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"2018-05-11 00:52:29"
Top Pandemic Health Official Abruptly Quits White House, Nigerian Diplomat Found Dead in Sudan
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"2018-05-09 21:03:37"
Stormy Daniels Scar from Secret Nxvim-Cult/Sex Trafficking Ring Branding Ritual?
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"2018-05-07 01:04:29"
Doctor of Clinton Linked Sex Cult Charged for Sick Illegal Human Experiments
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"2018-04-30 22:07:46"
Man With Metal Pole Found Hunting for Trump's Son-in-Law After Threat from John Podesta
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"2018-04-22 22:32:22"
PizzaGate: Allison Mack Arrested, More Politicians Connected to Hollywood Sex Cult Nxivm?
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"2018-04-19 16:53:39"
Democrat Spy Ring: Awans Transferred Data to Pakistani Government says Business Partner
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"2018-04-18 20:15:34"
640 Pounds of Explosives "Stolen" from Pipeline Worksite in Lancaster County?
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"2018-04-18 01:50:01"
PedoGate: Canadian UN Worker Arrested in Nepal, Trudeau's Peter Dalglish Connections
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"2018-04-16 23:47:54"
John Podesta Rejects James Comey Apology, Tony Podesta Visits Yale?
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"2018-04-16 19:03:31"
'Shocking' Pic from Hillary Clinton Alleged Darkweb Video, Real or Disinfo?
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"2018-04-13 17:47:21"
James Comey Destroyed by Trump and Gowdy; Cryptic Clinton/Lynch Bombshell?
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"2018-04-11 22:37:21"
Trump Signs Law to Punish Websites for Sex Trafficking; Zuckerberg & Podesta Email Revisited
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"2018-04-11 19:51:32"
QAnon - Imran Awan Facebook Possible Misinfo?
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"2018-04-11 00:25:02"
'Stop Soros' Law Underway; Why is George Soros Buying Bitcoin?
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"2018-04-05 21:31:10"
Missing U.S. Government Scientist Timothy Cunningham FOUND DEAD near Chattahoochee River
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"2018-04-05 00:03:39"
Obama Gave Soros $9 Million Tax Dollars to Collude in Albania, Soros' Oregon Plan?
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"2018-03-28 23:20:34"
WikiLeaks Julian Assange 'Gagged and Isolated' by Ecuador's New President
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"2018-03-13 18:48:20"
Hillary's Secret Illness? Clinton Falls Twice on Stairs in India. Kuru?
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"2018-03-08 00:14:23"
FBI Agent David Raynor Found Dead, Clinton's Baltimore Connection
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"2018-03-06 00:00:49"
NEW CLINTON STATE DEPT EMAILS: Strange References to Rothschild's "Penance"? Clinton's "Hits"?
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"2018-03-02 23:35:50"
John Podesta Threatens President Trump's Son-in-Law in "Creepy" Twitter Message?
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"2018-03-01 19:10:29"
YouTube's Cringey SJW Political-Ad, More Channels Shut Down for 'Wrong-Think'
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"2018-02-26 19:26:17"
Furious Rothschild Quits the Internet... Secret Signal to the Elites?
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"2018-01-25 22:15:37"
FBI's 'Secret Society' Text Recovered; Thousands of Other Agent's Messages Deleted by Same "Glitch"
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"2018-01-22 22:34:49"
Podesta and Nuland's Globalist Think-Tanks, NWO Plots Hidden in Plain Sight?
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"2018-01-16 19:44:45"
Japan/Hawaii False Missile Alarm, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin in Hawaii, Body Found on Runway?
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"2018-01-13 00:24:02"
Pentagon's First Audit Finds Millions in Untracked Helicopters, Project Will Cost Over $900 Million
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"2018-01-08 01:41:00"
Deep State's Death Blow to America's Working Class? Opioid Crisis, Big Pharma, & Death of Gary Webb
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"2018-01-05 18:33:10"
FBI Launches NEW Clinton Foundation Investigation, Just After Clinton's 'Accidental' House Fire?
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"2018-01-04 00:59:31"
"Accidental" Fire Breaks Out at Hillary and Bill Clinton's Property in Chappaqua?
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"2017-12-29 00:05:43"
Huma Abedin Cousin Convicted of Fraud, Trump's Executive Order Tie In?
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"2017-12-27 18:55:02"
New Trump Order Could Target Clinton, Podesta Brothers, and Uranium One?
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"2017-12-21 23:28:39"
Trump Order Blocks Major Human Rights Abusers Tied to Clinton
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"2017-12-21 19:19:59"
George Soros Illegally Targets Ireland's Constitution, Open Society Gets Caught, Then Blames Russia
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"2017-12-19 19:33:10"
Wasserman Schultz Aide 'Could Flee to Pakistan' if Restrictions Lifted Warns DOJ
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"2017-12-17 21:31:16"
Terry Crews is Being Stalked, Warns of "Timely Accident" After Exposing WME (Ari Emanuel's Firm)
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"2017-12-14 23:40:01"
Watchdog Sues FBI for Records On Removal of Ex-Mueller Investigator Peter Strzok
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"2017-12-13 19:06:56"
Doctor from Clinton Emails FOUND DEAD With Knife in Chest, Dr. Lorich Exposed Corrupt Haiti Relief
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"2017-12-12 23:58:31"
13th Severed Human Foot Found on Canadian Beach, Authorities Deny Foul Play in 12 Cases
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"2017-12-12 20:23:19"
"Something far More Sinister" With FBI Director McCabe's "Routine" House Intel Cancellation
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"2017-12-11 22:10:29"
Join Me on to Help Fight Google Censorship
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"2017-12-10 20:35:02"
The Pentagon is "Missing" 44000 Troops and Trillions of Dollars, Now Faces First Audit Ever
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"2017-12-08 23:48:53"
Mueller's 'Pitbull' Attended Hillary's Election Night Party, Team Buried Clinton's Secret Server
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"2017-12-08 00:15:54"
Why is Everyone Wearing Purple Today? Soros' Purple Revolution, Franken Resigns, Wray Defends FBI
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"2017-12-05 23:00:07"
'Astonishing and Disturbing' Email Exposes Mueller Team Works for Hillary
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"2017-12-05 02:43:26"
John Podesta Questioned by House Intelligence Committee Over Trump Dossier Funding
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"2017-11-30 19:55:08"
Upset John Podesta Throws Tantrum Over Unscripted Question, Says He's Suffering Due to Alt-Media
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"2017-11-28 03:00:26"
Judge to Review Clinton Murder Documents, Seth Rich Helps Reignite Kevin Ives Investigation
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"2017-11-27 21:21:43"
Podesta's Eugenics Mystery, Reporter Fired for Covering Bill Clinton Accusers
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"2017-11-25 23:58:58"
U.S. State Dept Meddles in Anti-Soros Hungarian Campaign, Adds 700k to Fund Pro-Globalist Media
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"2017-11-23 20:51:40"
John McCain Weird Excuse for Switched Leg Injury Doesn't Add Up. Hillary's Boot Raises Questions
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"2017-11-22 22:55:54"
John McCain's 'Injured' Leg Swaps Sides? QAnon Clinton Ankle Monitor Theory
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"2017-11-22 00:44:06"
Top Clinton Donor Found Dead, Podesta Tied to Steve Mostyn's Controversial Super PAC Before Death
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"2017-11-21 21:07:51"
Justice Department Bows to John Podesta's Demands Not to Investigate Hillary Clinton?
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"2017-11-20 23:43:05"
Bill Clinton's NEW Sex Assault Lawsuit, Hillary Tried Hiring Detectives to Stalk Victims
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"2017-11-20 20:51:26"
State Dept Sued for Podesta Group Records, More Podesta Staffers Jump Ship
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"2017-11-18 21:55:45"
Soros, Pelosi Headline Secretive Dark Money #Resistance Conference, Leaked Guest List
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"2017-11-17 01:13:23"
John Podesta Threatens Justice Department Not to Investigate Hillary Clinton
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"2017-11-16 20:42:54"
Jeff Bezos is Firing Thousands of Grocery Store Cashiers, AI Surveillance to Replace Staff
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"2017-11-16 17:50:37"
Al Franken Groped Broadcaster Without Consent, $15 Million Paid Out by Congress for Harrasment
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"2017-11-15 19:05:58"
1 Million Consumers Demand DOJ Block Monsanto-Bayer Merger
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"2017-11-13 18:46:42"
Democrats Return 'Dirty' Podesta Money as Podesta Group Collapses
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"2017-11-10 03:12:28"
More Bad News for Podesta Group as New CEO Quits, Tony Podesta's Name "A Scarlet Letter" say Staff
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"2017-11-09 20:32:23"
Trudeau's Globalist Circus is Destroying Canada
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"2017-11-07 22:44:49"
Brazile Asked Clinton About Seth Rich Murder, Hillary's Response? "She Really Had to Go"
\\ //
"2017-11-07 17:17:41"
Clinton Donor Helped Weinstein Block Sex Abuse Claims With Army of Mossad Spies
\\ //
"2017-11-06 20:23:32"
Anthony Weiner Starts Prison Sentence Today, Abedin Clinton Emails Buried?
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"2017-11-02 18:03:24"
Twitter Buried John Podesta Email Tweets, DNC Leaks Hidden from Public by Social Media
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"2017-10-31 18:17:34"
Angry Podesta Bros Meltdown Over Investigation Into Podesta Group
\\seems like the protest the brothers are really squirming over the federal investigation into their lobbying firm of course Tony Podesta he is the head of the protest a group I he was forced to step down from his own lobbying firm just yesterday the mainstream media they were mostly ignoring this and focusing on the charges against manifold tell Paul man for only one part I'm far the that the P. hearing but they passed a group are certainly another big largely ignored I issue Donald Trump commented on this he said the biggest store yesterday ... is the one that has the Democrats in a dither is protester running from his firm 20 but just had to quit just yesterday 3 is referring to ... what he knows about crooked Democrats is earth shattering he and his brother could drain the swamp with what they know home but there like the involved in truck doesn't point that out to here but what many what's up out on I'm sure ... he says this would be yet another campaign promise fulfilled fake news week he says ... this triggered an angry response from John Podesta John Podesta when on a mini Twitter rant saying not bad enough that I was the victim of the mass of the cyber crime directed by the Russian president now I'm the victim of a big lie campaign by the American president and many links to ... ate the pizza gate apology video by Alex Jones a it's may be worth looking at some of the comments on John Podesta Twitter there was interesting ... this is been brought up before it pretty much confirmed at this point but every time that John Podesta makes a direct reference to his emails ... heaps costly Payne himself as a victim is trying to protect himself as a victim of massive cyber crime he's describing at but he's ... by doing so by saying this and he's done did the same thing in the past ... he's admitting but these are in fact his emails yet again this is something that we all already knew but you have supporters of John Podesta and are you in the way that Hillary Clinton has worded about the the leaks of those emails in the past item they seem to be suggesting that some of the emails may not even be real or that they were doctored by you know they're they're blaming everything on Russia when you hear from our interviews from Hillary Clinton or John Podesta things like their pre adopt purposely leaving it open to interpretation whether the emails are in fact John Podesta other ones that people been combing through whether they are actually jumped us does or not obviously they are in here John Podesta again admitting I he's trying to say but he's a victim but he's admitting there it is emails sort of a moot point something that we already are new but every time the John Podesta directly mentions them I think it's worth bringing up another big development ... yesterday or something interesting at least was from Tony Podesta he sent a cease and desist letter see you Tucker Carlson and I've though went to the daily caller which is so associated with Tucker Carlson for they don't seem truly good coverage on this scandal as well as the alarm brothers scandal are also big scandal surrounding that the Democrats 20 Podesta has been very unhappy with the coverage of the protest a group from Carlson it seems ... he sent a cease and desist letters from a daily caller the report that this letter was sent from a lawyer representing Tony Podesta over his reporting on the protest took group this is our in the give a few quotes from the letter add the daily caller cofounder said protest isn't just complaining about us he's threatening us this is how they're saying that's what they're describing the letter as ... he continued saying the letter demands that the show immediately cease and desist disseminating false and misleading reports about Mister Podesta and the protest a group it demands we retract and delete all our prior reporting on the protest a group actually not only giving want Tara Carlson to stop talking about the protest group they want and to delete all previous coverage as a thought would even be possible ... but that's what they're asking for early also warning that if they don't do this Mr Podesta may pursue legal action including for damages in order to fully protect his rights so they are threatening across and over this coverage Carlson responded saying protest as lawyer wasn't trying to inform us of anything but to threaten us to shut down our reporting on his client one lawyer we talked to earlier today said the protest the people have used this tactic with others before threatening people to stop our coverage out is it's comin that's what they are source says you believe that efforts to use fear to control press coverage miss the response saying we're not intimidated we have ample evidence for Mister Miller's indictment and from a number of confidential sources to paint a pretty clear picture of exactly what the protest a group was doing for years here in Washington ... he will let facts speak he says for themselves and we're confident that Miller the Miller investigation will be revealing a lot more about his lobbying practices in the near future you also points on this one the odd things about them are sending this letter is that most of what was reported comes directly from the indictment itself ... he also number they they just remind us that this is following up on the Podesta Group are now being under special counsel Robert Muller's crosshairs or possible connections to Russia in their effort to influence the US election ... one other possibly related ... the event that happens and I'm sure some people have seen this news I rose McGowan is one of the actresses that spoke out against Harvey Weinstein and not but that's a separate scandal going on the Hollywood our sex abuse scandal there's been a number of stars that spoke out rose McGowan is one of the first ones to our name it Weinstein specifically she's been arrested and it seems a fairly coincidental this is just roughly a week I after speaking of not only against Harvey Weinstein but also John Podesta's boss I Jeff Bezos his company actually specifically but she was armed tweeting at Jeff Bezos about Amazon studios so as an addition to her comments about Weinstein she was also treating a Jeff Bezos this was the a series of tweets from last week ... roughly 2 weeks ago as it reads I told the head of your studio that Harvey Weinstein not raped means worth McGowan said to Jeff Bezos ... she says but the response from the studio route she'd had said this over and over and the response was that it hadn't been proven top she said that I was the proof shows a slight already sold a script to now I wrote to your studio was in development when I heard a wine skin bill it was in the works ... she says I was forcefully dragging the studio had to do the right thing I was ignored at the deal was done because Amazon 1830 Oscar she's calling it a she then says I called my attorney and said I want to get my script back but before I could the number 2 at Amazon studio I called to say my show was dead so she believes that this show was canceled are over her speaking out are about this sexual abuse and also the response from the studio was basically the you can't prove it they did nothing to stop it this is a studio that's owned by Jeff Bezos who happens to be John Podesta's boss at the Washington post coincidentally it's one of those strange coincidences that are follow around John Podesta and his associates yeah she just happens to be arrested 2 weeks later some people are questioning whether this was some sort of retaliation for exposing now Weinstein Bezos's studio it's also following and a I believe it was a brief our arrest of Corey Feldman yeah I think he was on tour as well he was also speaking out of both the US seem scandal with something worth mentioning at least I will deathly follow up on the ... huge press the group scandal as new information comes out if you could be like on this video is greatly appreciated leave a comment let me know what you think finally this remind people I'm over at Peachtree slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated it makes a huge difference even a dollar to give me some extra time and resources to put back in the channel up each round out com slash reality reader so link in the description of this video as well as links to all of the articles that I discussed it's watching everyone leave a comment awful up shortly extent //
"2017-10-30 19:45:06"
Tony Podesta LEAVES Podesta Group as Charges Filed Against Manafort
\\the couple major developments today in this ... case against Tony Podesta the investigation into the protesting group arts related to the probe into palm and a fork and charges have been filed against Paul metaphor also I seems like quite a coincidence that the exact same day Tony Podesta is the head of the plaster group I just happened to step down from his lobbying firm he's resigned from the protest a group admits this investigation Paul metaphor it's been charged are relating to violation of the foreign agents registration act 20 Podesta ... allegedly also in violation of that act in fact he had a number of our he failed to disclose a number of relationships with a lot of foreign lobbying groups this is what led to this another immediate question that's really been brought up in not any mainstream media sources but unseen a few comments about this I think it could be relevant Hillary Clinton had a birthday party on the weekend I would imagine that Tony Podesta just yesterday screen knowing that he's stepping down from his a lobbying firm that use the spent years building a he knew he was doing this today I don't think 20 fifth estate would be in the mood exactly to attend Hillary Clinton's birthday party yesterday yet he and his brother reportedly on the guest list is an article from politico the point a number of other people that attended Hillary's birthday party this weekend including Dianne Feinstein ... Kamal Harris senator Kohl Harris this it also includes John Podesta and Tony Podesta it's 20 flustered really in the mood to go to a birthday party yesterday or was this a part of were they coordinating a story knowing that this was going to happen today that there would be some big are charges filed the Tony Podesta would be as a result stepping down Hillary Clinton possibly implicated in this as well of course John Podesta was a close aide to Hillary Clinton are they getting their story straight is that what they were doing yesterday rather than ... that was the party basically a cover for this and it's a question of them you're asking at least in regards to the actual stepping down ... the resignation of 20 plus stuff from the protest a group hug these were some details from the Washington examiner this article reads 20 but Esther he's the founder of the protest group and brother to former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta is going to be resigning from his lobbying company and response to an investigation of the firm ... this was the result are of another investigation by special counsel Robert Muller I just made this announcement today Monday at a companywide meeting and inform clients that he would be stepping down article loudly say that they're not they believe it's not clear when protesters departure will be effective ... though according to politico which first reported the change that they do have a date yet are they do say it was reported last week that Miller had opened an investigation federal investigation into democratic leaning protest group lobbying firm and its founder this was after all the failed to disclose number of links to our foreign I groups this decision to focus on protester was born out of foam rollers probe into whether or not if this was the following up on the probe into Paul mana fort but it's also looking into campaign chairman Paul metaphor its finances Lester group spokesman said the firm's cooperating fully with the special counsel's office and it has taken every possible step to provide documentation the confirms timely compliance ... listens well obviously not the case they were forced to disclose I'm various our connections that we hadn't previously so that they would want filing things and timely fashion at a number of obsolete belated disclosure is are they do say in all our client engagements the protester group conducts due diligence and consult with appropriate legal experts to ensure compliance with disclosure regulations at all times we did so in this case that's the official word from the protest a group I think the evidence points to the contrary a man afford and protesters firms work together notable they work together in a public relations campaign for the European center for a modern Ukraine nonprofit that's the group that's being specifically looked into regrets but Esther this is believed are this group nonprofit group is believed to be backed by the pro Russian oligarch funded Ukrainian political group party of regions too obvious to ... are part of the 6 firms who worked on the campaign that the special counsel is investigating sources have also how told NBC that the protester group became a they were I can moderate significant interest because it may have violated this foreign agents registration act which states that Americans who lobby for foreign governments leaders are political parties must disclose their activities with the justice department both metaphor impressed us firms only filed F. A. R. A. disclosures following media reports of their associates and with the you were late filings now for a long term business associate work gates he surrendered to the FBI Monday morning and were charged with our 12 counts the indictment lists the 2 as having made false and misleading foreign agents registration act statements serving as an unregistered foreign principal and 7 counts of failure to file reports of foreign banking and financial accounts now these exact charges could be turned around further are on Podesta this report from today not point kinda lays out exactly how this could turn around Podesta's specifically ... it's says that the FAA are a is hardly ever used to bring criminal charges with fewer than 10 cases and 1 conviction it's only been 1 conviction since 1966 for working for poor off foreign political interests without filing paperwork with the justice department swat protesta and metaphor reportedly did a in this instance experts say they see the laws use against metaphor as a sign that that may change however so historically are still not that could lead to criminal charges hasn't a very often in the past could be this could be a change that's happening they say that tougher enforcement may be part of a particular concern 2 other subjects of Mahler's probe this would include 20 Podesta into Russia's role in the 2016 election such as former national security adviser Mike Flynn and democratic super lobbyist Tony Podesta ... Flynn belatedly registered as a foreign agent up Turkey earlier this year switch reported some months ago while tester reportedly became a subject of Miller's probe over his firm's belated admission of work with Ukrainian interests press the set Monday he's reading the plaster group amidst the probe discuss this at.deftly suggests that Tony Podesta sees a so some potential trouble coming metaphors receipt of millions of dollars from pro Russia interest in ucrania central to his indictment Friday by a grand jury the charges were made public just today Monday with metaphor and co defendant Rick gates alleged to have launder the money to avoid paying U. S. taxes ... in regards to protest that says in my view would be very unlikely for similarly high profile matters to be ignored by the department of justice for much longer according to attorney Joshua Rosenstein is the freedom a foreign agents registration act expert a he also says I would imagine that this will lead to more aggressive enforcement across the board including against Mister Flynn yeah I also says I can't comment on Podesta in particular ... but would imagine so that he would not could also be implicated in this it as well arm Rosenstein said the overlapping alleged crimes committed by metaphor and gates are generally seen in our F. A. R. A. prosecutions but that still called the scope of these charges is unprecedented in recent memory says I can't recall another case where there has been so so extensive a reliance on F. A. R. A. as the base since as the basis for an indictment so we will have to see exactly how this progresses exactly now but 20 cadastre harm definitely and I think that he is probably worried about up the plaster group him stepping down stiffly assign ... that he could be a target in the near future was there some sort of connection to Hillary Clinton's birthday party that's in another question them it'd be worth asking what exactly where the discussing over the weekend that they knew that this ... news would break on Monday were they coming up with a plan together on the weekend that's another question as well a follow up as new information comes out finally at a point people over to my peachy on account of over a tree such reality reader thank you everybody that has donated even a dollar to execute difference gives me some extra time resources to put back on the channel keep reporting on these issues slash reality reader there's a link in the description of this video as well as links to all of the articles that I discussed a follow up shortly leave a comment if you like on the street it's pretty appreciated all follow up shortly excrement //
"2017-10-26 19:52:20"
Drug Industry Devastated by Podesta Pal Jeff Bezos
\\seems like Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is trying to monopolize all of America's resources he of course owns Amazon he required the Washington post after receiving a $600000000 cloud computing contract with the CIA E. are also hired former Hillary Clinton campaign chair manager John Podesta to work at the paper after acquiring it ... also notable he's recently hot acquired a whole foods he recently bought whole foods and people have pointed out that whole foods are as selling some items of things at a loss other grocery stores have taken a hit other stocks people are worried that whole foods basically selling things at a loss to undermine our other grocers and that a few years from now this could increase whole foods market share and even if you don't shop there currently you may be forced to buy food from Jeff Bezos other grocery stores might close as ... food games market share some similar thing may be happening here with fiat pharmacy industry in this wizard Tabor reporting today anti reads that tough pharmacy stocks I have been slammed after signs that they may be next to get Amazon sweat there are describing and they're actually ... put anything Amazon specifically this was the full article from 0 hedge reads up former stocks stumbled into their lows of the session Thursday afternoon after a double whammy of trump the clearing all out war on the OTP you are opioid epidemic but more importantly how they also point to sing with dispatch reporting that Amazon has been quietly acquiring pharmacy licenses in 12 states this suggests that they believed that Jeff Bezos is gearing up for a battle they're describing it with our the handful of massive pharmacy owners and benefit managers that dominate the U. S. market I am not a hard defender of these big pharma companies I have no problem with them having competition ... but I would definitely be worried if the are already few up big pharma companies have too much control over the industry are replaced by one individual seems like this is Japanese Lexus plan he wants but himself and and and he alone to control the whole industry what's monopoly I don't think that's the answer are even given all the problems with these big pharma companies are the points to a writers are reports that initially cited trump's remark that the federal government might bring major lawsuits against bad actors like a forest pharmaceutical companies who market and sell opioids ... however the I have also pointed to this additional catalyst for the selloff the Amazon report emerged as the true trigger of 4 D. out Bezos destruction that they called the Bezos disruption driven plunging shares of Walgreens boots alliance CBS and several other appears so they are deathly worried about this acquisition by Jeff Bezos meanwhile Amazon shares there ticking higher head of the E. commerce behemoths third quarter earnings report expected after the bell ... back to this original report the Saint Louis post dispatch revealed that Amazon has received approval for a wholesale pharmacy licenses and at least 12 states this includes Nevada Arizona North Dakota Louisiana Alabama New Jersey Michigan Connecticut or Idaho New Hampshire Oregon and Tennessee so among these 12 states and applications currently pending the currently pending application in the state of Maine a spokesman up for Amazon refuse to comment on it however the post dispatch said it was alerted to the licenses by a drug supply chain researcher yeah so I was a New Jersey attorney Fiorentino yeah he works for a healthcare consulting firm that provided regulatory and compliance advice to the pharmaceutical industry ... another analyst for Boston based leering partners told be dispatched that the news quote strengthened strengthens our conviction on the likely entry into the drug supply chain I it is still not clear if Amazon will pursue a by our partner with an existing PBM or build such capabilities from within I finally they say the whole sale licenses received by Amazon would still precluded from supplying drugs directly to consumers to do that it will need a retail license although that may likely be next on the docket I in many cases the licenses are tied to 3 Amazon facilities in Indiana that are located in the suburbs of Indianapolis the addresses are not the wholesale applications match the addresses of existing Indiana based Amazon fulfillment centers outside would point to that being up from Amazon ... because often the truck as trump launches war on shady Doug drug producers and distributors Jeff Bezos is poised and ready to pounce growing his immense consumer facing online monopoly by gradually taking over yet another industry it seems like that's what's happening are in addition to Jeff Bezos's connection to John Podesta having hired him at the Washington post but also be worth noting that you recently moved into the same neighborhood as our Tony Podesta as well as Barack Obama and I Barca trump and Jared Kushner also live in this Kalorama neighborhood in north western Washington so he is going to be living very close to Tony Podesta brother of John Podesta boots are east got hired at this paper you think that there may be hot some sort of a shady a back door deals going on between Jeff Bezos the guy who's trying to again get the spinoff of the over all of America's food resources and Tony Podesta who's currently under a criminal federal investigation ... over secret foreign lobbying basically ... I would definitely be worried about some of the conversations that may be happening in this hour Kalorama neighborhood Bezos I'm sure moved there specifically for these sorts of a lobbying and other meetings with without these high profile up political figures ... this article just point so a little bit too briefly discusses saw this this neighborhood arm the quote from the 20 Podesta yeah as well in this article nuts as others know that show for the past 6 years the lobbyist Tony Podesta the owner of that backyard pizza oven and the brother of the John Podesta Hillary Clinton's trip 2016 campaign chairman ... has led to 2 doors down from the Obama family's new home he said longtime residents were use to the influx of new people but in our arrival does occasionally raise an eyebrow he says not specifically talking about it Basil is moving in he said it's been awhile since we've had a president Mr Podesta conceded of our Mister bays us specifically adds turning the museum into a private home was a little bit of a surprise to the neighborhood he'd Jeff Bezos bought a idea textile museum and is renovating it into a private home we're sure he will be meeting 20 cadastre a possibly Barack Obama lives nearby other product profile people in the neighborhood I Kalorama was expensive enough to point out to be largely limited to millionaires before but Maxwell Reagan the former QPR softies international are realties realtor I he said that the sort of money that Mr Basil spent on this property was 23000000 they spent on this one property I see this is signalled a shift from old Washington power players to a new stratosphere of wealth moving into the city so he would say it was a wealthy neighborhood but this is going to be a elites only this particular a neighborhood or pesos Podesta Obama shirt Kushner of a market trump others lives a also from robin he says we have our share of what the people he said but that's a different dimension even for a neighborhood full of people who say they try not to focus on the comings and goings of others gossip has a way of spreading quickly residents have been on alert for activity in front of miss trump's new residents and on Wednesday to moving trucks into security bands were parked near the house they also are and through 0.2 that were there brief discussion of the secret service there see residents are also suddenly moderate monitoring the construction going on outside the Obama residents which on Wednesday remained approachable from the street once the Obama's move and this was back in January is construction was happening about they say once the Obama's movin people are expecting a bigger security presence including roadblocks near the residents and more secret service officer ... this was a quote from a set of city council member he says I think the secret service probably likes it because they're used to that area I am but I again I said I think a lot of fun back toward deals are going to be going on there Jeff Bezos moved in recently it's going to be right right next to it 20 Podesta ... another thing that is so separate but might be worrying about Jeff Bezos comes from when I a recent reports actually connected to the Harvey Weinstein scandal are not only going Hollywood scandal well I rose McGowan was one of the people that I spoke audience Harvey Weinstein saying that he had raped her I she is slammed Jeff Bezos on Twitter saying are telling him to stop funding how does in Hollywood hashish said it now specifically she said that ... Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had been unknowingly funding requests alleged had it wasn't sexual harassers pointing to the Seattle headquartered technology firms film and television production operations Amazon owns this Amazon studios and they produce mini series and films for their online streaming service I Shia McGowan said that now in regard estimates on studio she S. so I took a series of tweets on her Twitter profile claiming to have detailed her experiences with Harvey Weinstein in which she accused the film a mogul of raping her 2 at the head of the Amazon studios she's telling Jeff Bezos that Weinstein I had had raped her this was the series of tweets says Jeff Bezos I told the head of your studio that Harvey Weinstein rates me over and over I said that he said it hadn't been proven I said I was the prince of the head of Amazon studios owned by Jeff Bezos basically in response to our this one scene about this the criminal action by Weinstein said you can't prove that it out I was the response when thrust McGowan ... she also says I was I had already sold the script to at your studio she tells Jeff Bezos it was in development when I heard the wind sting bill it was in the works yeah I I forcefully bag the studio had to do the right thing I was ignored deal was done she says that Amazon one rush because of that dirty Oscar yeah she also says that she called her attorney and said I want to get my script back but after but before I could ask someone Emina Amazon studios called to see my show was dead so she thinks that her I show was actually canceled Amazon studios owned by Jeff Bezos canceled rose McGowan's show for speaking out about about the sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein ... she'd tells Jeff Bezos I she asks him she says I'm calling on you to stop funding rapists alleged had it wasn't sexual harassers ... there is wrought in Hollywood she says be the change you want to see in the world although Stephanie raise some further questions about time Jeff Bezos not only that this was happening at his studio but that now under his watch he owns Amazon studios and and their response are to these allegations were that you can't prove it basically and rose medallion says it bay shut down one of her projects for trying to speak out about this ... that in tandem with the connections to protester and the massive monopoly that that Jeff Bezos seems to be trying to acquire it worrying in itself let me know what you think about this I will deathly follow up I'm sure more updates will come out approach at the pharmacy deal in particular on the goings on with Jeff Bezos fine that is popular with my P. trying to convert slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated so far makes a huge difference even a dollar to get me some extra time and resources to put a block and channel reporting on these issues slash reality reader I have a link to that site in the description of this video as well as all the articles that I discussed leave a comment if you be like greatly appreciated unsubscribe channel a follow up shortly thanks everyone //
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FORTY-THOUSAND CLINTON EMAILS Still Unprocessed by State Department
\\the state department seems to be intentionally stalling in releasing a 72000 pages of a Clinton records of these 72000 pages odd they admit that over 40000 have still not been processed US 40000 of the 72000 records according to judicial watch they are I'm going up against the state department in our this court hearing this was the release from judicial watch it reads that pacey announced that the state department revealed in this federal court hearing they've yet to process 40000 of the 72000 Clinton records at the FBI recovered last year this revelation came during a federal court hearing ... this was after a freedom of information act request L. lawsuits seeking former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's emails that were sent or received during her tenure from February 2009 through to January 2013 Skase was put before judge James Bo whispered now there were a few interesting developments so far I in that case now first of all the excuse by the FBI saying that they said that they were hiding in the records because of a lack of public interest ... it's also notable what is happening with Anthony Weiner as of late of course he has recently been sentenced to 21 months in prison and this is far less I pointed out before then the 15 year minimum that was being threatened by our sides some months ago a price mainstream media I was saying that the feds were threatening Anthony Weiner without charges that would carry the 15 to 30 year sentence it's just been announced today that he is headed to okay medical facility in Massachusetts and ... this is again just a 21 month sentence this particular facility it's incumbent ascribe desire a pleasant assignment it's it's not a very rough prison that he is going to it's this Massachusetts I prison he set to serve their starting November 6 and ... that's been described as focusing on sex offender treatment it's also notable that ... smother notable names are staying at this prison ... he is staying along with members of the Gambino crime family Bernie made awesome brother and as ... Roger rich are numb who is the billionaire founder of the galleon group he is also a major political donor to Hillary Clinton he was sentenced to 11 years for a $60000000 insider trading scheme back in 2009 yeah I stopped serving this loving your sentence Anthony Weiner will be staying at the same ... prison since it seemed scene as they are pretty good deal from what how we are with Anthony Weiner was originally being threatened with down to the 21 month sentence is it possible that he had some sort of plea ... you need some sort of arrangement behind the scenes with that fads in order to help cover up these emails it was learned some months ago and this has helped set off the most recent investigation into the Clinton emails when a number of records were found on Anthony Weiner's laptop ... this report judicial watch they recaps ... about the hearing same hearing focused on the state department's progress of processing the tens of thousands of emails Clinton filled disclose what he served as secretary of state some of these emails they remind us were sent by Clinton aide Huma Aberdeen that were found on the laptop of her estranged husband Anthony Weiner frowned on I his laptop yeah but you of course a top aide to Hillary Clinton the state department saying they processed 32000 pages of the emails some of these having been found on Anthony we are computer ... 40000 pages remain to be processed at the rates how they say it will not be until after 20 twentieth that they expect all records to be processed Sir property long time for people that want to see are more information from these documents and ... Clinton to I hope we face some sort of punishment ... for first while not admitting that these documents existed and the ... the crimes that could be on held in these records that are are still to be released will be sometime before we know more a judicial watch ads that they asked the court to require state department identity any records from the 7 FBI disks that it intends to withhold and why in a timely manner are the state department disclosed to the court that it was adding extra resources to its freedom of information act operation but would not commit to a faster production of the Clinton emails ... another interesting development in this case the judge Arafat was forced to you or you had ordered the state department to explain how it's anticipated increase in resources will affect processing of records in this case and when the processing of each disc is likely to be completed ... this is because the state department again missing the be stalling ... the Torsen state department its report adds that and ... as well as the session sessions justice department previously argued to the court that there was diminished public interest in the Clinton emails I was the excuse they were giving for not releasing these records are previously at the public a that was due to a lack of public interest they said that the privacy of Clinton outweighed the public interest in this case the judge disagreed are they were forced to release more emails they're still more records are still stalling in this a state department they are have been ordered to produce no less than 500 pages of records a month to judicial watch as part of this Pacific hearing ... these emails of which these are emails of which the FBI found in its investigation into Clinton's non government email system the state department has produced 23 batches of documents so far this is just a small amounts of the 32000 that up for a bit processed and again just under half it's less than half of the 72000 total won't be out until after 2020 had the higher rates that they're currently processing them Clinton attempted to delete 33000 emails are they also remind us from her non government server the FBI investigation recovered or found a number of these is missing emails many of which were government documents its lawsuit Ridgely filed in may of 2015 ... judicial watch they present object judicial watch well sort of complaining about the state department's approach he says ... he's asking that secretary Thorson should be asked why his state department is still sitting on a mother lode of Clinton emails sweat Tom Fitton said I says it's disheartening that an administration elected to drain the swamp is stalling the release of documents to protect Hillary Clinton or that's what he says it seems are like is happening in the Obama administration believes that they're both being protected by the state department still even under this new administration I finally to remind us of a related lawsuit also not being see by judicial watch that recently revealed that the state department admitted it received 2800 Arkham Aberdeen work related documents from the FBI that were found on the at the meters personal laptop does this tie into this are relatively light sentencing of Anthony Weiner on that's another question as well the state department specs to complete its review and production of the FBI records by 12/31/2017 just that's just those 28 0 Nabataean records so are they do appear to be stalling ... still number questions from this article are again E. others more questions I think to be asked about the sentencing of Anthony Weiner these 2 of its related he is set to be sentenced on November 6 all follow up with any updates come are not into these records will still be are being processed for sometimes off all of our information is without as well if you leave a comment on that that this video is greatly appreciated I'll leave a like and subscribe to the channel I will follow shortly thanks everyone //
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Podesta's Company Forced to Close Because Hillary Lost Election
\\so I suspect that Hillary Clinton's former campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta very unlikely not happy with the coverage that they've had over the past week over some of their shady lobbying deals our 2 main articles of come out the first I'm sure many of heard of the ... investigation into the protest a group that's being it's the best groups currently headed by Tony Podesta over ... there're lobbying while a lobbying the ever eaten the state department at the time they were also working on behalf of the Ukrainian ... group this was reported its leading to a ... criminal investigation by Robert Muller people are unsure exactly where that investigation might lead to a people are rightfully I think skeptical of Muller's motive in this investigation if you could be helping clean up are some loose ends for the protesters possibly is another are related reports to the separate company but it's about it point out a couple of things with this other issue going on with 20 Podesta first a the connection to John Podesta John Podesta helped found the protest a foundation a 20 protesters leading up to his brother right now when people are looking at some of these shady dealings by the protester group ... a lot people are pushing back saying the John plus is not necessarily involved with this I'm not sure where this a message comes from ... with the dealings from the protest a group but here you have this other companies well unlimited and they collapsed over the summer the hired at Podesta to work on their board and of course he was are working for Hillary this time ... they had just admitted that they were forced to collapse and they're admitting that it was due to Hillary and losing the election so other basically of the earth's speaking about it in sort of a broad sense a roundabout way saying that policy issues have changed with the new administration are but it seems pretty clear that and another big reason for them hiring John Podesta this group would be to have this influence in the Hillary Clinton a administration the expected Clinton administration that didn't end up end up happening us so John Podesta was sort of useless for this for this company and dad they if failed because they you I imagine in part I expected that they would be getting these inside a they they had someone on the inside to facilitate these deals John Podesta I was it was what had been reported previously that he was actually Hillary Clinton's pick for secretary of state so you would have wielded a great influence in those sorts of investments likely this was the recent report from the daily caller you're speaking to a group that was affiliated with this site usual unlimited a us the CEO for this our other energy group ... just briefly from the reported residual unlimited a secretive green energy company that appears to a place state big bad hiring democratic insider John Podesta to its board and they appear to have been doomed when former secretary of state Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election are they are admitting NASA as I said when the 2016 presidential election ended senior company executives admitted that the prospects for oz there but noble energy biofuels company evaporated yeah a lot of prospects last year says former jewel CEO Brian out bane's in a in an interview in July and this was when the company collapsed a few months ago but this is just being about this new venture interview is adding to this site suspected reason out in large part because of Clinton's lost companies basically admitting to at this is that the most recent update other saying the new investor prospects walked away particularly post election immediately after it was clear that what Clinton lost these somehow weren't interested in investing in this Podesta ... does this protest the link energy group neither CEO from wrist Nono USA the worried the venture capital firm ... that oversaw the Russian government's investment in this other groups you all and ... sat on its board along with 2 other Russians with ties to the Kremlin could be it notable given the investigation I'm 20 but Esther right now a he also agreed that the Clintons lost due to the company its quota reads we lined up investors who are willing to buy the bonds but after the elections with some statements from the new administration regarding potential uncertainty the future supported by fuels was stopped send this to a daily caller interview I said the company was not able to do it the deal and it was one of the reasons why the company was close they're saying just are the policies the changing of the new administration I I'm sure ... this loss of the influence of John Podesta on what they expected was would be the Clinton campaign was that was another reason they're not explicitly pointing out about they are sort of indirectly admitting to that here yeah he also confirmed to the daily caller that his company invested and lost 1000000000 rubles swore 35000000 when jewel closed its doors are the 2 other board members from the group with ties to Moscow or Ruben Vardanyan who up Putin appointed to a Russian economic modernization council and I am not Juliet true bias is a close personal friend of former president Bill Clinton and economic adviser to former Russian president Boris Yeltsin ... this connection to Bill Clinton with one of the other individuals on this board maybe hobby relevance especially with this uranium one deal coming back in the news it was pointed out that Bill Clinton met with Vladimir Putin just prior to Hillary Clinton's state department now helping facilitate this deal they gave Russia 20 percent of the United States uranium Bill Clinton right in in the middle of that what they're calling a bribery scandal with a Russia this whole Russian collusion narrative seems to be turned around on the Democrats with this update the new information we have about the uranium one scandal the a criminal investigation into the protester group and Tony Podesta are under fire and now we have these new reports ... on this company collapsed in the summer but the company is now admitting that it was because Hillary lost that they they failed and Russian ties in all of these are groups so they are esto Democrats like protesting Clinton screaming rush inclusion for months ... that story certainly seems to be turning around on them more on the usual unlimited it deal are the FBI so that they were concerned about Russian government investments in American high technology firms a special agent in charge at the F. B. I.'s Boston field office issued an extraordinary warning about investors are to start ups like she well but back in 2014 and he warned about this and the FBI a it's had said that they believe the true motives of the Russian partners who are often funded by the government is to gain access to classified sensitive and emerging technology from the company's Hillary's lost the 2016 presidential election meant Podesta would not serve in the White House as I said he was sorry it was reported that he was Hillary Clinton's pick for secretary of state what about a great amount of influence didn't end up happening and ... he was thus not in a position to advance the company's prospects the Obama administration became a big hedge fund trying to finance and promote renewable energy technologies and the cost what's our Thomas pile is president of the libertarian institute for energy research told the DCI last so are those are some interesting developments are are a previous report from the daily caller expands on O. destas rule with this group and how it could lead to legal troubles for hemi's they point out the one potential legal problem for professor relates to the time that he joined former president Barack Obama's White House staff in 2014 as a senior counselor and failed to reveal his 2011 jewel stock besting agreement in his government financial disclosure form there were a number of belated disclosure is that had come out leading up to this site investigation of the protester group I this is yet another one where I John Podesta directly involved on you join president Barack Obama's White House staff and had failed to reveal the size jaw stock nesting agreement from 2011 see also further ... he also failed to disclose an additional 75000 common share is a visual stocky received this was disclosed in a wikileaks email so those could lead to additional problems as well I will follow up on new information as it comes out as well as information on the related a new info going about the uranium one deal and this investigation into the protest group leave a like if you legal icons for the only to comment let me know what you think it's greatly appreciated harlequin people over to my Patreon account overt Petri slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated it makes a huge difference you cannot tolerate you give me some extra time and resources to put back in the channel keep reporting on these issues I will add additional updates that reality I'll still outpost our articles there as well you can find me there we've commonly like awful up shortly thanks everyone //
"2017-10-24 17:20:56"
Podesta's Company Forced to Close Because Hillary Lost Election
\\ //
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Podesta Group Faces Criminal Investigation for Secret Foreign Lobbying
\\Hillary Clinton and her allies seriously stumbled in their Russian collusion narrative that they've been pushing for months now since the election ... for sometime the tables it seems have started to turn back on Clinton there's evidence of her own occlusion of people on her team I including with Russia itself just last week the uranium one deal was back in the news again as we had a new report from the hill we received some new information are this of course the uranium one deals controversial at the time it's being a ... described in the accusation is that this is part of the bribery extortion and money laundering scheme that was conducted by Russians to get a foothold in the atomic energy business in the U. S. before approving a deal that handed them are Russia 20 percent of Americans uranium reserves this is a deal that was facilitated by our app during the time that Hillary Clinton was in was working for the state department and this also coincidentally it resulted in a windfall donations to the Clinton foundation so are this was a controversial deal again at the time people I thought that there was some sort of bribery going on we had new emails ... released last week and odd bill Bill Clinton actually at the same time had just happened to meet up Putin so people were discussing this last week I was mentioning how we might hear more about the ... protest a group of course John Podesta is the former I can paint manager for Hillary Clinton's failed presidential bid a few months ago we had a number of ... previously undisclosed we're gonna connections to foreign governments much the same thing that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta happen accuse others have seems they himself are are guilty of that be the same thing ... this was the first report I believe back in November of 2016 we had some ... which were not some new disclosures at the time new disclosures from all this high powered democratic lobbying firm the protest group they were forced to admit at the time that the department justice go out to the department justice that it failed to file legally required disclosures of White House advocacy on behalf of a foreign government so this was back in our November the amended to bi annual lobbying disclosures from 2014 and 2015 these were more recent ... than other disclosures of it at least makes sense nobody's noted meetings an email communications between 20 Podesta the firm's principle and John Podesta ... Tony's brother and former Obama White House official who chaired Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign when talking about the possible criminal activity by the protester group I know I've had responses how'd that point out that John Podesta officially I believe is not working for the Podesta Group at this time he was a founder of the group along with his brother ... but here's one example where we have these ongoing communications of course he would still have file agreement of influence on this group that he helped found he's also talking to his brother about the yacht the groups dealing so I'm not sure what to that part know what that response is that that's part of some coordinated I'm a campaigner if that's some ... messaging sent down by John Podesta tried to distance himself from the group but I I've seen that are responsive stream out of times and it's pretty clear that John Podesta is closely linked to the protester group people trying to make the claim that whatever happens with this cluster group ... John is not necessarily implicated I don't believe that that's the case ocelot about back in November an equally had more disclosures it was the yard a headline from November or surgery from April of this year we've asked the group filed new disclosures and metaphoric went Ukraine lobbying so we had a even more from the pastor group that felt more paperwork with the justice department the knowledge in its work years ago for European nonprofit that benefited benefited the same Ukrainian political party once advised by Paul metaphor and this is leading up to this most recent report had some more disclosures and now finally ... the press groups under criminal investigation now this is the how today's report from daily caller reached Tony Podesta is democratic lobbying for investor group they're now being investigated as part of a special counsel are Robert Muller's probe into possible connections between at the trump campaign in Russia Carla saw on when Russia probe they were talking to 3 sources side NBC news reported on this today the investigators began looking into the plaster group after they discovered that although the trump campaign chairman metaphor it works which before money procure cranium lobbying effort what began as a cursory examination of the firm this is how was reported are a protester group it was briefly named in some reports are as they were they were brought to us to use this speak out some weeks ago about this ... but it there was no sign that they would themselves be under investigation now that does seem to be happening us so it was originally this cursory examination it was so focused on efforts level and involvement in the lobbying campaign it's now become a criminal investigation focused on protest on into 9 to the folks on plaster group into a possible violation of the foreign agents registration act the FAA are a by the protester group John in a Ford has reportedly worked alongside the protester group for the European center for a modern Ukraine this is the specific organization and question her or one of the ... undisclosed once that one once it was not are admitted to by protest until he was forced to ... D. E. C. E. MEU is described as a nonprofit dedicated to increasing pro Ukrainian that sentiment in the west could you imagine all of these sort of coverage that we would however the kind of accusations will be thrown around by Clinton or canasta again if this was a political opponents are at your house clear foreign meddling and the whole purpose of the group itself the Adventists you a it would this not be affecting the electorate are manipulating your electorate like they are described are like they're claiming are others have done by working for a group that sole purpose our main purpose is to you increased pro Ukrainian sentiment in the west ... more from the article a C. investigators are currently in examining whether the lobbying firm violated the FAA are a bite feeling to disclose their work for a foreign government both metaphor in the protester group did not disclose the relationship with the CMU until media reports exposed the arrangement are the CMU is reportedly backed by the party of regions a pro Russia Ukrainian political party funded by oligarchs who paid and forts firms millions so a lot of this is part of the side issues that it would have directly benefited this foreign political party the cluster group chaired by Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's brother Tony Podesta so 1 of 6 lobbying firms working on the ECM you campaign which ran from 2012 to 2014 was designed to help secure Ukrainian entry into the U. ... Miller's team sent subpoenas to all 6 firms in August seeking testimony from a public relations executives who work directly on the ECM new campaign in now are a statement from today's reports that a daily caller is so they're they're quoting here the spokesman how was a spokesman for the protest a group list was asked about the scandal someone speaking for the plaster group responded saying they are cooperating fully with the special counsel's office and they have taken every possible step to provide documentation that confirms timely compliance pretty I don't know if that's true it's that there's several months are of them not disclosing things until they were forced to go and examine it time at a far net that all documentation with timely compliance so what happened well that's what justice claiming they also said in all of our client engagements the cluster group conducts due diligence and consult with appropriate legal experts to ensure compliance disclosure regulations at all times and we did so in this case so San is nothing to see here thingy up Esther group think about so true mana for finally whose home FBI agents raided in July is reportedly emerged as the central subject in the investigation what most the mainstream media's been talking about you know oppressed group was question some weeks ago we heard very little about it ... it's now being expanded the focus was on metaphors finances primarily and his work for foreign governments and possible tax compliance issues never left the trump campaign in August 2016 after ... the Associated Press revealed his work for the party of regions which reportedly included seeking favorable press coverage in the prominent US media outlets are now currently in this could carry a multiple year sentence I believe that this was the report said 5 you said there was roughly a 5 year not potential sentence that could be handed down this was from the original report from NBC news are on the exact violation of the a FC are a by the protester group in the possible punishment that they could face the same prosecutions are rare are however this is from the report it says that the sources said the investigation and the pastor and his company began as more of a fact finding mission about ECW and metaphor its role in the campaign snow morphed into a criminal inquiry into whether the protester group violated the foreign agents registration act are under the FAA are a people who lobby on behalf of foreign governments leaders or political parties must file detailed disclosures about their spending and activities with the justice department it's not done several times by the cluster group ... the the report points out that willful failure to file the forms is a felony and can result in up to 5 years in prison though such prosecutions are rare they say so 20 plaster sufficient head of this group there is an off chance that 20 plus the youngest brother could be facing a 5 year sentence out for this criminal investigation it's also very possible that it's being this being expanded odd that the feds are still protecting Clinton possibly maybe there're about doing this investigation to help clean up some of us that the loose ends with the protester group help cover for the protest a group possibly and it's unclear exactly what the motive is in this investigation but I'm sure we will have new information ... at least as it is being expanded currently off follow up as new info comes out if you leave a comment on this video greatly appreciated people like us are great as well on it when people over 20 tron account number Petri slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated it makes a huge difference even a dollar to give me some extra time resources but backing of the channel keep reporting on this our slash reality reader have a link in the description of this video as well as links to all the articles that I discussed we were commonly the like thanks everyone //
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Bill Clinton Met With Putin Before Uranium One Deal Emails Reveal, Podesta Group Implicated?
