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Fear and Mayhem In Hawaii Part IV | RICO Hawaiian Style
\\ ... dear Mister Bailey S. the clerk's office is unable to process your motion to convene federal grand jury please refer to the United States Attorney S. office for assistance we will hold your copies of said documents for 30 days thereafter if we do not receive instructions from you your documents will be destroyed if you have any questions call our office sat area code 085411300 beyond Abernathy trying to get banished meaning it reacting on like a year ago District Court in Honolulu Hawaii I'm calling regarding your motion to convene a federal grand jury aren't ironic that you know that the material that you admitted to the court Libby and forwarded to the grand jury theatre political very cool and will be will be provided in the chance that you contact if certainly when they do not meet on Thursday and there are times when they get channel has potential crime people convene a grand jury but at the last minute you exchanging a quick mind and it does not prevent anything that that point they're tourniquet command and if that happens he will be given in the chair at the next time that they can be and commit to the client their guarantee we will be passing on in the chair for them if they're gay or and CNN indexation misconduct love any questions you can call me my number is area code 8 care 8541 and went to the theater for thinking ... Mr lately as I am unable to provide you with copies of the documents you have requested there was no document generated to transmit your affidavit as for notification of the matter to the US attorney's office I personally contacted the US attorney's office for the district of Hawaii I did not memorize my contact with them beyond Abernathy chief deputy clear US District Court district of Hawai we can't 0 young actually personnel they ... the motion to the program I was given to you Jim banish just trying to see if there's any and looking back but I hate that not uncommon became known as I have any communication with the Clinton Jerry atmosphere I don't know what I can tell you if I find a heart attack well of course enormously because they've been someone I just didn't know if there's like a status ... your situation because that is that you know at its at point a point ... okay right so long that I'm telling people that have regularly have contact with the grand jury harakiri administrator here you know academic nation are up for election back at it and now we have no idea if I need to the net and I can hold you to it obviously ... a realistic to frame from your experience from the time that once submitted and I know that this particular she has a list price of angels live stuff on it but I don't believe it was the average time frame perfectly honest with you first time iPad extreme to it hadn't have citizens ending in something for the grand jury's consideration I have no idea and it is I mean I think I think that like the review review long heard how the white grand jury quest yeah had progressed through the affidavits change acceptance date her young investigations stage we also became aware of suspicions that the affidavit that not impact you process according to law or recorded history Supreme Court rules nor according to the established rules Jesse rights court and finally we have established actual identity her at least 2 not including he brought himself culpable person not only did not perform their duties but if located that culpability of the Hwy US attorney's office pop with the FBI cell we have actually Jane evidence that he's in actually exists and now there has been no discovery it seems that they are Abernathy who is judge he writes head clerk it's also listed that contact with who I used to turn it off this is true it may be a violation of separation of powers describe the US constitution articles 15 we also discovered that ms Abernathy's husband didn't tourney that represented department treasury white a visual ID I IRS his name is David Anthony ever his occupation and associations are not easy to discover he is also known as the Abernathy Tony Abbott David Abernathy Anthony Abernathy you have to now we have an Abernathy hello proximity connections to the wind usually bring it the US attorney's office and the IRS a personal connection like this would be a dream come true anyone in organized crime there's the only US government connection really not covered yet is the FBI but we're working records must be kept low branches of the United States government and concealing or destruction of these records that we have crime failure to properly process record incoming year just heat records by any court is also a crime punishable by 3 years print I see bright cord inaction on a legal request for grand jury because of the problem for US citizens if we're not home recordings records and emails epic corporate policies and exposure given these records no one would know that is very curious request exist 4 can by the court to stop the investigation the efforts to stop it ranger investigation only a short term do they have process hope for publishing we won't online at this point as to explain why Seabright would risk his career low lifes of the sixties dependence yeah gave it who are all small fry with exception of the white community permission does not heed right and of course Kurt remember signing delivery receipts for the documents do they not know recorded voice mail left my work that they have possession of the documents and are preparing to strike them later process them at my sister's Hitler is not cheap right where of the letter sent by his court to me threatening to destroy the records Paul this looming over the head what the people want it only assume that they either believe they have total immunity or it should or they are prepared to go down with the ship someone or some entity certainly if not next high tech US systems and how to show their work even getting rid of me well not eradicate your call bill as irony would have it in answer to a legal request with the doctors that relate to that affidavit I turned and and all relevant communication US attorney's office and or the I. nightlight court their reason they claim they're simple FOR the law there did you give any information relative to a grand jury quite apart lawyer supported by a list of previous court decisions and opinions so sick right court claiming passion who movielink information all this affidavit this protection based our grand jury statues relative releasing their permission about a sitting grand jury when it comes down to it seems that the court cannot prove that they have either process such a grand jury request leaving email sent by me are never happy that she could not process your request letters and made a phone call to a person whose identity she doesn't remember it seemed right court failed the test what are they going to do pie go hardcore we're going to do it IRA request a personal communication she writes grand jury or request a change in venue then what jets you right Hitler properly so deep that it matters not All I Want to do is re open investigation into the murder of 4 year old a hero after viewing the first 3 video you should have a fairly good understanding mosh murder investigation forgot Lacy bra idea quite weak partner and the involvement of the statewide justice system and allowing for enabling the lot next year work proceeds 3 wishes in our that enabled the incarceration of Aaron sharp not the incarceration rather hot who later admitted his participation in the car he was my reasoning that I conquest or we knew that you gave to the murder of like you probably require I ask you to local authorities hello that smell it now appears that house morning correct I had already formally requested an investigation by that quietly department why department of justice the US attorney's office and the FBI who received more positive results it local authorities would not cooperate the next step is naturally to request a federal grand juries in law if you do that would be necessary to include have a chart hence the whole investigation revered exclusive federal bureau here the investigation my allegation that there was an accomplice in the murder of laci moves you up as a federal murder violation Minnesota host Dave why fear that my request for federal grand jury to look into only the rupture looking rejected passed out to the state level authorities and or even a local printer this option would most likely won't know there were too many local quarry mixed up in what would have there were local one citizens who are where my work on the hurricane more owned intelligence allegations of political corruption I resume up why not include the delegation and then asked for a federal grand jury chairman that there work but allegations violations the voices of these people that federal Rico act as well letter pedal biolage the first case I listed in my affidavit as allegations of violations recall actively Jack's thinking this allegation of violations recall active interest in case and it is in that a little depth example of alleged corruption in Hawaii and a clear example of that moneyline under about a January 27 went well a resident of Hawaii Jack least daily diet quiet please notified and entered the home on the welfare check by crawling to unlock window because the doors were locked in the could get in from the outside the police discovered the body of the actually items were removed from the house by the quite police department without a search warrant police records indicate that I don't take it for safe keeping this that some of these items were legal documents family is also had you met some of the items taken well trusted groups it comes hamper by a partial copy of that quite police department evidence log that was given to the state family after the entry into Jack hall the world trust agreement taken place keeping was created but not implemented by a local attorney named nasty job but private charity specializing in won't trust agreements he is also a member of the whiteboard catia general advice that you apply communicable nation I love profit corporation I served on the advisory committee for me hail OPL quiet in he also worked for the first line bank with another mobile attorney happen what you hear about her make both Lloyd and but then like they were calling inter net record disagree with them well in those capacities missed but also represented the deceit Jack Haley ilog plus matters and it was Nancy robot who implemented the designation why immunity foundation as a recipient up to 50 percent Jack daily assets in the newly created proper in doing so all of this relationship previously I'm were negated the jacks daily items taken from his home report into that quite that you are evidenced by officer Gilbert V. as Asham and moment Patty wraps among the items were returned to the family use daily and we know that one of the items returned was Jack delete New World Cup victory previous won't trust agreement with Missy project still belongs daily family told me that her father will entrust had been altered to reflect changes in the addition of a white community foundation as recipient about half of the trust funds close entirely possible that Jack Bailey authorized him in this agreement this daily family adamantly believe that it's not probable that he would have made such a change won't know any affected members of the family it's also interesting to note that the only person other than the deceased who have detailed knowledge of them trust with people ultimately benefit from the changes is there a family specifically George daily and her brother Jeff allege that will entrust document your trip to them by the KPD after the death of that problem notarized by attorney Nancy Jake but who was