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"2017-09-06 04:03:58"
Hurricane Irma Manipulation: Objectives And Agendas ( Dane Wigington )
\\many ask why the government our own government would modify the weather in a way that does immense harm to our own citizens and a life support systems of the planet as a whole without doing any investigative research whatsoever many choose to completely deny the climate modification could be real and I'm going with many potential objectives and and what can I ... programs of biological warfare the US government and the US military have been fully involved in this weather might accuse a hurricane model for at least 70 year projects serious was under way 70 years ago with only 80 kilograms of dry ice profound manipulation of a hurricane how much more effectively can the weather makers now when they have the air power to die hundreds of tons of patented materials storms they still oracle document shown here is for project storm fury which was historically apart the ongoing and expanding U. S. government and US military hurricane manipulation programs one of the crews and aircraft projects storm furious shown here US military hurricane manipulation project and program support group member that the fully documented weather warfare was already going on by the Vietnam War with project Popeye which created catastrophic in continuous flooding over the Ho Chi Minh trail this document exert was taken from a 750 page U. S. Senate report that was produced in 1977 documents extremely damning and can be reviewed in it's entirety and Eugene washed or by simply searching geo injury watch massive Senate document usually was the original source that found and posted this report the yellow highlights in the peach exerts are ours this document to countless others proved beyond doubt that the US government and US military programs of climate and hurricane manipulation were real on growing and rapidly expanding this US government document outlining the need for global governance of climate engineering is just one more of me the active involvement of US government and military an ongoing climate engineering operations it's absolutely undeniable this is an example of one her cane suppression Patton and all this information is available to the public they're likely many more processes of her keen suppression and manipulation that are considered classified this excerpt from a scientific study on cyclone suppression is very important to consider the red highlighted statements are key report states that when tropical cyclones are saturated with aerosols the intensity is reduced the flow of energy from warming oceans is reduced and the winds weekend now let's consider this how can atmospheric aerosols be widely dispersed in addition to the use of military tanker jets for atmospheric aerosols spring retrofit aerosol spray nozzles have been mounted on many commercial carrier aircraft and are being utilized these novels are aimed directly into the exhaust jet stream in order to enforce the completely false official narrative that we're only seeing condensation trails when in fact we're seeing sprayed aerosol dispersions available data indicates commercial carrier personnel are not directly involve the climate Asian program so these aircraft are absolutely being used aerosol disperses over the oceans are now constant and blatant this photo shows the eastern Pacific and clearly reveals aerosol spring activity the vast majority of populations have absolutely no idea that the ongoing global climate engineering Manhattan Project to steering the climate and life support systems of the planet apart the toxic heavy metal and chemical aerosols are also contaminating or breathable air column in the entire biosphere is a whole how can aerosols radio frequency microwave transmissions impact the formation of hurricanes this NASA satellite images very revealing the image was taken off the west coast of Africa primary location were Atlantic hurricanes form the manipulation of the tropical cyclone formation region is extremely alarming and undeniable radio frequency microwave transmissions manipulate the electrically conductive heavy metal nano particulates that in the scene in the atmosphere in the cloud formations the manipulation of these particulates in turn may place air masses and dos storm formations the climate engineers have been aggressively suppressing and or redirecting Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico her kings for over 12 years there's been no major hurting impact for a record 12 years on this point please hear all the details and reporting I didn't say there's been no hurricane impacts for 12 years there have been no major hurricane category land falls in the last 12 years in the U. S. though some might conclude that cyclone suppression is good any such intervention with earth life support and cooling systems is an extremely detrimental practice in regard to the life support systems of the planet as a whole a rapidly warming oceans are trying to spawn cyclones but the weather makers have long since achieve the ability to decide what develops what doesn't and what direction it travels and who gave the military industrial complex the right to play god with first climate and life support systems this kind of scenario this image represents is extremely alarming it's directly related to hurricane Irma this is the Noah national oceanic and atmospheric administration departure from normal temperature forecast map or more accurately this is the schedule whether since Raytheon you ensuring contractor Raytheon does all the modeling for Noah the National Weather Service this maps for September 7 to the eleventh 2017 this map reflects one of the most shocking temperature imbalances yet recorded in the lower 48 states and reveals one of the primary agendas behind her camera to keep the most populated zones of the eastern U. S. cool down by delivering abundant moisture from her king arm into the eastern U. S. this moisture will be scattered inland and utilize for chemical ice nucleation processes are patented processes the center of the red zones in the west maybe as much as 30 degrees above normal record shattering temperatures continue constantly in the west as a prize agree climate engineered I honestly here induced dome of high pressure the quote ridiculously resilient ridge part of the overall climate engineering scenario some of the blue highlighted zones in the U. S. east maybe as much as 30 degrees below normal the moisture from her king Harvey was used for the same purpose to keep the same predetermined zones temporarily cool down on the planet as a whole continues to superheat the moisture from hurricane Irma will be used for the same welcome to our geo engineered world this GISS departure from normal temperatures image documents the record of overall planetary surface warming from 2013 to 2016 the profound warming in the U. S. west and the near absence though overall warming in the eastern U. S. just further confirmation of the completely engineered an ongoing scenario just described in the previous no image and extreme U. S. temperature imbalances well the world continues to free fall into abrupt climate shift geo engineered cool downs with highly toxic chemical ice depleting elements have helped the world's largest military to keep the most population dense regions in the U. S. from feeling the full impact of what's unfolding this is the psychological aspect of climate engineering keeping populations confused divided and in many cases pacified in regard to the true state of the unfolding global climate environmental collapse until the last possible moment the paradox is this climate engineering is the single greatest climate disrupting environmentally destructive assault ever launched by the human race and considering the degree of anthropogenic damage the planet on countless fronts that's saying a lot how dire is a threat we collectively face from the unfolding climate and biosphere collapse far worse in far more immediate than almost any yet comprehend even though record numbers of cyclones have been occurring in other parts of the world with record intensity hitting nations such as the Philippines over and over nations that are no longer willing to comply with U. S. occupation control has already shown US major cycle impacts have been suppressed for over 12 years what has changed and why we must consider remember this since all available climate data proves the climate engineers possessed the processes and resources to suppress and to re direct hurricanes if the weather makers didn't want hurricane hardy to happen how it did or where it did you would not have happened if the weather makers wanted to completely suppress hurricane Irma to diminish or dissipated or steered out to sea they could again available historical data proves this fact why the change of course a strategy for the climate engineers though the US population there's been subjected to weather warfare for decades it's now become unimaginably blatant and aggressive in lockstep with the growing power structure desperation everything's changing on countless front so this must be remembered and considered always we mustn't think dichotomously with the this for that mindset the power structure has a great many agendas everything they do carries complex implications and motives this is most true in regard to climate engineering assaults populations are waking up to the power structure cancer and their crimes disasters like that just caused by hurricane Harvey and what's likely coming from Irma serve many agendas for the global elite in the case of Harvey their work and our oil prices and production to consider potentially increased economic activity due to the need to fix the disaster the creation of mass distraction while the power structure pushes tour World War 3 the potential disabling of populations thus rendering them unable to stand up to government tyranny the opportunity to move the military into place in preparation for already unfolding and inevitable societal collapse but again there are other claim engineering objectives related to even more dire factors that far too few are paying any attention to our biosphere is imploding were already in a runaway climate shifts scenario heading toward a mathematically certain near term global on this site if we remain in the current course the climate engineers will do anything they can and everything they can at any cost to the web of life to hide this fact from populations in their attempt to postpone public panic for as long as possible and just to keep the military does too complex in full control it would seem the power structures willing to exterminate life owners make your voice heard in the critical battle to sound the alarm chef credible and compelling information materials which can be found in the homepage of geo injuring make your voice heard while it still matters insisting we contend with geo injuring //
"2017-08-30 12:10:12"