\\ask //
"2017-10-18 22:12:25"
Anthony Weiner's Laptop Held 2800 Huma Abedin Government Documents Admits State Department
\\threesome we been reported that the state department just revealed that about 2800 whom Aberdeen government documents have been found on Anthony Weiner's laptop ... disgraced democratic congressman Anthony Weiner course it out if you've been following his key set all he's been of mixed a quirky some self you sent to go to prison opt for 21 months officially our what he's been sentenced to know this is far less it's ... notable are pointed out previously that it's way beneath the our original threats basically by a F. fans that they were saying that he could face a 15 year minimum with the original charges that were being laid against Anthony Weiner between 15 to 30 years that was being reported back in January and not being only 21 months why at this was after 8 plead agreement by Anthony Weiner report from hot me few months later up but obviously he reached some sort of deal with fads charges were changed and he's now facing 21 months far far less than what he was originally being threatened with so why were the ... fads publicly threatening Anthony Weiner with such a I have your charge earlier I was ... I'd suspected in some other people were thinking that it may have had something to do with covering up for Hillary Clinton these documents that had been a container on Anthony Weiner's laptop this confirms a part of this that these 2800 documents at least were in fact contained on Anthony Weiner's laptop ... these were given to him allegedly from whom Aberdeen Hey is ex wife they're going through a divorce case in Aberdeen of course a top aide to Hillary Clinton this was the recent report from judicial watch list read to us some from their report it reads judicial watch revealed today that the US department of state admits it received 2800 whom Aberdeen work related documents from the FBI that were found on her estranged husband Anthony Weiner's personal laptop Aberdeen was former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's deputy chief staff one of Clinton's closest aides winner is of course a disgraced are now former congressman and in New York New York mayoral candidates he was previously who recently pled guilty to transferring obscene material to a minor yeah it is as I said now facing a 21 month ... sentences part and are being how many also kept a non email accounts that she used repeatedly for government business on Hillary Clinton's notorious email server saw one running scandal itself revelation I was produced in an email Seth 2015 lawsuit that judicial watch filed against the state department ... in this lawsuit they sued after the state department feel to respond to a March 8 freedom of information act request they say which I'm the request was seeking all emails of official state department business received or sent by former deputy chief of staff who Aberdeen from 1/1/2009 through 2/1/2013 using this non email address so numb Swiss very likely not us your address on top of them being found on him are if the winners computer theology to swatches for presidents out Tom Fitton he points out some of the issues with S. you also disturbing development ice as our experience with Aberdeen's email suggests that as we know laptops are these documents found on readers laptop will include classified and other sensitive materials when will the justice department do a serious investigation of Hillary Clinton's and whom Aberdeen's obvious violations of the law he asks ... the court this was done through accordance with a court order production of documents is sorted by the courts of the state department followed through with this and in their court filing the stated that the state department was identified approximately how they have identified approximately 2800 work related documents among the documents provided by the federal bureau of investigation by 12/31/2017 the state department expects to complete its review and production of the FBI records so there should work starting out some information still to come out how the government is suggesting that some of the material may be duplicative of other records they're sending this was after the release of 20 productions of documents judicial watch salsa pointing out in this case how that have shown examples of mishandling of classified information in instances of Pete play between the Clinton state department and Clinton foundation also at least 627 emails were not part of the 55000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over and further contradict the statement by Clinton that as far as she knew all of her government documents had been turned over to the to the department she had said this at least onetime under oath so that further contradicting the odd that this denial or hurt this are clean by Hillary Clinton that these documents I wouldn't existed as far as she she knows again some of them may be duplicates as they climbed out we are expecting more information about you to come out I finally did they just remind us that the state department is still processing 100000 emails Clinton failed to disclose when she served as secretary of state some of these are emails sent by Aberdeen that were found on your laptop Clinton attempted to delete 33000 emails from her non government server a state department was ordered to produce these particular doc humans to judicial watch they've been processing only 500 pages per month of emails uncovered by the FBI and its investigation into Clinton's non government email system the state department has produced 23 batches of documents in this case so far at the current pace the Clinton emails and other records won't be fully available for possible release until at least 2020 sure they'll be highly are redacted ... knows exactly what happened behind the scenes with Anthony Weiner and fads on helping clean up that material as well top but we should expect some sort of updates on the futures is so I will now follow up with whatever information we we do have leave a comment if you could let me know what you think a comment leave like on this video it's greatly appreciated I'm Nina from ikea home over at Peachtree slash reality reader you can find any there thank you everybody that has donated on pitch groundout com slash reality reader against me some extra time and resources to put back in the channel even a dollar to makes a huge difference have a link in the description of this video as well that's watching everyone awful up shortly Mexican //
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Soros Moves $18 BILLION to His Open Society Foundation
\\it's been reported today that democratic backer George Soros is transferred $18000000000 reported the to his open society foundation at the open society foundation of course is George Soros is main advocacy group a report in the daily caller ID resource Ross transfer $18000000000 to the foundations the network of nonprofit Soros uses to advance is left wing ideology as they say both in the United States and around the world are the massive transfer which was first reported by the Wall Street journal the gun just earlier today it's roughly equivalent of the daily caller points out to the gross domestic product of Afghanistan just this one I'll transfer just a portion of of sources of wealth Grover Norquist president of Americans for tax reform suggested that the transfer is a way for the 87 year old Soros to avoid the estate tax he says also known as the death tax which penalizes large inheritances now this is notable soft this large transfer to the open society foundation which will continue George Soros's agenda ... George Soros is sun Alexander Soros it's also possibly relevant he's been are popping up in the news lately there's one ... article that points out that he's actually ... piecing his father's ... contributions this cycle is from September of this year of this report reject Alexander Soros the son of liberal billionaire of mega donor George Soros and managing partner of Soros fund management is ... pacing is father enough federal political contributions this election cycle they say ... this is according to Federal Election Commission filings Alexander he's remained in his father's shadows they also point out in the world the politics despite his a quietly increasing contributions by millions of dollars in recent years it's only love very recently that he's your gun being discussed out in the public is given more than $150000 in contributions this year too federal committees and campaigns is nearly $40000 more they point out that his father's contributed other billionaire air gave $33000 almost $34000 ... to the Democratic National Committee in April the maximum amount that can be donated to a National Party in a calendar year up the sites 34000 was the cut off its 33900 was the amount that you get gave so it's kind of the point at the Max amount that can be done donated in one calendar year Alexander also cut campaign checks to failed Georgia democratic congressional candidate John also th as well as a a number of other senators during this time are they also add that Alexander it later sent 100 over $100000 donation to the DNC's building account in late July bringing his total amount of federal contributions to 150000 are over $150000 on the year George Soros in comparison the a point tell his largest donation the cycle is $80000 and was made to American bridge 20 first century was a liberal super pac ... founded by Hillary Clinton ally David Brock George has also gave thousands to also the same senator a number of other senators Alexander's posted pictures of himself on so social media drinking with democratic leadership pacs stepped up as a major liberal donor during the 2016 election cycle when he gave more than 4.$5000000 are 2 democratic campaign committees and political action committees so he's having a increasing impact as thingy up points out it is interesting that this transfer $18000000000 by George Soros a significant amount a Alexander Soros could be one of these people that is sought taking over our sources wealth is father's wealth as not he's this transition how continues now the daily caller report they also added that last year Soros he said that he considers himself to be some kind of guide he began a laying the groundwork for the foundation to continue his mission after he died it's this is the plan are they're pointing out as well hacked OSS documents published last summer they say shed light on the way in which Cyrus has used its foundation to advance progress of open border policies both domestically and abroad it's also a notable that's the open society foundation are they any find a number of other groups they have a number of other affiliate groups so it's not always clear on the exact amount of impact that George Soros and now Alexander Soros and others that are using his wealth I actually have the exact extent because it's are often but moved into AI a organization that is owned by Soros then into other organizations where it it just becomes on trackable and a he also uses this some countries have up pointed out to sort of sub vert the public policy of actual I. countries their own sovereignty by using the same tactics will have his open society foundation they will donate a money issue a group in another country and now are this money is no longer attract as being a some sort of foreign contribution or of being a ... as part of foreign influence because it's been donated to a group within another car country but it's ultimately Soros money up it just comes on trackable with the tactics that they they use like that ... the foundation Martha daily caller asked Chet channeled significant funding to Europe for example to defeat populist candidates it's the kind of buzz some version that we're talking about ... any sort of Canada to clashes with Soros's open borders worldview comes under fire by his groups sources also used OS the authority foundation to secretly funneled money to a foreign government officials funneling the money 3 German think tank in order to skirt foreign laws against doing sauces are one example of that the again that's the sort of tactic that I was being described the foundation is also successfully influenced global migration policies according to one colonel open society foundation memo which said Europe's refugee crisis last year provided new opportunities there that's how I describe in the refugee crisis 2 off new opportunities for the organization to exert its influence Sora they've openly all they've admitted that in an internal memo that since been leaked so it is important I think to are not only keeping a tab on George Soros fund is so open society foundation and it becomes tough to attract all their affiliated groups but how about something that I think needs to be watched as well Alexander Soros I think it's going to take over a greater role ... has time goes on there's a number of other people that are I think taking over this ... this role of having this sort of global I influence some names that have been lost discussed of course Jeff Bezos is very much well known but I think he sort of taking on a more of a George Soros roll up into a few videos reporting on some of his a recent moves mark Zuckerberg and a lot of people ... are worried first that he might run for president there are rumors that he is running for president in us in 2020 actually approached John Podesta there's a number of leaks protest emails but I none the less heat has a great our interest it seems in influencing public policy actually approach to John Podesta about this this was an article from the hill point so that according to leaked emails Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg wanted to learn how to move the needle on policy issues including immigration from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta so he's was up seeking a meeting with John Podesta specifically he asked to meet ... in order to move the needle are on a number of policy issues to change of of American policy ... Julia songs recently pointed out as well it was after the ... reports about the for the Facebook adds that the mainstream media was are running but Julia songs retorted saying ... pointing out some previously known documents that further show collusion between Facebook and ... Clinton staff or from the protest the leaks actually in an email from early January 2016 Podesta wrote to Facebook are these books chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg saying that he was excited to work with her on getting Clinton elected this was up from the email it does of course from the email reads look forward to working with you to elect the first woman president of the United States protester wrote to our Facebook chief operating officer sales Cheryl Sandburg she replied as she was thrilled by the progress that Clinton was making see how mark Zuckerberg ... directly reaching out to John Podesta asking to meet our to discuss immigration a number of other issues and that's a Facebook also reaching out to the dark plaster reaching out to Facebook rather to Charlotte Sandburg in response so there is there are clear ... relationship they're they're calling it collusion house but I'm Julia staunch described as but he's another person to keep an eye on I think Alexander Soros mark Zuckerberg I've been talking about Jeff Bezos I think I just one of the takeaways possibly from this article is George Soros definitely important but I think his influence might be starting to a wine down his wealth will continue to have an impact through the open society foundation and a son there's other people we should be keeping an eye on as well I'll leave a comment let me know what you think if you people like on this but your 3 be appreciated and subscribe to the channel finally I defer my people more correct current reality you can find further updates this is our website reality also on Twitter you're on Twitter you can follow me at reality reader it's watching everyone //
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HarveyWood: Moral Crusades of a Celebrity Cesspool
\\I just posted this new article over on our ... website reality regarding the Harvey Weinstein scandal and some of those wider cover up which it it seems that beginning to expose although a number of celebrities are at it seems trying to stop it from being fully exposed oldest read from the article so it's titled Harvey would moral crusades of a celebrity cesspool arm the article itself reads the Harvey Weinstein scandal given opportunity to expose and stop the type of sex abuse rampant throughout the entertainment industry and while many celebrities condemned the producer after he had been ousted by the industry possibly the most revealing part of the issue was the fact that no one tried to speak out about the abuse until what seemed like a consensus by the entire media that one sting was finished and it was now are you is now open to be targeted by celebrities who had said nothing until now you have a number of celebrities ... that apparently knew how about this there were many rumors about Weinstein and his abuse no one chose to speak out until against what the whole media basically agreed it was time for a once you take the fall and ... it's there's really no danger in speaking out against him at this point multiple stars have said that they knew or had heard of Weinstein's conduct long before the scandal recently exploded George Clooney in particular how he received some criticism after saying that he had knowledge of the abuse but chose not to speak out arm also more including your former costar the NASA Marquez has recently said that Clooney tried to silence her she claims after allegations of sexual abuse ... by others on the set up but you are not up ER when they're working we got on that show she also said that she ... that Clooney had attempted to blacklist her for speaking up about this abuse equally disturbing is the continued push back by many in the end industry to prevent the issue from being further exposed through public scrutiny there was a widely shared and criticized quote from Woody Allen regarding the sour wine sting sex abuse scandal we own says you also don't want to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere that's what he's worried about this is what filmmaker Woody Allen said while attempting to deter further questions being asked about how rampant to this type of abuse was throughout the industry ... woody Allen's statements early would come the question regardless but they've cunt come under I'm significant ridicule yeah uniquely now because he was also accused of molestation by his adopted daughter in 1993 what sucks is well known against Woody Allen so how many people are from rightfully criticize him probably shouldn't be saying anything about this issue ... never mind trying to stop people from from asking more questions calling it a witch hunt another one of one Steens accusers rose McGowan ... she has said that she was offered at $6000000 by celebrity lawyer Lisa bloom to publicly come out and support the man who raped her mind Steen ... the gallon says Blume promised there would be money for her if she said that one thing changed to help save his reputation so I as she sings she was approached I with a 600000000 or a $6000000 bribe a rather to I speak in favor of one stick also admits the Alec alleged offers of hush money and statements from industry heads like Woody Allen wanting to prevent more questions concerning the issue of widespread sex abuse in Hollywood the characterization of such abuses being part of an open secret that's what seems to be I should also worry people about the role of celebrities as self appointed models of moral behavior I was already nada I'd I think very much more morally questionable to our many of my viewers I'm sure but they have taken it upon themselves to act as these sub models of moral behavior one example many readers I'm sure we'll remember actress Meryl Streep she recently gave a meandering moral lecture at the 2017 golden globe awards scolding Americans for not aligning with her a hot beastly typical Hollywood liberal political views ... this video is widely shared at the time she criticizes the president trump and Republican voters at another awards ceremony meanwhile she's giving a standing ovation in support of child rapist Roman Polanski also another interview from Meryl Streep she further defended well Roman Polanski are I've shared a link it's in this article which is linked in the description of this video ... with Meryl Streep where you got the quote in regards to Roman Polanski's from 2009 she says Roman Polanski I'm very sorry that he's in jail that's what Meryl Streep has to say about child rapist a Roman Polanski when he was arrested I briefly you he was jailed in 2009 after being arrested at Zurich airport so this is years after the abuse are and multiple instances of Meryl Streep sticking up for Rhone Polanski it's part of a trend this is part of the a wider trend or celebrities continually criticize regular voters for having the wrong political ... views and opinions as the mainstream media openly ... has opened propaganda against what they have deemed to be outdated traditional cultural norms basically becoming a kind of an open I it's really open at this point that the the directive of Hollywood art seems more boats changing cultural norms changing a Americans traditions replacing Americans traditions even more so than just simply at making money it's about controlling the narrative ... more than anything and the celebrity use up again they take it upon themselves as as they are the arbiters of what's a moral and what's up what is acceptable discourse I would ask how can the same celebrities which accepted one Steens abuse for years and have done nothing to expose the deeper problems in the industry how did he seem celebrities act as if they should be the ones to lead a cultural cultural makeover a which most Americans never asked for to begin with I think most about Americans and therein values that they had been raised with a perfectly fine they don't need to be replaced ... with anything are none the less these people who were quite obviously more lead lines themselves finally I see more and more people are recognizing the blatant hypocrisy and are likely agree that it is beyond time for Harvey would to go away and take their own brand of worked morality with them ... D. art for this article some by NT forward like to thank them they've been a regular contributor for the websites final a picture here it's captioned hash take the resistance basically kind of sums up the article so reality you can find further updates there you can also follow me on Twitter ... patch reality reader and finally I just remind people of overt Petri slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated their makes a huge difference allows me to keep reporting on these issues help me out feet website and other resources as well thanks for watching everyone if you get the feel like on this video I also have the link to this article if you'd like to share this video or share the article itself we were like the the comment is greatly appreciated inscribed in the channel thanks everyone //
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Podesta's Boss Covered Up Weinstein Rape Allegations, Rose McGowan Slams Jeff Bezos and Amazon
\\ever since the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse allegations broke a few days ago people have been pointing out how he was a top donor to Hillary Clinton campaign you had a number of connections to top Democrats another interesting a connection that is related to a recent report since following claims by rose McGowan that Amazon studio killed her TV series she says in response to ... allegations against the arguing Weinstein a this was a report from the DOE a mail it in it is worth noting that the owner of Amazon studios are the owner of Amazon it would end internal Amazon studios is Jeff Bezos he also owns the Washington post recently acquired a whole foods as well he's got via Washington post after receiving a $600000000 contract from the CIA any also hired are John Podesta who is the former campaign chair of Hillary Clinton to work at the Washington post so Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon hire John Podesta got quite recently to work at a Washington post it's now in the middle of this wine skin scandal ... does this actress is alleging that he punished her for speaking out and about this abuse by one state of this was the full report it reads rose McGowan is claiming that Amazon optioned a television series from her only to kill it while still in development after she voiced her concern about a possible move the company was making to bail and would whine steam I told the head of your studio that Harvey Weinstein rates me over and over I said it he said it hadn't been proven I said I was the proof this is what actress rose McGowan said on Thursday in a tweet directed at company founder Jeff Bezos I am her already out sold a script I wrote to your studio it was in development when I heard a wine skin payload was in the works she said as she added that she forcefully bag to the studio she recalls ... she banged the studio had to do the right thing she says I was ignored the deal was done Amazon 1830 Oscar she's calling and the H. W. is in reference to argue Weinstein his representative has said that he ... the client unequivocally denies any allegations of non consensual contact Amazon is not responding to a request for comment as the series of tweets from rose McGowan to Jeff Bezos saying that he taught sold a script to the studio was in development ... when I heard a Weinstein bell it was in the works I forcefully bag the studio to do the right thing high was ignored the deal was done Amazon 1830 Oscar she said well she goes on to say I called my attorney and said I want to get my script back but before I could number 2 at Amazon studios called to say my show was that so she believes this was in retribution are for her speaking out finally she says be the change you want to see in the world stand with truth she's calling on Jeff Bezos an Amazon to our do the right thing which she says they haven't been doing previously ... more from the report it says that the dirty Oscar that she's referring to since this seems to be a reference to you Casey Affleck's Best Actor when for Manchester by the sea earlier this year less than a warrant that bends younger brother took home despite 2 women accusing him of sexual harassment McAllen did not identify key C. by name but the only other Oscars that Amazon has one are the best original screenplay award for Kenneth Lonergan and Best Foreign Language Film for the Iranian tram out the salesman so that's being assume that it is the first film that they're referring to with Affleck Ms on picked up Manchester by the sea at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival for a near record $10000000 and the film and ultimately ended up netting the movie industry upstart 7 Oscar nominations and 2 wins it's unclear that go watch world Weinstein played in the funding or sale of Manchester but he has worked frequently with the film's 2 leads if the applicant shall Williams as well as the executive producer of the picture Matt Damon he did not however how big credit that part in the production and spent last awards season champion ning his own picture why am how the once in company is developing 2 new series with Amazon however one produced by Oscar winning director and writer David O. Russell and the Romanovs ... which will be Matt winters follow up to his critically acclaimed series mad men now the disgrace executives name is already being removed from the series and Amazon said that the studio is reviewing their options for the projects that they have with the Weinstein company so now ... Mrs of course after it's it's sort of out too late they've been forced into doing mess after the scandal is already broke before I get it seems that they were taking some are serious steps to punish their own now actors and actresses working under the studio course you know about this buttes a they're saying with these new projects now there's a chance that Russell series could be canceled or indefinitely shelved in light of recent events still we are waiting on word from Jeff Bezos owner of the studio are also worth noting the boss of John Podesta so yet another connection back to the Hillary Clinton camp I'll follow up ... if any more relevant connections arise out of the scandal I know there is a lot of coverage in the mainstream media but I thought that this was our one interesting ... aspect of the scandal that may not get as much coverage as some of the other claims so I will follow up with more information as it comes out a few people like on this video it's greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel finally I'm over at our reality can find any updates over at our website reality you can also follow me on Twitter at reality reader can find me there we the comment can live like scribble appreciated thanks everyone //
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Judge to Review Unredacted Hillary Clinton-Petraeus Emails
\\new information is still coming out related to the long running Hillary Clinton email scandal was a press release from the judicial watch just a released today reads that a court is over ruling a trump administrations objection and they will work you state department Clinton Petraeus emails they've decided the reported reads a judicial watch today announced that a federal judge will personally review unredacted copies of emails between then secretary of state Hillary Clinton and general David Petraeus and now they know it they know that in taking these steps the United States District Court for the district of Columbia is rejecting the state department's argument but information regarding a potential personal appointment is protected by a claim of personal privacy this was the excuse that the state department was giving when the us saying that they were basically want to protect Hillary Clinton and her information from further review they're saying they also ... judicial watch also notes that this is the third federal court that has turned aside trump administration efforts to defend Hillary Clinton's email and related information from further review so ... if anything hopefully we will get some more information off from these emails and the ... review will be some acknowledgment up up up these documents but it also exposes this protection of Hillary Clinton that still ongoing by by the state department and other federal agencies or more from the reports so judge Randolph DeMoss was the one that last week ordered the state department to quote provide the court with unredacted copies of general Petraeus is emails to secretary Clinton dated 1/10/2009 and 1/14/2009 for in camera odd non public inspection judicial watch seeks the emails as part of the freedom of information act lawsuit related to Clinton's non government email server ... they had previously reported on this they filed in well on 5/6/2015 a lawsuit after the state department failed to respond to a 3/6/2015 Freeman information act request at the time judicial watch was seeking all records ... quote all records concerning the use of a non email address by a former secretary of state wary rotten Clinton such records include but are not limited to records concerning security classification preservation and compliance with the federal records act and or freedom of information act in August of last year the FBI uncovered 14900 Quentin emails and attachments that Clinton deleted and withheld from the state department our judicial watch argued that the state department inappropriately withheld quote the names of any third party discussed in a email exchange between Clinton and Petraeus we popping of one specific exchange now when Patrice email at issue her breeds PS any feedback on possibility of keeping redacted of any miss redacted until his replacement is confirmed as you recall this was a personal request from redacted best Dave yeah there's another email which reads thanks for making it happen redacted great news because this report reads judge moss states in his order that quote the court must balance the privacy interest of the individuals with respect to the public disclosure of their identities against the public interest in that disclosure in a related case another judge R. federal judge ordered the state department to file an affidavit regarding a why it should not have to search the new Clinton emails recovered a regarding redacted material from emails from discussing secretary of Clinton's use of iPads and iPhones during her tenure at the state department in taking the steps the court rejected arguments by the tour since state department and its lawyers at the sessions justice department are they also point to a recent ruling by United States district judge James Ellis Berg you ordered the state department to make public an FBI declaration detailing its efforts to retrieve Hillary Clinton's government emails it was the quotes are from a judicial watch president Tom Fitton he says that it's appalling because appalling that the sessions justice department and the teller since state department continue to try it shielding Hillary Clinton he said that since there are both protecting her I he goes on to say this is the third federal court and that has rejected arguments by trump agencies to defend Hillary Clinton's was the third or that it's hard to a step in because agencies Robert this is a new administration yet they still seem to be defending Hillary Clinton ... heaved out Tom Felton says that people least president truck needs to bring his agencies to heal on this core corruption issue this also reminds me of one of the key pieces by attorney type Clevenger up and following in some other videos is a number of of a case is that I Clevenger is pursuing right now one of them involves a they freed it well related to one of them he had to eat it was pursuing a freedom of information act request that was denied by the FBI this was a our recent reports on this a separate case but it was side it seems related in the fact that you have another federal agency with almost the exact same excuse blatantly trying to defend Hillary Clinton this was that the case with Clevenger a lawyer tie Clevenger said the FBI is desperately trying to cover its tracks by not releasing former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails Clevenger spoke in one recent interview on this site case about his efforts to gain access through a freedom of information act request that request was denied in the lawyer said he originally wondered if former president Barack Obama was still running the FBI now the FBI told him that his request wasn't in public interest I talked about this briefly then in a previous video up but they were saying that the public doesn't care Clevenger summed it up was a basically the excuse that the FBI was giving ... the host responding said my understanding of the freedom of information act blah was that the government has to have a compelling reason to deny your right to see public documents Clevenger agreed saying that he was a quote not asking for her entire FBI file I'm only asking for things that Congress asked for explained ... he also said that he appealed the decision to the department of justice which has since granted his request and agreed that this was a this was in fact a matter of public interest so I was over ruled V. attempts by the FBI to withhold these documents on a what's it seemed to be a pretty flimsy excuse I'm the host in this interview we asked what do you think the mode of wise he's asking Clevenger who was pursuing the documents are Clevenger responded saying former FBI director James Coney had already decided to exonerate Mrs Clinton the FBI believes is trying to cover its own rear and he says I think they they know this thing is going to look terrible for them the deep 6 to this the white washed it and they don't want the documents coming out just showing how badly they covered it up a good lawyer Clevenger insisted that these legal niceties only exist for people like Hillary Clinton and what it never happened for average citizens and up the freedom of information act request now in this case you would think that Hillary Clinton's role being secretary of state the documents would be more and more in the public interest than anyone to release and yet you still have the FBI giving us excuse a Avenger finally said if an average lawyer destroyed 30000 pieces of evidence he would have been disbarred and prosecuted Clevenger is also another city our case related where he's a specifically naming 3 Ellery Clinton lawyers Cheryl mills and and to others who are alleged to have helped her destroy me thousands of emails I will follow up on that case as well as the review that is to take place after the sprung by the judicial watch our legal team both interesting cases I will follow up on both of them as information comes out Sunday August when people over to my a Petri on account over slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated it makes a huge difference even a dollar to get me some extra time and resources to continue to put back into the channel any recording on these issues I'm also at Twitter you can follow me to slash reality meter at reality reader you can search from there all post.any most documents or related article was to end the videos that I'm discussing leave a comment let me know what you think if you leave a like on this video is greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel I will follow up shortly thanks everyone //
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Angry Bill Threw Hillary's Book in the Trash? Clintons Haven't Spoken in Months says MSM