not witnessed and that Robert film Silverman and his white loudly who are quite ready and what brand of Jack you were present shortly after me daily diet witness the entry into the home Jack Haley Barbour we quite pleased part later a copy of it alright truck agreement surplus yo ma social work in McDonald's dying who is a colleague of your must not notarized this particular one trust agreement yeah daily signature on the new program could not be verified market unit one important thing to note about this whole thing is that when the police entered Mister Bailey home they call I trust agreement it was not witnessed and so after his death after the trust agreement was removed from the home it shows up witness which means the signature of Jack Henry or not witnessed until after his death or it would be on the copy that was left on the table before he died not what clearly stated that she her bridegroom or usually rely information about father's death provided by the robbers so as his wife so we're gonna Jack daily prince because Silverman called me however that is actually pretty George Bailey said that while human emailed her said when her husband Robert entered the home time present on that day Jack Bailey body was while he brought home look at and trust documents lying on the table and he noted that it was not the same document that he was familiar George dealing with Paul my lonely humor Monday on day her husband Robert entered home Jack daily quite pleased that he also saw the body of Jack and then ruse matter and bloody and that there were well and trust that lying on the table in the home stated as he said or that day they said that what he arrived at his father's home forties early forties later interior of the home lately search the homes of disarray there was a substance that resume a black power the scent type that you might see reviews to the fingerprints throughout the home as well as the presence of yellow evidence today the Jack in the autopsy did not describe any unusual issues resolved by Jack is that a family believes that Nancy Jo but orchestrated the challenges to the well and trust agreement objectives while at the same time was legal adviser trustee carrier to wipe me foundation under the direction of another quieter he captured more scantily happen Lloyd think how the death of Jack's daily what's the general counsel vice president of why immunity foundation I was employed also as general counsel hurt why thank George Daley said that the results of this action ultimately resulted quite moody foundation this simple trial object daily trust Lloyd later represent not white meat pollination in Oregon litigation argued that yes daily exactly some could not be impartial ministry should not be designated as partners because of their relationship to the pop the Oregon court ruled in favor of the white community foundation and agreed that this daily should not be the trusted me yeah of Lloyd Jack daily longtime friend Robert Zimmerman was appointed as the new trusted ministry at either large or bugs you gesture that trust legal counsel was to be Delmas local hard incident Joe Mazatlan office right next door Robert Superman bar has lots of good times grill we have learned that a man who knows Victor laying prequels lots good pals grill Mister lane owns a cleaning business and his business office it doesn't matter net network immensely but not they like family alleges that Mr lane who initiated the contact between Jack's daily and lucky but well here's where it gets interesting because remember in court when a lawyer argued with the judge that daily family could be impartial they could be fair and recommended that they point person that only these men are pursued by the naval silver C. O. about why community foundations Calvin H. picada who's also associated with the American savings that you have to be on the board directors he also ordered director he'd be companies that supply electricity to the island of Kauai now tell them thank immediately benefitted from the death of Jack's dearly but smooth well I'm $336900 daily trust what positive at the erection of the newly appointed trust ministry Robert summer with the court blessing will turn you throw my in addition to the fact that meant your lot happened like Holly that white community foundation happened was husband Hugh Jones isn't turning it got wind attorney general's office but the license in the acting chair eat the fish let in this capacity Jones formerly denies any professional association when his wife pattern like that you know but Catholic at Sam's abruptly terminated her employment white community college no doubt at yet vital are copies certified check indicated that new administrators film also receive immediately $25000 the trust funds as a matter well he was not listed as a beneficiary of the trust who copy look Europe by check also indicate that immediately after Roberson solution ministry are factoring thingy house on another to harm only $7000 deposit was made into the American savings bank ... of course the board directors haven't caught up with all close to you or others why community fund foundation where Nazi era catalog another $269000 was transferred to the who I community foundation this legal maneuvering and move all control objective here is from the deceased family directly over to the white community politician they will deny this you based on what I've just said what's true they are in control this day the Grammy while the complaint with no one else other than who I attorney general's office and you immediately receive them who help you don't was at large don't responded well to the complaint yeah is even now you our Jones at Clyde I feel shows sent this to get that I'm sorry miss your references to this boy anywhere prior email because it was red on another won't happen normal work you are correct little it is my fault for that reason goggle eyed 0.13.assigned to different charities have argued our expertise terrible oversight matters I will not halt whatsoever there after you need to correct a couple of mistakes first ms Boyd was not terminated by the who like me are the foundation but left to take a new position what Hawaii Pacific university as she left white community foundation before the date of your car nor did miss Lloyd related only way 2 minutes but is there a Grammy had received no further communication home what why attorney general's office or the quietly department in response to their complaints nor does it still unmoving any information as to the status legal adviser to Mister Hillman and less than a trial run job loss also sugar served as a model share of who are United Way Jack clearly won't trust documents created by Nancy Joe Budden dated 62811 witnessed by performing live net my grandma died who is also on the staff your own boss at the Kwai United Way and was a witness I'm not Staley will rush room created by but no I'm going to tell you a little bit about how all these little shareable will associations that work in the world but most this with that particular example of why past money back and forth to me that's washing money to them that morning that but why community foundation is listed as a contributor Uruguay United Way were Joe must associate once this daily trust money contributed to the white community because it washed we clean money it's almost impossible to determine where the money transfer to the why didn't you want and then goes to any other entity where anything that problem money stretch so imagine this you have ... you put $500 in the bank in this case it would be like movie foundation and the bank said okay I'll I will ... 30 X. root Y. Lee $500 now have the money to pay them like paid and so you go to the bank and say wait a and that's my money you paid them people and the next mall that you can't let not your money that money would be most of our general fund your money is already in the general fund but we don't know that much that's how they got but by what they're doing so what's the money go to the white community fund which is a central hub central on foundation that distributes overseas money back and forth among the foundations and all the contributors big mass anyone think they can go on and on but it it tentatively he charmer hold money news what it would take yes would be almost impossible gosh daily said that her father not having no life threatening threat no health issues and never bothered personal doctor nexus surprised by it death he said he was not notified Mr daily in addition to retailers stated that she feared that her problems that might not be in that still quiet family what provided with our long list that indicated that he won't trust agreement was impact on the state home but I was not informed of her father because of that work provided you know where they provide any older police investigation reports this daily also pled no quietly investigation files have been released to the family nor has any information as to the cause of her father's death then released however I received a response to freedom of information request by Paul McCartney who are records on that daily death investigation was and I give reaching the autopsy or the autopsy report states exactly that nuclear ruptured aortic aneurysm and all that happy because there was no indication of any other harmful events that might happen to him recent an effort to validate leaf innovations that Jeff George they are required to the possibility of accessing Pat email text Haitians what part of your daily may have had with hope a person such as white but are Jones or any person associated with these 2 lawyers still it provided me with the Yahoo email address Jack daily or the password to the email and Yahoo com after gaining access to check his email I discovered that the account of the Tampa it appeared as if the mail cart had been terminated and then re initiated using the same exact email at written out ... Jack Healy email and the reason I believe this is because when I opened up the first email that was in this new email account ICT welcome sign from Yahoo and this was sent after you accidentally yeah join yet daily were at the mall email termination America and when we don't know yet daily that email or any member of the state change all that you are how Yahoo other other than changing the password and did not instigate bombing of a new account resolved email retrieved because unavailable lead yes they like and then have possession our cell phone and laptop computer that a lot that really died on January 27 only well and the interruption replacement even help was published on June 26 next year on thirteenth there was no access junior written all over it daily you know how I sent an email Yahoo security division wearing all white it actually emailed lacking any previous health history unit prior to that I got most in my affidavit to the court and the grand jury I reminded them of the problem net you go bug had her boy allegedly formal colleagues like we let you go but listed internet publication has worked by her trust you traitor likely politician under the direction captured what and catalog under the direction of Calvert out he ... why commute politician got is also on the board your director before American singles bank that received Hearst harmful continues I see them from all this there is trust yeah but it was not a community advisory committee of the hail opium quite that received donations for why United Way as well as the white community foundation in addition to other colleagues of white blood why United Way our our Rancho Los your record quite a lot of play is the Jack alien creators legal counsel to the office summer as such sober meningiomas are in position to influence and actually control trust distributions so it's a lot the hill you know quite are that normal people like quite use you general