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"2014-12-15 21:10:11"
Beginner Yoga: Complete Beginner 60-min Yoga Class - Start Yoga w/ Me
\\I am but Larkin and this is a complete beginner yoga practice so if you have never done yoga before in your life this practice is perfect for you if you think you're really inflexible this practice is perfect for you if you have a lot of risks pain and can't do down dog or some of those things and you know that this practice is also great for you because I'm a show you a lot of modification that we're gonna do a lot of things just on hands and knees quick note if you have a scarf adults or something you can just uses a yoga strap you might want to grab that habit nearby same thing with the pillow usually describing a pillow off your bad or having a big couch cushion or something else nearby in case you need to use that depending your flexibility you may want these things can use to describe them now and have them ready to to begin discomfort on your heels like I am right here and just sitting back on my heels and you may want to put a big cushion arpt couch pillow pillow from your batter pillow from the couch in between your heels in your seat if this isn't comfortable or just to make this more accessible or if you prefer you can sit cross like it's of course you can also sit cross legged it a fitting on the heels isn't an option for you but if you can't sit on the heels I'd suggest that you be here and there's gonna place your hands right on your quads palms face down and just close your eyes so the biggest difference between yoga and pretty much all other forms of exercise is the really detailed attention to the breath so as you close your eyes you're kind of releasing any sensory in tape that you usually take ho taking and all the things around you and you're just tuning into your internal landscape your internal gaze you're gonna and health for a count of 3 an ex Helfer kind of threes we want our in house and exhales to be equal length so when I say inhaling for a count of 3 what I mean is right now I want you to expel all the air from your body so use your mouth and just let all the air out it now close your mouth and with your nose inhaled filled the valley the your chast feel it move left to right clear collar bones with product try to hold your breath I read that as much as you can and the XL out the nose for 3 3 feel the collar bones to flee to feel the reps deflate and on 3 acts one to pull your navel up into your body's you're really excelling all the air out good and then you do that again so inhaling for 3 valley to filling your Reds one thing your collar bones if you really got it like an internal stretched by breathing in so much and then exhaling really slow for 30 21 dry naval I've been in on your last exhale good I guess and breathing in so distilling the whole body kind of left in your chest rise as you breathe in more than you think you can I call this breathing into the perimeter of the bodies you inhale more than you think you can then you accelerate always in and out through the nose as much as you can could you just gonna keep your shoulders really relax to maybe bring your hands closer into your growing so closer into your hip bones your shoulders can really relax down in that one more deep breath in deep breath I'll maybe choosing to do a mental scan of the body's thing where you feel tighter tans no just noticing observing and detaching from judging your self for judging anything about the body at this point good and they're gonna gently dip your chance you keep your spinal long gently dip your chin and then open your eyes to take in the colored your pants or the color of the man can you is gonna lean so the laughed and you just finished good your hips the locks so all I did was just lean over to the last so over to the left and then one foot may cross in front of the other foot that's really natural that's fine and the show this from the back just because it's easier than you and have your right hand down you know with the left arm and then over yeah and there's going to continue to do those 3 top brass so inhaling for 3 this time filling up the last side of the body with brass and then add exhaling dry medieval down in Iraq if you don't want to sit off to the side you can to stay seated on your heels and still do the 5 bands that would look like that if you can get your heads over to the laughed it's really nice because you get really delicious opening on the side seam of the body so again breathe then for the last night at the body imagine your ribs were like an accordion see your left side ribs were like an accordion you want to breed them apart since so much Bratton's about space good and then now that you're here I want you to think of stacking your left collarbone over your right collar bones you're actually gonna left so it's like your heart wants to see the feeling as you stop the collar bones move the shoulders back in space kind of look at take in one word you prior good and then left the left hand come down to shift back to sitting on your heels are your pillow 3 close your eyes place the hands on the needs yeah breath into 3 321 reading and filling up more than you think you can excelling all the way drive your navel up in an on the access ... again breathing in for 3 ax hailing for 3 so so much about