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"2018-05-19 18:48:09"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 26 -- Back To Nyanzaru & Economy Control
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 25 -- Back To Nyanzaru & Economy Control
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 24 -- Back To Nyanzaru & Economy Control
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"2018-05-19 11:05:00"
Dungeons & Dragons Castle Ravenloft Board Game Unboxing -- Digital Dungeon Master
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"2018-05-15 03:32:07"
Talking Bags Of Dicks & Table Top Games W/ Rob2e & FSHSchmo -- Digital Dungeon Master
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"2018-05-15 00:01:23"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Saving Gundren From Craigmaw- Episode 20
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Saving Gundren From Craigmaw- Episode 19
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Saving Gundren From Craigmaw- Episode 18
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"2018-04-30 10:33:16"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Glasstaff & Off To Save Gundren - Episode 17
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Glasstaff & Off To Save Gundren - Episode 16
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Glasstaff & Off To Save Gundren - Episode 15
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"2018-04-29 12:47:52"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Into The Redbrand Hideout - Episode 14
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"2018-04-29 11:38:23"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Into The Redbrand Hideout - Episode 13
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"2018-04-29 11:37:51"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Into The Redbrand Hideout - Episode 12
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"2018-04-28 15:12:25"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 23 -- Artus Cimber, Dragonbait, and Vorn
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"2018-04-28 15:12:01"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 22 -- Artus Cimber, Dragonbait, and Vorn
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"2018-04-28 15:11:34"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 21 -- Artus Cimber, Dragonbait, and Vorn
\\ //
"2018-04-27 23:37:09"
Digital Dungeon Master Update For May 2018, "D&D 5e, Savage Worlds, Starfinder, Patreon"
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"2018-04-21 21:49:08"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 20 -- Mr Spoony Clue & To Orolunga
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"2018-04-21 21:48:13"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 19 -- Mr Spoony Clue & To Orolunga
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"2018-04-21 21:47:57"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 18 -- Mr Spoony Clue & To Orolunga
\\ //
"2018-04-03 13:06:14"
My Massive 256 Icons Of The Realms Miniature Lot That Is Up For Sale On Ebay.
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"2018-04-03 04:17:18"
Opening A Full Booster Case Of Icons Of The Realms Monster Menagerie III Miniatures -- Part 2
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"2018-04-03 04:14:03"
Opening A Full Booster Case Of Icons Of The Realms Monster Menagerie III Miniatures -- Part 1
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"2018-04-02 12:49:00"
How To Play Starfinder | Starship, Space Station, Urban Sprawl Flip Mats | Physical & Digital Review
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"2018-04-02 00:37:06"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Exploring Phandalin & Brunhilda - Episode 11
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"2018-04-02 00:37:03"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Exploring Phandalin & Brunhilda - Episode 10
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"2018-04-02 00:36:59"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Exploring Phandalin & Brunhilda - Episode 09
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"2018-03-25 16:00:09"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Facing Klarg & To Phandalin - Episode 08
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"2018-03-25 15:59:42"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Facing Klarg & To Phandalin - Episode 07
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"2018-03-25 15:59:26"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- Facing Klarg & To Phandalin - Episode 06
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"2018-03-24 21:44:14"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 17
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"2018-03-24 21:44:07"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 16
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"2018-03-24 21:43:59"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 15
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"2018-03-19 23:05:36"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- The Cragmaw Hideout - Episode 05
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"2018-03-19 23:04:56"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- The Cragmaw Hideout - Episode 04
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"2018-03-19 23:04:03"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- The Cragmaw Hideout - Episode 03
\\ //
"2018-03-19 20:27:57"
Talking Savage Worlds And Everything Else With Duffs From Praetors Rejects -- Digital Dungeon Master
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"2018-03-10 20:55:13"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 14
\\ //
"2018-03-10 20:54:03"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 13
\\ //
"2018-03-10 20:53:41"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 12
