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"2011-12-18 04:47:16"
2011 Top 12 One Minute Monologue Competition Finalists
\\I mean I'm just walking down the street may come up on me like im portant something you know they just don't push me down this alley for not now he's like a dark hallway image so pledge me kicking me enough so I call up into a ball on the force that can hurt me enough suffice have wanted to go fighters and friends then have to be the couple of guys you know maybe 3 big guys you know sure Mike up but he's too how money trying out some flying high I gotta talk I'm serious about this not just one or 2 guys to walk with me down the street maybe the meaning along 60 sincere guys guys I can now from here they keep me up pretty bad if I were high on VHS tape should grow on my body and walking around here night I'm constantly skates you never know who's waiting for your on according to just jump you know it's not like I can protect myself or anything the couple buddies noticed a couple of big guys know fighters you know guys with you walking around with them doing but I believe in something sort of it does talk to me in may actually be guy but releases likely no one really limit of checks totaling 2 things nope I don't face any cleaning up all its himself wordlessly I see what they say and believe me I don't have a choice I'm appropriate universe thinks it's him that might bite I don't dance the other thing plastic one for windows yeah your address yeah I can listen and someone got run over by cars yeah I would think well maybe maybe you know I'm really flattered that you would ask me out I might be completed soon hold it for someone who's a little more yeah I woke up this morning thinking about building thinking about him waking up in his room with his love clouds all around high paying and I thought she painted clouds down 10 because then he would think yours waking up at home it can be hurt my son home never you paste he's already home I love him very much I'm not going to take the I could talk to how how quick look urban violated that would be great top now those movie scenes with the girls eyes go up like because she's going to some other part of yourself you deal with the horror of what happened to her it's nothing like that it's filthy and sweaty he licks your face and wipes himself off into your hair I'm trying to scream he punches huge so hard seek up fingers at you again ripping things that you didn't even know that you have what the hell but if you haven't been there mom and dad I you know me no you don't you see my picture in the paper no you have not so now I got a friend of mine spread the monies have its problems he's trying to get me to see a shrink some ask you a couple of questions and this this friend of mine he's a very powerful guy never has problems enough only lately he's having these ... tax it's nervous can brief heart pounding out it's just you just need to make it stop you put you saw that was something I was trying to do there and that's why you are who you are you a good my friend you have a gift I feel like us like the ladies to lift off like I can breathe again one more thing to me let me tell you something about Janis Ian her and I were best friends in middle school I know right so embarrassing I mean whatever so then in eighth grade when I got my first bike Ohio who is totally gorgeous but anyway to Indiana ingest the earthly jealous of him like if I blow her off to hang out with Kyle she be like when you call me back and I feel like a lot of fire is so obsessed with me and then for my birthday party which was an all girls pool party Janice I can tell you because I speak I mean I could have a listing of my party there's gonna be because their end of the evening sickness I mean rice is a lesbian and then her mom called my wife and she was yelling at her home so retarded and I guess she dropped out of school because no one would talk to her and she showed up in the fall for high school o'hara's all jumped off which is totally dragged and I guess she's on crack oh my gosh I love your skirt is so adorable that is an ugly stepsister I've ever seen seen we thanks guys the close enough this is pisses me off first of all we now have more than 300 plete and let's be honest we all know there's more these may not be the most sophisticated people but they do know how to divide and $20000000 have been sick with what between second of all people don't dream about being rich the dream about being able to watch their swim in the pool without having to have a hysterectomy at each before you come back soon with another lame ass off for I want you to think real hard about what your spine is worth or what you would expect someone to pay for your uterus Klein then you take out a calculator and you multiply that number by 100 anything less than that a waste of come into the rivers at another table Gration with the homeowner just cuddle conflagration is M. breakfast and ... plates because shell of worship ship whatever Sam grab a piece of toast on grace's plate she knows help yourself should help myself the half a piece of toast exports losses per quarter I shot a little every tower became up up coffee cigarettes sweet roll roast beef sandwich she it we're saving our habitat of a pick up the check but no I never fought like this one 's on me like some busted axle only and I tell you this though only from now and I'm not casting anything or anyone from amount of southern bowl like that phone in your no no it is just talk in this dress come up to them these 3 alive no no one to tell when the third line drives your friends in the other room guy simple enough I perfect let's begin a number of years ago the people that I work with were very close in obtaining something of great value something I once belonged to your former employer but now shouldn't we and we believe you know where it is why because its disappearance is directly related to the death of Catherine Wald don't know her we believe it did with the people that hired you to kill her see how much does is make or not that's why Jenny why you put up with that the man is no good divorced him here's a better way just want to hear more okay out which state think think Debbie you be free one of the things are on how to use like like like like yeah for instance you you you you you said yeah I know that some of them run down to the roots of our talk with now you know that the pilot light was on the Fritz Ted sleep on the couch usually Lauck if I was in your shoes I have his head in the disposal before dinner speak I married him because I love him I mean I think it seems pretty simple right I mean yeah I found him some parents sexy and right hand and compassionate and he he everyday the tears well up yeah now I'm not I'm not no I'm where I'm not manic depressive that's it's really I didn't I never sit down I never said okay on I knew he was gay I knew he was gay and I married him a okay fine yeah it's not your own Hey baby it was good for me was good for you flying but I love him and I think that seems pretty simple enough and if the in the end I have an amazing friend well too bad about the most people seek James I'm so sorry that meeting they said it would take an hour and then they kept talking I can get them to stop and he I got you a goldfish because I wanted to get you flowers but I want to sort of course today's the day that they don't have the flowers and there was a pet shop next door so I they had puppies but I think you know a puppy because they take summertime yeah so I got a fish because I love fish mobile they always died and I found out it's because they have this week's from their guilt connect the sees that in a short amount of time to make a really toxic environment for themselves so they die crazy maybe god wants a domesticated goldfish if so how if you don't want squishy has okay and we can be dead sing yeah //

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