Perry previous quiet prosecuting attorney Sherrie will heart while just what color president profit refuting attorney who all would have been involved in that investigation was one that Jack gave I also advised the court and the jury that to date east armies order respected how many divisions have not contacted us daily army in response to their inquiry except return involved probably much treat them ... objects they capital Lloyd was reported by requiring bank time of the debt next year and her path associate there man hope don't even then lock who will work best visor or the bank and also or Japanese data additional trust won't be controlled with poor social reform are bishop street capital management Hearst white foundation and the banquet services what what's the big then your woman soccer which describe like your daily that print Jack yeah yeah I did a telephone interview without socks he really did what popped me you didn't provide any information other than he did not want to be called and he did say that he was a good friend of Jack's delivers press how surprised that you got other than that lockable cautious and and told me that any all this by him might jeopardize his life practice those yeah so he was not right what yeah well you know what I was going to ask because you can that absolutely help deny any professional association hot except to burn levels of volunteer work white community foundation in an email comments but no we had the carpet picnic Lloyd and described her professional looking with quiet community Fundacion as this quote my association like moon politician has purely a professional one over many years mark technological why have such an association has her like I am on the white community foundation leadership council not on a border director or one governors or any other entity related to the all I can recall nation that would require acting as we do here okay he says he'll walk up the new sherry bourgeois professional advice ... which is contrary to what like no but continues right now the issue may have missed that what hope I may possibly have caused some confusion by including my participation as a member leadership council Allah disclosure related to my volunteer service on the outward directors more medication whose state Hwy why community foundation has set up a leader culture council on each island to discuss overall trends and meet with the committee okay so so bugzilla patting her out stay warm bed which is mistaken she's assuming that I receive this information on the other waterproof education I've never contacted work education I got the information Paul information sheet port on while the why bar associations where it you have to do that the organization that she wants to and what position she hopes so you telling me here you didn't really do much at all I very politician are you telling the bar associations a lot more ... one of my favorite more recent experiences was with a client who on I had really been alienated from his family his wife had died on several years prior he's older man and he really spent most of his time and a bar in legally and that was where he had his support group that's where he really wanted to on leave a legacy and his legacy was to set up a chair in the bar and allow every person who walked into the barn was first in that chair to have a free drink it was just an interesting conversation because we were able to talk about on whether he had a larger ... interest in supporting the community in other ways and it was to take care of young people on the island of Kauai ... support them in athletic endeavors that sort of thing so we started a conversation I get to see him kind of light now he was very excited he came back and the next day after we had signed everything and he just told me I I am so happy that I'm doing this thing now that that fund now is in place and he would be just absolutely delighted so although initially but seem to encourage use more than that about here right obligation Catherine Lloyd of the white community foundation adult we didn't like she lied her cloak back relationship in that information of the patent least fairly well Greenwood because Lloyd with outlook on the whole I community foundation and as such was the white community foundation representative during a court hearing almost daily legal contest the scaly trust created by nothing but the credit that you love him interest who the company that ... what works for crying out loud no but the link in this movie denying her relationship Lloyd and you know whoever's watching this know that both of them were trying to separate each other in the region that probably separate each other because just based on this little bit of information they are welcome fine lines gala there are internet records indicate that your hotel them on revising the board or to help you why economic problem other nonprofit corporation and that's why community foundation and the United Way weren't job losses in the previous night wait more directors both are listed as donors to the same foundation that coop the hail of you why it now the foundations could not compilation the things that I am here purring that they do in this without having help from outside sources don't we research the organization's as I did when you start looking at who's who would pick up name parenting all that you find many of the same people along or advice or have some connection do the same ... foundations that ... but in lawyer involved that means said when you start looking at okay what kind of people are are the hooting or seeking out to help them you know what they need to do chess take money from private parts private trust on the advisory board of the hail OP quite it our mobile mayor quite near large health because the whole we lifted having served on the board directions directors of the why United Way also would let you Harold Harry and while she remained car bomb hold it that prosecutor all who observe not of white board education with but and dropped from Culver that quite prosecutor so why are we denying association quite a small island granite and you would expect them to be bumping into each other but when you start questioning them they don't know nothing bout not I've heard that over 20 years and never body anyone ever tells me that I know something it is alleged that meant that your book capelin joma all of juries have personally benefitted financially under that Jack it and his subsequent estate and accordingly the quiet the whole wide community foundation other nonprofit organizations that receive and distribute donations to and from each other have benefited or wouldn't bet and result of hundreds of thousands of dollars that become available to them you have the Jack Staley well and trust Sloane already transferred to the Hwy community foundation via the first one that and in fact there have been a media transfer daily arms that verdict add to that white community foundation and directly into American savings bank that is owned by our body Kellman kata who also share the whole a community foundation so all that as the yell the chairman of the board of the white community foundation do you imagine that Calvin pecado might have a say and what money comes into our money goes out by the way calendar kata has resigned his position not immediately than recently still maybe a solemn writing on the wall I don't know all the name persons have participated in some way either directly or indirectly with Hoshi Jack Haley state that you're all but position with the help of Uruguay nonprofit corporation put her in a position to become associated with contributors Frankenheimer introvert likeness poke out earlier mare the prosecutors leachate although they're also associate with can't are ... you can see that a there's an ability there or all of these foundation should somebody start checking into them questioning ... they have the ability to circle the wagons on the leg injury now remember all one is that there winds up civil litigation Oregon home was established daily family out go but lawyers apparently appears a court to dispute changes in our policy well and as I said before ... the court agreed with ... Nancy Lloyd home after Lloyd's ... let there wouldn't you agree partisanship should move family members you pointed that trust ministry I've been involved trust orange usually panel member in therapy administrator or their attorney but according ... accordingly that legal counsel appointed to represent that trust and advisers Robert shouldn't be your own boss now who hello aaah bigger conflict of interest or partisanship then Joe moss who also is that the rector of the choir United Way in position to receive arms from trust now chase yep yeah I or the US attorney's office why watched it all my affidavit out their trash take another look at I'm going to restate the relationships involved in this Jack Bailey case at home pictures okay somebody might wanna go get marette haploid you look after Lloyd what is or was likely commendation general counsel normal ... work with the first one and they here's what president deputy manager trust investment why Pacific university how long had a direct involvement in replacement yes daily as a prop administrator ... and stayed in letter to Jeff's daily quote it clearly interest of yet else daily as beneficiary conflicts it's very trustee deal impartially who are the beneficiaries uncle but out more doesn't say it it's okay that you almost goes over there and help out helped himself to the park Nancy job but bizarre colleague of Kathryn Lloyd why comune pollination people work for the same company that received a money what legal adviser to Jack use daily created the deceit know well and trust agreement that replace the old one and granite 50 percent interest in the white community foundation that didn't exist before she is a colleague up the mayor Bernard Carvalho ... jarell Perry white Lichine Russell who are supported term general she leaned ... survival former covered cock wife brought her William are heck he why department education just in color why prosecutor and all that the hope he'll hope Uruguay it okay last but not least but he's also a colleague for me your mom lawyers who represent Roberson run and but implemented the moon trust line biker for decades moss would it might hurt it hate by this daily trials and also who created require United Way that receives harm our regular basis from the white community foundation one thing we don't know moss receives money directly Ottawa quite United Way for homeless position yeah he does them one that's a report not that important 5 but it's also a colleague at the noise denies and what previous general counsel for the white community fought a nonprofit corporation and worked for the first one but is also a colleague Catherine Martin lies this and whitewater previous general counsel for the white community foundation for our profit corporation and work with live at the Persian land bank next we have John we hope pop this guy's name rabbit you pairs I don't know a whole lot of value we're on the street is that Brad Parrott he's a stepson Jack daily left out of the original yeah actually won't trust and because of that it's unless that varies threatened you actually like when I found out it new kid from hello well and the reason I bring this up involved is because Harry's what the person who was found inside actually Rattlers active volley was remote wonder why George daily stated that her father was home quote if anything happens to me Harry's okay US attorney were written cost to the area henhouse here the next ones you don't deputy Attorney General why in the tax evasion and that Lloyd's house at Holly meant you but why are white what Parcells well he's also a colleague that she Perry police I'm Bernard Harbottle the mayor Shameem Carvallo