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"2018-05-19 21:36:18"
I AM the Royal Wedding PARTY POOPER…I crashed the wedding and knocked over the potato salad
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"2018-05-15 01:32:03"
So I had a Conversation in a Pub with a Government Scientist...about Space & Weather
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"2018-05-08 17:51:02"
JFK Files Delayed AGAIN…You Know What this Means, Right? 2018 Update
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"2018-04-30 21:43:58"
Moon Mission Canceled - AGAIN. I'm Starting to Notice a Pattern Here...
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"2018-04-26 20:44:37"
What Ancient Civilization KNEW about The Universe & Cosmos Will SHOCK You
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"2018-04-18 20:41:56"
The Sumerian Greek God Connection to the Origins of Mankind & Lost Ancient Civilization
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"2018-03-15 01:31:23"
Elon Musk on Nikola Tesla – What He Said May Shock You
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"2018-03-09 16:37:45"
Antarctica…THIS is What You MUST Know - Truth is Stranger than Fiction
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"2018-02-24 20:45:55"
THIS is Why They DON’T Like to Talk about Saturn & Jupiter’s Moons
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"2018-02-07 00:50:53"
Hidden Ancient Mayan Civilization Discovered in Jungle - Lost Ancient Human Civilization
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"2018-02-01 01:31:50"
The SURGING Epidemic: Searching for Life Purpose - How to Know Your Life Purpose
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"2018-01-26 19:05:45"
Who Made THESE? Ancient Civilizations LARGEST Stone Columns - Massive Stones of Baalbek Lebanon
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"2018-01-20 01:44:38"
Ancient Rome Did NOT Build THIS - MASSIVE Stone Blocks & Lost Ancient Technology at Baalbek Lebanon
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"2018-01-10 19:04:44"
SeaWorld CEO SLAMS Animal Rights - Blackfish Documentary Putting SeaWorld Out of Business?
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"2018-01-03 18:50:16"
THIS is What You MUST Know about Pentagon UFO Video - Pentagon Secret UFO Program - UFOgate
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"2017-12-19 02:18:38"
Best Gift Ever? THIS is What Ancient Humans Would Give ANYONE for Christmas
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"2017-12-16 01:32:04"
FCC Repeals Net Neutrality - But it gets Worse...Exposing the Corruption & Truth of Net Neutrality
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"2017-12-08 02:44:33"
Ancient Egyptians did NOT build THIS...The Osirion & Lost Ancient Technology
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"2017-12-01 20:00:40"
Nikola Tesla Wireless Energy & The Great Pyramid of Giza Power Plant - Lost Ancient Technology
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"2017-11-18 02:42:53"
THIS is Who was REMOVED from JFK Declassified File Release - Truth is Stranger than Fiction
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"2017-11-13 01:47:58"
Just Wow. Bill Clinton's Disturbing Connection to Kevin Spacey Underage Claims & Allegations
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"2017-11-09 02:19:29"
What You NEED to Know about Great Pyramid Void - Ancient Egyptian Cover Up is Real
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"2017-10-29 01:57:31"
Mars: Debunking NASA in 5 Minutes - THIS Will Make You Question What You Were Told About Mars
\\is it possible that NASA has not told the general public everything they know about the planet Mars take for example the popular discussion whether life ever existed on Mars which NASA has stated was possible but it had to have been at least 3 closer to 4000000000 years ago based on evidence of oceans lakes and rivers once existing on Mars however how could these terrain features which are found throughout virtually the entire surface of Mars have survived billions of years of erosion and routine sand storms of tropical storm strength as I'll be discussing here shortly let me start off by showing you a very short clip that I edited down of a conversation between congressman Rohrabacher and a NASA executive in July of this year which you may have seen I made a video on this topic and I'll include a link for it at the end of this video but for this video I'm making a completely different points so take a look at this ignore the part about ancient civilization and that's discuss you've indicated that Mars had egg that was totally different thousands of years ago as it possible that there was a civilization on Mars thousands of years ago so the evidence is that ... Mars was different billions of years ago to build houses years well yes that and and ... there would be there's no evidence that ... I'm aware of that we do not rule would you rule that out that see there's some people well anyway I would if I would say that is extremely unlikely okay now again ignore the part about ancient civilization for the point of this video and just focus on the thousands of years ago verse the billions of years ago discussion how on earth police terrain feature survive that long period of time and of course I'm gonna play devil's advocate here NASA themselves have shown evidence of running water on Mars existing today take for example the abundance of ice at the north and South Pole of Mars and you can see that these ice caps change yearly based on season as well as the fact that some of the sites portions do exist and various mountain ranges and craters on Mars so though there is evidence of running water on Mars today it's in certain areas and it doesn't explain the fact that there are water channels located thousands of miles from any type of vice and they've survived billions of years of routine sand storms these storms are absolutely massive and just to clarify their not of hurricane strength that many people have often thought and seen in movies yet there tropical storm strength 70 miles an hour and they are so massive that many of them can only truly be appreciated from orbiting satellite imagery and you can see here that many of the storms will cover the entire planet and go on for hours on end in days on and some cases and the effects of the storms on the surface are massive and you can see here the differences and how the terrain changes base of just one storm so if NASA is so adamant that the surface of Mars was different 3 closer to 4000000000 years ago which by the way dig into that I have to make this is me part one there's other points to be made so look for other videos but if you look at the fine print on how they explain these billions of years I mean it doesn't really make sense and we don't have a way to prove it I mean have we send people to Mars to do the testing these Rovers can only do so much so how can the honesty state 3000000000 years 4000000000 years my not 1000000000 my not 500000000 so getting away from those time frames we've seen the evidence that just one massive storm completely changes the terrain of Mars altogether so how many sandstorms would've happened over you know 34 0 years there's certainly more than one a year I don't have a specific number other than that be a routine in the happen frequently so what tens of billions of sandstorms and yet there are existing evidence of these lake beds water channels in rivers I can understand some a larger train features lasting very long period of time maybe billions of years take a look at these 2 photos here of the same river the NASA claims is evidence of ancient flooding from billions of years ago this river is nearly 1000 miles long 0 feet deep in almost 4.5 miles across absolutely massive and yet they think that this would survive billions of years of erosion how many tens of billions of sandstorms is that that that would cover it up in re expose it the winds and sand of time would wear away at the edges and we're supposed to believe that this much evidence would survive 3000000000 years but getting back to these other photos of rivers that are much much smaller evidence of creeks evidence of streams and responsibly that the news would survive billions of sandstorms so when it comes down to it it's not appropriate to say that vis train features that are thousands of miles of any I source whatsoever on Mars would survive billions of years or even millions of years or even hundreds of thousands of years in fact thousands of years is the appropriate estimate in many other people are talking about yes which is why I congressman Rohrbacher brought it up to this NASA executive he didn't fall through right you can provide the evidence you just let it go he got weak in the moment but clearly you can see and just think for yourself that there's more to this story here these terrain features do not survive billions of years they don't survive millions of years and not saying none of them would perhaps there you know we have 1000 foot deep river maybe that would survive a certain period of time a very long period of time add billions guys clearly there's far more to the story of Mars than what we've been told and there's other key points that are worthy of mention so consider this video just part one and all the others to come right outline evidence of massive contradiction from what NASA has told us based on evidence that we can see for ourselves so leave it at that liken subscribe to Libya comments share your thoughts on all of this and I many other videos come in a whole wide variety of topics daycare everybody //
"2017-10-26 19:08:08"
Corey Feldman's Truth Campaign - WHERE are the Other Hero's? The Time is Now - #ISTANDWITHCOREY
\\this world is in desperate need of heroes now probably more than ever people who are willing to stand up and do the right thing to use our awareness in free will to do the hard right instead of the easy wrong because we have seen throughout history how people indifference results in so much evil allows it to thrive I mean just look at this Harvey Weinstein Sandel you know thousands of people knew what he was doing and said nothing for Bill Cosby thousands of people knew that he was a rapist possibly the worst rapists in history by the way any note for decades and did nothing and then you have someone like Corey Feldman you know the actor from the Goonies stand by me and multiple other videos he is standing up and he is looking to start a campaign to expose a paedophile ring within Hollywood that has existed for decades but he is a victim of him that he knows others many others our victim of victims of as well you know it's interesting so then we just pay your picture he made a video I'd link is in the description I highly recommend you watch it he starting a campaign is asking for donations for 247 security as he knows his life is in danger for legal team as well as he wants to create a documentary a feature film to expose at least 6 people that one of which right now is running a massive Hollywood studio and once expose all 6 of them and he knows that by doing this it could result in his death I donated to his campaign and I highly recommend you do is well but if you're not comfortable with that it least spread the awareness because I will all agree we don't like peta files right we want them exposed we want them out of the picture so spread the awareness tell somebody about it watch the video given a like share on Facebook Twitter send an email to some friends and family by came of that childhood actor will he's looking to expose peta files is looking to change the world and do the right thing and he needs help people leaving and he's looking for his peers to stand with them now if there's something to say to Corey Feldman was a few things here one you acknowledge that your life is in jeopardy and straight up in the air without a doubt there are people in power that want you dead 100 percent so you should seriously invest in a dead man's switch to document everything that you now why do people want you to expose all these things immediately which I recommend but hold on actually I think it might be more strategic play at hand will give you more power than that so set up a dead man's switch if something happens to you we throw you in jail you get accidental overdose or some shit then everything's exposed multiple servers if you don't live in a certain period of time the world is informed of what you know I also recommend any body camera 247 wireless upload some secure snow server so something happens to you but also you know as far as these donations because some people are donating some people won't and I would recommend deathly going with you know getting some personal security but you might get you can get that for free I mean you're a victim of abuse and I know for sure that there are many many Iraq slash Afghanistan war veterans who have experienced abuse in their own lives it may not be sexual and this is something to say for people whether you are not a childhood celebrity you were never a childhood celebrity you you know you want sexually abuse because I wasn't sexually abused but many of us can can share what it's like to have our childhood experiences negatively affect us throughout life there are approximately in research varies of looked into this quite a bit about 8 out of 10 people approximately admit that they have experienced physical abuse sexual abuse I motional abuse neglect that's a big one or building any one of those things during their childhood when most people are realizes that the same things all of these different these abuses are different they carry in some very similar long term side effects whether be chronic anxiety or depression addiction your ability in many other things we all share the same characteristics and most people walking through life not knowing it yet most of us have experienced things in our childhood that have negatively affected us so that being said you know it's for setting up a legal team Corey you can use that money use that money for everyone but I guarantee you you can get some up and coming pro bono lawyers will take this on for free same thing with your security detail head of some some veterans there are some people out there with some very unique set of skill sets that's want to do the right thing and if you you know you can get did you could have a posse people sit in your driveway you know overnight or following you around town you'd be safe you'll be safe and this is a strength in numbers thing which is why people that have experience the abuse like you had need to and I know that they may not want to of course they want to just leave the stuff behind them but they need to stand up with you I know it might not happen the way that they want to the time they want but there is no better time and like you said the time is now you're drawing a line in the sand and it's time for people to do the right thing death courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves are talking about fricking kids here it's one thing to debate that you know on Hollywood actresses and actors giving the Harvey Weinstein blow jobs and shit but these people have free will their adults in the have a choice doesn't make it right and suspect will have once each in jail by the way but kids and you know some people say I'm a given Corey Feldman money's a weirdo he's crazy like excuse hill is he not handling his childhood molestation raping by grown men the way that you think he should and don't forget he was thrown into being a child actor at the age of 3 he wasn't as a McDonald's commercial parents were terrible he has talked about this in detail include another video it's a compilation of his interview some people explaining his base where he got you today and very interesting he did have a childhood his parents were talking in in a nice thing that they love them in these took all of his money millions that he had made a release the quibbling today of millions by the time he was 15 he took everything the last $40000 he had his dad took from until imagine growing up as a childhood celebrity just going to the mall lurking martyr friggin toys R. us you were ever in everybody knowing who you are you don't know who they are they're treating you like a god what do you think that so many celebrities have these real issues and we all have issues and I guess being a celebrity to you it's more in the public light but we see that fame does a toll on the human psyche written next for it so that was being set it's time for people to do the right thing participate be a hero with Cory those who are victims of this abuse stand up for him when you're stranded celebrity or not and we spread the awareness donate to his campaign or don't just get the word out is this is what this is about this awareness came you know the younger demographic today don't they don't know Krefeld menace the you know the they're going up with you know with other childhood actors but the more people know about this it will have a profound effect I'm Corey Feldman manager watching this dude you are a fricking hero in this in my opinion is the greatest role you will ever play this is your advice use were destiny I believe that we all have free will and can change our destiny day by day if we want to clearly the universe is in the cosmos have all aligned just the way they have for you to do this today and to anyone else it's trying to avoid because I know there's other childhood actors that are that Homer now stressing losing sleep should I participate national not why DO nothing will help you will give you more satisfaction then doing the right thing to help prevent this from happening to others because yes you have taken the long term effects with you throughout your life I can only imagine what you've been through but if this is an opportunity to well like I said do the right thing I'll leave it at that take your everybody //
"2017-10-24 23:22:09"
Existence from Nothing? What You are & Creation of the Universe
\\how is it possible to have existence from non existence such as the Big Bang theory an explosion from nothing before I get into that let me start off with a quote by the late Alan watts what you are basically deep deep down far far in is simply the fabric in structure of existence itself think of how deep that is that means //
"2017-10-19 02:05:48"
Great Pyramid of Giza Egypt - Textbooks Debunked - Ancient Egyptian Civilization & Lost Technology
\\the map itself completely debunks the mainstream explanation for how the ancient Egyptians are able to construct the great pyramid of Giza and how long it took them to do so and in this very honest share with you a few short video clips of the most common methods described by mainstream archaeologists egyptologists in academics for how the ancient Egyptians are able to cut and carve the stones so you can see first hand with your own eyes just how fly these methods truly are now depending on which source you look at the time frames vary on how long it took the ancient Egyptians to construct the great pyramid of Giza ranging from 10 to 30 years however 20 years is the most commonly accepted time frame it's what they teach in school 20 years to cut carve move and perfectly place approximately 2.5000000 stone blocks that's equivalent to one block every 2 minutes in 6 seconds the precision of these 2.5000000 stone blocks is incredible not even a razor or opinion all can fit between them and just to remind ourselves each block has 6 sides I don't mean to be patronizing but just as a visual reminder that each block would have been perfect on all 6 sides and about the size of the stone blocks did very the average size was 50 inches by 50 inches by 27 and you can see here the metric conversion on the screen but this of course does not include some of the blocks that are absolutely massive to give us a better appreciation of the massive scale of the great pyramid it's more than 755 feet long at its base and is made up of more than 200 layers and each layer had to be absolutely perfect each block had to be laid down in place down to a fraction of a millimeter otherwise the entire pyramid would not have been nearly as precise as it is out of these 2.5000000 stone blocks a significant majority of them are made up of limestone and one of the most common methods described by egyptologists is that the Egyptians used stone hammers and bronze chisels to cutting carbon the stones in real quick if you're not familiar bronze is the make up of copper in 10 Nene jumped into the first video clip which includes mark Lehner one of the most leading authorities on Egyptology and the works of the pyramids and the sphinx and you'll find his name cited in almost every single text but throughout the world regarding the subjects in this video you'll see that the triton cotton carve one limestone block down to half the size of the great sphinx's nose in real quick you'll see sub sub captions in this video those are not my words that's been the uploaded this and I'll include the link to that 7 minute video in the description however I edited down to so just the highlights in this clip is about 55 seconds long here we go even with reinforcements and after hours of pounding they barely made a dent after days of work their copper chisels and stone pounders are barely making a dent is wearing down Jordan copper chiseled the last only a few pounding so Liz repeat over and over till the shape is just right they must have amassed more copper for building the great pyramid and the sphinx and just about any place in the world the third millennium BC I mean it's just it's been a huge cost account wow so just a few dozen strikes purchase all and any saw how long it takes them to read sheet this thing I mean heating and cooling it several times incredibly lengthy period of time and you heard mark Lehner himself discuss how the Egyptians would have had a massive amounts of copper chisels which hasn't been found at all touch on that point later in this video and by the way they did even finish this project they brought in power tools and it took professionals more than 2 weeks to cut and carve this nose and like I mentioned a significant majority of the great pyramid is made up of limestone blocks however the internal structure is made up of granite this includes the internal passageways the mass of grand gallery the queen's chamber as well as the king's chamber itself in these blocks many of them are more than 70 times in seemingly have laser cut precision so here's a quick 20 second clip on using bronze chisels on granite which is significantly stronger than limestone when Russia tries chiseled made from bronze the results ... disappointing I and if you think we're just really even a lot of metal and very little Stalinist play guitar so regardless of whether we're talking limestone or granite the bronze chisel stone hammer theory is debunked it doesn't make sense it doesn't compute based on the time and the precision so this brings me back to the question on where all the bronze chisels now widely found so few I'm trying to find a specific number but heavy found even more than a few dozen of these things throughout the entire country of Egypt I mean if anyone has a specific number please share I been trying to research this for myself but clearly they would have had to have had hundreds of thousands of these tools I mean 2 dozen strikes purchase all and it takes much longer than most people realize to reshape it I think the most logical explanation why the not finding so many brands chisels is the fact that just one using these as the primary method to come carve 10 the millions of stone blocks this brings me on to a more common in popular theory which is utilizing copper and bronze size to cut through the stones and as you can see here these are clip art images provided by Egyptologist on the theory of using copper sauce to cut through stone so let me show you the next video clip the shows and trying to utilize copper size on granite alright we have a big block of granite here the houses copper gonna cut this granite even with teeth the copper alone is too soft we're going to put sounds inside the groove I'm going to put this soul on top and then let the sun do and then after we fear the progress in our yeah known came back in the now is time you know 3 of vile so down heading into a 4 millimeters well I've been doing a lot of experiments and I can guarantee that this will go to the stone asked about full moon a thought it was wonderful once we switched over to using ... water with the stand for you can see here we achieved this in just a few days 4 millimeters in our equivalent to about one sixth of one inch and although the city went much quicker while using water didn't specify how much quicker and he was it twice as fast even now much this is the same that it was 6 times as fast so one inch an hour that's still doesn't compute whatsoever in this does include the fact that they've never found a copper saw of this size anywhere throughout into Egypt effective learning find any depictions of it through wall paintings hieroglyphs petroglyphs no where in fact the only art that you'll find it's just a few different images really have the smaller copper size indie utilize them to cut wood and as you can see here here's the best example I could find of a copper saw and look at that that's not even a 2 foot blade is that even 18 inches maybe 20 inches altogether immersive also believe that the small size and I'll show you more examples of them in just a moment were used to cutting carbon even an average sized block I never mind the much larger some what's found throughout the pyramid of dis but again that video was shown you cutting through granite so many so you different video clip of people using hand saws to cut through limestone blocks and though this video has nothing to do with Egyptology and whatsoever these are just some old school guys that show you that you can use hand saws to cut through limestone well here's the video clip nnst I so a couple notable point those to mention what's so and also take a look at the grass of oz had clearly the ancient Egyptians had nothing like this is not one single bit of evidence to suggest that and it's worth mentioning that the finished product isn't perfect at all I mean yeah there are some very straight lines but when you look at the block as a whole it's just not perfect to be would have gone back over it with what bronze chisels again another point worth mentioning is how difficult the sign becomes when you get down to the base of the block I mean take for example the limestone quarry located right there on the Giza plateau and match and what I mean that's right on bedrock look a little room you have to work with how could you cut the base of that stone block in not to mention as you see here these other examples of these bronze saws found throughout ancient Egypt I mean they're incredibly short none of them exceed 2 feet long and I'm under the impression I might have even found a dozen of these things ever does anyone have an estimate these are all the examples I could find pictures of but it really raises a lot of questions clearly this method just does not compute and not to mention the complete lack of evidence to support it are we suppose to believe that this would have been a method utilized to be able to cut car moving placed perfectly one block every 2 minutes and 6 seconds guys doesn't add up many transition into another example which is utilizing would wages that are soaked in water in order to split apart massive stone blocks in there is evidence of this is you you hear these are samples from the US one quarry which is about 500 miles from the great pyramids first I must mention that the soap would would not provide nearly as precise cut as using chisels so in modern times you can see people doing it you're in these examples these photos but the end product does not justify the incredible precision of the stone blocks at the great pyramid of Giza I was suppose to believe that he would have gone back over that stone block with bronze chisels and copper size all over again when we've already seen that those methods don't work anyhow and not to mention a complete lack of evidence on the Giza plateau to support that this is the method that they were utilizing yes the ancient Egyptians did do this we have evidence that the US one Korea again but nothing to justify 2.5000000 stone blocks not at all and we have to remind ourselves that we're only discussing the great pyramid of Giza there are between 118 and 138 pyramid scattered throughout Egypt in fact this isn't even updated because as I mentioned other videos just earlier this year the found entirely new pyramid in ruins under the sands of Egypt which again raises all kinds of questions but for hundreds of pyramids we're talking tens of millions of stone blocks and if they can't compute these or finisher construct 1 pyramid in the 2030 year time frame it completely the banks the entire narrative now I certainly don't think that everything is a conspiracy or cover up but we have to start asking serious questions when the leading authorities on the topic of Egyptology whose works are published in text books all over the world regarding this pyramids and the sphinx and these individuals have seen first hand with their own eyes that none of these methods compute and yet they've done nothing to bring this up or raise the question of developing new theories and asking you questions and said to keep pushing the same narrative the teaching this in school right now the hitting a peach dis with these methods and nobody seems to be thinking for themselves to just try them and to make this even more disturbing this same guy mark Lehner seems to be going along with this 10 year time frame he's doubling down instead of acknowledging that these methods don't work he's going along with a possible 10 year time frame that's been discussed by other egyptologists what is going on it's time we start asking serious questions about it but I'll leave it at that maybe a common them you know your thoughts are but like and subscribe on Jimmy this is right in sight many more videos to come in a whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
"2017-10-06 02:11:50"
THIS is Why Sumerians are NOT Taught in School - What They Knew - Lost Ancient Human Civilization
\\does anyone else find it odd that they don't teach about the world's first human civilization in school the creators of so many things that we utilize all the time in our daily lives more than 6000 years later including well the modern calendar that's right the calendar based off of the lunar cycles originates from the C. Marian's most people are not aware of this in facts when I say that they are the creators of things we utilize all the time in our daily lives 1 including time itself the 6012 based counting system that's used for measuring hours minutes and seconds which is also utilized in basic mathematics in geometry for measuring degrees and angles minutes and seconds and fact the Sumerians are the creators of the very first writing system altogether also referred to as Kaname form which was an advanced system that even utilize pictographs just as we use today symbols to represent entire sentences in this video I'm gonna share with you many things at the Sumerians crated that even stories that originate from most common religions on earth good right back to the Sumerians most people have no idea but for some reason they're not even required testing or even learning by the department of education in fact if you go to any history textbook through high school you'll find only one to 3 sentences total about the Sumerians what you're usually included in other paragraphs and other topics such as the fact that they are the creators of the wheel but it's the things that they somehow knew about it we can explain their total mysteries but also discussed in this video but if you're not familiar with the ancient Samarian see come from the cradle of civilization Mesopotamia the fertile crescent itself and we weren't even aware the Sumerians altogether into more than 150 years ago upon the discovery of a massive cachet of clay and stone tablets in modern day Iraq in real quick you can see here the utilize cylinder seals to great these tablets but at the ancient library of Ashurbanipal in modern day Mosul Iraq they found more than 30000 these tablets many of which are broken and this is also the same location will be found these infamous wing balls Somerford to them as the ana gnocchi or the sky gods and there's so much speculation and debate about these but this is happens to be the same site that I was out by some incredible synchronicity during my deployments to Iraq in 2000 92 10 and by the way I still need to make a video of Iraq experience a lot of people have asked for that and explain how it went from brainwash people who bought the lies to thinking for myself and my journey to awakening as I call it and I have a lot to say about it because that war was a massive scamming money generating fraud scam and an incredible crime against humanity so look for that did you in the future but in these clay tablets we've learned so many different things that he had created not just glass or the wheel as I mentioned earlier but even the sailboats he even said the platform for modern agriculture through the invention of the plow and even the seeds sewing machine in fact the Sumerians created the first sewer systems canals and irrigation systems and even mapped out here this is a plaque showing advance sewer systems and water channels for agriculture and speaking of maps they created those all together and they utilize them to create advanced trade routes and they did this more than 3000 years prior to the Silk Road the infamous abroad which of course they do to school and they traveled more than 3000 kilometers or nearly 1900 miles all we over to Pakistan and what these traits systems it created an explosion of culture the Syrians themselves are the very first to utilize jewelry make up and get this even beer beast don't clay tablets annotate more than 500 different recipes for beer that's right craft beer comes from the Sumerians another interesting fact is that they traded instruments this stone tablets describes 23 different answer mints which include various types of flutes drums tambourines and even the harp you could even jokingly argue that they are the creators of entertainment itself I mean look at this these tablets here they are the first known conductors of wrestling or mixed martial arts all together at least that's been annotated so what they do with all this the music the booze the make up the jewelry the beer well look at this tablet right here yeah yeah okay yeah you get what's going on there and that's what almost 4000 years ago drinking beer and engaging other forms of entertainment all together like I mentioned earlier the Sumerians created the first writing system as well as the first schools and privileged individuals went there and learned how to describe themselves and they just jump right into it in fact of the creators of the very first contract altogether how hilarious is that didn't miss a beat with their trading systems and then I guess what this says pay up or else but where this gets really interesting is that in the stone clay tablets they give credit to all their knowledge not to any king or inventor but they say that all the knowledge was given to them by other beings the ana gnocchi which means from heaven to earth came and many people when they look at these various tablets they speculate that this is where the ancient astronauts hypotheses came from and maybe you're familiar with Zacarias said shin now this is a subject I have to make a video on all together about the on Nike my thoughts and Zacarias itching and everything I I've looked into this quite a bit I know that you there's a lot of speculation out there and I don't agree with everything that people have stated about these international hypothesis and you don't see me tight saying that aliens created the pyramids but it is interesting that they give credit to others for everything they have all the knowledge now people think that that's of course symbolism for something else angels you know the god so let's discuss what does Marion said they knew about that was later determined to be correct take the story of the great flood you may be familiar with that from more than 500 different civilizations across 5 continents around the world that science the most recent data proves actually did happen core I. samples taken from Greenland and Antarctica and I discuss this and other videos they illustrate that at the height of the last ice age their sea levels were 425 feet lower than today and over a few 0 years it slowly rose but there's these huge spikes that happen to confirm that there were sudden rapid and essentially incredible increases in the global sea levels so in other words the Sumerians were right the flood did happen and it's interesting that mainstream academics and scientists still referred to as a net but what's even more interesting than the denial is affecting the Sumerians knew about this 6000 years after the fact is when they were writing this stuff down the tablets or really makes you think now look at this tablet here this is the one this is very notable the infamous solar system tablet I mean just look at this for yourself what do you see there I mean how could they possibly have known about planets rotating around the sun 6000 years ago I mean is that more than 5000 years before Copernicus identified the planets rotating around the sun in just the same period of time before even the first telescope was invented when you need a telescope to know that there is planets out there and not to mention did that one thing that the earth was flat back then how do they know this stuff in so just to clarify mainstream they will say that none of none of these are planets all of these are stars and there's even a website devoted to debunking Zacharias itching which is called get this kitchen is and I took a look at this in the point that this guy had was that sich in den even read the can a form on the tablet itself and he describes how he out illustrates what is stated in his PDF I clicked on that and 14 pages basically discussed the fact that since this tablet doesn't say anything about stars or planets then yeah just wrong all together I mean got just look at this and think for yourself I mean what do you what is that and this creates all kinds of other speculation because it's like waiters are there 11 planets in so okay is Pluto a planet like give me a break what a stupid discussion that is some scientists that one read and things who cares how far away it is or how small it is like grow up but this raises other questions too about the asteroid belt I've discussed this and other videos it's clearly that was a planet or massive moon or something something collided scientists will say it happen millions of years ago but they clearly don't have enough variables to make that conclusion I mean you need to know the size of these objects you need to know the direction as well as speed of the collision so they can't say how long ago about what so when you look at these tablets is it possible that this could be communicating the so called ninth planet that they know exists all the data proves but this knife in this massive knife planet 4 or 5 times the mass of earth itself was creating a tilt in Neptune and Uranus and that's all the discovered it will have discovered it the looking for it it's obviously incredibly far away in and my guess is that it probably has a completely different orbit altogether but they know what's out there end yet here's this tablet from 6000 years ago that shows these things and by the way Zachary section is the one that was saying that there was another planet out there and here was very validated 40 years later that's interesting but these tablets contain other information as well take a look at these tablets in there others that show 7 started 7 plane at 7 something 7 dots and many will say that this is just probably indicative of the play the star system 7 stars but I mean why isn't in the shape of it and what's interesting is that people that identify with the ancient astronaut hypothesis is that look if you're coming if you're coming for someplace else beings from another planet visiting our solar system you would need to pass by 7 planets to get to earth it's an interesting theory and by the way I look at this tablet the shows one of those winged bulls here's something else also were thinking about is that there is suggestive evidence that the Samarian somehow knew about the great year cycle the earth's tilt and perception 25920 year cycle when you consider their awareness of the zodiac and a few other factors that they're counting system you can make an argument that they somehow knew about this cycle and I mean thousands of years before the mines figure that out and that's a mystery of itself to because we're talking one degree every 72 years in back then the lifespan was what half the age of what is today so to figure that out is beyond impressive and it's a mystery but to wrap this up let's not forget the new about time the calendar the create all these amazing things they knew about the floods 6 or 7000 years after the fact they even knew and by the way when going back to that religion up comment I made at the beginning this video the story of Moses from the Bible is identical literally identical to king Sargon of a cod from 4000 years ago right out of the same region so without a doubt I think there's a religious factor in preventing people from learning about this information mean isn't that fascinating story of creation the flood of Moses and a few other things come right out of ancient sue Marik and nobody knows about it they only teach us one to 3 sentences in school and they don't really teach at I mean I don't know about the Sumerians until watching documentaries later on in life so we have to start asking ourselves why are these tablets being ignored in just to paint you a picture how these tens of thousands of tablets most of which are not on display in their literally gathering dust in the basements of various museums throughout the world and to make it even worse most of these tablets were only interpreted once by one person more than 100 years ago so these things need to be re visited people need to look at them in this discussion it's open up that clearly they knew about things they weren't supposed to know about planets rotating around the sun without any 5000 years before telescope guys look at the stuff I think for yourself are wrapping up here on Jimmy this is bright insight like and subscribe limit comment let me know your thoughts are and I many other videos come in a whole wide variety of topics //
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Great Sphinx of Giza Hidden Tunnels & Chambers Confirmed – Hall of Records Cover-Up? Ancient Egypt
