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I messed up....
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we need to talk.....
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You've Never seen a Claw Machine THIS SMALL!!
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i can't keep doing this...
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I'm leaving....
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Found A UNLOCKED Claw Machine!! (FREE PRIZES)
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Buying DRUGS From The Vending Machine!!! THEN THIS HAPPENED!!!
\\what are you guys there needs your support for this video starts I just want to announce all put a time card if you guys don't want to hear me talk but it is a balance and you because it's you maybe you yesterday marked the European centre subscription boxes meaning that also part of you guys did not get good video sent to you you know I posted is really interesting video the claw machine did catch on fire and it will come from fire but it really just started smoking extremely bad so because we will check that out I'm going my channel in the sequel machine caught fire law I don't stay in his bed in that video bombing announced again because of your religion just like many people does I'm gonna be doing a stand me well all first of all first and foremost is going to be in your dream all any group Michigan at my very first or keep there's already can be having a huge event there this family is going to be very last minute family is going to beat this Halloween Tuesday October 31 is gonna be about from 4 to 5:00 this me from 4:05 till about closing so about 9:00 that's what I'm gonna be there assuming a stroke like a little bit after forums not their healthy there between 4 and 5 I get so upset over they're going to much stuff in something that you can recall I know it's very last minute and I don't want his price treating and stuff like that if you guys have time anyways live around here trade area maybe after combine Sophocles he needs the shoes will not be up to replace a lot of people have the gene for deaf people yesterday genes are not a free place to dissolve covering our money with the machine will all be set a little bit easier a lot of people are gonna be coming to the mall that don't know music you 2 parts of it at the most any packed anyways and there's gonna be a lot of people that are coming to Adrian all that have not been there in a very long time into the machines are gonna be 6 super strong to make a good first impression that people have not been there are ready so I'm gonna be there regardless because I know your kids can and have a lot of money and I just wanna make sure all the machines are working fine so I thought my eyes will take it's up to you will send me some guys yes I'm gonna be there if you guys can make it was perfectly fine I'm doing another family at the end of December I will do more information about that in about 2 weeks weeks you guys can make it all that is all the on the address and the time and everything just to remind everyone will be set in stone go in the description down below and that will tell you everything everything's going to happen the time the day is going to be October 31 on Tuesday from 4 to 9:00 PM it's going to be at every monitor in Michigan what is set at rest will be down below our guys give you a thumbs up and join us you guys next time nmrs selling drugs dry cereal with Mike goes great emptively personal be in the description down below here is amazing and he has a bunch of videos on your kids that if you have not seen so because once you more videos of my our kids that Ivan film go check him out go subscribe to make me to be link is description number low or no actual drug addicts title drive us crazy they're selling drugs American what what does so we are going to buy some drugs from this machine there really has Tylenol Advil because I don't think is there basically just pain killers but yeah yeah so drugs yeah okay it's a dollar each so we're gonna buy to drugs our guys to see a room for the so yeah so you I do want to beach go very well known and bill alright guys yeah I will for you one of these drugs what is anyone here we go area yes we got a little guys others cardboard all cool that's cool we got yes sorry go west of Tylenol preference interested Tylenol we're gonna buy some Advil yeah at building a really big name right yeah everyone knows just about anyone else you 2 here by it eternal one all mine I could really flex its broken easy to follow in all of my other times on look at will by this is going to be I have no idea this will be really helpful and what if I get sick tomorrow at home yeah I yeah my favorite miles well you know undermine the one party I say a crying need these I don't have any medicine and no flick if I get if I get a headache or some of the hope we all have 33 and for our I watch this guy's it's gonna get like stuck we will see what happens all look good won't do it close to our house and like you because you assume that uhhuh 3 titles here here I thought I might show you that they just sold drugs and that you are god ghostwriter might make you know we're on occasion deal guys we are going into all start rolling now explains ... with KK jumping up and often joke with hidden because whatever you tell him to do something he usually does it specifics I'm I'm not even kidding things so mmhm yeah your name yeah okay heads of who don't making you comfortable with it wait wait much Trevor's legs try girls legs who's here like no no no no no maybe maybe now it's falling it's falling I would try that again I think is going to fall him come on get around like garance like generals like get Ross leg get overlooked right there you you hit the wrong button burial they get in there didn't matter blue no all my god I cannot we pulled up from the dead zone that is such a cool Brian spiritually trite but I will try to them she became an offer to Pat prove hat no way can I turn group right here I mean I could go for this group right here gonna be friends doc no no what you doing no no no that looks like a balloon animals thing Waco bridge but go back home breaker ... spin right spin right duck first try stand there now Dakika.comers right all my god those so good nice job kid you know anything through its heart do those little balloon animal what little I was like when those things that accordingly when I'm sure this guy on now I'm sure this guy first machines will ... up over here it's just I tried fun trying I just want to cede to prove you wrong because I know it's not gonna work ... if this for some reason words came is never gonna let me down for it came NPI don't know I might need this omigod turn around get around it giveaway No again that yeah it's not gonna work I don't think it was a gets around it last second now alright forget ... distort the shoot and what it can do yeah I think there for that don't hit that one all didn't stay in there it's great does ntune green monkeys head among green monkey glowing green monkey ... that's weak over the draft Carsten how did you get in there Mister long that's all it doesn't close all the way relatively no n't wait no I got it I got it you will get more money because I can't say no to him Carson our guys we're trying ice going for Carson he's going for the for king hippo Carsten how did you get in here buddy furniture I there would go up hippie the hippo come on I want to win a dog I want all that ndaki that's my I have it all stand there stand there stay in there come on yeah your own nice job buddy who got the job Karen says that if I win the wizard why then or she wins it it's his regardless so I don't know how that's really fair but I'll just agree to employ okay try all poor ground head due to this slide off it no no if it if it slides off if you don't get it there that should be good get around it I just opened up on our dealings with North Korea I don't go for it go how does Trevor Ted last try guys golfers head and yes it doesn't close are we off of sense of humor let's have a those 10 boot up right next to this one calling me up you think that's good but you don't know if that's good so all all take your judgment and say that it was it was a terrible time our guys we're gonna head out we got a blue.we dropped the other prizes off the car if you guys like this video give it a thumbs up can you please tell them to can you please tell my fans are I mean our fans I mean can run the channels together a little bit but can you Nick what what what a lot of it wall that product 3000 likes on this video you got to well //
"2017-10-28 09:59:53"
\\what's going on as their nuclear before this video stores I have some permission for you so the editor of the channel I you guys would know that I own re Artes well I all my 201 looks like a half cute or whatever if you now why so called American so movies are told to do so it is about a fan you guys don't want to hear about my family or go to my fan or don't care or whatever agree here that time card rates here in ... it will take you to Kong Ching fire yes this qlogic because on fire it didn't really test fighter but it did it start very scary I literally had a fire stick but I thought it was pretty messed up those and that ... I don't know why I did it I still to this day don't know exactly what happened it was a video of all who would build was here yes so of not yet to go seen it is actually still sitting in my garage right now and I had time to look at it they will get down to the bone and look at it sooner if it's we are going to be doing it soon gonna be very last minute and I'm the last minute ... it was willow where I mean to offend me to like notify the ball a few the whole thing into purity and all this stuff every time I do offend me at one of my our kids I also learned much like Coney Island laundromat something whatever she has always notify them all and tell if what's going on because they need to beef up security in these up there is new usually we have about 3 to 400 I show up we're having an event this hollow we ... it's going to be on this Tuesday I believe you around like 4:05 it starts mostly 8 and I or someone exam to show the mall is not that big the mall as soon well there's nothing stored in it they're doing this you told me to vent their store that is in the mall that is open there any something to and their respect thousands show up a couple years ago they had over 3 thousands show up and I know that doesn't seem like a lot of people I'm all but for the small thousands all is quiet the Meyer case going to be pretty busy and I was going to be there anyway regardless of these are running breaking evil and stuff like that time be all meant I mean I only wanted to offend me there during Halloween do as a last minute notice so now show up you guys I'm gonna be doing if any there because there aren't enough security and stuff like that so I'm going to be doing offend me October 31 Halloween 4:00 till the mall closes at 9:00 so if you guys want to stop in and just see what's above and now my cameraman filming all the what you guys fill some I think that screw around settling the time it will be super super busy alcohol so on it there's just going to be a bunch of random people around I'm expecting the problem we a bunch of fans anyways that problem might need to be there just because I'm assuming there's going to be able to can so anyways yes I'm gonna be there October 31 I'm gonna be there from about 4:05 to closing and I'm not an Iraqi it at the time scout wait around it'll drive you there in the food or bathroom so guys you can make it that would be awesome coming on low income given you a thumbs up and we just think about it don't blow holes we see you at my skin no I just grab my camera this is a really weird starting what you do is smile all I I know I know this is great you guys were just playing a year the machine short all turned back on I unplugged it plug about dean and like all the smoke holy crap wait it not having an on camera that will like the way I'm gonna open it it's already open I know it looks like a lot but like there's smoke all open here I'm afraid opens is actually you know all my god nude all due to smoking don't know we're not going to dump water on it that is not needed okay first of all started off that greasy out something for down there and I'm back wrestling like any all out war and like the transformers something Louisville if it wasn't sure and if it if it was a transformer though like that it would of white so the machine off I think we burned up I don't know what we burn so I have no idea what we burn now or what could have happened but like there's smoke all over this like I do phone flashlight your phone your phone you might actually really be able to feeling really good got all yeah you can definitely see it do you that was get well it got like really bad and like my first thought to it like burnt really bad it's like burning is an well my first thought was my first thought was are okay well it's going to go away don't get harder to see but my first thought was okay ... I need to turn it off or turn the machine off it is there like a burn mark right there do you see that well if you wires now I feel like that was already there smart brutal was was okay I need to work shut the machine off so I went over I really hopped over there and unplug the machine right there now for I did that William there's so much smoke you can see that in general should we do that I I I jumped over this I don't want it and then there was all smoke and I grab my camera ran over their plug it back in and I don't know smoked after that but okay I'm gonna try to turn that on camera just leave the machines religious RD room okay we're coming up play back and I hope it's I don't know where it smoke from or what happened but okay a cordon those really weird is it on okay it's on ... did I the DBA's non though it's not working you know there's lights that blink when time could be the well the transformer will not the transformer beyond not a balanced was a calm look not only one of my getting what is called to the TVA is right here so it might of burnt out but we weren't even using the TVA yeah I don't well it's not gonna smoke anymore had already burned out I don't know what I was like I I turned it on noses testing it to make sure worked and stuff so like stuff like this catch on fire I don't yeah but there's nothing can touch him yeah I mean this Bagri your house and Senate I don't know man that Risi all I did I really wish I would've grab my camera sooner to slick Willie smoke was viewing out of here always RO dude are it will I glad I got it on video certain really are professional by number and talking I never had something like that happened to me before were clumsiness up and started like gunfighters though I'm actually gonna try to play I'm gonna play with the door open this increase like smoke starts spinning are your souls even credits up well what the heck of where it might be good for us yeah the DVD isn't on though which is weird because if you entertainer focus on our lives no red light for government alright so we're gonna try down Millerton running and it was Clinton's are good call home Linda I don't I don't know what it had to be the deviate because everything is working and it was just working earlier willing with just one in my place where's now I don't know will address how I'm gonna play for a little bit and it will come to see what happens with it I'm I doubt I honestly think use the DVD that one bad so if sorry bad it's not gonna you know start smoking again so we're going to see an on get back with your whatever if I don't get back yeah I guess I've been playing it I just pricking got look good the timer display just showed off what I can't do anything I had a bunch plays on it is small limits bad this time almost not because I'd then you're fucked weight again who the colonel it's so it's weird because cuddling d'argo let me okay something else just bring out this morning smell of body okay there's that the war machine is off now build war machine look at this there's no cornet will get when I try to credit up earlier you can hear like clicking the only thing that's on right now guys in the machine are the lights like the light in the 6 strip all my god look at there's no lights on the board look at the whole board ride all I do there well I played it well I would play them for a good one maybe 2030 minutes straight destroying him I didn't do anything I literally was about to shut the machine off all about you or anything anything wrong literally I 5 plays left and it didn't all Mike I'm I'm not really mad but I'm kind of happy because it's a good video I guess yeah that's all I mean I don't well this machine just fried like I have to get a whole new board now my DBA might be fried oh my god this sucks so bad oh my god already it will do there is so hot smoking here alright owned anyways because I guess //
