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"2015-04-26 03:01:52"
CLIP: President Obama's Anger Translator (C-SPAN)
\\anywhere is always going to close on a more serious note and I often joke about tensions between me and the press but honestly what they say doesn't bother me I understand we got an adversarial system I'm a mellow sort of guy and that's why I invited Luther my anger translator to join me here tonight I to you live here why books there are things changing world traditions like the White House correspondents dinner are important yeah we yeah because despite our differences we count on the press I should live on the most important issues of everything yeah we want only 3 items okay thank you so much put a wall to wall he what we were one step away from the walking founded in you have noticed I don't have a power line but I feel different appreciate the work that you do yeah had that big Ole hole in the back in Mexico out not that which Obama's to Trina was that one that 19.about what what was the 22 of them are terrible protecting our democracy is more important than ever for example the Supreme Court ruled that the donor who gave Ted Cruz $6000000 was just exercising free speech it has become a speech like this I just waste is $6000000 it is not Republicans Hillary will have to rage use sums of money to pull you so you don't get that money see Monday please see top end to Westboro yeah none some focus on billionaire donors creates real problems for our democracy we no we're not with me now that we do need to stay focused on some big challenges like climate change yeah Dr Nnamdi up in there yeah I think the Bradley Cooper came here because he wants to talk to Chuck Todd so what is the silence is poor non out of the 10 hottest years ever came in last decade Walmart to Saks is good I do no harm to competition rising seas more violent storms got mosquitoes sweaty people on the train standing it up is this may men what does what look at what's happening right now every serious scientist says we need a the Pentagon says it's a national security risk my name was on a sunny day in 7 do anything about it we got elected officials torn snowball then the Senate itself hook up I think I got it right this quiz that what about yeah what kind of stupid short sighted irresponsible bowl what old old respects you know you had to translate you know because here man I didn't know it off yeah ... //

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