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"2014-09-13 00:05:39"
What Students Really Need to Hear [Video]
\\it's 4:00 AM a struggle for the last hour to fall back asleep but I can't yet again I'm tossing and turning unable to shut down my brain why because of stress it's just about my students I'm so stressed that the only thing I can think to do is take my thoughts in writing Downton nights and vowed to myself tomorrow I'm gonna tell students the truth the real truth I've been needing to say this is what students really need to hear first you need to know that I care about you in fact I may care about you more than you care about yourself and I care about you more than your grades and your test scores more than your GPAs in your essay teams more than the state required benchmark minimum that tells me how much I'm supposed to care I care about you as a person and because I care I need to be honest with you do I have your permission to be honest both in what I say and how I say it here's the thing teachers lose sleep because of you average but before I tell you why there's something you need to understand see academic learning the main event never has been probably never will be yes algebra passe writing the process Spanish olive are important all can change your life they are events but they are not the main events I the main events school it's dealing with the harshness of life learning how to deal with adversity learning how to deal with harshness as simple as a forgotten locker combination too obnoxious peers to gossip to being touted by others to doubting yourself and still through all of it pushing to be the best version of yourself no matter what's the main event of school it's conquering adversity it is your resilience and conquering the main events adversity that truly prepares you for life after school because mark my words school is not the last time you'll face great difficulty yes you'll have moments more beautiful than you can imagine but you also confront tragedy frustration fear and doubts in the years to come I you shouldn't be worried about the fact that you'll face great person you should be worried because you are setting yourself up to fail at overcoming them here's the real reason why teachers to sleep because of you every single week you are failing the main events of school you are quitting and you may not think you are quitting but you are because quitting wears many masks for some of you quitting looks like throwing the day away and not even picking up a pencil to try to write a sentence for fraction because you think you can't or doesn't matter or it's not worth it but it is what you write is not the main event the fact that you choose to take charge of your own doubt your own weakness your own boredom in order to write when you get challenged that is the main events some of you quit by skipping class on a free education a privilege that was paid for lead for died for my millions of people who came before you being punctual is not in the main event the main event is delaying your temptation and investing in your own intelligence understanding that sometimes short term pain leads to long term gain and that great people make great sacrifices for a greater good for others you quit by throwing disrespect that adults who ask you to go to class vowing to authority is not the main event the main event is learning how to problem solve surely not letting your judgment polluted by the stains of the motion it's having race and packed with every fiber of your being wants to get or scream or run away I see some of you quit by not taking opportunities chances after chances after chances to pass the class the main event is not having some letter some number tell you that you are more the main event is pulling your crap together and making hard choices in hard sacrifices even when it seems impossible it's finding hope in the hopeless courage in the chasm guts in the grade what you need to see is that every time you take the easy way out you are building a habits quitting and it will destroy your future and annihilate your happiness if you let it our society couldn't care less for quitters life will leave you sad depressed and poor if you can't courage up and learn how to deal with hardship you are either the muscle or the dirt you either take resistance in world stronger or you a road in the way so now this right now as long as you are in my life I'm not gonna let quitting be easy I'm going to challenge you confronts you push you coach you you can why you can throw a tantrum you can stop in screen and swear and guess what tomorrow I'll be right here smiling and patience waiting for you to give you a fresh start because you I work as a so do yourself a favor current job no more excuses no more justifications no blaming no quitting lift your head up with the chords out of your ears grabbed the friggin pencil and let's do this WNED WNED the //

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