\\but the people have been commenting on Hillary Clinton's recent book what happened and the bizarre a book tour that she's doing in support of this book now she's been doing this all over the summer few people think that people have pointed out from the book and this is actually a lead up to ... before the release of the book she was already claiming herself as a victim back in ... June or late may I think she at first made statements blaming the DNC a New York times are Russia which she had steadily been blaming since the election are as well as jeans calmly and wikileaks many of these different outlets for her to blaming them as if they were against Hillary Clinton when the mainstream media but New York times particularly was very much in support of Hillary Clinton at the DNC of course they practically ran to the primaries for Clinton James call me Hillary Clinton should probably be thanking gene's call me for the fact that she's not in prison I hear she is blaming all of these people that were in support of her a fully supported her through the election for her loss so this was rather on this is a bizarre angle for Hillary Clinton to take people party commented on this and it's been notable that she's received an unusual amount it seems of negative criticism in the mainstream media are again the mainstream media of course was largely supportive of Hillary Clinton through the election even after the election ... more recently since this book tour she has wrought received a lot of criticism from outlets that never really criticized her in the past even the young Turks a a channel which was basically in the bag for Clinton and most of her a globalist up all the seas are criticizing her knee even a channel like that now since the book tour no this is our lead me to believe that this book tour is something of a PSYOP like an intentional ... operation by Hillary to make herself look bad nam that Hillary's basically on purpose making herself look kinda crazy in her ugh coverage in her about victimization of herself in order to make the party look good by comparison she's kind of a at least on the surface to the public she looks like she's taking on the DNC or she's blaming them for her or lost since he's at odds with other Democrats I don't think that she's really at odds with these other Democrats I think that she's been out pushed out by these people and she you probably didn't even want to do this book is my theory that she was basically forced to do the book again to be a scapegoat to our look bad obviously Hillary Clinton is not winning a future election the most useful thing I think that the powers that be have for Hillary Clinton how to make use of her is to use her unpopularity to make other candidates look good by comparison there was a recent report for the Daily Mail I think it tough further supports this now this report early is claim Saudi rebuilt Clinton told Hillary told Hillary that her book made her look bewildered angry and confused and demanded she rewrite it according to a family friend I when she refused to read his notes he threw the book in the trash it's claimed the pair are said to be speaking only through friends and lawyers after the argument they have not been seen together since August when they visited the Hamptons this that the reports that we're getting from the mainstream media are on their relationship they're saying that there have have had an argument over out of this book that Bill Clinton didn't want her to publish it that he suggested edits and that guy he said that it made Hillary look bewildered angry and confused she refused to read his notes I he threw it in the trash I'm not sure that I buy this story it's the seems like it could be something that was this is part of this your campaign by the media Bill Clinton I'm sure many of my viewers are not fans of Bill Clinton and for good reason but his popularity is much higher than Hillary Clinton's just as far as his national popularity ... the average American citizen I imagine would be operating this article and taking a Bill Clinton side I I guess or as it's reported these 2 sides are they be siding with Bill Clinton over Hillary ... so again it just seems like this is part of this attempt to scapegoat Hillary Clinton as if this was just all her idea all these are different failures of the campaign that was all on Hillary Clinton and not the wider a corrupt system that she was part of we were real little bit more from the actual report so they're saying that bill and Hillary Clinton are not speaking to each other after a pleasing argument they're describing it over her election book it has been claimed a bill that had a red penned the book in an attempt to improve it a friend allegedly told Klein but flew into a red rage when Hillary refuse to read any of his notes they say it's been reported that he hated the title because calling it what happened would only make people say you lost this one that was an ongoing joke when the book was released it seemed like a port title again everything from the title to the content of the book are to the because our book tour some of the speaking engagements out that there have been some quotes that she's been criticized for even in the mainstream media where she was largely on crime avoiding criticism up until now seems like everybody's gonna given a green light to a sort of start bashing Hillary Clinton when they were had been holds you out protector for for months prior it's also not being said by this report that bill urged her to postpone the publication date and rewrite the book but she yelled at him and said the book is finished and that's how it's going to be published since then the pair have been speaking through friends and lawyers the source said them spoken directly since the arguments according to the report now this is leading to a book by ed Klein so could be publicity for this book again I think it's a possible this is part of the a coordinated narrative now that the public is being prompted to you Adam now playing Hillary Clinton it's okay not like Hillary Clinton according to the mainstream media now ... and what I imagine will happen leading to the next election is we will see other Democrats start to speak out about Hillary Clinton ... then in about 2 years when the next lecture really starts ramping up we'll all be able to say oh thank gosh these are terrible corrupt Hillary Clinton era is over ... we called dissociative ourselves with without Hillary and ... that some of these other unpopular people in the party right now Debbie Wasserman Schultz I imagine will either now beep largely that taken away from the spotlight nam I think that she could even face some sort of a punishment but basically just as a veneer of the change for the party the swap one or 2 faces around Hillary possibly a W. Wasserman Schultz someone like that a under the surface there won't be that much change but they'll be able to run a mark Zuckerberg or call a Harris or whoever the planned to run in 2020 the how the same backers will basically be doing how much the same are things that Hillary Clinton would it would have been doing ... but on the surface they will on the harm this the surface level are changed both swap some of these faces Hillary Clinton I think is going to be a scapegoat over the next a couple years as the party reforms itself far again on the surface street to to that to the public at least let me know what you think about this it could be interpreted in a in a few different ways obviously have led the league to both reports in the description of this video family I just want people over to my Patreon account I'm over a tree slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated it makes a huge difference even not a dollar to just give me some extra time and resources to put back in the channel keep reporting on these issues slash reality reader can also following up leads reality over there and I'm on Twitter at reality reader you can follow me there as well thanks everyone leave a comment legal like if you could die subscribe to the channel is greatly appreciated I will follow up shortly thanks //
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George Soros Teamed Up With NFL Players Union to Fund Advocacy Groups
\\say a new report out from the second vote they share some tax records ... which appear to show the NFL players union teaming up with George Soros billionaire investor George Soros and Planned Parenthood as well as a number of other leftist groups out to support in the anti trump resistance now some of these funds actually come before the election ... but the scripts have been active in this hash tag got quote resistance as they call it of course before I we go through this exact connection with George Soros George Soros is known for having a great influence throughout the media is actually a common error heavier fire as of late I'm actually hungry has spoken out the a leader of hungry gun are what they call an anti George Soros the mainstream media calling at 8 anti Soros heat campaign a predictably the mainstream media has been defending George Soros ... I pointed out this article previously from the Financial Times which it's bizarre their response they write the whole thing off as a conspiracy is greater political at events including ... the refugee crisis yeah he's also force a change of government in Macedonia that's been talked about now do you are offered this article he writes off all those as conspiracy theories in the same article however he admits himself that Mr Soros's George Soros is open society foundation funds the civil society organizations I which she says promote education a free press minority rights anti corruption initiatives he's spinning needs as positive arm influence as as part of a positive influence and sources had but we are taking to it angles which obviously don't match up in the same article saying he has no influence and we should also thank him for the vast great positive influence that you that he has had odds predictable that the mainstream media has defended George Soros sort of a bizarre angle for them to take of course he has funded many media organizations in the past just a few I pointed this out from our our website reality roughly between 2000 and 3 and 2010 in 2010 source gave and PR 1.$8000000 to hire 0 reporters for their 15 member stations are also prominent journalists from ABC in The Washington Post serve on boards of operations for Soros funded reporting organizations such as ProPublica a report from the media research center points to another organization the center for investigative reporting which received $1000000 from sources open society foundation 2003 and 2009 as another organization where top journalists ... from The Seattle Times Hearst newspapers CBS news and others work together to push a Clinton and source approved a narrative throat virtually all of the mainstream media they sit on the board of this organization that has been funded by our sources open society foundations just a few examples just to briefly up points you so this is been known people have come to expect this from news organizations are for Clinton and strokes to have are their own influence and spin on the sorts of stories that we hear in cable news now it has permeated why wider high in it to a wider eccentric than media of course you were talking about the NFL and kneeling a last week was a lot of coverage about that it's worth taking another look at it with these our new records had been shared by second votes helps read from their recent article it reads a prominent anti trump resistance organization and several other leftist groups received a direct donations from the National Football League player association second voters found the NFLPA your provides financial support to the center for community change action which according to the Washington free beacon quote has been involved in direct action against president Donald Trump and Republicans before and after the November elections second vote Scott has also said that their research team found the Anna Anna fell players'association is identified as an organization that donates in support of the center's work in their latest available annual report when a fella PA is an idiot asks Alex see I ... affiliated labor union that represents all NFL players and has defended to those participating in the controversial national anthem protests in recent weeks second vote has also found dozens of major corporations such as Pepsi Verizon and USA a sponsor the NFLPA is well and they say according to the freebie can millions of dollars in contributions flow from the center for community change say Washington DC based nonprofit from major liberal foundations such as W. cake how long foundation the Ford Foundation and George Soros is open society foundation are the center for community change action is the group's social welfare arm they describe it as this has received contributions from organizations affiliated with Soros labor unions and left wing activists of the center for community change how to organize the families fight back campaign the 2016 presidential elections to mobilize a Latino voters in response to then candidate trumps positions on immigration policy the free beacon reports the center also supported United we dream this as well described as a sanctuary campus advocate ins protests in protest of trump's inauguration second vote also found Planned Parenthood federation of America is listed on the annual report as donor to the center for community change action is also affiliated with this a Soros linked group funded directly by the NFLPA the abortionist and tech giant Google a will be sponsors of the center change champions awards event later this month Planned Parenthood CEO ... Cecile Richards along with the noted left wing activists and billionaire Tom's Steiger will be honored at the event earlier this week the NFL NFL NFLPA met to discuss social activism by players well discussion like we focused on the national anthem protests the NFL PA's social activism is very much in support of the last leftist agenda screen to this article I finally they say in addition to support for the center for community when you change second it has uncovered the NFLPA has financially supported at least 2 more left wing anti trump activist groups 2 of the unions lasts 3 tax filings show donations to working America say a sire supported organization that used Craig list in Cleveland Ohio to apparently recruit paid activists to protest to be 2016 GOP convention are also the NFLPA is 2014 tax filings show a donation to it jobs with justice this is another organization backed by Soros that actively opposes the president's tax cuts I clearly this article closes off saying are clearly social activism by NFL players including the lining includes aligning with George Soros and other liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood in support of the left's agenda with the television audit with television audiences declining every week and fans growing increasingly tired of disrespect of the flag this article says the league and the players union we find it in their best interest to end the liberal activism and focus on football after all millions are finding it in their best interest not to watch the NFL at all not so obvious to still have some fairly wide coverage lawspeaker who were talking about this thing it is notable does George Soros and connections also with the recent our quote unquote bomb shell report that we I'm oddly dropped out of the news just days later large there's still some discussion about these Facebook ads but this was originally reported as some bombshell evidence of Russia trump collusion ahead since become less clear actually a lot of the ads that appear supported Hillary Clinton the mainstream media still saying that this was some attempt to manipulate Clinton voters are split the voters I I'm I I personally don't really buy that story ... but regardless what they say was about $100000 worth of Facebook ads pales in comparison to the avast known influence the George Soros has I named off earlier his donations to ... and PR and some of the other groups but he has a greater influence that is less easily trackable ... when he is affiliated with these other groups through his open society foundation he's finding the same groups that the NFL players are association is associated with as well so obviously they are all working together to forward the same message but it's not as if George Soros is necessarily handing each check to the NFLPA nonetheless the connection is still there so it is still something to worry about in the for talking about how these Facebook ads and some bombshell evidence of of collusion and subverting the political process than the mainstream media I should be talking about this obviously they're they're not because they're owned by so many of the same ... globalist backers like Soros I would die just reiterate what I ended off in the sun other article I have a little bit of a different take from the second votes are called to end this liberal activism in the NFL I would just take it as an opportunity for more people to unplug entirely ... this is part of an endless stream of propaganda from Hollywood television news even the NFL now it would be nice if far more people took this as a possible wakeup call to unplug and stopped feeding this mainstream media monster we've helped create a even if this one issue goes away this it will be a never ending stream of propaganda until I think more people I'm unplug from the mainstream media I it's also important I and that off you're saying that we should also stay vigilant as the elites escalate their attack on alternative media online media obviously coming under heavy censorship from the elites in their attempts to take back complete control over public discourse I think that's what a lot of this ramping up of the political agenda in the mainstream media is is that the elites are afraid that there are losing control so there perhaps pushing a little bit too far I find that when people over to my P. tronic count I'm over each slash reality reader you can help the subchannel and help support the alternative media by donating your slash reality reader even a dollar to makes a big difference thank you everybody that has donated so far Ali the comments on this video on you know what you think it could be a like and subscribe to the channel it's greatly appreciated everyone //
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DOJ Orders Release of Seth Rich Murder Records
\\there is a lot of stuff going on in the news this week but I just very briefly wanted to share this update that some people may have missed ... this is concerning the murder of DNC E. employee saith the rich are this is from type Clevenger is blog I have the full ... website link in the description of this video not high Clevenger he's an attorney it's actually involved in a number of cases lacework with has a number of ... document requests one case ... with Thai Clevenger currently happening involves the release of records of boats Hillary Clinton's email surprise now there allegation is that Hillary Clinton's lawyers 3 lawyers are specifically named in this other case which Clevenger and all Dan I helped Hillary Clinton allegedly strongly her emails under that were under federal investigation David Kendall Cheryl mills and heather Samuelson are named in this other case this is being other click with me by Thai Clevenger this attorney there are a number of cases now that a thought Pikmin Jr is pursuing another one also released documents regarding the murder of Seth rich and this was the blog post from Ty just from this week in the most recent update is that the US attorney's office for Washington DC the are required to release records about the murder of former Democratic National Committee employee Seth rich according to the department of justice official that spoke with the Clevenger the out come just as he's asked the department of justice to compel the FBI to release any records that may have a that may relate to the murder he is there ... Taekwon Jr has posted the other number of links I have the ... article linked in the description of this video he links to a letter dated October 22 seventeenth just 2 days ago where the chief administrative appeals at of the department justice office of information policy Sean are o'neill wrote that he was directing the executive office for US attorneys to search for and produce any records covered in Clevenger is September 1 2017 freedom of information act request so ... he sent this FO I a request back in September ... Sean o'neil which high point so it is the same ... DOJ employee who ordered the FBI to produce records about the Hillary Clinton email investigation this was also others on the case right mention is being pursued by Clevenger the same DOJ employee now over over rode the ... denial by the US attorney's office this was similar to his overturning the denial by the F. B. I. one name now refuse to release Hillary Clinton's emails are the documents relating to that case the the reasoning that they gave for that was that there was not a significant amount of public interest that the the public interest in the case was not great enough to warrant releasing a of the documents related to Hillary Clinton's email investigation hunter says he had a similar excuse isa equal than an equally ridiculous excuse from the attorney's office for withholding the suffrage file he was previously told ... that he was denied these documents because he had not submitted a death certificate to prove that Mr rich was dead so this was the reason for them are refusing to release these documents previously of course significant according to reminds us that wikileaks founder Julian Assange hinted very strongly last year that he received leak DNC emails from Seth rich that Seth rich was the weaker of the DNC emails not Russian agents as has been acclaimed by the mainstream media and the DNC as well now last week a a congressman Republican congressmen have also said that Mister so and was willing to provide proof of this exchange of the exchange for a pardon so definitely are worth questioning the official narrative ... Tyco major says he I hope that this new information about will if some answers yes this is bear in mind that he had requested records pertaining to the investigation of a murder a if Mister rich's murder was being investigated would that not necessarily infer that he was dead this is regarding the excuse that he was given by the attorneys office a he says I thought the answer was obvious I'm glad to see that Mister o'neill agrees are meanwhile the identical FO I a request he's filed with the FBI on September 19 he says his old friend David M. hardy road that his office had searched the core central records system and his staff was a quote unable to identify mean file records responsive to the FO I ate Clevenger says that he's played the FBI's FOR a game long enough to know that lots of records are left out of the central record system like emails for example I intentionally perhaps and ... he did not limit his request to just the central record system intentionally he did that on purpose I am the appeal culture also says that he filed in this filing of this appeal he asked the DOJ to order the FBI to search electronic records and hard copies in the Washington field office where the records most likely would be capped if records are found he says I suspect the FBI will assert a law enforcement exemption but at least the FBI will be forced to acknowledge that it is participating in the investigation so at the very least well how about confirmation ... so again I'm I'm sure many are skeptical about exactly how much info we will get from these documents a watch documents will be released but they're deathly is some value at least and filing these FO I a requests that something to fall the comment let me know what you think about this most recent development I will follow up as more information comes out and people like on this video is greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel find the other when people over to my peach on accounting overt Petri slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated it makes a huge difference even a dollar to August the snacks for time and resources to put back into the channel keep reporting on these issues slash reality reader you can help me there I followed shortly thanks everyone //
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Wasserman Schultz Aide Threatened Torture, Bragged about Bribing Pakistani Police
\\former democratic IT aid in Ronald Juan was indicted this summer on some fairly limited fraud charges but there's a vast amount of evidence I've discussed others on YouTube have talked about this evidence all wider cover up and ... many more serious crimes including theft of government equipment for which no one was actually under investigation by federal authorities ... this also include blackmail the and the selling of congressional data the possible selling of congressional data and there are data was sent to Pakistan in a previous report I reference a our article that treat actually that was shared by Georgia web which I shows a steam account that was shared with the neither house employee that out possibly Abby email that was under the house employee's name was being used by him on a one it is possible they speculated that this was used as a vehicle to send congressional data to Pakistan to sell it to a foreign country this opens up other questions about espionage George web is another investigator here on YouTube he's described this as a as part of a spy ring in Congress Debbie Wasserman Schultz the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman has been something of a political pariah even before this investigation but she looked very suspicious and her handling of the investigation she's described attempted to describe a wine as a victim some sort of a victim of discriminatory coverage and she's been trying to downplay the scandal basically saying there's nothing to it it was something that was our drummed up by alternative media and despite her beating him being under federal investigation and her having to threaten capitol police to give us an electronic device back in order to what seems so was an attempted obstruction of the investigation by Wasserman Schultz still here we have her trying to describe along as a victim of this was a quote from a few weeks ago she says as a mother a Jew and a member of Congress she wanted to defend his rights that's a one she's talking about a sentiment echoed by another representative Ohio Democrat a number of other Democrats Wasserman also was when Schultz also claimed allegations against a one might stem from Islamophobia all 3 women that how that recently claims abuse by Enron Alanis was a recent update happen to be Muslim his own family members are and people that he had relationships with allegedly outside of his our own marriage 3 have called police on a one in various circumstances one was being held a long term in captivity others I had signs of abuse Chris got when it's notable is a close associate of bill and Hillary Clinton he is a ones lawyer in this case it seems that the Clintons I do have an interest in directing the the outcome of this trial he's made similar claims he started the flight from the scandal thing that I want is a victim it is notable that Chris gallon is close to the Clintons and Debbie Wasserman Schultz obviously a big name formerly a big name in the dark Democratic National Committee ... and the Democrat party she has been fervently trying to defend a one now this most recent report seems quite obvious that had further contradicts and any attempts which was already pretty flimsy to try to paint along as a victim I'll just read from this daily caller report the most recent ones from the crow's yak the title reads Wasserman Schultz IT it allegedly bragged he paid Pakistani police for protection so the article itself for you can find it Lincoln the description of this video it's it's at the yacht daily caller you can find there as well Gillick are not harm it read the now indicted at I. T. aid to various house Democrats was sending money and yes to government officials in Pakistan and received protection from the Pakistani police according to multiple relatives of a war a democratic aide also said in Ronald one personally bragged to him that he could have people tortured in Pakistan ... ones lawyer with Crisco and was close to bill and Hillary Clinton I they've also acknowledged that he was sending money to remember of other local police department but said there was a good explanation tried to downplay and although they have had to admit that there was money being sent these relatives settled Juan and his brothers were also sending IT equipment such as iPhones to the country during the same period in which fraudulent purchase orders for that equipment were allegedly placed in the house and in which a congressional equipment apparently went missing this was part of the federal investigation against one now all one 's own stepmother Samina Jelani there'd been a few quotes are from her previously some prior reports but she recently said the brothers were paying police officer as are a one yeah he is their cousin Facebook confirms that he works for the police they are friends with the former congressional aides who worked under these 45 democratic house members and Toby aides were banned February 2 following the discovery of 5400 unauthorized Loggins to congressional servers and the funneling of the quote massive amounts of data off the congressional network I wanted his wife he now V. they both work for democratic representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida Wasserman Schultz it's notable kept hiring a one she kept paying a lawn even our during these months of investigation she only was forced to fire Oman really after he was actually arrested at the at this airport this summer I wanna end is white for both indicted after sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to Pakistan for what they said was a land deal this is what the indictment as it stands now it's fairly limited people have pointed out it focuses on these fraud charges kind of ignores these other now wider crimes Chris gallon he's alon's attorneys looks close associate of the Clintons as well he's acknowledged the payments to the police officer and he said that the work to make payments on the land he says that this is just part of the land purchase a he declined to explain this in detail to the daily caller another source close to the investigation however it was not authorized to comment publicly said the FBI generated suspicious activity reports on the suspects that were hundreds of pages long based on their large cash deposits and international transfers a fellow democratic house I. T. aid now they're the daily caller Samir speaking under get condition of anonymity because of concern for his career I always do question animist sources but it does make sense why they would want to stay anonymous in this case a they have recounted a conversation between a 1 and 3 colleagues in a house cafeteria several years ago in which a one seem to relish according to this anonymous I. T. aid from that working under the democratic house they've said that years ago a wand relished about breaking he relished bragging about his ability to have people harassed in Pakistan it was a quote arch reads he wanted to build a CRM customer relationship management software but he wanted to do it in Pakistan they what they told the DCNS I he went on to say but the government doesn't allow that they have to be American but Imran said quote well we can say that they're American can say that they're American but really they'll be in Pakistan I have these guys that work for the local police department all we would have to do is pay them $100 a month and did they take them over to the police station stripped their clothes off hang them upside down and beat them with a shoe and that person will work hard and be loyal from then on for $100 a month this is what I want says that you can buy in Pakistan ... we were all like what the fuck is that response what they need says 2 other people were there he said he's a effing monster that's what they've privately said about a one in response to him bragging about having the ability to torture people in Pakistan $400 a month he says he can do it now the brothers were storing money in the name of their father a Mohammed Ashraf a wand in Pakistan and invested into housing colonies you know solid bad called chill shinned and moan and Gulshan offer read a female relative in the Pakistan said and as always brother okay faro one owns no harm fabrics also interests outbound and family members believe I want finance authority cording to an interview conducted in the ... do language by I wish she'd say ed a Washington correspondent for Pakistani TV told up from the network geo gallon the lawyer for what he told The New York Times that in the words of the paper the transfer represented the it represented the latest payment by his client for a piece of property he was buying in the country I got one has described it to the DC enough as a deal by a once father saying quote in Ron's dad was involved in a land deal in Pakistan multiple family members were involved in the management and purchase of the property but he said the deal was proper when I pressed you knowledge it was it has been wrapped in controversy saying quote there were attempts to steal the property from the father of the father said in life insurance documents that he only made some $1200 a year as a religious teacher Alan said he had made money in Pakistan from owning a gas station ... last month same lawyer for a wine a gallon asked the judge to remove the GPS monitor device from a one saying he was not a flight risk is despite him being arrested Walt while trying to flee the country and starting a new one life in Pakistan is something they have never even considered as well as lawyers another relative a hole on hold hot the DC NF that is because he is afraid of a one he spoke anonymously because he's afraid of what he says and he said that a warrant quote would entertain people from Pakistan send gifts to the government officials yeah he used to come home and tell the dad I tell that I sent such and such to the police or an official in Pakistan few months ago a bitter ones brother keep them so many a give them many iPhones to distribute in early 2016 $120000 in equipment including iPads were discovered missing incidents from the off office of democratic representative Yvette Clark on New York of New York for which a bid ran IT equipment build 2 other congressional offices was shipped to their house the invoices were falsified to show prices and $499 this was just under the cut off at which equipment would be I inventoried by central administrator Sali taken some steps to be sure that this song would have basically fallen under the radar of the upcoming inventory by central administrators the stolen devices the relative told the story months ago but the delta caller withheld his comments until numerous other details he provided were confirmed and until the issue with the missing equipment from Clark's office arose is relevant now now along the younger brothers updated Jamal were also on the house payroll but have not been charged with any crimes so was another quotes I don't treat Jamal used to travel a lot is from the same relative he says and he was I just yes just been in the past few months he visited some other some countries and was planning to go again and in the house Imran used to talk a lot about Russia a bids wife Natalia solve our who was on the host payroll for a time is Ukrainian now are one step mom that's been a number of quotes from Serena Jelani she's made statements in court documents that suggest he is receiving protection from Pakistani authorities was a quote from her reads Imran along threaten but he has the power to kidnap my family members back in Pakistan she wrote ... she also previously said Iran one did admit to me that my phone is tapped and there are devices installed in the house to listen but to my conversations worth mentioning here that's in Ronald Warren introduces himself someone from US Congress or someone from federal agencies when Pakistani Imran manages to have police more bile based on his position in US Congress or federal agencies to escort him during his visit to Pakistan other Washington post the daily caller notes is also reported that the FBI's joint terrorism task force was investigating the old ones but that quote according to a senior congressional official familiar with the probe criminal investigators have found no evidence that the IT workers had any connection to a foreign government this is what we're officially being told there is evidence to the contrary are many people have looked at the indictment as it stands and it appears that it's so it's possible that the courts are soft pedaling the case trying to get this up through the courts finish with this trial on these limited indictment charges that's the stand and basically these other Congress people that are implicated in these a wider crime switch the indictment could be expanded to include a the FBI is working to sort of downplay are the investigation to have a one charge but you will basically be something of a scapegoat for all of this this wider misconduct that's been taking place such a possibility are if this is true the daily caller notes in regards to the connection to a foreign governments that raises questions about how thoroughly the agents have probed even they questioned the official response that we're hearing from the FBI again Karen is a former staffer for the Senate committee on foreign relations who had studied foreign actors told the DC enough there is a risk that the payments to the local police department signally relationship to Pakistani authorities such as the intelligence agency ISI which he said often works with or isn't that aid in the major city police forces in Pakistan also worth noting while they were working on Capitol Hill the brother set up the car dealership that took $100000 from how you how a tarp this is an Iraqi politician others have been reported previously but I our car he had been tied to has blocked and is wanted by the US department of justice their former business partner in this year Khattak testified in Virginia court that the car dealerships finances consisted of a bison team transfers in which staff and the cars were often swapped between it and a dealership next door also quote reads Ali Alydar was out of the country as he was involved in politics in the formation of the Iraqi government's so I said in court documents parents said that the families numerous car related LLC's deserve special scrutiny because car dealerships are a favorite front for people with ties to foreign governments providing the opportunity for money laundering and quote giving the owners access to credit reports on all Americans given all the other information that we have on a wine that is so worth looking into use certainly it's worrying and has been are discussed as part of this investigation are now could talk source also said previously in these court documents that's a quote it was a very bad record keeping and cars international it is close to impossible to make any sense out of all the transactions that happened so this is the most recent report and it just further contradicts again the already off slim see excuse from Debbie Wasserman Schultz and a wants lawyer ... their attempts to sort of describe ... one it's a victim didn't hold up to begin with but again even putting aside did these I'll wider charges that should be open about his actual work in Congress just taking the quotes from his own relatives and family members are other democratic I. T. aids that knew him previously just his own personal relationships all of them I seem to contradict this idea that one was a victim that was so not something that I would bite to begin with but just more evidence to the contrary let me know what you think about this story of some of these new developments about the ongoing trial what you think the outcome may be I will definitely follow up as more information comes out finally it is when people over to my peach on account slash reality reader also I sign up for Twitter I have ... at reality reader you can find me on Twitter if you're there and you like to follow me thank you everybody that has donated on the patriarch site however peachy slash reality reader even a dollar to it makes a big difference lost me to keep reporting on these issues all follow up as new information comes out leave a comment if you get people like on this video is greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel at reality reader on Twitter you can find me there as well awful up shortly thanks everyone //
