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The Shocking Truth Why Pope Benedict Resigned. (Unedited Version was BANNED in YouTube)
\\mmhm in February last year Benedict stunned the world by being the first pope to resign in 600 years no person has had more influence on the life of the church how it works on inside then Joseph Ratzinger he gave it up when the helicopter the inside story of the events that it's a story of corruption and cover NQA the ones from you have a global sexual scandal and abuse if you tell anybody your parents or parent and child of secrets and hypocrisy so there we were where they had had sex all night long and he took out all his paraphernalia and started to celebrate mass and a story of leaked documents exposing a bitter internal powers will we get a little mean publish documents dealing with corruption candles frogs nepotism now if a new pope Francis must battle the forces that overwhelmed his predecessor he wants to change that it's going to be decisive action super speed but I no some days it seems to be the fact that it's there you go you on this but the stock of the nightly survey they might only out from it's a goatee Carlos I use I'm so low visibility a year ago when the cardinals converged on Rome to elect a new pope they all understood what was at stake the atmosphere was the most serious the most intense that I've ever ever does because of the issues which the church is facing at the top level in grow things were not going well but then the shame of child abuse is headed most serious effect I think of the of the church not just in the west but I think all over the world the Catholic Church in particular the person how's the highest moral voice in the world if that voice is diminished by scandals a serious this this was one of the shortest cut the when New it really is really but instead of so I give you my blessing before the bishop blessed I want you to pray over me by stepping into the gory I heard a pin drop there are people crying in the square with joy it is time thanks said field hockey spittle after he's talking about people who are wounded within the church you got a new beginning were wounded church that 8 years earlier cardinal Ratzinger was elected pope Benedict he also a new beginning he was taking over at a time when the church was reeling from the scandals of sexual abuse by the clergy he promised firm action you're on quite a bit I still remember very clearly when cardinal Ratzinger thousands went through the stations of the cross he blamed electoral check if I've yet cool cheese at the 9 station I think he stopped and denounced over feels it is inside the church but he said it's not the people from outside who brings filth into the church fought it is us who make it their Musaeum annoyance but he knew a lot about fills in the church 24 years as prefect of the cardinal Ratzinger had been respond theology and display many serious cases of priestly abuse crossed his desk none more troubling than the scandal surrounding the legionaries of Christ a scandal that until very recently the church fought hard to suppress the legionaries was one of the fastest growing orders in the church recruiting young men in great numbers from countries across the world the order was founded in 1941 by Musallam us you know a young man with powerful family connections to Mexico's conservative Catholic elite must feel was the greatest fundraiser of the modern church the other man had a gilded touch journalist Jason berry spent years investigating what Seattle and the legionaries of Christ he could get millionaires and the wives and widows of multi millionaires to support his movement of Renee sent orthodoxy and he was bringing in a great many young men to this religious order that saw itself on a crusade to save the church from the decay of the modern world they must feel case is one of the darkest chapters in the history of the contemporary church without a doubt without a doubt in 1947 10 year old fun Baca was personally chosen by my CEO to enter one of his seminaries like all the other boys he had to swear before god that he would never speak ill of my Seattle languishing trawler with that mentality Musaeus cables that week where a very selected clue but maybe chosen by god to conclude that were both at the same time he is stat controller mine to control about communication without bad is on a winter's night in 1949 most CIOS control fun baka reached another level we used to go to bed have their last prayers check them clinical mine Mr by the alphabet want you to go to his bedroom he he's bathroom Twitter such I a strange way I went to his bedroom he was so bad and Dan took my hand said please give me a massage in my stomach because they have that repeat she said well wisher Lois finally I was touching his penis in addition I think completely but to fight they wouldn't show up so after a few seconds I would say I felt his semen in my hand so a masseuse no I feel much better now you can go and go back to the next morning after a sleepless night one filled unable to follow the call to mass and went straight to my sales office mmhm I cannot go to communion because I committed a seamless night with your number one don't worry I give you the absolution I forgave you and and then he gave me the sacramental absolution of our see some worry what you did was an act of charity the because you can meet the relief of my brain to think of me to see the abuse continued on a regular basis someone discovered that there were 20 other boys involved in the meantime the legion went from strength strength was ordained in 19 came a sales deputy but he was caught in a relations she's never trust me again since 1961 but I knew he was doing with others I see a bus what's up you seem drunks Olympian and that even the most in 1971 other Baca was given a senior position with the legionaries in the United States but by now he was in conflict with himself I am like him to getting money for mission for the missions when he's been heroes to support peace type of life from us here in the sky eventually father Vulko wrote a document setting out all the crimes he'd witnessed representative to must feel personally with the request to be released from the legionaries everything is right here in this bapis be straight so when he was like halfway she started to cry in a square and you cannot do this to me do this more than that to me for 32 years and this is it well I was just or create the making the decision to name a few this second in command in the order that my assistant Ginetta say father even if you give me your position I don't mind it this is it in 1976 the other one Vulcan made a decision he would send his damning report to the Vatican my name 21 quality so mine that had been close up