"2017-10-27 10:00:50"
\\you'll wait wait wait don't you think it's a pale living it's that my fear is you know it's not going up in a barely missing it room the next semester at west them over and try your long you guys can gold up it's a very excellent everyday for the easy is the way you nevertheless Japan no there is alright Nora you don't hide anything okay a tough yeah you this now go higher than you think you need to right now yeah selling out showing up Drake's alright you go for a fellow with the last one intro these for the top even those are if you win and I have a great deal for the go for that one either middle alright credit with a wince right not selling out it's great I know you won't know if I try and your overall rig so does it matter yeah ... one a regular key master here were gonna try it as well anyone put a 5 in body yeah ... that's not the dollar bills and hello now see went up CEO deviated off I mean it's not ready alright let me try who wait wait also please don't deviate up are you the guy in Zillow this is not a good okay wait but it works this time we got one track for the top and one for the middle could have a test the middle yeah right alright this is bad this is not good okay stick do not stick I am now hold the button and all the way we're going to crowds and here we go I see it Joe wait wait wait don't you think it's a pale giving them my fear itself not going up and barely missing it not see it pregnant sell what I missed it anyways still wind up I forget it but it would cause moving at the same time giving get that first says last dance home okay area oh come on get it get it get it stay in there you try blood drips when it goes down I come onto the train and get this right that should have it that should have it Lou yeah I like those about ... blue Alberdi now but down right now the deed doubt but die Dovid do you know it's messed up but was driven for this Frankenstein right here is a strong who shot a movie really small and all yeah I'm from center this is OJ waits maybe overall it's strong the black guy arranged so that will be it the mystery woman former Lamarque right there try that if our now are it's a strong clog looks a good trait of hal is just was not ncredible our way through we chose because you get I can just get around it arm and leg it's time now for your oil over more over the Frankenstein I don't know Ford Ford Ford Ford about his love it a little more or we had to try I don't always not yeah you're not putting it where I really want to be we maybe yeah I don't think we're gonna waking up here maybe who do we we get the Chinese box yeah of course you know but for the other welcoming better low who no one came in there goes their goals day there true come on man this when it when it really is really press do I think it makes him better as well today I need and let me see here to go it will be part well not according to cool that those of us trying the body that's all we had you guys like this he'll give it a thumbs up like yes please give it a thumbs up we are at arm a bowling alley where she master today I'm irritated we always put the key masters you guys know this is nothing that never illegal use movable bridges better go for now when the booing at our own school figuring it out match rig can't wait to topple the Nokia a middle I've never been located in had like the middle or top road you yeah I don't think it's ever been do and I've been with you so Steelers you look the Steelers find see no not and now I use that I missed it painting okay try try try only god I hated okay we get we don't very often guys were gonna get we don't all there yeah I when ... I used no it all okay if we hadn't had been and do it plus if we put it in ... yeah but that group groups for Israel behind okay just tried who all but we've got a group to him lately Goldman and purge go for the 0 first at the meeting her that way the meaning and put the menu okay in his leg over the ship we're gonna win of his over the preceding the 3 years ago it yeah I'm a personal I'm a go for the 0 bombs can try to protect I'm a golfer is headed under his arm just like that there is stand there ought to look at it as we grab him not to get one when you are cool go back some Kerry there skinny often offers but you that's because all we get of grabbing things that are fatter it's this client because all the guys he won over some it's fatter out go it's a mortgage we invite do you try amateur the next poet their way go back some back for try right there ... more ... more right there and then our guys today where are the fathers in the Wisconsin Dells with our cage I thought for a we're about to go in I've ... full pocket quarters was going in Chicago begins our guys we are ... the first actual arcade game in here yeah that he taught me how to dance and I became really good okay what Cecile I took kidneys able busters noted earlier it's like I was like what's this is how you win over a good you know and it just got Ranma following orders yeah we do throw in a what it does to cover up Bailey go well you know it's not right all no go they go to feel a bit more after the call on hold on let it slow down well you know yeah you you you made it go this way too fast when the ball is rolling over you like that which like now slowly but medium speed and you had that you bounce over how do I know that was going to do it will not faster just half it has hit this ledge just right we go the other way to go back over called ho ho play crappy music inside the all you had to use why why can't well I all you saw another time and another dollar goes in plaster 516 jackpot all you did it Neubert it on in Iraq in a way you can't they live there so bad I said thanks for playing well you're welcome 0 tickets are gonna drop super fast if we get the jackpot no yeah every 5 to he wants to 3 places where he wants you know 97 of them so no manager or early 25 to 2 flights a women I really want to know then I will go for this one and in here yeah it's all way back there you're not going ... you know he's going to swing it he's gonna swing it all year not gonna let you go no okay you do get the play went so yes she ... that's come on you guys so this game right here on you can win it every single time here we go deciding there's like 9 lives like it isn't others more schools were who alright let me try this one guys it is considered a game just so it's not a game ready I ha ha again put a quarter now please open he gets free stuff you win every time there's a lot of women sure quarters Arab spring go back a little price so they will return the biggest issue will be different //
"2017-10-22 10:00:32"
\\what's a guy scared him there so days I've been hiding in really big secret from you those because I don't day swing flea market it rained all that opens and ... all this time a bigger and better hall and ... we open up another can we're about to reveal to you our guys very now I know we're near his big but we got a lot of energy bills coming through plain this machine just had of all the machine the way I was I clearly just came up here to film a video and you were just in a a pro by the way what's going on guys also I am going to try to do more videos on the you know what the laundromat from our case I don't make that videos at all end up you know it's just John W. for anymore unless I knew it was going start well this is they are shooting star machine you always alright now I have just up basketballs love animals and football's yourself in their soccer balls and stuff ... it's kind of green out no machines number one what is it we just came up here to film so I don't have a user ID no longer so the machines are kinda cleaned out because I vill Nikolay so that's bad you cannot forget about the change machine are you kidding me if you press this button registered it's something personal Bob is examining a lot of people get Democrats in the comments all the change even all minor caves are these old steel James receives is the best one I got the first you purchase and they never break I mean I I my body will you guys don't know joystick is look about and they're all her really nice express always bring always have problems I got these dirt cheap and I have 3 of them have won Adriana wanna dixieland and one at Monroe never had great and they have some money put into him every week and stuff like that never a problem so just but guess what and still make money that's all about we have a cigar you upload pictures guys on yeah like Adrian mall arcade all I have to work remotely of styrofoam the bottom of like this terrible penis or whatever federal penis on the bottom on this one stuffed animals and are there like the big Eric how ... available that's what has price pagodas in it ... have money tied to solve them and stuff like that and you know it's up on the box there gift cards so my dad a lot of people might say their in house or whatever Tom this is actually my number I don't know what to talk about my number one most played machine so think about this machine does really good though up and a lot of people this machine also does really good of that and again this was a skillful something or all the machines here besides this shooting star and that shooting star of those both up payout rates on but if you guys ever do come here the monitor off address only to description old machine from strong on the way this is not strong on the way business all the way that comes from Louise that comes from all the way the trailer just move us from all the way with the classic little bit of a gap so all the machines are easy straight lines but this is the prize and I put them on are tricky you know Bob yeah god's will move over here with this machine first all if you guys saw it Gumbel video that I did remember where I found the gumball machines in the dumpster on you would see that Trevor and I were working on putting the LED lights in here this is what the finished product grips that machine also over there number could be selling the lights in here looks really cool Tom this machine is just a mini claw mini plush mini license engine Airbus so it's basically just like a smaller version of your full picture right there ... say and this was used pretty cool and I got out of money but someone who looks like someone that's owned it I like when that happens might open the door this is probably my favorite machine here this is the biggest factor that couple this is a man of stature this thing is use this is like the machine he said like all these cute arcades and so why did I get this fire came I don't know but I definitely think all right now because the Xbox got me awfully season 4 in this the reason the boxes are all day got his people yes how 1 you know 1 Xbox and I've given over 120 season and 1 Xbox ever since I own this our town Bob my bones are for about 3 and the reason I'm announcing it solely is because well just now getting to it so yes out people have one it is $2 a plate people I say why is that your dollars a plate of such a rebel well I have the payout ready set to such and such so let's say you know you know the Xbox except 1 in 1000 plays this is such a $11000 instead of having 1000 people play 1000 times because one dollar per play if you make a $2 a plate only 500 people in the play for to pay out for one of those and honestly it works out and I mean just as much money so that's why this is $2 a plate and a minor prices are just being ... bouncy balls which critical campaign called law just like this one this one has a bigger hole on it is the she knows that one over there what the hell we delight strips on the side of it right here that you can this one is filled with nami balls in it this machine 7 strong all the way it actually was never true yeah just the strings on it but it's really tricky because the balls are just a little bit smaller than it should be for the closet you have to hit dead center also will grab it right but other than coursing next machine I have over here next to the mall because it's a high cube bombs this is an awesome she and my other dislodge on the glass mission abroad class Peter James Wolfensohn sorry about that this site you have been in one of my videos ... idea skittles video where one of the boxes skills if you look down at the bottom one actually broke the plastic well this is all guys walk over how if you read the plastic eyes is a this plastic piece down here well actually grow fat in a video awhile found no one the broken oh yeah yeah yeah I know what's going on so yeah guys ... I after I I don't fill out one usually I don't anything it is broken wells and the 2 other plastic ones that people born out of iPhone 7 and we got the which let me mention to you are about to how come yeah I've I looked on this machine each one only needs about 50 more dollars pale when I was here yesterday Justin go to his chin on check that out we might get could this is very simple explained years have the US presence on the bag comes down educated you basically try to see how hard you hit him not the heart anyways does this one of the dogs Vasko structure bottles in it you want to say it nam eco as I say it eco I think avast go back no not at all bass does not speak the one in the back O. data because a patio to it I have no it's hot sauce yeah this was full of hot sauce bottles across putting files are also put this $20 bills in your this one is just on strong all the way the thing that makes it hard though when it closes it has a gap in the clone wiggles a little bit when I go back to the price you so it's very hard to get up off the gravel because I kinda made it to where it's like you know socially elevator love is always love a tricky but inferior gets hit in the comments I know what you're doing what your kid but $5 if you know when the $50 bill yeah running a business here we can't if I were to give out $20 bills for $5 I mean do not exist in so many ways guys is the other shooting star we start out with the shooting star ending with the shooting star Tom this machine same thing with your own applause got rubber grippers on the claw of this one is just a bunch of miscellaneous stuff in it random stuff jewelry ... gift cards little cheap toys and stuff yeah a lot of people may say of what the heck does this actually do get your cane yes this is actually one of my better machine surprisingly ... it's really tricky to win it just because there is so much random stuff in there but now it became the one from or it goes like this is mine your kid up and rolled the mall of Monrovia for that will be in the script hello if you don't live nowhere near the mall mineral you got I live near one of my own arcades I'm inserts for promoting their kids a lot more now I have what it takes to win flea market in Waterford I have won it Adrian mole in each I now have one in Monroe mall in Monroe Michigan the coming down below wears an open our kids that's I mean there's no stop we're gonna eventually up what the Hon 3 I've opened up the rear can in one year so I mean if we just keep going it was guys have trouble coming down below we're using macs are no that's about it go check it I'm below and see if you guys are by one a minor case 3000 lights on this video and I will go around and play all agencies because so much for watching because of our videos on this drop like you'll see guys next watching //
"2017-10-21 09:50:28"