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MSM Calls George Soros Hatred "A Global Sickness", Hungary Under Fire for Criticizing Soros
\\there are endless amounts of evidence that billionaire investor George Soros has a massive amount of influence on global politics here's one example from it up the protest the leaks specifically this was an exchange to whom Aberdeen coordinating an invitation for Hillary Clinton to join an evening reception at the home of George Soros this was back in December up from the email great speed even up messages Aberdeen saying that they would be thrilled to have her serve as honored guest in speaker at this gathering of top supporters honoring America's votes work over the past 10 years you're looking forward to the next decade through this exchange they talk about the organization cat Aberdeen it replies saying that's she actually thinks the event would be a rather useless other than ... political points that Clinton may be able to get out of this meeting she says I need to make Soros happy basically the only reason that Mrs Clinton would go to this dinner would be to our please George Soros nothing specifically in there in a that is politically expedient or obviously in the interests of the U. S. I also just touched on in my last video many people have talked about the great amount of influence a George Soros has throat the media are just very briefly he gave NPR 1.$8000000 back in 2010 ... between 2000 and 3 and 2009 you give $1000000 to the center for investigative reporting whose board members include a people from the Seattle times Hearst newspapers CBS news they also claim ... I'm among their affiliates and partners are the Washington post salon magazine CNN ABC news George Soros is open society foundation has made advocacy group finds these other organizations these reporting and our organizations in this case to have this influence throughout the media so there is a campaign that going on in Hungary and they've touched on a few of these issues of George Soros's huge amount of influence in global politics they have come under attack from grease government there has been what seems like a coordinated response from the mainstream media saying that the entire campaign was basically over nothing and it is somewhat bizarre to see the tactic that's been used by the mainstream media and responding to this I guess it's expected that they would defend George Soros and tried to downplay his influence ... and basically make hungry look bad in their campaign against George Soros however there ... the 2 angles that they seem to be taking particularly there's a financial times article which of very sick of frantically defending George Soros and claiming that he has ... both no influence and that he's had this vast amazing causative influence they are trying to quit make both claims in the same article obviously goes to a different angles they just don't match up at all but this was the basic outline of the story this is just our oldest read ... briefly from the article from The Irish Times agrees hungry populist government has launched a new attack on billionaire for liberal philanthropist George Soros with one of major international human rights group called and official heat campaign targeting foreigners and civil society prime minister Viktor Orban's latest publicly funded questionnaire dubbed national consultation asks honey Darien's for their views on what he claims .is miss resources ambition to bring at least 1000000 immigrants to Europe annually from the Middle East and Africa so they have I come under act as I've said for their campaign against George Soros the government's spokes men from hungry said we cannot count on the opposition parties in their battle here in Hungary the government is again turning to the people of hungry and asking everyone who cares about the country's independence and sovereignty for and for whom hungry security and national culture is important to take part in a national consultation on the source plan simply we are asking the public's opinion on George Soros's influence on their country's independence and sovereignty got this human rights group the New York based human rights group which all of these many mainstream media sources have basically made the a their main coverage of this article they've focused on the that response from the human rights watch group they've said that hungry so they called it Hungary's new official heat campaign and said it was likely to fuel anti foreigner sentiment and included questions that were down right ... incendiary and false so there are making the claim that this is a well I just I result of some sort of bait bigoted up pull you by the Hungarian government that there is nothing behind George Soros's influence that it's I'm not worthy of a national discussion this the clean the mainstream media's making they also make claims are of anti semitism in the campaign when it appears that the only evidence that this was or if the apparent evidence that the house that this was anti semitism is that on some of the posters there are posters that were made by the hunger in government I which oppose illegal immigration they have the caption it don't let sorrow sound the last last and some of them are how to graffiti painted over them with while they have some what's do seem to be anti semitic quotes but these were not at all part of the actual campaign from hungry this was ... some sort of these were just the service graffiti that could have been a painted over by anyone they're blaming the Hungarian government for even the P. thing over a beast pictures saying about is not somehow this it's evidence that this entire campaign is based around bigotry and nothing more this with the article I was referring to from the Financial Times they take on similarly strange ... angle in trying to defend George Soros again book at the same time they open the article saying George Soros the billionaire investor and philanthropist has had a busy year he's the author being sarcastic you're seeing saying that since the beginning of 2017 he has fake the chemical attack in Syria funded anti trump marches in Washington come up with the court Soros plan to flood hungry with refugees forced a change of government in Macedonia undermine the Israeli prime minister and got several key White House aides socked so he's saying lists are these is not bad for a man of 87 is saying this sarcastically saying that they are of course conspiracy theories all of all of the things that he's just listed them in the same article he is saying that's I'm he's making reference to sources scholarships at various universities ... his a great amount of what they claim is positive influence by George Soros he are they they point out his liberal support of his support of liberal causes in the U. S. as well as international institutions such as the U. N. so in the same article they're admitting that he's funding these liberal causes I he has this influence on the U. N. all through his own brides basically is paying for this influence ... they are making reference to Mr Soros's activities that have made him a target they're saying that was through his own actions that he's been a target of Israel nor even saying that this is part of some anti semitic campaign from Israel towards George Soros now they make reference to his open society foundation which again the same article which says that he has ... no influence it's nothing too how not national conversation over and ... governments and citizens who I have any sort of opinion over these issues are that are taking place in their own country they're being facilitated by some a billionaire they should have no say it's our George Soros just leave it up to George Soros is funding the civil society organizations the same article that saying yes no influence third meeting at ... he has a great amount of influence in education you sing the promotes education are the wording they use a free press when it's a pretty clear that he is ... manipulating and subverting America's free press with his bribery we just pointed that out the open society foundation funds these various press groups that are linked to all major mainstream a media it lets he also appoints you the author here says that sources had a great amount of influence on the progress of minority rights and anti corruption initiatives a again how you could argue the exact opposites that he has had a very negative impact on various countries throughout the world these various refugee crisis are in in that part at least ... result of George Soros so that it had a very negative impact on these minorities these cleaning to help an anti corruption initiatives that quite obvious how that appears to be some sort of double speak from the Financial Times here inviting of forcing George Soros are forcing Hillary Clinton to come to a ... meeting has pointed out in its wikileaks emails this dinner which who Aberdeen ... in the sport of Modesto leaks they admit there's no point going to this dinner other than to keep George Soros hap happy ... here we have our politicians our our public politicians look beef public face of politics was Clinton and trumpet during this time the a is from late I 2014 this email exchange just before Hillary Clinton's run and ... again here she is her first priority is appeasing this foreign billionaire when there is no real up political purpose for American interests to it so it's a bizarre tactic from ... the mainstream media course the point you defended George Soros but here we have in the same article one author Gideon Rockman being the author of this article from the Financial Times says George Soros has no influence it's completely at the total conspiracy and in the same breath.breathy also says we have god sorceresses had such an amazing huge positive input impact on global politics and it can not it's about being criticized and if you criticize it it's obviously the result of a bigotry it's just the Bob it out it's unable to you cannot navigate the logic behind that that sort of article and I imagine people they expect people are just triggered by the word anti semitism or racism and they will just agree with the Financial Times and not look any further into it now this is going to be an ongoing problem ... and speaks further to how this not just one individual this is part of the dynasty which is part of the a wider a network of global influence network of influence from these are elites oftentimes behind the scenes there above our elected politicians are Alex Soros could be next up the pain of what happens with George Soros George Soros is 87 so it's unclear how much longer George Soros now will will be around exactly but his son Alexander Soros there've been a few articles are just in the past few months Alex Xander sources gotten some coverage in the ... mainstream media this article points out that he's maintained a relatively low profile in the nonprofit world up until now but he appears to be following in art George Soros his father's footsteps as a major donor for left wing groups and politicians the Washington free beacon revealed on Tuesday this was on a Tuesday sort of been last week are they revealed that according to Federal Election Commission findings Alexander has overtaken his father in annual political contributions they just a list a few examples so far Alexander spent more than $150000 on federal committees and campaigns in 2017 40000 more than George Soros contributed I in April he donated the maximum amount that he can legally give in a calendar year this is I just under $34000 to the Democratic National Committee the DNC I he also donated to the political campaigns of failed at Georgia Democratic National candidate John also if as well as the democratic senators clearer macaskill ... Jon tester Maria Cantwell and Chris Murphy overall his federal contributions this year have total $152000 is father has given her niece $14000 I hear his older siblings serve on the board of their father's open society foundations our sources may not see group as a C. R. C.'s Matthew bottom as shown Soros has use the open society foundation to funnel $33000000 to a radical left wing groups with an informant had civil unrest in Ferguson Missouri and 20 teen this will continue under Alexander Soros I have do you links to all of these articles in the description of this video up but again it is just very strange seeing the mainstream media coverage of this issue expected in a way but it was it's just a tactic that makes no sense for them to be completely denying George Soros is influence and praising it in the exact same article I'll let me know what you think let me know what you think about Hungary's a campaign against George Soros if we may see similar measures taken elsewhere now will other governments take up similar campaigns against George Soros or are they going to come under fire before the can a do so let me know what you think in the comments if you can leave it like on this video it's greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel I mean when people are virtue of my peach on account of overt Petri slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated so far it makes a huge difference even a dollar to give me some extra time and resources to put back into the channel you can also find updates at reality this is our ... website I will post more articles there as you developments come out thanks everyone I will follow shortly //
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Soros, Podesta, Clinton's Mainstream Media Monster. The Real Face of Collusion
\\Facebook ads are the latest excuse being given by the democratic establishment for the failure of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign I thought this was worthy ever response this is an article that I'm just posted on reality this is our website you can check out that site for updates from this channel this article the title Soros Podesta Clinton's mainstream media monster the real face of collusion I'll just I read from this right up that I've done so Hillary Clinton had the support of the entire mainstream media and political establishment on her side for her disastrous presidential run but apparently a few YouTube videos and some Facebook ads were enough to ruin her campaign story that Hillary Clinton is still are pushing now as expected the Democrats latest affliction concerning their field to 2016 campaign was parroted by their faithful followers throw the media only to have the narrative come crumbling down hours later last week Democrats claim they had bombshell evidence of Russia trump collusion based on $100000 worth of Facebook ads reportedly purchased by a Russian organization and support of trump now are just very briefly that's was a more recent articles was from 90 hedge and the R. reference a follow up by the Washington post's 1 of the original mainstream media outlets that was trying to push this is some sort of bombshell evidence ... where Washington post themselves they admit that the ads well represented issues on all sides of the aisle ideological spectrum they were in support of the various candidates summer supporting Clinton some targeted Bernie Sanders foreigners some did a target trump supporters but it was not in clear support of any one candidate Washington post still trying to use this as an excuse saying this was part of some elaborate campaign to divide the Clinton camp again this is all based off $100000 worth of ads which is almost nothing are when you're considering the billions of dollars spent by Hillary Clinton backers on controlling the rest of the mainstream media I expand on this will go back to our this article but this is off following this it was a bombshell evidence seclusion of her $0 worth of Facebook apps reportedly purchased by this Russian organization days later the extremely misleading nature of these claims by Democrats was revealed as it was discovered that the ads in question actually support the range of candidates including Clinton Sanderson trump on issues ranging across the political spectrum not at just any one candidate yet somehow the establishment continue to push the idea that a relatively small amount of funding by advertising standards $100000 again ... almost nothing in the grand scheme of things on ads which did not favor any particular candidate somehow it weighed the billions and propaganda by the traditional media explicitly in favor of Hillary and her globalist cronies the Russian collusion narrative salt part of this concocted go largely by Hillary Clinton and her supporters as an explanation for her election loss this is one of the most glaringly hypocritical cook critic critical aspects I'm glad this no I'm still being a they're they're still reeling Democrat party whose leadership is already known for endless double standards and deflections for him none the take this angle I'd still shocking are even ignoring even if you were to ignore Clinton's many brides from foreign leaders for political favors many are Peter playing ... instances additionally the many conflicts of interest arising from lobbying by close Clinton aides like John Podesta even if you're put all of that aside the Democrat establishments a frantic relationship with the media alone should be enough to point out how ludicrously insincere these accusations by Democrats truly are president trump touched on this theme today he tweeted outta calling out the mainstream media for their obvious collusion with establishment Democrats this was the today's tweet from Donald Trump he said Facebook was always anti trump the networks Royce anti trump hence fake news he out mentions the New York times ... saying that they apologized for the coverage and I mentioned the Washington post saying that they were anti trump and he's a so that this is a reply to this evidence of collusion questioning if you take a brief look at 2 of Clinton's closest political allies billionaire investor George Soros and former Clinton campaign chair had John Podesta it begins to show the unimaginable influence the Clintons crew and the rest of the globalist backed political establishment have on the mainstream media just a few examples of first Soros in 2010 George Soros gave NPR 1.$8000000 to hire 100 reporters for their 50 member stations prominent journalists from ABC in Washington post serve on boards of operations for Soros funded reporting organizations such as ProPublica a a report for media research center which I I linked to on this is I believe the reports from 2010 or 2011 so don't even touch on the ... funding of the most recent election which sources continuing to fund these groups are but this is mostly between this period of roughly 2003 to 2010 alone they named ProPublica they've also named the center for investigative reporting which received $1000000 from sources open society foundation just between 2003 and 2009 and again it's been more recent funding of these same organizations other organizations as well at this organization in particular is the center for investigative reporting they have on their ... portage operations journalists top journalists from various well known L. that's even Boardman from The Seattle Times yet full bronze skin for Hearst newspapers yeah I have a George Oster campy has a green out of influence on the content at CBS news others they work together to push a Clinton source approved a narrative it seems throat virtually all of the mainstream media additionally you have the Washington post salon magazine CNN and ABC news they're all listed as partners sub CIR this Soros funded organizations funded through sources open society foundation I know people are often question just how much influence George Soros hands through the media people are skeptical when ... people bring the south but it's for this reason that it's often hard to ... track just the exact amount of influence that George Soros does have in the mainstream media that's obviously a great amount of influence but it is hard to tell at times because George Soros in most cases isn't literally handing a check over to these journalists his organization ... typically the open society foundation that's is is mean advocacy group is funding these reporting organizations the basically through a third party that are in turn tied to these a journalist so he still is using US funds to influence the coverage I'm these groups and the are journalists that are on their boards basically getting around directly bribing them in most cases but still having this great influence over the the group's it's just a few of the many ties that source has cultivated throughout the media to influence public policy through political propaganda so what's the Soros again just a few of the ties then you have Clinton's top ally John Podesta who has retained its own inexplicable influence throughout the media despite being generally reviled by the public ... which she hopes to control very disliked through Bob amongst the public most people don't like John Podesta however he ... is still constantly being a asked up for advice and quotes from the mainstream media mainstream journalists still are trying to you ... beyond in good standing with John Podesta and are pushing the plaster approved narrative ya again despite his massive unpopularity amongst the public but that's that's also notable is the founder of the center for American progress this is they describe themselves as a liberal public policy research and advocacy organization the CIA penis pressed offended group they were also funded $3000000 by George Soros torturous pledged $3000000 to the group in 2003 as a lobbyist Podesta has represented that they he's represented massive media or groups such as NPR and the national association of broadcasters the Anne B. I in turn represents over 8000 radio stations and broadcast networks the very vast network make thousands of radio stations are ultimately tied to a John Podesta through these lobbying efforts but Esther he currently writes for The Washington Post I've touched on this before but he was hired by Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon ... who acquired the Washington post after taking a $600000000 cloud computing contract with the CIA so so many people have looked at some recent coverage from the Washington post since Jeff Bezos has acquired it it does seem like they are constantly shilling for the CIA in the deep state something of a propaganda arm of the CIA at this point the Washington post and now that's that's been hired to work there by Jeff Basil's meanwhile other influential media figures like Steven called there have had their show content dictated by Podesta staffers I've also briefly talked about this ... but this there is a wikileaks email that I link to where there is the description of 2 episodes by this is I any email to John Podesta from a staffer he brings up these 2 episodes that he says that he had them to in his words so you manage the content of these episodes idly was on the Clinton global initiative and he is scheduling a later appearance by OpenSSL pesto is controlling in approving the contents of Steven Cole Berenson show the Colbert report I was worker bees emails originally came from adding to this obvious conflict of interest is the fact that they put us to brothers helped fund the political campaign of Stephen Colbert's sister I during her failed to 2013 run for Congress in South Carolina hold their has openly shelves for protesters and Clinton since seemingly as pay back up for this bribe that protester gave holders sister in 2013 like Clinton plaster has been enraged it seems by the unwillingness of the online community to comply with their globalist message I recently I right discussed the Arndale suka ... meeting in Norway were and I guess that was a featured cast this was last month and he at this meeting applauded with fellow elite European globalists on how to influence public policy through censoring in manipulating online media to the same extent that they do in the traditional media to gain back Democrat support before next election this was the quote from Podesta from this aren't Asuka event ... I and this event he said on video arm but the quote reads we adopted the social media strategy that president Obama affectively used which Bernie Sanders effectively used to talk to their core supporters online what possessed a said he planed Clinton's failure on the fact that they quote left naked the ability on Facebook and other sites for negative messaging to bombard into those critical places but assassins called for new censorship measures online and social media sites like Facebook are complying to the Democrats demands to control the message so here you have ... protester he's obviously has worked not him and Soros have you done much work in gaining this influence over the traditional media almost every mainstream media outlet has been funded or has some ties to the protester group or sources open society foundation they work very hard in having this influence and he clearly is angry over the fact that the ability is still there on Facebook YouTube other sites for what he calls negative messaging basically anything that's truthful it makes protest over Hillary Clinton ... look bad I he's blaming us for the lost songs presses response to Hillary Clinton's losses not to run a better candidate but sue and double down and ... instead of just controlling the mainstream media he wants to extend this and sensor and control the alternative media and the online community as well sysop protest is planned use openly calling this 2 other elites to me this cuts to the core of pesticide Parker see go back to the article ... as he cries collusion against his opponents while openly colluding with other leads this is in a foreign country mind you in Norway isn't unelected individual of a I was the I. campaign chair of a failed candidate and here yes talking out with elites against the interests of Americans pushing more censorship he's anti free speech openly in what you are hopes the response to be and he's trying to control public opinion by limiting what information individuals should be allowed to see online finally our I conclude saying for Clinton and her allies to be blaming collusion in the media as reasons for her loss is completely absurd particularly given the massive network of collusion between herself and the majority of the mainstream media in their failed attempts to boost a corrupt candidate that was universally disliked by anyone but her globalist backers as Americans become increasingly aware of the endless propaganda in Hollywood television our news media and even the NFL now this most recent controversy ... it's you can even avoided watching sports this should be a wakeup call I and I would I would support ... the action instead of ha decrying the actual protests of the athletes and the just the NFL issue alone I know people have different ... responses to latter takes on that ... but I think it could be a positive if people just decided to unplug and stopped feeding the mainstream media monster that we've all done our part to help create also I think another key thing to keep track of is so we need to stay vigilant as the elites escalate their attack on the alternative media and the I. online community this is already happening as ways censorship ... they will continue with this now's protester side it seems like this was the key a failure that he's pointed out for the loss so they will continue pushing for censorship online they will continue attacking the alternative media this is all in an attempt to take back complete control over public discourse which the elites feet feel that the they're under threat at this time so guys wanna do a quick response to that you can find a full article over at reality all have a link to the description of this video I'd like to thank our anti foe is healthy with some of the cover art for some of the most recent article just a great job are helping make some art for the website and you can find follow me there for updates ... finally this issue of the alternative media I will continue reporting on all these issues that the mainstream media are generally does not want to report on as long as I can you can help me ... by sharing these videos leaving a comment leaving a like I'm also one Peachtree slash reality reader where I you can donate at love to thank everybody that has donated so far it makes a huge difference even a dollar to just give me some extra time and resources to put back into the channel keep reporting on these issues up slash reality reader and reality you can find me there I'm also on Twitter how this much not at reality reader if you'd like to follow me there I will follow up a shortly as new information comes out thanks everyone //
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Major Court Hearing for Hillary Clinton Scandal Documents
\\so the infamous white water scandal is one of the longest running a scandals involving the Clintons goes back decades there have been some updates on this week people often judicial watch this is an article on intro from Micah Morrison he works for judicial watch they have been seeking in the draft indictments against Hillary Rodham Clinton from this whitewater scandal ... these documents in the scandal itself goes back years documents could be in a very revealing though and they have been hidden from the public 4 years there could be some important information if we do I get to see these documents as judicial watch's been pushing for there was a court hearing on Friday how they've done a press release of following that hearing this was the intro going into the courts first court hearing I released last week by judicial watch all this was there right up it reads why is Hillary Clinton such reviled figure in many precincts of the American populace not just the right includes up Bernice Anderson orders people across the political spectrum this sorrow's started long before Benghazi long before the email scandal long before the Clinton foundation shake downs of the many other crimes that have been associated with the Clinton foundation's before all of that there was this whitewater scandal the Clintons are it is not part of the scandal abetted by the slack intellectual standards of American media have succeeded in putting over the argument that whitewater was quote about nothing the judicial watch case proves otherwise for more than 2 years judicial watch been fighting to make public dropped federal criminal indictments of Mrs Clinton in the whitewater affair the allegations are well known to aficionados of financial crime with governor Bill Clinton running Arkansas Mrs Clinton leveraged her work at the rose law firm into a series of transactions on behalf of a corrupt financial institution Madison guaranty savings and loan 6 institution was run by a longtime Clinton crony James McDougal ugh among the transaction was a document drafted by Mrs Clinton to conceal a series of fraudulent loans that were used to deceive federal bank examiners winning the White House Mrs Clinton and her allies engaged in a long running coverup between 19961998 the office of independent counsel drop a series of draft indictments of Mrs Clinton in the end overwhelmed by the Lewinsky perjury case and stymied by Clinton stone walls prosecutors decided not to bring charges against me Clinton but the evidence against the First Lady was significant in the case sheds light as well on the mystery of why Mrs Clinton is such a polarizing figure again before it these more art modern scandals closer to her own presidential run before that whitewater presented significant evidence that she was a crook and got away with it the US so there was this freedom of information act request for the draft indictments it's been a rejected this was up requested by judicial watch the court ruled that the grand jury secrecy and Mrs Clinton's right to personal privacy parted disclosure of the dropped indictments they argued that given the enormous amount of grand jury another information already made public including the past quote financial report of the independent counsel a January 2001 there is no secrecy or privacy left to protect seems like a out a flimsy excuse to begin with claiming that Hillary Clinton of all people has this writes you up privacy you all all of the public's privacy rights are disintegrating ... it's reminds me of this other case that's still going on as well from Ty Clevenger he has been trying to get Mrs Clinton and her personal attorneys disbarred for their handling of her official emails part of their more recent email scandal are during her time as secretary of state he's arguing that hurt lawyers Clinton's lawyers are gone her but to her demands helter destroying these emails so he's met with resistance among lawyers and his I FO I a request had been shot down by the FBI the FBI told him that he had not sufficiently demonstrated the public's interest in disclosure a and that it weighs personal privacy interests a subject of Mrs Clinton so this was a separate a case being put forth by tech Clevenger on the email scandals against Mrs Clinton by your you have at the FBI again saying that the public interest the case I know that there's a lack of public interest and that's the first reason that they're denying it and also that Hillary Clinton public figure infertile for decades ... her privacy rights are somehow more important than the a public interest in releasing these documents so that was the same sort of excuse that we were hearing about in regards to withholding these whitewater scandal documents this court case did happen on Friday so do you judicial watch I'll went into court on Friday before a 3 panel a 3 judge panel which heard oral arguments in the appeal regarding their FO I a lawsuits seeking the draft indictments of Hillary Clinton over what is popularly known as the white water scandal the National Archives confirmed that draft indictments of Clinton exist but refuse to release the records the appeal stems from a March 9 2015 FYC request and ... one from October of the same year both from a judicial watch versus the National Archives and records up administration they were seeking all versions of indictment against Hillary Rodham Clinton was so that included several a specific documents here and they've also included as well as any and all versions written by deputy independent counsel Hickman Ewing junior prior to September of 1996 as well he dropped indictments relate to allegations that Clinton provided this false information and withheld evidence from federal investigators to conceal her involvement with the defunct Madison guaranty savings and loan the collapse of which lead to multiple criminal convictions Lincoln so obviously we're not criminally convicted they ended up in the White House after this Clinton provided legal representation to Madison guaranty as a attorney at the rose law firm in little rock Arkansas while she was working as an attorney she provided legal representation for them Clinton's rose law firm billing records long sought by prosecutors were found in the private quarters of the White House shortly after an important statue of limitations had expired quite convenient that's found right after that exploration in the White House the National Archives argues that the documents should be kept secret citing grand jury secrecy and Clinton's personal privacy as the reasons are judicial watch response saying why on earth is president trumps justice department defending Hillary Clinton by keeping information about her well known corruption secret who is running the store the justice department tax dollars are wasted as the deep state rolls along in its frantic efforts to protect Hillary Clinton president trump should demand to know why his agencies are defending her our attorneys argue that since an enormous amount of grand jury in other information from the independent counsel's investigation of Clinton has already been made public including a 1/5/2001 a fuck final report of the independent counsel in a 206 page quote summary of it evidence our memorandum detailing the potential charges against Clinton there is no secrecy or privacy left protect it's what judicial watch's arguing now they also believe the records include an evolving set of draft indictments written between 1996 and 1998 the draft indictments reportedly arose out of the office of independent counsel investigation into Clinton's involvement and allegedly fraudulent transaction a castle Grande involving the assets of Madison guaranty savings and loan Clinton was alleged alleged to have drafted an option agreement that concealed from federal bank examiners a fraudulent $300000 cross loan to the cross the castle Grande project Mrs Clinton's grand jury testimony and her alleged concealment of her role in this fraudulent transaction including the hiding of her rose law firm billing records concerning her legal work for Madison reportedly became the subject of an obstruction of justice and perjury investigation so the year documents relating to the investigation began could be quite a significant in the truck that indictments which judicial watch ... are are seeking in March 1999 when you testified that 3 years prior he had drafted in circulated but abandoned an indictment of Mrs Clinton the New York Post reported wing said that he quote had problems with some of her statements to investigators in improv 1995 and dropped in an indictment shortly after 1996 September 9 6 he said he showed it to other prosecutors in Starr's office but went no further last year a Asia watch says the work ported that Mrs Clinton may have been involved in a crime in night in 1986 according to a never before seen portions of an office of in the it's all memorandum tough call or send you and us he's the chief of the JW litigation team he represented judicial watch before the courts at this hearing ... appeals from the appeals court panel should rule on this the release of these documents in the next few months so it will be sometime how some weeks at least before we know if these documents will I be released but it will because these will be quite interesting there could be some very work this could be some very revealing information that is exposed if we do get these draft indictments which they are trying to withhold let me know what you think about this a case about the whitewater scandal it in general I know it's a long running scandal up how important could the release of these documents be it leave a comment if you leave a like on this video that's greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel I will follow up shortly finally I would just point people over my pitch on account McMurtry slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated a disk is be some extra time and resources to put back into the channel even a dollar at you makes a huge difference slash reality reader I have a link in the description of this video as well as a link to the description of all the articles that I went through a legal likely to comment subscribe to the channel thanks everyone //