Engineered Climate Cataclysm: Hurricane Harvey ( Dane Wigington )
\\devastating hurricane Harvey seem to come from nowhere putting an abrupt end to the perplexing 12 year long perking drought in the continental U. S. no major her cane landfalls have occurred in the U. S. for 12 long years while the rest of the world has been decimated by cyclone after cyclone hurricane sandy was not a major hurricane though it cause major damage how many remember the scenario with her keen sandy miraculously weather forecaster somehow knew 7 days in advance that her king sandy would make an unprecedented 90 degree westerly turn exactly where did climate engineering is not just a dangerous proposal it's long since been a lethal reality for some 70 the radio frequency we've trained by the weather makers really hard work London Mike where transmission sources near Brownsville Texas kept heartbeat in check from the south the Browns bill transmitter was completely energized as hardy was guided on shore transmitter facilities in San Antonio Texas help to ensure hardy would the north in addition to scattering in dispersing any and all moisture that did make it that far the bottom line powerful frequency transmission is kept Harvey for migrating further inland and breaking up so again how did forecasters no so far in advance that hardy would park itself in Texas stay there for days due to anomalous high pressure zones locking Harvey in place because the forecasters are reading a script schedule whether given to them by geo engineering contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin Raytheon does all the forecast mapping for the National Weather Service NWS and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration NOAA Lockheed Martin does the same type of modeling for the FAA we have the foxes running the henhouse private defense contractors doing all the modeling for government agencies forecast track and behavior for Harvey was beyond unprecedented again how can forecasters no so far in advance because hardy's behavior was not an act of nature it was manipulation with patented climate engineering technologies the bizarre track of hurricane Harvey is a glaring red flag to signal climate engineering Jilin during operations why is the climate science community silence about this the illegal federal gag order on all National Weather Service and all no employees is the answer the gag order is on top of the fact that government scientists have no first amendment rights to begin with why would our government and others create such weather disasters in our own country this is where dichotomous this or that thinking must be abandoned there's many agendas being carried out at this dark our human history this fact must always be considered and remember solar radiation management is one primary stated objective of climate engineering the combination satellite radar map shown here is very revealing massive atmospheric aerosol dispersions in conjunction with radio frequency microwave transmission grits are used to broadcast the atmospheric moisture created by Harvey into the widest possible region of cloud cover the brighter the weight of the cloud cover shown in the culmination map here the more heavily ERISA life it is the expansive Ramos canopied area surrounding Harvey as it made landfall is immense the convective zones of petition around Florida are also being heavily sprayed with climate engineering aerosols how will hurricane Harvey impact temperatures in the U. S. now with this massive atmospheric water pump help to cool the most populated zones of the U. S. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration departure from normal high temperature map forecast map shown here for September 4 September tenth is revealing the extreme temperature imbalances shown are mere logically and historically unprecedented prior to the recent years in which global climate engineering operations have been increasingly major influence geo engineering programs and processes are completely derailing all of purse climate and life support systems the norm out again it's shocking above normal precipitation is forecast scheduled to continue over the eastern U. S. chemical ice nucleation of weather modification processes will continue to be a factor in the ongoing engineer cooldown zones shown in shades of blue on this map high temperatures in the ionosphere heater induced high pressure zones over the U. S. west will continue to extend the record shattering brutal heatwaves there the dangers environmentally decimating heat UV radiation and flash drought are not being reported by official sources corporate media or most independent or alternative media sources party has provided a convenient distraction from the planetary meltdown that's unfolding on a once thriving planet how dire any need is a threat from biosphere implosion it's far worse than almost any yet understand how anomalous is the eastern U. S. cooldown zones from a global perspective the global temperature departure from average map is very revealing the other current focus zones for massive climate engineering chemical ice nucleation cooldowns are China and the polar regions this is especially true for Antarctica where the geo engineers are in damage control mode after the massive Larson sea ice shelf collapse how dire is the ice melt down in the polar regions of the planet 2017 has brought both poles to record low ice extent levels a fact that the climate engineers will try to hide from the public until the last possible moment unfortunately much of the public is still all too happy to hide from unpleasant and die realities regard to the true state of the climate and of climate engineering on that note the following 2 points must be considered first there can be no legitimate discussion about the state of the climate without first and foremost including the climate engineering factor second there can be no legitimate discussion of climate engineering or geo engineering without acknowledging the patented chemical ice nucleation processes and the engineer cooldowns these processes help to generate the Chinese government openly admitted to this process of weather modification in popular science covered it climate engineering can create short term highly toxic cool down so that the cost of the worsened overall planetary warming and what does all this have to do with her keen Harvey a great deal by constantly engineering cool down zones over the most populated regions of the U. S. the weather makers are able to continue fueling growing confusion division and conflict in regard to the true state of the climate and of the climate engineering reality the massive amount of moisture being pumped into the atmosphere by Harvey is an essential component in the ongoing engineered cool downs being carried out again in the most populated portions of the U. S. the next radio frequency microwave transmission was recorded in Shreveport Louisiana almost 2 days after hardy made landfall as moisture tried to migrate north is being held back and or scattered by the transmissions the manipulation of Harvey from the she for transmission facility and numerous others was relentless has this even more recent animation of this report transmissions reveals wave after wave of migrating atmospheric moisture is held back and in place from the powerful radio frequency transmissions as heartbeat try drifted he's still more ground based radio frequency microwave transmission facilities pushed back like this one in Lake Charles Louisiana what are the other possible agendas being carried out in relation to the manipulation of hurricane Harvey the ongoing cycle suppression in the Atlantic basin in the Gulf of Mexico has contributed to OSHA stratification and this dead zones tell the cyclones have tried to form in the Atlantic basin of the last 12 years they have been blown apart or directed out to sea by climate engineers for those who think that this is a good thing consider this if the manipulation with first life support systems kills the oceans we die if the oceans die we die something to remember the largest ocean dead zone ever recorded is unfolding right now in the exact region where Harvey is meandering and this point also must be considered all available data indicates that there's a growing sea of oil sitting on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico much of it from the BP Macondo oil well blowout the now deceased global expert on the subject said was never actually sealed it's recognized global expert also stated that the sea floor around the Macondo well was fractured in the US leaking crude oil into the sea and that had never been sealed and it could never be sealed he went on to state that the illegal chemical correct 6 was still being used at the well head to keep the oil from surfacing the public aware of what was happening on the sea floor mats Simmons who was this expert is found dead after a CNN interview dead in his pool several days after that interview in which he made disclosures that those in power did not want known the Hardys churning of sea surface is the fact that this hurricane is being kept largely on or near land means that deeper ocean mixing is not occurring the oil soaks sea floor of the Gulf will remain largely undisturbed and as many other potential factors to consider geo political global oil prices due to the now offline oil production in Texas for example whether trading derivatives exciter up many more other potential agendas but there are much more dire considerations than those already mentioned the intentional destruction of populations that can no longer be fully supported by industrialized militarized society the planet's life support systems are breaking down by the day those in power are absolutely aware of this fact though their insurable obsession for total control compels them to continue their reign structured and decimation how clear does the message from the global elite need to be before the masses are willing to face what is unfolding and what's being done to them climate engineering is nothing short of weather and biological warfare the greatest threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm if we are to have any chance whatsoever of exposing halting the climate injuring insanity credibility is key credible conclusions backed up by credible data this will help us to form alliances with the climate science communities the military and other agencies by standing on credible verifiable factual data we must all make our voices heard in this epic battle for the greater good time is not on our side I I this is Dan Wilkinson with Jiajing //
"2017-08-23 17:50:07"
New: CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government