\\ //
"2018-03-08 23:34:44"
Opening A Full Booster Case Of Icons Of The Realms Rage Of Demons Miniatures -- Part 2
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"2018-03-08 23:09:43"
Opening A Full Booster Case Of Icons Of The Realms Rage Of Demons Miniatures -- Part 1
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"2018-03-05 22:53:42"
Opening A Full Booster Case Of Icons Of The Realms Monster Menagerie II Miniatures -- Part 1
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"2018-03-05 21:57:42"
Opening A Full Booster Case Of Icons Of The Realms Monster Menagerie II Miniatures -- Part 2
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"2018-03-04 08:53:13"
Opening A Full Booster Case Of Icons Of The Realms Tyranny Of Dragons Miniatures -- Part 2 | D&D 5e
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"2018-03-04 08:52:16"
Opening A Full Booster Case Of Icons Of The Realms Tyranny Of Dragons Miniatures -- Part 1 | D&D 5e
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"2018-03-01 17:54:40"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Icons Of The Realms - Monster Menagerie Case Unboxing -- Part II
\\ //
"2018-02-28 16:05:51"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Icons Of The Realms - Monster Menagerie Case Unboxing -- Part I
\\ //
"2018-02-28 00:05:54"
Digital Dungeon Master Update For March 2018, "D&D 5e, Savage Worlds, Starfinder, Patreon"
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"2018-02-26 14:17:46"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Icons Of The Realms - Tomb Of Annihilation Case Unboxing Part II
\\ //
"2018-02-24 16:21:57"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Icons Of The Realms - Tomb Of Annihilation Case Unboxing Part I
\\ //
"2018-02-24 13:21:56"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Icons Of The Realms - Storm Kings Thunder Case Unboxing
\\ //
"2018-02-23 04:18:39"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 11
\\ //
"2018-02-23 04:17:33"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 10
\\ //
"2018-02-23 04:17:24"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 09
\\ //
"2018-02-23 03:16:31"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (Dead In Thay), Episode 63
\\ //
"2018-02-23 03:15:46"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (Dead In Thay), Episode 62
\\ //
"2018-02-23 03:15:10"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (Dead In Thay), Episode 61
\\ //
"2018-02-23 03:02:25"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Icons Of The Realms - Elemental Evil Case Unboxing
\\ //
"2018-02-12 13:13:18"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- The Ambush & To Cragmaw Hideout - Episode 02
\\ //
"2018-02-12 12:17:50"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Lost Mine Of Phandelver -- The Ambush & To Cragmaw Hideout - Episode 01
\\ //
"2018-02-12 10:43:21"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Temple Of The Twelve | How To Play | Session 25
\\ //
"2018-02-12 10:17:40"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Temple Of The Twelve | How To Play | Session 24
\\ //
"2018-02-09 23:09:21"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 60
\\ //
"2018-02-09 23:09:01"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 59
\\ //
"2018-02-09 23:08:41"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 58
\\ //
"2018-01-13 20:49:00"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 08
\\ //
"2018-01-13 20:16:19"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 07
\\ //
"2018-01-03 21:21:13"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 57
\\ //
"2018-01-03 21:21:02"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 56
\\ //
"2018-01-03 21:20:52"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 55
\\ //
"2018-01-03 21:20:34"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 54
\\ //
"2017-12-23 13:15:36"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 06
\\ //
"2017-12-23 13:15:02"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 05
\\ //
"2017-12-23 13:14:41"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 04
\\ //
"2017-12-20 04:21:34"
Digital Dungeon Master Update For December 2017, "D&D 5e, Savage Worlds, Starfinder, Patreon"
\\ //
"2017-12-16 19:30:55"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Temple Of The Twelve | How To Play | Session 23
\\ //
"2017-12-16 19:30:37"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Temple Of The Twelve | How To Play | Session 22
\\ //
"2017-12-16 19:30:22"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Incident At Absalom Station | How To Play | Session 21
\\ //
"2017-12-16 01:41:19"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 53
\\ //
"2017-12-16 01:11:48"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 52
\\ //
"2017-12-16 01:03:51"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 51
\\ //
"2017-12-11 04:58:32"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "The Rakshasa Nadir," Episode 55
\\ //
"2017-12-11 04:58:17"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "The Rakshasa Nadir," Episode 54
\\ //
"2017-12-11 04:57:55"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "The Rakshasa Nadir," Episode 53
\\ //
"2017-12-11 04:56:51"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "The Rakshasa Nadir," Episode 52
\\ //
"2017-12-10 08:32:13"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 03
\\ //
"2017-12-10 08:31:43"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 02
\\ //
"2017-12-10 08:31:27"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e -- Tomb Of Annihilation -- Episode 01
\\ //
"2017-12-07 08:34:08"
Talking Starfinder With Rob McCreary Of Paizo
\\ //
"2017-11-24 20:37:29"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 50
\\ //
"2017-11-24 20:37:26"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 49
\\ //
"2017-11-24 20:37:23"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 48
