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"2015-11-08 11:03:37"
Should The World Adopt Finland's Education System?
\\I am I doing the right things to hit so should the world adult Finland's education system first let me give you a brief overview on schools and education and starting lessons typically starts at around 9 to 930 in the morning with the school day lasting no longer than 5:00 hours students also get to enjoy a 15 minute break after every lesson in addition to receiving no more than 30 minutes worth of homework every day most interestingly students are required to complete one for more examination and then tie a primary and secondary schooling but despite this Finland typically earns a spot in the top 3 among other countries when it comes to academic achievement and efficiency so taking these facts into account sure all of you are left with one burning question why have all the country such as the United States not so adopted Finland's methods spike's its immense 6 especially since the United States generally lingers around the middle of the table when it comes to academics the world has set its priorities with regards to education these par with he's very considerably posse Salzburg finish authority in education hasn't written about the subject many times point sounds that you trust com take some features from the finish education system transfer of them into a completely different culture so it's what dots the pasta features or finish education you have to adopt the other things as well such as cultural values in the USA Finland is regarded to be a socialist country by many some of the countries have a better understanding of the Nordic model hence they may be more likely to benefit from some of its feet that's one feature in the finish education system bus pass the salt but pointed out that's I think most of the educational systems like these that a culture of trust it seems to be a characteristic full Nordic countries but they trust that authorities they trust each other they trust that parents teachers students set from this has huge impact things like a fresh new independence of 8 years and how students are tested of course I have rules bureaucracy troll in the education system bugs many things are still based on trust teachers are trusted to do their jobs without having that performance measured all time the same applies to students they do have tests separate from former examinations much like the test he expects to get on the end of the course but the students on not tested on the scale that's another education system do with their students students are trusted to have responsibility and do their best another important cultural feature resulted from the decision that was made on whether schools in Finland should offer the best of the best that for high school students or the equally high quality normal HK for all people regardless of their academic ability unanimously palazzo was chosen it was a cultural choice in general and it's a big factor as to why Finland is so successful in terms of education but quite obviously when you look at the U. S. that cold who preference is rather different the third significant cultural feature lies in the teachers education Finland it's quite hard to become Chuck largely because in order to be one you need top quality education such as the monsoons agree in the required field of study fashion is highly funny and the salaries of all the good as well study the high level yet the educational pressure laws predominantly in the white teachers educate rather than when teach is not trusted by the school it's got a sense of trust that empowers them to do a good job this is ... leads to good results Finland students have achieved in it's not text it's not just the program things national scene assessments PI essay thing is Finland didn't realize how good that affects if that education system was until it's a palm Pelias examinations but looking at this I would say to finance educational system is not the results of student test scores fact is quite the opposite how many teachers a great little on leave not cultural values how the biggest offense on the organization registration system however Mike don't believe that Finland style of education can be applied to assist such but maybe it could be used as an inspiration hence pots that can be tested in other cultures take and so the next time the money uhhuh n't //

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