\\there's a hero Kevin ship is a hero if we had more like Kevin and I I think with the kind of courage Kevin shows he's inspired others to start coming to the surface and of all of us provide the covered this is key it's up to us to provide the cover for those in academia those in agencies those in the military you know this is going on it's up to us to provide the cover for them to come out of the shadows if we leave here tonight and go back to simply carrying out of our lives as we did before we're missing the point it's up to all of us to provide the cover the people in these agencies military academia need to come out of the shadows and change the equation and this is one manage help it happen have a round of applause for Kevin ship from my school thank you Dave ... idea I would start by saying I I refer to myself as a recovering CIA officer and dog we don't go through 12 step programs we go go through 24 step program and the first 12 steps or learning how to tell the truth again that's a hard and there are there are some benefits for being a CI whistleblower believe it or not my mail is open before I get it which is kind of him Panamanian my cell phone turns itself on and off all by itself usually when I'm talking US my wife when I come to things like this it turns itself on record our conversations then save it to my voice mail that actually happened and another benefit if I'm if I'm out driving around traveling and lost there's always somebody following me I go back and ask directions on good to go so this ... this is a a going to be a serious lecture this evening this is our without a doubt probably the most important speech I've ever given and is probably the most personally risky also I come from the belly of the beast ... the cult like world of secrecy that operates behind what we see as our elected government of the belly of the beast ... I came out to expose this because I saw specifically in my case you see I engage in unconstitutional and illegal activity outside of the constitution which for me is everything now I saw them ... but violate international law with some of their operations and engage in some pretty serious human rights violations I know but you all that I as an American citizen I did not vote for any of those things and our elected government didn't vote for any of those things but they're doing them and I'll show you a show you why I hope tonight I hope and pray that tonight this speech makes a difference what I'm about to show you and I hope tonight it starts kind of a social civil revolution when we stand up against this tyrannical system here that is stepped outside our constitution engaging degree just things it needs to be reformed maybe even dismantle if I can have a hand in that then then ducked thank god there I'm going to talk about the shadow government now you hear a lot of talk out there about the deep state all over the place that on news and talk shows see it's safe to talk about the deep state now because there's no real risk it's got kind of popular some of us were talking about the secret government in 2012 when it was not talk to her and it was a little tough everybody's talking about the deep state but they're not there's some good folks out there talking about that but there not given everybody the full picture because and the use of the terms a deep state in shadow government as if they're one and the same they are not one and the same they're 2 different entities in a vast $0 matrix that is now controlling our elected government outside the constitution behind Washington DC I'm gonna show you how they do it we got a lot of stuff to cover forgive me I have to roll through a lot of this and I'm hoping by the end ... some your jaws may drop but at least ... you're gonna see what's going on all of you because I talk to people all the time know that this government is functioning secretly and doing things that it shouldn't seen it you know in your gut you sense it every single person I talked to including in the dining room this morning yeah we always sums not right here something's not right with our government so let's get into this I want to start by saying this because it is so important we are ... least were a constitutional government were we not our government is founded on the constitution and the bill of rights isn't it now I want to remind people that the constitution is not a nice fluffy philosophical document it's not just a good piece of ideology it is the law of the United States it is the supreme law of the land it supersedes the entire rest of the U. S. criminal justice system so if a person including the government violates the constitution they have committed a felony so let's just remember that if the government violates the constitution they have committed a felony so if they try to make the people look like the bad guys will find out really it works the other direction remember that it is the constitution that is the reason I'm standing up here because we don't longer live in a constitutional government we are serving under a post constitutional government staffed by congressman who are now statement so let's move on the shadow government and the deep state are not the same thing you hear people say this well the deep stays after Donald Trump because their hold over from the Obama administration that are penetrators into into the sea I and others ladies and gentlemen that is a smokescreen I'll show you that the shadow government is not left over Obama people it is a matrix system that has functioned across every single admit administration going back to JFK Republican and Democrats alike so the shadow government is a secret part of government the CIA the NSA and I'll show you a host of other secret intelligence agencies that are part of a shadow government functions to the unbridled unconstitutional power of secrecy that's the shadow government beneath the shadow government is what you hear a lot of talk about is called the deep states have a deep state is this massive financial multi $0 $0 matrix that includes the military industrial complex all of you probably heard about I shed a little bit more light on that ... the deep state functions in the same matrix connected to the shadow government but much of the time the shadow government rules the deepest stake through the power of secrecy secrecy agreements the state secrets privilege and another thing so they are intimately connected and running our government behind the scenes they manipulate our elected government behind the scenes now that is a dramatic statement I think by the end of tonight I'm gonna prove to you that is going on I saw personally this a lot of things I can't talk about I have to watch everything I say honestly ... the last 15 years I've just been waiting for me to make one mistake having made yet so let's talk about this the shadow government and the deep state the same is run by money power and greed that's it runs deep state the shadow government that their fuel is fear and intimidation here is this the shadow or secret government unconstitutional power government secrecy this I'm gonna show you the components of this our government many of them the fun function outside the constitution to director of national intelligence has 17 intelligence agencies underneath him at this point are that that process 922 up under a 90 day to 200000 bits of classified information today some of which dotty classified you've got the department homeland security secret agencies there you've got the department of state Hillary Clinton ran guns in Benghazi secretly use in Saudi Arabia and Qatar most people don't know that she did it through the secret system you got the defense intelligence agency that engaged the torture program some people died they also tried to to ... recruit American citizens to be informants within the United States yeah this this is folks this is an 8 hour lecture so I'm gonna have to pack some of this in there because there's just so much here anyway got the national comments offices natural constants office that runs the satellite program all the birds that are up there and there is a bunch on them you have the national geospatial intelligence agency the big secret agency that works with Google through a big conch contract that and set up Google earth so Google works with the national geospatial intelligence agency through C. I. NQ tell the set up Google earth so you think it's only Google watching yeah it's not sadly Silicon Valley has been recruited by the shadow government let's move J. sought joint special operations command most people don't know about but this is the president's secret army the president of the United States has his own secret army special operators that that he stands on presidential order into foreign countries in secret to engage in killings overturning governments I think the American people don't know about to secret force then you've got the FBI conducting warrantless searches ... national security letters in the coming year business and and order your supervisor turned over all of your financial records and if he or she says anything about them being there they put your supervisor in jail I wish the Fourth Amendment now I'm gonna talk specifically tonight because this is so vast about the 2 I consider the 2 top tears what I call the shadow government the secret government first of that is the National Security Agency her lot about them having we I'm working with William Binney the NSA whistleblower blew the whistle on on the NSA surveillance program house rated by swat team used a gun put to his head I will talk about the us a little bit I'm gonna focus on what I call the central node of the shadow government an unconstitutional agency that used to be my life and I was a senior managing managing our supervisor there cannot tell it's nothing to talk about later it is this one right here that is the note the central node of the shadow government functions outside the constitution through the power secrecy and not even Congress knows everything that it's doing is there a constitutional problem with that they're believe there is all show you exactly how bad that is CIA was created through the council on foreign relations which started back in 1921 they were they were instrumental in creating the CIA the CFR was and back when the CFR created the CIA they were tied directly into guests to the mainstream media the owners of the Washington post of the grants were members ranking members of the council on foreign relations see I was feeding information directly into the Washington post open Katherine Graham were publishing stories that the CI have told them to study now in the long wonderful history of The Washington Post who also Washington post now Jeff pieces on Amazon what he just do he entered into a $6000000 contract with guess who the CIA so the circle continues I can spend an hour on the mainstream media's connection to tell us and we don't have that time but just understand that the the CFR was instrumental in creating the CIA they were directly connected to the mainstream media by the washing post New York times CBS and others that were feeding information directly to this yeah I to be published to alter the opinions of the American people they would just leave that there for now the dig statements talk about what makes up the deep state underneath you can see I put the deep state underneath the shadow government because the shadow government is the powerful monolith outside the constitution much of the Deep state the military industrial complex is not violating the constitution but they are controlling our elected officials okay so there's little difference but they they are connected ... pretty intimately in that you got the military industrial complex everybody's heard about that probably what you haven't heard is Eisenhower rich I called it the military industrial congressional complex Congress is tied in so deeply with the military industrial comparable to the deep state that they manipulate with the congressmen and senators do and how they vote I will prove that tonight so Congress is justice tied into the military duster complex as Lockheed Martin ... General Dynamics and the others are who is the main representative in our government of the people Congress right if they own Congress we know we don't have a voter voice anymore and that's the idea I was going to someone they only intelligence contractors the defense contractors we're talking billions of dollars here in revenue that comes from your taxes the military does through complex about 4.