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105 Plants are the Carriers of Life Essence – Medicine from Plants
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103 What if Everday was Saturnday?
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102 Clean Air & the Eelctrical Grid
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101 Truth Rhymes with Tooth so don’t get fooled by an 8 Bit Byte of Nonsense
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100 – I Graduated School and then got an Education
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099 If the Moon is made of Cheese then we might as well be Crackers
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098 The Lost Equality of Equinoxes & Lunar Waves
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095 There is Plenty of Parking near Mars
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091 The Sun is Always in Fashion - Astrotheology = Alchemy = Nature
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090 Hey Eugene, Let’s Address Eugenics & the Idea of Being Well Born
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089 There’s a Mouse in your House putting Cheese out for You
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088 Mercury & Fluoride, a Tale of two Prescriptions
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087.5 Happy Chrsitmas - Now the Days Get Longer
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087 The 1980s Changed Everything - Back to the Future
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086 Aleister Crowley & Helena Blavatsky, His-story Agreed Upon
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085 I See a Bad Moon Rising – I see Trouble on the way
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084 All in All, Just More Bricks in the Wall
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082 The Un-natural Zero Construct – a Base 10 Fantasy
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081 Digital Night vs. Natural Light
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080.5 Censorship of #ModernDayBookBurning
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"2017-11-02 16:45:49"
080 Addressing T3rr0r9sm in the Age of Censorship
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"2017-10-29 15:22:53"
079 The Advent of Radio, Cinema & TV
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"2017-10-28 15:19:04"
Censored 078 Fall of the Human Mind
\\alright ma'am welcome to crow triple 7 radio this is the intro for episode 78 Jason lingered as with me and we are going to tackle a single man who had a huge impact on programming the United States of America and other countries on the tail of his name was Edward Bernays ... the roots of Edward Bernays of course are Sigmund Freud and back to Tavistock ... let's talk a minute about tell lies to your vision ... movies media you can simply go back through time to demonstrate to your own mind what media is doing and has done to our country there is a time back in the day you can go watching media movies TV where they're pushing the idea that America is the greatest thing that ever happened on the face of this world it is the most can do nation and it is the home of the free and the brave all these things to pump up America now go look at the media now and it's the exact opposite and now you're trying to be convinced that America is circling the drain this is the power of media change the mindset change the manner change the culture change reality it's all about mine baby and if you can't get a hold your mind and you let this external programming shape your thoughts and opinions well then you're just another chest piece on the chess board for those who would push the pieces around you're basically upon the censorship is still going strong online on the tail of the modern 9 left all of them prunes Mad Dog said I ... hot hot world and I put out a call I put out a call to anyone with this you know substantial audience that wants to have me on to talk about the modern day book burning in the censorship that is going on online ... to pick me and I'll come on the show and I'll talk about it I'm looking for an audience I don't care if you believe in aliens I don't care if you don't I don't care what your religion is creed color anything it's time for people to come together here and stand up for what is correct ... as Jason I jump into this episode ... let's tear it up like this we're gonna talk about a single man here he is the double nephew of Sigmund Freud his name is Edward Bernays the over well Ming program social programming that he was able to accomplish a single man in this country is mind boggling literally mind boggling even being able to claim things like being responsible for getting women to begin smoking in a culture where they didn't ... I'm not even gonna get I'd you know lift the veil here you will just get into the episode and you'll see but now you're also looking at the man Bernays created PR public relations ... there's scant we have corporation in this world now that does not either hire a PR firm or have P. are all on board as part of the corporation and we will talk about this to let you know how it came to be it's propaganda to what it is marketing as propaganda Madison Avenue in New York created Christmas for anyone who wants to go look up the modern day idea of Santa Claus and all this other materialistic nonsense that we attribute with the low point of the sun or the winter solstice ... the idea of Christmas has nothing at all to do with religion it was created by Madison Avenue anyone could look it up these are the social engineers these are the people who have shaped culture or what I call the lack of culture in the western world you can look at a lot of places in the world where generations of families go back you know as metal workers as weaver's as any number of things and see true culture in my view what we have here is a bunch of people who have been affected by media we like some TV shows we watch some movies for the most part that has become the culture here and what that has done is open the door to wholesale programming social engineering on a level that is never been seen before as far as we know anyhow this is a hell of an episode for any individual who wants to actually scrutinize what were laying down here and understand that we're talking about a single man there are whole organizations Tavistock and all the people and writers and other royal families that were related to the efforts out of this one place it doesn't even mention the Frankfurt school for crying out loud before 1900 the Frankfurt school all social engineers we're in the Brave New World now we came through a big event again in the ha bell was cast the war was pulled we just came through it and on the tail of that algorithms were a written by some biggest purveyors of information online to catch anyone saying the V. word Vicky better quit lower behind right ... anyhow you go recruit triple 7 and listen to the full first uncensored our for free without logging in if you so choose ... there is hope see their //
"2017-10-27 18:22:18"
077 The Fall of Social Media to Censorship and FEMA – Protecting Your World
\\alright man welcome crew triple 7 radio podcast this is the intro for episode 77 episode 77 will be the first episode that does not run on crow triple 7 on you too because crow's locked out ... ironically the 2 strikes that I have waiting to see if I get a third lose my channel the 2 strikes that I did get our on clips that have been running there for a long long time anyhow all you listeners better get your mind right you better think the way you're supposed to think been watching the TV listings ... because I knew we would see a reflection of the just full scale censorship that has broken out on social media and what we see we see the television trying to assist the public in getting their mind right show called Adam ruins everything demonstrating to people why they're idiots if they question the moon landing clearly the technology was not in place in 1969 to have done that and you would have needed lasers of all things to do that so I'm telling you right now if you want to be online you better get your mind right at any rate full content will be running on crow triple 7 radio ... secrets of Saturn will be running our one unless they start to accumulate strikes looks like we'll be headed over to bitch you before long ... we're not gonna be hang out in a place that will not allow us to run content if I'm able to keep my you tube channel what I will be doing is self censoring the first hour and then running the full uncensored content on crew triple 7 it appears that YouTube Facebook other social media outlets are going to absolutely control what is said on their platforms now which means if we want to use them we either run censored content or we don't use them pretty simple paradigm I would say the question becomes is this correct do people agree with this do the users of the community do they agree with this after all when I got my 2 strikes it was community guidelines that I had parent we violated although it is not clear to me specifically how I violated the community guidelines well we can probably deduce what is being pointed out it is sold kind of loosely worded as to be a catch all welcome to the modern platforms online I'm crew triple 7 we will never censor content I wrote the about page at the end of 2013 where I was already talking about free speech because it was pretty clear where this goes right now as it stands there are certain words you cannot say on social media because their algorithms have been re written to catch it one of those is the V. word from the milestone event that we just passed here recently can't say that word you say that word you will be flagged I kid you not anyhow Jason and I address what's going on all over social media and the first part of our one and then we go straight into FEMA so I hope you all will join me ecru triple 7 or catch the first hour on secrets of Saturn on you tube as long as it's allowed to run there there it is man come join us chairs //
"2017-10-27 00:38:55"
Handcuffs Removed - For Now
\\alright man how it's been hard but nearly 3 weeks I've been locked out of this channel ... so I want to catch up ... unfortunate there's no way I'm gonna be able to get through comments there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds backed up ... at this point ... we're living in a different world here and censorship to borrow money ... what we're gonna do moving forward is post when new content comes out on crow triple 7 you can have the first free hour they always ran here you don't gotta log and ... if you choose to support Jason and I you can become a member for basically the price of a cuppa coffee ... if you just want 3 hour we always got here that's cool too again you don't gotta log in ... not sure what's going to happen here clearly we can't post content to YouTube anymore it's not even clear I've been accused by 2 community guideline strikes for bullying apparently so apparently I bullied someone I'm not sure who the injured party might be on but to be honest with you I feel like I'm I'm the person who was bullied here but at any rate will set all these things aside and move forward ... I've been making the rounds doing interviews decentralizing my communication and again ... whenever you see of the people I I suppose there could be times when there's telescopic or other things that I posed to knows but for the podcast I will put notifications up it's not even worth the time to do the render to do the upload and then see if you tube is gonna call me a bully and give me strikes and lock me out of the count and all the stuff I'm not even gonna play that game what's the point what is the point ... we've kind of jumped the shark here haven't we ... new paradigm in town there is no free speech here anymore and even if we understood exactly what it was that was getting us busted all the time I'm not sure I'd be willing to curb that because I'm very careful not to injure people so the idea that I believe anyone to me is complete nonsense so there it is ma'am alright stay tuned if I'm still able to the next thing I post will be about the next episode of crow triple 7 radio I think we've missed ... 7857 maybe so I think the next episode will be 80 UMP there it is man chairs //
"2017-10-06 17:37:29"
A Thank You To Followers and Subs
\\ //
"2017-10-05 15:28:08"
076 Fear Programming Your Ego & the Control Construct Called CRUDE OIL
\\mmhm alright ma'am welcome to crow triple 7 radio podcast this is the intro for episode 76 and I have Jason lingering with me I'm on the back half the things here we're gonna talk about crude oil ... and I will point out it is my view that we have no idea how oil gets to be where it is what it is what happens when it's refined we don't know any of these things ... Jason and I begin to tell the tale of the control construct that is crude oil and I would ask man and 2017 should we really be burning fuels in the same way that we did at the turn of the century of the 19 hundreds come on man ... but up front here were gonna address media media did so much damage this week man what's in the spirit of an age I would suggest to everybody that the spirit of this stage is wholly controlled and shaped by media and it's a shame it doesn't need to be this way ... the damage that was done this week if people would just pay attention they would not be fooled ... you know it's an eminence front it's a put on to quote the new and I'm television it's a hell of a thing and we've covered this before a television is designed to do what it does the content that is put on a tie television is designed to do what it does and basically for those who have forgotten past episodes I habitual television watcher when they turn on a television your brain is being affected the same way as if you'd taken an opiate there comes a point when your brain just walls into a kind of sleep pattern and you no longer capable of making decisions not only that there are all these tricky techniques that are done in the editing room things like what I call the 2 second cut when you're shown an image and then there's a quick cut down in 12 or 3 seconds your brain doesn't have enough time to decide whether it likes it whether it doesn't like it there's no time to make a decision when this is done over and over and over your brain basically goes to sleep and quit even trying to make decisions and the reason I bring this up is so much of the imagery that was brought to us by the eminence front the put on that is media this week what's telling if you were a person who could examine what you were being shown pretty simple the problem here is that people sit in front of their televisions and pretty soon they don't do anything but stare in droll and what they are shown to them becomes reality well I got news for you the television is not here I shape your reality it is here to program you and that's what went on this week and we're going to cover it anyhow let's jump in with Jason Langer in 4 episodes 76 man chairs alright ma'am welcome crew triple 7 read you this is episode 76 I have Jason lingering with me ... it's been a week of fear porn and that's what we're gonna open up with your ... I'm gonna try to talk about it in a way ... that people can hopefully think about and start to get into their adult minds and recognize this nonsense for what it is we are also going to cover oil on there is a whole thing about oil I do we even know what oil is where it comes from what it's doing to our society I'm Jason's gonna bring endless information to the table about this anyhow welcome Jason Haller crow what and very weird week spent half yeah we passed another one of those milestones didn't mean harm the fear porn is unbelievable non ms many of the followers probably no on I don't watch the news I don't care what happens I don't want that pollution in my mind but this one 's a little bit different and I broke my rule on I went and looked at it because so many people were overwhelmed and so many people were not sure what to call it and that's when I'd had enough on there's no reason for people not to understand what to call this and we're going to be addressing that and a lot of it has to do with ego on we're going to address a couple times kinds of programming on army that I just kinda labeled ... one I call nostalgia programming and the other Michael fear programming and we'll get into these things in a minute but on that's almost to the point where I'm gonna get myself a triple X. stencil and start stenciling the screens of everyone's television with the triple Axel warn them to keep the children away from the fair porn I mean I just a bizarre week hasn't been yeah and of course that just like all these events we see inconsistencies to put it mildly all over the place well I'm not even gonna I'm not even gonna bandied about this is nonsense this was on the theme a schedule people have demonstrated it it is what it is this was a premature all mom will get into these things but anyhow on do you what do you have anything to add before I before I jump into the kind of trying to break down programming in a way people can hopefully benefit from that just what this is is all programming I mean people just have to accept that this point think that these things that they're doing it's nothing but conditioning and then they're just bringing us along from one step to the next to next to the next so go ahead tear apart man yeah well it's it's not just that it's programming arm and putting fear and bolstering the egos of everyone in this world the buys into it so that they can't grow up on it is also setting the stage for the things they will do on the back no no no crisis manufactured or otherwise goes to waste in this world anymore as if it ever did on and I certainly will tell you you know what you're not long from going into Vegas and having backscatter xray machines every doorway you have to go through on so people need to wake the heck up ... people need to begin boycotting places that want to participate in this non sense it is nonsense and get up in your adult mind I hope I can help you get there with what we're about to cover anyhow I'm going to demonstrate to people with an old quote from the book of samurai an idea about what's in the spirit of any age on and it plays directly into nostalgia programming and the the idea of fear fear porn in the ego based programming our society gets so much of so here we go this is from the book hunger Corey also known as the book of samurai people may recognize that I think this quote spin a couple movies at least one I'm aware of here we go it is said that what is called the spirit of any age is something to which one cannot return that this spirit gradually dissipates is due to the world's coming to an end in the same way a single year does not just have spring or summer a single day 2 is the same for this reason although one would like to change today's world back to the spirit of 100 years or more ago it cannot be done thus it is important to make the best out of there every generation now I included this for a reason because I recognized it did the sentiment in this even though I don't agree with the idea that it's proof the world is coming to an end I don't agree with that at all but the sentiment that is being expressed here at this nostalgic sentiment is absolutely true when my father was dying we went to the Norman Rockwell museum and he could he was beside himself remembering his younger days which were written you know are depicted in these Norman Rockwell paintings at the Rockwell museum and his loathing for where we were going and this was before I think it was right before bush the second became president so let's take a minute here and let's talk about nostalgia programming arm on the tail of that kind of nostalgic idea that's clearly been around hundreds of years if there is such a time zone yesstyle chick programming services it's often implemented with things like movies like you'll notice ... you turn on the radio there being 80 station or a seventies station or a 60 station ... movies do the same thing it pulls your mind back to a fond memory that no longer exist and as was stated in the book of samurai to a spirit of a time you cannot return to now this is an important idea to think about that spirit that your reminiscing holding so far Mandarin style Jack way arm is holding your mind with this in mind let's talk about micro time zones and again this is just that a term like white on the tail of our last episode basically we have 3 over arching times we can speak about in this is covered in and less spiritual traditions religions and other things we have the past the present and the future any thinking person will immediately understand that 2 of these things do not exist the past in the future the only thing that truly exists is the president and it is so fleeting that as I said the word president it was already nonexistent in the past nostalgia program pulls her mind into the past the past doesn't exist it robs you of the moment that is now that is the idea behind this knowledge of programming every time we turn on a movie the pulls us back or any other thing like this using nostalgia programming it is robbing us of the present moment and this seems like a pretty bold statement but I make no apology anyone who studied different spiritual aspects of our world and the thinking that different people did in different areas of the world will hear things like this the other day I was at the coast with my wife and way out on the horizon many many miles away there was this doubles double masted sailboat a big one and I begin talking about it and because I had this idea my mind that I was going to cover the microtones owns as I examined that boat so far away I realized that it took the light that was giving me the image of that boat some period of time to reach my eye then it took my brain some period of time to process the light so that I realized I was seeing a board on the horizon you can logically deduce that the whole thing is an illusion if you understand that the present that the past in the future do not exist what I was seeing had already gone by this is kind of the Buddhist idea where the monks walk all day counting their breaths thinking of nothing else but counting their breath as a novice monk trying to pull their mind into the president so when you consider the nostalgia programming it is having a direct affect of robbing you from the present moment which is the only part of this existence that is not illusory and even trying to address it you can't do it it's already gone and this brings us into fear based programming which is what's been going on all week on the tail of Vegas basically fear based programming relies on ego ... as was said in the book June fear is the mind killer I don't think sure words have ever been spoken fear will remove a person's ability to make good decisions fare well I I mean I could go on and on it will do any number of things to affect a person's thinking ability in mind in a way that is not helpful to that person false flag operations almost all of them rely on fear fear relies on your ego it has been said that the ego is the false self born out of fear and defensiveness that's attributed to John o'donoghue what's going on here on in many of the definition Joe reed is that one more very young you know less than one we haven't built our ego yet and as time goes on we build what is called an ego to defend our true self and at some point this fall self called the ego takes over where we don't even know what our real self is anymore that's one of the description you can re there's a movie out there called revolver and while I don't agree with the amount of violence in that movie it does an excellent job of demonstrating to people what the ego is it is the other it is the false self ended is what fear porn requires to work and if you take that to logical extension it means that a lot of us need to grow up because for our egos to be manipulated so readily means were basically were in diapers there's there's no getting away from this idea as a matter of fact how many people have seen the whirling dervishes I'd that span on in in that I don't know whether it's a I forget what part of the world there and right now but they wear these hats on their head those hot symbolize the egos tombstone so there are plenty of spiritual traditions all of them including early Christianity were monk sat in cells to try to free himself of the ego that's what it's about and fear porn requires an eagle so Jason I'm gonna go little bit further here before we jump back and forth and try to maybe demonstrate a little bit about our minds to people on by asking the question can you scare yourself if I ask you Jason can you scare yourself what would your answer be now because on your consciously aware which doing right your brain knows what it's doing so how could your brain possibly scare itself well let's take this out to a little bit of logical conclusion when you're asleep and your sub conscious and all the parts of your brain or many of the parts of your brain you're not really aware of come into play you can in fact be scared in a dream and not your own brain doing it to you and this really begins to demonstrate the false nature of the troll and the half ability of what we call our minds our brains which is exactly what this Las Vegas nonsense is playing on so that was a lot to get out ... but let's talk a little bit about the Las Vegas Mandalay bay where should we start let's start with the obvious stuff do we think that this is just another false flag event very similar to sandy hoax and all the other stuff and of course a sinister looking at it what we find inconsistencies everywhere as always while the real tell here is that was on the female drill schedule game over dnia game set match point FEMA polled and talk like 23 days beforehand this was a female drill that was again played off as real killing nobody was hurt here and this again is an ego based operation you see because I watched and most people online knowing full well in their adult mind that this is all nonsense but they were afraid to say it why were they afraid to say it the reason they're afraid to say it is because possibly all these are you being told all these people were hurt or killed and if I do say something against that then all be attacked there's your ego there is your ego from preventing you from making a correct decision and saying what is true what is true is this was a premature all what is true is no one was injured what is true is this goes on over and over and over and kill enough people grow up take off their diapers deal with their ego issues and assess what they're being shown we're not gonna stop going down this road ... let's take apart the ... the scheduling of the harvest fest will of course the harvest festival there's a whole thing in that I could get into and it's on route 91 which will get into in a second year was scheduled from September 29 which of course includes 911 talked over 1 which again in right in conjunction with route 90 or 911 code 911 on the same old same old it goes on and on but I have a bit of a theory about the number 91 ... James Alfred contributed some stuff some other people we know contributed some stuff of their take on what they immediately recognized as a false event I'm beginning to wonder if 91 will replace 911 in the same way that the twin towers symbolized by the 11 in 911 were demolished and replaced by a single tower called I think it's something like 1 world maybe that's what we're looking at in in 9191 is a number that relates directly to the sun there are people out there who would make the claim that also relates to the 4 seasons if you take 91 and multiply by 4 for each of the seasons you would get a year of 300 64 days and that plays into the whole questioning of how many days are actually in a real year when you're really observing a real thing like the sun so some of the things you begin to do when you're looking at also Max's take names apart for their etymology one of the weird things about the Mandalay bay is you can't get a meaning for the word no one seems to know what the word Mandalay means and now the closest you can calm is that it relates to a hill call Mandalay hill ... but it's obvious on the face of it that if you remove the wife from the word Mandalay you have man dala the Mandalay of course being named after a place in what used to be called Burma which is now me and more I is almost 100 percent Buddhists who used the Mangala it is the idea of the ... now I don't know what to do you representation of of the universe ... but here is something that I think is interesting the large hotel casino convention center Mandalay bay in Las Vegas is named for the city despite the fact that the city is 500 kilometers from the nearest pay perhaps the reference to a line in read your Kipling's palm I guess it's just called Aaron and I don comes up like thunder outer the China coast the bay but worth thunder is gonna come up over and over here it's clearly related so the claim made here is that it is possible that the Mandalay bay hotel in Vegas was named because of regular bread your Kipling's poem which includes the word finder and that will become apparent why that's a partner in a minute I can also tied our old friend George Orwell to the Mandalay Mitnick George Orwell was stationed at Mandalay for a time while working in for the in touch Indian imperial police in Burma and his first novel Burmese days which was published in 1934 was based on his experience in Burma by the way Burma is now me and more he also wrote a number of short non fiction essays and short stories about Burma such as I hanging in 1931 shooting an elephant in 1936 echoes on but our good friend James Alfred made a brilliant deduction which I will share with you here relating the whole nonsensical shooting in Vegas to the play Macbeth of course and here's what he wrote he took the name Patrick and of course paddock when he did the etymology on it typically means like a corral in other words when people are in a concert you're basically corralled and right you need a ticket to get in there's usually something holding UN like fences or walls or whatever like a product but here's what he wrote the gunman Stephen paddock is interesting to me the name and make that product is the familiar Ornette tendon demand given to all which to assist him or her and doing evil and make bath scene one act one which is probably critical you are presented with the scene a desert place moon interesting thunder and lightning there it is again the relationship of thunder before I go through the Macbeth thing that relates to Paddack the familiar or demand to the attendant which is I will point out that in the FEMA schedule were ... it's hard to find now may have been removed where we're showing that female was going to be in Vegas there was captioned saying something like this is not the thunder down under so this is all very pertinent anyhow a desert place thunder and lightning enter 3 witches first witch when shall we 3 meet again in thunder lightning or in rain second which when the hurly burly is done when the battle's lost in one third which that will be aired the set of the sun there's the relationship to 9191 is a site number first which where is the place second wage upon the heath third which there to meet with me bath first which I come Graham Alkan's second which product calls there's the familiar demand third which are non all fair is foul and foul is fair however through the fog in the filthy air so that's a pretty brilliant find on James Alfred's part associating the use of the word of the supposed made up government Iraq to the first scene of the play Macbeth ... do you have anything you want to add before we do anymore this Jason because I'm thinking about cutting this little short on on the Vegas nonsense you know only that I don't know if they're doing this on purpose that we people who'd like to tear into these things are gonna notice what's going on that that's kind of what someone said to me one of my friends that it's almost like they're so sloppy about it now they just don't care so maybe they're just pushing to see how much the ... the general public it's gonna pick up on this stuff or not you know maybe because there's those that the small percentage of us that really look into things and know what's going on and then perhaps as a gauge to see just how asleep the better rest of the people really are well I you know if that's true were in real trouble because what I see on line is people who were sitting there demonstrate that this is a false a bat yet afraid to say it because there eagle will not allow them to risk calling death fake just in case there's some remote possibility that that death is not fake and I would point out if those deaths were real those people are gone the rest of us have to live with with what is done on the tail these things but any person who wants to kinda take off their diapers get their ego in check and work on becoming less egotistical and up in their adult mind and actually examine what you're being shown will undisputed Lee discover this is another false event how could it be in this world that supposedly housed humans for so long that there are this and must line of people who want nothing more than to pick up a gun and kill someone really you all know what sandy hook was you all know what the Boston bombing 1 as you all know what 911 wise and yet here we go online and everybody's ego stops them at the door from the fear based foreign programming which requires the ego to work and they cannot call a spade a spade I'm here to call a spade a spade for you the Vegas thing was a female drill it is nonsense it is criminal it is unconscionable and I will give you all a tip everyone listening this should go to the PMR schedule every day once a week whatever Jason and I may added into the program and look where female will be I've covered this before in the same way if a human being apparently goes out into the woods and set the bear trap to catch another human being and makes it impossible for any other human being to know what's there and they catching human being they've interfered with free will they have a karmic price to pay their sound universal rule that's been broken they have to put a sign up at the edge that woods that says something like people may not want to walk here there could be traps or any other cryptic nonsense that they count as having tipped their hand well being always posted schedule anyone who wants to go back and look at any number of these nonsensical shooting events and link it to a female droll will get out their eyes open wide there are not endless people in this world that are so different from you and I that they want to pick up machine guns and sniper rifles and pistols and any number of weapons and kill other people that is not what human beings are like for the most part and now there may be damn few of them in the world most of them are just like you and me get into your adult mind and do not fall for this nonsense anymore if it takes much longer for the majority of people to wake up to this complete scam they're going to be real consequences to the way we live and and I would further point out before we leave the Mandalay hoax behind that I don't think there is another city in the United States that has as much closed circuit camera cameras matter fact I think the biggest maybe on a par with London for CCTV so start to logically work out what you're being presented with here anyhow we beat that dead horse what's next Jason well I wanted her in to the petroleum industry as a whole and how in fact that worldwide we are in a modernized version of feudalism right I mean it and that did the argument were about to lay down here I don't think anyone would would ... would go against it at the end of the day and ... before we get into oil how is it that we could be are in the year 2017 still burning something like these carbon based fuels but anyhow over to you let's do this thing so my whole point behind once look at the petroleum industry as a whole it because as we've discussed it's both the literal and figurative grease to lubricate the we're the wheels of the worldwide Lee control make in but as as we've discussed both of us agree the bottom line is what with the internal combustion engine being an invention of the nineteenth century it stands way beyond reason that over 100 years later that we should have a vastly better system of transport then something that burns this liquid and quite often gets no more than 30 miles per gallon on top of it yeah there's endless stories of people who have you know they they always call it the Tesla idea I have problems with a test was been described us as a historical personage but yeah they come up with some free energy plan and its are always bought out shot it down confiscated this kind of thing there is no doubt that technology has reached a level that we don't really need to base our whole existence on burning these carbon based fuels that put corruption out the tailpipe let's keep let's keep it up first let's just lay down a game and general description of feudalism it was the dominant social system in medieval Europe in which the nobility held lands from the crown in exchange for military service and vassals where in turn tenants of the nobles while the peasants or the feelings or service were obliged to live on their lords land and give him hommage labor and a share of the produce also in exchange for military protection so believe it or not I would suggest that we are living in a feudal system of sorts still to this day it's just not quite as obvious on the surface I would suggest that the grand illusion as we've been calling in lately has much nicer curtains and 2017 that it may have sometime in the past but there it's still there some even take it so far to say that we're living in all out slavery although it is a self imposed slavery without chains and it is willingly accepted by everyone day after day taking a look at comparisons to the past a medieval peasant performed backbreaking labor while toiling away in the fields no doubt about that at all but so do many many people today most especially in the lower income sectors I don't think anyone's really can disagree with that either having a college education is of course no guarantee for high paying job although it is a guarantee to be tens of thousands of dollars in debt if you didn't come from a background of at least some sort of moderate financial abundance the peasant what also work less than 8:00 hours a day on most days and only about 150 days of the year because the church which controlled everything knew how to keep rebellions to a minimum in a huge way to do so it's frequent time off for holidays religious events and entertainment the average American worker may get 8 days of vacation for every year of work put in to contrasted against that yeah man wanted burns Monte burns say sold so many years ago but the fools have their tartare sauce but well yeah it's exactly right you know it what what we see here is really the Brave New World idea where as you put it the curtains are nice during the reason the currents are nicer is because we're doing this because we agreed to do it and this is no different than the Vegas nonsense we just covered if enough people would wake the hell up quit walking around in diapers being afraid to say what is painfully true ... things would change and the overall existence in the feudal system I mean we can demonstrate I was around in the seventies trying to travel from the west coast to the east coast 2 times in the seventies we were faced with an oil shortage are one of the times at least if I remember correctly well you had to show your license plate last digit of your plate auto even to determine whether or not you could get gas you want to talk about control in a feudal system ... anyone trying to travel from the west coast to the east coast and you can only get gas every other day will think about it its control mechanisms and I don't think there's really any argument ageism now and as we're going to demonstrate the amount of crude oil is pumped out the ground every day is just obscene and I sure you folks there's no shortage no I'm I don't know how much we're going to get into but as as I was looking around at some of the ideas we're gonna cover it's pretty clear that ... oil wells that have been pumped dry have been gone back to a number years later in their full up again are plenty of people in the oil industry who were oil workers claiming that people don't even know what's being pumped out of the ground ... and I'm sure will cover the idea of whether or not it's fossil fuels on you know the nonsense they tried to tell us that we're putting diner stores in our all right to get some back story tall this while it was originally merely uses a lubricant the original mass market for crude oil began to take off after Abraham green began distilling kerosene for lamp oil in 1846 the first successfully drilled oil well was in Titusville Pennsylvania in 1859 before this crude oil was gleaned from natural seepage that would have been above the ground the early oil man were catching it in any watertight container they had on hand that can hold so in Titans a bill you know his Alec that is tightest titles yeah so I think that's what the latinisation of the idea of tightening any I'll go ahead man in the mid 18 hundreds any liquid that needed to be stored tightly was done wooden barrels a barrel maker was called a Cooper and they had been producing watertight 42 gallon sized barrels since the time of King Richard the third set the price of a tear serve wine at 42 gallons somewhere around 1483 to 1484 the 42 gallon barrel quickly became the standard for oil due to several practical reasons a 42 gallon tears would weigh over 300 pounds which was about as much as any man could reasonably wrestle in move about 20 of these could fit on a typical barge or railroad flat cars bigger casks would be unmanageable and smaller ones were less profitable by the year 1860 in Pennsylvania at the 42 gallon barrel became the standard since Pennsylvania had been at the forefront of the early oil boom the standards used there would become adopted across the country by 187242 gallons became the standard for the petroleum producers association in 1882 the U. S. G. S. and the U. S. bureau of mines also adopted the same standard it got I wonder man 1 of the early companies you're gonna address here is standard oil and you know the names got to relate back to King Richard the third who set the standard for what a you know a barrel would be what do you think man there's got to be a relationship there does a higher standard oil yes we're gonna tear that when the part I hits yeah I would be willing to bet that the naming of Standard Oil has directly to do with what the king outlined all those supposed years ago in Iraq fallacy filled history so book oil was being shipped in the cargo holds of ships and cylindrical railroad tank cars since the 18 seventies by 1883 oil tankers were being constructed with both hands to stop the free flowing crude oil from sloshing about which could potentially cause the ship to capsize by the time of the 19 fifties the need for supertanker transport came about due to the closing of the Suez Canal these would need to sell around the Cape of Good Hope and by 1958 they came to be and could hold approximately 700000 barrels of crude oil as of 2011 the largest supertankers are the T. I. Europe and the T. I. Oceania both able to carry over 3000000 barrels of oil in a single voyage holy smokes man that's a lot of oil what would do you do you know what the T. I. stands for you have any idea now that just came up as their their what their label as yeah I'll have to look at it nam are the T. I. M. who both able guide it can you imagine I mean you're talking 3000000 barrels of oil in a single voyage I mean I and these guys are still using the standard bearer alright so that's 42 gallons a barrel yeah that's exactly why give that backstory because that is still the standard to this day so when you hear them talking about the amount of barrels of oil each one of those barrels is 42 gallons yeah I mean so you're talking about 126000000 gallons like us something like that yeah I mean it's an obscene amount outs incredible man go ahead keep pushing right now that's not the only form of transport pipelines were used from the early days of the oil business of 18 sixties by 19 hundreds however patrolling demands increased dramatically and pipelines were built across the country by the 19 twenties with the massive growth of the automobile industry pipeline mileage grew to 115000 miles the refineries were all in the east and there were huge oil fields pumping the crude from Texas Oklahoma and Kansas now consider a migration of the west coast had also been going on as well as everyone's very familiar with so of course that all business went right along with it right and now you're I'm mad you were going to get up to the point you know when I was not at all still pretty young and the big story of the day was the pipeline coming across the frozen tundra of Alaska on which is ironic because not too long ago I saw some quiz there were some trivia thing going where they were talking about it and the 1 thing everyone remembered is what I remember about it that it leaked all the time so it's a bit ironic but anyhow keep keep weaving the web here so huge discovery of oil occurred in Prudhoe bay Alaska in 1968 in 2777 mile pipeline that is the 1 you just mentioned was constructed running from Valdez to prince William sound that was called the trans Alaska pipeline system the height of its use was in the 19 eighties when it was carrying 2000000 barrels every day by 2012 it had been reduced down to 500 79 0 right and this is one of the points that really begins to plan to the idea that you stated up front that there is a never house been any shortage of oil because if I'm not mistaken the people of Alaska get a check every year on because something to do with that the pipeline in the oil production ... but I think it's critical to point out here you know we're going to hear more about the Valdez ... and of course prince William sound and whenever you see things named after the Royals and there's probably going to be something to be divine are any health so the big thing that's been going on for some time now is the keystone pipeline system it was commissioned in 2010 and is now solely owned by TransCanada corporation it runs from the western Canadian sedimentary basin in Alberta to refineries in Illinois in Texas as well as to oil tank farms and oil pipeline distribution centers located in Cushing Oklahoma this pipeline made major public waves the last few years regarding its fourth phase called keystone expel it would connect with existing pipelines to refineries on the Gulf coast the U. S. side would be 875 miles long and would run through Montana South Dakota and Nebraska the 36 inch diameter pipeline could carry up to 830000 barrels of oil per day it became an environmental issue and a symbol of the battle regarding the of course make believe climate change in fossil fuel issues it was originally rejected 2015 by then president Barack Obama but current president Donald Trump signed executive order 13766 the second one that he sighed as president that establishes a new system by which to fast track the construction of infrastructure projects this was in conjunction with the presidential memoranda that permits the construction of the keystone XL the Dakota pipeline and also had a stipulation that all new pipelines in the United States must be constructed using materials and equipment produced in the United States that last statement a bit ironic because I mean this thing is starting up in Canada which is of course is a country still under the crown but demand the numbers recording so much the 36 inch pipes of course you have the triple 6 are the executive order is a sly way of including 911 with inverted nines and it goes on and on and on but it's interesting to me ... we didn't there there's absolutely going to be something to control mechanism built into this whenever you see like 1 president you know a thumbs down something and then the next one on that up you can tell that they're floating it out and getting people used to it and to get it implemented but on absolutely there is there is no arguing ... there was a reason for the trans Canada corporation to ... to get ownership on this thing of course Canada and the crown still synonymous right now we're saying oil or petroleum or talk much as crude oil this is what's pulled out the ground crude oil is used in the production of not just gasoline but numerous things such as such as automobile gasoline diesel fuel jet kerosene plastics of all sorts and when we start looking at this you start finding that petroleum is in so many things like food items this petroleum and food items like coca Cola ... vitamins that just tons and tons of stuff use petroleum for whatever reason but the big question behind all of this is where is it actually coming from how was it made what what is it that the earth is doing to produce the substance so again we're going to get into this Jason I don't know if there's any you know any way to completely answered at this point but there are a ton of people out there trying to make the argument that oil is basically about like the life's blood of what we would call earth on we know for a fact it's not dinosaurs and even the oil companies have admitted flat out but at 1.they were trying to convince you that ... fossel fuels came from dinosaurs and all the things that lived in those imaginary ages one supposed nonsensical dinosaurs existed so I mean as we get into this do you feel like we're gonna get any closer to mature picture or do you think it's just one of those things man I can tell you that it's not fossil fuels even leave the dinosaurs part Allen you just gonna discuss plants from zillion years ago it's it's just not it aid there's there's direct evidence as long as what I'm getting is indeed what the scientific community really is putting out there all of the world it's not fossil fuel it's it's something else right now it's kind of interesting you know I think it was the sixties when I California universities one into the Middle East and made them rich overnight by finding oil but you're looking at a place that doesn't have any appreciable forests or anything else that would just you know create so called fossil fuel but then a whole other fantasy kind of images being woven out of these ideas where they're saying well 1000000 years ago the Middle East was a lush rainforest you know these kinds of ideas and this was back in the day when they were still pushing the fuel but OCBC Katina let's go ahead let's rip apart any possible idea the fossil fuel was ever rely DHEA right so there's 2 main theories on how oil might be produced one is the A. B. arctic oil theory in the other is the fossil fuel theory now AB arctic oil that term as a collective group of notions the crude oil is produced deep in the earth's crust by non organic means a recurring suggestion I have seen on its origin is that the earth uses it as a lubricant for the tectonic plates or is a result of the tectonic plates being stacked and moving around all those pressures ... this seems way more likely just because what you said earlier about wells being drilled and then years later people go back untapped amid all the sudden there it's still back up again well it and what is more dinosaurs died in the past couple years now I don't think but just the dinosaurs that lived in the next state seeped over another guy it's all ridiculous but for my part Jason on the basis of this idea that you just expressed I think starts to ring a little truer to me it is a bit like mal for lack of a better term the blood on you know the circulatory system of the world but I will say for the record I do not accept tectonic plates out all on and I never really thought about this till I went through the earthquake which was one of that I don't I wouldn't say bigger earthquakes have been through but longer for sure it was a very long earthquake are on Easter day I don't remember whether that was 22 and her 2008 I've forgotten but it's Easter day California quake anyone could look it up it was during that quake that I truly paid attention for the first time not afraid not you know shock go my god the earth is moving ... and I I've observed what was going on and I've been in other earthquakes were literally you can see the pavement rolling each and you're thinking to yourself how can the pavement you're rolling in not cracking and breaking apart but I've seen it I've even seen white concrete driveways role with the earthquake coming by during that quake I really began to realize that there's something very wrong with the description of earthquakes we've been handed and it was a very sympathetic feel and so then I paid attention to the yeah the news casts on the tale about earthquake of course the fear port came fast and furious but the best footage they could muster was someone's pool sloshing back and forth on the water you need to come out of the pool of course the next thing that happened was they began to discover all these damaged building south of the border in Mexico not too far from where San Diego is and even when you look at the damage there on it it was you know insignificant these world buildings they were cracked walls the my been Waller to that file Lotta stuff on the floors and supermarkets that's all to be expected but then they began to talk about the Richter scale and this is where it really became very apparent to me that it's all nonsensical were told that if you have a 7.on the Richter scale and then you have a the point one was 10 times more force I forget the exact number they put on that quake but it was they just these numbers keep getting bigger armed to to quit rambling so much your Jason what I will say is this I think there's absolutely in your avionic point here something to the idea of the life's blood of the earth being represented in while in some way but for my money I at some point they will go at it tectonic plates are nonsense now of course fossil fuels the other side of that which is the main string theory it's biotic or biogenic and the theory was originated in the 1757 by the Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov sorry I'm gonna pride which of these ... Russian names he said that fossil fuels are hydrocarbons and therefore might be formed from the remains of dead plants and animals and it seems that from all the work was being done at that time it was never intended to be more than just a hypothesis well what's ridiculous about this to me as you pointed out 2 things avionic and then basically be odych so non bio or bio ... in this day and age you're never going to convince me that the average lab in any university couldn't look at the substance we call crude and determine whether it was biotic or AB biotic not bionic arm and that's really what's being put forward here and you know when I was a kid in school on back in the seventies they were absolutely showing you movies that were depicting basically a dinosaur dying becoming while and then poured into your gas tank not too much later they back off this idea but it's clear that the whole thing was an ops few cation for some reason so if I had to guess I'd be with you Jason that maybe it's a biotic but that seems a bit funny too if we are to express the world we live in as living in some way seems weird that the the following link with the blood or whatever you would call it would be abiotic but whatever man bacteria in 1951 the modern Russian Ukrainian theory of deep geological petroleum origins was first put forth by Nikolai a coup injury have stabs at the all union petroleum geology Congress the former Soviet Union did extensive research into the origins and locations of crude oil because at 1.they were actually a petroleum poor nation in direct opposition to the way they are today and it is very difficult of course to wage any kind of militaristic endeavors without access to large quantities of petroleum now with this in mind between 1951 in 1965 under the leadership of 2 geologists the aforementioned could react stabs and also a man named poor fear yells Lou they lead increasing numbers of scientists in the Soviet Union to publish articles demonstrating the failures and inherent lies regarding the notion of fossil fuels yeah man and we we can really blow this out logically I mean let's consider you made a point here we are you know how can we defend ourselves now the military if we don't have access to all this petroleum but let's consider were were to ... we're being told there's a point when Japan's making its bid to take over the world Japan's as petroleum coronation as you could ever find so how can that story were being told have any legs at all because the people who were running the military in Japan had to know that we don't have access to all the soil as a matter of fact we are told that a big part of why Japan failed is because they couldn't get their hands on their oil but my point would be is if you didn't have the oil in the first place why would you be taking on the world that makes no sense none none of this logically makes sense but for me the key point what you just said is arm dead the inherent lies regarding the notion of fossil fuels there it is man now a huge social engineering aspect of keeping the false theory that crude oil is a fossil fuel is so that the concept of scarcity is always kept in the minds of the people as well as blaming humans for their carbon footprint that leads to pollution in the make believe global warming now who originally pushed the idea of oil being a fossil fuel to get it out of the mainstream the Rockefellers of course of course I mean there's too many things we gotta Kalka ways for her Jason and I'll tell you what from now on we won't count the ways on 911 will just do September as a whole but I in terms of the Rockefellers it's you know we're gonna get into the same old players so getting into the whole Rockefeller and Standard Oil thing in 1859 John D. Rockefeller was only a few years into his first company in Cleveland that dealt with numerous items including pork grain and other commodities and because he was already making money quite well doing that this was the year when Pennsylvania drilled there first oil line this started the black gold craze and people from all over flock to try and get their share in 1863 something huge opportunity Rockefeller and his business partner teamed up with a chemist and started a refinery so yeah I mean it is though the way you read this and we all know that history is a lie agreed upon but the way this reads that it almost seems like Rockefeller knew the value of oil long before anyone else in the world did do you have any sense of how anyone even knew that this was going to be a big deal no that's the interesting thing because early on what it was used for was kerosene and I'm about to get into that the kerosene for just anyone to until like their home with just very general kerosene yeah that would be an interesting look you know I'm I'm here not too far from new Bedford ... which is the state over for me which was the whaling capital the world and we're told one of the big reasons for the wailing was to go with the whale oil so you can light every home but anyhow that's kind of a sideline allege keep Pushin here well that was really important because of course in pre electricity days you needed light and that you need a a reliable fuel source that's that's really what this all stems from from right now you know that's that's what I was pointing to ... on some of the numbers that I think I remember from not too many bullet points back were made to early 18 hundreds ... I don't think the wailing died out and I would be venturing a gas I've actually been to that museum down there ... they was one of the biggest richest place is gone and now when you going to that town and there's just all these big mansions that have been divided into poor people living I and it's a very poor nation by was getting at is ... do we do loyal does the idea of going get whales for lighting while overlap with the idea of what rock Fellers doing here I wonder anyhow so unlike a lot of oil men of the time John Dee was not what was called a wildcatter which is an oil prospector he believed that drilling for oil is a very high risk business so he focused on refining the crude oil instead soon after a new rail line connected Cleveland with the oil regions and John D. built as refinery right beside it it was one of the first in the city to produce kerosene which was called the poor man's life at the time because it could be produced cheap and clean the demand for it of course sword and this was what started him on the path to vast wealth and power so this is Cleveland right so he's getting up the first refinery in Cleveland on that's interesting and I guess a couple first there the rock and roll hall of fame which will never realize what that was in Cleveland in the first oil refinery I had not realized that now John D. mastered every detail of the oil business and even created new products to sell and being the awesome business guy he was he came up the product from the waste my and that is called petroleum jelly which you probably know as Vasselin right it makes you wonder you know ... so few people call it petroleum jelly but it says that right on I wonder if ... if there's health concerns with using these oil byproducts on your person ... I think my wife actually remembers a time when her grandmother would take petroleum products and actually put it on a spoon when they were sick Africa with the product was ... twitpic Ricky is man that sounds dreadful I can tell you that it's not supposed be for internal use and that I can tell you for absolute certain well I tell you something anything that shouldn't go in your body maybe it shouldn't go on your body and I would point out that one of the most common uses for bass Salim petroleum jelly back in the day was for Courtice right I think so yes there it is being taken internally now after a time John Dee had some arguments with his partners about the future of the business and he eventually bought the refinery with some heavily borrowed money to put him deep into debt the time at the age of 31 for $72500 which probably about be about $1000000 in today's other equations this new solo venture was called Standard Oil so a couple of things here there is the name Standard Oil which you know I'm questioning does that relate to the standard size of apparel and then back to King Richard the third or whatever it was ... but this is interesting bullet point to me because I never really considered it whenever I you know think about rock Fellers I just think of an endless line of wealth but that's really not the case and what we're told so what we're being told here is that where are we made 18 hundreds here Jason something like that late 1800 yeah late 18 hundreds the man's 31 is borrow and sat K. A. you gotta wonder is this really the truth of things as so are we looking at a person who was an insider from the outset or is the idea that these startups in America kat as wealthy as the Royals and that's what I'm thinking about when you sport point is this a true thing ... did you borrow at you know in the late 18 hundreds and this filthy filthy wealth that came later was started that or is there some more of the story I just wonder what was going on behind the scenes because I got to tell you I looked at a lot of pictures of this guy and he's just got the most piercing psychopathic eyes I've ever seen on anyone who is officially labeled a psychopath you know like he just has this stare in this look that was I don't know man is is very unnerving to look at him then and I just wonder what kind of person he truly was even though they say a lot of nice things about him to balance out all of the you know his is extremely aggressive business behavior so I don't know it's a very confusing thing of course most of when I'm cleaning from his all mainstream history so who knows right well my I don't mind tells me this is nonsense on the idea that at age 31 he borrowed 72 K. ... that doesn't make it you know correct but that's my feeling at the moment here as I observe what's going on and here's why we've done so much to cover the kind of systems of control that we've come up and and we've demonstrated how far backwards they go and one over arching theme that seems very core for most of what we've covered is that the people who came to matter were already insiders or relations or approved in some way by the same all players who always held all the power I would be damn surprised if there were actually people in America which I consider to be the lapdog of basically Great Britain ... that were poor and truly made there bite bite you know ingenious Nelson good business sense and ruthlessness made fortunes could happen yes it could happen but I suspect something else entirely armed guy I'm just put it on the table that that's my best guess Jason right now I'm I'm with you I really think there's more going on behind the scenes but I can only work with what I can find so this is the the time when I try to build it is another thing ever if I am correct at guessing that the name Standard Oil that Rockefeller founds relates directly to the standard size of a barrel put forth by King Richard the third then maybe we're seeing some of the according to royalty odd that we see all the time that's just that's just me surmising though ... haven't done enough to look at it go ahead so his first plants was quite simple and anyone could in fact get into the business with a reasonable amount of money at the time it would cost $10000 for small refinery and a large one could be had for 50000 Rockefeller decided to make this a hugely profitable business for south and began to build a massive operation to take advantage of the economy of scale to grow his business he took the approach of removing all competitors at any cost by 1872 only a few years into the business he used a series of acquisitions to become the largest refinery in the world to continue growing even further he went on a considerable buying spree purchasing 2 dozen refineries in just 60 days to pay for it all he reinvested the prophecy had and got banks to loan him even more money this was how his oil monopoly was born he was the first ever to focus on aggressive growth by buying up smaller companies which is a move is now quite common in the modern corporate world yeah so so many problems with the story how the heck did Rockefeller understand that oil was going to be so important how the heck did he understand that the refineries was going to be the side that mattered how the heck by the time he had borrowed 70 whatever was came here we're only talking 1872 and he's buying 2 dozen 24 refineries in 60 days none of the story washes to me and to me this looks a bit like the story of Microsoft and every time we see these world change kind of corporate ventures that are going to strangle hold control and drive the entirety of humanity we always see the same thing they're a monopoly of some sort Microsoft and Standard Oil on and if you look at them side by side or no different in this respect but anyhow go ahead Jason what I pretty much brings us to the top of the hour before I start tearing into the rest of Standard Oil I just like to point out that this guy did indeed get control of nearly everything regarding oil at the time period and of course everyone knows how the ... the antitrust of it came about in the early 19 hundreds of that which in fact just led to him making even more money because all the subsidiaries grew and made stupid amounts of money so that's what we're gonna get into an hour tour going to finish the story of Standard Oil and take it on further all the way up to how what the petrol dollar is and how all this basically greases the entire world to keep it going ... under the elites control not only that it controls everyone of us if we want to move around this world on oil is the thing that controls that not only that the technology that we have at our disposal as I look at the story of John D. Rockefeller for the second time we've looked at this a bit before on some of the things I'm beginning to realize is like one of this guy have a crystal ball how the hell did he know that oil was going to be the lifeblood to everything or was it the other way around did he go and get the life blood and then forced the technologies to use what he had created that seems unlikely there so by the time we get to the end of the bullet points most people wander stand that oil is in fact no different than the internet it is and absolutely another aspect of modern feudalism based on the Brave New World idea where we all agreed to be in the prison cell were and but is there anything you want to cover anything before I do the clothes down here no I just I really want people to know who ... or listen to this first hour that it by the time we get to the end of this there is no doubt that oil the business as a whole is indeed the control mechanism that the global leads views that that this is it that if the da dollar itself the money the all that is just secondary this is actually the mechanism that they grease their cards with and how they keep this completely controlled society going yeah it goes to show you a man or with control of of assets like this or world assets like this commodities on how much the world could be changed in a day here really does but before we closed down the first hour here I want to say ... as this biggest nonsense came to bear I noticed in my forum a lot of people who were not willing to state out right what they knew in their higher mind to be true so I'm just going to say to everyone out there there is no arguing that Vegas was a female drill that's what it was we've seen them over and over and over we all need to grow up we all need to take off our diapers we find ourselves in an age where we're all most of us not all of us most of us are wearing diapers we gotta get up out of those damn diapers we've got to scrutinize what were being shown we've got to remember that belief is in fact the enemy of knowing when the news spews death and hatred and fear porn at you if you're willing to believe that you are no longer capable of making rational decisions if you refuse to believe it and challenge it you will come to a whole different outcome and hopefully the correct one there is no argument at all at all ... but this was a staged event and so I know a lot of you out there probably immediately that's what you thought but then again how many of you were willing to stated outright on a message board to a person next to you on a telephone call in any number of places how many of you out there were willing to risk damage to your ego to tell the truth I'm just saying anyhow that brings our our one of episode 76 to a close on the second hour we are going to get a whole scale into our wholesale into the idea of what oil is still currently doing to our world and believe me you you know we should be way beyond this by now we should be so far beyond oil anyhow there it is cheers the the I the it's you I the I the I I //