you guys slowing down the brass that we slow down the brass the slowdown in mind and slow down our spots so I was gonna shift your heads to the right I'll stay facing away from you just because it's easier to see so the left hand is on the floor you wanna be pressured into the floor and reached the right arm this time up and over big side stretch so to make sure you're not clock thing down you really want a crass and to the left palm into the matter your floor and speaking to send your breath now and to the right side of the body make sure that left shoulder then hiked up by your ear really deliberately press it down and then crossed to the left hand to inflate the right side ribs up more a big breath then and I exhale completely and breathing in for 3 I exhaling for 3 and on these last 2 Brussel focus now on stacking right collarbone relax in the beginning were just focused on the side stretch now are focusing on the side such and this openings a spiraling your heart to the ceiling even if it's just subtle breathing in moon pre thing now my last one you could come back to the sitting on your heels but the hands on their knees at the sh quads I mean just notice how you feel is acted out little stretch get our income into something called child's pose and this is a really common you oppose you're gonna stay right as you arms going to face the sides you can see so you want your knees touch in no following your body forward over here items anyone up last year had either into the fluff your ticket to head to the floor that's fine you can put books are a block to press your forehead into the block you can also take your middle fingers to touch so and I suggest the sticking your middle fingers to touch so your arms can be wide in a diamond shape so instead of just reaching forward to its contents the shoulders up by the ears you just have middle fingers to touching up a nice wide sheet so don't worry about it your head on the floor again if you have a block grant big communities to rest the forehead into a block you you just take 3 deep breaths make sure your shoulders are wide and relaxed down your back and making a diamond shape with the arms can really help with ants moon to more grass and give your sitting bones heavy on your heels in your head heavy whether it's resting on anything or not get in and stay right here don't move listen carefully I want you to press your hands into the mat so separate your hands crossed them apart in the practice yourself so you don't use your low back to strain and market is going to walk your hands back to press yourself out get them to show you a different variation of child's pose for this child's pose the attorneys together you can also do child's pose with the knees slightly apart now if you don't like this just to the first version and with the same thing you're gonna slowly walk yourself downs you don't class really nice to have cushions or pillows here you can't get all the way down and then you're just gonna sink floor so at first you might have the arms straight and then again I really encourage people to bring their middle fingers to touch on the elbows why just because I find that helps them loose in the space around their shoulders so instead of being like this they're able to push the shoulder blades down and back and have a lot of space between the shoulders in the years which is what we're going for in a few minutes here or whether you're taking the first child's pose either one is fine they're just slightly different so with that he's a wide you'll find maybe a little bit more for growing stretching you clues kind of rock your hips from side to side if that feels good who knows if you've lost the brass if you're suddenly reading through the mouth there if you're distracted just try to bring the wrath again without any judgment just try to breathe in and out through the notes of finding that the recount inhale so in hearing for 3 belly to grips collar bones inflate with Bratton exhaling all the way for 3 to line I'm just trying not to more times on your own deep in Hana complete access Nick Goodman just crass your hands into the Masoli Wallach yourself back and we're gonna come to all fours so bring your knees to touching his walk your hands for you're just gonna come into a table top positions this is called table pose your spine is parallel to the ceiling your shoulders are directly over your rests in your hips are directly over your knees so check out that all those things are happening get in and just feel your crown of your head reaching towards the front of the room and your shoulder blades and your tailbone the light back towards the back of the room so as you think of your head moving forward think of your shoulders moving back in space to your neck is nice and long and then think of your navel lifting up then and slightly as your tailbone the very end of your spinal Lankans towards the back of the room it will take a deep inhale here so visualize your left shoulder right shoulder left hip right hip expand them apart with your breeding so inhale for accountants 3 2 ones was like you wanna make this rectangle of your torso really large in an ax hail for one 23 destroying the naval up in and so we're not moving just the practice filling up this rectangle that is your torso by your spine is parallel to the ceiling you just inhaling for 