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"2017-08-09 11:18:26"
Mark Levin Show: Interview with Sebastian Gorka about President Trump's statement on North Korea
\\Washington post this evening North Korea now making this already nuclear weapons U. S. analysts say that way then mess US calculator last month at up to 60 nuclear weapons are now controlled by north Korean leader Kim Jong un presently United States today caught one go North Korea best not make anyone threats to the United States they will be met with fire fury like the world has never seen he has been very rational beyond a and as I said they will be met with fire fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before and ladies and gentlemen mark's opinion either kind of put a stop to this it stops encouraging or this president well the next president it's going to have to make a devastating decision because we cannot allow this this is mark speaking not the administration we cannot allow this man Cup point ICBMs with nuclear warheads at our cities and hope he doesn't order an attack I have on the program right now Deputy Assistant to the president United States Sebastian Gorka Sebastian how are you my friend very well market on the day but very well thank you you heard the president's comments had like to have your comment on his comments on where we are right now well I think ... the best thing to do is to always allow the president's words speak for themselves the man who means what he says and says what he means but the fact is that 2 days ago a thanks to his good offices the offices of secretary less than land ambassador Haley we did something unprecedented it will the historic measure but only the 10 plan pre rotating members of the youngster to counsel but the 5 permanent members to include Russia and China brought the toughest sanctions package abba against North Korea the signal was sent you have no more friends you have painted yourself into a corner you now must the escalate waiting for that single de escalation that on the contrary we have statements cat coming out of pope John Yang but they do not wish to take the record that action now the result the president has been very clear it's hoping he will take what ever not met measures are necessary to fact America and her citadel and yet we all know that North Korea wouldn't have steer new nuclear weapons ... but for China's help China's black market in technology Chinese companies China's finances with a longer ... north Korea's money through their banks which is wander through our banks do you think China suddenly gonna turn around Sir ... we've reached a point here will be better pull back well ... trick for trying to support of North Korea has always been since the Korean War almost 70 years ago is to maintain a buffet they'd between China and the south of that may have been a logical to a certain point in time but when your Busta thought to stabilize the whole region and threaten America the most powerful nation in the world has ever seen John Yang becomes a liability more than asset that is the calculation we hope that Beijing made of that white joins us in the US you could council resolution because at a certain point ... if you have a buffer that become too dangerous a function of Joe Bob buffer then you will need to take action in a country that has the greatest leverage in the region is with out a doubt China and ... the the China believes ... I look there are signals that are fine we had high hopes up the monologue summit president was very very disappointed with the results of that you'd off the Maragha summit but if you just look at what happened on Saturday something has changed in the calculus not just globally or inside the United Nations Security Council but among the poppy amongst the Central Committee in Beijing because otherwise they knew would not us stood with the United States and the other for the nation's to bring this package the president makes this statement which I think is an honest and truthful statement and right away he's attacked domestically he's attacked by the media he's attacked by Democrats he's attacked by surrogate and I'm thinking to myself here we are trying to face down these enemies their mortal threats moral correct this is no joke the president United States inherited this he's trying to deal with he makes a statement any is under attack and I'm thinking to myself I don't remember anything like this I really don't where people we should be rallying around him because he's trying to figure out how to walk through this horrific mind he'll that was set long before he got here and instead it's the mockery any should say this and you should do that this concern you but it's more than just concerns me it saddens me it rarely rarely tells you the level to which certain individuals in the media and in the political elite were to which they have sunken the with what we're talking about left a lot but if you look at the leak we have had a 7 fold increase in national security me under this administration if you look at the root this that the creating sank 3 cities of the plate or Americans if you look hold them off if we have taken whether it's immigration or whether it's both compatible and but suddenly instead of lose a little bit yeah we don't have a clue that we have a constituency amongst the chattering classes but put party politics I'm personal ideology about the security of the United States of America this man takes his primary responsibility deadly seriously the president is the patriot first then understand his responsibility to protect America yeah I did that we do not stand behind his administration that is acting to stop as you said a mortal danger you know this because you served in the Reagan administration you understand because of the Soviet Union for example but evil war with the us the north Korean regime is another iteration of human man made evil and we will not step down we will not pull back when we are challenged by the faith book evil box and you know where Russian roulette I don't mean the Russian pop but roulette you know what that is and them well guess what the bullet is lodged and the problem is phone in the lap of this administration year after year appeasement after appeasement phony deal after a phony deal our intelligence services knew these phony deals weren't working and yet presidents will go out there and say okay finally but yeah because I don't want to deal with it now we have a president who has a deal with it whether he likes it or not you would think that even people who disagree with this president would say in this we must rally around the commander cheat because our cities are being threatened we have a so called leader this munchkin who is saying he's gonna blow our cities off the face of the earth and apparently he's got the capacity to do it look I think it was Mark Twain who said history does not repeat itself but it Ryan of the fact is we have had decade decade all facilitation body under the Clinton White House through the Obama White House facilitation and appeasement and if history teaches us 1 thing is that appeasing dictators never ends well whether it's Hitler in Munich with chamberlain in 1938 whether it's the Soviet Union with all kinds of a course that taught what have you the totalitarian regimes will never Brenda to what we believe to be the eternal objective truths upon which our Republic was founded appeasement ended at 12 OO one on January 20 of this year this president will not appease papers or evil regimes running prevention is White House please your listeners must understand this president also think invading other people's countries of occupying them if fondly fundamentally on America on national board and rejection of that kind of imperialism but it is a breaking time here's a breaking writer story Sebastian North Korea seriously considering strike on Guam reports citing state media North Korea said Wednesday is carefully examining plan strike the US Pacific territory qualm with missiles just hours after US president trump told the north that any threat to the United States would be met with firing fury spokesman for the Korean people's army in a statement carried by north the north state run KCNA news agency said the strike plan hello my damn computer here so the strike plan will be put into practice in a multi Karen consecutive way any moment once leader Kim Jong on makes a decision that I don't know what decision the man's going to make the point is he can make that this but the bottom line is there is trust continued blackmail they blackmail the western community of nations tripe about blackmail the United States that house ended that they have to decide if they are prepared to take the consequences of continuing to escalate everything we've seen it their own path but reports from direct the codes of the office of director last intelligent whether the ballistic missile program with the nuclear program it has called Butley progress constantly in breach up or international requirements we will not allow this to continue we don't give out payback away love the Obama administration but the blackmail must and while the president and his administration will take the necessary steps I hope the nation understands how serious this is because we've been dealing with some much nonsense about static in fake news and all the rest of it that the nation needs to focus focus like a laser on what's taking place here Sebastian Gorka I want to thank you keep up the good work my friend thank you Marc Bubba god bless be well //

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