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"2017-02-26 22:07:06"
Getting Started with Transcription
\\everybody's Chris for making a video for you on that getting started a transcription so I'm gonna take you through some basics of transcription and I'm doing this via video instead of in a presentation in the class because I can actually show you and demonstrate on my computer exactly what I do and as much harder in the classroom because I'd have to get that all set up I'm already set up at home as well this is sort of a legacy paying so that this can be shown in other classes and 2 other people have put it up on YouTube and I make it a public starting out I'm gonna take you through the hardware to software in the methods of transcription in between my masters and my PhD I had an entire year here in little hole where I work for court reporting agency and I literally did this for a living I did transcription I did transcription editing and I also did court reporting and by doing those 3 things I'm well prepared for the sort of interviews and transcription that we're going to have to do for our research transcription is a huge pain in the butt it's awful even if you've done it a lot it's still you you really tedious and you'll get some good stuff out of it but it does take a long time even what you're good at it starting out hardware so probably the most pourtant the hardware for doing this efficiently this it's a it's a foot pedal and this is actually the model that I have it's really nice it's very durable so you can take it with you you can stick in your bag it's not too big and it is big enough that you can actually control it with your foot step 3 buttons on it you can set up those 3 buttons to do whatever you want I use play and stop on this middle button here then I've got rewinds to the left and fast forward to the right having your hands free is really important trying to do a hot keys slows you way down and makes you keep thinking about what you're doing with the controls rather than what you're doing with the transcript cooking out of your word processor to start start and stop and get back all the time we'll just slow you down so much so foot pedal awesome it really really helps because you're also gonna need a computer always do it at home because I get a real keyboard I've got 2 monitors I'm all set up here you can do it on a laptop none of the stuff that I'm going to show you today is very attentive so it can work on a laptop and if you use it to typing on a laptop that's gonna work fine for you the second part of the hardware is phones I've got really nice headphones that I use for gaming and music and all sorts of stuff and I wear them all the time the number one thing to remember about the headphones for this is that you want really comfortable ones it's nice that they sound good and it's nice that maybe they block out noise around you but if they're not comfortable you're gonna have a bad time so given 90 minute interview that's probably a minimum of 3:00 hours I'm really good but I'm a little rusty I come in at about 4.5 5:00 hours on a 90 minute her view it's slow it's tedious if your headphones are uncomfortable that time is going to be miserable the other part about comfort is chair have a nice chair I know that seems silly well have a nice chair because if you're like me and you just sit down and you power through and yet do it then he walked this chair it also has a weird effect on the foot pedal if you're not comfortable in the chair the foot pedal does not make as big a difference as if you are comfortable you have to have positioned just right so that you can have your put up on the heel seeking hit buttons and if your chair is uncomfortable or positioned wrong then you get leg cramps yet foot cramps you get ankle pain ... and everything just kind of falls apart and it makes the whole thing literally painful not just meant we paid so moving on to the software I use suppress cried and it comes from NC H. there an Australian company you can get for free you can get for free either through their website or through seem that both of those are trustworthy sources you get from somewhere else it may not be trustworthy but it is free I've got the pro version because the company that I work for paid for it and obviously it's got lots of bells and whistles but for the purposes of this class for our sort of research the free is going to do just fine it can work with most foot pedals it can work with most audio files and of course you can use you're allowed to use it for this this is what the actual window looks like I've got some audio from a podcast that I like already loaded in here it's really easy to load things and it's really easy to control everything and the bonus is that is already up his foot pedal I'd built in and you can use this controller setup wizard here to decide which buttons go where you can set it up all for yourself depending on your taste it works really well the number one thing that I like about it is that it's got this little speeds speed slider down here and when I'm transcribing I'm usually in the 85 to 90 percent speed range and when I'm editing I'm usually in the 150 range and that's just because that was what works for me the faster speed let's hear some things that you may not hear normally and the slower speed means that you can probably catch up as you type also the software front I just use word I just type in the word it auto saves for me it it's the thing that I'm familiar with and that's what I use express scribe does have its own place here that you can just type into and it's kind of nice because it will timestamps some things for you but I don't trust it because I've had things lost that way so I just use word suck up some audio loaded up here I'll take you through it really quick I just hit the the middle pedal and it started so that's about 150 percent so let's let's get back to the beginning there ... so that was 164 I'm gonna take it down to about ... 90 percent ishe which is normally what I type that I just scrolled all the way back to the beginning of the audio there's some strange music because it's a it's a podcast but all of us show you how I do this in first you're right I another pair of Bourbon bring curious okay so I just realized that that's probably the same guy twice the barrel burger bring holiness okay yes so he he's may mean himself there crazy okay so that's that's enough to get if the idea of how I do that you saw that I or heard that I started and stopped quite a bit I once you get into the flow of it you really Kim do that you can slow down to go further but words store to your pool when you do that and he gets hard to listen to it also guarantees that you have to be a slow as they're talking you could see that I put ex exact colon and why why why Colin and that's just that'll be where their names go at the end of doing all this I'll go back and do a search replace on ex exact and why why why took put their names in there and that saves you a lot of typing you just decide to those I do want to make sure that it's something that won't come up elsewhere in your ... your transcript which is why I used 3 cap axes and 3 cap wise the bigger thing and I actually feel that this just now when I was typing this is