prosecutor and said you you clue yourself on that occasion age of his wife cap or what no wonder that division another name let's hear that we haven't I reviewed the ongoing commission anyway because home a lot like you right gentleman who haven emblem why he is the former Attorney General why haven't heard 4 year term 2011 2014 well this would be during the time that all this was going on Taylor's so any of complaints about activities on the nonprofit corporations formations maybe you should have that as Attorney General you what the chief law enforcement officer who or why providing advice counsel and representation to the governor on the state legislature lecture hall guess what you colleague a few jobs and did not investigate this daily allegations involving persons name the napa date he is currently in private practice his office knew what first Hawaiian bank the next person my net you're the most Die and she to me is interesting because I had a hard time finding information how much you know exactly who she has and worship that around notions hanging around it are you are and I actually live on oval of her job hosting signed a colleague of job loss would know that because she signed it witness UDDI what room created by but she's also a colleague on Los at the United what quite not sign is campaign development manager and community Lila well not only that my whole life foundation also represents who I did you know moss in my opinion all this information isn't perfect warriors in the charity and I lost chairman of United Way he's also a Peruvian judge this history family courts the problem and represents rob so remote that career cost you that Jax state trust and it's also past director of the why United Way he is a colleague meant but but it has provided him with this daily well in the trust agreement had it 8 also colleague happened more goodness that you Rebecca Benjamin that block of wood witness that you yeah at first appearance he's come about to me it was called off in his apartment actually like that makes me want to know more he was a financial adviser Jax state in one say much about hockey and ... if you watch daily said that Mister burns lack of work with Mrs but at the purple line thank a strip the locket admits he worked at the post World Bank but denies that he knew buttons as she didn't never work with now after he told me that you will research and it does look like ... all but work get pushed wind thank god but also creature that were now you're involved in the money one line regime and it and it comes out that you work for the bank who was the first person to receive the money part wash of course you're gonna deny anything that you set up course so that being said we're not going to forget about Mr than plot not last but not least Robert shook a I'm he he looks like he's just a guy in our rooms bar associates with everybody that comes in the vampire hadn't picked up party and that's what are your politics one big family them all the time and that so that's where some of these associations her body was also but that holy of repeal look at Mr she'll as recently as yesterday I received information that would indicate that Mr hill murmured his wife lolly how about you with that like going to release them more information about me who are Kokomo next video let's stop this guy is I'm going to be a question I'm going to hold him on especially white for more information but when you have a lot of news apart your group to a measure that okay so the second case it will large convoluted mass of legal mangled make you want to stand up not watch this video doctor Leonard record holders and his partner sure it came victims than this next take that out listeners case number 2 overlap with a her Leonard Horowitz is the world's most celebrated pharmaceutical industry was and he's 2 most popular political controversy he's a leading military political activists Harmer during that action and documentary filmmaker and author of 17 books at home you dream about our it looked like his works have moved nation to rethink that whole nation sorry Muslim world population opposition would help you agencies operation global immunization program ... doctor Horowitz greatest lifetime achievement you sadly covering perfect circle sound his revelations of 9 coworker creative frequencies and then revolutionizing the music natural healing dust trees as well as large in his latest publication the book of 528 doctor or what massively evidences Larry that 500 28 AJ frequently sound must reconsider that clear channel broadcast a lot ms Sherri came admin associated with our coalition has met me ran out with it ministry the system for 8 years both are what I would call you constitutionalist and have been doing enemies of the state for years they have one guard eager of their property and why thanks to all saw drag the dragon Cork only to see the case dropped before court appearances I have suffered through always bankruptcy proceedings resulted from legal fees and associated hold court judgments repeat hall allege that constitutional rights were violated by the corruption wise circuit courts and I agree with you're hearing the details of the case I believe that they toured title to their day in court and not just up here in court curry was date white today but true on us game court based on that recommendation says recommend they recommended by the federal grand jury I believe your story and I think you also there are no more answers come politic profound almost unbelievable private lawyers and the dubious legal for Magaly and acceptance of all this but all of the warrant your course that you the case I had a revolver letter of explanation what was going on for 5 times to get a grip on the man who is legal magnum one army for me and then mom sheet of paper Hey stop or allegations that we supported with facts they were the third the second victims listed in my I gave it to the court their case is much too been crying in the galleys to explain how detail so I'm going to carry that but that's like and view this discovery as recorded in the affidavit some then you're not when their battles he'll compete just won't stop like I take my hat off to their views villages attacking the rights now it's time that other people do ball has tell me about that case on 1/15/2004 horrible via his organization more well love aren't they purchase the subject property form a man named Cesar warrant who is represented by his attorney Mr Alsop the purchase price what heartburn $50000 and was let go buy the album title also known now has written there pile and I don't guaranteed by the Stewart her title company large black people hope later Harwood learn and that there were 3 liens on the property report indicated that many of the title I'm sure possibly that Stuart title did not reveal the names on the property the property is approximately 17 acres and ... the needles that showed up and were not real clear on how they imply that I can get the Cape light will the actual panel passport was low federal government had 80 parked out long read I guess Mr lady are what are and so did Philip Mays who ... one realtor involved in the transaction and his ... you actually want to have litigation to come up with this name for nearly $225000 ... I guess you need rules on behalf of the mortgage hold out right now I don't usually has Horowitz light was buying a piece of property that would link preformed $500000 we called on the deal there's leans out you can't get a clear type so no money apparently it was in the hands only partially in the hands of the pile 2/21/2008 4 years later after going that report you know level course varying Horowitz's actually awarded through her palm dollar jury award figure out which company well bloodline because also who represented neat committed fraud imagine that your is it okay if you've got a problem now but or what you didn't get to her house so later well known link to it later useless that I work as a partial payment or not would you would you you don't need that money that's the same with cash like I February 27 6 days later Horowitz through his company in the royal blood page are $550000 pullover usually using a $200000 during work out a partial payment so he paid out $350000 loan money and in I didn't do that we pay our the other recreated by Paul and you know you are $25000 a job he's already paid more money ... them you are the only part that with the exception of the without a lot of hearing a lot Uriel now the problem yeah that's great because once he does that so let me read you released the mortgage and given the title again on April 20 Lamar so also cleaning his name rights to the property and try to foreclose on the property by using other brought Pat I eat got you and it appears aren't you let us help in this matter not neat he tried his hardest surpassed me get this property itself it's no blood but remember even if it's not him for both on the property which you can he doesn't have a title property lead hello interesting to see he goes about getting this type by the way Lee is dying of cancer they would hello I sure thought views this as part of you that you got me apple pretty fast or this property is level that one can come in and ask growth be decided by the courts on who owns those so our may 15 about a week after he finds out that up you were not it warms another corporation some a pause at the office at that point here I'm a corporate so that's how would we go terminology for a meeting corporation US open the to do it badly and he his his hands on the Richter yeah Jacob muster yet Jacob Hester probably wandering around the beach in Hawaii and makes this guy the agent for a new company officer force you why did you do that because he didn't hurt and you know if so then Papa paperwork turned to what the court had huge property was almost so that's his first now on may 15 that same year using what Horwitz has our talking with Alzheimer's Horowitz mortgage and no you Mr really solid transfers interest in the property well Mister de officer horse opera or homes here which is a good move corporation and ... and sell that motor put politics do that he had to have a signature how quickly do you eat at 8 had to get ready in Arizona where he was on the that ... good well part of it which you could get Bob that I don't have enough power and all that kind of stuff are you telling that put metal near his apartment rappers you national goes that Paul slot can hope you watch it well make 26 ... and 28 without him I Sala factors date altered and signature altered prog you want incorporation particles to what why department of commerce and consumer affairs and you 20 seventh 2009 your horn the property mystery meat products and you guys in Hollywood still doesn't have private property and they all naked in his mind and give it to him late now Paula thinks the properties in moving company that he doesn't acknowledge harm Harwich previous handles to the because in his mind it's hip hop and or what you once you get that money to someone who doesn't own the property that's fine eva and get a proper harlots make your claim to the title I would too 6/9/2011 Jason Hester Herbert boy or whatever it is science hopefully the of the property some personal miracle has happened he'd would prepare by fall who also played he made a $50000 loan to this director Hester you're my mortgage on this property ... who wrote that he did that because now he's got to move your life's this is where it gets a little confusing to me but that I think solid covered face because he can end up with a legal title to the property last resort would be that if you $0 mortgage on the property that he loaned out as it went he is no longer out property owner apple use a month so I mean I 50000 mark I think that's where this part of All on 9/19/2012 all or what you what you thought