\\ //
"2017-11-24 20:35:49"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (White Plume Mountain), Episode 47
\\ //
"2017-11-20 04:36:23"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "To The IronAxe Halls," Episode 51
\\ //
"2017-11-20 04:24:48"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "To The IronAxe Halls," Episode 50
\\ //
"2017-11-20 03:46:18"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "To The IronAxe Halls," Episode 49
\\ //
"2017-11-20 03:21:28"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "To The IronAxe Halls," Episode 48
\\ //
"2017-11-19 19:43:54"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Incident At Absalom Station | How To Play | Session 20
\\ //
"2017-11-19 18:02:09"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Incident At Absalom Station | How To Play | Session 19
\\ //
"2017-11-19 17:30:17"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Incident At Absalom Station | How To Play | Session 18
\\ //
"2017-11-19 17:23:29"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Incident At Absalom Station | How To Play | Session 17
\\ //
"2017-11-13 02:42:36"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "To The IronAxe Halls," Episode 47
\\ //
"2017-11-13 02:41:46"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "To The IronAxe Halls," Episode 46
\\ //
"2017-11-13 02:41:18"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "To The IronAxe Halls," Episode 45
\\ //
"2017-11-13 02:40:44"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Ghost Of Dragonspear Castle "To The IronAxe Halls," Episode 44
\\ //
"2017-11-11 01:39:52"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (The Forge Of Fury), Episode 46
\\ //
"2017-11-11 00:34:25"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (The Forge Of Fury), Episode 44
\\ //
"2017-11-11 00:29:36"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (The Forge Of Fury), Episode 45
\\ //
"2017-11-10 23:52:09"
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (The Forge Of Fury), Episode 43
\\ //
"2017-11-04 22:46:50"
Fantasy Grounds Module Creation -- D&D 5e Ghost of Dragonspear Castle, IronAxe Halls Part 4
\\ //
"2017-11-04 22:22:12"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Incident At Absalom Station | How To Play | Session 16
\\ //
"2017-11-04 22:07:58"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Incident At Absalom Station | How To Play | Session 15
\\ //
"2017-11-04 21:49:02"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Incident At Absalom Station | How To Play | Session 14
\\ //
"2017-11-04 21:48:44"
Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path | Incident At Absalom Station | How To Play | Session 13
\\ //
"2017-11-03 19:13:58"
Starfinder Alien Archive Playable Races: The Ikeshti | How To Play | Digital Dungeon Master
\\ //
"2017-11-03 17:46:46"
Starfinder Alien Archive Playable Races: The Haan | How To Play | Digital Dungeon Master
\\ //
"2017-11-03 16:15:23"
Dungeon Master Tricks Of The Trade -- How To Make FREE Tokens With Token Stamp 2
\\ //
"2017-11-03 11:49:05"
Digital Dungeon Master Update For November 2017, "D&D 5e, Savage Worlds, Starfinder, Patreon"
\\ //
"2017-11-01 04:01:37"
Starfinder Alien Archive Playable Races: The Grays | How To Play | Digital Dungeon Master
\\okay Sir funders I'm David the digital dungeon master and in this particular video we argue be taking a look at the pesky alien race called the greys from the star finder alien archive no one knows what planets or even galaxy the greys call home but reports of their unnerving abductions nightmarish paralysis and mysterious experiments have been collected from countless worlds for as long as star ships have sailed the you such reports are fragmentary and unreliable offered by victims recounting hazy memories of an during various procedures under clinically bright lights and do little to explain the methodology or goals other cap the grace communicate only telepathic Lee even among their own kind their faces and glassy black on a show little emotion or reaction and while graceful they usually move with deliberate intention often spending several moments and fought before committing to an action or movement this renders them disturbing to most of the other races little is known about the Grays motivations and to date no efforts have been successful at establishing diplomatic relations however their goals appear to center around the search for information rather than calling victims of their paralytic abductions are almost always returned unharmed researchers wonder what the and the goals of the greys are are the greys just cute and curious little creatures or are they preparing for an eventual all out invasion of the pact worlds time will only tell so the greys what kind of ability score bonuses will this little alien creature get well with their big bulbous head you're going to get a plus 4 to your intelligence ability score you will take a minus 2 penalty to your strength score because of her frail little bodies and your base hit points pool will be to melee weapon based type a mechanic but most usually go ranged of the lower hit point pool isn't really gonna matter as well however you can wear armor with the mechanic now for scenes if you need any kind of dexterity for like maybe ranged weapon attacks any kind of defense or any kind of like dexterity base skill checks think about ... going with ... maybe the outlaw or the ace pilot fame if you need any kind of strength maybe you do want to go that melee based techno answer or maybe you want to go Malay based type of mechanic go with the mercenary if you need any kind of constitution maybe you don't like that moved us starting hit point based pool of 2 you can go with the space fair or maybe the bounty hunter seemed to get a little bit more of your stamina point pool because your stamina ... your stamina points actors like a a a primary life