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"2017-07-14 14:24:45"
How to Make an Elastic Band Paddle Boat
\\today I'm gonna show you how to make this really cool wooden paddle bugged it uses an elastic bands to power it and I made the whole thing out of lollipop sticks bull popsicle sticks as you make all of them start by taking a stack measure it then use a knife to cut in half if it's too hard to cut all the way through you can score it finish it's not on the line next take another couple of steaks and put the pieces you discussed in between like dress we're gonna fix these together by putting some more state and I'm using a glue gun twat theater he said if I'm putting 4 strips of wood across the front like this then a couple more the back here I'm also adding a couple of short pieces here and here leaving a the middle I'm repeating this on the other side we it's not it'll critical but they got in my boat measures about 3.7 centimeters by 2 centimeters wide next on taking another step which I'm gonna fix on about here but first we need to cut to length so marked with a pencil in Houston on ice again we I added some glue and fixed into position and did exactly the same on the other side I but this is gonna be the bottom of our boat and this is the top and to finish the top I'm going to let a small amounts more blue and stick on these last 2 bets the when is all dry they should look like this and that's the main structure of our boat complete I'm using my knife to tidy up any edges and shape the wood of it if you're trying this DB careful not to cut yourself I'm also shaping the front into more of a boat shaped with a pointy bio I streamlined the sticks underneath the best we thanks Mr along with some sandpaper it's but it's going to sun and rewarding process and when you're done it looks like this I to make the paddle you need to cut another stick slightly shorter than the gap in the boat and cut another one exactly the same length then line them up but I'm pinching mine together in a vice because we need to cut to grieve straight down the center just over half way done mistakes clean up the grief and it'll and they said the blood vessels then shape the end of it all with a knife and smooth off any rough edges it when you've done this with both of them they're ready to slots together if you need to adjust the length it'll you can smell the type of some sandpaper we I next we need to fix all of the band so threaded through the hole here then straight over and through the hole on the other side we I the then I'm hooking each end of the river band over the back corners of the boat the but and when I'm ready to fit the paddle just open up the bands and slide in between like Venice and that saw homemade paddleboats complete pretty cool hand the idea is you wind up the elastic band by tuning the paddle then dropped in the water and off it goes so let's give it a try I filled up the boss the mind of the boat the the when I put in the water they saw us off but didn't go for very long I tried it again and got the same results so this time I tried winding up the band with a lot more tense this made a real difference the boat goes for a lot longer it is really quite quick and if you lined it up with the edge of the Bosque it even goes round the corner this would be a great fun project to make with kids you could try using it in a paddling pool well maybe even in a swimming pool I I hope you've enjoyed watching this video if you want to see more you can click on the links all take a look at my YouTube channel page stay safe and have fun and as always thanks for watching in we in //

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