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Tribute To All The Journalists Assigned The Skripal Case
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"Let's move on from whether this is fact or not..."
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"Let's move on from whether this is fact or not..."
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From Ep 60 of the podcast Going Rogue With Caitlin Johnstone
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From Ep 58 Of The Podcast "Going Rogue With Caitlin Johnstone"
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Blue Lilacs
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On The 50th Anniversary Of MLK’s Death, Remember That The FBI Are Pure Scum
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Real Werewolves
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Bad People
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The Young
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The Show
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In The Garden
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Gnomes And Gear Monsters
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Singing on the Deer Docks
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Come Dusk
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Here We Stand Naked And Dauntless In The Junkyard
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Oh Hominid
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Russiagate Isn't About Trump, And It Isn't Even Ultimately About Russia
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A Year Ago, Maddow Explained How MSM Would Use Russiagate To Escalate Cold War
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Progressives Were Saying Obama Was "Playing 3-D Chess" 8 Years Ago
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"2017-12-08 11:59:36"
A Reading From My New Book "Woke: A Field Guide For Utopia Preppers"
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"2017-09-14 02:56:21"
Activists Are Being Targeted By Spy Agencies -- Interview with the Internet Party's Suzie Dawson
\\okay I can I see the I mean running straight when Justin aka see Dawson here with me she is that a citizen journalists Kuwait she's very are active menace low guy and she's in exile now yeah Susie you all the way through Muskerry high yeah we're I'm very good and very good things spinning some time with me are you got the yeah room you're going for prime minister of New Zealand now lifting yes and that in the unlikely event instant pot a my political party I'm achieved a majority in the election yes I would a prime minister I'm in reality away I'm hoping I've seen which would give us 3 members of parliament yeah look with 3 members of parliament name it would mean that my south was number one on the party list and ... out sticking in there candidates on the pilots would also get into parliament right can you explain a little bit about that New Zealand out how mean she systems there if it isn't it 2 party system if the bad luck down or I'll let you know a what's what's not so great but it really is sorry we have in him Hey you boys arm as means we have 120 members of parliament and pay I divided across arm injury Heidi who achieves a minimum of 5 scenes a public holiday cards or why army that candidates can also paint selected by their elite terrorist and sneak Piraeus south was actually not that has chosen not to stand in the electorate but is just standing on the on the stern idealists I'm because we don wants a baby there are 20 or 50 parts that allows a government minister ascertaining states I merely turrets island yeah rank said it's a little bit of strategy involved here Latin so yeah so you're you know but your in Moscow where are you in Moscow I'm in Moscow are online because I have pain pretty relentlessly persecuted by people her I upholstered my where my activism in my journalism I'm originally in any new Zealand's are numbered years and as back escalating and seriousness I think I relocated to Berlin and Germany unfortunately Abed tagging followed me Darren can 10 years I entertain Chile I discovered that I am it wasn't until I got into a Senhora that all of a sudden the targeting stop Sir I originally applied for asylum here in Russia and have been living here since so what horrible things are you doing to be targeted well I herm initially it was involvement with the occupy movement ways Shanwei non lawyer was targeted by the FBI and the day 8 years in the United States and 3 big fusions into harm's way tend conjunction with intelligence agencies across the western world to crash ends a curse on KD pagans who were involved in the management and then I would because of revelations are illegal spying by our intelligence agencies and New Zealand I became heavily involved and I can't Hines or try to prevent those abused us our intelligence agents say Armonk recorded the JCS Baylor run option JCS pay government communications experiment here are her as the New Zealand equivalent of the inside or the equivalent because I'm I would meet with the holidays ever kick Canada UK US everyone has their arm in a safe one agents take I'll bet movement became very basic needs are Armand spread to dozens of towns and cities and attend a really big telescope looks at we really had a dairy and shot at southern down what they were doing armed unfortunately though legislation called the JCS faint bell that anti inventor sailor richer act simply legalized yeah illegal activity dead Hans through parliament by one fires that we were doing everything that we could to prevent that from happening and to hold them accountable for their abuse us sorry my involvement and that I'm definitely didn't place them how long have been there was a number of other movements and it shows that I was involved and at the same time and in the following years arm and certainly my support the whistle blowers and when she wakes arms and organizations like that probably compounded things but then it was a letter 0 post change in our election when I was I'm actively supporting and instant holiday items that things started to get really crazy it was about the same time as we hosted on Snowden and Greenwald and new Zealand's in August 2000 and rach sit but none of these a criminal activity exactly arrives none of them a criminal activity I did not break a single war and in fact in hurry activity 0 bolts and as a democratically protected why a critique of democratic rights both intense national law and according to the New Zealand Billick rats what do you think and I would say that you will waking in the high seas Imanishi if not I would not could you wait just not to meeting crimes you actually doing things to help people I was trying my damndest to assist her I think you're being targeted for helping people yes I was being targeted for trying to hold the government and its agencies to account and unfortunately some of those agents it's how very strong military international titles and Tom and were affiliated with targets of international agencies sorry where things got particularly serious and that we have wouldn't sense dad and those of us who are targeted by my government where I am breastfed buying my government so racially in inside and Hawaii ends her thousands while and were targeted Iranians I firmly etched with thousands so do you you actually made a he surely telling any Ericsson our own making Adam I watched every minute of it details and why the way that you've been tracks and targeted we'll sort since our our methods and strategies thank yous to try and intimidate him into silence Albertini define your character ought to kill your character first and then actually to try and kill your bony like to actually they wear assassination attempts as well I'm and it's become quite a common thing now it's you know like a you have a profile but I I did a little a seatbacks room people you just read me and have you know kat turned activist under that I did like you to talk a little bit about them because some of them where I I you know me I'm a lot of them are designed just make you feel paranoid ... make you sound paranoid at least arm one particularly that caught my ear with the socks that what can you tell that story Charmaine Barros Soarer many examples of things like that that happens maybe it's only a couple that I talk about in the document change just because I needed to keep a source but I can tell you story after story after story about the the impatience of my personal space I am and what I would describe as the desecration of my personal property and belongings so the story over crying tears on I explained in the video that they try to do things your way there's not you time that she'd been redressed or and which you sound a bit crazy if you try to explain to people that this is happening to hear you and they so they sound US specifically designed for that purpose sorry they were armed at the height of the targeting pay would breaking it's my house constantly so I'll tell you the sock storied attire a couple of other things that you mentioned the video side on one occasion I would and I would just late with my self are literally Nixon right next like what enemies half of my body and mark happen my sufferings RK well that's fine myself for things in the same time find anywhere that's fine young by Nissan you could go back to us late but with my farm in my room wake up my parents don that's happened to me 3 times in a month RK soap myself I'm just get up and move and walk away I'm good I'm I we come online and died of the Sox star is I'd go and simply bought a 3 pack of sports socks like you take like $5 from the warehouse down right and I lift the arms up there my choice and my days are I'm no plans just sitting there and then I came harm none of this is very frequently mayor where I would come home in the day some bizarre disturbance unexplainable I can Hermance my rhyme and sang on talk my trace I let my son my I'm open package of socks is gone vanished but sitting on top my germs that is in Europe disgusting sweaty man socks and there was no man living in my house is there is literally no other possible please go buy it at my underpins socks good or what themselves on the house and some random means suck so upsetting the mergers that but this is the type of thing that they do because you can't go to the police and say someone stole 5 those socks are many and now there's some JD men's socks them exclusively on my jury so that's not American clinically circle an ex because department and say something about right I'm another horrific one had its main was back and I actually costs through the aside seems ... bull bull Iverson repair of my underwear so that only just the elastic of which hawk was intact but all of their classes and square and I wouldn Nora until it actually click on and be walking around and it slows the pot will on my body like dumbness minority go to get another year from my Jordan you discover that the scents and sounds that and on it was quite remarkable my men and may almighty each of channel someone else had been targeted a woman I'm complains and the comments section that all of that underwire open rides have been removed from her prize like it in her underwear jaw and when I read that I was like holy crap because the same thing happened to me when I say that removes the underwire from all of my progress and so the labels at the thick kind of insane mental ferns and dirtier I also talking very about how I had a very armed uniquely shapes and take watch that my grandmother had given that was like a clock what she was like how bracelet how watch I know it was really important makes my grandmother passed away nice to wear it on yeah special occasions I am I can harm and I are in my jewelry box and everything in modular boxes completely intact there's no problem with that nothing's Mustang but my one beautiful watches and mia and the face of the glass had been completely smashed with a hammer was the shards of glass with her my jewelry box sorry leaves the Connerly destructive just spectral lines that I would tear yeah because you know it was what a beast you're in an a BC Morris yes I'm a really it was like they can also thinking that today actually are thinking like you know our hearts here buying and traumatizing it can pay for someone to have the store crap yeah just go through beings talks well imagine that they're being stalked by a team of store other work and constant to give our and that how a projected by the state and by the government and not have English re-attempt X. excuse my language of those really what as is the actual China stingy not its financing your car is a and the more that I studies on about this happening to other people things started to make more more scenes from rank because a lot of things I went through I didn't put 2 and 2 together till afterwards for example I used to how Blake screws loose screws lying on ... window panes in on this forum like scattered all around my house and I could I just thought to myself or my house was just a really open United like that that's just screws falling out everywhere like and never could actually kids neighborhood had anything to do with going target yeah at all I just I just thought I can't is a bit strange but in our that made no sense to me that it would pain related to the type of thing and then when I was reading through some of the tactics Liz grapes by saying but I leave loose scorers all around your house to make them because they're alluding to Europe having a screw learns while you're going crazy harvest girlish I submit almost restricted from that time until you get it when that report that circuit yeah that's but things just went straight over my head yeah well good good Diabolik loosening and he's just like so evil no evil things get someone who really chilly just trying to do some good for the well like you know what you know and then like chairman a bold new people all while I create it will you not hurting anyone I think you would have been doing it for our decently when doing its money but you went even during our our you you were anonymous rota like quite some time cheap labor just out of the goodness the hot just trying to help and you're being targeted and yet I think it is I am important we start talking about these because it is quite common it's becoming more common one of the things that really amazed me to find out was that a lot of these are private contractors but it's become it may be that unnecessarily trained people by the state or anything 39 right like legitimate comments courses away melodies literally could be just brasserie type people who have access at least 8 to the most amazing I'm resources now because of the business they have to create will be in this so they have to work out you have to create more targets and other you know like create more targets out of dangerous people like you know that actually might turn around with a Kalashnikov or something and and no I gonna target sucks people here you know it might lie us you're just trying to have no idea how to handle a gun or anything will would cause me problems I mean yeah it's extremely extensive sorry I'm necking Haga who's working working late since that famous investigative journalists from New Zealand amazing journalist he wrote a book called dirty politics and 2000 course hang about summer and some hot so the government hiring Carter and army as related to the media and he says that he found evidence that dozens of channel once had and target it to her irritations destroyers terror arm had their lives ruined some of them had a neighbor said so like maliciously referred to child services those and other types of things like that like completely well you know that's a groundless accusations that I might just harm them in their personal lives and to harm them proficiently I'm in New Zealand when I was trying to understand what's happening to me I wings terror a number of high profile activists arm and so called radicals and told them what was happening and ask them what Annette so it's all about the S. and I took him one very amazing investigative journalist had told me that when he was working on a famous story in New Zealand it was very embarrassing a government that he had a bullet shot through the top of his cock Hadley drivers I'm side of his car and I toast Terry and its new member parliament who was on unite on the grass circled radical late and as I said to her tent near an inhaler I can target you would learn in pay and she said that the the morning after she was no longer in him tape it's hard and started again a suicide crosses in in paper literally in the morning after she was no longer an impatience considered staying at sorry this is obviously going on on prayer in our and number years but you're completely right that it's becoming more divisive and very different areas society because now we say like climate research is being targeted we see scientists and doctors even like on there were like anti sugar cane and moans in are being targeted those link arms GMR I'm active Bess in our anti generar antiperspirant target arm and I just feel like west some of the laws have been passed in New Zealand that they are preparing the ground for the entire civilian populations here originally B. targets and one where another what I'm referring to specifically as they had passed a law which allows what they called domestic embezzled some parents and Mister Gerber's also violence without a warrant and what that means is that they can put cameras inside your house will you let because this is I mean I absolutely 100 scenes was on you obeying stones inside my harm they went just breaking into meddling with my staff they were installing surveillance devices and monitoring me inside my harm I am now in New Zealand they it's supposedly legal you know the law says it's legal it's completely a Morrow but it doesn't actually go unanswered plant cameras inside to harm about of our and I just don't know how to scream about that loudly in now because that is ... while it's not Orwell's common as ... balance here doing it now warrantless surveillance inside your heart sorry how long until that is just blanket by default there is no monitoring for it we we still don't know who the targets I laid there was hot the government was forced to admit that ACA New Zealanders were referred to in fact were targeted Amherst leads to the inside so this day where men are good so the Maya would end up paying 5 saying despite insist originally trying to think it means what last I was one of the targets and they still refuse to admit that I'm I refuse to confirm or deny sorry this is like our ongoing mystery way beds and if you can curry that it was years and you can't achieve any redressal his signature SSR all I can really do is try to tell people what's going on and what happens to me I hope that I can provide some sanity someone else is going to her and who can't that's where actually the bottom my document you're specifically asked people to share it with anyone who also has had similar as having similar experiences because if you once you begin to understand that this is a methodology this practice is applied to many pain ... that it's not just you carry guns throw at it empowers you to cope with that so much better right well that change isolate you in unite typical gas lighting techniques used to to make you feel isolated and crazy us and them when I guess that they their ideas to institutionalize you in some way ... yeah yeah but otherwise it's just destruction techniques you learn so that you're you're you're not able to work as effectively like you're you're distracted by things and are yeah but worried about like whether or not you're doing the right thing censure or it that night the people around you whether or not you're putting them in danger eccentrics that just to run away well then my eyes my harm feel like a person your head about what it felt like I wasn't imprisoned and it felt like it would never be any ends to where I couldn't bear it I can imagine because of Winn on 3 years for years I've only got 2000 live until 2000 and our generation doesn't pertain to league needs our neighborhood continued after that but that that's what we do they try Dave makes you believe that your traps that there is no escape from Matt and that you'll be subjected to the US open reminder July and I think that's what Saddam sorry damaging now can be start damage our and I really a belief that we need a school worn public inquiring into every single target of the agent says we need to say who it is like and targeting the block around step in targeting them on what actions have been taking against them and what's hot in space time how many of them were killed themselves how we know the movie ended up in a mental hospital how many of them have lost their relationships their jobs their arms their careers their houses yeah how meaning is I believe that there is probably a huge number nurse specialist tech talk across the decades Iraq well yes and but I do think dole said that one of the strategies that we can play right now is to start talking about it and start sharing what is happening on because I strategies like adolescent in intensity if if our people are actually just laughing at them you know discreetly so I accept your when I need these kinds of things that make you think I want to make you feel crazy Nasserite buddies it is a community of people being socket at that will actually arm touch join them together which is exactly what later well absolutely I mean Anthony I think the hardest thing for me actually was becoming site again I took me about 6 months to build shared surely latest sank and that I'm a K. but no one is following me that no one has found violating my status that I'm that I'm safe again or at least 6 months as me okay as you feel like inning inlets entire because Saddam can't I mean I I'm so business like you kinda chided her teachers are late Darden gets her comfortable and safe to you because it can be taken away like that I'm but yeah eventually it that I'm looking at what I had stated actually get to that point in our son camera the price alone almost everything iron and access to my family and friends but I do finally lives very now I'm Terry finally led analysts as and and that that is priceless I mean it really honest it's hard it's horrible bad I'm as much as I love my country and I love my family and I missed my friends and I missed the universe playing the bass I missed my city armor so much stuff I wouldn't go back there and mistaken unless I knew for a fact 100 similar sank because it you can't you just can't look like that it's impossible to live with someone undermining it very fast ally United deliberately and sonically everything which I and on its hard lotus saying how many 8 or so garden throw it is there a possibility if you and get the 5 percent ... and you become an MPA in me out went to set Maine that you will that will effectively makes you under their protection when it that is the greatest irony the great the greatest irony as that on the same security but said there was undoubtedly paying the bills to persecute ranks somewhere up the chain I'm what they have said they spent chair replied to me west security west housing and where tribal etcetera etcetera as a team Hey so that and that is the greatest irony of all that the people who have executed the hell out of me would become responsible my site that would be awesome is that would be awesome okay saying that a seed arm firm takes the lived experience of other people the day after I was no longer in in pay I it could stop alert and sire are not as well I hate you but that would mean that you you could make time for the time being me back with your family I would perhaps be in a position to ... to attack some of these 5 bills that are going and well I guess basically like well I I'm Sandra doing a pretty good job of that at the moment I'm pretty happy with how things are going that are not anything but if you look at a house and his Bible and weather we've been having weekly of thing so I'm with some amazing people working alongside us tailored to racially tackle educate people about the also tended to sign legislation to counter the specific arm agree just violations and nature pliable sex I'm her spine bills that have been passed in New Zealand then breaks and yes so one thing that many people don't realize that's the way that this legislation tracks around the world so hard the juiciest baby bell and museum lands and checked out as Hank you how glad I am Ozzy data retention acts here be UK I hate though you have the United States Army USX freedom act etcetera etcetera the same state you mine etcetera sorry once they get away with passing this legislation and one of her wrists and ensures it spirals around the rest of the Arab sorry quieted trying to hosts or 8 counts Misha and one cherry we once had a child a status and domino stays where activists and bitch about other countries can push for adoption of similar legislation woman's house contact because I guess yet and they also under things like fly bys collaborate are we you know if I can they country can't do it and I just get another country to do it polemics that you're sorry belittling Haiti are us a full push I am requesting nations okay well thanks to my free time see see I really wish you well 9 days time is the election on that we'll see how we go about our meanwhile and really I I please you using a platform to our to attack these these these evil I get it can only be called evil are absolutely anti us I'm at instant pot a it's actually known about the election or the pirates I'm waiting taking huge stand against this flying into 1000 plus hang and we have a guy and 2007 tank and way can mustn't continuing ends when explaining screenings right rates when insects and where was this case tapping away at it has long as it takes okay as these issues I'm not going away narrowed the snide and thought well the loss but his revelations but it still remains for the Welsh and really push back and pushed the angel in the other way and that's what we're really committed to doing but if you want to so I just gonna look like if you want to support her we would love your way and you can check out a or in the sacred Americans yeah I know I yeah I will I totally 100 percent support you and I I yeah I am I'm pushing the pendulum with you man where are your work is amazing Hurley thanks to you the I think the time when summer //
"2017-08-27 22:28:07"
Bernie Would've Won And He Wouldn't Have Been Much Better
\\hello readers will be located and Justin had thank you for listening I've got the article here Benny would a one and a wooden the baby much betta bit of a tough whenever I used to be a tough one a radar again ana thingy for my subscribers and to my patrons for making this possible you had me and entertainment universe where America has free and fair elections Bernie Sanders would have crashed donuts room and then you would have gone on to ABC and administration which continues essentially the same blood 50 new conservative farm policies abroad and the same neo liberal domestic policies at home that trump is continuing today as did a bomb riffle him as to bush before him and that little teeny champ is continuing and expanding all of bush promised west policies yeah yeah of course if Sanders would not be making the same bumbling if Chris occasions about white nationalism on national television or embarrassing the country on Twitter or pulling out of the essentially worthless Paris agreement he would have allowed Americans to go on pretending that they would do something about the looming climate crisis and ignoring the country's massive gaping racial wound Hey learn partly centers would have used his presidential platform she couldn't teeny calling for economic justice essentially advocating the same thing he's advocating now but with a bigger voice that would have gone a lot further towards advancing real change in America and he's actual governmental authority and sped up the nation's movement towards revolution again feel exactly but this agenda too would have been shut down at every 10 his sister my money because could political power a ruling class necessarily images which matched must necessarily work towards keeping the public Paula in order to continue its rule Allah is relative the ruling class would have continued to shutting down all movement toward universal healthcare a living wage and income equality because their rule depends on it and that's a really that's the extent to which centers would have deferred as the U. S. president from the current champion charge he would have been political impotent towards facilitating real change but would have used the bully pulpit to fan the flames of real revolution this is the only real reason the plutocrats push to sabotage his election they were never afraid of beini they were afraid of the people they were afraid of the unless I lifted weights Afram Benny himself showing how he's capitulated to the date states agenda 27 name is showing us that Sanders he's more than willing to tow the line for the US war machine on everything from Syria to North Korea to Russia when the potentially World War in here juicing Russian sanctions there is no reason to believe that any of this would be different had he been elected commander in chief if anything he'd experienced more dates state precious in such a situation not less like a bomber in China he could be expected to present someone more inertia to the most insane agendas of the war machine than Hillary Clinton would have such as arming Ukraine and the no fly zone in Syria for example but the civilian slaughtering wished military interventionism would have much slower unabated from about mystic ministration to hear Sanders lockstep to pitch relation to the war machines agendas combined with the only got heath willful sabotage of any movement towards economic justice means that if found this nomination had been stolen by the day and see he would surely trounced his reality TV star payment in a fair election but America would not likely be with that much better off than it is right now some ways it might even be worse because the political left might have gone back to sleep expecting send us to handle the problems just like they did with Obama 9 T. he can have single payer when you pry it from the oligarchies cold dead hand this is a hard pill to swallow but we are doomed if we had you can toss as long as the last remains locked in the delusion that they gonna be able to elect their way out of their prison America's on elected ParisTech bushman will be up to keep stringing them along until late either destroy the eco system get us all killed in a nuclear Holocaust or succeed in nailing down our consciousness into homogenized conformity last corporate propaganda and corporate censorship the incremental vote by solutions said this has been stumping fog cannot succeed in the system that is fully owned and operated by a plutocracy within an existential interest in maintaining economic injustice yeah banning water one we were right about that only still out right about that now it's time to let him go it was never about thingy again the oligarchs were never afraid of Benny they were afraid of you I knew that have no trouble controlling one old man he's been in the system for years they weren't worried about him there were worried about what would happen if the American people suddenly got a taste of their own Halas and began pushing on mass for a real revolution it will make little difference to who you are who is president as long as America it's a corporatist hissed oligarchy he's really decide not answerable to elected palla as long as they're able to keep trolling you into relying upon the electoral system the Ayn and operate to affect change they've gotten as long as they're able to keep you can you into playing along with the narrative they promulgate in the media they own and operate Loewen keep attacking then Liza so loudly and aggressively as possible and stout waking mainstream America up to who the real enemies on the negative thing to have to fight the establishment propaganda machine and we thank you so much to my patrons making this possible please press subscribe if you haven't already homes I love you and fight on //
"2017-08-27 22:11:00"
Propaganda, Human Consciousness And The Future Of Civilization
\\well hello it's killing jobs in here are my beautiful people it's time for another article propaganda human consciousness and the future of civilization into my subscribers and pinky to my patrons for making this all possible a duck flakes passed to fish looks down and says morning boys house the Warsaw the fish swim on for a bit and then one of the tents the other things what the fuck is Warda corporatist propaganda is to western civilization nation what what you so she's our culture is so saturated in there and it was phones Thurman levels of al well she and most of us never even examine any of them and informs all aspects of culture from our beliefs about what's going on in the world to understanding of history to what you she's we think we're supposed to care about on a given day to what opinions what we think we're allowed to choose from people think they know what's going on in this society why the country for this or that war had the nation's government and cut all economy operate when they really don't know any of the things only the most basic assumptions about they will they culture and even who they are as individuals is fully provided by mass media propaganda narratives in LA tribal cultures humans depended on campfire stories passed on from one generation to the next to tell them what the world is and how to interpret their experiences in it now that role his full exclusively to a few highly consolidated corporate media conglomerates he's 0 Aramis have vested interest in maintaining the war mongering plea to care Craddick power establishment that is loosely centralized in the United States because in that parastatal shown they get to leave king 3 from me and whenever the mass media convention unanimously upon a single narrative your default assumption should be that you upping the whole not she's a taking over America moral panic is the most hysterical that the people of the United States have pain since the November election results rodian not even at peak Russia has Syria has the general public being so emotionally invested in something so grossly unsubstantiated even most of the work lefties he didn't buy into the ridiculous Russian narrative swallowed the cool message being promulgated by corporate media hook line and sinker she questioned why the entire mass media had convinced upon Charlottesville long before anyone died if you bothered researching to what extent white supremacist groups were holding demonstrations and committing hate crimes throughout the entire Obama administration or asking why they select similar coverage it's been a nationwide garment rending psychotic break from coast to coast very few people stop to ask themselves when their ideas were originating from yeah I was just being a solar eclipse so maybe people being outdoors with their neighbors and co workers looking at something together was enough of a reality check to break the spell but if the narrative hasn't done its job already the Talking Heads on TV will be pushing them back into it by the morning this sort of thing is happening ning constantly virtually all political prospective in mainstream America afloat by propaganda either directly or indirectly Luna but if we talk about the solution to the status quo being shifting human consciousness you get people get impatient and dismissive no accuse you of offering impractical airy fairy spiritual selling solutions about getting work but only have any relevance to a tiny fraction of the population we real solutions how do we organize should we start a new political party we needed district by district plan if fish in water then I realize that every move they make is happening inside this you recordist bubble of defeat that they specifically designed to brio direct energy and attention toward narratives which favor the establishment no matter how will summon pragmatic your ideas I'll always be perceived by the general public through the filter of lies we contradict it then I will have to be actualized within a society that is fully blanket by narratives tilted to favor the ruling class his life fighting the propaganda machine is the single most practical thing we can do to create a healthy world hello hello little tea without picking can you tell me this man's name an article about hi and I could Timothy Catholic a unload they threw away said they stories we used to promulgate a propaganda narrative getting like is not some lost E. impractical attainment accessible only to a small clique who has read the right books experimented with the right psychedelics and meditated at the feet of the right and you must is it's a simple matter of seeing through untruths that you had Christy previously mistaken for truth at least on a political level the bulk of the entries that the average person carries around with them would put that either directly or indirectly by establishment again facilitating worldwide transformation of human consciousness is as simple as disrupting the story that humans are being told by those in power of course just because something simple that I mean that if you as we discussed recently there's a century of high budget research and development feeding into the sides of they've advanced social manipulation and there is an odd flattened leaf powerful class with a vested interest in keeping these manipulations upper runny if you feel the gaki rules by creating the illusion of freedom and democracy using propaganda it is by far the weakest point in it and with the democratization of information available to add society 5 and shouldn't it internet action populist informational rebellion could definitely kill only public public trust in the life factory it would ruin an essential foundation the only got and then if the treatment during the first switch into showing how little trust there is in the media now there is no political solution to an oligarchy which owns the entire political system but the oligarchy cannot rule without its propaganda machine public trust in the mass media is plummeting now it's still far higher than it should be the closer we get that trust to 0 the greater the possibility that we can build a healthy wealthy uninhabited by the manipulations of you thank you billionaire thanks guys things to my OB patients making this possible don't forget to press subscribe if you enjoyed it //
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The DNC Fraud Lawsuit Has Been Dismissed. Dismiss The Democratic Party.
