clear the pair in skin seeds at all cranberries will add a nice little hint of sourness to this movie our we have our peaches which will contribute to the creaminess of it many people don't consider using lettuces in there smoothies which is a shame because all lettuces are very nutritious in his red leaf lettuce is gonna taste awesome in this movie so go ahead and cram it in there this is about half a bunch and some water to help that blend and in this regard we have half of the banana just Chillin want and now we blend the this is like a red smoothie maybe the next trend that all start is read some of these instead of green smoothies because you know green smoothies have been around for a little while now maybe people are getting tired of them so we got a change it up read some of the revolution let's give it a try yeah I'm sour mood delectable numerous alright you guys need I say more go and make yourself a smoothie //
"2014-11-25 11:00:08"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 25 (Banandelion smoothie)
\\this is day 25 of my green smoothie challenge and today I thought you know what we have and use dandelions in awhile so let's change that for this movie you're gonna need one bunch are dandelions 2 cups of fresh or frozen mango half a banana and water because of my ingredients choices today I'm gonna call this movie the button and alliance movie here we go green's first today this week I scored on mango so I bought about $100 worth Cuba mop and I threw in my freezer and now I have many ghost for days there are those and the nice thing about mangoes is they cut the taste of dandelions quite a bit so if you don't like the taste of bitter throw mangoes in yours movie we'll do half a banana and water to help the bland I I don't even need to taste this one to know that it's good because of the mango and has lots of soluble fiber it turns it very thick like up putting so this is green putting number 2 the banana lance movie Luna a paradise absolute paradise can I tempt you with some banana land green smoothie alright go make yourself a smoothie and as always the recipe to this movie will be below the video in the description //
"2014-11-24 11:00:05"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 24 (featuring basil)
\\welcome to date 24 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge for today's smoothie you're gonna need some spinach some Basil half a pair half a banana one Cup of frozen cherries a little piece of ginger and water to help that boy and here we go let's do the pair first seeds and all we'll do the banana next want right here I have a nice little piece of ginger maybe the size of my thumb is going to cut it in half because sometimes these things are very tough it helps the blender and blend them have been playing with spinach if a lot lately because I got a really good deal on it so for the last 3 smoothies it's spinach time in previous videos of mentioned how important it is to rotate greens because they have alkaloids in them and you don't want those alkaloids to build up too much in your system you'll notice from the last 3 days I've been using spin expended spinach in my smoothies that's okay you can use spinach 5 times 6 times you can even probably go 2 weeks using spinach what's important now is at a certain point to switch to a different green so that Katie use the same green multiple times during the week but it's a good idea after that to switch to another green next we have Basil we have a Cup of frozen cherries pitted of course oh yeah you smell it don't you and water to help that blend I think my cat wants some smoothie again there we go what am I going to call this movie maybe green smoothie cherry delight I always try our smoothies before a certain other people I'm another exquisite smoothly numbers soon if you want a detailed recipe to this movie check out the description below the video have a great day guys //
"2014-11-23 11:00:01"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 23 (plus why I use frozen cherries)
\\what what what away this is the 23 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge after today we have one week left to go what on earth won't go one now 23 days for today's smoothie you're gonna need some spinach asset summum Mandarin one star fruit some frozen cherries and half of a banana as well as water to help that blend first things first we're gonna they're the Jews food and for Suman Mandarin and star fruit part it so appeal that Sucka and throw it straight in the blender I never take the seeds out of mine citrus because the vitamix polarizes them here's a little star free tutorial you wanted to be slightly soft maybe a little bit of brown spots on then that means that they're sweet right and good to eat lately I've been having a craving for star fruit so I've been trying to eat a lot of them in my smoothies and then fresh start it also has little seeds in it don't worry about those throw them in the blender let's do our spinach next about half a pound the I have about a Cup of cherries the reason I like using cherries frozen is because they've already been pitted so that saves me the trouble of putting the cherries there are those guys and our girls are let's do half a banana today won't and water to help that blend what who knew bool no very star fruity the star for really comes out on that and the cherries is put together give a kind of a nice thing that we have had thus far over all a plus plus movie tears you know what to do gun makers of this movie //
"2014-11-22 11:00:09"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 22 (green coconut pudding)
\\what are you guys this is date 22 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge and for today's smoothie I'm gonna kick it now we style and show you what I used to do when I lived on Maui for this movie you're going to need one young coconut a bunch of spinach for dates 2 bananas and depending on the blender you have maybe a little bit of water first things first we're going to use the water you can use coconut water that's in a bottle but I always prefer to do it fresh I think fresh is always best so if you're in an area where you can't access these it's okay just get an organic coconut water otherwise try and go for the actual coconut you know that it's young because it generally has a white appearance so the brown kopen it's the water is going to be more mature and not as tasty when they're white they're young and what you're gonna do is gonna find the eyes of the copayment there's 3 appear and those are like soft ... parts those are soft areas on the coping it so you're just gonna poke them carefully with a knife then you should do at least 2 because then poof there you go then the water will actually leak out and pour it in the blender once the coca is done draining go ahead and start adding the other ingredients we have some dates here you want to make sure that you take the pit out boom