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"2016-12-03 21:00:36"
LA's 10th Annual 1Minute Monologue Contest, Best Male Actor Performance
\\nnst that's it I don't know if you and everybody else in this company I should have to your job every time a pull out a calculator them up Asian enough I'm a child health in the mouth gets hard no computer all in all I know people I don't work in IT so quick come to me with your computer problems yes this is a computer but it's mine and when I have a problem I use Google ... it even if I didn't work and I think that doesn't mean I need to explain or every gadget with the power cord works the coffee machine Brenda just add water ... in Kyle we all don't know karate Supachai well now stick every agency in the office preferring the dojo Chuck Norris or Cody I live I did vote for Hillary because I do want troubles in my people to build other great wall so much for that nnova you're gonna get the fixer cellphone small people opened her review even a bowl of rice overnight initial calling for support not this one I'm out of here thing that so you don't even know you exist until 15 minutes ago and now what what do you want me to do that I'm not already doing apologize I think I wonder sister's life don't you your music by this this is all just some case study looking human psychology for you it's just so far removed from yourself up there you're pretentious pedestal you can stand there and think of yourself as some noble protector of your sister and blame her for being the reason he never did anything like but we all make our own decisions my only hers decide to keep an eye on here making right I am not abandoning her so if you would like to be ex whatever responsibilities you think you may have please go I don't need you she doesn't need you see okay you keep telling us that we need to learn to communicate our feelings better we're not even touching on the real problem I understand this is a ... management but this this is passion look I don't mean to cut you off Billy we're not talking about the fact that we live in a time where it seems better to hide behind this facade that everything is okay but everything is simply not okay and being no pain with that okay it says everyone rather care about the relevant might money your clothes any true connection is never really breaches always buried under all this stuff good people get the focus off of themselves through the realize they're not gonna did we stopped and got a life if you can learn to give it all up what everyone keeps staring at me like there's something wrong with me when I'm not the one I bought some mask what's yeah it's see yeah but I but booms you I still both of you but it is gonna be hard but we're going to have this baby and I am going to fight with everything in me took it all for this so that we can save lives well you again we have talked about it I don't yeah Jack okay okay stop stop once not like this matters to me and not just this there are so many things that matter to me in this marriage that you don't seem to care about at all well I like my time and my personal space you know what I used to have bowling night with the guys every Tuesday but you haven't even let me see my friends in months or what about politics whom I care about politics you didn't even vote good you try to make me drink another one of those god forsaken tales movies a monistic appointed by I I think I think this the only thing I //

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