\\there is long been speculation of tunnels shafts and chambers within the great sphinx in underneath it including the possibility of a hall of records in this video I'm gonna share with you several key pieces of evidence that prove that not only do these tunnels shafts and chambers did exist but there is an active attempt on behalf of the Egyptian authorities to prevent the citizens of the world from knowing about it let me start off by addressing the conspiracy that there is some sort of shaft door at the top of the sphinx is had at least that's what many people have referred to it as various articles I've looked at videos online about this in elite you see people leaving comments saying that no this is CG I there's no door at the top that's nonexistent it's just a color fluctuation in it means nothing so I decided to go looking into this for myself and I look through Google images and realize that there are so few aerial photos of the sphinx apparently the Egyptian authorities do not allow people fly over it so I went to Google maps and that was useless because as you can see in the largest photo here that is as far as you can see a man so I cropped the photograph race took a screenshot cropped it and I mean yeah you can kind of see a white blemish there but I mean what does this do for me so I went over to the Google earth app and look at that what that is just useless it's animated I mean what am I supposed to do with this in it and always use to be this way so I decided go back to cool images and do a ton of different searches I got really creative and I did find a photo from 1925 and as you can see here I mean there's a guy standing in it but is this what of a 45 foot deep cavity is of the shaft is to go anywhere it really doesn't show us much but then I hit the jackpot I don't think anyone watching this is seen these photos so there's a photographer who is doing a story with The New York Times back in may of 1990 and is you can see in this photo here yes that is doctors I he Hawass himself in the middle there but pay close attention to the scaffolding over at the top of the sphinx's head because in this next photo well just take a look for it and see for yourself look at that what is that no I don't know what else there is the photographer doesn't point down there this is all you can see there's a hatch but doesn't go anywhere is there any possibility that it's related to the emerging the ground penetrating radar that has discovered some sort of cavities within the sphinx could lead to the so called chamber at the pod the sphinx as I'll be discussing here shortly is obviously not enough information here to make any type of conclusion but clearly no this is not CG I and I find it really interesting that the Egyptian authorities have done so much to prevent anyone from knowing about this in the first place now there has been other speculation and this brings me to my second example that there is some sort of shaft door at the top of the sphinx is back towards the rear and in fact Zahi Hawass actually took people up there with a camera in 2009 and yet this this shaft or exists he opens it up on video and I'll include a link for the the video in the description here is 3.5 minutes long you deathly need to watch it but he opens up the door he points down and clearly you can see that at the bottom I mean a go someplace you can tell from the shadows which direction does ago I have no idea he himself say it says that it leads nowhere and you go down there there's nothing to be seen he says that people probably dug it out at some points I looking for treasures why not just put a camera attached rep to Cameron lowered down but to see you can tell that it goes in some directions to which direction does it go it's fine if there's nothing down there but at least show with the photograph shows an image of some kind why is it such a secret and don't forget to sign he lost had denied for decades that there was ever tunnels underneath the sphinx or indistinct itself need actually change the story multiple times as all discussed later in this video but it raises questions could this lead to the cavities within the sphinx or the detective cavity at below it I mean guys ground penetrating radar has shown that there's something there let me go on to the next example which is this infamous shaft tunnel doorway at the base of the sphinx at the rear to the left of the tail so look at these photos here anyone that's visited the site you can't see what's down there goes to the left it's too dark but doctors I he lost himself in the same video as in going to the sphinx is back in showing you that tunnel he actually goes down into this chamber and that through the shaft and he takes a camera guy with them inside he himself in this video states that it doesn't go anywhere that he's excavated it and there's nothing to be seen but the camera man doesn't even point the camera in the opposite direction just I mean clearly a go somewhere right how difficult would be to have the cameraman turnaround point a flashlight and let us see what's in there which direction does echo okay you say there's nothing in there but at least let us see the nothing why is there not one single photo or video available to the public issues anything beyond this point and most people don't even know that this exists in itself what's interesting about this is that in the 19 seventies stone block came loose so we began an excavation where mark Lehner was part of it a very close associate of the he watch for decades they spent 3 weeks excavating this tunnel shaft that's all you why says goes nowhere and there's nothing in it I mean I know that excavations take sometime but 3 weeks if it went nowhere in there was nothing in it and they decide to go ahead and shrouded in the process where nobody could see what they were doing okay and not to mention stories go back centuries that there is a tunnel system that connects the great sphinx in the hall of records to the parents could this lead to that now the next example I want to discuss involves what ground penetrating radar has discovered as the cavity of some kind a chamber underneath the pod the sphinx and this is something that's been discussed by John Anthony west Robert shock but Sonya what's took a team they did some drilling and they concluded that well we found absolutely nothing that there's nothing underneath it and that's nothing to be seen here so just to clarify is he saying that ground penetrating radar was wrong like what you know in why are you letting anyone else see this for themselves why do capital off and prevent any other archaeologists from checking it out such as John Anthony west robber shock but then I saw something really interesting while watching one of Brian Forster's videos about this topic he points out an incredibly interesting fact which is at the sphinx itself is carved out of line some bedrock in all around the sphinx itself is limestone bedrock to left of it to the right of it and in between the pots except for one area in front of the pause what has the stone tiles and you can see here that the you have been starting to replace them they're very old and they've been doing main restorations to it but why would you have the stone tiles in front of the sphinx the only place around that has these by the way and it just so happens to be located were ground penetrating radar has identified a cavity of the chamber of some kind and as you look at these other photos the absence covered up the entire site Elise in front of it with the stone tiles with these boardwalks could these tiles be indicative of some sort of roofing system for the chamber below you know I want to point something else it's really interesting so if you go to wikipedia which of course I do not endorse for so many reasons but if you go and look up the great sphinx in wikipedia do a control laugh search for the words shaft chamber tunnel underground understands anything under the sinks hall of records and not one single of these words pops out not one of them now that's really interesting but if you look up the whole records which has its own wikipedia page you'll find a link to the great sphinx head and of course you'll find a link to see to archaeology as well now if you think that wikipedia is unreliable because of the fact that anyone can edit it let's actually no longer the case and it hasn't been for several years now wikipedia has been bought and paid for and Cheryl Atkinson who I highly recommend you check out her Ted talk about this subject outlines in detail and if you don't believe me on this trying to the edit yourself and see what happens and then the transition to something incredibly interesting doctors I he lost himself went on TV he stated that he found a shaft 29 meters down 95 feet approximately that's located directly between or exactly between the sphinx and the second pyramid itself chevron also known as conference he stated that there's a team down there in most likely to be the god Osiris himself the god of the underworld the god of the afterlife in fact he's famous for seeing this judgment scene as you see here but you can find them everywhere else these depictions are in the valley of the kings and all over the place and of course it's interesting that he always has green skin and makes you wonder what that's about so I came across a video and this is from fox in this was filmed I believe in 1999 he could've been 96 but they take a crew down there they take this lady and the actually go to the site and here I'm showing you screen shots from this video and I highly recommend you check out this video the link is in the description it's 13 minutes long and it is fascinating but then we get through this so as you can see here has multiple layers are levels and the stagger off in the deep this is 95 feet down so we go down this chamber this shaft carb through solid limestone bedrock in the first Weiss's sabeen middle level there is a set of tunes and there's a soft copy gets in there as well even some bone fragments as well but the place is apparently been looted or some so as we keep going in as you can see here the go from the in by by the way this is 55 feet or 65 feet deep it was hard to tell what she said in the video the audio is but as we go to the next set of Shasta goes from that 5060 foot mark down to the approximately 100 feet down look how impressive this thing yes so it dives down to the depths of the earth underneath the Giza plateau and in it there is this incredible burial sites for massive pillars with hieroglyphs and petroglyphs surrounded by water moats and by the way this site was completely submerged in water when they found that they had to pump it out it took awhile and as he shows her this massive sarcophagus still about a foot down under water he thinks it is probably a Cyrus but they weren't sure yet as you're still conducting the good it ... excavation in this sarcophagus itself is 9 feet long the lead and the box individually are approximately 11 to 12 times according to his eye he had lost and when the lady asked him how did they bring this massive thing down here he gives a theory he said he doesn't know but his theory is that he would have probably done a Duggar second shaft so first they did the first draft filled with sand and then they dig a second shaft right next to it insert moving sand away and is slowly lowers its south down by itself that makes sense except the back there's no evidence for this did this shaft if this is indeed the case you have to be able to find it within the perimeter of the chamber itself or immediately with outside the perimeter but there are some issues with this theory besides the fact archaeologist never found it which I mean come on that's easy to find but again each level it's staggers between the shafts so how many fast with the secondary shaft with the have to have dug in again to limestone bedrock that's an easy task you look at the precision of this but here's where it gets even more interesting since I you lost takes her to as you can see there's these 2 tunnels they go extend out words from this tune this burial site itself one of which he claims has never been excavated in he doesn't know what's down there this is own words by the way you watch this in the video well first of all I don't believe that you don't know what's down there you can go take a peek like give me a break but why not at least point the camera down there with the flashlight for just a second why does he have to block it off like this which direction did these tunnels southeast these tunnels got that's incredibly important question considering the fact but these legends of the hall of records being located under the sphinx connects from an underground tunnel from the sinks to the pyramids themselves you know this is the same guy that is back in Egypt despite being fired from the minister of antiquities of Egypt for his corruption despite the fact that a few years after his firing he was implicated in a massive theft of artifacts from a pyramid and it does what he's implicated and he gets off the hook and now he's chosen to be the guy leading the entire excavation for the 3 mysteriously discovered ... chambers within the great pyramid itself as you may of seen in the news and I discuss this in multiple other videos he is the guy leading that that ... discovery same guy who changed his story multiple times about the very existence of chambers in tunnels in the sphinx itself has the night all that went back and forth only to say well there is some tunnels and some shafts but they don't go anywhere there's nothing to see we have to start connecting the dots on this there are steps there are tons they don't show us any information I mean isn't it pretty odd that there's not a single photograph or video of anything down underneath the show was only a little bit and then just stop there is that not suspicious or the fact that they clearly control wikipedia and these anonymous moderators I mean it's fun pay for what he thinks doing it whoever's doing it is not an accident that the completely omits tunnels shafts chambers hall of records all from the with the P. age of the great state regardless of whether you yet it is still the world's most utilized source of information that accident that shows up at the very top of any Google search so that's important because this is deceiving the citizens of the world they're omitting information the cover up Israel there's enough information to conclude that there's something there we know this so the question becomes does that tunnel shaft that he first showed us on TV on fox decades ago there's that lead to a from the great sphinx all because of their I'm Jimmy this bright insight like and subscribe and leave me a comment and we know what your thoughts are many more videos come whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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Scientists PREVENT Excavation of Chamber INSIDE World's Oldest Pyramid 25,000 Years Old - Indonesia
\\so there is a serious problem going on within our scientific community take for example got on put on located in Indonesia the world's oldest pyramid that almost nobody has ever heard of in fact it dates back more than 25000 years and there is still a chamber 50 feet down that has not been excavated and one can only imagine why more than 34 professional scientists have literally campaigned to prevent this site from being excavated anyone know why attack their own grand fun because grant funding eagles a paycheck you know guys just like politics the government's the news media we've all seen in last year's just how corrupt things truly are and how money focused our world society has become and unfortunately it is made its way into the mainstream scientific community in fact this happened a very long time ago just that most people weren't aware of it and then this year with you a little bit of information about this site and I'm glad ang it's also just known as he megalithic site it's not a traditional pyramid like you'll find Egypt's or messo America it was carved out of the mountain in fact you can see some of these illustrations here to give you a feel for what they believe it looks like and it utilizes natural stone blocks basalt volcanic rock that is essentially hexagonal shape I mean this is the same phenomena that we've seen elsewhere in the world you may be familiar with what's called giant's causeway in Ireland that many people thought was a megalithic site I. but after listening to doctor Robert shock explain this and we've seen this elsewhere throughout the world numerous sites and it's just a natural phenomenon and the people that live there or that built this megalithic site and see more details in just a second utilize the stones but speaking of doctor Robert shock who got his master's and PhD in geology from Yale or doctor Danny Hellman who got his doctorate in geology from cal tech guys these people have visited the site conduct excavations they've proven but this site is incredible that it's not natural in itself it is literally a megalithic site has been built upon itself over tens of thousands of years because through evidence obtained through 2 different core samples which identified at least 7 items that dated back more than 25000 years am I the only one that's just completely disturbed about the fact that 50 feet down there some sort of chamber possibly carved out of a lava flow but there's a large structure that's artificial something manmade 50 feet down never been seen before we don't know what's in it in that there's been almost 3 dozen scientists they have tried to stop us from finding out I mean that is fricking disturbing now as you look at these photographs here it's easy to understand as some people may have thought as they did that it was just a natural site in was a man made whatsoever of course the jewel samples prove that the deeper they go the older it gets any goes back at least 5000 years well at the surface and it goes down to 12500 years 20000 or 22000 years to 25000 years again the deeper they go the older it gets and I can give you a picture with this may have looked like if you go to a nearby pond pay my senior by it's actually a few 0 miles away I guess it's in the same region but it's an island it's pretty incredible but when you look at the stone walls here same exact thing these volcanic rock same shape in the stack upon each other and that's what we're looking at here over a good on Penang in it's also worth mentioning that go halfway across the world to match UP 2 in South America you find these level terraces of stone walls and it's the same thing that they're finding early similarities of to that of gun are going on today but of course the big mysteries about this underground chamber 15 meters down about 50 feet they've identified it through like I said to cordial samples as well as ground penetrating radar you know like you scene from Jurassic Park in this technology has developed significantly in the use it in so many different ways throughout the world whether it's an industry whether it's just doing maintenance and utilities and it's helped archaeologists find dinosaur bones it's helped civil engineers fix any problems in so many other things and since I'm discussing ground penetrating radar as well as corruption within the scientific community I have to discuss doctors I he Hawass who was the minister of antiquities for Egypt a government position a politician I signed by the president of Egypt this guy I have to tell you because I have received so many comments about him on all my videos about ancient Egypt that this guy is a total liar he's a total fraud and I know that that sounds kind of extreme but you know I've heard so many other people say it and upon doing research on my own over my god and I have to bring it up because this guy is considered by many and by himself included the world's most famous archeologist he's also been referred to as the pharaoh himself this guy has given towards throughout Egypt to leaders throughout the world he's written Bucks he's made a ton of money and he's also denied numerous examples of the most recent scientific data that has presented itself for the present and the scientific community such as the tree to the sphinx that I highly recommend it include a link to where you watch a debate between Hannah Graham Hancock I where he completely denies the use of ground penetrating radar he's denied the age of the sphinx refused to even discuss it he's denied go back we tap day which is dated 11600 years ago you heard me talk about it in this guide the way he's responded to any new information has been stream I mean this guy has walked out on people he's been incredibly disrespectful he's include people of being liars and thieves but is a really interesting thing for him to say because you're not aware he was accused of stealing artifacts from the great pyramid itself he denied it he lied his way out of this there's a lot of information there few people went to jail over it they say that he was the reason why they're able to do it he got away with the guys in this was all after the fact that he got fired from his position itself so I guess that's good news all way around me to say because this is actually a negative mass let me say something good about it I'm live TV he acknowledged that the 100 ton stone boxes located at the Serapeum I've mentioned this multiple videos which are complete mystery he himself has acknowledged that they have no idea how they did this he's no idea how the filaments of the Knux which at least 1 example of it it's impossible to move in and out of the neck itself in the fact that their machine down to within the level of accuracy of 210 thousandths of an inch and yes that is an example of lasting to high technology of some kind ... but I'll leave it at that but I digress in going back to Graham Hancock and again I'm put on I would never even have heard of this site if it wasn't for the Joe Rogan podcast with Graham Hancock where they discuss it and where it stands now is that this was the start excavations back up it had been delayed by a couple years from what I understand and because of all the political drama what's Indonesia got a new president's ... he was presented the information the evidence is that yeah it's get this going again in fact they're gonna increased worse but I have a whole train system set up so the country can have people see the site more often and again they're gonna continue their excavations of waiting on more information and this site being at least 12500 according to the mainstream even though there's enough data that they use to show that's more than 25000 years old they at least acknowledge that it's one the other sites on earth in the fact that most people haven't even heard of it in again you know you could look at this thing what mama strong precedent it it is but guys there's a chamber 50 feet down and who knows what's in it we're talking going back to the beginning of the last ice age 26000 years ago so the site is unbelievably interesting doctor Robert shockwave highly recommend you look into he discusses in detail and all the overwhelming evidence of that this isn't natural let this you can see any outlines in great detail of all the evidence that this was a very sophisticated site and what you're looking at here is something that has deteriorated over tens of thousands of years anyways guys I'll keep you posted when more information comes to light about this I highly recommend you check out Graham is he's been given updates about this but it's been a little while so hopefully some new information we coming soon and I'll be making a full fledged video at some point in the future outlining all the examples it so that the mainstream scientific community is literally ignoring the most recent data because this is not what's supposed to be happening we're seeing that people with egos people don't want to be wrong people let me one protect their paychecks they are running the show and the implications of the fact that the true history of aging human civilization is far older and was far more advanced and Everytime school the implications are significant because whatever happens that civilization the need to just get wiped out will eventually happen again if we control the past you control the present and the future as well and we need to learn from the past in at minimum it's incredibly interesting so I'll leave it at that leave me a comment that we know what your thoughts are but I'm Jimmy this bright insight and I got many more video succumbing whole wide variety atop take care everybody //
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A Massive Cataclysm Destroyed Ancient Egyptian Pyramids - Lost Human Civilization of Egypt
\\something incredibly disturbing happened to the ancient Egyptians and in this video I'm gonna share with you the mounting evidence that a cataclysmic events killed off the ancients that predate the dynastic Egyptians for example I would discuss it destroyed pyramid that many who have visited the site and have studied megalithic structures for their career had described as looking like it's been blown up or even an entirely new pyramid discover just a few months ago that is in ruins in buried under the sands of Egypt what on earth would it take to destroy a pyramid or even take the bent pyramid for example as I'll discuss what on earth would it take to put a huge dent in a pyramid or how about what would it take to knock down a 100 foot 1000 ton statue could it be more than just an earthquake I mean take for example the classy of men on which will also discuss why on earth did we have incredible scorch marks on them when they're made encargada one solid piece of quartz site McCourt site melts at 3000°F in fact they're finding sites throughout Egypt that have unusual scar in charring marks on the stones which are just unexplainable is it possible that this all ties into a little known fact that the Mideast is covered with now glass and the only thing that could have done this is atomic explosions or cosmic events such as air bursts or cosmic impact and I'll be discussing that in just a moment let me start off by discussing the destroyed pyramid of Jude afri located in aber watch which is approximately a kilometer is north of Giza mainstream archaeologists have no explanation for this and why it's been destroyed they described it as the top half of the pyramid is just completely missing and is nowhere to be found they speculate that the stones after being destroyed was cowritten used for something else and that perhaps you Jeffrey the pharaoh was disliked and the essentially while literally turned his pyramid into ruins but when you look at these photos here something tells me that it was far more than just a mob of angry inch in Egypt since with bronze pick axes I mean even take a look at photos of the internal structure I mean this thing is just clearly something incredible happened to it in just a clarify if you've seen the documentary the pyramid code which I highly recommend you can find it on Netflix and YouTube this site is not the same one that I described in a prior video about the unfinished pyramid of Zayed al are yon which is the one that the Egyptian authorities have since turned into a trash dump as I describe in that prior video but no this is not the same site that was in that documentary or visited by Brian Forster who I'll discuss in just a few moments in fact there 10 miles apart in their 2 totally separate locations and have unique features of themselves but clearly there's a lot of similarities here as well but speaking of Brian Forster I highly recommend that you subscribe to his channel he is going to the field far more than any mainstream archaeologists and I can't say that for certain he hasn't said that but he goes to dozens of megalithic sites throughout the world many countries places you never even heard of any shows you firsthand through awesome videography the all the evidence incredible details that have been left out the text but and this is the guy that inspired me to look into the topic of aging woman civilization so you gotta check him out and take a look at the screen shots I took from one of his videos were he shows you these debris fields as well as the sun usual char marks located on stone throwed inta need so deftly go check him out now like I mentioned early in the video we found an entirely new pyramid just a few months ago in March of this year and actually the video on this but it's worth discussing again this was covered by every single major news outlet throughout the world and others so few photos of the site so far because they're still excavating it the one thing that's absolutely incredible that was not even mentioned or discussed I should say in these articles is the fact that it's in ruins why on earth of the finding destroyed pyramids buried under the sands of Egypt because again what on earth would it take to destroy a pyramid and why are the mainstream archaeologists and egyptologists now making a bigger deal about this I mean that's incredible thing for a pyramid to be destroyed is it not and that brings me on to the bent pyramid mainstream will tell you that this pyramid was a design flaw that essentially the Jepsen's were transitioning from the step pyramid over to the traditional looking pyramids in the simply screwed up but there's so many things wrong with that area I mean clearly you can see here that the dance in it or the design flaws they call it happens halfway up so when they stop fix the problem or just move on to something else altogether why did they bother finishing it and not only did they finish it they went ahead and laid all the limestone casing stone throughout the whole thing top to bottom why bother doing that if you'd already ruined the pyramid from the get go is it possible that this is evidence of a major cataclysmic event and that reminds me I have to correct myself for my prior video where he stated that the mainstream states that the step pyramid of dozer came after the pyramids of Giza that's not true at all in fact the state that it was the very first pyramid but the point I was trying to make is that there are approximately 880 no impairment throughout Egypt and obviously the keep finding new ones but the great pyramid of Giza was built seventh according to mainstream archaeologists in Egypt so after the pyramids of Giza were completed there's about 7073 other pyramids that were built after and when you look at these you'll see that none of them compare what so ever from the precision and sophistication to that of the pyramids of Giza so the question again is why is technology regressing wire the best pyramids the earliest ones I should say now let me move on to the massive statue located at the ram to see him nearly 100 feet tall and weighing estimated more than 1000 times what on earth would it take to bring this thing down I mean I suppose an earthquake is a completely logical explanation but just take a second to look at this thing I mean the feet themselves or up to my chest in just a put into comparison the statue of liberty although taller weighs in at 225 times so compare that to 1000 times but is it possible that some sort of cataclysmic events brought that thing down I mean look at the classy of men on like I mentioned earlier 60 feet tall weighing a 720 times a piece carp from one solid piece of quartz site what on earth would it take to burn that thing court site melted approximately 3000°F so I mean guys this is something far more than some gasoline dumpster fire by an angry mob I mean just look at this thing something incredible happened to it I made a video on this is one of my earlier videos and by the way this stone the closest site they have work quartz site could have come from is about 200 miles away so how on earth there why on earth would they bring something so big and so have the this far but going back to the evidence of a cataclysm Miley finding vast amounts of milk glass throughout the Mideast from Libya Egypt Syria in this all coincides with the same exact time frame of the younger dryas impact down 3 which is found for more than 3 continents and I would say that Africa now applies for continent number 4 so what on earth would it take to do this either an atomic bomb which I am just that's not where my dad is on or and asteroid cosmic impact on air burst I mean we all remember the air burst it happen over Russian 2013 which injured 1500 people and caused an incredible amount of damage and that was equivalent to about 30 times that of the strength of the Hiroshima bomb now when you compare that to the Tunguska events from 19 wait that's land more than 800 square miles of old growth forest more talking trees 150 feet tall with incredibly deep roots and everyone of them practically was level in even the evidence is still visible more than 100 years later and that by the way just putting comparison registered at more than estimated 1000 times stronger than her Oceana bomb is it possible that some sort of massive air burst and airburst from hell happen over ancient Egypt in just destroyed mean that civilization altogether clearly something incredible happened over Egypt at some point in time and I highly recommend you look into the works of not just Brian Forster but Graham Hancock Randall Carlson Robert Duvall I Johnnie if any west ... Christopher Dunn Stephenie otherness so many people that have inspired me to look into this subject so you have to look into these people because I'm still learning new things every day so this subject interest you deathly looking to these people but I believe that that I'm Jimmy this is bright inside like and subscribe and I have many other videos to come on a whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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THIS is Why Great Pyramids of Giza Egypt Were NOT Tombs Lost Ancient Human Civilization & Egyptians
\\although we were taught in school that the pyramids of Giza were built to be teams for the pharaoh's there is significant evidence that completely contradicts this and in this video I'm gonna connect the dots on several key pieces of evidence that have been seemingly left out of our school textbooks that was so any reasonable person that clearly these things were built to be something far different now let me just say I'm not saying that the dynastic Egyptians that we're so familiar with never utilize these US tunes I mean take for example the step pyramid of Sakkara weights I need yours no resemblance whatsoever to that of the pyramids of Giza the size and precision of the stone blocks the internal structure nothing about it's yours any of the characteristics of that of the great pyramid and it's interesting because the mainstream will tell you that this pyramid was built 2000 years after that of the great pyramid of Giza so why is the technology regressing I mean that is interesting but this pyramid actually did a burial sites in they were dated at 2600 years ago so again 2000 years after the great pyramids of Giza now before I keep going if you haven't seen my other videos I discuss the overwhelming evidence of the global cataclysms to happen 24600 years ago which included a sudden in rapid 400 foot rising global sea levels so essentially it was a reset button for whatever civilization was alive at that time in the survivors of it came and found Egypt insert building there themselves and that chairman of Sakkara is an example of this but what you'll find incredibly interesting is that despite the tens of thousands of petroglyphs in hieroglyphs located throughout engineered yet not a single one of them so us anything about how they built the pyramids what the sphinx itself but what's even more interesting is that big literally carved in stone detailed lineage of the pharaoh's dating back more than 30000 years but despite the fact that the ancient Egyptians left us no indication how they built this thing for the pyramids the mainstream has all kinds of different theories and how they could have done so particularly that of police systems which are backed by 0 evidence we have never found a single pulley anywhere in Egypt from that from ancient so it's interesting that they throw that theory and it's not backed by any evidence whatsoever with just contradicts what science is all about so I just find that interesting in not to mention when you really start looking at these methods that the outline I mean come on do you really think they built these cranes up to the top of the pyramid and when you look just how high up these are another common theory is that the layer dirt and just built its way up the pyramid in order to sled these massive stone blocks and that's how we did it but I mean give me a break it's a 500 foot tall pureness enough though the mainstream isn't really saying that they layer dirt 500 feet high how high do they think they did it it doesn't make sense there's no evidence for it and it certainly doesn't justify how the stack these blocks up at the top of this pyramid and by the way yes I've seen Wally from Michigan demonstrate this incredibly clever way of moving a stone block all by himself 20 times in fact but are you telling me that this was done at the top of that pyramid mean really did even have the ability to channel water and hose away the sand in order to make this thing left itself and when you look at just how steep the pyramid is because it doesn't make sense that's clearly not what they did at the top of this pyramid and although it's very clever and yes you can lift a stone all by yourself it doesn't make sense when you consider all the details about the pyramid themselves and by the way most people are not aware of the incredible precision that it took to make this pyramid the foundation of itself is a complete mystery 750 feet wide at its base covering more than acres and it's somehow leveled perfectly from one side to the other 2 within a half an inch because that's not something that was possible until just a few decades ago through the use of laser leveling so how in the world did they do this why in the world did they go to an extent to make something so big and so massive if it was just supposed to be a Tim I mean we're talking 481 feet high so I'm from Phoenix when you look at the skyline here the chase tower is the tallest building in Phoenix 38 floors 483 feet high so basically identical to the great pyramid and when you look at here in downtown I mean great pyramid of Giza would basically take up half of the downtown in itself that's incredible this compare this to the valley of the kings where we know we have found well at least 68 pharaoh so far there's possibly hundreds of other semi his many chambers they haven't been found yet as they keep finding new ones in fact one of the individual chambers has more than 130 chambers of itself I mean this place is absolutely massive in it must be mentioned that the mainstream claims that they built the valley of the kings after the pyramids in order to thwart grave robbers but that contradicts itself and when you look at the pyramids in the small tunnels and we're talking 3 feet by 3 feet wide and then you look at the valley of the kings which have these massive entryways these incredible galleries in not to mention these paintings or higher bless all over the place the pyramids have nothing like that in don't forget all the big mean fair is that were buried there king tut Ramseys the second and this not forget how significant Ramsey the second was apparently throughout ancient Egypt I'm his statue is found throughout the entire country I mean this guy had his own temple called the temple of Ramsey's allegedly in this thing was absolutely massive this guy was of significant importance and yet they chose to bury him at the valley of the kings and take a look at these 2 photos of other teams throughout ancient Egypt you see all these hieroglyphs and petroglyphs it's incredible and we compare these known tunes to that of the interior the pyramids is about to show you you'll see that they don't have one single petroglyph for hieroglyphs there any these pyramids of Giza now when you enter the pyramid like I said there's a 3 by 3 foot tunnel chat in this tunnel shaft and take you to a subterranean chamber and we look at these photos in there so few of them because you didn't authorities don't allow it it just makes you wonder if this was used for something else Macy will tell you it's just an unfinished burial chamber but I don't know guys why dig 3 stories down through limestone bedrock just to do that but as you go through the tunnel shaft if you decide to go up instead of down to the subterranean chamber again 3 feet by 3 feet owing keep in mind when you look at these what steps we put those there this was just a smooth shaft and of course the Egyptologist say that's just to thwart the grave robbers which again reminds me of the valley of the kings because they don't do any of that and after traveling almost a couple 0 feet through this tunnel you get what's called the grand gallery which has insane acoustic abilities I highly recommend you just simply you 2 people have videos of this will be the home sound in its incredible even though you're listening to it through camera which just never does it justice it further validates at this site may have had a more sophisticated purpose I mean is it just a coincidence that these baffling chambers are like this and again you'll see a complete absence of hieroglyphs are petroglyphs anywhere inside here if you go to the red pyramid and are sure this chamber is 5 stories tall India acoustics are absolutely credible but here's where things really start to get interesting so back at the great pyramid of Giza the king's chamber just look at this absolutely incredible structure which is not even visible from with in the chamber itself I mean if you look at the roof here you can see these interesting stacked layers of blocks which make you what I'm the slabs what were these use for when you just simply look at this and consider the fact that is not part of decoration it makes you wonder what this was for because again I would consider this evidence of something far more sophisticated why do this it goes beyond the realm of just structural integrity I mean I can understand the severance duck walks within that queen's chamber I mean take a look at the queen's chamber real quick which also has incredible acoustic abilities and you also notice in the queen's chamber that small passageway now let's go back to the king's chamber and you'll see the same thing there but what stands out in the king's chamber is of course this sarcophagus and it's easy just to look at us about how well this place was a Tim but there's some details that you may not have heard first of all mainstream archaeologists and egyptologists do agree that the construction of this sarcophagus is significantly less superior than that of the stone blocks that encompass the chamber itself they describe the cut marks on it it's very shoddy and clearly besides the fact that it's broken many people suggest that this was constructed after the pyramid itself and when you look at these older photographs there's clearly other stuff in here and look these broken blocks that and my opinion do not appear to be part of a seal for the sarcophagus evidence that there was more things in this chamber in over the last hundreds and thousands of years who knows what happened in there what was taken out I mean even pay attention to the missing stone blocks at the bottom on the floor in there in the corner they show you that will maybe this is part of something completely different that we're looking at today and by the way that's a cop I guess is not even centered in that room there's no paintings there's no ex stone in again you consider the stacks labs above it you can't even see from within the team itself guys I think we're looking at something far more sophisticated and of course when you see these massive stone slabs from with inside the chamber which by the way this is grant about 60 percent of the pyramid is from mine so that was great on site but most people are not aware that a significant amount of these blocks maybe 1000000 came from 500 miles away from the US one Corey but why would they go to the extent to get the internal stones from 500 miles away why did they choose to go from limestone to granite is that possible evidence that this had the actual purpose I mean it I would say it's a statics would you and by the way this is what it looks like today they removed all the other blocks they filled up the flooring from the tile that was missing which I think was actually not supposed to be there in the first place and any evidence that there is other things in there has since been removed and I just find that to be my just don't like it I wanna see would look like at least one we found it who knows what happened here 1000 years ago right but another point that you need now is that we have even found all the chambers you may be seen in the news that they've identified that there's another chamber in the pyramid to getting ready do you excavation but trying to identify what stone blocks it specifically out so we know where to drill but obviously this all kinds of outstanding questions here that are not answered and then when you also look at the other incredible stone structures around the Giza plateau I mean look at this what is that when you look at that does that not just look like I don't know a machine of some kind which of course brings me to an incredible quote by the legendary John Anthony west few things in this world are more predictable than the reaction of conventional mines too unconventional ideas in history supports this guy's unfortunately new ideas always shunned by the masses by the mainstream in the mainstream archaeologists scientists Egyptologist guys are no there'd their people they're no different than the establishment that exists in the media or our politicians in you just ultimately see that people look out for themselves more than look out for the masses and I highly recommend that you look into the works of John Anthony west because he outlines in epic detailed through his like time work of investigation of the sites are on ancient Egypt that clearly the site for part of something mark far more sophisticated in again this brings me back to all the interesting things about the pyramids why make them so big could even have done it will someone did it clearly but why is there no evidence whatsoever for any of these police systems why did they add don't ask Egyptians leave us not a single explanation on anything they don't out of all the things the etched in stone road in paintings all over throughout each in Egypt they just leave out anything about the pyramids where the sphinx I mean come on that's really interesting in there when you compare it to known tomb survey of Egypt like the valley of the kings I mean come on guys there's something off your just look at it and think for yourself that's what's most important anyways guys under close this up to give me a thumbs up if you think that the pyramids of Giza were built to be something other than a burial chamber for the pharaoh's anyways guys on Jimmy this bright insight I have many other video succumbing whole wife riding atop take care everybody //
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Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Cover Up? This will Upset You...