we have a nice handful of spinach so that in today we're gonna use to bananas and last but not least there's an optional ingredient which is the coconut meat now like I said in an earlier video my body doesn't really like it when I combine coconut with anything else so I've learned to eat it alone but if you're not as sensitive to it it's mix quite tasty to add the coconut meat into this green smoothie it won't be appear green smoothie if you do choose to add the meat but it sure will be delicious so if you're looking for dessert green smoothie putting go ahead now and the coconut meat so for the purposes of this video I'm gonna show you what I do I find a nice hard patch of cement and I go well 17 ice cracking the coping it I can actually use my gorilla strength pop it open and then what I would do as I take a spoon or knife and carefully plop pieces of coping it off shell it helps to actually cut the coconuts sometimes then it's a little bit easier for it to come off and then I just throw a couple little pieces in the blender to make it nice and creamy maybe let's do one more alright let's see how this tastes here we go nnsl smells good in tastes amazing and this is like green coconut putting alright you know what to do by now you should know what to do anyway going make yourself this movie but mine //
"2014-11-21 11:00:07"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 21 (savory smoothie with dulse)
\\it's official where 3 weeks into the 30 day green smoothie challenge this is day 21 for today's green smoothie you will need some beet greens some tarragon an heirloom tomato half of a red or orange bell pepper some dulce vegetable half an avocado and some water every week I like to give you at least one seborrheic this movie because I think it's nice to break up sweets movies sweet sweet sweet all the time get boring and sometimes your taste buds just want something different for today's smoothie you're going to need some beet greens if you're lucky when you go down organic store and purchase beats they come with the beet greens now most people there after the beat so they'll take the beats and I'll cook with them and then all through the greens away but the greens are actually the most nutritious part so from here on out that stops when you buy beats would be greens you're gonna cut them off they're gonna save these for whatever super bore sure whatever you're gonna make and then you're going to use these in your green smoothies so for today's green smoothie for any use the beet greens of 3 or 4 beats we also have another herb tarragon it smells very nice this is both good and sweet and savory smoothies so tarragon in the blender heirloom tomatoes look how beautiful this thing is just amazing that nature can produce something that beautiful in the blender you go I love you more half of an avocado to kind of pull it all together and some adults this is C. we'd sea weed is essentially greens from the ocean if you think about it they're green things are purple things that come from the ocean there the green leafy vegetables of the seat and I love putting them in smoothies because the ocean isn't as depleted of its minerals as the earth is a hot because on earth you know we we are current farming practices deplete the soil of minerals in the ocean isn't quite as depleted so putting sea vegetables in your smoothie will ensure that you're getting lots of awesome minerals and water to help it went let's give this account smells amazing moon moon moon it's very rich full bodied okay taste with a hint of vanilla no it's actually really good with the same Reese movies as I mentioned in the previous say recently the videos you can use them more of a as a suit seeking pour them in a bowl chop some veggies in there you can actually blend them long enough in the vita mixer your blender the heated up I think in a vitamix if you blend it for for 5 minutes it gets very hot actually so in the winter time on a cold day he could blend up your green smoothies soup your say recently and die it tastes really good but you don't have to you can just as easily put it in a court and take it with you drink it throughout the day it's quite good no this is your homework going do it gun make yourself a smoothie don't wait go right now //
"2014-11-20 11:00:07"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 20 (plus how to eat a quince)
\\what I think guys this is day 20 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge today I have another treat for you it's kind of ... untraditional smoothie to say the least because today I'll be using a teens in my smoothie so it seems spelled Q. U. I. N. C. E. is in the apple for it's like a wilted apple this is sort of like the guava of the northwest if you ever see kids of the story make sure to grab one has a very nice fragrance as I just mentioned they're not gonna add a whole lot of sweetness to your smoothie but they will add fiber in a very delicate it's amazing taste so for today's green smoothie you'll need some purple tail one key we half a pair half a bunch of mint half a teens one banana and some water here we go so the key we ... you just need to cut off the ends because they're very hard and fibrous apart from that you can use it with the skin and so I'm just gonna cut it straight into the blender skin and all gonna do the same with the keen C. dropped appealing or anything just give it a quick rinse it's in the apple family so just like the apple its seeds are gonna have a small amount to trace amounts of arsenic in St ed and in very small quantities those substances actually blow up cancer cells so you don't need to worry about coring the kings just throw it in seeds in all same thing with the pair leave the seeds in a I love using herbs in my smoothies so meant is another one of those awesome things that'll just make this movie come alive and it will really add excitement to the green smoothie its use about a half a bunch of purple kale I and we'll do a whole banana as always water to help that blend I let's see how we like it man I can smell the Mitnick teens I'm amazing so I've been doing this for about 10 years I've figured I probably have my 10000 hours of movie making and I pretty much don't make bats movies anymore and with a little bit of practice I'm confident that you can do the same that's a large motivation for me doing this I want to present more recipes to you guys and show you all the variety and creativity that you can attain so going do it you know the drill by now if you want the detailed recipes it's below the video in the description have a wonderful day you guys and thank you so much for watching //
"2014-11-19 11:00:11"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 19 (featuring papaya)