views right weakness debuts my sailor father Marco also describe my seals misappropriation of funds to maintain his extravagant lifestyle on the bright she paid to doctors the police we knew that the letter was received as we said the thrill of a diplomatic pouch because we thought but the clothes number such incised receipt but no answer no reply to the content of my information nothing I don't does we fled with this because he was a brother massive we did the Vatican not respond to the letter but pope John Paul led massive celebrations to mark both the fiftieth and the sixtieth anniversary is upon the mosquitoes priestly ordination advances here and there they cannot exist on president of the Vatican did nothing John Paul continued to praise mansio despite the pending allegations I shake go why bother minashot machine he described the founder of the legionaries of Christ as quote an efficacious guide to use that quote incensed Blasio's victims they would go public with the testimony they now had on us here cardinal Joseph Ratzinger recently official responsible for investigating child abuse cases was cardinal Ratzinger he had to respond to the news media about the charges against my CEO Russia I think you have to me settlement is given the well he wasn't behind John Paul's public celebration of must feel made it very difficult for him to take action and all the while mosquitoes activities went unchecked this situation changed at the end of 2004 at that time cardinal Ratzinger made a decision to his credit that must deal had to be investigated so he sent ... canon lawyer in his office Monsignor Charles which could clone a to America and Mexico to take the testimony of these men he clearly knew that whoever would become the next pope needed to have mossy L. under investigation lest the Vatican the tarnished by the scandal of a much accuse peta file and nothing happened to him with the death of pope John Paul it was Ratzinger himself no pope Benedict who would have to pursue the case against mosquito once he spoke then the question becomes how do you deal with this man what should have happened was the order should have been disbanded instead he invited him to spend the rest of his life in prayer and penance there was no description of his crimes no apologies to his victims why didn't you just banish him why because the legionaries of Christ is a large and very wealthy order and puts a lots of money in the Vatican's because the legion which had defended him all along never admitted that he abused any of these altar boys are young seminarians announced at his death that he had gone to heaven a year later legionaries announce that he had a child well it soon became apparent that he had a grown daughter living with her mother one of my seals Paramore's in Madrid love the little humn did turn down soon by another woman the price of the church's failure to win was revealed in Jason berry's interview with Raul Gonzalez he was a good person when I slept like our Daddy and a demon when he acts like but it's a Mosul lived multiple lives and this is a rare glimpse of him on home Rome and his half brother Omar would be invited on these but rose has there was a heavy price for the boys to pick all the days that we stay with my dad every trip there with abuses was it mostly masturbation no well I'm I feel really sorry for him by my brother because he he was ... she was penetrated the myth that I'm my brother also penetrated him because my dad told him that that's what the way he was going to learn and we took he always does that how to keys cut to kiss him because Saddam he was with that's the way we were going to learn how to kiss a girl when we grew up you were 1011 years old 10 we'll have to have some it took me a Nnamdi you see them and walks she says just Ratzinger gave his famous sermon shortly before the funeral of John Paul II referring to fills in the church many people believe as I do that he was really referring to moss yell and by that time he had a good deal of information and as pope Benedict he also knew as much as anyone in the church the extent of the clergy sex abuse scandal it took every opportunity to apologize interesting of say men suffering because president abuse of children especially since his church I have menaced Joe's a frat we so engaged faith these crimes are horrible and during his trip to the United States a you don't get to the reporters saying there is no place that has not to be church forms such I had the opportunity to meet a cardinal Ratzinger couple of time when he was a cardinal I found it to be a very charming self effacing gentle person when he encountered as pope the issue of sexual abuse of children I think his reaction was genuine but he was a creature of the institutional church that's the only life he ever do any could not do what was necessary he's a shy man is very kind man and he made a pope he had absolutely 0 past experience Joseph Ratzinger should never ever have been addition I just didn't have that gets the carriage up he's a theologian he's a catechist he didn't have the administrative skills so when the clergy sexual abuse scandal exploded into an international ISIS on his watch pope Benedict seemed unable to take charge while the church hierarchy responded as it had done for years I worked from 1981 to 1986 as the secretary canon lawyer at the Vatican embassy in Washington DC in that role father does job was to deal with sexual abuse cases on behalf of the church my job was to talk to the diocese and find out what was going on and above all see that they kept the lid on that there was no publicity that it didn't become known to the public causing scandal then he began to have doubts about what he was doing even at the early stages I had met some of the victims and I wish my life was changed TriMet and then it went from purely academic issue from names on a piece of paper to human beings and that of course for me at least it was a drastic change the need for all of us faced with so many cases mother Doyle decided to speak out physical and spiritual abuse that I believe I saw the inside of the workings of the institutional church in a way that I never believed even existed I was severely dissolution because of Chrysler here today he'd he would that those of us who have been the most outspoken and the most directly accusatory of the hierarchy have lost any possibility of a career in the clerical world I'm still a priest but I am not active in the official ministry of the Catholic Church I do not wear clerical garb at all because I see clericalism is one of the most prominent and important causes for this entire problem the attitude that the clergy are somehow removed and above other Catholics and that we have to be protected at all costs father does not