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\\here is disgraced democratic congressman Anthony Weiner former congressman sleeping court after being sentenced to 21 months in prison now this is a scandal that goes back to you 2016 he was originally scheduled to be sentenced or it was Bob publicly being discussed that the charges against him could have carried a 15 year minimum back in February when this a scandal first broke so this is significantly lower although he is facing prison time just under 2 years he's been sentenced to the original report ... read that Anthony Weiner this one is from deleted mail from February ... for our federal authorities were threatening a federal prosecutors they were threatening it ... Priyanka fee it charges involving a minor that could carry a 15 year sentence this was a 15 year minimum so this is significantly down and ... from your original the charges that were being threatened at the time was the report that we know was working on a plea deal with prosecutors it's also very notable ... those who've been following a scandal would be aware that the investigation and to Anthony Weiner's laptop which is a part of this a trial also set off a nother investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails saw there was discussion at the time when there was possible that if the winner was trying to work with the FBI to help cover up some of the information in these emails that were contained on Anthony Weiner's computer meters of course a lot he's the husband of top Clinton aide Huma Aberdeen and James call me admitted that a great amount of very important classified information had been sent to Anthony Weiner so it was very possible that he was holding on to this information he struck a deal with federal prosecutors to give up this Clinton info up you were wondering whether this was to move forward which charges against Clinton or to just cover up any potentially damaging information and help Clinton from avoiding further charges see like I may been the case this is what ended up happening today about you out a 21 month send our prison sentence consultants to this is for convincing a high school student to undress and our touch herself via Skype in 2016 this was a serious crime the federal judge said deserves punishment you are they Anthony Weiner had has dropped is heading wept after the sentencing according to this report after the courtroom cleared the one time admiral hopeful sat crying silently in his chair alongside his tearful mother now it's notable that's ... his immediate family joined him however his soon to be ex wife whom Aberdeen was not at the trial she was nowhere to be seen according to these reports in addition to his prison Stan Weiner was also sentenced to pay a $10000 fine for his crime a he asked to participate in a sex offender out patient treatment and spent 3 years on supervised release once the sentences up but he will have to surrender to his designated facility by November 6 he's actually going to jail his lawyer put in a request for ... a nother ... low security prison to be moved there he according to this report face as much as 10 years in the ... in jail when this originally broke back in because of some months ago it was being threatened that he could face 10 years in prison actually the report that I just want to ask you since you saw her outside 15 years so I wonder if they're already trying to cut it down play out the original charges against us and the winner but federal authorities were definitely threatening him with some serious charges after pleading guilty inmates one count of transferring this obscene material to a minor the offense said that we are a former congressman from Brooklyn beyond a 2 month sexting session with the North Carolina team shortly after she messaged him on Twitter in January 2016 now I won't go through the full details of the actual scandal it's been reported on but it is quite disturbing to see the odd defenses a description of this big crimes by ... Anthony Weiner and the final sentence saying where he's really been sentenced for sending obscene materials to a minor when it according to these reports in the go into quite a explicit detail I I will not read the actual full reports but we know was was asking ... the girl who's 15 at the time to use Skype at arts you are using a graphics graphic an obscene language and asked her to a display near her self naked attitude to masturbate on camera this is a childless is someone that was in high school at the time and ... these they do this pro possibly the most disturbing aspect of what we know about this particular scandalous one instance with a winner in this teen these charges are brought up at all the fact that ... he's very likely has video of these requests of the sick requests but you sending to these teenagers and he's only been charged with the ... photos that he's sent to her so those open August the charges that involve a a minor ... I mention this is what that it's in reference to and they've been dropped completely so this is a much less lesser sentence than many people out works back thing and again I think it's evidence of this possible up the deal and perhaps some cleaning up of information behind the scenes that the public just has not been a pretty too this is why the sentencing is is lesser than we had hoped for no matter what you did not show up at the sentencing there is set to be a ... another hearing for their divorce it's also notable that they postponed their divorce until after the sentencing it was reported odd during this trial in the investigation that they were I still in a relationship you had some mainstream media outlets even suggesting that Hillary Clinton had told them to broke up that break up but they were still staying together I I interpreted that it's impossible disinformation it seemed like it would be in Hillary Clinton's interest for them to stay together at least during the investigation and this trial to prevent our winner and Aberdeen from testifying against each other potentially leaking some incriminating information that traces back to Hillary Clinton ... Clinton was able to avoid all that by keeping their relationship are at least somewhat together during this investigation and trial on a lot of people think that the equal Anthony Weiner whom Aberdeen relationship with this was a scam up politically expedient stamp to begin with but it's a notable the timing that now they are formally going through this divorce process they waited until after all the sentencing after the investigation now whom Aberdeen's ready to up the divorced from Anthony Weiner let me know what you think is happening on as we get more information there will be this incoming divorce hearing a if the winner should be stepping into jail in November it's expected I will follow up as more information comes out leave a comment let me know what you think if you could leave a like on this video it's greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel finally a different people over to my teacher unaccountable work Petri slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated so far it makes a huge difference to allow me to keep reporting on are the sorts of topics even a dollar to make a huge difference between slash reality reader I will follow shortly thanks everyone //
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\\we did a few ominous signs about the future of the US economy and some are broader ... economic changes around the globe that could be incoming back in it 2016 we had ... some statements that Jacob Rothschild told his investors this was taken from one of his our IT capital partners reports in the report from 2016 Rothschild road are significant U. S. dollar position has now been reduced as following the dollar's rise we saw interesting opportunities in other currencies as well as cold the latter reflecting our concerns about monetary policy and ever declining real yields so I'm back into last year Rothschild others saw George Soros had began signaling to their investors that they were moving into gold and other currencies now over the past few months more recently we've seen some other at several are several other economic changes that have fallen in line with this warning that about the uncertainty of the United States dollar that we heard a back yeah I to last year and this ties into the uncertainty as well ... regarding the US dollars future role as the global standard currency that's where it's a stand work much that strength come from obviously that our future is is very much uncertain at this point in parts are based on a a few moves one of them being the you why not priced Chinese oil benchmark that was just recently I introduced this will obviously create some are unprecedented competition with the dollar in the global market there have been additional signs including this year's our IT capital report from Rothschild it to investors where he said that he was moving his investments out of America into far eastern markets this further to show some big changes could be coming in the global economy to the main alternatives that people have been looking at ... gold and met metals obviously a longstanding alternative to this US dollar is the currency crypto currencies of course another emergency ... merging alternative I have AI right up from when my contributors Ross Matt in over it this is our site ... reality you can find any updates on any of the information that we cover from this channel over at this website you can find a full report at reality as well I'd like just introduce Ross Madden he's going to like talk about these 2 our most popular alternatives in a bit of a debate are following up on some statements from Peter Schiff I think he was focusing on are always throw to you Ross can you kind of breakdown of these 2 of me alternatives that you you were talking about and how this might tie into some of these global trends that we're talking about Hey Chris thanks for having me everybody ... yeah I'm so we've got to be sick alternatives that have emerged in the truth community ... we got really medals in crypto currencies and the people who really support crypto currencies respect the medals as a value of a long standing value ... that's lasted centuries but the metals traders insipid me Peter Schiff like you mentioned does not think crypto currencies hold the water that metals too I am is called them a bubble in actually there have been several ... leading economists that have called crypto currencies a bubble recently and ... that has combined with the Chinese have recently we are called for a banning of initial Korean offerings that happened earlier this month and ... but they have abandoned the exchanges yet but the exchanges are very nervous and they are nervous about being shut down by the Chinese government which is very reasonable regulations is the number one thing but I would say makes crypto currencies are up wildcard question mark yeah that that would make sense out course not so hot it impacted our our house deathly costs uncertainty in people investing in in cryptocurrency that move by by China right right and died and we've seen so that was a huge slide down but we've seen a recent rise to over 5000 but I don't know if you noticed that a recent news but a big queen rose to about 5000 on the news that Japan it was going to have own bitcoin accepted in 260000 stores retail stores by the end of this summer okay now that's a big deal at dad's grim news on that I think that ... that really may decline jump to the next level but our news from China just crash right back down so you did what ... what's your overall take away from from that than which you disagree with ... do you think that Peter Schiff is just and he has an interest you would ever imagine in keeping people away we are from the crypto currency market being invested in in the metals so she she does have an interest in it and I'm I think his arguments are so I think its arguments are weak when it comes to our crypto currencies I think they're strong when it comes to gold so I respect his economic minds Buddah when it comes to crypto currencies he doesn't seem to be background he doesn't see the value it backs the crypto currency which is really financial privacy right I mean ever end and then on the arm we just had Equifax have half of America's financial information released to the whole web now everyone's pretty much gonna have to encrypt their I their wallets in their bank accounts this is just kind of something that needs to happen ... so I don't really think that there's point appointing fighting it the people who don't move to some sort of encryption are going to be left vulnerable in the long run yeah it's something that you imagine a sort of inevitable for people to to move to yeah people just I mean not to mention you can make a not recommending this but tax free trade but it's so it's like there's 260000 stores in Japan I'm sure they've got a tax ... wallet did anybody can swipe their card into were swept their phone agree sure all you have to do is swipe a bar code on your phone and you can buy something in Japan while with big points ... but you are are where was I going with that but the stores could easily just say oh which while it did they swept into is it is gonna like I I thought they swept into the the store while it turns out they swept into my personal while it right looking to use I think there's gonna be a lot of tax evasion that goes on are just because of this roll out and I think that that's just part of what's gonna happen with the encryption the government's gonna trying to keep up and it's gonna be a cat and mouse game but yes it was this is a big thing for freedom and ... if your financial freedom and financial privacy not just from hackers but also from the government yeah definitely and its arm with the changes coming on the horizon both on those technological fronts and ... these major economic changes it's something that people are going to have to Akon the terms with a one way or another I'm not you know want us to recommend anyone I crypto currency or any sort of alternative but there will it's something that we will need to be asked further looked into what do you think what people that are ... this is probably a topic for a full other video that will expand on but obviously people are skeptical of the crypto currency ... this is it in in some ways at least it's I understand it's decentralized in many ways ... but it is sort of this one world currency how this that that everybody that many people in the in the truth community up and skeptical of fox 4 years it seems odd that they could be kind of forcing people into moving into this sort of alternative perhaps even you have the deep state you have governments taking advantage of the difficulty in tracking some of these are different exchanges could this kind of be a front for us something more nefarious do you do you agree with some of those sites that worries that people have yeah I I think it just like any market just like the gold market there the dollar market arm you're going to have manipulations like we just saw 40 percent decrease in 15 days help is a an enormous amount if you're sorting that market you made enormous amounts of money if you had big coins you lost a ton so I think there definitely manipulating the market armed but there isn't just one currency and there isn't just one exchange and so if there is one that is corrupted where several that are corrupted in just one safe haven did people are able to make it safe exchanges on private exchanges on people gonna flood into that and the people who are using the crypto currencies are the fastest people to adjust these are that is of the tech people these I mean and this is their money so they're they're going to be moving in adjusting and reinvesting based on what gives them the most freedom right so it it it will be adjusted it will be a will be manipulated but it's the best we got right now everything's look elated yeah I think if you think you pointed out that that's a good point you made that a lot of that community our empowerment is is one of the main objectives up of why they're they're following that so I'm yeah yeah I think you worded it quite well manipulation always always goes on ... but I don't know that it's going to be so easy to just completely you know Paul via our rug over everybody's eyes and and ... for various saw for for it yeah for enough for a number of reasons I don't I I'm not quite as ... negative and and what I I feel about the future of some of those alternatives currencies and again sauce something's going to have to happen if you're gonna have to make decisions one way or another I'm not doing it at any sort of commercial for you what's particular sort of cryptocurrency here but is a topic that's that's worth addressing I sort of wanted to broadly touch on the topic is there anything else that I didn't now gets you Ross well will you hold up on this market this your sorry interrupt just your point ... you're right you can't really fool I mean these are these are nerds really needs are the smartest people you can't really full on for very long rain or going to adjust to the market so whatever what it then they love freedom that's something you you can tell from I've been yeah the truck movement in what's happened online in the last year so I think we're I think we're close enough but on Chris I appreciate you having me this is been really fun for me yeah I think you're coming across the us a reality how you can follow I'm posting there are regularly Ross is one of our contributors we will have some other our regular contributors Ross is also doing us something of a a we are he calls it a war on series that's talking about some of the ... different ... actions going on with the deep state some the different proxy wars with a George Soros I think will probably happen that no other discussion ... went around the time that you courses next article on that but there is some more material reality follow us over there finally I would just point people over to my Patreon account more work each tree slash reality reader thank you so much everybody that has donated so far it makes a huge difference even a dollar to a allows us to invest more time and resources back into the channel thanks for watching everyone I will follow up shortly thanks again Ross yeah supporting reality reader everybody have a thanks Ross thank you around I guess //
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3 Women Allege Abuse by Ex-Democrat IT Aide Imran Awan
\\it appears that Debbie Wasserman Schultz would like everyone to believe that her now indicted former I. T. aid Iran of wind was just a normal employee that happened to get caught up in ... some alternative media they give it to smear campaign this is the way W. argument Schultz is this describe the coverage on the case and she has said that this part of the reason she'd decided to get I keep paying a one even amidst months of investigation I'm basically because she was so virtuous in keeping on a one who was a victim she says of on this side discriminatory coverage now we all know these claims are absolutely ridiculous the W. Osman Schultz's covering up for her own role in this mass of a scandal the indictment as it stands is quite limited there are signs that the charges I could be expanded here are some statements that further ... point how would just how ludicrous the deflection from Wasserman Schultz was when she's trying to paint a one as a victim and a victim of the fire at this being a result of some up bigoted campaign we have 3 separate statements from 3 women who were all had how different types of relationships with a 11 of them bloodied called the police on Iran want all 3 are alleging abuse by Enron here is the full report from mildly grows the act from the daily caller it's a points to Lisa 3 women multiple women that were in relationships with Iran on one the now indicted former I. T. aid for representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz they've recently called Virginia law enforcement and alleged being abused by him police reports obtained under Virginia's freedom of it right mission act show this no officers found one of the women bloodied and she told them how she just wanted to leave while the second said she felt like a slave sheets has described it as according to a Fairfax county police reports obtained by the the DC and half our investigative group a third woman Hannah has claimed that she was being kept in captivity the third woman ... we've had some up reports from her previous there've been some statements from old ones step mother against ... on how she and prior prior to this shit already spoke out but there are some further information from some you know Johnny shoots the stepmother them on a one she it aside in these court documents that I want invoked his authority as the congressional employee to intimidate immigrant women I in part by telling them he had the power to have people kidnapped according to his own stepmother well all but 2 of the nearly 2 dozen democratic women I want to work for in house declined to comment on these reports what image shots of course the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman she refused to fire all on for months after his 2/2/2017 banishment from the house computer network do you to his being a suspect in a criminal investigation by the FBI and the U. S. capitol police into a major cyber security breach so he would've number on top of we'll be having now should he should've been fired for for being part of this investigation having been banned from the house computer networking would have been unable to even do what are the job that he was hired for grossly overpaid for to begin with but she would have not even been able to do his job for those months that he was still being paid by Wasserman Schultz no Wasserman Schultz I explained this nor she attempted to explain it saying that as a mother a Jew and a member of Congress she wanted to defend his rights a sentiment echoed by hello Democrat representatives now she's claiming allegations against a one might stem from Islamophobia all 3 women that alleged the this up you switch of course Wasserman Schultz has not spoken on their behalf clearly ... they are Muslim so that it calls into question not claim which seemed like a pretty obviously a flimsy deflection from Wasserman Schultz to begin with now once turning is Chris Cowan he's a former aide to bill and Hillary Clinton this ... he's blasted journalists covering investigation saying the press should be reminded that Iran a one as a husband and a father not a political power upon I want attorneys have declined to comment on these police reports and neither of the other 2 women who complained are married to a wand though both were apparently in relationships with him one 's wife you know all the she is but returned to the US for testimony she also worked as an I. T. aid for dozens of members of Congress including Wasserman Schultz after her wand was hired the 2 women who called the police both lived in the same Alexandria Virginia complex but in different apartments for which Imran paid a crying us Salaam Shagari called police in 2015 through 1 of the women she called police to the Manitoba apartment complex for a quote domestic dispute according to a a Fairfax county police report spin brought forth through this I FO I a request the investigating officer that arrived wrote that in round one was not supposed to live there and that she wanted him to leave it appeared that the 2 people were in a romantic relationship miss Salaam had a course redacted ... she said that she said happened when she was doing dishes ms Salaam said she just wanted to leave and go to a shelter as she has no money she has 2 children that were both at the residence both under the age of 8 the officer wrote that he asked our missile on why she was crying and calling police she insisted nothing happened but that she wanted to leave I went and spoke to Mr Wong who quickly advised that he wanted to see week with a lawyer I asked him about the small amount of dried blood that appeared to be on his left hand the officer wrote ... Juan in response Iran once stated that it was from when his roommate was getting the phone from him after he left I stayed and spoke with miss long about getting a protective order and the are us third woman some are us CityCat told authorities this was in July on 7/18/2016 in a police report it's with Britain that her boyfriend treat her bad and cake I kept her there like a slave she wants him out of her life in a city wanted info on how to obtain a restraining order against him the July 18 incident was the third time in less than a year police had responded to altercations between city can to one once finding quotes small cuts on the on the stomach and arm once a stepmother said one of the woman who had previously spoken out but not in this Thursday this court document ... there's quote from this court document where she had called the police other court reads Imran Awan showed up and threatened me for calling the police Esther she he'd met our Imada one threatened that he is very powerful and if I ever call the police he will do harm to me and my family members back in Pakistan and one of my cousins here in Baltimore she continued saying Iman Juan did admit to me that my phone is tapped and there are devices installed in my house to listen to all conversations imam Awan introduces himself as someone from U. S. Congress or someone from federal agencies Iran one manages to have police more bile based on his position in U. S. Congress or federal agencies to escort him during his visit to Pakistan separately a she told the DC announced that Iran it captivated me in my house ... Iran kept her captive reportedly any the house off for a long time she says she accused him of storing ill gotten money in his father's name and said that I she mourned the father's death and Ron was focused on getting hurt signed papers giving him rights to that money keeping him Iraq keep her captive in part for that reason she had spoken out about that previously I'm there was some coverage of that ... some months ago but these additional statements out some further contacts soak your side a brief timeline you have back in 2015 city because police to Manitoba drive the observe a cut on these stomach and arms in our that no November ouch god 11/16/2015 the telephone threats between Iran and city a car then the unit December 2015 the arrest warrant served on unknown person at a machine lane apartment then it at the end of 2015 you have the ... Colfer Shagari to police to Manitoba drive they find tried to blood on her the next year the seventh month of 20 Steen's America Siddiqui calls police to I'll she lane and tells them Enron has treat her badly and kept her there like a slave at the end of 2016 and Ron stopped paying rent on its merits apartment leaving her to be affected then in January of this year shaunie called police on her step children in our February of this year I want is banned from the congressional network after capitol police discovery secret server and in our the it just very recently I Wasserman Schultz expresses her concern for Iran's feelings saying he is being persecuted and invoking his children Mrs after years of of fun mistreatment and abuse by a want Johnny claim that city kids all want second wife by Pakistani law but that he had taken her copy of the marriage license away from her in order to render her helpless polygamy is illegal in the U. S. clearly here is how the 17 female members of Congress who once employed one responded when the DC enough I did copies of the police reports to their offices Monday we have our own almost all of them refusing to comment I have one comment from Fredricka will send saying a Congress woman Wilson does not condone ness a it's only 2 statements out of the more than a dozen women that one worked under so this site information does out summer context and some offer insight I think into a the wrong wrong doings about one specifically clearly the sock court case is still going on hive pointed out that the indictment seems quite limited as it stands that's what many people have upset about the trial right now but there are signs that it could be ... expanded to additional charges let me know what you think in the comments ... a few people like on this video greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel I will follow up shortly thanks everyone and finally I just want people over to my Patreon account moderate Petri slash reality reader like to thank everyone so much that has donated it makes a huge difference even a dollar to ... Petri slash reality reader you can find you there thanks everyone //
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Judge Denies Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin's Request for Secret Divorce Case
\\disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner set to face sentencing for his sex crimes at the end of this month he should be formally sentenced it's expected this is our regarding the scandal involving I am sending a sexual materials to a 15 year old girl now he is the husband of course of who Aberdeen who is a former aide to Hillary Clinton up very close up top aide to Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign they sent a you //
"2017-09-18 16:28:15"
Clinton's New 'Dark Money' Political Group Exposes Democrats' Secret Plans for Future
\\seems like almost everybody is now ready to start bashing Hillary Clinton this is amidst her book tour which I've said before I think in some way it's a year facade really seems like an act that Hillary is putting on and even the book itself she has made some bizarre ... decisions in the book people have pointed out she seems to you blaming everyone up by herself for her loss is been what she's done since the election but she is intentionally angering ... corona people within her own party she's claiming that Bernie Sanders she's angering their supporters are she seems to be hurting her own image and taking on the Democrats at least on the surface I think this is part of a plan by the Democrats intentionally ... to make Hillary go out to do the rounds I don't even think that she wanted to write the book or do this tour personally up but for whatever reason people have so much black male on the on the Clintons they ... political favors ... she's been made to do this book tour make the Democrats look good by comparison and when the Democrats are ready to run again up in 2 or 3 years they can say publicly our overall thank gosh we're past this Hillary Clinton era we've distance ourselves from Hillary Hillary has a has attacked the party people within the party and are people that are adamant supporters up fleet democratic political establishment people that we are generally port this liberal globalist propaganda here you even have the young Turks saying that ... doing a negative peace on on Hillary all liberal media it seems everyone is been given the green light to attack Hillary Clinton here is an article about ... some of the things going on behind the scenes with Hilary Clinton which might give some more insight into how what I suspect is this clan by Democrats that they're setting up there are there publicly throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus given that the number of criminal investigations she probably should be facing charges I don't think for Clinton will ever end up in a jail cell up but are unfortunately though people think that she's got deserves to be however I do think the Democrats will start ... bashing her are criticizing her more often in order to receive the party image and Hillary's been instructed to make herself look bad to make party look good here's an article X. eta gets more insight into out this possibility .so Hillary's new political group they have done very little with their donations they've been in existence for 4 months in 4 months since Hillary Clinton officially launched her new political grip on went together the group has done little besides listing donations from Clinton supporters since that support the daily caller I'd reads when Clinton went public with your group on may 15 she said the star that the group would be partnering with 5 left wing political groups these groups are indivisible swing left color of change emerge America and run for something 4 months later it's unclear what the group's donors have to show for their money onward togethers website still has just 2 tabs misses the entire website they have one very brief description of what they say they're there are messages and on the other donations top ... an email that was signed by Clinton center recently last supporters for money last week this excused her groups a lock of actions you recognized this she told her supporters you may not have heard much about the work we're doing it on work together Clinton wrote she said that's because we're working behind the scenes to find support and amplify the work of the groups were supporting were not the story they are so it really seems to tie in with our what I believed at the are reason for this whole book tour was the study a secret reason arm was that Hillary Clinton it looks like she is are going out and try to do this public torrent trying to gain all this attention in making this about herself ... but it's very obvious bad PR for Clinton and again I think she saving the party she's making herself are not part the story she setting herself up to not be part of the Democrats story by the next election this will be ... this whole narrative will be fully set up however behind the scenes are Clinton and Clinton's owners the powers that be who control Clinton will have me out will still maintain a great amount of power it'll be as a change on the surface the Democrats underneath it won't really change the run I imagine Kamal Harris or mark Zuckerberg and it will be the same backers the same people that were giving Hillary Clinton orders but the White House at this change on the surface so they can present themselves as a new democratic I I am are you up the Democratic Party other daily caller more from this report they reached out to all 5 of the political groups which on work together says that they have been funding they've asked them to confirm that on we're together has in fact been funding and supporting their groups only one group responded to the DC is repeated requests indivisible they are a George Soros backed quote resistance group are they wrote onward together has not given any financial support to us they did add that Clinton's group has been amplifying and highlighting our work through their digital networks what she explained has consisted of retweeting I guess their articles and they've highlighted our work via their emails to their at least 2 so no actual money has been exchanged according to the one group that has responded and this is what Clinton has said that she's been doing with the money look over the past 4 months this was the email that she sent out to her donors saying that they haven't done anything without the money except up fund these these sub organizations and asking for more money at the end now the other 4 groups ... would confirm that our work together has supported their work either financially or otherwise they did not return the artwork together itself did not return emails seeking comments now our this article does note as they are social welfare organization on work together is not required to reveal the identity of its donors sure suck intentionally something other group has confirmed it will not be doing appear revealing identities up their donors as a presidential candidate Clinton rallied against dark money groups like on work together this very cryptic she founded after the election ... Clinton transferred $800000 from her failed 2016 presidential campaign to you on work together shortly before announcing the group's launch in may Lazar revealed in that documents the campaign filed with art the FCC so she has been on this book tour again I think it's our but this is sort of a pro wrestling match that Hillary's told that she asked to play the heel for the Democratic Party now there's one other I issue with sorts of groups that and the other other associated I NGOs which arm work together out says that they will be funding this is a the sort of tactic that George Soros uses and Bob I will do more I am more in depth look at the 5 organizations in the future video but there could be other organizations if this are if on we're together wants to branch out or internationally that could use tactics similar to George Soros and here's a a a problem with ... the open society foundation set up by George Soros that I could see happening with a group like ours were together sun article from zerohedge are stance on this potential problem I see it reads the progressive advocacy group is also funded by foundations of George Soros the purpose is to raise millions of dollars from liberal candidates and is behind such liberal propaganda as comparing political opposition to Hitler we have seen the comparisons from Russian leader Vladimir Putin to most recently with Donald Trump Soros also funds the progressive think tank center for American progress this is a group that is associated with a former Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta he out was closely tied to center for American progress the CAP has provided talking points also to the Obama administration and former White House chief of staff and dusted headed the group Obama staff consisted of a large percentage of CAP personalities so from this NGO group into the actual I. humming actual influence in the government the open society foundation has even infiltrated the education systems of most nations by funding curriculum studies and implementing changes to the education courses this is been happening for so long now that most western teachers are promoting the liberal left agenda without even realizing they have been manipulated in condition to destroy their own culture from within some of the foundations historical successes have been called I've been the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Arab spring which further fragmented the Middle East and caused massive death and the ongoing migration problem which is affecting the whole world now here's the key our problem with these this sort of sort of group the tactics that the and I George Soros uses with any sort of organizations one of the issues is that the amount George Soros gives to the liberal international agenda is billions but still only a fraction of his reported 23000000000 works most nations they have they've set up some form of law regulation which prevents foreign entities from funding and influencing elections the way the open society foundation works around this however the is by a arm what they do is they just they establish domestic foundations within nations with no direct ties to lock the larger parent the groups are funded by the larger Soros foundation which serves as a third party the domestic foundation can then at work to influence the elections within the country because once the money is given to them it is no longer considered a foreign money or influence something needs to change in the opinion of of this article I would have to agree I so in most cases it is impossible to determine if foreign interests have influenced they're talking about ... sources influence on Canadian elections in this case but it could apply to elections of other nations because none of the funding has to be registered or reported to the governments of those nations so clearly could see the exact same scenario playing out in these ... groups that are funded by Clinton some of them are groups that are also funded by Soros naturally you you would expect that arm but that this is another possibility probably intentional a tactic that is being used that will be used by Hillary with the sort of organization let me know what you think about this in the comments I if you could be like on this video and subscribe to the channel is greatly appreciated I will follow up more on some of those other organisations Richard radio finally had on people over to my patriotic anthem at slash reality reader thank you so much everybody that has donated it makes a huge difference even the even a dollar or 2 and I'm over at reality you can follow me there for updates as well thanks everyone I will follow up shortly //