\\this is the 19 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge and today similarly I'm gonna call tropical sunrise because I decided to spoil myself and you and I went all out and about some tropical fruit so for today's smoothie you're gonna need some green kale some guava half up the pie and one banana and some water a good guava sort of looks like you pick it out store you want it to be slightly soft to the touch you also want to smell it and if it smells like most wonderful smile you've ever smelled that means it's a good guava you can use the entire thing in your smoothies the skin the seeds the pink flash disk cut that sucker straight into the blender oh man this is a good one and it's okay to cheat a little and I'm it's like a party in your mouth I'm not so good sold new one whole guava we'll do half of a papaya and this is a strawberry pie and ... unfortunately because I live in the northwest in Oregon I don't always get right papaya so I have to make do with what I have but I'm gonna put half of it in my smoothie and I'm gonna eat the other half you could just take a spoon and easily carve it out of the skin a pious are really good digestive aids so if you have any sort of digestion problems adding simple piety your smoothies should help with that let's do half a banana and we have a green tail when given a nice tare shove that in the blender and water to help a blind ... let's give this a go well I'm it but yeah Lou if only I had some tropical weather to go with this movie this is just our no it really is like a party in your mouth like you do not as always the recipe to this movie is below the video in the description cheers //
"2014-11-18 11:00:07"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 18 (featuring honey dew melon)
\\18 days and what's up you guys this is Sarah gave this is day 18 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge and today I'm gonna show you another really simple smoothie that tastes finger lickin good for today's smoothie you'll need Italian parsley half a honeydew melon 5 or 6 pressure frozen struck some water honeydew melon is rich in potassium and potassium is pretty much all around good for our heart our blood vessels potassium actually stimulates our heart to maintain a regular heartbeat so it's very important can honeydew melon will give you that potassium make sure when you're cutting the melon you're cutting all the way down to the Rhine because most of the nutrients comes from the melon skin Italian parsley is no less healthy than the honeydew melon it comes with properties such as anti inflammatory properties so it's good for joint pains that kind of thing it's got anti cancer properties so this parsley will actually fight cancer cells it's also a good cleanser for our kidneys and other internal organs so we're gonna throw in about a bunch of this Italian parsley it is going to cram it in bloom last but not least we have our strawberries here we go mmhm definitely smells like parts limped get a shot move moon now of course if you don't like the taste of parsley this may not be the best movie for you but if you don't mind it this movie tastes awesome alright here's your homework go and do it thanks for watching I'm gonna sit here and drink the rest of this movie //
"2014-11-17 11:00:12"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 17 (super easy smoothie)
\\this is day 17 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge and today's smoothie is what I call the easiest movie it's like a cheater smoothie for when you get really busy and you don't want to spend a lot of time chop it are preparing ingredients for this movie you will need some frozen mangoes frozen peaches rainbow charred fresh squeezed organic orange juice and some water the reason I like frozen fruit is because it's already prepared and ready to so if you ever get too busy and you just go wham bam thank you ma'am and this movie is done and you're on your way I personally like to make my own frozen fruit meaning that when I see mangoes on sale and they're really right I buy $100 worth and I chop up and I throw them in my freezer and then that holds me over for months I think they're frozen fruit does lose some of its vitality because it's frozen but the benefit to freezing fruit is that you can take it when it's right you can buy it in bulk and so then there are other benefits to it being you know frozen and preserve that way so in my smoothies I feel perfectly okay using frozen fruit though fresh is always better alright let's see how this tastes summer through the main using the peaches in I don't need a banana today because both the mangoes and the peaches are going to help my smoothie bind I got some fresh Viewtiful multi colored leaves of rainbow charred and when a poor in about a Cup of fresh squeezed orange juice and depending on the blender you have this may or may not be enough liquid for it to blend so you may need to add a little bit of water but and then you blend and just like that and 45 seconds or less you got yourself an awesome green smoothie there's absolutely no mass to clean up and it even taste divine not so good go make yourself an easy green smoothie thanks for watching I'll see you again tomorrow //
"2014-11-16 11:00:13"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 16 (featuring chickweed)
\\yo yo yo this is Sergio and this is day 16 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge since yesterday I had some pretty incredible stuff happen to me check out my hair do my hair actually grew out must be the greens with these I don't know what else to say totally 100 percent natural okay just looked away which means I'm lying yes indeed it is a wig but you know you gotta have fun with it right alright for today's smoothie I decided to bring some more wild edible into the picture for this green smoothie you will need some freshly harvested chickweed half of a pair half an avocado an apple a banana in some water if you don't know what chickweed is don't panic if you check out the description below this video right under the recipe the first link will be a video I made about chickweed chickweed is a common garden weed it's very tasty it's very nutritious and it's awesome in green smoothies so you got some homework to do click the link below the video research chip we'd then go ahead and make this movie here we go when a third the pair in first cousins juicy dish then a banana and if you're just tuning in a few weeks ago I showed you a little apple trick member that so a cool party trick with apples is you can rip them in half webspan webspan you can even quarter them but that takes years of practice and we're gonna have a nice handful of chickweed straight in the blender boom it's going to be our vitamin a and see for the day we had half an avocado from yesterday left over so why not blend that oh yeah and water to help at all mix here we go both alright let's give it a try then it is like a wild animal apple sauce go make yourself a smoothie make this one it's so good and if you want a detailed recipes check out the description below where you'll also find that video about chickweed have a great day //