$8000000 a year is spent by military industrial compliments of the lobbyists to influence cock Congress and put money into their packs leadership pacs re election campaigns and others to the tune for $5000000 a year huge impact on Congress there's foreign lobbyists Saudi Arabia and Israel might as well have a congressional slot on Capitol Hill they are they are so influential on our government that they actually have a serious impact on on political decisions in Washington you've got the federal reserve the secret bank the secret bank that just gave out a couple $0 to some unknown corporations in the military industrial complex that they won't tell anybody about because their deliberations are secret with his money with army so the federal reserve is tied in in with this the ... we've got wallstreet wallstreet funds all of this the military duster accomplish Wall Street is so plugged in to the military industrial complex and the shadow government was Wall Street attorneys that form the CIA wallstreet has been in the shadow government and deep state going back to 1947 so they're part of the deep state you got the central bank's connected to the federal reserve the federal reserve is connected to the International Monetary Fund the World Bank because the CFR stated goal was eventually and still is an economic global government and they're merging through special drawing rights in the digital currency eventually and and that's about where that started Wall Street is so connected with the department of treasury in business with all of this they might as well just be business partners in a in a financial conglomerate our government and Wall Street are almost one in the same in the deep state trillions and trillions of dollars alright it is the system behind government you can see that I made that person a dollar sign because the fuel of this system is money and they get that money they have to keep us in a state of perpetual war anybody see that going on more on that later alright let's move secrecy inside the United States the Central Intelligence Agency and its contractors are supposed to have an overseas mission only right collecting in spying on foreign governments they're not supposed to have a mission or function inside the United States however William Arkin and Dana priest that out incredible piece of journalism and dug some of this up there are 10 after 911 in an hour on that ... after 911 there are now 10000 secret sites within the United States under the shadow government 10000 sites inside the United States 1200 71 government agency secret agencies now involved in secrecy inside the United States 1931 large private corporations like Lockheed Martin are now involved the secret government the NSA and the CI inside the United States 4800000 Americans that we know of probably half a product that's fun just have to figure have US government security clearances and they signed a secrecy agreement or explain what that means in a little bit 154000 they found have top secret clearances for more now hundreds of thousands a military industrial complex employees from secretaries to people in the mailroom to C. E. O.'s have all signed NSA or CIA secrecy agreements and they are now bound I'm saying anything about anything they see even if it's illegal or unconstitutional there's a system of personal destruction ... that will ruin them if they even insinuates are going to say anything I'll talk about that and a little bit each one signed a secrecy agreement if they blow the whistle I'm speaking from personal experience unsuited if they blow the whistle the government has the power to institute what's called the state secrets privilege and shut their case down seal it in court and throw them in prison if they talk to anybody about their takes classified or not seen a case just like they had a kind of power you blow the whistle in the CIA after after a system of personal destruction they will slap the state secrets privilege on whom you talk your wife your attorney they will put you in prison here we go the military industrial complex or the military industrial congressional complex this is an example of its power control and manipulation of the U. S. Congress our representatives the voice of the people in the center of this you have the congressional arms services committee these are the people 48 senior senior members congressmen senators get together under the defense authorization act and decide how much how much trillions of dollars they're gonna spend on military industrial the military on intelligence it is the deliberations at you as you would imagine are done in secret nobody knows how much money they're going to sign that I want to look at this the 48 senior members of the Armed Services Committee are under the influence of the 5 biggest military industrial contractors Lockheed Martin did you know Lockheed Martin is the chief surveillance information processor for the CI a the NSA and the FBI did you know that did you know the Lockheed Martin's has created a program that tracks every contact that every American has with the IRS your phone calls your emails the payments that you're making all run through Lockheed Martin which is the equivalent almost of a private second government it is so big it is funded so heavily we figured out the average household in America has what could be called the Lockheed Martin tax $260 comes out of each one of our pocket every year to pay this company basically to spy on us through the NSA and the CIA the track on IRS actions even tracker packages coming through the US postal service and they developed a biometric programs that the government is using to track Americans grow Lockheed Martin not to mention the other ballistic missiles that they they make to sell to a foreign governments but we'll just leave that aside for now Northrop Grumman Raytheon Boeing Booz Allen Hamilton the big dog on the block don't hear much about Booz Allen Hamilton except read Edward Snowden Booz Allen Hamilton for 30 years has been the second arm of the CIA so much so they helped set up the intelligence system for the government of Egypt booze Allen Hamilton and escorts who's known more for now what you see this for you a senior members influenced by these massive corporation right $1000000000000 in annual tax revenue spending for the military industrial complex that comes out of our pockets $46000000000 of that is in foreign arms sales guess who the biggest arms dealer in the world is US guess who supplies weapons bullets tanks and missiles to foreign governments more than anyone else in the world US sadly I to diet 8 the Russians ethnic at why do you think of when you think they're pushing the Russian story so far it's called a diversion right a smokescreen now I want you to see Lockheed Northrup booze Raytheon the rest this is how much they contribute into these congressmen and senators re election campaigns and leadership pacs in a year $700000 they contribute to each one of the senior members of the defense that didn't vote on the defense authorization act do you think they have an influence over what these congressmen and others both for our vote down the controller Caroline is both yeah the dark union Darkside union yeah yeah no doubt and spike his recent illness which is irrelevant to this presentation we've got the poster boy of the military industrial complex senator John McCain who if you haven't noticed if you haven't noticed is on every talk show and every news program pushing what war arms covert action overturning Ukrainian government Syria and all of that you know why that is could be because senator McCain is given $694500 your contributions from these big dogs a year you think maybe there's a conflict of interest here that's because both John to get out there and do this war is big money for John McCain so can you see how the military industrial complex Minnick manipulates the Congress and the Senate of the United States and there's more far more manipulation in this I'm distilling down kind of bulls eye of how it does let's go what most people don't know about until tonight there is what I call a secret intelligence industrial complex be a secret nope you don't know it's there in the center of that you have the shadow government the CIA the NSA the national geospatial intelligence agency and the NRO that is the secret government massive massive around that however you have got the Big 5 conglomerate ... intelligence contractors just like the military duster company for example leaders holdings massive corporation does the bulk of the CIA and NSA secret classified work that nobody knows about CSR a another big one CA see I they're the ones who ran the Abell grade torture program where they they can trust me folks the torture program was not just what waterboarding that is a bunch of baloney and for them to say that if the yield of actionable intelligence is also a bunch of baloney they got no legitimate intelligence out of torture program at all that is a fact SA I see who blew the NSA ... trailblazer program which Thomas straight came out blew the whistle on related to domestic surveillance lost $7000000000 of taxpayer money and they're still employed by the government see that that they engage in fraud abuse waste of money failed programs and the government covers it all up the taxpayer fund these things that we find out that they did it SAIC along with Booz Allen Hamilton lost $7000000000 in a failed Dennis a program of taxpayer don't you read the paper anywhere anybody no no course not and there's a big dog Booz Allen Hamilton of former home of Edward Snowden 50000000000 annual tax revenue a year is what goes into the secret intelligence industrial complex