\\guys so what I do is I put $2 in here because once or see more videos of the summer channel for your news channel I did a couple videos on my channel right do is we put $2 an opening machine which is just enough to buy anything in this machine here and why do as we close our eyes and press random buttons on the keypad and whatever falls like a mystery vending machine challenge we have to so it's gonna be a sequel for Israel so I'm am I will do it can do it so don't look press one button on this real quick press began the press one button was gonna put you got flaming hot Cheetos you go flaming hot Cheetos I we'll have to use the online travel try one you got to try even though I think do it well trying to guys we're going we're at another bowling alley ... Kate in according do you go to first try what was that blue bear and because god for I only got if you got it herb Cohen try to percent number that it's not perfect do this machines well o'gorman orphans were very overview of the bearings for the welfare and he noticed I still miss it suddenly right matter what was very weak well that's good that god this machine she was not okay dedicated their dignity let's go for the stuffed animal they're also alright let's try this one again under terminus with their only a standard let's got it you got it care and stand there only get like the that one third street my god challenge accepted all my god dude we added up in the air atomic before and I think we will bear blueberry like walls no no no no no no no no no didn't do almighty god I the blue bear right now yeah no no no no don't mess up don't mess it up don't we get back if you're on it one where was the videos over so what's your name Damon tells an estimated and I think it's got the better stay in there because of a weight I don't do this there wait wait wait way you want it you can have yeah they go about it thanks for watching I know you wanted to blow their but take a guess search again he would no did they just shut the lights off on us scary okay Goldman night it's cool though it is ours auto auto party time part time would go for paying one owner bill in the back did we saw Michael go for buddy the barbaric the blue one very relevant one patient we will know on you missed it if you put knowing all we're we're trying this one guys I've before credits on for low man because they would even go for a what does my we don't play in a band there see what I mean caterpillar caterpillars really look like caterpillar your your ... you you you know you know the we're gonna hardness is there it's so weak like what's this thing that we need to yeah we need some protein but I need some protein powder protein no no no only god well I got it we're me trying to buy lottery here ready the sense I'm gonna buy this one when my 2 of these there we go look for yeah if you want your money I put a dollar surfing when the dollar here it goes out the back loser loser loser Tony where their lives are can go to for the last one form about what it all back and with our families we sit on the guys there nuclear hats one dry cleaners a long because Washington's abroad they had this really weird action to where the jobs are using when it lost because I'm a full sail on video you guys seem to really like it right this is a normal thing notice how it can be managed what what is it of little bites what chocolate party takes what what don't but Trevor so many machine next to the we live in it has been at war 100 as a surgeon with deep calling you know so I know I heard that's the best which declined out I agree too high up no use for any of us actually know what I probably do actually I could use a call or I could how much is it let's see how much you support for worse for the fourth one only as dire not by mere as for one I think it alright guys we are going to buy some Clorox bleach from a vending machine they got laundry detergent super cool saucy you 444 ever go right here all my god this is what was comes up Chris is so yeah what well done because any monitor and I like those on campus as well groups real quick as I have no use for this and little things here are 10 Williams for that's what church you know why I don't know I was there staying right we're going to play one more point on yeah he more pi some more laundry Clorox bleach yeah discuss making killing on this these are only like one user yeah there's a lot in hello yeah I think that's true for our songs this is definitely something you would not see the smoking she already has we can make progress arcade game yeah I don't know why headquarters isn't it doesn't build on this one of those so call what they do for the laundromat where both Clorox bleach this things from her own and you have to farm prizes it down there all this evening with a flashlight in her old yeah right however credit for here I think yeah 2 credits it's nice to see what I think school is on the side jazz a big player they don't have a special referred to what I'm really fast that'll be good only got first try you got it with the loss of yeah yeah yeah I got it in even though it broke all brands I want to quit life god lemonade just on my wrists you know but Mulder are of their that's first try I'm not trying okay we don't I might thank you to enroll in this hall that was there was perfect for that like agrees there's hours so one of the all my god although I got going there are we going I don't another visit very early on in America no no no they got it got it those off of so how does it refer don't know you know what there's a track you know later I want to see the track so bad simply fill itself as the driver so cool maybe only once or yeah no man law yeah we go there ... yeah yeah so under waters of the Keira so so what you're well all good law NMO there a hearing here I'm gonna try for would you be out of this time it might it'll get around my god it's and that down down our area try overall I'm not it didn't it into nothing but I doubt it all of that they look at the covert the crowd goes the news we got a upset just bitter about the back we got a dog that needs a double a batteries we are social from the vending machine that is pretty cool city goes like this video giving a thumbs up I do videos like this all the time channel every other day private clock treasonous club craze is another YouTube channel that makes clumsiness if a guy running the camera nafta you have to I have to nbae crisper fall freezing has decided on you tube thing Congress has prescribed because next time in things from watching it's this this //
"2017-10-20 10:00:32"
\\0 nnova way the we NBI small she called yeah he didn't and we got golden what you are going really so today we going we gotta explain initially today we are going to be going into David was spending $100 100 every visible can win for $100 so ... I don't know I'll probably let them decide what we get because I'm just here to get the video for you guys what already goes we have a hours on your head you can and the reason we're gonna go on and play all these arcade games and see what we can win for $100 probably won't film every single game we played just because you know $100 why I'm gonna build majority of it and so we'll see what we have done that our guys the they were playing is based balls way I do is drop the ball there and again sorry kind of dark because this is a wide angle lens of makes a bit more of a darker get the ball to the 500 there so you must write it Houston ... go first KK because of their ... do but if you get the free 33 balls omigod omigod all your 50 tickets go over bad oracle Nurabad I like can I have 7 of them actually all okay ball going down moderate their mother there no no no only you guys both got bit okay alright my turn I'm over the 33 balls 33 balls do there no ... see all math look good by water take a 500 tickets 500 biggest non local will come back to it guys did it's ours we're gonna be trying to win this fellow here let's see all my gosh did please get it all it stabbed it sign up oversaw weights decayed and carried and I do you try to go let me get up on this did with security wasn't wasn't yeah stay in the did I don't really know where way because for once where have you ever logged on for this yeah it's no alright alright go go all my god you get the fact that the back in a week when you enable no more curry this kid and now let's go buddy now let's hear it trying to what looks at it do you no I don't think it is that what I don't agree you'd like your dad McCurry I yeah alright cooking don't nobody don't drop it yet though the okay way waves okay ready take go all you got it I got a well nice job bloody yeah well there are moving his pain here hard to know when you're ready go again going back here how did I do I'm going okay no I want all I got Nick Gordon's going to go first World Bank your day if this thing you know that kind of drifted though trying not stuff like that go to our little divided along more hello more right there just because it drips alright all my good all there goes it's coming it's right there racking up so many tickets voting here you know it kinda hard remoting redline her green lights all the way up there this is did one of it's a No Way right I love it your circle we Mariel no no no no no I don't know yeah will you try again cold and dry and you don't know NTSA that way we took in Florida echo Larry no killer no so hard no I want my struggle go Jim there I may be good what you who voted what all is no alright I got burned replaying monster it is move money will do and my you know what my my money and I need it now I so big drop out of there a little got the extreme monster what do they I was trying the movie up for yeah see all there are you yeah yeah there there well only one because not only was it would have oh no here we go one what we don't want all those all the amber closer mystery value I there are you kidding using no it's in their their this is so this is all no no no well there it's not gonna learn me it's slowly organize your honor came out do you want with it here no only must for 2 can also play this a little after of all farmers and it seems pretty cheesy but I look it looks like he's pretty good at it if you're in a past them well you know sort of in the groin ladies like good girl gonna try zombie zombie what is a game called zombie centerless living down here try to get this the things all right there the other is where is it from here I see I see it not a good tribe wait wait for 5 well you see that much snow 500 coming around right now kicking watch out for 90 it's right there who all I know try again area we're not that good is on after you have to try to take these things a bushman me I like a guy like I like those 2 can I grab it Trevor 300 bodies lawyers try for a no I gold price holding over money and go for the big lump like right here very good over the 500 make the club William long Andrea 300 there go my big goal are true 0 here comes no all do the US machine Hardcastle I I call being it's going to do it yeah no no where for you know yeah well I they there there Kate and wants to go further we're going to it's a hard that was pretty cool he strolls phone alright JK now this is going to bring me out of money Kate alright let's see a good Homer go your way your way there under this bill does for training me out of money get it in their in their no matter and there here on the Gulf War for the price you that it moved a lot closer hi guys just look behind it pulling her into the soup that's all I need is to do their all you got it yeah we got the bill or go and get it out of their bodies that that song okay no nobody yeah look at all big that thing is thank you all right on your bed at home awesome part JK is going to go for this no see I don't think we're gonna win twice nor I mean if we do that's going to be a miracle all my god all my god no that no well can we we made games that you've got a bill on also there go buy outright you want to drop it like right there yeah well my god jackpot first try or do you know the issue guy look at him we got a big kick it was very much a yeah it's yours buddy our area goes over the 500 tickets 0000000 god no under our dramas you can gladly overall I've put planning of a this alright let's do it let right call you right deported for any bleeding no well being so when the series courting yes he was that you know I think setting up water why do we go right we know I believe this world No Way now no all a one jackpot well it's good now it is really playing all that will alright let's say and we're going to get over it go all men all man Bowman waves do we might get it's going to go around again way holiday there's no way weeks all my god all my god what a big no 0 yeah yeah who is that no way your scrambled I'm guys you would have been I dated is gonna stop first what if we got double jackpot layout is so crazy you call the supper 500 all my god okay when I get live in the same line that would be crazy enough to try the voting alright let's say gateway wait no no no no no no no no not at all ozone it didn 90 or not 90 right what ha over time hi all due to my no way it's right there stop stop ennoble no way to okay guys we're going to be doing all big bad we'll spend a buddy list see get anything all day you got a 4.oh bass on a support on bass because I've read a Rolex anecdotally dilemma 33 balls what's so bad well you know we're almost at 10000 tickets for $100 I still what leann leann the right what there hope 8 so how we we are and what yeah there right hope and how if yeah I we all we wait we need for close press play more hope they I okay Cain's going James going although I got and how it's a I hope heck yeah it's amazing there so they say our guys were Ryan though point wizard you can Gary Gary out of all the cards we're not trying all sandwiches from Gary ... whirling and try see what all I see what you're doing you're really good at for 3 my aunt grace wow clock maker this so they didn't NDA last try we're no no I'm over the short guy no this guy go anyways hi guys we got for 100 or a cow I for like 3 hours crazy we got a little kid again with us I'm going to rename him bill vending service leann yeah 0 0 okay ball that 10000 yeah I mean you think 11 I'm gonna say 9800 I feel like we're short to say 9800 it and when and it ISS a kid will go through this the one from first of all first of all we want thing that you really can't the new wave of the lens we want some I really can't see I guess that's there's a fine yeah yeah it's the world's smallest we won the claw machine are you won this and we also one will go you can go stand by a body did they the world's like biggest pill this thing is your this is look this is what the pillow looks like on my car okay no it's not that big of a car to start out with but I mean look at that is so huge everyone out and we also want because couples up animals summing up from the drawer recall but yes so all of them out we've got some little stuff that really doesn't matter but guys like this video give it a thumbs up they're copping the product did you get the world's Maulbetsch humor no yeah dune wait wait this is gonna be the fun did you get it wait let's say it was it all unknown to put all sit back here do do do no way no way the whole okay what what well okay we will fit No Way when you're back there shot at all and Jeremy guys also Michael okay growers into play we're gonna I mean admire it is not pretty calmly trying to do you good if you guys like this video give it a thumbs up and I'll catch you guys next time thanks for all of the the //
"2017-10-16 01:18:10"
\\ //
"2017-10-16 00:11:44"
\\ //
"2017-10-15 23:11:30"
\\ //
"2017-10-15 10:00:30"
