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"2017-08-23 12:30:10"
Why Israel Should Not Exist
\\do we really want a Jewish state not sure the Jews wanted they live everywhere else but they keep wrapping up wars and rumors of war we sure ... Zara to see a stable and peaceful meetings we discussed a both in the Palestinian Israeli ... conflict but also the growing opportunities for cooperation between Israel and some of our neighbors because of this sense nuisance of shared threads I'm sure difference yeah years shallow people any opportunities between Israel and its Arab neighbors Saudi Arabia he means is a pathway to war against Iran with America and it European and the ultimatum that breeze perpetual war for perpetual peace Jess won't quit on the Palestinian side I made clear that all the root of the call the reason it goes all is the persistent Palestine I do respect a nation state for the of course any boundaries why not take it all busy pushy Jews is no longer a racial slur the Palestinians would be committing suicide by rubber stamping a Jewish state for that would mean the Palestinians handing over all their copious property stolen by the Jews to the Jewish state but don't you dare say a word against it you're an anti semite if you do but I appreciate your family room commitment to I'm driving anti semitism and racism expressed very powerful speech and also in your vocative statement stressing the fact that anti Zionism is a form of anti semitism well that makes garden anti semite you'll have nothing to do with Jewish Zionism and many house seats would agree but the Jewish claim that god gave me the land unqualified Lee and unconditionally is false and there's nothing worse than a bunch up atheists news quoting the Bible claiming that god who they don't believe it gave them the link you see the law of Moses instructs that the land was to be divided according to juries tribal identity what Jew can prove what tried his frown he came the Jews genealogy was title and the 2 ancestral land are you really an Israeli I stand here with a strong message of solidarity would you mind Jewish brethren the apple of god saw at this stupid goal juncture in history permit me to say something to you straight from the heart please know that what I say in their own is a sentiment shared by multiplied millions of Christians across America and around the world 2 days in a world of freedom the proudest bullshit is this I need you struggle a I don't know you can boost it all you want but not before god you and this with your stupid plot that loves Jews more than they love Jesus for if the Jews are claiming Israeli land from 2000 years ago then the 2000 year old laws must still apply no personal genealogies to prove tribal inheritance then no land no temple euro worm in god's eyes you're not an Israeli besides if innocent blood is shed in the land with the perpetrator hitting a one year old heifer must be provided to make atonement for the bloodshed if not the land is cursed by god as defiled what Levitical priests is there to oversee this legal ceremony or write in accordance with the Torah though the vehicle records are gone too dawn of the Jews from the land for undertone shedding of innocent blood god bound a smooth them out for this in alone to this day innocent blood is shed in Israel in occupied west bank L. Osco mosque in in the open air prison known as the Gaza Strip strip the cell privilege use of their stolen land before the Cup of wrath reaches full measure and the earth convulsive say again finally will have a chance for world peace for as long as a Jewish state exists we'll only have wars and rumors of war that Jess won't quit //

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