\\hello beautiful people I have hit the DNC fraud lawsuit has been dismissed dismiss the Democratic Party I think to money subscribe is and please subscribe if you haven't already and thank you so much to my page into making this possible the oldest political body in the world has died it doesn't know it yet it isn't acting like it yet but it's dead by successfully getting the DNC fraud lawsuit dismissed by judge William J. is locked 8 the Democratic Party has succeeded in killing any argument for its continued existence as a legitimate political party the premise of the DNC fraud lawsuit was simple the Democratic National Committee promised vitis an impartial party primary and in 26 stain it did not deliver them what it promised by taking donations from the people who believed its promise of impartiality it committed fraud in the same way a company selling a product labeled sugarfree would be committing fraud if its product was loaded with maple syrup I go 5 section 4 of the DNC Chadha also known as the impartiality close reads as follows the chairperson shall exercise impartiality and if it had to do this as between the presidential candidates and campaigns the chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national offices and stuff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party because the presidential nominating process very documents released by wikileaks such as the conversations in the more egregious dancy in now the protest in now showing that the DNC and the Clinton camp were colluding as early as 24 name she scheduled debates and primaries in a way that favored her then DNC far vice chair woman Donna Brazile acting as a mole against the Sanders campaign and passing Clinton questions in advance to propagate bites with sand is all demonstrate a clear and undeniable violation of the impartiality close it is the chatter was revived with his promise to the American people in order to prevent Adamic that after the 1968 fiasco in Chicago in 26 staying thank undeniably broke his promise if wait I'm from Elizabeth leave off DNC fraud lawsuit dismissed I went from doing Goldberg kind of ironic had them operatives a presumably celebrating the dismissal of the lawsuit that if one might have saved a potty Bruce speak eva the defense attorney for the day in fairy I get successfully that this fraud lawsuit should be dismissed on the grounds that the committee is under no legal obligation to provide real party primaries at Ole interesting and he said the but here where you have a potty that saying we're gonna you know you choose asked standard bearer and we gonna follow these general rules of the road which we have voluntarily deciding we could have and we could have voluntarily decided that look we're going into the back rooms like they used to thank the gods and pick the candidate that way that's not the way it was done but they could have and that would have also been they rush and there is no right to just by virtue of making a donation to enforce the parties into adult roles and there's no right to have your candidate disadvantaged or have another candidate advantaged if no contractual obligation here if you're American whether a Democrat or Republican or otherwise you should read 3 judge locks order of dismissal in its entirety when you have time because this is a historic moment in your nation's history and this ruling affects you personally had the case been allowed to proceed it could stay in the DNC suffer tremendous consequences for its blatant Chahta violation with the promise of more penalties should they repeat the behavior again former DNC ladies could have been forced to testify under oath about their behavior and people who donated to the Senate campaign could have been refunded them money the dance he would have been forced into a situation I could no longer actively sabotage progressive candidates without expecting severe consequences for that behavior instead the DNC has elected a virulently pro establishment replacement for Debbie Wasserman Schultz in its new chairman Tom caress and have to this day I admitted no wrongdoing no given any indication that it will make a massive sweeping changes that would need to be made to prevent the impartiality clothes violations from happening feature there's no reason to believe that 2016 was the only time that the DNC whited it scales for a perfect candidate just because 2016 with the year ago because and now there is no reason to believe it went to 7 games since there's no incentive to do so foxsports they thingy treat yeah it's crazy man you never expect to get that cold Daniel Cormier addresses Jon Jones that he's failed drug test when John Jones tested positive for steroids after reclaiming UFC light heavyweight title from did you call me a vibe devastating look at there was no question in official circles about whether or not he would have won without cheating if John speed test comes up positive he will be stripped of his title suspended from fighting for 2 to 4 years and he's clean will officially be ruled a no contest by the California state athletic commission there will be no debate amount C. sack or we sat at officials about whether or not Jones would have beaten Columbia without the help of anabolic steroids if you cheated he will be penalized as would anywhere else in any sport or in facially any other institution outside of the political system in the land admirably corrupt government the DNC violated its Chadda and it will not be penalized for doing so ill much riding to 2018 and 2020 using it same dirty tactics and same fake primaries to sabotage progressive candidates and make sure that America remains dominated by not one but 2 right wing parties it therefore deserves and died it will people like myself and other countless voices in US Cup political commentary will for ever more be able to legitimately say that the Democrats run and novelty joke potty which does not feel any obligation to hold real party elections the dems now have as much padi legitimacy as Damon supreme although the range is too damn high piety stop taking these people seriously damn exit and do not look back because it's only gonna get worse from here you're right back we were in 1968 America don't let them fool you again thank you everyone and thanks to my patients making this possible how I love unified on //
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Without Peeking, Can You Tell Me This Man's Name?
\\I hate the beautiful people its captain Johnston hit we've without picking can you tell me this that man's name play subscribe and thank you to my patients for making this possible without cheating can you name the man in the picture above it's okay if you count my people would get dizzy and there's no bonus progressive points to be and in the unlikely event that you know one of the few who can I tell you his name in a minute but right now I just like to draw your attention to the fact that it has been forgotten the matter the man in the P. chip by that a white supremacist in an act of terrorism last much received a semi decent amount of media coverage but it was quickly lost in the news June and Israeli come up since it is probable that you had a bad he's later at the time that's possible you even recognize his face but it's highly unlikely that you remember his name tens ups 164000 results in a Google search the name have a higher tens up nearly 5000000 search results despite having happen far more recently and you are doubtless familiar voice have face and honey then if 3 traits of pictures of her I think it's worthwhile to take sometime and ask ourselves why that might be a why has one victim Gannett so much more attention than the other what's happening there exact why is one name being elevated cementite than the other almost anyone's coach's decision today Sir I 2 killings being treated differently because of the severity of the crime each crime featured the same number of metafiction one have I was killed with a cop which is horrific but the man in the picture with stepped multiple times in the street with someone it was an attack intended to be a terrifying to the public as possible and he's killer stated that he did it to send the message to women they should avoid interracial relationship the show is much of a case that is due to the severity of their respective mandates it's tempting to raise the possibility that but they being treated differently because of Americans deeply engrained racism one victim was a young white woman and the other a 66 year old black man indeed when the man in the picture was limited outlets like New York Post and the New York Daily News included in their report the fact that he had a criminal record apropos of nothing whatsoever isn't this just what the press is meant to have be chilly do whenever a black man is killed by a white person the victim was selected at random his mind a criminal history had nothing to do with anything and they knew it New York Post even complimented the matter is nice suit without once mentioning the fact that the media was racially motivated and there's a screen shot of the New York Post story which went with mia bizarre headline well dressed suspect in fatal stabbing surrenders to cops now I don't have for thinking that the depraved manipulators who run America's mass media machine was secretly delighted that the victim of the attacking shallots film was a photogenic young white woman I'm quite sure they drilled a bit when I thought about the writings Hayes photograph with can agreeing Loomis I repeatedly flashed across streamed screamed for mainstream America to see but on a show that's the whole story either it is hard to imagine that the car attack killed a black woman instead of have the high at the media would be treating herring essentially the same way I think they would pay I think that the brave mother who died standing up to Nazis could just as easily have had brown skin and would have been portrayed in more lists the same way she might Calif sympathy from liking racist Americans he sub consciously can lift about like made of victims and what made of victims but the presentation I think would be more or less the same would you like to know what I think I think have a higher received more attention than the man in the picture because we are being manipulated one of them died in a highly politicized incident and the other did not it's a politicized nature of the so called you not the rights rally which led the famous media mass media which completely ignored standing rock it's unanimously can fetch upon shallots film long before anyone got killed and it's the same politicize ation which is might have higher household name with the men in the picture is not story of the man in the peach embodied in a few clicks familiaris for a few days behind his death is part of a narrative that the propaganda of the US power step assessment he's advancing its reform Alinsky he the thing we didn't have what supremacists under Obama you think they didn't have rallies and meetings and another one from him like hell they didn't with a link to an 80 Eldorado and you sat echo good why was it so much media attention on shouts filled prior to the meta do you remember everything so much media attention on a white supremacist rally I've never seen in the American press focus with so much gravity on hate groups demonstration but it's not like hate groups just sprang into existence when trump was elected Hey incidents well happening throughout the Obama administration from his own inauguration all the way up until he left office the only thing that's different about him the highest murder if it feeds into a narrative being fed to the public by the mass media propaganda machine isn't narrative and where is it taking us how is his narrative about motorists white nationalist taking every America being used by the people advancing to have something to do with how when no longer hearing about trump Russia collusion all of the sudden how we've been seamlessly paste from impeach trump because he's a secret Kremlin agent to impeach trump because he's a secret Nazi is it in some way tied to the veteran intelligence professionals for sanity report that was more toward the mainstream awareness in a viral article by the nation she thinks to punch some major holes in the official rare Russian narrative I'm which mainstream outlets have consistently failed to refute I don't mind that these questions are with asking and this is with keeping track no link to the wind since making awesome article about at a since the work through the propaganda machine that has been 100 years since Edward Bernays was asked to help the American war effort by applying he's uncles 6048 studies to a new German military tactic ruinous propaganda as noted by John Jordan green hole in a really interesting essay coiled the word since making the science behind the psychological manipulation as could be expected to Val just as rapidly as of the sciences within the US war machine think about how much development be made in the late military technologies that we know about in the last 0 years and it should give you a rough idea of how far the manipulation techniques of propaganda could be expected to vote bats by now in enfilade shul 1983 paper titled Mutrie psychological operations and US strategy kennel Alford I headache junior Roach that psychological operations is the one weapon system which has an important role to play MP time according to an article titled how is how US flooded the world without my investigative journalist Robert Parry of contortion ocean youth until the 19 eighties silence would normally regarded as a military technique for undermining the will of the name enemy force by spreading lies confusion and Tara essentially the flaps idea was to play on the cultural weakness of the target population so they can be more easily manipulated and controlled but the challenges facing the Reagan administration in the 19 eighties late to you its determination that peacetime styles who also needed and that the target populations had to include the American public in a corporatist system of government which the United States disputable he has corporate media is state media there is no meaningful separation between corporate power and government power and so the plutocrats who own the corporate media can use it to advance the agendas of the nation's true elated mainstream America is not being told the real facts that what is happening in the United States nor is mainstream America simply being fed whatever information will draw the highest ratings and bring in the most advertising revenue for the consolidated corporate media conglomerates mainstream America is being paced through a narrative slowly and methodically up until last month it with Russians now it's not these soon we Russians again also something else entirely old will be geared toward manipulating the way people think and manufacturing public support for the agendas of the of Americans on elected ParisTech listening what does agenda saga exactly it's hard to say they surrounded in smoke and mirrors in lies and half truths and bluffs and double gloves and triple gloves yeah propaganda machine is had a century of high budget scientific research and development going into it and we're all just Bailey figuring out that way being kicked around it's hard to see the shapes clearly it got to try the a one of a choice do we have got to try to remember to keep track of the patents that will noticeably issue in the next trick rolls around they forget about have the higher don't forget how aggressively they sold you the story that America is in grave danger of being taken over by Nazis don't forget how Peniche they made people feel this will be valuable information later on when they try to use in youth chin to just so you into him and Asia and into the next manipulation keep track of their manipulations and remember the man in the peaches name Timothy Kauffman thanks guys think listening please remember depressed subscribe if you haven't already and thinking to my lovely subscribe to me school possible //
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My Dark, Secret Fantasy: A Robust Anti-War Movement In America
\\hello beautiful people it's killing John thing here with their reading today thank you to my patients making this possible please subscribe if U. lacking the article is cold my doc secret fantasy a robust anti war movement in America to share a very intimate private fantasy of mine with you dear rada I want to see a latch ideology spanning anti war movement down a solid foothold in America come on don't laugh I know it's just a fantasy I don't need a bunch of lefty neck beads falling all over themselves to tell me that I'm being unrealistic because Americans are apathetic and a lot of them a war ally can blob blob blob blob blob if I told you my fantasy was to have a miniature 12 with Allen Ginsberg and Jack sparrow I would need you to Russian tell me they did guy and fictional ida I'm against the lead to dream well excuse the hell out of me for dreaming big I see the current president's by starting to come to terms with the reality that he's just going to continue and expand all of a bomb as blood thirsty policies exactly like a budget with bush I can't help it if that makes my imagination run a little wild it's a treat from secular talk Kyle Kaminski well it's I never thought I'd ever say Ann Coulter is right an ankle to read that a 28 saying maybe we should also pray in advance for ass soon to be full and heroes in pointless Afghanistan war the trump promised to get us Adolf and of the treatment closer it doesn't matter who you vote for the military industrial complex wins unreal difference cheer presidents pronounced Pakistan correctly I don't exactly know which way they put out so I'm pretty sure I print ads run about a mystery and then I get a possible pronunciation which is should it get over it I think we're just lazy but it as well Stephen millennia next year a baby born when the United States first invaded in Afghanistan to sign up to eventually 5 and I know that for real because my first born was born that year congratulations to president Webb Musta that's my extent of each trading up really giving him congratulations Laura Ingraham he's gonna pay for it what is a measure of success we didn't win 100000 creature how we gonna win with 4000 more and stuff Stephen Molinari again with a great graphic war in Afghanistan 16 live 2002 and in 58 U. S. death and 20257 U. S. wandered heat treat underneath the war in Afghanistan can legally drive now I know that the far right doesn't agree with the left a war for the same reasons and I know that there are a lot of military entanglements that they support and we don't but there is undeniably overlap and today they complaining about the same things that we're it's not just the far right I'm hearing rumblings from the T. Y. T. slash Elizabeth Warren Democrats as well which could possibly spread to much of the tag resistant mains resistance mainstream games since I hate chump so much again I'm aware that they support escalations that leftist you not and I'm aware that their anti war sentiment evaporate the thing is that this Democrat Nawada but there is undeniably overlap and today a lot of them are complaining about the same thing that we're thank you but excuse me a teeny tiny bit of hope you gotta admit that's more likely than my Ginsburg slash sparrow ship Barry fantasy what about it inadvertently the military industry industrial complex Davison issue that many dames the FireEye and we actually agree on I think like a red strategic mistake for them do my eyes deceive me or did a don't want just maybe possibly open a tiny crack in credit this we have a small window of time here where the issue of the day has us lined up perfectly for once if the humans against the war machine the news channel try to drag us away from it as quickly as possible but it's right here right now literally no with a human brain wants to continue war in Afghanistan we can barely remember the tenuous humanitarian reason they use to get us there in the first place and even that reason is lost somewhere in that enlist networks of touch caves and tunnels and doesn't that make up the gas then they some twit surname ask the president Donald Trump well we stop wasting our money on rebuilding Afghanistan we must rebuild a country fest and he's treated that no job or of 2 at 2011 and they need to do that in 20 third 18 January let's get out of Afghanistan at troops are being killed by the Afghanis we train and we waste billions there long since rebuild the USA that is bizarre to be killed by that the troops do you actually trained and Barack Obama VP Biden of on Afghanistan we are leaving in 20 floating period and he said that on 10/12/2012 and now to the army of know it alls that will flood the comments with a pit theories as to why we continue to flock Afghanistan that's not the point efeito don't use your god given creativity to makeup theories about why the needless killing continues it's not up to us to supply the reason it's up to them if it's really about minerals opiates in Russia then make them say it out loud to tell us them I ask questions and make them uncomfortable too often we rushed to fill in the gaps of the narrative for them if we push the war machine had enough it will full the reason America's unelected power establishment work so hard to manufacture consent for analyst you but wars it's because it needs that consent if the people withdraw their consent on math it will force a rule is to either expose themselves of tyrants Ortega without more Americans on elected shadow government cannot survive if the globe spanning power structure that is useless loosely centralized in the United States can no longer use the US military to manipulate the world economy it will force America to create a real economy of its sign one that isn't backed by cruise missiles and secretive agreements with OPEC nations green energy will cease to be suppressed and the banks and the war profiteers he's plutocracy is strengthened by the impoverishment of ordinary Americans will lose power it would strike a death blow to the oligarchy okay so I mean it's not just a fantasy I witnessed far too many miracles lately to believe that it can't happen this is me putting my during math and America please and thank you thankfully think I've ... unique thank you to my patients are making this possible and please remember to press Caracas now I know to keep doing it I don't guys //
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Some Thoughts On Charlottesville
\\can I exclude rooms instant here with the article some thoughts on Charlottesville please subscribe if you liking this so I need to do more and I think it's my patients in making this possible I think mostly single my ideas about Charlottesville to let the dust settle and allow American some space to grieve and the much I think I can say my things there yeah I 23 excellence number one fascism is bad and vehicular murder is also bad time be a fascist and don't murder people with cups number 2 number one is so painfully obvious that I shouldn't have to say it but a significant enough percentage of greatest will be furious if I don't number 3 the show was filling student is scary and intimidating to talk about there are a lot of people in left leaning sickles who have ideas about what happened and what could be done differently in the future but they too scared of the social backlash to say anything and that's a problem and the full America is a deeply racist country the fact that some Americans are getting a bit more honest about their racism doesn't make the country more racist and makes it more honest maybe now white Americans will stop the idiotic gibberish about racism no longer being a real problem number 5 people keep talking about these good old glory days when America floated will with against Nazis ignoring the fact that this happened while America was an apartheid state number 6 white nationalists have stupid haircuts they look like they're wearing a toupee that sliding off they hate number 7 white nationalists will never gain control of America there is a 0 percent chance of that happening Iraq thought too few of them and their ideas are inherently inferior to everyone else's number 8 the dialogue about Charlottesville made it clear than ever that hardly anyone in America actually knows what white nationalism he's it's with giggling then I had to update it after reading all the comments so that's it update 8 the seventeenth 7 name 4030 PST and the comments on the space a showing that they still don't seriously Google it it means a very specific thing see also ethno nationalism number 9 if I was a white nationalist who wanted to gain sympathy for my cause and I knew that all I needed to do was make that happen was to get some and fat guy to punch me on camera I'd be stupid not to do it number 10 I'm convinced that one of the reasons these are old right demonstrations act consistently met with a violent cannot purchase is because there are people in the left to a genuinely worried that the cult right would indeed hold a peaceful demonstration if left to their own devices and I don't know how they deal with that number 11 the strategy of meeting fascist administrative with violence and termination image Slattery because historically violence and intimidation is a strategy fascists like to utilize but the old right isn't off to violence and intimidation thereafter means a viral gift of the black bloc I can I purchased it attacking themselves I'm far better than any amount of violence or intimidation and the court number 12 unlike conventional white supremacist groups the old right are extremely comfortable with the victim role 4 chan when many old rackets make their home hasn't reached tradition of glorifying lucidum and being a beta anyone's ass kicked on camera even by lefty vegan is often perfectly fine with them they win by losing it is important to understand if you want to bait them number setting I am a fraction of the people who get labeled all right by leftists and chips interests actually a pot of the old right as they define themselves I eat white nationalists of those a significant percentage of just depressive Melissa what trolling and lopping because provoking liberals let them feel something they don't stand for anything it'll of the ones who actually white nationalists a significant percentage want the freedom to say they want a white ethnic state a lot more than they actually want a what if next number footing the rise of the old right was the inevitable result of free speech on the internet societies newfound ability to network and share information mentor vastly more democratized economy of ideas and some of those ideas were bad to be very very bad and get a whole whole lot of attention for that reason western society is a tapestry wasn't it woven of white supremacy and those demons were bound to get it watched out once people became capable of networking and speaking freely they should be ideas need to be met processed and responded to with straight forward intellectual honesty the movie thing the best way debate awhile the best way to beta my white nationalists it's asking to sell his ideology which you in a public setting they are not you with him just ask him to describe in public what America would look like if they were in charge and how they would make that happen and what something that people should one ask a lot of questions and really press him to explain his vision making describe his anti utopia who would have to leave where would they go who would get to stay how would you make that happen would they be DNA tests has he taken a DNF latest what precisely is so great about it why if the state now what would happen if food live music and entertainment once you drag their whole vision out into the light there are very few people who would ever find such a vision appealing enough to try and manifest 8 does not sell itself that's not much to say them beyond a now I think he limbs 16 it's hilarious that there are people who believe it I there is such a thing as white culture in America D. that it is somehow in jeopardy and see that it is worth saving 7 eng the official narrative has seamlessly shifted from MH trump because he's a secret Kremlin agent to impeach trump because even think or not the and this is with keeping track of as a you're allowed to configure conspiracy theories about what happened in Charlottesville I'm not gonna go into them here but there are some weird things that happen and if they can't have questions about the people who think they 0 possibility of the state department flash intelligence community more involved in what happened are either ignorant of the way those agencies operate in America or they being willfully myopic history has proven beyond a doubt that there is no evil that America's on elected power establishment will not stick to in order to advance an agenda there's no reason to trust these people and you cannot be faulted if you don't 90 when only hear converges on a demonstration I get suspicious these are the same people who consistently ignored standing rock for a month the fact that someone was killed has been used to retroactively to justify the amount of media attention the Charlottesville demonstration was already receiving prior to the mida this is bad thinking had nobody driven a car tied into a crack at the amount of coverage cellist who received would it be looked back on as the it was already a scene and the fact that someone got killed after which doesn't actually change that number trainee it's absolutely ridiculous how little debate there with about slavery reparations in America the nation's wounds racial wounds keep refusing to heal and what is being trialed tried has failed accurately time to try something drastic place talked without talking about reparations 21 how do you appeal of the alright is that it cannot cultural their ideas are against the establishment's official rules say boys get to feel like a big noisy and FTA connection a man the left needs Aladdin aggressive counter culture that clearly separates itself from the rainbow flag on every pitch right and flagrant seek the thing of the mainstream liberals the gray ponytails intellectual elitist have led the left for 5 to loan and my pocket we need a new addicts you number 22 although this isn't infinitely less pressing and of an issue and the fact that America is a corporatist oligarchy whose ruling elites I killing out okay system and have pressed us into a new Cold War with Russia one person died in Charlottesville the US woman shame is slaughtering constantly you feel this one more because it happened in your backyard people are dying everywhere and this is a nuclear war we'll well in the treasury I am happy so I think you really thing and it's capping Caitlyn Johnston thank you to my subscribers of and to my patients for making this possible please press subscribe if you haven't already will host me denied to keep doing these things irons care I don't //