\\the whole nnova Gucci sunglasses come on nnst what is that no of the 6 I don't know going to the yellow starfish that is such a cool cool products all it took it fell back to wait big lips go away eclipse though that is where I live it is okay all so did I almost got it here that's right go over the same green things in your room now no no no no I went from the Jones I'm going for a green thing though that's the easiest in a series of what it Dave weaver okay know did we broke it we broke the machine it was really just broke what would we do first only how you doing dude it broke alright what to say or money for a plane that one rip retro body 50 cents I have room for this machine right and I don't know how that happened it's right there well go your way right there that was good did in their poop get in their poop do that's right there we got together get me on the but it will be up there that also him out right now Dave Barry go nice women you're such a pretty full price real cool you didn't line that up at all it just kind of what you will use do do you got your funded and some skittles ... starburst did I want in this way because I want the hot right there despite a pencil talk to your pencil sharpener with a fork do kids can okay supplement into a they were going to move I want 1030 okay noise gets first try and I'm not doing them with us all while I'm over this monkey right here guys brown that where the machine on the other side that should be it that should be aware Joe Jago he made her these are beauty sunglasses soon longer T. sunglasses Gucci sunglasses no okay or you'll Gucci sunglasses come on Gucci sunglasses I got them UT Marvel don't you know okay future sunglasses alright guys you know like at least $100 glasses like no joke Gucci Gucci and on the back wall do these are friggin supreme sunglasses right here in giving me this is the supreme ones these are the supreme ones all dirt over what we right there boneless beauties purity sunglasses in over 4 weeks you know on our country the you no whiskers Riggan beer drinking my god it's in do it when he needs there's really I'm going to put it right there right there is terrible yeah we know you push my you can do is stubborn man we did not ask when I'm gonna get it I'm gonna get it completely there has got do you see that when it went up wanted her whole Erica you know how to win Arafat to win well Mike her neck and I look at where it goes up though it's like it's glitching yeah ghost I didn't go back all the way that's in a watcher when it goes up okay go for the bears had the Bourne bears head right back all of it go left right right right right right right that other very lacking right there on you can smell al-assad's I yeah see any reason why oh yeah bye for now my money and I want to know the dead zone dead zone yeah mmhm oh yeah I see that it's not going to do this movie either way you lost so I get to go Caitlyn for Pataki yell I'm gonna go for it and ... still Tokyo Danno jail is not well go get it we'll get our product our guys were goofy despair here we go other days that's a definite win stay in there got it well came and ran into the machine that's because I think often didn't hear you ask a Littler clout glasses you know racism older old truck whoa all my god stay in there no nnova got it all my god through those crazy alright let me know how well you know back up off me remove the line thing rumor you guys I won one of the like 2 weeks ago US throughout the window of my car yeah I I our guys let's go for this way who won the game yet all do the Michigan state thing what you want what you like in Spain who doesn't like all they want but downright your car you down are you down are you down are you down down well paid in is not good at this you grab a rock maybe ... ... they are offering of the concert to yours only god Clough goggles so let's not crippled filming on my phone in the audio is not that good so just kind of bear with me but you should still be a good video clip and by the way if you made it this far into the videos come toaster oven down in the comments to are you good well how he's known there knowing no good you know magnified on the Republican little ones yeah for you if I go to bed with you I mean are you talking log in solving this is good news dozens about 534 no good Marty but you came stayed at 5 in the movie nope itself who is going to happen because everybody's having what about here well there you go almost that if you're going to predict there's a lady over here yeah he's watching you need to swing it okay no we dont obstinate Paolo only okay well known that's good that was posted this machine screen now it's really strong I can tell like here's a machine like this our super from our Kelsey owners and that could because she really big cooking yeah Justin owes me $5 son of a way of one thing that no no no no no not saying well think of it I am quite more than you know to mark your but your metabolites or nothing do it right who did I pulled him outta here in fortran or you might have don't know if you only 10 Bucks or you will be nothing okay who lifted her skirt up Antonio yeah I'm just yeah well maybe you can grab her by the schooling if I'm still around her like what they had hoped there is moved to a grammar god tier tries you got your emails day I think I can definitely get hurt even if I don't win on the Dr yeah I don't think I knew her as if the call for him 5 is now he's different it might be a stupid phone get out there you know who that should be a winner there it is not the way maybe stay in there bus but the we are exhausted interwoven nerves know your little women nothing else and anything you can get the here right if I for some reason when all my god no way move no I //
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\\we're early in your Hardenberg Kate on knuckle heads here we've never been here before we're here with our kids at Ball pro life putting what is going on guys it's kinda dark over here so sorry but here if I do that now you can see just in there you go they have a bunch of machines over there to superscalar go around play caution to stuff it because our news channel mixing has prescribed button and ... mustering the spoken video because I have not like the video already what is it's our to go hope on looks like I think it's he thinks he and did it only one hour from prizes in children do you mmhm but you saying that so hard I read on come on come out yeah low we stay there stay there students are you got it do why didn't he like their handloom attorney game with the hat $5 piece of so few in one year now others to step out of leaving you in both medicine time it did that would be sad music too if you had to go over top little 2 in one week freezing car machines only it time wait till one little way okay we don't see student is yes there are there that are you didn I got a lot of so called leader and role if there had been we this is how long I guess no I think I know today that's perfect that's it that's it through in a row there as baby there is day in there don't be an arcade for all yes we got to our room bitter claw machine that's great guys I'm I'm not sure no time on this one if I end up winning this is going to be crazy no way no way no way guys I was messing with Cameron sat well where you're going you guys are the camera's autofocus owes messes I was messing with settings on my camera and I'm like well we're up around town and drop it weird without losing 3 in a row holy cow guys we win everything dinner here crazy heart now the ring doesn't seem at all you got is that other right now the guy was go for this for this bill that with a smiley face on her head mode you face the crime the modes of you can also like $5 America there you go there you UFO onto the box a little bit bigger Scott no it's same while yeah looks a little bit I don't know enough a little wider now I don't know if that's an advantage or disadvantage joins the box of doing it all yeah Bilbrey my ball jacket off of it no a losing streak then I'll try come with time because this is pretty fun yeah down at the UN like everyone on here is a word yeah it works get cabin reading grace it happen well now you totally all yeah emoji yeah but so he says says Paul is going fairly yet ethic just barely get around time we're we're in some of the police pull one more out here marching there's a all the dark I don't often able to welcome back my film I've actually all these bu the black one the black uniform I because it's there no we're going to be more hard to win Carter you mean usually harder when if you look the box is bigger on it yeah that's we shouldnt mode you want your small one yeah burning camouflage one 's really who in the platform citing light up for second I think I think I might have it mon ... art like here we don't know you know then yeah you got to win one more go at the glass my last Peru all I stand getting me what is this winning on one 21 more and then that's Hillary's it's so slow but suburbia Masterson why yeah yeah well it's weird yeah it comes out really weird run don't don't get yeah in the rate of return yeah one but the moment to make now you got a gun that's cool we were home my last good luck no yeah well that alright guys from Oregon like of the other Moshi over there yes I'm this close to a purple one most of the prize yeah one of the purple and blue box how much as its performance okay purple and yellow you know she's over there now right it's fallen move well I go over that further let's see okay yes and on the other there's like 2 and ... yak is no I'm a try yet that way right yes right technique it tell close your whole we got a chance to get a job are they rig that I live one okay has there something called mad cow here yeah I actually own one of these and so early I mean your kid while the light and I want one so we're a a and B. I'd go for the 0 first well for now but you don't know what they're doing yeah now so far really how long have talent wise the boundary alright I'll go do you ever do it now okay then wait valley knows dude that was like only I'm not going yeah I would go he that's how I mean it will be like the star Rick hope now you miss a lot you and you it's a very early on the gun yeah jump John you are doing twice we don't well for a I 0 they got to caller from are you serious you really like or wanting well hunter that yeah yeah you can't do this topic better be strong callers to replace it as great as I did look at who got in there No Way all 3 do that without no regular I have this is this why doesn't my so yeah it's moving it was using it in that little hole I never Tennessee stay yeah who do rabbit like free all you you might yeah yeah so it's way experience always wanted any yeah they're all kids are fully gays are used correct we do not want you to win tickets or any of these sure that's did you at an angle though he's and it entering how is it looked great moving by itself yeah it's okay I think you're gonna just go there feel it it doesn't feel right it doesn't feel right no certain elements you all 100 now the thing is when if it weren't for them right there standing in the hall here I'm so we know it like a real one feel good you know yeah little my last Claire was trying to slow his and you know I never knew my angels just cradle the dang thing to that just do a cradle that does all the money although you might think yeah no last romantic nights those critical so of we're gonna flex my machine they're all different really we got 500 take up for fitness Olympia over there because like you give it a thumbs up because that our kids have outgrown better than mine 90 in in our care warrior one thing thank I //
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\\ //
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\\ //
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\\you know dropping caught on a guys were at a restaurant phone she now yes that's right out here ways notes can drop it no more member public NDA I think so yeah I know why would it even I was going to check in with us on most curable thing who maybe all our it's moving closer I the a the the a I I a only get your weight that's got still in there do that's got it on my god they might be now wasn't cool prize thanks Bernie she was I I because the you know here yes that's about it we stay in there only god on it big money got there you knew things alright no our guys gang crazy only what no come on okay we get we get our hands him a promotion there does have it wait no no no became wait wait take over part of the moon conflicts no for now word there okay okay okay okay now now now it's going to drop it today we are going to try this one no no I would look at small a button is that what the user the buttons like this big think back here I'm sure to come this well we're going to press the button is so small it's like 9 it's nonexistent ... without money or one do that it went behind the plastic humn hopefully it doesn't do that again bass similar who do that standing straight up on hill account that I can see yeah after 2 Bob Hawke kicker silly W. K. I. C. K. E. R. them there alright let's go go go read it a I don't think that's going to work ... this thing does not want to move that what what the heck was that no no man yes this is not going to work I can not swing this there you go all you get in there given their get in there Valmeyer Ghannouchi raising perjure alright here we go among those in the loop closing the loop closer we've got it the okay yes that I thought was gonna pull out where is my about the a lot picker that's what we've got is ... many estimates of phone charger of some sort con man I'm actually try those headphones just because I'm tempted to yeah it is bull Loni yeah this hold on that it's called hashtag bono okay way all you first saw I okay okay wait that might be alright let's go that's okay it's high up that's that's going to be mine yeah you can some new headphones baby all you're about to come some Thomas and drop it on top of it like this all my god no no no okay no I know what to do now we're going to make it work movies though I need this oneindia wait you know what I wonder if I could pink ones yeah ragged over I got an idea guys I got an idea Aaron's got an idea and parents I do as good a word okay wait ready ready guys I don't I don't condone I'm gonna have to shake if I'm very sorry so just kind of like that go all my god where you where all the best tips about how to how to wear headphones way way I don't know that that's go for it idea of a dollar joined your name hi what's gone forward now I as long as you're saying the name that's all about I okay let's go to I got I got over here well a lot there okay we technically one though so wasn't cheating shake the machine for a little bit girls that one is so that's crazy guys don't no it will we technically did win it outright all yeah those are cool where there we technically did when I decide to give them to you over to shake so are I don't advise the I need those I need these leaves are my auditing headphones on our so what's your name Darin puts up there with them no I don't do they want both channels and they know lot of people come up and I like that one you know what you they knew my channel that's that's how you know it's real so that's cool you guys will be in the main channel video right you guys yeah and boy you know you right now will go for this you are machine I have a feeling in our ability over here but from what it is this do fear here I don't feel it's gonna pick up and fall in because it's so high up all my god dude if it does what I think it's always kind of it's kind of shoved into your trip report yeah go back yeah right there toward former board I see where you like it's moving on my own I don't know what it is doing its movement okay that's owners aren't the center's arm did they shut the thing in there man I I think it was you throw at me completely missed this you know if you're ... we know it now that you could not recall that raised me it didn't look dragged its it looks really good it was trust me Hudson guaranteed only solution use names on no wait really yeah not altered okay we're gonna cover the I had then you made me think this key masters very deceiving well if you get that if I win this iPad you want to call phone number to redeem a prize ... okay real early the new iPad so ... albeit not race rig me over death you're here Daffy the front right there try and do this guy did a really weird Java re stocking this like soup no this is I suspect it wasn't due to pay out it's a I mean I thought you weren't yeah banks 19 year old kid with puritan or both it sooner yeah and rape me dividends are the norm calls for the worst and try some here I'm a try this ugly little thing back here in the White yeah that things we did so it's time as to what it is in a week that was gulping what little small because it would have been these buses are that's crazy I don't even want to drop their because it's our candle that's actually a good are hiding in the driveway //
