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"2014-09-10 00:26:39"
How to quickly fix your MacBook Pro touchpad trackpad that is misbehaving for FREE
\\however prejudices Abraham with no shirt computer services today I'd like to show you an interesting problem with ... macbook our macbook pro that might happen if you spill a little bit of liquid Arnett coach Pat this starch parent is not made extremely well mother words it's not sealed on the sides and if the droplet gets into de if this area you could experience some weird problems and the problems that you would see are the United screen is gonna be moving like this our it could be is starting things that you didn't want it's basically the computer becomes unusable ... this particular one I fixed it first and then I thought of recording and to show the world how it's done but in any case this is what it's doing and how you would experience some like this it would be switching fans going crazy ... there is an easy way to fix it you do not have to replace the touch pad so let me turn off the computer okay so this computers taken apart for the most part carefully it alright so we're going to remove the touch pad ... for that we can I need a screwdriver so just removed this force clues 1234 show your clothes seremos those and these you do not touch the black screws you removed the silver screws current then will lift this ... there is tape under here so be careful ... I would use some plastic something to get in there I've removed tape on this one so story it's gonna be faster switches to remove that and take the touch pad out suppose we need for this pair this so I up alright so what we gonna do and this is extremely he's anyone can do it is Greg gonna need a bag just the regular sandwich bag we're gonna need a 91 percent alcohol and ... what we're gonna do it's bad because I used these were going to hooked culture and both parents NDA bad we go and you can let it sit down but it said too long it will destroy the glue that holds this whole thing together alcohol is fairly ... made could be pulled pork just run around if you want to it's not necessary ... you can use a little brush and just run around the ages ... sold with fists the other thing basically liquefies inning particles . are closing days Sir or I should say conductive particles that are causing this touch pad to think that you're pressing on it ... as you can see there's quite a bit of ... trying explicit really trying Exter sensors that ... think that you're pushing through and nothing that you push and the computer thinks well yes you are going to execute your commands but this is all you do some alcohol put it on coach Fred I'm not just workers slated said maybe 10 minutes no more than that okay once you're done I open it up just another tool you need is a paper towel we all we attach Panasonic you can actually reuse the alcohol can just put it back in ... bottle so cheap alright so drive it make sure to just kinda Ron ... with 8 years and and just let it sit down drive for maybe an hour or so now alcohol is not conductive so alcohol is really good for cleaning contact speakers alcohol by itself does not conduct over the city but it breaks down most everything that contains water what took place so your coke here choose your milk ... it is water based ... and alcohol will take care of it now what there you can see the residue of whatever was spilled and they're good dried up and ... Christie right now there are days so for this job we can use come same alcohol and looks I'm camera doesn't simply alright and one of these guys kit to so we can actually use skated alcohol then just and can and 9 when it you might want to wear it it first I'm that will kind start crisis of breaking down whereabouts mainframe breaking down dirt I this stubborn something gooey is it clearly all use many liberal you will not damage your computer with alcohol no it will damage the glue if you sold it to if you're not damage to computer by claiming it for itself I'm not talking about external plastic boy this stuff is really on so we'll take out the big guns same bag for NMO think incentive to fresh it is warm follow the most useful tools when if firms to clean small things like this I the indispensable arm the fear teeth are getting a workout hello hopefully in means trip and our live toothbrushes and I am do preferred cordon Mike gift certificates and I use it plan fans are hello to there's all now I can user protocol for 4 years WNED third Robert and there so alcohol evaporates fairly quickly but I will give this computer when our son just sit around and very and there it will be done that's all you need so you need ... Kitty alcohol plastic bag screwdriver to fix this problem you do not need any money most of these items are available most likely in your home there it is groups to cooperate can use it was upon there is a drop Monday's key right here the stuff that one in courses dissolution thank you for watching //

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