3 it's really that simple exhaling for 30 so no movement yet it's just the visualization of the 4 corners of your torso shoulders and hips moving apart from one another diagonally side to side and up and down so in healing for 3 counts inhaling more than you think you can exhaling drawing the needle at that ends this is just a grieving exercise last time you should just be deeply calming and relaxing no good in on your next and how you can opt at Kroger toes under only if it feels good and then just kind of archer heart forward as you drive enable up in and see you want to keep your core your belly engage not spilling out so even as you are should enable is lifted ... opinion and they're gonna X. hell around willow backed if the chin to the chest so now for the first time we're really linking the liberally breath and movements you can inhale maybe call the toes under display the collar bones bat China move your heart Florida's you energetically pull your hands back and then exhale rounds send E. planned to chest good to Marcelino are in here initiate coming into what's called up had me that the ctos crawled under collarbone splay back hard you just forward excelled shouldn't deeply into Chaucer really let the neko them really Claire your tailbone to the space between your knees Steven nice round art Schlichter Harleen car it began in handling up cat and exhaling down good and then keep your seat exactly as it is here so it's going to stay right over your knees you're just gonna lock your hands forward this is called puppy pose so your forehead maybe will come to the ground maybe not doesn't matter you see this high still directly over your knees so that hasn't changed at all you've just reach the hands forward and now you do really want to reach the hands for it and you should feel and my shoulder stretch though structure along the shoulder girdle under the arm pits breathing when pre that I'll and big breath and meant that brought out ed last time pressed down equally through both means crosstown equally through both channels really reach with the finger 10 seats good and then again locked the hands back to come back into your table pulls we get from here we're going to transition into a forward fault you're just gonna curl your toes under there is gonna come to stand in a forward or however you can't you just gonna walk feet and hands together your feet can be helped with the part so no need to have your toes touching it can be helped with the part there's going to grasp hold of opposite elbows that the chain drop and then you can really deeply bend your knees and you're just gonna have sway from side to side so this is more about opening the low back and it is about getting a stretch in the back of the legs right now so just kind of hold opposite elbows and sway from side to side knees are deeply that again China only breathe in and out through the nose I'm good and then let your hands come down towards the map they may not come anywhere near the mac that's fine and maybe straighten the lag just feel that stretch in the back of the hamstrings and we ban the needs that little hole Alice St number lags in exhale read back again inhale straighten the lag just what the head and neck goal for right now exhale read last time really gently inhale street multi then exhale rebalance Oregon I've the spine into this movement so as you inhale straight and relax take your hands and pass them in cheer Shan's or around your knees you can inhale unfurled the spine and get really long and tall so see how my spines really want I'm crossing my shoulder blades down and back and reaching forward with the kind of I had almost like half way up to standing right and as I axion is gonna bend the knees deeply unfold forward let my upper back around let my whole body rant that's it same thing or just adding the spine so inherently colors how Lecter art out tonight hostile it rule the shoulders down in back don't be afraid to lift up a lot gets hall exhale pull forward bend the knees deeply said in ha ha rex a leg straightened shoulder blades slide down the back your spine gets long it's like you're coming halfway up to stand exhale schools the gang will hold out her way after you free to really press your hands at your shins or knees here clods you can get long I want you to feel length from tail once a crown of had and then exhaled full don't be afraid to deeply Ben the needs or lacks the chain into the charts last time inhale her lair nice to do this with your eyes closed once you kind of get into the rhythm of it and exhale full good to stay folded down to the knees super super deeply band we're gonna laugh up one brother Brett at times so imagine your how does the hobbyist barreling down the world I want you to imagine that bottom of your spine the teardown begins to lengthen toward your heels you're gonna wear app to let her back made back apple products to feel through your whole back in your head is the very last thing to come out good and then just take last year the last shoulder you get a little stratum cited the knack who's going to take a simple Necro also just let the chain come down towards the east chast and then the year to the right shoulder and your choice how far back you want to take them that you can maybe not take it back much at all Nick answered the last help comes down seeking some sample