"2017-10-10 09:58:15"
\\you know I was there to get money I understand I hope he loses to do aerial all that money on that I pulled up my heart to yeah I think if you're dead all those off all my they're the only no pay 00 my god due to look so she came rummaging came as little snow peas can watch when ya patience you can usually win stay in there stand there yeah well Paul we if you I tried it did Alex good 2 in a row are you more I completely missed it I of now indeed if you like yeah that's what Kate was trying for it there but you yeah ... shaken might get it no no comports love it right there that we are trying everything is too small right there no and monitoring Robert taken David none no I have no problem but let me let them let me let let's see if we don't hold my god I think I did it stay in there stay in there stand there all alone no read it and I got a look at the football that's cool and wear sunglasses on you hi yantra your to see here wailing over Dracula they want it right right there knows good come on to the vampire first try first try to stay in there only got we got a brochure on next updated art what then thickness take turns yeah called for a yet that guy get the money right there try ... mood earlier tried yeah those good first try first try you got it only god day I had no there were rolled rotating he moonlights take turns go this little bit frightened out here dear law over a dozen which means legs stay in there stay in there stadium there I I mean I think it's arguable under back more back more I've heard there let it slide he never gets very much rings legs now that's going to be on get along alright O. only got okay I'm sorry Kate insular saying that I there's one see you know look at it in here affordability like George you know fell over a lot yeah I left I try that now I know it's all okay claiming that that hello mark right there try all who well I all the US announced on it without question things no no dude shit wait wait we can't have everything we want right there last try guys and it you know doing theater remembering you don't think linger our guys went for the fried food here look at us we're gonna go for box we're in for doing something at this location price I you know I really like when the club goes down and grabs a leftover Chinese food about part of yup 1413 are gonna come on we gotta win something here before all the way long ... you mastic no you do it you got it I was lying stay there and shaking Kaelin was gone your life you know we so you know I was there to get a look at it it's an open box it's an open box it's an open box RealVideo boxcar forget that all I will try to work for the one way up there working and she was sure one restaurant fits my last try Wes tried what no are we got would begin that once we've got the stupid little GE machine softly maybe it was because the us I think it's gonna be the taco I think again you things for me the nachos are what is it this I often don't put that your mouth but she didn't come this is how I feel alright what is it what is the difference park just look well a doctor Quinn no weight loss with no these are just like me please why no we're not walking guys can't wait for it to be really tight so what's Kim was to walk now Kitty wants to walk everywhere because he is like being on the shoulders so by not doing that where we park we went way over there in your my car is I don't know what you guys much of what right yeah like this video thumbs up it's not going to so is it later guys so we're gonna park right here all all all his really despite we don't it's not that much watered maybe like 7 inches okay here we go are you alright well what is that parking job though well fear for him what is I I can't recall the spaces can when appropriate yes are a kitten would you try for you know for the car our kids going up fast and furious some Dallas completely here plainness don't know you you can trust yeah like it's no secret that I lost and do your job and he I am Robert ... I don't know why it looks because our all yeah I just want to see if we do go guys if this video is 5000 lakes Canisius Erica can he be looking like a working no yeah all exposed here same do you are you can what you look like a friggin unicorn finds long try buddy do only good still don't know my god yeah we're dressed take turns green or well guys alright alright William Israel that was hit triton crystal button let's go esco rates I don't I don't know it's right there there right there right there guys come on guys drop it we will let the camera drop it you guys camera dropped it you guys do you do fans are going to win it for us would always alright I thought of it go read it a little bit okay now it's good money try right there drop all come on man how it's not gonna work right now heard that that's it's too soon it's going to rely it's got a great honor yeah we're going to get we're gonna get thrown no not I celebrate all those Michael yeah we're gonna win this is at least a $20 if you find you know crash I have one and the crash voted all I jacuzzi previews yes now you see a snap all gone it's gonna go there don't they that's it Clinton is putting its cutting it it's cutting what is no this is a all it's good for the back of the blade it's literally like I think it's great I think it's great but it and that that's it come on in over just missed the blade on it you know all my ... for one go go go let's go gotta win this round no I that's it you OneNote I'm a drug speaker yeah guys over the speakers burial it's great our guys could only one of her own there we ready guys on the farms and they will come Kate no yeah because I don't give a thumbs you guys next time thanks for watching NBI small so //
"2017-10-08 10:02:28"
\\what's the guy's air near so sorry for not uploading for about a week I've just been swamped doing a bunch of stuff and I've been going around like super discounts Intel's got a bunch of the video footage with our key jackpot pro on so that was a means nothing to come in here and apologize to say sorry for modeling for a week I allowed people been messaging me on Instagram by the way for not following its airing hips underscore 14 Instagram thank you all of you will be damning me saying hand waving you will realize because unusual for me to go whole week without uploading you know something and sorry for any inconvenience I don't know why you're being a command as I'm not voting for anything it's a blessing because you get to watch the crab content thank you SO much up for the all sport with Kate in court and in the videos it's actually been insane we really like every time I post a video if they are not in the video everyone's like we are today William F. thing to me that in a lot of more videos they're actually gonna be in this video even though I live in this video has nothing to do with them ... they would even with me when I felt this video by did put some clips of us going to the movie theater waiting some stuff at the very end of the meal just you guys and see them because I know you have seen them in the videos thank you guys so much although I honestly love having Keenan Coldingham al-assad's caring Calderone ... itself loose amazing and I just love spent some time with them and just it's awesome to have him in the videos and stuff so hopefully they like it just I do because so they will be in all our meals I wanna coming here drawing this video all all world which do not only to which is not do you the we already where our I a pale because more calls but this I right kind log viewers need to be entertained all all I don't know all gone you'd crown beyond the us you know names that boom my gosh yeah all there I n't and even a lot why did all yeah new not at you don't we yeah but you women's do it in yeah I'm on this day but or if you like it it's going on here we like doing work her what all they know don't miss it great you all well ready go that Rick that's right yeah concentrate NPA ardor focused on those by I 80 yeah you got it you got it yeah yeah yeah number no we yeah getting it's every they lose all really well that's good it's almost like how Jack looks almost like how for or but it's almost like how to jog ready n't right yeah all ... WNED well 20 dude yeah then how we're going your miss one ball moving her yeah I you they rugger paragon my card NBI those Moncler dropping her you have to you got it what more you got it on your hard drive yeah I did good food no there's a title turn left hurry hurry hurry reboot real good you got a telephone call would we go again you just read it and number home and this is what we all I ... of WNED there you go just like that all you're good you're good it trade no is like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to do well Michael Jordan and in our case not covered they'll be down in this it's enough to drive home nbae everything go no you didn't they have a few long claw machine here with there were many little bone stands on Edwards so when I try it here I lost my film I don't know where it went results here good now only got close guarded you don't got it I if you I yeah what leann yeah I that's got it 0 that's right yeah here and all that yeah that's it you get you get you get well what's come to some of that home you want me to do it for you okay wait let something go back over go back tell us ntelos redeployment but I always wanted to tap it okay slice up taken did you have planned already okay oneness to Hillary go go pervasive soon there CI canonized work because my computer yeah I really feel like we should not have done this I mean if you guys open your eyes you would see the obvious that the cause not getting around it you know so you know yeah or you will vote white bracelet you are trying you need ... the //
"2017-10-01 17:57:46"
\\I I was inside them what is your this one does one I this one all this all cat well I'm afraid I'm area C. will go for this one you would have to get more than one pull my god is that they want the money yeah that's the one with the money in it no way how much money did we just wind that is crazy that's the one we wanted to it all duty it's arty open counted do you know how much money is in their lifetime one books like knowing where that I'm gonna be flabbergasted fightnews twice in a row No Way all I got that one I got the right there I got the wrong one and here we go listening on family there what are open it up Susan their money do there's another one 2 books that's crazy I've put a turd I put one dollar so it for one dollar remains 6 Bucks 6 by 567 yeah we we know a lot 5 another one about 7 but I spent it all get the reader of my newsreader I mean no old news is all I got that one stay in there do you think there's money in there wait wait is there I can't tell Carol 0 the whole what's in there ... what's in the house to pass him in their stupid okay or not when I mean whatever works but it's not gonna work I I mean we did I just you know I'm sorry it's not gonna work I don't know where I'm from I was there with him in there it's a dinosaur do that's actually it is critical that is it a keychain wait our guys were trying to scan or you're single the one sending up the one setting up seem to be really easy to ... do we get it all ... did through in one no wait all NMAA gondola was gonna tool melons barely getting in on the please and that's all that's light well no that's not money I don't know what it is all it fell out whatever it was it's Mr Krabs from SpongeBob noble nope that's got it but if they don't want yes really know all yeah no yeah no okay we got a seat check it once a year I tried it grab what is it because of the stupid party I've really do he's gained some weight well I want it over once I get what we have that's guaranteed grab that's a guarantee occurence and it has some every couple I'm sure about that check it all my god that's such a cool looking pictures from it their tournament but that you can have it dead this book I know I want to know you okay I moved out I moved out old all okay I did not hear something down their throats in this copy things there's like a magical pony in it or something all we were we were weak either should be deathly ill and this is definitely a win here we go here we go here we go no it would go to book own my god they were sent away too much money on this Cup I could win so many other couples yeah you're over your story or not I mean wouldn't you hair try try try try it O. O. O. O. we present our research go for one of their use knocks it over effect my yeah ... go back over it this way he this way there right there who they should be aware I try to get to in one right here this'll be amazing weights on my god has all my god due regard to woman one truck well let's go to them in OneDrive her son that's amazing yeah guys we're gonna play here Richard or 20 Bucks I don't know if you can really see not a little better 20 Bucks right there yeah how much is going on 0.5 Bucks for one anyway one by with all really we here winding wow okay are the a little bit fall on top well I'm down yeah yeah who do look at look at looser do I ... that I'm yeah I for once what I want let me well I got you know the premier was the deflection you know choice but no yeah right your food Turner got built which are all the do you that was all no the all I hear 00 zoom okay yeah I got to travel more yeah that's what it does n't just it just n't that coming into this big guys right here you can go for those only all just it I Parker right and yeah cool does yeah do no no now all ... so we didn yeah because we are now yeah yeah yeah I think if you just do yeah all that was really I mean I'm doing how golf and ... let them know that was in Vietnam was so that was so close I'm getting better at I yeah yeah curve now I know now it no No Way no I got to get this you're an hour today don the man yeah well are you guys so much him actually died of the fear we did a lot of filming yes and no I have a of 6 no looks like go they see this touch it sorry guys so on his nights in my camera actually died in the Disney themes you must all because they don't have large channels coming from a floor channel also someone battery just went from 0 to 100 01 that on so in Alaska but you guys saw I'm really thankful or my camera held out for just a second the ring fell on to her to it like Belmont hall thrown okay I'm 50 so you don't see all of us could the bridge fell on top of the good news is just so for this next the bringing him well there's no relief for him scissors yeah and that's the rain fell on top of it kind of like this and it was half way on it yeah the guy was super cool unless our you know gimmick that who got you know ... whatever I snow showers thing or whatever for we even started playing in super cool and bring them when I came in I I was like is through the window to make himself and yes it was considered a win on this is no and ours via spent it on a gas because I need gas last night so affiliate hours and I want Miller $10 on so I mean I know people are going to have the yeah I see her stiletto up guys we got our time up to one money from the cardinal do they all thumbs up on my list who goes up and later have a Trevor so far to have 1000000 subscribers at all dates and it might not I I don't know I'm I'm really close but if I don't have 1000000 she goes to cry like a video because next time because of god called treasonous dear lord no no no really funny broken blue broke through the window hope you know that //
"2017-09-30 09:49:02"