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075 The Fantasy Based Illusion of Time & Hanuman the Monkey Man
\\mmhm alright man look crew triple 7 radio podcast this is the intro for episode 75 Jason lingering is with me how we're going wrap up last ideas about the R. H. factor and ... cover the Hindu temples or the Hindu idea of what is called the monkey god which I don't agree with ... I don't think that's problem even what was meant to be described as ... called hard to mine many people recognize the new moon new man idea in their ... we will see very difficult to get information online these days by the time you plow through all the travel sites nonsense get beyond it and then find you get very little information offered readily but anyhow this episode is also going to cover ... very pertinent talk topic as we come into fall here having just passed the fall equinox ... which was reported wrong as always and I will cover that ... we're gonna cover time it's an artificial construct holy 0 percent ... there is no natural connection in the way we live with the time that controls us ... it is a control mechanism and the whole second hour and part of the end of the first hour are going to cover this and ... you know as I got here we were going to cover ... the idea of royal person conceptions being tied to the natural system now what people might call astrology maybe they called alchemy basically the sun the path of the sun in the acceptable year of the lord as the Bible would phrase it ... what we found was a lot of these Royals have 2 birthdays and one is Julian one is Gregorian and we realize we just did not have time parser what we will go back on this idea ... we also found that the naval observatory that keeps the cesium clock and DC is also tracking Julian time believe it or not we cover some of these things anyhow I've been noticing a reel trend with the programming that television brings our world television being most probably the most insidious thing I can imagine I've noticed a new thing going on in the programming I mean it's always programming you but they're doing this thing now where there trying to use a captive audience and force them to watch something they may not have otherwise watch what they're doing is announcing new shows like Star Trek there was an eclipse special that was live the night of the eclipse I think this new Auroville kind of Star Trek comedy that staff whatever his name McFarlane is doing I think all 3 of these programs did it where they announce this new show's going to be on actually one or 2 of them was after a football game I think which already had a captive audience then they preempt the beginning of the program with trump nonsense and other nonsense come 100 percent B. S. programming but what they're doing is trying to capitalize on the fact that everyone wants to see the new star tracker this new program where that new solely program and then they get that captive audience and they program them I've also noticed another thing ... there really Militar militarize sing a lot of the shows with navy seals and these other things but this is also going on in Hollywood ... right now there is a movie I'm aware of coming out about Waco wacko on that false event and of course the Boston bombing with geek Galen hall ... who is apparently Oscar worthy for portraying a nonsensical event it will never cease to amaze me the footage we were shown at the Boston bombing was not immediately recognized as false by every single person who has ever been through boot camp in the military and seen what a real explosion looks like and understands that shrapnel which red flags in that smoke bomb they showed us was complete nonsense ... but here it is man the programming begins for all those sleeping minds out there that will simply tune in and watch what's going on they will further be inserted into these false fantasy based reality ideas the shame you know even watching things like the new Star Trek it's it's in a way it's it's no different maybe not quite as insidious but in a way it is it's dead but inserting an expectation in your mind of what space is what a planet looks like in space what a starship would look like all these things that to me are unacceptable I've said many times that in my view spaces must describe if I am correct them what they're doing is an insidious thing if I'm not correct well then I'm not correct ... it's not simple anyhow as we get into the first part of this Jason I will cover a little bit about the Royals and why we put it off ... because just no easy task anyone who's ever taken a Julian calendar and a Gregorian calendar and try to do you know the decipher with both of them and you've got leap years and all this other nonsense to get through it's just it's it's a bit of a task ... but anyhow the time portion of this everyone should catch it it is very very telling how we got to be where we are where every computer in this world is controlled by time and there are places like GM tea and Great Britain and places like the naval observatory and Washington completely controlling and supplying the artificial construct that is modern time anyhow let's just jump in with Jason lingering chairs alright ma'am welcome to crow triple 7 radio podcast this is episode 75 I have Jason lingering with me so let's just do this man welcome Jason hello crow so we had initially set out to cover a bit more topics that were actually gonna tackle in in this episode and we actually have a time to get through anyhow ... and so we'll just suffice it to say on that the reason for that we're going to cover the Hindu temples with the monkey gods because clearly there was some relation to the R. H. positive thing we're covering last time around ... but we were going to cover the birth and conception dates of some of the Royals and what we found was that a lot of them have 2 birthdays and it's one of them is the Julian calendar birthday and one of the Gregorian calendar birthday so as we got into it we began to realize we just simply did not have time to parse through it all which we will go out again and ... Jason and by the way the third topic recovered today is artificial time which is the constraint we all live under most of us live under now by Jason did you know that the ... naval observatory there in Washington DC where the supposed most accurate cesium clock is keeping world time they actually track the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar we wear that no I wasn't and that's saying something because that's the the clock that tall via the major companies like apple and IBM that's what as far as I know they link to so that they're putting their faith in that right it's a whole thing and we're gonna get into that artificial illusory construct on there's no getting away from a computers run on clock time it's all there is to it but on the other end there's a lot more there will get into it by the time we're talking about leap seconds I think people's heads will span are it's just it's ridiculous it's completely devoid of any natural reality by armed you want to just pick up and start in with the tie over from the old are H. positive idea we did last time at all you know before we jump into a small say I don't feel like I'm too much closer to understanding on the whole are H. thing I have I I just can't I can't come to grips with whether I'm ready to accept the monkey relation are more whether something else is going on there all together I mean where you want us to going to address that actually because I was reading comments from different people I on the forum on on our website and then on you tube as well and this seems to be a general problem that that there's a difference interpretations based off of what what data people looking at you know some people say you sound uneducated if you if you're saying it's it's a direct relation people are talking about how there's multiples of of ... primates that have very similar blood factors now that sounds like well which one is it enough aright so so what I actually did it didn't help me a lot closer to where I want to be is I just started to take apart the language and there is no denying that our H. stands for recess and that word is followed by factor which includes you know the idea of fact so whether or not the realities that are being pushed forward have any basis in reality the I the idea that people have in our age named after rhesus monkey in their blood and they're calling it a factor on those are things we can know for sure but again it doesn't get me much closer but as we were doing the R. H. work last time which was very interesting just frustrating to say the least armed it became pretty clear that ... high Numan the supposed monkey got of the Hindus ... and I have troubles with the description of god there on because I don't think that's what it was meant to be at all on there to retire overs in some way shape or form and clearly a lot of the temples over there are actually housing rhesus macaques Seoul armed were about to go through a bit of the story of Hanukkah on or what people are going to call the Hindu monkey god ... just to to try to wrap up the narrative from our each positive on anything you want to add before we jump in yeah yesterday just to time to finish off the whole large thing I looked up the human genome project which is finished and if I remember correctly 2003 and I it's not something I'd looked up for last week's but I probably should have but it occurred to me again yesterday so will basically what they were saying when I was looking through that the sum up sun on the breakdowns of all the things they got out of ripping apart the human genome is that the art factor almost certainly doesn't have a 8 dedicated use that they could find there was some small little things but nothing major not like it it this does this specifically this is why it's there this is very portant basically they do now and ... that's that's really interesting like why would this very significant thing in your blood that radically affects if if 2 people who have it and don't have interact I have no significance whatsoever so that's that there's some very big thing to this that we just don't know right there there's no getting away from it and so we've had enough accounts from people real people commenting on the research we did that really show it is possible for an R. H. Negara positive father do you have a child with an R. H. negative mother and have the mother tried to fight off the blood in that fetuses a pathogen basically and that's really the whole basis for a thing or covering I mean there's no getting away from that are really kind it does point to 2 different species but when we come back around to common sense in the real world it's not quite got that easy to you know slice and dice but I also looked a bit a last night as a matter fact into the genome project and it wasn't long after I think it was the rhesus macaque was one of the monkeys I think was the rhesus macaque ... that where they had done that Gino a short while after the supposed human genome and there's another part to this were there is no denying that they are using certain types of animals supposedly for their close relationship to that the systems people have to do medical things it's over and over and over from inoculations to this day that just studying diseases to all these things but it seems to offer him being the same old suspects so I mean there is something to this arm but anyhow well we could beat this horse and tore white in the face or I just don't think we're going to get that much closer for now but that doesn't mean we're not gonna come back on this so you want to just kind of jump in and give people the background on the supposed monkey got of the Hindu I don't think god is the right word I really don't I think it's more like a natural attribute or an idea I could be wrong ... but the name of this suppose person injured quatre what everyone call it is hot new mount mind HA and you and a and I you want to just jump in and start giving him some of the mythical backstory and what not on this supposed entity yeah so obviously were trying to tie this into last week where we've been discussing the arch factor and there seems to be some sort of direct rests reference to the rhesus monkey and the rhesus monkey is native to India and the surrounding regions they're not in any other part of the world so the Monkees often use temples as their home base because they're they are protected and are often fed and pampered by the people there now from the temple area they radiate out and will freak like an urban areas especially more recently as as deforestation has occurred and in over the years of industrialization in India in the past many of them lived in temples even hundreds of years ago and the force nearby would be where they would retreat you but they don't come back to the temple so that was something that kept getting pointed out when I kept looking at different articles on these monkeys now over the years of course that the temples have been swallowed up as we're saying bye urbanization and industrialization and then the only place they would have to go if they were there too many of them are they this one to wonder around they would go into the cities now the monkeys are protected by high status given to them because of the association with this Hindu monkey god Hanuman now because of the nuisance issues that they can cause some monkeys will actually be rounded up and relocated back into the forests but from what I read that they add the numbers are are quite large and it doesn't matter how much they do they're still just all over the friggin place right there's a couple things about this I mean I mean it was nearly impossible to try to get to the roots ... through typical use of the internet of how the Monkees became associated with temples why the people are under north worships even the right word but they're taking care of them protecting them and it's in sharp contrast to the kind of ... protectorate they did the animal protection ideas that are more worldwide where they list the rhesus macaque as NC no concern helluva thing to it to label you know living thing in this world as we have no concern for it but ... as we get into this Jason even trying to figure out how the temples came to all these things it's like you could not get through ... D. Expedia you know travel here and pay $200 kind of junk to try to get into what's going on and then of course wikipedia wants to take it all up and that's not good enough but I mean did you did you find what I found ... it seems to be a really kind of unaddressed thing right now this this Hahnemann character definitely is integrated in with Hindu temples and all that but finding very specific information and you know let's take a moment to address this as well I'm really starting to get very suspicious about the way search engines work especially in relation to certain bits of information like you know you can you can find stupid crap all day long in whole and in spades in hours tons and tons tons of of of any random crap but I'm starting to notice a weird thing then and this is what I'm gonna bring up now and see what ... people out there might might have to comment on this for instance when I was trying to find references to India or if I put Indians and things like that what specific things that would only be in the country of India not referring to native Americans it was still like the search engine premise are still trying to get me off topic you know what I mean so I I really wonder if they've got something in these algorithms when you start trying to dig into more serious stuff that you know the deliberate late trying to make it difficult and you know and I don't to some like crazy conspiracy stuff but I don't think it's that hard to have the algorithms I mean we're all using the same Google search engines right that that they're doing things to make sure that it's at least somewhat difficult for us to get what we're looking for and we saw this with the Reese's factor you know last week you and I both have the same thing you know we we're trying to find specifically what all relates to me just it just seemed really ambiguous I'll take it a step further Jason over the last 2 shows particularly this 1 on the idea that I've had festering in my mind about where information the ability to get information goes once the Google's the world control at all is going to be terrible and and what we see here is exactly that I mean if you walk into a library the amount of information that's there is there you can find a book it's on a shelf somewhere the internet and when we began to dig into this monkey idea this monkey gods temples the rhesus factor all these things it was clearly just return and sol much garbage you got to the point where I would go down to the bottom of Google or other search engines I would click 20304050 pages ahead and then the problem became that by the time we got to the fortieth or 50 page you were completely off topic ... there's something to this jury Senate does go to show but anyhow we better keep pushing through here because we have just so much to get through by the time we began covering artificial time I imagine we're going to be gone way over right and one less than a point on that I'd like to throw out there for everyone a little trick I've learned doing this kind of research is sometimes what I put in my topic I don't just use the the main page where comes up I'll click on images with that same topic in there and try to see what comes up because there seems to be I'm conjecture in here but there seems to be some sort of difference of the algorithm and I'll find different things even on doing the same search so a little trick out there for anybody trying to look things up try it that way and see if you're getting anything different moving on with some more on Hanuman he is of course a Hindu god if if god is the appropriate word an avatar of sorts who resembles a rhesus monkey now the Indian people do not from all what I could see they do not call him a monkey god it's just that right that is his visage that is what it's like he resembles a but he's not supposed to be but among the in god like form from what I can fight now his name comes from Sanskrit from the word high Newmont meaning large jawed the skit Sanskrit texts mention several legends about Hanuman about how Hanuman got his name one legend is that Indra the king of the gods struck Haldeman's job during his childhood the child received his name from the Sanskrit words hot new job in mind for months meaning prominent or disfigured the name that's means one with prominent or disfigured jock another theory says the name derives from the Sanskrit words Han killed or destroyed and Monna pride the name implies one whose pride was destroyed I would also like to add that the name sounds like as far as English would be concerned new man or human but the second one here this I killed a destroyed pride you know that it almost sounds like they're trying to say something about us and human beings that are pride was destroyed in in the embodiment of this ... avatar well even in the word pride Jason it's spelled M. A. N. A. again we have the word man ... in Hana Maron you've got new man and that goes across a few languages too but here's what strikes me about this on the first definition of what this name might mean I is about a job I'm that could have to do with speech we could go any number of ways with I'm this is all we back to Sanskrit which is probably one of the most complex languages may be one of the oldest you know is but how is it that nobody quite knows you know this this is the story upon him on in the monkey temples all the way through that nobody's quite sure and we're going to get into the for that we begin 15 hundreds and of course everyone's aware that Britain you know what was the last emperor of India was like George the sixth or something like that I don't know if I have but I don let's keep Pushin so some Jane texts and this is Jay a I N. mentioned that Hanuman spent his childhood on an island called how new rule Hana which is the origin of another possibility for like the origin of his name they avatar is a devote to you of lord Rama and is one of the central characters in the various versions of the epic Rama Jana found in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia as one of the sheer on TV he is also mentioned in several other texts such as the Mahabharatha the various Peron us and some Jane Buddhist and seek text several later texts also present him as an incarnation of Shiva and Shiva is one part of the triune god and that representation is the destroyer of evil and the transformer Hanuman is the son of angina into sorry in this also son of the wind god by you who according to several stories played a role in his birth so that in itself is a little weird like how dizzy have multiple parents creating this person said already we see some odd things with the anthropomorphic isolation of this ... character in my view what you're looking at is western people coming in and just jacked up whatever was available here we've got to realize on but the story we're talking about upon among the supposed monkey avatar I guess I'll call him ... monkey man avatar Lana it shows up in Jane Buddhists seek tax these are some of the oldest things going as far as we know arm and not only that there's all these weird references as an example you gave one of the 3 or 4 possible ways this avatar came into being that I saw not just one ... that's almost like the James have a version the Buddhists have a version the Hindus have 2 or 3 versions but one thing I did found is there seems to be a relationship to what they call a sympathetic god which I found very interesting called I up I upon a why why a P. P. A. N. armed and they started to play back into the whole you know someone created this thing but at the end of the day Jason I think until we get down to the jazz away part of the text were about to cover here most people are going to be you know St where's that they're right right so since we're looking to tie the very real possibility that India is the cradle of civilization as oppose to Africa or perhaps it's just for the Caucasian civilization if there's any there too the Reese's factor let's take a moment to once again mention this notion of the first try you and god that of course is so predominant later religions and is to this day its first soon and the Hindu religion now and there is it's called the tri Merete it is the supreme Trinity in Hinduism in which the cosmic functions of creation maintenance and destruction are each personified as a triad of deities now in the typical version although there are variations Brahma is the creator Vishnu is the preserver and Shiva the destroyer regenerator although different denominations of the Hindu religion may have differing aspects of this line up but the general ideas at the same now in all 3 Davies of the tri Merete in Connie into a single avatar that avatar is known as Dattatreya yeah so you can kinda see you know as I opened up I didn't want to say Hanuman was a guide in this kind of starts to demonstrate that really the way they're thought about is almost like aspects of nature or something like that I think I have the language to describe it but this bullet point strikes me for ... one main reason and you know what's been called the trimer TM we're talking about the 3 year the trying god and you can see how certain aspects of language like hot new man on go across like these languages that are so far removed from one another and I found this over and over and ... so clearly my guess would be she came white later they're borrowing from these ideas but it's just interesting to me that we kept the T. R. I tried always mean 3 and then there's all these other words that don't seemingly relate but anyhow the pattern off our wondered off their Jason well what's interesting is this was all the way back we don't know how far back because of course as we've discussed before we we definitely have a very strong notion that history was changed altered obvious gated that something went on there's there's pretty much no doubt about that at this point we just don't know what it is and it's difficult to try and cover it because we don't know what sources are accurate when aren't so my way of dealing with that of course is trying to cross reference as much as possible after any salient point but there seems to be something to this which is why I have once again brought up this trying god in in I can do is expect no yeah Devlin Hinduism but in Judaism ands of course Christianity that just very strong notions of the strain god so there's something to this this notion of 3 and of course you know as well as we've discussed many times or something to these numbers so getting back to haunt him on some of the stories around this character was still a baby Hanuman tried to fly up and grab the sun which he mistook for a fruit in drug the king of the gods struck Hanuman with his thunderbolt on the job thus inspiring the name again another relate a possibility for how we got its name when Hanuman continued to misbehave powerful sages cursed him to forget his magic powers such as the ability to fly or to become infinitely large until he was reminded of them Hanuman led the monkeys to help the god Rama recover Rama's wife Sita from the demon Ravana king of Lanka sometimes thought of to be Sri Lanka having been reminded of his powers by jump of I'm the king of the bears Harlem on cross the street between India and longer in one leap despite the efforts of watery demon asses to stop him by swallowing him or his shadow he was discovered in Lanka and his tail was set on fire but he used that fire to burn down langkah Hahnemann also flew to the Himalayas and returned with a mountain full of medicinal herbs to restore the wounded and dramas army so I suspect most people hear things like this and and they're kind of thinking blah blah blah but I would point out there are these these things are in existence for a reason they're holding all these ideas as an example on the beginning of this bullet point on Jason is basically showing you the one to one corollary with the old Greek myth of Icarus flying up to the sign you know getting too close to the sun in the Ikaris tale ... but by the time you get down to the end you know he's in the Himalayas and it's you know I have first hand experience with people who were PhD is of non ... medicine or biology and it's from that read so the reason we're kinda covering some of this is just so you have a frame of reference there's all kinds of information in the supposed maths on not always easy to define what that might be anyhow back to Jason right they'd as with a lot of the stories there's it sounds like they're encoding right important information things that they you know they want to get out there and it you know a lot people say that about the Christian Bible and all the the tax and there seems to be some very important notions of that you know the the stories are just that stories but it's the personification of information it that's embedded in there that's out you know for the longest time of course would have been laurel predominately handed down for goodness knows how long before people would mass produce the capability to get all this information out there so what it is these ancient peoples are trying to tell us we don't know but you have to look you can't look at it as just a science fiction story of to say we'll go so what is this representing right and I would mention Jesus near you and I have taken so much time to kind of demonstrating even in this run we're going to show how the Jesuits can be absolutely paired off with the changing the the hiding of information on as their first mission which was indeed Indiana in respect what we're talking about here but I would suggest that probably no out a more accurate more valid picture of history is hidden within these accounts that we actually get from our textbooks arm I would submit that the problem here is it's a bit like any other on you know any old old taxed where if you don't have someone to teach you or some kind of a historical link to the information it's very difficult to try to weed through what's valuable right now while Hahnemann is one of the central characters in the engine room do epic Ramadan as we said before the evidence of devotional worship to him is missing in the texts and archaeological sites of ancient and most of the medieval period and of course the dark ages into the medieval period is where we brought up before where we think there's some major obvious cation going on in any kind of ... historical timeline of of western culture right so here again we have a one to one match I you and I have done shows to make the case that modern history began to be jacked up as far as we can tell and in what's called the medieval period on going on except the dark ages I think that's part of what went on with the rewriting of everything here we are over in India and the same things are being found so here's this major religious centralized figured that no one can quite tell you what it all means how you've got his name Lauren and the ideas that are encoded the monkey avatar on but we're about to get into that there is a reason and that reason would be the Jesuits in the breast so let's keep calling Jason right now to tie up all of these ... intro on on the Hindu gods and all that one thing that definitely was even easily noticeable to me while I was doing in research and all that sort of thing I kept seeing one thing repeated over and over and over again and maybe a lot of you folks we'll hear me say that and and already gas but of course it is son symbolism tons of it TACAN no it away from it right and of course I mention this because it seems like no matter how far back as far back as we can trying get into what we see as a repeated meme is some symbolism the rest of this might just be window dressing and they're the heart of the matter is just that it is encoding of the sun and just everything we just we've always discussed it always seems to come back to that I would point out that in some of the research I was seeing that some of the Hindu sacks were suppose we still using a winner calendar but that a bunch over Marie using what's called the solely lunar calendar which people follow my remember that is with the Vatican uses to set the date of Easter on because the sort of solar calendar won't get you to the first near month after the full moon in the equal so all that is up to before but that's kind of interesting to you and I almost wonder if the solely lunar calendar is a real all to their or what you're about to cover had a hand but anyhow here's where we start to get into the meat and potatoes of why it is so damn difficult to try to make heads or tails out of all this information we're gonna talk people who likely jacket up absolutely and we of course did a very thorough breakdown of the Jesuit order and after their creation one of the first places they went and established and flourished was in India now this next passage I'm gonna read who is from the Oxford handbooks website the relationship between Jesuits in India began in the sixteenth century with the arrival of Saint Francis eggs a beer on the shores of India and it continues into the 20 first century even the suppression of the society of Jesus worldwide by pope Clement the fourteenth on 7/21/1773 did not obliterate the presence of Jesuits in India some of them continue to serve the people of India as former Jesuits and 1 of them fryer Francesco de Andreas from Naples Italy was re admitted into the restored society of Jesus in 1814 and decide and died on 12/31/1818 from 1834 onward Jesuits start coming once again from different parts of the world to work in India restoring the old inaugurating new areas and activities together with their collaborators Jesuits have contributed and are still contributing to nation building in India so let's be perfectly clear about these black dress wherein jokers on because I don't think there's anything positive I'm never going to say about these people and that's rare for me because I usually have something positive to say about everything in this world but the Jesuits are not one of those things armed there were it there's a 26 twentieth century Jesuit measuring missionary called Camille balk and he actually writes and this shows how insidious the Jesuits are because they're speaking all the native languages of where they've gone in this case these guys are reading Sanskrit and they're scrubbing in changing and hiding in taking and reforming and let's be perfectly clear the society of Jesus has an agenda the Jesuits have an agenda that's all there is to it so this guy Camille book that I'm mentioning the twentieth century jazz or comes and and writes a book get this here's the title rom katha good potty are beakers okay shows you what he's doing he speaks the language in knows worries that he knows what he's doing but here's what it means the tale of Rama its origin and development here's the rub when you begin to get into this thing that he wrote it's like some kind of a proposal but it's passed off as factual and what he ends up saying in this writing which is in the native tongue which is put all over the place which is replacing whatever the people who live there for centuries probably had written down is a proposed that hard to mine the worship of Hanuman was the base of of cults of aboriginal tribes I'm not even kidding during coming to a rich culture and you boil it down to colts an aboriginal tribes that's what this missionary did and so weakened when we're going to hear as we move through show flat out that in the 15 hundreds one of the very first judge what missions was to India and I think that tells us something about India in terms of how important it is as the idea of cradle of civilization may be just tucked Akaka's words I don't know for sure but certainly as as the cradle of civilization to some portion of the world at large anyhow sorry for the the wordy response there Jason well I I'm hoping the people at this point are trying to see what were unfolding here for them you know what why we went into this this Hindu god all that because if there's some massive amount of information that's being woven into these early stories in a place where proposing may actually be the cradle of modern civilization and then they we have the Jesuits coming in doing what they do well this is gonna tie in to this all missing history an alternate history whatever we want to call it that we've been trying to look into it we keep looking for key factors of like how would they have pulled this off if indeed they did and there's pretty pretty damning evidence suggesting that they did so this is what we're doing is we're trying to show Hey there's something here but them all listens admit informations missing all over the place and then we see the judge is going in in in this ... it hundreds of years ago doing their thing so right points of missing history seems to stem of course in the 15 or 16 hundreds in the 15 hundreds when they go to India so how much of this real history has actually been lost or displaced or just plain destroyed by possibly them you know that it is a huge question that I don't know how we're really gonna be able to answer right now I don't think you ever can I mean it's a bit like someone come into a jigsaw puzzle on a table and stealing lord knows how many pieces forging some pieces leaving some pieces out ... and then handing it back to run same build this jigsaw puzzle it's not really a doable thing clear for people born up to date on the Jesuits Jason ... the Jesuits were originally formed in as were pointing out here one of their very first missions is and India group probably one of the major cradles of civilization ... and they are basically like the ninja military secret service arm reportable only to the pope in the laws and bylaws or whatever the heck the proper terminology can and I don't know what it would be a forgotten because it's been awhile since we did the episode it is stated outright that a Jesuit can never be pope and his reportable only to the pope and they exist basically to serve the pope and kind of a military is stick fashion while so everyone is completely clear about this picture the current sitting pope is a Jesuit not only that Jason pointed out earlier that there was a poll that actually disbands the Jesuit 1.not only are the Jesuits disbanded by the Vatican itself but they're kicked out of France Spain Portugal I I forget the list every major country that matters and up trying to kick the Jesuits out and then for some bizarre reason in the the I think it's the 18 hundreds ... they're they're put back together and by the way they never went anywhere they just changed their name these are some really pain in the butt dudes this organization has really cause trouble it's written false histories it's gone in and completely decimated on local traditions and histories and that's really what we're getting to here so again sorry Jason bacteria well this is really important because we know from our from our research into the Jesuits that they did a lot of dirty underhanded things in lots and lots of different countries and certain countries as you as you reiterated their did kick them out but guess where they were never kicked out of India they were there the entire time I think Russia too if I remember correctly just the recall places but even the kicking out of them did Jack because all they did was change their name they kept going as they ever did they just didn't call themselves Jesuits for awhile right as far as I know down and it may be they in an official capacity their their infrastructure was not currently functional but these people who held all this power and influence their network would've still exist and it's not like they were you know did kick out of Catholicism altogether so you know we know that whatever it is they were doing underneath all of this whatever their their overall goal wasn't seems to be 2 of always advance the the power the Catholic Church you know it it just didn't stop they just probably had to be a little more underhanded about it but again we're just retirement India today which we really didn't go into into just one episode so if indeed there was some sort of greater agenda going on the ... the thousands of jazz was it would have been there and still are today what has been able just carry on their work I mean it's not like that someone was going to be to get on the internet back then and say Hey they're still doing their thing that they were all far off another part the world that that had very little communication so what was to stop them from doing whatever it was that they were intending to do right and these jokers man almost every thing we start to look at these guys were here first in so many cases but just to refresh a few minds before you hit this next bullet point which proves the hand of the Catholic Church of the Jesuit order however you want to slice and dice the labeling of that ... is in India and jacking up the story of Hanuman which may or may not relate to the R. H. positive idea and the rhesus monkey in the temples for the recess originally in this world most likely the first of the year was at the spring equinox I can demonstrate this and all these different ways but to cut to the chase it was moved to January 1 of the year we're told it was by Caesar Julius if there was such a man yes author of the joint calendar we are told ... and pope Gregory the thirteenth I believe so you can see that the moving from what I consider to be the proper first of the year at the spring equinox back in January is holy a Roman or holy Roman or Vatican idea they're the people who made it up there the people who push that they're the people who implemented it so keep that in mind as Jason covers this next bit right Hana months birthday is observed by some Hindus as Hanuman Jayanti it falls in much of India in the traditional month of Chaitra in loony solar Hindu calendar which overlaps with March and April however in parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu Hanuman JI Jayanthi is observed in the regional Hindu month of my Ghazi which overlaps with December and January the festive day is observed with devotes he's gathering at Hahnemann temples before sunrise and daylong spiritual re citations and story reading about the victory of good over evil and as you said this pretty much shows that the Jesuit invasions change the narrative from old ways to new ways yeah and you know we didn't touch earlier we probably should have there's this heart of mine avatar is heavily heavily associated with a victory of good over evil and this is in the Mahabharatha there around my other things like this I mean it's in a lot of very supposed old spiritual tax arm but here you have it around you have heart mind being what's the celebrated in what's called traditional the month of Chaitra which I think may relate to the idea of immortality the word is very similar I using the Hindu luni solar calendar which is basically the true first of the year you're right there at the spring equinox but then of course it's jacked up to December and January and again that has nothing to do with the Indians are Asians or any other part of the world for the most part that's not 100 percent true but we have the Jesuits on the scene and we have the very architects of changing the first day of the year standing there in my eyes that's pretty much proof positive of the the intent and the actions changing and removing and obscuring what existed before they got there right so let's get into a little more of an expression of what we're just saying about always versus new ways there is what we have called old style it is abbreviated as O. S. if you see it in in any sort of media and new style an ass that are used with dates to indicate whether the Julian year has been adjusted to start on first January in the new style even the documents written at the time use a different start of the year old style or whether a date conforms to the Julian calendar formal used in many countries rather than the replaced Gregorian calendar now closer related is double dating what uses 2 consecutive years because of differences in the starting date of the year or includes both the Julian and Gregorian dates beginning in 1582 the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian in Catholic countries this change was also implemented in Protestant and orthodox country sometime later in England and Wales Ireland and the British colonies the change of the start of the year and the changeover from the Julian calendar occurred in 1752 under the counter act 1750 of the new style in Scotland the legal start of year had already been moved to January 1 in 1600 but Scotland otherwise continue to use the jewel ... to use the Julian calendar until 1752 many cultures and countries now using the Gregorian calendar have different old styles and dating depending upon the type of counter they used before the change so here's the calendar game man and I'll tell you where I'm out with it as I mentioned in the opening the naval observatory that supposedly keeps world time on a cesium clock is keeping Gregorian in Julian calendar time why what's the point were told the Julian calendar needed a correction so they came up with the Gregorian opt out 10 days or some other nonsense that story berries ... and did all these things and gave us months were somehow this many days and some except for February because every fourth year we're gonna lose you know it's all this construct complete construct of time which is where this episode is gonna end we're gonna rip out a part proper my point is this Jason and I set out to try to show ... that some of the Royals in this world a lot of the Royals most of the Royals were using the old son based ideas that some might call astrology or maybe they call alchemy doesn't matter the natural idea of where the sign is any year to conceive and then have children and as we got into it we started finding some very adjusting things but we quickly caught on that a lot of these people I. 2 birthdays like queen Elisabeth many others and we quickly realized that one was referring to a Julian calendar in the other 2 a Gregorian it appears to me that what's happened here and by the way the switch from Julian to Gregorian to fix a supposed error is so insignificant as to be almost not doable the main thing that gets changed as were told to Julian had 10 months and all this other probable nonsense I mean if you're using a lunar moons ... it probably would have 13 of them as as an equal division but anyhow we're told the suppose Romans were using tan and there was problems and there was a correction to the Gregorian calendar where they dropped 10 days I think that had to do with Easter if I remember correctly ... all this nonsense what's going on is these people are still keeping the Julian calendar and I suspect the reason for it is the real numbers that matter if they're hiding are in the form of the Julian calendar Jason and I are gonna go back on this but it is no easy task to unravel to be sure and when you discover that the world time cesium clock in Washington DC is also keeping Julian time yeah it's just like why what the heck there is something to this but anyhow Jason do you feel like I dropped anything did it do anything fall through the crack there now you nailed it then when this is what we're doing we're trying to figure out what the aristocracy what the royal people because of obviously what we've been looking as blood in bloodlines all that so we started looking at dates and significance is because as you and I both know we always find significance to certain dates and tying in with the equinoxes and all that and then of course we come upon this weird thing with the with the calendar dates and we don't know what's what when you really look at its how do you translate these how do you get them to where it would be more accurate and we were having a conversation ... off the air about astrology and nailing these things down and basically what it comes down to is anyone doing incredibly accurate astrology could find out exactly when events are occurring because of of course the certain celestial bodies being in certain positions and that's all monitored and and and written down and has nothing to do it with the jacked up dates right which is what we set out to demonstrate is that basically what a lot of people would call astrology although I have problems with that word now because there's so many different versions of it in versions out there that are meant to be unhelpful ... these people are following that and what really kind of starts to prove it is when they will not divulge the actual time on a clock time ... the actual time some royal personage was born and there's no reason for that the only reason that I can logically workout for that since we can show that they're using the sign and and other bodies ought to plan their their conception and birth ... is that you can get it down to the second and so that's a must astrological thing in the problem here also is that astrology has been so defamed for most people aren't that it just sounds like nonsense but the truth is the truth is there is no getting away from the fact that all time in this world is based on that you know basically the equinoxes and solstices you goal more finite and start to talk about months in the moon in these things my point is this arm we started to look at prince William you know the next king of England and we began to realize what he was born right at the height of the power of the sun and then he's got a son named George and he's right there at the height of the power of the sun so we started looking at the people who George was named after what we found is that George 123 and I think for I don't remember if it was 5 Jason were also what I would describe as a sign king being born at the height of the power of the sun of course act going back to Julius Caesar who gives us the month of July and who launches the Julian calendar near the height of the sign at the summer solstice so that's a lot to think about but there is absolutely something to this and it is absolutely based in the older ways were time was capped by looking at the sun or the moon or you know something in the sky and that's basically what the whole end of this episode is going to be taking apart the fact that we've been ripped from nature and we live in a completely 100 percent no arguing about it artificial world when you look at it from the point of view of time anyhow back to Jason so before we start tearing apart this this concept of artificial time why are we discussing this in the first place what are we getting at when we look at this aristocracy and all that and it seems to be that and it in my opinion I think you're you're pretty much in the same mind they are able to keep track of things in a much more accurate way for themselves but they've confiscated all for the people who are outside of their little circles that's what it really seems to come down to especially with this revelation about the cesium clock why would they be keeping that well obviously they're using it for something wouldn't you say yeah I mean probably the people who actually know what true history of this world it sure does help if you know something about the older calendar but I also suspect that there is something to Mike in alchemy like that farmer planting his seed farmers got the seeds it's not gonna plan I'm at the fall equinox he's not gonna plan I'm at the winter solstice he's gonna wait till March and is going to plant them in spring because that's what the natural system requires there's something to this that relates to that idea of when a person is born when a person is conceived what it means to be born in a certain month and the real problem with talking about this is the average year again will sail they're talking about astrology on how well I'm sorry you can be out all day long there is something to this in the same way a former knows when he must plant because nature requires it these alchemical these older these sky based ideas the natural clock sky clock that we have orb are absolutely being exploited by the people who still understand why it was important and goodness knows what it is they're trying to hide in the long run that's that's when I was a costly thinking about one week we kept uncovering point after point after point that time is been Jack why what are they doing and I think we've pretty much said it as this and past episodes in fact the more they do this sort of thing the more we are pulled away from the natural world and basically the more confused we are in the easier it is to control us exactly exactly well said basically we live in fantasy we end up DM fence wearing diapers living in a fantasy based world that has no relation to reality on because of the artificial construct which is what we are about to set out to show on them will kick it off and will use the equinox is an example so you know for a long time I've been talking about they were announcing the spring equinox at the wrong time you know I had thought about it thought about it as we got into this episode you know 7 days ago I sat down I really began to think about it and I finally realized ... and it's pretty common sense which is a bit embarrassing that I didn't think of it sooner but none the less I finally realized but anyhow on do you wanna pick up or do you want me to launch straight and one more thing I want to add in what we were trying to do which we found out was a much larger problem to tackle before we get into this is that we where trying to look at the the broiled birthdays and we have a chart and then wear matching that against ... do Jewish holidays and the Catholic holidays and the equinoxes and all that and of course we did find a lot of birthdays and things like that lining up with some of the stuff which you know there's just so much information that wasn't something we can just slam together and put out but just so everyone knows we are looking at these things looking for the significance of it all and what what why they do what they do and when they do a kind of a thing so if they're obvious getting time as far as ... in record keeping and all that they may be doing things on their own scale for their very specific reasons and we can't even really know that because of the way of things we jacked around so anyway let's not let's do that let's explain how the equine oxes cannot be announced by date accurately with the current system and how each year a day is chosen which doesn't actually reflect the reality of the natural system especially from place to place you know that the thing that's not really taken in consideration ... just like we saw with eclipse is that it depends upon where you're at right in there is the beginning of the spinning of the non reality based solution to convince everyone that when C. N. N. and the local newspapers say guess what guys the spring equinox is on March 20 this year you're being holy holy separated from a reality based life into a fantasy based life and here's why it finally dawned as I began to take apart the announcement for this past equinox for spring that we just came through it was announced as March 20 and I kept noticing all this language from the news casters in the articles in the things that I looked at worried said and even though the word equinox means equal night it's really not quite equal and I said wait a minute yes that's what I need one ox is man equal day equal night that is what any equinoxes and for some reason we have the German version that the word means equal night it doesn't change the idea and so on the face of it what they were telling you was a lie and so as I dug and I realized why because you cannot pick a day for the equine ox and announce it to a country or a world because it depends where you are in my case my news was telling me that March 20 at some certain time of the day was the equinox when in fact we were gonna have equal their night either on the 20 fourth or fifth so I proved it flat out to myself and then as I begin to look at this idea yeah I began to realize that this is case in point for the artificiality of our world for the kind of complete separation from using a sign to know when sunrise is or you know a year when a year has occurred using any equinox or a solstice to recognize this is the only true division of time to where we are now but before I dive in a kick it back you Jason and will move in well what I'd like to know from all of what you've looked at especially before I've I've ever became involved what do you think is the significance of the equinoxes now that Wierd these specific events seeming to have so much importance to the people behind the scenes some of that I can address and a lot of it I can't to be perfectly honest why why and may sonic driving's walking in bow as encoding the equinoxes is always used seems to accord a lot of things and truth is I don't accept the description of our world so there's pride good reason why I don't understand a lot of what's being valued in these times but if you boil it down to its base anyone oxen a solstice divide your year in the only way that matters in a natural way and if we want to take it back before anyone ever had a wrist watch that's pretty critical key information to know you know when to plant you know when the harvest you know when the months are going to come when you cannot plant and you better have food set by higher away to hide or something like that these kinds of ideas on the though that's the most basic I highly suspect that there's a heck of a lot more to it and as an example and some of the oldest texts I've ever got my hands on the summer solstice which is died 6/20/2122 something like that depending on what you're you're looking at I is referred to when people die as the gateway of man the inverse of that is the winter solstice which occur sometime around Christmas January 21 dish depending on the year in the decade of the century and all that is referred to when people die as the gateway of gods and so there was this whole idea that clearly had some more esoteric meaning encoded in it but the truth is is you know right now you're listening to a guy who doesn't accept the description of our world and it's so until I can accept some kind of a description how can I possibly be able to put together the idea of what he called Oxus isn't solstices maybe encoding so how much of an answer sorry well the thing I came up with and and just doing what I normally do I try to stop it strip it down to its bare bones is that right no matter what calendar you're using for a day to day basis ancient peoples nerves leave that as a as an open ambiguous ness could still mark the passage of time because these events solstices and equinoxes carved the year up into 4 sections so they can I don't know that X. amount of events occurred from point to point you know that is a year any they didn't necessarily need like in in the far past they what they can live in this over corporate ties world that we live in today you know they didn't have to give a crap about getting up at you know actually had to be up by 9:00 AM so I could be a work for 10:00 AM and you know I only what I'm working these 5 days and I'm gonna today's up they didn't do that you know it was it was a much more in touch with the added the ground the nature that you know that the spirit of of everything compared to what we are today where were pretty much turned into machines following a cesium clock if you will right so I want to do a couple things before we wrap the episode ... as we get into the second hour we're absolutely going to show that we live in an artificial construct and time is probably the heart beat of that illusory dream world that has been spun around us but as an example we talked about the Julian and Gregorian calendars I would invite anyone 9 I do it is Jason and I start to queue up and go back on this take important dates like 911 9/11/2001 take that Gregorian date that has been echoed through this world so many gazillion times and transfer it back to Julian calender while you're at it transferred to a Coptic calendar and see what you see and you'll begin to see what we have hinted at and flat out stated here ... let's cover one more thing let's cover this last thing that's next up Jason to give people a flavor of where this is going to go just to demonstrate the complete farce falsehood fantasy based reality the current time as soldiers kick it over you and let's cover this last point before we wrap for the first hour alright so roughly 150 years ago all time was determined by observing the sky in the United States alone there were hundreds of times those which were accurate to the local natural observable system operators of the new railroad lines needed a new time plan that would offer a uniform train schedule for departures and arrivals for standard time zones for the continental United States were introduced on 11/18/1883 and here is the crux of what I have kind of started considering as the death knell from human beings living in a natural system this is one of the first frontal assaults of course brought to you by the robber barons of America the lap dog but lapdog of England ... the richest among us here are brought brought to us by them with the excuse that although we can't possibly run our trains and by the way there were something like 50 different train companies believe it or not I look it up on but we couldn't possibly schedule or trains because all these local OB hillbillies out there are actually looking at the sun and saying Hey man at sunrise so we have hundreds of times owns how can we deal with it I would point out firstly that maritime travel and ships imports had been operating since the beginning of the first ship or court that was ever built not having this issue and while it could be argued to trains were get more they were going a little more quickly than a lot of the ships were the fact remains is that I do not accept the argument in the first place on the fact remains that when I look at the naval observatory in Washington DC with the supposed oscillating radioactive Adam cesium clock keeping world time yet still holding on to Julian as well as Gregorian icy complicity here I see malice aforethought so before I kick it over you Jason I just want to state emphatically we are going to take apart the modern time allusion in such a way that I don't think the average person will ever look at it and Sam why do you have anything you want to add before we close up well I hope that folks see that even though some of these things were discussing seemed a little disconnected what we're really trying do is paint a picture that going back as far as we can find that things were intentionally being changed altered obvious gated maybe completely deleted on purpose for the point of control because of what we're always trying to do in the show is point out how just how much the control system really exist it's bear you know and they just kind of painted over with this veneer of everything's okay and and you know this is all crazy crazy nonsense it's not crazy nonsense how much how much do we have to get into before folks really realize that we are living in a completely constructed reality and that's what we're doing here so hopefully we gave you a good intro to all of this artificial time idea that we're gonna completely tear pardon our 2 right that there isn't there's no getting away from it you know Jason and and maybe as I close up I'll just say you know that that old band that everyone's embarrassed to like from the eighties called sticks they really summed it up I in their album the grand illusion people should go back and listen to some of the words off that album these things were done within 10 it's almost hard to imagine the length of time backwards a lot of this stuff started but here we are and as we get into the second hour we're gonna completely decimate time and demonstrate that living in a natural world is a natural human being was largely taken apart with the bringing in of time zones for the robber barons ago on the railroads in the United States quickly followed by GMT and not in London the meridian meantime so there it is man we're bringing up so it's 75 to a close the first hour I hope you all over crew triple 7 where we will in fact demonstrate that a major part of the dream within the dream we currently experiences based on time and the time we're going to find here is an absolute illusion there it is jurors the you the I I this //
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074 Rh Factors & the Rhesus Monkey – What’s in a Bloodline?