neck rolls and most people and that doing these really fast so try to do them you the really slow so you can feel through the straps on the side of the knack and is your chin comes of the chess and on the other side of the neck and then taken in the other direction so chin into chast Phyllis I just feel really good and it's like you're kind of getting curious about what's going on in your neck and feeling around each think of feeling through all 4 corners of your feet as you do this good and then come to stand at the top of the map again your feet can be helped with the part to stop moving the head around press down through all 4 corners of your feet will lengthen your tailbone towards the space between your heels a lot of us are really arched are low back to deceive you can think of one thing your tailbone down yeah it's a thing of your hit points lifting up towards your chin shoulders roll down and back palms to the left and right of the room can I use any inhalers you breathe in for 3 counts lift your palms up so they touch above the head and as you exhale through the recounts the palms of come down alongside the body good inhale breathe then for 3 exhale crass the arrow way for 30 so I press the R. when my hands come down my palms are really activated all 10 fingers are spread far par meaning in for 3 new breathing out for 3 so this is really just like a big statue may naturally do something like this in the morning so it should really feel that good so don't worry about forms in hell reach the arms up this trying to time how long it takes your hands to come up with your in breath an excel try to time how long it takes your hands to travel down with your out breath give it one more time breathing in okay this time as we come down we're actually Bender knees instead of just taking the hands that we're gonna full all the way for it ax hello all the way inhale come into that house let the press into mission go the quads pre then I next health fold bend the knees deeply Leadenhall half went and exhale full get last time in hal hassling good exhales time is going to place your hands are going to step back into that table position on all fours so it can look however you want to get there it's not a big deal just find yourself shoulders over rest hits over innings and then inhale commence not uptight arching the chak exhale rounding chin into task tailbone when things right in between the knees come like Halloween get any higher and the axe handle it come back to authorize a spine in neutral spying you're gonna take your right leg and place it a foot between your hands you may need to come to carry your leg up and not spines are just carrier like that so the rights that is between your left and right hands and then you want to make sure that your money is directly over there and also really look for that and then you're just gonna find yourself in this lunch so you may want to keep your hands on the floor if you have blocked their books at your house or pillows and you can press your hands into something a little farther back I recommend that you can also take your hands to the knee so lots of options wherever you are you want to begin to feel the power over thinking down what we're looking for is a big stretch on the last so out so big stretch in the front of the last flag I was going to take 3 deep breaths a big Boston 321 maybe close the eyes I exhale let it go breathing in and out through the nose filling up into the perimeter of the body for 3 and then acts hailing letting it go for 3 and this search might be really in tax in which case you can bring your hands down to the mat I always liked said make intent stretches last intense budget shifting my body weight from side to side so feel free to shift your body weight from side to side of that kind of help to loosen up into it good and then one of the things we do in every yoga poses we kind of scan to see where the body might secretly be holding tension so I find a lot of the times in my jaw a lot of the times in my shoulders my shoulders are like secretly hiking out by my ears so I need to push them down and back to see if any of those things are happening to you maybe your toes are tense to see where you can relax as much as possible even though this is a deep stretching again swaying side to side might help good nicely Donna we're just gonna move out right foot back come back into all for it will just take that cap power movement and motion to kind of washed out and re nourish the spot just in hell come into your up tracks will the toes under and exhale down I rounding chin into chat table in between any skin again inhaling uptime exhaling down how it chin to chest analogy the same thing on the left so just bring a laugh put forward make sure that unions directly over your ankles are really visually lock and check it out and in again being on the finger tips or hands to the knee or hands behind you if you have blocks or books or something you can press your hands into so wherever you are come into the version where you can breed easiest and maybe some gently swaying from side to side we just want to think of your Powell despot's bowl shaped bone it's kind of right at the center of your body rate here you just want to think of it thinking down and getting happy and how to keep shoulders relaxed toes relaxed all relax practicing