\\Israel at main event today in our kit we have never been to before and we are about to play all these arcade games and call machine excited I for yeah well mmhm mmhm yeah on I all that like former it's the telephone promising but no one ever called home there really Ndola to go anything no where where what and it'll come on hold on you we all know one drawing leann the problem I we yeah good evening so Larry lives I mean NMO Lou but yeah this is $30 my Polaroid what but when it got away with I Leon leann the listen here they're not right one yeah it needs caller well soul who will all market all nmhoa didn't you're well I I no great sure my No Way but you what so looking down well I I when right right that it yeah hello we close on it I need you in my life I do it we who was we called on yeah Bob yes the real no we don't hold on I don't know they're right right I don't no yeah ready to go going up Goldline gone see n't all but I don't know hold it little yeah it's cool right you know for all more all look ntelos no all in the all my the US and right well hi well Nicole god Kate yeah I don't know well now yeah our looking I got all my I ... you are so 0 remind not one well I agree with no or during the yeah I never go not might and going down did we yeah so don't yeah it well my all my I don't want my god got it it's amazing it I I the I the I I I I the the the I //
"2017-09-28 10:00:29"
\\well 01 America Adrian mall really close right now I just got a service call things did hit it climbed up into one of my clock seems so I rushed all reappeared with of a beautiful and its currency exactly what my do this trip and didn't it what I have to John Paul so how did you get there you climb up here if she doesn't talk how he didn't notice what you look at this this project lost cold day put your hand and a lot is that this is really really nervous all yes I got some money and all other merchants machines let's see now Ameritrade where the other okay yeah here we go I put a dollar to go on doing this here we go all your username should totally get it now I don't know where the big prize this is a really big price what we gonna do I guess I'm going to do it and how do you 67 your date okay because gonna go down a much harder when you buy your well I do it all it's great news is going to be a bonus that I don't want to this is I want when we first we most do you stuff done at what we're gonna do with a middle aged I'm a little surprised the calm general try to get her here we go 1234 where put $9 I'm sure to win it all here I do know is this is how it well I think that all of this we're gonna go back while that is ever going to look your best we don't we over you know over no no no these giant yeah okay so I'm trying to pass over the most do you wears parents nduja NATO's federal hello little we can use crazy was a new also yeah notice that yeah I get them all right there get the balls out near the mall because because because I had to spend like $30 in gas money to get up years on a community free product I would rather get a free product I hope I brought the right keys it's tough for you if I did I you it ought to be done for it partners bye guys well let's see what the death you're going to get a little due out America right alright we'll get out with your help get you ready it's really hard parties are vying for the but do what are you doing it's crazy what is he doing where your parents are look you still want a product recall you product of people who've sworn this thing was full when I was here yesterday you've probably noticed it didn't this kid getting hundreds and what I don't we didn't we're gonna shoot the news all how do you get in there I mean I know it's like really tiny Booklist Hooters middleware that's crazy you drink you watch this story occurs only in its annual kids have no idea I don't have noted with devotion reader oil no human way it's a legal how can you ship a human way on I got I got him trapped federal all security because there is no no no no we do little things back so he wants to just sell my arcade planners ... with these because he doesn't want germs is very clear really hundreds of really weird kid home so I guess it's just going to come home with us yeah no no no I mean I've always wanted to expand but not each night to anybody all I got back all that it's well it was pretty I I mean the court push or go home this kid is going to get me in trouble so we're going go you is that what happens the matter no no matter who's around no matter who is watching you walk up not careful what you say and we want to do what you wanna do you always I think you guys can be clocked occurs to read but what about what and then f'n you do have to address well got no right held the doesn't that we little get back to come on buddy everything nobody is about it doesn't like why did yeah well you become what difficult letter pros are gone got robbed holy crap while I was in one of the glass number that a but there are okay come on buddy you got this like we all those alarms go if while every government 2 and hundreds of comes and it's going to have the 12 army I am here no one comes to us next fall it's going to be I mean I kind of play these almost every game world that isn't just a flow of Milan you to fix it never done before pass all come to see me and then we get them threatened my life you must didn't I it's not that the words doesn't threaten to haul okay you want somebody if you get them in the muscle whistle my god these are good well well now we have trouble now you just said okay well you're good you're good just those are no longer yeah yeah they're amazing here's although ... well call now it is great to hear anymore it's dipped a kid was gonna go last time stacker during his give one Tootsie roll or whatever it is we had earlier don't get over it right yeah but when that little emoji thing you see is really weak you're not gonna get that this recipe for about look no everyone a bunch of these colorful bears appear in like a month don't let me catch owns all you don't move from one of the bear in the back you got a gun well what a chip on the unit and now it's now it just had one wait cover I want him to scream but right dropping out of get you know Erica I don't really you know well yes I hope you're it now yeah urine urine what kind of a fun had been played governor ... wait wait wait all I know there was just enough for a split second they're in it while one of them holy mother of god always wins religious fell away man year round his neck and in the loop the 2 Ohio yeah I know read more right yes my death thank god I yeah you got it yeah we got has yeah well you know we there don't tell route yeah that was barely do all year round all those amazing of the fish now ... can go down all the way but taker downtown Charlie Brown well all you got a body is perfect amazement alright let me try him we were in front office Jay Pharoah not down kind of not really okay this is not working all Karen on time well you know I got and did you can easily do that we're gonna get you on over the yeah I enjoy doing the fish now straight down on a body straight down there we go that's how to win 55 money that was awesome items are alright yeah I we ... man just before all the way so it sinks in I can't think right but death yeah like yes we all like nnova really Mike where you don't get what I'm doing on my hand do I have it now I really all my cottage and I'm not all good rounds heads no I don't you know it's head and Shawnna while again right well what's this very the undercover yeah losses right there dragon all I gotta get in there and then ... okay internalize houses plus plus you but just Alec because but just tell you what could have possible yep that's got nice down so those amazing all that was the make millions are possible only I love the pink become for some yeah I'll go fish profession confession to 10 if for some reason we borrowed Alice first that all those //
"2017-09-24 15:59:17"
\\died yeah I mean top row might be due she gets mad as hell at one time it's really fun matters for now there we go here we go here we go the I we I I I a do what's up guys Aaron hit your clock kicker how are you what's up with Emma deuterium we got colds and we are Taylor town trade center of Michigan makes you guys check I really hope we are going to be out playing some machines here last I really do I like to me a new year and midgets do you that's crazy no no Wachtel fastest Spence quarters it's so cool what is very it's not crazy yeah I know it's right okay so what we're tracking master ... kid neutral about nobody but here we go all roast you again they'd come uncle and no no no no no no no no no no no no that doesn't count are pretty he missed me their commercial over here I'm glad I mean you come rate yeah threshold guaranteed running through there you go there is all I got back to his room leader alright Michael you can control again no I like winning fidget spinners from on many key master do you know how it's going to do it again I know it's too low dude you're off your team slash time you won my first try what the heck hopes I had borrowed some of everything yeah I know I know yeah yeah things okay I'm sorry about that sweethearts are tone it down is a little bit here you know why are you why why why okay can only get a numb to give you might try is due to health I right I thirtieth you got it it firearms and now I work party amazing Dr you I yeah Dallas good don't be afraid don't be afraid don't be rigged you right now it's great tricks it if you believe stack it yeah what's to the top this NMO the I yeah all all there nice words good job all right Colton Europe it's like that one episode he wants to put the did you just is it really really know just where go back back back back okay we know this well over so the silver back a little bit back hello mark further the gym is trapped it in the strap it's a trap it got a dude to go to Rome yeah come on dude I don't I think the minor prize gonna be rigged though because these are worth like $5 Ducati all my guts like Frank like price the first one this person wants get press this button then give up it's been right there did you got it all my god knows my nice words are a list of this vicious gonna fall real quick that was amazing that's some serious skill memory yeah yeah part you order all how we going to have alright how much I stagger we already god I'm gonna many I don't know what to do you clean out a few just shop if you no wait a minute got to know here we go ready who guided by guy Jeremy top furrow might be due this man is not like what really fun there we go here we go here we go it's a leann guys kids can be trying candy called sings alright kicking did alright let's see I often get that one I can do now no how it will center guys were in me trying this clumsy in here go for over what a we just throw Argo so we are walking in to it's actually Superbowl but this is a different Superbowl we've never on Dr go go are you an STI on this episode a clone kicker I'm new to the cow I'm filming can you show up on this episode here we buy drinks from the vending machine is it due to pan out yeah our crack open a cold voice NMO oyster shooters at I yeah go yeah we're Infocom shame it's going to coming out do the right thing that we're hearing it had tried try going my god here wait one truck but our phone thank you dinosaur artist been right all men wait cruel no I can spend rental place and it's my return killing our soul shit what is going after we got it I would pull it out we go for that and I got what you want trickle co I got your dollar yeah drug gotta try harder than yeah no that's it work but we did it now are you interested it doesn't all you got it please got them hanging well no no it you got it did literally you just wonder because we were both there were really no more a well thought not fewer now you do you are you kidding me mills and Ferrell was the weird go back home yeah right there this is where if you want to hit anything that's got it yeah stay there stand there staying there stay in there stand I think you've got it do it thank yeah so I put 6 plays on wouldn't go back and forth and see one more between came cold room and me ha ha ha ha don't give it away sh oneness where you at are no no my god only gonna go it how did that he Domergue so you want I think so I'm not sure yet yes I got it okay so I'm up 1 it's 120 00 getting under saying that you definitely picked a better price but I think that there I don't think okay number that I have dude I think you got it no no no the frog I wasn't ready to drop it wouldn't you do that one of right yeah they probably are like California or something oh no I'd like to call my unless if you picked up the for it and the pig ants to stuff then I will have to change our guys yes 30 that's a knockoff Tweedy that's like that's like the wannabe to really put does but but loony tunes in for yeah yeah they didn't wanna own there that's terrible Jack what was that you don't sound like a generic 3 because like many teams in or pay for a license well but most homeschoolers against all yeah when you look back far enough try they spent who do you stalking its hat opening this new senior analyst versions really bad at all because this clone machines will need a protein shake that how do you think it's gonna screw I it is merely closes what channel for each I think it's too late in there all kids okay yet we're going we have to put more money in Baltimore so that's got it nnova you brought it up did you hear I ... try to have nbae is there is there is there is there staying there yeah ... you got it yeah so your own video there's no I was on video do I but yeah the I //
"2017-09-23 10:00:37"
\\what's up guys so I'm just going on a laptop computer and now on not the best I personal user to the channel I'm just doing this because of my better video camera is been acting up lately arm and I'm really trying to use video up it is currently ought to 45 in the morning as I am recording this so I'm trying to get up before us 6 them for you guys to watch do you entertain aren't first of all guys before this video start I just want to say thank you so much if you have it all on my will do heating is back in the news a lot of you might we it is arm if you don't then just whatever if you do or whatever to support is like so played on real life I've gotten so much life why in light it's just unevenly will have to go back and forth and you can I think about it your we heard about everyone I think whatever you know now look here is my life literally and you know it's awesome music video you guys seem to really like some of the videos now having her no and no ... it's it's really cool to have him around don't want to come in here and say thank you guys so much you know out of for all the stuff that I do you know for making these vehicles sub just giving you know some back from you guys is just as much as positive comments ... now mean to you in just him being in the videos is super super cool I'm if you guys have not seen the video yet scalp I'll put the video in the description of the local TV attack on watch if you have something like Caitlin anyways guys then you is worth watching the video give it thumbs up enjoy and I'm sorry I'm not that enthusiastic if this is really really late at night and I'm super tired so I'm stranded in this video out there thank you SO much intruded medio ending for all the support enjoys video nnst some guys there so we're gonna be doing a little bit heavy video today the singer right here when I get about ... probably $10 in quarters one China finally catching my eyes roll use got nothing better to do nothing to watch so as I'm smoking for my 5 because I can't find them go down especially fun it's a thriving there anyways guys we're gonna put a 10 Bucks in the arena for 5 in yeah even though it all wanted Togo weird weird that was really weird it's a cool movie a quarters is not a penny do you okay all right I'm an accountant to make sure that's fine I think I got it right off the for for 75 years BR divorce going for sense how you dance our egos no no no no photo Everytime I think we're going to court is so what we're doing is ... follow me and I'll show you is gonna put on put in my shirt pocket I anyway yeah what's going on here quickly time well WNED but the US our guys so well if you look at this look all the way back there yeah see there's a little bit in the care sold on all the way back here there's a clear you can see a little bit not part about that's why it's 50 