\\what you're looking at here is referred to as the unfinished northern pyramid of Zaire et al are yon with the chairman of baka and when I tell you what the Egyptian authorities have done to this site you're going to be really really upset so first of all look at these incredible photos of something that you've never even seen or heard of before at least not likely to have because this is been off limits to tourists and any type of excavation since it was placed around a military or within the military compound back in the 19 sixties now as you look at this giant corridor which is more than 75 feet deep this is carved out of not dirt not seen stone but solid limestone bedrock which raises all kinds of questions on how the dynastic Egyptians could have done this because although yes the Egyptians did have bronze chisels which can cut through limestone it's unbelievably difficult and it's not a practical use whatsoever because you're gonna wear down that bronze chisel or pick ax so unbelievably quick which raises the question why are we not finding hundreds if not thousands of discarded worn out bronze chisels and pick axes throughout ancient Egypt or this site particularly now first of all this is the bank the fact that it's being referred to as an unfinished pyramid many in the mainstream claimed that it was many of the others have said no it's very likely that it wasn't a pyramid Thiessen point well it's in the shape of a parallelogram find me one of the pyramid anywhere in the world that is in the shape of a parallelogram not to mention although other pyramids have the subterranean Schaus they're incredibly small you can even stand up within them and this is clearly something completely different but what makes this even more incredible is the size of the granite stones they were place on the floor of this ... temple or corridor I mean the the refer to this as a tomb as that this was the sarcophagus as you see this oval type but well bathtub or psychotic guess and that's what the referring to it as I don't think that's what it was in in many others have suggested that it was something else maybe something ceremonial maybe some sort of site use to look at the Cosmo is in who knows what tons of speculation nobody knows because there's no other site like it there's no other soft sarcophagus in Egypt there is an oval shape of best and one of the things that makes the site so interesting besides the fact that it's Doug 75 feet deep in solid limestone bedrock is that when you see these shaded flooring upgraded ... blocks on the floor in here that's rose granite so part of the site is regular granite but those shaded parts are rose granite what's the closest site in Egypt where these could have come from is from elephant teen island more than 500 miles away from the pyramids of Giza which by the way I almost forgot to mention this site is located approximately 5 miles southwest of the pyramids of you and when you consider just how massive these blocks army we're talking 15 feet long 8 feet high 5 feet wide and then compare that to the 100 ton stone boxes found at the Serapeum outside of Cairo Egypt we're talking 30 tons for the solid stone lead in 70 times for the boxes I mean does anyone watching this have an estimate on how much something like that would way I mean I could easily be 100 tons apiece but why would they go to such an incredible length to carry these massive stone blocks down this ... causeway which by the way 1 of the stone blocks is a complete mystery because it's so large that the no it could not have made the corner once I got into this T. sheets our area so how did they bring it down there I mean obviously the must've lifted it down while it's being constructed I mean it's it's 1 of the mysteries of the site now the site was first excavated by an Italian archaeologist in 1905 in as you see these photographs were taken in 1905 and some of them were taken in 19 the 1 and the only other pictures of the site since then is from 1954 when Hollywood type paid a visit to the site to shoot for a movie called the land of the pharaohs and you can see here it's been digitally remastered into color and these are all the photos that exist of the site not since 1964 has anyone been allowed to visit because it's now within the military compound tourism is prohibited archaeologists excavations are completely prohibited and here's the part it's gonna make you really upset so the Egyptian authorities have been utilizing this site as a local doc no joke inside this military compound they are throwing trash into it they're allowing the wind to carry the scenes into it so they don't have to utilize any type of heavy machinery to cover up the track and since been filled up in here you can see an aerial photo of what it looks like today completely unrecognizable and to quote some German archeologists the status of the burial shaft is now uncertain and most likely disastrous guys I'm not so sure this was a burial chamber of any kind I mean I can't say it's not I'm not gonna tell you it wasn't I mean how do I now but there's something really odd about this it almost looks like some sort of industrial grade something I mean why it's one thing to line the floor with granite blocks I mean why would the cheese blocks that are so unbelievably massive again 15 feet which is 4.5 meters by eat feet which is 2 points what 5 meters and by 5 feet in height or deep I should say in not to mention this when you look at this are oval sarcophagus her bathtub everyone to call it again I think of something else what exactly I have no idea it's just that when I look at this site and you gotta keep in mind as you see the stone block here that was laid down horizontally as they found it they feel like it was part of something else be annoyed if there was a roof to the structure but there's been much debate within mainstream itself saying that well we just don't know what this was and is a lot of reasons suggests that maybe was a chamber or burial chamber whatsoever I mean after all when he found this site the cover was sealed shut and when he opened it there was nobody in it so I mean come on Mike why is it that they haven't found a single tune within any pyramid or this site yet there's something called the valley of the kings which is just loaded with incredible artifacts in how many I mean how many things that we found in their dozens and dozens and the new ones so I don't know there's just a big hole missing this story clearly and keep in mind they have found almost nothing in this site whatsoever as you see here these are just some inscriptions that we found on some tablets in there and that's it so besides the fact that the Gyptian authorities are clearly I mean you could call this a cover up I mean even literally not just figuratively I mean they're bearing the site with trash and what is out about and this is something that's so incredible I mean again when you look at these walls here it is unbelievably deep it's just I inspiring and how did they do this why did they do this now I would never even heard of this if it wasn't for this awesome YouTube channel run by a guy named sock in his you tube channels called seep out 7865 on clue to link here in the description you need to go to this guy's channel and subscribe because he is literally digging through box and looking for information that nobody else is talking about are people don't even realize exists absolutely check out this guy's channel he has so many different videos on so many different topics within each in Egypt and I've just been incredibly inspired by this guy so deftly take on Chuck's channel he gets my highest level of recommendation he's a wealth of knowledge and you're guaranteed to learn things that you never would have known otherwise so check him out anyways guys look at these photos let me know what you think I mean honestly I think we're looking at something just incredible we have to really utilize our imaginations to think about what this may have been so many thousands of years ago and we also have to open in entertain the possibility that this state's pre cataclysm I mean there is no evidence yet that the dynastic Egyptians have visited the site and utilize it for something but again how do the cutting carve through solid limestone bedrock this deep into this precision why did they go to such incredible lengthy cutting carved in move granite stone blocks from as far away as 500 miles just to line the flooring with this I mean the in again oval sarcophagus are backed up whatever you wanna call it I know guys I think we're looking at something absolutely incredible that goes far beyond well what the mainstream archaeologists need colleges have been stating and again why on earth would the prevent terrorism why would they prevent excavations why would be buried the site with trash think about that anyways guys I'll leave it at that on Jimmy this is right inside like and subscribe and I have many of the videos to come in the whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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Nikola Tesla 2017 UPDATE - Exposing The Death, Theft & Cover Up of Nikola Tesla
\\Nicholas Tesla passed away on 1/7/1943 at his hotel room at the New Yorker in 2 days later the FBI conducted a raid in took possession of all of his belongings including nearly 80 trunks or 2 full truck loads of hand written paperwork in this video I'm gonna connect the dots and key pieces of evidence that will convince any reasonable person that not only are we looking at a real life genuine conspiracy but the allegations involving a cover up on behalf of the FBI following the events of Nicholas houses death is not only real but it also involves the CIA and I have the documentation to prove this now if you're not familiar with Nicholas Tesla as most people are not especially in the United States says he's not even required learning in the public school system despite the fact that 80 percent of all of our modern technology is based off is inventions works and achievements in fact we're talking about the person who invented the technology to harness the AC current which is of course utilized to power the entire electrical grid throughout the modern world not only that but Tessler invented the electrical motor which is used in so many different aspects of our lives and you're just threw up a few photos of some ideas I thought of but there are many other examples it's incredible tests also invented the remote control which she demonstrated in front of shocked crowds more than 100 years ago and is the result of so much convenience in our daily lives that we take for granted we don't think about you often another little known fact is that test invented the radio not Marconi in fact a Supreme Court ruled on this decades ago but most people are not aware of this test led hundreds of patents throughout the world infected vengeance such as the television computers lasers X. rays robotics and many other things can be credited at their roots based on the works achievements that Tessa had completed that Teslin also claimed that he had perfected the technology to harness wireless free energy to the entire world and even begin works in completing this technology what's referred to as the Tesla tower until GP Morgan one of the heirs to the banking conglomerates which is a whole different story pullback funding and gave it to Thomas Edison who will get to in just a second but Tessa was so adamant that he had completed and perfected this ability that he wrote 50 letters over 5 years to JP Morgan begging and pleading that listen I just need more funding I have perfected this technology but JP Morgan did not go along with it and ultimately he demolished the site in this is what's left of you know it's interesting many people don't believe the Tesla had perfected that technology but why would you doubt him I mean you certainly believe in wifi you believe in satellite T. V. or radio which when you think about it we're talking about energy and information coming out of thin air and it's really incredible when you think about it no Tesla is the same person who accurately and ethically I should say described a cell phone or even the Skype in facetime naps were smart TV's for that matter back in 1926 in fact take a second to pause the video and read this quote but people call Tesla crazy or mad scientist for this they never believed it in all of these things tie into a Tesla had stated about understanding the secrets of the universe would require to think in terms of energy frequency and vibration which is of course what these things are so when Nicholas Tesla stated up adamantly a month before his death that he had perfected the death rate which would essentially just make planes call out of the sky you have to start to wonder had he figured that out no going back to Thomas Edison most people think that he invented the light bulb which he did not in fact mainstream outlets around the world are starting to report on this in just the last few years yet they still teach us in the public schooling system it's ridiculous all Edison did was by the patent and he had a few dozen interns perfect it in any standards name on it and made a fortune in the process effect Edison was not an inventor he hardly invented anything in fact he actually screwed over Nicholas Tesla when you refuse to pay him he promised $50000 which would be equivalent to a few $0 today when Nicholas Tesla perfected the sea currents over the DC current which of the Thomas Edison was pushing all around the world if that Thomas Edison if you wonder what kind of person he was he literally electrocuted dogs horses and elephants to try and discredit the AC currents in order to prop up the DC current saying that it was much safer which just wasn't sure whatsoever in fact that reminds me you wanna something in Edison actually did invent the electric chair that's right he stole the electric chair profited off the invention that would kill people you have to ask yourself somebody who profited off electrocuting animals and people why is it that we're being taught so many great things about him in school when the true narrative about this guy is just being kept in the dark now with all that said many transition into the cover up and conspiracy so for decades after the FBI raided Nichola tussles hotel room and took possession of all of his paperwork and other belongings they claim that the immediately handed over to the office of alien property custodian which was awed by the way because Nicholas Tesla had already been a U. S. citizen for more than 50 years but ultimately this is in the heart of World War 2 anyone to make sure that there was nothing within his possession that could be will be information to be eyes by the enemy but what's odd is that the government actually hold on to all of his possessions for 9 years until 1952 is when they finally released all of his possessions and paperwork back over to his family overseas in Belgrade so 2013 the FBI was required to released documentation on Nicholas Tesla following a request filed through the freedom of information act and you can actually see these documents online through the FBI's website but these declassified documents caught the FBI red handed in multiple lives in fact the FBI was interviewed in 2008 by in order to discuss the 10 greatest myths ever about the FBI in number 10 was get this about then having Nichola test was kept plans for a death rate let me read to you and I quote despite longstanding reports and rumors the FBI was not involved in searching test was a fax in a never had possession of his papers are any microfilm that may have been made of those papers it's 1943 we have told a consistent story to all who have asked reports to the contrary appear to be based on initial confusion of FBI agents with other government officials especially alien property office personnel these rumors have been repeated in biographies and articles on Tesla without double checking the facts as reported in our files but when these files were declassified 5 years later well a caught them in more than one lie now before I say those documents is one really important aspect of this case in it's really odd so professor John G. trump who worked at MIT was the person chosen to review all of Tessa's documents and in less than 3 days after Nichola Tessa's property was confiscated by the FBI and headed over to the office of alien custodian John G. trump announced to the world that no there was nothing significant in these files and that ultimately did not contain any plans of anything of significance in fact I quote Tesla spots in efforts during at least the last 15 years were primarily of speculative philosophical and somewhat promotional character often concerned with the production and wireless transmission of power but did not include new sound workable principles or methods for realizing such results yet when you look at this declassified documents to the director of the FBI it specifically states that we believe that certain of Tesla's papers may contain basic principles which would be of considerable value to certain ongoing research within the DOD department of defense it would be truly helpful to have access to his papers but besides that to declassify documents from the FBI literally discuss at a low test will wrote in English his penmanship was small blurred and so difficult to translate as a foreign language and in the same documents impact multiple document states that the FBI did have microfilmed so essentially they took photos copies of every single one of Tesla's document so when they stated for decades that no we don't have tests was paperwork now okay yeah you didn't have his paperwork but they had copies of it so they deliberately manipulated their words in order to convince those that were asking but now we don't have anything on him which was a direct a mission of truth which is interesting I mean the FBI in their officers of the court in in court if you omit the truth will that's of perjury that's a felony but to make everything even more suspicious out of more than 300 documents that were released by the FBI a significant amount of them have overwhelming redactions on these papers to the point you can't even read them and although most of the papers are just blank and you can read them on your own I'm an unbelievable amount of them have significant redactions I mean look at the sharpie out you can even read this stuff but what does it say and why is it being left out 73 years later after his death but if you want another indicator of dishonest behavior on behalf of the FBI the very last document they have a nickel a Tesla before he died was back in September of 1940 which was a memo written to the director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover suggesting that they put 247 or constant surveillance a nickel a Tesla without his knowing in order to prevent him from being kidnapped by the enemy and essentially being tortured for information involving his technologies inventions and then after this there's not a single documents for 2.5 years later until his death in 1943 so despite the fact that the FBI has dozens and dozens of correspondence and documentation related to Nicholas Tesla before his death that FBI director gets a suggestion that he put on surveillance on Tesla and there's nothing after that not a yes that said the surveillance not a no not a maybe nothing do they really expect us to believe that does that make any sense that it would even want a reply whatsoever I mean do you believe that I don't so here's the part about the CIA so you might remember 2 days before president Obama left office in January of 2017 he declassified nearly 13000000 documents from the CIA which made headlines all around the world because the discuss various things such as psychic abilities UFOs even CIA torture practices on detainees in terrorist but one thing that was just not mentioned and I have not seen anything online internet forums you too that discussed the fact that Nicholas Tesla is also contained in those files I took it upon myself to literally just type ending anyone can do this by the way good click on the freedom of information act and type in Nicholas Tesla which is what I did and why I was shocked to see that yeah we have several documents on him now besides the fact that there are redactions blacked out marks are even more ... pretty looking white out marks as you can see here these documents indicate that they had a secret investigations and Nicholas Tesla sites overseas be it inventories he took names and I mean who knows what else they left out but there's clearly missing documents here as well I mean where's the documents leading up to this investigation where the documents at the end of the investigation but here's the one thing that sticks out so many people wonder why I took the government 9 years to release tassels property to his family well these documents in the CIA indicate that the concluded their investigation in 1952 which just so happens to be the very same year the Nichola Tesla's property was handed back over to his family in Belgrade do you really think that that's just a coincidence so another words this explains what they were doing they were conducting an investigation on who knows what involving his facilities for who knows what reasons but it shows this and nobody's aware this the CIA which wasn't even created for 4 years after Tesla died was conducting an investigation on him in his overseas facilities why is that so when you connect the dots and everything of discuss the FBI lying over 7 decades about Nicholas Tesla the fact that they did have Mike copies of his documentation any manipulated the wording in order to confuse others and and essentially tell a lie the fact that they have all these redactions 73 years after his death the fact that the CIA was doing a secret investigation on Tesla and that the government just so happens to release all this documentation on the precise time frame in your that the CIA concluded that investigation and then you have Nicholas Tesla somebody let's don't have outstanding character they want to help community the died poor and it's been shunned by the mainstream and our academics which is pretty weird don't you think when you had all these things together and the fact that he was adamant that he had created the ability the technology to harness free technology for the entire world of free energy I should say wireless energy or the death rate and many other things when you had all these things together and you look at the behavior on behalf of the government well guys what do you left with it's beyond obvious that there is absolutely a coverup here we have some sort of technology up you know the Tesla had I mean I wouldn't be surprised if you look up the what's called the active denial system with a heat gun I don't be surprised if that's based on test was ... technology were the death rate may be different obviously but look where does it go from here bottom line is that the government clearly still has documentation on Tesla the CIA files and the FBI files both indicate that they have not released everything I mean think about it the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover receives a memo suggesting they put constant surveillance on him and it for 2.5 years later there's not a single shred of correspondence on them all together give me a break hopefully there some up and coming hungry lawyer that's familiar with the freedom of information act that looks over this information and decide to make a name for themselves anyways guys only but at that I'm Jimmy this bright insight like and subscribe Libya comments let me know what your thoughts are and also include a link from my other videos and Nicholas Tesla as well take care everybody //
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Machu Picchu: Textbooks Debunked - Ancient Human Civilization & Lost Ancient Technology
\\the true history of ancient human civilization is far older and was far more advanced than where ever time school in the mysterious site of much impeach you in Peru is just one example of this you do not need an advanced degree or to memorize a bunch of definitions in textbooks in order to analyze data in interpret things for yourself into clearly see that there are 2 different technologies here that were done at 2 different times by 2 different civilizations no mainstream science will tell you that much UP 2 which is of course famous for their views for being hidden in the remote regions of the Peruvian Andes more than 8000 feet up and a low located not far from Cusco which is of course the ancient capital of the ICANN empire it remain hidden until it was rediscovered in the year 1911 by get this floors from the United States now mainstream academics will tell you that the Incan empire built much a peachy which by way translates to each a noun back in the 14 hundreds in order to hide from the Spaniards however the explanation by mainstream science and academics contradicts itself throughout the site during the show you very specific examples of that in just a moment now if you the notable features a much UP 2 is of course the funerary stone which mainstream academics will tell you was used for rituals and for religious purposes but I mean just looking at this myself one it's impressive that was carved from one piece of stone but I can't help but see that it looked like it was part of something else at time or even take the famous sundial which many in the mainstream would agree that it has some sort of celestial orientation on top of being more than just a clock another feature much of P. 2 is the mortar stones which mainstream will tell you had some sort of religious significance that perhaps they were used to be filled with water in order to reflect the sky gods from above I don't know I look at this in just the orientation of them I can help but think that this is just what's left over from something else that was there a very long time ago but what you have heard much about from the mainstream archaeologists and historians and scientists regarding much UP 2 is the definitive evidence that yes there were 2 civilizations here so to further elaborate on that when you see the stones are perfectly cut some of the mainstream will tell you that okay well obviously these must be newer since they were a superior technology but that doesn't make sense considering throughout the site these perfectly cut stones or at the bottom of the less superior I stones are encompassed with clay mortar to help with the stones that were cut through more sophisticated technology be at the bottom if they were the same age or newer which is why others in the mainstream will tell you that well obviously the figure that this was just too hard too difficult and too lengthy of a process so they went back to the less sophisticated mortar stones which is a really interesting claim by mainstream scientists considering that contradict themselves in itself that throughout history the evidence is that technology progresses it doesn't regress so scientists which base everything on fact in evidence well I just find it interesting that they would make that claim I myself share the opinion of Brian Forster which is that the Indians found this ancient site from prehistoric times likely pre cataclysm which of course I discussed in other videos involving the events of 13000 years ago and 11600 years ago and I put some links for those of videos at the end of this video but Brian forced your if you're not familiar with al also include links to his YouTube channel on his website but this gentleman has more than 900 videos and he's been to dozens and dozens of megalithic sites throughout the world any shows you can't you know as if you were there for yourself through his homemade videos and by the way the last 3 pictures or screenshots from his most recent video of much repeat you deftly go to this channel like and subscribe to him and you'll learn all kinds of other amazing things that will influence you to look into the subject of lost each of high technology for yourself now to expand on the topic of ancient technology how in the world with the Indians able to cut and carve stones like this I mean it's one thing and I've course seen demonstrations of people using string saws and water and sand or even bra size in order to cut through stoning carve them but I would like to see a demonstration of where the curbstone such as this tower on the right or an explanation for these pillars these knobs to come out of the rocks that clearly show you that there were some sort of roofing system or something else of the structure long ago and this is just what's left of it I mean look at the precision of the stones you're completely flushed with each other like I said there is no mortar utilized in you can see a clear difference that say for example with the wall down below verse the tower but these are just 2 different technologies absolutely done in 2 different ways so the question becomes how did the Indians have the technology or even the intellectual know how in order to cutting carbs stones today with this precision at that point in time but there is a significant gap in how this was done in its completely mysterious in its mysterious because well we don't have the tools for the F. the show that they were able to cut and carve the stones with this type of precision I mean look in the center of this that what's called the sun temple look at those cut marks it's as if they were shaved out of there I mean it's credit it's absolutely incredible but it gets even more interesting look all the stones are cut flush to the ceiling of this massive stone or even the cut outs from the doorways which I mean they made this as difficult as possible but it gets even crazier I mean what is the story with I mean look at the steps for example which are pretty unique I don't look like it was part of something else a time how did they cut something so big I mean that's debatable I'm not saying we could have done that but why in the world with the cut in shape stone say for example on the right as the flashing go sideways into this little gap what is that about and how did they do that I mean even look at these blocks it's one thing to cut the square block and stacked flat stones on top of them but they were really made this is difficult as possible they literally made an earthquake proof for to be able to withstand massive earthquakes for thousands of years another example I'm not UP 2 of Washington high technology is what's referred to as the principal temple look at these photos and how the structure has sunk in and fall apart a little bit on the right hand side which experts have theorized that somewhere between 9 to a 9.5 magnitude earthquake would have been necessary in order to cause this type of destruction based on how massive the stones are but this contradicts itself for that mainstream scientists to claim that these large cut stones of the art more superior precision are newer because after all these other structures that you see here much UP 2 would not have been able to survive in 9 to a 9.5 magnitude earthquake upon the not even a point now so completely contradicts themselves altogether but going back to the principal temple you can see these knobs on the upper part of that you can see the knobs on the right hand side and lefthand side as well as these 2 holes on each side SO 4 holes in total on each side I should say and the also the cut out knobs on the 2 massive stone blocks right there I mean clearly we're looking at here was part of something completely different in that again this is just what's left of it now early in the video I mentioned Cuzco the capital they eat in empire now there are relics left over from the economic higher as well as this lost ancient civilization in when you walk down the many sidewalks and streets of Cuzco one side of the street will have one technology and the other side of the street will have the complete opposite and when you look at some of these cut marks I mean own my goodness what would it take to do that again show me a string saw able to cut and carve these many corners I mean in modern day Monday stonemasons little utilize diamond bit drills routers and machines in order to do anything of this magnitude in fact even use computers and lasers and other types of technology in order to measure and construct these things so how were the agency will to do it despite such a lack of evidence or the ability to do so be so what mainstream at academics have taught us again I don't doubt the abilities of ancient humans except for the fact that we have so little evidence of any of this it makes you wonder when you make a comparison between Cusco and going back up to the walls up in mock you peach hill and forgive me for some these graphics I got these photos up Google images obviously but when you make the comparison it's pretty unbelievable and this reminds me not to make a video once ask a woman which is also located just minutes are from Cusco the stone blocks or unbelievably happy they're huge and again you know I I keep going back to string saws and bronze sauce somebody please demonstrate cutting stones on this magnitude and stacking them again I've seen videos of people lifting stones moving stones absolutely huge too primitive methods but this stone wall is unbelievably incredible and it's just a complete mystery how could they have done this like I said the true history of aging human civilization is far older and was far more advanced than where every time in school and you don't need an advanced degree to realize this might UP 2 is just one example of this I highly recommend you check out the water rose and around the closure of the sphinx go back we tap a again I'm paying which I'm making a video on working on that now but if this topic interests you I highly recommend you check into the works of John Anthony west Randall Carlson Graham Hancock are Robert of oddball I would you could 0 in there's many many others are there worthy of mention that influenced me to make these videos and share what they've learned through decades of research and clearly the truth is coming out guys so I'll leave it at that on Jimmy this bright insight like and subscribe Libya comment let me know your thoughts are that many other videos to come in a whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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Have Aliens Visited Earth? 3 MASS UFO Sightings That Make You Think...
\\so it's time that we have a serious level headed conversation about the topic of UFO phenomena that's right aliens have the visited planet earth or not in this video I'm outlined 3 specific mass UFO sightings witnessed by thousands of people and at the end of this you're gonna have to ask yourself well either it's aliens or top secret technology that's been suppressed for the masses for several decades and before I get into those 3 cases let me first ask does anyone else find it interesting that's well say president Obama no beginning of his term he stated that he had no knowledge of your foe visitation the planet earth then he said he didn't know and then just a couple years before he left office he says I can't reveal anything in fact former president George W. bush said the same thing earlier this year I'm not saying nothing like why not just say I don't know or now but to say I can't reveal anything or I'm not saying anything like I understand ice us in the case of a bomb was president the time I do who's your boss I I we mean you're not allowed to say anything that I did I did I misread the constitution and who's really in charge I'm but they're not the only presidents have discussed that the fact Jimmy Carter back when he was governor he had a UFO sightings Saddam self and there's even a sworn statement to prove it or even take president Ronald Reagan when he was governor of California he had his pilot follow a white orb and after a few minutes he said quote it shot up to the heavens straight into outer space like what is that about and it's worth mentioning that even the cal Gorbachev who is the president of Russia at the same time as Reagan made a similar comment about the existence of your photos even take Paul Hellyer the former defense minister of Canada who is even acting prime minister at 1.that has stated publicly on numerous occasions that yes aliens are visiting earth there's multiple species one of which you could you walk down the street right next to you when you have no idea that they are an alien which raises all kinds of questions now whether you believe these people are ham I mean that's a whole different story what ally now but it is interesting but they're not the only ones guys take John Podesta chief of staff for Bill Clinton chief of staff for president Obama chief of staff for Hillary Clinton during her ... campaign I just this during this last election easy that is the greatest regret was not being able to release UFO files now that could be just some political thing to try and get votes for some people but I mean he has spoken about it on numerous occasions any certainly a Washington insider so I mean take what you want from that comment but there have been astronauts have talked about this take for example the late Gordon Cooper who is the mercury astronauts who wrote about this in his own book by the way I know other asked not share my feelings we know the government is sitting on hard evidence of UFOs even went on to say in a reference to the Roswell UFO incident I had a good friend of Roswell a fellow officer yet to be careful about what he said but it sure wasn't a weather balloon like the airforce cover story he made it clear to me that what crashed was a craft of alien origin and members of the crew were recovered or even take the late Edgar Mitchell I mean this gentleman was of stand up character I'd recommend you listen to the interviews on hand in his thoughts on spirituality in the cosmos everything else his views differ much from mainstream science has to say that but he did say I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visit on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real has been covered up by governments for quite sometime now is that too even when on the say that aliens have contacted humans several times but governments have hidden the knowledge or truth for 60 years or even take this last quote press pause read it's I I'm gonna actually go into it later in this video but posit seek a read on your own for the sake of brevity but the list goes on mercury astronaut Scott carpenter and no time when the astronauts were in space for the alone there was a constant surveillance by you of votes or even astronaut Brian o'leary for nearly 50 years the secrecy apparatus within the United States government has kept from the public UFO and alien contact information we have contact with the alien cultures know whether you believe these people are their stories that's on you I mean what do I know I but it was worth sharing so Nene jumped into now these mass UFO sightings starting off with the so called foo fighters that were observed during World War 2 starting in 1944 at least 4 different countries had observed Orbitz glowing lights of yellow red and orange color following itchy seeing aircraft from the United States beat Great Britain Nazi Germany and even imperial Japan and I could have sworn that there was something about a fifth country France or Russia I never was able to verify and then spend the time looking into it but here's the bottom line vis orbs were chasing aircraft they were fired on numerous occasions to no success they were quite literally evil to outmaneuver machine gun fire they would circle the aircraft he would chase them and even follow them for as much as 30 minutes on and in some cases now the explanation for this based on the Air Force is that well this was maybe ball lightning which is of course an unexplained phenomena and just does not add up when you consider the fact that ball lightning is a quick thing and I mean when you have these objects following aircraft for 30 minutes in doing circles around them I mean that's just that's just not the explanation that doesn't make sense or even static discharge off the wingtips in fact this is the reason why we have static dischargers as you've seen on airplanes to allow the static to a discharge from the airplane safely but that doesn't make sense either guys I mean come on really you know these pilots aren't stupid and they were from 4 different countries and they all thought the same thing for decades actually which is that it must be top secret any aircraft well that turned out not to be true I mean here we are 73 years later and besides why don't we see this more often why have we seen this and you know I mean how many times have you flown you've never seen it you know glowing orbs of bright color CCI senior aircraft or following you around in circles around the the the aircraft now let me jump into the second example the 1952 lights over Washington DC incident this is pretty incredible it was observed on 2 different radar systems from Washington national airport which is the name of the airport at the time and Andrews airforce base both radars above control towers observe this they had objects moving across the radar screen at over 7000 miles an hour even doing 90 degree turns at several 0 miles an hour when real quick by the way when you research this on your own this photo here is the reanimation it's not really came out a few years ago that's what people witness that's essentially what it looked like but that is not a legitimate photograph or video of it just lets you now but this entire incident occurred over 4 nights to back to back weekends at the end of July in 1952 who makes is even more interesting is that it was observed from military pilots on the ground as well as in the air civilian pilots and crews on the ground as well as in the air on all 4 different nights in fact it was so serious that they launched fighter jets P. 90 fours in fact to go chase them down but to no success they were even ordered to shoot these things down but they could even running down the had no chance based on how fast these things are moving in just like the incidents from 1944 they were described as glowing orbs they even had a press conference about this at the Pentagon which was the largest since World War 2 and was held by Major General John Sanford now the airforce has stated multiple explanations for this one of which was that what you're seeing on radar even though they determine that the reader systems were functional and what operating without air it must be well maybe was related to a temperature inversion but that's really silly I mean yeah maybe that could cause some issues with the radar systems but what about all the pilots on the ground as well as in the air 4 separate nights that witnessed these events they were chasing them down to describe an epic details so yeah a temperature inversion thing is silly and is just a distraction they've even suggested that it was steamboats moving up the Potomac River headed to Mount Vernon which is just ridiculous I mean that explanation the box itself I mean how many pilots and crew members and people witnessed this I mean give me a break but here's a real curve ball in their story this is witness as far away as Franklin Indiana which is what nearly 600 miles away so yeah it was a temperature inversion it wasn't steamboat are clearly were being distracted guy since is just along the lines of what Edgar Mitchell said quote it has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention in create confusion so the truth doesn't come out so what else could have been it's either aliens beings from other planets E. T.'s review wanna call them or top secret technology it could have been the X. 15 there's many reasons why hell even after 71 blackbird wasn't even conceived on paper for 7 years after this event in didn't have its first test flight for nearly a dozen years after that but besides that I mean again these things were observed moving at several 0 miles an hour in doing 90 degree turns at several 0 miles an hour the human body could not withstand that many Jeez so what else could it be ... drone I mean I don't know of drug technology exists today that could do those kind of maneuvers if there is this top secret but in 1952 a I mean if that's the case then we have been left in the dark for far longer than we ever thought possible in the implications of that are well disturbing and here we are paying you know if fuel at the pump record high airfare prices are based on oil and gas and yet technology obviously exists that doesn't run on that if I mean if this is indeed top secret technology so either it's aliens are top secret technology either way the implications are pretty disturbing the last example is of course the 1997 Phoenix lights incident this incident happened on 3/13/1997 in made headlines around the world it was observed by thousands of people away from Henderson Nevada only down through through Phoenix and Tucson Arizona in fact there's at least 800 statements from witnesses that observed a massive triangle shaped craft had 5 lights in many say was at least a mile wide they said it was absolutely silent in move slowly and the actual sheer size of it was just breathtaking in fact even then governor Fife Symington has come out in the years following stating that he is absolutely convinced that it was an alien craft from some of the world I mean take effort it's worth but he was a captain in the airforce he later went on to become a pilot who makes is even more interesting is that the big controversy is whether it is military flares or not guys that is part of a distraction this is exactly what Edgar Mitchell was talking about about disinformation and confusion because those players were witness to what 10:00 PM when this whole event started as early as 655 in Henderson Nevada was seen in Prescott valley with scenic Phoenix by thousands of people hours before the flares and by the way I look at the photo you see at least 7 flares there where an overwhelming amount of the witnesses describe 5 whites not 7 so that whole discussion and debate on flares not clear skies it was both but for people to witness this event separately during twilight hours when there was still visible a light in the sky in the could actually see the silhouette of a plaque craft with 5 lights directly above them what in the world was that in as many people said at least a mile wide wow so what are the possibilities well either Ilion crafter beings from other planets our top secret technology or both if you don't buy into the alien argument you have to ask yourself well is the top secret technology possible you're talking in 1944 was 73 years ago or 1952 lights over DC being 65 years ago look into the details guys come to your own conclusions all I know is that the truth is stranger than fiction I'll leave it at that I'm Jimmy this right insight like and subscribe leave me a comment let me know your thoughts are insure any other incidences that are worthy of mention because I obviously left out many others that are very compelling so I'll leave it at that daycare everybody //
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Congressman Asks NASA About Evidence of Ancient Human Civilization on Mars - VIDEO
\\so I'm gonna show you the video clip in just a second but if you haven't heard yesterday congressman Rohrabacher from California made headlines all over the world when he asked NASA executives whether there was any evidence ancient civilization on Mars and the reaction is interesting here's the clip however the the most important thing was if Mars can I ask permission war for one minute fork over this question and that as you've indicated that Mars had egg that was totally different thousands of years ago as it possible that there was a civilization on Mars thousands of years ago so the evidence is that ... Mars was different billions of years ago to build houses years well yes that and and ... there would be there's no evidence that ... I'm aware of that we do not rule would you rule that out that see there some people well anyway I would if I would say that is extremely unlikely okay well thank you all know thank you Mister brown thanks for the good job you're doing felt lost thank you wish Rohrabacher looking for to find out what's up there that's for sure am I the only one that noticed that he didn't actually say no and that he also had a weird physical reaction to the question so you says India fraud investigator for retail company I can tell you that while I'm not saying he lied but he clearly did not like the question and he couldn't wait to move on and I find that really interesting I mean people are starting to wake up to the fact that NASA has some really interesting questions regarding Mars I mean even they themselves admit that they alter and enhance and change the color of 100 percent of the photos from Mars I mean isn't that interesting just so what's the friggin photographs don't change the colors and they have some elaborate explanations of why they do this on their website and it's all nonsense something that you might find really interesting the most people have never even heard of because the mainstream media dropped it like a bad habit a few years ago but buzz Aldrin you know the second man to ever walk on the moon stated on live TV quote there is a monolith on the Mars moon Phobos a very unusual structure when people find out about that they're going to say who put that there now to make this even more interesting is that buzz Aldrin is told other people including Alex Jones just a few months ago according to Alex Jones will you believe him that that monolith more specifically is an obelisk you know like the Washington Monument are also found in Paris and London or the Vatican ... and I almost forgot each in Egypt am I the only one that thinks it's odd that the mainstream media dump that story like a bad habit I mean that's fascinating the second person to walk on the moon allegedly I think that we went there before Apollo 11 I've talked about this in private but I mean come on that's really interesting now this raises other questions on what other people have been studying about the Mars photographs such is that there's evidence of duplications in that he'd use the same rock and I'll land features over and over and sensually seemingly copied and pasted and added that voters shocked into other photographs and people are picking up on this here's just a few examples I don't know how accurate these are I mean I've seen a few other examples as well but I mean just look now they also have other examples of where the basically have blank spots on these photos I mean look they're on the right hand side where it seemingly blurt out in camouflaged now NASA on their own website have an explanation for this they say that well you know there's black spots a comeback there's certain issues with the upload coming from Mars and that you know that's the reason why but it's like wait a second I can understand the blacked out spots of no no I really can't I think that's something about that doesn't make sense to me bites what do I know what I do know is that the very sneaky white put these camouflaged blacked out spots a blur he spots either they're hiding something or it's like why not just say so why not just leave a black and just let that be the common explanation something doesn't add up about this now I'm not saying that they're hiding something but like I could see why a lot of people have some serious questions about involving Mars's ... origins in the true history behind it this feels why there's so many conspiracy theories and by the way real quick conspiracy theories a word that was invented by the C. I. A. in order to ... discredit domestic opposition to the government so keep that in mind I don't really care for the word conspiracy but many people think that the whole robber of Mars rover thing is a hoax that we never even went there whatsoever I have no idea whether that's true or not would ally now but I do know is that for some reason NASA has a site in Iceland a very remote area of Iceland the country of course the island that is seemingly looks a lot like Mars and that's what they do their training exercises there for the Mars rover missions but I find it interesting that since NASA admits altering all their photos that you know you can have a 15 year old Photoshop you know an actual photograph from their site in Iceland and make it look just like Mars I mean I think that's interesting now there's many other things about Mars to such as people talk about the face on Mars which of course has been debunked according to NASA or these pyramid structures that people then that's one thing it's interesting these pyramid structures as some people think they are are really close to that Mars face and this is something that of course you know has people have been out there in the bunk deck but like I need to do I think their parents I have no idea what do I know all I know is what they sell us right Ivan been there and have a great telescope out there in space they can zoom in and take a peek like all I know is what I'm shown and I know that there's discrepancies there's some really things that I'm suspicious about and I mean what whether this huge cover up or not I honestly have no idea but what I do now is that there's a serious problem within our scientific mainstream community and there always has been I mean look at the response that congressman Rohrabacher got I mean it's unbelievable people are saying that you know they're being very condescending in these media you know news outlets and even look at AOL which by the way is owned by Verizon so it's basically a government operated ... company in might and but look congressman completely waste NASA's time by asking about aliens wax since one is is asking questions a waste of time you see this is the exact same mentality that has slowed the pace of human civilization for thousands of years people who lack creativity and imagination always get in the way of the people that have the answers I mean just look at how they treated Copernicus or Galileo or even the Wright brothers even minutes before their first flight or even Nicolette Tesla I mean this guy accurately describe the cellphone in 1926 as well as basically the facetime and Skype applications and people of the time call them crazy a whack job a mad scientist you see everyone that's ever change the course of human history for the better has always been met by nay Sayers people who just hate questions in chains and that anything that they thought they knew might be wrong it's ridiculous it's pathetic now many transition this conversational bit into into human civilization so take the Sumerians the birthplace of human civilization that gets almost no attention and academic despite having created the calendar NASA of modern mathematics the first writing system and many other things and yet no one wants to talk about them but yet they claim that beings have come down the planet earth and that they created modern humans at the bread but the women and that they were here in the sheer tons of knowledge with us and then right before the great flood they left now we know the great flood which science is always referred to as a myth has been proven to be correct we know this I've shared this and many other videos I mean the somehow knew about all of the planets in our solar system they even knew more specific such as that earth was bigger than Mars Jupiter was larger than Saturn in Sattar larger the Neptune and so on how could we possibly have known this I also find it interesting that human civilizations all over the world have talked about the war in the heavens now science always says that all well you know the must of side comet passed by your supernova explosion or something but this other questions outstanding that science never like to talk about like the asteroid belt I mean when you really think about that it's pretty disturbing that was clearly a planet a big one in it and what happened to it all my goodness is it possible that there was once life on Mars and maybe even this planet that was once the asteroid belt and maybe I mean god knows what possibly could have happened but this does raise questions in the bottom line is this you could say that that's nonsense that silly but people thought that a cell phone in 1926 was so you're flying was sillier that the earth rotates around the sun was silly we cannot stop asking questions and this ties into many other things of ancient sense shown about small possible spacecraft's I miss of is absolutely incredible I mean could it just be similar symbolism of something else sure I mean what why now but I do find it interesting and we've even found this an artwork from India whatever Donna or even the Madonna I mean that the painting the Madonna for the fifteenth century I mean isn't this pretty incredible now this even reminds me of the Nazca lines and Perot which are a complete mystery it's completely unsolved people cannot or archeologist historians cannot figure out why these are in the middle of nowhere and Perot and they're absolutely massive I mean these lines are more than a quarter mile in long many of them in this many different shapes and symbols but many people are very interested in this so called waving astronauts I mean look at that it's absolutely huge and it's on the face of a mountain no other people of trying to did you know explain that well maybe it's just it's symbolism it's religious it's waving at the gods okay well why is it on the side of the mountain Weiss is so huge and wise in the middle of nowhere and this raises many other questions guys to wrap this up to get you thinking if you ever heard I highly recommend you look into Robert Bigelow you may have heard him about his interview on 60 minutes from just a couple months ago this guy is a self made billionaire and he has spent more than $300000000 of his own money seeking ways to get it out or space an extraterrestrial intelligence and he claims and he's very very I insisted on this compelling I mean listen to it yourself going you to watch a video clip that well that he has had an experience with aliens he did refuses to talk to talk about it but he also wanted to death about how his grandparents Howdy it close encounter while they're driving in the car in the middle of nowhere Nevada look into this stuff we start looking to what buzz Aldrin said what Robert Bigelow has said it many many others and all the symbolism throughout each in human civilization and when you look at just the total just just lack of concern that NASA has anything but the topic of eve alien civilizations on other planets is silly these are the right people to be leading the way of the scientific community these are the exact kind of people that lack creativity and imagination that have slowed the pace of human civilization down for thousands of years I'll leave it at that I'm Jimmy this bright insight like it subscribe Linnea common that we know what your thoughts are and many more videos to come in the whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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Famous Ancient Philosopher Quotes We NEED To Hear in 2017 - Thought Provoking Philosophy Quotes
