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"2017-08-22 22:00:50"
Ask the Child Sex Abuse Victims in Rotherham if Pizzagate Sounds Ludicrous
\\seller talk about too related issues the first one is a pizza get a pizza gay is ... you probably already know but just in case you haven't heard of it it's the idea that there was a pizza parter pizza parlor in Washington DC that operated as a front for child sex abuse rain that was patron the desk that chairman of see and the number one claim tonight Democrat in the war ... and I think it's probably ... not controversial that John Podesta is a pervert and a crook but ... there's not really any conclusive evidence tying him to the side suppose a child abuse thing ... now the worst objection the single worst objection that there is to the ... peace agape claims is that such a thing is ridiculous and couldn't happen you can object to it on whatever other grounds you want but just ... saying that it couldn't happen because it's too outlandish that's that's wrong and in order to try to prove that to you that claim I just made I would like to direct your attention to a thing that happened in the UK called the rather him ... child sex abuse scandal yet rather hand child sexual exploitation scandal is the name of the page on wikipedia so ... from the mid 19 eighties up until probably 2015 there were a group of Pakistani man who ... engineered the sexual abuse and prostitution of ... about 1400 British white children mostly girls age 12 from 1612 to 16 and ... this stuff was reported all throughout the period a lot of people in the town knew about it but the local police the law enforcement the criminal courts everybody was scared to do anything about it because all of the perpetrators we're not white British they were all Pakistani immigrant people second generation third generation first generation whatever they were all brown they're all south Asian ... and I think all of the victims were why all of the victims were why most of them were girls 12 to 16 so this created a very difficult situation for law enforcement because if they did their job and protected the public they would potentially be opened at the charges of racism or prejudice or whatever anyhow it was too hot politically so ... the children were continued ... they continue to be raped for you know 15 years after it was originally discovered so you can go read about this and I encourage you to do so and particularly ... take note of how the ... political establishment in Britain the controlled opposition of the Tory party in the labor party or a completely looking the other way on this I can guarantee you that if you reverse the situation and there were a bunch of ... why guys who were pimping ... Pakistani girls for you know 15 or 20 years they would probably all be talking about it and all the statues of Horatio Nelson and everybody else would it come down ... but I'm not really into the pizza gate stuff but this rather hand thing is real and it's proof they're all convicted they went to jail ... you know just to light to save anyone but they did go to jail so if you're gonna ... disagree with the pizza gate stuff you should not have it be on the grounds of ... well this is just outlandish and if there really was anything it would of stock already because this other child sex abuse rain was operating with impunity for 1520 years thank you for your time //

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