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Sorry Clintonists -- Trump And His Base Have Officially Killed "Alt Left"
\\okay it's Kaitlyn Johnston here we see the color sorry Clinton if trump and his base have officially killed all left are we subscribe to so I Nate to keep doing the things things Philly thing and thank you to my picture into making this possible well earned that didn't take long after establishment loyalist of the Democratic Party spent months trying to make the extremely forced pejorative hope left stick to any room left of the let's start a war with Russia into the phrase is being given the fake news treatment by trump and he's online pipit patrol the label is now they've to do with they place and there's a tweet from like savage all left is a 10 quietly actually designed to draw equivalence between white supremacists and people who want universal healthcare it's the Dayton Daily News chin makes it's easy to forget but there was a time not long ago when you could read to Tim fake news without hearing it in chunks voice a phrase with actually created out of thin air by Democratic Party loyalists after the November elections last year it's been a narrative about why Clinton lost it ended up being uses a broad brush smear against all alternative media that prick my kid wikileaks during the election cycle but all that changed when trump said your fake news to CNN's Jim Acosta at a press conference in January the president's online support base families endlessly divide full and then began applying the majority of to everyone who disagrees with trump and it didn't so consistently and effectively that we soon had C. N. N.'s Chris Cuomo cry that accusing people like him of being fake news with the same as calling a black person at the end when it the very early pro establishment Washington post openly conceded the death of the phrase it had helped create even I did Tauriel titled it's time to retire the tainted tomb fake knees and days later the unwatchable Clinton is just Spanky chief SF mais with induction aging he's empty headed audience with those same words their base him on and be safe and then there's a little TV Ichiban where he does we're seeing a repeat of this phenomenon in the wake of the president's press conference at trump tower in which you use the phrase all left to describe the counter protest in Charlottesville in CVS stick up child support is a nap gleefully applying these pejorative chilly chilly everything they oppose from and to fox to the Huffington post Fridays to CNN to John McCain because of this memo teach hijacking all left will quickly become a meaningless phrase native retirement just like fake means did which is what should I be immensely frustrating to the net conservative Democratic Party pundits who work so hard to trying to create and promote it like joy Reid you attended and Sally Albright then I have listed a heap of tweets where I these same people including Peter Dallas well have included that in there different choice wow out rate at some joy rates the old left never disappoints 3 trading something about Ronald that Russia and acquittal and enjoy rate this space would have a more convincing had equated millennial voters rather than 3 all laughed defense nearly 10 Tulsi Gabbard and all you have to agree again and sneer at 10 and I remember last summer when I pointed at Russia's role in leaking the elections and the old left attacked me for my McCarthyism I think it yes the do you have a oh yeah either had a raid actually pay the Dow who read this excellent James will Cup pace on the Hillary hating left I didn't say a lift US silly Albright that's really interesting the reason the alt left once Benny to run again so bad if they movement literally has no one else at any duties soluble hawk and so you're right so the old left movement is just the death throes of the last vestiges of white supremacy up to feet makes perfect sense at Britney did this and then there's a guy moccasin elitists anyone still pretending last year's election with that admit it economic anxiety any mall I mean outside of the old list studies yeah anyway sorry kids it was fun while it lasted but hope left is officially over kissing goodbye and find a new way to lift plunge things listening guys I am 100 percent Rita funded so I think you to my ... lovely ... Pikachu filmmaking's possible place press subscribe if you liking this so that I know to make more I know I left a little bit of a gap but I will I endeavored to do most of the articles levy can I expect in Johnston here we see the color sorry Clinton if trump and his base have officially killed //
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Naughty Little Boys
\\no the little grace and then a boy's mom is gonna be so upset he hasn't kind is half in these clothes are filthy M. what's he gone and done with his legs where your legs little boy better go and find them before your mom sees you nice legs a very important to her they sent a little boys up into the sky and over the ocean to go play soldiers I gather toy guns full of toy bullets and they screamed toys screens and like toy blood we cried twenties I had toyed not mass and called out for them in the desert the man on the TV keeps calling them heroes don't call them that TV man you'll only encourage them he's a little boys and they're being very noisy they'll worrying them I'm sick it's time for them to go home find your legs little boy go be with your mom let your hands and your face to show me sizes well find your mind and bring it back from that doc scary place you're not there anymore you a home stop screaming toy screens in crying toy tears when you tell your mom that you've had //
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Why Are Syrian Refugees Running Back To This Evil Dictator Who Likes To Kill Them?
\\hello beautiful people it's Caitlin Johnson here welcome to today's reading of the article why a Syrian refugees running back to this evil dictator who likes to kill them the big question today links to my patrons for making this possible don't forget to subscribe so that I know you to do movies and the article begins who ouch is here no often 9 to rock the establishment but when it comes to the official narrative about Syria has published an interesting you report on some recent findings of the international organization for migration according to IOM nearly 603000 Syrian refugees return to their homes in Syria between January and July of 27 hang and naturally those hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrians who are returning home all returning to areas that I see Hughley protected from the blood thirsty tyrant Bashar al Assad by the freedom fighters and more water rebels who oppose him right they'd never willfully returned to an area of ruled by a sadistic dictator who routinely drop sparrow bones on his own people for no reason and kills children with poison gas what day well yes if you believe the things that the western media mass media have been saying about aside they would yeah I am a report sit out of those displaced Syrians Assyrians fag I heard him reports that of those displaced Syrians returning home this year about 400000 of them were coming home to the city of Aleppo which was fully recaptured by pro Assad forces in December and stays some links yet T. and the United Nations says a leper civilians were being shot in their homes by Syrian government forces and that was the story that we were told he sits back in at 2016 December 30 and then I am but I love it at the 7 year old girl he treats out of via the liver this is a treat for met my name is Donna I am 7 years old I am talking to the world now live from east to live by this is my last moment to either live or die and then a trait from cholera Mariucci at least 20 women elaborate she suicide over rape rebels report and then another one from Ben I love it do you well expeditor stats third World War instead of letting Russia and the side to me Holocaust a leopard you remember either payday he I wouldn't blame you if you didn't corporate media outlets hardly ever talk about it anymore it's almost like they want us to fix it the horror stories they told us about how the city had been occupied by food noble freedom fighters was about to be taken by an army of depraved psychopath you wanted to rape women then children alive and she civilians in their homes that hit the talented 26 Stayner it was all you ever heard of that if the west didn't intervene to stop Damascus and Moscow from re taking its delivery from the good hearted revels in every room when there was gonna be right tortured and put shit by the army of the Syrian government I move that but I do I am I it sure is old and beat Julia and funny and interesting that hundreds of thousands of Syrians can't wait to get back that the same blood 50 government which wanted nothing more than to slaughter rape and destroy them Ole still controls the region but people have paid running back to rebuild this city way what's up with that could we really have been misinformed about what's been happening in Syria on such a massive scale could the near unanimous perspective of pundits and politicians everywhere the prospective that push the other side is a sadistic tyrant who enjoys slaughtering civilians yeah so did wrong that the behavior of Syria's own people seem to come contradicted sorry directly and then 3 from Venice appealing with a are linked to a at interview with her on the run politically ripple and also has a link to her radical Syrians are going home Weston backs terrorists but nothing but poverty death and loneliness in an eye opening you article titled Syrians are going home western backed terrorists but nothing about wearing if poverty at death and loneliness independent journalist Vanessa bili scribes her latest trip to Syria and the overwhelming longing of its people to just go home and get back to the peaceful lives before the war I just wanna go home Billy was told by a man who is confined to a wheelchair due to attacks from those refund terrorists Billy Wright every only spike T. Farakka homes east cuda terra owes said the same thing they dreamed of going home back to their lives they had before the conflict back to their pre war peaceful lives many of the women did not want to be photographed their husbands were fighting in the Syrian Arab army and their lives would be in danger if it meets were to be made public one such woman from a Skoda hija told me we have freedom before the crisis the so called freedom fighters put nothing but suffering I Jarvis from Matt homes they bought nothing but wariness Linus death and poverty in quite these people were never meant to high Syria was meant to become another chaotic felt set state like Libya well western powers seized control of key assets in the strategically crucial nation Clinton was meant to win the election and set up a no fly zone and knows refund was meant to have be matching into Damascus and nature a catha by now but she was never meant to take the bold step of direct military intervention against US trained terrorists and trump was never meant to win the F. US election this is why Russia is now being targeted by the same on elected ParisTech which meant that it is until that is attempting to asked trump the wells went off script and dip disobeyed it's would be masses Syrians were not meant to be looking forward to peace and prosperity at this time and there are linked 3 articles regular propaganda articles that we've been reading all the time from the telegraph the ousting the price and they at times I once close Syrian refugee families flee Assad's war on children Syrian refugees are running from a side rather than isis and Syrians a fling aside poems not ISIS who fucking bullshit yeah moon last year the university of Sydney professor team and isn't right and if a title have the Syrian campaign fake tits 70 fifth present fling aside refugee Paul in which he dismantles deeply flawed and incredibly misrepresented poll which was absorbed as establishment dogma in 2015 the lie that a majority of serious refugees were fleeing aside and not terrorists promulgated as fact by outlets like having them post the wallstreet journal and Newsweek it was ... ally Syria has been at the center of what may be the most extensive propaganda campaign in human history and now the entire fake story is coming apart at the seams the US centralized power establishment was meant to utilize lies and propaganda to shore up another routine geo political power grab just like it always does but it failed this time smoking Marissa falling away and reality is finally getting a word in edgewise I'm just grateful that the people of Syria the guy behind thanks to listening guys on issues Kaelin Johnston I forget to press subscribe thank you so much to my patrons and as ... away you should I don't //
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Trump Set To Pardon A Man Who Should Be Serving A Life Sentence For Entrapment
\\hello beautiful people if Caitlyn Justin again read the article chump set to pardon the man who should be serving a life sentence for entrapment ... please subscribe if you're lacking anything so I can continue to do more thank you so much to my patrons for making it possible now the article begins president Chubb stated today that he's considering pardoning attention hole slash mob boss slash former sheriff Joe pyre for his contempt of court conviction after refusing a judge's order to cease traffic patrols targeting undocumented immigrants as with all presidential pardons seriously how the steam still a thing the prospect of this one has sparked instant out raging controversy which is always wear a condemned along predictable partisan lines those of what passes for America's political left nowadays despite the pie for his consistent and extensive history of systemic racial profiling I'm Driesell mistreatment of prisoners well lays on the ride adore him for the exact same reasons I'd like to quickly remind everyone of a really discussed reason why a pie should of been rushing in a prison cell for a long time already it has nothing to do with any of these things and if such weight by Brian Cashman a pile of stuff one staged a hoax assassination attempt against him to boost his popularity and framed an innocent man in 2003 America county Superior Court jury acquitted a man who had pain in jail awaiting trial since 1999 on the grounds that he had been entrapped into a staged assassination attempt on sheriff empire you James Seville a troubled youth with a checkered past had his prime news from 18 to 22 ripped away from him I was facing 22 more years if convicted Hattie so that full term and had evidence no image that acquires goons planted evidence on him in the publicita to get the sheriff re elected Seville would still be in prison today the Phoenix new times reported in 2004 4 years after his televised the rest America county Superior Court jury ruled that a pious detectives had entrapped Seville entrapment defense Israeli succeed because they're exceedingly difficult approve James have built the tourney Ulysses Farragut had to prove that the idea of killing the sheriff had studied with law enforcement the deputies on their agents urge the ville to commit the crime and that Seville was not predisposed to do it they say 3 elements they needed to prove very good proof old 3 elements and James Seville walked out of our highest jail Freeman after the trial jurist toll Farragut that they were convinced the Seville had been a porn in an elaborate media ploy Apollo had cameras out there waiting to film the arrest very good sense the jurors indicated that this was clearly a public city stunt this pair of the Phoenix magazine in 2005 Seville's attorney Ulysses Farragut prevailed on all 3 even though he began the case by telling the jury that his client infected everything the prosecution with claiming he designed a bomb a bottle pots for a bomb he built the bomb anyone to the parking lot where the share scout with pot but wait until you hear why he did all of the icing fair Farragut told the jury as it turned out very good had some powerful help improving its case including a dishonest informant who the jury clearly saw as the orchestrator I defended that they did not believe was an angry young man and a former undercover sheriff's officer who they swords courageous with spilling the planes jurors listened in disbelief as testimony showed that it with the sheriff's money post just the bald spots and the undercover officer hate drove Seville around to buy the pots they also had had the sheriff east top lieutenants had set inside the room and table for more than 2:00 hours waiting for the Bulma to show up they had had the media had been alluded that morning that a bus was coming down and how television cameramen had waited in the bushes until around 3:00 PM and they let the Jimmy Saville have been sitting in jail for 4 long years since then waiting for his day in court because the sheriff's office to drag its feet when producing evidence traveling at one report one tape one transcript at a time after Seville's highly publicized arrest empire boldly stood before news cameras stating if I think they're gonna scare me away with bombs and everything else it's not going to bother me what a big man Hey he was reelected months later in 2004 Seville's family sued a pile of for $10000000 and we given the settlement of an undisclosed amount more than $1000000 which came out of the public coffers yeah you know I've got a soft spot in my heart for my trump supporting readers but you're dead wrong about prior this man is a thug of the west Whatta and it is only because of a great power imbalance within America's abominable judicial system that he's not currently locked away in a cage where he belongs there's no way of knowing how many lives he is ruling in order to advance his personal ambitions but given the way that he has built a career on targeting the most voiceless and powerless populations in America it would be incredibly naive to think that Jane Seville was the only one Joseph of fire is a Bruce Sheesh evil man and he deserves to die in prison you are wrong to defend him and the president is wrong to contemplate pardon him she ends up saving any prison time at all for his judicial and wholly unjustified contempt of court conviction it will be far too little and far too late a punishment for his personal depravity but still infinitely better than nothing if you guys ... yeah if you are but please don't forget to precede scribe and armed thank you so much to my patrons for making this possible //
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While Everyone Frets About State Censorship, Corporate Censorship Tightens The Noose
\\holy beautiful people it's Kaitlyn chunks in a game with at the article today while everyone frets about state since it says ship corporate censorship tightens the knees do you think it subscribe so I need to keep doing the things and leave some comments I love them and I think you to a patrons for making this possible I love you owe Glenn Greenwald who as my regular readers know is the subject of my in list adoration and entirely inappropriate sexual obsession has written an article titled the misguided attacks on ACLU for defending neo Nazis free speech rights in Charlottesville and it is the first article of his that I have no intention of ever reading not because I think it's incorrect to defend the I feel you can argue against the censorship of hate speech but because I only have so much time in my day and I see the debate over government censorship as an irrelevant red herring right now it is true that it is the most controversial and repulsive speech which is my civilian need of protection and then a government which is granted the power to silence Nazis can be expected to use that power to silence political dissent but there is no danger of this ever happening in the United States because corporate censorship can be used the silence anti establishment voices with thoughtless push back name is a link to a tree to mind all that fuss about my left right collaboration suggestion and we're all being forced into the same side anyway as an activist but published a article TV you cheap censorship it's going on right now the US government isn't about to start censoring speech it will not happen if American politicians ever got close to doing so in any meaningful way they plutocratic bosses would order them to stand down because it would shatter the illusion of freedom that America's I'm elected power establishment has worked so hard to build up the US oligarchs do not rule with an iron feasts like the kings of old by mutilating torturing dissidents to death in the town square a rule by hiding their existence and you can the public into thinking that they live in a free and democratic Republic they hold playbook revolves around the strategy and their entire dinner dionisi depends upon it it's like you never see this you're suffering like fleet sees the Canadian province of Ontario and an exit in the faith as the 50 first state the world food redirect with Tara like you did when Russia annexed Crimea civilized nations simply do not do such things anymore what disapproval think this isn't it 1912 the nationalists power establishment that is loosely centralized in the United States will not hesitate to co opt foundational elements of nations can convert covertly and if unofficially by means of treaties alliances trade deals whose CIA operations and of cool us in talking marked humanitarian interventionism when all else fails on a much wider scale in any media land grant lamination Estrella is controlled in every meaningful way by that same ParisTech Lishman but if the facial U. S. government ever study forcing us to fly this.spangled banner here every room with Lisa shit and Americans Grayson imperialism it will not happen this is a treat from violent hunter Hey teach you paid will retrieve handle why and then Stranahan each you paddle at 2 to handle why was Stranahan terminated I don't always agree with him but I've always found him to be reasonable and truthful in precisely the same way Americans would flip that if the government ever studded event lease inserting the first amendment rights of any group Lenny's have unrest throughout the nation with the risk of full scale revolution from a latch and heavily armed populace much easier and more effective to use a private corporations that the same plutocrats own anyway to since the speech which threaten favorable instead in an article titled Google senses block access to counter punch and other progressive sites can a punch reports that lefty outlets like itself and the world socialist website has seen immense decreases in Google traffic due to the search engines new policies as has the nonpartisan wicket weekly Tucker Carlson the daily caller reports that anti establishment conservative voices have been subject to an abrupt demonetized nation on YouTube which is owned by Google Matt aggressive activist post writes the following if you get your news from mostly file if sources chances are you've heard you cheapen Google a same thing ring all blacklisting left in progressive sites and content conversely if you get your news from 5 right sources chances are you've paid you Cuban Google a censoring