"2017-09-15 19:24:12"
Democrats ‘IT’ (Aide) HORROR, Debbie Wasserman Schultz' Awan Bros Scandal Disturbing New Info
\\there have been a few more developments in the scandal involving Debbie Wasserman Schultz is former I. T. aid in Ron up a wine this is a new article that I posted on reality this is our our websites it reads events are continuing to escalate in the scandal involving ex Democrat I. T. aid in round one the now indicted employee a former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and dozens of other Congress people earlier this week ... one development and a congressman Trent Franks said he expected a want to reveal some quote very disturbing in his words information about Debbie Wasserman Schultz through a possible plea deal that could be are being set up by a one and lawyers with prosecutors there is some there are some further developments which offer the support this theory previously highlighted some of the recent developments which could have Debbie worried about Iran a one and ... her fellow establishment politicians they may soon turn on her it seems to protect others higher in the chain of corruption there are few signs that this could happen ... including the move by prosecutors say recent move to give up on the laptop owned by Wasserman Schultz this is the device that shots had threatened police to return in an attempt to shut down the investigation ... another now move rather it was has happened recently was the decision by a one 's wife to return to the United States to give testimony she had previously fled to Pakistan we also ... may consider the statements from politicians like congressman Franks suggesting that Schultz will be exposed through this trial and possible plea deal and ... fellow Democrats just weeks ago even were telling her are wishing ... they said that she would just go away at this point so there's a few signs that someone will have to take some sort of blame in this scandal I don't expect that we will I ever know the full extent of just how many people were involved but there are signs that a one is willing to ... flip on that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and ... even others in the political establishment may may be willing to throw her under the bus ... in some sense that it seems there have been a few other recent developments ... one at new lead it that there is some new information just today it was actually shared by ... George web on his Twitter on but this is following the discovery of a secret server how which I wanna allegedly used to secretly hold data on house Democrats ... this was discovered months ago but it's just now being reported that this was behind law enforcement's decision to ban him from the house computers I just recently reported now another potential new lead in that there's some ... ... so some new updates on this today it involves the recent discovery of Iran a wand still active email address this was the 123 at address ... this email address is registered under the name of democratic representative Andre Carson Carson was one of the last Democrats worth noting ... that he was when the last Democrats to fire a wind this is even after the investigation had become known ... another Democrat I T. aid had told the daily caller recently that Carson and no one played video games and Carson's office the DCF had reported that Carson's office appears unconcerned about the fact that a one was using a secret email address using the name of his deputy chief of staff I in their responses they seem are ... they seem to be trying to downplay this obvious ... issue now there has been a ... potential new lead ... today George web spoke with us on Twitter yeah he shared a link to a steam account steam is the ... website that people ... download and play video games through this I can't appears to be tied to the same email address the 123 at gmail.have stock got address that was used by a wand and registered under ... entre Carson's name web speculates that this is possible evidence that representative Andre Carson may have been fooled by a wand into verifying the house email address for video games ... this movies would be very worrying as it would have resulted in a huge security breach and ... George web speculates that this could potentially opened a pipe ... to Pakistan of very important classified information this I could've been delivered through steams messaging system these were the actual tweets from ... George web that truth leaks it was the ... that screen shot of the profile and it is listed and ... this link as well you can you can go to that link the profile is listed with the Associated email address that is is linked to a wine ... this was a nother treats that George Webb shared with a a message that expands on the ... possible significance of this and and ... further verifies it's suspected that this steam account ... was ... a it is associated with the account this further now supports that message ... this message read steam is also unique because it allows for instant messaging type of communications on the platform ... what tells me it isn't a throw someone's ready to torch web here I think ... they think it is enough throw it because to have access to the link email address to verify ... the account you must have access to the link email address in order to verify the steam account so whoever was using the account was able to click the link that would have been sent to this 123 at ... account ... so again this in he ... overtook web speculates that Iran I want fooled representative Andre Carson into verifying this hoax email for video games thereby opening a pipe to Pakistan it's a very I problematic development ... snoring information definitely I will follow up on this story ... as new information comes out leave a comment let me know what you think and if you could leave a like on this video subscribe to the channel that's greatly appreciated you can find more updates ... through I've been following the daily caller George web is giving updates on this story I will also follow up at reality as new information comes out finally at a point people over to my Patreon account him over slash reality reader thank you everybody that has donated even a dollar to make a huge difference ... I will follow up shortly thinks everyone //
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New Clinton Emails Uncovered. Reveals More Corruption, Bribery, Security Risks
\\published by judicial watch in this is following the release of a 1617 in new pages of documents related to Hillary Clinton her time at the US department of state the documents reveal numerous additional examples of classified information being transmitted through unsecure non state government account does the countess who Aberdeen the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's deputy chief of staff Aberdeen as well as many instances of Hillary Clinton donors receiving special favors from the state department also been out is number of examples of this in these documents as part of the documents there's included 97 email exchanges with Clinton which also this will this brings the known total up to date to at least 627 emails that were not part of the 55000 peaches that Clinton turned over and at this further contradicts that statement by Clinton that quote as far as she knew all of her government emails have been turned over to the department there are numerous examples of therapy to play I'm bribery security risks in the existing emails but the fact that there are are additional previously unknown examples and these 97 emails calls into question whether these were out previously are either the the or possibly intentionally ... not released now this is also the same week it's notable that the number of Clinton lawyers have been called by a Marylin judge in a separate ... but related complaint it was on Monday September 11 ... this judge ordered an investigation into 3 Clinton lawyers following a legal complaint that they helped her delete thousands of official emails kept on a private server as part of this up previous scandal that goes back to you at the top beyond last year this was that an intentional attempt to destroy key evidence against Clinton in the case according to the complaining tie Clevenger that is the case on that is worth following as well have a link to our site reality up a summary of that case as well interesting to follow ... and given these additional email exchanges we have some more evidence that warrants a further in a criminal investigation not yet Justin to Clinton's lawyers put into Clinton herself this is what should be happening well we'll have to see how the song goes forward here's a few examples of the first security risk and some are very interesting I will problematic examples of bribery that are pointed out in these email so the state department produced many more Clinton in Aberdeen on security emails that were classified few examples in March at 2009 Clinton sent classified information using an unsecure her personal account was on secure she forwarded this to former senator George Mitchell an email from Tony Blair relating to Palestine the email has been sent to her at each are 15 her her account Clinton responded to Blair saying that she had forwarded the email to Mitchell a former Senate Majority Leader I she was serving a special envoy for Middle East peace clearance security wrestling in a number of examples are even more interesting protect potentially are the bribery not examples and there are a number of for what seemed to be pretty clear cases of corruption that have been laid out here the ... I know that few examples from each of the first from 7/14/2009 were Gordon Griffin he's a a keystone lobbyist he something email took the Clinton foundation executive dug a band asking if band could get him into a council on foreign relations dinner at which Clinton was speaking band forwarded the email to Aberdeen saying it can you get him in Aberdeen replied quote yes we will get him in band was a top aide to president Bill Clinton and a co founder of neo at Griffin was a major donor to Hillary Clinton's Senate and presidential campaigns theories asking to get into this council on foreign relations dinner you it it seems as though it it to be paid back for these bribes but what they have received another example 7/16/2009 Zachary Schwartz asked band for help getting visas to travel to Cuba for a film production crew ... band forwarded the request to Aberdeen telling her quote please calls back east sap on this ... portion was redacted and it also says important nobody responded cycle call Zac when we land in India Aberdeen concludes with enjoy Cuba is complicated am sure you aren't surprised to hear that shorts worked first being here's a nigger make a donor to the Clintons and owner of the this out production crew that was setting up a that they were asking its request for being has reportedly donated 10 to $25000000 to the Clinton foundation and paid Bill Clinton personally 2.5000000 a year to be an adviser to a green construction company being owned 9/11/2009 Terence Duffy chairman a futures brokerage firm CME group he is also a donor to the Clinton foundation he asked Clinton to arrange quote government appointments for him in Singapore and Hong Kong Clinton used her a personal email address forwarded the request to Aberdeen saying FYI a Aberdeen responded to Duffy's email saying she would quote follow up if Duffy's secretary choice ... with the US secretary Duffy gave $4600 to Hillary's 2008 presidential campaign CME group paid Hillary $225000 for a speaking fee that and ... has also donated between 5 and $10000 to the Clinton foundation Aberdeen using her now who mats Clinton address later told Joyce that they would like to get some more information and detail so they can try to help further along in the exchange Joyce responds we would also like some help in arranging meetings with some key government officials in both locations such as the prime minister of Singapore and would appreciate any help you may be able to provide on 9/29/2009 Aberdeen followed up with Duffy telling him that quote we are happy to assist with any and all meetings and that she had called discussed you end your trip with our Assistant Secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific affairs the suggesting this has suggested that Duffy are right they suggested a few right the Assistant Secretary Kurt Campbell Duffey replied saying thank you very much I did it connect with Kurt Campbell today 5/5/2010 another incident of the young man Major Clinton global initiative number Clinton foundation donor and real estate developer at the trump forwarded to Dougie band a request for assistance from a Russian American foundation vice president Rina Kirschner to get IBM Russian American foundation involved in the state department program been forwarded this request Aberdeen seeing a quote can be get this done ... like sad as judicial watch report as reported on this previously the state department although more than $260000 to the Russian American foundation for public diplomacy okay Major Clinton donor pal das a New York a financier who reported the raised $300000 for Hillary's 2008 presidential campaign asked Aberdeen on 11/11/2009 if Hillary Clinton that could address the Japan society at its annual conference in 2010 Clinton did speak to the Japan society's annual conference in 2011 the email also provides insight on the inner workings of Clinton state department in particular her engagement with her staff how they have a number of other notes one thing they point out from may 19 2009 worry a this was part of a global press conference memo Clinton was given in advance the proposed questions of all 4 of the 7 foreign reporters examples include quote what is the Obama administration's view of Australian PM Reid's proposal to form in Asia specific community another example why can't American drones not find it detects and destroyed the insurgency supply line she was a given these in advance them a number of other ... it it example some interesting examples of the internal workings of of the state department I think the most notable examples that were brought up and again it you'd have to question whether this was a these emails were intentionally not are released previously even though Clinton had said that she had hand it over all known emails there are these bribery examples in particular are relatively ... they are particularly damning of Hillary and others in her in her camp so we will have to seek more I documents continued to come forward there could be related documents in this case of it there has been a freedom of information act request it's also notable to related case with Clinton's lawyers are the complainant in that case Clevenger he recently asked the FBI to release documents pertaining to the Clinton email foundation out there in the investigation into the Clintons yeah you know scandal the FBI had denied that request saying that hiding the information was justified due to a lack of public interest in the investigation received a lot of criticism up for that response and a are the but I just disagreed with that they called on the FBI to release further documents as well as the bar council to up move forward in and ... investigation into Clinton attorneys DVD candle Cheryl mills and heather Samuelson's lots a related case could be new information are revealed through bad I will follow up as new information comes out if you leave a comment that's greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel finally him over at reality and Petri slash reality reader I would like to just thank everybody that's donated it makes a huge difference even a dollar to allows me to I spent some more time and resources back into the channel out to prove improve the sighting keep reporting on these issues slash reality reader off followed shortly thanks everyone //
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Canada Now Investigates 'Climate Deniers'; Trudeau, Soros, Podesta Seek Globalist Tyranny
\\Stan Trudeau the prime minister of Canada and I think he has to be one of the biggest globalist Stooges in politics he is completely unqualified for its position besides the fact that it is father was a prime minister previously and he's sold himself out to these many ... establishment neo liberal globalists curious with it he and his wife with Hillary Clinton he recently donated $20000000 to the Clinton foundation is liberal government handed over $20000000 it's Canadian taxpayer money to the Clinton foundation to support ... reasoning they gave was projects which will provide critical sexual and reproduction health services it's the reason that they have given for years Trudeau with George Soros discussing climate change and ... George Soros is also been talking about immigration strategy with Justin Trudeau a private sponsorship that a program is currently exists in Canada Soros's talking with Trudeau on how to implement this elsewhere I think the George Soros has even more influence on it Trudeau's a way that he has dealt with immigration than they would want people to believe even arts notable actually Trudeau's receival large amount of criticism as of late for a tweet that he sent out recently where he invited immigrants to come to Canada ... in response to trump basically sending out a treat that suggested that Canada had an open border policy and over the past few weeks we've had thousands of I Haitians Haitian refugees from the U. S. that have been streaming across the border into Canada this was based off the street and apparently was sent throat social media which I triggered the massive influx of people's stream across the border also coincidental that this was the same week that bill and Hillary Clinton were vacationing in a callback the same province where most of these Haitian refugees are staying bill and Hillary Clinton were in the province at that time in the Canadian province you're trying to our ears John Podesta with Justin Trudeau reads work regarding cans prime minister just as real as a surrogate he was identified as follows this is from a the wikileaks emails this was a quote from a the protest the leaks it reads prime minister Trudeau has been a longtime progressive ally of the center for American progress allied to the Democratic Party an active and engaged partner in our global progress program another email borne attachment showing a photo of John Podesta whispering into Trudeau's ear the title of the message calls Trudeau Mister Canada so John Podesta I was very very close associate with Justin Trudeau is a big supporter of just you know clearly and the center for American progress I he's associated with that group as well which Trudeau now they they point out he's tied to both the CAPM the Democratic Party this our calls into further question the already disturbing in a way news that Canada's investigating a people for denying the mainstream opinion of climate change it was a recent article artists from from today I it reads that this seems like something's out of Jr it is something of George Orwell's 1984 the Canada competition bureau which is an arms length agency funded by prime minister Justin Trudeau's government to the tune of almost $50000000 annually they've investigated 3 organizations accused of denying mainstream climate science for over a year following a complaint from an environmental group the bureau discounted it's 14 month probe in June citing quote available evidence the assessment of the facts in this case and to ensure the effective allocation of limited resources they have said however that they will reopen its investigation should it received new relevant information the public this was a following a complaint filed by eco justice on behalf of 6 prominent Canadians including a former Ontario NDP leader this is a a left wing I'm a party within Canada there's there's 3 basically 3 major parties in Canada the conservatives the liberals and the NDP which are further left Andy the liberals are but these politicians a prompted eco justice this group to Mitch is stirred up get me bureau to start this investigation NDP leader anyone ambassador Stephen Lewis was one of the squad prominent Canadians that that kicked off this complaint no complaints accuse the 3 groups of ... misleading claims they've said about climate change including that the sun is the main driver of climate change not carbon dioxide and a carbon dioxide is not a pollutant when it's launched its complaint in a December 2015 equal justice told the national observer it would depress the commissioner of competition tour further matter to the Attorney General of Canada for quote criminal charges against the denier groups so they're seeking criminal charges for this disagreeing with mainstream climate science 3 groups in response to the competition bureau discontinuing its probe Calgary based from the science on the put on its blog that the competition bureau is a very important Forsman agency we regret that any over their time had to be wasted on this matter we are not a commercial entity we do not have federal lobbyists we are not tax subsidized and environmental charities are we do not represent any industry we only present the professional insights and expertise of our core team and represent the views of in our individual members not corporations not a George Soros and and other south that are funding Trudeau an intern funding these are the in groups they are pursuing the investigation the typical process for competition grow increases confidential equal justice appeared to use this call for increased to grandstand either a they are saying one of the accused groups now the the writer of this article he says that someone has written extensively on climate change for a decade his view is that this is madness we are entering into dangerous territory and a fundamental attack on free speech if we're going to use agencies of the federal government to investigate and even prosecuted quote climate deniers for making a false and misleading claims in their words then let's damn all do the same for climate alarmist to do the same thing all the time I read and hear politicians making false and misleading claims about climate change almost daily particularly with regard to what federal and provincial carbon pricing schemes will actually accomplish as opposed to what our governments are cleaning the will accomplish before not to make money slid the reasoning now that many assume by the way it too decided these issues through public debate not running to an agency of the federal government to shut up people we disagree with particularly a government that itself makes a false and misleading claims about man made climate change all the time and again even more disturbing when you are look the further you look into your future does ties to these others really seems like he's working primarily in the interests of his globalist is lead globalist friends and does not really care about the opinions of actual Canadian citizens so another article are from zerohedge that a disc stands little bit further on the influence of George Soros in Canada and it they are they're arguing that it's in our paramount importance that Canada and other nations cut off foreign funding civil society groups and foundations with which operate within their borders these foundations and organizations represent outside forces which have ulterior motives and agendas which may not always if ever be aligned with the needs of the people it's a sort of what I'm talking about here one of such foreign fling a quote philanthropy organizations is the George Soros funded open society foundation this foundation sole purpose is the promotion and expansion of the liberal left international agenda meant to reduce national sovereignty fund and support massive migration such as is taking place in Europe and the and out to promote the mandate of open borders Soros and its foundations have provided the majority of funding for liberal left social justice movements whichever road at national identity promoted extremist environmental and taxation very similar to this side other case you can seem the sorts of ideas the push for criminal charges against people that a political opponents seems like it stems from the ideas of Soros and and is Saddam organizations spin aren't much evidence that sources also attempted to influence the elections of various governments this points out that this article points out that most nations and how about some form of law or regulation which prevents foreign entered and he's from funding in influencing elections the way the open society works around this is by establishment establishing it domestic foundations within nations with no direct ties to the larger parents could be in part what we're seeing from this our organization that made the original complaint in this climate denial case this was not formally associated with the open society could be up connected in at at it in another way these groups they're funded by the larger Soros foundation where a few parts removed which serves as a third party ... the domestic foundation can then work to influence the elections within the country because once the money is given to them it is no longer considered foreign money or influence something needs to change in most cases it's impossible to determine if foreign interests have influenced Canadian elections or elections of other nations because none of the funding has to be registered none of it has to be registered or or reported to the governments of those nations Alyssa a clear problem we know that this is an issue and ... because of this of this tactic that Soros uses we are still unaware of just how it is the exact extent on how how bad this is exactly you we do know that it's a problem clearly could leave a comment on this video screen be appreciated leave a like and subscribe to the channel I will follow shortly thanks everyone //
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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Resigns as Fifth Child Abuse Victim Comes Forward
\\for months now Seattle mayor ed Murray has been rejecting calls for his resignation amid allegations he sexually abused teens decades before entering politics just this week at Marie has resigned based off the fifth victim coming forward of the fifth alleged victim see article from The Seattle Times it reads Marie couldn't withstand a devastating new allegation from within his own family this is his cousin that is accused him are most recently of abuse a decades ago and this fits into the same timeframe of these other for previous accusers unfortunately it seems that as though this is beyond the statute of limitations of the actual crimes themselves so and Murray as far as I understand is not in dangerous facing criminal punishment however he was intending to run again as mayor and potentially would have been reelected yet many supporters I covered this case ... months ago after the second accuser number came out and did their we're number people still defending and Murray only after then that he decided not to seek reelection and he woods still going to see this term throwing stay on as mayor now he's finally resigned after this shift a victim and I think it's in part due to the public outrage over this case if the public had not brought this case up we are made not of how these other victims come forward I think this is prompted in part for her statements from these other victims and now at Murray has resigned Tuesdays are Tuesday just hours after the news emerged that a younger cousin was publicly accusing Marie of molesting him in New York in the 19 seventies Murray is a former democratic state legislator he was elected mayor in 2013 and he didn't appear in public to make the announcement instead he issued a statement saying his resignation would be effective 5:00 PM Wednesday is still denying the allegations but is saying that he will step down are there are a number of other people and have called on him to step down I mean within the same admissibility you have city council member Ken burgers he said the key into the accu accumulation of these accusations and now coming from a family member made it essential that he resign council president Bruce Harrell will temper early service mayor and will decide within 5 days whether to take on the role of acting mayor past the November 7 election he may turn down the position of acting mayor because accepting it would require him to give up his council seat ... the council will pick another of its members to serve until the election results are certified if he chooses not to ... go forward beyond that point during the a there were a number of those statements from others went first called for Murray to step down in may so the statement from Harrell he's said that his heart goes out to survivors of sexual abuse due to the pre trial as to the nation these Alagoas age these allegations have caused and I quote these accusations are unspeakable and require the utmost attention from our legal and social service system no matter how long ago the might have occurred said now and Marie still denying the claims and I don't believe this is included in many of the articles that have fuck covered this resignation at the still take at Marie's our refusal I understandable that they are taking quotes from his lawyers but his denial ... it seems that Maria was where he was lying about this to try to save his side job up until very recently it seems that he still denying it but we have some recent accord documents this was actually revealed back in trouble July this is an article again from The Seattle Times which up points out the report from a child welfare investigator back from the 19 eighties that concluded that at Maria sexually abused his foster son in the during the 19 eighties leading state officials I have asserted that under no circumstances it should Mr Murray be certified as a foster parent in the future according to a public records obtained by The Seattle Times the investigation this was by CPS services Jeff Simpson during a time these allegations are you convert determined them to be valid the worker looking into the case meaning the agency believes that Murray sexually abused Simpson supporting to be records that were recently well brought up at Marie's saying that this is a politically motivated campaign against him that these accusations are just a the result of him being a political target but this report it from the same time of frame that piece of 5 victims during the 19 seventies and eighties have said that most of this abuse occurred this would have been a very long set up to be politically motivated ... smear campaign has at Murray suggests it really seems as though that is not the case that these allegations are that there is truth to these allegations and Marie did not face criminal trial as a result of these ... records however the worker in the case believed that's he did abuse Simpson at the time of this was the statements from ed Murray's attorney he said that the allegations by Simpson were completely debunked and found to be false by law enforcement the records released in July suggest otherwise along with the prosecutors letter and CPS assessment this was the year quotes from the yes report it reads Mr Maria allegedly sexually abused the foster child in his home over a long period of time although he was not indicted the protective services department feels that the allegations are true as does the district attorney's office a police report shows 2 witnesses also told a detective they were aware of allegations that Murray had abused Simpson and were willing to testify before a grand jury a high school friend of accuser and to the friend's mother told detective these are told the detective that Simpson had spoken to them about Marie's alleged abuse before telling social workers and that they had overheard a 3 to 4 hour phone call between the 2 we have multiple Acropora redid reports back from the 19 eighties suggests that this abuse was in fact occurring CNN finally did report on this scandal after months of not addressing it of they were finally forced to briefly address the resignation of at Murray it's is it should be surprising them amount of bias that terror there seem to be in the coverage unfortunately I think it's we've come to expect from much in the mainstream media but this was CNN's response to this scandal our score ports short reports from the daily wire reads if you ever wondered whether there was media bias wonder no more in one tweet on Wednesday mornings today CNN's Chris a Cillizza a week alleviated all concerns on that score with one astonishing creat this was their quote are the at today's show did they Ted Cruz porn video and Seattle mayor resignation in its first 10 minutes a banner day for politicians alpha Sousa and at CNN making lights sort of of this scandal and comparing it to equating it with this Ted Cruz news that's been completely are overblown almond this week more from the steel wire article it says non case you've missed the context here need Ted Cruz porn videos I mistakenly like tweet by one of Chriss interns crew said there was an internet act so that we liked this tweet ... whereas the Seattle mayor's resignation in this is the fifth allegation of sex with male minors forcing resignation of Seattle mayor ed Murray in other words one of the stories is pure stupidity in the words of daily the daily wire it's almost a joke the other is a very serious our stories very serious allegations of cereal sexual misconduct with minors if you just saw CNN's creeds as this article points out think that cruise was involved in making a porn video and that the Seattle mayor with stepping down to spend time with the family doesn't give a reason for in the Seattle mayor resignation ... it that's obviously the more important of these 2 stories and even to .equipment assignment treat to begin with is is flippant and irresponsible and given that CNN that should've been taking this seriously in the first place and probably should have a felt guilty for not covering that this scandal this just if it further shows that are there in their bias and that they really have a very little remorse over this sort of heavily biased and and in dangerous our coverage the actual article scene and did 2 full articles on both stories it had crew story was actually more damning ... then the at Marie article on the CNN article ha on The Ed Marie chase I will link to it because I would rather not even give it scene and the clicks but you can search for it yourself if you'd like they spend half the time and gloating about how ed Marie was a ... champion of progressive rights they're they're describing him as it in the article I'm that is half the year the article the denial by ed Murray and just a short summary of the a accusations against Murray in the CNN coverage it seems like CNN even now even after the resignation is still trying to downplay or protect at least in some way a mayor ed Murray and the the extent of this scandal I will follow up as further details come out this is the fifth victim and they have been ... there've been more victims of speaking out over the past months so there could be people are still coming forward I will follow up as news comes out please leave a comment well let me know what you think if you people like on this video is greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel thanks everyone //
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Disturbing Story About Wasserman Schultz Will be Exposed by Awan Says Congressman Franks