\\mmhm alright man walking crew triple 7 radio this is episode 74 that's actually the intro for episode 74 I've Jason lingered with me and we set out to cover ... blood basically on the tail of the last things that we did the covered so much of the red cross we set out to kind of show ... the blood business ... something around 50 percent admitted of the blood supply is controlled by the red cross we get into that but as we started to do the research a much more interesting picture about blood started to emerge that I've been aware of but not to the degree that I am now having done the roughly 7 days of research around it ... and that has to do with the R. H. factor and blood and all reiterate a little here because ... Jose the wind from Jose was going by yesterday and there's a couple places where the file got messed up in the beginning so ... the our age factor in blood ... stands for recess and it comes from the rhesus monkey and to be clear since the beginning of the file as a little bit jacked up just a little bit quickly ... if you are our age positive there are people in this world who will consider date you are directly related to the rhesus monkey and share a gene or that's not actually true an antigen with the rhesus monkey and that you're not pure human not kidding and I go into this a bit as a matter fact I would suggest to you that both in the beginning of the movie hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy where Harvey dent or Arthur dent I guess it is I is introduced and it is claimed his descended from monkeys and then most death comes walking up who is a black man and it is stated outright that he is not descended from monkeys ... of course there is a whole ops view cation here that Jason and I tried to dig through but for my money it appears that if you truly have real African descent that you are likely are H. negative therefore if everything we've been told is true there is no relation to the real rhesus monkey anyhow wanted to get that and ... and I will also add clearly the original planet of the apes with Charlton Heston when the astronauts are landing on this kind of monkey planet where all the apes are ... those are portraying real human beings coming down I will point out there is an African American or black man on that crew who happens to be an actor I don't remember ever seeing anywhere but in that show again echoing the ideas encoding the ideas that we're going to talk about here UMP this is a really interesting episode and what I took away from it was everything that I'm gonna share with you but there was an over arching theme that I could not get away with this stuff is ops you created it is hidden you go to to supposed medical or scientific sources and they will tell you contrast in things that do not jive ... the idea of whether or not ... people who have true heritage from the African continent ... could be considered purely human is one of the ideas that was heavily heavily attacked and ops few created and lied about by the European community ... then the fact that Europeans at most of them are are H. positive that was hidden and covered up in all these ways so at the end of the day we're going to present information here in the best way we can't but I'll tell you man this is one heck of a ball of yarn to unravel but this is the damn interesting episode and we try to tie over as much as we can to show where these ideas are echoed ... but at the end of the day you're gonna have to make up your own mind for my money people are people ... you value a human being at it at face value that's why I'm coming from ... anyhow let's jump into the up so with Jason all right ma'am welcome crew triple 7 radio this is episode 74 have Jason lingered with me we're gonna open up a can of worms here we're going to talk about blood and we're gonna talk about other things that are a lot of people out there will have reaction to so ... without much further ado welcome Jason hello crow so I got to ask you before we get started here Jason are you a monkey's uncle but well all I can tell you is when I donated blood about 20 years ago I came back with a card that said AB positive which is suppose to be the second rarest blood type so then according to what you just told me there are people in this world that would say yes indeed you are a monkey's uncle that is correct and one of those people right out of the gate would be south Korean right yeah but what what's that show he runs on no Cartoon Network I can never remember the name of it robot chicken so robot chicken there is a production company where they make fun of at least 84 percent of the population at the end of every episode where they show an animated monkey Seth green laughs and then he says stupid monkey the reason is doing this because are in error if you're our age positive damn shame being made here is that use our some kind of a genetic history with the rhesus monkey which is what our age stance for recess ... but anyhow Jason anything you want to add before we jump into this thing proper you wanna do the magazine first yeah I guess I'll mention it right out of the gate I was offered an opportunity to write articles with absolutely no oversight which I am all about man I am so sick of kind of you to bring their oversight are even use Facebook anymore any other really form of social media why used Twitter to announce episodes but I'm so freaking kind of done with the online censorship that when I got an offer to write anything I want with absolutely no oversight I jump on it so I'm gonna be writing were occurring articles for a new print magazine from the flat earth community called flat earth revival magazine apparently I am told this Friday it will go on sale ... at Amazon ... I'm not sure if that date is exactly right I think that's what they're aiming for and I've said often that I'm not really a part of the flat earth community but I truly appreciate what these people are doing there they're challenging the status quo here and not only that they're trying to put out a print magazine in there something to be said for that ... in light of what I just mentioned with all the censorship online so you know there's that Jason one and that's exactly it we meant necessarily mean neither of us subscribe fully to any kind of group or notion but the whole point is that we're challenging everything question everything and people who are doing that sort of thing are just trying to do the same thing well I can tell you flat out that our world is mis described I can tell you flat out that space is mis describes I truly appreciate what many of the people on the flat earth community you're trying to do the problem is is that whenever you get a group of people everybody knows the shenanigans that goes with groups whether it's people coming in to cause trouble because they can or other people within the community doing unhelpful things that's the main reason I don't participating groups but none the less ... I've been handed an opportunity to write any damn thing I want in a magazine that will be both digital and and I jumped all over that man because I am so sick of where the internet is going and the amount of censorship that we have to deal with at this point but anyhow Jason are you ready to jump in to the whole blood story I mean it's a hell of a thing is it not the blood is the life so let's do this alright man who do you let's jump in and start to break down what we have learned about blood and we'll get into the whole rhesus monkey idea and for 85 percent of us out there ... it'll be something to think about anyhow go ahead so there are 4 normal blood types a B. a B. and ... there are 342 antigens which are molecules in the blood that are capable of triggering the production of antibodies 160 of the 342 group antigens are what's called high prevalence meaning found in the red blood cells of most people if blood is lacking an antigen that 99 percent of the population are positive for that blood is considered rare if the blood lacks 1 of them that's 99.99 percent that are positive for it is then considered very rare if a particularly high prevalence indigenous missing from this particular blood that person is considered negative for that blood group if that person receives blood from a positive donor than the receivers antibodies will most likely react with the donated blood and trigger an immunity response and if it's something that's a serious thing it can actually turn out to be lethal alright so there's prior couple things we should address here before we get and part of what you just talked about refers to antigens in terms of the R. H. factor ... it's very confusing and I think it's confusing for a reason ... I think it's partially confusing because it came from European labs initially I think that's part of the reason is confusing but we're talking about the R. H. factor it is not only referred to as an antigen but it's also referred to as a protein right I've heard that said ends what's interesting is I think it's been obscured on purpose if I had right hazard a guess because as we're gonna get into it seems that this our age factor has a lot to do with the elite bloodlines and I do wonder if they've and made it ambiguous at best to try and figure out because I looked and looked and looked and looked and tried to figure out exactly what means what and I kept seeing things described in different ways and different depending on what the source was so I just want to say right out of the gates here that I'm not really all that sure and I'm just gonna presented I seen yeah I think you're spot on Jason I think that this is purposely I mean you can go from source to source even 3 different scientific supposed scientific sources that have variants and what you're being told I think this is absolutely ops you created I think there's a big truth being hidden but anyhow before we move on on the next point we're gonna cover here is the our age factor or the recess factor which most people will recognize from the name it is taken from the recess my ... should we address the African thing before we get into do you want to hold off not got a whole section on that that will get to so let's just say what this is a first and that that is that there is one particularly special antigen involved in all this called the art each factor most of the world's population is what is called R. H. positive it means that their blood contains a particular protein called rhesus my cock a much smaller percentage somewhere around 15 percent of the entire world's population are said to have our H. negative the I. R. each negative factor is a recessive phenotype and they are each pop as a dominant phenotype all right so should we break this down little bit so that people get the whole are each thing or is that or is that within the scope of of where we're going here that is defined where we're gonna be going with this but first we're gonna discuss the blood is a business to kind of put a ... a really good and cap on what we discussed last week with the red cross and all that okay so let's just suffice it to say that you've just introduced what are H. positive men what are H. negative are to be perfectly clear our age stands for rhesus macaque that is a monkey alright what the claim being made here and the reason I'm using this kind language is because so much of the information you get on this varies I mean some of it is opposite where you can read certain things about true African heritage you will see the exact opposite thing written in another place and both are supposed scientific sources soul on will get into this and I used other means to try to verify it but to be perfectly clear if you are are each positive as an example a positive blood or a be positive blood that means you're our age positive the implication are with the current what's available knowledge about these things the claim being made is that you share some kind of a heritage wore jeans or DNA on some level with the rhesus macaque monkey okay that's what's being said here and they're calling it the R. H. factor the word fact was intentionally lifted in here ... words have meaning to do the opposite side of the coin which Jason kind of reference if you are our age negative you make up a very small percentage of the world community supposedly as small as 15 percent and actually if you're certain types of bloody gets much lower if you're O. N. R. H. negative you're a very small percentage of the world population but if you are our H. negative the claim being made is that you do not share any ancestry with a monkey the rhesus macaque to be specific this will play directly into suppose bloodlines the elite and got everything under the sun you have no idea but I cover that okay Jason you did there's one little fact on a throw out there before we move on and that's the be ... the monkey the particular monkey where we're talking about is from the Indian region if Southeast Asia but its predominant area is from India so you know if there's any truth to evolution which you know which there's not there's not really ... that's that's where that monkey comes from and it's there's a lot people think that the cradle of civilization may not be Africa it's India so who knows man that that that what this actually means well I mean that the arch factor when you get into it is a very damp telling thing because first of all if you just apply simple logic to what you're being told and try to confirm in some way shape or form the claims being made by the scientific community and you immediately recognize that arm the idea of evolution out of Africa doesn't hold water even if you remove it from Africa that still doesn't hold water around you have people like Mark Twain on the record and I can't quote exactly I don't have it from me but he was saying things like the cradle of all civilization came from India the roots of language all these things about India people like Twain said arm what you're looking at here if there is any accuracy to it ... and I think there is some accuracy to it is just hard to know what the specifics because that's clearly been hidden and if I had to get us a big part of the reason it's hidden is because of the European view of African people I think that had a lot to do with it but my point here is this if in fact the R. H. positive factor that is placed on a blood type does in fact relate.blood type to rhesus macaque I mean alone there's not too many ways that you could get that into a blood type and evolution wall coverage soul anyhow I'll just stop there Jason I could ramble on this for way too long it's just there's so much here go ahead one the other important thing about India is that's we all know anybody who looks at religions and things like that there's some importance to the triune god and the earliest one comes out of India so there seems to be ... you do not seem to be some sort of there there as far as is that the earliest civilizations where things were taken from that that's what it kind of looks like so just something to ponder out there folks thought I'd throw that in there to come to tie that part up I would add you know and I just thought of this just now I should look it up there actually temples Hindu temples in India that are dedicated to monkeys and I believe those are rhesus macaques and I may be wrong there I'll try to look it up when you're talking on one year longer points but not there are in fact most awry Hindu temples I dedicated to monkeys and if I remember correctly those rhesus monkeys but anyhow bacteria soap to finish up the year the intro here there's some interesting theories regarding our it's negative blood and more specifically O. negative some say that it is the blood of the royalty lineage as we discussed and its immune or near me on ... cancer and HIV but we as we said we're gonna get more into this later so it is quite likely that regular blood donors who I'm sure feel like they're doing something selfless to help others and NO a a big they are they don't realize that the blood they donate is actually being sold it is in fact part of a multi 0 with a B. dollar business the red cross has a reported annual operating budget of 1.$7000000000 and they collect 6.5000000 units of blood each year they are also said to control 44 percent of the national blood supply market most not for profit blood or blood organizations will not reveal how much they charge hospitals per pint of blood the average kind of blood retailers I think believe this would be costs between 130 to $300 from what I can find anyway ... that the numbers were kind of all over the place but it also depends upon several factors such as any current supply and demand issues and also the location whether you're an inner city on the middle nowhere in that kind of thing so there is a man that the plot thickens here we've already tied the red cross to the Rothschild family ... you know why it there there's no getting away from these kind of bank stir ruling class people who own so much of everything but here they are collecting nearly 50 percent of all the blood and anyone who's ever given blood understands what that means a major blow it's been typed both as type and our age factor it means it's been tied to your identity ... it means a lot of things I mean what what do you think about all this Jason that this is a hell of a salient bullet point well just like the control so much and they do tell you while they run your your blood type obviously so if there's something to any of this they know what's going on because a lot of people do give blood so they can get at an approximation of who is what and where I would say yeah I mean I I don't think there's any secret here that it would be very easy to start to identify or H. factors and blood types across large parts of the population and this sets aside the old standard that my parents went through that if you wanted to get married you had to have a blood test to determine your R. H. factor the reason that we were told back in the day that a blood test was required at marriage for our age factor was this if the mother was our age negative in other words no connection to the rhesus monkey and the father was our age positive there was a chance that the child could become our age positive and that the antibodies of the mother would fight off the fetus and I may not be saying that exactly correctly it's very confusing but you get the gist of what I'm saying almost as if they are saying that the mother and the father or 2 different species I mean think about what we're saying here to human beings come together to have a child ... the fathers are H. positive the mother is our H. negative I think blood type my plan to this by the way I've forgotten ... and so what they're saying is if the child takes on the R. H. factor of the father the mother body might actually try to fight off the fetus as a ... a pathogen for lack of a better word I mean that's what we're told back in the day now here's the rub I have some problems with ... these descriptions because I have actual family members one of the things were told about the our age negative mother is that sometimes the first child is unaffected even if it's our age positive because the antibodies don't exist yet in the mother's blood stream but when that second child comes there's a real danger well here's the problem I actually know a mother who is our H. negative in my family ... and she had 3 children there was not a problem for any of them and were reasonably sure that the father was our age positive on this so I'm just not sure what to make of all this but anyhow Jason died let anything slip through the crack there now that that's pretty much it did the thing you gotta members at the arch negative is the recessive gene in the arch positives the dominant gene so if you've ever if you think back to high school biology class for the did the little charts ... of the mother the father what can happen you can see that those depends on which way it went of the dominant genes took over then yes the child would have the positive and basically the person with the negative blood which will be the mother views that as an invader just like as if you were right had a had a sickness or something almost like a different species I mean it's almost like taking cut you know a rabbit and a goat and trying to breed them you can't do that so it's it's kind of a bizarre thing up there's truth to this on that you can have to what we consider to be human beings a mother and a father have a kid but the are each factor of the father is passed to the child and then the mother are H. negative tries to fight off the fetus as a pathogen on it's a strange strange thing to think about me and then it really does kind of feed into this idea of the of the my a key link in a way anyhow let you keep Pushin will get there alright so the average unit of human blood has a shelf life of 42 days there's actually a lot of waste statistics say one in 20 donated units get discarded some claims are that the units do not need to FDA standards and are therefore not usable now this could be due to a positive result for some sort of disease especially sexual transmitted disease or issues during processing because they do have to do a lot of things purification kind of things to make the blood usable as a medical product what I'd like to point one thing out about the red cross right now so often when you show up to be asked do you know when you're going to donate blood the red cross is behind it on you're asked to give away your life's blood and then they turn around and sell it somewhere between 100 and 30 to $300 a unit can you imagine Jason any other business model where people basically ducked and then they turn around and market up hundreds of percentage all pure profit yeah I mean that's pretty much the notion you a you know you get a biscuit and a glass of juice and thank you very much and this is how they do their business now that's not to say that blood isn't needed like I wanna you know get that notion out there of course blood is needed out all over the world so you know it it's up to you to decide what the moral high ground is there for that why would point out that if you are in fact selling you know blood for 100 and 323 $0 a unit than the person donating the initial product which is a unit of blood could be paid something ... you know if that's really the case think I think of all the people who are so poor they donate sperm or any number of things I'm just pointing out you know basically you're being asked to give the product to a Roth trial yeah not raw child marks a free product out 230 to 300 Bucks a unit so there it is anyhow bacteria that sounds just like their model I mean let's think about the federal reserve and the nonsense they pull their you know money from nothing in your chicks for free you know that and that's exactly what it is somewhat sits down at a computer taps a few keys and money is made then it's loaded interest so it's not just marked up it's like you know mark up to a factor of lord knows but anyhow let's keep Pushin so to to back up what you just said one can make money off your blood and that's through selling plasma if you so desire and you can do that one to 2 times a week because it's not taking your entire blood it's it's a part of your blood so depending upon several factors your way to your where you're at that kind of thing it can pay 20 to $50 each time someplace to see such a regular paid donors by the way that the U. specialize debit cards with the money showing up on the card once a donation is complete not done regularly a person can actually make the wanted externalities month if you're cool with roll up your sleeve and have a needle shot in the arm for however long it takes I've never done that are plasma is used as a medical product for people with clotting disorders immune deficiency disorders lung and liver disease from hereditary conditions values for burn treatments and something called hyper immune globulin issues and which had on when I looked up a whole pile of things under at night inaudible everyone you know during the research Jason there were people on who I found making statements at a rare blood type usually are H. negative on that had come to the United States at some point and given blood and it they their claim was like the medical community was on them like white on rice contacting them numerous times in a year trying to get blood from them putting them on a registry of some of these people even claimed on that they were pulled out of school when their kids and and the first time I read the account I thought yeah but you know who knows what but by the time the fourth or fifth time of people claiming because they've been pulled out of school and shown these cards no description of the card was ever given and asked what they saw in the cards and that was the extent of it ... I began to think there's really something to our blood type and who they would really are interested in society on it feels to me like 85 percent and will get to the ... one of those stones called Jason the Georgia guide stones yeah I will get to the Georgia guide stones you know Jason I we're talking offline yesterday and the percentages that are worked into the guide stones absolutely work on the ideas that we have here but my point being is I think there is no getting away from that certain blood types are viewed as just about as valuable thing is you could ever get your hands on anyhow keep Pushin and let's get into the all did you have some bad well to look at that purely objectively speaking of course of there's blood types that are much more rare than others I can understand why a blood organization would stay on people who have the blood type because obviously they're not going to get donation wise that blood type anywhere near as often so you know from up here outsider looking in that makes a hell of a lot of sense right and there's the whole idea that we're told that like ... can donate to anyone but anyone could not donate to ... type blood on thurs there's these ideas as well ... at the end of the day I it seems pretty clear that when you have a place like red cross you know quartering the market on so much of the blood supply and then when you do research and just try to figure out the true our age factor you can tell there's a game being played here you can tell that there is some critically important that no one is really willing just to step up the line and talk openly about that you have to do it you know basically deduce and use logic to try to get where you're going but anyhow let's let's tie let's tie over to the the special people let's let's go over royalty absolutely the use of the phrase blueblood seems to come from the medieval European believe that royalty nobility elite whatever you wanna call them had blue blood they had enough power wealth and influence that they could afford to have the lower classes do their dirty work for them since the aristocrats were able to stay inside and avoid long hours in the fields on the sunlight they were often described and even an old paintings you can see as being quite pale so much so that their blue veins showed under their translucent skin and this is said to have led the poor people to believe that their blood was actually in fact blue nowadays it just generally refers to people from old money those kinds of families who've been wealthy the types for a generation after generation so you'll hear bandied around about the rock rock Fellers about jobs and all that sort of thing well there's there's a few things here you know I started to get into the whole eye color thing and down to see the statistics on eye color because so many people always comment that you know in Hollywood so many blue eyes and incidentally that the idea in some places plays into the blue blood idea some places claim that the reason you see blue in people's eyes is that you're seeing through the color of their veins or something to that effect I saw a few variations on that description but I can say this when I began to read about things like this the problem is a so much of it is hearsay post so much of it is clearly hidden on purpose and then there's disinformation thrown and but I can add this to to what I know to be true from first hand operas observation of the people that I know certainly who are are each negative they do in fact that some of the traits that describe our H. negative people which would play into the idea of blue blood because almost anybody who was going to be classified blue blood would almost certainly be our H. negative from my point of view it is said that people a lot of people who have are each negative blood are light sensitive when other words a frown on a sunny day they'd want sunglasses I know this to be true of people I know who are are H. negative it is further said that quite often their body temperature is a bit lower and that their blood pressure is a bit lower I can confirm all 3 of those things from first hand observation of people that I know in my life dead how'd the R. H. negative blood so all I had that in because as we get in here Jase and it is a real all kind of web to untangle is it not it totally ends alright go ahead keep pushing let's get back to the our age factor yes so it seems to be mostly associated with white Europeans in general with actual step the stats for year up having a 90 percent or so are each positive factor the highest concentration of all 40 percent is found among certain tribes living in the atlas mountains of Morocco and that is of course in Africa for if you don't know the second is in the Basque region of Spain said to be between 25 to 32 percent depending on the location next would be north west Ireland the highland Scots and the western islanders of Norway all having between 16 to 25 percent with the lapse of Norway and Finland having between 5 to 7 percent there's also a reporting of 2 small isolated populations of the same tribe one located in Chad and one in Senegal again in Africa in each of those tribes having approximately 25 percent so is the Senegal one the Berber people is that correct you know I I think so yes and there is there is Berber people but let's just clarify what you said because I think it's a little confusing basically 90 90 some percent or something above 85 percent are in the European blood groups is our age positive in other words a connection to the rhesus macaque gene the monkey gene ... everything he read after that was people who are ... negative are each negative so when we're talking about the Basque region as far as I can tell from the research we just did the Basque region is one of the highest concentrations of people who have the R. H. negative attribute to their blood in other words no connection to the rhesus macaque armed and then he goes through a lot the northern highlands the Scots are in Norway there's large large populations the lapse of Finland and then of course in chat in Senegal in Africa and we're gonna come back to this African idea but ... I think the African idea in itself may play heavily into the information that is available ... specifically concerning the R. H. negative attribute or factor to blood type go ahead Jason yeah that's the confusing thing I'm not sure what they're referring to and I'm gonna get to that a few minutes what what the difference is because you've got one side saying that they're the pure humans what should be the Africans and then they are each negative of the Europeans are saying that they don't have any connection to the rhesus monkeys for whatever whatever that means and the other thing of course is the royalty people are of course all of European descent of some way shape or form but they're H. negative but 90 plus percent of Europeans are it's positive so it's very odd indeed we don't know exactly how this even would've come out you know well I would point out that you haven't mentioned or didn't mention what is at the asa because he what's that the correct name Ashkenazy Ashkenazi ... suppose Jews which are there's there's a whole story there are we going to get into this or should I explain it here juice and I've got that lower on on the list are not my kind of town walking through all those okay thing go ahead keep on pushing through the royal bloodlines right it does seem to be that the royal bloodlines are all or at least mostly all of the R. H. negative factor and they have an interesting predominance of ... negative and all it also seems that ... the ones that have never admitted it in public like there was a ... an article that ... prince Charles admitted that he was on negative so that seems to be in the ... well they're called the Windsor family but in fact there of German and Transylvanian dissents and their real names actually Saxe Coburg Gotha if I'm pronouncing that correctly right so what you're about to point out is that it is presumed that own negative rarely is affected by cancers and I would point out again that this whole blog thing seems to have been known about for a very long time to the point where even the scientific community has been affected with the information that comes out to just average people like Jason and I took the whole over arching what it means in the scope of things I talk kind of Bob she catered them that I think there's a reason for if I had to venture an educated guess on this is a very educated guess I would estimate that things like the way our food supply has been messed with ... to who knows what they're spraying over our head you know so many people always come in and take chemtrails can't be real because the royal families of your upper breathing the same air we as we are what would point out no they're not nam they're part of a very rare blood type and they're all our each negative so who knows what could be playing into why average people with more common blood types and positive Ariccia tributes are subject to more disease more cancer more things like this and I think there's rhyme or reason to it I think it's been well known for a long time on that certain things affect certain blood types in a certain way they're even books written that you can go look up online that people have taken effort to show if you are certain blood type then that should affect your diet and to me that makes perfect sense and all the research I have done all the years that I have been alive I have often thought that we're really missing the boat when we ignore alchemy and that's about time of year it's the same idea that a farmer plants in the spring because that's what nature requires so if you were born in a certain time of year maybe the medicine and the food you eat should vary from someone who was born in a different time of year all these ideas I think are critically important for those who value natural system and I know I wandered a bit but let's get back to to royalty here Jason we know it's interesting what you just said and I hadn't really thought about this when I was writing this up yesterday we should've looked up to see like when people are brought into the well family for instance the the nice young lady that married ... prince William right what is she in how a is there Hey I like you on a date you but I gotta have a blood test for us kind of thing of course you know what what goes on there and then as you pointed out about the ... the time of year of birth and everything like that where they timing out because they have 2 children now when these children would be conceived and then of course born go you know I wouldn't be surprised if everything you just said is she really backed up by what they have in fact done in real life I I think we do you know why Jason now they bring up I had never really considered it until we hit this bullet point and I got off on that tangent which related to alchemy and working within the natural system on you know I have long thought from the alchemical studies that I've done that probably there was a time when human beings most of and to be born near the spring equinox ... in other words ... you were conceived around the height of the sun power in June at some point ... I sting idea we should do it we should do it at some point go back and start take apart conception dates and birth dates of Royals and I know people are gonna chime in with their is not the gender you think they are but I don't know how to deal with that but anyhow back over to you now that the the Jenna thing you know we know that's going on but sometimes it's just yeah anyway gonna get evidence you know that that they're not gonna come out and made it so I don't it is I don't know yeah I don't know how to unravel it in a meaningful way that just doesn't seem like a big wad of conspiracy on there is something to it absolutely something he was there is no doubt in my mind but how how you structure some rules around that and make a demonstrable in a meaningful way I I don't know how to get there right now any help but anyhow it's all you nobody easy thing to look up is of course that as far as the the more recent ones anyway we could easily find out their birthdays and we can just see did was there rhyme reason to what they'd what was done in the family so yeah let's do that that should be interesting if there's nothing to it will now if there is we'll deathly now right I agree we should do it ... we can roll back to conception dates 9 months earlier and and then see if people are popping out around ... the spring equinox or fall equinox or who knows some missiles or winter solstice hard to know what to look now not of course only via the royal bloodlines are arch negative the official royal bloodlines but many U. S. presidents have been as well with on record everyone since Eisenhower supposedly to have been large negative and that that does include the current president Donald J. trump who is the suppose an outsider right and the idea that trump is an outsider is just people being foolish if there's a person sitting in that position is there or she is there for a reason and I would point out you know you're pointing at Eisenhower so that pulls it back in there you know did that rough times own overwork to ... if I remember correctly from the research the R. H. factor was even really nailed down scientifically into what the forties or something like that yeah it was like the turn of the century his first are coming around it with that like figuring things out but it wasn't until like the thirties now that in World War 2 is actually when the red cross really kinda kicked into high gear because of the they needed blood that's when they started doing a lot of tests and making sure as best they could without obviously computerized systems back then that soldiers blood types were known to get them what they needed right I suspect the truth is is that the ideas that are expressed here and more scientific terms are modern terms have been known for as long as people have been in charge on I I don't think there's any really questioning not ... but I would further point out Jason ... well all all saved all save this idea go ahead keep keep on pushing through now as we discussed earlier problems during pregnancy can occur when our H. antibodies from an R. H. senses sensitized woman cross the placenta and attack the blood of an R. H. positive fetus the R. H. antibodies destroyed some of the fetal red blood cells this causes a condition called hemolytic anemia where red blood cells are destroyed faster than the body can replace them and this of course can be fatal to the child if not kept in check and this can be kept in check with shots of what's called R. H. D. immune globulin a medication used to prevent our H. I. so immunization in mothers who are our age negative and to treat idiopathic slow rumble site hope clinic her era in people who are are each positive I am not good with medical terms by the way folks it is often given both during and following the pregnancy to make sure everything runs smoothly and the mother's body goes back to what it was in the state it was in before him so here's the crux of the whole idea of a special bloodline in the world and the rest of us just commoners but here's the idea play as I pointed out early in the episode Seth green likes to make fun of 85 percent of the world's population by calling them stupid monkeys at the end of his show I every week on the Cartoon Network and this is not the only place this is done but this is the referring to here the idea that's being addressed in this bullet point is as follows a mother is our H. negative apart PA a father is our age positive while some fathers who are each positive can have a baby that is our H. negative they're deployed or I forget the correct term for that are quite often the father passes his our age positive on to the fetus into the mother who is our H. negative whose bodies and I'm you know system then attacks the fetus or the blood of the fetus the idea here is that the mother is a human being 100 percent pure human being and that that fetus has monkey and it and so the pure human being as fighting off the monkey that is the idea behind so much of what is encoded by the kind of the lead idea ... it's a blunt way to state it but I don't know how else to stated ... .is in fact what's going on here and I didn't just go into the research here to find what was stated in the scientific communities and listen to what the conspiracy folk were saying I use logic and I used the encoded memes that I have seen since I was a child in movies as an example in the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy the movie not the book you will see that when they're introducing harbor Arthur dent that they say here's Arthur dent he's 5 foot whatever has this color eyes and he's descended from monkeys and then when most def walks out a black man they say here's his best friend who is not descended from monkeys there is a reason for these things this is coming out of Hollywood they're making a point here that most of us met Senate house directly to do with the recess monkey factor or are each factor ... I can even tie this to planet of the apes if I wanted to take up another 20 minutes of your time but just suffice it to say that Charlton Heston in his space ship with his 2 partners one of which is black which is key arm come down to a planet that is infested with monkeys are apes armed third this is all included for a reason but anyhow Jason I don't want to track off too far but I want to be very clear to people arm what is being encoded out of Hollywood in media and the mindset of those people that would consider them a lead who are pretty much literally as far as I can tell saying I am a human being and your part monkey there's no there's something I like to point out with what you just said that if I remember correctly is in the original Douglas Adams writings and the radio show where where hitchhiker started from I know I'm 99 percent positive that Douglas Adams pretty much that line was lifted with a direct translation over to the movie so you know the radio show came on late seventies first then he re reading the novels ... it then it was a TV show in the early eighties and then of course the movie from 2005 ishe so that was kept in there and you know maybe for very good reason as you're pointing out of course that was in most death is playing the part when they make it very clear that a black man is walking up and he does not possess the monkey gene ... and this is a critical thing ... because so much of what you want I just plowed through to do the research for this episode are working very hard to hide that fact that was just encoded in the movie one of the movies I could mention many on Wall get to that in a minute soul bacteria yeah and of course ... the character Ford prefect was not played by a black guy when they showed on TV was a little little British guy so you know maybe that was done on purpose as as we're discussing because we know at least the new old movies get the worse they seem to get with the symbolism and and the implications of everything so you know make of that as well right I would just say to people go rewatch them getting hitchhiker's guide were most death walks up and you tell me ... are they telling you something or is it just more endless useless banter on you for my point of view but let's keep Pushin Jason so there are said to be many traits associated with our H. negative blood types these traits that I'm about to read are taken off the website that's dedicated to uncovering the mysteries around there are each negative blood type by people with our agent and I'll go through through these one at a time slowly in case there's anything you want to add crow because some seem like total bunk and sometimes seem like there are you know there's something to it so the first would be a feeling of not belonging they are truth seekers you know apart part of the problem with what we're about to do your days it just occurred to me as that of all the blood types anyone of them can be our age negative right on but there is a real difference when you get to ... negative in my view ... and when you're looking at ... negative I think we begin to lose stereo typical traits that are associated at our age now like empathy income I think we could make the argument that the old blood type with the R. H. negative factor attached to it is kind of cold and callous but anyhow I just wanna put that go ahead and burn through these men sense of a mission in life empathy and compassion for mankind an extra rib or vertebrae okay we got to address this one ... it was some years ago when I began to notice ... in certain movies that the women were being shown ... with the camera angle and intention that showed that their necks were way too long at first I just began to notice it and then I began to record things rewind it and look and I was astonished thinking that Musta been CG I to get someone's neck to look that long off the top of my head I think the movie the astronaut's wife with Charlize therein and Johnny Depp has a shot of Charlie's therein that does this kind of giraffe neck thing but as I looked into the our age research in fact I guess an extra river vertebra is associated with this the reason I bring it up is because the word neck breaks down to 33 there are a litany of movies and now websites anyone can go look up that addressed actresses mostly actresses with next that seem to be too long anyhow there's the idea thought I'd insert it and you know what would you think there is to that one what do you think the implication is because that's one I haven't really looked into I think they're showing off a bloodline that's what I think on because it's a bizarre thing where you'll see a shot from a certain angle and and it's quick and if you're paying attention you think man that that's for can draft neck how can a person even have a net that long and then all the sudden the new camera angle comes and ... the illusion or whatever you're being shown is not there anymore but when you go back and look carefully you see that there's something to it and I can prove there some do it because I look at this idea for a long time and to anyone maybe my do you before I finally realized that the word neck breaks down to 33 that I talked about it a little it was at that point that I went online and realized I was not alone there were whole websites that had been set up to address this kind of giraffe neck thing in these famous female a list doctors arm so that that's what I can say I guess so this is something that's cropped up more than once in movies than I would invite people to go look up the websites that address it and the movies where this is apparently showing and ... I have seen I can't recall anything more than the astronaut's wife right now but I have seen movies where it's almost shocking and the initial view where they give you were it almost looks like you're not looking at a human being because the neck is so long and it's almost always done for a second or 2 and then a corrected camera angle or something comes to bear and everything looks normal again well I want to get an explanation out there because that's one that I hadn't come across and on what to watch a ton of movies either so I I I've never seen that particular one so anyway I just wanna make sure we'd we'd discuss that a little bit for the listeners yeah I think if I had to guess Jason it's it's it's making hay out of a special bloodline for people on the now that would be my guess what's going on there nights are getting back to this list the next one is higher than average IQ night I think we can all agree there's probably something to this arm anyhow the next one too ESP ability yeah there's an idea here too that I guess we should express and some of the places where they were talking about the R. H. negative factor in the red blood cell they were talking about it in this way that went on a red blood cell is our H. negative it doesn't have like a membrane around it ... often if you go look up our H. factor and some side person is describing to you I how it should look they will pictured the red blood cell with like a membrane around it and then a lump which is an antigen of some sort like if you're a you would have the antigen for being if you're being you would have the antigen for a this type of idea so there would be around long bond the membrane around or a sharp point you know the way they demonstrated so the idea of E. S. P. here was being spoken about as a red blood cell that is not encumbered by an extra kind of membrane around it if that makes any sense Nona makes toll sense so next we've got love of space and science more sensitive vision and other senses I've confirmed this of my own volition I know this to be true of the R. H. negative people that I'm aware of increased psychic or intuitive abilities but I would say the same thing here ... that the people that I'm referring to are all female by the way ... and they do seem to have real intuitive abilities now I do have a friend in New Orleans named Laura who is our it arch negative and she definitely falls into a lot of these categories so if you have the next one I have kind of a problem with it but yep and not like I said I took this on the website so this is not necessarily facts that I think are honey percent accurate but it's on the next one is cannot be cloned and the first thing I would say is how the hell would anyone even know that in the first place well I have real problems with description cloning the Dolly the sheep thing we've been handed and some of the other stories are been handed solve just put out there that that I don't really excel ... much of the standard explanation of cloning in the way it's been handed us but all let's keep going and by the way the next point you're about to make and the next 2 points arm and actually it's lower not higher ... I can confirm from first hand observation yeah lower body temperature yeah higher blood pressure but some say lower yeah I would be lower predominantly blue green or hazel eyes that's another thing here's the thing about the eyes of the R. H. negative people are that was made in the research that I did the claims made in the research and that I have witnessed myself they tend to have lighter colored eyes quite often it'll be blue or gray or some something like that but that they have what's called moot eyes and I have actually witnessed this and it is I'm only witnessed in one person that person is our age negative ... if they become emotional their eyes change color ... as an example anger the color blue with just to gray and it's like noticeable it is a very very weird thing and what's very cool ... let's see red or reddish tint to their hair color yeah there's gonna be a whole take off on this that has to do with the Scottish our populations were ... there's a claim made and I think there may be some truth to it because there's echoes in encoding and memes all around it that initially people who had blue eyes on possibly even green eyes and red hair were considered healers and special in those communities before modern civilization I think there is something to it but again these are difficult things to demonstrate go ahead man increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight I've confirmed this in spades this is a true thing ... I've I've lived in California my whole life I could go a day with or without sunglasses ... I know people who with they'd smallest increase in sunlight can't deal with it after half sunglasses or something to reduce the light and these people are H. negative unexplained scars piercing eyes tend to be healers of some sort empathic illnesses ability to disrupt electrical devices now there's one I'd like CD I've never went ahead and decide that but but but anyhow this next point is is a bit interesting yeah again highly approve this prone to alien abductions this was almost everywhere ... associated with the R. H. negative ... blood factor and I find it interesting to say the least there could be something to it by Jason and I have taken quite a bit of effort to show that the modern cultural alien construct was brought to you by sci fi and comic book writers and of course the Tavistock institute but that is not to say that you know who knows what to live in a whole unit go ahead Jason experiencing unexplained phenomenon okay lastly that could mean anything really us that dreams and or ability now I think there's something to this 2 of the people that I've mentioned here on third I bet of this plays into it and now another odd attribute was that a lot of dreams with famous people on them for whatever that's worth but are there some interesting ideas but try it behind the R. H. factor like there were claims made I did I looked for video of it where if you take our age positive blood and our age negative blood put in the same Petri dish that apparently it is claimed the arch negative blood tries to get away from the R. H. positive blood that I would like to see that first hand but there is also another claim which seem it's a bit more stand she ate a bowl are if that's a word which ... that our age negative people tend to gravitate towards one another and that if they are at a certain level of psychic ability that they can easily identify each other and I think to that but anyhow Jason now we're getting close to the top the hour you want to push forward here some more would you want to do well I want to address something that I I thought was very odd when I was going through this according to the red cross and I met you curious what you are actuality as a going to the red cross I am a be positive blood however going through this list I can tell you since I was a very small child I had a feeling of not belonging I've always been a treat seeker I've always had a sense of a mission in life I've always had empathy and compassion for mankind I have no idea of Ivanek extroverted right I don't think so I think it's safe to say I have a higher than average IQ ESP ability yeah I've always been extremely empathic arm of always love space and science and let's see increase psychic intuitive abilities probably I couldn't tell if I could be cloned or not my body temperature has always been lower of always run about 97 and set of 98.6 I you know and I don't need to keep going through this people often describe me as having piercing eyes ... so you know if I'm up falling into these categories was I lied to do they not want to tell me those aren't negative or is it just I just happen to be mean that's that all right let's cut to the chase here Jason arm in the research there is the idea and I keep using the word deployed but I know what's the wrong words I'm just stating that out right for the audience a father who's going to have a child with an R. H. negative mother who is our age positive so the mother has no monkey connection the father apparently does with your age factor it is sad that some of those fathers can sire a child that is our age negative in other words they carry the ability to pay it's negative which means I must of been in them and I'm way to start with now I couldn't get to the base of this I kept going back on this idea and the reason I did is because Jewish ness is always tracked through the mothers as a matter of fact ... from Jewish friends I have had and I guess I was told this before I even paid attention too much about any of this on that if you are Jewish half Jewish and your father is Jewish it doesn't count apparently you have to be half Jewish on your mother's side for it to count I was told this by a number of friends I had over the course of my life we're going to get into this ... what's the what's the proper usage of the Oscar what I do not see the harsh cannot as the Jews armor gonna get into this in the second hour I want to mention it here apparently in this is quite a stunning thing nam as you know so much of Hollywood and other places can be related to this suppose sect of Judaism they can apparently track their bloodline back to 4 women who are unrelated and the man don't matter so this is the whole idea but to get back to you Jason I could not get a satisfying answer to how it is a father can carry the ability to pass on the R. H. negative and not somehow happen in him to start with arm but clearly you can also I gas pass on the R. each positive which would in some way relate him to the rhesus monkey gene or I guess antigen is a better way to say it but anyhow let's break down quickly what we're gonna get into Jason and I want to include the whole African idea I think it's so critically important and I think it is so critically important for the reason that much of what you can read about our age factor I think is skewed because of the African connection that's what I think in you know the again where it really not sure a lot of this does indeed seem to be obvious skated because as I stated earlier in the show I I couldn't figure it out exactly so I'm just presenting everything as I found them so in the second hour we're gonna address more of the qualities that I involving around the arch negative and then what certain African people are saying regarding all of this and that they are the true human being so it's it's a very interesting subject and you know I I can't give you an exact answer can merely present you with evidence and take it from there and you know what one of the interesting things I got into this idea what I did is I went back and immediately look for the encoding which I pointed out in hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy were just thrown right in your face then I went related to something as obvious as planet of the apes because we're talking about the meat rhesus monkey antigen here so clearly a movie like planet of the apes is going to be echoing the ideas we see here and of course one of the humans that comes to the ape world is black and he's a black actor the university before and you never these things but ... inside research to try to confirm one where another I began to find that it there are many claims that the genome of true Africans ... is much more diverse ... then European and I and I found some a lot of places I think it's safe to say Jason that a true African descent or many of them have our H. negative blood I think that's why I'm out with this whole thing but is there anything else we gonna cover of interest before we bring the our first our real close here yeah we're gonna look into the idea of targeted individuals as well as ... you know you and I had a very interesting discussion yesterday although it didn't really last that long I'd really like to close the show out with the notions that you and I are kind of going back and forth about ... for our 2 so hopefully we'll turn in the hit in here that right I mean what this basically all comes down to where ever you know I know there's gonna be a lot of religious people who who have a certain point of view maybe people who are so religious gravel point of view about the idea of the recess antigen the monkey antigen and blood types which apparently is attributable to 85 percent of us my big problem here is no different than my big problem with the entire world I don't think you go out do I don't think that should be should be tolerated ... I don't think people should do bad things to the environment and when I'd move that idea back over to people I don't think it's any different whether or not there is truth to the R. H. factor being directly attributable to the rhesus macaque monkey which I think there is on I don't think that it is correct for a certain group of people to take the idea that we are the real human beings we were here first and you people are part monkey therefore less therefore need to be eradicated in the idea of this eradication we will demonstrate that the Georgia guide stones that the percentages of the numbers put forward on the Georgia guide stones are a one to one allegory with the number of people who are our H. positive or possessed the rhesus macaque antigen in their blood on we're going to do these things in the second hour anything you want out before we wrap it up here for the first hour Jason now I hope that Louis least give everyone had a good idea of what this is all about the we're deathly gonna tear apart some more so look forward to seeing you there folks if I had to venture an educated guess Jason I would say the topic we're covering here setting aside the whole Rothschild blood business where they're controlling so much of the blood supply and doing lord knows what with it ... this drives a lot of the idea of a leap bloodlines family bloodlines the batters the the Royals the specials and the rest of us these are the root ideas that are gonna drive this if there is any there there and I think we can all agree there is in fact that they're there and I think if we boil this down to the simplest terms we can think about I think it comes down BR H. doctor and even more so the blood type all being the most special of course anyhow I'm gonna bring the first hour of crew triple 7 radio podcast episode 74 to a close covering blood types monkeys and business around lied and we got a hell of a lot of stuff we're gonna get into that is so critical to the thoughts we have expressed here in the second hour I hope to see all over critical 7 shares you the the the I I the the //