"2014-11-15 11:00:03"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 15 (original green smoothie recipe)
\\this is the 15 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge which means that we have made it half way while we know how do you feel do you feel any difference whatsoever you know in my movie powered by green smoothies that I worked on all of last year the athletes that I fed smoothies to on a regular didn't really feel a whole lot of difference until about 2 weeks in so right about now you should start feeling the effect of the green smoothies if you've been doing it regularly in today's video I'd like to show you one of the original green smoothie recipe now this here is the 10 year anniversary of green smoothies back in 2004 when my mom first conceptualized the concept of green smoothies ... she didn't really have any idea of how to make greens taste good and smoothies and ... at that time we were doing a lot of experimenting in the family in one of our first successful green smoothie recipes contain the purple tail frozen strawberries pairs but man as an avocado ... the frozen strawberries kept the greens from foaming inside this movie and the avocado made everything creamy and help to buy in this movie so for today's green smoothie you will need purple kale frozen strawberries half of a pair preferably a right pair half of an avocado and a banana and water here we go but was there the pair in first the juiciest thing we have and then we'll do the kale well squeeze the avocado in next man Zagat avocado frozen strawberries after that and we'll do a whole banana and water to help that blend the evolution of green smoothies in our family has been an interesting one when we first started drinking the smoothies they tend to be very heavy on fruits and a light on greens because we weren't too fond of the green taste and over time we just noticed that we would slowly move away from the sweetness and move more into the greens once again I want to emphasize that I have nothing against fruit I think that fruit is very essential to being healthy I also think that fruit sugars are very different than processed sugars so I'm not at all picking on fruit and saying that you shouldn't load your smoothies with fruit I just want to point out that personally in my database movie making I find that I'm using more greens and slightly less fruit let's see how this tastes I and in so far so good Iran's given a sample I'm moon it brings me back 10 years ago this is what we're drinking pretty much every day it's a really good smoothly the avocado like I said makes it nice and creamy I'd almost feels like a little bit heavier so if you really need a little you know proofing your meal this would be a good green smoothie for you and I'm gonna call this video the original green smoothie recipe sort of so go ahead make yourself this green smoothie and enjoy your day //
"2014-11-14 11:00:02"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 14 (featuring star fruit)
\\this is day 14 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge and if you've been doing this since the very beginning you deserve a big high 5 why am 2 whole weeks on green smoothies for this movie you'll need some purple kale a dragon fruit half an apple a star fruit some black mission figs of so I was at the local store and well Jules this is the star fruit and grows in the tropics Hawaii all over the world really and it tastes very good it's like a party in your mouth so if you've ever seen knees and didn't know what to do with them they're awesome and smoothies you want a little bit soft when you buy at the store because they're gonna be sweet in right when they're soft the we are black mission figs these are really good for taking mucus out of the body so they're gonna be especially good for people with asthma and kind of respiratory issues if you have a common cold and it's in your lungs eats and pigs or some grapefruit alright now what in the heck is this odd looking thing is it a rutabaga no this is called a dragon fruit and it comes from Indonesia Thailand ... and it essentially is the fruit of a cactus just like a prickly pear when you cut it open actually kinda looks like a keenly on the inside you see has white flash in tiny little black seeds just like a key we Emmys cactus fruits are awesome for reducing brain swelling so if you go drinking at night not saying that you should but if you do go drinking at night and you have a hangover the next day the make a smoothie with a prickly pear in it or a dragon fruit that will cure your hangover a few years back I ran a green smoothie tricycle so I had a bike with a cooler up front and I would bend green smoothies at the farmer's market the farmer's market was on a Saturday I lived in a college town at the time so I would get a lot of college students coming to the farmers market in the mornings and pretty quickly the word spread the green smoothies very good hang over here I'd never known this before but apparently they are in so week after week after week I get this huge line of college students ... purchasing my green smoothies perhaps for the wrong reason I don't know anyway these are awesome and smoothies just like with the star fruit you wanna get them when they're soft that means that they're right so we're gonna put half of the dragon fruit into this movie what you gonna do with the other half you gonna eat it silly because many of you probably have never tried it before and it's darn delicious so shove some purple Kaelin we have a little bit of apple left over from yesterday smoothie why not use that and let's say half a banana and just a little bit wider let's give it a try I wonder how this is gonna taste moon the moon the perfect movie yeah this is good but her a plus plus golden start I alright if you want the detailed recipe check out the description below the video thanks for watching //
"2014-11-13 11:00:01"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 13 (featuring wheatgrass)
