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"2016-03-21 14:17:21"
Kerri K. Nelson on importance of Journey Mapping
\\surely maps are really great tool when I'm temping me is in their early stages of building a customer experience program because the first thing you need to do you ever use a journeyman or some other tools you need to actually understand from a customer lands white your customers are experiencing and that's all the way from you know I am becoming a customer so and signing a contract you onboard the need and using your product all the way to renewal depending on what you were ... processes are with your customers still journey napping in the way we do away down really has 3 components we first start with our customers internal view that journey now because what's very important is to recognize internally what people believe is happening so here's where I think the pain points are here's where I think the moment of truth are and in here's where the opportunities are over all so getting an internal will become our internal validation alliance really important that's our first at the second one is Dan to go outside in would trust errors what is what is their perception of the journey with your company and it's time we interview whenever customers we look at survey feedback if available but then we really look at what are they saying the pain points in the moments entry I would say the our experience and we've done hundreds of journey maps globally is that ... there is there is some overlap between the internal perception in the customer but there is always 2 or 3 things that are different always and and I think that's a great realization when you when you get I understand the internal person that the customer says and they get a lying around that customer perception because the only reality that matters at the end days of the customers think is happening our third step then is customers have told us what they believe are the issues that ultimately where the doing based on these few points so we do some analytics around the journey map lean to back to the valley product that a proposition that Scott research now has which is what a link your customer delight in that for spirits underneath it to finance the outcomes of the business so we link what the customer has staggered to what they're doing you know whether that's leaving you or I'm staying longer or growing revenue are naturally revenue so we link that last pieces and say this is actually what they're really doing since he really never these 3 years at the journey and ultimately exit rates ... Afro moments along the way it did during nap waiting he's a churning out for another tool it's very important early on to get a line on what that experience is because it's the only way you can then decide okay no where we wanna be and what we have to do to get there //

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