you were at my company there is no my heels what share your shirt now although this is not very brief alcoholic Tampa Bay who's your property analyst or upset supper Hugh Rodham camp I sought to auction off the property were awfully quiet nonpayment remotely Horowitz and Mr really doctor harlots image came it nor will promote push nation usually Vaisala who allegedly impersonated lead you pop pop we transfer documents with the state agape properly Tucson opposite bush here then claim that his colleague Jason has to leave nappy with their own home last survivor and would have to meet his fate a so now you're going after lead to but investigation I'll later proved that Hester has a closer relationship club are we ever did Mister over the years apparently take possession of property who hate saw the terms are their attempts to keep the recent court charm deaf ears judges no reason prosecutors I will state Hwy attorney general's office they allege fraud there they they they allege fraud and it's not a new one service Mariel ha ha and the artist in me because goodness somewhere like the staircase everyone looked on the other way homes ... how solid or the foundation I'm ordered a car that was stolen foundation I don't have one at this point makes what book about the 2017 Hawai judges on the ship visual judge Michael seat right now order to transfer of the home property to Paul solid this fight the property being listed as an asset and borrow it necropsy pushy and well why attorneys and judges who participated in this property here from Horowitz are as well gonna do the same thing as I did because they the case because I felt that case yeah yeah I might get some pressure on them that hate you can't overlook this also well in the tourney then okay we're the original attorney that represented Mister league home property or Glenn arrow Los the first story that Mister Horowitz hired to represent in the litigation goes problems later appointed as a judge and then continue your ruled against homers and for some should a reclusive self Harold was initially improvement horse by the island title company who has since declined to honor the stipulation Lamar I'm sure policy do horrible when the R. property initially purchase whenever I'm handling other attorney John has aero well Mister Carlos higher by home which one here was promoted judge I Carol initial he's too harsh on $5000 and under Carol direction Horowitz got that to her because now gotten one damage but guess what later judge there are they killed that guy so now the plot thickens Horowitz we'll use that $200000 judgment to effectively pay off the mortgage to meet ... doesn't have the door pop open anymore then we have judge Robert up vacated the $200000 judgment in favor of gore wins at the request of some and continued ruling against or what legal action okay so Horowitz you do this to her $0 to pay off a mortgage the not to stop so are goes to court and tell the judge he doesn't want the judge I know that judgment why eastern to get the proper in has affected me already transfer title comes on name why should he give a shit about $200000 a paper that was used to pay off a mortgage that he doesn't acknowledge it makes you don't have to make that call up trying to get more money that's not yours when I got bigger but no matter what it harm Horowitz and Kate a somewhere down the road that Cuba $0 might have come up now I got then we come to a man called Gary Victor you also an attorney and what where do you come come up you look tired later I hope that the recommendation of another attorney Gary now now I'm not sure how Xander got into this next when Horowitz took it that way vice of hired bill he was I aware that jamba II giver of advice what what Paul hello prop prop partner you wouldn't what do attorney prowess doctor coro combat so it can't she'd probably would over $1000000 he was a pay a huge pay an additional 6 grand the did nothing or that in that an actor or what you're used to pay do another $25000 you more a horrifying dog given goes back crossed lines there advising Sala Jordan laughed but a this is not quite yet that now here's what we know about Mary do one little straighter usual corruption said reads yeah spent 19.5 months in the California federal prison and returned to Hawaii 1996 practice pocket now statewide office disciplinary counsel in an extremely unusual decision home during a matter of moral trip turpitude chairman what I need a professional I need a professional misconduct by job was not worth it later even US Internal Revenue Service reversed itself saying that Europe and didn't all 1.5000000 that was the basis of his 3 misdemeanor convictions for failure to file tax returns well all I can say about that is that the why Bar Association in their lives human must be a boy scout back in the how men about the ... I arrest you know well you mean the 1.5000000 that was the kind lone to them by human they haven $0 interest from I am at home earlier years in the back so the IRS and had found that he indeed had substantial business lots of them actions were years in question they didn't have much and that they could that date yet there was us you can't recoup the time behind bars the same goes the heart with $31000 judge find so we would not find also 2006 they are a look into the possibility of crediting fine that you had to pay the course with next pack liable on couldn't be done because money moved to the corner it gets better you will claims that you aren't real who now or equally deceitful not sure which railroad him or 8 years ago it is rare is a rare federal judge who have no track out of place like this but there have been many similar complaints about rail use her most real hope for Haiti by plane pebbles and lawyers alike as well help decision okay hacking the judge handling the case 3 times this year alone he would vote someone remote from real Dr Hulbert hoping to be said about harm I don't you can just tell you what now we go to another attorney by the name of Stephen what eva Whitaker what hope cultural masala against the or what pushy and one day Whitaker appears in court with the witnesses most be Jason passed Horowitz does the guy was a hipster Oenone apparently the judge in question Hester didn't have to take the stand was wearing Jason pastor well move on and have to show identification or do you have to do anything ... both unknown whether or not the court actually identify unknown person ... but certainly to the testimony I guess well you know you've never been here heard of again so far no that's the summary of doctor or what you share it are it's much much more popular than what I've outlined here maybe when I sat here is always sacri correct way it happened could you gotta look you get the picture you get the picture what's going on here and and I have to say that that new system or anyone at federal grand jury to investigate a crime facts presented to the jury nope don't have to be who they can be his role because of the grand jury how to decide what's real and what it may use adult age they use all then law advisers usually well yeah US Attorney General FBI we are asked to help them each group will get out hello ha I don't want summary how many long video saying you are incorrect value this date was almost off like okay opiate you got the idea sorry may explanation what happened hailing from him Margot move on to the next person a victim we also hope to seize here's handling M. Dallas this is the third allegation medical unit of corruption and involves another Kenmare print palm pilot to see trust funds delegated to the deceased relatives arm of death sell all families that without between January 2013 depression our friend Paul Jason what you hear directed annexed conspired with 2 daughters of the deceased then I remembered the Dallas to redirect approximately to her palm dollars from the Dallas trust and order state from California hit first wind bank that why they love you back it is alleged violence is now apparently who were the actual trust administrators that slower and the 2 sisters Marion Jones millions of Dallas commit forgery fraud and kidnapping to accomplish attain it certified check what you heard $0 issued by the San Diego credit union check wasn't alone won't get established that 2000 not trusted that can't trust the real trust what the Stanley M. Martha beat so Dallas let by administrator Marcia Dallas mark mayor that one hurt you sister learn cancel trust they conspired to kidnap 89 year old family without telling him they were going to fly him from New Mexico real looking with this summer to Marianne Jones home sitting right in San Diego yeah we arrived at New Mexico airport Havergal Misato Mariangela who led an airplane to Hawaii worrisome after Didon home loans the Dallas news I didn't now it's alleged that Marion Jones long one all solid religious organization what we did and as a member what recruited by some of the class after standing in the delta die family let it transported body to medical cemetery Carolina where white was very all hot summer petition the court to stop the train taking the body and deceit and demanded the court allow the body to be cremated who I you the court judge yet era he said no I'm not grant so meanwhile some of the turn to take control of the $200000 brought to who I buy it Marion Jones from San Diego the actual trust administrator William Patrick Dallas provided documents validating and defending his position administrator in action I'll buy some of the oil first District Court judge chain the judge she'd begun until 8/19/2015 when judge era we're gonna print arrogant they're here court validated the trusted me greater as William Patrick without however at this point time the family does not know what happened to the proposition that the court he'd by the court the truck administrators feel that this sudden that we're following at least and there were no autopsy and saw her quest cremate the body was quite unusual against the family's wishes yes it's a movement points regression Mister Lyle the new CD now are you guys love like North Carolina that's a good thing there might be some evidence this attempt my and getting a grand jury to investigate all you've heard me say almost an hour it's not you it's been it's all been published on the internet who were blocked all of the appropriate agencies have you permission all the documents are available relations corporate block that cricket black unfortunately it appears the grand jury did not get the information a grand jury who's really one that I needed to go because okay in action by the courts the alleged perpetrators loan pull and have not ceased their activity law they have oblique that I cannot touch they made their it was my privilege this part whose it last week look back in history down on the affidavit for the grand jury employment to corruption statewide law court judicial system but within the last yeah new information comes to light further enlighten me there may even be factual that's a big part of justice and the federal courts why then corrupt through all of this at large question why these issues that are seemingly insignificant I hope they wish to federal courts of justice department why would become Portland a few British individual careers people who are physically and economically remote from the sense of some white has a few crack in your the last few days you keep sure because it looks to me like this is not going to be over all they took //
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Fear and mayhem in Hawaii part III
