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"2017-08-25 11:00:02"
\\getting I'm Katie Peter sand and I'm about to enter the stings down with yellow jacket theory gap now headed out into the suburban wilds of Westerville Ohio to search for any species of paper wasp which can be carefully caught and ultimately use to give me a good series of things welcome to in the off 30 reading but I think we're doing today oh yes today he's yellow jacket you guys may remember a little episode called the bullet and challenge where I was stung by bulletin then a subsequent video called bullet tonight we're used a product called spin kill to help alleviate the pain and itching sing kill absolutely loved that video and then they came to us and said we love to work with you guys new sponsor video but let's get to Starbucks on things a little more commonplace you know not many people are running a bullet so they said what if you get stung by a yellow jackets that we all know the yellow jackets can be found at you local park and maybe see yard sometimes they even get into the house we know they're angry know their aggressive people are on the stone and some so what we're gonna do today is actually build a bug vacuum but what bug vacuum bear with me here on the set facing that I found this online but I looks pretty cool right in the extreme bargain back but unfortunately I haven't opened up here this is suppose to have a lot of suction mark put your hand out yeah yeah I'm pretty sure that's not gonna catch just tiny Hornets but what I love about this is the plastic caps that it's got this little revolving door and you are supposed to build such a bargain they're close it up looking through the magnifying glass and then of course go will screen so that he can second free what I'm gonna do is actually take this capsule from the bug vacuum and the Guyver something with a real vacuum check out that suction I am though yeah that's going to catch of lord what I need to do is reconstruct that's where I'm gonna actually cut the hose and duct tape capsule in between then I'll be able to use this and with the nozzle which has great suction power and I think we're gonna be ready gone start searching for single Jack all I must react I am gonna mount to go pro London is well aware or read a word Ohio right now at Ohio actually write my backyard you're in Westerville Ohio and I actually put in a phone call and email to number my different friends in the area and I said go off this morning to look around you'd use of your house knowing where the garter attached the roof and let me know if you any last nass Hornet nest yellow jackets anything that looks like a stinging insects let me know and we may come investigated so we're going to count on a little bit of a field trip today guys until we can find ourselves good singing very pleasant out yeah hi yeah I think it's gonna work class that but but but what now it's like a proton pack oh yeah this thing is awesome alright well if you guys ready let's go try to catch some yellowjackets well right well massive check the parking we started at great structures here for us to invest you see all the thieves and overhangs perfect place for paper walls a white paper was like these under hangs here well because it's a great spot to build in that it's out of the realm of predators in the rain Paul I there any known species of wasps they call Ohio home and many of them can be countered write your own backyard however unless they're intentionally or accidentally provoked your odds of being stung are actually very slim Memorial well the fund at the park it happens Sharon soccer ball well I did I think it was a honey bee that honey bees you often times Sierra Club if there's one right there look look look what that's a honey European 90 yeah that is not where after honey bees actually have for all over their bodies whereas yellowjackets are completely bald bees also have bars on their stingers sweet it stung by bees singer gets removed yet so my yellow jacket no bar sting you over and over and over I was looking for honey bees we be in the right spot unfortunately yellowjackets do not holiday club partly money so I really hit the ground now that we're looking up your question actually no it could be perfectly seasoned Anson there a lot of times yellowjackets will actually build their nests underground so if you see something that looks like a mole hole just respected from a safe distance because it's possible the yellowjackets are built a nest in there a cabinet tree like this is also fair game but there's nothing in this tree sure we're gonna find anything in this park guys might be time cigarette Trent cirrus we can look for yellow jackets he ready the bug suckers are hit the road oh yeah the well it is 1243 which means it's officially launch time and we have a new plan now searching for yellowjackets ourselves is not exactly panning out very well we found some nice there were vacant we found some honey bees and some mumble because we haven't found and in this village we're going to do bear with me here first actually because often times think about it yellowjackets chalk when you're at a picnic so I'm thinking if we get some soda pops is my screen we hang on the sun maybe the stinging insects will come to us and we will then be able to use the block soccer 5000 to just sit there and go mark go look in the garbage can like guys you really look at Harvey's point by no one empty their trash lot check this out it's like nothing exactly fine