they content as well if you wanna know which side is being truthful in trying to expose censorship Edie's both of them and then I've got a link to that Wilson each video corruption it's legal in America in a corporatist oligarchy corporatist Senshi ship corporate censorship is government censorship since corporate power is not separated in any meaningful way from government Pat corporate censorship is government censorship an extensive 2014 study by Princeton University showed that ordinary Americans have no influence whatsoever over the way they government behaves but the wealthy have a great deal of influence juju legalized bribery in the form of corporate library lobbying and campaign donations the owners of gargantuan multinational corporations and banks dictate how official Washington be Hayes if I unlatched chunks of media they help control the way mainstream America thinks invites as well corporate censorship is a way of the future for these ruling elites and we'll be seeing more more of it online in each year Google Facebook Twitter and in the slow strangulation of net neutrality as artificial intelligence becomes more refined their ability to to manipulate and control information would become far more advanced too advanced for human intelligence to keep up with all the high level manipulations sorry if you ever feel like staring itself listen to Julian the son shimmies about the future of a I in the way it will likely debts with propaganda existing power structures and the future of human thought when I put a link today scary horror videos ideas Joey enough sons talking about that stuff seriously it's mind blowing and yeah already we're seeing billionaires like George Soros and key elements Java pouring shocking amounts of money into the system endeavor the guardian reports that and I I fact checking system is being developed in UK part of the global fight back against free kittens with extensive amount of money funding from Saraceno me into I don't have the city's name on DR all media Shia I media the software extensively design that I had to report if a politician is lying for the benefit of journalists and a well informed populace can enable whoever controls it to set themselves up as the official operatives of truth with a program to bias against any facts which is generally excluded from the official narratives so it makes sense that these immensely powerful plutocrats would be celebrating over such a thing as a treat by mark Ames intercepts billionaire publisher is helping US net sick and St sensa and discipline discourse Orson I'm this hot I think that was a ironical so ... this high level corporate censorship is only bill under current US law it's not coming Hey and it's something we're all gonna have to deal with as a species even if we managed to avoid extinction via nuclear Holocaust or climate chaos if these plutocrats keep advancing their ability to manipulate the way we think we're looking at a future anything much brighter than if we go the way of the dinosaurs if these elites succeeding boxing in the way future generations are able to access information I'll be able to lead Chile control what ideas people have in their heads about what's happening in the world and had this society really wax I'll be up discreetly ID of the asshole mentioned illusion of freedom all the way down and look at shut forever leaving rank and file humans vapid I'm thinking slave class here I need ceased to turn the key isn't the culprit machine on the alike out tunes with no say in the direction that species will only he's not cheery and then there's that sweet F. moves each year of mark Zuckerberg look at all happy with himself at the front of the White House from HuffPost 10 size much like a big is trying to become the next president yeah yeah then time to fight cope she's me I have a cold so that's that that's why I have such a a the time to fight corporate censorship is now this is not a simple matter of private companies doing what they like with their own property this is billions upon billions of dollars being poured by the true rulers of the world into funneling people through an intellectual conformity mail while still letting us feel like we free let's skip that Disturbia plays let's stop building something betta right now yes I'm good thank you so much for listening don't forget to subscribe thanks to my patrons feel so lovely and I actually have who's to do today said there be one up very saying fight on guys //
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Trump Is Continuing And Expanding All Of Bushbama’s Worst Policies
\\wha hello you beautiful people it Caitlin Johnson here reading today article please remember to subscribe so I know to do the thing thanks to my patrons to making it possible the adequate cool at the coca Cola the article is code trump is continuing and expanding bowl of bush promise with policies and I made a big chat with M. they finish up of bush and Obama to get that much to get that with trump looking very happy with himself like I check out cat with green ... and I'm reading this outside Sir let his in airplanes and whatever but it's ... if someone to Saddam so I had to come out group take advantage of it while I can sigh yet echo begins one of the stories that got lost in the shuffle while everyone was waving their arms shrieking that Kim young and is about to nuke Guam was the fact that the chump administration is on track to have dropped more bombs during the first year of his administration the Obama deed in he's lost foreign policy report set as of July 31 trump administration had dropped 20650 poems which is already 80 percent of that damage some total in 26 staying farm policy rightly niceties trained runs in stock contrast to some of trump's campaign retreat in which he criticized Hillary Clinton for her consistent pattern of opting for military aggression I've pace many of the people who voted for trump and many at saga famous entries dinars how desperately hopes that the 40 fifth president of the United States would at the very least pull back on some of America's relentless warmongering to some extent and adopt a more non interventionist military posture this is not happened just as a bomber came in on a platform of hope and change only to end up continuing and expanding all of bush's most evil policies John came in promising to make America great again without putting America faced if he's so inauguration speech the new president talked about defending America sign board is instead of the borders of of the nation's not wanting to impose its way of life on anyone but rather to shine as an example instead speeches Elian he's administration soaring pad as an isolationist by proponents of interventionism so when those of us who had him saying things like these upon being sworn into office we will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone but rather to let it shine as an example we will shine for everyone to follow and these we defended of the nation's borders while refusing to defend our buying and spent trillions and trillions of dollars overseas while America's infrastructure has fallen into disrepair antique day we made other countries rich while the wealth strength and confidence about country has dissipated over the horizon I would really love to do this in a trump place but I've feeling shy say I lived another one quote from him we will build we will build it night shoot we will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across a wonderful nation we will get our people off out off of welfare and back to work rebuilding a country with American hands an American Leyba so we found ourselves indulging in a little bit of hope just a little bit just a tiny bit maybe America would pull back from its self appointed role this world policeman the notion of putting Americans faced delighted those of us who wish to the U. S. would it did start taking care of its own and leave the rest of us alone well establishment pundits in America reacted with horror to talk of nationalism protectionism and non interventionism those Europa of us who are sick of US intervention is it was saying yet bull that'd be great thank you instead though it was fun yes those looking at George W. bush's if it's a link to hope miss underestimated look along that I look back on 16 long years of bush administration ... it was the United States has been evolving into an imperial list globe spanning corporate tentacle based that feeds on the blood of civilians for longer than any living person can remember but things really kicked into high gear when the neocons took over the executive branch of the US government during the bush administration the net can save it to have ideology and the American supremacy which posits that the fall of the Soviet Union meant the United States has been selected by history as the body intended to lead the world by any means necessary so to full scale invasions and occupations in just 18 months following the September 11 attacks with small scheduled had things gone as planned with a bomb of this continued as did the expansion of the Orwellian surveillance programs instituted by the bush administration in the wake of 911 in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan bombing campaigns were conducted in Pakistan Somalia Yemen Libya and Syria Libya was transformed into a failed state by US interventionism and the CIA and Pentagon arming and funding of terrorist factions in Syria help facilitate the death of hundreds of thousands of people and only into my ID cool trumpets be needed but we can still beat the date they jumpgate international applause for ending this failed CIA program of arming anti Assad terror as in Syria but this means little since the Pentagon program doing effectively the same thing is still up and running and the U. S. is still amassing to troops in the nation there's a proposal to stop pounding Ukraine against Russia on the table which even or Obama refuse to doing John had said that he'd support his justice department in prosecuting Ricki lake's editor in chief Julia signs the ... Williamson violent state continues unabated than the bombs keep falling it doesn't matter who you vote for America it doesn't matter if you support the donkey patio the elephant Patty doesn't matter what your personal ideologies or how you think your government ought to behave Pacific agenda will be matched forward regardless of what you want and what you believe your country is ruled by an elite class for him your personal opinions about how America should behave and what sort of lead to this it should have a nothing but a mild inconvenience easy easily circumvented by mass media propaganda and legalized bribery in the form of corporate lobbying and campaign donations there's a link seem radical had a fight the establishment propaganda machine and win well hidden now it's time to float stop thinking over who is sitting in the bank leadership positions of official Washington stop focusing on you really days we need to stop pouring at collective creativity into finding out ways to bait these bastards will crush their ability to manipulate and control the way out I've been beating the charm of killing their propaganda machine and I think that's a great place to study and fed the suggestions are always welcome and I serious for real that leaves whatever ideas come to you in the middle of the night you standing in the shower write them down ing and let's share them let's get said don't forget to subscribe and ... 100 percent refunded say that if you feel like it and it you can do took me a few shekels in my hat unpatriotic its picture and a calm slash Caitlin Johnson one would that really really homes ... but otherwise please sharing and coming seeing and talking to friends old all of that helps I really just wanna win these things area but if we do it for me that would really help if you get but on guys //
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America Fixates On 500 Assholes Instead Of Healing Its Own Institutional Racism
\\hello you at Caitlyn Johnston he with the reading of America fixed sites on 500 hostels instead of healing its own institutional racism it was my kind of the neo Nazis to hold of violent demonstration in Charlottesville as the US power establishments Russian narrative bands to ashes and the American war machine sets its chess pieces in place the demonstrations have been saturated in corporate media coverage which is consistently ignored the growing mountain of evidence that SBC's is paying imperiled by a new Cold War escalations because of a Russian hack that never happened now everyone's preoccupied with shaking their fists shit fifth at 500 douche bags in self righteous indignation instead of asking if they've been lied to by the government and the mass media propaganda machine for the last year and I mean I get it it's so easy to point and screech common and nation at a group of obvious assholes so satisfying and so socially rewarding your odds of finding someone in your social circle who agrees with you when you say how about those Nazis ha fuck those guys pretty much 100 percent and it feels good to be United against a common in but check out the comments this article with phase when I say that and infinitely more effective way to fight racism in America would be to institute financial reparations for the descendants of slaves and then I've got my own tweet black people slavery slavery reparations liberals in 1999 now I am sure our race problems will get sorted out soon liberals in 27 Amy Stiller I guarantee you this suggestion will receive lots of angry pushed back this article probably won't even get many reads because people want share and went right past the headline people say I don't understand American racial dynamics I'm writing this is part of an ongoing conversation with my American husband and also have got no right to talk about suggesting that the anti establishment left align with white nationalist I never did but most emphatically yelling seized that money tree reparations for the descendants of slaves is not the way to heal Americans gaping racial wound the excuses are endless as to why the possibility of slavery re reparation shouldn't be even subject to mainstream debate Littler and actually tried the thing is he suggests that liberals put their money where their mouth is because screaming Nazis at every once in a while clearly isn't working then no where to be found America's mainstream liberals are only here for the veggie signaling merit badges the possibility of giving black Americans a leg up after they I'm fashionably vicious history of exploitation and always dismissed it's easy to condemn the white supremacist goose stepping around outside oneself it's much more difficult to confront the white supremacy inherent in one 's own size unit economic status I had to wait from Wesley Lowery many a trading things like America is better than this why this is America and to teach retraining clintonites he said one thing about showers Phyllis is not the new normal the old normal of whatever that sentiment is the American way in reality it's a sure get flatly ignored by even people on the far left of the American public political conversation but I've yet to hear a convincing argument against it America has a horrific blood soaked past and the reverberations echoing off the walls of the collective psyche have not gone away why not dedicate a percentage of America's massive public sector to truly fixing the damage caused by slavery and to the genocide of indigenous tribes while you're at it don't tell me there's no money while the US has hundreds of military bases stretching all across the planet and drops bombs every single day on countries most Americans can't find on a map impose billions upon billions of dollars into corporate welfare there's money you just don't want to defend it to what's the specific and that what liberals don't oppose reparations because if no money for it they don't oppose reparations because I don't believe money can be skillfully applied to what's helping the victim of victims of Americans depraved history they oppose it because they worried raving blackened indigenous Americans up a pig will result in them being moved down to pick they're aware on some level that they're still living in a country that is woven out of the fabric of white supremacy and that they benefit from that set up and they wanted to continue and then there's a link to at a cover of Love Me I'm a liberal updated for trump he's really awesome you should have a little listen to that I'm in the article which I will put the I was cut the link in the bottom of that era do you cheap here systemic your excitement over 500 assholes in Charlottesville you liberals a lefty through a more comfortable looking without than looking within spare me your right self righteous tweets annual virtue signalling orgies and instead tenure efforts toward something that will actually work what you're doing is not working try something different there's been many great minds who have argued convincingly that money can be skillfully applied to righting the wrongs of America's past and it's time to start considering those ideas in a system where money equals power a ruling class necessarily images which is necessarily incentivized to keep the public poll in order to maintain they rule pal is relative so the most revolutionary thing you can possibly do in a cooperative plutocracy like America try to bring economic justice to the masses this necessarily include the defendants of the victims of America's intrinsically white supremacist 3 tweet by Nick confessore doc symbolizes between this press and then in brackets me included and Spencer's tiny fringe which needs attention like oxygen I 500 neo Nazis oddball that by your self righteous indignation they'll be bothered if you move your country into the exact opposite direction that they're trying to push it into a you really want to stick it to these assholes stop feeding them attention and Staaten feasting on reparations thankfully shinning please press subscribe if you like these so I can keep doing it thanks to my lovely patrons for making it possible and fight on //
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DNC Makes Unbelievably Feeble Response To Latest Russiagate Debunking Evidence
\\hello beautiful people it's Caitlin Johnson here with the article today DNC like unbelievably feeble response to latest Russia gate to banking evidence picture of Tom Paris the US power establishments confrontation with Russia is too important to be left to the whims of facts in evidence the spiraling plutocratic power structure that is loosely centralized in the United States has been on a collision course with both Russia and China for a long while now and it needs to move its chess pieces into place this conflict is about nothing other than palla money and resources and your campus wide 320000000 heavily armed Americans to consent to a potentially world ending conflict by telling them that it's about making plutocrats richer and more powerful can you so they lie among the many many lies that America's unelected power establishment advances on a daily basis I have saying that the heightened tensions with the world only other nuclear superpower are about protecting America's democracy the allied plutocrats who are in America's elected officials and the rest of the secretive thinking government which manipulates US and international affairs have been hard at work allowing Americans back into the illusion that they leave in a democracy with one hand well manufacturing support for military escalations with Yabba when there's a picture of Jeff pays off on his Twitter he treated at a picture of him with ... James matches secretary of defense who was visiting him at Amazon hates to well not showing nothing can go wrong there who it was unclear how much its officials 9 the Democratic National Committee has played an important willing role in all of these I disgraceful cells when they were caught reading the party primary he's fan essay was singularly responsible for ensuring possibly one involved in some highly illegal activities so they've got every motive imaginable to try and shift the blame somewhere else collaborating with the intelligence community to lie to the American people about Russia is a perfect way to do that it makes sense then when the left leaning at let the nation bought the explosive findings of the veteran intelligence professionals for sanity into the public spotlight with a lucid and Theravada cool that the DNC would wanna push back on that the findings by decimate the Russian hacking narrative and possibly implicate the DNC in colluding to frame Russia for what was almost certainly an inside a leak so some statement from the committee was to be expected I don't think I that anyone expected its response to be quiet Sir empty vapid but head as a limp date as the letter they ended up savings of the nation that it is and here it is and it is not other published cation the Democratic National Committee contacted the nation with a response writing quite Max US intelligence agencies have concluded that the Russian government hacked the DNC and an attempt to interfere in the election any suggestion otherwise is false and if just another conspiracy theory like those pushed by trump and use them ministrations it's unfortunate that the nation has decided to join the conspiracy theorists to post this narrative US intelligence community has an extensive history of lying to the American people to advance the thing that's a conspiracy theory yeah the well documented fact and anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or dishonest and yet of those 54 words in the DNC's response to the nation full of them reference conspiracy theory it reminds me of the former acting DNC chair woman Donna Brazile repeating the phrase we have ample evidence full of the Russian hacking not within 3 times back to back like it you bring lunatic as I saying something more than once in quick succession compelled the listener to accept this truth and there's a limit to the video which she doesn't sorry let me give that a try just in case it works for you it is intelligence US intelligence community job to live here it's the US intelligence community's job to lie to you it is the US intelligence community's job to lie to you Donna and then there's a tweet from Glenn Greenwald US intelligence community lies repeatedly and continually even when not trying to live they'll often room these are just facts so I we clear on that nobody gets to bully us into accepting the US intelligence community sufficient this troop least of all the committee that just got done violating its own charter and actively sabotaging the will of the American people nobody gets to tell if that anyone who questions the same intelligence community to lie to us about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is a conspiracy theorist or 12 from gooner nobody gets to Seamus produce believing known lies and manipulated that is not a thing never let anyone shut you down for expressing healthy skepticism about the U. S. intelligence community's claims by forever full fitted their right to do that when they deceived the entire world into allowing the unforgivable Iraq invasion we slaughtered 1000000 human beings plunged the region into chaos and now there is what type they are now entitled to nothing other than a planet sized grain of salt bring place to talk everything they tried this service the quote 17 intelligence agencies agree narrative once you define the thing really accepted as unquestionable Russia gave dogma became 3 agencies Placido di and I each time that to actually bay just a couple of dozen loyalists hand selected by known aggressive very big races to James clapper and now the veteran intelligence professionals 70 Everly some extremely damning evidence that absolutely must be addressed by the establishment which has been advancing the official Russia narrative then I got a link to my hacking her ex article Chevys nation article every day until the Intel community addresses it do today and finalize pushing thanks guys keep pushing keep fighting I can see daylight at the end of the th that's being Caitlyn Johnston thanks so much for my patrons for making this possible please subscribe if you haven't already so I know to keep doing this ... and everyone fido on //