that no one knows about look at this it's all top secret unreported work they report to know what they are accountable to no they're not accountable to Congress but most of the time they're not accountable to the president will talk about him her later with the office of the president is and is not and there is no accountability with the secret intelligence industrial complex at all no one even knows it's there billions of tax dollars in secret budgets that's just the tip of the constitutional problem iceberg now I I have to throw this in because I am passionate about this our country is suffering we got poverty in in the United States we got a crumbling infrastructure we got people that are hurting and yet the deep state the shuttle governments spend fuck a $50000000000 a year is the total intelligence budget IRS tax dollars 598000000000 is a total defense budget 50000000000 cost of overseas military bases many which are no longer necessary 5.9000000000 in military aid to foreign countries 5.9 to Pakistan and other countries that really don't like it very much but we're given this kind of taxpayer dollars ... to fund operator programs I think we just gave Saudi Arabia ... things $2000000000 in military equipment so you're really hates us the very foundational doctrine of the Saudi Wahhabi doctrine is they hate the west and work were feeding billions of your dollars 4000000000 in congressional lobbyist this is how much congressional lobbyists he influenced the congressmen and senators every single year now we have a problem with this idea because I'm passionate about this $803000000000 of your money is going towards is while the cost to Americans vital security the important things the federal government was created to take care of the safety and security of its people that's its function writer Lisa used to be well social security they stole the money it is empty it's in the red Congress and Senate stole that money what's an entitlement program no it's not most of you out there especially the retired we contributed our entire left our Tara life in a mandatory fat into social security did we not that is our money that we put in there in every single page they stole it and took it out and spend it and is now gone noticed there saying oh social security may not survive this number of money left well I can tell you we take the money from right here put it back from where you stole it from what about this call Medicare ponies seniors costing us always entitlement programs we gonna be fun that scale back if we don't medicos Boedeker is gonna go bankrupt in 10 years I can tell you where to get the money from Medicare out all right here we didn't vote for you this anyway little bit more Medicaid got the fund it's an entitlement program given things to people that they're not working so we got to take it back we don't have the money to fund Medicaid anymore whom we can see now why we don't it's being taken health care took decades for them to do when seniors have no health insurance some people were dying they're going bankrupt so they come up with healthcare and is often the case with government they messed it up now they're looking at it again and if you could imagine what they want to do now ... in the current administration is they want to exempt pre existing conditions from healthcare because it's too expensive how many people out there know somebody with a pre existing condition touch the neighbor next year their bodies touching somebody that's 4050 percent of the American population will not be given insurance under the new program and and if they are it's going to have to be maybe twice as expensive so they can cover their own risk nonsense the infrastructure is crumbling economy unemployment poverty outcomes really about 20 percent Americans are suffering in this country and what how in the world can there be poverty in the United States of America when we got that kind of money floating around out there to topple governments engaging for cues and send missiles and things like that to Syria I think maybe it's time for us to rock the boat a little bit maybe now let's focus on my old home ... the central notice shadow government Harry Truman created the CIA without congressional input or approval and now it was so 19 of 47 announced security act and then it went into force in 1948 after 45 years to see I operations they have gotten so off the rails human rights violations on online when he made the statement in an op ed in The Washington Post quote there is something about the way the CI has been function that is casting a shadow on our historic position of freedom and I feel we need to correct it ironically that was in The Washington Post 12/22/1963 3 days later the post removed that article Washington post CFR CIA Philippine Catholic Graham his article was pulled he later made the statement you consider this yeah I was a sinister and mysterious agency having been there I can tell you as most people know that is a fact so let's talk about this humbly meekly and mildly ... I may be the first yeah has ever come to us deficit who we were kind of we're kind of in a bit of the area advice but anyway the CI the central node of the saddle shadow government controls all of the other aids you brands and now they say the director of national intelligence he was created to through rain back in the C. I. A. so it's now control it's not I can tell you the CIA still controls and has influence over the other Steen intelligence agencies let's go on the controls these multiple defense and intelligence contractors I just told you bounce back down the by secrecy agreements and it's it's got them under the state secrets privilege and there's no wiggle room Mick manipulation of the president and political decisions member the false intelligence that went to the president about Iraq intentionally falsified by the way that led to the worst military mistake in US history Iraqi Iraq invasion based on false intelligence from the C. I. A. cost 500000 Iraqi civilian lives when Donald Rumsfeld one of the faces of the shadow government was asked but you feel bad about 500000 people being killed his his response was basically what things happen thanks things happen buddy like you put you behind bars which I wish I could see that but Iraq destabilize the entire Middle East it has been a bloodbath and it continues to be a bloodbath based on false intelligence fed to a president willing to accept 5000 US troops were killed the estimates are between 20 and 30000 US troops have been wounded ... ... or maimed or happiest you're committing suicide because of the Iraq war awful it has the power outside the constitution of the United States to states to start foreign wars through covert operations in engaging the torture program drones to date the drone program from the presidential kill list has taken out 8 wedding parts going after one so called terrorist and they took the whole wedding party they call it collateral damage human life is cheap to the shadow government folks that includes us they stage AT Cruz overseas and they've engaged in multiple false like I endorse the book called operation Gladio the unholy alliance of it's by Paul Williams he documents the C. I. A. staging false terrorist attacks in Italy to make it look like the Italian government was doing it and they killed at least 491 people to do operation Gladio high read highly recommend it so good I reluctantly endorsed when I was done reading unlike only god he nailed it's created and this is what I want to to nab is created with no congressional approval 1947 fully operation like you 40 no no approval of Congress no oversight votes of the American people completely outside the constitution that's what I want to remember the CI a is a is a unconstitutional organization and it functions like that was not created to the constitutional prop process and that's why we're seeing the mess that we're seeing it is staffed by on elected officials in positions of huge power they can send us toward their not elected by you they're not run through Congress they're put into place to secret clearances and secret programs and we have nothing to say in those anybody feeling warm and fuzzy yet we pass Alexander maybe or something then get the better man of the year hell right manipulates Congress to secrecy I'm gonna show you examples of that in a moment manipulated judiciary through the state secrets privilege which shuts down legal cases the foreign surveillance up court the FISA court is a secret Supreme Court that approves worn words warned to tip wire taps on Americans outside the constitution now what are the school back to the roots because a tree is always and evidence of the roots of that tree and so is the fruit right as the saying goes the second note the CIA created by the national security act of 1947 that's what brought the CI into being by Harry Truman see I was made accountable only to the president of the United States through the National Security Council and Truman later deeply regretted that because it was taken outside a constitutional congressional process completely and it went to horribly wrong this is in the national security act of 1947 this is the authority given to the C. Iowa I wanna read this carefully it allows the CIA to quote perform such other functions and duties as the National Security Council may from time to time direct how broad is that and the thing is it said nothing about authority for covert operations anywhere ever in its entire charter in its original set nothing so there's no definition of what the CIA can or cannot do there is no restriction on what the CIA can or cannot do it thumbs its nose at the constitution with impunity there's no democratic or congressional oversight over the Central Intelligence Agency at all it is an outside unconstitutional federal agents that operate with impunity a serious constitutional loophole it has unchecked covert action not even Congress knows much but only if you congressman knew about running guns in the big guy's house on the Benghazi commission in only a few congressmen and the speaker of the house new that Hillary Clinton was running gun secretly from Qatar Saudi Arabia into Benghazi which wound up in the hands of al queda which wound up in the hands of ISIS see I started out like this a single bill building in foggy bottom in Washington DC okay decorated intelligence unit originally Truman wanted objective intelligence provided to the president that's why I created because it's outside the constitution over the years the cease to be my home this is where it's become and this is just in Langley Virginia a monster of an organization the exact number CIA employees is classified so let's just say it's tens of thousands so we're being told that there's a new Cold War with Russia are weak they the mainstream media which I had an hour on that one is telling us that Russia controlled or elections hacked into everybody I'm convinced that's why my washer doesn't works because of Vladimir