cents for one term that's a very since there we go we got a real fish leann sitting on we're gonna clean all this commotion great here yeah well deal tray just over in New organised one quarter at time I can't keep going to pronounce let's go couple number one pretty good yet that made it pretty good here Mister on the back okay guys do drop a comment no below how much you think it will take to clean up its gumball machine how much money the other to keep calm the noble number 20 thing and note that you're right alright it's like a shout out is it on also subscribe near there the rear in there there's a change in right there too only okay is there a problem still building up inside yeah don't Leo you're good that's fine that'll work yeah forced bravado we're gonna get everyone on it's like if I wanted to get a hold perfectly stock there come on this item switched looked at him for you I would pay per view I it's I the whole see it it's all a gumball machine well you know oh man below 44 come before 46 47 it 32 we're gonna have ours there's a lot of action I don't have any problem yeah you know I could put on my own NBI help you are so right yeah the I I you and I did the math Gumbel cost about 4 cents while I was there granted Paul you so all the ones on the screen about I do hello and he'll be fine when you turn it well no I mean work then I'll be fine on before I think the fall off I think that things be consuming this guy's gonna come in and really but we think that if you all right there a yeah yeah just one so there were different after you for money we go we got we got this one list while in Poland 2 phones school and the reason they have the spring is sold to don't fall the right one around your eyes and 1000 I hear that you don't even think I order to a there we go we they're going to go ... almost mechanical but I said I said to I said 47 poll I said 44 sorry for us all I started with $10 yeah but remember the change machine George one sort of and I spent 21 this you know we're down 3 so technically we were RTBF 40 come would be a 40 Gumbel started minus 2 minus one Robert yeah 37 I said Friday my guess is 47 383944142 44 we I think I just you know you got it all the good little girl one so no matter how it does not look like one of the political as you said 44 you said you lost already as a 47 coming over Karen go no all no no no we all hope 3 okay works that's a cool deviate I don't know why I'm going to do it I'm gonna skip a few dollars worth living that stops people from being able to Janet start wearing alright yeah that'll that'll go over here clear this very so right now this is a $12 this is $12 so we got 12 minus 0 of 48 cores so we got my first you will be cut Sofia 37 Gumbel's Bryce remember it 81 any orders and then to work him here right so there are 37 right yes 38 39 40 Homer and 40 41 42 moment of the goddess long live the new ones I'm one of all those pretty good does it okay guys we got 2 quarters left and there's 2 guns overalls what seems what a terrible that smashed like but don't hold me Jesus described a channel all my god this is gonna be insane go into greater global machine what can a man or there goes last gumball in this gumball machine let's go with it I mean it was one yeah the vendors you come back in investing more water melon gumballs they must like these Israel the gumballs we got guys but nope our guys you know when you can't the and I //
"2017-09-21 10:00:35"
Playing A BROKEN Cut The Rope Arcade Game (And It Did This)
\\yeah god what's up there needs here we are at a different open robe today all of this is a completely different arcade not turning a bright light I'm pretty good at this game I'm pretty good at it right there's no way no guys so love this game actually broken ... yeah so it's weird when you literally just wait for you to get one play one then exit your all your money life what is here we come we'll go to the left a little bit all really want I am 40 and it's going to be it's like a it workers for one for gore portals like very I don't one I one does no that's not but I this machine doesn't take any ... all all year okay well I just wanna find those over here and try this one machine with headphones again first try again out to super cool mom being named root canal all work do not look really strong that looks cool yeah how almost no warranties Mister Downer vice put on a really good at all I mean sure who will be here cherry hill highlight clock headphones those are so old yeah got gotta fit in there yeah yeah don't you grab your guys I love winning had fallen from a calm scene guys this value wins the headphones launching really every time there's no other way get molested and and whales I mean probably losing right here I'm gonna lose it here to lose it that you lost well and regarding yeah you still call where yes no then well okay that him being away not good yes very good wait hold on answer that's not well planned well my worse that's interesting one of the clubhouse is it in here is this it call one more 2 more okay Wainwright blondes are mark became alarmed a fall that's all no no no no no oh man their stock come out of the home on opens you here are probably guys don't it please don't get salty in the continental breakfast as machines turning your prize of a right and a lot of consulting with yeah there you go wailing there you go a perfect world the headphones though wilderness damage it can be damaged from off-again credit by the line yeah fell out with me and you too animal that other thing underneath it out of the of the health security boom boom boom but they don't know maybe I'm whoa hold my of my god so we're all my other you know with only minimal but nobody knows how was that stuck there all my god the gravity the frickin gravity do owe it barely balancing a clearer try to get like a 2 and 1 just go for the the carabiner and the alliance thank god I hope and I think in the loop of the watch you do it what's it doing more back then what it's gonna live pretty don't generally okay all guys just missed it okay because I not got it oh my god yeah No Way love it looked everywhere the blue thing over time that's cool that was so cool you come a curator what you want Jeremy had ha ha Mister the or hear it but it really got it we we we we when he's gonna put on this earth you keys are there in my pocket ... but I ran out of time off-again good luck I ran out of time good I get all the you think attention on that because now what ROZ dipped in red velvet one okay let's go so what I want for a moment I found it I don't get it and then we will be on to a soon put a few go for ... those brown glasses as nonchalantly little clamor for cook it inside about like think fresh air feels like a for all the little thing on the thing yeah all right now another look at what we want European and the headphones 4000 was wonderful conveyed so what knowledge you can alright we're gonna be trying this machine now it's a film coin fun product okay a C. who organised paper towels resident president president well China Paxon like a little red dog yeah it looks pretty good I think it was closed down what about WC get along somehow monopoly in americorps see also the unicorn well it's sweetheart I went balls Carson also I'm gonna take Carson's specialty I let ME balls I get in a row to to get ready to go perhaps this one should be all Israel there is no thank you one ball but about the star one right and Simon I'm I'm a star there I'm I'm on the starboard sorry reason I feel this one is scalable I don't know why yeah yes that would look good you the strength of this you was yeah we got the ball Carson specialty is providing taking of all about that try to no this so don't move okay here we go ... no no we're good neighborhood of the band ... every right to bring order inroads response with a little more you know mayor during cross over time and after you know angles because I'm that confident that looks good now I will hold no I I I can't apply one over here the more ... my yeah I like hot tamales leann we got a lot of like when you put in your mouth Byrne I don't it's not a fan of that part during his mangled guys were gone for the hot tamales ... Amala cheery for dizzy it's gonna fall on the whole back there all in all it's gonna go right down that hole you know it's like me what please don't fall back in the lower back to their highest volleys ... no no you do you have like my goodness I've never heard of falls not crack for them really screwed yeah here we go last try forum guys because they don't know where this rather going in a whole no you stay in there amid once again I think you need that one all the way back makes it still seems to go out and we hope we offer that can go yeah now goal I don't see him right there British that Bridgette yeah I didn't get those forever I owe you we've already I you know I got this stupid bear I do want to live full enough knowledge hot tamale my favorite type of tomorrow from the hot tamale although it is new that's well you read it I don't know you have to find another way to you people one time thing funded forever but all good thing I'm doing things to do it Callaspo straight back if it is spins no Sir oh man he's a crowd against his like this the body will be we will be ncrowd but repairing it right Nnamdi will be the //
"2017-09-19 12:45:11"
\\arm Caitlyn will no longer be in my videos which is so armed yeah so kid movie my videos anymore guys and and this is what you guys one this is what's been going on in the comments and stuff god is being said that should not be being said to you African imperil it's just now I it's not writing the stuff that you can say this it really means everything to me you guys don't know and so if you see no see I just outlined so you you see I you you yeah I n't yeah I the new film you goes out to all the haters be all on the chain 2 years well wait what you doing here do you know if you know what's up doing alright yeah so my video or ever ago right we got me this to well you're a star you've never gonna start as you can if you go go go go go go go we have a huge your guys yeah you know what forget the haters I don't care what anyone says about having him in the video what are you doing it it made this sees Mavis to reallocate about we're going to go play some climate seems guys the good guys I'm super bombs don't care that he might n't there if you guys have stopping to say put in the comments I just want you know well you guys know whenever you do have a comment like or hate you just hope you get more views help through this channel so so they're just going to throw this in a more because this call has you engagement there it was upon his body go ahead no you if you think Packwood ... where in a movie theater so I mean I don't know what else would be smelling Kate and you know I I told him like this machine is really bad but you saw try okay might 3 did you ever put a dollar votes let's see it tried out human all my god you got it Anniyan Newdigate yeah we have you know a good line them up when okay I guess no one lawyers are now you giving a possible yeah I think I think anyone was it takes a photo of voting laws go I was taking a selfie of himself that's really awkward ... go that was hit that's it all Montrose if the owner of this this movie theater shout out shout out to you on a magic movie theaters Novi we don't know over here but it will go back to that we go back shallow to measure movie theaters ... for letting this film here on their super dope so thank you much it just isn't good prisoners are for girls like you well yeah Karen we no it's rates going up it's rare jewels that team yeah Hagelin the wind up we look at the precise way look at this where this 8 year old that will give us concentration ready it lined up yellow lined up is lined up got a line up perfectly is good slang beradik here we go here we go here we hold this right here alright already got ready to go ready yeah all look at him you know what my shoulder thing I don't there is yeah I'd already don't go go go go got it all my cards check in with me and already all my god you got aids all Mike you got it soon he just got a canon got it do that's amazing heck yeah sorry guys were going to be trying a movie stop this oh man that looks good wanna grab my arm it's the claw machine brands I'm free to college team great rare if I hear that was way too early but that was way too early yeah and it made me just slap much closer to be do straight out of turn you're gonna get rose in the comments that okay yeah Colton okay yeah I think Hitler was actually better than you owe you you he just wasted a dollar so we are walking out of a match I hope the bulls okay all my god whose lives are finished nursing a storm drain of the defendant yeah but you don't really don't only 70 don't pretty cool coming up okay I agree more money goes we're not done yet if you go for more we're going to go would you guys want to go most savagely he'll deliver see ... nobody can my long glass my long lost son farm so now that all I have my own kids all I have to like I got sick log I have to like mine more ad revenue so that's why there's a lot of yellow line and revenue if I were you yeah so up try first but my son yeah if you if you Skype we'll show ya'll mortar I yeah I mean you have yeah you master going to buffalo wild wings I want right I was during the way I I wonder what would happen if but I called and you don't go heck yeah so yeah are looking kid which is when it will be I can't see lego at Walmart I'm gonna play cornstarch if so the coke machines do you think it's if you should strive very he we all my god I'm sold yes Sir pale you that's so cool wait what pick up the ball like that go back the other way things in what he got okay I think you got away because we only have to get to their look at that see gotta work it we just face kind people because you got it we what would we do to get it so stupid guys guys I just drink it okay that's right up okay Lewis wait descent strawberry on there didn't I could of swore so strawberry on the machine but other which is good yeah Digable instinct no dude I thought Floyd drink good karma it putting them it we but right well purposes Rep or more right there part right there ... dude get in there do only got it all you're most brokerage dude come on a my god given their yes yeah you did a bloody nice word will get a hug heck yeah by 5 there anything ever no I missed that I hear you can have the overthrow that way right there do maybe ... I should try more what we're number one David going to remove it go back over mac though the government it's over our duty is missed it all would you grab it No Way okay well I'm trying to live on a farm yeah all my god I just missed it OB I screwed up completely triumphed over his body might get stomach area go this way will be above this where that we oh okay right there right who spent who ... due to get into the thinking behind it I think we get on a truck my drums right then known you know back off a little killer who there don't you got it yes yeah we got it gone like yeah NPO guys here like the video all of me will be tragic times are right phone for the win what if it wins if no wait KK No Way okay we never knew goes over got no it's good try going Crayola crayon Crayola crayons creek I think you got it Bob stay there similar yeah you got a bloody nice whom do not is amazing.but that's actually a marker fountainhead now we must I think she's too big now I added more poem only saving us older how could a Ghanaian no okay reduction annoyed a singular owner had open to put about who we get it we got it figured out okay mea Leonardo boom sorry my god do matter doll that's amazing eroded right here dude if it gets messed ... no //
"2017-09-17 09:58:58"
