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"2017-08-16 16:45:47"
Treasonous John Podesta Sneaks Away, Plots with Norway's Elites Against the U.S.
\\so looks like John Podesta's doing something secretive in Norway and I reported on this yesterday I pointed out a John Podesta a set to be speaking at this high profile meeting between Norwegian politicians are businessmen number of Norwegian elites John Podesta is the featured speaker at this event it's running all week and ... despite this being a high profile event it's not gonna be much coverage obviously the new cycles flooded with one topic a at this time but you would expect some coverage the only information really comes from the event website itself I did a video on this yesterday I pointed out how was difficult to find information on this specific event this week up dust actually set to speak today it's unclear whether there will be video of his public speech I think there will be a lot more discussion of the public won't see at this event but it was interesting my last video sure somehow but sienet it's still processing typically a my live streams take about and a few minutes to process this has been processing for IT attended 12:00 hours the last video I did on the same subject as I pointed out not many people covering it even alternative a news media for some reason it seems like this information it's not getting out there so it just makes me question I understand how technical difficulties but with this YouTube crackdown ... the results of it processing for so long has meant that some people have been able to see the last video on the subject others it's just loading or there's no sound for them the other some strange stuff going on with my my last video and it seems pretty convenient that it's a happens to be on this news story that it is said something that no one is really covering this is the only information well on this topic it's from the website they're hosting this event a I need as just related to these technical problems these video issues everybody's complaining about you too but it does seem like they're targeting alternative news I'm sources I'm gonna stay on YouTube as long as I can I do you typically mention my peachy on account at the end of my of video I just like to point people over there and thank everyone that's donated on the Peachtree on account just because the nextra awesome xtratime resources put back into the channel but it does seem like YouTube pushing the other sort of information off the platform so I'm also setting up reality should be launched by the end of August are some of your donations are going toward setting up that and a few other contingency plans I have plans for for steam it I might move over to another of video hosting service as well for now I'm sticking to you too as long as I can up but your donations really help me do that at slash reality reader so we'll see if people can watch this video I went to I just kind of go through the side subject I'm going to take a little bit more time with this topic in part because there's something that didn't cover last video also because of these technical difficulties the way that that this these live streams work typically people that receive the link ... or notification wall the ... stream is still live if you're watching now if you can share this link to others I even if it gets stuck processing they should be able to see watch the hopeful video I imagine this one should upload properly but all just well that's let's go through this information and we'll see we'll see what ends up happening once the video itself is finished but John Podesta is at this meeting this is in Norway but he is Helms to a he set to speak at this high profile annual political business and civil society leader needing ... this is really the only information there's a Facebook page are related to this group as well but again very little coverage in the media the actual event itself now the links in the article this description but it's notable they spend more time are bashing Donald Trump in this article than actually even talking about the event about the speed you say that they're going to discuss climate change and specifically how to undermine Donald trumps climate change policies I regardless of what you think about it Donald Trump I'd I got my way not to spend too much time ... ... defending him either way I'm trying to come from an objective standpoint but he is the elected president of the United States and John Podesta is works for The Washington Post yes Christ over 8000 other ... news media organizations use the non elected politician John Podesta he's our former campaign head of the head of the campaign for Hillary Clinton's a failed presidential campaign his unelected of Hillary Clinton will clearly lost the presidential campaign Clinton should be fading off into obscurity last week remember that she should be in prison and I just thought I'd really should not have the power and influence that he stole does have his unelected and areas ... for months pushing this Russian hacking story still largely on substandard things completely bogus to be honest but but Esther is accusing the elected president for months of treason and are now pushing this unit impeach trump hash tag and again on the regardless of what you think of trump is the answer to that really to have an elected officials like John Podesta who is a lackey of Jeff Bezos who's a sellout to the the deep state I mean people clearly have some ties they they are more indebted to the deep stayed in the political establishment in any sort of American people and here's John Podesta one of these on elected officials going off to Norway to bash the United States basically to bash the president and undermine his climate policy this is publicly what they're saying ... is happening at this meeting so that's a problem in itself and there could be a number of other things so even more disturbing things that are happening at this meeting potentially today John Podesta's cutting its public speech today but there are number of worries they are related to the Norwegian governmental Clinton's dealings in protest as dealings with Norway so what a political corruption in Norway and there are actually a number of criminal politicians of this was a story that people this was a a AD problem event that had happened developments are some months ago when people were looking into the pizza gate scandal the pits gate scandal came about through .the leaking of John Podesta's emails and ... in November of 2016 ask people were discussing that this came out now the store can earn some mainstream it lets that there was a massive a paraphilia ring uncovered by police in Norway and there were multiple politicians it involves there that were busted in this ring now some of these articles to remain a number of fat they articles on this problem your I. notably pulled on the arrest all of these are articles from The New York Times CBS are from ABC news in the Washington post the originally ran articles and they've since I