\\the more you know the more you know you don't know Aristotle I love that quote I think that the world would improve if more people embrace that and I understood that you know we all think we know everything but unfortunately that's just not true in the more people that realize this in seek truth for themselves or learned that holy crap I don't know much at all and I firmly believe that this whole world would improve far quicker than we ever thought possible if philosophy was taught to children from the grade school level on up if we spent less time on crazy math formulas and and I'm not sing with him teach math and less time or more time focusing on teaching people how to be less materialistic to be less ego driven into embracing more selfless are selfless philosophy like I said the world improve far quicker than well we are thought possible this reminds me leads me into my next quote involving communication the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that has taken place George Bernard Shaw and I would argue that well communication has always been and probably always will be humanity's greatest obstacle that well what we think at the time and what what we say usually doesn't always are while that messages and always delivered and it's funny where 2017 we have more abilities in 10:00 technological capabilities of communicating that we've ever had and yet it seems that communication is getting worse people are their hearing but they're not listening their their ears are registering a sound but they're not processing the information they're receiving they're not considering I am empathetic up point of view were or picturing themselves the other person's shoes for just a second to listen improv what they're trying to tell them and even we see these issues and text messaging or emails that you know someone tries to say something just right and it just gets taken completely out of than just the wrong direction we know that there's so much drama in this world we've all seen it and like I mentioned earlier another big problem is materialism greed it's like we have this ego driven desire to just he might more things and where our whole society at least in western society for that matter is all about getting the next best thing buying things you know look at me look what I'm wearing look in my purse look at my car look at my house in the neighborhood I live in I'm not saying that buying things isn't fun and in a bad thing at all but we have gotten to a point most people I would argue where you know people are spending addictions people are always the not enjoying their lives like they could and make no mistake that the desire for materialism is leading to many people's demise of pleasing a leading to depression and allowing themselves to slave at work in this reminds me of a quote by Eric Frahm greed is the bottomless pit which exhaust the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction it's true people buy things and always wanting the next best thing oh man it's a real big problem in the street leads me into another quote which is quite funny by comedian George Carlin the late comedian George Carlin he stated trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body it's true now in the title this video I stated that these would be thought provoking quotes so this one is definitely this might rub some people the wrong way but it will get people thinking people sometimes rationalize their greed by saying that is all for the good of their children but this is nothing but an excuse they use to make their despicable actions appear respectable in praiseworthy Democritus in he said this a few 0 years ago I mean that is true I mean it really is so many people will spend all their time working in ignore their families which causes incredible suffering for children in their up bringing or that people you know in corporate America and I've seen this myself for people step on other people to get to where they want to be in it Gimme very ruthless very dog eat dog more friendlier way of putting it is by Joseph Campbell I think a person who takes a job in order to live that is to say for the money has turned himself into a slave work begins when you don't like what you're doing there's a Y. saying make your hobby your source of income then there's no such thing as work and then there's no such thing as getting tired that's been my experience I did just what I wanted to do it takes a little courage of first because who the hell wants you to do just what you want to do they've all got a lot of plans for you but you can make it happen Joseph Campbell I I am living this philosophy now I've chosen to become a professional youtuber I have a masters of business and I decided midway through that to your program that corporate America has been bringing nothing but suffering I was I was driving myself crazy for my prior job in sight so like anything's possible get creative we all have creativity imagination so whatever your hobby is whatever you spent hours doing when you're a kid this is what Joseph ya are it's easy Carl young said by the way that should be what you spend earthly time doing you can find ways to make money doing it a lot of this falls in line with what Plato said for man to conquer himself is the first the noblest of all victories guys we have so many desires we have so many ambitions we allow our egos to get the best of us have discussed this a lot in my other videos about taming the animal that ultimately we all have issues as a species the human brain is one hell of a thing but were brought into this environment our society like I said earlier this is what it thrives on this is were born into to take this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment so true I once tried to be just like everyone else that was trying to fit in because that's crazy it really is crazy you know want to be the one that stands out in your the weird all of a sudden but man that is that is the direction of happiness and that reminds me we in this society you have people you'll be social justice warriors you see on TV people that are fighting for something that they believe in in in the process they go crazy because themselves and others so much suffering and part of the issue in this ties back to Plato is take what Doug Jordan Peterson said clean your room what he's referring to is that we all have problems in you not to be able to help the world or other people until you address your own issues into you look within fix your problems clean your own damn room up so to speak which brings me to Socrates the secret of changes to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but I'm building the narrow this work for a lot of people in taxi job spoke about this people have an intuitive feeling on what's right and what isn't so spend all of your time building on what's right as oppose to fighting the old I mean take for example doctor Martin Luther king he understood this darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that in all my god that not work absolutely you know it's like you look at black lives matter in these people it just raise violence and hatred in psych look look at what doctor Martin Luther king did he said that we're only gonna love others no matter how people treat us what they say to us what we do to us we are going to embrace them with love and it worked did it not he changed a course of history for the entire country for ever not just mention truth a second ago so this brings me to my next quote many people especially ignorant people want to punish you for speaking the truth for being correct for being you never apologize for being correct or for being years ahead of your time if you're right and you know what speak your mind speak your mind even if you are a minority of one truth is still the truth Mohandas Gandhi that actually leads me into something that Marcus Cicero said I have always been of the opinion that unpopularity earned by doing what is right is not on popularity at all but glory now this leads into my last few quotes which all have to do with being present in living in the moment I Kacharis said the art of living happily is to live in the present but he's not the only one has stated this the future is a concept it doesn't exist there is no such thing as tomorrow there never will be because time is always now that's one of the things we discover when we stop talking to ourselves and stop thinking we find there is only the presence only an internal now Alan watts which of course reminds me of that could tell a humans are never fully present in the now because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one but then you miss your whole life which is never not now for real I cannot begin to tell you how much my life has improved once I started embracing this philosophy of living in the present moment it's true there is no tomorrow there is no yesterday yes tomorrow will come yesterday yesterday happened of course but it's always right this instant and we spent so much time thinking about the future about the past that we drive ourselves crazy we spend our lives not enjoying it because you can enjoy we are lost in your thoughts like that I know this and it's a legal practice on believe me I highly recommend you look into the works of Eckardt holy and Allen Watson and in fact this leads me into one last quote and I'm going back to Joseph Campbell again you are the hero of your own story Joseph Campbell it's amazing how many people have been influenced by this quote myself included I mean that's something I'm embracing live your life I mean guys map out your life and what it would be that if you had to write a story an adventure story what would it be become that guys you know life is short but you can become anything you're the power of your intentions in the will to power cannot be overstated I discuss this and other videos embrace this this is work for many other people we all have choices nothing's easy you need courage but you can do it tsao anyways guys I'm Jimmy this bright inside like and subscribe in your comments and I have many other videos to come real soon take care everybody //
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RARE Cosmic Alignments in 2017 - Mayan Calendar Connection to Galactic Cross and Milky Way Galaxy
\\it's time for me to discuss the so called event as many people are referring to it as that essentially people from all over the world are getting this into the feeling that something's coming that something seems off about the world in humanity and that many people are discussing signs of the end times at the back thousands of years and that's well people are convinced that maybe the next apocalyptic events so to speak is coming now I am not a doomsday guy I'm assuming operates on fear like to combine data and logic so I'm going to get into some really interesting things here in a second but I do feel that maybe something is coming perhaps in my lifetime that but I also know that people been saying that for thousands of years right in fact every year the some doomsday person that says this is the last year and then it goes by and then they're like well next year in the next year so it's all silly right but what I do know is data in data state take for example coming from ramble Carlson shows that over the last 150000 years there has been at least 16 major events on earth that if they were to happen today would result in the total destruction of at least 1000 cities hands being basically a reset button for modern civilization there'd be a game changer for him at the end that well although we went go extinct it would change the world as we know it and what's so interesting is that we are now in 2017 at the long distraction period of time without a major events over that last 50000 years so in other words yeah we are over Dale now before I get into more specifics of that's my thoughts on the so called event any preface the whole video with vests if you're not aware last August 2016 the Pentagon themselves announced to the world that they were missing 6.$5000000000000 in this was covered by news outlets the mainstream media all over the world but it essentially died the story went no where after was announced president Obama never addressed the topic from the oval office or speech he never even talked about in a press conference neither have our congressmen or senators either as president trump the mainstream media has chosen along with the powers that be within our government so just ignore this story all together for what's coming up on quickly nearly a year and that it's completely unresolved and by the way many sources say that the actual amount is 8.5000000000000 because they're taking to consideration the money that was announced it was missing from the Pentagon that day before 9112 0.3000000000000 so whether it's 6.5000000000008 half 0 guys were talking about practically an infinite amount of money I mean think about when you get down with that amount assuming that you're not spending you know $800 on hammers and $0 and screwdrivers that I mean what if you take from where I sit in this chair when I think they did with the money well I intelligence apparatus to spy on the entire planet as we know they've done deep underground military bunkers systems and tunnels and a secret space program going back to the event what are the possibilities well first of all we know that were 2 to 300000 years overdue for a geomagnetic pole shift now I'm not referring to the earth flipping upside down we're talking about the magnetic poles changing that the ... shields would diminish in that north and south would change on a compass but the earth itself will not change now this is something that you know the evidence for this is increasing NASA's talked about this runways have been changed all over the world significantly over just last few years that it's accelerating and we know that leading up to a GI Joe magnetic pole shift that it does xcelerated start slow and it accelerates the scenery gets in evidence of this is been established from volcanic rock and clay pottery and all kinds of other things but for some reason NASA says that were at least 1000 years away from the next one which is a completely disingenuous they have no idea of knowing that in no way of knowing that you can't test it now though also say NASA themselves that well when it does happen it's not even a big deal yet will have some problems with satellites and communication systems in a Beavan power outages but will be fine that's B. yes they would beat St themselves that the earth's shield or atmosphere will be diminished by down to 10 percent so just imagine what that will do to weather systems are ocean currents I mean no joke this could be indicative of why be a found so many willing mammoths that were flash frozen these giant animals that were protected in here to be of the west and an ice age and they have found them flash frozen with food still in their mouths and food in their stomachs and 0 evidence of being being decomposed which is why by the way there they say that they're 2 to 3 years out from today of cloning the first willing mammoth from all these preserved ... remains that they have found in don't forget NASA themselves is talking about terraforming Mars and that the reason why Mars is the way it is is because well it doesn't have the same shields that earth does so in other words when the next you medical shit happens you're gonna have certain areas they gonna burn out certain areas that are going to freeze and other areas or maybe the the whole world I mean I'm I got sustained winds of hurricane strength for possibly days on and I mean the options are actually far more extreme so look into that for yourself all the evidence is there that it will be cataclysmic another possibility is that we're gonna get hit from a rock from outer space member over deal and if you think that the dinosaurs are last ones to get nailed by one now I mean I may have been the biggest one in recent times what they now both their significant evidence that the younger dryas period was cause for me cosmic impact to the north American ice shelf I discuss this in multiple videos the evidence for this is so overwhelming but ultimately the next cataclysmic event could be of so many things whether it's multiple I supervolcano is going off at the same time all over the world I mean who does all we got it all we have is the evidence over last 150000 years that show several different type of cataclysmic events now I recommend you look into the stuff on your own as well but something else I've been looking into and I highly recommend you look into the youtuber Nichola Tesla's ghosts I found the sky while looking at a video about John Anthony west this guy is into Nicholas Tesla engine civilization as well as the cosmos just like I am had a few conversations with him he's making movies and videos of the last few years he now whatever attention I don't even know his name he doesn't show his face he's a retired computer engineer that worked in data his whole life and essentially he strongly suspects that due to certain certain cosmic la orientations alignments are happening this year that the ancients were trying to warn us of the next cataclysmic events and out of anybody I've ever heard explain anything about it next doomsday scenario I trusted more than anyone because he doesn't operate on fear he only operates on data and he's presenting things that no one else is talking about we take for example on August 21 and 20 second so we have the solar eclipse it's happening are you also aware that our Sphynx the you know the sphinx in visa that the heart of the sphinx aligns perfectly to Leo the lion Regulus and it just so happens to happen on that date another interesting cosmic alignment happens on September 23 in this stuff goes to the Bible and other stories from ancient civilization involving essentially you have the one in our clothes that under the sign with the feet under her feet and a crown of 12 stars in essentially a lot of people believe that well September 23 is an extended guys hold on I'm not saying that it is neither is that what taxes go so low he thinks that it could be a significant indicator of the pre rock you know said that beginning the catalyst of the 7 year tribulation I mean it's interesting that the ID them the stories go beyond the Bible that the ancients all talk about these cataclysmic events and they're right about the flood so could this be an indicator of things to come maybe maybe not why do you find particularly interesting in that nobody else is talking about what I've seen is that 12/21/2017 there something happens once every 25920 years which by the way is the perception of the equinoxes around the car galaxy and that essentially the earth's equator is gonna aligned perfectly to the very center of the Milky Way galaxy because this is something that was discussed by the mines or at least many say that their identification of Solaris are because Mick cycles the 25920 year cycle me how in the world in the minds know about this yep it yet you have the mind calendar this whole 2012 nonsense which I never bought into Nichola taxes goes this guy he never bought into it was no reason to the result indicators that anything was going to happen on 12/21/2012 was silly but when you look at the Mayan calendar because there's no it doesn't say 2012 I mean Gee I mean the not in calendar the Gregorian calendar that we use was established by pope Gregory in the 15 hundreds that established BC years 0 in a D. so where on that on this tablet does it say anything about 2012 that was a gas whether wrong by accident or on purpose I have no idea what I do now is that 12/21/2017 is the only time in a 25920 year period that the earth's equator aligns perfectly to the Milky Way galaxy now does that mean anything I have no idea all I know is that I don't know but it's interesting I mean is it possible we just don't understand everything about magnetism and the influence of the cosmos on earth I mean honestly is it possible that the next you magnetic pole shift is dependent on just certain cosmic are alignments in orientations I mean that rings true to me I mean it makes sense that you know as above so below things are happening on the other side of the cosmos influence us here like I said I don't know this is not a doomsday channel was not a prediction and did you know don't do a countdown on my from my my account or come back here on December you know or in 2018 sale nothing happened guys all I know is that we're due for an event I don't know what the next one will be or when it will happen all I know is that there's some really interesting indicators and I find it unbelievably interesting that when you look at the 6.5 or in half $0 missing from the Pentagon under what possible circumstances does it fly for the entire media our government model prior presidents to go put the sun this topic altogether it's possible that the only explanation would be that well they know that there's some sort of disastrous events depending and that this would be the one and only reason why they would be able to get away with keeping us in the public me how was it not one major news network is touching on this anymore well that not one senator is coming on you like all this is what's going on the money's missing they're screwing us over vote for me for president 2020 but nobody will touch on this what are the other possible reasons for that that this would actually flying in 2017 for this money to go missing is not a conspiracy this is from the Pentagon themselves the media touch on it so it's not a secret but they have a touch 9 year the implications of whatever that reason I mean I I don't know I'd love to hear your thoughts guys but I'll leave that that's I have more videos come in this topic in the near future but I'm Jamie this bright insight like and subscribe in the new economy all your thoughts are take care everybody //
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What Ancient Human Civilizations Said About The Moon - 2017 The Moon is Not What You Think it is
\\so did anyone else find it odd that when moon express announced 2 days ago on July 12 which you may see the headlines going around all over the world that they're going to establish the very first outpost ever on the moon to conduct mining operations by 2020 but the part that really caught me off guard was the location of this robotic outpost we gonna put at the South Pole of the moon which is what how I don't know 78 0 maybe been closer to 1000 miles from where humans have ever even stepped foot and they're gonna do chose that place for the very first mining operation ha interesting choice I mean what brought them to that decision it's almost as if they know something that well we don't you know there's many questions in mysteries about our moon have gone unanswered and I find a really interesting that NASA has no plans to go back to the moon get all they talk about is Mars Mars Mars I mean take for example in January of this year how scientists from UCLA determine that the moon is significantly older than we ever thought that they might even be as older older than the earth the result as the solar system itself which raises all kinds of questions involving its origins in fact the mysteries go far deeper than that besides the fact that we have found process metals such as brass and Mike on the moon they have also found uranium 236 neptunium 237 on the moon why is that significant well besides the fact that this is seldom ever discussed and by the way this comes from NASA scientists themselves and scientists at MIT I mean this isn't a secret but nobody talks about it it's like we discovered this in just left it alone but more specifically and why this is so interesting is that these elements have never been found to occur naturally in fact uranium 236 is a radioactive nuclear waste which is found in spent nuclear and reprocessed uranium but even more interesting is that not Tony into 37 is a radioactive metallic elements and a by product of nuclear reactors and the production of plutonium but this little known fact of process medals in artificial elements on the moon is a seemingly left out of any conversation from the mainstream or even NASA altogether I mean it's not a secret but little you have to be a weirdo like me and go looking for the information to find it you know many people don't believe that we went to the moon but there is a significant amount of evidence that shows that yeah we have indeed been to the mount the real question is when did we first go to the moon what did we find their and what's the last time we've been there does anyone else think that it's odd that the United States in the middle of the Cold War and a space race with Russia would send a couple astronauts to the moon for the very first time on live TV in part of a global audience knowing that there is incredible risk and dangers and the likelihood that they would will die in the process insiders have told and spoke about this before many people shun them I mean Alex Jones is report on this and I'm not and Alex Jones fan to be honest with you but he's been right about a number of things so you can't just dismiss everything he says altogether but regardless he claims that really the story is that look Neil Armstrong buzz Aldrin were not the first on the moon hence why I mean look at the Apollo 11 press conference on how unbelievably awkward that is the lack of any enthusiasm for it whatsoever despite just coming back from being the first people to step foot on the moon and being global superheroes overnight yet the became became moment became mass of drunks Neil Armstrong did as little public appearances as possible to the point where he pissed off NASA and then he went into hiding for more than 3 decades without doing a single out formal public interview about his experience and that's really odd to be honest with you I think we're there right now in that we never left if you think that sounds crazy then you should probably start asking yourself what in the world are deep state intelligence agencies did with the more than 6.$5000000000000 it has just vanished from the Pentagon I mean you may have seen the story circulating around the other news outlets from last September and August from 2016 and then we just never hear anything about it since then nothing for president Obama our president trump is just the stories is gone but what did they do with the money and the 6.$5000000000000 is practically in infinite amount of money I guarantee you there's a hidden space program Ron the moon right now in this far more to it than we ever thought possible have you ever heard of the hollow moon theory well it's more than just a theory because the evidence is overwhelming I mean besides the mathematical formulas and equations are utilized for measuring mass NASA and other scientists have been baffled on why the moon just lack so much mass that it should have based on all the other calculations that we have about it yeah when experiments have been done from the seismographs place from the early Apollo missions such as when we threw the Saturn 5 launch vehicle from the Apollo 13 mission when it crashed into the moon it resulted in a impact equivalent to approximately 11 tons of TNT and when they did that the seismographs balance with wavelengths for more than 3:00 hours and 20 minutes and scientists from MIT literally stated that it rang like a bell and they're completely baffled by it in the only explanation that they have is that while the moon is hollow which raises all kinds of other incredible questions so take for example the fact that there is an abundance of titanium on the moon in fact concentrations of rocks that contain titanium on the moon first earth show that the moon has 10 times as much titanium than earth hence the reason why they're in such a rush to go mine the place but this other questions such as the big mystery on why these massive craters on the moon are so shallow like dinner plates they can't account for the don't know why they're so shallow and that the death verse with ratio doesn't add up whatsoever could just give credence that maybe there is a titanium sphere on the inside of the moon I know it sounds crazy but many so you some more information on that and by the way research the Holloman theory for yourself but you'll notice that the mainstream just ignores it all together and all you have is fringe media outlets that compared to being a death star seriously can we have an adult conversation and just look at the data and ponder what the possibilities are I mean is it a really interesting that ancient civilizations discuss the time before the moon Weatherby authors from ancient Greece or Rome or even the Zulu tribes in Africa to discuss this in depth or even allusions to the time before the moon mentioned in the Hebrew Bible effect these legends even go all the way over to South America from native tribes from the mountains of Colombia I mean we can't just dismiss verbal legends altogether I mean after all hundreds of civilizations across 5 continents around the world ended up being right about the stories and legends of the great flood because it's been scientifically verified that yes approximately 13000 years ago there was a sudden and rapid 400 foot rising global sea levels in those legend survive more than 12000 years so the possibilities legends may be true in that well maybe the moon was brought into orbit around the earth far sooner than we ever thought possible and everything is just wind up just perfectly to allow for an abundance of life to essentially Flores here on earth I mean it's also worth mentioning that our moon is so unique in of itself that it's the only moon in our solar system or even in the observable universe for that matter has a nearly perfect circular orbit technically still elliptical however if there is no other ... moon that or Brits it's plain and that we have ever seen like ours does now let me dump some coincidences on you take the ratio one await if you divide the distance from the earth to the sun and divide it by the sun's diameter you get one await the same thing with the men divide the distance from the moon by examiner you also get one await which is interesting because one weight is mentioned in ancient civilizations whether it be the 108 towers in Cambodia where the significance of wanna wait in the Hindu religion or even want to wait that might have some similarities to the Stonehenge monuments with the outer perimeter equaling out 100.8 feet and all these things allow for a near perfect solar eclipse more perfect within 99.9 percent but the coincidence is don't stop there in fact the sun and moon appear the same size in the sky because the sun's diameter is about 400 times greater but the sun is also 400 times further away but not only that the earth rotates at a speed of 400 times faster than the moon and another number 366 the earth spins 366 times during one year and the polar circumference of the earth is 360 times bigger than that of the moon for the sake of brevity I'll stop there but that coincidences don't just stop there is unbelievable just how perfect everything is between the earth and the moon these perfect alignments the mass of the moon in its perfect orbit and distance from the earth have allowed for incredible amounts of life for the tides for this seasons and although I'm not saying that the earth would look anything like these other places we went on without the moon it sure is interesting on how grateful we should be for awhile whatever put the moon in its place when and where it dead but this other outstanding questions about the men such as the Apollo 10 mission where they did a practice run with the did a lap around the moon prior to the Apollo 11 mission where the astronauts overheard what they describe as music and there is a rhythm it was incredible like nothing they've ever heard me spent the better part of an hour while on the far side of the moon discussing this and that's when they heard it while they're on the far side the moon still could have been anything coming from planet earth and I'm not suggesting that's aliens on the moon listening to music all I know is that the astronauts were freaked out about it we spent the better part of an hour discussing whether he would even share that with NASA for fear of what it would do to their careers and you know NASA dead we kept the story secret for nearly 50 years that's kind of a red flag to me and to throw even greater mystery into the moon are you familiar with what's called lunar transient phenomena where dating back to the 11 hundreds there's been several notable occasions where people on earth have observed glowing lights in for fluorescent lighting for on the moon many of which cannot be explained through meteorites it too and you know maybe a flashlight or even volcanic Tiffany which should be sustained glowing red ... you know lighting which has been observed which some which has never been proved the volcanic activity by the way but take for example the Apollo 11 mission buzz Aldrin Neil Armstrong there on the way to the moon just hours from stepping foot on it people back on earth are planning their barbecues meanwhile NASA calls to Apollo 11 to say that through their telescopes he observed some sort of glowing greenish light on the north side of the moon immediately Michael called Collins radio is back and they were observing it as well in these described as a slight for fluorescent lighting and then this story was never heard from again didn't make a classified is not secret but you would expect that to be a headline of some sort I mean think about this just hours from stepping foot on the moon for the first time is only been several notable occasions of these like never being seen and it just so happens from the first time ever to step foot on the moon this is observed by NASA from earth as well as the astronauts and they're about to land there in this story just gets you know omitted from the headlines all together isn't that interesting maybe we should go back to the moon and look at these places where the flights have been seen from may wish to go back to the moon to figure out why the mood and I craters are so shallow why there's process medals or uranium 2 3:06 am neptunium 237 Adelie sings together guys you get some really interesting conclusions anyways guys it's time we start asking serious questions about the moon it's time we start entertaining the fact that you know maybe was do you engineered by some advanced race the who knows how long ago I mean I know this sounds crazy but when you could take into consideration all the possible coincidences well I mean maybe some impossible but do you think it's just a coincidence I sure don't anyways guys only good at that like and subscribe leave me a comment let me know your thoughts are and that many other video succumbing whole wide variety of topics I'm Jamie this right insight take care everybody //
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How To Enhance & Develop Your Intuition - Your Sixth Sense & Gut Instinct - What is Intuition?
\\we absolutely have a sick sense it's called intuition and this is something that you can actually experiment with and enhance your own intuition and in this video I'm gonna share with you very specifically and how to do that and this is coming from my own experience my own trial and error and I've seen it first hand that holy crap not only is intuition 8 true sick sense but you can utilize it to improve every area of your life now over the last few years there has been significant attention being drawn towards the subject of intuition and this is something that's been in the news more more specially this year and this year a few number of topics about that in just a moment but first let's define intuition now you see here on the left defines intuition as direct perception of truth fact exaggerate independent of any reasoning process immediate apprehension on the right you have a quote from author does not tomada who states that intuition literally means a learning from within most of us were not taught how to use this sense but all of us know well that got feeling learn to trust your inner feeling in it will become stronger avoid going against your better judgment are getting talked into things I just don't feel right think about it think about how many times would I got feeling you knew something you went against your better judgment because your brain your thought process talk you out of it and you later realize like all my goodness I and I knew it I was I I should listen to my god which reminds me of a funny quote told you so sincerely your intuition now like I said there's been numerous articles that have come out over the last few years and then we share with you a few that have come out this year is actually in specifically many of them have come out in just the last few weeks take for example Forbes in this one actually was from February of this year where the state that intuition is the highest form of intelligence and how you can utilize it to improve your own career success and isn't just Forbes are numerous articles from numerous sources they're all saying the same thing in fact there reminds me of another article from Forbes in this one came out just over a week ago when they talk about intuition is the antidote to big data because more more companies are utilizing statistics and numbers and mass data from taking from hundreds of millions of consumers in order to directing guide their own company and they're finding that wealth is not always working that that saying that the numbers don't lie well yeah numbers don't lie but they don't necessarily define the future do a they don't necessarily pick up on the sentiment of the tempo of an entire society or the consumer as a whole is that utilizing your intuition your reading of others is the key to success in business in fact even the United States military is conducting significant research into this topic because they found through numerous countless examples of IED attacks in combat fire fights in Iraq and Afghanistan that there was always someone or multiple people following whatever terrible incident there may have been they said that they sell something what we felt something was office something didn't seem right in that they knew something was up this is something from my own experience I trained I went to Iraq and while we were trained to go they taught us that listen to your gut if something feels off speak up now real quick I have to make a video on my experience in Iraq I'm very anti war now I once thought it was a necessary evil I threw my awakening like holy crap of my god you scenes done that I have to share my own experiences and my own intuition and Iraq and that that's just a topic for another video but it's real people know if they can sense that you could tell when something's off and though they're not talking about like a Spidey sense her arm but you can just sense when something doesn't feel right the human capabilities go far beyond just our 5 senses but clearly when you have the military investing millions of dollars into research and this side you know wealth clearly the something be said for now I lead other videos about Nicholas Tesla how talked about how he utilized intuition and I've also incorporated a quote from Einstein as well and so I found a very curious when I came across this article from C. N. B. C. that talked about how Steve Jobs and Einstein both utilize their intuition to develop everything within their lives all of their success but nowhere in this article did an exit anything about Nicholas Tesla and yet nearly 80 percent of all the technology you use on a daily basis originates from Tesla's inventions in his works in his achievements and others have built off of his works and achievements so it's like why not mention Nicholas Tesla but one of things I wanna mention this video that I said before is where he said that if you want to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration now there's a lot of skeptics out there and my other videos your comments you know people saying that you know this has nothing to do with it and it's nonsense that just don't buy into what he and Einstein and many others have said about intuition about the universal energies of frequencies that we can literally tap into which I find it kind of humorous I mean nickel a test lab despite everything else he invented he spoke about cell phones in 1926 take this quote from when wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain which in fact it is all things being particles of a real redneck whole we shall be able to communicate with one another instantly irrespective of distance not only this but through television and telephoning we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face despite intervening distances of thousands of miles and the instruments through which we will be shall be able to do all of this well fed inner vest pockets Nicholas Tesla 1926 like I mean this is the guy that we referred to as in the still referred to as as a mad scientist like give me a break and for somebody who smokes so in depth about energy and frequencies out there in the universe that we are tapped into perhaps as one of the reasons why he is suppressed that most people just don't seem to be aware of him or at least not to the extent that he's me he has made a difference in our lives today impact this reminds me of another quote trust the vibes you get energy doesn't lie yeah I find it really interesting that some people don't buy into this but yet well they believe in their cell phone that somehow miraculously you get text messages or face time world the internet all kinds of crazy things through your smartphone I mean think about like the incredible nature of that in itself but things just come out and know where you can talk and see people through this little device or even take for example wifi I mean oh my goodness most people by watching this video on YouTube through wifi yet here I am and you're seeing me when I'm in what I'm saying hearing me through just stopped by to thin air I mean isn't that just incredible or even take for example radio you press a button in your car and all the sudden you have a completely different song that comes out of well Finnair radio waves is is of course only things are explainable you can define these things but isn't it pretty miraculous in of itself or even take for example satellite TV anything about how incredible that is you change the channel you see something completely different I missiles into the cell phone thing quite a bit but I mean it's absolutely incredible things come out of just then air in here they are which also reminds me of take infrared abuses example before that you can have these lamps infrared lamps that appear to be just turned off yet in pitch black darkness you can see things get by as if it's bright as day and by we I don't know who this guy is a god that picture of Google images and the other photo of the lines I mean this is something that you see in nature documentaries all the time and most people don't think too much into it but we knew it really take just a moment to sit reflect on it thing about how incredible bee stings are so we believe in these things but some people are still very skeptical skeptical about intuition about the sixth sense is it really out of the realm of possibility the truth is is that we all have an intuition there is a voice that doesn't use words I just have to listen I also like this quote is the other one from doe your intuition is the most honest friend that you'll ever have and like I said I've utilize intuition in my own life to improve it I've talked before about how they look events leading up to making my nickel attesa video which skyrocket and watched my you tube channel and significantly increased by subgroups describer based on how the events leading up to it the synchronicity is and how I just know like you know I got a research this guy more and make a video on him and holy crap in a short period of time that panned out significantly another example is the video I made on the Dow teaching might part one of it just made part 2 obviously the other day but do you leading up to that I have the feeling that I needed to make of him on the Dow ditching I really was apprehensive about reading these quotes the this book on it from a camera I mentioned in the times on that video and but I did it anyways my thought process was trying to steer me away from it but my gut instinct said we'll just do it and that video has got me my and all the videos I've had that it bring 7 for the most subscribers I've received which is outstanding because I've about 130 videos another example is the library of Alexandria I have I didn't really feel like making that video were doing all the research but my god just said look I I you know I had a flash it said make a video on library of Alexandria yes a flash will talk about that in a second so I did it but it's a research made the video in in just a month I have to earn 50000 views but nearly 200000 of those views came in just the last week I was averaging 5000 use an hour for like a day straight it's incredible I've got tons of subscribers from it like I said it all comes down to just a flash when you have it is before your thoughts kick and that's into action at the very first thing that you feel that you sense go off of that since I've been doing that in my own life my life has significantly improved I like to mention them is something I've talked to my wife about tons which is that safe to German shepherds they are just I love them so much they are so friendly that so loving except for when I walk them unleashes the barking of the dogs it's a big shit show to be completely honest so I've been experimenting with my own intuition on when I leave the apartment because that's nothing I live in apartments so there's tons of other dogs around and it's so tiring and obnoxious that just walked by other people my dogs are lunging in there get see I mean 100 pounds each so it's just ridiculous so one of the things I do I just go off the feeling now in this is worked on numerous examples of point words just startling so certain times I'm like you know I I don't know the dots of want to go out to go the bathroom safe to come out and look at all the things go right this second I should wait so I'll go out anyways because they have to go and sure enough there's another dive right out there in their spot in the big just craps alright other times right I've chosen the walking path right take them to the I have this big park near be that I like to walk through and I I chose different paths that I go by now and I just operate on feel I don't think about it I just go one man should I go this way I don't think so and I've seen time and time and time again that well intuitions real that the times I feel like I should go a certain way I've well I learned the hard way if I don't listen to my intuition or that I see later on as I turn a corner and I'm I see where I would have went that there was other people there with dogs this sounds silly I mean it's just an example it's an easy example and not everyone you don't have to have dogs that bark at other dogs that tire you out free to experiment with intuition where I'm going with this is that you could find other ways in your life things that bother you things that don't in experiment with it you can experiment and enhance your own too intuition by ignoring your thoughts and going on bass off that first feel now I'm not saying to just ignore all analytical thinking to just not analyze anything it's just not think things through don't be ridiculous like that you have to use discernment but ultimately when you have a goal in mind operate in guide your goal based on your intuition that is the key to success in increasing in here in your own intuition seen in my own life I'm gonna have to make another video on this is getting a bit long this is the way I have learned from others teaching me through my own research and that most of what people say I've experimented with some things that people say works for me some other things happened but without a doubt is that very first feel the kicks and before your thought process in your brain to start screwing things over for yourself and that's why one the greatest problems facing humanity so operate on that first flash that first feel for things right down if you need to meditates this is something I don't do enough but they're really 35 minutes would serve you so well to just sit down or lay down and just get rid of your thoughts in practice and just listening to your god is trying to teach you anyways guys only let that I'm Jamie this right insight like and subscribe limit comment share with me everyone here and myself what has worked for you for building your own intuition and what your thoughts are anyways guys I'll leave it at that take care everybody //
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Ancient Humans Were SMARTER THAN US! Part 2 The Tao Te Ching What Ancient Civilization Leaders Knew