\\ ... date 13 that correct this is deep 13 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge moon what we have here today wheat grass sunflower sprouts fresher frozen strawberries pineapple apple and this stuff right over here is called we it's very niche it's full of chlorophyll which is very alkalis into the but gosh darn it it just doesn't taste good at all I hate the taste of wheat grass luckily in my explorations I found a little trick if you blend wheat grass with pineapple the taste of the wheat grass gets mask completely so we're gonna do that today and we also have some leftover sunflower sprouts today I think we'll try and throw in the mix and see how we like it wheat grass doesn't necessarily have to come from the store all grasses are edible and they're very nutritious so if you have one on organic front lawn go ahead and cut some of that grass straight into your smoothie why not let's begin so do the juicy fruit first because the help blend the greens got some pineapple here cut that guy straight into the blender next let's do the wheat grass you just cut it at the base there that straight and and we'll do our sunflower sprouts in the same way some strawberries some banana let's do half a banana today and we'll say half an apple who wants to see a party trick if you want to impress your friends you can learn how to rip an apple in half I call it guerrilla strength so basically you find the 2 highest points of the apple and you put it between your thumbs and just ripped the apple in half and if you have more than 2 friends that you want to impress you can also order the apple boom and some water to help at all blend noon oh yeah the best part of this movie is that you can't taste the wheat grass but you know it's in there alright you know what to do have a great day guys //
"2014-11-12 11:00:08"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 12 (savory smoothie with sunflower sprouts)
\\this is day 12 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge today's smoothie is going to be another say recently because every once in awhile I get tired of sweet and I want somethin savory for this movie you will need some avocado celery romaine lettuce jalapeno red bell pepper sunflower sprouts and water let's begin this going to clear some space through other romaine lettuce and first use some of my sailor ray I celery is really good for your joints the older that we get the more stiffer joints get and celery is full of the healthy sodium that makes us more flexible depending on how much you like spicy food you're gonna add more or less of this jalapeno I like spicy food allowed someone to put half of it in we're gonna do half of a red or orange or yellow bell pepper and if you have a high powered blender you can just throw the seeds in because they're also very nutritious we'll do about a half of an avocado missile maker smoothie creamy and we have these awesome locally grown sunflower sprouts these are the babies to ... sunflower seeds they're very nutritious and they're good in smoothies in general but they're specially good in C. Reese movies Pat that down and water to help that blend here we go and see how it turned out none that's quite good you may notice me chewing mice movies from time to time this is because it's good to masticating our food right so even though I'm making a smoothie I'm making an effort to chew my food to mix with my saliva because digestion really does start in the mouth my favorite way to eat the series movies is to put it in a nice soup bowl put some sea vegetables on it like adults or kelp maybe slice and vegetable cubes in it and treat it more like a soup then a smooth the okay you know what to do go make yourself is moving and as always the detailed recipe to this green smoothie is below the video in the description so check it out thanks for watching //
"2014-11-11 11:00:07"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 11 (plus how to juice a pomegranate)
\\good morning and it's day 11 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge and today I have a little special treat for you I'm gonna show you a different way to use pomegranates in your smoothie for this movie you will need some fresh or frozen strawberries attend Gelo 2 pomegranates some Basil some spinach a banana and some water for the sake of making room in making it easier for you to see me click through our greens in first today so I have my spinach and we're gonna make this into Basil bomb some gonna throw about a half bunch of Basil in with pomegranate sometimes it's a pain in the butt to peel them ... there's been a video circulating on the internet of a guy who was like a master pomegranate peeler not everybody is that gifted but there is a trick and I'm gonna show it to you if you have a citrus juicer that's a press like this one right here made by Hamilton beach or some other brand you can easily extract the juice of pomegranates is watch all you do is you cut it in half the and then you load him into the press just like you would an orange or grapefruit I can you give it a nice squeeze all I and the end result is awesome pomegranate juice see it squeezed it all out and so we're gonna do that with 2 pomegranates okay I okay check this out the end result is amazing fresh squeezed pomegranate juice and one of the benefits of making green smoothies yourself for not buying them at the store is even kind of sneak little special treats for yourself like fresh pomegranate juice no all right straight into this movie then we're gonna at our strawberries let's do half of the stands alone 0.5 of a banana you know what let's make it a whole banana and depending on your blender you may need to look at a little bit of water to help that blend I'm not going to add too much today because we have the pomegranate juice hiragana 9 never in their is a 5 star finger licking good smoothie go try it right now go //
"2014-11-10 11:00:00"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 10 (featuring romaine lettuce)
\\yeah this is a date 10 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge and for today's smoothie you're gonna need some romaine lettuce some grapes some pomegranates kernels half a banana and some water so with pomegranates I just peeled them you know look like this and I carefully peeled them I'm gonna throw those guys then that's going to be our and accident for the day we're also gonna throw some grapes in they too have lots of antioxidants mafia my cat she wants him smoothing once a grave surrender we'll throw in some romaine lettuce if I our bananas gonna make it nice and creamy want and some water to help blend the let's go ... year they tend smoothie let's see moon I'm not gonna say that it's not good it's awesome actually go make yourself a smoothie with pomegranate kernels //
"2014-11-09 11:00:06"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 9 (budget green smoothie)
\\yo yo yo this is Dana my 30 day green smoothie challenge for today's smoothie you'll need some dinosaur tail a banana some salary a pair orange and some water let's begin do you see things first right an appeal is orange since we're only making a court we may not use all the ingredients on this cutting board let's see maybe we can squeeze a man and you go strap half of the banana Dino kill next celery goes after that we have our pair what do and water to help that blend as always if you want it more sweet add more fruit if you want less we had less free Aragon as far as smoothly ingredients go this movie right here would be your green smoothie on a budget an orange a banana the pair the kale those ingredients aren't too exotic they're readily available everywhere and they're not that expensive so if you're on a budget distribute its movie for you let's see how it tastes yeah I like it this will get me through my kettlebell workout right after this alright go make yourself facility go do it //