healing for 3 council count your in brass 123 hold at the top like holding your breath biggest in hell possible on an axe healing through the nose 123 so reading and out through the nose is really challenging at the beginning so just try best you can don't take it too seriously good I will bring not foot back again will you end up hot you mean through the spine and a down Pat bringing Genentech cast again up car good in the world is coming to a new chill cats just recapture your brass to if the recount in Hanau removing the torso up higher with your graph breathing in so much in an ax healing all the way so again just feeling the breath moving in the body good and then take the last him forward you to slip the right hand underneath that they're gonna come into twist and then I like to have my right temple on the man and then just like we did in the puppy polls you're gonna press sequelae through both me as equally through both Shams and many of your tailbone the bottom of your spine lengthening towards the back of the room as you do that draw your navel up in an Linda's breathe into the twist that's happening in the back to take your left hand if you can and maybe prop up onto the finger tips about left hand this is called and ridge tops the practice into the fingertips and sometimes you'll find you can actually twist yourself a lot deeper as you press and to the left finger tips you can kind of spiral your heart towards the ceiling and get a deeper twist in the spine not as I do this I like to get my chin into my chest I feel the whole back of my neck lan they just wanna send your breathing into the shape began breathing and to the low back pressing into both knees with equal weight will attention pressing into potions with equal weight attention then come by gonna to all forms again I like to watch all these poses out just by rippling through the spines of maybe you'll feel the same just taken in hal commit your up cat Salinger down Pat rounding chin to chastity alone runs towards the needs good enough times that the right hand forward in the last hands in a thread on your knees for the twist so your hips stay high your hips and your seat are directly above your knees just like we did in the puppy pose but now we've added a twist taking huge in drag huge out pressed in both knees equally naked and then maybe come on to ridge toxic pressing the fingers into the mat on that right hand then the chest open really prostate on through that right hand I tried to get at should get the sky or the ceiling rolling thing year back of the neck so the chain kinda dips down and again I thought about coming into the biggest twist it's just about making sure the twist is active and how we make it acted as by pressing down to the fingertips of the right hand learn something a lot of breath into the low back and re pressing down through both knees both shins last big breath and count of 3 they brought about casting me in hangar a 6 okay come back to all orders now find your up child halo down to high it he said and then just think by into child's pose so either the one with the knees wider the knees touching whatever help that's for you to sing back moon just take for deep grounding Brax here select love any tension in the body again focusing on breeding out in and out through the nose relax the fingers relaxed the toes it and then come back up onto all fours will come into not forward full began again however you want to get their just curled toes under walk the feet towards the hands walk the hands towards the feet you can in hal half lived rule the shoulders down and back press into the needs of the quads get really long exhale full dont you have this time circle the arms down around and you gonna come all the way up to stand me chat exhale crass the error away extend to the fingertips biceps John get tell me to commit to a long shot up positions for just take your legs as wide as you can and you want your toast to face then in your heels out so you're kind of pigeon toed you can see I'm actually really pigeon toed here my toes are facing and my heels are out and come to a comfortable stance Rio you can inhale how the hand on the hips look at a big breath then and then exhale years gonna fooled forwards to bring your hands to the floor of your hands come can't come to the floor and bring them to like a cushion or even a table in your house or a chair and is resting your hat or your hands on a chair so really nice is how to chair a here hang out right here if you can bring the hands of the floor to you at or bring them to Bob books are blocks and your skin folds forward now the lights are going to want to just chill out here so don't let that happen when I want you to do is I want you to activate through your quadriceps imagine you could suck up the map with your feet like your feet were many vacuum cleaners that could suck up the matter the floor and anyone really engage your quadriceps short match at the kneecaps left out you can always tell if you're working or not in the legs by what's going on with your kneecaps if your kneecaps to seem like nothing's happening then you're not pulling out through the clouds and asks that you feel like this huge activation throughout the whole lack to really pull up to your quads that they came in touch your quads that be like rocks and then my upper body be stocks