\\Bruno be really hard to hear me some kind of knowing claw machines orderly cigars stole many among year ... I'm uncle drew show you all members really quick I can always get Lanier I'm gonna family don't $0 literally look at all these machines guys let's get going trip with these alright you can only go back over one so let's see what we can do here you don't you can not drop it right on it you know off center and we can kind of tell you where to aim for it I'm pretty sure that's a lie Huntington live because that's like probably really want you to lose right go where I think I should go just around it first cry around one it plays in this where to go you got it yeah it is then so cool try guys nobody our god damn it and go right so here we go go on I all all my cousins you drive I'm one of both of our guys data so this guy Blatter me in the car get it right I'm almost there that name is gumball turning Gobert body alright screwed up NPI skirt that was my fault $2 down the drain you know njai n't wrong get it get down in there through that might have it first try technically delivered right now gonna be hard earned right now I don't think that's gonna work for well this is just even plays like you're lucky branch right Roman Romeo cool mom trailer plates and all and again it's not in the same prison this is lying try to jam that clot right down in the bed into drag down so here we go guys for the second one yeah gore far right now I have to go overboard again unless if I jam it in that bastard mine pessimist moreover now NMO you go for its vast more that's it's in there close on it clothes on it please get in there do their that's possible offers no way am I asking me trying to see what you just grab it and it won't do anything nnova marriage this evening right year it I would just drop bill yeah yet over its head n't you're gonna lost habitat monument in there it 2 tries hold it up they got the wrong maklumat that's amazing my hand got through whom alright guys npower here go probably trying to throw McCormack Mahmoud you I didn't think that unit I'm on my this opened up I don't no no look it up no no no no no no 5 to get more on the body over right there WNED you want to don't stand I all my god invested in that given their ugly side you'll nnova way now and this I'm not gonna I'm a I'm a sooner here we go we're gonna go over over over there we go NMO hole try to push it in I don't think that's going to be possible nmhg I try it again writer on the clearly want to get her on the leg come on guys men look at that perfect working about you when you know Andre NJIT I don't want to go down and barely slowed also did oh my gosh well we're gonna get that we're gonna get know with us on a lie tell you where to go so you don't get it right off WNED barely missed line up there nquire you why you wanna missing it gonna get this okay okay wait what we can now polymer travel more are guys shut go 100 guy put it down I don't so no ... where do we go to listeners of don't you think eagles down there for the prior year yeah are greatest leg only god it's going down and going down I got well wait pretty NMA sent over here all get it back it got going on the carpet that it isn't there don't occur all my gosh this most expensive room with whom ever win over more all items you try to stop no no god well I there you go got the role Macroom off-again another woman whom I hear that's around it this will go away I don't think but some guys today we are at another key master we have never played this one on this channel before summer intro I've known team currently but see here I'm getting Sunday my right so far they're now all a little bit all the pop world was neither rather we but one more time I right early this evening will broken one king like glitter it will merely like go leann muscles if you know I mean I don't know didn't go federal news can well we'll see if we can win it's //
"2017-09-17 03:57:44"
\\ //
"2017-09-16 10:01:00"
\\we yeah president Spencer machine pretty cool I have all I've never seen these before those really cool because Spencer verifone off the back wall not like I think you could ... well maybe there's was to be a the mother of the bottom shelf sign greenness noon and one of those are rarely heard all I don't know about Hollywood straddling if you get on the lose it now all girls to go there on there that is so cool that exclude Dominic attain that looks like a paper clip mon 12 the back wall okay weight back on I wanna Winnipeg dispenser you you you know when you're going to cram their fall of the third marine only court there goes so it all okay great all time you look better what he got 2 and 1 that's and it finally got answer those so who is it Autobots transform and roll out it's going to be on the 54 you want heroes for over it's been such a long time I had a pet I I also think yeah close no new yeah yellow one does cool yeah circuit it'll wardens who run the show I wanna I over Mickey Mouse or Minnie mouse affordable yeah and all that clamp down in Saint Louis Wilson was to measure yeah okay I'll go this way here then you can get hired to I did that no I didn't mean meanwhile well while those were NDA so what if it could have on a okay here whatever the Mike from monsters Inc alright it's right it's right a pale it's ready to pick out yeah for sure I pay you out of all my you know I wonder if it's a randomizer then I think it is we who's going all the way to the right one way to write ... the guy who the Hawker all the Star Wars guide 5 more hope is the return generate their hand on yeah we're stopping yeah yeah last try we'll see those real one has a century 2 altogether in there yeah go to top it all you win the gold rush to go broke would you pick the GoPro been over for you know that was no her I the whew good her John I almost Neal's wife home where I see all yeah a where'd you get it and some guys are recalling Kate let's see if we can win any of these prizes now this is rated pastor is defining the office said they could be no it's not without number one you had the affair well and the it is still there if it's due CV I but domino is if it's ready I've seriously will now there is times home and away but but goes back who now there's not ideas are okay insert no real here yeah now which one you know I can probably yeah it's pretty good well that that was this ngga caller summaries of what is fully do I'm gonna kill I'm gonna kill off die somewhere now I know alright well this glove sock off barber cut late to school with your truck I don't know home hit on the outlining the so it's totally different have a if blade what if you just went other ways really this try to get it first what if it's ready sharing Oregon I right Alex possibly this is how I I all you to you open up open up all good things yeah thing anyone who wants to go for only one next issue right there you know right let's assume weaknesses we'll return well my lord or yeah this one does for thank you Amy because I've got a fair if you're today we're Taylor town trade center put a dollar here and say no you say while then does this so forming guys Thursday really really really really really really really cold all my look at the same guys problem the quartz gumball machine of that is so cool so putting guns when it drops your candy it goes like this so it's so cool so we're gonna try and here I have a dollar misspent whole dollar on this issue this fit the courses who has gone live never seem to be seen like this before this is insane it's got wait how many it's gonna bother me it's gonna bubble gum Oisin it's gonna kids got to candy machine discoverable it's got a this is a good look at this one is different it's like a fish or noise okay will do the bone spurs okay through the bone for so if you want you guys are those folks of cops focused on here yeah here this is so cool of you one is coming infovision spate of Alcatraz so I put my quarter emeriti we'll see what happens when I turn the knobs is so sick of your heart to your order yeah well okay we're gonna propose my pocket actually I like it or it was good come down all yeah I look at this not so cool all cool a whole .is by far the coolest Kamal machine I have probably ever seen look at that that so is are we going to try some of these names are on Missouri showers burglaries lot lot lots of sours yeah let's try it out papers focus down here on it although I do cool down the grazing over to have one vote all my gosh school our very not really hard and followed the birth control this summer if you because they got to go a bubble gum one it was pretty cool and this is a different mix of the ball comes out here Tanaka fall and I don't really know what's going to you know we'll see what happens you're ready from a corner well I don't want him to get like what it like usually they give me one of these units Marty I'm gonna Gumbel that's cool I don't know no pun intended economic quarters all I think it is alright let's go get a 3 more quarters as well already guys because like this video given the thumbs up we giveaway supplements channel we are on the road to 1000000 we are almost 1000000 this was obviously the coolest gumball machine ever so machine guy subscribe for that prince Philip but what you're doing and I will see you guys next time for one //
"2017-09-15 10:00:51"
\\when it's gotten every phone no you know got it all over millions I had yeah all I got do I mean if rooms to record guys we're budget what it really says right yeah watching only 9 hearing who yeah unlike good now yes I am yes yeah yeah you because of a growing where he all I got 7116 I wanted earns over to know how good it was or if we could hear her okay away witnesses although the well person room all only on I we if right if I what I thought it was yeah well we have a joint on the Paul dear we're having a clockmaker Almendros personal use only 5 or so hard yeah yeah most likely it will what only you you no you I we you I well the yeah I like to we're going with this the day I'm bill why the end all of you to be 18 jamba what would you know I bought a lottery it is 0 subscribers yeah ha ha number well where you are all of if if mark was well you know this is going their drink day that's not right you're reporting dollar as a whole and it's bad it's bad snow I don't know earlier or if you do this for you viewed over Kuwait well well no way it was you walking right okay hewed if you hello I am a curious Colin is a pre like you no you know the I I we're gonna do so it's it I I will I kind of just in there right softly like never by they I all right now we're going to try that again all day okay all long all my god it's all the Eminem no god my god why Paul you my god my going down ... are we legal analyst Royce like any due to legal on their nor the closing the gore gore girls on on the Katy interpret the gore gore gore be yeah and well we're maybe going to be smarter than me no it are you you I well the it's only a mother on my okay down here in Virginia he almost bush what one I'm gonna pull one of these records are there love those spicy chips away how no hold through no and why the ... so well we got kicked out of that zone because okay we're all going to look you doing over there the so this guy like I know we had 1000000 subscribers and like this is like so like you ought to mean something that this song really does the likes viral video posted so we have we have well I Nnamdi no all the or so here this one 's for the limo driver take a look right LA I'm on but I the all the why is that and I'm not at all where all do you number one the you know I yeah well you know I'm not from America and if so not sure they have to do she you know why there is no she's all there I 0 not I it is reporter for a buffalo wings video that I would so if you don't like this election it is here and there because because right wasn't there we go what what's glad that night now granted //
"2017-09-13 10:01:12"
\\what's the best hope for anyone goes the comically says anything or if you do the channel I am really sorry all I I'm just sorry because this is not a good camera as you notice the camera using Reynolds terrible I usually use this and this is currently broken and it just doesn't want to work I literally I literally bought this camera and it broke and traded in in god seems that want no this was broken again is second unless you really can't I I it's a mess so get rid of this channel once in this for the first time no this is not the camera I use every video and I'm not trapped right wingers is anything is about $3500 Cameron so yes I can hear it sorry understandably desperate to get this video out for tomorrow because it's all about entertaining you guys and they are you know might not be the best camera you know anyways guys are you guys in no either we are just hit 1000000 subscribers on which which is absolutely decided I want a good idea I think in 2 months in Europe because it was like super motional immediately and we cried well here is that I just I work so hard just to get there and you know on it's not just me like I you know Carson Trevor on everyone that's ever been in my videos to help you get there you know I could have done well Carson Trevor you know on why do so many people that just everyone has been in my videos you know you know who you are if you've been in my vehicle for like at that stage like you help me personalities why so just I don't know I just I think it too much you it's the super emotional for me such work so hard to get it and so on you know and I don't assume that enthusiastic Manami is like 2 in the morning in a no I didn't Boston hustle to get these video out for you guys love for tomorrow morning there is regardless of the fact we did about cool stuff when I did him and I just hit it up last night actually armed so yeah surely this is 1 of coming here to thank you so much for 2000000 subscribers us are booked him quality again I'm gonna get this fixed is the people this was like an emergency and I you know I'm I don't like you because you're broke so we're gonna get this fixed really quick and I'm really sorry about that if you knew the Channel presents try but now usually from with the camera and I'm just like really scared that you are going to subscribe if they see this video because they're like 1 of us can recall the right of the CD would also go to say thank I like those means you can prescribe but enjoy this video that you have so much 1000000 like no way to show you what we did for 1000000 are I'm actually doing a handful of things for 0 I got this huge surprise coming up that are okay I think it's gonna blow your mind will look what I have got 3000000 and I'll there there's a couple things I'm doing for 0 in some revealing a one of them in the next couple days but you know there's a handful so you guys are surprised me she subscribe to see exactly what I will do in for 0 in it through this video I he our guys they were at the carnival I guess I'm so how much of re dollars we why you're plus this part of it and so we see look at the bottom let's say my god is you gotta grab I don't know how to do this so right now I don't know if I can yeah yeah I didn't write it one just in I'm gonna grab grab nbae got 2 of them alright okay you know winners either larger more moderate you do this to more go for this one all right here and then we're gonna go for the pink one right here alright here we go I all I can anything no way okay room one CM well that's actually going to go to school dimmer man in a mermaid I don't know how I just grab a duck yeah because it was something all when it was over ban on that one feeling in the corner view it Mr Krabs sports yeah I'm and all I can feel what you feel it Mr Krabs all mine can you feel it Mister clean who don't do all of that was that was perfect if it just had a hi guys are back we're trying to do the ... Mr Donner shake of the call should make sure to shake and bake chicken shaking all spent 7 yeah mine too if that rule I think you can do it I can do I think I think it'll do it yeah colleges junior early and yet it's the edge yeah American owned it all we got calmly you pretend socks till marriage ... Curtis good well follow Z. felt it was good cool all right so we declare the moves I guess it's all got to learn it I told you all now well over ... if you okay so you know I'm just fully behind you know what okay okay okay you see that shouldn't loosen up looking at that's perfect god snow here and if you just if you listen on do look at Okinawa player leann savage that should be like her be perfect for her you know you you yeah well ahead of time yeah Ndola $50 for like $40 cases