\\to know that there are some things that you cannot now is mental health but to not know things that you should know is illness the wise man recognizes the limits of his knowledge a foolish man she knows everything chapter 71 ignorance of the Dow dating this is part 2 I made another video on this right discuss that each in humans were clearly smarter than us they were far more weekend in a lightened to the collective whole of the human race in our entire civilization well then that the leaders that run the entire show do now I need take into consideration the leaders of corporations the media governments all over the world beyond obvious that we're being led by those who have selfish ambitions those who are putting their own desire for money power and fame before the masses this is abundantly clear however if the whole world was to start teaching their children from I don't know grade school on up the information contained in the ancient wisdom of the tao te Ching this world would improve far quicker than most of us realize now if you're not familiar with the Dow teaching and I'm gonna read a few more my fever passages in just a second but if you're not familiar with the tao te Ching it translates to the book of the way or the book in the way of virtue depending on the dialect that you 2 I translated and who wrote it in when is a subject of debate however most people I believe that was written by Lao zeal in the fourth century BC and when you look at this whole book after having read it and by the way it's only 81 chapters in each chapter is less than one page in length and most chapters are actually just a few sentences she greeted very quickly in less than a half hour ago you'd want to take more time to reflect on it of course ... but when you look at it from just the whole you have to ask yourself who I mean how did someone come to such incredible enlightenment and knowledge I mean I would venture to say and I I can't prove this is just a theory that maybe some of these side proverbs are poems are the big call different things but these individual chapters some of them might date back far earlier than 2500 years just a theory not necessarily true but the question becomes and when you read this you just see and know the truth as you'll see as I share a few passages here with you that I mean my goodness somebody would have had to observe and analyze numerous civilizations the rise and fall of numerous civilizations in numerous leaders good leaders and poor leaders to be able to come up with this information it's absolutely incredible so as I just read number 71 which is ignorance which just I mean it's not just brilliance that there are people out there just think they know everything but smart people wise people recognize that now there are some things we just cannot now it's just the way it is so without further ado let me read a few more passages to opposites when beauty is only a masquerade then it is simply ugliness in the same way goodness if it is not sincere is not really goodness existence and nonexistence are incompatible the difficult and easy are mutually opposed the long and the short the high and the low allowed in the soft the before and the behind are all opposites each reveals the other the wise man is not conspicuous in his actions or given to too much talking when troubles arise he is not irritated he produces but does not hoard he acts but expects no praise he builds but does not dwell therein and because he does not dwell there and he never departs the part about this and I want to discuss real quick is the opposites that everything reveals each other I mean this goes and I'm gonna make a video on the emerald tablets the as above so below that in this universe part of the law of the universe is that there's just opposite to everything lights dark and everything in between I mean you could even look at birth and death that there is a rise into your peak and then a gradual decline Sega's say that the middle of each the between birth and peak verses the peak to death there's an opposite there to see it on saying and it's also worth mentioning the part about good that you know if beauty is only masquerade in its ugliness in the same way that if goodness isn't sincere than it is in goodness I mean isn't that true I mean is there any debate about that let me move on to number 6 the source which is very short as you can see spirit of the perennial spring which by the perennial is infinite the never ending it's said to be immortal she is called the mysterious one the mysterious one is the source of heaven and earth she is continually endlessly giving fourth wife without effort I like how it says she it's interesting because when you look at ancient Egyptians as an example women the females they were running the show they were the leaders were they not yeah the hierarchy was a matriarch just like in the animal kingdom of elephants the the women lead the way in this most of it civilizations that have been the same way I find it interesting that refers to as she as the giving forth of life but that universe is always giving birth and everything completes itself that everything ties together in the source of all things is what creates and we are all part of that source nickel attest to discuss this into some detail which I discuss in a few of those videos that I'm sure most of you have seen so any move on now to 8 which is goodness which we touched on briefly and opposites true goodness is like water energies everything in harm's nothing like wider it ever seeks the lowest place a place that all others avoid this is the way of the Dow for a dwelling it chooses the quiet meadow for our hearts the circling Andy in generosity of this kind in speech it is sincere and authority it is order in action it is gentle and movement it is rhythm because it is always peaceable it suited his and refreshes I love the part how discusses early on that like water it seeks the lowest place the place that all others avoid this is the way of the Dow this is I mean you can tie this into Christ I you know guys anyone that needs help the people that truly need help are the ones that usually most people the masses will seem to avoid those who need it most like people that are addicts people that are poor a lot of people need a helping hand in my helping in the Mustang here's a bunch of money but think about it water seeks the lowest place as does goodness does not make sense so those out there who are truly good they don't just avoid the lowest areas those are the places that they seek just like water and water gives us everything let me move on to 9 prudence if you continue filling a pale after it is full the water will be wasted if you continue granting an axe after it is sharp the Edgware way who can protect a house full of gold and jewels excessive fortune brings about its own misfortune more money more problems a to insure merits to earn a good reputation you must be prudent this is the way of the Dow think about it guys I had a very interesting life I've had I've been well off of live poor everywhere in between I and I can tell you that honestly it just seems that more material ... materialism more money more the more focused you have on rich's it's a man it it doesn't ring a pa does bring upon you what you truly seek in the world is seeing this as a whole we are as a global civilization are largely living a more materialistic life than ever before arguably and you can see that there's more suffering in this world than there's ever been a course that's debatable to write and look it will work to the whole world suffered but the point is this materialism does not bring happiness well it does so but it's very very short sighted it's very anything about anyone to buy something new might be excited about it but how often before that wears off before they want the next best thing but it's really makes a great point so let me move on to number 11 which I which is called materiality which I shared in my prior video but it's it's so important especially in 2017 and it ties right in without what I just think about materialism so have you read this probably in part 3 as well you can leave this one out a wheel may have 30 spokes but its usefulness lies within the empty hop a jar is formed from clay but its usefulness lies within the empty center a room is made from 4 walls but its usefulness lies in the space between in the same way matter is necessary to give form but the value of reality lies in its in materiality that is everything that lives has a physical body but the value of a life is measured by the soul a man right I mean all my goodness it's so true the value of life is measured by the soul and you can also say that soul is the source of all things that make up well say a room of 4 walls and all everything here is made up of what comes from the source but the measure of it is what within it just like the measure of a person is and what they look like what's within their character their soul number 12 seek spirit too much light blinds the I. too much noise deafened that year too many spices dull the taste too much exercise weakens the body the pursuit of great riches leads to ruin the Wiseman attends to the inner truth of things and he is not fooled by out word appearances he ignores matter in seeks the spirits I can tell you this from my own life experiences my goodness in and many others will tell you this infected because looking simply into celebrity culture or the powers that be whether the politicians and world leaders or even ... it leaders of corporations they're all trying to achieve something that they just cannot fulfill and that it ultimately leads to the ruin they have many problems divorces terrible relationship with their kids total disgracing going down like the dark end of the day addiction and everything else we know this is not true yet the engines were talking about this at least closer to 2500 years ago it's also makes you think doesn't it what was just as true back then thousands of years ago is unbelievably true today humans have a change that way now to close this up up for this one video I'm gonna go back and read I read this from the last video but the very last chapter the book 81 true words not too long but this is just freaking brilliant true words are often unpleasant pleasant words are often untrue those who know the truth do not argue those who argue do not know the truth scholars are seldom the wisest man why is this man are seldom scholars if those who steal from others impoverish themselves those who give to others become rich those who fight do not win those who win do not fight this is the way of the Dow is that not brilliance honestly again when you stop when you reflect on this entire book in its whole it's unbelievable like I said just how true that wisdom was thousands of years ago which and I also suspect dates back for than 2500 years as I stated earlier but just how applicable it is today so I highly recommend this book I hope you enjoyed this me Schering's just some insight on this ... but I highly recommend it I think you should buy it and again this is something which we talked to every child starting from the grade school level on upwards anyways I'll leave it at that I'm Jimmy this bright insight like and subscribe elimia comin them know your thoughts are and have many more videos to come in a whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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Gobekli Tepe Ancient Skull Cult Temple? 2017 Evidence - Lost Human Civilization & Ancient Technology
\\go badly Teppei the world's oldest and largest megalithic structure ever found is back in the news like it never has before you may have seen the headlines going all around the world in fact I would venture to say that every single media outlet on planet earth has made an article about this declaring that go back we tap day is a temple that was utilizing created by a skull cult and in case you didn't see the thumbnail of this video that's what I think about that and I'm gonna explain exactly why but first if you're not familiar with the Beckley Tappeh then we just share with you a few key points about it it's in Turkey it's dated at 11600 years old at least because that was the point in time and when it was deliberately buried by humans and I'll explain that in just a second it's 50 times larger than Stonehenge and nearly 6000 years older it is it covers an area of 22 acres at least any of only excavated not even 10 percent of it it has more than 200 pillars that they know of as they verify through ground penetrating radar many of which are more than 20 feet tall and weigh at least 20 to 30 times what makes it even more interesting is it has sculptures of animals throughout which are 3 dimensional the A. quite literally what the most difficult route possible that instead of just chiseling away be chosen around the area to incredibly high precision how did they do that or why did they go to such a great extent to make it that much more precise and especially by the way no one knows who made this 12000 years ago let's not forget that the Sumerians in Mesopotamia are allegedly the birthplace civilization and that dates back 6000 years so when the Beckley tapping was discovered in 1994 it completely just astonished archaeologists and scientists from around the world and that it just completely debunked what we thought we knew about the true history of human civilization yet mainstream science has been beyond hesitant to address the site of go badly tapping and to make this site even more confusing to scientists has a celestial orientation in fact it is the very first structure in the world have a perfectly north south facing structure and when I say north we're talking true north which is more precise than a compass because a compass is affected by magnetic declination how in the world to civilization 12000 years ago how were they able to orient something a massive structure of this size were any structure at all to true north how would they even able to identify it to quote literally a perfect orientation I mean what year was it that we were able to establish true north precisely in modern civilization now let me get back to the sensational headlines are going all over planet earth right now scientists have found 408 skull fragments that contain cut marks within them as well as some drill holes now after these 408 fragments only a few of them actually have any type of cut marks on them whatsoever in fact only enough for 3 skulls that's right I have hundreds of bone fragments they have found they have found in a quick things of 3 schools have cut marks in them and drill holes so they concluded that the whole area was utilized by a skull cults and it was a temple no I have researched the Beckley tapi quite a bit so when I first saw this I instantly had some concerns so I decided to read read the fine print as well as read the actual publication and what you see here is a low science a a AS which stands for the American Association for the advancement of science which by the way is the world's largest general scientific society of pure were heard I peer review journals happens to mention that the skull fragments only date back between 10 and 7000 years wait a second there is a discrepancy there I mean they acknowledge that this site dates back nearly 12000 years but the skull fragments only date back 7 to 10000 years and we know through a overwhelming amount of organic material that has been dated to 11600 years ago which is just university accepted for the odd time frame that the site was buried but now they have skull fragments that earth net arrived thousands of years later ha they claim that depictions in carvings on the stone pillars but depict human decapitations of a human skull and that these were clearly symbolic of a skull called in that they must have dangled in strong about and hung about skulls human skulls all around the area to scare away enemies that's their hypothesis however this publication completely omit any information whatsoever about the world you may see the headlines from April of this year where scientists and astronomers and archaeologists have pieced together various depictions throughout the stone pillars that they suggest actually depicts a cosmic impact with planet earth in fact we theorize that these depictions are actually of star consolations which just so happened to match up perfectly with that frame of time when the star consolations would have been in that view in that direction of the sky which by the way just so happens to orient itself with the time frame of when there was a cosmic impact here on earth 11600 years ago which I'll get into in just one second now if you not aware already not discuss this in numerous other videos and I'm working on another video with new information that that I'm piecing together but there was absolutely some sort of cosmic event here on earth approximately 11600 years ago and another events 12980 years ago give or take 5 years I mean the evidence for this is overwhelming there is a black matte layer which encompasses more than 50000000 square kilometers of the earth's surface and it contains nano diamonds Mel glass extraterrestrial helium iridium which by the way iridium an extraterrestrial helium come from outer space radium is what makes up almost all meteorites this is so happens to coincide with the most recent data taken from ice core samples from Antarctica and Greenland this show that 11600 years ago there was a massive rise of global sea levels of more than 400 feet it happened in a very short period of time in that period of time also coincides with the massive extinction event where you had 75 percent of all mammals in North America go extinct and it's mysterious scientist I never been to identify why that happened which by the way 120 species of megafauna or animals larger than 100 pounds or included in that at NASA extinction level event some which by the way you've never seen before these animals are incredible looking I mean take for example the the short faced bear which is humongous or even the giant ground sloth I mean these things are just incredible most people never even seen them before so you have all those events that happened approximately 11600 years ago and then you have go badly Teppei which is universally agreed upon to have been buried by humans 11600 years ago the whole side of go back we tap a which by the way in the Turkish language means pot belly pig that this is an unusual hill and the entire hell itself is quite literally gravel stone and rocks that were filled in quite liberally with buckets a wheel barrels I mean just to pay you a picture I'm not suggesting that's of the and utilize but someone people buried this site they didn't destroy it they did not down the pillars I mean surely if they have the capability of lifting the stone pillars I mean I don't discuss Bible and how to become carve the Suns have the lift them to 1000 years ago as a holy day whole different guy topic in itself but primitive methods can accomplish these things so of course we could have just knocked them down right but yet the toast to bury this and when you see these walls that surround a go back to Tempe in Aliso within itself these are simply where the archaeologist that have conducted the excavations have simply place the stones so he's also you're seeing here that's not be it was that they made with the site itself is of the stone pillars so despite all the most recent data and evidence that shows you that there's something massive happen 11006 2 years ago science a a AS just completely new got neglects it all together now I've studied the topic of each human civilization quite a bit and I've observed that quite literally there is a massive cover up within mainstream science regarding the true history of aging human civilization you can say just that maybe about egos get away or that may be about to be was they have their careers have been based upon a narrative that wealth has been debunked so the question of why there's a quote unquote coverup is I would call it or as many people of I have referred to it as that's questionable that's debatable that's not get into that but I want to discuss is the relationship between Monsanto in science a S. quite literally have been by and paid for by Monsanto and the number of articles that have come out with they defend Monsanto heck it's unbelievable actually there's so many of them effect so many that even the fricking Huffington post made an article about it altogether so I dug a little bit deeper and I saw that science a a AS has declared on multiple years that Monsanto has been employer of the year a company of the year of leader of innovation in all kinds of other awards most of which are even included when I checked wikipedia which go figure wikipedia sets never mind on that'll make a video on that all together someday so where am I going with this well why do we trust in organization has been bought and paid for by 8 disgrace organization or any organization this is suppose to be science which is also be based on truth yet they've clearly been bought and paid for the evidence of this goes far beyond Monsanto by the way dig into this looking to them for yourselves but does anyone in their right mind actually think that a that a skull cult is who formed at this decide to go back we tap a really a massive site like I said only not even 10 percent of it has been excavated it covers more than 22 acres 50 times bigger than Stonehenge they somehow had the capability of kind carbon the stones in methods of with 3 dimensional art it clearly has he slash your orientation and somehow they knew precisely the direction of true north which is pretty incredible but science a a AS just completely omits in neglect this information altogether instead they come up with I mean a skull called narrative I mean you can just smell the B. S. your guys my the only one I don't know this is the reason why some people theorize that perhaps the Beckley tapi maybe a time capsule of some kind then maybe whoever designed this and created it so many years ago so far that we have no information about it all together and maybe they want to preserve it so that way civilizations going forward would have a heads up and be able to see or predict the next cataclysmic event which we know happens in cycles anyways I'll leave it at that I'm Jamie this bright inside like and subscribe Linnea comment that we know what your thoughts are but in many other videos come in a whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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'What the Health' Documentary Review & What You Need to Know - MASSIVE Corruption Exposed
\\the documentary what the health which just premiered on Netflix recently connect the dots on one of the greatest examples of corruption collusion and frankly conspiracy that the United States has ever witnessed it ties together how the pharmaceutical industry the meat and dairy industry as well as our own government are all in collusion together to generate revenues at the expense of the health of the American citizens in in case you've missed the memo Alzheimer's dementia cancer diabetes and heart disease have all skyrocketed right now 4 to 10 people are going to get cancer or are being diagnosed with cancer in less than 20 years it's going to be 60 percent yes 6710 people right now I have a 7 people have diabetes in lesson 2025 years that numbers can be 1 out of 3 quite literally 70 percent of American people today are dying from food related illnesses heart disease diabetes cancer all of these things are literally a manifestation of our diets but here's the main points in the key takeaways in this documentary one this is a must watch it receives my highest level of recommendation although this there's gonna be a total shit storm from this documentary I mean I've already foreseen it just wait and see illustrates a it paints a picture of just how corrupt our entire system truly is and when you watch this documentary you'll see the collusion between the pharmaceutical companies that treat ought to treat us for illnesses I mean very industry which is complicit in our massively deteriorating health and illness is it really is more so than you want to believe okay are and then you just say that the USDA the American heart association the American diabetes association as well as America American cancer society are all inclusion together the or fraudulent organizations that only care about money so much so that the receiving money from all of the organizations are all the companies out there that are killing us because of our diets they are literally receiving money from the government and the government is putting on the whole charade all to generate Jesus Christ tax revenues everything else in his so much worse than you can possibly imagine that is why this is a must see but another key takeaway is that you're going to see with the explosion of attention that this documentary is ultimately going to get in it's gonna happen soon I suspect although the powers that be will do everything to probably just just missed this covered up say that the witnesses and the people I talked about are credible and that there is exaggerations above above a lot everyone take a second and just look at the information look around you everybody is dying from these illnesses the rates are skyrocketing for diabetes cancer Alzheimer's dementia and as well as heart disease no one seems to know why hello it's because what we're eating were eating food that's not good for us non not gonna tell you that you should never ever ever eat meat okay what I will tell you is that I stopped eating all pork all poultry and I significantly reduced my dairy intake I never drink milk anymore when I used to drink it all the time I do eat cheese stop buying sour cream of though I love it and we do that restaurants and Mexican food my health is significantly increased my focus my my mental state might my level of happiness how I feel as well as my awareness you know like people ask me on my channel because I talk about a lot of different topics in the well how you so where are you learning unless that is where things start happening when you Sir cleaning up your diet it affects your level of clarity it's not on the same way that like going from being like an alcoholic to sober is it's more subtle than that but try it I need another key takeaways think for yourself there's gonna be so much disinformation about this documentary that comes out all you need to do is just listen to the information and connect the dots an experiment for yourself doing what's called the 7 day vegan challenge I did it I made it 2 weeks well 13 days holy shit he's my language but the results were more noticeable and I thought it's not as hard as you think I mean it's not easy if you like to go out to eat a lot or if you like to go to happy hours old you eat garbage food right I mean you are addicted to food guys this is a real thing you my pride yourself on all I don't do drugs I don't do alcohol not addicted to a ball about you really are you not addicted to sugar United ducted to eating nasty food are you not addicted to Facebook what were all addicted to something and right now we're in the epidemic of American food is the reason why it tastes the best I mean well that's debatable right in the fast food is like garbage to a lot of people I mean I I'm a fast food addict like I said are there's a lot of places a fast but I will not eat out like McDonald's or KFC or Taco Bell but when you get away from fast food for a long enough period of time and then you go back it doesn't taste the same but you don't want your twice after you've stocked you get right back into it again so it is addicting now let me see also with the things I need to talk about so like I said it had by the way like you got a lot sees I know where to begin and one of the greatest reasons for all of this massive collusion and corruption is lobbying if you're not aware of what lobbying is it's no joke this not exaggeration is legal bribery it's a way of companies corporations to give money to this third party who gives money to our senators in in our congressmen that's right Hey ever wonder how is senator could do a 4 year term making $170000 your salary and leaves a multi millionaire you're the pharmaceutical company providing $238000000 in lobbying you have the meat or ... in dairy industry under $30000000 we think this money is going they're paying our government officials who vote on lies to create laws that protect them the perfect them from having to label things prevent them that quite literally go to them sponsoring the very same foods that we eat there telling us off and then the pharmaceutical companies are there to treat us guys diabetes one most expensive things to treat out there and it reduces your lifespan by on average 19 years and one out of 3 people are fixing to get it right now holy shit like think about this 6 of the 10 people in less than 20 years are going to get cancer in their lifetime 6 out of 10 think about that in in you know what's worth mentioning if you're not aware of this I mean if you about this as well because there's a pending economic collapse I of Pontus all the brilliant minds a predicted the crash of au 8 that were signed at the time ridiculed and call dishonest that turned out to be right and indicated guys are all sounding the alarm again look at Peter Schiff and I and others that are talking about it like there is more debt in the world then money that exists pay for it that's right let me just say that again because people don't believe the first time here doesn't register there's more debt the world the money exists to pay for it so in other words it's a mathematical certainty because of the powers that be with the corruption of interest in her the banking industry that well lit and economic implosion is a mathematical certainty and you'll the reason by the way it hasn't happened already is because it's a manipulated key to completely just Riggs says some I'll stop there but the point that I'm making is this when that economic collapse happens it is again it's gonna happen sooner than people think what do you think's going to happen to the supply chain of pharmaceutical drugs in a drugs and medical treatment think about that you will be what many people will not be able to afford to treat these illnesses that are already skyrocketing what do you think's going to happen to these people we think it's gonna happen to people that can't afford pharmaceutical drugs all the sudden come on anything you guys the system is so friggin rate that the very people who have been bought and paid for by lobbyists which is the entire goddamned government sorry for my language over talking life and death here they've been bought and paid for in the same people or this other individuals that can't even agree on health care reform are you freaking joking G. member not long ago not even 10 years ago 8 years ago maybe when you know you pay I mean I'm not gonna throw numbers out there I mean I member as an individual is paying $120 a month for good health care by and their own in one of $250 a month I was pissed now chi chi's is I know it is people out there that you know what I'm talking about I need to dive into that well you know the system is rigged the pharmaceutical companies control the whole rig the control the USDA they control the case studies that are telling people that these foods are okay let me say this anyone that tells you that these foods are okay for you is either misinformed or lying because they have a financial incentive to do so it's worse than you think this documentary what the health is a must watch I'm not gonna talk to you you know into becoming a vegan although you can make a real solid argument that humans are really supposed to be eating meat now I'm not saying that they are never supposed to eat meat I think that's okay I mean I'd be very careful about it I think you need to become more aware of what happens when you eat ingrediente when you eat factory farm foods like chickens and cows when you absorb that energy that comes from an unhappy animal effects you in more ways than you realize the documentary doesn't touch on this part doesn't touch on the spiritual aspect or the mental aspect because I just hit you hard facts and data that shows you that yes these foods are killing us in there is collusion among the powers that be to get rich off this that prevent us from knowing better now like you watching this of course are aware of this information but you know guys humans are a herd species you know like people call people sheep sheeple it's condescending but you know with to just say that these people was their fault for not knowing guys it doesn't cut it were born into this man don't you you know people when we don't have the information that's one thing is one that look I'm not suggesting that we make these things illegal and I know a lot people and say all of the economic implications of you know reducing the meat and dairy industry like some up for second listen to yourself we're killing ourselves off in its only increasing all the data there proves this the only ones are getting way to contradict it are the assholes that are paying that are that are the ones that are making hundreds of millions and billions of dollars off this so we have an obligation to misinform the people to let them make a decision for themselves I'll leave it at that I'm Jamie this bright inside like and subscribe had many other videos a whole wide variety of topics and love exposing truth discussing all kinds of other topics and most people will not discuss I'll leave me a comment as well let me know your thoughts are about to leave it at that take care everybody //
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CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative is "bullsh*t" - CNN Exposed in Secret Undercover Video
\\so if you haven't heard there's undercover video of a supervising producer at C. N. N. describing in detail how the whole Russian narrative has been complete propaganda all to just wild generate money and revenues of course and I can say that from the get go that this whole Russian narrative thing was just a complete distraction from home I got so many other things now this is not a political channel but as somebody like myself the discusses the cover up involving each human civilization because it is there is a mainstream cover up they're actively ignoring the most recent data that proves that true history of aging human civilization is far older and was once far more advanced than we ever thought possible and that there's well Islam holes and gaps in the narrative that they're still teaching in school so many falsehoods that it's quite literally a crime and anyone that does any research on this sees for themselves like holy crap how is this new you know not houses being kept from the public and let's be honest the mainstream media is controlled and operated by 6 CEOs I have a video on this side I'll link it here to this video and I encourage you to watch it right describe the people that are truly pulling the strings because they control quite literally be 6 CEOs control 90 percent of everything we watch listen to and read because the control Hollywood to control the music industry the car control the publishing companies that quite literally print the text books that teach us things in school including anti human civilization so this is a massive problem on so many levels in most people are just completely unaware of it in fact this information that I'm saying right now was so foreign to people in here for the first time that they're like this can't be true but you can verify everything all of this for yourself quite literally just follow money follow the executives of each company and see that they control met hundreds of other companies the on companies that own companies that own companies and all this goes white right up to the top of 6 it's CEOs it's insane it true you can verify for yourself so many cut to the chase private veritas action with James o'keefe you may remember him for exposing undercover video from leading up to the election involving Hillary Clinton's campaign how we recommend you look into that if you haven't because quite literally have people that have visited the White House visit with president Obama hundreds of times or at least 50 times and been to the White House 300 times and epically describing how they cheated during elections okay so the same gentleman went undercover or had someone else in his organization go undercover within CNN and you have a supervising producer which is a higher up I mean this is a gentleman that sit set corporate up right at meetings with the C. E. O. of our CNN and I'm gonna get to him in the second so he describes it the whole Russian narrative is complete bullshit which it is and it's all about generating money and and he is he discusses how late actively just put aside ethics he laughs about journalistic ethics are taught in school and I quote but all the nice cutesy little affix it used to get talked about in journalism school you're just like that's adorable that's adorable this is a business watch the video I mean include the link it's only 8 minutes long and also include a 4 minute video by mark dice he describes this and puts it all in the context you can you just how fuck up excuse my language CNN is but it's not just CNN box it's MSNBC's N. B. C. A. B. C. CBS guys they're all owned and operated by 6 CEOs they're all in cahoots together the all owned media outlets newspapers magazines posit publishing companies the own Hollywood the on the music industry the influence our entire society and world culture and they're liars in the actively are orchestrating a narrative the propaganda to get troll the masses it's true you people have to we got to this I know people love my subscribers one even watch this video the like my other stuff on Tesla and 8 you civilization and intuition and spirituality that guy's this all ties together there's a reason why there's so much information in truth being tapped for the masses and it's these individuals it's the 60 Ellison before I pick on John ... Bonfield who's the ... producer he's probably about to be fired for this I'm I'm actually you know I see some goodness in this guy because when you look at this so we got to do what they gotta do to make their money I think and so I love the news business but I'm very cynical about it yeah and at the same time so are most of my colleagues so they're actively is acknowledging that the sacrifice their integrity to make money but he's acknowledging the good in him he's talking to this individual undercover who doesn't of course know the is under cover but he wants to get off his chest he knows that there's something wrong about it obviously any states again how close is relationship is the CEO sitting in the same meanings of the CEO Jeff Zucker who is a person of incredibly low character who do anything to make money including lie to the American public think about this guy's but it goes up higher than that C. N. N. who of course Jeff Zucker is the CEO of guys in this company is owned and operated by Time Warner who nobody even realizes that Jeff Beukes is a C. overtime Warner that owns hundreds of other media outlets okay including CNN this is the guy who's responsible he's a guy who gives Jeff Zucker a fricking job and yet no one knows his name or his face right watch my video but the 6 CEOs and I mean you see what I'm talking about the own everything and to wrap this up people like Anderson Cooper C. N. N.'s head guy because this guy is quite literally a C. I. A. agents wait I know that sounds freaking insane the first time you hear it look into his background his mother is Gloria Vanderbilt the heir to the friggin banking conglomerate of we have the rostros the Vanderbilt roster ... the Rockefellers and the Morgans he didn't even go to school for broadcasting or journalism he did 2 internships back to back years while in college with the Central Intelligence Agency guys he is quite literally a member of the CIA he's a he's a disinformation agent I swear this I know this sounds ridiculous if you never heard this before just dig into it don't believe me look at the times he's been called out about it and how we denied it at first he ignored the questions about at first for years and we find the address that look how freaking awkwardly is about it I'm I'm very good at some things and I suck at most things what I'm good at is dissenting lice bullshit and deceit I used to do it for a living this is what he was lying you can see it it's so obvious oh man nears another question how much money is C. N. N. received from the CI a have they not receive hundreds of millions of dollars from government taxpayer money oh man guys the rabbit hole when you dig down the stuff you see that quite clearly the truth hissed is stranger than fiction literally alright but there ... I hope that I've given you something to look at watch the videos from mark dice and the video for a mob of project their tests action why take 12 minutes of your time combined the 2 videos both Pena real interesting picture about what's happening here these media outlets are utilizing and it's not just CNN it's fox it's all of them they utilizing the same propaganda ... tactics that Adolf Hitler Joseph Goebbels utilize in Nazi Germany they know how that there is a system there's a method of conning people of manipulating the masses we know there's oh man don't get me started so anyways I'm Jamie this is right in sight I have many other videos are on a whole wide variety of topics so like and subscribe to any condom that we know what your thoughts are but I have many other videos to come real soon take care everybody //
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Ancient Egypt 2017 - Egyptologists DEBUNK Themselves! Egyptian DNA - Lost Ancient High Technology
\\the narrative taught to us by egyptologists about the truth of ancient human civilization particularly that of ancient Egyptians is so full of holes that they are now quite literally debunking themselves in fact you may have seen news articles making headlines around the world of how researchers have decoded the genome of ancient Egyptians for the very first time in fact the findings have turned years of theory on its head causing egyptologists to reevaluate the region's history altogether the study tested preserved remains from an archaeological site along the Nile river in middle Egypt's then compared the DNA to modern Egyptians in Cairo a study found that the monies closest ancient relatives were from the near east or west Asia and Europe so in other words modern Egyptians have more in common with sub Saharan Africa then the ancient Egyptians deal which just completely debunks everything they thought they knew about the human migration process into ancient Egypt and elsewhere around the world now it's worth mentioning that the did testing from just one site in middle Egypt for more than 150 Egypt's in mummies now obviously the need to do more testing from other sites but it almost tells me that they chose this site just to validate their current narrative I mean any research you do on this you'll see just how shocked these people truly were to have these findings but why are these people always so shocked I mean we learned throughout history to be constantly debunk ourselves that what we knew yesterday turns out to be false tomorrow and these people just can't seem to wrap their minds around it maybe it's because of the fact that the memorize definitions and textbook decades ago and they've been handing out degrees on the subject matter which is as we've learned full of falsehoods for decades in the beginning at least agrees to tens of thousands of people but they just don't accept the fact that while they've been run from the get go I have already learned in just the last year 0.5 that they're finding native American DNA to contain middle eastern DNA which is just a complete stocking a complete mystery and on top of that they're finding DNA in south American monies that have DNA from aborigines from Australia I mean you can pretty much just take the heat known human migration pattern map and throw it out the window because it is just been overwhelmingly debunked I mean how in the world do you have Australian aboriginal DNA in south American mommies but not in the remains of north American Indians I discuss this in other videos but it just goes to show you that quite literally these egyptologists have no idea what they're talking about I mean how do you explain the fact that there are tens of thousands of ancient Egyptian petroglyphs in hieroglyphs that show the internee Jepsen's are dynastic Egyptians I should say doing all kinds of different things yet there's a complete lack 0 information whatsoever about how they built the great sphinx or the pyramids all together which further validates me take this newfound DNA evidence that there was indeed a cataclysm that reset each in human civilization so whoever built the sphinx and the pyramids well they were wiped out during last cataclysm 13000 years ago and the dynastic Egyptians that we know of came and found the remains of these ancient sites and just built on top of them I discuss the overwhelming evidence of the cataclysm and multiple other videos all just hold off there but just the paint you a picture of discuss this and other videos as well but when you look at the overwhelming evidence from the enclosure of the great sphinx it proves that the age of the great sphinx is at least double the age of what we've been taught in very likely be tens of thousands of years old based on the water rose and around it I mean anyone that doesn't acknowledge this has either not looked at the research or is lying just protect their own financial incentives because the evidence is overwhelmingly conclusive that yes the great sphinx is far older than we've been taught in school over the narrative that they Egyptologist I've been teaching for decades in fact you have professional geologist take for example Robert shock in more than 200 other professional geologist from around the world dozens of countries that have evaluated this banks and have said that yes it looks like there might be 20 to 30000 years of water ocean around it what's it's worth mentioning that there is more than 30000 years of Egyptian lineage from the pharaoh's nearly carved in stone throughout ancient Egypt and yet modern egyptologists just blow that often see symbolism of something else that it's wrong that obviously we don't date back 30000 years that's just impossible we don't have the evidence the evidence is right in front of you and how long I mean how many times these people have to be debunked for them to register the fact that maybe there's a lot more that they don't know them they know in it's time to start asking you questions it's time of the starting knowledge in all the overwhelming evidence of the cataclysms happen 11600 years ago in 13000 years ago this shows you that there was an advanced civilization of some kind that existed and they were wiped out following that cataclysm and hence the reason why we don't know anything that happened more than 6000 years ago yet modern humans as we are today have existed for at least 150000 years possibly as much as 650000 years as we saw on recent articles going around which I discuss in another video I mean do you ever wonder why we just have 0 knowledge dating back more than 6000 years and even 6000 years ago was totally foggy and is limited information about that all together like I said it's time to start asking you questions but clearly the true history of ancient human civilization is far older and we are far more advanced than we were ever tighten school anyways guys on Jimmy this is right inside like and subscribe Libya comin them you know what your thoughts are and have many other videos to come in the whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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Critical Thinking & The War on Information - Jimmy Banter's on Several Topics - Taming The Animal #6
\\is it just me or is the lack of critical thinking on behalf of the masses one of the greatest problems the plagues humanity right now I mean think about that think about how many of the world's greatest issues and problems would go away if the majority of the masses would simply just focus their attention or fax check things and look into things for themselves stop believing everything they're told stop believing what we hear on television I mean president Richard Nixon themselves said that Americans don't believe anything until we see it on TV I mean all my goodness so this is episode 6 of taming the animal were essentially discuss various attributes of the human species and how there's so many characteristics about us that are so predictable and so common that it simply would just if people just become more aware of them well a lot of our issues would go away or at least be mitigated and this is something that has been indoctrinated into people from the get go since birth I mean think about were taught in school memorize this and if you want to be successful in life you need to check these boxes and gain enough money materialism are material items in order to accomplish your happiness level or whatever and clearly we all know I mean that's bullshit I wanna see we all know that but we don't do anything about how many people want to be famous celebrities with tons of money but yet I mean we're certainly seeing what that's doing thing but how many celebrities have died from overdoses or or just abuse to alcohol and drugs and everything else and seemingly cannot to fill the hole missing from their hearts I mean how even just the other day we saw how Carrie Fisher you know princess Leia had ... cocaine heroin and ecstasy in her blood I think a lot of people were very shocked by that but this is something is growing you can see society as a whole suffering but it doesn't have to be this way you know it's like all the problems in the world that we're being told from that mainstream media as an example which is by the way collapsing on in on itself I mean they're the ratings are crashing because people are awakening to the fact that they're being fed bullshit right but there's still an abundance of people out there too many people unfortunately that are not fact checking things for themselves there are questioning the motives in the agenda of those that are leading them politicians in even religious leaders I mean that's used let me just touch on politics really quick if you identify with a political party you are not maximizing your critical thinking skills sets and abilities and this is the funny thing that most people who think that their analytical or any critical thinker are still not well they're holding themselves back so on the political viewpoints I mean name a single political party whose leaders are discussing her name the meet me back up name a single politician that right now is demanding that we find out what happened to the nearly $9000000000000 that's just been there vanished in missing from the Pentagon that was stolen obviously I mention this in a prior video about the 6 questions for president trump which I mean it's only goes pretty a tough on trump in that video like if I go back I would specify that name a single president that has addressed these issues I mean they're all complete their old complicit in the cover up anything about this X. nav $0 at least of taxpayer money is stolen from the Pentagon and there's no way to find it allegedly because of a quote unquote suffered let me think about this think about the abuses going on I mean most people would agree I mean almost everybody would agree that war city an absolute last resort so we look at politics political parties it it keeps people from finding common ground which is that yes we don't want war yes we want our taxpayer money to be spent wisely and if it's been stolen or been abused or taken by you know the deep state intelligence agencies we want to know about it rates I mean many is another example in this it's kind of political kind of not but man made climate change guys any single climate change man made climate change debate that happens the dozen included actionable wind of steps to starts transitioning away from the oil and gas industry in the or at least in the automotive industry from that stand by anything about it if humans are destroying the planet does everyone wants you to believe what will I do believe that by the way but I also know that there are so so many its significance ... cycles within our earth that are just well it's like you're being omitted you know that that these debates will say 0 yeah we know that the earth goes through cycles of weather changes but like we just stop there they don't mention how there was a foreigner foot rise in sea level 1213 0 years ago what happened before the industrial revolution that's a big big are you know that that's a factor they need to be discussed but just to clarify yes I we are destroying this planet will kill ourselves off I also know that planet earth will live without us I mean look at all the volcanic activity look at all the nuclear detonations look at all the pollution I mean there it seems to do fine without us in will recover no matter how bad we screw this plan over I think that we will kill ourselves before the plane it is what I'm saying but regardless we have to clean up the environment we have to stop I mean look we all just admit that driving around in cars millions of people driving around in cars is creating all the pollution that there is a release isn't a significant majority of it so any man made climate change the date that doesn't include actionable steps to getting away from that well then you know that this is a fraudulent debate because that's the root cause and this is where critical thinking comes into play being able to utilize our abilities to root cause various issues the problems whatever they may be I mean even consider the that many mix things up here and we go to the subject of well I'm looking at how about religion changes dive into that I'm also gonna talk about aliens still I see religion I'm not saying that if you identify with the religion you are not utilizing your critical thinking skills and I mention that because well I'm somebody who doesn't identify with the religion I was raised Catholic but now I say that nature is my church love is my religion I believe that what you if you focus on forgiveness apologize to those who you've run to those who you hurt your past if you focus on giving gratitude and if you seek truth and you'll see that between all the major religions of the world they all have fundamental aspects in common and they all have unique truths that that well that they don't share and that they all lose seemingly omit information that's out there I mean these these are all things that are important so if you identify with the religious organization you might be holding ourselves back you might not be getting all the information we are not getting information this be honest ... them transition aliens some people get really defensive about the topic of aliens whether we visited earth so well first of all there are trillions of planets we've identified that every single star out there has the least one planet so I think that there could be civilization out there of beings who are thousands of years more advanced than that so many say this from your 1900 to 2000 holy crap that we develop technologically in ways that whole I mean it's amazing right so what's what are people bill is going to be 1000 years into the future or 10000 or 100000 years well let's get knots 1000000 years in the future so obviously it's completely within the realm of possibility that beings from other plants can be using us right now and there's enough evidence out there to suggest that the army look into the 1952 lights over Washington DC incident that Nick I've been wanting me to be on this for sometime I need to just do it but holy crap is that not if what they I mean it's a very compelling case ... Alsop they'll make a video on it but even the 1997 lights over Phoenix incident as well if these were not extraterrestrial beings from another where ever place other than earth visiting us then you have to come to the conclusion if you're thinking critically that well then it's a top secret ... the spacecraft at top secret aircraft of some kind that is so amazing that has technology that is out of this earth that well if then what's been suppressed for the masses and if we had access to this technology that's being suppressed from us we would have to be spending all our money at that at the fricking gas tanker at the gas station it right thing about that so if you don't believe in the aliens will then critical thinking will allow you to see that well then okay the masses are being screwed over big time because there's technology out there that doesn't need gas this technology out there that allows you just float around in travel it you know tens 7000 miles an hour I do 90 degree turns at Mach 1 as is the case of 1952 lights over DC which is so significant because guys this is this is 7 years before the SR 71 blackbird was even conceived of 12 years before its first flight it wasn't the Russians you know this was for incidences over 2 weekends that made its own way it all went to the press in this is a big deal verified on multiple radar systems to pilots on the ground in the air guys it that's how many years ago was 1950 to 65 years ago what kind of technology existed back then that could justify that's off the top cover that another video return open your minds here that like well you don't buy into the alien argument then you have to start embracing other alternatives right what else I want to talk about here ... okay science in each human civilization history we learned throughout history to keep the bugs in ourselves what we thought we knew in the past gets the monk later on the sap and throughout history so it's like when I make videos as an example the talk weddings in human civilization or other things there's always that I was gonna comment from some of the that basically just regurgitates exactly what they learned in school and says everything else is just nonsense but okay will that mindset isn't really utilizing critical thinking is it because we know that we keep the backing ourselves time and time again so we have to know the things that we know today are going to be you prove wrong tomorrow or a year from now whatever right think about that one of the greatest problems is the television I tell people to get away from your TV at least cancel your fricking table and stick with Netflix or Amazon or something because you don't realize even if you're somebody says oh I don't give a crap about commercials I need them you don't realize that when you hear things or see things time time time time and time again as you do on the television set it does in doctrine you into buying name brand things I mean you might even buy generic items but it prevents you from realizing that those generic brands are owned by the big ... name brand companies I discuss this and other videos that I need to go to a department store grocery store you are essentially buying items from just 10 companies well like most of the items in the stores are quite literally originate from 10 companies that are other companies that own other companies and so you all the auth name brand stuff true so obviously this is like an info dumping discussing all kinds of different things but a lot of the world's problems and and and and here I am talking about politics and aliens a religion but a lot of the world's problems would just go away if people started fact checking things for themselves say take the news for example would like to mention is taking a total dump in ratings thank god but if no you know but still millions of people watching that stuff in if more people were to simply district back checking things or just you know I just realized it the best place to hire him hydrolyze between 2 truths which is so common in the mainstream news which most people listen to our most people even they don't watch the news will least get their news from headlines well see that all good news or Yahoo whatever shows these headlines a look at the headlines feel like they know what's going on and just get away from it that is not critical thinking and that is screwing you over it's amazing how much emission is occurring in the news so I don't know I I don't know why I have so many thoughts on this ... I might have to make another video on the topic of critical thinking to elaborate on it more I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments on this subject but quite clearly we all have the ability to decipher through bullshit we deal some people are better at it than others I mean we know this but enough of the masses are just choosing to believe what they hear and not facts check things for themselves that is causing the world to be as crazy as it is and we all know it guys we know this world's going down a we're really weird route isn't it or direction struck so I'll leave it at that time Jimmy this bright insight to have many videos on up just tons of different topics so I liken subscribe and I have many more topics have been used to come real soon so I'll just leave it at that take care everybody //