alone other priests are now come forward and in spite of retaliation by the church are speaking out on behalf of the I I for it was a Saturday and I was 8 years old father took and we drove out to the kitchen is it at the day father a finger he needed help candles and my father said go help him and we went into the ... where he assaulted me for a period of time and ultimately ended up raping mmhm 3 people snow there was this credible pain and I could early pre th and crying a cat which is and when he finished he stood up and he looked at me and he said if you tell anybody what you did they won't believe you if you tell anybody your parents will burn in hell and then he gave me penance to and he turned and looked at me any snow with his hair back with both of his hands and he walked down I loved her can I remember hearing the door close and I just hit there because I didn't know what I should do and eventually I realized that there was bonhomie planks not on the new purple shorts that my grandma had given birth to so when I got to the end of the island to church wait for blood off with some of the holy water I went and I sat outside under this big tree and I was just crying I was in pain and I didn't understand what it happened to me and I was scared as a child went to Catholic school we were taught that priest is basically the closest you'll ever get to god and for me when I was raped by their priests it just pulled my entire foundation out from under everything was just taken away in that day eventually mother a finger was convicted of sexual assault on another charge and died in prison Monica never got her day in court because of the statute of limitations but the diss a Milwaukee soon heard to recover $14000 in legal expense they very much for trying to intimidate me and to beat me down and to hold me out as the example saying this is what will happen to you if you come forward and tell your true Monaco was not alone in her battle for justice in Milwaukee hers was one of hundreds of cases which were aggressively challenged by the diocese as they were compelled by about $30000000 in settlements in all these years I have to say ... that the archdiocese them stratus both the most callous and the most disturbing the most disturbing they have fundamentally violated the fundamental safety principles applying to children Jeff Anderson has represented victims of clergy abuse for 29 years he has long argued that Milwaukee is following procedures laid down in Rome when it comes to the Vatican and its role and ... this crisis ... all I have ever seen damn do is talk both denying responsibility and saying that they're doing something when in fact they're doing nothing other than what they've done in the past for decades and centuries bush is that I minimize blame keep secrets and protect themselves intimidation is the strategy that part of it is the strategy you've exposes part of us were coming after you we're coming after you and no one 's gonna dare to file a lawsuit again and it's meant to intimidate and make people afraid when he was 13 years old Peter Riseley entered St Lawrence seminary in Wisconsin but a very very young age I had an absolute faith and belief and love the Roman Catholic Church of its rituals its traditions even as a small boy at the seminary Peter was a victim of repeated sexual abuse by his spiritual director but a life filled in 1988 when Peter was in his late twenties he found the courage to confront his abuser and report to the church authorities he soon discovered that he was not alone there were survivors just independent of each other just starting to come forward across the United States are now we know across world but started and then we all went down the same path which is we went to the religious officials and authorities first the bishops in the provincials and reported them what happened to us in now in my case there were promises made ... the provincial told me we're gonna keep father life away from children we've gotten into secure treatment facilities never gonna be around children this kind of thing it's when I found out that they had lied to me that he was in fact around children that he was under under no supervision at all that there was no consequences whatsoever that no was watching him that I then came for publicly 6 years later father life filled was finally arrested and admitted other past abuses in this court deposition I know but I touch his penis I don't remember whether or not he catch mine I didn't understand that there would be a psychological damage to the young man I'm the victim our soul why am I in hell Peter honestly founded the Milwaukee chapter of snap the survivors network of those abused by priests brother is the victim of criminal sexual assaults raced at 13 years old in my my church get into too you bishop Scelba what he wants and what he had done you sent him back to work victims can't get peace so they have just it's reported to the archdiocese and I'm Bailey 1300 spin meant there's and but that's it our children since 2 chance broom again we all I the Vatican has always claimed responsibility for it's cases rests with the local bishops and diocese Jeff Anderson disagrees in every case that we have work done for 29 years ... the Vatican and it's role has been prominence ... because every action taken by every bishop an arch bishop and cardinal it's an actual sexual abuse is effectively orchestrated and controlled by the Vatican every action taken has demonstrated to us that all roads lead to Rome and to the Vatican the Vatican secret archives contain the church's records back through the centuries including evidence relating to sexual abuse cases from the early Middle Ages the present day as a sovereign nation the holy see cannot be compelled to hand over its original document or any copies held by their embassies worldwide the only hope for those representing victims of sexual abuse is to sue individual diocese that was how Jeff Anderson was able to subpoena crucial correspondence between Monica's former arch bishop cardinal Dolan and cardinal hummus prefect of the congregation for the clergy and wrong we have evidence the large bishop Dolan got press permission from the Vatican to move $57000000 from diocesan funds into a cemetery trust and that permission was given by the Vatican almost immediately 2 key words in Latin from colonel who has said it all new hill upstart nothing stands in your way with these 2 words the Vatican allowed the it's millions from further legal claims of abuse victims to me it was designed to do one thing keep the archdiocese and the Vatican I'm having to for their crimes plus no other real alleged enemies the church argued that the money was always committed to their cemeteries a court upheld the true meanwhile