Hornacek there's an impetus to stuff around Mario did was he put it look at that ice cream in the grass on top of the list is that will bring in accordance yellow jackets wasps now see what happens get home or in I'm enjoying mine a beautiful day for a picnic I yeah yeah yeah so what's up we might be in business I just got off the phone with my friend Jasper I know the beginning of video I can be just as a fascinating email text my friends live in the area I told them to go outside and check on the house to see if any projects or sure enough my friend Jasper went out he said right on his back patio there's a little nasty 3 yellow jackets I said you sure he said while they're you know they're black and they look like they want to stay so I think it actually ever could bloodsucker 5000 let's do it in can we bring our trees with us off course yeah marks Sonya I alright guys while we are at Jasper's house now he's asked to not be on camera because he's not used to being any too so you won't get to meet him today why he has to misimpression to go out on his porch and scout after their you can use the bug sucker 5000 catch them and then go to controlled environment we get the stunt guys right now that plans let's do it character guys grab your the cameras and ... ready to go happy see that corner right there that is a small nest and there are 2 yellow jackets now Jasper has provided us with a step stool he was thinking ahead someone used the step stool get up close with the bug sucker 5000 guys ready right have to do this quick Czarny see that they're on the alert with their wings kind of dropped out ready to swoop down and sting us so really just have one shot at this okay so what I'm gonna do I love my ghostbuster pack but to really make this work I do have to take bug sucker 5000 hello it all the way for its for this way it's either going to work we're all gonna get stung never well one of America of the song on the net but I think that why one once the record that I don't know it yeah what only one totally caught the yellow jacket both of them just like that no box soccer 5000 pays off can you guys believe that holy mackerel we caught up why now goes crazy one was actually climbed onto this thing US ago over going to get some also get the back of the net but then it went back up to the nest and I sure enough got inside the capsule Sarah Kennedy now we have to go to where we're going to get you started not a Jasper's house not now we're gonna go to a controlled situation how we're gonna get these yellow jackets out of the little capsule he get me started but what I'm gonna do for transport is not sick this house part not not she just gonna place it inside of the bug net just in case they get out and just like that we're ready to go nice awesome high fives guys who don't work totally weird loom alright guys and we're back now we do have the yellow jackets on hand the first let's talk about the kit that I have here on the table not always with the sting episodes I have my trusty entomology for to actually hold when the yellow jackets against my arm to induce as just in case something goes horribly wrong as always epinephrine now do you think you're in the clear NDA stung a bunch I have in you never know every single in sexting is unique and you never know how your body will react even a yellowjacket can force you into anaphylactic so always have this just as a safety precaution and of course the star today's episode sting kill 2 probably is sponsoring this episode we're gonna do after I'm stunned his tribe both of these products on this thing to make sure that it can really not only the pain but also the pitching that after you guys ready to see the yellow jackets you know alright well they did transport safely inside of the neck it's still inside of little capsule pretty happy didn't escape in the cartel that would've been a bad situation when all of us in the car and a yellow jackets flying around and sure enough there they are inside of the council know what I need to do is actually remove the hose from the capital so they just have this individualized and I keep carefully get one of those yellow jackets out there now here's a really interesting little fact remember all Hornets are technically wasps but not all walks our words how about that and anything that is black and yellow is technically considered a yellow jacket so what what we have what we this I believe is what's called a European paper wasp because it's yellow and black were just generically called yellow jacket and is this what we find it picnics is what's warming us we're trying to like your ice cream no that is usually a Hornet now Korea has much stock you're looking body a thicker abdomen and narrower thorax but these ones look just like wasps issued a very pointy wings I can kind of see there receiver the thorax leads into the abdomen right there it's a very narrow and executive of being an actual walks but I think at this juncture we're ready to do is bring the bug net back into this place the capsule inside and work on getting one of these yellow jackets out of container ready for that what the process you're gonna let him go inside the net engram with forceps yet here's what's going to happen so I'm going to place the capsule down inside of the neck like this keep it contained I'm going to open the capsule hopefully only let one of them out closet back up removed the capsule and then go in there with the ants marching for 7 take it out bring it out and place it on my I'm Heidi Peter