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1,000 Year Old Ancient Humans? DNA & Ancient Civilization - Lost High Technology
\\is it possible that ancient humans actually did live to be several 0 years old or even thousands and in some cases tens of thousands of years of age now before we just dismiss this as nonsense or mis translation of historical text or even just symbolism of something else that's just consider where we are today in 2017 we've been cloning animals for more than 20 years in fact Dolly the sheep in 1996 was the first animal we ever cloned and since then the fund at least 15 different species of animals Weatherby farm animals monkey's face all kinds of different animals and were even now cloning human organs on the backs of mice and men in Petri dishes I never even cloning human hearts and now the people are living longer than ever I mean where we gonna be a few 0 years into the future assuming we don't destroy ourselves by then I think about how longer lifespans will be 345 0 years into the future I mean think about that we have a bunch of nerds in laboratories right now growing organs in Petri dishes and I see nerds as a term of endearment by the way so what's to say what's possible what isn't I mean as of today if you have $100000 you can be a company in South Korea to clone your dog so when the Sumerian texts which lists all kinds of really interesting information I mean somehow the Sumerians knew of the planets in our solar system and the new that Mars was smaller than earth Jupiter bigger than Saturn Saturn bigger than Uranus and so on I mean how did they know this thousands of years before any telescope allegedly ever existed yet they claim that their team gods live to be tens of thousands of years old which of course many people dismisses symbolism or nonsense or whatever but it's not forget how many different civilizations arm across multiple continents around the world all say the same thing ancient Chinese text Indian person Greek sue Marion attacks from the Bible all say the same thing that before the flood we live longer than we do now I mean and now is slowly going back up again so is it really out the realm of possibility no lot of people will say wait a second if we were so technologically advanced we would have proof that there be more evidence of this laying around that we would find now let me use the example of use this and other videos of course which is that of the Titanic 105 years ago 50000 tons of steel and iron a boat that was more than 800 feet long sank to the bottom of the ocean and now today it's more than half way gone in just a few 0 more years will be completely nonexistent and also use the example of cars and houses that say if you leave a car outside unattended for several decades ill Russ itself straight through saving with a house that if you leave it unattended will collapse in on itself in a matter of decades so we're talking about a length of time of tens of thousands of years that's not forget the nothing survives other than stone so any evidence that would be looking for as well it's gone now and not to mention if the most advanced civilizations at an ancient civilization lived on the coastline as they do today well what would happen with the fortified rising sea level I mean it's all gone right is it possible that each in humans were once so advanced that they were able to repair their DNA and grow new organs and able to live to be 900 years old or 1000 or even tens of thousands of years old I mean read the point now they see them in just a few years will be cloning our first woolly mammoth literally and they even talking about how long will be before we clone the first human which I suspect is already happened I mean think about it countries like North Korea or China or even the state intelligence agencies of the United States I mean come probably are done at all disturbing to think about but this is the world we live and you think that scientists somewhere having gone rogue and try that out it's time we start entertaining new questions because obviously following the last cataclysm that happened approximately 624000 years ago a dual event of discusses in numerous videos that obviously would be a reset button for everything we would lack any type of evidence of it anyways so what are the odds that you have numerous civilizations across multiple continents all saying the same thing maybe there is some truth to it and we're obviously heading in that direction again we're living to be longer than ever they say that the first 150 year old people are be alive and driving around today I mean there's even legends and stories of people have left to be 150 years old already but they weren't able to verify it so of course the Guinness book of records never took into consideration anyways guys I would make this video just to get it out there and get people thinking because you know something I use the thing was just ridiculous or silly symbolism I mean it wasn't just a few months ago that I started actually thinking about that you know maybe there's some truth to I mean history does repeat itself right anyways guys only that that like and subscribe in the new economy and then you know what your thoughts are but I'm Jimmy this bright insight I many other venue succumbing whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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Pyramids of Egypt 2017 UPDATE - Textbooks DEBUNKED! Ancient Human Civilization Lost High Technology
\\ancient human civilization was far older and far more advanced number ever tighten school in fact we were so advanced that whoever built the great pyramid of Giza somehow knew precisely just how big planet earth was to set a precise degree of accuracy that we were not able to achieve until 1972 following satellite measurements and mapping if you don't believe me I have the data to prove it and I share that with you in just a moment now if you see my other videos and ancient human civilization over the pyramids I discuss interesting facts such as that the great pyramid of Giza just so happens to be located at the exact geographical center of all land mass planet earth but I mean do you think that that's a coincidence I mean what are the odds of that that the biggest and most mysterious structure in the history of mankind it just so happens to be located in the one spot on planet earth that is unique in of itself I also discussed the fact that the great pyramid of Giza has 8 sides not for most people are not aware this it's very subtle and it's only apparent at dusk and dawn on the spring and autumn equinox I also discussed the fact that the pyramids lack said residue from candles and torches I mean how were they able to illuminate the structures why they're being built or afterwards I even used the example of the Sistine Chapel which was built thousands of years after the pyramids of Egypt yet years and years of restoration was required to remove centuries of set residue from candles and torches so why on earth did the Sistine Chapel require candlelight yet the pyramids didn't I mean I even use the example and take the picture on the right of its in Egypt that some people say depicts a light bulb were some sort of technical device involving electricity I mean you can see the snake and Kenexa lotus flower which also connects seemingly to accord that goes to a box I mean what is this I also discuss the incredible shaft and tunnel system located throughout the Giza plateau there are dozens of Shasta plummet over 100 feet down and they're dug into solid limestone bedrock in these photos don't even include the horizontal shafts and tunnels that go into the Giza plateau which is a great mystery I mean what would these used for now in my video is one of the things I like to discuss is the fact that into humans seemingly have some sort of advanced technology to be able to cut the stone and left them however many people disagree with this in the site awesome examples on on how primitive methods can absolutely be utilized to cut in with stones for example you have string saws as well as Brian size that can be utilized with sand and water to cut through granite basalt even court site so no you do not need advanced machinery or any type of cutting systems to cut through these hard stones but there's a massive issue with this theory which is the fact that it takes so unbelievably long to cut through even just one stone effect is pretty interesting that most of the demonstrations that you can find videos of don't even show the completion of the stones they cut a few inches into it and give up just to prove to you that yes it's possible to cut through the stones but explain to me how string size or bronze size can cut the unbelievably unique curvatures of many of the stones for found throughout Egypt or how these methods could possibly cut 90 degree angles were in modern times stonemasons need diamond bit drills in routers to do any of the singles that you're seeing I mean even take for example the 100 ton stone boxes founded the Serapeum in Egypt these boxes are more than 10 feet tall 15 feet long and weigh combined total of 100 times a piece 30 times for the solid lead in 70 times for the box bow makes it even more interesting is that the machine cut somehow to a level of accuracy to within 210 thousandths of an inch I mean how could string saws or bronze size that you know I stand cut something so massive I mean that's one thing these boxes are humongous or the fact that they're so unbelievably level I mean can you demonstrate a string saw doing something to this level of accuracy to 10 thousandths of an inch but that brings me to another question involving the logistics I mean how can these primitive methods been utilized to do tens of millions of stone blocks found throughout pyramids structures in statue throughout ancient Egypt I mean there are at least 880 pyramids known to exist within each of the lan most people are aware that there a course of familiar with the 3 largest the most popular which of the pyramids of Giza but there are others being found all the time even in March of this year we found an entirely new pyramid buried in ruins underneath the sands of Egypt or even the Abu Abbas pyramid which appears to be exploded in Sardinian is just completely mysterious and what the heck happened to that pyramid but any what on earth happened to any pyramid for them to be in ruins Wyrley finding destroyed pyramids underneath the sands of Egypt what on earth would it take to destroy a pyramid but when you take into account that the great pyramid of Giza in itself has 2.3000000 stone blocks should we be finding thousands of discarded worn out a bronze size throughout Egypt yet we've only found what a few several if that's so these primitive methods don't stack up yes it's possible to cut through the stones with these primitive methods but it doesn't compute if we're being told that each human civilization in the first pyramids were built approximately 4200 years ago if every single person alive at that time was working on this they would still be working to complete all of these tens of millions of stone blocks found throughout Egypt and they're still finding new now let me touch on the issue of lifting the stones now I have seen other primitive methods which are incredible by the way take for example Wally from miss again you can see video where he left the 20 time stone block all by himself it's incredible but explain to me in that many cite the example of the mass of 1000 ton stones of ball back in Lebanon located near the temple of Jupiter I mean how on earth did they move a 1000 ton stone block over a half mile up hill how on earth did they do that not to mention the 3 blocks the thing lifted up over 30 feet up in place on top of other stones I mean yeah sure people can left individual stones but how do you drag 0 ton stone uphill I mean that really raises some serious questions but it may go back to Egypt and use the example of the Syrian I mean you have 60 to 70 ton stone blocks of peace that are more than 10 tall and he's pictures do not do it justice because if you're a person sitting next to you to see just how the stone blocks are how in the world did leave if the stone blocks on top of these other ones not to mention how did the cutting carbon the stone blocks do you really think that something so big was done with a bronze sob or string size I mean honestly it doesn't how long would it take to do just one stone block never mind lifting it but then you keep going just the incredible knowledge B. mathematical formulas and equations that are necessary to build a pyramid is unbelievable I mean parents on themselves are kind of like a puzzle net we have tunnel systems air shafts and chambers within them so it's one big massive puzzle and then you get back to my original point from the opening this video which is that whoever built these pyramids and design them somehow knew precisely the exact measurements of planet earth in the great pyramid of Giza is an exact replica based on race yell to the northern hemisphere down to a ratio of 43200 I'll keep that number 432 in mind as we get going known citing the works of Randall Carlson from his video series you can find on you tube which is cosmic patterns in cycles of catastrophe you have to check this out I'm only going to touch on it briefly and I'm about to leave out so many more important aspects in information that will completely sell you on what I'm trying to explain here but he takes measurements done through several sources of the pyramid alone and even takes into account that the fact that the great pyramid of Giza had 144000 casing stones on it before it was destroyed somehow were taken apart but any takes measurements of the planet earth dating back from 18 thirties till today and somehow these measurements of planet earth take for example 1972 with satellite napping in measurements conducted all the quick to a ratio of 43200 to one let me give you a bit more information so you can see how this all fits together so you have the sun which has a diameter of 806 the 4000 or radius of 432000 and then you have the moon which is a diameter of 2160 or the radius being 1080 but if you were to divide the average distance of the sun from the earth about 93000000 miles but I diameter of the sign in her 64000 illegal one awaits just as if you were to take the average distance of the moon to the earth which is you know practically 233000 divide that by its diameter you also equal 108 now take that number one await which is seen throughout into human civilization I mean just one example would be the 100 8:00 hours down to Cambodia and you'll also find the number 108 found throughout the Hindu religion and other sources as well now I mention that the pyramid of Giza had 144000 casing stones well 100 44 0 minutes exist in 1 day 86 400 seconds exists in a day 0.5 day you have 43 200 seconds in a day not take those numbers 144 or the 864 which is just 1 decimal short of being the diameter of the sun but that's look at the 43200 seconds 0.5 day there are aging human civilization there's a huge focus on as above so below well if you take the octahedron which is essentially 2 pyramids stacked on top of each other with the pointy ends going opposite direction the angles combine equal 1440 think about that there's 1440 minutes in a day so if you take the octahedron you have 1440 degrees of angle no one of things that I mentioned earlier is the fact that the great pyramid of Giza in this ratio of 43200 I'm referring to even takes into account the fact that the earth is wider around the equator then is around the poles and we have the great pyramid of Giza essentially equating to a ratio of 43200 well again 43200 is how many seconds there are any half day so half the earth and it just so happens that the exact measurements create a perfect race you're 43200 is this really just a coincidence I mean the number 432 is found through numerous other sources of ancient human civilization Weatherby and Hindu texts whether it be the art of vita or the even that preach alluvium Sumerian king gods equal a total years of 400 32 0 or even the Kali yuga 400 32 0 whether my who Yugos which eagles 4000320000 years the number 432 which by the way is incredibly close to the estimated age of the earth being approximately 4.5000000000 years and look at the number 43 to use in modern times and if you look at the back of the $1 bill which for some reason of course has this pyramid what has 13 levels of pyramid blah block stacks on it what the times that by 33 0.3 which is a favorite number of naissance that just so happens equal for 3 to we also find the number 432 in harmonic frequencies dating back all the way to the Sumerians anyways guys either closes up because it's getting long but take into account everything that I've covered here whether be the location of the pyramid or the fact this number 43 to just ties into everything from our clock various sources throughout each in human civilization you have to start asking some real serious questions here I for one absolutely do not believe that this is within the realm of a coincidence infact it's evidence that there was any advanced each in human civilization that dates back before the last cataclysm which of course I have several videos on already anyways guys on Jimmy this is bright insight like and subscribe to leave me a comment that we know what your thoughts are and that many that used to come in a whole life writing topics take care everybody //
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6 Things Will Make You Seriously Question if Donald Trump is an Outsider - Is Trump Compromised?
\\so this video has nothing to do with political opinions are just hear me out and leave any political opinions you have at the door for just the next couple minutes because this is really important so president trump was elected by people who are just down with the establishment and the establishment is on both the right the last and they strongly oppose trump which is the reason why people like trump and willing to ignore anything else about him that might not be so good right but here's the thing but in the presidency for about 5 months now in their 6 questions that I have that he has never addressed not once which makes me really concerned onto whether the fact if he's actually an outsider or not now in before you comment on that then you get to the questions so number 1 why hasn't trump declassified the documents related to 911 particularly those that tie Saudi Arabia to the 911 attacks I mean here we are 16 years later and they're still classified information about 911 I that's unacceptable in trump is been in office for 5 months now and he hasn't touched on that at all I think that's interesting my next question is why isn't trump ever addressed the 8.$8000000000000 missing from the Pentagon you may remember just a few months ago late last year where was announced that the Pentagon was missing 6.$5000000000000 in army spending account up funds and they have no idea how to track it apparently there was a quote unquote soccer glitch that prevents them from finding it and the story would just died after that ever since September of 2016 yet he never found it I mean give me a break is I'm not just like the biggest heist that's ever happened now we're wind back to the day before 9112 1 where Donald Rumsfeld had a press conference at the Pentagon where he announced that there was 2.$3000000000000 missing so when you can pack many get which he never found by the way but when you combine 2.3000000000006.5000000000000 because it's almost $9000000000000 is just vanished of tax payer money and all trump is never once address this now do I know where it went obviously in my opinion space program that secrets at underground tunneling in bunker systems as well as the insane intelligence apparatus that is been spying on the entire world and trump has addressed this once yeah he's must be an outsider question number 3 I have is that some talks about fake news a lot press conferences interviews even on Twitter but he never ever once mentions any of the executives the CEOs that control the entire mainstream news media outlets there are 6 CEOs to control every single mate news media outlet in existence and he never once mentions the people who are responsible for the fake news never not once he just says fake news CNN and other things and he never mentions the people who actually are responsible for this think about that question number 4 why hasn't he investigated Hillary Clinton I mean yeah maybe there's an investigation going on behind the scenes that I'm not aware of but it's been 5 months how long is this really gonna take question number 5 Julian assigns why hasn't trump pardon him seriously he's still running away in an embassy despite disclosing I'm incredible amounts of classified information that with how did you know that new American people would have the world would have no idea of all these major scandals and think about how many things that wikileaks has been responsible for in over a decade of operations he never once it's close the fraudulent story or information they've been right every time question number 6 why his trump never ever said anything about the bankers or the banking system or the for families that ultimately control every central banking system throughout the world including the fat the Rothschilds the Rockefellers the Morgans in the Vanderbilts the air today to these families and many of them don't even share the last name anymore even though it's the same exact bloodline they control big oil and only on a majority of shares in most of the companies in the fortune 500 I need they really truly control the world it would take me an hour to explain all this it's so it's so insanely complicated but if you dig into this you'll find incredible information that will make you wanna puke in your mouth and it's being deliberately kept secret if you just simply go looking for the information you'll stumble upon things that will make you just your job drop and realize that the entire world is controlled but these individuals are charging insane interest rates on everything they do control the world and the control trump and trump is never once out of them whatsoever but that being said what do you see it 6 questions I mentioned which includes declassifying 911 that trip 9000000000000 missing from the Pentagon see also patrol the fake news I thought Julian assigns Hillary Clinton and the actual bankers this the specific people that run the world and he never once touches on any of these things I have some serious questions and concerns and our courage everybody just consider the implications of what I'm suggesting I'm not saying trump the bad guy maybe he is I mean I'm I'll hear about in the comments right all I know is this there's questions are outstanding if trump is a true outsider he would jump on these things immediately I knew what is he waiting for the next term what is more politically favorable when he does I'm coming to me a break tomorrow is not promised if he was the real deal would address the things immediately anyways guys and leave it at that like and subscribe Linnea common that we know what your thoughts are on I'm sure many of you have already been where this for a very long time but these are really important questions I want to get out there but ... anyways I'm Jimmy this bright insight many more videos to come on a whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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300,000 Year Old Humans? We're A Species with Amnesia - Mayan Calendar & Cycles of Catastrophe
\\we are without a doubt a species with amnesia when you look at stories that are making headlines around the world right now with human skeletal remains dating back 300000 years which is more than 100000 years earlier than ever previously discovered now real quick I was going to give any on this topic alone but yeah I mean the here's the key takeaway Skelton remains that they have found which is just bits and pieces of a few different bodies are not exactly the same as modern humans so I mean erase is far more questions than answers in about the stories incredibly interesting I would rather you just research on your own ... because here's the point that I really want to make which is do you wonder why or how is it that modern humans just as we are today which we know deep back about 150000 years I mean is plenty of evidence of that there's some evidence dating back 190000 years but what this story going back 300000 years well the brain cabbies not exactly the same even that that the skull is not shape the same way as we are today and that's not to say it's not interesting but here's my point why is it in just the last night even 10 generations alone in my generation I'm saying 25 years that we've gone from having almost no technology whatsoever to both going to the steam engine to where we are today I mean we really are species with amnesia I mean just look at the fact that that story and I made a video on this but in April of this year they found those mastodon bones that show evidence of humans existing in North America 30000 years ago which is 115000 years previously to what we ever thought possible many read you a quote by Graham Hancock my sense is that we are missing a huge part of the human story I think it's possible indeed probable that we are a species with amnesia that we've lost the record of our story going back thousands of years before so called history began and I think that if we can go back to that dark E. pock we would discover many astounding things about ourselves I mean just think about it human history recorded history dates back approximately 6000 years and there's just so much we don't know about 6000 years ago it's full of holes and mystery and this is the earliest that we know of where they received in writing and other things but so I mean if you take a generation being 25 years well 6000 years ago is 240 generations to get from recorded history to where we are today now look at just what we've accomplished in the last 5 generations I mean from the year 1900 to today holy crap has this role changed quite a bit so the question is why on earth did it take 150000 years to get to where we are today you know what this use a calculator row quick how many generations ago is it from 150000 years to today and again a generation being 25 years I love you can see that 6 0 generations like holy crap and if a skeleton remains from you know 300000 years ago I mean guys that that means 12000 generations have gone by and it's taken us this long to get where we are today when it's only been but not even 10 generations ago from the steam engine to where we are today if you're not familiar with Randall Carlson look into on his sacred geometry is a new 2 videos this guy is an absolute genius he does tons of research on geology and various cataclysm that have happened on earth and the evidence is overwhelming that indeed the earth goes through cycles of catastrophe and what he's identified is that over say just the last 150000 years that we know what you know things as they are today existed there's been approximately 16 events why should say now there's been at least 16 events there have been so extreme that if they happen today they would result ended total destruction of at least 1000 cities that's you know sitting back in civilization back to the stone age but to be even more specific and kind of disturbing there seems to be reoccurring cataclysm is every 13000 years for example 26000 years is when the ice age started and 13000 years ago is when it abruptly ended and although these cataclysm as you know the very such as the Toba super option happened 72000 years ago or 144000 years ago there was the ceiling shift I mean we know that there's been at least 5 occurrences of massive changes in global temperature and 400 foot rises and falls of sea level dating back several 0 years but here's where it gets really interesting right now as it is today in 2017 we are in the longest period of time without a major event of this magnitude than there ever has been over the last 50000 years so even though there's been 16 NASA of events over the last 50000 years we know humans as they are today have existed we are the longest period of time without another one of these events and it's been 16 over that period of time so in other words what I'm saying is that we are long over Dale and again looking to the works of Randall Carlson ... but this information is worth sharing but what you start to dig into this for yourself in fact check this guy rebel Carlson holy crap is he on to something and it raises so many questions on why isn't the mainstream picking up on this now is not the only person talking about it but ultimately the masses are aware of this in its key it's so crucial because humanity guys look bottom line is this we are absolutely going to have another massive cataclysmic event whether it's a rock from outer space or any you know Jia geomagnetic pole shift or who knows what what we know is that there are cycles of catastrophe here on earth that seem to happen in cycles in if you look at this we'll hear this cosmic cycles of 26000 years this whole wheel is actually 25920 years which is a cycle that was again by the minds of my wrong but there appears to be massive changes in climate every 13000 years in other smaller changes although extreme enough to kill off 1000 cities that happen every 6000 years so where am I going with this while I'm not saying they're all gonna die this isn't a doomsday video I'm not suggesting that something's gonna happen in our lifetime although I am definitely doing some research there are some really really interest cosmic events have in 2017 not just the solar eclipse but where the ... construct consolations will be in relation to the pyramids and the sphinx as well as the fact that you have the sun rising in Sagittarius on the winter solstice 12212 17 which is really interesting because you're the mine calendar all that nonsense from 2012 but there was really no evidence back then to suggest that anything was going to happen now hold on I'm not saying that something's happening this year what what I'm trying to say is this for every just Israel Carlson said for every generation that passes by for every say 0 years or so that passes by that say probability of the next major event just skyrockets because again right the longest period of time without a major event band there has been over the last 150000 years and we are you know that it's been 16 events so you see where I'm going with this were long overdue so the important thing is that humanity needs a set ourselves up for success so ultimately when the next major cataclysm happens we have to start over from the freaking stone age again well my I mean all my god look at what we know about history just going back 6000 years is pretty and it's been full of war it's been full of all kinds of issues and nonsense and it would really really suck for you and you have to do that all over again and although we may not be able to prevent a cataclysm we can certainly take precautions in orders to ensure the survival of the human race and that when I say that and I'm not suggesting that the human race to go extinct from any cataclysm I mean honestly humans are kind of like forgive me for saying telling roaches I mean we can if something happens on the outside the world we can like holy crap the media go hide in this cave now you see I'm saying so I'm not worried about the human race going extinct but rather starting over from scratch for the stone age is going to cause all kinds of unnecessary oh man anguish and pain and suffering for the humans that lie in our future for our kids for a grand kids are great great great great grand kids it's gonna happen far sooner than we think and I encourage anyone to leave me a comment with any you know investigation we've done because there's all kinds of things going on the internet about 9/23/2017 and all these other things but all I know is that I'm not a doomsday guy but I do look at data and the data so that there's some really interesting cosmic events happening are in the near future so it's worth looking at but on the bottom line is that every 13000 years there appears to be some massive changes in climate so it's time to start looking into this and again I'm not a discouraging people from engaging in climate change debates but we really need to include what the earth is doing all by itself without us thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of years prior to the industrial revolution I'll leave it at that Linnea comment no your thoughts are any information that you have to share in this really interesting topic but only my dad and Jimmy this right insight like and subscribe and I have many other videos come in the whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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The Library of Alexandria - The Crime That Set Human Civilization Back 1,000 Years
\\the burning of the library of Alexandria certainly ranks among the worst crimes ever committed against humanity and it is widely believed that the losses of scientific research including that of physics and medicine as well as the losses of cultural and historical knowledge and documentation set back the progress of human civilization by at least 1000 years now if you're not familiar the library of Alexandria was located in Alexandria Egypt which was by the way named after Alexander the great and is believed to have been burned down by Julius Caesar and you're 48 BC however this is the subject of much debate I'll get into that later in this video now library of Alexandria was more than just a library it was a research center in fact you can even credited for being the first model essentially of university in fact even had the world's first medical school and it existed for almost 700 years prior to being burned down so makes you stop and think if that was 2000 years ago and we have so little knowledge of it and so much mystery surrounding it what historical documentation the knowledge that they have at that point in time dating back thousands of years so like I said this far more that we don't know that we do know about it such as was a multiple stories we we think it was right on the harbor however according to ancient sources the library of Alexandria was described have been comprising of a collection of scrolls Greek columns a room for shared dining a reading room meeting rooms gardens lecture halls and essentially like I said the creation of the first model of the university can't the library itself is known to have had an acquisitions department and a cataloguing department as well and we know that they had a hall contained shelves of collections of papyrus scrolls known as biblio tech guy and according to popular description there was an inscription above the shelves that read quotes a place of the cure of the soul so how many schools that they have will estimates vary nobody actually knows for sure and nobody actually knows what was in those roles that burns into ashes however estimates conclude anywhere between 400000 to as much as 700000 scrolls and the only thing that actually exists today is the basement what's called the Serapeum which is believed to have not even been at the actual location of the library at Alexandria itself and you see the pictures of it here what's beyond interesting about the library Alexandria is the extent that they went to gather information and historical and cultural documentation from all over the world and the library wanted everything Babylonian texts Hebrew Turkish anything everything was the goal effect ships that came to the harbor were required to hand over books if they had as well as documentation and and blueprints essentially of ships in any other type of technology which originals would be kept in the library and you had professional scribes they would make a copy of the exact original in hand the copy over to the owner and they did all this for the purposes of prosperity however nowadays is kind of funny that if this happen nowadays I would be accusing them of while big but one can only imagine what they had in there I mean any source will agree that there was probably at least 500000 scrolls and like I said sums estimating as high as 7 squirrels and by the way that reminds me according to legend the earliest Greek translation of the Old Testament was written in the city of Alan which many speculate well and okay maybe was written inside the library of Alexandria before going to details of the destruction of the library then you share with you some of the people that either studied there taught there or conducted research there for example you have to park as an astronomer in the founder of trigonometry who also discovered the procession of the equal Knox's and nap star consolations and was the first to establish various brightness levels of stars and then of course you had Euclid the most famous teacher of mathematics who was the founder of system I's geometry and then you had the honest as Thrax who define various parts of speech such as nouns verbs pronouns prepositions in Exeter so I mentioned earlier that there was also a medical school established within the library of Alexandria which was the world's first and it was established by Herat Phyllis who is known as the father of anatomy who identified the brain was were thinking came from and not the heart which was believed for thousands of years but brilliant people that have visited or taught or learned at the library of Alexandria doesn't stop there take Archimedes for example who's famous for saying you reek I have found it or that the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line and also his famous quote about give you me a lever long enough in a falcon to which to place it and I so move the world another person and you'll find this really interesting is here on of Alexandria who was a mathematician and who is known and believed to have created the very first working model of a steam engine 2000 years before James what's let me give you just one last example which is really impressive Eratosthenes who is the very first person to identify that the earth rotated around the sun any did so 1800 years before Copernicus and he was also the very first person to find the circumference of the earth any estimated it correctly to within 200 miles and by the way he did this by observing shadows in Alexandria compared to the south of Egypt at noon on the very same day and calculating the size of each shadow and that the distance between the 2 ancient cities all correlated in was able to identify like I said this a conference of earth within 200 miles means not just insane and yet you probably doing then you never heard that have you I know I had until I start researching this right and by the way Eratosthenes also created the Seve which is the famous model for quickly identifying prime numbers these are just a few examples and this is just what we know of I mean one can only imagine who else had visited the library at Alexandria who's works were just lost into ashes so then the transition now into the burning of the library of Alexandria now there are different theories on this and it is the subject of much debate however it is widely accepted and honestly the time table really conclusively shows it had to have been Julius Caesar and you're 48 BC that's not to say that there may have not been more than 1 attacks such as you're really in and ... invasion a third century AD or the decree of Coptic pope but feel Phyllis in that 39180 and there's even been suggestions of a Muslim conquest in 6 ... 640 to 80 or thereafter guys that'll be yes it was Julius Caesar it's so obvious that time people fits it perfectly and lest we forget this guy was a conqueror the Caesars that's what they did they try to conquer the whole world in the took over as much of it is like the good and anyone that wasn't one of them was small referred to as a barbarian for the most part I mean look at this map this was taken at the height of the Roman Empire which is just by the way 17 years after Julius Caesar had died and I mean do you think they took over all these lands by I don't notice asking for I know the the killed everyone he conquered it and this is why many people suggest that perhaps the Vatican archives may have hidden knowledge about what happened to the library of Alexandria or perhaps even ancient scrolls were copies of ancient scrolls may have survived the fire don't forget history has been written by those who have conquered others right the significance of the loss of the library of Alexandria cannot be overstated without a doubt a set back human civilization in the progress of it by at least 1000 years and this reminds me of a quote by Aristotle the fate of vampires depends on the education of youth and when you destroy information lead astray knowledge in historical context documentation it really screws over humanity for not being able to learn of the lessons of the past and we're seeing this in modern times and said essentially that people with kids with their learning in school think about how much is omitted now I'm not gonna say that the library of Alexandria is omitted from school teaching this I mean I I don't remember being taught about it at all at least not in depth whatsoever to things I shared with you today I mean if I did learn about in school because I can't see the way and I want to say they're not teaching it I mean if there is no I mean what is it like a a sentence including some paragraph about ... Alexandria Egypt and how they had a library that burned down I mean it seems I mean ask how many people you know who have ever heard a library of Alexandria I mean yeah most people watching this video probably have heard about it but I mean I guarantee if you walk down the street asked anyone else 99 at 100 people when you know what you're talking about and that's part the problem guys anyways guys I'll leave it at that on Jimmy this bright insight like and subscribe limit com and then you know what your thoughts are and share any information you may have on this topic because it is beyond interesting anyways guys I'll leave it there take your everybody //
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Monsanto Bayer Merger & GMOs EXPOSED
\\the potential merger between Monsanto and Bayer pharmaceuticals has to be the most incredible example of corruption and scandal that I've ever seen in my entire life in before the end of this video I'm gonna share some information with you that is going to blow your mind but first let's address the big elephant in the room which is why on earth does it make sense for Monsanto in bear to merge I mean Monsanto is the world's largest supplier of seeds typically GMO seeds as well as pesticide and herbicide and they're gonna merge with the pharmaceutical company I mean all the studies that conclusively show that these chemicals are utilized by Monsanto absolutely cause cancer and many other deadly illnesses within humans not to mention the incredible environmental detriments to the soil from all the chemicals have utilized by Monsanto we know that their products are making us sick we know that genetically modified organisms seeds arm in no way healthy for humans studies are there we know this and they're gonna merge with the pharmaceutical company who are gonna Seles pills to make us all better Yass something seems off about this one right now let me just say there are studies out there that say that no no there's no correlation between cancer in GMOs or herbicides and pesticides that are utilized by Monsanto but I challenge anyone to find the one study that says that there's no relation to cancer and pesticides herbicides and GMO seeds that wasn't either paid for by Monsanto directly or done so when orchestrated by a company whose top executives in leadership have worked for months on to in the past finally just one now let me say real quick in this video I'm not gonna mention the numerous examples of how Monsanto and they are completely corrupted and have a lengthy history of just screwing over humanity whether it's the issue of our B. G. H. R. that was injected into cows produce more milk which was positively are related to causing cancer within humans or the fact that Monsanto created Agent Orange which was of course utilize in Vietnam or the fact that Monsanto created DDT and did everything they could to try and prevent themselves for being implicated in the massive health issues that or the fact that Bayer freaking Nast produced heroin in soda on the shelves as long as they pay I'm also not going to discuss the massive scandal that dates back to the 19 eighties involving Bayer knowingly and deliberately selling tainted hemophilia blood products to Africa knowing that they were tainted with hepatitis and HIV even though it was explained to them by the way this is revealed in open court in Australia as well as France that it was explained to them in the boardroom that by doing so could possibly cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and the only decision that the executives made was to send it to Africa instead this is a true story but I'm not going to the stuff because I'm gonna talk about who's currently running the company today and what's at stake now I'm sure you're aware of the debate has been going on for several years involving whether food packaging of food that contains GMOs whether to be labeled as such and even though more than 9 out of 10 Americans want this to happen it's still not even into a fact is not the law which is pretty interesting considering that the manufacturers of mattresses are required by law to but tabs containing key information about their product yet GMO related products that have herbicides and pesticides deadly chemicals are required by law to be placed on the packaging I mean isn't it interesting that the people that handle the herbicides and pesticides are required to wear bio hazard suits or that the fields were pesticides herbicides have been utilized are required by law to have signs that indicate cell yet the food that's going to grow in those same fields can be eaten by us without any type of labeling on the packaging whatsoever that's weird why is that guys it all comes down to fricking lobbyists that's right if you're not aware that may be blunt lobbying is quite literally legal bribery it's seen massive completely corrupt system that is only existing because our corrupt politicians have made itself many just clarify lobbyists or a legal channel to wear a corporation can give money which by the way Monsanto has invested millions of dollars every single year into lobbying firms in fact we have 18 of them what I found in order to buy up our politicians and prevent GMO labeling from being placed on the packaging of our food products I mean he's ever wondering how is it that a senator can make $170000 a year work for 4 years and somehow leave Washington as a multi millionaire if you've ever wondered why or how that is I suggest you research lobbying so let me start diving into the disturbing part the part that's going to blow your mind but give me a few slides cicada move into this so back in 2007 when president Obama was running for the White House he declared to the masses that yes he would make sure the GMO products will be labeled as such but in 2013 he signed which was essentially the Monsanto protection act after he hired Monsanto's vice presidents to run the freaking FDA and then in 2013 he signed legislation after being voted upon by Congress that would prevent Monsanto from being required to label their GMO products as GMO we're certainly come disturbing is that 5 user and Monsanto were once the same company as was Searle they're all essentially the same entity and although the separated back in 2003 guys the same leadership that dates back decades is tied to the same company Fizer which is the largest pharmaceutical plant ... company on planet earth in here we are years later with Monsanto although technically separated from Fizer getting ready to merge with bare pharmaceuticals effect when you keep going with this are you aware that the board members of Monsanto you have people that work for Edward Jones you have numerous professors from various universities across the United States which is key by the way because because the same professors participate in the research studies that try to debunk a correlation between cancer and Monsanto you even have the CEO for McDonald's on the board of directors for Monsanto even the CEO for Lockheed Martin you know the defense contractor that makes missiles and fighter jets and all kinds of weapons that are for war is on the board of directors for Monsanto even executives from Procter and gamble Cisco Microsoft in many other corporations are all on the board of directors for Monsanto does anyone else find that really odd alright guy so here's the mind blowing part Monsanto has a revolving door which is essentially that people who have worked for Monsanto have gone on to work for government agencies and gone back and forth from Monsanto on multiple occasions Earl Harbison who is the Central Intelligence Agency deputy director who end up becoming the president and CEO of the C. I. A. in itself has worked for Monsanto and gone back and forth or even Michael a Friedman FDA deputy commissioner has gone back and forth from one suntel Linda Fisher EPA assistant administrator who became Monsanto's vice president and then went back as the EPA deputy administrator or even Michael Taylor assistant to the FDA commissioner who became an attorney for a friggin lobbying firm that went on to become an FDA deputy commissioner on food policy went back and forth from Monsanto on multiple occasions as well even Clarence Thomas the Supreme Court justice was a lawyer for Monsanto in the 19 seventies you have the William Rucker housewares name is with the EPA administrator and then acting director forget this F. B. I. who went on to become the deputy Attorney General of the United States and then one from there too EPA administrator and then back to Monsanto's board members and one of the board members for months until like all my god or even look at Blanche Lincoln who is a U. S. senator by the way and share for the agriculture committee and was a founder of the lobbying firm Lincoln policy group which represents Monsanto even Robert Holyfield who's the chief of staff of Senate agriculture committee and then partner as well as in the Lincoln policy group so just to clarify guys you have people within Lockheed Martin the CIA the FBI the EPA and FD a that have all gone back and forth from Monsanto to the government's government agencies that right there is why there is no law that requires GMO labeling on our packaging there you go in the resulting corruption is insane I mean you have EPA officials that have been implicated for killing cancer studies done by Monsanto Monsanto has even been implicated in ghost writing cancer studies based on their weed killer like holy crap guys you even have research scientists and doctors who worked for Monsanto who have gone on to become whistle blowers who have been only silence by Monsanto in essentially shunned by everyone else these people have spoken out publicly to try and explain what is truly happening behind the scenes all to beat it just completely just ignored and covered up by the powers that be within Monsanto so we wait a second how can my site that cover this stuff up well besides the fact that we have 18 lobbying firms in pay millions of dollars every you're buying people off they've even bought off people within Ford's as I speculate I mean come on Forbes is calling Monsanto you know company of the year which keep in mind if you go to Forbes wikipedia page the have a cover from 2011 of Julian assigns saying that he wants to steal all of you know corporate secrets from companies across the world of give me a break and then you have Forbes go on to write numerous articles saying that GMOs are fine my son does fantastic like holy crap I think the bond paid for I mean in just the last few months the World Health Organization has announced that cancer rates are skyrocketing across the world I mean right now 4 to 10 people are going to be diagnosed within their lifetime with cancer in less than 20 years the numbers can be 6 out of 10 guys more than half a majority of people are going to get cancer within 20 years and no one seems to know why or even it was announced just last week that Alzheimer's rates and deaths power skyrocketing effective risen by 55 percent in just the last 15 years alone in the projecting that there all timers rates and dementia will skyrocket by triple in the next few decades and no one seems to know why all they can say is well people living longer than ever and must be related somehow no guys clearly we are what we eat and what we're eating what we're drinking is killing us it becomes hard to notice it because it takes many decades for it to happen but it is actually happening guys you know this kind of reminds me of the massive big tobacco scandal that lasted for decades where you have the chief executive officers at every could tobacco conglomerate in the United States testifying then of course you know tobacco nicotine are not addictive of course they don't cause cancer because they have been buying off scientists and doctors for decades release the once where to say that ... yeah you know tobacco spiny cigarettes are healthy there's nothing to see here this is the same thing the Monsanto is doing with various research studies because of course the produce research studies that say that their products are completely healthy but that he completely ignores the hundreds and actually thousands of studies that completely prove that cancer comes from the same products herbicides and pesticides as well as GMO seeds that Monsanto is producing I mean isn't it a red flag with the CEO of must not do himself you grant only eat organic food I mean don't you find that interesting and you have to ask yourself isn't really odd that countries such as China have required GMO labeling yet hell even you tube is illegal and banned from China altogether get the required GMO labeling or even countries like Saudi Arabia they have religious intolerance they have limited rights for females and how it's even completely illegal it's against the law to be homosexual in Saudi Arabia yet be required GMO labeling in the United States doesn't anyways guys it's time for the masses to start waking up and realizing that when you have the largest the world's largest producer of herbicides pesticides and GMO seeds getting ready to merge with the pharmaceutical company it's time it's time sound the alarm anyways got to leave it at that until me this bright insight like and subscribe via comments and I have many other venues to come in a whole life ready to take care everybody //
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2017 Agenda 21 Or Insane Corporate Greed? Alzheimer's & Cancer Rates SKYROCKET!