the diocese declared bankruptcy mother recently proposed to set aside $4000000 in a big there are over 550 outstanding claimants Monica Barrett and Peter Eisley among them this is a beautiful cemetery they're doing a terrific job of really maintaining this sacred space you don't need $57000000 for this space in 7 of the cemeteries the real purpose was to keep money from compensating childhood victims of sexual assault by priest in this archdiocese from court ordered settlements period that is so cynical and so ... ... just unacceptable and assist a further way of trying to hide hide things you're hiding money in the cemetery just like you hide sex offenders and in Paris where authentic in departments worked with bishops I'm around the deal with splitting clergy sex abuse great the new pope brought his own ideas the first publication of his papacy referred to the urgency of quote the current situation and the problem of homosexuality and the priesthood it called on seminary directors to screen out game at years earlier he had changed the catechism to say that homosexuality was an objective disorder it invited leading experts to Rome to advise the church I was informed that there was going to be a meeting at the Vatican and it was a scientific meeting that the Vatican was calling to learn more about child child nameless and sexual abuse doctor Martin Kafka and a distinguished international panel of psychiatrists tried to explain the complex set of factors that contributed to the but there was one issue his hosts were not came to explore the number of Catholic clergy who are accused of 4 prosecuted for child and adolescent sexual abuse vastly outnumber the number of Protestants so what is it about the Catholic clergy that makes them distinctly different and one of those factors is this issue of suppression one sexuality to better serve got they tried to address the issue of screening out game them from the priesthood the data that we have suggests that men who abuse children are probably equally likely to be heterosexual a homosexual in their adult orientation but people who abuse adolescence post pubertal there they are more likely to reflect their opponents don't sexual orientation in Quincy victim and for so many years this had been a closed world of boys and young men none of this should be used to place in the 60 seventies and early eighties and things are a lot different back then young men were being recruited for the priesthood in high school I think that having men be more mature before they matriculated in and understand what a life of celibacy ... is it the are equally potent waves of reducing the risk educating priests more open discussion of sexuality the American seminary in Rome is considered a model in this respect men are only admitted here after they've had real experience of life and say they are confident they can hold to their vows and faced the challenges of celibacy giving up a ... a biological family ... seems like a very sick of those small burden in light of the great gift that is to give myself totally out of love for god whatever sacrifices Prester entails even if it means giving up a biological family that that's profoundly were set you know and that that at the end of my life I will be profoundly happy I love the idea of family in and it but I do feel that's a life devoted completely to god's church ... will not only be filling but completely like getting to me and I hope to the people that I am entrusted towards that's what some money out here I believe I chose the some but life for 8 years as a seminarian and a missionary then in 2008 he was recalled to room to be ordained as a priest by pope Benedict himself song dumb idea I'm not right she lives of those who I wanted to give up all the women in the world because I just wanted to be in love with and I wanted to follow this path I always grace of because to be celibate with your own string is it possible Madani Yemenis searches so if you guys picked through obedience see local metal yield himself tainted also part of that poor dear compy mean as you know the public mess of them being ordained by the pope was a great honor for me submit to it was a powerful emotional experience take on the system when we laid down the entire assembly trade for the saints not yet so it is Catholics policemen through ordination your transfer the second I mean it's a sacrament changes your character 5 years on and some money is disillusioned jobless and living alone in an apartment borrowed from a friend hold the result of his decision to leave the church after his experiences of clerical life in Rome notes don't do not tell a grown up a and spin the events ordained in Rome living in a parishioner became disillusioned but never this into a selective use of its head on one thought because I saw that among priests there were many contradictions hunger for power ambition and he's mall a I I ki we need more teachers are gonna put to him at the Pokemon increase obviously not all of them showed sexual check these has adopted what the police with us some priests were very promiscuous every so that'll put all known ... and I saw him it's not what I thought the clerical mission should be I Simone is ordination pope Benedict urged young priest to be the doormat of the faithful to clean the souls of those who come here but the hypocrisy he saw around him disturbs simoni and after a time of prayer and contemplation he decided he wanted to live a normal life and go over his heart took him on the other 19 ideal when Valentina peered I knew she was the one for me all dishes I decided to take responsibility and to go to the court to declare myself and appeal for dispensation clerical celibacy she bottles of it they went down about a kid that I use go to the church where he was a priest he's been my sister's confessor and it's I often saw him talking to her IGN study now he was really funny good looking obviously so the fact that he was unique caught my attention in the battle on this yeah and talking to him and seeing him more often with other fell in love this is but for refusing a secret relationship and insisting on a marriage in church simoni and Valentina have paid a heavy price clergy and congregation in their former church were so hostile they had to worship elsewhere so that isn't the ceiling only hard and reasonable to dig out all these pits although they judged and despised us it was a real strain on our relationship not in some mean it's been tough psychological it's been difficult for both of us and it's still difficult doesn't it eventually the pressure was too great for both of them and the relationship has ended simoni has left the room he says a good I came here when I was a seminarian 1986 and I remember I had this very wide eyed ... idea of the Vatican of these holy cardinals and holy men and I was shocked within a matter of weeks months at the careerism at the the sexual in it in innuendo ... the just the whole kind of non holy life it inspected a town about 2 miles and a large part of the hierarchy is homosexual and only decided it was a support on signal going you have to see the look in his inequality certainly at the top levels of the church in the curia many important people such as bishops and archbishops our case on all day he's a Vatican guide who says he's had relationships with several priests Catelyn what to 5 and what the fashion here in Rome it's very easy to mitigate pre and a fuss church is important churches like Saint Peter's internal equity simply share it's even easier when you go to gay clubs in gay bars many gay bars people you see them in the bars and then at the altar the following Sunday see the world is describing was captured by reporter Carmelo about take began a 2 year investigation again friend told him he'd just had sex play the chats the priest went on to say actually on Saturday there will be a party here in Rome in a club and Testaccio with me and lots of other priests yeah debate the funny moment we've also book 2 escorts from Turin from P. Monty who will be the entertainers at the party it ought to see if you like you're invited I'd love you to join us I but he went with his friend to the party a hidden camera you'll get deeper into these could even have one Estonia my objective was to write a story mind but I knew very well what I was going I knew very well how the church authorities could react please yes we knew what a waste of a chill I wanted to make sure I had for my the priest hosting the party greeted them flanked by the 2 escorts you see on a single don't welcome although I would have said that half of the people there might have been increased slightly don't really mean that you will not make that you got and it wasn't just a guess they introduced themselves as priests the prophesy when I sit down some work to the Vatican others in the institutions that cluster around the Vatican in Rome the first a Lana I left Phoenix unical girls out gas and you could look at your party in Rome and at my friend's house at the end of the party we all went back to his plans Gaza fully then my friend in the French priest locked themselves in a bedroom and I went to sleep in another room the next day about a continued to film you'll you'll be sweet but it would be to then came shop guy did you trying to stop it when we think we need and that was the moment that out of my to what was really going on we look at Chuck able wasn't just a matter of sex it was something more so there we were in that atmosphere in that house where they had had sex all night long and with that man wearing a vest and he took out all his paraphernalia and started to celebrate mass we challenge it may sound for his book aboutus has he met and interviewed many other priests in Rome who live double lives say we're not we're told there is a widespread culture here real in the way that we know but we don't talk about all Francesco a former seminarians says he had a relationship with a priest who has since risen to a high position in the Vatican yeah but the US and they kept telling me that he was giving me his body Seoul belong to the to go on out in the open a my guide the the reasoning goes I'm a priest but I have this me a satisfied and then go back to being no problem it's a bit like the vestments I wear them the priest I take them off and I'm just like anyone else unless you spend some time inside this kind of culture it's very hard to believe that could be like this one of the biggest problems in the whole hierarchical structure the clerk clerical structure is this hypocritical presence of so many homosexuals gay men route many William would not even classify themselves as gay men because it's so conflicted the Benedict Cochran on homosexuality was deeply hurtful to those in the Vatican who were trying to lead celibate lives I go to I can not understand this it's a friendly attitude of she had a key against the gate when a lot of priest R. D. that's something that I could not understand as a gay priest who works in the Vatican he remembers his feelings on that then cardinal Ratzinger changed the catechism to say that homosexuality was an objective disorder its markets like and knife in your heart because I believe in the kitchen I believe in the calling of god I believe in Jesus I believe he wanted us to sadness people and when the document say no you're not able Dennis that is terrible it's painful I hope that one D. priest can be freely in their relationship and be good priests that celibacy in the church would be optional the don't ask don't tell culture was invented inside the data I am not alone in feeling eyes de everybody in in the Vatican because there are still a lot of gay men in the Vatican or very good people who are celibate are not having sex or struggling to be good priests but culture itself mitigates against it's difficult to be good in the I the Vatican has a world on its own an independent state and this is the guarded frontier that separates it from Italy was the thirties have no powers here the Vatican is the last absolute monarchy in the world today the pope hot when you selected is answerable to no human power his absolute authority over the entire Roman Catholic Church direct authority that reaches down to individual members he is the supreme judge the supreme legislature or and the supreme executive domino's but as an executive Benedict needed help he turned to his longtime assistant cardinal but Tony to be secretary of state effectively in charge of the Vatican's government the curious the Vatican curia which is the administrative body of the worldwide church there's a collection of small fiefdoms of clicks of individuals of of different agendas vying against one another and it is the curio that runs a city state with its own legal system its own TV channel radio station this paper it even has its own bank the institute of religious works housed in a medieval tower thank you Daddy elements to the bank of Italy that's highest authority in our banking has described the Vatican bank as a foreign bank on our soil you will see the pitfalls of the Vatican has a national border we cannot intervene on the fat cat yeah near the rose is a powerful figure initially he prosecutes the most cases I feel corrupt politician and most recently the Vatican bank which has a long and dark reputation financial corruption politicians businessmen we're using the Vatican bank as an off shore to hide their money Tim to money laundering he will or not pay taxes for years the Italian authorities could do nothing but one