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\\get on a H. kittens are simply the with the article hash tag hacking hoax share this nation article every day until the Intel community addresses it please remember to subscribe so I know to keep doing this and thanks to my patrons of making this possible there was no hack of the Democratic National Committee system on July 5 last year not by the Russians not by anyone else hard science now demonstrates it was a late I download executed locally with a memory K. or similar portable data storage to in short it was an inside job access to the Tim cast serious doubt on the initial had as alleged that led to the very consequential publication of allowed through of documents on wikileaks last summer so he says an extremely well written and carefully put together column by the nation's Patrick Lawrence about research that is being done by the veteran intelligence professionals for sanity the article contains a loose breakdown of the publicly available information about what the V. I. P. S. has uncovered as well as some material based on interviews with members of the team and perhaps more importantly it is the closest thing to mainstream coverage that the VIPS memo has were feet received thus far if we can push his article into the mainstream spotlight as aggressively as we can we stand a very good chance of forcing the intelligence community and the establishment mania to answer the potentially explosive questions that it asks and then a treat to the nation from the nation a new report raises big questions about last year DNC hat and make no mistake the findings published by the V. I. P. S. I. huge the respected and highly trained intelligence veterans have discovered that it would have being physically impossible for the DNC emails that were ultimately given 2 weeks he likes to have been downloaded by hackers overseas in the time that the metadata shows and the dalet Spain with much more in line with an inside downloading the files to a thumb drive if this is true and means it was a leak from inside as many of contended not a hack it'll even more damning they found evidence that the metadata for the goose of a 2.5 files with deliberately Russian ified with fake Russian hacking fingerprints Russia was framed now it is technically because it is possible if there is a perfectly good explanation for the information that Faye I PS and its researchers have uncovered and the behind the stunning revelations I'm more revelations which laid right back to bars in the tech Netezza if this is the case the intelligence community needs to come forward and explain how ideally through the heads of each agency involved at least an official and in debt statement from the director of national intelligence Dan coats as Lawrence Wright's under no circumstance can it be acceptable that the relevant authorities the National Security Agency the justice department by the federal per year of investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency leave these new findings without reply would not credibly in any case forensic investigators prominent among them people with decades experience at high levels in these very institutions have put a body of evidence on the table previously left empty silence now should it means you cannot be written down as an admission of politically city bus it will come very close to one they must respond and we need to make a lot of noise until late do I like I'd like everyone reading this to start sharing Lawrence's nation article with the hashtag hashtag hiking hopes every morning and throughout the rest of the day too as willing like these I put a little example 2 week of my arm day one I'm sharing this article every day until it gets a response from the intelligence community hash tag hacking hooks and then I've just put a link to the article please share it on Twitter Facebook and whatever else you kids are using these days and bring everybody onboard with these because will need everyone tell you trusted friends tell you libertarian friends tell you awake lefty friends tell your independent critical thinker friends join online communities let them know what we're doing with the hashtag in the nation article feel shove the thing is hard to with the mainstream media as we can establishment will be forced to respond to it we will then be able to fact check their responses with independent experts like the Vietnam veteran intelligence professionals for sanity and figure out if they've provided available explanation or if they've exposed even more plot holes in the rush again hopefully they do respond that we have to come up with something better than the statement released by crowd strike the highly suspect private company he's expert testimony form the basis for the DNC hacking narrative in the beginning para para Patrick Lawrence equated kia we continue to stand by a report crass tries did upon seeing the VIPS blueprint of the investigation crowd strike argues that by July 5 all malware has been removed by the from the DNC computers and but the presence of all absence of malware by that time is entirely immaterial because the event on July 5 is proven to have been a leak and not a hack given that now we have nothing to do with leaks crowd strike logic appears to be secular quite if that's any indication of the excuses will be saying from the intelligence community it would be long before we shining a big bright light on the scene by pushing the US power establishment to respond we can force them to over extend themselves to regain control of the narrative and as any good fight in our youth getting your opponent to over extend themselves is a great way to create an opening for a knockout blow the idea of course is to finally explode spoke the truth about what these boxes have been hiding from us the whole time and reveal it to mainstream America there I thought too many plot holes in the Russian and narrative now and is Lawrence correctly notes in his column quite all sides agree that relations between the United States and Russia I'm now as fragile as they wait June some of the cold war's worst moments to suggest that military conflict flicked between 2 nuclear powers inches ever closer can no longer be dis missed as hyperbole this is simply to input to be trusted to the secretive shadows of the intelligence community and help any longer from the Gulf of Tonkin incident to the false noria tut testimony to the amazing network of lifespan of that Saddam Hussein to the humanitarian intervention in Libya to the unconscionable ban all about style up in Syria the US government has an extensive history of lying to people to promote it military escalations with other countries now they appear to be doing this for the nucleus superpower and our entire species has got to fight back we can help achieve this by dragging so much attention to the gaping plot holes in the rush of story with you you nation article that we can no longer be ignored and went to the big fat compendium of Russia get about agree article Anna nat the entire Russian narrative has been premised upon the session that Russia hacked the deans emails and gave him to wikileaks and to this day it remains the only item of apparent substance on the list the jump festa emails will not have time to buy Hakim filtration this substantial reason to believe that they may not have you ever been to obtain 5 fishing eva the common belief that project with using the password posso ed and a and a sinful I as a password Prachi wikileaks obtaining his emails but that was just a temporary password given to him after he carelessly left he fired in a taxi in every 2015 and under appreciated which leads document reveals that the distance password was actually runoff for 567 and from the context of the email appears to be if been commonly known among he's office assistance he said asking his assistant Aaron said if she knows his password and she tells him okay familiar hasn't got it of gotten it to you let referring to protest at that right Taipower think let yes referring to protest that 1000000 fuchsia this remained his password for many months and still wasn't changed after wikileaks began publishing with the only thing we have one of the naughty boys on for much and was able to access produced his Twitter cat and make you sweet and he the tweet from John Podesta archived I switched teams vote trump 2016 high poll the 2 that had was confirmed by the Clinton campaign and produced a hasn't had any issues with that account seems that mischievous slash poll slash a known was able to get in there because the death to not only used these very weak easy to remember password for months but apparently used if everything in addition to raise apple ID that's where we really meant to believe that this guy he couldn't even keep track of who needs office knew he's weight password and he you use that week pas would fit everything needed to be hacked all finished by Russian operative in order for these emails to make their way to wikileaks in a new environment like that in anyone who spent any time around his office could have gained access to the of a mouse read the drama about aids predictive taxicab experience or a clear picture of how you vote to the 15 is where in he's passwords and technology acting anyone with any inside access could of late protested the mouth to wikileaks and wikileaks ally Craig Murray in see if that this is exactly what happened but if his email security was as anti as of Steve so that doesn't seem to be any invalidate everything to attribute to families 3 regulate specifically to Russia 3 country thing government US intelligence vets ma'am I departed debunking the right I hack evidence going to conduct secure social news we've been told in an increasingly authoritative tone that there is simply no questioning the story that Russia hacked Democratic Party emails and gave them to what you like and that there are many reasons to believe that trump colluded with them in doing so I this has been used to manufacture support for a new Cold War with you and the other nuclear superpower on the planet the arrogant cocky people never getting these escalations cannot possibly control all of its many many unpredictable leaving pats and there's every possibility that someone could end up deploying in you can all the confusion chaos and tension we barely survive the last Cold War and we did so only because of sheer dumb luck let's not tempt fate again let's encase he was listening guys don't forget to our present scribes so I need to keep doing these things to you all my lovely patrons for making this possible ... yeah //
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Corporate State Media Propagandists Shamelessly Accuse Trump Of Propaganda
\\why hello everyone it's Kaitlyn cellist NPR please subscribe if you like these ... so I can keep doing them and thank you to my patrons for making them all possible the article today is called corporate state media propagandists shamelessly accused trump of propaganda yeah watching Jake tapper lecture he CNN audience about the dangers of state propaganda was a bit like listening to Ronald McDonald peaches sermon against childhood obesity was like watching a crab glass at dole grossed out about venereal diseases this is the same parasite who is being actively promoting the barn owl a bad war propaganda filed which casting thing and there it was getting all high and mighty the other day about trump conducting state propaganda and then let it wait here from Jake tapper say trump TV is not real news I am not in a corporatist system of government which is what I am I am America undeniably has corporate media is state media because corporate power is inseparable from government in such a system so the handful of plutocrats who are in America's highly consolidated media networks only hire people to run them who will maintain the status quo which is made possible from them to release all the gaps in the fifth place now this is why you see every single talking head on TV repeating the same exact establishment narratives about North Korea Russia Syria and then around today regardless of that pundits purported on ideology for example room Disney the US ParisTech Lishman is held together at gunpoint by US military interventionism so the corporate state media advances narratives which facilitate that despite the mountains upon mountains of evidence to the contrary these propaganda at let's always report from the premise that the US government is a force for good in the world it would be to its people to manufacture support for military intervention we see this propaganda being peddled with domestic affairs as well because in a corporatist idea other gaki where money equals power the relative power of the ruling elite necessarily depends on keeping the public relatively paw when the people decided to advance the candidate last year who ran on a populist platform of fighting income and wealth inequality The Washington Post whose sole owner is one of the wealthiest people on it and a CI a contract ran an incredible 16 wimpy through thick and thin in fact during the hours during the hottest point of the democratic presidential primary osta completely ignoring him for as long as they could still really upset about it it anyway the media black to Matt when he was it wasn't smearing him anyone cartoonish instance filmed trumps indie podium rather than showing send this page so thank you king Washington post and CNN Jake tapper out look for more on Syria fuller and room and with that Benalla bats handle this is a tweet from data unless critiques retweeted saying a fucking serious resigned from journalism I yeah and this is over each way to Piper and McDonald CNN act Anka Jake tapper has now deleted a tweet where he advised his followers to seek expertise on Syria from a 7 year old living in 2 and then they say look at little video of battle to get bent on CNN how were they use the bundle about thing to basher isn't it it was very funny then to hear one of the leading pundits of the US oligarchy using the term propaganda straight out of north Korea's playbook in reference to anyone other than himself yes the president's trump TV whatever thing with Kelly McCann in you severely I idiotic Bailey watchable vapid and certainly propagandistic in its own way but I think more so than the bleak looking woman gets at CNN like tap at least from unlike the plutocrats was elected and he's promotion is openly stumping for him you don't see the names of Jake's organize on the backdrop right behind me there are some search engine 20000000 people in America a large percentage of them with firearms and they'd never knowingly consent to a system which actually fleet depresses their wages and deprive them of the same basic social safety nets according to according to everyone else in every major country Wildhorn unfathomable amounts of money and resources into needless interventions overseas I ain't telling people so the mass media is used to manufacture they consumed by America's true religious there are short again and again and again that this is all perfectly normal all look very noble way to be if you don't like it you can blame Pablo all I made all Vladimir this is only normal don't you revolt will take care of everything sleep and link to the name Chomsky VDI ... which is wonderful and the democracy now lady reads that it's really really good it's with the 4.5 minutes or whatever just explaining how well propaganda in the house state propaganda and corporate propaganda exactly sinking Keith Olbermann trading at Anna I suggested trump TV was in his full back it was a prototype for state propaganda it has now launched all he's the new the resistance Israel with case acid Abraham thing at trump's real news church on TV in the state sponsored propaganda like what Kim uses in North Korea is vile retweet if you agree what as for my middle beta can he reminds negative came is that hilarious Eikichi and yes quickly via let's jury the very obvious as well I Americans a saturated in the real propaganda of the actual rule is day in and day out because the thing is right I'm just gonna break with script yet propaganda things work if you know if propaganda just like censorship doesn't work if you if you know that you're being censored arm I think I delete the things should be in the background we shouldn't even noticed that happening if they really if they during what do you intend them today which is to brainwash and to I'm height things that might they're people from their brainwashing them propaganda and censorship properly applied should not be noticed and that's what I keep trying to play now they that it it's not being noticed that we need to keep like pointing at it and screaming the Americans a saturated in the real propaganda of the actual rule is day in and day out and until we find a viable way to combat that begin to have a hard time changing anything the people of mainstream American can always be corralled back into they stoles no matter what political or social upheaval the care as long as the mass media propaganda machine is from I come up with a few suggestions that a combat that this in the hyperlink here one goes to my now and media war asking and I'd like to invite you to create your own look credit at I'd like to invite you to a juke own creativity to this endeavor as well and creativity is exactly what we need here we need inspired means we need we knew we we need we need that creativity back so we can write charges that the thing because that that will kill it let's all come up with a bunch of new and innovative ways to kill the life actually input Jake tapper adequate job yeah yeah I am 100 desiderata funded journalists say and thanks so much for listening and I think you to my patrons who making this possible please remember to sit I I'm so that I know I didn't do any more of these and have a great day everyone thank you for listening //
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Only Morons Believe What The US Government Says About North Korea
\\get everyone it's Caitlyn's insignia reading at a cool fron August 9 I mean Mormons believe what the US government says about North Korea political IQ test what does it mean when CNN MSNBC fox news and the president's Twitter account all agree that a foreign state poses a suddenly increased threat to America Hey if they all agree it must be true bait well I dislike some of those outlets but I I trust one of them see the in US intelligence community would never lie and D. yeah willful look like the lead up to Iraq say then there's a tweet from CNN just in US intelligence have concluded North Korea is making miss already nuclear warheads Washington post reports and within BC to wait US Intel North Korea successfully miniaturized nuclear warhead Sean Hannity tweaks a lot of dangerous north Korea's threat I'm stopping all petty political disagreements for at least the next 12:00 hours let's see what others do and Donald J. trump 3 after many years of failure countries a coming together to finally address the dangers posed by North Korea we must be tough and decisive exclamation mark I guess if you said anything but date you are off course a fucking moron the United States power establishment has an extensive history of using allies false flags and propaganda to manipulate its hundreds of millions of citizens into supporting needless military interventionism from the Gulf of Tonkin incident to the fall of 90 year rather Tiffany to the amazing network of lies spun about Saddam Hussein to the beach humanitarian Tokyo marks intervention in Libya to the unconscionable banal about seo in Syria there is no depth to which the US war machine will not stoop in deceiving the public about the need to unload the military in just a just real complexes spank him injured injury on to some third world country overseas no limit to the evil that America's unelected power establishment will commence in order to secure geo political dominance and no end the mass media propagandist machines willingness to report war propaganda as the it is quite literally impossible but to be too paranoid about these people if you have an acquaintance who was annoying compulsive laugh with an extensive history of cheating people into fighting one another for his own safety empathic amusement how would you react if he handed you a gun and told you that your neighbor is getting ready to attack the US government lies about war and Phil Donahue with 5 from his top rank cherry for expressing skepticism about the Iraq invasion this fact should overlay every single segment of news media you consume which have anything to do with a potential military rival of the United States and its allies slash client states I don't think Gregory has houses petrol mantra people lie awareness of the US war machines love of deceit and manipulation is absolutely essential in forming a clear wealthy tweet from The Washington Post breaking you North Korea has produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside if we solve analysts say now this is not to say that the completely evidence free and unsourced report on these meta by The Washington Post which as usual violated standard journalistic particle by failing to disclose that its report on US intelligence that its sole owner is a CIA contractor is necessarily completely untrue it's entirely possible that North Korea has untamed ... miniaturize action is now technologically capable of mounting a nuclear payload on an intercontinental ballistic missile the DPRK has been claiming to have had these capabilities since much of last year thing it would be perfectly understandable if king Milan learned from Qaddafi's mistake of relinquishing Libyans rudimentary nuclear program and repeal the determined of ICBM you exits quicker quickly as possible given the increasingly shiny target that the nation has painted on it by the Weston war machine trade by the interstate Lois inland from neatly beer is if you had new never give them up if you don't have them get them what matters for the purpose of these consideration is not whether or not nuclear North Korea does in fact have long range nuclear capability what matters is that the US war machine wants you to think that it does right now and marriage chief is being constructed and that focus should be on what what they're planning to use it for if just to put a wild example that there Guam it's flattened by a nuclear explosion next week I will be the first person to call it a falls flat there's every reason to believe that have basically evil US will machine would do such a thing in order to manufacture support for it and it's securing geo political dominance on China's Borda and there's no reason to believe Kim yung hung with spontaneously do such a thing there is no mental illness in the DSM which is both a retreat and youth specifically towards unprovoked nuclear attacks what they've been saying Kim yong il will do is now what they saying Kenya on Monday and it makes no sense whatsoever do not believe these people tweet by down to Joe Stein cooler heads must prevail in North Korea trading threats even waking listen to Pfaff Koreans who want diplomacy not willful now this Bizaki Milana have mute button pushing circuses just like his father did narrative has been used as one of the many merely math justifications for refusing to de escalate an attempt diplomacy with North Korea which is indeed on the table from the excellent made of Alabama 9 I quite from them now consider what the US media dying tell you about Korea Beijing not shake China proposed double suspension to defuse a looming crisis of the Korean peninsula Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said on Wednesday as a first step the democratic people's Republic of Korea DPRK may suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for the suspension of large scale you with I'm Republic of Korea military exercises when told a press conference on the sidelines of the annual session of the national people's Congress ranks at the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula is mainly between the DPRK and the United States but China as a next door neighbor with a lips and teeth relationship because with the peninsula is indispensable to the resolution of the issue FM way the lips undoubtedly transmitted and authorized message from North Korea the offer if known bracket still on the table and China supports it no career has made the very same offering January of 2015 D. about mid ministration rejected it no career repay said the Offa in April 2016 and the Obama administration rejected it again this much the Chinese government conveyed in supported the longstanding north Korean Offa the US government now under the trumpet ministration immediately rejected again the ULFA made and rejected 3 years in a row that is sensible its rejection only lead to a big in Utica nuclear arsenal and to mommy cells with longer reach that will eventually be able to reach the United States the fur trade hear from them in a vat of ammo to that article now I'm not interested in defending Kimmel young then the kia just in pointing out that the US war machine lies constantly in order to justify regime change in sovereign nations that's all it's hard to be sure through the immense value of within media spin how much of what it is said about the disobedient Chemainus government is a distortion of the facts but we can be absolutely fuckin certain I'd I didn't say fucking admit I've but we can be absolutely 100 percent certain that it is a full for nation and for the US power establishment has an extensive consistent history of lying to manufacture support for war be intensely skeptical that's all I'm saying here when there's a link to an excellent story on the her Russian women there is only one government in history that he's used nuclear bombs on human beings and it did so without necessity a patriotic myth still pervades mainstream America that her Russia and negative psyche where an unfortunate but necessary means of ending the war quickly and ultimately saving lives these easy patently false the allied forces could have accepted a conditional surrender from Japan in may of 1945 which would have instantly and the west war in history if they had a lap agreed to allow the nation to maintain its sovereignty and government that was in my little boy and fat man was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August US woman she did not kill 9246000 people in her Russia and 39 to 80000 people in Nagasaki by unleashing yet atomic Hara because of one to disband live it did so because it insisted as always upon regime change there's only one government in the mix here that has proven itself completely sociopathic and untrustworthy in such matters and it ain't the DPRK stay skeptical stay watch full stay awake and the engineer is a trap that a tweet from Donald Trump from August 30 fifth 20 dating be prepared there is a small chance that horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us to weld cool 3 thankfully from guys ... if you like this precipitous gripe all lined them up if they get enough people listening to faith and I'll I'll keep doing them I'm 100 percent rate of funded so these comes to you from all my lovely patrons thank you so much for our during the money in my head each month to let me do this a god bless everyone go bliss strange days indeed //
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Don't Feed The Trolls - Stop Arguing About This Crap