and fold forward you're getting a huge Stratford will on the pocket the Latics and along the outer actions back then it make sure you let your head go so if you're resting on a tee ball our I chat to different but if you're folded forward like me either time to have our head looking down really let the chain dropped into the chassis at the back of the neck relax completely in the law and then chosen heels out you get that nice touch on the outer she ends in an active leading to the legs past you it's a really holing up to the lags activating your quads pulling your kneecaps up in space your leg should be really active almost burning and in the upper bodies really soft this is another big principle in yoga is working one part of the body really hard like the legs right now but then sending the large amount of brass to the upper body and having the upper body be completely relax the legs are strong but upper body soccer just inflating it with riot over and over again recounts thing 3 counts out in the night kind of like to shift forward and back on my feet shifting the weight forward shifting the weight back getting them to come out bring your hand underneath your faith you were folded down in your hands to your hips and take a big breath then and then on your accessorized to stand with the hands on my hips this is important you don't get light headed from here just turn your right toes out and keeping your left shows where it is kind of pigeon toed in turn then who's in the band into the fund right knee income into warrior to so while you're too we have he'll touch alignments to make sure you're fine he'll is by affecting your back arch can you can keep your hands on your hips to start in just rolled his shoulders down in back when is your body only if it feels good you can extend the arms so what you're looking for is to create a 90 degree angle in the front like and have the backlight be really straight and strong so no band in the back me in the backwaters farming I I feel a big stretch in the back outer Shannon the back out of flood is pressing into them not just to practice can you can look over your front middle finger if that feels good last bra good straighten out front leg bring the hands back to the hips turn the right toes in kitchen tell them so the toes faith handed in word and in turn the lactose out make sure you have that he ought to arch alignments to look down make sure you have it then band into the front laugh need this time making that 90 degree angle with the front leg and then pulling the backwater I pressing down to the back heel back outer edge of that rule the shoulders down and back then your choice if you want to take to brass here with the arms extended maybe looking over the front middle finger last brought in and out through the nose good on a nextel crass the front leg straight turn both toes to face then he'll tell your feet and and come back to the top of the map just walk to the top of the match inhale take the arms down around an uptick 3 whole counts debris then the lift the arms up make it really big exhale schooled forwards again you can be hip with the part and then then the nieces you fold forward Daniel allow about finding even letting things go good and the bodies don't push yourself too hard in half half list crass into this unions role the shoulders down and back X. hal step into your all fours position get in hal taken up chided you're all foreigners and exhale around the back draw the tailbone in between the knees chain down and really planned into the chest get there is going to come to lie down just lie down on your mac you can take your fingertips to either side of the not so common to those ridge tops that we kind of explode before all your fingertips on either side of the mat and your little active duty I'm just gonna push yourself up into a little back so might be here you might want to push yourself up higher what's important is you don't wanna I'm cramp up your low back so we actually wanna feel the stretch in the upper back up here so sometimes you push yourself up and you start to feel cramping in the lower back so you don't push yourself up not high and if you feel stuck in the low back really dryer naval opinions so it's almost like you don't want your belly to touch them not drive enable opinions than out exercise then they give your elbows pointing down speech shoulders rolling down and back collar bones moving back big back then good in an excel come on down we'll do it one more time just gently press yourself out to really listen your body here don't think about going in that for this point just think about protecting your low back drying your navel opinion an arching in the upper back just like the neck being neutral odd times you like to work with our knack that's not really doing anything so I just look forward okay backs him nisource gonna roll over to be lying on our back now it is rare stuff over and bring the soles of the feet to the floor get why not the finger tips to touch your heels the fingertip should just raise your heels is getting any help keep everything still does take the arms up an overhead timing it with your in bracket with your out grasping the arms back down towards the heels again this is just a simple practice of linking breath and movement making inhaled and exhaled equal length and adding movement