tough banking regulations were imposed across Europe in the wake of the financial crisis only the Vatican press resisted Italian finance but it's put the bank under close surveillance using all the tools at their disposal they monitored transactions in and out of the they made their first breakthrough in the summer of 2010 he quit because I cannot do a key when Abancay 10 yeah in that case it happens at an Italian bank received a request from the Vatican transfer €23000000 8 keys a photo might soon in the bank of Italy requested details for both Katie and recipient in the transaction and the reason for the transfer and no yellow Vatican bank failed to provide adequate information so the bank of Italy decided to freeze that money would enable the whole European banking community was up in arms with account holders that included the Iranian and Iraqi embassies there were fears that the bank could be used for money laundering one bank after another refuse to do business the Vatican until it cleaned up its act the pope was increasingly concerned you could okay a pope Benedict definitely wanted vigorous action and transformations well he wanted new anti money laundering measures a whole new system of control that all he had already appointed go to today ski a highly respected banker and a professor of business ethics to reform the bank go to this get via gutted today ski set about building relationships with the international organization and indicated that all the regulations and standards to be applied to bring the Vatican into line with all the other bank parading in Europe good thing he really wants to clean up the bank but in the Vatican there were people who didn't know cardinal Brittani pope Benedict's second in command had been closely involved with the bank he now insisted that the measures could not be applied red card number Tony was Adam no we will only allow them to look at what we're doing from this day forward but that stuff from the past you have no right to look at that but I need this was a drastic rabbit on the information available to 0 gotten over Tony head out maneuvered to desk who was then dismissed from his post he said I was married to her and and what the world might it's obvious that that's going to get a bad neck when the same deal we have seen good people like the bank I got the overnight humiliating way Veon than that no gel divinely modeling I mean you know we've seen that Benedict only found if the pope was disturbed by his failure to reform the by another blow to his authority was great as I set up an idea it would be called the helix Gianluigi notes is a television journalist in Milan he had written a book Vatican limited about the Vatican's business to one evening he received a mysterious phone call from someone promising inside information he was invited to a bar in Rome after a series of meetings strangers invited him for a ride in their car the NTSA mincing her future best of all they went around that it that it can checking that's nobody was far it was gonna be developed but keep you know later Aniston I was about to meet certain can I ask a man today but the cool so it would be very dangerous if anyone came to know that this person seen me but what I finally not say was taken to an apartment Mr but their mental and they could see that nobody lived there there was no furniture that was nothing was an empty apartment because of what Joe put it all just a quarter that we walk down until we reached a room with only one share this little and then I sort of see and we began talking commercial the source was bono Gabrielli the pope's Butler he was offering thousands of secret documents from the pope's private office he said he wanted to protect the pope from the sleaze and corruption that surrounded him it went on I'm afraid the pope doesn't have the strength to expel the money changers from the temple what it is like he is a critically acclaimed fetal APF convoluted notes he broke the story on his program but he was careful to protect the identity of a source the priest about busting the guy Billy and over the months that followed released more and more secret documents only get a little cleaning de Estadio published documents and stories dealing with corruption scandals cross this but a feeling sexual abuse is self invests elicited propounded purposes only issues soon to no one wanted in relation many leaks soon became an international section documents were spilling out showing that there was cronyism and inside the Vatican but there were ... actual parties going on people who are people gentlemen were involved with a male foresters in wires inside Saint Peter's silica we had contracts that were being inflated and given to friends of mine seniors and bishops inside the Vatican among the many documents was this letter to pope Benedict written by Monsignor Carlo Maria Vic NO who in 2009 had been installed to clean up corruption in the Vatican City governor which controls the budget for road construction and maintenance in Vatican City it will change would you put it if it is a center of power where according to the signal there was widespread corruption profiteering fake expenses yeah we're gonna crack down hard reducing overheads by $54000000 in its first year but he made enemies in the process and they plotted against him 0 just laughed about it he turned the pope Benedict rating 2 or 3 letters thanking for help lead with a lethal immortal Clinton wanted to continue with this work he didn't know that you want to give us a little elicit emotion he warned Benedict about corruption in every single department of the fact he also made the lethal mistake of accusing the pope's powerful deputy cardinal but Tony of orchestrating a conspiracy against him the twisted E. little effort to the mistake that they get home made was the fact that he asked hope to make a choice to me available Tony no one in the Vatican conscript the holy father Megan no it was not altering its enemies the 230 in the guns had his own and he lost it the best if we're gonna was no match for cardinal per Tony the better lakes documents showed that others were so concerned about but Tony's influence that they also appealed directly to the pope I couldn't get the that it that a group of cardinals went to because still didn't all 4 Benedict summer residence is that the lake they went there basically called for the head of cardinal that Tony secretary of state and go blow dramatically was a dramatic and decisive meeting because when I sat down to have this conversation the pope kicked them out if you stay nobody moves spectrum that's what got very angry and evidently they said he he said demand liked here last step the man stays enough mixing German and Italian and that was the word that came out and they