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073 If I Made a Hurricane, Could You Prove It?
\\mmhm alright man welcome to the intro for crew triple 7 radio up soda where are we 73 ... this is the intro how many said that twice ... Jason and I take part the red cross Jason and I take apart weather manipulation ... there is no argument you know back when I was filming can chemtrails in San Diego for thousands of hours my mind was on the drought in California mostly and we don't really have her canes and in San Diego it was far from my mind but as I got back into the research you tried to show it is possible to create massive storms with weather manipulation it all came flooding back to me ... I re read documents like the airforce document owning the weather by 2025 whether manipulations been going on for well over 100 years probably a lot longer at the base of it it is the most basic alchemical principle of transmitting water and air of course there's more to it but this is been going on for a long long time probably pre what we call the industrial revolution as for the charities Jason and I were noticing that there was a full frontal press to collect money ... nationally internationally and we started looking at these things they ran a a celebrity all the A. list celebrities in Hollywood which is what I open up with breaking it down ma'am they're they're fleecing people places like the red cross it's a wonder there even allowed to exist with the track record that we can look up of what they've done but we connect these charities to the Rothschilds in that it's the same old game if you want to help people who have been devastated goal local don't give to these damn charities ... that's my point of view but anyhow I got a lot reports from followers and subscribers from both Florida and ... as people who follow no we had some my witnesses on the ground in Houston we're gonna lot reports that there is a bit of a police state activity where they're blocking off exits they're not allowing people back into their county they're demanding papers some people aren't clear whether you're looking at National Guard or something else we've got reports of military assets being brought into places and we have reports of laws possibly being change so the police can use military assets all of these things are going to be need we're gonna need to look at the more carefully we're just getting initial reports right now but I figured I would mention it as ... more in I've had at least 3 people ... from Houston talk about this and a couple from ... the Tampa area in Florida talk about this as for Florida I've had 5 reports from people who live there who said the storm wasn't that bad ... most of that was from the northern part of Florida so we're waiting to hear more but their impression where they were was that the fear porn on the news channels was out of hand and did not reflect what they saw ... I'm almost certain there are people in other parts of Florida who may have different things to report as we jump in here I'm gonna take part this ridiculous celebrity push for money ... date came 2 nights ago ... called hand in hand 2017 ... the I'm gonna break that down first thing here these things are beyond suspicious when you look at them and when you do you can you begin to realize and the same old game words have meaning ... at the very end of that episode there was a logo for one of the production companies that help put this together called den of thieves words have meaning so 2 names ... I look him up I talk about I'm so the first 9 minutes here we're gonna take apart the ... the celebrity nonsense where they're fleecing America for money and my from my point of view I will add but anyhow let's jump in with Jason ... we cover a helluva lot here and there is no argument there is no argument weather manipulation has been going on for at least 100 years actually over 100 years ... and there is no argument about these charities their track records alone show what they have been up to but when you get to dig and who's doing at the ops few catered who owns what who's involved their mission statements man if you want to help people go direct charities are not what they seem and they're owned by the same old banksters a lot of them ... I can't really speak for the Hollywood push because it's almost completely hidden who owns that stuff on many how the website was set up on 91 I cover all this let's jump in with Jason alright ma'am welcome crew triple 7 radio podcast this is episode 73 I have Jason one roomed with me and we're going to have quite a show here spry gonna go along if I had to guess we're gonna take apart weather manipulation ... the absurdity of all the stuff that is just happened around the storms Harvey and ... my ... we're gonna open up here on the last night on television they had a hand in hand celebrities raise money thing going on and I took a look at it so I recorded it tried to get through most of it this morning and I'll tell you man but before we jump in welcome Jason stormy roads ahead grow yeah man it's honest September is is just become 1 hell of a month era for for our world particularly us here in the United States on did you have a chance to see any of this hand in hand 2017 nonsense yesterday and I took a look at the past couple the clips and there I kept seeing as the same theme being repeated on it I will the first thing I noticed was the hand in hand thing looked awful lot like a free masonic handshake but I'm not sure if it's exactly mimicking one night I didn't have a chance to look that up but folks out there can take a look and see if found that's that's the case or not but I watched a bunch of clips from different people owned all the celebrities and beyond say she mentioned that violence and racism yeah you know I just are are rampant now that was like the first things out of her mouth Selena Gomez did the exact same thing bring up racism of it and then ... Justin Bieber looked absolutely ridiculous in this outfit that right if we think that's strange she acted strange to hear something own zombie as yeah it looked like the last place on planet earth he wanted to be was there ... Bruce Willis does a stare into the camera 1.that almost translates to help me get me that half out here not even bothering to fake like he's talking to anyone on the phone but you brought up a good point the logo for hand in hand 2017 is not hand in hand at all the whole thing is supposedly based on an image which they shall ... human chain supposedly going out to rest you someone in a truck I didn't have time to really dig into it I guess there is ... some hand held cell phone video of the supposed event but again I didn't get into it but it's not handed him at all they're doing the whole race thing and I'm with you ... we need look in and see if it's my sonic but as I've said so endlessly on this show words have meanings nam stages are put in place to show the audience exactly what they are to see they are contrivances they are planned events what you are not meant to see you will not see particularly if it's found because anything that might slip in a live show will be edited out and post but let's let me just jump in for a second and ... and talk a little bit about a few of the things I noticed about hand in hand and just for the listening audience the reason we're bringing this up is because no disaster goes to waste with these people they're fleecing the public absolutely fleecing the public eye everyone who donates to places like the red cross and we're gonna get into these things along with the fact that weather is manufactured and there's no arguing it either by the way ... and of course global warming is gonna planned this all do a Stevie Wonder quote at the end of this little rhyme but anyhow here's a strange thing couple days ago I looked up party to see what the listed dates were and they listed it I I think as late as yesterday on Google as having been from August 25 to August 29 of course to 9 encodes 911 this morning when I reluctant out they've changed the dates now they're listing it as having occurred from August 25 to September 2 but here's the rub I saw the hand in hand 20 thing so I got my butt up re log on and went to who is and I can to do some lookups on the site creation the site for this event was created on September 1 so if we took the August 29 is the the original posting as August 29 is the end date a heartbeat to maybe you could call it 3 days later they had this website set up but here's the rub it was the last it was created on September one and then a second later was the last update listed dry cannon who is so with the 2 to 3 days after supposedly dead the impact of party is felt they have this site up and they have over I think it's over 100 don't don't quote me it's around 100 celebrities listed on the initial posting on the website which is never updated again as far as I can tell but I've only had one run at this site ownership is hidden armed you cannot tell who owns it of course on but the whole event is being under the aegis of comedy relief I kid you not words have meaning I don't know where the comedy comes from and I know people are going to comment that there are comedians that supposedly got to do relief I think ... Whoopi Goldberg and maybe ... Robin Williams were some of the first to do that I don't remember exactly point is is this a bad for the supposed her cane disasters is under the aegis of comedy relief and I will maintain to the day I dropped words have meaning so when you go when you look at some of the footage here and it appears as if the celebrities are not talking to anyone on the phone but here's one example to prove that it's staged Seacrest is walking down people celebrities are supposedly talking on the phone he starts talking with them and they just stop talking on the phone but he gets to a basketball guy and the basketball guy just happens to be ending is Colosseum crest comes up to him and they get into this whole back and forth how the owners association for basketball ... or giving all these guys only into dollars and any basketball player that wants to give up to 20 $0 will be matched clearly a stage conversation you can go back and look at this but at the very end of the show I'm going to jump out of sequence here for a minute at the very end of the show I noticed they flashed a logo at the bottom of the page for about 2 seconds ... as I'd recorded I went back to discover that the logo they flashed is called it's a company called den of thieves words have meaning so of course I jumped in to discover who again of thieves are ... having located the local online and here is their little about page what they're about den of thieves the people who were aghast helping produce this states this about their company where the leading studio helping marketers develop craft that's right I said it craft and deliver results driven branded content using the entertainment potential and their brands to achieve business goals this is an exact one to one allegory about what went on with all the celebrities but anyhow let me just finish up here real quick Stevie Wonder opens this Shindig by telling people that global warming is real which you can tell by the storms that just happened and the only people who don't understand this are either blind or unintelligent well even though I know Stevie Wonder was reading from a script which isn't exactly accurate in his case are the only blind person there was Stevie Wonder global warming is a fraud and this kind of opening of this event begins to tell the tale of how these storms ... weather manipulation and all these other things are gonna go hand in hand with the completely made up global warming idea and as a side idea I started to look up some of the water temperatures around the 2 storms we just had a lot of places there listing that it was 2 degrees below average not only that they had MSNBC news anchors come on the show last night along with Matt Lauer to tell us this is the worst recorded storm on record which is also a lie there are accounts back to the 18 hundreds of storms that would rival our match this both in numbers and severity alright I went into the source code on the website page to see if I could discover anything else about it but one thing that really struck me is stated on the website is that 100 percent of the money collected will benefit charities I'm not kidding man not victims not the people who lost their homes or were put under water or lost everything they had the stated path of everything collected by this event hand in hand 2017 is going to benefit charities and that bears some consideration they open the show by stating it's happening 18 days after the event referring to Harvey and that's a bit weird because that would put it around the 26 which doesn't coincide with any date that matters if you look in a search engine of course 18 encoding the triple 6 now as the last side no before I jump in with Jason I record randomly certain things during the week because the television tells the tale about what's happening in our world there was a new commercial running a thing about Harvey windows never saw it before ... it was brand new man gets into a boat of course the maritime idea goes out to a lighthouse and installs a Harbi window for those that are mildly aware they understand this is the whole illuminated Luciferian idea going on and they're blaring the idea of Harvey in your face again but anyhow Jason anything you want to add on the tail of that or any impressions from having reviewed any of it before we jump in the air allowed these people like when you see them doing the stuff they have very dead eyes I know the site beyond say rightly sed stood out to me so whatever is really going on with the celebrities you know they may have all the money in the world to have this this beautiful physical life it seems that it's coming at a very very heavy price and you know make of that as well spot on manned their assets ... I in the research I did around hand in hand 2017 UMKC this entertainment fraud that benefits 100 percent benefits charities on you would have to do a lot of work to try to discover all the charities where it's actually going you know but before I get it well I'll finish what I was gonna say these people are assets on its sat on the site that are none of the celebrities were being paid their all volunteering I would imagine the way that goes down is the phone rings and someone says get your ass here on this day and if you think about grid A. list celebrities being brought together this quickly normally you're told if you wanna get 5 or 6 A. list celebrities together they're scheduling problems out the younger but also in all this aside I had a family member when I was in San Diego years ago who went to work for a supposed charity arm it was one of these places that collected for like 100 charities they came to discover during the course of collecting for these charities that in California the state law provided that the place collecting the money I could keep 90 some percent I forget what it was for maybe 5 percent was actually going anywhere around near a charity and then of course the charity takes its cuts before supposedly anyone gets out to people I would just say Jason ire get ready to take part the red cross ... that we had heard lots of stuff about it and I don't really make comment to life had a chance to look these places are fraud man that's all there is to it if you want to help people who have been put under water lost their homes you need to get local you need to get right and ... to the neighborhoods and the counties that are doing things and discover who was actually helping these people because these entertainers that going to hold your mind it ain't down the red cross has a track record that it it bears I mean how could they even still exist armed with some of the things they've been caught doing ... that died there the ... earthquake in Haiti will come up but anyhow Jason anything else you want to add before we jump into this thing proper now let's let's move on the weather weapons and let's talk about why these things are going on yeah man I'll just kick it straight you ... we're gonna probably go along here and we're going to cover will cover whether weapons the red cross and FEMA as the basis of most of what we address here so go ahead Jason so the first thing I'd like to read to you folks is a quote from a 1931 book called the scientific outlook by lowered Bertrand Russell discussing manipulating the weather it may be that god made the world that is no reason why we should not make it over so I would say that the viewpoint of these kinds of people is really really obvious yeah I am before we jump and I'm in I'm gonna state out right arm when I was in San Diego looking at the chemtrails concerned with the drought not in a place that has to worry about a hurricane's ... I needed to realignment self with the mindset now that I'm in the east whether manipulations been going on forever probably precedes the industrial revolution and my eyes whether manipulation is akin to the most simple basic trans mediation used in alchemy where you turn water into air as we get into this you're gonna find out that a lot of what people are reporting in discovering is that water vapor put into the air and then is all it takes it doesn't even appear that it's not hard on but I'll throw it back over to keep pushing Jason so whether manipulation has been going on for a long time in regards to what was known as pollute the culture or rain making the first notable individuals a man named Charles Mallory Hatfield in 19 or 2 he'd created a secret mixture of 23 chemicals in large galvanized tanks he claimed would attract rain the title he gave himself was moisture accelerator he had various measures of possible success with a huge fiasco occurring over an agreement to fill the marina dam reservoir near San Diego he was paid 10000 also the job but flooding occurred in costs 3.$5000000 in damages as a hypothetical result of what he had done court battles went on for years but as was only a verbal agreement and things couldn't be really scientifically proven at all it was just decided over the course of several court hearings that it was an act of god that has a guy from San Diego I know the damn I know the story on this is back in 1902 0 begins to illustrate the point here are people at the turn of the last century involved in that ... manipulating weather and I would ask you know we just came off the tail of a supposed 10 year drought in California which is claimed to be 1 of the worst on record California's Central Valley produces I don't know how much good for the United States in the world at some Ripper does the per asking of the world how come to stop that drought nobody simply went up and cloud seated which has been going on since the turn last entry as you can see by by the report the Jason made ... of this man in 1902 it goes to show the tale if I had to look back now and estimate what the Kemp trailing was mostly about in San Diego that I felt for thousands of hours I would estimate that is drying out the air I think the chemtrails can be loaded to go either way but I think that almost entirely ... are Webber our our weather is manipulated now and it comes down to manipulating moisture anyhow back to you Jason next we're gonna do cloud seeding which started in the 19 forties a is least officially as we can find project serious was the first attempt to modify a hurricane this was a group effort by the U. S. army Signal Corps the office of naval research the US airforce and the General Electric company the hypothesis was that by seeding the area around the eye wall with silver iodide latent heat would be released promoting the formation of a new eye wall since the new one would be larger than the old one the winds would be less powerful due to a reduced pressure gradient any lowering of the wind speeds of course is beneficial since the damage potential increases square of the wind speed due to the initial efforts made with the project a major snowstorm was created on 12/20/1946 through cloud seeding G. E. dropped out for legal reasons after that others hurricanes are messed with that led to damages on land and lead to litigations the biggest of which hit Savannah Georgia causing one death in 3.$2000000 in damages that project was formally ceased after this not also bear in mind 3.2000000 in 19 forties money as a heck of a lot more today yeah yeah we should profitable things I mean you're up to the 19 forties here so you're still pre World War 2 ... but one of the first things I started to do to be able to demonstrate that the storms were saying now on happy human hands behind them was to look up laws and you will find that the UN has weather manipulation lost that most of the major countries in the world have weather manipulation law even in the United States many of the individual states have weather manipulation lost but I will put this into the pot for people to think about as we go through many of the laws that I read through and I let Brad through a crap load of them talk about not being able to use whether as a weapon in wartime and they further talk about beginning storms or bad weather ... within the confines of a country so I would ask if a hurricane is generated and started by manipulation off the coast of Africa I in a time that is not war time I guess it is perfectly legal by most of the things I read but anyhow Jason you brought us up to just pre World War 2 and you're already beginning to show ... the big corporations the airforce of course who famously published not too long after this a document called owning the weather by 2025 which I think you're going to get you anyhow back over Julia in 1949 Dr Irvin P. creek in American meteorologist inventor and the founding professor of the department of meteorology the California institute of technology from 1933 to 1949 came up with a way of performing ground based cloud seeding so they no longer needed to do dangerous maneuvers with airplanes getting near the shurikens all they could do it from the ground yeah you know I I I've I've got a state again all of this seems to be based on the ideas of alchemy where the basic elements of our existence are broken down to water air wind fire earth there's no getting away from these things modern science has kind of pushed the idea of alchemy into the arena of maybe like fortune telling it's been made to look ridiculous when in fact it's not alchemy is basically the idea of having a type of science that stays wholly within the confines of nature so when you look at someone here in 33 coming up with a ground based seating I would ask again how is it that there was a 10 year drought in California the bread basket of this country and nothing was done to water the crops and I think we'll get into this as we move along go ahead man the Brits also got in on this between 1949 to 1952 the British royal airforce was doing cloud seeding experiments with project cumulus accusations were made that this because the 1952 flooding of the den and village of Lynmouth resulting in 34 deaths and other major structural damage throughout the 19 fifties and into the 19 sixties various cloud seeding projects to place in 1958 in palm springs California jets were used to create artificial clouds to block out the sun which where chemtrails the navy creates and destroys artificial clouds with certain or carbon black dust for anyone who's ever been out to palm springs I stood I been out there so many times I can't even count them it's basically high desert arm and so to be able to manipulate whether an environment like this really begins to tell you the finite control that they have ... it was stated when I was a roadie we used to go out to palm springs to do shows there sometimes ... and the local stagehands there because we were all freelance I knew a number of them claimed that when they were young ... day humidity and palm springs was always near 0 and that sense they had put the golf courses then all over palm springs now regularly the humidity would register up 456 percent or something like that I forget the numbers exactly but you begin you can begin to see what we're talking about here anyone has even seen images of palm springs understands that is 1 of the driest hottest damn place as you can imagine and here even just putting golf courses in is changing the local environment so go ahead Jason the 19 fifties into the 19 eighties we have projects Skyfire in sky water which would attempt to use cloud seeding techniques to help with lightning fires in the west of the United States than this is the those horrible fires happen every year and I actually going on right now that just devastate over and over and over again you know you know this is not the fires are a funny thing armed the firestorms are real I've been there in real firestorms and down there really does it changes the whether the fire becomes the weather of the place and it's quite a quite a scary thing arm fires will start all over the place because you know Sanders and everything are being sucked up into the atmosphere and dropped many miles from where they started but before I left San Diego the last time we began to notice on the news that they were reporting 5 or 6 fires going on we knew for a fact that 3 of them were controlled burns ... absolutely knew for a fact that 3 of them were controlled burns being passed off as fire storms in the national weather it had gotten so bad that many of the local people where I live suspected that even the real fires were being lit on purpose on so that's kind of a side note but go ahead back over whether Jason from 1962 through 1983 we have another project called storm fury which will be trying to weaken tropical storms so it's sort of the dates we have on this or what's 1962 to 83 projects storm theory here they are working on learning how to weaken a tropical storm that seems like something that might come in handy as Harvey was approaching Houston on this there anyone out there that disagrees so technology from the fifties to the eighties where they were working to a storm you've got to imagine that we are a light year beyond where they were then in both capability technology science all of it has to be light years ahead and yet here we go again watching major her canes com into a heavily populated area and nothing is done and whatsoever as far as we can tell slow them down and what we're going to try to draw demonstrate here is the actually the opposite is true the storms are being generated in fad these are planned advance anyhow Jason well at this point just with what we've gone through so far the minimal assumption one can make that if a big storm is gonna hits land and cause damage and possibly hurt or kill people it's being allowed to happen they're not doing anything to stop it that's not even talking about if anything was generated intentionally or not just that of a big Ole storm comes in they don't do anything to prevent it and it's obvious that they've been at least attempting to and I've had some sort of success since really a way back in the forties why I think the argument could be made even the cloud seeding idea where you were talking about how they were making a new wall what this basically comes down to is moisture in the air if you could force a big storm like that to drop a ton of moisture back into the ocean on you probably would deluded and other people out there that would make the argument that would create the cycle where it's evaporating back up depending on the heat in the service water but the point is we're talking about many many many decades ago just past the middle of the last century we're talking about here where they were working on the storm so yeah Jason I think that's right that's occurred ... we see nothing down like this at all to try to decrease ... the power of the of the storm so let's get into show one if we can I'm tempted to the for the average mind that these things are being broken manipulated and fad and maybe even created from the get go what I do a lot of times when I'm reading these things as I I make a comparison to what else was going on in the world or ordered that the title of the United States are so what was going on the daily lives of of the United States when they're doing all this crazy stuff like trying to control the weather you have people watching on their single little black and white television the Howdy Doody show and driving giant cars you know it's like you think about the comparisons and what people were doing verses what's going on behind the scenes they don't know about you know it just shows that there is this massive gap between inside the matrix and outside of if you want to call it that you know it's like they they got stuff going on that people just wouldn't even dreamed up in the 19 fifties you know it always reminds me of the idea of the circus is a Romer the games of Rome where do you know its claims that this or that ... leader of Rome claim to give the people Brad and games and they'll be content we can do whatever the hell we want well this is what entertainment as armed I've said it before in past episodes we really don't have culture in the United States of America where I live what we have is some television shows and movies we watch that's what we have we sure as hell don't have culture you wanna find culture go to a place like where you're on your you know fifteenth generation of some person ends in our trade around that in fact is culture what we have in the United States I don't even know what to call it it's basically entertainment induced to nonsense that's what we have next we can talk a project west Ford which ran from 1961 through 1963 and attempted to create an artificial ionosphere by launching 480000000 copper dipole antennas into orbit the majority of which fell back into the ice by the North Pole but some are still said to be up there and I saw a picture of this in just a little bitty meals is what they look like in a short needles yeah I don't know how successful they were exiting go into great detail about it but I mean that's messing with the whole place we live on the phone with this kind of nonsense you now well look at the dates manse 61 to 63 this proceeds my existence in this lifetime ... and they're doing stuff like this or really begins to draw a picture of how concerned they have banned with manipulating the ionosphere manipulating wether figuring out how to weaken a storm figuring out how to make it rain storm all these things that's been going on since longer than I've been alive but I've been alive for over half a century and it's it's painting a picture here go ahead you in may of 1963 space weather modification is said to have begun with something called plasma seating they were making eye on clouds out of barium and strong TM what you're normally attributed to what is found in chemtrails particles so it sounds like the notion of what to use and how to use it has been around for a very long time before the chemtrails phenomenon started in the nineties so there is man before I'm even existing in this lifetime they're talking about inserting barium and straw TM up into the atmosphere ... if you talk to any person who has followed what's been going on with chemtrails you will always hear 3 heavy metals bandied about as things that have been proven through lab testing collection and other men methods of showing what these planes are spraying those 3 things are barium strong TM and some form of aluminum of course the argument is always made get the amount of aluminum that's being put into our environment plays directly into things like Alzheimer's and other things I just that I don't know how you would ever address that but let's be clear here you start putting heavy metals like barium strong human forms of aluminum into the environment I think we can probably all agree these are not healthy things to do to an environment this is so far from a natural idea of alchemy were if I want to do a procedure I have to use the 4 elements that make up this world I have to do it according to time of year and I have to make things that will basically transmit from one element into the next what's going on here is a corruption to the point where when I was recently reading some of the oldest ... alchemical texts I've been able to get my hands on so far mom though para Paracelsus I think is the name of the author I just so people know I believe that name means equal to or greater than someone named salsa so his work was based on someone even further back name selfless I believe but the the point here is that in the old alchemical tax it is put forward that the old Greek idea of Saint name is basically science it is basically where they broke away from alchemy which was I naturally based system and a natural world and they broke away and created science which they viewed as the idea of saying because it was a corruption it was a corruption against the need for lack of better words the light of god that made this perfect natural system from our point of view the natural world is a perfect system men do not make perfect systems this is how the idea of the light or the creation of god comes into things for some people others will put a more religious ... idea behind it which is fine point is from our point of view that's a perfect system when science which is exactly what Jason Meyer dressing here corruption was introduced into the system previously when an alchemical procedure was done nothing was ever lost from the system one element transmuted into another into another into another know noxious gnarly bad things were ever created and then came along chemistry and science the things that we're addressing here were bad things are done all the time the side effects are endless even a car engine every time you start it is spewing corruption out the tailpipe the exact opposite of the ideas about coming so I wanted to put that in here because from my point of view the kind of Luciferian elite mindset of the people who must be behind this kind of thing or whole hog with science and when you begin to view scientism and science in a new light where it has no concern a lot of the time for a natural environment or this perfect system which we would have called our natural environment which creates the weather which must have been a perfect system at some point that's all now corrupted and it's corrupted because of science but let's keep pushing Jason see if we can demonstrate it next we're gonna touch on operation Popeye a highly classified weather modification program that was run during the Vietnam conflict from 1967 until 1972 cloud seeding was once again used in an attempt to extend the region's monsoon season over the Ho Chi Minh trail this infamous route was used at the time to provide support in the form of manpower and material to the Viet Cong and the north Vietnamese army the stated reason that anyone in the public ever actually found out about this operation was due to a journalist named Jack Anderson who saw secret memo in 1967 that was on Lyndon B. Johnson's desk the memo was from the joint chiefs of staff to President Johnson and read the US lighthouse operations continue as at present plus Popeye to reduce the traffic ability along the infiltration routes and authorization requested to implement operational phase of weather modification process previously successful tested and evaluated in some areas this is interesting as hell to me Jason for the following reason almost everywhere I read from you when laws to major country laws about weather modification stated implicitly that it could not be used in war time what we know about the Vietnamese not war they never declared war I wonder if that plays into what I truly wonder if thou plays into it because it is described in history as a conflict because war was never declared so I wonder if these weather operations were leveraging off the idea that this was not a war legally and you can see where I'm going here but even at some of the large country laws and certainly at the over arching you and all that almost everything is tied to the idea of using our weather as a weapon during wartime so what do you think man well I intentionally while writing my notes did not write the words and Vietnam War and I've been very careful about that since we've been doing these shows to make sure I try to state things as factual as possible because Vietnam was not a war there was never an official declaration of war neither was Korea as a matter fact the United States thus far is officially on paper has not been at war since World War 2 everything else is just been you know what they call police actions are military actions are strikes or something like that but there's been no official declaration of one country going to war with another country I don't I states is concerned yeah so also do what we have to consider whether modification then wooden way you know is that playing into this because they're so they're so kind of persnickety with you know their corporate laws and the laws of the world and not just obeying these things you've got to wonder if not declaring war is playing into their ability to tell modify the weather I mean in the case of Vietnam let's consider something like Agent Orange of course the encoded overtone here is that orange is the only ... Numeroff numerological color that will break down to 33 and standard numerology procedures a lot of people make a lot of a out of that and I think for good reason on you can see things like the fifth element the movie where a lot of people have orange hair and orange close on there's a reason for these things but my point here would be is if we look at Agent Orange this is the absolute idea of science as a corruption on whether or not it happened were told they don't this defoliant all over the jungles of Vietnam if you turn on your television today the jungles of Vietnam would be telling you all there's this in danger dear ... only place that leaves this kind of thing all these you know you nasco heritage sites that need protecting and yet we are told during the Vietnam conflict not war now that they were doing things like dumping Agent Orange which in a way it's a bit like met weather modification that using chemicals out to modify the environment if in fact it happened anyhow back to the amount and that's exactly and I think that they can get around a lot of these things because they're not doing any official declaration so on paper they could say we're not at war also let's not forget the fact that most of the storms get generated out in the middle of the ocean somewhere where I'm saying it is international water international waters yes so it's it's not ... it's on on anyone's borders are are behind anyone's borders I should say so there you have it you know they they can play games just with but the fact of what is and isn't on paper I think you've hit on something crucial here a man I was not aware and that a declaration of war had not been ... implemented for that long and if that is in fact true Jason my guess is on you know I'm getting ready to start skating openly that weather is no longer forecast it's scheduled on that is my point of view having done the research you know I I remember back to all the camera filming I did that was so localized to see Diego and a place where hurricane when I've blown it open and read about before but to what I know now ... you've got to wonder will we ever see war declared again because it could be that the da totality of weather in this world is basically under the aegis says of what's being done in one part of the world or another and we can demonstrate out right arm even such things as simple as a rocket launch a bit rocket launch from NASA on there's footage on YouTube anyone could look it up where there's a man standing there stand watch NASA's gonna play god this big rockets going to go up it does and about 30 seconds later I downpour occurs because of the rocket launch on it's interesting Jason what will have to look into this idea and want to keep our eye to see if we ever see war declared again because if we don't in my estimation are I would have to be in to try to to tie weather modification and the laws around weather modification to these ideas right and I as I told you off the air the lady who was doing the ... the bus tour when I went to the Stennis NASA center the other day yelp Blakely said when they test the rocket engines it can frequently rain afterwards for up to 10 minutes and that's it unintentional consequence of just launching a rocket off just to test the engine make sure is working the way it's supposed to so there you go it's just water vapor manipulating the that the area around it that's right second of all when we talk about war think about how often that term is used when it's not actually being used in its proper way right how long have they been saying we have a war on terror well that's great I'm glad you have a war on terror terror is not a country Claire what it is a just a bogeyman state of mind that that that that they're just saying it's a war with no borders with with no targets no locations it's just a general statement saying we're going after it well that's great that's that's got nothing to do with any sort of legalities whatsoever damn good point damn damn good point arm and I would further point out that you just want to step stand aside had at least 5 people contact me ... between the time a recording now on the last show we did on whether ... claiming that Stannis the dome to what is it a space center I guess Stennis Space Center there in Houston are with their claim they were making and I tried to confirm this I just couldn't find anything that was bullet proof they claimed that they were doing atmospheric testing putting water vapor in the air ... at as part of its preparation for their voyage to Mars that that is all nonsense that will never happen ever in anyone's lifetime I as Harvey was making landfall did you hear any of this or did you see anything more concrete around that I was able to dig up why did ask some questions to the to the bus toward driver after we got done driving around because everything still classified like there is security gate set up and all that but you basically do a little tour if you want to go on it around everything I saw 3 giant platforms where they do put the giant rocket engines to testaments when she brought up that the point of the weather but I asked out of sheer curiosity there's another NASA facility in New Orleans called me issued and that's what they're supposed to be designing ... I believe the the SLS systems as well as the command module for the Orion mission which is to be used for deep space as well as they're saying they're sending a Tomar so I was like Hey can you go to that one I would like to see a tour of that one now that's the only people who get in there are VIP's and things like that I like you can't just do a normal torso I can I my hopes on that one I really want to get in and see what's going on in there so they only allow very indoctrinated people I suppose now I I did do a look on Facebook just for the heck of it and I did find just normal people in the New Orleans area who work there I as I would expect so I don't know if I could strike up a friendship with someone just to talk about see there's nothing fishy going on but you know that's probably not very likely but I'm trying to do an old school investigative journalist work if possible just to see if I can get any information that's not something on the internet you now you're totally the man you're totally the man you want to stand as a right before we did this weather Maude episode so I mean hats off to you anyhow you ready to head towards 1974 yeah some secret meetings governmental meetings are congressional hearings not sure exactly what they're considering them were held in 1974 regarding weather modification and of course lie after lie after lie we're told in these meetings saying that they weren't doing it well the whole operation Popeye thing alone shows that they were doing it and there were 3 of these meetings held the first 2 are now publicly to look them up just as I did the third is still class goodness only knows what was going on there but that was probably where everything was admitted it don't ... want that available to the public well they don't want you to get your hands on the tax that start to say near September 11 or on September 11 you know the modern I would not be fooled by these things on September let me count the ways man you know I was saying before Harvey even made landfall on that we need to keep our eyes on what was going on as we came into September 11 we need to keep our eyes on you know the obvious things that were being done the not so obvious things were being done on you know one of the people we had on our last episode is an eyewitness was telling me they were moving military assets in Houston and then he later contacted me and said he believes the laws had been changed arm to allow police to use military assets now I mean it's a new poll after loophole if you remember back to Waco Texas another staged historical event in the history of America ... the whole thing came up was you're not allowed to use military assets within the border of the United States that's the whole idea of Cesar crossing the Rubicon well I don't accept ancient history or even the history of Rome we've been handed there's an idea in the history Rome we've been handed that they never learned their lesson ID like at least 3 times their own standing armies tipped over Rome and took it over armed and that's the idea behind crossing the Rubicon so fast forward to wacko or Waco or the stage of the states and all these military assets were coming in and it became a thing one here on the we go a little further down the road to Harvey and we're having eyewitness accounts of Abrams tanks being moved into place and I haven't been able to confirm this yet but usually this individual is pretty spot on soul taken at face value for now on then to like look with my own eyes that police armed the laws are being shifted somehow so the police can use these military assets the whole point of this is you can see how important the legality of things is where I guess the idea would be no one can ever haul them into court because they haven't broken the letter of the law or something like that I mean and are you aware of any of this while and I distantly heard about military going into these areas and I obviously everyone knows that they put the reserves on standby would during times are emergencies so yeah I am no the military gets involved and just from the eye witnesses that we've heard about they had them and we know as far as Houston's concert but we know that during Katrina there are tons of military and I I've always out there using as a test bed to see how would the military respond on American soil going against American citizens you gotta wonder because I don't you know I should have looked it up before we got in this episode to see what the rules of engagement or for using actual military within the borders of course when there is ... I declared a merchant see an act declared for emergency ... the National Guard and other things have always been able to be brought to bear on this matter fact when I was in the marine corps there were certain situations fires and the earthquake in San let's go I think where marines were used to go out and help clean up and and do rescues and other things but clearly these were of merchants you soul on diet that some first look at Jason clearly we're seeing the fudging of the lines of how the military can be implemented without breaking the letter of the law here and if I had to guess ... this is exactly part of what's going on ... in Houston what's a whole posse comitatus thing where they're not supposed to be using military in the streets of the United States all but of course welcome emergency we can do whatever we want is pretty much what it comes down to right it's fear porn of course if you can you know it's not it's no different than 911 if you can scare the Bee Gees is out of enough people you can do nearly anything to include them to bend over and take a colonoscopy just to get on a damn airplane which is where we're at now which was built on the back of fear which was based on a made up event on so you can see what's going on here but you and I got a lot of work to do we can demonstrate without argument that weather modification has been going on since for ever basically arm can we demonstrate Jason in the course of what we're doing that it is more than likely almost a certitude odd that the storms were modified pumped up or flat out created in some way as far as I can tell from what we've been looking into they can be created that doesn't necessarily mean that stars don't form on their own but they can be created if desired and there's no doubt that they can be modified in some way shape or form and with all likelihood they could probably be just obliterated water so let's see but as I stated earlier it seems like they just don't right and I think that is a key key point it's it's the same thing as the drought in California keep going back to we've been able to make it rain sense you know all the early 19 hundreds at least ... why didn't anyone come and help those poor farmers who are growing all the food for the entire country and parts of the world in the Central Valley of California by deduction that tells us certain things about the drought and I think the point you just made tells us third certain things about the weather if you in fact have the technology to reduce the power and fury of the storm which I would be willing to bet my last dollar they do ... why was not brought to bear here and if it wasn't brought to bear what does that tell you about the storm itself and that's where I'm at now just to keep all further you know there are people like Patrick radi who we've had on the show whose friends without Matt land men ... who has been going over the imagery from the storms and trying to demonstrate that he could actually see in the imagery were being given the video feeds that the storms are being pumped up with water vapor NEXRAD these kinds of things anyhow well that's what we saw with the Harvey thing to that looks like it was revealed 3 times with this technology are what one variation of the technology because I think there's a couple different kinds right one thing that always gets me is here on the east coast arm you know they never get the weather right they can see the weather coming all the way from the west and a lot of cases and they'll tell you it's gonna rain or something and it doesn't happen they get it wrong all the time if you go back and look at what we were being told before Harvilla made landfall it was frickin spot on man it's like someone had a crystal ball it's going to it's going to stall out it's gonna dump all this rain I mean they basically told you verbatim what was about to happen well along with all the fear porn that accompanied it but anyhow let's get back on the road here so to laws exist on the books as of the seventies regarding weather modification and the first is the weather modification reporting act of 1972 and the second is the national weather modification policy act of 1976 so these 2 things alone can tell you that as of the 19 seventies the internal government is well aware that whether modifications going on and they have to have laws enacted to deal with them so there you have it yeah I I mean when you get down to these things and again all say that the names of these things are the modification reporting act of 1972 and the modification or that national weather modification policy act of 1976 folks got look at these things use your human eyes to deduce what you could deduce our weather modification is a real thing that's been going on for a hell of a long time and things like this are coming to be way back in the seventies in the seventies we didn't even curators much less the level of science that can be brought to bear now but anyhow we're coming close to the top the hour Jason and I got an intruder talk on ... what you're feeling should we go long on the first hour ... should we cut as we normally would and have a very long second half would you want to do here well there's a good bit to get through on weather modification yet so what I'd like to tie up for our one is this last point and at something called an mod the environmental modification convention formerly called the convention on the prohibition of military or any other hostel use of environmental modification techniques and it's an international treaty prohibiting the military are other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread long lasting or severe affects it opened for signature on 5/18/1977 and entered into force on 10/5/1978 it bans whether warfare of all kinds later treaty called the convention on biological diversity would also bring this notion of the play the 3 main goals are the conservation of biological diversity to sustainable use of its components in the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from genetic resources it went into force on 12/29/1993 this all revolves around what is known as a stable development so to sum all this up at this point it's obvious that the technology to manipulate the weather exists and no doubt countries all over the world are certainly doing so in some way and good sources of water which has become known as blue gold has become a major commodity and that they're going to use these techniques to to do what it is they need to do to get what they want I I think that's a good way to kind of sum up everything we've seen so far and we're only into the seventies really and look what they've already been able to achieve in this it's 2017 folks it's crazy man you just said this thing went into force on December 29 there's 911 encoded again but I would ask a simple question here Jason on that tale of these and mod comments which is a big damn deal people go look this stuff up look at it ... you have all these laws that I saw from the UN all the major Cup countries ... talking about whether warfare being a legal the manipulation and creation of severe weather to be used as a weapon I would ask this simple question why in the hell do these laws not simply state yet can't do these things to harm people animals or environments right why wouldn't you do that you know damn well when lawyer sit down at a table to write laws of this nature that it is soul finite me detailed and referencing other documents and all these other things that on the face of it to point out that it's against the law to use it for military is wholly telling to me ... because it leaves open the use of these things and are non war time environment on I mean am I wrong what do you think about that why don't they just say you can't modify the weather to harm people well they kind of do but from what I saw on the research the N. mod situation just has no teeth at all UP they just doesn't get enforced so they're saying you can't do it but they're not doing anything about it because it all comes down to the fact will go ahead and prove it I mean all these programs are top secret and I you know you got to have somebody kind of like the the Popeye thing where it got noticed accidentally to even bring it to light the first place so I strongly suspect that they're so good at keeping these things clamp down at this point someone's got to be around a bill to squawk about it too who knows what it is in the first place and now I would agree with you but that the only problem I can see is that most of the stuff seems to be so ironclad bullet proof and careful on to simply ignore laws that you're gonna violate leaves the door open for a possible route of attack from some outsider I mean that's just my point of view but anyhow we are the top the hour Jason we have so much to get through on do you want to do a quick run down to let people know just this chattering amount of information right hour or 2 yeah we're gonna go through the information quickly on ... amending Jim Lee who has a website called climate that I thought was very interesting we're gonna go over what harp is and we're going to discuss chemtrails of course and NEXRAD like we got into last week as far as the weather weapons next after that we're going to get into the red cross and everything that seems to have gone on that with some major chicanery with them and also to dig into FEMA bet because they're all of all always involved it without any kind of disaster said yeah huge action packed second our folks so before we cut off I mean let's just address the red cross for a second to let people because you know this that there's so much here and I want so much of it more to be in the first hour that's why opened with these fraudulent DM celebrities these entertainers these Hollywood people fleecing America for money that's what's going on anyhow ... let's talk about the red cross for a minute you know as we were getting ready right this episode I looked at so many people saying the red cross was basically owned by the Rothschild family ... let's do a spoiler here where you at me and is there any legitimacy to the red cross should people be giving money to the red cross okay this is what I found on the red cross to give it very simple will break all this down in detail in the second hour the international red cross has direct Rothchild ties the American red cross has direct Rockefeller ties and while there are I have no doubt there are tons of people especially volunteers who want to just do things to help people during times of crisis right what it all comes down to is the money at least a very large amount of the money that's donated does not go where you think it goes and a lot of is just use for some sort of profit making scheme harsh comment but you know it is what it is okay and it is what it is it it damn well is what it is and anyone wants look up what happened in Haiti ... the where it's claimed white 0.