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"2016-10-21 10:44:29"
Michio Kaku - Controlling The Weather
\\you know they were talking about climate change yesterday and now we're learning that scientists and researchers are looking at how to change the weather on purpose that's right lasers now could one day manipulate rain and lightning CBS this morning contributor Michio kaku is a physics professor at City College of New York professor nice to see you extraordinary seeing Al Gore and there were Charlie wasn't that's right yeah they did not get into this disc no but it is estimating I mean lasers really to change the weather that's right well as Mark Twain once famously said everyone complains about the weather but no one ever well instead of doing a rain dance we physicists are firing 0 wind lasers into the sky to actually precipitate rain clouds and actually bring down lightning bolts this is potentially a game changer but this is experimental experimental however in the laboratory so far it works when you have water vapor and you have dust particles are ice crystals you can precipitate rain it condenses around the seeds the seeds can also be created by laser beams by firing filling what lasers you rip apart electron screen when a call ions in the science act like seeds like dust particles bringing down of rain and even like me green glass while I I this is fascinates me in part because 2 I remember reading the stories that China had use this during the Olympics that the USSR had used this after Chernobyl to create rain clouds but what did those really works and we have some of these capabilities now inconclusive even the in the 60 the CIA use this to OB bring down monsoons during the Vietnam War to wash out the Viet Cong governments have been polite issuing alleged to alleged to right yeah now we realize that for decades now these governments have been alleged to have experimented with by the control but nothing conclusive this time were begging in the laws of physics rather than simply while waving our hands and I bring mumbo jumbo we're actually using 1 lasers now and in the laboratory sure enough they precipitate rain out of water vapor show enough you can actually bring down electricity down the down the being so what is a mate but drought areas that that need to have rain for crops and they don't have him ... there is in the consequences of famine well the bad news is if it's a clear blue sky it's not going to do anything at all because it only takes one of a pair that's already in the air and condenses it however for floods for agriculture farmers for people pining waiting parties of football games you name it outdoor events in agriculture and flooding and even a hurricane's all of them could be subject to weather modification credibly interesting professor Mitchell Cocker thank you so much //

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