were all shocked me anyone hear anything more about it it was the sheer quantity and detail of the leaked documents that shocked the poor and he was determined to find the source so he appointed cardinal Harun's cocido to lead a team of senior cardinals to carry out a thorough investigation their rank is significant no one can interrogate a cardinal except another cardinal which does suggest that Benedict they leave their work cardinals responsible for these leaks but he certainly didn't expect was that it would turn out to be his own but for the trial against pope Benedict the 16 school that much that Paulo Gabriela opened on Saturday yeah mendicant television put a camera in the courtroom and a select group of journalists were invited inside for those who witnessed the proceedings it had all the elements of a show trial it was so scripted and so narrowly focused on the fact that the but the Butler had of been the only one that shows the documents that lead them to the journalists that that took them out of the of the of safety for the safety of the Vatican is defense lawyer was very much aligned with the price cuter everything was really kept on message I was at the Manson trial there are documents that were leaked he supposedly leaked that were written languages that he does not speak how would he even know that they were important nobody that I've spoken to that I continue speaking about really believe that the Butler did it you scapegoat the highest authority seemed about to come didn't want to show to the public opinion they network how may need a super power does there where yeah around the bottle that I will get the AB in display and the X. the trial lasted for just 5 days that Bailey was found guilty since 218 months just before Christmas of 2012 and it it pardoned him I assume that there was a deal done will remain quiet and then we will give you a job he still has his pension he he hasn't lost anything and with this conviction this is you know the biggest betrayal whatever scene against a sitting pope and he's got a great he has come out of it with everything he had before if the pope's Butler really was responsible for all these leaks and the work of the investigating cartons was done but the Venice X. revelations evidently horrified Benedict and he insisted that cardinal who runs should continue his inquiry but in absolute secrecy Joe thank you second us it it it was to be an xray inquiry into the Roman curia Coleman my more detailed than ever before investigative journalistic nazione growled tracked down 18 insiders who had testified before cardinal around his commission they included 2 cardinals and 9 bishops click on a junket some of them also disclosed to us what they said during their deposition under oath some of its own again all they both still be from people who testified before these cardinals we talked about what we call an Italian you know that's fine let's a machine of the slime knock it still on it in other words dossiers of documents created to destroy reputations all based on lies no general if you need it I think it'll be the Shamil look at it as they move the levels there were some groups bound together by homosexuality fact did the we got the local move quickly it's cemented relationships by brotherhood or blackmail still they met with simple the channel and I do this is the map that was drawn the picture that emerged from the dossier that the cardinals handed into Venice CA the other benefit colonel who runs and his team of investigators probe pulled the darkest areas of the Vatican and presented their full report the so called red dossier to Benedict on 12/17/2012 on February 28 Benedict resigned maybe because of this post it was a different but I think what you said I'm resigning because of old age treated it weakness face the because of lack of I was very honest with you but a very no the when the helicopter spit him away to the paper residence at so Hindalco Benedict was leaving behind him a church in white smoke from this just signaled the a sixth sensor to the throne of Saint Peter you see anything for the first 2 minutes just is it this is me he was looking around 0 V. matching it's very it is Friday but I say unless you're here in the as tears when he say and the risk you wish crown that was the same speed as square the so similar to they fall buddy that is the year that this that invisible line own send a decade and then he said that he come from chosen some from the ends of the earth to the ends of the world as one he did among the simply people related to him and accepted him even though we didn't really know anything we had to can not people with good morning from the square who we see we see for waist up a year they will you so the main all they knew about him was that Francis was from Argentina the first non European to be elected pope for over 1200 years thought to be a traditional conservative but in a series of highly symbolic gestures he signaled that he intended to lead a very different shirts our church whose first duty was to serve the poor a sick and the underprivileged he spent holy Thursday and general washing the feet of young prisoners including Muslim women it's very first papal visit outside room was to the island of Lampedusa where he spent his time not with the locals but with illegal migrants that risk life and limb to make it to Europe France is the first pope not to ever had studied in Rome worked in Rome for spent significant time he's upset this is a man that seems to be able to talk paper to draw them out a ticket since one has to worry and wonder if he's ever going to be able to live up to the legacy if if he is already the best anyone can remember within weeks of becoming pope Francis reached out to the wider church beyond recall appointing a group of cardinals drawn from 6 continents to help him take on the curia the Vatican bureaucracy when we tell the first time he was very very shortly after his election he told me I want to make that the mission of pride nice to help me and the renovation of the Roman curia and then he told me which it did to the destination and I said holy fuck the what if you want if you want me there I was doing cardinal Marty artists dire 6 Honduras Central America represents the sort of challenge Francis himself knows only too well a country confronting poverty crime repression and political instability but mother the Argus is his friend pope Francis believes that to do this work a church can no longer be distracted by the scandals of recent years it urgently needs to fix its own house is necessary to open the windows in the trash because we need fresh air because you know after or what happened in the year before especially with the old this scandals of Betty leaks and the institute for apple pay