\\who are you run your baggage list part 3 of a series of discourses about injustice going on why fortunately for me by myself Muslim my way around that's true netiquette stack of paperwork that that detective sodomy has written collected assemble replacing piles all neatly placed how about you order and investors for my reach according to their partners it's called if I was still working at who she thought I because that's the way it not going to present the actual document your virtue your honor rush that you can you know how you came out hope for the title is your main or why part 3 murder is up to little girl word Colorado one why should usually and the current handle there my wife I have written one book about first murder Christianity Colorado and then another second fuse the murder or your old lady she will grow why no matter how much I write in the expectation that the last word last 8 ended all for me it just becomes more chance the more information victims reach out that helped to set their own quest wish not jump involved through nation feelings human beings hopper when they have lost someone they love or what but what we possessions to the crop they have out there but I have the feeling of loss okay more court more important to her dignity for the respect of others or even a lot here hold off of our country freedom to her he would write without you saying we are nothing but hurt world multicultural slaves the first 2 parts of this were put together impersonal health professional I champ as journalistic documentation I I'm not a public speaker north or what column but I owe you all the evil for actually look at the first debate you're also apology I don't know what was I used another Jerome's television.literature on the person and on the second network to escape public scrutiny or harassment or just plain soccer what you like privacy actually reduce myself to using Microsoft talk the producer talking video god help I know transforming this probe written orders to a video of myself that could you watch by any new computer or self home and a good connection this is exactly why I woke up to him this morning they you are virtue they're high enough that I must not hide I'm old and retired and I personally do not enjoy much more rebuilding carburetor on trucks are going issue her writing is how in reality you know who you said back to nothing criticize well you are the real problem you yes you what caused me to do this last year that they I will now become a male version here's more we're going to be a little redundant you shortly have saw or be story you get upset at least simple to me I thought I would assemble homicide case information he urged the clues wipe them properly fingers or terms of life almost done back in the nineties that I thought we should halt though today not I became incidently involved in murder or your open issue up is that you know 3 well working on the murder of Sharon told her he needed Colorado the connection was 2 brothers Aaron harsher on long who lived down the street from worker he neatly and that's it turned out Aaron genre I've been arrested quite or the actual murder regime up course almost literature to be on there it only took me a couple of days to snag up touch on who it turns book why you call it was without it here Aaron had been arrested for the murder Inc why but I couldn't make it culpable connection for the brothers and the murder after interview taught Schawlow I had the feeling that something wasn't right there was a guy begin by telling me how much she loved air how bad he felt about her and then throws it brother bus while at the same time promoting his own more or gates the how the quite each would not mind if not my concern the same hooked up a poem called white police car I told them how to relate to me Bob the robber they were not enter sure I've learned my lesson conversation and I had no reason to believe I would even remotely tango here is what how annoying in my room really row row I relocated to San Diego the living up usually pupils help all William 20 a level we call contacted right to work who lived in Oregon it read much what I wrote about the common only murder you read about the show a lot and one of them had some sort of personal interest taught Sean who is living one why best begin to rise up at Tiffany connect chemical more clean Bob had told her he was president ladies you murder why fact he'd placed her body in the ocean they had both been drinking Todd made this confession with Tiffany who echo her touch set UK rates physically assaulted police were called Nick took part in it really jail the cop who transport group was writing down home techniques rants about what our ... while he was driving her brick jail now what's all the police files and like I interviewed both played by Paul then I began to read my old 93 will I have more questions people all around who knew what the shark it didn't take me very long realize maybe quiet either rest of your army hard rock murder or incorrect hot probably has something to do were also again I made a call in the quiet sleepy part who is now 22 while they talked Hussein guy had spoken with the 19 nineties then again they were not interest where I could review the file a police officer told me that I want you know Bob Martin called local news that attitude difficult from I had a little internet locker room an article about duration and when I began to get medication people lived why seems quietly he's added to police work was not new they were all complaining about corruption it had nothing to do Rupp murdered me plankton information just kept rolling moon rocks I eventually I had a taking the police files corrupt what you get any information the files were heavily redacted pages were missing horse halter my AV KPD records clerk home issue here on the earth I ask for finally headed toward home Nick courses quiet turning and made a complaint he was able to get me rough autopsy evidence I don't think you realize how valuable documents were turned off neither do I popular poor indicating that little lake hero guy hot water Karo don't use it out strong I hope you typically I disagree Aaron Scholz confession I had interviewed more people in Colorado about the show brothers and even got possession rob corporate what real eye opener for me when I get to speak witnesses who were there during the rapper creation begin with Leahy Ross Ross people told me that they have never been interviewed by the police one moment bush eyewitness hung up Mona I'll never forget limit married what I'll never forget reward or heard terminal set in the well I have to say here Ralph you're almost use of eyewitness thanks her permission 0 wonder why she would say such this woman actually saw well carry wish you well log to the ocean according to Hoosier a lot more to say about it chunk off roaders rumors of tracing the like you let's fast forward to 0.50 I had compiled all the documents here could host it another block about what I call the resistance I had encountered why go in part we see no I interviewed him rental places hotter Cheney won't I interviewed the diver who accompanied him into the ocean Pol Pot contact with other well one day I I received a telephone call from a man named Alan heard Curtis told me it was a cold case investigators were quite prosecutors office after viewing life block you know it also occurred to her telephone interview I hear it why he had been assigned to look into the Rockies we had a good chat with you it sent him all the information holy telephone call I later that is partner or a sister in this investigation with the same KPD car that I hope to be for on home told me that which were not in Russia soon after I received a telephone call anymore told me that he had been contacted birch Hepburn who have made you feel threatened and you just because Burgess had me a little upset because I you have always taught after reading the quite District Court document king clear to me why the quiet peace he didn't want a small profit just a cold water had then interview by quite general news and was asked why he would not re open office is that there was this Tiffany correct call her recanted morality should I guess ha well didn't want to speak with the police Gage called after reading the District Court while I was astounded KP duty at pile H. against air travel yen includes statements from witnesses certain evidence that pointed hot shot law not Aaron court procedure that you also include other culpable evidence in the car not just evidence against the soft these items documents were in the police reports given to me by KP a greedy record he parked but we're not in the court case files nor in effective affidavit or probable cause for a rash of their KPD had apparently intentionally kept appropriation permit or knowing that by including that information they do not have a future together error and even under the circumstances I was still surprised that the court would issue terror because there was no actual physical evidence that he committed the crime the only evidence which Arab brothers hot state Aaron had no didn't cry to him Aaron's own compassion I interviewed Aaron 2012 well you heard the aerosol a narrow said many things at work harmony yeah nope certain about crime only his brother Todd Aaron wasn't diagnosed it's a pretty good job medication this world out of another he had been out of his medication on that day rob murder had the eagle to crime to shake himself like the prison without parole the other matter the judge did not vote to allow these kinds of things to help last but not me ha who in 1993 told the police where the wrap party place to the ocean heard it was ha was wearing the same cold made that Marinko Althoff on the person carrying the body is to the ocean not late report cleverly o'leary her to people affidavit they file at Sharm court would naturally assume it was their child let me know this summer it taken you for her new body a new issue that is bigger than any of the murder will grow crush a timely information I'm just hoping to you about the operation I have personal knowledge up based on what I was 6 other white citizens who claim corruption and collusion with the white government I must come to the conclusion that there is in fact not evidence war Hopewell investigation federal government who the there's an indication of the Palmer by numerous wife Lisa prosecutors law and even in the court I've written to the FBI and US attorney's offices have not even received cursing location my my the only answer is a federal grand jury certainly the federal courts come up but I'm just a selfish I asked the courtroom grand jury I'll get to I had already sent letter he used it during the FBI and he'd little knowledge I did some research here what I wear first of all it didn't seem that I should go back to the FBI is hurt I asked him again were investigation because a lot of the indication you get on the internet suggests that that is the first step to take look didn't work District Court rules say in support of US constitution that judge must be a grand jury that not so say the request must compromise government agents and despite the fact that I have been ridiculed by attorney for even thinking that I could do such well there are many court decisions that support the motion that upset him and ask if they will judge you needed your or the notion that a system on the gate directly with a grand jury under certain circles orange as recently as 2000 or a hot British Yarmouk or appellate judges Hillman Kolberg said while Larry that's like who is he a power and representative hell against yeah recruitment jumbo who is local homes 21 individual holy prosecutors are you on the question you have the letter pilot says alleging violations of criminal law process and deliver it to the grand jury it doesn't take jobs liver to the grand jury let's Ross I mean don't paper to make and the prosecutors question in weather and even the process the opinion of the court was delivered court L. then a letter from a private citizen to the grand jury will let you know commission of crime seeking investigation was