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"2014-01-03 07:43:29"
[SHOCKING NEWS] The Pineal Gland - The Greatest Cover Up In History
\\Hey there my friends it's Justin brands Yankee air and I'm about to share with you the connecting links between the physical and the spiritual worlds which just so happens to be the greatest cover up in human history hands down the pike meal plan is regarded as one of the most important parts of the nervous system but it shrouded in mystery but as more and more people investigate it they're realizing it's essentially a spirit soul antenna commonly referred to by many mystical and spiritual traditions third I third eye has seen as a way to re higher levels of consciousness while still being present physical body this concept of the pie seat of the soul or the spiritual gateway to all grounds and all the men certain realizing full functionality hi neo plan is about the size of a pea and it's in the center of the brain in hi Nikkei's hi am that above the pituitary gland which lies a little behind the root of the nose it's located directly behind the eyes to the third ventricle this gland is debated by like and it controls the various bio rhythms of the body it works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body's thirst hunger sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process why the symbol of the eye the eye is the observer of reality or should I think the illusion of reality a physical body your eyes look outward though it views objects upside down it next sends the message of what it observes the brain which interprets the emageon makes it appear right side up to the human body has another physical I whose functions have long been recognized by humanity and it's called the third eye which in reality hi Neal plan it's the spiritual third outside our inner vision and it's considered the seed of the sol the pie Neil gland it she just like a pine the seventeenth century French philosopher Rene day cart pointless organ called the pie Neil Clannad the seat of the soul as he believes it provided people with a medium form which the soul can be expressed through our physicality the true function of this mysterious plant has long been contemplated by philosophers and spiritual teachers the lying the ancient Greeks including the famous philosopher Plato he believed that the pine hill plan was our connection to the Browns have fought in commonly refers to the cranial plan as the hi with when the plane Neil planned the weekends one feels a frequency your vibration at the base of the brain this pressure will often be experienced when connecting to higher frequency the third eye can see beyond the physical when activated the pie neoplan becomes the line of communication with the higher planes the crown shock Rev reaches down until it's vortex touches the pine needle gland prana as it's referred to in India word she as it's referred to in China means vital energy which is received through this energy center in the head with practice the vibration level of the astral body is raised allowing it to separate from the physical to access the spiritual gateway you can start the practice of both detoxifying your pie Neil glands in debating your Pinedale glance through methods such as diet and also teaching practices such as meditation yoga chi gong tai chi and any other spiritual practices which raises one level of vibration and aware with them all of the all seeing eye has always been a part of hurts creation of mythologies and mystery in ancient Egypt it was symbolized by the I have chorus notice how strikingly similar the image of the I a chorus is hi Neal plan pretty interesting this symbol was passed down through the ancient mystery team found throughout various different ancient civilizations spiritual traditions and cultures across the world including Indian culture such as Buddhism Hinduism and yoga notice all the buddhas are always depicted with the top of their heads the same shape as pine it symbolizes the Piney on land and the awakening of the third eye kudos also have the obvious third I don on their forehead in South Asia even to this day men and women often where in the at I neoplan spot on their forehead which represents the third I shock rap here's to Jesus quotes about the third eye and ... the first one comes from Matthew for 16 that people would say that in darkness saw Greek life and now for my favorite Jesus quote of all time Matthew 622 the light of the body is that I it be airport behind I'd be single by whole body shall be full of light now Jesus who clearly speaks to us than metaphors in parables is clearly teaching us how to awaken the third eye Mary one of the most advanced civilizations ever exist thousands of years before Christ this secret pine cone which represents the pie neoplan are the third eye is symbolized throughout their artwork and historical remains Jim make ends and Rastafarians recognize the third eye they believe the pie neoplan unlocks he elements of the mine which can be unlocked through meditation as well as natural herb which helps the pie neoplan produced the empty which is dimethyl trip the forefathers of the United States of America as well as Freemasons troll our money supply added the all seeing eye to the back of a dollar bill because they're well aware of the pie Neil plan take a look at this image on the back of a dollar bill noticed the pyramid with the all seeing eye Rome Italy the Vatican notice the pope carries on the tradition that was also kept Egypt this symbology throughout the Vatican is blatantly obvious at the I neoplan worship going on pine cones that is a symbol of the solar god Osiris the Vatican and the masons know very well what Jesus meant the pie neoplan which resembles the shape of a pine cone is the actual location brain third I it was revered as such all throughout the ancient world now let's take a look at this famous painting called the last supper by Leonardo da Vinci do you want to know the real the Vinci code check this out if you in for this image you're gonna see a lot of hidden symbology the most obvious is that Jesus has a third eye is depicted in this art with the third eye and this is hidden knowledge that Leonardo da Vinci was passing down to us why is there a secret covered up hill even to this day is there a conspiracy and if so how are they killing your pie Neil glance well the biggest offender is floor I it's in toothpaste than tap water it's another heavy duty poison avoided at all costs because it calcified as the Piney of tissue and basically shuts the gland down avoid drinking fluoridated tap water as well as bottled water you buy from the store only drink pure spring water that you know come from a natural spring or water purified through reverse