"2014-11-08 11:18:37"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 8 (featuring persimmons and fennel)
\\or whatever Sergi in the house and this is day 8 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge not today before we jump into this movie I have a few things to address there's been some questions the first question that I've been asked over and over again is what exactly is the 30 day challenge all about the way I intended to be is you drink one quart are one leader if you're single day your normal day I suppose if you wanted to eat thing but some for 30 days you could do but you need to drink more than a court and you have to do the proper research to make sure that you're doing a fast correctly for 30 days so I want to be responsible for that I'm not advocating simply adding one quart of smoothie to your diet people say I'm busy highway incorporate this into ... I don't know what to tell you I'm busy till I have a lot of work to do and somehow I managed to make this movie and that's part of the challenge is I challenge you to do this through the every day in addition to your normal lives and busy schedules the third question I've got is about food combining our people say what is the proper food cock combinations in a green smoothie my personal belief is that green leafy vegetables and fresh ripe fruit combined perfectly together green leafy vegetables are not like starchy vegetables they're not like carrots and beets therefore on most food combining charts that does not cause any sort of problem so spinach lettuce kale are we have our garnishes those kinds of things are green leafy vegetables and they combine well with fruit that being said I believe the food combining is way more personal then some people make it out to be and I think for example you know my body doesn't like it when I eat coconut with other things and even though coconut can combine well with other things I have learned to eat coconut separately and I think it's wise to follow your body first and foremost so I say that if I ever combine anything that doesn't agree with your body then you'll know not to do that in your smoothly and lastly we come to my recipes people been asking me to change it up and at certain things or maybe they don't want to go and pick dandelions I am perfectly 100 percent okay with you altering my recipes in this 30 day challenge and taking different gradients and showing you that you can make lots of tasty green smoothies from those ingredients if you don't like one of my ingredients by all means replace it with something that suits you that being said let's move on to the green smoothie for today's smoothie you'll need some persimmons spinach fennel 5 Mitchell dates and water have you ever gone to the storing senior a tomato like fruit and thought what the heck is that this is a fool you persimmon who you persimmons are high in vitamin ANC which means that they have lots of antioxidants in them and they're also good for your eyes your skin and they taste very nice since movies that actually fluff them up so today we're going to be making a green persimmons movie let's begin cut your persimmons in half or quarter start throwing him into the blender now the foo you persimmon variety it doesn't get a stringent so maybe you had a person in the past and you had an unripe one in your whole mouth with that happens with the high cheer persimmons the big long once but the flat persimmons don't do the same thing seat off to worry about it the others guys into the blender this is gonna be so good with the dates be very careful you pull out the pits you don't want those in the blender even though I'm using a powerful vitamix still I wanna brisket we got something here fennel can be found growing wild or you can purchase it at a health food store they're that kind to the blender fennel is beneficial for sleep so if you have trouble sleeping at night but something when your smoothie and it should clear that up and now the spinach put a bunch in yeah it's going to be a good one here we go who now a blend you know we got I who that's good go make one right now //
"2014-11-07 11:00:02"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 7 (plus why we should rotate smoothie ingredients))
\\RSA this is day 7 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge and you've made it entire week hopefully have you been making smoothies today for our green smoothie you will require some dinosaur kale strawberries fresh or frozen half of a banana half of attention though some green grapes and some water let's begin juicy fruit first LL help the smoothly blend one of the reasons I'm doing this it's a show everybody interested how much variety can be achieved with store bought ingredients often when I teach a class somewhere people say all that's a good green smoothie what's your recipe and I give them the recipe and then they start to do that exact same recipe every single day and this goes on for months what happens then is eventually they get to this point where they get sick of that recipe and ... the the green smoothies they don't crave them anymore sometimes even accumulate and oxalate that's within the green that they've overdone and ... their body just doesn't want it reacts maybe the negatively to the green smoothie so it's very important to vary the ingredients that you put in your smoothing all greens without exceptions have alkaloids witcher's slightly toxic substances that in large quantities are not beneficial to us but if we rotate the greens that go into our green smoothies we ensure that we don't over do any one of those alkaloids for example spinach which has a lot of oxalate ... you don't wanna do spinach every single day you could do it for a week straight but then you want to take a break if we lived closer to nature this would never be a problem because we would be forced to live seasonally and not all dreams are in season at the same time like for example kale is more of a fall or winter green whereas miner's lettuce or spinach is more of a spring summer green so my point in this rant is that if you just have to vary the ingredients are going you're saluting to reach maximum health so we're gonna have some strawberries going here a let's do half of a banana maybe a bit more detail press down and water to help blend while I see what will happen dilisio someone amazing go go make it right now //
"2014-11-06 11:00:09"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 6 (banana free smoothie)