absolutely crudely and could not provide the basis for why bullshit typically the court sat ... question then buy this appeal or whether you know New Jersey title directly directly communicate to calling grand jury a request jackpot about a matter within its jurisdiction and whether the grand jury has the right to receive communications our answer to both is yes my question is this the prosecuting attorney are left to represent why are they object well in December 2050 I submitted the affidavit request or a grand jury investigation you a federal judge Michael's I agree district or why the given directly to the grand jury I assume that the grain during another site to vest the allegations and that the appropriate agencies work behind to assess the grand jury agencies certainly if he or she won't be eager saying go west district hurting of why the FBI office in the law possibly even internal revenue but it would only be assisting the greater their whole would be in possession of accountability I assume that my job would be completed no further communications Inc right Corp lapses I was wrong my allegations were made a primarily murder the violations of the federal Rico there were over 60 the good times I don't accept 29 we later the latter court the letter I read it you OJ vanish our E. your doc literacy and number 16.15 motion to convene a grad Jr now this is just a letter to me I also dear Mister very workshop is unable process your motion Canadian federal grand jury retrieved her unionized taking turns off so well you we will hold your copies have documents for 30 days thereafter we if we do not receive instructions from you your documents will be destroyed do you have any questions are all right I don't think so that is a federal crime punishable by 3 years Chris all the courts take according are also on my block basically what the court clerk told me was that they good upon themselves you make this decision we recently told me that because my question to them was and knowing what the loss why what more do you have decide what goes to the grand jury. and by what overdue you have Roy court docket the answer I got was general you Josh general okay ... room a letter anemic no direct a judge he it's a lawn it's along the pages I'm not going to read the whole thing to you basically what Sarah yeah good judge who was on options core he or its court it has it is he who I assume hold responsibility Courtney's clear I reminded you okay you ... US Supreme Court rules of criminal justice that needed to be part and lifted the accord the review the next week I got the message whatnot he got my email on my cell phone okay Mr manage we gave we are happy David to the grand jury he would I hear the word processor although there is our tribulation details of these Hawaii corruption allegations an additional question is everyone including myself should ask as Walker Texas I'm sure he'll Rumely confiscation like livers property artistic and what your key a US citizen right pre Krupp lawyers and judges the answer is to pull fifth commandment and what he meant to the constitution in particular the Fourteenth Amendment referred to as the due process that says we hope no state shall make words hurt import any law which shall abridge privileges or immunities citizens of the United States nor shall any state each hi any personal life liberty property out due process of law nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction whole who attraction of the law assume that includes me big 11 fourth of the summer yeah host what happens when the justice department will not perform if the patient over US federal grand jury orders says that picture to the appropriate agency as their next how does are required by law you bring forth the grand jury when asked there are many court opinions that have to do working in their work and or a grand jury but these opinions do not change immense nor do they change the meaning just 16 quite 16 there had been no indication that investigation that actually take place in response to my grand jury affidavit victims in the case at heart that communication with me during this time none of them had been approached her interview by either the FBI or members of the US attorney's office I admit I was beginning to have doubts at 2 credibility of judge he'd right or or was it possible that the FBI or the why you have to hurry heard or that you wish 6 21 of course 16 percent of email again to the I'll ever right now your he grabbed her I want him here eaten paperwork my affidavit had been properly cautious as described in the court decision I knew that any document that came into possession court must be logging here properly process I know that use record not only must you log and they must be entered into the electronic age Sir any radical yes and accessible wiring system all court records in this system was mandated and signed off were good he brought himself because the Supreme Court places the responsibility proper court procedure on the individual district judge however the Supreme Court still have produce their guidelines individual District Court judges well some very hot I have a pager I could not locate any thoughtless rep might have you got or my knee or victims you work in the system I ha maybe such a record documents not month might not apply to grand jury because grand jury heating shaker but also Prosser to the grand jury and then maybe when the judge or grand jury investigating agency requesting assistance what would be included in my view as a grand jury call sheet that is ministration they're also would not have such excluding them why rules feature that seem right has signed off several emails were sent back to court who me Leon Abernathy based on the email Leon sadly I became aware that were no court documents generated as a result of my affidavit no core construction sugar or to the grand jury after a quarter what rules of practice with the United States District Court where the district or why or the US Supreme Court structure it was my belief that there could only be one reason why he'd write court did not log in my affidavit did not generate proper trash metal talking to the grand jury or the FBI or the US attorney's office however Abernathy clean longer emails she picked up the palm that called in home you watch attorneys office about you have to do that yeah I can't remember who she thought so it appears to me yeah only actual who investigations requested my happy Dave this the one that I and the letter that first letter they sent me telling me you're going to destroy the in April 2017 I was contacted by a new victim this movie director Duran who'd been reproach me by one of the original victims listen on that day the incident led up to my discovery that nothing had been done courts Duran is up elderly and handicapped her he told me that she was on the verge losing her multiple properties to a local why attorney Paul saw member all you told me that her husband would be she's since his death sela thought Hedman relentless harmony fraudulent claims why court effort to assume ownership of the property himself well the record in the choir he's representing hockey which sometimes it's worth it buddies to go with the corporate I don't think the court create a shared victory showing up aquaculture case of some kind representing himself however it needs court not a surprise I would nourish familiar with me Sala Sala had been listed as one of the major crimes to multiple allegations of violations but record Mr ranch story was all too familiar Mister hall I have been accused of numerous Roger live here property private property using his abilities as an attorney and recruiting assistance propelled juries and judges and even title companies to assist grant only that she could not get into permanent quite to help a few property only the attorney should contact with one goal according to Paul solos judges said that Saul had even while the forge act return signed by her deceased husband after his death presented in court after listening to Mrs Duran told her how tired he brushed court quite of home and her lips the a series of emails transpired again between me and they are only her initially heard me to the US attorney but systems prevailed finally broke down and we made it I did doing there is no documentation an interesting same day I was communicating with Hagrid keep the palms FBI agents Jessica lost I am going who log across her who was on duty so I entered into the email conversation with agent wall of it we are 8 inch wall claims she was calling me because a letter sent to the Washington DC the I. office earlier question do add a victim to the initial high couldn't get anybody who I talked this request leader you what 8 inch wall asked me a culture he said couldn't find a record of it so I sent her all the information my affidavit ccleaner Marxist patient nothing has been done with it percent of walking sure the grand jury that the provided yeah several new mayor Yale later while pulling there has been you makes you provided it yet she wasn't sure what sexual whom the agent was handling that but you're going to check it sure that have a her back hooker up to this point today's Jupiter so in summary of this heart 3 we have serious of phone conversation emails transpiring joining me her the FBI judge you great court clerk 2 court clerk neat emails indicate to me that proper procedure was not hollowed in handling this request for a federal grand jury so we're on the federal level retarded yesterday ha how the court journey of that were on the federal level and so we're not dealing with state Attorney General or how many prosecutors or we're dealing with that my such pressure that yeah and the you are turning it why didn't Norrington pop I can't prove that they did is that why I kept asking for the treadmill this is why did search page searches at home that agent while gore who took on the case number he goes to that this it's a national I harmony you document Wiley court should now court shoes the right course so we have these emails who have these home college station we're not talking allegations of shop popular violations of the Rico act organized crime talking about murder talking about destruction of documents talking about concealing document many many different allegations all under the federal jurisdiction and that document was not proper so little you had this going to be hard for maybe you are high because I'm not finished with green this how do you all benefits me personally because record but what's going on here long is this record exists on the internet here we how much or eliminated it anyway why in the favorite he'll wander around on the internet wait at my keep tribulus records rondae you will hear cried to my blog because that's where the issue you go I it'll be a YouTube video but it will be I bought and I might lock you will see all abuse duck you'll be able to read the letter from the court you'll be able to agree how did email you sweet picture public defender who by the way our or is going to be about individual victims their cases and that he heard they're not going to be a whole lot in there about rob murder because that's pretty much cover in part what individual their recall allegations were talking thank banking Palmer why are foundation why community foundation there are a big one they're a big they're in there ... the members of the month why community foundation are the who's who of home of it Hawai that's where I'm going so will you say the Piper now check yourself do some study yourself path that's not too many people if you have we need to start using the tools that are available to us to take back our country take back our Republic take back our constitution don't shed back wait someone else to do it might be too late federal government is involved in this little data why stop there's no telling what //