that's equal blank so inhale take the arms that let them come by the ears are maybe to the ground just as far as skills good feeling then exhale brain the hands by the greens the heels so the same blank for the inhale breathing in through the nose really inflating the body exhaling grieving I'll hands grazing ankles your eyes are closed one more the exhaling you can just stay like this or if you wanna take it a step further you can open your eyes and look towards me basically when I inhale and is going to lengthen my tailbone the bottom of my spine towards my heels and lift my pal this up just with my low back out they take the arms up Wilbur had goodness I act felons gonna rare with buying back down onto the floor one third of bread at times my hands come back to my heels and may seek counsel force on your inhale your table Lankans forward to lift the whole low back up off the mat the arms come up then over had maybe lift the hips a little bit higher and then exhale sand the feet down as you bring the hands back towards the heels and close your eyes there's really no right or wrong way it's just feeling to the spine and again your OB should be working here to control lifting up that even more to control the slow descent of your spine downs you feel through mid back and low back and then the very bottom of this last one call the moving bridge polls and an axe head good does come out all 4 corners of the feet on the ground soles of the feet the floor you're just gonna take your right ankle over your left knee is if you're making the letter for and then drop out laughed Clyde into your body and take hold inbetween the letter for with your right hand and then with your left hand or just gonna hold either the quad or the shin and if you can't hold on don't worry you can just take a strap or a belt or scarf from your house and wrapped it around the quad and hold it right like that and a lot of us may need to prop up our knack to help us reach so I want you to put pillows are couch cushions do not hold your neck up like this it's very not good for your neck but I can just help killers nearby and began to pull the quad into the body and as you do this you want I'll could activate your right knee out to the right and you must flex the right foot left foot can be relaxed at the right foot must be flax you just want to crash the right elbow or right hand gently into the niece of any moves forward and down I just forward to the right soon nameless for to the right as you pull either the strap of the Beltre then left quad into the chest you're looking for a big stretch in the outer right hip here so we'll just take 3 more deep breaths your breathing in and out through the nose again you can kind of rocked from side to side if that feels good is rocking right and laughed feeling to the head seal into the body in health and exhales equal Lang something of my right knee energetically moving forward and I'm pulling the left quad into my body last deep fry good images slap the laughs soul of the flood come to the ground right sole of foot to the ground and just take a deep breath notice how you feel both sides just neutral for a moment good and then take the laughed ankle across the right knee flex out left foot and again thread laughed hand through that letter for as you pull right quad this time into the chassis holding on behind the quad if you really wanna hold the shin that's fine and I got a lot of us might have a strap or a belt here or we might be propping the head up on a bunch of pillows are couch cushions so we can just pull their right quiet and as we use our left elbow to kind of just elbow in nags the lackey out or use our hands push the laugh me forward in space as we pulled our right quad in to the chassis another deep breath inking inhales equal length of that exhales in and out through the nose and again of course line to wiggle the hips from side to side it's moving the body gently side to side you can really modifying these shapes in these poses to work for you keeping not left foot flax another deep breath in and then take a right sole of foot to the ground let slip it to the ground again just notice how you feel for a moment take a full breath and full cycle of brought out gonna press down to the soles of your feet to lift your pelvis your low back and shifted slightly to the right team is gonna take it over to the right and then just let your knees fall to the laughed without thinking about it too much so you need to see that again that help us just lifts up low back without using to get 2 inches to the right and then this Lebanese fault for the laughed and then take your arms in Iraq disarms double post arms at the elbows banter if you have room you can take it she shape with the arms and a lot of yoga practices tell you that you should lock the opposite direction of your knees I never have found that comfortable so I'm actually going to encourage you to look towards your knees same direction of the knees a couple deep breaths here Linda scanning the body where can you relax the toes more relaxed the angles more lacks the knees and across the chest more many V. reach extend not right arm strayed if it's not already reaches to the upper right corner of the room fingertips spread apart maybe reach above your had really reached between each and Richard again and towards the right