\\this is a day 6 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge and today we're going to be making another sweets movie with some of the things that we didn't use from yesterday for this movie you will need 0.5 an avocado half an apple some green grapes Swiss chard half a lemon and water let's begin let's do the apple first I'm gonna put it in skin seeds and all if you don't know why I put the seeds in you gotta go back some previous episodes and do some research half an avocado goes next but Sir green grapes in plop plop maybe a few more ... almost got away from me the juice of half a lemon Swiss chard and water to help blend now notice I didn't use any bananas in this movie you know nothing against bananas but sometimes I just get really sick among and so then I like to use like a little bit of avocado worsened mango or something with soluble fiber to help buying this movie better but see I tastes soon Amanda put a star next to this one it's pretty good that's really good alright we'll make one I'll see you tomorrow //
"2014-11-05 11:00:07"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 5 (featuring watercress)
\\date 525 days to go on my 30 day green smoothie challenge not every green smoothie has to be sweet in fact sometimes we get sick of sweets movies and we want something a little bit different so this is a savory greens moving for this movie you'll need some garlic cloves some avocado lemon tomatoes and some watercress no wonder Chris is up and the common garden weed it grows near water so you can find it in your garden or you can purchase it in a health food store and it's got some pretty miraculous health properties according to doctor Michael Gregor watercress is the best green for I'm doing free radical damage in the body so everybody has free radicals everybody needs to undo that damage and watercress is a good way to do that if you're just joining us ... I don't know what to tell you manumissions for really awesome smoothies before this so maybe go back a few days and start from the beginning Harry gal who gonna put our tomatoes in first because they're juicy and I'm gonna through the garlic in with the clothes because I can afford to do that any high powered blender vitamix yeah you name it will blend things with their stands their hard parts that's another benefit to having a slightly more expensive blender and actually the garlic clove itself the I'm the skin on the clove it's high in silica set makes your hair and your fingernails strong so I always leave it in my smoothies Kerrison Kaelin there some watercress do some more watercress I got maybe half the juice of a lemon the juice of half a lemon and let's say half of an avocado so a squeeze that guy in there avocados essentially like a savory banana that helps bind this movie together so that doesn't separate and a little bit of water to help that blend let's see what happens maybe you've noticed that I polls the blender sometimes I find that pull seeing a smoothie helps it to kinda get mixed better in bland better I can already smell the garlic I'm not going to answer that let's try it there's good news really good now my favorite way to eat this is not just to drink it from a Cup which you can certainly do but to pour it in a bowl maybe top of some avocado cubes maybe do a little bit of C. we'd like dull Sir kelp and maybe add some carrots essentially make a raw food green smoothie suit go ahead try //
"2014-11-04 11:00:03"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 4
\\if you've made it this far you deserve a big high 5 this is day 4 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge and because we have some watermelon that we're using yesterday and we only used a quarter of it that would leave 3 other quarters to work with correct so for this movie you're gonna need a quarter of water melon some freshly pick dandelion greens some fresh or frozen blueberries and half of a banana again we're not going to use any water because the water melon is the water so just go ahead and cut that sucker straight into the blender water melon is one of the most alkali zing foods out there so it regulates your body's P. H. and makes it more balanced dandelions wearily discussed their inner organ miracles they're good for every organ spleen pancreas kidneys you name it they're also really good for the digestive process we got our blueberries next 0.5 of banana this will tie it together and make it more smoothly like the last movie we made was more of a juice it did have the fiber still intact so technically was this movie but it was very I'm very much more liquidity this one is going to be more smoothly like because of the banana and blueberries and then again we have our our plunger to tamp down the ingredients and create water from the watermelon here we go a wire and let's see how it tastes but exquisite so good no I'm it's not exactly a green smoothie it's purple but we know that because we made as those delicious nutritious greens and it so go ahead go make go make yourself this movie right here now go if you want the detailed recipe remember you can grab it from the description below this video there's also some awesome other green smoothie resources down there thanks for watching //
"2014-11-03 11:00:08"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 3 (with watermelon and basil)
\\this is day 3 of my 30 day green smoothie challenge if you're just joining us my name is Sir you would take go I'm doing a 30 day green smoothie challenge and I'm challenging you to do it with me so if you're just finding us today go back 2 days and start from day one for today's smoothie all that you will need is a quarter of a water melon 0.25 to half bunch of Basil because the water melon is very juicy we not gonna need any water so we're just gonna throw it straight into the blender plunging down blend it with our greens here we go he want to go as far down to the rind as you can because the Ryan is very nutritious all of last year's shooting a documentary called powered by green smoothies I it was all about athletes incorporating green smoothies into their diet just to see what would happen if it would affect their endurance performance what have you and what I found was that my athletes really enjoyed this green smoothie right here they felt that it helped them recover from strenuous activities so it's like a good post recovery some of the I'm just gonna throw the water mount chunk straight into the blender and this is gonna be one delicious smoothie I can promise you that will and now we're just gonna through our Basil Lynn stems and all give it a nice good push purse movies such as this where we don't use a lot of water where we actually use the fruit as the water it helps to have a plunger that we can kind attempt it down and if you curious about my blender and you missed it in the first episode this is the new vitamix S. 30 I in this 30 day challenge I'm going to give it a run for its money and see if they can handle my needs of making green smoothie velvety smooth and what have you so let's once bloodsucker alright let's see how he did I'm on a hot summer day there'd be nothing better than cold watermelon with Basil this is friggin delicious you want some no make some this one 's mine if you want a concrete recipe for this exact movie check out the description below the movie that kinda runs a little bit also down there in the description you'll find additional resources for everything green smoothie related thanks for watching //