\\so really bad news Alzheimers rates have skyrocketed more than 55 percent in just the last 15 years within the United States alone and to make it even more disturbing they're expecting that number a trip all in the next 30 years and and and by the way guys this this is just a few months after the World Health Organization announced that cancer rates are skyrocketing around the planet that right now for and the 10 people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer and that number's gonna rise to 6 in 10 in less than 20 years I'll say that again in less than 20 years 6 out of 10 people live will be diagnosed with cancer within their lifetimes now what's the explanation for skyrocketing Alzheimer's and dementia in cancer rates well they always say that they're not sure and that obviously because people are living longer than ever that of course these illnesses are going to be more prevalent alright so that's a bullshit explanation to you you know I would but seriously isn't it abundantly clear that what we're eating what we're drinking is killing us and many people believe that this is intentional that the masses are being killed off in order to for people to profit off healthcare prices as well as well just the powers that be are so freaking greedy they don't care who dies as long as it makes them more money let me give you a few examples that does start off with fluoridated water fluoride sodium fluoride is the most potent neurotoxin on the face of the earth and yet the putting it in 80 percent of all American cities tap water that's right they claim that it reduces Dannel our costs and because it would fluoride reduces cavities which is true but guy school isn't that why fluoride is in toothpaste why in the world do I need to drink it that's disturbing now they say that ... only put in sets small amount is measured in parts per 0 it's safe studies of Souness okay both studies are bullshit and you should look at who paid for them and I mean what it make more sense for them to just bottle some Florida added water and sell and tell people just gargle and switch in their mouth and spit it out why do they feel the need to spend enormous amounts of money on this I mean like for example I move from Phoenix a year ago I looked up what the city pays for fluoride every year $520000 a year full fluoride like all to reduce dental costs I caught now bullshit card right here by the way I move to Boise Idaho year ago they don't put any chemicals in their water whatsoever in people here are so much more down to earth friendly and I know now they don't seem to be zombies like other places I've been where they do put fluoride in the water maybe there's a connection there now obviously what we're eating is causing a big impact in look at Monsanto they literally put in their own version of roundup the saturate the soil in the roots with it it's already been proven that this causes cancer 100 percent does toxic chemicals that they're putting the pesticides and herbicides are causing cancer and there's nothing being done about it we still the most cost effective food the cheapest way that people can buy which is what people buy the most of is loaded with GM those which are ridiculous I don't eat since scientists making my food for me that's insane right in the rest of them are all loaded with frickin these chemicals I mean god that reminds me of artificial sweeteners guys snapper E. artificial sweeteners never consume ever again their RD sewing a correlation between artificial sweeteners stomach and bladder cancers which are both on the rise by the way I mean why would you want to have a sweetener that's made in the laboratory now there's been other studies done that show that cities with high pollution like LA have a higher increase of Alzheimer's dementia as well so yeah breathing in shit polluted air telling the guys that this is serious is causing an increase in a in fricking Alzheimer's like guys and all the things that people will disagree about on this earth the one thing everyone agrees with is that they do not want Alzheimers or dementia right nobody wants that shit and there's other studies by the way that have shown it increase in Alzheimer's and dementia for people who have had long term anxiety and stress well that makes sense to kill unhappy Americans are they work themselves to the bone most of them hate their jobs the stress for a living because I try to make a living based on money of course and the stress themselves to death think about that guys you're not suppose to be living a life full of stress and anxiety means that you should be doing something different right now it's worth mentioning that there's been studies that have been done to us on the elderly people that utilize their brain that do exercises with their brains play games trivia whatever it may be reduces significantly the chances of getting dementia or Alzheimer's so it's like you know the saying if you don't use it you lose it that equipped that applies to our brains guys and that being said get the hell away from the TV people just sick from the TV which has been proven to just reduced all brain activity you're sitting there using like a fraction of your brain was zoning out in front of the television get the hell away from that guys I got rid of the TV a year ago I don't have any cable or anything I watch Netflix sometimes for you know if they were so whatever but my life is improving just getting away from the TV it brainwashes you in ways you don't realize it sucking the life out of you in ways you don't realize I'm not telling you not to watch your favorite fricking television you know show but maybe just leave it at that now a lot of people theorize that you know conspiracy wise that this is a deliberate attempt to kill off the masses you know the increases in cancer and Alzheimer's at this is on purpose to generate healthcare revenues in just population control now mean that might be that might be true guys that I don't take anything off the table anymore but I have to mention that greed is without a doubt a huge factor in this that CEOs these sociopathic CEOs that are in the job they're capable of just sacrificing all of their integrity for money I mean even look at the case as an example with Ford back with the Ford Pinto I mean even though they knew the Ford Pinto was killing people because a simple ran job was causing the car to explode because of issues with the gas tank and fuel lines that they did a cost analysis on it and found that it was far cheaper to simply just not fix the problem in pay out you know death ... settlements in injury claims as opposed to recalling all the vehicles and fixing it they realize that it would cost or save the company hundreds of $100000000 invest increase the executives bonuses so we left it alone and nobody went to jail for that by the way or even look at the challenger example that there was people on the day of the challenger disaster people that knew it was highly likely that it was going to have a catastrophic failure their resultant deaths all of all 7 crew members and yet the executives at NASA because they were so concerned about budget cuts as well and the fact that we had already delayed the launch several days and that by delaying it another day what essentially reduce funding and cost them their careers potentially so to avoid all that we said screw this launch anyways and what happened make no mistake when you have CEOs capable of laying off tens of thousands of people to ensure that they'll bonus like $8000000 instead of 7 we have a real problem in case you haven't figured out these are the people that are running the corporations their sociopaths they may be able to smile and put on a good front but they don't give a shit about anyone but themselves this whole world has been corrupted by the desire for for money greed is screwing us over guys now it's killing us so now's the time to sound the alarm now's the time to make a decision in changes in your life on what you're eating a what you're drinking hell if you live in the city the full puts florid in the water move change up your food change of your diet make a decision because choosing to wait until you're older well it's too late then guys and you don't want to go out with cancer Alzheimer's and dementia no you do not anyways guys I'll leave it at that on Jimmy this bright inside like and subscribe in the economy not your thoughts are and I have many more videos to come in a whole live radio top take care everybody //
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Vatican Secret Archives Exposed - 2017 Lost Human Civilization & Ancient Egypt
\\president trump and pope Francis are meeting for the first time today 5/23/2017 at the Vatican and as the media tries to guess what they're going to say to each other behind closed doors the real question that I have is what is hidden in the Vatican secret archives I mean come on 53 miles of cell space that has limited access and you can't just even the researchers that are allowed in and I'll get into the details of that in just a second those that are allowed in are just they're not allowed to go browsing they're only allowed to see the information that they've requested and when you have 53 miles of cell space one can only mass with the really have hidden in there so who is actually allowed within the Vatican secret archives well qualified scholars from institutions of higher education pursuing scientific research with an adequate knowledge of archival research of which I mean that's ridiculous who in the world you know has friggin experience in archival research anymore that's silly may apply for an entry card scholars need an introductory letter by either a recognized institute of research or buy a suitably qualified person in the field of historical research applicants need to specify the personal name and information as well as the purpose of their research undergraduate students are not admitted there are strict limitations to what archive users are able to view and access for example no materials dated after 1939 are available for public viewing which is interesting by the way because that's the precise year that World War 2 started which I'll mention later in the video now there are 53 miles or 85 kilometers of shelf space in the library and you must have a specific request to pursue that specific subject there is no browsing permitted whatsoever stead researchers request specific documents using bulky catalogs which are usually hand written in Italian or Latin and they can only request up to 3 folders each day if within just a few minutes they realize that the information that they're seeking is not in the requested folders there first to pack up for the day which is incredibly inconvenient and challenging for researchers and scholars because most of them are traveling incredibly long distances just to visit the Vatican secret archives no photographs are permitted whatsoever however laptops are okay as long as they're only utilized for no taking so just to clarify there's no browsing whatsoever so you're only allowed to research what you know already exists so anything else in there that well may not be known to the public is not accessible what so ever I mean come on is that shady or what and the fact that you can only request 3 folders per day with even if in a couple minutes you realize it up I have wronged folder need the next one over nope sorry you have to leave for the day and request a new one that's stupid in Intel we that's not indicative of hiding something of something shady I mean think about that what are they hiding in there we're talking 53 miles of shelf space like if I said 5 miles shell spacey but awhile that's a lot 53 miles and you can only request when you know exists give me a break now there is tons of speculation whether hiding in there whether it's information about tying the Vatican to Nazi Germany because there's some shady stuff there by the way I mean come on you can visit or view anything in the archives after 1939 the precise year the war were 2 starts and there's already tons of evidence that ties various funding as well as the Vatican yeah but I'm asleep at that I have a lot of questions only knows I don't have all the answers but many speculate that might be some answers related to war work till within the archives there's also a ton of speculation as to what happened to the 14 missing chapters within the Bible apparently I mean if you not aware the Vatican the Roman Catholic Church absolutely altered the Bible so did the King James 13 James between James version is altered and so the question becomes well what's original what isn't and while yes Jesus as an example did he was he able to write because many theorize that he was able to but he was not able to lead the masses in such a way without being educated I mean many people have their eyes on this it's a it's a big controversy obviously but clearly there's something within the archives no other people have stated that it might involve Aeolians it might involve things with you know corruption and pornography even there's all kinds of speculations I don't know what's in there all I know is that they're hiding something in is beyond obvious why would they go to such incredible and difficult links for people to research this stuff and make anything that's unknown well unknowable think about that guys a religion with secrets isn't a religion it's a control mechanism I'm gonna give you an example I used to go to Sunday school for years and I went to church every Sunday with my family growing up how many Catholics have ever heard of the pineal gland or the pinecone statue within the Vatican I was never taught in this in Sunday school or ever heard about in church not once ever neither does anyone else I know it's Catholic yet the pineal gland which is the shape of a pine cone is utilized to ancient cultures around the world dating back thousands of years whether it's the Egyptians with the eye of Horus or even the Sumerians or even Buddha statues containing that the pine cone and this goes back to even other places as well as you can see here I mean besides the fact that the Vatican has an 11 foot solid bronze statue that is 2000 years old which is pretty unexplainable we see it used to be a fountain and it's really mysterious yet the pope in many posts have carry around a staff that has a pine cone on it I mean when you have the Egyptians making a big deal about this is always the Sumerians and by the way the Sumerians or allegedly the birthplace of civilization I mean most of mathematics dates back to this Marian's are modern calendar as well as the first document language ever written I detected the Sumerians as well and somehow the Sumerians new thousands of years before the first telescope about detailed information about the planets over eating our son such as that the Jupiter was bigger than Saturn and Mars smaller than earth and so on and so on they somehow have this information into some areas just so happen to make a very big deal of the pineal gland you know that reminds me why did the Vatican established a telescope that's right the Vatican has their own telescope is located in on the other side of the world in Arizona on mount Graham you can look into this is called the Vatican advanced technology telescope and although I've tried extensively to figure out what made them want to build this in the first place I can never get a straight answer it's because it's kind of mysterious I would like to hear firsthand from the pope why we have this fricking telescope now as you see this picture here of the pope you see the obelisk in the background this is of course located at the Vatican and as you're aware obelisks you can find them in ancient Egypt and it just so happens I mean look at the inscription here the Egyptians etched in stone they're seeing I'd I of course the same thing that's based off the pineal gland in the pine the statue and we also see obelisks of course in Washington DC as well as in New York Paris London and don't forget of the symbolism here I mean look at the as above so below symbolism when it comes to the Washington Monument water feature or even the pyramid as well as the eye on the back of the one dollar bill I mean this is all just a coincidence I mean when you have numerous cultures hitting back thousands of years discussing in depth about the intuitive abilities of P. of people that stem from the pineal gland which is the shape of a pine cone it's time for people to start asking you questions insert challenging the Vatican to open up the Vatican archives it is literally a crime against humanity to have a religious faith withholding information and and some Sir and documentation dating back thousands of years that of course is applicable to each in human civilization and these connections that you've seen in this presentation clearly show well that the powers that be clearly know something that the masses do not anyways guys gonna close up there liken subscribe limit common that we know what your thoughts are I know this is a touchy subject because it's religion but ultimately only the truth will set us free I'm Jamie this bright insight take care everybody //
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TRUTH EXPOSED! (YouTube CENSORED in 17min) Trump Signs $110 Billion Saudi Arabia Weapons Arms Deal
\\so who is Saudi Arabia planning on going to war with I mean are they planning on invading a country yeah I had to talk about politics but I'm all about exposing the truth and when nobody else is mentioning key details well I just have to so listen to this obvious you've heard $110000000000 in weapons sales in to be 350000000000 over the next 10 years in case you haven't heard we're talking 48 chinook helicopters 100 and 5150 fricking ass 70 Black Hawk helicopters what before battleships just for battle ships so you know that's no big deal 100 in 15 and 182 tanks I don't oh my god you know the kind with retroactive armor the kind exhibit respite from another tank rounds drive away insane they're also sending him over the Thad missile defense system maritime radar and communications systems cyber security technology as well as the picture out to a patriot missile ... battery so yeah you know the ever talks it up in the news that go well this is good for the economy yeah a like what what does that even mean you know I used to believe in that crap and anyone got a a masters of business which by the way doesn't qualify me as an economics expert but I do know a few things and here's this because very simple who do you know it's going to benefit from this sales like do you know anyone that's making money off this but I don't get it we're selling $350000000000 weapon systems to an angry country which I can get into in a second and like I don't see how we like paying less in taxes now like do I get a paycheck and they'll think I don't I don't get it they train say all okay it's gonna generates in jobs okay how many couple 0 probably I mean I've heard the figure a couple 0 I I 0 don't tell me thousands because don't forget these jobs are going overseas will be American companies such as Lockheed Martin and others that will go over to Saudi Arabia to construct these so yeah I'm sure there's some American citizens are gonna get some awesome overseas our positions as it will be great for them but that's not act like this is like tens of thousands of jobs I'll be surprises even 1000 ... now it's also worth mentioning I could get the figures but apparently the getting some fighter jets in the deal as well I can get the model or how many sci don't know how true that is but I mean one surprise me just in case anyone's forgotten this is that Saudi Arabia and I've nothing against the Saudi citizens like any concerns I have right now on our is obviously towards the royal family the government royal like because 2017 we still have Royals I come at silly no one is above anyone know what's about to anyone silly we're all humans rather quickly draw spiritual beings in my opinion I'm in a you know to bow and in in treat others as if they're higher than you nobody's higher than you and your no higher than anyone else nobody is special everybody specialist come my philosophy but many many transition here in to where I'm getting at so it's legal to to publicly execute homosexuals in Saudi Arabia not allow to be homosexual in Saudi Arabia that's illegal you are aware and they have hung people in public for this and the government the Royals have set up all kinds of legal systems in order to you ... catch people on social media fort hill women are treated like property ... sure yeah they're allowed to work but they have to have a sign permission slip from their husband it says when they're going where the where the going in when if you get sexually assaulted in your female you have to have 4 male witnesses and you can still be try out you can and will in many cases charged with adultery which is a legal for women at least and Saudi Arabia I mean guys is same country at like certain religious space I mean if you're from Israel or Jewish I guess some real issues are in fact if you're from Israeli team go to Saudi Arabia or these born in Israel for understand or traveling from there companies and that ... guys you know membro lose the connection with Saudi Arabia 911 I mean you know how much almost all of the 911 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia why is it that they're still classified documents involving 911 in Saudi Arabia I know the declassified some documents but there's like a cracked 9 I have the figure thousands of documents that are still classified right when the world those documents say that we the American public are allowed to know about the worst terrorist attack I'm American soil in history we're not allowed the citizens are allowed to know this information that are seen why I mean I have some guesses you know it's funny this reminds me of a transition this conversation something I love to bring out that nobody else wants to talk about anymore in may the news briefly and then the mainstream news media completely omitted that ever since 6.$5000000000000 is missing from army spending accounts within the Pentagon then you say that again the Pentagon has lost mysteriously 6.5 $0 I mean do we can anyone really comprehend how much money that really as I mean 2000000000 is an epic amount of money when you really I mean we hear so many large figures in our lives but it's hard to kind of just our brains to kind of get lost from how much Sir my money is but out here is a quick and by the way he sort of where the reason why we can't find it is because of an unfortunate quote software glitch in the computer system so just messing what like Hey why do they thought stupidly big we are many we don't have the answer that but clearly like that much and so strange is gone like a fart in the wind seriously like gay and the do expect us to believe this and then we just so happen of a software glitch that prevents anyone for finding it okay yeah that sounds okay to me add that that's not a lie you know here's a serious question about an abrupt this up in other video still is that 6.$5000000000000 part of the 20000000000000 in debt that we have I hear that he's even better question isn't that 6.$5000000000000 per taxpayer money and what we're not it's is gone where's the investigation why is this talk about more often this is a serious deal and you know we bring up this crap on the news about selling $110000000000 you know to Saudi Arabia and like a good economics you know deal or something like what you know and then he just pretended that there's not 6.5000000000000 missing in my I don't know I guess you're going with this business part of one big massive scam that although I'm in favor of our economy doing well why are we selling weapons to an angry country I nothing weapons to invade a country and what Saudi Arabia play 9 doing with this and on searches for protection of course you know they're harmless country that executes gaze that has a limited rights for females and and and religious intolerance you know I'm sure there's a lot of awesome people in Saudi Arabia so please don't take this as some sort of criticism against the citizens because it's not were all being led by people with ulterior motives especially Americans will not especially I think there's a lot of other countries are probably doing it worse than us but don't forget about the power and the influence that the United States has over most of the world do not forget that so when we sell so many weapons other countries one of which in Saudi Arabia and then when you have all this on the shady stuff in the background with 911 information with money missing for the Pentagon and everything else and all guys I have some serious questions that need answers and I I'm making this video because it needs I just wanna awaken other people to it because it's not going to be into a critical mass whatever the number is American citizens and hear about this stuff before they realize if we have a problem I mean there is a deep state within that the government I mean even the Hillary Clinton has acknowledged this as she not in wikileaks document you see I mean come on like this is a real thing in there is I mean how many intelligence agencies are there for example I mean you know the NSA and the CIA can you name the other 11 or 13 whatever there is maybe the 16 there's a bunch and I'm the number was 11 I don't know yeah I only know of 2 that I can think of off the top my head yet there's like a dozen others like that where they doing what what's what's their job and who pays them don't have anything to do with the 6.$5000000000000 it's missing some I don't know guys as we get it once minds thinking and then you know your thoughts let me come like and subscribe is that many of the videos to come home white ready topics but again I'm Jeannie this bright insight I was gonna close up there daycare everybody //
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Taming The Animal #5 - Greed: The Lust for Money & Materialism
\\a everybody on Jimmy and this is taming the animal part 5 the lust for money and real quick we just get this out of friends no this is not some like anti money video this in some like pro socialism paying on and I'm not like and obsessed with capital it you know capitalism either I should also mention that that there is a downside to capitalism and I'm with you me just take a look around western society like the United States and tell me that greed has really taken over and diminished the human experience for most of society I would say so that you have to understand that this series taming the animal is about identifying certain characteristics of the human of the human psyche and that greed is a big one angry comes from the wiring so the human brain guys you know how much money do people need before they've had enough I mean look at you have billionaires CEOs your CIOS are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and they never quit most of all my eye on a few other jobs bottom seem unhappy and have more money then they could ever spend more money than they need to support their kids is kids kids kids kids down the road for for you know hundreds and hundreds of years and to live wealthy lives then you know it seems like you know I think that saying money doesn't buy happiness what's a fact of experiences in my own life in fact the most unhappy ever been for a prolonged period of time I most like depressive time my life was when I happen to be the most well off with money might everything I needed car spending money no issues worries about bills could spend what I needed to I wasn't Reds or anything but was comfortable and I just happen to be the most unhappy time of my life and it doesn't feel the need to having money is going to make you unhappy and money is not a bad thing money buys us opportunity opportunities to to enjoy and experience things in this earthly experience of ours I you know that's well without it you can really experience a lot of things you know money is awesome yeah I I have a saying of mention other videos that when I think of like these greedy C. E. O.'s not yet acquired the out why the at work everyday why these people when they were through our $50000000 where the writing jet skis all day long ... but now I'm not against people having all the money that they want I just know that it comes at an incredible cost one thing that a lot of people just don't seem to keep in mind is what the ancients told us or what many of the most notable philosophers of us ever dating back thousands of years in fact have stated about greed in the desire for money and materialism because that's part of money in the desire for money is the desire for material of materialism is it not I mean I guess it's debatable some people want money and honestly like spending at right now there's 2 sides of the coin of this whole money topic which is that well I know a lot of people that are well off they don't seem to be particularly happy the old neighborhood I lived in coming from when I was in Arizona I lived in a nice neighborhood most of people not street I am now blossomed in seem too happy but the flip side of the coin is that you go to a an area of town where people have no money in the have nothing but money stress and I'm happy to so obviously there's going to be a middle ground there's got to be in the middle ground by the way isn't a certain dollar amount it's realization in the awareness in your brain that you are human and that we get into an addiction of wanting more things in many cases that involves needing more money right so when we do that you essentially are chasing a thirst that can never be quenched in fact this reminds me of a quote by the late comedian George Carlin who said trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping seen which is all over your body it's true guys you will never ever accomplish or achieve whatever it is you're trying to cheat within you by chasing after these material possessions and to be blunt it is incredibly indicative of having something missing with inside you when you have this desire to make millions of dollars and you have this desire to keep buying the next best thing because most of us still most of us will buy a car and how long is it before you see like the next year's modeling I collect those rooms or you know you buy a purse or something in you want another one because someone else has one or or whatever and just to clarify I have nothing against go getters are people that want to achieve more things for themselves and create goals in just all you know go after things and entertain them I think that's awesome but ultimately to close this up I think you just have to look at the overall tempo of the western world the United States the UK lot of the you know Europe and even Australia it's growing where you have anxiety issues rising stress levels people are more unhappy than they've ever been and it just so happens that our our entire society Elise in the western world is all about money anyways just given guy so that I think about but ... liken subscribe leave me a comment that we know what your thoughts are that many more videos to come on this topic another various topic is it topics as well I'm Jimmy this bright insight take everybody //
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Taming The Animal #4 - Denial
\\Hey everybody on Jimmy this bright insight in this episode number for obtaining the animal because that's what we are as humans we are species or an animal we do everything animals do in a little bit more right and there's certain personality characteristics that make up the psyche of the human brain one of which is Dan I'll is a big one it's one of the worst things that plagues humanity which is the inability for somebody to admit to realize or know that they're wrong when all the evidence is hitting him in the face right and we all suffer from this and why is it why do humans suffer from denial I don't know but I do know is that there's ways to improve your life or I I would see improve your way of thinking to recognizing your denial more often because this guy wasn't someone just tells you that you're in denial about something do you or hurt me rephrase have you ever told someone they're in denial and they just rejected it I think I think about whether it's at work you know that some employees some member your team to be someone and you supervisor someone's who buys you screwed up and they just don't want to hear or somebody that's in a bad you know poor relationship there with that are you know they're in a partnership or someone doesn't treat them good I tell them that 11 they don't want to hear it or not you know some is just simply wrong about something knew me then give you an example from my own life so I'm an Iraq war veteran I went there in 2009 to 2010 and when we in Cuba we invaded that country 2003 so at the time I was like 19 maybe maybe 29 even when he first went there and I never before it's even in the military I have heated debates with friends about you know the Iraq war because you think about it 2003 doesn't forget us 5 dozen sick that was like that was a really big topic of conversation all over the media like you were talking about it Neistat heated debates with people about Iraq or try to justify it even though just to let you know where I stand now I'm so anti war Iraq war by the way was a total scam was by generating money is very very saving Afghanistan by when I talk about the things that made videos and discuss this stuff I'll leave it at that ... but the bottom line is that at that time all these people or certain people were providing enough information to justify and explain that while the war was when I thought it was a genie who thought that was right well I had to learn the hard way to go there I think got any telling one thing god I think it hurts but I learned by going and coming home realizing it holy crap I was wrong I thought that that war was justified we were the Americans with big heroes the liberators that's not what happened guys I hate to admit it like people just got hurt over there but it truth and that's why talk runs channels the truth so let me get away from the word topic but think about how many times in your own life for you knew you were right you knew it only to realize later on probably years later that you were in that you were incorrect think about that it's very humbling and everyone needs to experience it and ultimately the realization one way to help you is to realize that when there are so many there's more things that exists in the universe that we do do not now then we now right so there's different ways to handle denial and when you're wrong in this it which is this you have to embrace the fact that you are a human being and human beings are beyond fallible right I mean look at we do to ourselves to others to the planet to just humanity as a whole and how most of us most of the people walking on this planet or contributing to her perhaps a I don't know not in the parlor put this contributing to the suffering that is here right but is the failure the inability I should say to rely simply because think about it when you tell someone in their denial a they're in denial doesn't work they don't respond to that they don't believe it is what they hear is that they're being told that they're wrong and that someone's just disagreeing with you because because thereon right so it's like if telling someone the wrong doesn't work tell him in their denial doesn't work what does how do you bring people to the light well probably one of the best ways is to ask to present disagreement with somebody in the form of a question get them to realize that their run not by suggesting it but by asking probing questions to get them to formulate to themselves similar to conning somebody but it's a heist the human species is fricking crazy think about it we are so intelligent we can operate phones in technology and drive cars and all kinds of amazing things but when it comes to being so wrong about something whether it's significant or simple significant majority the world's population does not want to hear does not respond well to it am I wrong denial is the working of the ego and I've said this before and I'll say it again that I refer to the human ego is the software of the human brain that the brain is the hardware the ego is the software that there is a certain operating system that makes up humanity the human brain in the psyche that that runs our lives and that it's just a key aspect of it why does that I'll make up you know part of the human brain I have no idea what I do know though is that being aware of it being aware that most often when you are wrong you do not realize it and there's a saying that the truth hurts but people don't realize at the time when you have to realize this thing back on the times you have been wrong what it felt like it it felt like oh I'm wrong in this hurts my feelings some is going to keep it going and just say that I'm not wrong now now now that now it was about and all your defensive that's what I think the meaning of the truth hurts is actually referring to is that it sucks it's a crappy feeling only to be wrong and that's when the truth hurts it's not the form of realizing you're wrong it's in the form of thinking the other person's wrong so next time you were eat someone calls you outer says Iran your something you need to really take a step back and meditate on it reflect on it and you need to program your south more often to realize that this is how the human brain works in that the awareness is the only thing that will set you free of the friggin ego in denial because it how did I hold you back more than you realize holds most people back does not and my whole back some people more than others but ultimately holds us all back there's a lot more that needs to be said about denial supplement another video on this action I have to ... so gather more thoughts on and make another one in the future but I want to put this out there to get people thinking that you know E. at some point your life you've been you know suffer from denial and probably more recently than you want to admit to reflect on it move through that don't try move around it you have to embrace the fact that you are fallible that your human that we are a species and part of the human species involves all kinds of emotional and psychological frickin baggage that slows us down from being our best selves from treating others in the best way that we can from improving ourselves think about none of us are perfect and we all learn from mistakes but denial holds us back from that so I'll leave it at that on Jimmy this bright insight is many many more videos to come on the topic of taming the animal and that many of the videos come in a wide variety of topics outside of this video series as well take your everybody //
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Joe Rogan Podcast 961 REVIEW & ANALYSIS Hancock, Carlson, Shermer - Lost Ancient Human Civilization
\\Hey everybody Jimmy here so this is a review and analysis of the Joe Rogan podcast number 961 that played ... day and half ago with Graham Hancock Randall Carlson Michael Shermer and mark defines so I got a few things to say about this in in real quick if you haven't seen the original podcast Joe Rogan Reese had Randall Carlson on a few times Graham Hancock on in the 2 of them together you need to go back and watch those first because all those or build up to what happened a day 0.5 ago which is pretty epic so real quick where it stands right now a day 0.5 after aired on you too it has just over 660000 views more than 15000 thumbs up 900 thumbs down and apparently that's just a fraction of the people that have you did because it's a podcast and YouTube is just a small portion of it so do we just dive into this then we start off with Michael Shermer paid skeptic run skeptic magazine and you know how do I put this someone made a comment on your organs you to broadcast saying that how ironic that you have Michael Shermer as a skeptic women all actuality he doesn't establishment guy in Graham Hancock is the real skeptic because he's the one trying to will he's a skeptic of the establishment narrative that we've been taught in school so I thought that was pretty funny but when you have Michael Shermer he's paid to do what he does and he wasn't even able to speak to the theory of the water erosion around the sphinx that just the banks that charade join us a theory it's not really a theory if you look into this yourself if the evidence is overwhelmingly conclusive and one thing I wish that was mentioned in the podcast because he cited a robber shot in it and other geologists who visit the site but there's been hundreds of say a geologist around the world have that have visited the site of the great sphinx and if say conclusively that the water Rosen around the life some bedrock is just what's overwhelmingly conclusive and it just completely debunks the narrative that we've been taught about the true age of the sphinx and the fact that Michael Shermer was even aware this surreal to speak to it and that's interesting into me it's very very indicative of the fact that he Michael Shermer is not actually passionate about the subject at all he's just in it for the money I'm gonna give you another example he's never even been to the pyramids in fact it sound like he never even been to Egypt altogether at least not visa I mean think about that this is a guy that is trying to debunk anyone the questions the establishment viewpoint but he was trying to defend that the oldest pyramids if you're not aware the oldest pyramids are the biggest and the most structurally sound and have clearly the best quality and craftsmanship and technological know how in the newest ones the smallest one step ones are falling apart they're they're just it's a complete de evolution of technological abilities which makes no sense right don't things get better over time and anyways the point the Graham Hancock was making with that is that well it just shows that there was some sort of advanced knowledge and over time it went away with the cataclysm and point is this that Michael Shermer for him to be so defensive of anything that is razor questions the establishment just goes to show what a shell he actually as an in by the way and you see some really nice things about him here a second but for Michael Shermer to question even human migration narrative when I mean if you saw the podcast the nest like came up with the Smithsonian talked about how there's evidence of humans being in North America 24000 years ago and here he was trying to debunk that when 2 sentences ahead of it was just I mean it was very telling and for him to even I mean guys if you're not familiar this aboriginal DNA from Australia in mummies in South America but not in North America so you have summer trying to defend this land bridge from Ross ... down through North America it's like man that house I mean it really know where I'm going with this is where is this guy's due diligence this is his profession and I know we covers not a lot of different topics on his skeptic magazine but really come up and for him in this is a good point I look at my notes here for Michael Shermer to say to Graham Hancock Hey wait a second you have these theories but all of these egyptologists have your evidence in don't go along with it all why is that is that indicative that bull you're wrong you know Michael Shermer for someone that does what you do is it abundantly clear I mean I find it really interesting that you can't realize or know the reasons why the mainstream scientists archaeologists and egyptologists would try to refute Graham Hancock do these people not have a significant financial incentive to do so and we're talking about people that have had that have written books on the subjects people that have had text book deals or even written text books themselves people have been on live TV people that have been tendered at various universities because of what they have suggested or as far as the narrative of eating human civilization and you have Graham Hancock coming to double bunk them with actual data and scientific evidence make no mistake these people that their livelihoods are on the lines of course are gonna ignore in a minute the new evidence and for that in in by the way some of these people do not under estimate human ego and how denial works it's a hell of a friggin thing right enemies move onto one last point real quick about Schirmer which is him trying to debunk the possibility of an Atlantis how many ancient civilizations across multiple continents around the world need to speak of a land that existed there was superior as far as a civilization goes that was wiped off the friggin map you know when a flood happened the same period of time the Plato talks about the same period of time that not water plus one B. happened where you have 6000000 cubic miles of I. seeds across North America that melted in a very short window of time that you know come on man like really you need to see what boats and other things to back up the human migration or support Atlantis or other things like the one thing I wish that was mentioned yet you know in this podcast was that look you're asking to see more evidence when you know what's we're talking 12000 years which is such a longer up a much longer period of time the most people appreciate because we hear figures like you know the dinosaurs going away 65000000 years ago whatever so we are 12000 years we don't it sounds insignificant but I like to use the example of the Titanic which I've mentioned several videos of mine which is this your nearly 50000 tons of steel and iron that has been under the ocean for 105 years and it's more than 50 percent disintegrated in just a few 0 years it will be completely nonexistent now I know that things are road quicker in under water of course but use cars is an example you leave a car outside for 50 years and you could see through one door to the other the cloth or leather leather seats are completely just gone and don't think leftist springs in like the car I mean how many hundreds of years or even a couple 0 years would it take for it to just be completely just absorb back into the earth is nonexistent right so when we talk about a third of 12000 years I think everything's gone just like houses how many decades before roof caves in the walls key then and whatever was made up of is just nothing but gravel and dust and dirt in just nonexistent how many thousands of years even if it was 5000 years we're talking about 12000 years ago guys you know for Michael Shermer tend not to completely just reduce the significance of go back we tapi and say that we need to see more tools like guys we could probably go to Sears by I toolbox a bunch of tools just throw it in the dirt if we can back in 12000 years honestly would be left even stainless steel materials what would be left of that peered up at that point think about that Infor Michael Shermer too you know reduce the significance of go back they tap day I know I think Graham Hancock timber that well as far as well and he can handle everything while get to add a second but saying that look the sighted and self is the significance that's the big mystery you know when you have a site with hundreds of pillars are enormous I mean never mind how the cut carved it never mind having moved the stone how were they able to align it perfectly true north I mean and not to mention 7000 years older than Stonehenge why I'm gonna I mean I don't know anyone that reduces the significance of that I would I seriously question either their analytical thinking abilities or their intentions and what does Michael Shermer I thought the analytical thinking abilities that guy's brilliant she's incredibly articulate and the fact that I clearly in my opinion he's in it for the money he's establishment shelf for sure you know Schirmer if you're in it for the money I hate you would you would make a lot more money if you bought into the ideas suggested by Graham Hancock maybe not all of them but even Randall Carlson as an example I guarantee you with your level headedness see your ability to just not bite back when skeptics attack you as we sign you handled your you had such a professional demeanor like totally impressed by you I just wish you would have more of an open mind okay and if you were to have no more of an open mind I and you were to be on the side you know trying to debunk the establishment which needs to happen more people need to do this the narrative is fricking wrong I mean have we not learn through out history just how wrong human civilization always is right in in you know the many that brings me on to mark defined so man what a freaking naysayer how unproductive is this gentleman for the entire scientific community and for the progress of human make no mistake if my I've marked a font was born 400 freaking years ago he would be leading the mob of nay Sayers and angry people that were demanding that Galileo be tortured and executed for simply proving invalidating the theories set forth by comparing guess that the earth rotates around the sun sounds are fast doesn't it but think about what he did with his hit piece I'm Graham Hancock I bring him cocky just read off a few passages of it but if you read it from start to finish I mean you really get a sense of wow one who and why would someone write something like that to be so disingenuous is the nice way of saying it it was a hit piece it was disrespectful and was very indicative of where his line of thought is but that's not to say that mark the fund is incredibly educated and he held his own against Randall Carlson however for him to try and refute some of the evidence at Reno Carson present involving the massive flooding for someone like myself who has really studied up on Randall Carlson look at his works ... you know visit it you know clearly mark defined hasn't and you know for someone to be so apprehensive against these ideas to try and refute them when clearly honestly he's just off base is a bit wrong on a lot of things he mentioned you know it's like dude I think if you put is his own ego aside a little bit and and and just sold out you know it would help a lot I would say the same thing about Graham Hancock who by the way I just love I would love to meet this gentleman go out for a friggin dinner and pick his brain or have some cocktails or think or smoke a joint or whatever Graham Hancock is brilliant are easy right about everything I would say no but you know who cares neither was Einstein or Tesla right ... in the you know his works that he in the research that he thought the last few decades you know what I was listening to this podcast in bed I listen to part part of it one night in the face of the next day yesterday and my wife was listening in like twice getting so apprehensive who's getting turned off by Graham for being so upset I'm angry you know he wears his emotions on his sleeves but you know to give a little bit of credit and yes I would say in the future I would like I would love to talk to and be like Hey man you gotta you gotta learn how to discipline yourself to not pushed back not to bite back at the skeptics quite is bad but that being said for him to have been working on things he he has for his many decades is yes to present actual scientific data and evidence and to be more knowledgeable than most of his critics on the subject matter of fact if not all of them to only be called to be ridiculed shunned and and called names are completely inappropriate into signal word how pissed would that make you how many decades could anyone stand up to that shit before they finally be like what the fuck is going on she's my language so I'm you know some people were very ... critical Graham Hancock for getting upset I see it both ways but ultimately I think Graham Hancock him on the subject of go back we tap a very well and you can see it in the comments I'd say at least 3 and 4 comments were overwhelmingly supportive of rental car listening Graham Hancock I diminishing the perspectives of summer in defiance you know it's like the reminds me real quick I gotta mention for for Schirmer to state that those cave paintings of 3040 0 years ago for more oppressive or at least as impressive as go back the tapping I mean that get that's lame that's Rick that's a ridiculous comparison and if it you know so that brings me on real quick to Joe Rogan I thought he was an outstanding moderator I only saw a little bit of criticism some people sing and he interrupted Sherburne they don't like that I know ... when Joe Rogan hit if it wasn't for Joe Rogan first of all none this podcast would even existed so mad props to him for bringing this whole thing together making it and right but she held people accountable Schirmer into funds if it wasn't for Joe Rogan that conversation would been much much different and you know people need when people are wrong in their actively rebutting scientific data which is really camp conclusive and into anyone that hasn't seen the prior podcasts in your only coming into this one the most recent you don't have the full picture so Joe Rogan I my opinion did a fantastic job and you know thank goodness for this for this podcast altogether because regardless of where you stand your viewpoint is on any of it this is awesome for humanity it's getting new conversation started and it's also painting a fantastic picture for the masses to see what truth seekers are up against it paints a picture of what's been happening throughout history with the scientific community always again gone against the new you know new ideas whether to permit to Seagal Layo or or Tesla or the fricking Wright brothers don't forget the Wright brothers were being ridiculed leading up to the first flight moments before it don't forget what people were saying most of mainstream was so against that not everyone but most so you have to understand that you know you can come forward with scientific evidence and data overwhelming today it's overwhelming and you still have people is I don't even wanna the process at and it's really a productive it's really unhealthy but anyways this podcast painted a great picture of it some close this up but ultimately the evidence is there that the history of human civilization is far older than we were taught in school and we were far more advanced than we ever realized how envious I don't know how far back do we date I don't know that either what I do know is that what they're still teaching in the text books about like say the cradle of civilization the Sumerian 6000 years ago has been debunked research a subject more on your own but deftly check all these podcasts and I hate Joe Rogan if you're listening please bring me on your so someday I would love to talk to you about so many different topics spirituality DMT prick in medical marijuana into human civilization the cataclysm you name it egos this so many things that I just love it you talk about so anyways I'll leave it at that unseemly this bright inside like and subscribe leave me a comment and you know what your thoughts are and I need you to come in a whole wide variety of topics take everybody //