remove them I have the links in the description can go to the archived versions ... but that is suspicious so it does that so Norwegian politicians were arrested for these crimes seems like there was a cover up through the media of state owned Norwegian media also tried to hide discredit the kids get investigation as well so does like there's a cover up this would be a potential for black male nurse with the other down some of the other allegations against John Podesta either it's it's quite are there is a clear potential connection between those types of crimes and are that one bus that were multiple no region politicians arrested there are ... a number of other politicians potentially susceptible to a some sort of a black male or that John Podesta could be collaborating with for those sort of criminal activities that is somewhat more speculative at this point but what we definitely know is that he's going there to undermine I undermined the president's agenda and this is after now he's publicly doing less well a despite the meat mainstream media are not talking about it but this events a it's at least they're listed it's listed on their own website that he speaking there are in this is after the wikileaks emails that reveal the huge amount of occlusion in and pay to play favors from the Clinton foundation basically bribes to and from Norwegian politicians here's one instance where a foreign Clinton foundation donor asked you connect with Hillary's campaign this was from Norway all this original article when this first week to reach a top official with the Norwegian embassy asked Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta for a meeting with the campaign according to leaked emails this is from the email says one of our new neighbors are Bridget high again she is the political counselor for the embassy of Norway lawyer Jim Davidson a shareholder of the a law firm poll Cinelli told told Podesta in a November 2015 email released by wikileaks in the email god they went on to say she asked if there is someone in secretary Clinton's campaign with whom she could make contact so a fully knows one of our new neighbors perched high again of the political counselor for the embassy of Norway she's asked if there's someone in secretary Clinton's campaign I with whom she could make contacts asking a contact someone within the campaign this after a donations to be Clinton's well it's unclear if best responded to Davidson's request it's not in the about actual wikileaks email it's definitely a well it's likely that he contacted Davidson up plastic contacted Davidson through some sort of ... but that's not all on record whatever protests response was Norway's government is one of the biggest donors to the Clinton foundation but the country's effort to mask its nearly $90000000 in donations to Clinton's non profit of all she headed the department of state spark political backlash at home about the daily newspaper a Norwegian daily newspaper has reported on how the government gave 89.$6000000 for the foundation but the Clinton foundation's website only listed Norway as giving between 10000000 and 25000000 such a huge discrepancy are there what what are they doing with this a lost money or this unreported money it turns out Norway was masking the full extent of its donations by breaking them into a quote subgroups in order to make that the combined contributions appear smaller than they actually are a they've also found that foreign minister a foreign minister violated the government's own policies by handing 3.5 over 3.5000000 from the foreign aid budget to the Clinton foundation ha as reported by the daily caller news foundation chief Scandinavian correspondent originally ... Norway's also donated to the Clinton health access initiative and independent arm of the foundation according to the same source in September 2012 and 2012 Norway teamed up with C. H. a I for quoted in bishop's health care project funded by the US agency for international development which is part of the state department I international business times reported that state department approved weapons exports to Norway grew 23 percent while Clinton headed the department this after receiving bribes ... Norway had donated heavily to the foundation during this time officially there's no luck connection between us but its utmost it would seem like a pretty clear bribe here's another related issue so leave it at that hopping on a number of countries this kind spans across but of this but it is another article from August which of last year it reads more than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state you money either personally or through companies are groups to the Clinton foundation it's an extraordinary proportion indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president seems a pretty nice way further this mainstream media outlet to be a describing these bribes that's what they're essentially are up but from the same article you talk about this one instance and from September 2009 when Muhammad Yunus at began complaining to Clinton's top aides years 8 big time Clinton foundation donor and he complained the Clinton echo what he perceived as poor treatment from Bangladesh's government and his bank was accused of financial mismanagement of the Norwegian government aid money a a charge that Norway leader dismissed as baseless so here you have Norway government that's known to be corrupt in indebted to the Clinton foundation protecting an investigation of from the Bangladeshi government into one of their own citizens are Norway is protecting this corrupt Clinton donor Eunice and Clinton actually a waft in response to these complaints from Eunice she helped threaten the Bangladesh shock government into dropping in the whole investigation essentially so many clear instances instances of occlusion and standing across multiple countries I mean this is not just not not just the United States but these are a handful of I inexplicably ... influential globalists Hillary Clinton clearly lost the election John Podesta has not been elected for anything despite the fact that he's a massive lobbyist and has a number of political class and that connections are not likely house blackmail on some of these people I guess those are the reasons that he's still are talked about glowingly disadvantages is Tom had glowing about John Podesta speaking at the at this Bellona event and he's one of the most least popular people amongst the public use on elected official ... I don't understand how this is and not causing some concern across the general public maybe people don't know about it ... if you could help get this information out is greatly appreciated I'll let me know what you think in the comments illegal like on this video is greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel and just reminder I am on slash reality reader again any donation that all are to it executes difference let me know what you think in the comments I will follow shortly thanks everyone //

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