osmosis in the late 19 nineties a scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke carried out the first study on the effects of sodium fluoride on the pie neoplan she determined that the pie Neil gland located in the middle of the brain was a target fluoride regarding alternative all natural toothpaste without fluoride easily find us online the pie neoplan simply absorb more fluoride than any other physical matter in the human body even bones the pie neoplan it's like a magnet sodium fluoride this calcified could plan the makes it no longer effective in balancing the entire hormonal process to the body and the sad truth there's more people drinking fluorinated water today in the United States and the rest of the world combine fluorides had been used to modify behavior and moods if human beings for a long time it's a little known fact that fluoride compounds were added to the drinking water prisoners to keep them down sigh on inhibit questioning of authority both the Nazi prison camps as well as in World War 2 American soldiers who entered Germany at the end the World War 2 name liberating of POW camps a priority at him after can they found stockpiles of fluoride store near the water supply when they ask what the fluoride was used for they were told that the Germans used the substance as an additive to the prisoners water to make them domicile this is the first known incidents of intentionally chlorinated drinking water fluorides are medically categorized as protoplasmic poisons which is why they are used kill rodents either way they are packing my noble and besides fluoride in your water in your team pays well mercury this is really bad for the pie neoplan in fact it's poison do not let this get into your body mercury tooth fillings are ideal toxin have them removed medical vaccinations are also notorious for containing high doses of mercury so avoid them as well at all cost mercury can be removed from the body by the daily use of Kerala wheat grass and spur you Alina also cilantro herb taken daily can help remove mercury from brain tissue organic foods some pesticides are Pinedale toxins organic healthy food with a high ratio abroad its support of anti Neil deep alcohol plus smoking cigarettes A. K. A. cancer sticks naturally these need to go along with the emotional attached using that if something is toxic do not put it in your body if you don't recognize our can't pronounce any food ingredient are additive then most likely it's toxic toxins are notorious and soda candies and include artificial sweetener such as ask pertain refined sugar deodorants cleaning chemicals dental mouthwashes an air freshener rock cocoa is the tiny oil glands simulant detoxify or in high doses because of its high anti oxidant content this is the chocolate that Mike has no taste it's called rock cocoa and you can find in the stores one supplement that I'd been personally taken for about 3 years now which greatly helps the calcified the pie neoplan is fermented skate liver oil which anybody can also find by searching online being disciplined with your diet makes Wiccans is that meditation for about a year or so will certainly bring about hi Neil cleansing an awakening cleaning up the pipe neoplan activating your third eye is essential for those wishing to develop their psychic ability and multi dimensional perception by weakening your pine hill gland it brings the ability to consciously astral travel explore other dimensions and foresee the future when fully operational this allows the individual could be in a constant visionary state most of the time tapping into these extra special senses many believe the abilities that the Plano plan offers come from its ability to naturally produced its own DMT dimethyl tryptamine when fully operational this allows the individual to be constant visionary state most of the time tapping into these extra special sense DMT is present in the south American shamanic brew called ayahuasca the shamans have used this brew for many generations as a way to tap into the spirit world it is a plant medicine that grows in the Amazon jungle which brings profound multi dimensional and hard killing the facts with enough practice and development you're paying your plan will produce the special substance natural for those that take this herbal medicine they go into a period of profound experience where issues and troubles come into awareness allowing them to be healed with the insights that come from the DMT conscious DMT is a totally natural substance that the human body will manufacture and distribute when it's in a healed states such as sleeping it is a belief between many that human beings were intended to be visionary beings able to tap into the information and other dimensions allowing it to guide them through this cosmic journey we call life it allows us to transcend the ego and realize that we are all one consciousness giving us the opportunity to rapidly heal our sufferings conflicts and cleanse our karma why don't the school system or our own government news and media teach us about the Piney overland an awakening your third eye because the forces of evil which control our government and control our food and water supply and control our news and media control our school system are blatantly doing everything in their power to suppress the truth from you I believe there's no greater gift you can give that to help others awake it which is why I'm on a mission to share the truth regardless of the consequences because it's the right thing to do I'm on a mission to speak life into humanity I'm on a mission to help you decals the fire by neo grant amount a mission to help you awaken your third eye tapping into extrasensory superpowers you never knew existed hence why I'm sharing this with you right now because I realized in the end we are all one consciousness and I believe my people deserve to know the truth Buddha said it best 3 things and not be long hit in the sun the moon and the truth my question is what are you going to do about it knowledge is power and applied knowledge is freedom help spread this conscious awareness with the world by sharing this video that we can help unlock the truth behind the pie Neil gland in awakening your third eye are like brothers and sisters on this planet deserve to know sheet you for letting your love and light shine through by sharing this video for more information about awakening others and becoming the change you want to see in this world click the link below I appreciate you namaste I world so here's how we can make the boards of the people we start with ourselves when we got we got letters that the world one person at a time and the best news is look around we get more food //

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