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"2015-07-20 18:50:55"
persuasive 1 minute speech
\\everyone it's me again ... for my third ... speech the precincts persuasive speech going to talk about ... texting and driving not only texting and driving by using a cellphone or ... electronic advice in general why operating a car ... I chose this topic because it has some ... meaning it's me I have actually lost from a friend by to texting and driving ... I've got a friend get seriously injured and not be the same because of texting and driving and it's just something I think everyone she should know ... about and should not do I'm so I'm gonna give statistics ... to show that it's not safe ... it's not really worth that ... gonna show or I'm gonna give aways to prevent texting and driving or talking on the phone and driving ... and maybe a little and play ... personal and play and then lastly I'm gonna do a call to action then ask everyone diets I ... give this speech share which is going to be a group of people that Barry and many ages and someone asked them to either pull over ands ... uses south on if it's an emergency or park in user stuff on it if it's an emergency but if you're ... are just having a small trip to the store or someone like that ... I'm gonna ask ... that these people just don't use their cellphones IM so I hope everyone benefits and I hope that I can persuade everyone said ... not only put their safety first but safety of of of others and just put away your cellphone thanks //

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