Putin but what they're not telling us is there's an internal Cold War inside the beltway in Washington between the elected government and the shadow government there's a war anybody noticed things are kind of crazy yeah the shadow government is a huge complex of secrecy surveillance and covert programs about even Congress knows all about it is the size of 23 U. S. capitol buildings 20 it's the size of 3 Pentagon's and it has spied on the U. S. Senate of the United States when they were processing in writing the torture report CIA director John Brennan packed into the Senate computers in the Senate select committee on intelligence see what they found out about what to see I was doing in torture they went so far as to hack into the emails of the Senate staffers to find out what they were writing how the report was gonna turn out ladies and gentlemen is that a violation the constitution is that a violation of law what would you call that a felony ... was John Brennan indicted was he charged with anything no heed the went on about his merry way now this is a chilling part see I spied on the U. S. Senate and president Obama could do nothing about everybody was saying Obama he was behind it the whole time he was getting bread and to do it no that's not what happened John of president Barack Obama could do nothing about what the CIA was doing NASA would you think about Brennan hack into the computers you set oil full conference in John Brennan he couldn't he could not stop the CIA from doing that and he could not a whole brand accountable for doing that the president of the United States does not have power over the shadow government or the CIA and it and nothing happened to these people because there's nothing that Barack Obama could do that's not that he was behind it he couldn't touch what is the CIA do having live this for 15 years their currencies the currency of fear so wanted John Brennan do when he was should have been convicted of a felony or no no no Senate staffers access to classified CIA information all they got into CI documents that didn't have the clearance for so we're gonna go get up that that's how they do it fear it didn't work that's a first car did they try to play now enter Donald Trump we're talking about is on break man he is out of the box enough to do something and that's what they're terrified of what do you think is that some people think he's a patriot some people think he's a narcissist some people think he's a fragile some people think he's a businessman should of stayed in business some people think of these Bravo goes goes across the spectrum but he has terrified the shadow government his first statements you gotta kinda like that somehow his first statements were I'm gonna go into the CI a and we're going to examine their programs and we're gonna find out what they've been doing especially I want to know the facts about JFK and then assassinate I soon how do you think the shadow government the CIA and NSA relate reacted to that one because they got a lot of giant skeletons in their closet Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer a deep stater came out and said this anybody here this interview what to think about this if you cross the intelligence community president of the United States quote they the CIA and NSA have 6 ways from Sunday at getting back at you just this is somewhat that hang there for and you mean the intelligence committee can take out the president of the United States if you cry that's what he's saying this man had the stator up about Schumer knows what he's talking about the only other time in history that we have seen something this dark and dramatic between specifically to see eye shadow government and the president of United States was back that that is Allen Dulles probably one of the most wicked men ever walked the earth director the CIA crossed JFK JFK fired him for engaging in Khobar covert operations without telling Jeff king about it JFK fired Allen Dulles Allen Dulles set up his own ... reading of former high level CIA officers to work against JFK stop his policies and politically bring him down now we all know he was assassinated guess who they put in charge of the Warren Commission yes to put himself in charge of the work commission to find out about the assassination Allen Dulles Allen Dulles shows what CIA agents would testify and which ones would not he also coached to see I people that did testify on what they could say and what they could not the fox was over the hen house the guy that Kennedy fired wound up being the guy supposedly investigating his assassination and it was clear that Alan does one to bring him down now that's just history you can draw conclusions and their conclusions to be drawn you go out there and check this all out is if it is a history ... and there's something very very very chilling here and this remains today it hasn't changed shadow government government hasn't changed it's been the same since 1947 now how touched on this briefly I just met with a couple of the top Tennessee guys who come out of the NSA I call them the eyes in the years of shadow government there in the top 2 members the CIA and the NSA that's one focusing on them member that NSA domestic surveillance program they were collecting 1.5000000000 bits of information on you and me are emails or phone calls or texts ... the content of of our emails and electronic parking everything digitally that we did the NSA was collecting so 2 years ago I think it was a reformed the NSA program because of Edward Snowden if Edward Snowden not happen there would be no for well Mister former counter intelligence investigator Kevin ship don't you think Edward Snowden was a horrible awful trader no at I think I think he's a hero when I was in counterintelligence if it wasn't for him we would not have known that the NSA was violating our Fourth Amendment right to the 2 to 1.5000000000 bits of information a day and he did the right thing of Edward Snowden have stayed around going through the process there would be no Edward Snowden promise you that all of the information however that was collected before the reform I like which is what Ron Paul said he said any time the government says it's reform something you need to be suspicious and all the information that they collected on all of us before this reform they didn't go back in a race that it's still there all the information on all of us is still there there is so much that they call the amount he had to come up with a new word there's so much information that they may have ... gauge it in in a term called goto bites it's enough bits and bytes to fill the state of Rhode Island and Delaware with with bits and bytes that's how massive it's databases call the Utah data center as we know they have the clip exclusive authority a bomb did this has just come out this morning that they unmasked of Americans to unmask Americans reveal their names in the intelligence they collected they have created a new secret Supreme Court called the FISA report that will prove the surveillance of Americans inside the United States a judge came out blew the whistle the FISA court approved 30000 surveillance warrants in one year and the only denied 12 now I want to remember this when ... cyber security they have now given the US they cyber security authority to investigate any case in the United States on a U. S. citizen that involves cyber security you have broadband news we have a security issue here possible hacking ... NSA you can now go and surveil that American because we think we have a cyber soup security case they talk their power from here and they put it here see I end the NSA are both fueled by the state secrets privilege of time to break down here in a moment which shuts down any case by any citizen a corporation that tries to expose what they're doing absolute Terni it started out as a cipher bureau also called the black chamber is how the NSA started that's how big it was zbig is now this is the Utah data center that's how big that is a multi $0 facility at the the the ... computers there are so intensive they have to have cooling systems the size of warehouses to cool the data that's processing in the Utah data center that's how massive that databases so let's get back to back to the constitution again something that people have lived and died for this country thinking it was really in place which should be let's get back to the constitution is that's what America should be all about and in Houston Congress is as I said a couple times what it's our voice it's our only voice in Washington is it not they're supposed to represent the people if you're the shadow government and you want to control the people who do you want to control Congress and that's exactly what they're doing Congress has the legal authority to control the CIA through its budget that sounds really good doesn't it one problem with it is this see I classifies and withhold all the documents necessary for Congress to do that they're completely paralyzed they don't know what to regulate the entire budget is secret so there's nothing they can do boom well played Siarhei well play congressional oversight the house permanent select committee on intelligence the Senate select committee on total we go over some of the CIA with the congressional oversight committees don't I know from being in there these committees are understaffed most of the investigative work is done by hand full of staffers who are in experience a turnover is huge and most congressmen and senators are never gonna dig dig deep into the CI a because if they do it is political suicide they don't go there I've been told this closet full of things they should be investigating Peter shut the door ignore and I have a a personal case ... of that actually happened millet military just recall obviously I showed you that control congressmen senators no doubt about it there's a revolving door between Congress and the Senate in the military duster complex if you do what our leaders holdings does he do it Lockheed Martin wants you to do when you leave Congress if your S. S. staffer center you're looking at a $6000000 job with General Dynamics which they promise you through the whole process former FBI director James Comey when you work with with the para government Lockheed Martin they pay James Coney $6000000 in one year while Lockheed was making big contributions into the Clinton foundation Tony goes badly coming goes back to the HSBC laundering money from Mexican cartels and see I invite the guys rap sheet reads like a CI a operative for goodness sake we'll see how he he basically indicted the Hillary and then let her walk if 1 of us in the sea I had done 11 hundredth of what she did we do their job public be be in jail shadow government secret government controlling elected government public who are the clearest cases the last 20 years I've ever seen and sadly our congressmen and senators most of them a couple of section except rand Paul being one in my view Congress is