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Fear and Mayhem in Hawaii Part II
\\on 12/10/2015 retired Colorado police detective Jim Bailey is filed this affidavit to the United States federal court district of Hawaii detective Bailey ex had been working on this investigation since approximately 2012 but his investigation actually began back in 1993 when he was investigating the cold case murder of 7 year old Tracy needs years after his retirement to persons came to him with additional information that there was a second suspect in the 1993 Hawaii murder of laci Ralph the suspects in the rough case were also persons of interest in the Colorado beef case detective Bailey it's compile the information and immediately contacted the Hawaii police department he informed them that he had information that the person parents can block who had been arrested and sentenced to life in prison may not have been alone when committing the murder of laci ROF there were several conversations between detective Bailey ash and the Hawaii police however the police were not interested in any new information they were apparently satisfied that the correct person was imprisoned for the crime and were not interested in opening the rough case for further investigation detective Bailey ash was concerned he was not convinced that asking for a grand jury on the local level would be effective there were allegations of corruption within the Hawaii attorney general's office and numerous local circuit court judges detective Bailey also knew that the murder of laci rough and Tracy need for federal crimes and the allegations of corruption also fell into the federal organized crime back Bailey if she decided to look further into the rough casing be years of 2012 and December of 2015 his investigation revealed possible massive corruption within the Hawaii police department the prosecutor's office the Hawaii attorney general's office individual private trust and real estate attorneys and the Hawaii court system use federal violations included murder violations of the Fifth Amendment to the US constitution violations of the Fourth Amendment of the U. S. constitution violations of the sixth amendment of the US constitution title 18 conspiracy against rights title 18 deprivation of rights under the color of law violations of the federal rules of criminal justice violations of US 342 violations of title 18 federal Rico act racketeering influenced and corrupt and money laundering one of the names defendants in Bailey if affidavit is Catherine Boyd whose husband Hugh Jones is an assistant for a Whitey Attorney General mainly if spread information from one of the victims of corruption in Hawaii that they had confronted Hugh Jones about his relationship with Catherine Lloyd and his ability to carry out an unbiased investigation Mister Jones then the victim an email that said you are correct that ms Lloyd is my spouse for that reason your July 2013 complaint was assigned to a different attorney in our department with expertise in charitable oversized matters I watch not involved whatsoever there after I do need to correct a couple of your statements first ms Lloyd was not terminated by the car a white economy foundation but left to take a new position wish them a Whitey Pacific university and she left H. 3 and before the date of your complaint nor is myth won't related in any way to Nancy bah Nancy public is another defendant there are over 60 defendants listed in detective Bailey if affidavit to some it's good to sort of Hawaii on 12/29/2015 detective Bailey inch received this letter from the United States district clerk sue banshee it said babyish book works offers is unable to process your motion to convene federal grand jury please refer to the United States attorney's office for assistance we will hold your copies of said documents for 30 days thereafter if we do not receive instructions from you your documents will be destroyed detective Bailey it's called the judge's clerk leann well I I felt a little bit it is not dependant power you can orient both pretty good how difficult question blenders then I got a letter and you kind of ... stated again on your method what was that you guys are saying that you can't propped up in arms my question I guess basically it why I mean is it your policy that you don't accept requests from the general public or is there written directed absolutely and what but in this type of matters would need to referred by the US attorney office okay and I assume that the judge has not seen that correct Arab identity their kitchen in the trilogy refers the US attorney's office so which judge whether the Bermuda or was it a group of judges are just generally it just a general policy I know you said you brought to their attention whose attention to number 2 up everything happens question doesn't hold much of victims argument I need to build a telemarketer or not as much of me the way I understand it when you can we talk about it before if you wanted to open this up in the civil case we can open it up as a civil case managers will review it we didn't wanna get you senator whether the motion to convene a federal grand jury free wait we're not the business of a filing or opening up the keys ... witness tech acquitting some okay maybe you have me confused with someone else we never talked about this before packed embedded in the 0 even I did have a cover they can you explain to me that that is not popular for the members of the grand jury and the business of just taking for did you take that discovery that documents and then just giving them to the grand jury for review okay understanding so far again hardware asking for though is what kind of a directive or you're not making this decision yourself your summer help making it agreed to ask this but because they like and take the documents that we receive and we process that we open and it is not the type of document that we would receive a personal and you have a federal court not a guideline says that what you will see receive what you won't great guarantee you need to file a complaint in order to open a package in this court well oh my plan file a criminal you know it would be nothing you're the turning up at what violent criminal complaint you can file a missing women taking their civil case in order to bring something before the judges review okay so different syphilis is criminal off so you're telling me you don't accept our criminal complaints from anywhere in the US attorney's office is that correct did any of my knowledge yes that's true okay reply Matthew Lewis is the not the reason that I sent that to you directly bicycle actually is to reinforce rooms I have a desk parts of this could have already put been presented to federal investigative agencies who are you have them acknowledged receiving them or replied in a manner that was negative secondly US constitution center benefit with god will convene a grand jury if it's in the interest of the best interest of the general public it doesn't say anything about receiving only complaints from US attorney to the best of my knowledge my nephew there is this information that you're giving me is not just coming from you if it's a policy ... if you could send me a copy of it or if that's what took you by someone ne that's a superior to you that maybe you could give me a name or something like that that's all that this is not the look in any way civil yeah I understand well I will certainly deliver more research and look for some type of policy ... that I can provide you ... but there's still the question of what would you like us to do with your copy well I would like to hang on to them until I I get out some kind of answer from them as to why this can be done and we'll talk about the other bill to decide ... you know if you have a collective work there some kind of a federal court ruling procedure that said that you were not in that mode like you don't have to destroy him but until then I would rather you just cinnamon hot humid well below the 30 days is that found by you know I can't answer that question I'm not asking you when we get a preliminary research and could only find keys well people are getting to other key this earth gravity revenue milkman necrophilia some of some of my information that might help in this matter you might say I don't know in my email and AG and H. I. V. that you'll bless court feel you are key extent that Gee whiz analogy isn't covered at each IG which is February either George that U. S. anti HIV who I get to court because I eat the tightening that US courts that not okay that's good enough I will get to work on it and send you some information and then we can resolve this without any more for packing stuff and although my up okay I think definitely took put what movie have jobs there sad that she can't currently is judge gave Mike a few great so great yet okay Michael okay thanks very much for your time Philip thank you okay thanks but after talking with Allison a court clerk for a federal dry white each chief judge Michael Seabright detective Bailey if sent this email detective Bailey is 3 male quoted several federal laws and statutes that supported his belief that his direct requested the court for a grand jury investigation was proper and implored the judge to act on 1/8/2016 detective Bailey is received this phone voice message from feed rights court voice mail from beyond Abernathy kind of give Anish many materiality and I'm with the US District Court in Honolulu Hawaii I'm calling regarding your motion to convene a federal grand jury parents I wanted to let you know that the material that you submitted to the court will be armed forwarded to the grand jury they're scared I mean this Thursday and will be will be provided with the materials that you sent us if for some reason they do not meet on Thursday around there are times when they just journey has scheduled time to be convened a grand jury but at the last minute the US trade changes its mind and it does not present anything sort of point they're told not to come in and if that happens they will be given your material at the next time that they can be ... come into the court there can we will be passing on your materials to them this Thursday or as soon as the next session the schedule you have any questions you can call me my number is area code 808-541-1304 thank you detective Bayliss had been ridiculed by attorneys who did not believe that this could be done by an ordinary citizen in an effort to verify this one of these persons made an independent phone call to the judge the brights court but I think what we have you know you got super the ... the motion to always seem Jim Benesch friendship I have not heard anything back but I hate that not uncommon because none of us have any communication with the Clinton journey up though I don't know where I can tell you what currently finding out this data ... personal lewd conduct in someone I just didn't know 36 status ... it's a 0.8. ... better okay part is knowing that I'm going people that have regularly of contact with the grand jury Larry curia administrators who you know article them when they show up for the elections but other than that we have no idea look around for you to the new amenable to it obviously both of you frame from your experience from the time that one summer and I know that this particular so has almost sports officials west of one of them is the average time frame perfectly honest with you first time I've added granted I'm Susan sending in something for the grand jury's considerations I have no idea comparing to be sorry okay nor do I think goodbye all detective babyish and others including the many victims had confidence that the jury had been assigned to case to look into it was an incorrect assumption //

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