$5000000000 or something they collected they built 5 or 6 UMD a concrete foundation houses on the tail of all that they got caught they got caught on the tail of Katrina there was a C. E. O. fired last last time I heard the CEO was fired and it wasn't that long ago less than 10 years I think maybe a little more than 10 years they were making close to 200 grand I think if I remember correctly around I saw the listed CEOs are playing and in the research for this episode at 0.$5000000000 $500000 but here all make a flat out statement the red cross I don't think you could come up with the charity with the worst record that you can look up Jason and I are gonna try to draw lines lights to Rothchild ... D. out the Rockefellers and other places to show the American people right after Harvey started up on every channel of Sirius satellite radio the red cross began to shill for people to give money all across television they began to shill for people to give the red cross money they teamed up with Walmart in some of these television advertisements to say Walmart will match every dollar you give to the red cross Walmart that creepy ass place will give $2 and then the fine print said but Walmart might not give any money at all I might just give goods or services later there was an ad set thanks we collected 25000000 who knows about numbers even accurate and in the fine print it says guess what Walmart gave goods and services what we're telling you here is the charities are not what you think they are we gotta wrap up the first hour here anything you want to add Jason folks to round this all off the notion that weather manipulation is a just a crazy conspiracy theory that statement is just poppycock it's absolutely a real thing it's been going on for decades and the I'm right yeah it's it I I don't really need to go any further I mean and and let me point out the fact that I skipped a lot of stuff just so I could fit into this to our program there's so much more I could have done and I'll just like now I'm gonna just pick out some of the more salient points but when I was looking at there's there's more there's plenty more so go look for yourselves yeah you know what Stevie Wonder anyone who doesn't understand whether manipulation is real is either blind or not that intelligent anyhow that brings us to the top of the first hour of absurd 73 crow triple 7 radio the second maybe even third hour ... because this is deathly gonna go along we're gonna rip apart the red cross we're gonna further ripped apart whether because we're beginning to understand in a more meaningful way what is actually going on in our world and down of course Jason and I have best wishes for all the people of Houston we know damn well some bad things happen there we talk to people on the ground as far as Florida I've heard from 5 people who say where they were was nowhere near as bad as the fear poor being pushed but we need from G. here for more people so there is a man I hope you join us for the second hour over crucial sub cheers the I you I the I the I I //
"2017-09-07 17:42:08"
072 Hurricanes – Reign over me - Next up, Irma the War Goddess
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"2017-08-31 15:35:34"
071 Jungle Surfer - Censorship – the Information War has started
\\uhhuh alright ma'am welcomed the introduction for crow triple 7 radio podcast episode 71 Jason lingering and I are going to finally catch up with the jungle surfer again here under full frontal attack getting strikes on his channels having injured nobody having hurt nobody basically using free speech in a public forum how is it that a person using free speech in a public forum forum injuring nobody can be removed with 3 strikes this is a baseball is that this is free speech in a public forum how is it the massive corporations are bringing to bear their ability to knock down information the information war has begun it used to be when I was growing up the idea was as long as you didn't scream fire in a crowded theater where people might get injured do you have a right to free speech this is being turned on its head now we find these channels on you too that have been around for a long long time some of the early as voices challenging information challenging events that reported on falsely challenging all kinds of stuff trying to inform people what is in a word what is an and number what is in a sequential pattern that can be detected in the information that is put out so readily to millions of mines in this world these people are coming under attack now and it's not just getting their ads removed we're talking about strikes 3 strikes even looking up that once you have a channel removed with 3 strikes every channel you run could be removed I would ask what's going on here to me it's a tell if you're not harming anyone even if you're saying the most ridiculous silly things that could be said you have a right to free speech but in this case what's being said simply is not approved by the powers that be and that's a telling thing indeed you know we see channels like Dave J. ... come and go I think he's on his eighth ninth I don't even know channel right now ... he's not really searchable on the last channel he put up is put up a lot of content that could be called inflammatory but again I would suggest that nobody is being injured here some of these early voices were some of the first people around to challenge major news events that did not go down in the way they were reported in the world media do we owe these channel something do we owe them our support I would suggest that we do they may not be the flashiest channels they may not be the most entertaining channels but none the less for years now they have taken the time to try to point out I'm pretty important things about our world anyhow let's jump in with Jason and catch up with the jungle surfer and you know what folks if you have a mind for free speech go over and set up the man go over and listen to some of its content I guarantee you if you go there with an open mind you learn something anyhow let's jump in man shares all right ma'am welcome to crew triple 7 radio podcast this is episode 71 I have Jason linger with me and we finally have the jungle surfer backs a bit like pulling teeth get australiana 3 way here but we pulled it off ... anyhow welcome Jason hello grow a server how you doing down there are going very well thank you so I I've been watching what's going on with your channel and it seems like they're just Brychan tag and you left and right down there Yale I smelled it coming that I couldn't soda but delayed thing still get pain and I ... actually pain private video as odd might fraud but you know also will make it a private enough I'm sort out what ones I think might be offending them our god is so very ... but my knee up delaying hates just to cite the channel mia so they put strikes so how how you got 3 channels up right now and sold 2 of whom are in dire straits they put to strike it on the other 2 channels yeah that's exactly wrought cyanide so the slide me out the law and not could say that I would give me a message was seeing our to be really careful gonna and why Frodo awhile so well at least it's a voice still a man Colette works gone Dan out in that they just what it's like in that old down and bought their ... yeah I got lawns what about if I actually struck one channel log base being that can take everything down and I say yeah that die some great right just one channel and let them have their backup channel Sierra I do different things with different papal into so what was the cause I'm sorry ma'am we're kinda walking on each other's a bit of a delay here surfer on what was the content that they fly that they ... put strikes on do you remember all year one was ... one that I was talking about a guy you get yeah and that's why message Didymus said look type of thing United is trouble brewing and ... there were other ones with that sort of ... I wore body and then grateful tell now that was a strange one because I just put up footage was strike from the media and just did a bit of commentary on top of that in ... I was pretty Lima early in the White I pulled a muscle willow pull anything out so what content was that they got so much negative press for you well it seemed to be a little bit across the board some of them were 22 OO one was 20 troll video and the number 24 time and then there was I at the grand for one which was a more recent one a story I can think of nothing and number 1 was bad swept 249 as well so that they point out old V. eyes and I had signed many will they go smorgasbord with mark channel some also quite Dolakha named Chris Slade Britney sort of ... wife talking about things that you know you might be able to get through was the transgender thing something that ... was really ticking people off diet that wasn't that wasn't sigh much you initially really but I thought next month that marked a uniter it's probably not T. 5 and attractive I'll be pulling out more scenes for my only downright oval when I really don't like anything to do with the military you 9 that was a big gap I think also you know more than anything else and certainly right die can't look I will buy stock in any way to really discuss her heart a roulette wheel I think these ideas night the channel so they're a bit more dangerous and not lose and ... they let me sabog just to this point in and and so I unlike you know just so described through some hal and then that mark relax a little bit but certainly I think what we're going to talk a different why we can't get away with you know blase sorted why of describing things which is sad because really you know saga for a spate stand trying when you try to sort of just present words you know why sziget papal down stand compared to hot heating this is what this bike's suddenly presented with problems delivery while most mostly the way that they're attacking us ... is through copyrighted materials and and other things if you create all your own content they have a harder time but let's talk about what's happened to Dave Jay for a second I think he must be on close to his night they're tenth channel something like that maybe it's a I don't know ... but he recently put up a new channel contacted me and so for everyone listening Dave Jay is back up ... will leave a will leave a link which is risky business ... to Dave Jay's new new channel but what what do you know about this Sir friend know you've been talking with them I mean he's had 2 channels ... launch and get ripped down within like a week or something yeah a stallion you know I really annoys them are spies say dialogue dives presentation and he's knowledge and at some information war cry United that but I care about ribbon babbling on this is our hikes here or ... different out of it sawing sings dive so it does have ... ... lot of knowledge and that so no wage war during anti cat channels are they have knowledge in a in a while sabog I had some videos that are considered had some pretty good information and I were the one so again a typed and say items thought well remove my student and ... ray do them and put them up on other platforms CNN blog below what what's funny is I scanned a you know what's funny is I spoke with Dave Jay as he was getting to launch I think it's 2 channels back now and it's not too long ago I mean we're talking within a month or 2 here on that channel is already gone ... but I had spoken with him ... trying to say you know I think this is the kind of content they're going to easily nail you for you should put up your kind of number work because he's done so much kind of schematic number work and for the most part it looked to me like that's what he was uploading when they took him down again yea did look once they brought it in for you and divers got ... that certain that any true and walleyes size shoe channel say he's had run ins before with some mobile so I they brought in vain data around life show yeah well Hey let's let's let's write gears a little bit I know you were on top of their clips that just came ... through the United States ... let's talk a little bit about that I'm still even this morning as I logged on to queue up to record the show people are still sending me images from all over the country of that little kind of I don't know whether it's a reflection or another object it's absolutely not lens flare but it is a mirror image of the I don't know if mirrors the right word I don't know if it's flipped or not but it is an image of the eclipse happening next to an overexposed son have you seen us at all now I have been saying that the stuff you talking about I'm not sure a miniature eclipse is selling well it's it it looks like it should be lands flair but it's not it's actually lock to the sun and it is a smaller image of an eclipse going on and the eclipse phase seems to match the sun most the people who picked it up however really over exposed sign which tells you a couple things about the thing they emerged ... but to jump forward if I had to guess arm and I know how you feel about him trailing but we we got across the ecliptic 4:00 hours before the eclipse started always happens to me here my point is I think the spraying from the jets was designed to kind of block people's ability ought to film us I mean I think I know of at least 6 people now who filmed this thing but let's jump back over ... what were your impressions of their clips look into it at the coverage that came out of the United States well that was there and was just blown my mind have many people now a interested in that sort of thing but it was as if the media was really ready for them and they seem to have hope goradze papal sticking up for the official story and I'm going to drain on this all white guys authority same papal who are you know sign anything different getting Scott his wife had so I tried to price ... some stuff about the clicks to friends of mine and I we've been using that time all wack jobs but all unite like footage you know like news analysis fight footage and some my obeying unite same's what was just I'm not 40 disliked be bucket load of stuff to look at and then then oolite confusion and everything in the end of the die within a few months United the general public you've got a little bit interested not scratch they hated beat but well I'm sure that they are here United the thermal ... photography that we so the childlike days nothing there ID still nothing gonna go as far as we get lost because an idea like that he's going to really ... said people's minds going isn't it now yeah I was on the athletic podcast the other night they what they did recording with me and that was like the first thing they brought up and I was going to push the show just discussing that and they were sending me links and things to look at and basically it comes down to very some of the work the crowd did analyzing the video it just doesn't it does something doesn't look right we're seeing again inconsistencies with the imagery that it doesn't look like there's a rock blocking the sun yeah that is to say you know so that that's gonna be a big thing that have always act and they did that Jackson we think you will but we're saying that folic with Apollo I have many Americans still ... think they went to the name and anyone says difference a white guy we can fawn good anomalies in United Arab science but we can't seem to sell it to the public that is easy that's a battle with one it is it's it's more scientism really just like Apollo dead that the clips thing is just like everyone's accepting of the mainstream viewpoint because Neil degrasse Tyson told them so yeah let let me jump in here I mean this is critically important how you know like this is one of the biggest reasons I launched my own website wound is to start to get away from Google but I mean are there are many many more people every year who are not buying into the Apollo thing ... I see a steady stream of people and even on my you tube channel now there's people who want to defend NASA who aren't so sure are about the moon landing which is a bit ironic so on the one hand you're questioning one of the biggest events they ever announced non the other you're defending them so they're still holding on to their life preservers but I mean come on guys we even just with what I did and then when you add that just I mean it's overwhelming the amount of video on work that was done we can show that the mind plays no role in an eclipse and I don't think that's going away yeah school of an ad from Dave's la I mean stare on cleaning dye is still holding on the odd here it is the area all the main from what I read on his side arm call made and that's the ... negative log and apes cancel it now opposed the blogging that's why he died say you aware that comment he might yeah I did see that ... but you know the more than I thought about what he was saying arm I didn't think it was actually that far easy because you got to realize that Dave first of all what from way way back years ago ... was saying the moon to light arm and so when you begin to think of it in the way he does when you look at what people are saying about like Rahu and catch you on which I think are interesting idea of the whole Vedic astrology nodes idea ... I'm not that knowledgeable on Vedic astrology I've been looking more and more into it it'll be interesting to see where it goes I don't consider what Davis saying so far from what others are saying because from what I have researched about the Vedic nodes ID it's really kind of a very big thing in the first place ... you you can read descriptions of what I know is that I mean they differ soul kind of incredibly but at the end of the day I if it is a light on then Dave's within the ballpark I mean your BM backlit by by the sign which I demonstrated to the best of my ability means we should be able to detect it going and what Davis saying is it's not a rock in space it's not a physical object that the lights go on it'll just be interesting to see how it plays out I guess well just waking up the audio think of the cool log this is there the Walmart date different talks largely what have we really thought that live and what we're told log is log maybe Lloyd I blog you now and then a few talks to you know lawyers more than we 9 you know that's that's an interesting idea itself when I was back in San Diego I took a prism and I was breaking apart sunlight and what's called false light and I use my scope to concentrate moonlight to try to get an idea but as I started to research what we've been told about light it's pretty clear that in some places they'll tell you it's a wave and a particle at the same time non they'll even tell you that observing it changes the outcome of the tests they do but what struck me the most about looking into light was the idea of false light and that's all man made light and for the average person listening I if you take a prisoner and you break apart most of the household lights there's black lines ... through ... the spectrum that you get with the prism so ... you know a lot of what Dave is doing is talking about fallen systems and while it's very religious from his point of view ... I think there's something to that idea what does that mean fallen systems Dave has said things like arm I'm not here to tell you how to fix this the whole place needs to come down there is no fixing this armed this kind of an idea ... he comes from kind of a very religious non Christian standpoint when he talks about these things ... but when I look at it from my point of view armed I don't really disagree with that assessment on this is absolutely could be described as a fallen system so then the question becomes between the way that I think about it in the way I see him trying to describe it is it really is there any fixing this place and I can't answer that question I mean I I we do the show every week trying to help clue people into what we see ... but ... I do I just don't know how to address that yet in a use that we're starting to get very day when we talk with that talk about a topic and I've certainly is one of the day pick characters on nana Eugene ... away gets you saying he'd have had some pretty good feet shoes and they say fixing the system and that's a same side doesn't no site sometimes when we look around at what's going on ... it's a bit overwhelming but ... I've always held on to the idea odd that this is an illusion and that it's a bit like a house of cards and the difference between say where people were in the sixties and where they are now is fast because in the sixties the vast majority of people didn't have an inkling of what we have now about what's going on and so I kind of clutch to the idea that if we can get enough people to start to see ... there that we might affect the system somehow but it is overwhelming and there really doesn't seem to be any portion of this world we live in that isn't affected by the things that we noticed now at one tall moist to sing a bit like that but also to resolve to the fact if I can just get a few friends and a few people around the world save boss liner is the hikes on my I. mode through better or especially the nuclear bombs ... that's the best I've seen god can do at this stage and the guy and a little bit help defeat papal disk just not I have not made so I had as a child that nuclear bombs are got no leash in that you could get my stapled to not believe in them because I think you know around the planet the acts that may be guide and it even prior to the bomb will ever telling of and all I have a run across season in the last few weeks we've all dear strains that I suddenly the soldered a few months ago ion Marcus Chong until a few papal that you now data mahat now on our favorite it stopped on a MAPI happen to convince them with that I am much more evidence also and why a student named sue convincing them because of the knowledge of god that it still didn't work not one person now I said get your ... delusion all just because I tried to point out that the army has symbols in it and can make being different ... grandson also wash item if you fight eyes that show I did trial bench very fraud general looking imagery and diet I went on it I felt must be mistyped taught thing came out friends and family always the hardest to ... convinced though yeah let me let me jump in here what one of the things I did ... probably within the last less than 2 years I'm sure as I began to try to dissect what we're seeing eye in terms of why why would this be done you know to to the populace of this place we call the world and as I got more and more now Kim and into the alchemical ideas and the idea of chemically tricked or al chemically transmitting the world mind into a lower bays and then of course the out the hoax buster clip that that I saw posted from you ... unveiling Madame Curie as mercury ... I've ever come back yeah that's that's like that for me that's the academy award clip of the year ... doubt one put so many kind of just set it in the right way that help me collect and connect a lot of dots but ... what I what I've kind of come hovering around is the idea that this is all about the mind armed that what's being done is to keep us low and if that is being done to keep us law there's really only 2 options ... were easier to control one were low or were being prevented from going somewhere we could and I think both of those things are probably true I'm not no ma'am where you stand on that yeah I would say bedrock they and you can imagine playful okay ... concentrate on beta thing rather than Tom Hyman babies ball I ... thank the veins at nearly the whole news is spike sources spike up the fight in and they must be one story added chain that has some semblance of reality and then go to the mall bubbled with that and movies if we actually had done you know I'm all positive thinking around I want to get in the Aug here's a half what's that book with child from non Norman tale analyze sort of ... 5 of the top you know positive thinking like America's star but I just think you now would be wouldn't it with that well let distraction paper would art and I communicate better yeah but it's in a soldier but changed with the United this is Batman coming at this weight and all the kids have to have the Batman toy and most parents just want to do with the kids do when they get sucked into it to die down what's the navy and plenty of parents and I will add generation go screw up with anyone that's well at Cape recycling in Iran what was good enough for you is keep well I'm in a tight market along to Batman and ... it's so commercialism and the people love it next week but it really like can you not yeah I'm the with the donors I it seems like there throwing as much out there so that now even if you're not incident Batman they're gonna get you something else they're gonna get you a footballer they're gonna get you with Star Trek I think they're gonna find something to get you with the distraction and and the social engineering programming thing a lace through it that's exactly brought okay so here back up in the media all over the sighing sort of all ideas story it will be a story on bass and goodies awbank covering this a law have a lot of the ... media stories like into connected in strange why very strange wise I just noticed that type on the hallway Seyss at sky IT calm you know the lady that we often say I'm not familiar with that yeah I'm not formally regarding ... low country go last night man oh no ticket now wasn't cat was Kadmon but the cattle ID is to do it juniper and juniper berries and a ritual like cold signing Ronson Monday the video on mac so this shows you know I have a great night these stories with all sorts of which lawyer mark called and at the I say say going to tidy and across if you know I typed he in the navy that was ... Max Cady and he was like one of my stuff ... evil characters you have to sign on ... Hollywood maybe Nicholas I ray might hit them with de Niro and Nick Nolte ... but interesting I tidy is a 9 minutes makes a state to you all druid ... stall rituals and you say so often and then our let me so I was thinking that too it was Julian Kadmon and if you went to grand falls down the bottom of their costs are right they was Julian's hand car wash and all of the time the grand full I had some story in Cincinnati I think it was a shooting of the Julian I know I've noticed a few out with Julian stories including the story Donald Trump ... blame Julius Caesar did you say that one car no I don't watch the news at all man a final watch people like you or others who covered I'm just completely oblivious yeah and I had a great re enacted to Julius Caesar story and Julius Caesar is sort of Donald Trump and because we know what happens to Julie so he threw Sarah of boats that Lisa getting run all I've had the ... net is that where is a an interesting just Sonya Aidid a Maureen the predictions will Donald Trump soda bag you months I what what what's interesting I noticed this the other day ... they started to play Hawaii the old Hawaii 5 bow on ... some of the network here or minor no maybe it's like me TV what they call me TV but ... I recorded it and I watched about half of it ... for the simple reason is ... I like to compare what was going on in the late sixties early seventies to what we see now and one thing that really strikes me about the characters and wife I've always they seem like adults they seem like serious people bomb what's portrayed to us on television now it seems like everyone's a damn kid on there are no real serious adults for the most part on television and I think it plays into what you're pointing out here because in some ways it's like they've lowered the mind through media so much that it's much easier to put these false stories but I mean server why are they doing it in your view why is it so important for them to encode what think what you were calling you know they're which work and other things and the Julius Caesar what what's the point what do you think is is behind all this very interesting ... question obviously they would be ... doing inside that they are on can a sleaze say through the story and nothing is just to connect him to deny law to apply the gang it's like a game to them and stories great hand sitting in on this is probably the big one city in a say Julian's car wash in the grand full story then it's Julian Cadman and any mall and can make stick type B. or something to do with tad there's a a fragrance coyote say I. day A. we choose by strand this juniper and signing what Saudi and that's brain a big thing are set with that ... moon rented the cleansing name the cancer man yeah about a June 24 this year and all my quite a big tail of that knowledge sign they'll be you know I spell crafted taxed the throne cleansing and sure enough they walls wasn't made by claims that the net I think it's fun that's when the real you know the trouble started die after that many months I so let let me ask you this do you think there's anything to you know on the outcome chemical ideas there's this idea that that there are people who can live a lot longer ... and that's almost all based in natural means it goes back to the 4 elements of alchemy which were based on what we call nature do you think these people the that we call Royler whoever the heck they are the banksters the people in control then you know the Vatican the jobs which do you think there's people in these groups that are living a hell of a lot longer than the average person I'm not sure where to go to hell of a lot that certainly rockfill they got 201 that still live day since stretched longer than the average worker in different countries mile you know I 60 cities a lot of the map the fog so that still forties but it's possible they got my real evidence of that violinist Lara he sired United the vampire diaries taught lobbies and cable same me need bodies and clapping at body like a get out a younger body in that and all the person I go clubbing ceremony and may they jump into the upper body that talk of Audie probably heard that well sure that's covered ... you know I took a lot of my life studying ... eastern religions and part of that was to baton Buddhism and there's actually a quote from the Dalai Lama ... that you know that one of the dying arts was the supposed are where they could inject consciousness from one body into another and the funny thing about that is it's not just covered into bad this is covered all over the world wherever there were serious ... groups large groups of Buddhist going on around so the idea is been out there but again I mean you make a good point where is the evidence for it I mean it passed we get circumstantial evidence yeah Izzy all Aidid just pirate more they really shouldn't they better than last year and the ministry that it's locked all you shape the yacht climbing the doll in his shirt which we pick this a high price yeah I bet St everybody's small on the allied with the world seems like they've got some bright things look at the 7 full 7 final the bikes you say helicopters United we certainly got a lot of technology and the internet but then I seem to have a love to have that little bit extra that might be fight just to add you know I'm Baelish what I have got see once I had lines reply papal ... from country to country that might not chase your course to sell the NASA law I because you know what you've been in applying we knew we could fly on applying and that the same if he is progression all because now we flowing up in the stratosphere now we're going to the moon so it 10 years apart was women knowing 50 was the Robert through the airplane ran the world unite 960 day did the jam and I sort of program and noname Sydney there on the main one the whole thing is ... more social engineering because they're they're putting all that out there do the movies and television everything trying to convince everybody what's really capable being accomplished one right be a reality is probably something a lot different that is exactly why Jaeger brain doing that all I have covered this ... called law lightly I babble TV shows that you saw and next thing they're doing it it's just gone on like that wrought through ... the twentieth century when we've had more what we call the mass media because it was going on well ya novels and poems and songs I in the previous centuries but with the telecommunications electric car everything was electrified wasn't and now it's just saturation oh United need set your eyes you know probably gotten rich full saturation point compared to somebody in the eye thing nobody so Bonnie Raitt and noble on the weight gain side and radio news type the the instant thing is they've they've done such a good job of destroying people's attention span they can skip throwing it in every 2 minutes at someone and they're just gonna keep lapping it up so they can keep that programming going over and over and over again it at a very fast rate all there was one to know I why think of it militares will not a turtle Spain operated on that's going the rounds on fights books in our friend of mine that shaded rayon and ... although the suit this won't be seen that way looking at total spending operated on because it did swallowed coins on my dad was a hike story at the site it was just a good little tear jerker story you say it's on shore on the social media have a have also stories that have rule horrible stories and then that kittens and then I have rule ... how TJ can stories I so server let me ask you something man you've done a hell of a lot of work on families old family names royal names ... even communities around the world where kind of the antiquity of all this came from ... so many people now trying to show that the Jesuits were really the moving force behind that so many people trying to say all roads lead to Rome whether or not we had a room in the way we think did it what do you think the genesis of all this nonsense is do you have any can you venture any idea ... turd to who's currently pulling the strings are or where they came from well from a civic Karen well who who ... and staining the same sort of link that there are all these people follow since trying 6 you will love her Gendo oltre ricin aunties so the gallery high praise or I'd be in unix server history and it seems to be now very bought sprayed things I so the question of that any one group is particularly sublime sought thing is playing a great organizer but they same stability cuarta a plane going on because they're all connected maybe they want so I can make it in times past that from a certain diet off fail and it could be trend not 797 playing that night United launch goalless grand lodges that might be more in the eye then hundreds so what about the final sort of ... connections together certainly the twentieth century signs to be one world government and everything this fabricated just like it is a nice books that talk about placings you've got to have this ongoing in candor in you know a controlled demolition a strategic gray like how shin soo manage the shape so are you organizing construct a whole lot of the veins and ... that is a blow wife from my staples ... concept voli sings his by city channels you'll say covering whether this sinus Jesuits or the Israel or somebody else they still running that tall United somebody Billy somebody out with a nuclear weapon that we not lose sight are they still running with all the things we now fight not knowing away then Morava hikes been sought the giant chi assassination no somebody calling that pop the Charleston of Charleston bill as a high expediting was referring to Jackie if kai any mistreatment it as it was rail authorities and that ain't saying that you see that he's got 200000 views you say so this brain a row shifty away from people like myself and I even has been only some of people coming that they'd they'd bending the bending the spines I am not right directly into their 8 polling jive chi rail like you gotta have a better understanding and go right back to I bring ham Lincoln the night that once the heights they want a little funny poignant Quebec connection costs or be DTI mine footage is ... at Charleston bill list whose shot Gbagbo call forward and of course we're going to get that ... we've Kennedy we've I've had for drug they'd have me man there's a long list of a similarities between that those 2 but what you were saying a moment ago it seems like what they're doing is they're trying to throw as much out there to that they're doing obvious cation through mass distraction basically throw so much out there that you don't know which conspiracy quote unquote is the is the one you should put your faith and so anyone who really doesn't do any in depth research is probably gonna get very confused along the way when I try to figure things out you already see side jury and you say you have so many channels that brand themselves something while the fiber of course you don't need shade saying America is the king of the watches not all busted market still to die is a cost side to side jury Christian and we see some strange looking people one heck assigning they Christians and ... there of course saw ... then sighing Ole spike things sounded so strange thing to close or something like that named stop lying straight away to the public like that poll babes label that Israeli news is Simon and none of them will have a cold listings that ma'am assault and die 90 a few others that they've are examined the Gaza ... or D. any any have to look good Ole lies rocket mourn stings and exactly the sci am I wasn't were as things we see in London or Barcelona or gain ... Ameritrade sigh many I'll vents that they've had they not science sting allot of the ... through the channels are indeed touting Christmas of right along with it did do you think that's part of the distraction all of course will unite that scanning the gate table I discography he's a Christian Indian you happens to Billy might be not really a Christian are always gotten married loose Tristen laci's ought not really that intelligent buddies spread by money and interest my telling only what site organize when we do more of what he's doing and he really is lying because you know that's funny what cities experts in SI many too many denying that are on here on different topics and you're listening tone they talking about me and mention Jesuits before many on the middle of it they stop sign in all of the nuclear attack appears China so right ... anyone man I should be out early on the night shift being say something public now fogs 6 years are on this compilation anyone that's wanted clients say ask do you gotta say through the hall deny big shebang of this may be a sawed off of the twentieth and now into this century and how they can ... solely Saudis to the public anymore it's amazing tonight well it's a good idea all of spike USMNT bikes it in our acting they it but because we now it's been controlled have what's going to happen they've sensitive to the Max and I think just now was getting a bit more popular and that's what Dave punish my roommate that I've been a few of those ... I now I pinned up now they'll be new channels coming in then I'll sort of still seeing a padi lawn and I certainly want do you need some I went in on the line well I'll tell you what man ... what you're saying is so critically important for people understand you do you get these channels that try to help the flavor of conspiratorial channels and they'll be talking about 1 thing and then they'll refer to a nuclear event Azrael or dinosaurs Israel but you see this is done in a much bigger way D. I. the 2017 MTV music awards just happened and I went to record it to see what was going on because as everyone here knows ... the little statue they give away as the moon man this started with my generations on the second British invasion back in the eighties on what I consider to be the second British invasion of America which was on TV and they put that whole man landed on the moon idea in this 2017 I could only watch about 30 minutes of it before I was sick to my stomach and I just deleted it ... and didn't care to go through it any further they were solved message control on taking people to show them what space is making the main person in the shell having just gone to the moon putting them in a space suit pushing the moon idea over and over and over and it seemed to me like it was primarily damage control on the tail of the eclipse around that's what it seemed like to me but there was not a single moment of the 2017 MTV music awards that was not programming for the younger generation where I'm never what size aim to save the awards maybe years ago I watched one of 2 but haven't black cold up within 3 days on our feet channel ceased to cover them but I have a super ball causes a little bit of all spell craft definitely guys on I guess I should have a look ... maybe for next year's one Amato Bedia what got them they really the thing we saw on the tail of the eclipse here was a lot of TV shows like Voyager the whole Voyager idea is now running on television I'll tell you another thing since we got into the year of the rooster last year on TV while I don't watch a lot of T. V. I always keep my eyes on the listings because I know what to tell ... last year we didn't have a lot a nuclear stuff on television this year the year of the rooster there is endless nuclear stuff being broadcast on TV and I think it plays into the spell craft idea the you've been talking about but let me back up for a second you know so many people would point to arm a sect of Judaism running Hollywood others would point to just away it's running places like the batter can't and then a lot of people would point to the royal families do you think these are all distinct groups do you think they're distinct groups that play together do you think they're distinct groups that are rivaling each other or do you think there's a bloodline connection across the board all I think they're all connected across the board that's what us sign that seems to be this strange lot of families that practice well trained standardization my same said to me the pipe looks like he's a woman and the queen looks like it's a man and they nowadays very hot than most people do understand and and you tell what my split lip and thanks Graeme but so what sizes say something mortar fire is going on that lay stole maybe for a long time that's just plain white seems to be in for a long tall on is indeed be up on his just man was showing all about what we call America any in staple yeah I dagger Burton clutter's I mean what we would call the entire we were we would call the Merovingian in the states but go ahead yeah maybe it's Merovingian ... it's a very old story that is stable not diabetic clivus and the long hair I had and he sauces BDI obey its music video ourselves all flashing things but you could say the concept they had that by rule woman now back paranoid means needn't be as before that I thought with the royal papal it looks like it's going back a long line I was just with the the bigger worldwide is nat they've sort of increased the volume of papal there under these compared to what we did bang the full so as I had mentioned to you before arm I absolutely expected this idea you're expressing to be true or to be actually in play at some level but I had a hard time seeing it on just looking with my own eyes so I began to well the first thing I did is I went out and I quick did some research to see if I could find something there within 5 minutes I came across the Mike Tyson mysteries thing where his daughter is a I think she spoke to be Korean in the cartoon her name was young he and she's dressed like a little she's treated like a little boy all the time and so I found the basis for and this wasn't quite awhile ago when you're expressing the transgenderism so here's something that I've been working on for a long time I'm trying to set some rules around it where since I have a hard time seeing it just looking with my own eyes on bet perhaps like it sets the rules around it and here's what I found clearly in the acting profession were told in antiquity that women weren't allowed to be a part of things but the strange thing about that now is if you go to any movie channel in the states and you go through movie after movie looking at just the listed actors ... you'll find that it's about 90 percent man in any given lift listing if you went through 100 movies ... you would find that primarily there's usually only one or 2 women listed no less a to have only female cast which is a very many so I started to look at their names I'm the first idea I came up with wise like someone like Rene Russo who I think is probably absolutely transgendered ... recently played the white folks for or the king Oden ... but I started to look at the idea of same first letter first and last name and as I got into it I began to realize something almost every single female actor ... who is like a team and Hollywood has a male attribute to her last name and while I can't make this hold water 100 percent of the time this is what I've been kind of looking out for honor and all year 0.5 now something like that well over a year anyhow on have you noticed any of the things I'm mentioning here or do you just plain see it with your own eyes are now 100 percent you said mark Tauzin translation broad training Sean X. there was so pelvis even if it's not direct 9 you know the poll the Saudi it's wrought Syria could be a NYC 9 or nines is snake to play with a little bit and you can get mad at a site like Madonna type the day our way out mana and by the way goes Beyonce as we now I buy millions boy sorry sorry what grade Nate Dickinson Firebird thing the one Janet Dickinson well okay narrowed and I have because he was doing a job day the time might be is ... we society don mode diaries to la bat the baseball boys packing nobody in the song right now we right package would be ... job it really valid citing the woody along to be with the honey and the honey what Chinese looking at that sort all this shit one little thing if you look out there Susini IDOT I taint where okay Haber alphabet and it's often despite is a tree a sortes saying and we've noticed that the ... say SNSD bought Tyler sway me like many things that they ... have attached maybe the word sign comes to mind is that show to a story the same survey strange going bad and of course you wouldn't notice the eyes I did recently where had all Betsy drinking not strange to be Quartermaine with a staple but I will not assigned somewhere in a tree that say captain neck pain both myelin flame well in some ways that would be a link to the British idea about it yeah if you want to take it further back basically work told the British pirates went into Asians took that by force ... but to get back to the name game now what I started to notice with a list female actors from Hollywood is damn near 80 percent of them have an easy mail attribute and their last name as an example Amy Adams you got Adam ... Joey out yeah Julia Roberts Robert right there there's a time where in the west we don't like if you call someone Johnson we don't think of it in the way that it originated which would be son of John but Scarlett Johannson sign of Joh hand UMP there's an endless litany of the a team female actors but again I can't make a whole water 100 percent of the time but it is certainly up in the eighties or nineties where you take a top top tier female actor or supposed female actor ... the name alone will give you the attribute even someone like Alan Arkin where it's not obvious but clearly barking risk that is is the dog idea and she was recently in ocean's 12 or 13 or 14 were basically Al Pacino calls her in the movie his right hand man and they go to an image over hand and it's like that old Seinfeld episode man hands on there's something to the idea you're expressing here there's no getting away from it yes official better decide to it's hard not that so papal just something as simple as sandy hope nearest assigned much evidence they still were like Wayne so when you start with this one days all friends on didn't even try to tell him back daily for a thin unix although if I can stop to understand the lower right advance United the entry level of pain so I called him then my knee and so I will wisely soul happening when you not beyond the stock save world was a strange bunch of paper at the top in this world and not exactly blocky thing you know the latest one is cry while I think of it may now apparently doing operations they with the tape so that they're giving them ... in ads baby Mario lies women like calling Solomon and Janet say in they will have the big takes well now you can get out of la Hollywood women dislike that they won have those big Horsey take because however Chinese dim the young I caught the the the thing because it's one of the all you know I identifying features so it's hard to get away from the nets were always cold prince William and prince ... we don't say it should be able to look at that aspect then bought city that types good bigotry but that might be may be true in the slough Halabi whacking him around even nice to them on going for replacements I well one of the clips that you did arm I thought was pretty compelling because so many people were belittling the idea that were expressing here which I think is a huge mistake by the way on from my point of view ... where you showed all these male bodybuilders and then near the end of the clip you pointed out that everyone of these male bodybuilders you've just seen was born female but server that brings us near the top of the hour we typically take about a 5 or 10 minute break ... our Houston coming back for the second hour ... all you were going to happen to her okay well get out ... bright will be dry alright so tell you what we'll do we'll take 10 here ... will come back and roughly 10 minutes and I'll just do the tie up here and one of the things I want to address when we come back in the second hour right out of the gate is the work that hoax buster dead arm and the I'd the alchemical ideas that he so so simply tied together for me I mean after seeing his clap I went straight in and took part Robert Johnson I took apart the nodosa or ... bikini a toll which was called crossroads but anyhow we'll do that when we come back to the top of the hour so that brings us a the top of the hour 8 X. busted with their legende ate and watched myself and dive in a few hours and then he's eyeing ray Seitz into sort of acted in tow package yeah for my money the the Marie Curie clip is the academy award for you to print this year of everything that I've seen on it helped me immensely draw lines that I was so close to but I mean I watched a 3 minute clip over there and it was like damn I you know the spotlight went off in my mind but anyhow let me wrap up the first hour here Sir for all right now I'm out I'm going right to the top of the first hour for crow triple 7 radio episode 71 ... we're going to get into a lot more in the second hour Jason anything you want to add before we tie up last thing I wanna throw out is that I saw a little clip for the 2017 ... MTV awards was that they made a very big point of saying that it what is that be a moon man it could be a moon woman it's a moon person so they've got to get that in there these days well it's funny because it was Katy Perry was the moon person this time I she travelled to the moon and some of the ... the imagery that was shown but anyhow let's wrap it up Jason and that's it for the first hour up so 21 hope you join us over a protracted 7 radio for our 2 with the jungle server and Jason lingering man there is chairs I I I it I I I it's //