"2014-11-02 11:00:05"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 2 (featuring dandelion greens)
\\yeah whoo what we have here this is day 2 of the green smoothie challenge and for this movie you will need dandelions fresh or frozen aper Kant's fresh or frozen blueberries an apple of any kind and a banana I'm the wild edible guy I think that while the are presented to us in the way that need they haven't been hybridized by here cultivated they haven't been genetically modified so I personally believe that are the best kind of greens to use in your green smoothies I picked these dandelions from my yard if you don't want to do that you can most likely pick them up at a health food store they selling by the bunch these days if you're going out to look for dandelions let me tell you a little trick I dandelion a true dandelion will have a smooth stem so if you're not sure whether what you found is a dandelion or not flip it over and run your finger along the main vein and if it's smooth it's a dandelion dandelions and date to this movie gonna throw those guys in dandelions are virtually get for every in Oregon your liver your pancreas your kidneys your spleen they're especially good for diabetics yeah and they're slightly better to the taste that's why we're gonna put some nice fruit in there like blueberries in April Kant's to mask that bitterness the bitter flavors are they help us digest they help in the digestive process so it's very essential that we get some amount of bidders in our day to day life ... so dandelions would be a good way to get that better in our life I'm also gonna do half of a banana what band and maybe half an apple if you're just tuning in I never throw away the apple seeds I throw them in my green smoothie because they again have trace amounts of arsenic in syenite which in very small quantities helps explode cancer cells within our bodies so if I were to eat a whole bucket load of apple seeds that would probably not be good for my health but if I just eat 12310 that's gonna actually benefit my body and some water to help blend about half a quart of water maybe a little bit more and now we blend a remember my rule about green smoothies and sharing them with others if you forgot my rule for green smoothies when sharing them with others is that you always taste it first but I make sure that it's good I'm let's delicious green smoothie challenge date too thanks for watching //
"2014-11-01 10:00:10"
Green Smoothie Challenge Day 1 (start here)
\\what a world it Sarah game the house in this is the official kick off to my 30 day green smoothie challenge for the next 30 days I will be making videos about different green smoothie recipes and sharing them with you and I challenge you to do it with me I believe that if you try this with me for 30 days you're gonna feel better you gonna look better and after the 30 days is up I don't I believe that a good green smoothie has to things in it fresh organic greens and fresh organic fruit nothing else so all my dreams movies are going to be nature made so they're not going to contain any sort of supplements are powders our superfoods because fresh organic fruits and greens our superfoods over the years I've come to blend my green smoothies exclusively in a vitamix because I believe a vitamix blender is the best blender on the market vitamix does not pay me to say this this is my own belief if you don't have a vitamix no problem just use whatever blender you have to blend the exact same ingredients and do the challenge that way if you're looking to my left and you see this are crazy looking blender and and want to know what it is it's actually the new vitamix it's the S. 30 I've never used it and I figure since I'm gonna be doing this for the next 30 days I might as well exploited and see how I like it for this movie he will need some pear orange green kale strawberries Basil banana and water here's a little trick when making a green smoothie throw your juicy things on the bottom so that for me would be strawberries in orange a then you start throwing your greens and I tend to be kinda lazy so I don't de stem Michale the stems have good parts in them also so why not there the moment and Basil I call this the Basil bomb I've been using a lot of Basil messing with these lately I feel that the taste and the fragrance of the Basil masks the harsh flavors of some green so have been using a lot of Basil I'm also gonna add some hair whenever I use apples and pears I always throw the seeds in this movie now some people say why are you doing this has arsenic in it the seeds of arsenic or cyanide in small quantities arsenic in syenite actually load cancer cells so if you just eat a few seeds at a time it's not at all a health concern is actually beneficial for your health some math 0 my parents and some banana maybe a little bit more and water to help blend never Forrester to blend this I just want to see that the generic green smoothie recipe is 60 percent fruit by volume and 40 percent greens by volume that's generally how I make a green smoothie if that's too sweet for your liking add more greens and less fruit if that's not sweet enough add more fruit and less greens so take take control of the situation yourself I believe in you I also want to mention that some people are kind of a free to fruit sugars I am not one of those people I think that fruit sugars are very different from process shivers and because the fibers intact and it's a natural sugar it actually gives us energy to fuel our day and it's not something that we need to worry about so that's my own personal opinion take it or leave it I will advise you against one thing when we start doing green smoothies for the first time we tend to want to get too perfect too quick meaning that we try and add as many greens as possible because we know the greens are good and then what happens is you make a smoothie that's not very tasty it's not very palatable and in the end result of that is that you don't drink a green smoothie so word of the wise make them tasty so that you'll drink them and now we blend now here's a common sense a guideline for green smoothies if you're gonna serve your green smoothie to anyone make sure that you try it first yourself because if it doesn't taste good you shouldn't be given to other people that what that just gives green smoothie a bad rap so go ahead and give it a set taste amazing this is the green smoothie experiments movie number one if you already forgot what I put into it check out the description in this video and it will list the ingredients that are in this movie as well as additional resources for green smoothies and everything green smoothie related //

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