a mindset thing you have to allow this to be a rough draft if you try to get it perfect on the first try it will take for ever and I know you don't want to listen to these probably more than you have to you and you don't want to spend more time typing did you have to but let it be a rough draft and then go back through and edit it makes it so much faster now my favorite method for doing this is to have someone that wasn't in the room when you recorded it type it up for you and then you go back and edit it because you were in the room and you can clarify a bunch of that works really well it sounds like that that's not super great for the privacy concerns and that sort of thing that we're we're concerned with these ethical concern they were concerned with while we're doing these but after last week I realize that if you have that in place before you're going out and doing those interviews you can put that person that you're going to exchange with like you take theirs they take yours and you rough drafts on each other's you could put them as co investigators at least I think so so that might be something you want to think about and that might be something we want clarity on but it sounds like that might work and that makes it so that you can really get into that rough draft mindset that you're just typing down what was sad and you're not super invested in it you not super invested making it perfect because you know that someone else is going to come behind you an additive so that's the basics on transcription plot there is a huge huge other concern that you'd need to be aware of before you doing any of this because recording is the actual key to do a transcription painlessly we have zoom H. fives and zoom H. 6 is available for check out in our department it's got to Stephen check them out obviously these are very high priced recording instrument zoom H. 5 has this little connection up top here and you can see that it's omni directional mikes up there you get good recordings out of this there's also almost no length limit on these because you can just switch out little cards Felicity cards and keep recording so long as you have SD cards there's no time limit now the H. 6 which we also have 4 check out in the department has plugins for other Mike's which is really really handy it it essentially works like a mixer you can put in the mikes you can position the mice however you want and it will record them viewing nice if you have a good recording transcriptions much easier if you have a bad recording it's gonna be painful all the way through if you're recording with your phone you're going to hate yourself very very quickly because those microphones are designed to be about this close and when you set them on a table they pick up all the table noise and none of the voices it makes transcription really really miserable somewhere usually set this up when I was court reporting to make sure that I got a good recording was one microphone close to whoever's being interviewed one microphone close to the interviewees or interviewer and then a microphone not very close to either of them it it will pick up room noises but it means that if you miss something on one of the other microphones maybe sought recording and I know someone just winced that there's going to be 3 recordings for this probably want for he so the best thing about express scribe and having multiple recordings is you can actually load demand here you can load 3 different recordings in here they'll all be roughly the same length you should be able to find where you were in in each one so that if someone starts mumbling or a loud sound happens or someone hits a Mike or you stop recording on one of them accidentally you can just switch to the other audio and you've you've still got it using your phone as a backup to make sure that you get total coverage will work it will sounds terrible but if you're not super comfortable using say the zoom 6 or zoom H. 6 then having your phone there is a back up just so you definitely get everything and you don't run out of memory and you don't run out of power you don't have the microphone being hit that's okay for your phone position of the mikes is important but V. environment is also really important trying to find a quiet room and even though it seems quite a might not actually be quiet I don't know how many recordings I have where if I could transcribe air conditioning I would have done that instead of trying to transcribe the words because the air conditioning was much louder one of the other really terrible things that you might run into is people not knowing what to do with their hands while they're being interviewed giving them something to do it is really good giving them something quiet to do is even better so having a stress ball that's good giving them a pad of paper and a pen also really good they might take notes up for this sort of interview they may take notes and come back to things that they wanted to talk about that maybe you didn't anticipate you should also take notes and taking notes on your laptop is an ideal because strangely typing is really super loud and if you're sitting at the table and both of the mikes your Mike ends there Mike are set on the table and you're typing on it guess what you get here just typing so taking a pad of paper and a pen he's a really nice quiet way to take notes the things that you definitely want to take notes on our names titles are if they're talking about family members that you can't go look up online write that down it also helps so that you can sustain the flow of the interview and then afterward go clarify spelling go clarify names I know this is less important when we're hiding the identities of people but you may want those accurate names anyway so that you can go back and ask those people question it's really really super helpful ... and if you ever do legal depositions you'll have to you that one of the other things you can do is yourself just a night and this is the one that I got this the one that I've recorded on right here and you know it's it's $40 if you're going to do a lot of these maybe this is what you want to it works really well in a quiet room it does pick up basically the entire room you probably heard some of the stuff coming in from outside of this room even already in this recording but they are nice and if you you're recording only single person then you can make it unidirectional and put it directly in front of them it is kind of large and kind of imposing so you wanna be aware of that as well now the other thing that you can do you if all of this fails say somebody already has checked out the zoom or say that you want to depend on only your own equipment there are these lapel microphone unplug directly in your phone they will pick up when the single person so it's kind of a still a pain but if you're really only interested in what they have to say now what you have to say it's kind of strange but maybe that's how it is you can get one of these obviously they're pretty darn cheap there $14 right now you can also check these out at the library that's the number one thing with transcription is get a good recording and then self some scribing where you Christopher good day //

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