\\I have your honor killings of thing here because the yeah article from August 7 don't feed the trolls stop arguing about this crap usually I write articles by feeling out what America's unlighted power establishment doesn't want people saying at the moment and then saying it as both leave as loudly as I can usually with a bunch of profanity and borderline 8 list insults mixed in for good measure but I've been having a hard time finding a soul it counts narrative the last couple days the American political scene just looks like a bunch of turmoil in white noise right now without any major juicy openings to punch through with great effect is it because from time to time right before something huge happens judging from experience I can expect to go from having nothing to write about having fun too much ship to write about within the next couple of days in the meantime they're full of got to work with there is this bullshit tweet fram gyrate do all candidates raise money from corporate donors wakeup and retire this silly talking point paid it down 3 by any standards and you die hard followers are detrimental to the Democratic Party their latest target is rising star Pamela Harris yes these are the voices I re-attempt printed out Sanders upholders of also gonna have to Cory Booker and continue to push right wing talking points against Hillary Clinton and head through churches near its handle tight some ordinary that these folks have a name for camel harassing Cory Booker tune ... I'd lingering world retreat Samuelson away while Estes don't trust camel Harris Cory Booker and defile Patrick between if you know why well cowardly insinuations of racism by people who lack the courage to state a duty accusations expressly ray JI exiting mugs likable Luke's tour of the U. S. is being orchestrated by veterans of the Obama clean and mean and Clinton campaign no Kelso trees how first 15 LUG like Americans trying to become the next president ... there is much like a brick says is no longer an atheist beliefs religion is very important bill Dixon rage wait Sutton says logs like a bank since he's no longer an atheist beliefs running for president very important and a peak of might long Michael hall pushes across and Tom Hanks which which means winning election reports the daily beast Hey I got an idea let's one more corporate Stooges in 20 joining up north done do you have you're racist well no I'm not what you will both fell over there his job is it all going door and locks here sometimes is pure bullshit as far as the eye can see and I'm expected to write something about it well I'm not gonna I refuse it's fucking 279 and if not a real thing it's not forening Clinton loyalists royalist Peter Dow is not telling the lift to abandon all hope in 20 fucking 7 name because he's interested in initiating a lively debate Tyler's Democratic Left punch a near 10 is not telling progressives that they're racist unless they write for a Clinton is corporate whore in 2020 because she wants to enlighten them MSNBC lobotomized joy rate is not telling people to abandon the talking point of cryptography in order to insert a hopeful idea into political discourse these people are doing the things in 27 name in order to distract you and grind you down please don't feed the trolls America these pundits are going out of their way to tell you their party will ignore exit progressive basing 2020 because that's exactly what's going to happen that's all you need to know I don't get sucked into trying to debate them don't try to work towards a compromise don't try to change them it will only grind you down in a way you out while the thugs who have hijacked your country tighten the noose around your neck they going with the inevitability of Hillary tactic it here only this time this starting it even earlier in the hopes that it will give them enough time to break your will if you're a dead man took precedent by only through all your energy into pushing forward a wildly progressive candidate don't waste your energy trying to convince establishment loyalists they should give Paithan economic justification if you don't like that blast full speed ahead without looking back don't try to police people with you the plane crash here I know countries Kellerman have no intention of ever letting you advance anything remotely resembling a progressive agenda that's much is clear they weren't envoys because the empire depends on war they wait wait you have economic justice because power is relative starting in the system when money equals power they necessarily need to keep you paw in order to maintain they rule the people who see this as the only guy he will not be converted on their merit or truth of your position because they're not motivated by marriage poetry quite from Oakland Greenwald that the US has a shadowy secretive world of intelligence and military operatives who exercise great power outside of elections and democratic accountability is not some exotic old right conspiracy theory it's awfully elemental to understanding anything about how Washington works it's hard to believe anyone on the side of a sixth grade civics class would seek to deny that Glenn Greenwald well establishment loyalists are trying to bait you into begging them not to do some of that that 0 percent guaranteed to do actual relevant things are happening in the world our entire species is under threat by a new Cold War that could erupt into a hot war at the drop of a hat made possible by the fact that unlike did power establishment controls everything every significant thing but your government does there are no political solutions to any of these problems there are no political solutions to any of your problems if you choose to Cape trying to advance a curry paste part justice agenda by political means I do think that has value but only for the purpose of gathering information to let everyone really grok the reality that all the doors they're trying out bolted shot every political past you take will be obstructed and stagnation by the servants of the ruling class for far longer than a species has to have that nuclear and climate catastrophe I lay revelation has increased hyper stopping all evil things that America's I'm elected power establishment is doing to you it will take some exhaust something drastic I'm probably more than a few miracles to wrest power away from the an elected sociopath steering and will towards disaster by its see every show we've got which is why they're all too happy to keep you arguing about 2020 guys don't feed the trolls sorry I'm 100 percent redefine the journalist if you like the thing I had thrown me some shit pools of please subscribe if you like these ... I'll continue to eat beef with enough subscribers I think he's so much to my hatred for making this possible and I'm lucky //
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Serious Question: Have You Done Everything In Your Power To Prevent This? By Caitlin Johnstone
\\can I just in hand if during the reading of my article from August 6 serious question have you done everything in your power to prevent these my childhood idol John Pilger has once again leaned his king comparable voice to the task of warning humanity about the perils inherent in Washington's bipartisan push towards you Cold War escalation in a powerful essay titled how the world may and that my little face you cannot possibly do justice the legendary journalist describes the way Capitol Hill as needs humanity into the express lane toward extinction with latest sanctions engineer which seems to have been driven by the intention to revoke an all out war he touches on the way to Saint is being silenced and propaganda proliferated and on the end appreciated fact that China will become involved in the with rush it's well coach is a site which I strongly encourage you to raise concludes is falling one of Obama's last acts of president was to sign a bill that handed a written record $618000000000 to the Pentagon reflecting the soaring ascendancy of fascist military of them in the governance of the new United States trump has endorsed these buried in the days I was the establishment of a center for information analysis and response user is the ministry of truth it is tossed with providing an official narrative of facts that we could Harris for the real possibility of nuclear war if we allow it if we allow it Willie this is a serious question and I think it deserves a serious answer from everyone with access to information about the reality of what's happening here will we allow this much towards direct military conflict between 2 nuclear superpowers to continue I mean not capable of stopping it are we quite show will not move from okay verbal of bringing the stuff much to hold and we out perhaps giving us those credit full have we tried everything if you look out the window next year and see a mushroom cloud growing on the horizon we you be up to 10 to your loved ones with tears in your eyes and honestly tell them that you did all your cute could I'm sorry to have to put so fine a point on it but this it's important I don't want to victory lane by shifting responsibility for the manipulations of a few billionaires and their Capitol Hill lackeys but these new Cold War escalations ... without question the single most dangerous thing happening in the world today and they have to be stopped the risk of every organism on earth being killed has now been needlessly escalated and it is very possible that everything depends upon out bringing that risk down it is easy just associate from our situation here by zooming into the small kitchen perspective and taking comfort in the fact that nuclear war might not happen or zooming out to a big picture perspective taking comfort in the fact that this is all temporary anyway I am encouraging you here not to do either of these things and instead look around at everything you've ever loved everything you've ever appreciated everything you've ever found useful or interesting and ask yourself if you really honestly in different enough to the possibility that it'll only 3 pia because of some idiotic geopolitical power grab by you building kit at least half yeah the beloved quite by American folk hero Utah Phillips the if he's not dying it is being killed and the people who are killing it have names and addresses at the time Phillips who's talking about industrial ecocide which is of course another grave concern the quake could be even more readily applied to people matching XP things into a new Cold War after we'd barely survived the last one we know he thinks people ha that's right there on public record they've done is around public record they have names addresses adjusters offices and phone numbers should I decide to be polite out way out decide to decrease the risk of everything dying in a nuclear Holocaust is it worth becoming the first species ever to go extinct Gaeta politeness this may well be the single most important question about time even if you believe everything a television tells you that your elected officials have your best interests at heart and that the Russians really did middle in York country's electoral process and that person is really is a monster and a threat is it worth it is it have we ever tried just leaving Russia alone without pressuring them with proxy conflicts manipulating the affairs of their neighbors provoking them with senseless acts sanctions and continuously escalating nature expansionism have we ever tried to see what really happens and is it really worth the lives of your family your friends the species and world Nazi is that where is it to keep continuing down this path instead of giving peace a chance whatever your feelings about Russia trump government and nation is it within is it we can stop face if we want it badly enough we can make a lot of noise and shove hot in the opposite direction we can fight to ensure the survival of our species and of old to risk your life but you and you had look at all that hundreds beauty it is worth fighting for I love you //
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Please Sir, May I Say A Few Words About Rape Culture?
\\hi everyone only like I just a talk about the arm is a piece going around in Canada which another kitten taste it let me eighth one this time Sir atleast being H. separate pieces are size against 34 I think well the man and it's at long discussion happening counterpunch group of men will have talking it out about whether or not I'm glad to see retweet scent of each I should be glad I to know should meanwhile I'm no let you respond at when I lost if we can respond a week with my PC David Cobb was told that I I I have my own Atlet and they must mean like what Facebook is modern outlook medium Twitter so yes I can respond to my own at late night dinner lift the police took it out let them decide US cert yeah I've had cement speak on my behalf eloquently I'm still with not the same fire that I would I know it was this that was not the same fucking knowledge that I would I know what I mean but I'm not allowed to say it I think they will never ask me they will never let me respond can we anyway say yes I I am a little comeback whether or not I'm the lead to that to allow some social media overlapped with that Mike center which US they well let's see if I get that mission anyway little last piece particularly I'm gonna pick a pot because fuck it you know what I'm seeking China a like hope out can the punch not smash hits brains on this thing it they want to go this route then I'm just gonna say my thing site Eric traits are apparently he's telling punch radio whatever right it's long screed ... and yeah I did that my ideas came from stupidity are an experience and an experience a and perhaps will malice how sweet of him as he didn't think of that not just what is going through some like this I just pulled out the things that how you describe it money and my work sophomoric don't teach things idiotic Johnston not exactly a political theater theoretician of tremendous capacity hope to see me so will her so called journalism I thought maybe she had a serious head injury Justin's lack of understanding boring and easy I love that one if it's so easy why don't you do it there click by total now when it kicks you think a useful idiot a full so she doesn't in a useful idiot of forces she either doesn't understand what different site yet at I'm noting I have an IQ of 150 of things interest I've got my degree in journalism and Amy I cut distinction cycle awards the whole way through a I've done a lot of things in my life I'm very streets not I've worked in all sorts of places and I'm quite interesting way which I think is what these people are really struggling with is that I don't come out of the scanners right this same culture them a I've had kids and I've worked in Bosnia it looking around I talk to real people as I write I can talk from that place but anyway but then unlike me and they've made that much clear I am yes and I do want it to you lets sing out money Atticus and very much the product of my ongoing conversation with my American husband he Hey it works with me full time on these you know we both in these 2475 is just as much a part of our relationship as anything else and the sorry I do Linda if right what would happen whether you BC vitriolic about if within prickly silliness if it was coming and if our teams it will definitely but anyway I just I do find that fascinating into but at anyway this is this is this is a bit I want it to I hate it because he went on about like how much experience he's had he's racked up on these matters and then he said about collaborating with the right and so how Ashley incorrect item what a silly gal I am to think that I I might have beyond do you want something to talk about something that everyone talks about like it it's an old idea to try to bring it into a kind of popularity as I'm a populist anyway apparently Jones during has acknowledged that she's a rape survivor sorry I commend her for stating it openly with action somehow seems to excuse her permission of a misogynist fascist provocative you know like how it's totally cool enough races for black men to openly say that they don't like.scheme to black women well first of all I have no idea about that last pot very I have no idea if it's totally cool not to delay things because I'm and I would never speak for anyone efforts for a black person black culture we never speak with authority about that since but obviously you think that you can you're a white guy and yeah even you can just say that about shit you say that about so you're right but you yes I this is the ... so I am finding is updating and in how so you you think your experience talking to a couple libertarians at a fuckin occupy much is enough for you to speak with authority over the top of me about and my ideas on collaboration that may be having 42 years in body and extensive experience in the rape culture are and multiple incidences US right I am I'm not allowed to talk I actually someone a told me that you emailed them back saying that I was time using it sinker is a cynical these fuck it this is really hard to talk about and I I feel quite forced I'm anyway what I want is up about was sovereignty okay just like in that last sentence about dark skinned black women and stuff like that you have no right to talk about books a canyon that culture or not you're not a part of that culture you are invading the sovereignty and you have no right to tell me a woman what is right culture and what's not and what's allowed and what's not me not you're invading my something territory don't mean to blame fucking right culture to me don't tell me what I can and cannot do what you decreed that I can and cannot do because a man it's a disgusting things about right whether I'm gonna I can retrieve him I and I do think a lot of this is about I see these you know pen mutation through the world are the suffering seat problem where invading countries and Tom staking out claims and using those resources a all over the place it's kind of imperialism it's gone into me are it's not like a Louis hidden imperialism isn't and what we're trying to uncover here it in as women if you're interested Eric confining at is that we are trying to reclaim our sovereign territory that's going when we talk about rape culture which trying T. to put words into the sense that we know who we don't have control of that sexuality and all the ways that we don't have control of that of fast sexuality all the ways we lose control that's excellent and there they mostly hidden that they had to put words to be like the culture of negging women ... you know the culture of Iraq and this is you can find this on the internet you can find these everywhere meant boys slipping tactics I had a heck a woman had to trick her into having sex let's rape culture right it chase denied they were gonna do now words chasing women like like scoring ... all of these things where women treat women this plea and they will do anything to have sex with us yeah sexuality is so sacred and it is so linked deeply to add creativity and now I'm spoke and a star how confident you notice a few Notre of a woman Hasting right but you she will have lost to Spock around the time that it happened you just lose your confidence you lose your voice your links you Swagga night on and and it happens all blocked all walked image not just regular Anne drag her into an alley right this ongoing writes that happen in marriages 6 you just put out because you have to Wesley GT's it's just in our culture anything our culture to hand over 6 because the last M. and women trying to reclaim that because we need our stock back we need our creativity back we need our voice back and getting I've Sir yeah don't talk to to me of forming about rape culture 3 and especially don't linkedin around and use it as a weapon several times saying I'm using it cynically my I am using my trauma cynically there is not I do not have the ability to be cynical about things and if if you know what it was like you would know that that was true so fuck you Eric take great Sir ... please //
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My Impression Of Tucker Carlson Listening To Someone With Whom He Disagrees
\\ //
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"Why do you use 'Us vs Them' language?"
\\yeah a cat scan to Jamie is not so just dying alone I told him which I will be on that Jeannine some lawn Monday talking to David cay caught up on the show what about that I'm at it I think that's 5 P. M. ana PST 8:00 PM at E. X. T. R. on Monday the 20 second so that'll be interesting ... I will come I wanted to answer a question that I get a loss are incoming sings in pain yams and all sorts of things and that's about tune about my terror ang and it's an interesting question and I take the wisdom from it I understand where people are coming from when hello everyone I'm there's the yeah it's so I I understand because I from where I'm coming from I'm speaking in a different language almost all together to what people are you stick I think they expect in this kind of our like people have my opinions generally catch them in very intellectual terms I mean very much to get it to you know it's so very like collaborating with language where they you know I say I feel you are in the subway in their areas of gray and nuances and people ... extrapolate deeply into that the areas of gray and you once and you know that Chris Hitchens ask Michael Tracey our plane Greenwald John chose to as time passes the time investment from a very progressive lefty sort of ... arena the journalists generally speaking very ... CNY once language I guess and it's also very soft ... yeah at this a reason for that because you know they need me are that's where we come from if you have like a and if you have a brain and you have a ha upping you probably going to be coming from a ... from a background search the combined spice sorry they say I guess you call it a conditioning there but that we'd probably all share and so when I come out Yellin and Screamin saying you're wrong you're wrong I'm right these in the eastern United calling people all sorts of names and stuff like that it rattles people it doesn't sound right but I do it deliberately and I'll give you a raise well tell you why I had to repeat to me ... reading not complied will book at cold Atlantis am if you gonna Malcolm Gladwell he's really cool he's kinda like a hawk science psychologist kind and good bye philosopher pops pop philosopher in takes a look from different studies and then he writes an overview in his book he read the tipping point which is you know one of those books that everyone courts the nobles United because he he he I took a kind of quality to look at a whole heap of different studies and came up with a philosophy that you know they're in every and there is a tipping point in outlawed as he talks a lot about that that that the style of the book is a lot about mitigated speech and how of how it comes from our conditioning like he took a lot about our the way that you know people who are anti does and have been had entitle parents and have expected from life everything that it always gives them a nice speaking very unmitigated terms they say things like you know I want this I want that number wrong I am writes and ... because that's the way life works with them if you come from a background that's like you know like you and seized his slaves or what will colossal Oakland each unit or ask ... if you come from a okay a background where I you have being a part of the serving class then your parents are gonna bring you up speaking in mitigated tins in ... and you're going to hear eek divided into several layers of kind of mitigation of Pat how going from hinting hinting that you know perhaps it would be a good idea like you know a looker then isn't it mountain maybe we should fly into that on up to just saying ship applying now use that analogy because that's the one that he he found very interesting was that our pilots especially they found that ... I if the captain was sitting in the pilot's seat I'm then there was more likely to be an accident unless why is that because the co pilots have a lesser ... would speak in a more mitigated whites him because they were they were down in the hierarchy ... and they weren't able to use a least set an alarm they weren't able to to be sure that the captain should take notice of what they sang and action immediately in the way that captain court if he was sitting to the side and and ... telling the copilot what he was saying now that's very important isn't it if if the making going to inherit the year if the wise ones I'm going to to dictate I take authority take off the ship of what's going on here they need to stop talking and they need to start talking like it's true we need to say it out loud like they know what's right because they do know what's right like they believe it I like it needs to be actions now if we're gonna be a siren we gonna hafta siren we're gonna have to stand the fuck in a lot you know I we cannot sit around going though you know okay I'm you know need to extinction it's what I you know I don't know maybe you have had my dearest well I'm not sure how I think we could work together somehow and unlike all I'm sure you know the I'm shooting nerd these people but I just thought that maybe he could not forget that shouldn't the bands coming up to what this week but sorry yet I took like that that's what I took like that and it's numb it's not something that comes naturally to me at least something that I've worked really hard on and I'm really quite titles owned and the mockery and everything like that only put into a tizzy we should mock people who are you need to shut up and listen we should make them feel stupid we should embarrass them we should thank them and put them in a hang on we don't have any facts you shut up and listen I think I hope that's alright okay it's rude yes that's not good man is but I'm not gonna die of politeness no that's not me I'm not gonna dive locking politeness and I hope you don't wanna do that eva is ... sitting around in and it's being polite about it is not going to work we have to stay on the line there is on coming extinction event and I'm people need to know about it shining yeah UMF me let me have a look here ramped up name a yeah it's my treat things one he said never apologize and I never got a soft thud like it's true because it is it is true you know it's true and if it's not the exact truth it pretty much in the right direction settling more true than say bill Maher and bill Maher is speaking in exactly the same way Bill Murray smoking people and bring them along and making himself the biggest loudest voice in the room people that I like Kalat beginner falling in line with him because he sounds like he knows he doesn't know stuff doesn't I most often you do anyway site yet just yet don't be afraid it's but like it's true and you know it up people light up because people are going to ... get upset that you made a fool of them are but then they won't want to do that again like I if you presenting them with actual facts provable facts and then where are they going to have to go away and think well I'm not gonna I'm not gonna come out of the block and say that again with such authority unless you're living a lot of people say these things with authority with absolutely no backup whatsoever next that you know we've seen that with the Russian marriage you know stricken evidence whatsoever are they come out sounding will kind of I like they know stuff because Rachel Maddow thing like plugged into the back of their brain telling them that they're right about it without actually giving in many facts about it giving them evidence or anything to point to and so when you ask them to to bring the facts it's not possible because you know she didn't have that ability to just kind of sound like they know stuff when they just speaking hot air so you know things by fax just keep saying I'm big and like it's alright irritated at alright well I did you know that was pretty much my whole thing ... yeah that's right season said people resets when you tell them that your right to prove you wrong they will go and hit indeed that and they will have trouble repeat then them running to fines they evidence to see my fandom yeah making go in data like way and that's another thing make him go into the lake where you stand fully 2 feet flat on the ground and say what you know is true and if they dispute set make them prove it done cleaning and supply them with links and stuff but that that them they've ever rate then you're playing in that area you know your rights make them bring the evidence do you think you are up to to speak your assertion yeah that's the 52 plot pilot heat into dying by the interest on it there is limited planes have gone down because because ... the ... pilot was too yeah but see many medicines and was saying that you know we've lost a third each machine here I think it's about time we are coming we get some landing because the ... night at the talent they couldn't hear the urgency in his voice and he he wasn't speaking in I am unmitigated dated why he wasn't actually sucking them with his language then they were like going must be a he must be our so we've we've got a shot people without language pound the love that's right Christian I I love you all thank you so much for this journey ... go at this Atlanta Kratz it like you right because you are and ... and yet I think that's enough for today I'll be back tomorrow coming to you another plan to marry same time who I'm still gonna //
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For Kate: "How do you maintain your optimism?"
