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"2017-08-23 00:20:12"
Allen West Exposes Reason For USS McCain Crash After Discovery Made In Ship’s Compartment
\\Allen west exposes reason for U. S. as McCain crash after discovery made in ships compartment the USS John S. McCain was headed for her team port visit to Singapore when it collided with the Liberian flag down at Kempsey a 600 foot oil and chemical tanker about 5 miles off the coast of Malaysia days later a tragic discovery has been made inside one of the McCains compartments and retired lieutenant colonel Allen west has exposed the real reason behind its deadly crash on Tuesday navy and marine corps divers investigating damage to the McCain located the remains of some of the 10 sailors missing from the guided missile destroyer the divers were able to locate some remains in those sealed compartment tests during their search said admiral Scott swift commander of the US Pacific Fleet according to CNBC this accident mark the fourth mishap for the US navy in only a few months drawing serious questions surrounding the circumstances of the accidents this marked the fourth mishap for US navy ships in the Pacific since February aside from the USS McCain and USS fitzgerald incidents the navy cruiser USS Antietam Randy ground dumping over 1000 gallons of oil in Tokyo Bay in February in may another cruiser USS Lake Champlain hit a south Korean fishing vessel source fox news retired US army lieutenant colonel Alan B. west offered his own theory to explain the seemingly constant accidents our military has been experiencing as of late for the life of me I cannot recall such a run on naval incidents involving collisions rights west the first thing that comes to mind the ship officer qualifications and level of training with all the highly sophisticated radar and equipment to board our naval vessels these incidents are unconscionable he explains we've witnessed a very dangerous increase in these accidents and some are occurring in deployed combat zones such as helicopter crashes in Afghanistan he added so are we seen evidence of the horrific years of decimation of our military capability and capacity emanating from the Obama administration there's no debate that there is a cause and effect relationship wrote the former US representative there have been years of decline of our military training and readiness and it seems that the consequences and ramifications are now evident west went on and let's be honest this is the legacy of one Barack Obama he continued Obama pay lip service for 8 years when it came to our military road west as a matter of fact in his final 4 years you saw him far less on our military installations visiting with our troops along with First Lady Michelle Obama Obama's vision for our military had less to do with the capable force able to be a credible deterrent but rather was all about social engineering and has warped interpretation of fairness thanks to his undermining of our military soldiers sailors airmen and marines are losing their lives because the emphasis in the Obama years was not on training and readiness of our forces he added of course you will not hear anyone in the liberal progressive media address this and less they can blame it on president Donald J. trump it's deplorable maddening how the media gives Obama the ultimate pass I get out of jail free card west concluded indeed 18 years of what amounted to the most radically progressive administration in the history of American politics took its toll on our military their resources were restricted and more emphasis was placed on an agenda than anything else is it really any wonder we are now seeing the consequences sadly courageous members of our military are having to pay in their own blood for Barack Obama's idiotic mistakes thank you for watching this video what do you think about this share this on Facebook and Twitter along with your comments prominence //

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