corner maybe feeling for a stretch along the arm pit under the deltoids kind of on the underside of your honor breathing in and out through the nose shin deep breaths here once fully relaxing reading your body be in this twist and slowly coming back to center crossing the soles of the feet into the ground in a left the palace this time to get 2 inches total laughed again I'm just lifting the public up taking it 2 inches for the last and letting the knees fall to the right so the knees and have to be super close into the body or Billy super far away disclaimer feels good for you so again the magic of this practice is just defining what feels good for you good place for you on a brief spend some time I think I'm gonna take my head the same direction as my knees I just kind of find not the most comfortable see what works for you and just work to eliminate any secret hidden tension and maybe in the jaw median ankles at the toes you find everything relax arms and not goalpost shaper she shape maybe playing with extending the left arm reaching it straight to the upper left corner of the room the defining a big Dr underneath the left arm pit left underside of the arms really reaching it towards the upper left corner of the room in reaching it up alongside the left ear alongside the phase and then back to the corner pausing where you feel that nice stretch you bend the elbow again experiment feeling through 2 more deep fraction healing to the whole body not feeling completely we'll come back to center press down to the soles of the feet to lift your pelvis up again lank than the tailbone to between your heel so your spine is straight on the mat new spring your soles of the feet to touch knees go why if you're just in this is called bodice pulls you just have the knees widely gets little growing scratch it's too much for growing structure can put pillows underneath your quads and just putt left hand on the heart right hand on the valley will just be here for 5 brat so use the hand on the hard in the hand on the valley to inhale and failure brass rising into both of those spaces you should feel your hands left as you inhale because your body's expanding with bracken lifting our and in the hands of descending as you exhale so it's you know maybe just subtle but you really wanna feel that because you really want to be breathing into the perimeter of the body more than you think you can through the nose and exhaling all the way good and then you can keep the hands as they are unevenness lank them the right way online from the left flank for Shabbat dinner or you can extend the left arm down in the right arm now she lost sinners just an opportunity for the body to process and capture everything that happened in the practice to Rasht time to rest so inhale this excel at everything relax at this time you can excel through the nose or through the mouth and inhaled deeply accelis let everything a lot it's then again excel despite everything rely it's like feeling nose or mouth invite you to stay here in the show lost an arm for really as long as you can as long as feels right to you the longer you can stay the platter if you're just doing that video with me organised a here for another 56 breaths which is really relaxed the tongue relaxed at the Java lacks initiatives fingers and toes are relaxed mmhm now just let go of any conscious brats just breathe however feels right to you just don't think about it anymore good and slowly wiggle your fingers in your toe and drier right into the chast give it a squeeze when Java left into the chance to give it a squeeze all is one of the legs one at a time crawl up into little balls you should get yourself a squeeze rocking bring in these clothes into the chat and roll over and you're right sides are just in the fetal position you're using your right form as a pillow left hand to the man depressing a deep breath out I one more deep bracket in the eyes closed ticket and impressed to your left hand come up to a comfortable seat so that could mean sitting cross legged on a pillow reckoning sitting on the heels just as we began where ever you are the sick the hands to the needs of their squad's whatever feels right maybe turn the palms face the facts of the hands again on the client just take a deep breath then see if your spine getting really long and tall a long line of energy from your tailbone the bottom of your spine all the way to the crown of the had the top of your head then exhale rule your shoulders down and by it again in hal got long getting in through the nose excel widen the collar bones back in Spain last big brass as I exhale grow taller notice how you feel then again bring the hamster prayer in front of your heart keeping the spine along into church and just as an adjuster gratitude for your open ness your willingness to stretch the body and just take some time out of your data run or and renew and restore get thank you so much I hope you enjoyed this practice and if you like this practice you might really like my 7 secrets to yoga course which is really appropriate for beginners there's a link to a rival of this video please like this video if you enjoyed it comment below and let me know how it went and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already from my heart to yours namaste or //

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