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"2016-08-24 18:55:17"
Challenge: Elevator Speech of Your Dissertation Topic
\\imagine yourself at a walled in residency you get into an elevator and upon entering individual seizure balding name tag he innocently enough asks you what are you getting your degree in after you answer he asks really what is your research study about now you know nothing about this individual you know nothing of his background or interest but his casual interest indicates that he actually wants to hear about your topic you are passionate about your study you can talk for hours about it and its potential for social change but you are in an elevator I am preparing you for this moment for this dissertation forum discussion you were going to write your 90 second elevator speech on the topic of your dissertation here are the parameters for the speech it must be between 60 and 90 seconds long it must accurately describe the central purpose of your study it must included answer to the question who cares and it should balance casual academic Tom after your speech has been written you will use a web cam to record yourself giving the speech here the web camper ammeter your voice must come across loud and clear and the video must be accessible good luck //

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