"2017-08-24 15:51:58"
070 Solar Eclipses and the Elusive Sneaky Old/New Moon
\\mmhm alright now I'm welcome to the intro for crow triple 7 radio episode ... 70 and Jason lingering is with me we're gonna talk about the eclipse and many other things but let's do the whole words have meaning thing once again ... in regard to the eclipse ... because there was no moon the moon does not cause the solar eclipse we just saw we can prove it ... but let's take a random word like how how about Protestant okay so words so many of us say with regard to religion all the time but in that word is protest so there is a meaning that most of us overlook all the time because we just say the word out of habit out of the way we've been taught to say it out of what we learned in school out of any number of things in our life day influence the way we use language but if we take a minute to take apart that word we recognize right away that supposedly the idea of protest was put into it if we look back at the Protestant Reformation or the supposed history of the Protestant rest reformation we begin to see the the protest idea but let's move this all back over to the sky we are told that the moon is coming in between our point of view and the sun when the eclipse that most of us just witnessed and that we've all seen endless video on happened ... truth is it's not the moon we can demonstrate it but let's take a look at the words we are told it is a new moon words have meaning why is that word new used new has a meaning ... it's not the same old moon right that we see all the time as a matter of fact when the early phases passed new moon start to happen the moon is referred to as a young moon well why moon's been in the sky since lord knows when the same old moon right well apparently not apparently we get a new moon and then we have a young moon ... but for you know what all I reiterate some of what we're going to cover here in the episode just to make the point early because so many people don't get through the whole podcast we're told that the sun is an infinite light source we're told that the sun is roughly 93000000 miles away I've heard 83 be added about recently don't care it's millions and millions of miles away let use 93 so we have the brightest thing we can imagine called the sun which is we are told an infinite light source and 93000000 miles we're further told that there is a new moon coming in front of it at roughly a quarter of 1000000 miles so that's supposed new moon is backlit by the brightest thing we know about called the sign and 93000000 miles fact is if these things were true we could detect the moon coming into the eclipse and after totality after the eclipses happened leaving the desk of the side this is not the case this proves that the description that we have been given is wrong but there is a litany of video coming forward ... let me you know should I wrote it down is it candy star ... well all all all move on there was a clip that was sent to me of people filming the shadows that were going on on the eve of their roof as the eclipse was approaching talc totality in their area and what it looks like is exactly the same pattern that you get if you look into a pool that is disturbed reflecting on the eve of a house it's identical ... I may contact that channel candy store I hope I have that right ... I should wrote it down before I started ... I may ask them if I can run that footage ... there is footage from Michigan that I just saw where the sun is over expose the eclipse is happening and yet locks to the image of the sun there is a reflection of the eclipse happening ... maybe less a quarter of a degree away from the sun ... all this footage coming forward what's going on here is before we reach the digital age when things like this happen we're pretty much at the mercy of going into our television or opening a magazine and getting whatever we were going to be shown well the times have changed we can all observe these things we can all get digital video now and we can review them endlessly this is in fact probably the main difference between understanding what people thought about the moon landings in the sixties and what the majority of people who can actually think and walk while they're awake now think of the Apollo landings now that simple we can review this stuff were not fooled anymore we don't just get the 3 seconds or 5 seconds run on television with no way to record and have to take the word of what's happened ... from the men in the white lab coats but there's another thing about the digital age the digital age is going to allow places like NASA to just pop out all this impressive imagery ... the last couple clips up on my you tube channel ... take apart digital images but there's the other side of that which I am demonstrating for people is that now that all these digital images come out it is not so easy for people to fake it now even if they wanted to bust their butts and put every bit of effort into creating digital imagery faking digital imagery there are people out there who can jump in and start to detect that it's been faked truth is that most of it it is so damn simple to take these digital images and demonstrate that they were faked ... yeah in most cases it's as simple as opening it up in Photoshop shop opening levels and Jack and the levels up one where the other and then you can see all the editing artifacts my point is this if we take the time to look at the words that you're describing event we will learn things if we observe these events we film these events we look at the footage that other get at these events and we scrutinize them bringing calming sense to bear and measuring it against what we've been told a whole new picture begins to emerge as we move into the digital age we are going to be flooded with data point here is for those who will take the time scrutinize what were being shown a truer picture will emerge hopefully in 10 years from now maybe we can live in a different world where we actually understand where it is we exist where we actually understand a truer description of what space is where we actually under dosed stand better what is going on when I suppose solar eclipse happens because all tell you something right now you do not know these things you may have ideas you may start to be challenging these things but the truth is we don't even know where we exist and the real shame and that is if you don't know where you exist how the heck can you know where you can go from there anyhow this is a great episode episode 70 covering the eclipse and other things let's jump in with Jason lingering man chairs alright man I almost forgot ... candy store is the channel that is running the water reflections being generated by a nearly ... eclipse nearly totality and then there is another one called ... issue give me just a second here anonymous individual is the other footage where we see the reflection of the eclipse ... you don't write locked right next to the sign and I did work to demonstrate it can't possibly be 11 lens flare and believe me my work on the lunar wave made me a bit of an expert on you will see lens flare in the ... in the video ... which helps but you will notice that the image he is filming is locked to an over exposed son ... the time is known it's been looked up and ... apparently the phase of the eclipse of the over exposed sign in that clip would be matching ... that the reflection or whatever that is that we're seeing maybe another object who knows but anyhow let's jump in with Jason all right ma'am welcome to crow triple 7 radio podcast this is episode 70 I have Jason lingering with me we are going to talk about the eclipse ... we're gonna talk about a lot of stuff I'm gonna try to get Randy from Houston and on the second hour don't know if that will work out ... but none the less you don't choose to maybe we should open up with the sing along here I'm I'm being followed by a not Moonshadow not Moonshadow provable not Moonshadow anyhow welcome man a ... interesting topic we got going on here everybody had the clips fever all day well I mean they rang up this crap up for months and months did that almost you know I want to go back and look at that old ... song black hole sun to see if I can relate it to this to this demand I mean I don't I can't remember and have been getting this much media coverage can you now I mean it was pushed everywhere just everywhere on Facebook on Google to have their their logo changed and just article after article after article every every business I went to I mean they've really pushed this hard and I'm I'm just like okay is is that big of a deal what its message control isn't it ... it was on TV there were all kinds of programs running at live will get into the nonsense Nova program that ended up opening with the trump nonsense they preempted the eclipse information and took up half of their special with the trump nonsense but we'll get into that when we get your bullet points ... how was the ... how was the visibility down there in baton Rouge and it was only about 35 percent I tried to check it out and it really wasn't all that exciting like I couldn't tell to too much here I I put sunglasses on and look through my my card game factory with tinted windows slightly saws able look at it without killing myself but damn it really didn't look like that much here were just too far south why was actually talking about the jets brain but I will mention ... during near peak of the eclipse and I will preface what I'm about to say you shouldn't go out and stare at the sun if you're new to it it's a bit like a baby eating a jalapeno don't do it ... you wanna eat jalapeno she work up to it and the sun is no different I have signed gazed in my now I will say what I was about when I reached about the Max eclipse ... I stared straight into the side until my eyes focused on as I don't know where 60 some percent covered by what we're told is the man which is not the moon and that it was a bizarre thing I have stared at the moon are at the sign many many times I'm gazing and there was a strobing of fact and I heard other people who did what I did and they said the same thing around you know could you start question is it just my eyes doing this job but other people got the same experience with the naked eye sun gazing view where you stare for about I don't know 1015 seconds tell your eyes actually it acclimate to the brightness you focused and you can see the eclipse going on and the sun was just like strobing in the most bizarre way but anyhow what I meant to ask you was did you have a lot a jet sprang up your sky down their alley and they start a few hours earlier and 2 whole Italy like I I was looking through layer upon layer of crap when I still when I saw maybe that made it easier to look at to tons yeah it was not easy to see yeah you know I was almost at 1.I didn't think I was going to be able to shoot and then I started rethinking it thinking maybe I could make this to my advantage somehow ... I posted on the forum on crow triple 7 radio because I knew a lot of people are going to shoot they're talking about this idea but the strange thing is about 4:00 hours roughly something like out before the eclipse they started trailing across the ecliptic or the path the sun and the supposed moon take ... as we were getting into the eclipse one or 2 high altitude planes came by sprayed a very non persistent trail and then the whole sky smudged out really really quickly but the irony here is well I battled with debris from Jats the whole time I was filming ... within under an hour of need the completion of the eclipse we had blue sky here oh and by the way Richard to all 5 Maria told me a similar tale up where he was he said he had real trouble shooting ... because of that that third to bring cloud cover and he said as soon as the event was over very quickly there skies cleared up and you know I I know you don't go on Facebook but I do so I was checking just what other people are posting and saying and they seem to be very common thread lot of people saying tons of cam trailing la times I couldn't see the eclipse of time so for whatever reason seems that that this was a very common thing that was done on that day well you gotta realize with the amount of coverage from jets that we had leaving debris in the air it really messes with your ability to film first off focus becomes hard getting your ISO right becomes hard because sometimes it will be very thick coverage and manual thing now and that messes with your image in your ISO settings but to top it off basically what's going on is there filtering light so the light coming towards your camera or scope or harbor tried you know is being filtered down ... so the quality of the air I get ... is reduced which is what happened Meyer but I will say I have some followers that said Hey man I shot crow come check it out man people are getting some high quality stinkin footage ... I've seen 4 K. footage I've seen 1080 I. that looks like it could be 4 K. I've seen people folks send out the sun spots that are just beautiful so I guess we got asked the question here Jason if I shoot in HD and all my followers a lot of which you were just getting into this are shooting in 4 K. and HD what the hell's up with NASA man they shoot an LD also we see from them as low definition I mean am I wrong here now that blows my mind you think that multi $0 organization should have a little better a chemical in by now in 2017 but I don't know man so let's talk about what we did with the screen share right before we started recording I took 3 NASA images I took the supposed international space station going through over the desk of the sun during the eclipse we're told I think the claim was shot Wyoming I took the eyes doesn't burn in the sun I suppose snapshot from the ISS of the shadow of the eclipse on the globe and the new announcement that Mars has no image I took all 3 and I just shared screens with Jason show what I'll fine what levels ... which shows fraud every time and I took apart each of those images not only are they all low resolution but basically the international space station and the article that Jason sent me ... claims it takes years of planning and lock and all this other nonsense to catch something transmitting I in that way which is complete hogwash they basically cut and pasted images and pasted them over the side and ... and the whole image of the sun itself while it is a real image of the sign it is also constructed cropped and edited the image from the supposed ISS of the shadow of the eclipse on the earth is one big fabrication and I just show Jason that you can see the edit marks all over it and then of course anything from Mars I'm not even need to look there are no images of Mars and the way they're they're showing us but I mean what was your reaction Jason have you ever seen someone take part image like that I'm I I just started recently trying to learn about those sorts of things because I mean this is what we're always finding him you're one of the biggest ones I ever saw discuss these kinds of things is special before new you but yeah I it what use do you did what was so obvious that that this is just not even great cut and paste jobs they're just putting things together and of course it looks fine when you're a just looking at the the picture on a on a website or something but when you do exactly what you did you drop than just a chance levels all the fingerprints of tampering just show right up immediately well in the case of the ISS going over the eclipsing sun that ... it's a real tell because their sun spots there the sunspots actually have a dork you and a gradient to them so they would fall apart more quickly when you begin to screw it levels and what we see is a cut and paste job of little you know black ISS images pasted in all the way across not only that we're told anything in lower earth orbits going over 17000 miles an hour I felt plenty of things transmitting the moon ... that cross in less than a second anything going at the speeds would cross in less than a second I've even seen what was supposed to have been the ISS word that object that we see up there that they call the ISS across the moon optically it happens in the last then a second and so now they're pushing a video out of this event and it shows this meandering slow little ... ISS going across the sun there's a few problems with that from a technical standpoint first of all you have to be shooting I don't know 9100 frames per second I don't know how high the frame rate would have to be for you to be able to slow that down to get a smooth little transit like that but the truth of it is as if you actually could film what they are describing to you it would cross the sun in less than a second and I know this because we're being told them the the apparent wit of the sign is the same as the moon of course that's supposedly how the clips works but anyhow Jason ... do you want to get into things here we got quite a bit of ground to cover yeah so what we talk about the footage you shot what would what do you think about the quality of the images you god and them did you see anything that jumped out at you in your own footage and what you were saying that was weird well look you know I got one camera was able to catch the whole man ... it was a full spectrum camera anyone could go look at the clip that I posted on August 22 ... just isn't it could have been because of that spraying ... this became real problematic because of where I had to set my also levels an aperture and stuff like that ... well I SO in this case ... because what I wanted to do was try to show transparency to the desk that is covering the sun unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to do that with the images I got ... the other one was shot with a telephoto and again the I SO it so it's not quite over exposed but it's on the verge of being over exposed trying to peer through the debris the jets left now with a lot of these things there's always a bunch of numerology that goes in and this eclipse was no different and how much did you break it down and ... how much do you think that ties into that the couple of little announcements we found being made at the same day I like to coincide with all of us well shoot me I should me better notes on this I didn't realize we're going to talk about this but running in to the eclipse arm the commercials and things like that Denny's you know Danny's was running and all the mooncakes pancakes all you can eat for the day of the eclipse with the statement because the moon look so much ... that pancakes look so much like the moon and they showed a pancake eclipsing the sun I in the route it was forcing Corder lot of 4's encoded is what I was seeing course ... that can be taken to mean the problem with numerology Jamaat sharia is you have to understand the intent to some degree of the people were implementing it ... as an idea that you know 7 you can look up the number 7 and you can follow people were doing absolutely fantastic breakdowns where it's being used as a mind weapon that's the intent of the people putting it out there ... on the other hand you could look up the number 7 and find the exact other intent behind it where it's more fortunate and perfect number on this kind of idea what we saw here was a lot of 4's running into it in my view the intent is to encode those forests towards death on we saw 40 fours and forests on you actually mailed me some from one year friends which I found interesting where he was breaking down the encoding he saw on the problem here Jason as I haven't really just focused on back to break down the numbers that were associated running in into the event okay so this is from my friend Wayne and ... he gets the ... he really gets the the overall picture right here with the numerology an eclipse so he sent me this email I thought you might be instant some of my clips findings here it is there's a lot of 3 and 4 encoding as well as a lot of hidden symbolism first the path of totality travels from west to east masonic symbolism what the last north American view being over Columbia South Carolina also highly symbolic on the 30 fourth degree parallel threes and fours again during the eclipse there will be 4 planets visible in the sky mercury Venus Mars and Jupiter escrow pointed out the double for encoding is heavy double force on the number of the master healer for is also associated with Mars my predictions based on these facts are as follows first off it is possible that something unusual be visible in the sky near the position of Mars or second there will be a big announcement regarding the planet Mars or third seeing as how Mars is the god of war there may be a false flag somewhere on or near the 30 fourth parallel within near time frame of the eclipse that may be a precursor event leading to a conflict the master healer encoding maybe metaphoric of being United against a common threat I hope I'm wrong and nothing comes of it but eclipses have historically been harbingers of doom and gloom and he did mail it didn't he sent me this beforehand he Franken hit the bulls eye with part of that did me so why don't you just go ahead and run right into that the second bullet point here ... and I'll preface you know I'd mentioned in my last podcast that on the eastern seaboard they were gonna run a special on public broadcasting turns out I recorded that to see what kind of message control the reporting around the eclipse on the whole first half of it was preempted with trump nonsense go ahead Jason taken away with trump nonsense okay so the first thing they got announced on that day is that president trump announced a strategy for resolving the nearly 16 year old conflict in Afghanistan now I I watch the majority that video just to see if I can get anything out of it but it was incredibly flower re over the top language that said absolutely nothing there was no mention of the number of troops to be committed to it not even a ballpark figure I had no specifics at all so it was just kind of like a we're gonna do this kind of thing ... each drum spoke about his intuition how when he first got into office that we want a pull out and get everything out of there but then as things have gone on he's seeing things in a different light that kind of thing but that's all he really said so it was kind of a and and nothing speech you know just how we're gonna keep doing what we're doing for the past 16 years and what we're gonna do more of that well I I mean any time you see a presidential announcement I in conjunction with the huge news event you understand something is going on as we mentioned earlier I can't remember ... a bigger news event running you know up to an abandoned the eclipse and again you know your friends pointing out all these kind of truce where that people used to think bad things were going to happen and you know aggression and the planet the war plan Mars will first of all it gets people's mood in mind set back over into aggressive in the war into terrorism and all this nonsense that gets constructed so here we have the president of the United States constructing the perception that during an eclipse there's doom and gloom but then secondarily the prediction your friend made about aggression and the war planet Mars I mean it kind of fits this whole thing doesn't it absolutely solely does and of course the second thing they got announced was directly involving Mars NASA announced that they found snow on Mars so there's no getting away from these things when you can make predictions that come this close ... you're you're doing something ... you need to be able to do it over time it would be nice if other people could do it in conjunction with you but you know there's there's something here to be looked at ... and again you know I took though the Mars images what was it snow on Mars the ridiculous thing they're doing now where they're trying to get people to imagine a planet that doesn't exist in the way that you've been told that exists you're there trying to get the seed planted in your mind to make it more like this place we live all its so you're fabricating the and it's all based in nonsense and again I took the images of Mars and did the same thing with levels it's all constructed imagery there are no real images of Mars for space they do not exist but anyhow ... back TJ some and then I found a 30 events that ... Matt landman had actually put out it's an article in the British British independent online website stating that we are in big big trouble in regards to global warming now first and foremost didn't they kinda ditched the global warming thing and start just calling it climate change and global warming wasn't such a big thing anymore but then all the sudden Al Gore comes out with part to do is ridiculous documentary of live ... in the now they're all back on the global warming thing again is is that I am I accurate there yeah it's gone both ways there it there's no doubt the go ahead push through your point here so to quote from the article the world has missed the chance to avoid dangerous global warming unless we start geoengineering the atmosphere by removing greenhouse gases according to new research scientists used computer models to assess what needs to be done to restrict global warming to between 1.5 and 2°C the limits adopted by the Paris agreement on climate change so here it is man it's fear porn it is stage setting it is any number of things and it is announced on the day of the eclipse I mean there's no getting away from these things global warming is nonsense we've covered these things before but when you go out to film an eclipse and you see jets just filling the sky and then you have people posting from all over the country and actually other country saying the exact same thing and not only that you want to talk about climate control weather control as I pointed out the eclipse and within 45 minutes we have blue skies Richard to all 5 Maria up in New York said a very similar thing other people in other parts of the country so what we see here is that they are geo engineering we see the planes going up we've been watching the planes doing it since the nineties and then we get this kind of nonsense on out of Britain around it's it's beyond the pale man it's beyond criminal in my view they've been spraying the air for a long long time they've been manipulating the weather so this is all just tongue in cheek to me yeah so anyway they get looks like they're getting back on the a global warming train and not just on here this nonsense but of course they they announced this on eclipse day and I just it's just all ties together so yeah there's there's no getting away from any time there's a big story in the news and announcements like this get me made there's a reason ... and I think your friend did a heck of a job breaking down what we might expect to see before the fact because looks like not only did he hit the target but he was right in the balls are there a little bit salt yeah and and what that tells me as that anybody can ... it was the old quote day and with eyes to see and ears to hear it's like if you know what you're looking for you can just kind of throw right out there be like well this is what they're gonna do they're gonna say something regarding this particular topic because this is the way the numerology works out that's right it's not that hard it's just that the average person has been taught that there's no value and thinking that letters have a numerical value people have been taught that the zodiac is nonsense so we place the sun it's not nonsense people have been taught that the myths that surround the naming of our planets are all just pleasant stories for children not the case there's information on all these places and not only as an information it's information that gets used regularly by the people who run our shelves all there has man right so NASA also of course wasn't heavily involved all this and they they had a feed going which apparently was cutting in and out all the time what do you what you make of that crowd of course it's the same it's the same playbook we see from the Chinese claiming they have a rover on the moon it's nonsense and the way they cover for this is by having equipment failure soul let's get this straight we are now in the new center century or the 20 first century and these guys can't even manage a life the online come on arm if you hold a common standards all the things were told by space agencies you begin to see struck that it is it's all message control and this really sets aside that people like me the followers who were interacting with macro triple 7 radio producing fantastic each the footage while NASA dumps out the door the slow death crap it's beyond the pale at some point nafta's gonna need to be called out and around I don't know if it happens in our lifetime but at some point all the people that come to you to be defending mass and regurgitating lies about the Apollo mission need to get a clue and we're gonna cover scientism in this episode for this very reason but anyhow keep keep calling Jason so let me ask you this since you're way more of a photo shop kind of guy that I am when you how you do things where you're manipulating images and as you showed me before we started the show today so you're shooting HD and a lot of that NASA stuff isn't it low definition is it easier to manipulate things in low definition versus high definition or doesn't it matter or is it just that it's easier to smudge things maybe because that the definition isn't there or to hide the the amount of noise that should be there like all that sort of thing yeah so here's how it works no you would do your manipulation in the highest definition you can get your hands on then you would ruin the definition so that artifacts are introduced into the image and it starts to be harder to see exactly what was done but you can still detect yet Marxism matter fact I have an image up where I show that the Pluto images ... yeah Pluto images are complete nonsense complete constructs but I also take a supposed asteroid image apart there and show how they ran a blur filter in Photoshop and you can prove it that's not really arguable for anyone who knows how to use the tools so to answer your question if I was gonna bake these images and I was now so I will get the highest resolution images I could ... I would do a better job faking it Anasta because they get caught cutting pasting so much like they did with the the Earthrise over the moon horizon ... it was flat out shown that they just cut the earth image and and they don't even get the size right point is you take on high resident mage you do you're cheating on your shenanigans and then you dummy it down to low resolution because you're losing data basically if you think of like a JPEG which is a lossy compression format what that means is each time you compress and into a JPEG you're losing data so I took a decent resolution image from NASA that was a JPEG opened it up did something to it saved it next day did the same thing next they did the same thing did not for a week every day every time I saved in the JPEG format it would be lossy compression and I would be losing data and this works in their favor too because what they do is they choose a lossy format like JPEG and they handed out to the news agencies will wear the news agencies do they crop it at in terms of the ISS image supposedly seeing the shadow of the eclipse from space I saw 3 different orientations 3 different crops so that means each one of those people took a JPEG from NASA changed it saved it and lost data while they did it you see absolutely yeah it's a it's a it's a hell of a thing but it doesn't it doesn't really matter you can still demonstrate ... with the sawtooth kind of edit compression marks that there was manipulation done and the way I demonstrated it to you was by taking a canon and Nikon image of work of the eclipse running levels on it to show you what you expect to see and then doing the same thing to the NASA junk so Jason arm I know you just got attacked them it looks like we're gonna be able to get Randy from Houston in here in a few minutes to talk to us which I really wanted to do ummm because he was out and as everyone who's followed me knows he shoots through a telescope is captured little wave a couple times ... but I want to get this into the first hour or so before I get side tracked I'm gonna address a few things here as a stagehand are back a roadie back in the nineties I was around stage lighting a lot on lighting directors people building a rebuilding lights the arm actual operators and the guys who set up like I learned a lot this got me thinking back in the day when I was in San Diego on it just kind of fell by the wayside but when they started to announce during this eclipse the width of the parent shadow that was supposedly going across the earth ... I got thinking about it again so I jumped in and I began to look at what's accepted by light physics people for the physics of light I'm going to read something to you which is lifted straight from one of these places that talks about the laws of lighting in the laws of shadow with different types of light and this is accepted as hard cold I'm mutable science here we go adjustable shadow size works only with shadows coming from a point source such as a spotlight if you were using a directional or infinite light source which we are told the sun they would always make shadows the same size as the object casting them regardless of position the reason I'm bringing this up if I take a spotlight and I put it on a person and there's a wall behind not person the shadow will cast a certain size if I take the spotlight closer to the person to shadow of that person on the wall will grow what's being said here is that ... directional or infinite light source which we are told that's what the sun is that's what the claim is that the sun is so I'm accepting science's explanation that the sign is a directional or infinite light source they would always make shadows the same size as the object casting them regardless of position if we are to take this hard cold science that I just regurgitated to you as true that would mean that the shadow we saw from this eclipse we are told is 70 miles wide which means the object covering the sun could be no more than 70 miles wide that's what it means okay but there's more whenever you look at the NASA drawings or the space agency drawings of the orbital model showing how the moon is going to cast a shadow on earth its cone shaped what this statement I just made proves that cone shaped shadows or nonsense under the under the conditions that we're saying when the sun is back lighting an object but there's more and each of us can go out in the world and confirm what I'm about to tell you one personally we gotta wait a few years to do it again when I was in San Diego one last things I calmed was a partial solar eclipse I took it upon myself to get a 8 inch scope an 11 inch scope a telephoto lands a telephoto lens with the doubler I Nikon with 36 pixels on each of those things I just described and my canon full spectrum camera to try to see if I could detect the moon going into the partial solar eclipse I used every technique I knew with different filters with lighter blue iteration which is basically using a building or something to block out the sun ... so that you can see what's next to the sun used every technique I know how to do I could not detect what is we are told is the moon coming into the eclipse here's the rub NASA is telling us that the moon is causing this eclipse that the moon is coming in between our point of view in the sun and by some miracle of lord knows why it just happens to be the exact same size and there's a whole explanation for mansa about this nonsense but here's my point we have an infinite light source which is the brightest thing we know one existence called the sun we're told that is roughly 93000000 miles away although I think during this eclipse I heard 83000000 bandied about whatever we're talking about 83 to 93000000 miles away NASA's telling us this massive brightest thing we can imagine called the sun is back lighting the moon which is only we are told a quarter of 1000000 miles away if that was a true statement we would absolutely be able to detect the moon coming into an eclipse there is no writer light source and our existence than the sun that we know of arm and it is back lighting from a hell of a long ways away by their model the moon so it proves the falsehood but even if we were to throw out the NASA model say the orbital model is nonsense which I do all the time and something else is going on it does not excuse the fact that we have a son that is apparently being covered by something that cannot be detected coming in to the eclipse now I look this up and there are some claims from some of the space agencies that if what they call the moon doing eclipsing here ... is low enough in in a certain position you can detect it problem here is I couldn't find any images of it and it's just hearsay it's like a hybrid eclipse that's just made up nonsense until we have something to prove it out so I wanted to get all that out there on the table in the first hour so the majority of people can chew on the things I have just said but in essence what I have just told you first of all proves the NASA models of fraud secondarily per proves that it is not the out all that is going between us and what we call the sun and unfortunately people did send me some images were it looks like whatever is covering the sun is a bit see through ... but we need to do more work on that but it doesn't matter I have seen the images from the past eclipse where you can see the lamb of the so through what we're told is the something else is going on I will close before we get out to Randy here with this a lot of people are coming up with the idea of notes this is an all Vedic astrology idea I believe ... raw who care to these ideas I don't know that much about it but I do know this people out there challenging what we've been told are on the right track so people talking about notes good idea go for it prove something demonstrate something although I can tell you is that the NASA model is incorrect it is a lie and the moon is not in fact involved in the solar eclipses we see in any way shape or form and it's provable severity as it was a mouthful Jason but back over to you do you want to cover anything more do you want to get Randy in here basically what all the sounds like to me is that even though to the naked eye it looks like the mainstream models what's going on once you start breaking it down again we just see massive inconsistencies with it without being the boiled down version of it if you want to take the simplest part of what I said ... the physics of lighting says the directional are infinite lights would always make shadows the same size of the R. O. object regardless of position there it is that's the sun where coal second thing the moon or what they're telling us is the moon is backlit by the damn sun and you can't see it until it breaks one of the sun there it is these are not arguable points this is what the world the world accepts as reality what was the problem here is we're replacing with what we accept as reality with this notion that we've been told the truth by the man in the white lab coats and in fact we have not been told the truth by these people now since about to get Randy here let me throw this last question at here do you think that same agency like NASA has a much better idea of what reality really is and they're just completely obvious getting it from the masses of course when you go out to launch a rocket knowing full well it's not going to space when you release images of all the stuff from space even the blue marble images claiming that you pointed a Hasselblad from space at earth which are all lies it proves that they know the reality of things ... they know why they can't get out to space they are faking that they're in space all the time they're hiding the actuality of where we live they're hiding the true description of space they're hiding whatever that hard fast boundary above are lower earth orbit seems to be ... date third you know you wouldn't you wouldn't have a reason to lie unless you were covering something up you know such simple and that's where I feel about it as well I don't know what's really going on but there are just too many inconsistencies for to be the straightforward narrative as it's being delivered to us something's wrong I don't know exactly what it is but something is definitely wrong 8 you know it's it's funny how we we are a global breed human beings are a global stink and breed and science plays a big role in it because the minute someone says science all of a sudden all questions are off the table here it is lord god booth who has made it dictate here comes the science you can't argue it and I'm here to tell you damn well better argue it you can make math describe anything you want you can use mathematical formulas to look at a Cup that is half full and tell everyone it is empty with the mathematical formulae you have just drawn you can do theoretical physics all day to make up all these amazing things that have no basis in reality and yet your equations will balance science is not the be all and end all it's a great thing to have when you need a a car a refrigerator an airplane man it's great to have science when we need those things but in terms of describing where we are in the world I got news for you man bad people got a hold of the play book a long time ago and they've been tellin nonsense stories the whole time about where we exist and how things are working but you know Randy can't hear us right now we're gonna call a man and we're doing a pre record so you watch I'm gonna ask Randy as soon as we get him on the phone what was the main thing he noticed about watching the eclipse action and I'll betcha he brings up how come I can't see the moon I'll betcha let's get among let's see if he doesn't come on really don't make a liar out of me alright ma'am we got Randy from Houston on the phone ... Randy just so you know you couldn't hear because we were pre recording we got you in on your cell phone I I made a bet to everyone listening ... date that you would have made an observation you just witnessed a solar eclipse what is the biggest question in your mind regardless regarding what you just witnessed with the solar eclipse Hey everyone and Hey crony Jason good to be on here with you guys today one of the biggest question that I have is that as normal operation you see the sun come across the sky and of course you can see the moon and most times okay but as the eclipse was coming I was up early that morning so the sun was still way it'll adore horizon area and where the moon was I never saw the moon ever even what was coming across the sky I was trying to observe my head you know the ... had actual use in the welders shield ... to block the sun so I can look and I was looking with the naked eye never did see the moon anywhere in in normal operations you always see the moon even and a great job so that would be one of my biggest questions is so and so I don't we see them on a little bit so that was the exact BET I made before I look at your local holding up of course and and here's the difference the difference between Randy and you spend crow in Rhode Island is that we go out we observe and we question serving the majority of people are modeling the message control from NASA but I meet Randy that's not what we're being told is the moon is back lit from what we're told is 93000000 miles by the brightest thing going there's no way in hell we shouldn't be able to see a moment if it was actually there right true true true true ... I don't know mean it would seem to me even even if it was getting reflections off the earth back to the moon because you know that's pretty bright it should give some cow reflections so there you go man so what did you did you get a chance to film or did you just observe yeah I actually had my 4 K. camera set up and ... just put on a tripod and in what I was doing I would start it let it run for a few seconds on that showed off a run for a few minutes and shut it off and so I can get a kind of a time lapse of that moving across ... collided more sit there and watch basically like paint dry because it moves so slow you know so well I just watched it as a time lapse type thing and ... ... it was pretty spectacular because at 1.I seen a flash of light come out from what appeared to be the moon barking out the sun RC a flash of light streak outdoors on the like well what was that show when I downloaded to my computer I watched it be known clicked one frame at a time and it was like one frame and I what I assume would be the mass ejection of the sun somehow another because I wasn't in pretty tight looking at it and it was just a flash of light just zipped right out to one side when ray baggy and now is the only thing except one bird flew across also that I would just tell a shadow a bird flying through bitter over the mad dash for the only thing I really called other than just the moon suppose the company and and mood right back out you know I would've liked to have gone feel like love people in the area where you get the full black out I would like to call it that but ... Bob as we only got 2 thirds of the blockage here so let me ask you 2 questions Randy first of all you be posting the footage you just described but the second question is how was the spraying ... did you see spring during the eclipse and what happened after totality after the clips was over what was up with the spring to be honest with you crow now this is what's so baffling phenomena to me if I hear that you were a lot of other people say that you get a lot of spring in your area here 0 it was clear blue skies except for the typical puffy blue clouds it just drove by slowly writeup typical southern type whether there was no no spring whatsoever none it out so it was it was perfect conditions it insofar as you know ... catching what I was catching there was no spraying no blockage and I'm not an even afterwards it was the same thing so do you typically in Houston get a lot of spring by jets or not so much not so much amber enough in the end you'll see him come through bill zigzag not affect this morning now now this morning while I got my first job this guy had that he is the lord keno choppy looking little clouds way up there which you know that's what that was within 45 minutes maybe say around 930 some of 10 it all blown out and cleared out right now other than the clear blue skies and puffy clouds a typical southern weather man so we will be posting the footage you described about what you shot during the eclipse on your our you tube channel yeah but all published below post it up to nighttime been pretty busy the last few days so I never really had a chance to even get on the computer that much but ... Yakin posted tonight it's only a short clip of the no flash and ... so yeah I'll post it or I can send it to you and you can add it to one of your videos as you well explain whatever yelled like do I can send it to you that matter to me now either way ... if you're gonna posted your channel give us the name your channel right now so one can hear it ... if you want to send it to me I can run it as well well you know this man that you have a lot more followers in a lot more exposure out just send it to you and let it let it roll there and ... you know you can make comments on it what you think it might be or what ideas and now yeah well literal like death okay cool so check it out Randy I'm Jason and I have to get through the rest of the first hour is there anything else you want to talk about before we ... before we bid you adieu and move on with the show here Armando I'm just enjoy and ... ya shows up now by yourself over last number of months I've been extremely busy and hadn't really got to delve into all yells information but I'm jumping on a listen to some of it or a whole episode nan and I'll catch up later but ... you guys are doing a phenomenal job ... you you're digging into areas that that people have no clue where to start how to look at it or even nudity even existed so are you know you don't just keep up the great work man I tell you what your great team and ... topic here in lighting a lot of people because some people won't get it but I would say pretty much everybody is like oh yeah I see it now that's how it comes to me is like well you know their idiocy not less that did give you brought down the clear terms you don't try to talk over people's here or anything like this news big fancy word you just lay it out there as it is the history of it all the non history of it and ... it's it's all good so I would say you guys keep up the work and ... people around the world let you know if nobody else Libya I do well Hey Hey man let me say thank you so much for confirming a good bet an 8 going into the school phone call because I do but I just knew that you were going to be of a mind that you would be challenging what you're observing but anyhow thank you so much Randy anything you want ads yeah thank you so much for taking the time out random kind of did this on the spot so yeah thanks for jumping I'm of the sins of awesome or another thing too I hope that debt is a barbecue dinner for somebody here yeah I'll have to come down and what we don't have a barbecue kill at some point we'll have to do it I'm so tied up with what I got to be doing here but at some point when I'm a little freer and maybe we'll do some road trip shells or something heck yeah man Hey guys you don't have a great day a little appreciate yelling Luba work tell doing and ... when you gave me Hey you know where to find me Arromanches or is my brother take care also later alright so why did I call it or did I collect anything he had done a very good you just to be clear to everybody ... I spoke with Randy OB or 2 text messages a little bit before the eclipse I asked if he was filming he asked if I was coming now is the extent of it he could not hear the show because were pre recording and Jason just got a month cellphone but I mean he basically proves what what I'm trying to state to so many people if you set aside everything you're being told and you make observations and use common sense to draw conclusions about your observations I mean look man hundreds of people out there saying how come we can't detect the moon and I'm here to tell you it's because there's no moon there but anyhow Jason where were we man do we want to jump back into the timeline or we want to do here well we were we pretty much finished up everything we're gonna talk about the clips at the time and the next topic before we start getting into some other things regarding the moon is going to be on what's known as scientism so I think we should try to cover a little bit of this before we get into the second hour don't you how much time do we have left in the first hour you know about 3 minutes let's try to get into a little bit of scientism I want this included for the people who can only tune into the first hour so let's at least broach scientism even if we go a little over alright so scientism yeah scientism is defined as a fart or expression regarded as characteristic of scientists as well as an excess of belief in the power of scientific knowledge and techniques but it is so much more than that it it's science that's become religion in the anywhere in the worst case scenarios it has fanatics just a serious and potentially dangerous to open minded thought as any belief that comes from a book true science requires you to go wherever the evidence is taking you even if it may be disagreeing with your original hypotheses or thought well to some degree what's always struck me about the idea of scientism which is absolutely a real thing that we can observe is that in the construct we live and it's almost like the the red blue thing here in the United States Democrat Republican what you find is most scientists won't touch religion and most religious people won't touch science so you can see the construct of it but my biggest problem I'm and this is portrayed on some of the most popular TV shows that are going on for internal 10 years or something like Big Bang is you have a lot of theoretical people coming up with the craziest damn things you've ever heard of confirming it with equations and theories and calculations and then trying to convince the rest of the world this is our reality but what's even more is some of these things will not be challenged just recently after this eclipse I had a number probably 2 or 3 comments on my YouTube channel were people who were clearly in the science came in and said Hey all you conspiracy people why don't you go take physics 101 in junior college and these kind of derisive comments they make so I usually don't comment to people like this but I comment at this time I said Hey all you science people why don't you go out and independently challenge the Apollo missions and I pointed out that regurgitating lies is not science and this case in point in my view is scientism the scientific community defending the moon landings when any single one of these organizations people or places could go challenge what we've been told and demonstrate without question that no one has ever landed on the moon with the evidence we've been shown ... what do think Jason now I think that's exactly it ends when out people can call me a conspiracy theorist all day long but the that as you've come to know me I'm actually quite objective and I have a pretty strong science background I've read science articles and and look into topics that are very hard core science related deaths and in just doing the work that we've been doing from for months and months now is only expanding that knowledge I have to look things up to make sure that I understand the concept of the transhumanist stuff definitely went into that I'm not just some crazy conspiracy theorist spouting whatever I want to shoot from the hip about I I actually have a good the idea of health real physics work Newtonian and onward switch metaphysics does not work for everything I think most people know that now so you know I I try to apply that the most basic scientific knowledge I can do any of these concepts and this is where we find consistency so you know in one way you know I don't even really consider what we do here conspiracy because we're not making this stuff up we do research for every single episode what we're doing is challenging the status quo what we're doing is saying Hey man all these things that so many people have accepted as true for so long and a lot of it is from the science community needs challenging so if that makes you a conspiracy theorist and I guess that's what we are but in my mind that's not conspiracy that is actual science were people challenge what they've been told to see if it holds water and as an example in this episode I pointed out adjustable shadow size works only with shadows coming from a point source such as a spotlight if you are using a directional or infinite light which we're told that is what the signing as they would all ways always make the shadows the same size as the object casting them this is from the laws of lighting there have to be numbers of people and the stage business listening to this lighting directors lighting designers that can come in and say Hey man I use these kinds of lights all the time and this is a true thing we can prove it I've observed it but it doesn't matter these are the loss this is an actual rule it's not a theory it's not a supposition this is a stated fact of lighting and so what that does is it proves that the cone shape model that were shown all the time is nonsense but what if further does is it demonstrates that we should be able to detect the moon coming into an eclipse if that was what was going on and it further demonstrates the size of the object the maximum size of the object that covered the sun these are not arguable points now can you come back at this and are you and challenge it and discover other things are maybe show anyway maybe you can but what I've pointed out here or basically lost the rules ... and it really goes to show Jason scientism has become so overwhelming in the modern age that now they've even resorted to doing things like sending Anthony Bourdain down disposed Antarctic to complain about how nobody respects science arm it's just gone to ridiculous proportions here yeah and maybe some people do say some ridiculous things but that but the bottom line is what we're doing here I wouldn't call conspiracy theory oligopoly agree with you there able would do if this would be maybe alternative media it's things that the mainstream would never cover because they're going along with the scientific mainstream community in just saying well whatever they say is gospel and that's not what we're doing here we are saying Hey we see inconsistencies let's re analyze any given situation that's right I mean most of the time basically what we're saying is should I believe my lying eyes I mean basically that's what a lot of this comes down to but anyhow we are past the top of the first hour and I really wanted to get in we're gonna cover Stephen the magic computer that reads as brain hawking we're gonna covered Neil my butt degrasse Tyson bill Nye and these other people who are basically the face of science in media and I'm here to tell you these people are entertainers and we have broken down with the word entertainment mean Jason is there anything you before we bring the first hour or close you know on people do look at those individuals you just named as you know I said that the the words are like gospel well these the preachers and it doesn't matter if they're on TV they've put out books this is what they say this is the way it is and that's just not true and good hardcore science that's right actually work that way that's why the theory of gravity is still called the theory of gravity because it actually in fact has not been 100 percent proven it just seems to work for the current model and I want that to sink into everybody that's really really important think about that yet there's no getting away from it and I would further point out each of these people are actors how much time on the show have we you know spent pointing out what acting is what acting is for in the modern age ... day I would estimate that on shows like the Big Bang theory the name that has been dropped the most is Madame Curie mercury unveiled ... this is message control and to you know it befuddles me it both fondled me that people can watch Stephen Hawking with his magical computer that breeds his mind and then answers questions for him kneeled across Tyson stepping out to tell us well the earth is actually shaped like up there and don't even get me started on bill Nye but anyhow this is we're gonna open up the second episode any last words before we close it down here hopefully you'll join us there folks we are we trying give you as much as we can for the first hour but the second hour obviously that's the day Newmont of everything else where everything that we've been discussing builds up and we really give the rest of the ... the evidence to back up whatever the point of discussion is so hopefully will you'll join us there yeah I hope see all over a crow triple 7 radio ... .com for the second hour is available for members ... we are starting to get a bit more popular over on the site more people are taking time to come check in and see what it's all about ... we offer information there that you're not gonna find anywhere else we do research for a week for every episode but anyhow there is man that brings our for episode set of crow triple 7 radio pop I it's I the the I the I I //