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Taming The Animal #3 OJ Simpson, Trial & Dream Team - Greed, Self-Absorption & Narcissists
\\taming the animal part 3 the OJ Simpson trial this entire case is a fantastic for lack of better word example of just so many weaknesses within the human condition whether it be self absorption whether it be narcissistic behavior lack of ability to control violence in anger ... greed deception and I am right now I'm not just talking about OJ Simpson I'm also talking about his defense Dream Team if you don't recall ... Johnnie Cochran Robert Shapiro and I felt a athlete Bailey I and others like oh my god so me just mention real quick I'm bringing this up because I just recently got done watching the people versus OJ Simpson on Netflix without giving Gooding junior John Travolta and others and keep in mind that one I highly recommend watching this show but bear in mind that not everything about it is 100 percent accurate like the writers for example the original writers from where it comes from never interviewed ... various attorneys on the prosecution and defense team as well as any conversations you here with OJ in his own team well that's privileged information ... and tent and it would be illegal for anyone to discuss was actually stated among cancer just bear that in mind but it also paints a fantastic picture of the drama between the legal teams as well as showing you just how freaking guilty OJ Simpson was I mean the old shit cheeses I mean for L. beat the DNA evidence is conclusive in so many other aspects of it are just if you havent dug into this review question anything look into a little bit more and you'll see that with out a doubt he is the killer of Nicole brown Simpson and Ron Goldman now I could just rip OJ Simpson to shreds on this video but that's against the path that I want to be on this first spiritual nature are in not to mention this side there's a real likelihood that he'll watch this video Sunday I mean he gets out of jail prison out for kidnapping in member holding people at gunpoint he'll probably get out later this year and I would be surprised he watches a someday because you know even though he's such a huge narcissist knees probably likely to avoid hearing things that are negative about him I also for see him as being somebody that will sooner or later lay in bed on his iPad one night stay up all night just watching videos about seeing what people are saying about because keep in mind this is a guy who had a massive statue of himself and his own backyard see do not under estimate where he may go looking to see what people are saying about him because at the end this venue I have a message for my gas so let me just real quick clear out his legal team so Johnnie Cochran he knew he was guilty beforehand before the trial before taking the case and afterwards he he publicly stated he thought OJ Simpson was guilty but despite all that he created and massive race relation drama in order to get a person was guilty of killing 2 people off the hook now there's one good thing he did to give him some credit Johnnie Cochran is that he did expose massive corruption within the Los Angeles Police Department such as mark Fuhrman all my god that guy's a dirtbag in real quick why earth at fox news bring mark Fuhrman on as a contributor I'm never watching all that drama with the ... George Zimmerman entry by Martin case of course you remember that and fox news had mark Fuhrman on their channel numerous times to discuss the case like I guess I still cannot figure that out but whatever I own before I forgot to mention Johnnie Cochran has since passed away now let's talk about Robert Kardashian who knew OJ was guilty and after the trial left him but not before he still managed to represent him even though he knew he was guilty and after the trial ended you complete justice and distance himself from OJ all together Robert Gaskin has since passed away as well now Robert Shapiro not while like talk about someone who so brilliant in so self absorbed and keep in mind so was Johnnie Cochran NASA we self absorbed sing with F. L. or athlete daily athlete Bailey was the guy they got the Boston strangler off on his retrial and bragged about it because he sharpshooter the hell of the prosecuting yeah attorneys all they defend their witnesses just like you did in the OJ Simpson trial they exploited and just you know exploited the psyches of the jurors in order to get what they wanted and just disregarded the fact that well 2 people had been hideously killed and murdered but getting back to Robert Shapiro totally brilliant totally self absorbed Tolley narcissistic is all he cares about is his image in the public light just like I'd Johnny Cochran and put aside basically effort just uses self absorption to put aside what he was really doing what was representing a killer now I know some people watching this ability but what's their job at your job you only have one deserves a legal defense team okay yes everyone deserves a lead defense but at the same time did they these people feel really good about what they did honestly is this like a great example of getting the guilty person off the hook I mean it is a great example of that ingrate for lack of a better word of course now OJ Simpson man talk about some individual who just cannot tame the animal of himself right like we are a species that is fully capable of of committing violence and others I mean you have to train kids not to hit other kids right I guess solely reptilian brain to hit and hurt others I think keep in mind I'm not trying to ... diminish just how terrible he treated Nicole brown Simpson how many times he beat her laughter black guys Bruce cheeks everything else like horrible stuff 000 and of course he almost took her head off during the murder but here's something OJ Simpson who so charismatic with that was loved by so many other friends and family members who he wasn't a and he even in his own suicide note or maybe was the note that he was leaving his fans were godless when he before he went on his iSeries chase in the Bronco he mentioned in one of the first lines that he feels like a battered husband somebody who just killed 2 people for I can tell that the mother of his own children decided to utilize an opportunity to try make his image look better just like when he was acquitted apparently he was confused briefly on how the American public was going to treat him he thought I was gonna be back to a good although G. time and one just loves them right O. J. man if you watch this advert you need to not only publicly admit to what you've done I highly recommend you choose an alternative path for your life to get away from this narcissistic totally self absorbed behavior and caring what other people you probably don't want to try and help other people that are much younger than yourself we're going down a dark path of not being able to manage their aggressions in their violent behavior in trying help them out so that a repeat the same mistakes you dead now I'm not sure if you've learned yet I could see you come out in a meeting was publicly just said created tension or something I mean after you got acquitted from killing 2 people you went on to get in road rage incidents is another domestic violence accusation and like it not to mention holding people at gunpoint in the hotel room which lead you in prison as you now maternal lecture you here but the point is that I don't know if you've learned a lesson but if you have you need to I recommend I should say devote your life tune teaching others how to master the weaknesses of the human brain the human condition that takes many other people down because not everyone goes on to kill people is a heinous evil person there is such a thing as I mean look if you look at the path and how violence ... you know crates within individuals it escalates and I'm just saying that it's a weakness of the human psyche and that's what this video series is all about that how unusual to discuss OJ Simpson in the OJ Simpson trial but anyone else watching to everyone watching look at this case or other instances of violence and although reminds me I just can't help but my ... mention this Johnnie Cochran his first wife accuse him of emotional and physical abuse and anyone on to defend OJ had to throw that in there because guys you don't have to kill somebody to be a violent person you don't have an emotional abuse physical abuse are all witnesses of the human condition and many people I'd like to say most people don't go down that path but far too many do it causes so much suffering in this world and it's not gonna be until those people that went down the violent path that their minds me I wanna go video Mike Tyson somebody who has come so far from going down the violent path in if you look at his up bringing and you talk about this in detail now now we sell in a week it isn't like and and how different of a person he is from years ago and how wow what an amazing achievement for him to identify and become aware of the weaknesses of the human condition and now he sees a hole he sees like an entirely different light and I highly recommend you look into those on the committee on him to one day but it was all over place to discuss a few things in this video but I hope that enlightens others to see just how narcissistic behavior can have such long lasting effects and it you know this host trial in itself the OJ Simpson trial had long lasting impacts from a number of from the behaviors from a number of individuals whether on the defense team or the ... ascendant himself so I'll leave it at that I'm Jimmy was right inside like and subscribe have many of the BTU succumb a whole wide variety of topics and if you're new to this ... you taming the animal series and I'm doing right now would be covering in incredible and diverse amount of different topics that basically shed light on the on humans the species that we are and essentially all suffering we cause ourselves and others so I'll leave it at that I'm Jim is bright insight take everybody //
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Taming The Animal #2 How Political Party Identification Exploits Human Psyche
\\everybody on Jimmy and this is taming the animal park to the political party system now the human species well is that it's a species we have certain personality characteristics and that certain aspects of the brain that make up our psyche and the political party system is a literally a exploitation of the human psyche because no matter what your political opinions are which is by way now at this video is about but if you identify with a political party might there be Republican or Democrat or independent or liberal libertarian whatever it doesn't matter in fact no matter how open minded you are even if like say for example you like okay I'm Republican or Democrat but I don't identify with everything in my party system and I see you know kind the both sides in certain topics you were still being exploited because you are being led in the direction that excludes some of the most important issues on earth and most people that are very political or or into the news I have completely forgotten about don't give you a few examples here in a second now let me first mentioned that approximately 70 percent of Americans identify with the political party Republican or Democrat so that right there is an excellent example of how it's meant to divide the masses because ultimately the brain will respond to labels and identify with their team that's what becomes right I mean if you ever fall election it's like people are rooting for the political party like it's their sports teams many give you an example of how the political party system is so divisive so I believe that probably 99 percent of the population believes that war should be a last result maybe 99 percent might be less than that I mean I will mention that you know less than 0.5 of one percent of people in the United States have served in the military and I went to Iraq myself and I noticed that even when I was in Mosel which is just be so dangerous like 99 percent of our population had no desire to fight anyone then touch a gun ever she is one of things that people don't realize is that when you have a political party system it keeps people from agreeing with each other on the most important things such as war like for death I mean that is really a serious topic right another great example is the money system so money is fake literally I mean it's not backed up by anything in our whole world revolves around money right and I'm not against money because money allows society to operate in a civilized manner of course however we have been led by people decorate the money the federal reserve in the international banking conglomerates of 4 families the Rothschilds the Rockefellers the Morgans and the Vanderbilts and essentially with there is now listen to this of medicine is another videos there is more debts that exists in the world then money that exists to pay for think about that it's true if you ever wondered why there's interest rates or why they're as high as they are look into a guys we as humans often you overlook the most important things or say the root cause of real issues say because of the human psyche because we put labels in our brain essentially identifies with labels and we want our tax ourselves to certain tests ideologies no matter how righteous are right or wrong they may or may not be right that essentially we as humans are so fallible that we ignore and overlook the most important things simply because of how we're lad and that humans well are a third species are heard species in that the leaders running the world right now or any leaders of any political party for that matter seem to avoid the most importance issues or at least the root cause that causes those issues am I wrong let me leave you with this one last point it's 2017 and most of us have the means to communicate on a global level was simply our fingertips in a smartphone right incredible with the internet and wifi everything else in technology has done for us yes the only thing stopping humanity from fixing the world's problems is our creativity and the masses as a whole have allowed individuals to lead us that seemingly don't necessarily have the best interest of the masses in mind okay so it's time the people start becoming aware of the fact that just like money which is fake I mean it's not real it's not backed up by gold is just pieces of paper writer cotton whatever doesn't matter up in that essentially that we have the power to make the world whatever you want it to be guys the world is what we make of it literally it just takes critical mass to realize that they have the power to make real change and if you haven't figured out yet guys this political party system is preventing us from getting there that's what I'm trying to say so I'll leave it at that this is I just parts you and I have many other topics to come on teaming the animal because that's what we are we as humans are animals we often overlook this fact because we're so smart right I like to say that was so smart or stupid in that we overlook so many things and that the human psyche which man is makes up the animal of us leads us down all kinds of crazy paths and causes so much suffering for ourselves and others so look forward to more topics to come in the whole wide variety of subjects so anyways a leave it at that on Jimmy was bright insight like and subscribe to leave me a comment to me know your thoughts are take care everybody //
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Ancient Egypt 2017 COVER-UP! Mummies Found in Necropolis Lost Human Civilization Sphinx & Pyramids
\\does anyone else find it interesting that the authorities within Egypt's are hoping that the newly found acropolis of underground mommies will increase the tourism within the country ever since it plummeted in the last several years following wars and all kinds of political turmoil I mean you may remember the stories that made international headlines around the world about to hit in chambers within the great pyramid of Giza that were allegedly to be excavated and here we are more than a year 0.5 later and they haven't even looked into it at all allegedly wait a second why would I say allegedly I get into that a second first let me just share with you about these mummies and this will only take a second because it's really not that interesting so in the desert of Egypt via found at least 17 mummies underground ... approximately 7 meters down and there's at least 17 possibly 30 and for some reason they claim that the 2300 years old even though they've done no testing whatsoever there's no evidence I mean they didn't provide any type of scientific evidence to back up that claim of being 2300 years old now why would I find that interesting well they've made up stories about ... timetables before haven't day I mean look at the case of the great spanks if you're not aware more than 200 professional geologist from numerous countries around the world had visited the great sphinx and the state of the evidence is overwhelmingly conclusive that there is tens of thousands of years of water erosion on the limestone bedrock that encloses the things that's interesting because egyptologists are adamant that the trade to the sphinx is only a few 0 years old between 3 and 4000 years old in fact when the last time the Nile delta received enough substantial rainfall to cause this type of water erosion around the limestone bedrock was more than 7000 years ago which is more than double the age of the sphinx I mean never mind that the pharaoh's literally etched in stone detailed lineage up the pharaoh's dating back more than 30000 years which Egyptologist say is is incorrect in and obviously they are wrong it symbolism of something else okay now getting back real quick to the 2 hidden chambers and how I mentioned that allegedly they had looked into it keep in mind that that between 1993 and 2002 there was an incident where they went looking through a tunnel shaft system within the great pyramid to look behind a hidden doorway and even though the Egyptian government adamantly claimed that nobody had excavated this side the years between it doesn't seem to explain the fact that there's a broken and missing bronze handle that was on that stone in 1993 now keep in mind the state that the Egyptian military guards the entire site 247 guys let's be realistic the Egyptian authorities have gone in there silently secretly I mean they can do it at night and nobody would ever know otherwise right why else would they be so shady about this stuff I mean the last each a wonder of the world that is shrouded in so much mystery the evidence that there's to it in chambers in a year 0.5 later they have even gone looking into it how stupid is that I mean what what is that don't just blame corruption in and a slow out paperwork process in Egypt known in and out they are lying to us you know this reminds me there's been many compelling arguments brought forward by many people suggesting that there are 2 subterranean chambers below the great sphinx yet the Egyptian government refuses to go looking into it I mean really the Kansas drill a hole in and take a peek it's funny how they get so apprehensive about that and the jury to the sphinx why is that and this I forget just how likely these 2 underground chambers really are I mean if you're not aware there is a massive underground tunnel system within the Giza plateau in fact there are numerous shafts carved into solid limestone bedrock many of which are completely symmetrical implement more than 100 feet down in the completely unexplainable nobody knows what the Shas freeze for and some of these are actually pretty close the great sphinx as you can see there in the background by the way you can see pictures of Brian Forster in these photos any took these photos to be sure to check up Brian Forster's you 2 page and his website hitting good so to bring all this together what am I suggesting here I'm not suggesting that nobody goes to visit Egypt in fact it would be great if the tourism increased because more people need to go to the site and see that holy crap what we're taught in school about ancient Egypt in human civilization his so full of holes and it's not so you actually look at what each it has to offer aside from just pictures of the pyramids the start to understand that there was some sort of lost into high technology and that ancient humans were far more advanced than we ever realised and date back far earlier than what we are taught in school anyways I'll leave it at that I'm Jimmy this bright insight like and subscribe I have many other venues to come in a whole wide variety of topics take care everybody //
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Taming The Animal #1 - Fake Conversations With New Acquaintances
\\everybody on Jimmy this bright insight in this is video number one of taming the animal and I actually just got done making my introduction video little bit earlier and I wasn't planning on shooting so tomorrow I don't even have an idea picked out yet and I had this random idea of the fact that well when people meet each other for the first time think about how often the conversations begin with total just fake ness think about that like you're at a party or whatever social events in your meeting some friends of some friends or something for the first time or whatever what is the conversation usually or how does it usually start out with let me guess so what do you do for a living right and then you you have how many times have you watched other people that you know closely that heat their freaking jobs going to some epic conversation with somebody detailed conversation about their job and all the great things about it right people putting on this fake charade of while I do this for a living and on the value right now I'm not suggesting that people don't have a conversation about their career with others at the meet for the first time I mean this be honest most people their career is like a huge huge part of their life it's more than just a third of it right it's like the whole shebang their lives revolve around their careers but we are missing out as people on crucial information when we just neglect all the other topics out there many give you an example I don't remember almost anything about my college graduation in my undergrad I I released what was said during the ceremony and member walking across the stage vaguely I am but I do remember this one thing that was said which is this we are students and teachers I have everyone we meet think about that hell never mind doesn't military there is an example of how I'm going to say that you know who found Saddam Hussein when they're looking from for like 89 months for me after we invaded the country and how it was a 1 of the lowest ranking people in the entire military is you finally found him Fulber colonel walks over this matter doesn't think anything of it and then this guy the one lowest ranking people saw this carpet in the desert like what's best so make no mistake no matter what you know where you've been no matter who you meet and you think you may have nothing come with trust me they can teach you something just like you can teach them something which brings me to the point that I think that when you meet people ever wants to start having conversations where they share especially especially people that we meet for the first time who they may never ever meet again so whether it's an uber driver or someone at a party when you're I'll hang around a group of friends where there's people you may of whatever doesn't matter share you start a conversation or not so we start a conversation put into the conversation at some point you ask them something creative so let me give you an example sometime next and have a conversation with somebody that you may never see again say Hey so this is a weird question but I want to hear your thoughts if you had instantly the whole you're on the staging that 7000000000 people the whole world's population listening to you and assuming you're nervous but if you could tell the whole world yep your audience for just a moment and you could share the most important thing in the world with them what would it be for you think about that or you can have somebody he would you think the most important thing in this world that people need to realize or what you think the worst thing going on with humanity as I'm talking about real conversations here I'm talking about us putting aside the fake crap and again I'm not suggesting that we just stop we just eliminate the normal conversations we have all together all at once I'm simply suggesting that we force ourselves to make it accessible and actionable attempts to have an engaging creative conversation with somebody that actually makes a difference when you ask somebody what do you think the most important thing in the freaking world is Teo what is it and then they tell you what my opinion is now of course this is something spy thing about ahead of time because I guarantee you if you have somebody this right off the bat be upheld most people might not even know what to say and of course it's worth mentioning that you put aside any type of political opinion like that don't the purposes of this conversation is foster a creative environment for humanity because all I know is that in my life some of the best advice I've ever been given is free and it's come from people like as an example sometimes even offer you to battle of the best advice I've ever been given is a bit off you do but they in some cases when people talk about candid experiences that they've had them when people talk candidly about experiences they've had their own life think about what a difference as made for you on different occasions where something so important is happening within your personal life and people have shared with you something in their own life and really made a difference that's where I'm going with this is that we put aside that the fake garbage like our careers which most of us hate I mean and again it didn't just say if you love your job feel free to share and I'm not suggesting that we just don't talk about careers that's not where I'm going with this my point is that humanity would be so much would be served so much better if we start having real conversations we put aside all the societal norms and and again I yeah actually you know what I should mention these conversations very if you have a group of old people that I talk about what you should do and what they're doing what they're retired if you talk to a group of high school students you need the might be talking about what their first car is heard the car they want to get what they gonna do after college if you talk to about a 30 year old he might be talking you know what it varies depending on where you're at who you're talking to everything but no matter who you are what age would demographic what social setting you normally engage in there's always east typical conversation that are just completely normal and I'm suggesting that we get away from the norm and start having conversations that matter think about that anyways I'm Jimmy was right insight this video number one there's gonna be 1000000 more to come on the topic of taming the animal because if you haven't pieced it together yet the purpose of this is that the animal of us the human species would tend to have just these certain norms the societal norms it's partly my species we have a society we have a culture and usually it involves at least if you're from the western world in the United States every conversation I know that you when you meet someone new it's always about so what do you do for a living I think would be much better off talking about things that really matter things get help the world and by sharing something unique with somebody else you might be surprised at what it does in their life and who the going to share that same thing with what a difference it will make you may never realize it in the long run but trust me humanity has been diminished by people putting on the fake societal norm conversation so I'll leave it at that I'm Jimmy was right insight like and subscribe anymore that used to come take care buddy //
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"Taming The Animal" #0 - Intro - Humans are an Animal Species with VERY Particular Characteristics
\\everybody on Jimmy and this is bright insight so I'm pleased to announce the introduction video to my first video series which is gonna be called taming the animal and it's all about you us the human species and the human condition that well let's be honest we are an animal species I know some who like hearing that but name become I name something the animals do that we down and like any other animal species we have certain personality characteristics and humans people are far more predictable than I think most people realize and once you get to know the workings of the ego which I call the software of our hardware that our brain is the hardware the goes a software that there's certain wiring that humans have that causes so many issues I'm gonna give you couple this with little examples are so you can have don't know the topic of addiction that well you know just you know people everyone's addicted to something that even people that don't do drugs or alcohol still might be addicted to I will I don't know sugar or or Facebook social media whatever or how people act differently at work than they do at home or around a certain group of friends versus family or whoever I'm or another topic could be Saks like how you know that gets the best of many people have people who want to cheat even though the glove somebody in because let there yeah temptations destroy them or even the food that we eat how it screws up our lives and causes cancer or how I don't know egos how people their inability to want you know just denial is what I'm trying to say their inability to admit when they're wrong how would just resume over in every facet of life many give you another example that is just to show you just how complete we diverse this topic yes O. J. Simpson trial so I got done watching the people versus OJ unit on Cuba Gooding junior and ... John Travolta and and others I no longer what's on Netflix I so yeah that is that got me thinking about what a fantastic example of is for people that are so self absorbed narcissistic like well I don't know OJ Simpson in his entire Dream Team legal defense and how these people were so consumed with their own images that they exploited the human psyche to essentially get a completely guilty person off the hook right there's a lot more into that piece than just the DNA evidence I mean look at and was also up there but I just paint you a picture of just how diverse this topic is and how creative I'm gonna be when making videos on this subject because well it's not just one subject and I'm gonna bring in my left handed because I'm left handed I don't think I've ever mention that here lefthanded prospective I I'm things Stacey flat left handed left handed perspective on things to add these videos and by the way if you wanna make a request deftly leave it I mean I'm starting to so many comments and other videos like about flat earth in the test the one where I'm I'm losing track of comments and starting to miss them if your room if you have a request this video series is no doubt that I I'm not gonna miss them how could I so yeah I'm really excited about this because it allowed me to make videos at ease I have several times a week I'd like to do in daily I can't guarantee that arm and I'm gonna make them based on how I feel that day like so even though I have a long list already I don't even know what my first couple videos again be I have no idea and a published choose one tomorrow just go with it I was so excited about it because I kinda go off the field in the tempo of what's going on in society I mean hell I could even though we give you an example like I made a video no longer but airlines and you know of course you saw the bass that guy's head getting off the plane and all that I can use I mean did any simple taming the ego is the people that make the that broke the rules at the at the airlines right that the CEOs corporate executives and how they've chosen to go down this path of profit profit profit that they've put aside well the fact that they're dealing with Newman beings and they're willing to distract people of planes so anyways I'm try to paint a picture here that no matter what your interests are I can pretty much guarantee that you're gonna learn quite a few things in these videos because again I'm gonna bring in numerous perspectives ... and I like to mention that my philosophy I always say in many my videos that nature's my tricks love is my religion that I'm not religious that I am a seeker of truth and there are many truths out there that organized religion and science because I can buy that as well do not take into consideration and I'm also a skeptic of a lot of science a matter science denier whatever like turning on a label it but I do know that there's plenty of things that we don't know that we'll know one day there's things today that we think we know that were dead wrong on many of these things are you aware of that I discuss in my videos that anyways guy so I'm really looking forward to this because you'll get a glimpse of how I think and I can even though you might not agree with everything I say I can pretty much guarantee you'll get you thinking and in return you leave me comments that I'll be able learn from because that is something that's missing from this world and I've seen as I've watched closely other YouTubers that talk about all kinds of different things that's how much I've learned just from people sharing their own life experiences and that's something that this world is missing as more people having candid conversations about their own life experience leaving their own insecurities at the door and just sharing crap because that's how people learn and that the best knowledge the best advice out there is free so you now I guess I hope to just share whatever perspectives I have on the world with you and hopefully it makes a difference up anyways guys leave it at that let me know your thoughts are the me a comment and a new you any request you have by the way they also mention to my subscribers because I suspect that my most loyal subscribers we watching these these videos arm and I have a really big list of other video topics are gonna make I've got a lot of requests and they're all they're all on the list that I'm I'm going off the field and I'll get to every single one of them at some points ... and I'm really looking for it because I got a lot of video topics that come that they're pretty exciting so anyways I leave it at that on Jimmy this bright inside like and subscribe ow ow ow almost forgot hit the notification bell but next to subscribe that way you get a large city Dallas show up in your feet or whatever when I make a new video I now help me get more views which is good for me sell anyways I'll leave it at that I'm Jenny this bright inside like and subscribe take everybody //
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When Dreams are MORE Than Just a Dream - Consciousness Beyond The Veil of Human Eye
\\think about those times reeve had dreams of scared the hell out of you and no I'm not talking about nightmares I'm talking about good dreams that well when you wake up you're like that was more than just a dream whether you were visited by a deceased loved one or maybe you had some sort of out of body experience of some kind which I've had one in it's really interesting guy guessing calling astral projection but I'll share that with you in just a second arm or other dreams were say in this seems to be how I see common but it's what's happened to a lot of people including my wife but he had a dream about someone only to wake up the next day discover that they had passed away the night before let me give you my my story real quick so this is last summer so coming up on your ago I'm laying in bed and sleeping I wake up after having well let me start over I have a dream and in this dream I dreamt that I got out of bed and to look out my window because someone was essentially peeing outside my apartment I used in the mail the night so that's the dream I dreamed that there is I look at my blinds there's I. dude peeing just to the side of the window and and and walks away so I wake up facing the opposite direction of my window and I I've I wake up and realize I am looking at my dresser it out but I woke up so weekends so alert because unlike that the dream was so real that I was witnessing somebody P. outside my apartment and I was like what the hell's going on so it occurs now look over at the clock it's 130 in the morning and like I guess do I just go back to sleep it's just a dream I'm facing now the direction I can't even see through the blinds which I turned to look in the blinds are closed also I have a couple German shepherds that are just alter vigilant in and they're so aware of their surroundings and it's not uncommon for them to wake me up at night there's something going on outside and and they don't do this they were fast asleep but it was such a compelling dream I don't how to help describe other there was all too real so I got up out of bed which is have a lot for me because sometimes you know when I'm when I'm tired of making up for any things but not so I go look up the blinds and socks because what I see this I saw a couple things first which was a guy I guess walking away from the direction of my window now I don't know if you have a window or not because he was at least I don't know 1520 feet away maybe just a gas he's walking away so whether he was at my window whether you Pete I have no idea then I noticed that there's 2 other people there on 2 guys and a girl isn't she says 3 of them in total early twenties and they're walking along the fence line of my apartment which is like I don't know 3040 feet away from a window and there's a bunch of bushes and trees and essentially no exit from the fence and clearly these people that you see as I some of these people are drunk it's 130 in the morning and they just they look Trastevere they're walking in there I just try to find a way out hilarious on and that's it that that's what happened but I'm like what the hell was this stream about right have this culture real dream I'm watching somebody outside my window only to wake up facing the other direction in the blinds are closed is no way I mean this wasn't something that I imagined it was a dream and it just so happens I get up look out my window and there's the street drunk people which shit if I go back in time I would have mustered up the discipline or the energy to put on some shoes get a flashlight and walked outside to see if there's like you know a P. spot or something that's one thing missing from this right but it was over it was something special to me this dream was like I guess you called astral projection and I've never had anything like that happen before that I can recall that some really neat lucid dreams where you can like me you know you're dreaming and you can manipulate your own dream to fly around everyone I've had I've had those those been fine I'm but I've tried to astral project after doing a lot of research on it and you decipher through other people talk about you like okay I kind of believe this person I don't believe these people but in you come across people were like I definitely believe that this person saying that being completely sincere right now so I tried out for project is different methods like before you fall asleep do this rope method the climate your body it never worked so whether it's possible or not like I don't doubt others have said it is like actually no I do believe it's possible I just haven't had it other than this one freaking time which this dream was so profound I mean I think anyone watching this sabbatical like guys do disagreements coincidence but not not from the shoes I was not for me I'm not from my view point that was something special but let me cut to it something I consider even more compelling or interesting that validates my point if you listen my other videos I believe that what there is real evidence out there that there's more to our consciousness in just our body or a brain that we have souls or spirits or whatever you want to call it that there is an energy your consciousness that lives on past the body there are many awesome examples of near death experiences out of body experiences that have been medically verified the people that were able to come back alive and talk about things that just weren't possible when they were look dad brain dead without a heartbeat everything else so anyways my wife a couple years ago her cousin was tragically killed and both Fortin basically she has a dream one night where he had come to visit her in the dream and that he was sad that we can spend more time together and basically she was really close to her cousin and when she started her career see you know distance was there and she just and get to see enough of the family as you wanted to the dream was about he came to essentially say Mr in that which they had spent more time together she gets woken up from her dream by a phone call from her mother in the morning stating that back cousin had been killed the night before what are the odds of that and think about how many other people have had stories like this I miss a lot of frigging people now I did have a very very well my dear friends was tragically killed and I had worked late this a few years ago I worked late that night I got home at like 10 something and zoning out on the couch and drinking a beer Netflix is playing the background and I'm literally in just loblolly when all of a sudden I had this overwhelming under her desk explain of there was a feeling I had a thought about him you know like when I talked to in awhile when I was doing but I was tired unlike in ray go to bed I'm literally just out of it long day and I'll hear about tomorrow but I was the I I stop myself from like I had such an overwhelming feeling to just hit him up so I get I sent them my I. Facebook message does use out of the country at the time and said Hey how you know how to go on long ti