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"2017-08-22 03:28:09"
Will Trump have 'accident' in Arizona just like poor ole JFK -- George Webb advised
\\everybody it's day well one of the things we like to do on our channel over here is psychological war gaming is all hypothetical theoretical it's kinda like psychic paintball just things to do that are fun looking at scenarios wargaming so here's today's scenario will Donald Trump be assassinated in Phoenix I mean it is August 22 when was John F. Kennedy assassinated November 22 remember the license plate on the person who is the mother of the Charlottesville driver remember her sequential license plate 1122 that's the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated 112 to November 22 tomorrow is August 22 and here we have exactly the same circumstances that accompany John F. Kennedy before he went to Dallas everyone said don't go to Dallas we don't want you in Dallas and now what's happening in Phoenix don't go to Phoenix we don't want you in Phoenix and let's face it with the deep state military generals surrounding the temporary occupant of the White House there basically his jailers you can't do anything now that Steve Banants left so he's basically just a walking mannequin a robot would it be that big of a deal if his head exploded by a sniper round down not really that's probably what everybody wants because it would plunge the country into chaos and the deep state folks can get rid of the New York City Democrats that hang around the White House like Ivanka and Jared Kushner and everybody else to shuffle about the back door and then take over who knows who my pants would bring and maybe he would bring in some more generals you know I kinda like to see some admirals in there personally so I guess it's rest in peace for Donald Trump will see what happens in Phoenix sounds like this could be a replay this could be assassination to point out you know by the way we did want to talk a little bit about how would we kill off 50000000 Americans because if we're gonna go with the bill Ayers theory of getting rid of the 50000000 Americans that'll hold up the communist revolution how can we do that well we could certainly have a catalyst with an assassination of the president and then of course is things get colder here and there will have some cyber attacks and some electrical grids and some people freeze to death than predominately midwestern areas people who voted for trial Wisconsin Indiana Ohio look the subzero temperatures oops no more electricity hoops 50000000 dead you see how it works make sure you have those hand warmers so next time I'm Mrs day oops //
"2017-08-19 20:59:28"
What has America become? Post-Boston nothing burger wrap-up
\\everybody stay RB check you know RV's ships planes are designed to be on the road in the air on the sea I'm not design the rot away in the storage area are the order of the hangar I try to start mine up about every 2 weeks driving around pump the brakes George remember the founder remember spent that month down on the on beaches of LA George was quite the ... beach volleyball player that was a big thing the 2 brothers down on the beaches of LA in the bounder right here and I started thinking about that and ... yeah sick about our country our country or any countries designed for democratic thought to exchange of ideas marketplace of ideas exchanging opinions and you know when we wanna make life easy and say no we don't want to go out into the storm we wanna fly 23000 feet we want to be driving 65 miles an hour through a dust storm in Texas that I snuck up on I had more near misses in Texas and anywhere in this are being almost got blown over ... that the country you want to live and we don't do anything anymore we just watch out for each other's feelings where he went through that's called political correctness where he went through that can't say certain things about certain people they might get upset watch out for their feelings and the American college system instead of pushing jobs and skills they're pushing these ... theoretical ideas text books getting kids I know a lot of student debt so they can confiscate their parents home so if you don't want to take the army out once just get rid of it if you don't want to fly the plane get rid of it if you don't take the ship out in the ocean get rid of it if you guys don't want free exchange of ideas and let the marketplace of ideas decide in your that afraid of so many has an idea that's going to do something to your ego or your motions it's gonna trigger you well that's deviant behavior if your delicate genius and you're so sensitive you probably are not no work force you know you're gonna have a hard time passing your master's dissertation and giving a response if you ever do go for doctorates so you think you're so cool in college you know I venture you will be weeded out they're real nice to the freshmen students in the sophomore stint and that's where most of these people that don't understand the free exchange of ideas that's where they all come from the control social media and they think of you get your feelings hurt that's enough reason to attack somebody victimhood they wear the badge of victimhood no a person hurt my feelings well couples mark Rubio says go kill that's not how country works unless you I stay in the hangar unless you want to stay in the port which will stay in the storage area had this nice comfortable little life on your slaves welfare check that's okay but don't try to live life //
"2017-08-19 03:08:06"
Congressional Credit Union the Titanic of the Swamp Critters -- George Webb advised
\\ //
"2017-08-18 14:39:06"
Charlottesville distraction from Congressional Credit Union Spy Ring -- George Webb
\\ //
"2017-08-17 02:31:54"
Civil War urges push FBI JTTF into corner -- Trish Negron advised
\\ //
"2017-08-16 04:58:01"
WARNINGS FOR 8.17.17 -- New Jersey prepares for civil unrest -- George Webb advised
\\ //

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