that the Israelis Jonah from the bank from old so some cases of corruption with them not co business some cases of pedophilia the credibility of the turns yes in terrible danger what is necessary to do how can we listen to the voices of the Holy Spirit in order to change because everybody knew it was necessary to change anything pope Francis has shared that message in the most unlikely places it is green blob of telephone the phone rang liberty mid that that meant that but I've got the pope on the line and I really don't think we should keep him waiting list Virginia scout for is the founder and former editor in chief of the Republika Italy's leading newspaper on the left he is also an atheist Michael Vincent surely have been leveled the conversation we had started with some jokes because that's his way he said some of my advisors have warned me to be careful talking to because you're a clever man and you'll try to convert me whom 50 me converting the pope heated up the pope had phoned to invite skillfully for a chat it would be a wide ranging discussion which got free described in an article that attracted worldwide when it came to the church hierarchy Francis was uncompromising heads of the church he is quoted as saying have often been narcissus flattered and thrilled by their courtiers the court is the leprosy of the papacy this Vatican centric vision neglects the world around it and I will do everything it's a miracle that sets you only think is it fun they fit he said during our conversation that the church should consist of devoted people priests and bishops who take care of soul disaffected is going but not bishops that become bishops to run Vatican departments for their own self importance that little did need that some of us on the like years I guess you but I don't we're going from a church preoccupied with his it's it was a good job focus and Benedict's towards a church that says no mercy is what really matters to me when the man finally and I mean city because but I don't know Francis has said that the Catholic Church will fall like a house of cards if it fails to balance rules on abortion and homosexuality with the greater need to be merciful I don't know what to say you know there are homosexuality he asked who am I to but all this talk of change alarms traditionalists it's a lot of conservative Catholics who was stoned by some of these comments at the church should not be obsessed why abortion and then homosexuality birth control but if they read carefully what he sang he says I'm the son of the church and I believe in her teaching but on one issue there is no ambiguity pope Francis's position on global capitalism what does he stand not since I ate Bika in the system with no ethics pay the center is an idol a longer and the world has idolized click on money they'll they have here pope Francis spoke with the growing disparity between rich and poor the young unable to find work the elderly ignored and neglected knowing number yeah click to see St Michael and all we have to say we don't want a globalized economic system that is harming us so much David men and women must be at the center as you got knowledge gained enough money the determined to put his own financial house in order he appointed a commission of inquiry to complete a thorough investigation of the Vatican just 2 days later Monsignor Nunzio Scarano a senior accountant in the Vatican's financial administration was arrested it was alleged that he and 2 others had tried to smuggle €20000000 in cash from Switzerland to Italy on a private plane he was arrested and soon found himself in the queen of heaven prison in Rome it was the first time that anybody at this level in the Vatican had ever been arrested for a financial crime a sign perhaps but changing times future of the was also raise in an improv vote for it gave to a surprise group of journalists and only then the group playing laser a well we were running back from Brazil is very very clear ready to make radical decisions if necessary to clean up to that in Iraq to see that he did not exclude the possibility closing the Vatican bank I got 3 options close it fix it it's a little bit more select models you know this is not the way folks is 2 points it was an amazing experience Dodge any question at all Florida by October the bank was seeking to close 900 suspected there was a lot of money at stake and the call to go tearing a prominent anti mafia price future issue the chilling warning for the pope is dismantling centers of economic power in the Vatican if the mob bosses can stop him they won't hesitate n't 0 years ago in this town a wealthy young man gave away all he possessed close devote his life to the poor pope Francis the name of the same came to see singing in a symbolic visit to once again reinforce his central message but leaving many ical personal still on I think from the pope has said things and made statements easily approved by everyone about 5 weeks ago when the pope said it's necessary to help the poor people no one objected to your needs to be done but the issues that always divide modern public if but the real life issues Abdullah from family gender as a nation and someone but so far he's carefully avoided all the issues that could lead to conflict a real minefield in the life of ... this pope because it's such a big issue in the Catholic Church it's not gone away then though they're singing hose honest to him right now and that's the actual abuse of minors clergy sex abuse I know a lot of Catholics would like it to be over but it's not we're seeing new cases all the time if the pope doesn't come out and said very clear transparent and public ... guidelines ... and make statements I think this could cripple a he wants to change the direction of the institutional it's going to be decisive risky action and it's risky to take on the Vatican curia there are many in the curia that are trembling wondering what's going to happen to try and figure out ways to neutralize their fears that he was gonna start shaking things up if that starts and begins to unravel on there's a lot of string that ball the little boy in the hall efforts to reform the curious over the last Jory enacted by all the specific the Czech Republic clenches school will it succeed with pope Francis so I don't miss it I don't know if this papacy is going to last long chief this make a conclusive I it's of course many things have pointed to the Vatican's states was like a kingdom like a human can go and so that where all the all the defects of our of a human could but he wants things more simple I am sure that the money finally go in that direction and we not go back certainly not things are not going to continue like they were in the past //

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