\\hi everyone I just wait for a little thick things are doing their thing I got such great responses in there I really encourage everyone to go and have a little look at all the different ... question are there was so much information in there that so many things that you want to talk about it looks took but not Korea with the DNC and trial is going on today but I I don't know if there's enough room for that that although it does look promising of what I thought I took it back out with a question from Kate which is and how you maintain your optimism which is something that I get a loss I and it was just me actually it does actually like I don't understand really how you could not be optimistic I mean there is it's a real problem that maybe we could blow us so that before all of this falls apart but the thing is they come out when these they must lose if we can where the only ones who can win the race ... it's the it's just a done deal and I'll I'll try and explain my whole little reality tunnel about why that east but basically it's to do with ... how difficult it is to maintain life ... and how much work and if it goes into that album and how easy it is just a state lottery ... and I've been here a lot about them like the improvement clerks lately you know how how easy it is just to look at something and explain what you say ... without any kind of like dressing or of looking at it in a different way unite to learn to make it something to manipulate it season many place something you're putting effort into it and the more effort you put into something of them all goodwill kind of structural out maintenance that it needs that's a little bit where where but you might but basically lives are unstable and if you're going to get a like a whole group of people to ... to think about something in a certain way you have to get everyone will on board so what we're looking at really is the difference between a natural collaboration of people who are looking at trees and a conspiracy which is kind of like held together by fiat by guilt by tribal lines ... by the few shining ... and by life you know and Liza always kind is there always touching guy because she's the one St touches them and then they disappear so I'm yet many developing lie too because it's comfortable for them so I guess that the up but that's out of the job is to really say alright well people being you know would be like to release time and that should mean that's the other thing he's good we're not actually I think I'm getting worse which is seeing more sorry I feels like whoa me all these guys are really evil and I could do anything and they have been doing anything on this just crazy and the more you get like looking to it the more incomprehensible ... these at this way but he's but the yet nothing is we see it now and ... and that's all really that's happening is that we're just saying it more and more with normal people and the more people who see it the more people bring you things and say Hey look but between these things ... so that's all it happening it isn't actually getting worse we just being more so you can take comfort in that that as well like our now the other thing that people worry about so they've been saying how they gonna step up the game I'm gonna talk about me night and day I'm talking about a loose conglomeration of kind of the power elite who he's interested he's in flipping the mainstream narrative so that I can keep the ones going keep that corporatism going much free trade group going down the people who who I need your sitting in making money here this thing because firm rule I want more than 99 percent of us lease none of these actually makes am I spent so I have to keep a very close eye on things by using their power which is money so ... and it is very powerful because right now if you don't have money thing you know you don't have agency Anne you can't even I pay of ramps I mean I got off track site yet look at the same anyway I think yeah let like the people that the mainstream media what we're up against they using a very old model of communication I and and it requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance and I think if you want to feel good about where we're at goes to the DNC emails and just greed and serve them might just reiterate I'm just saying how difficult it is to room mate on message you know and how one sweet takes 15 P. Melton tame people to come up with like they're not agile my comics just shoots the narrative I mean I do a great job of pacing everyone and out they do they do do a miraculous job of that I like I must say but ... up but they not agile in the same way that we gotta and out that's why it's important just to get online and when you see something say it and skidded out there he's a big thing so favourite but up here that's why I I find it so important to be riding every day but also for myself because like everything is very timely you need to interject assuming he thinks about me arm say that's why idea I think I probably might be going to a yeah 8 publication anytime soon because any kind of about time lag at least against our interests sire ... yeah now the other thing is I think that's really important tonight as is that old bitch none of this works if but the illusion of freedom collapse ... and that's what basically add yuppies it's too shatter the illusion of freedom and I and I but many people feel that way that we just keep pointing at the way that we're not 3 I am the way that we connect at will like and you know we need to get things done for example climate change but we can't actually do it because no one is listening thinks there's no actual democratic process where the will of the people it's staying head I think my constant study that shows that like that even eat it it's just obvious on them only money gets hurt people dyke ahead so we need to keep pointing out that because then the 2 things that this realize on in the media the media is a funnel through which all of this happens and the media is in me thingy obiter off the great marriage hits side they need to be all on miss each they need to be saying exactly the right what they need to say ... but the thing is we keep cooking if we keep thinking at that then on the night starts to collapse and we've seen it already but I'm then people say well what about what would know to shut down the internet they cannot shut down the instead because the whole thing relies on the illusion of freedom if they did that they would be doing a job for us they would be shattering that illusion of freedom sorry it would be all over everyone would not I like really like whoa hang on what happened there sigh I can only really work around the edges the constant lease for example a constant me talking to you right now ha concedes they did that would just look we had and wrong to eat too many people so I asked them walking a very fine line and at 1.they can the tip I've and I do think that points very far off in the future sigh yeah that's my little thing Billy other thing I wanted to talk about really with their ... the media and give you a little idea of where they're at they're all basically the same as you guys you know they say guardians of the media game as you know they wanted to bring truth to power that's why you become a journalist ... and most of them are still there but not all Rachel medals okay I can while the whatever they delay that they have an old England so up but then the same things happened they've they've gone into the media well quickly found out how things worked and then gone Willie what do I do I will I will build a career and then maybe talk about it later or I'll unity I'll no that's all just come up with that kind of moves at reason to keep going but the thing about working in the media today it's a dying industry lacks econ arm they'd they'd layoffs are huge newspapers are closing down all the time your job is always in peril you are working against the clock you have to do you know my jealous friends tell me now that you know for a normal newspaper mainstream gig you have to be writing something like 6 to 8 stories I Danny I do like me which is an unbelievable workload so of course you just going to take riders and I pay and regurgitate it let's pretty much all you can do in that time econ pick up the fine in fact check ask people do real journalism law so basically they become a final show off for a few outlets ... and yet sorry and they've become despondent over time because they've seen the things they know that happening and when I talk to my journalism friends well like with this this stuff has been happening for years but over time I think that's a little kinder now that's a little defensive based tune I like to to to be no I don't want them media thing ... unite it's part of the makeup of of winning if you want to know stuff then you go into being a journalist and get serious and everything you want a nice that say is this kind of ... since let's it's been going on for years and then I get despondent and then I just turn up and it's a job it's not it's not their little drain when they were tiny 5 year olds wearing a little press being in that hot is IDT anyway I'm so yeah it I guess what that comes back to is you don't get despondent that's where they went wrong okay good target despondent eighties we had it is wrong be astonished like be curious you know when you see something weird and and fatty that's we that's we it out of these assaults of things we can do very to wake up people up to a single arm because that's what the media is no longer doing that and now and that's something that we can do if you Danny that's your thing we can do it every day for free even yeah yeah yeah I'll slip through me home yeah adultery stole OJ said when he sees a messiah and move it on out there for others to learn yeah and as Kathleen said but the effort to maintain the lies is very evident in the DMCA miles please if you're ever feeling shitty about this just going great I'm afraid it's a comedy of errors I would be crazy to write a musical thing about it is that they're both fictional book waiting to have ... probably I have read shattered yet but some of us riding story of it he made things so much for joining well that's really hello everyone ... yeah I feel like the thing I might do this you know a regularly a it was really fun Hon don't forget to like my page and don't forget to follow our ... see first or else you'll never see me again yeah and I'm on Twitter Kato's CAI T. undead and home page him Caitlyn just in one way I think you everywhere who had written it off them will finish //
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For Kristin: I struggle with how you... seem to endorse Bernie Sanders.
\\hi everyone will see this again third time's a charm chili alone yeah it seems to be working I got a very alum yeah thanks so much these my son's I'm thanks so much for everything I got I'm gonna say it took about around the question IRA from Kristin but I'm actually gonna try and talk about a few on your limit once because I think they're all kind of related ... I see sorry the question is I struggle with how the thing to you know really give a costume but indoor space and it's in spite of its record of consistent imperialistic behavior I and I've had a fair bit of these lately ... I can't say but the thing is her right here who one of these in my reality tunnel the paradigm that which China she's tia has nothing to do with perfect people messiahs may you die having one particular person creepy that could be online until I sigh I am I'm gonna try and describe it again ... and sloppy little in I know everyone's going to get these spent like but it is really important to me that the album that I kind is that the people who do get really Crockett but it ... okay so you're gonna have to lean a little bit here when not in I. regula electro battle voice yet where being a we're in a medium or we didn't win and we did win but unlike no doubt about it we won the media will with banks and is but it wasn't by any standards he won that it was ox in the last we won that okay site so what I'm trying to say here it is Bernie does yeah right like he has some pretty awful views he had pretty overuse up at the beginning of his campaign he was not the perfect person we knew that he with dodgy on foreign policy and when he says things about why helmets of course like I okay yeah but you know you have but he also pushes forward he's a weapon he's a weapon and we cannot afford to be picky about what weapons we pick up it's like picking up a rock just burned down from the casa wools and looking at it right how it's not exactly like the picture shape in the little cracking it not just thrown through the rocks thrown the weapons ... and he is that he's you know her I you'll notice that I'm in writing about it less increasingly because he's less important to the media war because he is singing to me to pitch a light in many areas to the mainstream narrative circle us up he's become less important in and media but let it be known that he is not there must die out he is not the guy you know if they were not looking for perfect people so please don't get involved in that we we can we can ... like collaborate with drunk people we can collaborate with libertarians we can collaborate with also thinking that I have to have the perfect philosophy and be the perfect person for in order for us to collaborate we just push push when we think that they're doing the right thing or you know okay pushing in the right area trust your instincts might help you know that basically you can say the thing you can see when he's going wrong that you're doing it back if not you can get latest strike by some Daddy figure that you have to trust everything we said from just blindly sheep like follow him so you all use showing them yourself that you don't need anyone to point out to you when someone is saying don't you things and sorry but not on the same goes with healthy Gavin I'm not I don't want I want to eat to pretend that these people love a pet fate out but they're also very useful in peaceful and they out you know a part of that movement is a movement move forward the more the more we arm look sideways at each other and stuff squabbling the less movement we have full weight cycling I wanted to read a quote actually 9 Chomsky now the foods backing hotel group 20 feasting when the body movement was just starting and they asked him about you know what he thought about it and he said I'm that campaign ought to be directed to sustain a popular movement which will use the election as an incentive and then go on and unfortunately it's not skip a day he didn't when the elections are about the movement will die the only thing that will ever bring about meaningful change is ongoing dedicated popular movements which don't pay attention to the election cycle if an extravaganza every 4 years but then we don't want we're trying to change the dominant paradigm yeah okay now the oligarchy unlike skin of Bernie Sanders they would never scared of big incentives they was scared a lot they so what we did we won that we elevated him with nothing we didn't have like you know $7000000 contracts with them and if NBC we changed the narrative and they out she did that and that's why they continue to attack us now because we have a threat not been any sand is not Tulsi Gabbard but if we elevate things people the more we push those people into the machine the more more stuff we see now if we hadn't of put all our energy into pushing buttons that if this part we put into that speak motherfuckin machine we would never have seen what we could say now we would never have got the damn thing lace they would never shown themselves in those emails we we will never be doing the DNC lawsuit right now with a showing themselves even further they are revealing themselves because we portion we push forward but I push against each other so you speak I mean this referred to be get a progressive that the bit about you but you look the bomb I think I just think that if Dick Lamm don't worry about it like you know you take sides if you want a buddy full if nothing like basically we're all on the same team here well pushing the same thing I'm not gonna be drawn into little spat that between each other that's how they divide us and let's have a Congress that is no point in going on about with the Jill Stein got the perfect position on back to the nation although I don't know about that not but well I just push when you see her pushing the way she thought you were like where she's going and you can see that that's what you want when you want thing when you want to look then pushed her and then leave the rest you don't have to pick up the risk we don't have to be perfect people were up I am not a perfect person accountnow look it up but like you I am not even with sirena their weekly none of us can say that we got it like beyond the type is the full way because with some sort of Jesus character who has nothing wrong with this so yeah that's my little rant about that I'm just I what I'm trying to change here the dominant paradigm of ... of of the media war I see it is the media will it is not a bad elections that system is broken what we try to do now is to show how broken newbies until I'm tipping point a mass of people see Helberg committees and then we will be out to go forward and change things but we cannot change things among is no point in pretending that things are unchanged yet they not changed we we still gonna keep wishing that way Sunday so I see Benny sent in the very useful weapon I don't you know you're right not as useful as he's debate for Sean and I he's to be quite an ordeal boy and he's less and less noisy of the goes a long I think it's at least position on a single payer healthcare is very handy and the way that he's bringing people in to me on the he's kind of a away thinking is very handy he is the owner up I think is wonderful that people are starting to say he's too far to the right for them a week because he was never a true lefty lefty like it you know I I know that I knew that from the beginning if not them he's actually very kind of instead he would see quite comfortably on the right side of the the potty he would see nicely in the liberals they would like in the head so I ... any say it yet though I think I fused about like ... be things like trying to have fun some sort of ... Hannah well written questions here for this is need to stop bickering over differences are we snowflakes after all it yeah let Blake yeah let's if you know boiling scarlet Scarlett Scarlett's guy this guy you we've got the X. we had these we had this one where moving in a massive movement and that's what scared the shit out of the oligarchy and that's why they attacked us though you don't think they were attacking Bernie I mean it was useful to them to try and take him out and you know they've done that unsuccessfully to a thick mixing but not really like he hissed is still causing rushes in their narrative when he sits next that some horrendous and talks about the billionaires and then tell her is cut back him up on that they could be the lights that he's shown some lights and we should be 20 a night the thief Larry yeah but but but the but the weapon in the whole media war that's not a weapon in the hot leg trying to get votes in uniting Garenne caucuses and all of that kind of stuff that I have all tied up they got that totally Taina ... then of course that needs to change but we're not going to change that unless we can show how Burgundy's and wait wait don't write like we are really doing great on that and no I was wrong the Moomin hasn't stopped week we continue to go on but I do feel like this week has been kind of like a crucial week with that the bickering any fighting is starting to really to take a hold on and that's bullshit stuff back like stop it we've still got plenty to do and they still cleaning greased forum mill I'm yes Sir up how do you use when we go to make progress you go to Facebook you make posts you point out things you use your innocence mega to to to go out and shoot yourself to what is really going on and to ... 2 points out when something is we did and support to act when someone is doing something good on them and just keep doing that you're doing it they were forced them to the big penis and we push them to the edge only to be told from damage the apathetic critically by I'm not critically exploits right now the DNC lawsuit inthe Jeff showing they got you know they basically have had to say well it's not really any kind of democracy happening here and there full by extension of learning democracy happening in America like you we just kinda do it how we like to do we don't have we we know we're not we're not here for everyone else we we just do it have a lot I'm sorry what Toma to not think with a thin line between appreciating such things that brings me to read right when he said and the idea that with constantly long gonna know I do yeah guy he's we don't have one messiah it's all about it's not likely with settling the one Papa bear it you don't have to but just just throw you got him to all of it until all the people who were doing great things and when they're not doing great things we give them any energy on that like the resistance cheeks okay like they are a great example of people who are you money now even now picture map progresses spectrum go and suddenly change your views on abortion just to to align with them they were up against the dates thanks so you just keep pushing when they're pushing I only see yeah I think if a journal Sheridan via about other progressive voices your comments on in fighting it untimely allowed him to think he's fighting yes I can watch it I'm not going to watch it ... I love Jordan I think he does a great job he's really good at it and stepping out into a suit sticky situation the guy was standing rocking so full of and ... and being there and and he's a great journalist thank that's all I'm gonna say about him and Goodman does a great job he's done a good job of keeping ... you know giving people a lifeline and hope out of the whole time they'd they're both great in golf ana yeah lately money is right running they said it'll only get stronger as the younger generation moves away from the TV it's true I don't like any of you have young kids like I do and I don't watch TV anymore I dying like you know maybe for a lot like the voice or something like that but they they just don't much debate I get them information on a whole other different way say I'm a that's why they tried to shut down the internet but they they not gonna be if they're able to bath appropriately look here we are talking we're just talking we doing the fifth Silversea thing that they don't want us to today yet your you said we are like family will have better out as it's enough votes that we pull together to go forward exactly silenced his collaborate as a family I'm gonna Floyd and scenery of course he can have a little gossip about what you know other people doing that that's natural but in the end I'm looking to get drawn into ... tunes fighting battles that assault upon a blitz and so not to do with what we're actually up against ... it's just seems like it's such a waste of energy I like isn't about sailing with the cost of the top of the castle you know like and you're just throwing rocks just throw rocks don't stop to check and see if that perfect rocks don't stop and look at the other guy and think I reckon you should be like a throwing your rom like you're throwing out business perfect as mine your technique is not as great as mine or whatever where like search just third age that's all we need to take that push your energy acts at research finding out what's going on bringing that back to the group showing doing a citizen journalism ... getting your stuff out there as much as possible sharing things that you find important regardless of of who they come from when the Atlanteans the whatever ... ends just showing ... solidarity with faith if one thing that we're looking at I mean we're all United in this in this narrative because we're all United in that tree the just keep pointing at truth you don't have to worry too much about if someone gets you know distracted by something else and we will get distracted like but see you know people will have their their different little things but alum but that Pulham and I ... sorry like Benny Larry is not great on foreign policy or whatever Hey he's not great on hold firm policy you guys all see that eagles hit you made me this diet I'm gonna say it anyway that you know you need me to go on about that unique media arts happen any and say that he she on foreign policy the I'm in order to do what why like you know that I I trust you guys you you intuition is really strong you know when he sang she sorry joining to waste a whole article that could be used as some sort of weapon against us in the end ... to to go on about like how she's on corporal plucked the I think I need to do so you're not gonna see me do that I I just wanna push pull what I want create youth ... and inspirational sort of movements full weight we need to go full weight we don't need to fight sideways sigh yeah we're on pilot project 3 that's too many we are on high alert for jewelry and I appreciate that there is definitely paranoia I unstuck look at that paranoid is healthy because we have being I think with a bomber especially we have pain could wait many times by getting behind one mad and then falling asleep like you know he'll do it you noticed like none of this none of the doing that with any of them I know a bomber ringing him up we know and and notice to them whenever anyone comes at noon without well Bernie Sanders thing and then say some something that that you know isn't true I think using that as an attack sorry but we cannot allow them to ... we got a lot to be allowed to come in corral be played one person that that's extremely dangerous and that is the old paradigm as well we not looking for a father figure here we we are movement of many many people many strengths and we we are many points of view many perspectives that we can we can farm you know and that we can we can use to purchase a house forward third week as far as elevating people guy it was very useful to elevate panel a as a size we keep throwing missiles we put into that machine and I don't see see what came of it when you know he broke things on the way and they they have to recheck the sheriffs to try and hold ... him and now movement back that's that was us that did that we did that that wasn't thingy many didn't have like these cool campaign up you know out saying that would wear like masterminding al and we think yes I mean the great slid they like they went hardly doing anything he didn't have much of a like a campaign theme that was Hillary Hillary blames our whole campaign team on her leaving that's when they will always lose because she's relying on you know 100 people assert to you together over the line where thing we lifted him up a we push the main as hard as we could ... say it wasn't about me about us lifting him up and we can take that and that's why where the 99 this thing we can do that and the only way that we remain the 9 months since there is that if we remain undivided if we know and hala and if we know you know a if we trust their innocence think its push to intuitively push when the truth is un thing where unstoppable so if that's the paradigm that I keep trying to shift here I don't want to talk about you know if too much about like the the inside workings of the election and you might be great peaks in the so what about all of that is great stuff but in the end their media war with the one that we have to win that he's like if they only if ikea and when Anthea that if this kind of like the little thread that case them holding onto locks that Betty if if if Kano little fragile health threat of a story like that them while they can keep telling the story and we believe it that they what they doing is fine and the war is a humanitarian like and that the limit that it's are you calling from for them cycle of money while you guys stuff life and we hung out you know you know that if you go to a hospital let like that might be that's the thing aged between a house in a living in the car like while making people that story going with stock wherein slight but it's I think very fright job thing that they thank god I press only need to do is keep attacking that yeah we can attack that in various ways and you only had to do it I see do it all the time you're all doing it ... that's that's that's the media that where when their vulnerability it's and so that's what I keep pointing at never written too messy models last couple in eighth inning carried you to go read them because I think that's where they know the real weapons are trying to give you weapons in the media war ... of whereas there they embarrass you is very tenuous ... and and you will come out with your influences wealthy like keep looking for them keep looking for when that make contradictions are now hopeful Chrissy and the paradoxes and you know when they saying one thing and doing another keep looking for those things and then beat them up bring them out into the light and show you show what's actually happening and he did not know what time I see that like many is that we've made ... and it is working every Israeli waking trusting media you saw we learn now them as mainstream media that ... unites virtually nonexistent and sorry I mean do you just keep pushing many factions within themselves yeah that's a great book ... so does anyone here remember Benny asking us to put the Haitians see I do I swear that I hope they would be