now composed not of constitutionalist but statesmen they have no intention of changing the system they are part of the state they want to stay part of the state they wanna keep their incumbency they don't change anything they are states there's a big difference between a congressman and senator had a stake now what about these Obama plants in the shadow government the shadow government has crossed party influence both democratic and Republican administrations Clinton bush senior engage in the Iran contra drug running scandal violated US law violated international law brand drugs down into South America that wasn't George Bush and a Bill Clinton working together in tandem on this nothing to do with party George W. bush got helpless Iraq NSA surveillance see eye toward a secret prisons FBI warned sources and on and on and on how bad can you get let's go back to the Democrats Barack Obama prosecuted more whistleblower leaders of any president in US history grossly expanded the NSA surveillance program to the tune of now the US taken to distribute its information on US citizens to all the other 16 intelligence agents gross expansion the presidential kill list in the drone program running guns into Syria supporting the free Syrian army freeze your army by the way which we we are still supporting we being the shadow government the free Syrian army went into one of the only Christian villages in Syria and massacred the whole population on behalf United States government are most of the radical Islamists many of them have morphed into isis they are they are driving U. S. tanks carrying and using U. S. weapons that's just ahead shaker Hillary Clinton took several $0 in Saudi Arabia to the Clinton foundation Washington secretary of state to the hundreds of thousands of dollars from wallstreet military military just account complex ran guns into Libya Benghazi and intentionally overthrew Moammar Qaddafi when he was trying to make peace with the U. S. even told the US government and secretary state and the president if you want me to leave Libya all do it against 6 safe haven another country whatever the US wants secretary Clinton engaged in what I consider a de facto assassination of Muammar Qaddafi ruling that entire country that to billions of the dog of the dollars and wandered into the into the black market I did and intelligence are 2 weeks ago we got into that some details can you see that's the shadow government is not just ... condensed into 1 party or administration no it's been gorgeous 9048 what about Congress Congress will tell us the voters all yeah I'm gonna go to Washington I'm gonna reform this mess we're gonna clean all this up and but what do they do they wind up supporting shadow government deep state wars Syria ought not done on covert operations and it was Congress and Senate many of them the gang of 8 especially that approve the NSA domestic surveillance program to they're not saying much about that their congressman centers it knew about that program and approved so I think maybe we've lost Congress and that's one of our big problems this go through some constitute violations on apologizing have who kinda quick because we're gonna get to the crux of matter here shortly member I said that a constitutional violation is what a felony or multiple felonies let me go through just some of control of congressional hearings withholding documents and testimony from Congress brought blocking Congress from covert programs classifying and and concealing illegal operations like drug running in South America and elsewhere is establishing covert funding from illegal activity that Congress didn't know about engaging in some elite elicit some making money funding CI programs of money that was out but the outside to come surveillance of the Congress the CI surveil the Senate NSA eavesdropping congressman's conversations about the Iran nuclear deal has a broken to the conversations of congressman and recorded and surveil the conversations a felony control the judiciary to the FISA court and state secrets privilege secret use of America's tax dollars which don't be upset about that surveil to US citizens and officials lying under oath I have tapes of each one of these the director of national intelligence lied to Congress under oath to see I lied to Congress under oath that's no surprise yes I did and the FBI did Robert Mueller when asked if the FBI was breaking into America's homes without a warrant said well we only do it in a few terrorist cases funny dug up some information on how we know that you do it in just more than a few because okay well we've done a 47 times serious terrorist case so good a good dust ever did some work and said now it's a lot more than that we got you on 2000 so Robert Mueller Andreas said death okay 2000 it is more digging so no it's in stock art director it's not 2000 it's 4000 response was oh okay it's 4000 it it's a more checking and they said we've got evidence that it was more than 4000 you know his response was director heights can you tell us exactly how many times you broken into America's homes were worn yours response was well I can't remember pardon me I think I just a don't ask you can't remember how many Americans how that is you lie and that's under oath he knows darn well how many Americans house they prove broken without a watch and it was thousands so more constitution violates the proper secret operations and he'd invite involving human rights violations in Syria so far 475000 Syrian civilians have been killed through the CI back US backed rebels 100000 Syrian military have have died just 10 percent of the population if those are aware Americans that would be the equivalent of 1000000 Americans being killed by a foreign government in Syria to topple Syrian are propping up the government the gusto Pinochet in Chile the CIA paid and supported the murder murder execution of torture of 40000 Chilean citizens and the disappearance of 200000 more and to see I was paying who to officials under Pinochet that they knew and human rights violations that the newer executing people and they were on the CIA payroll more constitutional violation silencing whistleblowers by putting them in prison like judge John Carriacou revealing the torture program secret prisons rendition torture which was not just waterboarding there were people killed seriously wounded by that with enhanced interrogation program the torture program so they always that's what a snake doesn't cerpen does you know Hugo uneaten apples not going to hurt you you know it's enhanced interrogation is not torture ... it was torture people die electrocuted NASA security letters for the FBI can go into your into your place of business the demand a supervisor turned over all your stuff warden searches I talked about that constitutional violation the drone assassination program that anybody vote for that there is a perk presidential kill list he has a kill list was present do you want to go today will take no Joe schmo and it's no longer definite information that the person is a terrace they do it now based on behavioral profile if you can imagine that William Penn expletives with blow up the whole wedding party that's what they're doing now based on behavior not on the fact that Mohammed is actually a document terrible Veidt did they can't even go there now it's just based on what we got done actually deters let's take out the whole part more 911 since 911 we have been put our government has been put under what's called the continuity of government attenuation of government continuity of government or what that means is when George W. bush declared the war on terror that was an important term because when the United States goes into a state of war it suspends the constitution under the continuity of government programs it came to the desk or Barack Obama and he continued the continuity of government we are still in a state of emergency because of the war on terror which means based on cognitive government they can suspend the constitution anytime anytime they want right now because it has not been it's not been reversed do you have a constitutional problem here and lays gentleness is probably 30 percent the list could be longer if we have time so what is the shadow government do if you play by the rules you get rewarded if you don't people like me Noah took on yourself on stuff I think better but if you play by the rules here is George W. bush giving the presidential medal of freedom to CIA director George tenet rib rewarding him for providing falsified intelligence leading to the Iraq war the death of hundreds of thousands of people on purpose withholding critical information prior to 911 to see I was tracking and had the identities of 2 of the alleged bombers the entire time leading up to the attack after the attack see I was the only federal agency that refuse to provide any information on what it knew before 911 classified everything George tenet master of the torture program renditions in secret prisons and invoked the state secrets privilege to seal cases against them more than any other CI a director in history now yes to his chief of staff was the whole time he was doing this now that none other than our sinister buddy John Brennan who was later awarded to be who is the director of the CIA following George tenet's footsteps see the shuttle government rewards the faithful what Brennan do more torture drone spying on the Senate more use of the state secrets privilege just like his Daddy George tenet shadow government continues they will reward their own despite gross violations of the constitution I call this in the book the tyranny of secrecy this is the new tearing they use secrecy to engage in things that are not only constitution that not only unconstitutional they are flat out illegal and they're directed not of foreign governments but if the American people it is the new form of tyranny if you want to keep things from Congress and outside elected governor government what do you do you classify your member this quote the very word secrecy is repugnant to a free and open society and there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security 911 will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment have we seen that now going back to when the state was was made he also said this I was whether the CI into 1000 pieces and scattered to the winds enter Allen Dulles and to the assassination enter Allen does being charge of the Warren Commission the fox investigating the henhouse that's how that transpire our government has not been the same since 1948 and the creation of the CI that's when we lost our constitution was in 19471940 I wanna talk about this because you need to know about this is state secrets privilege he ultimate in government tyranny an airforce B. 29 Superfortress bomber on a so called classified mission crashed in a way because recrossed Georgia supposedly in in ... classified experiment 9 of the crew members were killed punches me 3 of them were civilian