soon and I'm about to enter the stings down with the yellow jackets yeah one who to 3 out to get there there yeah how I you get you get me twice now first one yeah the worst ones are for I I and yet the singer like all inserted into my arms first of all CS get back to the castle back yeah we have a sell those welts I took several stinks alright nat area look at this there's a lot of red coloration developing right near the veins that is really interesting looking and it burns it's really warm really warm right now I mean honestly yeah that's hot to the touch right yeah deadly feel the spelling yeah now it was not nearly as painful as any of the other things I've gone through I was actually able to keep the yellow jacket on my arm as he was inflicting stings it did get me one time pretty good right down there and I had to let it go I'm of course we got it safely back into the capsule you can see there and they both are the police here shortly but we want to do now is actually use the sting kill products to see if it will alleviate some of the burning in my arm and of course the itching that is almost certain to calm if an unused stink as ready for that okay which one do you want do you want the capsules are you want the time to take up we're going to get a shot of Bo so this is the sting kill white right oftentimes use for anything from a Billy staying or wasp thing even a mosquito bite even a jelly fish you guys on the beach into swimming running to jelly fish this is perfect for that right so what I'm gonna do some open this out I'll tell you what I I keep myself pretty well composed a law that's been knowledge that the pains actually started setting my arm right I do I get a little bit light headed so this new kill whites have a maximum strength makes of Ben's Kane and menthol and I actually really like these there neon green looks like ninja turtle mutagen check that out and well that is a strong smell right there I'm gonna put that on the sting are you ready sure go ahead from from our house it's called the man thought definite for some yeah I think that's how I found that really does have a pretty incredible cooling effect now similar to the ball and there's a lot of pain after and it did help I'm but of course the bullet and pain eventually to come back to last for nearly 30 6:00 hours I'm hoping that this release much quicker now I do love the winds right and I carry the whites in my pack but this right here sting kill capsule errors I like that and these are my absolute favorite it's like a killing of one now they're individually wrapped see this very clean and all you have to do is hopped back and out like and inside here is a little glass capsule with in the plastic right so I have to do pretty yeah shatter the glass on the inside that has a small cotton swab strangely satisfying I know it's like a non here comes the US ... us I Becca and all that is my favorite and that real fix your arm right there is literally instantaneous relief I personally love to just dad right on this now as you can see there's more liquid here then you get in the White so if you have a really bad staying or your son multiple times I deftly because as you can see like come mmhm going minutes actually coming home okay so once again sting kill safe today yes sting cal has saved the day my arm feels a lot better in fact there's also a little bit of a numbing agent here so I can't feel any of the pain at this point who arm is a little bit Steph but hopefully this formula will also reduce any potential itching that's going to come down the road here I know you're thinking to yourself Scaglione those were simply yellowjackets opponents and hopefully soon worry what's but keep in mind guys that yellow Jack is something right new backyard it's something you can easily come across in something deadly on the potential being stung by now if you are unfortunately stunk remember sting killed instantly gonna help me out comes to mediating that pain our guys why think it's time to release the yellow jackets 4 do I just want to give it special thanks to sting kill for supporting this episode and of course for keeping us can adopt with sting ointment more out there I'm Carrie Peters sand be brave stay while we'll see how the next adventure it is not often that an animal like yellow jacket safely relocated from urban setting while as most human encounter usually and with the sprayed and kill I know this sounds strange but it truly made my heart happy you know that this beautiful pair of wasps will not have the chance to the new building their nests in the why no matter what always admired these insects from a safe distance however if you are stoned all you need to do is visit your local pharmacist we are likely to find the sting killed products and whether you use the sting wipes or the capsules both are armed with a maximum strength Benji came in menthol formula that is certain to provide fast relief to the pain and itching for more information this thing kills website connect with the brand for special offers if you thought getting so yellow jacket was intense make sure to go back and watch the episode where I applied sting kills help alleviate the searing pain the bullet hits and don't forget crime is you can join me in the crew on this season of breaking trail I'm gonna do is open this up and let's see if the sting white helps how cool off my arm this is nice these are perfect descriptive right in any hiking backpack //

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