"2017-08-23 19:09:51"
Fantastic Space Images and How To Take Them Apart
\\so alright man welcome to the crow discovery project I just people kept sending me this this is fake stuff and I'll show everybody the same way the easiest way to show constructive images your first clue should always be a look when I see a man you see see how tall low resolution ... everything I shoot is an H. D. ... these are degraded images but let's just take a couple of simple things to DO let's go up to I just want to grab a levels in Photoshop and first thing you notice is look at the signature getting here I'm not gonna go into this but people who understand how to use Photoshop will immediately understand something about the image but for the rest of us let's just Jack up the levels alright you see that that's all area this is all an edited image in the way we can know this is if we take my canon image that I shot during the eclipse will do the exact same thing will grab levels see the signature see the signature different center real image but anyhow I'm not going to get into that but watch when you Jack up levels you don't get the sawtooth that project even go to the point where we start to see all the the noise in the snow PC how it's all kind of even Grady and I kind of even greater away no sought to you marks ... and I'll show you one more image that I shot here's the Nikon image that I shot from the clips the museum out a little bit and I'll do the same thing will go up describe Lovells in Giacomo in again look see the signature of this image tells you it's organic say no sawtooth images even if we go the other way time to see the edge there but you don't get the sawtooth degradation that you get on a faked image again we're gonna come up and grab levels for this fake suppose ISS going across the moon and I'll show you one more time there is no portion of this that is narrated what they did is they took a real image of the sun the way I know this is because the cell the sunspots looked yesterday but that's a telling thing too and out we'll take a look at that lets you man a bit so you can see the degradation going on here ... for some reason everything NASA produces of a low definition but watch the sunspots they're similar color if this post I offense but there's gradients moving away let's grab levels to go the opposite direction and it will really get to show the fraud see how the sunspots don't change but now look you can see how they cut out each of these and pasted a man see that this is a fake damage not only that the ... the blurb that went along with this image said something to the effect that it takes years of planning and all this other nonsense no it doesn't it takes pointing a camera at the object that's gonna get translated into high frame rate that's what it takes so the whole narrative behind this is even fall thing you know there's one down I wanted to grab this other image and this is supposedly the eclipse shadow let's do the same exact thing that we always do with all the NASA nonsense ... we look at this too little more organic looking but let's Jack up levels until we get there it is man look at all this what's this green light I mean look at all this and it construct you know this is not just the snapshot it just isn't this is constructed nonsense even look at the shadow here of the supposed eclipse this is supposedly the eclipse look this is constructed nonsense anyhow I just wanted to get this out to show people one of the simplest things you can do is opening images just jocular levels in Photoshop and it quite often tells you the tale if you go back and look at the Pluto images right did this you can demonstrate that there is not one pixel and the Pluto images provided by now so that wasn't faked are constructed anyhow ma'am their dues jurors alright welcome to crow discovery project I added this intro after I had already had an intro but anyhow I wanted to run this again ... because people need to understand all these images of suppose things from space that NASA is pushing out to the world they're not snapshots are photographs of anything they are constructs many of the images in the description will give you this information but I just got my sky and telescope in their portion all the new next generation of Pluto fraud ... you want to see Pluto you gotta go to Disneyland where the other 30 third degree Mason built and ran the place this is All encoded may sonic nonsense in my view there are no machines in space and this whole Pluto thing it's just more shenanigans and also use a pretty telling evidence that I found on these guys purposely using a blur filter so let's jump and alright welcome to the crow discovery project I'm I've done clips like this before but I want to do it again because I just got my tie sky and telescope magazine and there again pushing what I consider to be fraud Pluto images in my view there are no machines in space all this kind of snappy beautiful images they're showing you of Pluto are constructed by a graphic designer in my view now I'm gonna show something here that I think is very telling this is an image that I took of the moon sometime ago one of my big problems with NASA is when you see these images from NASA the average person gets the impression that the image you're seeing from suppose space is what you're saying here but there is a difference a big difference this is actually an image of an object or something whatever the moon as taken from a camera it is unedited untouched and watch all do a very simple thing here I'm going to invert the color so that the blacks become white then I'm gonna go grab the levels and I'm going to Jack them up and notice there's a guide right here to show you where where we expect to see the edge of the moon so I'm a jock the levels all the way up and look no artifacts out on the right side okay that's because this is a non edited snapshot it hasn't been messed with back back the soft walls so there you can see okay and that god was meant to show you where the edge the mariners alright now let's go ground this I mean you've already seen look so I inverted and then I jock the levels up look at all this you can even see that it works like this image was made in a different orientation and then rotated but look at all these editing artifacts there is no portion of this image that has not been edited and when you look at it it basically looks like something that came out a light wave or some other 3 program but now I'm gonna show you over all let me go back here you go okay so there it is arm I wanna point out another thing here notice how my camera was not in perfect focus probably because of Kim trilled to bring their but you see how it looks like it's slightly out of focus but there is a visual difference between being slightly out of focus and a blur function Anna image editing program so I'm gonna get in real close here this is what it looks like when you're slightly out of focus now let me go grab this other image which I think is so telling this image and you see a lot of these from NASA where it's blurry and you think really ... these guys go on these multi because $0 missions in this is all they can do so watch this so all all do the inversion there's inversion and there's levels but look at this very telling see how on an image like see how sharp edges come on editing pixelation in deterring and other things I'm they're short but when we come to this image what what's happened here what I believe has happened is they did the at it and then they ran a blur filter you can see it right here so this image was purposely blurred and you can tell by the image artifacts that are not sharp they're all kind of blobby now because the blur filter has been run so let's let me grab another image in all do it to demonstrate it okay here's a good one let's zoom in and and you can see why put guides for the edge of the of the image let's knock out some of the Reds here ... and that should be good enough nominee just select a certain area actually let me get rid of the great to so we'll just get rid of this so we have artifacts like we see in these images hanging out the middle of nowhere then I'm gonna go grab a section of it Ambler it now watch see that's what they did you can see over here where the artifacts are sharp and you can see right here about what happened and that's what was done to this image when you see what they've done see how all the artifacts are no longer sharp that's because they blurted on purpose so there is man ... these images that we're getting from Pluto now I the designers have gone to town some of them are very impressive ... look it like this here is the kind of previous images that we were getting but they've also got another sneaky thing you see where this crater is in this kind of heart shaped thing is now they've rotated around so that if we try to line up the old shots to look for fraud further ... it's not from the same point of view because they've changed it around it's all very sneaky and and none of it here's a snapshot of anything it is all just designed images all they are none of these are snapshots of anything invert go grab your levels Jack up your levels and what do you get there we go look there is no portion of this image that hasn't been edited and it's all just a farce anyhow I figured I'd show you that because this is very very telling you ever see these blurry images member what I showed you on my moon picture there is a visual just difference between being slightly out of focus and someone running a blur filter so then we do the inversion there's the levels and look at all these artifacts that should be squared off sought to it marks not a blur filter has been run over so there it is man shares //
"2017-08-22 15:56:41"
Eclipse from 2 Cameras, Full Spec, H Alpha - Full Event @ 3000 Times Speed
\\alright ma'am welcome to crew discovery project happen excuse my voice I got a bit of a cold ... anyhow I shot the eclipse yesterday and ... I may sound a little funny because I sucked on one of those lozenges ... but look let's open up here with thing that I saw that was pretty amazing across the street ... I'll never be a wildlife photographer I forgot to turn on my my ... telephoto stabilizer but there was this mother hen Turkey if that's what you call them and I first I noticed a few babies on the longer I watched I counted more and more and more chicks there were at least 10 checks here I've never seen that many checks I don't know if they share mothering responsibilities but anyhow let's get into the eclipse here yeah roughly 4:00 hours before the the eclipse was gonna began I just started to spray trails across the ecliptic and that's what you're looking at here this is prior to I took out my regular camera my Nikon put a telephoto on it with a doubler put a Stander solar filter on it and I started looking at this and I didn't think I was going to be able to film ... I had trouble focusing I couldn't get a good image at all as time went on I came in I posted ... I was doing some stuff online and I start to think wait a minute this is later in the day on maybe I can take the solar telescope with the full spectrum camera which is the rate you're looking at here and peer through the debris that's being sprayed over the ecliptic and it worked sold with the one camera I got the entirety of the eclipse with the other camera and all run both sets of footage I only got some of that before chemtrails made it impossible for a standard camera work I got reports from all over the country ... that people are getting sprayed all include some images later ... person down the coast below Washington DC DC a good friend of mine sent name age out we'll we'll look at that later but this is what happens after the camp trailing the sky starts to smudge out like this becomes very difficult to focus ... cameras and telescopes under these conditions see there there's 3 lines straight over the ecliptic but look in the center frame there if I did get some wonder if that's a drone I caught ... this is out of a video clip so it's a little blurry but there's something there center frame so this is the canon full spectrum camera put on a hydrogen out the telescope any peer beautifully through the debris that was sprayed ... over the ecliptic all day long well mostly you'll see and a second here I'll show you the footage from the Nikon which has basically 800 millimeter a long throw telephoto with a double are on it that's this footage and as you can see the debris is blowing by but for a long time it held a tone what I'm gonna do here is run the entirety of both cameras at 3000 percent speed so we can see the whole thing and that as time goes on I will get through more footage and maybe do something more with this footage as you can see here ... I'm letting everyone know that this was shot through the test taught solar telescope which has a diagonal which is a prism which means the same it just flipped and I'm not gonna manipulated drawn flip it I'm showing it as it was shot again this is at 3000 percent speed I'm still taking stills out of the video and other skills that I shot to see if I can detect any transparency to the object problem here is there was so much debris in the air ... that ISO settings and other things were jacked up so far that the imagery is not nearly the quality it could have been but I will say this there's no possible way I could have shot the full eclipse without a full spectrum camera I wasn't sure you know if I just use the full spectrum camera ... not going through the H. alpha scope ... I knew it would work but going through the telescope I wasn't sure because it basically knocks down 99.something percent of the light and then only lets the hydrogen awful waves through ... but as you can see here it gives me you know you can see the debris blowing by and it's a pretty sharp shot the whole time so this is tracking on my scope when we get to the footage to the other camera ... I am not tracking and you'll notice that when it speeded up there are a number of things about the eclipse yesterday and ... well I probably won't cover them here Jason and I are going to run the next show ... we're recording Tuesday or Wednesday it'll go live Thursday it's gonna be about eclipses so many things to cover on the transparency of the desk what's actually causing vehicle Tatian here ... about the shadow you know what's funny I work 2 years as a stage hand and a good part of that I was working with lighting people designers directors ... people refurbishing lights and I learned a lot about lighting ... from these people now back when I was in San Diego I had started to think about this but I got so busy of fell by the wayside as they begin to report for this equipment got clips and give you know supposedly 70 mile wide shadow pouts I began to think about this again Jason I are going to cover this really in detail and the upcoming episode ... because it began to dawn on me if we can identify the type of light source the sun is we can identify things about the shadow as an example whenever you look at the NASA kind of orbital model ... the chosen eclipse happening you're shown the moon making a cone shaped ... shadow and that's always bothered me so I went out it and it's nonsense and ... won't get into why it's nonsense different lighting sources like as an example a spotlight if you take an object and put a spotlight on it what happens when you move the spotlight closer as the shadow grows larger ... this is not true of all types of light source ... people can look in the infinite light source which were told that's what type of light the sinus and again I'll explain this better but here we are probably well past half of the eclipse ... I'm taking stills out of some of this and trying to manipulate them in Photoshop to see if I can detect anything notice up at the point top point of the moon there are a couple of earth the sun there a couple of tiny prominences there ... that's all we saw all day long in this is a solar scope so if there were any promises to be felt I should have picked them up and now you can see they're just about gone up at the top there there were a couple tiny sunspots but ... you know it's a funny thing too when I first got the solar telescope there was a time of surface details elements all kinds of stuff going on on the surface of the sun ... later as time went on the ... son began to just lose all detail which is where we are now we're told by NASA and other space agency is that there's an 11 year son cycle and that there's this whole thing called the solar minimum but you don't I'll be looking into this I will mention a lot of people are under the impression that when they use to look at the sun it was a lot more yellow than it is now they claim that what they see now is much more white it's hard to know how much of this is memory playing tricks on people people membrane things they wanted to but the point I would make here is it's been a ton of people that have said this to me alright here we come down to the end of the eclipse with the full spectrum camera on the hydrogen out the telescope and as you can see now the chemtrails are so bad ... that I almost can't peer through it with a full spectrum camera ... ironic thing my memory card filled up about 5 seconds after completion here all right now we're gonna move on to the Nikon camera 36 megapixels ... big Honkin telephoto lens on it we're not tracking here as you can see and you can see the problems that go on ... and what's going on here looks like I got a couple I I I got a couple clips backwards there anyhow this is the eclipse proper you'll see how the chemtrails build up and up and up as this goes on and finally I can't get the total eclipse with this rig I wanted to shoot with this because there's more megapixels and you can really really get a sharp image problem here was was so much debris in the air it was very difficult to focus ... and you can kinda tell this because there are a couple sunspots which running at 3000 percent like this makes it difficult to detect them but they're there but I thought these might be good still images and I did click on number of stills ... to manipulate and see if I could see any transparency to the disc that is occulting the sun here come the chemtrails just look at that so bad ... we got a little reprieve here but it picks up again there's only 2 more clips here 3 more clips here they're gonna run before after turn off this camera so I got reports from all over the country that people were clouded out in that spring was going on one of my friends that south of Washington DC sent me an image that I'm gonna show you here they always get a horrible horrible spring from jets and that image is about load after shut this camera off now because it just gets so bad I can't so this is from south of DC ... you can see what's going on there they couldn't even fell this is back up in Rhode Island where I am this is why I had to shut off the camera we were just looking at this the full spectrum still ... I temporarily shut down and took a couple stills to show you can see the lines in the sky there's some real irony here ... they started spraying across the ecliptic roughly 4:00 hours before the eclipse began within 45 minutes under an hour of completion of the eclipse we had pure blue skies so anyhow there it is the eclipse of 2017 and Jason and I will have a hell of a lot to say about eclipses on this coming show which will post this Thursday after the eclipse anyhow there it is man chairs //
"2017-08-17 15:49:28"
069 Hell’s Bells R Ringing - 1984, Brave New World & Animal Farm Show Why
\\mmhm alright ma'am welcome to the intro to episode 65 crew triple 7 radio podcast Jason lingering is with me and we are going to talk about the Orwellian times that are coming into plain view now I guess we could say ... something like strange days indeed most peculiar mama as an agent of the system once said but really they're not so strange our day it's just that we can see them better now there bubbling up above the surface we see the tactics of the powers that be we see what Google is doing we see all these things coming just into plain view and no longer hidden are shielded you know when I left San Diego ... it'd gotten to a point when there was never a day when there weren't choppers in the sky either sheriff's choppers our department of homeland security now there's an idea department of homeland security the fatherland the motherland Heil what we need to be secured from what are we afraid of this is a heck of an episode Jason I cover a lot of things and we made a conscious decision that the things we talk about the titles we put on our content will not be affected by the censorship which is becoming more open every day talk a little bit about the fourty clips that were flagged him one day on YouTube don't care they can flag every clip on this channel it's not going to change what we're doing is a matter of fact it'll probably have the opposite effect will ratchet up and we will say whatever we want to say whenever we want to say it the times we live in can in fact be described as Orwellian the problem here is is media so many people under the spell of media you know on one part of this episode I covered what my childhood in the sixties and seventies was like and what a far cry it is from now and I point out that the main difference is fear porn when I was a kid I was allowed to do things at age 12 that a child now at age 12 ... it you would be hard pressed to find many children in this country at age 12 doing the things that me and all my friends were doing so openly so freely ... taking boats many miles to open ocean being gone all day no problem ... it was a different time it was considered the children had far more ability than they do now and this too is a sign of the media times ... when we consider what media has become it's ... it's really quite Orwellian isn't it for one it doesn't tell the truth about anything in the few things that are based in some factual remnant of something that may have happened in this world are littered with an agenda ... even our weather channel is now fear porn when I was coming up hurricanes would comment wasn't that big a deal we prepared for it we went through it we cleaned up after it and we went on with our lives but now ... if there's a hurricane coming anywhere near land man it's fear porn central coming out of the weather channel in every local news station in the areas that may be affected and this sets aside the idea the weather may be manipulated now this episode seeks to address the times that are clearly clearly bubbling up in our face that could actually be described as Orwellian and it asks you know what are you people going to do out there listening the allegory from the book 1984 is that basically most of the people myself included listening to this could be described as the proletariat from that book which is described as 85 percent of the population in the supposed Orwell book 1985 ... I take issue with whether or well was a real person that's a pseudonym by the way not the real man supposedly ... that wrote that book but my point here is ... we talk about this in the book which and Winston commiserate so that if the proletariat would just stand up and quit accepting the nonsense that all the crap going on in that story line would end well it's really no different as it BC the main thrust of this episode and I've said this for years is 1984 was written for a reason Brave New World was written for a reason animal farm also attributed to Orwell was written for a reason 2 of those books 2 that are more at an adult level or blueprints blueprints to what we see going down now and we draw the allegories and we drop lines in this episode in the second hour we cut loose and the second hour we have no qualms about what we can say or how we can say it and while we don't really pull back too much anymore in the main episode because we've made a conscious decision that we don't give a damn about the censorship that's going on on social media and we will do what we do ... the point here is is me that we really need to start taking a look around and making some hard decisions here in the state that I live in the state of Rhode Island the DMV is now going 100 percent online for those people in other countries this is the kind of governmental organization that handles cars licensing all that kind of thing it's going holy online I noticed in the paper the other day that they are now urging that snow days here on the east coast for kids ... the kids be required to go online and do their school online and I'm here to tell you as a person with a degree a technical degree whoa will be the day when all our goods and services are handled online at that point control will be so overwhelming and the lack of human interface so absent as to allow a 1984 to go down in ways never imagined ... it won't even be difficult you will be at the mercy of what you can do all your computer and you will have no idea who or what or how it is being controlled that's where we are and that's set aside all the censorship in the fear pouring in there the made up terrorism nonsense ... what's it going to be guys are we simply going to stand up and say Hey man we've had enough this is the the the idea here you know I hear so many people talking about all we gotta fight we gotta do old nope I simply just have to quit accepting the nonsense and that's what this episode is about and we alugar eyes what I consider to be the blueprints for the modern times we now see which is basically 1984 and Brave New World in my view animal form just shows the methods they use and in fact we are the animals and animal form right now there's no getting away from it let's jump in with Jason for episode 69 it's a damn good episode the second hour is a bombshell alright man chairs alright man welcome crow triple 7 radio podcast this is episode 69 I have Jason lingering with me we're gonna address a couple things to include becoming solar eclipse this Monday I and a couple other items of concern but the main thrust of this episode will be covering the Orwellian times we find ourselves and the book 1984 and also how that may relate with Brave New World in animal form ... we're of course 33 years after 1984 and ... well we'll get into that in a minute ... we are truly seeing the merchants of Orwellian ideas an Orwellian processes by the powers that be in our world but first off welcome Jason hello how goes it down there man sounds like you got your internet connection back finally anointed 11 days but yes so we did 2 shows running up my telephone my mobile phone and ... well it's just been a whole lot of rain lately but thats Louisiana summer there it is ma'am where there's a will there's a way or maybe we should say where there's a will there's a death and we'll get to that in a minute and I since our last episode did cover death and it was one of the fourty clips that was flagged by you too but first up ... essential link did you have a chance to see the article that was written on my boomerang clipping the express.C. O..UK ... suppose news site yes I read that in there you know is a typical ... this man claims to have seen a UFO when caught on film but they they Pooh Pooh it through the whole thing so this is typical crap well it's this kind of shows the Orwellian times were and I had a lot of my clips covered in the news and in every article I am aware of they embedded my you tube clip into their article so that at least people can link to me and at least I get some traffic for the trouble on this guy basically downloaded my clip on from express die you care.CIO.UK I edited it down to what he wanted ... so we basically took my work which probably took I don't remember how long now but I if I remember correctly may have taken me a couple weeks to film this footage of of the original boomerang ... he P. gives no back link to me and then he kicks me in the not so on the way out the door on the backside of this article ... and actually attributes things to me you know I leave all my footage up on you tube so people can see the path that I've taken but what these guys do is they'll say things like he claims them once a hologram while if you get the most recent stuff that I have post on on YouTube you'll see that I moved away from that years ago but that's not really what they're about and then they get their acts per I in this case to say that I have calmed satellites bugs birds and insects arm and so just for the record Mister Scott Brando who runs the debunking website eyes this meant Cassegrain telescope it's not possible personal men sex I can put my whole head in front of the telescope I used to shoot the boomerang and you do not see ahead what you see is the light dem an insect to film an insect with that telescope it would have to be the size of a bird and many hundreds of feet away at least depending on how I have my focal length and stuff set up on my camera even birds are our seat they were invisible until they're a good distance away from me so I figured I would just put that out there for the debunker Scott Brando but anyhow the guy who wrote the article is ... John Austin and while I appreciate him running my content I do not appreciate him stealing my clap not linking to me and then editing it down to what he wants to use and just for the listening audience there really is no recourse here because this is all done under the guise of news so basically they're stealing content that took me I don't know maybe a couple weeks to form I don't remember but certainly a long long time ... their editing it down to what they want and then they don't even back when tia but anyhow let's move on Jason what's next ... ... we should mention are on the tail of the last episode we did our I had 40 clips flagged by you to wallow in one day ... ... let me see here if there was a list that I want to just just to give people an idea on after we posted episode 68 which was titled death and the traditions that shape our view of dying that evening 40 of my clips were flagged as content not suitable and ... just let me give you a run down a couple things they thought were unsuitable that's one of them we can't talk about death or the traditions that shape our view of dying another one they flag was up so in 66 free speech and expression control by super persons ... they flagged a false news dragging your mind northeast west and south to know where the transhumanism they flagged are of course the clip I made about why teach you to jumping the shark for this very Orwellian crap were talking about was flag including ISIS any Gyptian math into the NASA programs was flagged ... the fake terror stuff the western medicine and big pharma stuff was all flag people catching on to the age of deception another year of false flag social engineering everything cam trail is being flag go figure but anyhow I will go through the whole list I mean when you think about all at Jason it you know it's not surprising that they've been saying they gonna crack down for ages now they're doing it and I've seen channels that discussed truth your or controversial kind of information doing tests where they'll put up something called the puppies and kittens and rainbows are some silly like that and say nothing content wise in the video you know they might even just say well this is a test and I it's so this flag immediately so they're they're just going after people's channels at this point they're nuts they're not ... doing single video saying that particular video of yours is inappropriate there just once it got you that's it you're not you're not getting anything on anymore well the night they flag my 40 clips I did post in a couple areas let people know including on last clips I had help on on you too ... people immediately were emailing me and messaging me back saying supposedly there's going to be protests and for cities or something over the Orwellian tactics ... Google is now moving towards 33 years after 1984 I might add of course ... but 1 needs to wonder on is this just more of the nonsense we saw at the 99 stage that non on you know the very people that were being protester where the people were behind what's going on here but anyhow Jason we've got what's probably going to be one of those big markers on the clock in the sky events coming Monday with the false ... solar eclipse that's going to happen in the United States so before we jump into the main show I wanted to talk a little bit about that and I will open up with saying ... I'm pretty proud of the people who were associating with me on crow triple 7 radio I can't tell you how many messages and emails I got from people asking if the moon and the sun travel east to west how is it that the eclipse is traveling west to east ... have you thought about this idea at all or just one you doesn't mean the links to us are looking at it and them I don't know enough about astrophysics to know if there's a ... I don't know good explanation for it but that just doesn't seem that things like doublethink almost well it's exactly what it is and it's not only double think it basically relies on the sheepish in us of people to accept what the man in the white lab coat is saying on the tail of many of these messages people began to send me clips of NASA explaining why the eclipse shadow will travel from west to east and one of the clips I saw was a real Lulu and basically the claim being made assa spokesperson of some sort was that the moon orbits the earth twice as fast as expands ... of course the follower are crucial submarine you sent this actually made a little model ... to show that that would mean we would see the moon twice today yeah so you can see the nonsense of about what's really ironic is in the beginning of that clip the person that's going to introduce the NASA spokesperson to drop this nonsense on us says NASA even has trouble explaining how this happens and ... alls I can say is yeah I bet they do but anyhow ... let's get to the eclipse that's coming on Monday yeah Monday the 20 first year I'm just a few days away a lot of people wrote me and mentioned that this is this eclipse is coming 33 years after the 11/22/1984 clip our eclipse our solar eclipse and so I began to look up eclipse information and 1 thing that always strikes me as I find varying information and it's always very disturbing these are supposed to be predictable things there should be no variance in the data but I will set out now on because I simply didn't have go throw in Palau all the the fall stuff that I ran across there was an eclipse on November 228433 years ago I was a full eclipse it was not visible from the United States and some of the sites that I look this information up on there was an annular eclipse and I'll get to that a minute on may 3 in the United States okay but I'm 33 is gonna clips that were about to have and this is why the eclipse path will start on the west coast in the 30 third St which is Oregon and it ends I and it does get to the 30 third degree of latitude and South Carolina I think I remember correctly the town I looked up with Columbia or something like that which is on the 30 third ... at degree marker as I was I thinking about these ideas I heard an Audi commercial playing on the television and I went over and record it out he is playing a television commercial which is echoing the importance of this and I'll get to more of why we know this is an important clips to the powers that be on in the Audi commercial you basically see a shadow moving across the world with all these Audi cars zoom in in the late portion as the what's called the armor or the shadow would travel across the world as the light hit people on the beach umbrellas open which is a staying on because the word umbrella relates to amber umber is often used when we're looking at like one eclipses eclipse is rubbish autos of eclipses there's a whole symbology going on there but the tag line used in the Audi commercial is seize the moment this eclipse is a big deal I'm not quite sure why yet but here's more NASA is going to crowdsource images nam so you've got to wonder if this is going to be the loophole out where NASA doesn't provide all the 4 K. kick butt video that we would expect from a space agency on about like this ... you've got to realize that anyone who is taking images for NASA and sending them man or under the spell of NASA thinking that NASA is doing the things that it should be well for those of us that know darn well that NASA is up to nonsense all the time it goes to show the construct here but the fact that they are now I think they're gonna crowd sourced this big all the way across the country take pictures the eclipse thing and put together some kind of a video of some sort I think is telling ... there's going to be a television show that night the eclipse happens so I think on the east close coast something like 240 something PM in the afternoon the eclipse what and where I am it's going to be partial where I am and I will be out trying to film if we're not count out a rained out or any number of things that typically go 1 here but ... they're going to supposedly followed the eclipse across the country in film it ... there's your message control on this calypso will house or on this eclipse walked look very carefully on the show will air on the east coast I think 8 or 9:00 on public broadcasting now just for people's interests were listening on the list for different types of eclipse guy Clepsis army and I met mentioned an annular eclipse a minute ago so I'll tell you what those are around the 4 different types of solar eclipse is a partial eclipse no one needs out explained basically what we're told is the moon doesn't cover the whole son an annular eclipse is when the supposed moon is smaller than the sun so light bleeds out all around that we have a total eclipse where we are told by some major miracle that the moon at roughly a quarter of 1000000 miles is the exact same size as the sun at roughly 93000000 miles now there's a miracle of whatever you wanna call it but then we have the hybrid eclipse and the more I began to look into hybrid eclipse and the reason I did is because when I was younger I don't ever remember seeing the word hybrid eclipsed used but here are the current definitions of what a hybrid eclipse is in temp in my view it begins to tell the fallacy that eclipses are and to be clear I've stated for many years now ... that eclipses are mis described a hybrid eclipse also called an annular total eclipse shifts between total an annular so what they're saying here is a hybrid eclipse shifts between what we're told is the moon covering the whole sun to not covering the whole sun but here's the rub we have a hybrid eclipse which was listed on 11/3/2013 that eclipse lasted 1 minute and 40 seconds so what they are telling you is that the moon chains change size during the course of this collapse in last than a minute and 40 seconds here's 1 of the blurbs about that hybrid eclipse which happened on 11/3/2013 for example during the hybrid eclipse of 11/3/2013 the moon's distance decreased within the event so get this straight they're telling you that the distance of the moon changed on nafta matter in a minute and 40 seconds it started as an annular eclipse which of course I've just define means that what we're told is the moon is not covering the complete disk of the sun which later transformed into a total eclipse without changing back to an annular in the last stages ... anyone who wants to think about this wall walls you don't see the ridiculousness of what we're being told on some I think ... I looked up 1 of the longest solar eclipses it's 2 minutes something or maybe it's right about 3 minutes I've forgotten but anyhow before we move into 1984 ... I wanna posit this last bit of information to listeners out there I filmed every solar and lunar eclipse I could ... while I was still in San Diego and there were a number of down the last thing I found was a partial solar eclipse I had been predicting that under the right conditions the disk of the moon is see through I predict that when when you are at a new moon or very close to what is called the new moon if there is a bright object like al Deveron or some other star there's not too many bright objects occasionally Venus that could be a call to by the moon I predict that if it is near new I mean within days of new you will see a see through disk of the moon I further predicted on that last partial solar eclipse that I filmed in San Diego that it was quite likely we would be able to see through the disk of the moon and see lamb of the sun behind it many images of this actual event were sent to me on the tale about eclipse proving in fact that the prediction I made has been damaged more than once where you can see the whim of the sign through what we're told is the moon this idea needs testing and unfortunately where I am now I've had 3 shots at occultations that were not too too far from new maybe not ideal one of them was ideal ... and each time I've either bring camp trolled out or ... the weather has not cooperated so for the record I think there's a real leap forward to be made by anyone out there who can get a telescope on a new moon or very young moon that is a cult thing a bright object and when I say bright you know the mood of cults very dim stars all the time it's not good enough we need a al dapper on we need you know a a Venus something bright but anyhow there it is so Jason I'm sorry to have taken up so much time rambling through that but I thought it was critical we get through it are you ready to do the whole 1984 thing because you know were 33 years after the date titled in that book and we're beginning to see the Orwellian ideas come to pass yeah and nobody's actually entirely certain why he chose the year 1984 for just seem like a good amount of time for him to set the story line in from the events that he'd been witnessing in his own time writing it which was 1948 so some let people just think you flip the letters around said yes that's enough time for this totalitarian state to command but no 1's action Tyler sure so that I thought that was interesting in and of itself why we go 1 further ... you know how many Winston's do we know from from history you know basically Winston Churchill is the only big ones that I can think of the main character in the book 1984 is when stand in the sighted writing date is a 49 which means he must of been writing it in 48 which is the flipper bursts of 1984 ... I will posit this I suspect that were well which is a nom de plume it's a pseudonym I it's not his real I is a made up character ... I came to this conclusion by of him and it has the Stein kind of tests look feel to it where we're looking at a constructed personage I would further state that everything in this book was put in the book for its intended usage later and we are now beginning to see these Orwellian ideas bubble to the surface through the ghouls and kind of governments of this world which is what this episode's gonna be about ... and put a fine point on it we know full well that everything you're saying right now is going to be flagged by Google all advertising is going to be pulled and we don't give a damn as a matter of fact every bit of flagging that goes on the harder we will push arm because they have no right they have no right to control speech or thought and that's basically what this episode and this book are about so I'll let you take it man you know it's funny I am bitter sweetly funny I've been seen means for years never say 1984 suppose to be a warning not a handbook I I think they're wrong I think the exact opposite is true I think that 1984 and Brave New World are actual blueprints and ... to distinguish between the 2 in 1984 at the book that we're gonna mainly cover here what you see is a lot of ... kind of Jack booted ... you know Billy club enforcement arm of of the ideas in a book what you see torture forced to think brainwashed watched every second just kind of an in your face will kick you out if you don't do what we say the flip side of that is Brave New World in Brave New World people are basically drug into appreciating the way they live ... and anyone who's read Brave New World I mean they're even controlling how a person is born whether you're going to be good looking or have a good job this type of thing but none the less both of these books can be reflected in the modern time after all modern medicine is basically owned and operated by drug companies so you can see the Brave New World ideas coming to bear even on every show you see on TV like Big Bang theory where they go to see a psychologist in the first thing they do is push drugs out on this is coming this is coming you can see the drug companies queuing up you can see where our medicines gone so the Brave New World idea is there but on the flip side so was the 1984 sided things but I thought I would just contrast those 2 ideas because so many people of Arab I think wrongly stated that the Brave New World ideas what will be used in this part of the world in the 1984 idea did Jack booted kind of Billy club idea in the Communist Party the world and I don't think that's a correct assumption I think we're gonna see a mix and match I do as well I think ... it seems like the United States was more Brave New World and then the totalitarian states of communist Soviet Union and a China had the more 1984 style and then it seems that they're blaring those now the kind of almost swapping them bring the more hard core in your face journey to the United States and westernizing if you will the ... of course Russia has been westernized to a fair degree since the fall of the Berlin Wall and China of course is getting started at that as well well by by many of the views we see of China there live in much better than we are at this point ... there an up and comer and while they are we are told under communist regime soul one person at the top can snap their fingers I you can see the capitalism creeping in but again ... this idea of dragging a population into submission I think that's right on our doorstep as a matter fact was Rick and Morty episode not too long ago echoing this very idea where I forget aliens are some taken over the world and everyone was jazz because they got a raise or a new position a better position ever standing what it is they were doing but they were thrilled that they were constantly promoted in doing so they're all paid in pills and as they sat down at the table ... they were eating pill Brule and on their dish was pills on its echoing these ideas and there's no getting away from it for for the average mind that's not out there sleeping through a day you know I never even watched Rick and Morty it may make any to check that out because obviously the writers whoever's can contributing to the ... narratives in this cartoon are injecting concepts that are it you know very real very important and and very thought provoking well it's it's well written and it's an insider expedition all one of the voices from Rick and Morty I recognized in a progressive insurance add on people might be surprised to understand that some of the biggest corporations in the world are insurance companies bigger than oil companies I read not too long ago don't know whether that's correct but that kind of shows what we're talking about here ... it's no different than seeing the Hollywood actor step up to the credit card commercials ... what you're looking at is another Simpson's type thing where they pretty echo stuff where they make fun of things they've recently talked about 911 being an inside to reset soaps that I'm aware of ... one where Rick is a pickle and another one where he stuck in a mine machine or something but anyhow jump into this and I tackle the 1984 thing absolutely let's go for so while I'm unsure of the entire impact that the book may have had on its release on 6/8/1949 which was in the UK ... is considered a masterpiece by a lot of folks in the get go now is my FAQ Winston Churchill said to read it twice so there's no doubt that many people been comparing the situations and events in the novel to what's been going on in our own own world more and more as the years have gone by so the first thing we can really look at overall is that there's potential lying that goes on from the government to the population every single day pretty much over everything yeah I mean there's no getting away from that and not only that as fate would have it they are playing 