RCA members so the windows of the RC members ask the or the airforce demanded we want to know how our husbands die what happened me we lost our husbands there to kids one of which is in my book ... we lost our that's what happened well your first of all we can't tell you what happened because the details are classified we're gonna see more this ammo later believe me it's classified and the widows filed suit I don't say no no it's not we want to know what made that thing crashed what killed our husbands so when the government do invented this this is based on the doctrine of the monarch of king of England that's where the state secrets privilege came a farmers must be free from the king where we was not that the general idea that's where they got the state secrets privilege was and they shut the entire case down sealed it and told the windows of the talk about they go to prison however the crash report was found on the internet unclassified and what it revealed was serious gross negligence on part of the pilots I drove that things right into the ground I've been to the site is Waycross Georgia if you got a chance go there and visit it's it's pretty I he sat so the executive and the judiciary branch made the state secrets privilege law it is now law what is most chilling is the most tyrannical power the US government was shut down any scrutiny of the NSA surveillance program the most tyrannical power the US government is based on a lie told by the airforce connects to classify programs and is your government and now used with impunity to seal any legal cases brought by civilians or groups or corporations against the NSA to shut it down seal the information and not even Congress will ever have access to it forever the state secrets privilege here it is ladies and gentlemen I founded this is a report out on the internet you find yourself you can read it the gross negligence that happened with the pilots tried to correct the trigger point drive that thing right to the ground that's the actual report on the internet not there's nothing classified about that was not a secret about that this is the lives of a pile yeah her daughter Judith loath who I interviewed for the book ... said she lost all faith in our country felt betrayed for the first time they went without any compensation for their husbands death their suit was thrown out by the Supreme Court and they never got justice because of a government wide classification of secrecy has been used protect the government from unconstitutional Avenue ... activity ever since 1948 when the state secrets privilege happen that's wrong and bad right there folks alright does the shadow government control our government we're gonna get there early the shadow government manipulate the elected government we're gonna get there are weak let me show you some thanks control over Congress manipulates congressional hearings a false testimony classified documents refuting refused to provide information withholds clearances from congressmen and senators classified documents to conceal illegal activity blocks Congress and in the Senate using the state secrets privilege it controls the White House classified operations the president doesn't even know about manipulating the present with false intelligence like Iraq it even steps in between the president and his or her re election if it has to you can stop a present from being elected controls the judiciary to the state secrets privilege and the secret FISA court it controls our elected government okay I hear ya that's us we only have another 4:00 hours but I don't let me wrap it up so so what is the shadow government do what is its modus operandi how does he control Congress well if you want to conceal unconstitutional relief illegal activity would you do Congress demands a torture report so the CIA rising conversely views the NSA surveillance FISA court documents so there's a revised congressman dance fast and furious by the running them for how into drug cartels in Mexico song you tell the committee rise and then the 911 transparency toward our ... then 11 commission report supposedly given to the American people to find out what happened on that it taxed 911 see I refuses to give anything to the 911 commission finally they release this 28 pages of the 911 report are blacked out relating to Saudi intelligence involvement in the attacks it's connection see I intelligence on Annika has a whole nother hour that's what they do I'm gonna wrap it up real quick that the question that that all answer as we as we fucked finishes up yours if these things are happening in this this size scale why is no one other than your humble correspondent blowing the whistle on revealing the sex if they're 0 people cut why is no one saying there is an exact system of destruction set up by the government silence whistleblowers and personally and completely and totally destroy them and I got arrested several quick what I did real quickly is she I tried to to ... tell me I can never see I work there ... and then there are there's a lot of fake CI a officers out there which is really ... irritating for me so what I did real quickly through a freedom of information act request request as I got my counter intelligence a performance appraisals and all that other stuff under notes the CI through a freedom of information act west and I put it in the book so you're not trying to be a big dog in the sand can't you that one down 10 this is why I'm still standing here today otherwise up with I'd be a puff of smoke or the wrap this up ... they put me under a gag order when I first came out about this stuff but they wouldn't let me see the gag order for 2 years they said my gag order was too sensitive ... for me to even see for 2 years I went to the Senate select committees in a completely ignored it after 2 years we finally provided me the gag order and here she is does that look familiar to you same hello you could call this a in my case is sealed I was gonna go to prison by talk about anyone so I put in a book anyway system of a travel they're trying they steal what store to get me to say something that violated the gag order I didn't even have that's what they do okay let's wrap this up you guys but there is a system to destroy whistle blowers it is exact it will destroy them financially personally woods or destroy their career and if necessary he will go after their family and destroy their family financially I don't have time to go these whistleblower acts are a farce now we don't have time to go into detail is an internal system person destruction and on and on and on the news media's comply so there's a whole system that they use sadly we don't have time maybe at another conference to go into it but there is a space specific system that they use straw whistleblower and they use it they've used it thousands of times because it works if the employee fuck file suit the CIA blocks them from getting their own attorney ASCII classifies all of the employee and and their attorneys information and says now the CI owns it locks it up and see I headquarters so that the ... the attorney in the employee can't see their own notes from their own sessions on and on it goes delays the case it invokes the state secrets privilege and says the that they're gonna send the employee to prison if they talk about it anyway that's why no one is coming out Piper rapid up here when I get to the end of it all stop I goes on and on and I. documented this it's a refined system to distance Troides people that's why you don't see it coming out it's in some cases it is death it's total destruction of the whistle blower you're in the case of Gary Webb the perfect crime losses family losses careers financing destroyed went bankrupt ... wound up in a hotel room with 2 bullets in his head supposedly a suicide how you shoot yourself twice in the head I don't know bill Binney exposed NSA surveillance program FBI swat team raided his house Thomas Drake went through this the security intelligence committees to report the fraud and the NSA FBI swat team raided his house charged with espionage Kirk we be same thing FBI results John Carrico is Dane mention put in prison for 2 years for blowing the whistle on the on the torture program so as you're what I do in the book because they blacked out pages in the book it was illegal for them to do that count by count information that's not classify it was environmental test doctors diagnoses break ins witness testimony so what I did was I put a call in the book digital KO that exposes this is the actual shadow of young men who almost died he didn't know that was actually shot who they do now and I I put it in the book so shadow government hasten light as I wrap it up less couples like what do we do about this and India again night this is another 6:07 hours of information what can we as Americans do because we have a shadow government now it is running our elected government looking we do it well one of the things start a grassroots civil movement across America all of this every great movement that's been started from Gandhi to Martin Luther king started with one person to decided that they had had enough and they were going to do it the right way to establish thousands of groups because a social media storm like dean is going to do when he publishes this video on YouTube what we had 1000000 last time or something yeah the last glascoff we gave on the sticker government we get 1000000 hits not as we count now because a social media storm they know we have the internet and they're scared of that trust me fire them all congressmen and senators center stage firing and elect constitutionalist at every level pick them out get him out of there put constitutional skin there demand total intelligence as your form what I would like to see frankly is a former CI a officer is a complete reform of the CI and maybe a complete dismantling of that unconstitutional dark organization something's got to be done we we have got to never forget this you guys ever this is government by the people that's why it was created Congress and Senate are your representatives not the CIA and not the military industrial complex a constitutional government is supposed to serve the people not the other way around government violations of the constitution are what a felony the government has broken constitutional law they're using your tax dollars to do all this and the weapon of purity is fear the shadow government wants you to fear it the biggest hurdle for me I got over was it was way back in 2012 when I decided I was not going to fear them anymore when you decided not to fear the for your free that is their only weapon against so when I wrap it up there I always like to leave my audiences with this quote attributed to don Thomas Jeff Jeff is because it is so important when people fear their government there is tyranny when the government fears the people there is liberty that's it you guys thank you very much //

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