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"2016-04-18 19:21:46"
How to Grow a Garden from Seed. Soil Prep Starting Tomato Seeds Container Gardening Plant
\\how here I'm getting my seeds ready this year I made like a little printed out on paper so I can write it down a pencil plan the garden and this is my older seeds I keep them in jars inside the refrigerator to keep them fresh somebody's are like 2 or 3 years old this year I bought seeds from Joan the seeds okay make got here pretty quick so I'm happy with that so far I also made this little printed out of the garden dates to remember and it just shows like certain dates were I do stuff makes it a lot easier to remember also put like a little square footage planting guide okay take some regular water in a paper towel and so get just a little bit helps the seed stick so they don't fall all to the bottom of the age when I put it in the plastic bag these are bell pepper seeds there couple years old so I'm just going to use all of them I only need 7 plants for the garden fold the paper towel over slide it into the bag and I'm always in the towel still wanted to wear it you can always add more water later if it starts to dry up and I'd leave a little bit of air in there when I seal the bag and I start seeds in phases this is the first phase where it's just peppers beat and I'm gonna do some parsley these take a little bit longer to get started and next week in 7 days I'll start the tomatoes and lettuce and kale and I laid the seeds on top of each other I take this little thermometer digital thermometer Prue put it like in the middle covered up with another towel kind of seal them up hold it in hold it together these little paper clips and this is an electric heat mat I put a towel down because the heat mat county gets too high it's gonna distributes the heat a little bit better put the seeds on their then I keep an eye on the temperature and eventually it'll heat up but I wanted to stay between 75 and 85 degrees you know kind of it just maybe it might need an extra towel under there or something and until I get into the right temperature and this is probably the easiest way I found to germinate seeds it's 4 days in and pretty much everything's already germinating check out the beat seeds total germination are here's the Basil seeds and I do a few extra in case some point still make it I'll have like a feeling plant here's the sun sugar cherry tomato seeds after 6 days in here you can see how I broke the seedlings free from the wet paper towel so Kato leave a little bit on their here's what corn seeds lookalike here I'm still starting seeds under the fluorescent lights they are 12 days old these are peppers here soon beats on cooler days I bring the seedlings out here into the greenhouse and now that the weather's kind of warmed up to a little bit this lettuce I started in mid winter has really taken off of had a few salads from that and when the temperature outside is above 60 degrees or so I bring him out here in the sun that bring about side early in the morning and when the sun goes down I bring him inside and put him under the lights and then I turn the lights off at about 11:00 after the plants have been in the dirt for 2 weeks I feed with miracle gro 181821 and I use it half strength I use half a tablespoon in one gallon and here the pepper plants have been in the dirt for 2 weeks tomato plants for one week tomatoes RD catching up to that pepper plants you know I take the fertilizer solution I use a little measuring Cup and water each plant one by one get the equal amount and in 2 more weeks a fertilized one more time with the miracle gro so IV I'll use a total of one tablespoon for the whole ceiling face America grow uses because it doesn't smell when I have the points inside the house and then I'll switch over did this fish emulsion fertilizer is organic and it's much better but it stinks so that's the only reason I use miracle gro right at the start in here are the planets they've been in the dirt for 4 weeks these are tomatoes and peppers beat Hale and partially and I'm getting ready to do the second fertilizing this one gallon jug will fertilize this whole batch I and here's a look out in the greenhouse this is the raid sale lettuce from the winter time sugar snap peas this is corn and the Black Sea did Simpson lettuce okay I noticed on a couple of my seedlings here there's like a weird brown spy and they just kinda looked a little yellowish not as healthy but I just hit him like 2 days ago with a dose of fish emulsion fertilizer and it's amazing how much greener and healthier they look so when in doubt I've learned use that fishing motion and it does miracles stinks up the house but I like it and here it is April 10 I'm pointing out the KO collards and beat Kael plant right here one per square foot in the beats I plant for per square foot next I go to the bed and break up these clubs it's good to have a good pair of gloves ninite top dress the bed with tomatoes are planted I'm gonna put a little bit of limestone and then the whole bad I'll put a little bit as a my rock dust and ... form castings and I find it necessary to use this little scepter thing if and I grind the little jokes there's like chunks like the wind it through the wire mesh in ends up into like a real fine powder makes it easier to distribute on the bed and this is the earthworm castings this is the micronized as the money this is the garden lime and I would appoint tomatoes right here in the back of his bed and I'm just putting a little bit a limestone not that much and then I mix all this into the top 3 inches of soil they take this little party night they've got little notches cut into the age of the bed so it makes it easy to make the little square foot greeted and here it is April 17 I've checked the weather and it doesn't look like we're gonna have a freeze in the next 7 days so today's transplant day and the seedlings have been in the dirt for for about 5.5 weeks mmhm nzpost at okay with tomato plant I cut these lower branches of and ... planted deep in the whole there will come up to here in this old root out yeah and of god everything planted out 2016 so it's nice is a lot of work nice to be ready for the season thanks for watching well //

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