1984 the movie on television right now and that is always a very telling thing but here's another thing I just recorded and watched most of that movie again ... I was gonna read the book again but it's so damn depressing I just couldn't make myself do it as a matter fact I could get through the whole movie and they just got better things to do with my life than just see that much but ... if when I went online to look up a few things about the movie I saw a listed release date are on I am D. B. of 22 March and that struck me and the reason it struck me as because there are a few things said at the end of the movie but anyhow the listed 22 March release date is of course right at the vernal equinox and we've talked so much about alchemy and all that other stuff but on top of that in that same listing that erroneously claims the release date was March 22 they claimed that it got any 0.4000000 box office and of course 84 is again echoed there as far as I can tell the true release date is 10/10/1984 but here's the rub ... at the end of the movie they state this verbatim this film was photographed in around London during the period April through June 1984 the exact time and set and setting imagine by author so here's what we're being told we're being told that they filmed this movie April through June 84 and then released it on October 10 of the same year and by the way one of the main actors Richard Burton of Caesar fame ... or Cleopatra the movie fame and other movies dies on August ... when is it fifth which is also probably really the fourth because that would echo the 84 idea again but think about that so they come home this movie in the area of the book is covering in the year it is specifying 1984 April through June and then they release it on October 10 I mean come on man when you think about that you know that this sounds like of a rush to get it out I I don't know I member reading an article on the director who absolutely want to make sure that it was being released on time to match up with the ... the beginning the I think is the opening page in fact like to make sure that narrative is there and the release time so I'm a little ... interested in why they're saying that the route the release times were later than what it should have been well for anyone who's covered this arm I would urge them to go look up the 1984 movie ... and then in the data in that movie database other places and look at all the production companies and music companies there's an endless list of virgin companies involved with that and just look at how this was put together how many movies come we point to ... where this kind of treatment is being done where which so crucial that not only did they film it in the place that's being referenced in the book but during that time period that's referenced in the book and then kick it out the door a couple of short months later and by the way 1 of the main character's gonna die between the rapidly and the ... does the you're the release date and of course the box office echoing 84 I mean it it's a bit much to accept right now the book does open on 4/4/1994 Winston writing in his diary that the funny thing of course is we don't know if that's from the narratives point of you even necessarily air I accurate because as the book progresses we learned just how much Big Brother and the partying ing sock changes the past to suit its current agenda on a regular basis so even that data is ... speculative at best as far as Winston is concerned right but to me it has been 10 I mean April is the fourth month so April for is 44 we're looking at death stores and then there's another 4 in 1984 to boot ... we're looking at ideas here we're looking at ideas and blueprints that are coming to bear and ... did the deed the idea of Orwellian is actually emerging as we speak as we look around over the past few years as we see what information systems are doing as you mentioned earlier how governments in places like nafta constantly lie about everything I don't think there's any separating what's in this book from intent I just don't that's just me around but I don't consider myself a a person who's going to roll over anymore right now and I totally with you on that one so the time line of the book nuclear strikes of some sort seem to have occurred around the year 1954 this would have caused a massive worldwide up evil and then revolutions occurring with countries basically falling apart a total reshuffling of the deck worldwide with various factions vying for vying for control of all the land masses now Winston says that he had never heard of thing sock before the year 1960 so the victors what would become known as the party or Big Brother must've achieve their goals of mass of conquest between 19541960 in their timeline right but I will point out 1 of the big things in this book is that they changed the timeline they change language they have double speaker newspeak which is basically to ideas that are completely at odds each other ... you know and this is their world ... I hate reviewed the movie quite critically to the point where it appears to me that there is no war going on at all that everything staged arm I know other people have a different view of it but to me that seems like the underlying intent which calls into question what you're pointing out here whether they're ever actually was a nuclear war or whether they just simply can't remember ... .portion of their history anymore it's a hard thing to know for sure it seems that there was some sort of devastation because a member in the book Winston is does had been walking around in devastated areas that weren't totally cleaned up yet and you know it when the world's riding this that was the the kind of threat because that was freshmen everyone's mind about atomic weapons and of course we've torn that apart but from any person not knowing what we know the the threat of atomic warfare would be very very real and scary right but I mean that really underscores what we're talking about here nuclear weapons are nonsense aren't there has never been a nuclear explosion in the way that it has been described in this world ... we did this with their showing the alchemical kind of nonsense encoding of it all we've gone through you know many of the facets of nuclear of the nuclear idea and in my mind if people ask me now what our nukes that basically say it's heat ... that's all it is and a heat to a degree where it it's not going to do any describe we've even the time to demonstrate that Nagasaki and Hiroshima or complete fabrications there may have been firebombing it's hard to know what actually went on but was done in the year of the rooster we tied it to the alchemical means and that also includes became a toll which was named crossroads which on the face of it labels it as an alchemical thing ... when you know that nukes are nonsense and then you come back to these ideas again on it was impossible for a nuclear strike to have happened so how did the place get ruined I don't know did the stage the rowing up it didn't get run over time hard to know although at 1.Winston does see images where he remembers the building so it's just a hard thing to nail down man well the general take I I have from is that World War 2 just went very differently you know just end up being a much bigger conflict it blew up even more so than it did in the real world and just made a huge disaster out of everything and that's how the socialist a organizations got controls because somebody had to take control while things were falling apart that's kind of the way I took it but that's not necessarily on a percent accurate because or will didn't state word for word how it really did happen so even if we were to take 1984 the book at face value saying that it is echoing some real world event we have already demonstrated that the banksters of this world we're finding both sides of the world wars both times so in a way you can demonstrate that even the world wars are staged crafted events so again we're back to ... you know a giant chess chess board and that's my view on all this like sure explain how we get the stage set for all the things we see but it's clear to me that it was puppet master all the way through yes one that there's no doubt at this point that banksters do exactly what you just said that we know their stated that it's proven there's documents we we know that they fund both sides of water for their own profit and and that's a that's that's arguable anymore Mel any demonstrates what war is ... you know if war was such a horrible thing and truly all these lives that might be lost were concerned then D. finding aside is within the reach of what we know is true and this isn't what we see what we actually see is people who are related to our presidents like bush finding both sides for steel and other things bomb this is what actually goes on does the complicit nature of the people who run our world with the kind of major events ... that we have explained to us in a non realistic way nights profiteering on a very large scale is what it is and then they just rinse repeat that over I don't know hunter plus years at least yeah it's almost the 911 idea isn't it you know I had someone post on crow triple 7 radio ... an idea about what 911 means ... in a way that I had explained before were basically in a normal numerology setting you would count 123456789 when you get to 1001 water added together so 9 is the completion of a cycle 10 brings you back to 1 when you say 911 what you're doing is skipping the skip back to 1 say hit 9 completion and then you jump to 11 which is 2 and then you go to 123456789 skip 10 jump to 11 then it goes to 345-678-9234 56789 and you're caught in this endless loop in many ways this begins and my mind to really show how the major events in our world occurrence almost like being stuck in a broken system in an endless loop and and our lifetimes and even into our grandparents lifetimes we can see a state of existence where they're almost is no time when we are at war and that should tell us all something ... is it true like we see in the book of 1984 where all of a sudden world governments can't get to get along anymore and there's going to be war or is it something else and I really think 1 of the main things that 1984 is telling us is that it is in fact something else but anyhow let you keep pushing through the timeline here Jason it does seem to be something else so to compare that to real mainstream history of course what what you ended in the Cold War began which lasted past the year 1984 and the general consideration of the ending of the Cold War would be the fall of the Berlin Wall on 11/9/1989 it just although there wasn't wasn't like it just stopped all of a sudden but that's what is comic is it okay this is where it just started up Peter out now this doesn't mean of course that there weren't very Orwellian ideals going on in a more covert fashion for decades before this some sort of an open tyranny like we have in the book without police banging your head ... for every little thing you do we have more of an iron fist with a very thin velvet glove or a veneer of society is a term I came up with years ago and what is of a near it's it's a thin coating on top of something else to make it look real nice but it's a thin veneer because it takes very little to scratch that surface and see the real Tierney that is going on underneath it that's right and there are so many damn tells if you want to look at things like the Berlin Wall as an example we had Ronald Reagan as a president he was the first opened actor to allowed to be hold such a high position and I've already covered what actors are and how the word actor goes back to the word hypocrite in ancient Greek and help these people in the times before we're not fit to hold important positions because they were known to be duplicitous there were actors ... who can forget Pink Floyd doing an episode of their album the wall at the Berlin Wall who could forget David Hasselhoff singing on the Berlin Wall you see people are easily fooled ... by media are but they should take a little closer look you see these things are not exclusive events from 1 another it's all tied together and when we begin to understand what media what acting what music what all these forms that reach everyone in the world are for we begin to get a truer picture and so it's a good example that you're using here of the Berlin Wall because it fits perfectly with the ideas that are being expressed in the book 1984 in my view sure no absolutely now before we get on to the individual concepts that we see in the books to kind of wrap up we started with here there's actually no doubt with the resources available to us in the here and now that there are groups of individuals pushing the world towards a totalitarian world government some people like to use the term New World order ... earlier on you heard the term new order with ... you know Hitler's regime and all that but generally a world government that's under the yoke of a small group and of course these people speak of in their writings we hear in their speeches and we see things happening year after year to give away their true intentions when they're talking to peace and all this kind of nonsense it's their peace of mind because they've got all of us under their thumb so the old adage that you always hear use the fraud in the boiling pot of water is really never more true than here they increase the tearing little by little getting everyone a custom to th the next small step one in many cases completely ... convincing the masses of how good it at all is for you right and there's there's no getting away from it and it's just unfortunate the number of people that ... are completely just drooling in front of their TV unable to see what is so obvious ... I could give some examples I mean if we want to set aside that in the west medicine is basically drugs now for the most part on there's a Brave New World cross but think of how a foreign nation maybe 2030 years ago when you went all the signs were in the native tongue how many of a marine English now this is a push towards one world governments ... China on the ascendant Detroit being totally got it in the United States on the tail of that all manufacturing that mattered being pushed out towards China or that part of the world what you see here is an exact one to one allegory for the coming Orwellian times I'm already seeing the beginning of it the question just becomes how many people listening to shows like this are going to think about it and how many people are just going to shut their eyes again and say something to reserve and walk off the fact is is we are seeing the beginning of Orwell's 1984 being implemented in real time as we speak and not only that this video I guarantee you will be flagged by global as inappropriate content so anyhow Jason go ahead man alright so dip start breaking down individual points and concepts that we draw out of the book the first 1 I think there is the most obvious 1 to use is how we now use the term Orwellian and it's the idea that the general well being ... of the people is being crushed by restrictive authoritarian indoor untruthful government agency or agencies right and the real problem here for me on is I look at the demographics on crow triple 7 radio and right now the highest demographic it ships is in their early forties into the mid thirties ... people in their thirties right now can't remember back as far as I can if you remember what this country was like say in the late sixties early seventies you would absolutely be able to understand the Orwellian idea if you see where we are now on a lot of it has to do with the digital age but this is one of the and this problem is covered ad nauseam in the book animal form which was also attributed to or well I might add where the animals have their whole existence changed because they can't quite remember what happened a few short years ago and that allows the powers that be in the book it's the pigs ... to completely change reality but anyhow back to you Jason you know it's interesting that you say that and your 10 years older than me but that puts me just old enough to remember what I consider the very tail end of americana which was that I can seventies and in the 19 seventies at least where I grew up in and I've talked with other apps but with other people about this over the years you still like had good report with all of your neighbors and you know the neighbor kids would watch excuse me the neighbors would watch you you know every each other's kids things like that right ... you know I wish I could be 5 years old and on the block and we really do have to worry about too much and it's that that disappears once again to the 19 eighties I was called the decade of decadence that just seems like a great way to put it because that's when they release seem to have over corporate ties everything and just started I I that's the crackdown but the distraction was with all the over corporate station everything that's when movies got grandiose and you know that's what I when I see the distraction level like the music industry for instance that's when everything got totally boil down to a very singular concepts and just it was mass distraction and I think the seventies and the eighties that's where you see that line where the old America really was just kind of wiped away and the eighties started at all to what we have to come up to what we have today I think you're right I think eighties is the decade that made the powers that be and one example we can look at is hitchhiking ... in the seventies in the sixties when I was a very young person ... everyone hitchhiked as a matter fact when I was in high school prom I hitchhiked high school a lot because I'd got myself one upperclassmen hours ... and there when you were worried about it and Peter was just a thing that happened by the time you get into the eighties the fear porn has started to ratchet up and things like hitchhiking or falling by the wayside so the point I'm trying to make here is back when everyone was hitchhiking it was like it doesn't matter who's coming in this car it's just another person by the time the eighties get here the fear porn has been ratcheted up even the way children live as a matter fact here where I am in Rhode Island now when I was 12 years old I had to demonstrate that I could swim while I had to demonstrate that I could tie the proper knots and I was allowed to take boats all the way to open ocean which is many many miles from where we were at the time at 12 years old and I could be gone all day and nobody thought twice of it when you think of a child of 12 years old doing that now would be on heard of and the reason is is because people are afraid for their children now what changed I'll tell you what changed media changed the idea of fear pouring the idea that we have to be afraid of all these things in this life it wasn't the same back in the sixties and seventies and that really does fuel and what you're gonna cover next which is Big Brother right well it looks even look at how they have stripped children away from taking on some responsibilities if you will 8 you know you look in the fifties and sixties children would bring guns to school for gun clubs at then you know they were trusted that that they could do that without Chewton somebody or themselves exactly I can remember bringing pocket knives to school and never thinking twice of it ... if it was not a big issue I mean even now you see ads I guess antiques roadshow is coming to Newport Rhode Island and they advertise for all you people bring your stuff but you can't bring any guns no old guns no antique guns no you know all this just ridiculous fear porn and here's the rub it's because we're all being lowered mentally and this way you see the child that I was at age 12 where I was trusted to take a boat out to the open ocean many many miles from where I was starting from and expected to return safely where 1000000 miles away from that now because the mentality of us all has been lowered to a more infantile state and that's been done through the processes of government through media expression we through media I'm even considering how children the shows they watch where it's always like some ridiculous purple talking dinosaur or a talking animal when you look at some of the children shows now I'll tell you what if I was raising a child now there's no way in hell I would ever allow them to watch these infantile talking animal shows ... if I had a child that I was responsible for now I would want a human being an intelligent human being being the teaching tool not some stupid talking skunk or a purple dinosaur talking in baby talk and it's it's full spectrum the the the kind of mental state and the part of the world I am in now has just dropped on that I mean it's plummeted from where it used to be in my lifetime and that's very brave new world ash whether they're hitting the the babies flung ground up but the concepts you know just now coming down you know they're doing it right from the beginning so night the concepts you're saying really got pushed heavily into in the eighties and especially in the nineties there now in their twenties Pushin 30 now and you see the generation that we have now because they went from that nonsense into this technological age that we have now I've always been plugged into a device with your face in your phone and we see how easy it is for them to keep the society massively distracted yeah it's not one of the things they've done very successfully is to divide and conquer ... how often do you see online where people who don't share the same point of view cannot get along is me that is a fostered thing it's no different than you too moving away from a star rating system for videos to thumbs up thumbs down it's the same idea it's making a very materialistic self centered society ... and are are stupid political system works in the same way the red and blue idea on in the seventies there was it was not as that odds as you see it now where ... in the community I am if someone supports trump and someone else doesn't those people are almost like mortal enemies it's ridiculous and these people can't even grasp the fact that their vote has nothing to do with seating a president my point here is is that this is the idea of Big Brother except it's the media the media is fostering this and for the media to foster this an overarching way it tells you that there's a play book of some sort and we have covered Tavistock and I think 1984 the novel plays exactly end to this idea absolutely and next concert we wanna hit on of course is Big Brother or the phrase of these Big Brother is watching you and that's the name given for the government overlord in the novel and it's now uses a descriptor for any authoritarian government agency ... funny enough it was also uses the name of a reality television program that originated in the UK where a lot of the more hard core concepts always seem to get rolled out first when the contestants on the show are always under watch right and there's an older use that probably most people don't remember Janis Joplin who was out the first big music festival and was an FBI agent or CIA agent ... we've got documentation the Grateful Dead was the name of her band was Big Brother and the holding company and you can see these ideas are emerging each decade and way back then it was maybe a twinkle in someone's eye but let me tell you something as were headed for 2018 here it's way past twinkle in the eye we actually see the ideas of Big Brother and the Orwellian over arching is coming to bear ... in real time now absolutely absolutely so there are 3 classes in Oceania society there's the inter party the outer party which is odd Winston's part of and then the proles which showed short for proletarians and seems the proles live relatively much freer than the outer party and even the inter party really as they are kept distracted and well fed in even though they comprise 85 percent of our seniors population no thoughts ever rise up in mum of rent revolting or or fighting back a thing like that because they're just kept firmly distracted and that it to me is one the big comparisons to what's going on it's Russian western culture today right and what's ironic about this is if I remember correctly Winston gets a diary going at 1.and I think if I remember correctly he has the idea that the proletarian could really save the day here if the proletarian would just rise up in Winston's mind they could begin to fight against Big Brother which by the way is just a construct ... there really is no big brother it's an idea ... that's an over arching idea no was really quite sure who's pulling the the threads but the point here is is that Winston makes the mistake of writing in a diary how he's pretty sure the proletarians are going to rise up and save the day at some point right what what he says was he starts the diary by the way right the very beginning that's how we know the ... 4/5/1984 that's how the the whole story opens many blatantly says that ... if there's any hope to be had it lies in the proles meaning because there's so many of them and they if anyone's gonna overthrow the actual party of Big Brother it would it would be them just rising up against it because of so many of them but they they do exactly what's being done now with the whole bread and circuses concept they sat in the they even say this that that the part of party constructs things to keep them distracted they make sure that they they can have enough to eat which is a number one up football is mentioned in the book they they keep them focused on sports I had the music is made specifically by the party there's no independent artists I think that it's constructed by the party for the people for that for the general masses to listen to and there's even at 1.a scene in the book or wants is watching a parole woman humming one of the the tunes out out his window any comments on that so and ... and of course pornography to pornography is put out specifically by the party to help with this distraction and the other character in the book that once interacts with witches who is Julia she works for the department that makes pornography for the masses so let's just look at that ... football well we we see that massively to don't we in today's society that is one of the biggest distraction specially in in the United States and football is a concept in Europe and South America whatever soccer but just as equally distracting in and taking up minds of people you know they're they're obsessed with this stuff where if their team loses they're having a bad day they come out they might have a bad week or of the music being made by the ... by the party well that really to me sounds like the record labels just pumping out specially today this same regurgitated to strip down nonsense with these terrible droning beats and whatever concert they won inject into it is there you know and if you talk about rap music are what's could consider pop music nowadays it's got all of that in there so that that's a direct comparison in while may not be specifically literally the government making at the record labels are under the yoke of and it should be what it that way their own bed with each other they're all different aspects of the overall program being pushed and we know that's true now another concert the throne there's the lottery you know everybody is brainwashed into the idea that someone wins the lottery and they even make fake people up they can say this right the novel that that they talk about who wins the lottery and they put it in the papers and all that and in fact nobody's ever winning if they're just taking the proles money so all these things that the per not free what's the what really yeah Texas ID today experts with the internet ... it's the proliferation of pornography so again another distraction so anyway gonna wanna a long ramble there but you can see the direct comparisons while it may not be a where where in the novel it's going to boil down to just the government is doing all these things in the real world you have different agencies doing these things but they're all working towards in my opinion the same program being run well to me when we talk about the proles you're really talking about you and I ... everyone listening to this podcast most of the people ... could be Alegre iced one to one as the polls for the proletarians around their describes making up roughly 85 percent of Oceania's population soul while we have this idea of 99 percent which was made up by the powers that be of course ... what's being stated here in my view is that if the proletariat or you and me and most the people listening to this we just stand up and demand what is right none of this could go down and I think there is so much truth to it it doesn't require some violent revolution it doesn't require you know you hear sees people talking about arms are fighting or all this nonsense alls it takes is for enough people to stand up and in this case the allegory is the proletariat and say no you know I'll say what I want all think what I want I'll do what I want and I'm done with your nonsense ... I think that's the real message here but Jason we are at the top of the hour we've got a time to cover in the second hour on do you want to add anything before we bring the first hour no clothes well to finish that thought off the government vast majority of quote unquote on th authoritarian figures are drawn from the real world proles so it now if if everyone little just a stood up and said no one that's that's and that includes the police officers you know the only people we may need to worry about a certain military branches but you're talking about 330000000 Americans if we're just talking about this country standing up and saying no we're not doing this anymore so that that's that's the drug comparison for me with the problem proletarian in in 1984 to the real world example yeah I think that there's no getting away from it see basically it is the frog and boiling water I mean right now we do show saying look what you tubes joined and they're saying that this is not suitable content and therefore they're gonna flag at day 1 allow ads to run and the average person listening says who cares well like cats but they're missing the point you see the ads are really paying most of us anything 50 cents a month or so give a damn if they pulled every ad off every video I ever have also I will do is ratchet up what I'm published you see because this is the opening back the kind of opening foray of where it starts behind the shield of corporation behind the shield of all the advertisers made us do this BC you can see where this goes there are already identifying content which is freedom of speech and freedom of expression as this content is not as good as that content so there's going to be a distinction drawn here this is where it starts you see but it's cleverly implemented sold the vast majority of the sleeping proletariat or the masses ... won't do or say or give a care and they're missing the damn point what we're seeing here is the playbook of 1984 of the playbook of Brave New World coming to bear if you don't want to consider it's true think about what happens every time you go to the doctor now you get drugs that for the most part is western medicine now you get drugs that is the whole story line and the whole push behind the book Brave New World how is it that medicine ... could become something like that we all damn well know if were adults that what we eat what we drink what we consume has a direct bearing on our health so how is it that way a chemistry lab is now used to treat the ills of the medical world now whenever is what we eat or what we're consuming talked about and the reason that's not talked about is because the food supply has gotten so lousy even the water has things like fluoride put into it we're looking at the beginnings of 1984 Orwellian ideas we are looking at the first visible open pushes of the Brave New World idea and the whole animal farm things been going on for longer than I've been alive but anyhow Jason wanted to run down quickly some the things will hit the second hour before I close it down absolutely so we're gonna tear apart the book in and bring all these concepts to light income pairing contrast with with what's really going on today concepts like thought crime the thought police newspeak double think room one no one in the ministry of love and what are these doublethink agencies that they have the ministry of truth the ministry of peace the ministry of plenty what is the concept of the memory hole all these things that are in the book that ... are kind of boil down to very specific point of all objects in the novel where in the real world it just sort of encompasses greater concepts that aren't just as real and impacting on our daily lives right and we're also going to cover you know that the full the telescreens and all that kind of thing and the boogie man a manual Goldstine which comes heavily into play and it's a bit ironic that that would be a Jewish name I used in the book 1984 anyhow that does bring us to the top of the first hour for episode 69 approachable 7 radio podcast I hope to see you all over crew triple 7 for the full 2 hour episode it is and the forum over there always lights up when I I I I the to //
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068 Death & the Traditions that Shape Our View of Dying
\\mmhm alright ma'am welcome to the intro for ... episode 68 of crow triple 7 radio podcast Jason lingered as with me we're going to talk about death ... we don't really get per se directly and to death until the second hour but what we do do is take time to cover the traditions around the world that shape our view of death ... in most cases in this part of the world I would say so few of us even consider death and it's probably a pretty important part of our lives ... during the show I could remember the line from that'll Pink Floyd song ... it's shorter of breath them one day closer to death ... that's a true statement and we should think about it more often and we should get used to the idea of death in my view we shouldn't fear it we shouldn't go along with all the media programming of the fear porn that surrounds death so what Jason and I did was we just broke down traditions from all over the place you know so often people come to my channel or to my website and they have a very rigid view of ... traditions and beliefs systems and without mind Jason and I thought we cover everyone we could think of that's a major tradition right now ... it's important I mean after all you're looking at people who are just people like you and I they have kids they may have a culture that's been around a long time chances are we can learn something from them it's not always the case but the chances are in this episode ... in the first hour we will break down ... many traditions and a very over arching way we don't try to get specific we don't try to act like experts were taking the publicly available information and drawing a picture about how different parts of the world view dying as fate would have it my first job out of high school was working in a nursing home and ... it as a very young person I saw death a lot and I saw a quick and it changed my view for the rest of my life ... about what death is and ... the more I look around where I live in the part of the world I live it's held at arms length it's the surgical thing that goes down people don't interact with that they don't examine it they don't think about it they don't even consider that someday they're going through the same door to door all of us every flower every Guinea pig every everything were all gone through that door so it's just a part of being isn't it ... in the second hour I really get into this with Jason ... and we both recount some experiences ... lot to lot to cover their anyhow I hope you'll join me on this journey we're going to back off from conspiracy world for ... one episode here ... it seems Google has again changed its guidelines in the conspiracy or what they label conspiracy widely not really consider my my podcast a conspiracy website ... we're not making this stuff up we do research ... we may not always be right on the money but we do the best we can we try to present the information objectively but clearly the powers that be are going to start since in the screws down on ... on content like this so I guess the question becomes ... as users of this information week I stand for it is it okay for Google or anyone else to limit what's being talked about for my part it's not but anyhow let's jump in with Jason lingering and coverage traditions around the world that shape our view of death and dying man chairs alright now welcome crew triple 7 radio podcast this is episode 68 I've Jason linger with me and we're going to talk a little bit about death ... from a western perspective and the part of the world where I live death this kind of a funny thing we almost have but I don't want to say infantile but a very kind of retarded to view of death in this part of the world ... we'd push it away at arm's length we hide it the whole process of once someone's dies becomes very surgical where armed their hidden away someone comes and whisks some off and the next thing you know you're holding a jar of ashes arm this is not so with the entirety of what we would call history or the entirety of other cultures they're actually cultures out there who have spanned seemingly hundreds of years dissecting what happens at death arm what people experience as they go into death I think the earliest kind of wakeup call I got that there were other parts of the world that view death differently than we do here on the west was the first time that I got my hands on the Tibetan book of the dead also known as the Bardo thought all ... or I was young I don't remember exactly how young probably in my twenties ... and I was astonished to see that these people were recognizing the signs of gas when you're about to die what appearance what a person experiences on all these things will get into that a little bit but ... as at on the tail of having read that it just struck me can these things true so when I one of the things not over and over and in my life as I went down the road anyhow welcome Jason you ready to do the Ole ... I think here hello and yes I am of the big thing to follow up on what you just said with that I'd say that in western culture they've sanitize and chopped it up in over corporate tightest the entire death experience just like they do with everything these days and of course that's been going on for probably over 100 years now it's a right right moans in some ways I think we could probably stayed out right that we had a way we live in a death based system ... after all corporations control mostly everything and corporations are dead entities that are given the rights of a living being ... we've talked about the sad nauseam haven't we yeah yeah absolutely but it's not discussed in that fashion it's more like corporations are given life because they have the same rights as us yeah but it's a bit like saying you know I have said it before you can't make a false thing true you can't make a true thing fall so you can take a thing without life all day long and claim you've given at the rights of a living thing but at the end of the day even the word corporation has a prefix that tells us court ... which brings to mind a dead body around you know there's there's really no get away from these things you know I'd written a ... a blog sometime back I think it was titled is death the state of mind and one of the traditions in the west we have as birthdays and the reason I thought about those is because when I was in Okinawa in the marine corps on Okinawa was one of the place were some longest lived people are I think it's marked as such you to this day but on the outsides of where the marines would work there be like these chain link fences and every little open portion of land it would be gardens and there was always this really really old guy on a bike every day would come down the ... the sugar cane roads that that lead into these cards I need work and one day I actually talked to home arm and he was all that I ask him how old he was and he told me he did he didn't know arm you know he he had he didn't know how old he was and I thought wow what what a thing and you know later on as I mentioned I wrote that blog about birthdays birthdays are a funny thing ... as I began to dissect that I began to consider that it's just more of kind of the death based system that we live in its programming in a way ... we take a cake we put a candle for each year we've been alive and then we snuff them out on the as I began to consider this I thought I wonder if there's more here so I looked into it the claim as is that the birthday cake goes back some ancient Greek right ... but the Iraq and the irony here is it's claimed that the lighting of the birthday candles is mocking the moon you know you turn out the light you light up the candles and supposedly of some ancient Greek tradition that was about Artemis and the moon and at the time I had been studying the mood and of course the mood is constantly associated with death so we have a lot of things in our culture ... debt echo RO older aspects of death that we don't do anything more but put on a party hat we don't think about them but anyhow ... you're ready to jump into this thing yes I am you know it's interesting if you weren't so hung up on the numbers maybe might live a little longer if you're just not thinking about all the time you die when you die instead of being concerned with the fact that all my god I'm in my eighties now our only got me my now I put that forward in the blog that I wrote dead maybe birthdays and counting each year you been alive is not the best thing because in essence what you're doing is saying I'm getting older you know but settle pick Floyd song come time it 11 step beat 1 preferably each day closer to death I forget the exact line of that but that's basically what purpose are you know you're kinda like chicken your own clock ... in the article I mentioned the idea of taking twins at birth and separating them and having 1 live the system we do with all the violence and death that spewed out us through media everyday on them you know the common knowledge that the average person who's mail in the west thinks they're going to die at around age 74 because that's what we're told taking the other twin and don't expose them to any of that you know which one so I go down that road but anyhow Jason let let's jump into this thing alright well obviously most people have some sort of view on what happens when our physical bodies die are there many faiths all over the world with varying belief systems and there are those who go by a very strict scientific mindedness that nothing whatsoever happens when we die it's over in that's that in there it deftly are still on people that that ... cling to that and that's all they have now many people have claimed of course of had near death experiences with various descriptions of what they saw as their physical life was close to being ended but in fact they didn't actually die there have always been claims from certain individuals that they can speak with the dead as well but no one has ever been able to prove that that I'm aware of anyway in a scientific setting so death in general it's a necessary part of life because our natural world survives and thrives off of what is generally called the circle of life with the ending of one thing being the beginning of another while there are many spiritual and religious points of views all over the world the general connection between all of them are the next few points I'm going to go into right and you know I I would point out that in a lot of the older traditions that really have a parity with what we would call alchemy in the west and things like ... even that the book of the dead by the Tibetans they're using the idea of earth air wind and fire on they're still using these basic what we would call alchemical ideas but the thing is arm they are not afraid of death where are over in our part of the world it's like the exact opposite so I think critical before we jump go ahead ma'am right so spiritual views are in and or religious views the next couple points gently what it's it it to use for a person's life it it to help people make sense of life particularly when it seems unfair or their times of suffering with a be a personal thing or what maybe things seen and others you know that that's kind of ironic bullet point because the whole idea of karma and other parts of the world and you know it's been argued in the west that karma is basically Newtonian it's because in a fact which by its description it really is cause and effect arm and that plays into a lot of religious traditions but keep Pushin man you can give support and comfort in times of stress in grief most especially at times of others death and of course give a feeling of meaningful purpose to life part of this is almost always despite whatever faith that is although there are a few exceptions to help others in any way you can for everyone to be good and decent people and moving forward to help make each other's lives better overall you know it's a bit ironic because in most religious traditions you do find the idea of trying to help others so I mean as long I think it's one of the major pillars of the religion and now either in eastern religions that stated over and over ... that this is for the benefit of all Centene being so I think there's a lot of their there'd about bullet point yeah absolutely and like I said there are a few exceptions but for the most part it seems that most largescale religions are all about building the community because I think a lot of this would have started in early humanity because of communities and the troll United you know we all believe the same thing all working towards the same goals are all here to help each other and you know that's generally very good concept I have one year it's a struggling community right you know you that there's no downing the idea of our service to others helping others signed the cricket it even in the Christian tradition the idea of turning the other cheek all these kind of more altruistic ideas but ... what we find when we start to get into religious particularly in the west is that they become very row where people are doing things because it's traditional ... you know not too long ago I was looking at and again ... they did you know they have like a I forget 4 meters I forget ... there's a big pine cone outside the back and and and it's a bit ironic because I started thinking what's that pinecone doing there and I started to look into it I came to find out that of course it's a it's an allegory for the pineal gland ... but one of traditions in the Catholic tradition is ... Palm Sunday where they take your old bird top Paul Machin the smeared over your pineal gland and that's what got me going on this because I was aware of other traditions where they they mark the pineal gland with bright vibrant color and here I it seemed like an underlying current of death to me and there was that big old pine cone sitting out there and I started to think I wonder if you asked 100 Catholics in the court yard if they could tell you why that pine cone is there it's clearly clearly arm Allard rising the importance of an activated pineal gland which is kind of the age we come in to here where we expect people to be having more abilities and to be having more mental fact faculties but anyhow I don't want a track off too far I just think it's it's ironic ... when we begin to take apart some of the religious traditions that we can see in our part of the world yeah I'm not settling and of course Catholicism uses a lot of symbology and I don't necessarily think a lot of Catholics know what all those symbols actually in fact mean yeah there's a lot of incantations that go with it to a lot of them are done in Latin and there are a lot of people who don't speak Latin of course Latin has claimed to be a dead language which of course it's not calm it's the root of even all science you know you name something and a science setting and almost certainly there's going to be a lot man it but anyhow go ahead man so early humans from what we can tell had a strong respect not just for the dead but a fully accepted notion of a functioning spirit Weldon afterlife with the concept of ancestor worship being a very common feature amongst early travel humans they may hold beliefs in different realms as well as a belief in spirits that reside in trees high grass up in the sky under the ground on top of mountains and course some mountains would hold special significance spirits could perhaps even reside in animals at times you know that that this is always interesting it interesting when we look at our early civilizations are civilizations that are still very in tune with nature on it is interesting to me to see how they deal with things like this I recently saw a show on Japan where they kind of do you find a mountain ... and I thought well that's interesting wire the defying the mountain by the time the into the show it com I it showed that basically this mountain in the vicinity of where they lived provided everything but water came down from the mount I mean the whole ecosystem side of things basically did show that the difference in the way they were living was due to that man and they gave spat but in that respect however you want to view the religious aspect of it what they were doing was profoundly accepting the importance of this mountain in their tradition of protecting it making sure it wasn't log bothered the water was included these kinds of things and that's to me is where you begin to see real value that matters but anyhow well some of these concepts can actually still be seen hang around till today now what's left of the native American population still hold a very strong sense of nature in and that connection I'll unlock African tribe still do as well yeah good third there's no good way for you even when we ... when we travel through the southwest and in the United States and there are still a lot of places that are considered to be populated by what is called native Indians are not sure what to make it out at times but what we actually finally going there on that we we see the rock circles we see the other things associated with the religion and again it seems to me to tie very closely with the more natural works alchemical ideas that we've kind of sort of inherited in the west anyhow go ahead so let's look next at what is generally called pagan beliefs and examples of this could be Celtic druidism and the new age paganism of Wicca that actually draws heavily from the dreads there's a very strong belief in the cycle of life there is some uncertainty contradictory information on the druids beliefs in death and the afterlife but the general notion seems to be this idea of a happy afterlife which according to many old tales made them very fearless in battle they seem to have a belief in the transmigration of souls this druidic teaching could have spirits being reborn not just as humans but any other form in nature even animals or inanimate objects at times old tales mention humans returning as new humans for further spiritual advancement through a fully lived life in animal to increase their honor or spiritual authority or even a pool of water or as you mention for perhaps even something to do with the mountain there is also the notion of a happy land of the dead now Wicca seems to hold some of these beliefs as well also with the idea of the departed soul can still have a relationship with a living for the identity of the former living being survives past physical death the wheel turns and sometimes things must be let go but the wheel will turn again and things that have been lost will be returned to us the format change but nothing is ever really lost so at the base of it these are really kind of what we would call the modern day alchemical ideas and I've said it before in an alchemy of the ideas that nothing can be lost because the elements that they break down our world and can transmit one into the other and the other so the kind of perfection idea in that system is you really can't ever lose anything and in those ideas death is included and when you contrast what Jason just said the things like Buddhism where in some Buddhist traditions ... you'll you'll hear the idea that a person could be reborn as an animal and I always thought that was the more I thought about I thought how can that be you reach you know the pentacle is a human being or I guess what we assume is the pinnacle and then I could come back as a frog but the more I looked into Buddhism I began to find other ... sex of Buddhism that's a that's not true at all once your human your human but they all hold the same idea that were on a revolving wheel is Jason just pointed out this alchemy idea in a way where something transmits into something into something into something it's always here it's never lost and ... I I think death is this very idea in a lot of the world's traditions but anyhow go ahead man let's look next to the ancient Egyptians the belief was that the body was made up of several parts the bar or soul the car or life force and AJ the force of divine inspiration of life to survive in the afterlife car would require the deceased physical body to remain intact and this is where the process of modification comes into play now this varied depending on the social class of the individual mummification was considered an extremely important death right because without it they would perish for all eternity and not gain any sort of afterlife after all the rights were completed the deceased would begin the long journey through the led by a new kiss the god of the dead in what was called the hall of 2 truths at one end of the hall of 2 truths was seated Osiris on a throne accompanied by other members of the Egyptian pantheon as well as 42 judges in the center of the room there was a balance the axes that made it up were measured by thought off the god of the scribes on this was weighed the heart of the deceased because they felt that the sole lived in the heart in front of the spiritual court the deceased had to pronounce a confession a declaration of innocence that no harm was caused to others the heart would then be placed on the scale to be measured against a feather and a feather was their symbol of justice if the plate the heart was on tilted more than the plate with the feather the deceased would be devoured by I meet a monster that was half lying half hippopotamus if the heart was weighed to be positive the deceased could enter the kingdom of Osiris and attain a former paradise called IARU second our room or the Gyptian read feel another journey had to be made first though the deceased had to board the boat of the god raw across a lake of fire which was guarded by 4 baboons as well as face crocodiles snakes in the gigantic monster Apophis who was condemned forever to sink the boat of raw the only assistance the deceased might have would be the end Yeltsin formulas prepared for them the priests during mummification good grief you think they'd have a good healthcare system because if that's what you knew was coming after you died my my my well I got real problems with a lot of what we get handed ... with Egypt at the idea of how things were translated and how they became able to read Egypt's and I mean the more I look at it logically the market find problems and not only that ... when you begin to look at the overall ideas that are being expressed in things like the ... Egyptian book of the dead you see real cross over into the ideas of what Buddhism and some of the other eastern religions are doing but the it like the idea of mummification as an example ... I'm dead but I'm gonna this physical