\\it's pretty clear that former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is heavily implicated in the current indictment against former Democrat I. T. aid in round one there are some recent statements are interesting from a U. S. representative Franks on it what he expects may happen ... with a possible immunity deal with Iran align their number people have been following this story how George web here on YouTube has been following this for a number of months look rosy act the dealer daily caller I. has also been following us it's been some coverage from their Washington examiner as well it's leaked into the mainstream media more recent namely after the arrest of Iran a one ... this summer few weeks ago now a few are recent developments from it just last week or 2 significant developments so at the Washington examiner reported that you know all the it's the wife of the W. Wasserman Schultz is now infamous former I. T. staffer Iran a wine she had struck a deal with federal prosecutors to return to the U. S. where she currently faces charges of conspiracy and bank fraud the deal with prosecutors mandates he returned to the U. S. during the last week of September 2017 structured to oz so that she will not be arrested in front of her children what's the reasoning behind this a now it may be odd to some that I'll be would return to greet return to Pakistan as she'd specifically fled to avoid the charges that she is now coming back up for so this yeah suggests to a number people have taken this is a sign that she the they are ready Oman and his wife to strike a possible immunity deal there were some recent statements from congressman that Trent Franks you appeared in an interview pile where he said that he believes that alpiste return a as a result of all Abdel bees return he predicts that the old ones could be working on a broader immunity deal with prosecutors in return for a quote significant and call pretty disturbing story about a W. Osman Schultz this was the R. quote from it Trent Franks it reads I don't want to talk out of school here but I think you're going to see some revelations that are going to be pretty profound the fact that his wife is coming from Pakistan is and is willing to face charges as it were I think there's a good chance that she is going to reach some type of immunity to tell a larger story here that is going to be pretty disturbing to the American people I would predict I would just predict that this is going to be a very significant story in people it should fasten their seat belts on this one but he says now people have been following the story up in many expected that ... Iran a one would have some sort of slap on the wrist that he wasn't Schultz's down playing the scandal she's been are downplaying and and even during the investigation into a long refused to fire him until very recently I said that there was nothing more to it than the I'm very limited bank fraud I related charges that were brought forward in the trial when she finally I did it meant that there were some more to the the story she was still trying to downplay it I don't think people expected the W. Osman Schultz would actually face any sort of punishment and the in the sort of scandals and the the trend I think many I expect that she would be protected by her fellow politicians unless others in the government that are potentially implicated in this case in run a lawn hot in this specific instance was working under dozens of Congress people also possibly implicated in the case I once lawyer is a close associate of bill and Hillary Clinton it seems like they have an interest in this not being too deeply investigated so unless there was a consensus in the political establishment to ... choose a scapegoat either Imada wind or W. Wasserman Schultz if they came to that consensus that's the only outcome right could see W. wasn't shots actually facing punishment these recent statements from our congressmen it is a Republican aren't there is potential the Republicans could be implicated in this set as well that's why they haven't been pursuing any are further but even weeks ago other Democrats were it seems throwing W. Osman shots under the bus it on the air in regards to the scandal in a sense saying that baby wanted her to just go away at this point so it did seem like our other establishment politicians like behind the green light potentially to a start turning on W. Wasserman Schultz that she might be a a scapegoat in actually face some sort of a punishment for for this now this is also falling speculation that surfaced last week suggesting that even if the lines were originally acting to protect work store W. Wasserman Schultz that many of the changed on April 6 when it Imran a seemingly led the U. S. capitol police directly to her laptop intentionally I've heard others suggests that this may have not been and run a one that that left the laptop but god given the signs that they're ready to strike an immunity deal more a more potential evidence that W. Othman Schultz could I be the one that they they place the blame for this entire scandal on all this was the report from the daily caller reads a laptop that represent the W. Osman Schultz's frantically fought to keep prosecutors from examining may have been planted for police to find by her since indicted staffer in run a wand along with a letter to the US attorney US capitol police found the laptop after midnight 4/6/2017 and a tiny room that formerly served as a phone booth in the Rayburn house office building I reported on this I had a number people think it was very odd that it was found in a cellphone brew booth I'm I'm not it extremely familiar with the Rayburn house office building but if if it is an older building in the picture that they give it's it's a it's a small room in it the older building I I know that I have seen that in some some of decades old buildings where they have phone booths built in ... that that's something that I have seen before people a point I noticed something it was autumn not sure is whether it is or not but that was from the police a couple police report it was reported by the daily caller Salada was found along side ... up alongside the laptop was also found a Pakistani ID card copies of a once driver's license and a congressional ID badge as well as letters to the US attorney how Cleese also found notes in a composition notebook marked attorney privilege the laptop had the username correct DWS he would imagine this will be short for representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz even though the for the Democrat and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman previously said that it was all wants computer and that she had never even seen it a there is a video if you haven't seen where she is threatened say the capital a police chief are threatening him to give back the laptop or or else face consequences so Wasserman Schultz was televised you can see the video from a congressional hearing with the capitol police budget touch that threatened consequences of chief Matthew Broderick said did not give her the laptop at that time she said if a member loses equipment should be given back further also told her the laptop couldn't be returned because it was tied to a criminal suspect Wasserman Schultz reiterated that while a one was a suspect the computer should be returned because it was a member is if the member is not under investigation later she changed the story some conflicting information about where she'd been claimed that it was a wants laptop yeah she and she says that this was bought with taxpayer funds from her office and she had never seen it she said she only sought to protect a wants writes this was not my laptop she said on August 3 I have never seen that laptop I don't know what's on the laptop so so different from the original statements from Wasserman Schultz she changes her story in the most recent count this recent information from the police report again contradicts what we're hearing from Wasserman Schultz ... you can wash tub full video online I have the link that says zerohedge disarm article in the description of this video as well there are hot updates I know George Webbs following in this story look rosy act the daily caller some updates I will follow up this well has further information comes out leave a comment let me know what you think will come out of this I advice said not going into the Serb people following the story I think expected in run a lawn to face minor punishment W. Wasserman Schultz to basically cut off entirely it's not entirely sure it's not completely sure if that is what the outcome will be leave a comment let me know what you think of like on this video if you can subscribe to the channel is greatly appreciated I will follow up shortly thanks everyone //
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Belgian Mayor Found Dead in Cemetery 'With Throat Slit Open'
\\some very disturbing news coming from up Belgium the body of Belgian mayor Alfred Gatton he was 71 is body was discovered by his wife in at lunch cemetery of the body of Alfred got in discovered Monday evening at the cemetery he was a caretaker their that he was the conservative mayor of most prominence is an industrial trip town of 57000 just across the border from the northern French city of little his death shocked the country the prime minister has spoken out about this expressing horror at the death of the retired national lawmaker support for the Daily Mail a the details we do have about the staff there very few at this time a suspect is handed himself in to police the motive is unclear still at this time of the case been handed over to a local prosecutor rather than to national counterterrorism investigators so it's being okay skiing covered by a local prosecutor at this time again the prime minister commented on the saying I have learned with or of the brutal death of Alfred gotten stocks with his family and friends we know very few details about this site at this time the president of the parliament for Belgium's French speaking south treated terrifying what kind of world are we living in this is immediately I reminded some people of V. marked the true are crimes many crimes of mark to Truman Belgium as the case of Marc Dutroux he is a convicted paedophile or rapist and serial killer he's ... was sentenced to prison there are number strange things about the handling of the odd to true case this was some years ago are but there were allegations of him being part of a wider network a wider a criminal weighing that included some elite people in Belgium politicians possibly I'm other I ranking elites even in France and the Netherlands the there were alleged to be perpetrators witnesses and others have alleged I linked to on this forum posts they do a fairly good job breaking down the aisle some of the the basic outline of the cover up earth suspected coverup we're on this scandal is a link in the description of this video and they have a links to some more mainstream sources if you would like to us dig further but there was suspicion of being part of a wider ring even the Belgian police and judicial authorities I had made many blunders in the investigation hustles quite widely reported a at the time as well as not investigating her authorities did not investigate incriminating an obvious leads evidence exciter are such as Harris of not being tested DNA results not being shown tip offs ignored by the police judges and others who were investigating a possible remnant were sacked him fired a as well as more than a 20 witnesses and other informants who died mysteriously right before going forward with evidence one person who was officially labeled as dying from a heart attack was in fact shown to have been poisoned others threatened with murders in accidents lots of witnesses it committing a suicide alright but before giving evidence to police work silenced investigative judge the in the case who rescued 2 of the raped the girls who were kidnapped by Dutroux and his accomplices he was fired because he believed there was a gang or mafia related pedophile ring extended to a wider our criminal bring that reached high levels of elite lots of evidence and facts point that there is a had a file rating with a loud they they need a possible ringleader in this post up by the do you point out this protection from the government and even mainstream sources covering the story even the wikipedia article which typically white washes the the sorts of luck conspiracies ... the house the other day they included the failures of the system so there is evidence that there was some sort of cover up within the Belgian government there were accomplices to true this was some years ago arm but people are reminded of that case looking at this murder of of the of the this Belgian mayor is it possible that Dutroux accomplices are still as an active we know very little information about the suspect at this time it's something to look at I'll let me know what you think we the comment you to comment on this video leave a like and a subscribe to the channel is greatly appreciated I will follow up as more information comes out thanks for watching everyone //
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Judge Orders Clinton Lawyers be Investigated for Destroying Hillary's Emails
\\there've been a few of new developments in the long running scandal involving Hillary Clinton's emails this was a huge scandal leading up to the presidential election just this week that is 9/11/2017 today Monday a Maryland judge has just ordered an investigation into 3 Hillary Clinton lawyers this is following a complaint ... that these lawyers ad alleges that they hoped her delete thousands of official emails that were kept on a private server this was that the key part of this scandal and that she was strange emails on a private server using it for official business are these lawyers astride these emails according to this complaint it's believed it was dominant and attempt to destroy key evidence against Clinton in the case they were trying to protect Hillary Clinton this is based off a complaint that was brought forward by attorney tie Clevenger and ... this she's been brought forth to the chords and developing for a number of months he's been pressing the courts to take action against Hillary Clinton and her lawyers for mishandling of her official emails during her time as secretary of state in August of this year just last month the FBI attempted to sidestep the freedom of information act request by Clevenger up for the release of documents pertaining to the Clinton email investigation could have been key evidence a in this related court case the FBI responded I ... by denying the request they said that the were are justified in fighting the Clinton documents due to a lack of public interest in the investigation and this was just last month I'm they received a whole lot of of criticism for it this response the department of now the justice department responded to this day as well on Mr Clinton's start from the the Washington times on the same issue ... he says that he considered a victory in recent days on the justice department agreed that his case did meet the threshold of intense public interest to justify the release of these documents which the FBI were trying to withhold now the FBI had denied the open records request into its investigation on grounds that there was not sufficient public interest to ever call overcome Mrs Clinton's privacy rights so very strange Mrs Clinton obviously Hillary Clinton's been a public figure for decades a you would imagine that her the the public interest in these documents would far outweigh not expected privacy that you how from a public figure like Clinton Mr Clevenger appealed to the justice department which ruled that it would be expedient his request signifying it accepts his claims of public interest so that was a small victory ... in regards to release these documents last month now this week me judge handling the case Kalev Harris ... he's said that the complaints has merit against Clinton and is this should be enough to prompt further investigation Marilyn's office of parking Ansel had originally tried to dismiss the complaint as frivolous but the judge Harris rejected the dismissal saying that the complaints against Clinton's lawyers were egregious and they were worth investigating and the allegations of destroyed evidence further I meant that the bar should be required to fully investigate Clinton's attorneys the attorneys are names that the 3 attorneys names were DVD candle Cheryl dean mills and heather same Wilson are these are some very close Clinton allies Cheryl mills in particular has a long history with a Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton going back to the nineties ... there was a notable email exchange and in regards to this scandal it's a their number ways to interpret I guess this exchange but it was reported later ... after this email scandal broke the news that Hillary Clinton was using a private server people in Hillary Clinton's camp try to blame Cheryl mills for ... this decision he said that and show mills okayed the decision to use the private email server ... that Hillary wasn't to blame this was the story that they were coming up with internally whether this was a story that was being concocted and they were trying to find a scapegoat or whether they genuinely believe this at the time I it's unclear but this was the exchange this was from the up from the well wikileaks I'm from that the wikileaks documents this was an email exchange between John Podesta and a Iraq can dean where they speculate that Cheryl mills was the leaker the original message from 7/25/2015 now this was from July 24 nearer open to be exchanged think that we'd actually know who told Hillary she could use a private email and has that person been drawn and quartered like the whole thing is insane a she says to John Podesta John Podesta but again it's some web or what his motive is in responding to this but he makes it is unclear but he makes the US suggestion he plants the idea that it was Cheryl mills that is solely responsible for the use of this private email server he says don't you think Cheryl in response to a near asking do we know who told Hillary should you a private email Neera response to John Podesta I'm not sure if this is how they typically talk about to their colleagues ... but he now sh she asks John Podesta I repeat my house and this person been drawn and quartered I'm reading wolf hall there is something to be said for the power of torture I mean she literally yeah shouldn't there suggesting to John Podesta that they torture Cheryl mills and she seems serious about it I mean it's 2 responses ... it back to back first asking that she be drawn and quartered than doubling down on it and I'm see what a serious suggestion of a of torturing people in their own camp is not to absolve Cheryl mills is a role that struggles role in this scandal but yeah it does it seem like it was about a possible story was being worked out to you at the flak from Hillary Clinton's guilt innocence well John Podesta finally responded to the suggestion that the torture Cheryl mills saying at least we now know why Cheryl didn't want her to run Cheryl mills is one of these 3 lawyers that is upset to be investigated in this case this complaint that was set off sub bite Clevenger we should expect some new developments in that case I will follow up as more information comes out let me know when you think about of these most recent developments Tom what you think will happen with Cheryl mills in particular if you would like on this video it's really appreciate it and subscribe to the channel I will check back shortly thanks everyone //
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Fox News Host Fired, Son Dies Hours Later. Bolling Triggered Soros, Podesta, and Clintons
\\the teenage son of a former fox news host he was actually just fired from fox news Eric Bolling his sons died just hours after he was fired are this is amidst claims that he sent lewd messages to other co workers they're anonymous allegations Boeing says that this is part of a smear campaign against him is denied the allegations and just hours later his teenage son 19 years older ... he's only 19 years old his only child student at university of coop on the Colorado boulder he died September 8 Swiss 2 days ago the exact details still a on that still unexplained it's unclear an autopsy is set for Monday well there was there public who brought response from his parents authorities the only details we really have about his son's death at this time are that there were no signs of self harm there is an autopsy are expected this is just after bowling was fired omits these allegations which he denies he's saying that he is the victim of a smear campaign which led to his firing I want to follow up on some fox news is coverage of US of a few Clinton related scandals and some comments from bowling specifically which it may be worth noting it seems like it may have triggered a number of about people in the Clinton camp George Soros John Podesta and Clinton herself and this is part of the series of firings at fox news are this is the website actually associated with this channel if you have not followed reality ... this is me Chris since then I I've done a follow up report and its including some information from a new contributor that I have at this site I I'll quote him in this article on but I'll just read from this right up that I've I've done it points to a few potential connections between bowling I and some of the lead up to ... these most recent events so they're gonna 3 the firings at fox news in the last year this week on the most recent firing was the resignation of Erik bowling is fired following allegations that he sent lewd photos to co workers hours later just hours later his son 19 years old was found dead the cause of death still unknown authorities are saying there are no signs of self harm an autopsy is that the place take place on Monday bowling is denying the allegations which led to his firing saying that he is also the victim of a smear campaign it's notable looking at some of FOX's recent coverage and I'm sure my eye people viewing we have various opinions on foxnews obviously they are in mainstream media source I do you I I don't take anything at face value that I would hear from any mainstream media source ... in regards to a few Clinton scandals though their coverage has been not and I am not certain what you would expect from a popular mainstream I'm troubled in in most cases source it's been at it broken away from the coverage that he would expect on on a few issues well over the past several months specifically fox news the unexpected they've had some unexpected we valuable coverage I would say on a number of issues not typically expected from a controlled mainstream media source particularly their coverage on some of the more disturbing allegations against establishment Democrats 3 I come there 3 issues that come immediately to mind ... it in my view of the FBI's role first in the secret tarmac meeting and I have a report from I one of the contributors Ross Madden and he's a trigger to reality reader all I read some of his take on that needing and fox's coverage of that meeting and how that may have a need some contributors targets by people in the Clinton camp potentially that's one of the issues the FBI's role in the secret Carmack meeting between for a luncheon Bill Clinton one issue that they covered another being the ties that Clinton and it associates such as John Podesta have lobbying for foreign governments while they themselves cry occlusion against the current administration there is slow Thurman of evidence and just looking at John Podesta's public our role being a one of the top lobbyists that along with being a key ally in the Clinton camp there's a clear up potential for conflict of interest and not case are there are a number of ties that have been brought up there was one interview where John Podesta was actually quite furious on it in a fox news interview where they suggested that you may have a colluded with foreign governments a themselves another issue arrow is some of the unanswered questions about the murder of Democrats staffer Seth rich Sean Hannity reported on this he was targeted by David Brock's media matters asking them to support our advertisers are based on his coverage of this story the rest of the mainstream media in many cases conservative media occluded have generally downplayed or happily misrepresented a these particular scandals in many cases it seems so a little bit on the coverage has 2 issues that I would expand on the first being the secret tarmac meeting and another one that ties are more closely to ... John Podesta and George Soros potentially this first issue that could be a that could be worth noting is fox's coverage on the secret tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch there was some it suppose that new information that seemed like it was disinformation really are in regards to this meeting yeah which was part of the lead up to this far firings was just before the firing of bowling and unusual death of his son so on the tarmac meeting back in July of 2016 our reporter Christopher sign he called out at the FBI's role in facilitating the secret tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch fox's coverage on this particular issue was somewhat unique in that the few major outlets which covered the scandal alternative sources included there's one specific example that all points you about many sources did not cover the scandal at all for how significant it was and those that did they generally downplayed while the right of Lynch's in the FBI's role in the meeting now there were a few outlets the true pundit report being the one from this week which seems to try to place the blame almost entirely on how Bill Clinton and that's not to absolve Clinton's role in the scandal but it goes much deeper there're a FBI security detail for lunch read a witch herself James call me they all played a role in this scandal it should not just be pinned on Clinton that seemed to be the difference in the coverage queen fox and others covering the story of Ross Madden he's a contributor to this site and like to thank him yeah he will follow up with with more articles on reality fox's coverage may have triggered the FBI and deep stay in this could be a possible explanation for the coming under heavy fire since the story ... this was the quote from the article you can find it on this site is from Ross Madden he ... said in his article the FBI still digging for ways to get Loretta Lynch and the FBI detail off the hook for the secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton from June 2016 a recent article by investigative bureau appears to contain some misinformation or disinformation potentially that may have been propagated by deep state agents attempting to downplay the guilty role of Lynch the story was later shared elsewhere as seen in last month's headline on the troop pundit god this was the headline was shared by the true pundits said exclusive FBI leaked classified flight plan of ... Attorney General Loretta Lynch to set up bill Clinton's tarmac ambush so this article basically winner frames the story it's claiming that bill was almost stalking lynching that he ambushed her at the Phoenix airport went to dust cleared her of any guilt or price ... according to investigate a bureau this was are just a terrible mistake where bill overstepped his boundaries again so this coverage it's pricing that that the plane began on Bill Clinton are almost entirely in the way that is trying to lay out the story this is an alternative news source I've followed sigh I follow some articles from amateur pundit but it's notable that the original fox coverage ... it tells a unless disingenuous story original eyewitness to the meetings with ABC Phoenix reporter Christopher sign he are you this was a quote from Christopher sign he said that the sequence of events was that Lynch's FBI security detail first stepped off the plane the former president steps into her plane they don't speak for 30 minutes privately the FBI there on the tarmac instructing everybody around no photos no pictures no cellphones this quote was shared again to the recent now a follow up to this story this was the trip on that article was based off not just keep your report it said that Bill Clinton ambushed Loretta Lynch this is quite different from the fox news a quote saying that FBI security details stepped in for will step off the plane off first then the president stepped in they've been spoke the FBI was not clearly had had a role in helping facilitate this ... this testimony comes from a bill o'reilly interview as for sign is an ABC Phoenix reporter up but you can find a video where he's talking about this on bill o'reilly ... Riley how is was one of the people caught up in this recent string of fox news firings he was booted from foxnews 6 months later not officially for this reason it in any way but it's again up worth note up with crime were 20 of the timeline it's about me be worth noting that as compared to many sources discussing scandal fox's fox's coverage went further as compared to most outlets in exposing the FBI security detail as well as James called me and Loretta Lynch's mishandling of the investigation and abuse of their powers as the chief prosecutors in the United States so that's one issue that up was somewhat unique info and fox's coverage and a if you look at the timeline it may be worth noting that back in July of 2016 you have this interview with o'reilly where Chris sign calls out the FBI on the tarmac meeting just thought months Roger ailes yeah I eat passes away o'reilly Venice fired in April 2017 then I will expand on this ... but in July of 2017 you have Eric Bolling who is the most recent firing from fox news his son is just passed away in what is what are still unexplained circumstances in July of this year bowling and a another fox anchor talk have talked about the Clinton and the Clinton in protest as possible foreign collusion themselves their own for inclusion up desta you can see the interview from fox where he'd seriously argues against these accusations and George Soros actually a I'm think progress which is a L. but that is funded by aid are George Soros founded organization the road at basically a smear job campaign against bowling for similar reports about Clinton saw potential collusion with foreign governments then in September we have both bowling's resignation and the US suicide or the death of his son I still I explained the charges of collusion are also potentially significant ... this another possibly significant event concerns fox's charges of collusion against Hillary Clinton and John Podesta before Eric bowling's firing this was in July of bowling called out potential leak links between the Clinton camp and foreign governments including Russia the same month former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta furiously argued against similar allegations a also reported that fox news in an interview from July of this year think progress this is a liberal think tank that is funded by George Soros is organization the open society policy center they attacked bowling for his thoughts on the potential Clinton Russia connection this was the one interview many I'm sure of that I've seen that it by John Podesta you can search for it ... eat very angrily response to these allegations about his own business ties to Russia you then have a article from ThinkProgress this is a a so your article he could be interpreted as against bowling arm and this is in regards to similar claims of a potential tie between Clinton and foreign governments bowling ... brought this point up on fox news ThinkProgress ran me they wrote a smear article against bowling saying that this was all a right wing conspiracy notable not a possibly that ThinkProgress is funded at least 0.$5000000 upwards to $1000000 in funding they have received from the open society policy center this is a George Soros founded organization so there are a number of potential ... assembled on the links in this case the timeline is interesting to follow we'll have to see if there are more firings at the station in in the future ... if there is the significant coverage in some of the stories that you wouldn't expect from a mainstream ... outlet maybe they are I'm will be dropped at fox news I will follow up as further details come out and as more deaths are details about the death of bowling son come out there is an autopsy expected on Monday leave a comment let me know what you think you can you can find more details at reality and finally I just want people over to my Patreon account ... Petri slash reality reader thank you so much everybody that has donated it makes a huge difference allows me to keep reporting on these issues ... even a dollar at you makes a big difference slash reality reader leave a comment if you leave a like on this video it's greatly appreciated and subscribe to the channel I will follow shortly except one //
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Debbie Going Down? Prosecutors Signal They May Expand Charges in Imran Awan Investigation
\\it's clear there's a lot more going on with the trial against the former Dodd Democrat my T. staffer Imran unwind then it just a simple bank fraud to those were the indictments that were brought against the one when he was arrested last month up people pointed out that these charges were fairly limited especially considering the broad scope of us suspected are crimes in this case including cyber security breaches theft of government equipment there's blackmail others potential espionage //
"2017-09-06 22:29:57"
Ex-Democrat IT Staffer WANTED Authorities to Find Wasserman Schultz Laptop?
\\today is 9/6/2017 and there have been a few updates involving the ... massive scandal involving Iran a wan and his wife he now V. along with our other family members they are Pakistani born brothers sell along with it I'm Ron's wife as well there at the center of this joint FBI capitol police cybersecurity criminal investigation in regards to their I. T. work for dozens of democratic house members a 1 was arrested on 7/25/2017 and this was while trying to board a flight he was fleeing the US to Pakistan attempting to wire nearly $300000 to Pakistan he's been indicted on 4 counts currently this guy's still leaving out a number of other out possible charges that could have been lead against a one some people have speculated that the courts could beasts sort of a soft peddling this investigation I'm leaving out potential espionage there's suspected blackmail involved in this case one 's own family members have accused him of kidnapping of its own family members and threatening them so there is a lot more out to this case to a one himself and the other ... ties that could incriminate other Democrats other Congress people including Debbie Wasserman Schultz one of today's updates is that it Imran one 's wife he now V. who would have had fled the country to Pakistan while under criminal investigation they struck a deal with federal officials today to return to the U. S. in a puritan arraignment according to court documents he now I'll be used or she is the wife of Iran a lawn they both face charges of conspiracy and bank fraud to these are part of these for a indictments that are currently a set against the ones they both worked for Democrats for several years and one works directly for representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz when she was chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee other documents filed in the US District Court for the district of Columbia indicates that federal prosecutors have struck a deal with Alvy that would allow her to return to the U. S. but would also require her to surrender her passport and afterwards not book any international travel the deal only surrounds how I'll be will turn herself in and is structured so that she can avoid being arrested in front of her children ... when she returns to the U. S. this is to be during the last week of September 2017 that was 1 of today's updates the second are interesting articles posted today uses learned a piece by Luke Rosie act with the daily caller ... he how does the US Assyrian he's spoken to a rug US representatives that expands on this a little bit more but he's questioning whether it's possible if Iran actually planted Debbie Wasserman Schultz is laptop purposely are for capitol police to fight this was the report tough from the daily caller this expands on the soft theory it's a laptop the reps and the W. Osman Schultz as frantically fought to keep prosecutors from examining may have been planted for police to find by her since inducted staffer Imran alon along with a letter to the US attorney there is a viral video that I'm sure many have seen where Debbie Wasserman Schultz is threatening a capitol police chief O. S. demanding that he give back this laptop or threatening a consequences against the police this is former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatening the police are for this investigation demanding that this laptop to be given back so I she certainly has frantically fought to keep prosecutors from examining this evidence and she's out done more to attempt to shut down prosecutors from examining it since this article spent on the spirits of the US capitol police found the laptop after midnight across 62017 in a tiny room that formerly served as a phone booth in the Rayburn house office building according to 8 capitol police report ... alongside the laptop was a Pakistani ID card copies of all once driver's license and congressional ID badge and letters to the US attorney our police also found notes in a composition notebook marked attorney client privilege the laptop and the username representative it our rapid D. W. S. even rich be short represented that he was a man shot see what you would assume ... even though this is even though the Florida Democrat and former Democratic National Committee chair a person previously said it was a once computer she had claimed that it was not her computer stories actually changed and I'll about this laptop a number of times ... but she at one time said it was one computer in that she had never even seen it no 1 was banned on separate second every second 20171 was banned from the congressional computer network because he is a suspect in a cyber security investigation but he still had access to the house facilities because Wasserman Schultz continued to employ him the other our congresspeople along with working for dropped him during this investigation was Erman shots continued to pay him even though he was barred from accessing are those computers for even properly doing his job the laptop was found on the second floor of this Rayburn building this is the place alon would have had no reason to go this week Rosie at points out one would have no reason to go to this part of the building because Wasserman Schultz has offices in the Longworth building and the other members who employed him at fired him the other congresspeople he'd purposely worked for a was not working for them at that time he would've only really had reason to be they are around Wasserman Schultz office there was no reason for him to be in this part of the building this report points out ... Wasserman Schultz used a televised may 45 congressional hearing on the capitol police budget to threaten consequences this is the video I referred to a if chief Matthew verdura O. said did not give her the laptop so the cold that Wasserman Schultz said if a member loses equipment it should be given back she's governor asa responded that her laptop couldn't be returned because it was tied to a criminal suspect Wasserman Schultz at the time she reiterated that while a lawn was a suspect the computer should be returned because it's a members if the member is not under investigation she argued that it should be returned but she changed her story 2 months later claiming it was someone's laptop bought with taxpayer funds from her office you can achieve never seen it she said as she only sought to protect the one 's rights singing her quote this was not my laptop she's been said on August 3 I have never seen that laptop I don't know what's on the laptop this is contradicting what she had said 001 his wife he novelty and 2 of his tax any porn brothers are the center of this joint FBI capitol police cybersecurity and pressed addition a more on the circumstances of the stop tops appearance