the moment I think of his name Daniel said that right looked a little line that he Crestview and that's fine like that that's I I trust you'll pot you know your role in these it was important for you at that point seem completely let go of avoiding the brains Kennedy back thank Frye say do not attack people who are basically on your side who I'm going with Anne for fox hate only gone don't attack people who are basically on your side just because they during the playing another role in the revolution I can't just just because some guys on the cannon and you know on the rifle doing stuff they knew you should have a rifle to for for not doing that it's ridiculous well pushing at the thing being if you look at it as a medium one and is changing the dominant paradigm of what's going on here than it does not matter whether or not you're going third party or just any old babies you know I came into whatever it just keep pushing and I do not attack each other fucking ridiculous star ridiculous icon even when it makes me wanna cry it's always sad don't do that it's so dumb don't if they were waiting for Benny to because the people we help him yeah but he's not going to be perfect none of them are Daniel says I don't attacks and the support is I criticize them as freeze awful stands on foreign policy and his acceptance of the media life's fine keep it to that but I I hate this is yet that's great do that but also push forward not just negative don't just criticize move forward okay we need to also take steps forward or else we will stay use your imagination for creativity not just criticism I think that's incredibly important it's incredibly comfortable and easy to be critical moving outside of that to to to look into other ways where we can collaborate have some fun creates a lot and like with meanings and things like that have a lot about it he's he's like where we've really shine that's when we actually fully I barely hi Chris how can you think means yeah apparently I mostly like on things payroll currently a low moan Gretchen moving forward without confronting Zionism police great job growth forests okay confronts whatever you like just don't attack of the people when we get even if a guy I'm not gonna give you like a list of things that just 20 tech your own people to eat your room whom supporting the what helmets on the terrace state of Israel if not progressive I love it you know I know it the diet supporting that Daniel you have to forgive me for my primary focus on at continued mass murder I consider our domestic economic policies this file is important absolutely do it no one 's stopping you you say that you go forward and do that and really does need looking at I think the whole serious thing all of that needs looking at and I look at it extensively myself as well I agree that you know the foreign policy they is is extremely detrimental not only to to the wealth but to America as well because when all of that money is funneled into these ridiculous worth it just for killing people something agree with you on that I can agree with you on that Susan I need to kind of like fight me over that fight novo unite whether or not I think Benny's I should support Bernini's healthcare push Daniel or I well whatever I cannot support the middle if he supports the latter why hamlet's so you're looking for a messiah you know there's a fine I get a I'm looking to get itself I would then look Nnamdi yeah I I think that that's a long one actually I'm I yeah I say think you're everyone for all your support and everything a and the yet my patients the makings possible ... yes I am for you to go and have a look at things like the fun the last you added 2 essays I wrote my really long but they give them some weaponry Fulla at the fighting the media won't because the media what where east where it's actually hat and I'm understands young getting involved in in arguments here with people who don't understand that but there's plenty of people coming out here who do you understand that that means that the nature of where we need to be attacked and we need to be person really hot on exploding the and the false narratives and and that includes a false narratives of the white helmets only got that such as Mike and you know I we we can different push on that Benalla bad now that I like glaring propaganda thing I I would I would think Donna is it's much more glaring than the white helmets that thank you once you start looking into that that's quite a sticky hole but up there is some lunar isn't differing they think they're fooling things that can ... the point to that and and show with a very very when it why we just wanna say whether line in case I think they're really going me on my trip at and ... yeah I'll I'll I'll tell you ... thing //
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Thank you
\\but you also deep 0 Bucks that makes it official I am a crowdsourced journalist totally cancels gentlest sorry I totally free agent we reached our goal own thank you thank you thank you thank you everyone thank you to my Facebook people to try to keep things to a the people he signed up a new look thanks particularly TV sub reddit armor way of the band you guys have been so awesome spot and only getting their own to the point where I actually found out that we've reached our goal by going to see where the yeah so you guys are really on to it I'm yes thank you so much and I comes I will do you pass //
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Vanessa Beeley Interview Part 2
\\get I am I'll come on Caitlyn Justin and you're listening to talk to you of lines of you with no dependents investigative journalist Vanessa bili she is one of the very few on the grand Weston journalists reporting from Syria and we figure out talking about people of electric so you know to watch them rebuilding watch them rearming schools within 2004 hours schools that had been taken our turned into ... Nusra front center sharia local ammunition bombs prisons in basement and sharia law or ... extremist graffiti or over the walls which should be in combat it within 2004 hours the complete he was quite that books will move back and the kids are back in school but in fact 6:00 hours me you know that if their air but let's Alam it's very hard to describe ... about obsolete or I have to be people and the shame actually I fail at what our governments are imposing on them and and the suffering that that happens when jailed because look for what you know from a geopolitical agendas for the resource agendas arm around government no I mean what is it flawed do we know why they're there Whitley ketamine we never get there though why why are we doing these well I mean I think there's well the large number of reasons calm resources is almost certainly one of them I mean obviously the oil and gas lines you know Syria is it is the heart column of and then all of multilateral trade by the claimant's right in the middle I'm sorry the original pipelines which we're gonna come from Catholic through Syria and Turkey which of course where it's supported by the United States which which about in 2009 refuse incredible are are ... they Arabian Syrian Russian about pipeline so that was number one on a nail in the coffin because actually if you look at it if you don't Google clutch on the side rides 2009 you will not find one criticism open from the west you in 2002 tiny blood Lamanites them for a knighthood by the way I thought you know I think this is what I'm saying if you if you actually and it's good exercise don't your 0 I'm I'm trying to find anything demonizing run windows on parts of 9 won't find it here I will not find ... until he refused the pipeline and basically ... demonstrated his allegiance up very long standing in the kitchen her on and also for a very long standing in the genes to Russia and in Russia is not a naval base in Syria on I'd always get mistake we're making it around 16 year so that was number one number 2 of course you had with narrative as well in the region are you out Israel's illegal annexation of the Golan Heights and it's not any everybody talks about the oil if you're gonna light and Israeli interests and and that oil that oil resources back but in reality actually there's also another very important factor in this the guideline height supplies 30 percent of Israel's water users Ahuntsic right one third of Israel's water comes from the Golan Heights sorry you know went into work wearing a time now where we sold so I want everybody is fighting heartburn right on the case as a recognition that to some extent back finite so what we're saying now is is there is a rush to secure all of the resources slightly in a course the United states's pretty much about other that rust disappear power and control over the world's resources we neither I'm so so Israel is a major factor in their lives Israel's security a lot of people talk about 0 on plan and yes we're saying right now ... Interfax ... I campaigns repartition syrup suits your we cannot I mean during the liberation of the selector weaken and stuff and the mustard gas that east leopard should be like a long time state you know this of course was was around rejected unilaterally by Russia invites error by Therrien by Russian Alan but that gives an indication of what the target eyes and we're looking now at a time in my opinion arm shared shared partition of the northeast and the northwest of Syria and great of a Kurdistan stapler at the cottage alone actions inside Serbia and then of course you you already have a partition and some mixed on all illegal partitioning are gonna heights by Israel in without I'm sorry I'm so we are saying in a lot of the time some protection and to weaken and destabilize the Reagon along sectarian lines don't following that same pattern but of course you have Syria is largely on our our our protector or case law Hezbollah was creates nodes ... really if I complain suits and fight are illegals quite a bit as well owns a bite pull the Palestinian cause and syrup but the Palestinian refugees line people hear it startled and some Bologna and around Mathias which also then explains you know the advocation of propaganda regarding my diet because it it is a fact of life very much a Hezbollah stronghold inside Syria and North Pole are ... organically groups a large Palestinian refugees who were given album L. production by the Syrian state after the ... ethnic cleansing by the Israelis like 40 I'd like for so that's another reason ... because bad baseball star Hezbollah their alliances I mentioned ... that defense like where the wrong of course Iran is the arch enemies from themselves apart as well in Saudi Arabia so and and we know about that by Saudi Arabia trial are ... longtime islands and I thought I could make the correlation sinus Lynn what have been some of the creation of the United States but predominantly actually you can't so again I thought very strong link that which which carrier is threatening throats alliance ... whether Ron so you know those just give some indication and then also if we look at I silence ... fight scenes projects didn't which was basically to create all in a cradle of trade that's rain Russia China was so gross you're talking although all of the neighboring states and in other words fostering of global trade global corporation up in our shouldn't never going to accept that I mean that talent isn't it unit on our team right you know the big thing you mustn't invulnerability plans online all known vulnerability and every other nation I'm sorry that for you know this was not going bailouts shooter exist or to flourish and another way of looking all other girls are is on an old people would also be shocked by that I I thought really on uneven his father had creates its own very much a socialist right reeducation free health care all you know however you look at it these were bodies that the United States despite the fact that we all think we're living in a democracy while living in an oligarchy where living you know I consider myself largely in opinion apartheid system bronze well I certainly consider it to be a star invents or logic then arm and and so these countries and Yemen actually very much the signing is that they were they were actually ... creates and building on a bold thing insure a radial arm democracy around socialism neuroprotection eggs and real civil society are you know and and and there are other elements about but not with that money M. an aspect so why Syria was a threat to our the United States and until it's all night yeah it will be can we tell let everyone know that we can get along and share resources and and a flourish that that would happen yeah Mister Miller thinking that we need to be fighting for our lives alum over scraps that's the yeah the whole in American Weston imperialism idea reason that yeah a lot I'm yet soothing wind eloquent fell that that would a was a huge story that a broke without the help of the mainstream media at Ole they ... and they was scrambling to to work out what to do about that I'm in in little ways I I noticed at the time when when you were coming out to do the yeah liberty report and even out Bartlett was doing that was a wonderful viral videos hit taking then and only then should analyst for a he is a leading the late at accusation that she didn't know what she was talking about I'm I think that was step down very quickly and in fact the fake news style cannot help the I can't be sure about that but the fate the idea or fake news other popped up around the same time yeah as that and seem to be in a direct response and at the time I remember thing we hope very nervous something rather enormous yeah this is this is because this is a war really what they don't want us to look at that and the catch so ever since I've been quite distant yeah I love the new women's eighties ... so fast forward to you know a few days ago there was this tragic situation need sleep province I'm Melissa many people died in a chemical attack so this story we're meant to believe that it's a few days off to chum announces that the fed can keep his country and only a few days out from peace talks that was the only deal chum apparently ... and it's time to separately helping him clear out the terrorists Assad decides to blow it all can meet work a pet amends to geo political suicide but he's winning but he decides to fuck it all up I guess he's home kids and bringing the west and the conflict against you well that's the story women to believe now I don't know how people that make that work in the hands but whatever it's early days what what do you hearing Adam Syria author yourself so I I mean I I think the key is and what you just sort of its early signs look if if we have a car accident ... how long does it take from that from the insurance companies to get Saddam out sickle like the evidence to work out who is responsible men's work out who who does what right now exec I need but take care when Julie 3 months yeah within 2004 hours and you're absolutely right arm bass are in our mommy had just retype Ken Burris areas and and Hama which is ... training halls ... an elector ... day had basically pushed by again on terrorist insurgents and enjoy bar in Cancun Aryan suburbs of Damascus ... buyer where hadn't pretty Darrow's or ... began arts areas liberation Baron like they've been battling against ISIS and in la area sometimes we know I mean that the United States bomblets are in our Bosnian September 2016 killing over threatens the ups man another actual supreme wall crime from the United States and you don't bomb for one hour and then cites mistake and that was the year I think correlation all new and arm and I'm sorry you know 2 huge excitement once again we were saying to us are in our balmy retyping it starts rate from Beijing thank you Watson golf that funds a terrorist and extremist factions we were saying they understand reconciliation process weedy walking in Osama and ... ... and so I usually thickly cold moderate rebels had actually been ramp ramps open re inscribe the dance society some had even less like that and we're now where more than fighting for that they're in the summer IRA bombing take names later in in the south aren't so we we say you know huge the classes part on the military side but also on on the deployment saying on the political side right me ... we also had the incident in 2000 that thing that's been in other goods a chemical attacks that have been largely describe it said I'm calling bell poems near you and I'm sorry it was impossible but it works ... aside that use the chemical weapons it was way more likely to beat the tariffs on extremist factions that use them aren't they IPC W. thank cattlemen and enters published by that 95 percent of chemical weapons stores were divested from Sarah ... Russia ways but the ally of Syria you actually negotiate there and ... like that Whitey and divesting Sir both chemical weapons so all we really paying off the bully but it best point it was handled strategic point when ... as you quite rightly said the US administration tell us I'm at night extraordinary announcement but finally it was up to a certain people to decide whether or not you should stay or go I mean how that it's taking them 6 years to reach the wind blowing the city and in our finally appears to have to put you on charter article 200 theory but they should have gotten it through from day one but that's a little star pretty ... //
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Vanessa Beeley Interview Part 1
\\get I am welcome Caitlyn Justin and today I'm very excited to be speaking to what showing must be one of the most impressive generalists waking today she's an independent war correspondent who is being one of the very few on the ground western journalists reporting from Syria and name is Vanessa bili welcome I bankers are great and finally meet year I think would be a if you will welcome and thanks so much this really the moment for me I can because office came across you on run polls liberty report back in December rumble with amazing may need he gave me 11 of contracts are on you know as close as possible to mainstream button that I could get ready arm platform to speak about my experiences particularly and the lack of sorrow and god bless them about well you know what he was saying was mind boggling like ... I had not I heard any of these cities suck people in you know and I've been follow up photo with fairly like across the things but I'm a yeti I had no idea that this is what Lee asked that the actual story was so this is you know where that the story we hear he is open a bottle with a good guy who is going into this thing Syrians from the terrible aside and he he he was doing Sir and I I must admit they've never really rang true but he was doing so by arming not betting the moderate rebels whatever that means I can you just M. summarize what has been going on in Syria look like they're rat on no if if if I plan if I can come back to a leper workers ... for me and I say this but I pretty much all the time I'm a leper actually symbolized exactly what was happening throughout Syria in the sense that the sectarian divisions but well being described from foreign our heroes in Aleppo 6 years across area by mainstream media corporate media ... media that is aligned in time areas and state decide and spoke well spent are in Europe in the UK and in the United States arm was sectarian divisions that will being described were actually manufactured by the various terrorist actions that will bring ... into it and it info typewritten to Syria bile governments by Obama's administration by the UK regime and by the various years chains Alan and so when these various extremist factions in grade at Aleppo ... and divided west apart from east a leper in 2012 an occupied effectively districts of east of apple which represents that probably less than 25 percent of the arm or role electricity again abstract it was never ever mentioned by mainstream media until probably 2006 thanks very honest Aleppo is always described ... and the information was or is being received only for me select or not from the 1.5000000 Syrians opinions living and Weslaco upwards so ... probably 2016 when they get so little on longer accused but that whole was bouncing in my select our ... from the more cares about how kind and those sniper bullets themselves like moments the chemical weapon attacks from like Truman both state funded terrorist actions in the selector so a leper was divided into 2 and it was divided along sectarian division lines according to corporate media ... and I'll come back to that because this is very important the sectarianism but as the many letters on the planning and the regime change war effort and Syria is just bought it cement ... certain certain the Sarto cultural divisions that exist in every single so someone like every society across the globe have some level of sectarianism I don't push me what we're saying now unfolds arm really across the broader is the sectarian or or cultural suicide can provide some pressures being you know having white Jews put up much of a shock into them and and I'm a big wheel inside and some splints and and were saying that's all the time gun not something we can discuss ... certain base all the pressure prefabricated because I collect sectarian division wise inquires upon a letter and then amplified or rest media and then what we saw was 4.5 years of propaganda claiming to be amplifying the voices of those are in civilians and in inverted commas rebels in east the luck are under a humanitarian results in other words sleeping with millions from but but the moment and sighed and is evil arm army who were of course killing their own people in a slapper and and a gun we can extrapolate that out across there and this is this is the fighting may that is used elsewhere hysteria then we had course the beseech manner apply purpose are in government was besieging its own people and denying them humanitarian I denying them medical and denying them through Warda arm all sorts of essential elements and they like I'm an end basically it all end means ... narratives were being amplified on the daily basis by the corporate media by the 19 or loans Angie arms by the year and ... that you know we know effectively as a tool of ... the near crumbs of that claim the last ... hurt I practically well it's really the UN security council arm and I'm sorry please make space narratives were perpetrated before an obvious but almost 5 years another because we had liberation of a and with the liberation of elaborate when and what was extraordinary was leading up to the liberation of level we had like unbelievable spikes in in propaganda ... of and an amplification of this narrative in our icon I lost count of how many locals bottles were hit ... by the Russian and the Syrian apple it seems like I think between lots Adams our November 2006 things someone recorded 26 local schools leading in that area all black or that it was really pretty small write it with any part was one of the other girls were all men and and we knew already that were on the 7 existing hospitals according to their locker medical association in a slacker so the fact that 26 recorded hospitals what would I think 19 destroyed by that's are in and the Russian apple says ... was already rendered ridiculous by the fact that we had from on the ground and not included I'm satellite imagery and lots of little by the way need them out you know and and this is something which is which is actually available to every single media organization yeah sort you know my argument always ends I I'm only doing what every other John we should do on investigate I'm not accepting something that by studying I'm signing okay like where is the evidence for this I'm not going to report within hours of hearing but a hospital is being bought furniture baby not has been destroyed without verification and without knowing that my sources unaffiliated to various ... action when extremist factions within that area and that was not a job that the media that they were accepting stories on face value coming from what we now have identified as being extra active breasts organizations that were effectively affiliates and to the terrorist groups an extremist groups embedded in east the leper side effectively actually you know years we were platforming al Qaeda Ahrar Sharm not I didn't think he regretted the croaker all Palestinians are a good artista on various other package later and outside ... funded arm a quick terrorist and extremist groups so when we came to the liberation of the lack of course suddenly having having being all our Marilla or these media outlets disappear paradigms was unbelievable nutrition all of a dialogue about that's a very good reason for records liberation of Iraq are also too absolutely humbling down the line so look lives that had been a few nights and before now yeah and what one exposed part lies with the voices of the 13 people but the corporate media our NATO aligned NGOs out problems and you run had been claiming survey I'm replying when in reality they plan on applying the extremist and terrorist actions there had been execute crank right playing why I like saying ... Stallman there was enough food in east la park to last for at least a year by the way that we could not ammunition to keep a closer an army going for years for years there were 3 MRI scans brand new MRI scans found in its let her cry to the conflict with owning one and our eyes and in the whole of Syria wow thought there were brand new hospitals absolutely a quick ... when when old demise up to date equipment I hospitals that have been down on the ground ... by the parents and the quick ... from Turkey but coming in from that year from the sites from the Gulf states none downwards ... Bob supplies or ... humanitarian and mosques supplies of medicine all across hospitals I heard that word registered on their luck or medical association registar were still standing including and sun which should one of gospel of what was described as completely destroyed ... but not if it's done but it's still standing and it still operation I'm sorry I am real side then courts started find evidence of ... mass graves I civilians had been executed tortured imprisoned by these extremist and militant factions and then you and started to propagate in our time are claiming that the Syrian Arab army who had just come in and given their lives to liberate that country is the low end product that country easel up run for many of us are in our bond you soldiers they were fighting for liberate their families many of them were from east the leper and I'm sorry but the rumor that was put up by the UN as a liberation ... ed finalize was that the Syrian Arab army soldiers will basically killing their own families raping them relatives hands on guns and violence Baron Darren civilian I mean it it was grotesque and I was actually on the streets when they were when they were when they were propagating let's narrative and I was I I I've never actually beans are in science buying media ... I I don't even think of west described it just correct tax than us isn't I guess I just produced first marathon goes up it was completely true with absolutely no investigation nobody on the grounds and even knowing that I had somebody that was on the ground myself and there's a fan of both need for example who would that and you were completely negates and America but it was thought was ignored dry in order to try but then of course on the ground this is very symptomatic are the media reaction to what is happening sorry you will often see a big story like this which is a distraction technique wrong to night lights and we discovered our underwear on hundreds there in our bombing soldiers and being executed just before the terrorist actions opinion backyards and at least 6 bombings were tortured my body mutilated even children Martin and then executes it and when I say I need to like they were I think it was horrendous I never thought just both beneath the writer I you know and and this is a big concern for what is happening ... across area didn't pick one ... element of optimism and hope that I would take from this ... and it was it was a very ... poignant moment for me when I when I recognize that was once the finals Harrison extremist factions have been evacuated since uns out the Syrian government ... analyst in reconciliation a program look people reuniting from east alike are 110000 civilians reunite with west a little money from families and most welcome that they hadn't seen before off yeah as arm and coming up to Christmas Muslims and Christians Shia and Sunni our own union Christians Serbian Christians celebrated Christmas to gather and celebrate liberation I gotta yeah I'm sorry dots on a story we hear that a lot but but I mean strike me product me but the sectarian division has been imposed upon these people it's that use nonexistent when you remain what our government have have in fact that this country where which is really the concert okay extremism sectarianism un UNH on so many levels and and you know I didn't not factory huge Exxon was was a huge moment a heart to see within hours a liberation we will basically following with Arianna army usually within 2004 hours of each district been liberated so we were coming in ask people coming out of their homes about claimed Bernard use free and I don't so you know I know discouraged your brains in the registration sunset to register to get medical treatment which a lot of them hadn't happened 4.5 years despite you know again Bernard said coming in from the west me many of them had not received any medical treatment whatsoever going home years //

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