pool before your health search going down or your hit points if you need any more intelligence or maybe you're even getting close to that cap that starting cap of 18 you could go with the scholar beam which is an intelligent space or if you want to go with the movie side for some reason you want to go out with the wisdom type of mystic then you can go with the priest or if you need a little bit more Christmas if you want to go with the envoy or maybe the Solari on then you can go with the icon novel last piece of advice I can give you a for choosing a class to go along with your little grey alien race is the place what you're gonna wanna play to have fun now you know you can only get an an intelligence ability score bonus and a lot of the other classes do not need intelligence so if you want to play something else that does not require intelligent so if you want to play a soldier or if you wanna play an operative or Solari on go for plate you know you can always take the themes make up a little bit of the of the lost ability score that you get and also every 5 levels you're going to get ability score prudence anyway and that's gonna help you also don't worry about it the minus 2 or not having a 2 in a starting ability score for class you wanna play is not gonna break the game for your character play what's gonna make you will have fun so let's take a look at these racial features that you will get with playing the gray starting at level one so your creature size and type you will be considered a small humanoid creature for your movements you will get 30 feet of land movement per rounds and you're also going to get dark vision which dark vision will allow you to see in any kind of dark condition 60 feet in front of you are all around you and you will see this in all black and white now your next racial feature is cold gray magic and this is actually a really nice racial feature because it gives you 3 spells and makes them spell like abilities to where you can cast these and you don't have to be that mistake or you don't have to be that techno Manser so you can you can actually be a soldier or operative or maybe a Solari on and you'll be able to cast the spells now anytime you do a caster level check with any of the spells it will be a D. 20 plus your character level for the check now you're gonna get 2 of the spell like abilities or spells and they're going to be considered at will an at will in star finder means you're not restricted with spell slots and you can cast at will spells any amount of times that you want to so the first one that you're gonna be getting is a doozy and it is cold days and this is where you can pretty much take any creature that see or 3 or lower and you'll be able to take them out for around basically and give them the days that condition the next spell like ability that you're gonna get that's gonna be out willing you can cast a silly amount of times a day as well is called telepathic message and this is where you communicate with the creature that is within 100 feet of you and you'll able to communicate with them telepathic Williamson messages to them now your last spell like ability is only going to be able to use once per day so it's not gonna be at will you use it once a day and it's called mine thrust and this is actually an attacking spell that you're going to basically take a creature and you're going to fill that creature's mind up with all kinds of data and information and that's gonna damage them so there will be some checks involved another and all that other good stuff as well so your last but not least racial feature for the greatest called phase and this is where anytime that you get attacked you'll be able to use your reaction to basically shift yourself around all over the place to basically negate the attack against you you have a percentage chance and that percentage chances a 20 percent chance to mess so that's actually pretty nice it's a nice little you know percentage chance basis not gonna work all the time but Hey it could save you from that big damage every once in awhile so there we are everybody that is that pesky little alien ray race from the sar finder alien archive now in the comment section below I wanna know what you guys think the alien race and what classes and themes would you choose to play with this great race I do want to know now if you enjoyed this video and I really hope you did please do me a huge favor and give me a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate it and you can also check out my YouTube channel with 4000 videos with store finder DND 5 V. fantasy grounds live gameplay is in many more so you know where to go your one stop shop for you to so where is everybody once again my name is David the digital dungeon master end until next time happy gaming //
"2017-10-31 01:37:53"
Starfinder Alien Archive Playable Races: Space Goblin | How To Play | Digital Dungeon Master
\\they'll use store finder is out there I'm David the digital dungeon master and in this particular video of we're gonna be taking a look at the space goblin from the brand new star finder alien archive Dublin legend claims that long ago a tribe of clever goblins stowed away upon a spacecraft bound for a new home called Absalom station once there these clever goblins infiltrated the station's most CDS neighborhoods and began to call them home over time the goblins learn to build weapons and armor from scavenged parts them many of these contraptions are prone to exploding at the slightest provocation thanks to the goblins rapid reproduction rate many generations have passed since those first goblins I came to their new home Absalom station fluctuating gravity an entirely new diet and the occasional radiation leak have made space goblins are distinct offshoot species from their DeLorean ancestor the space goblins are quicker and a bit more intelligent being able to hastily take apart technology and rebuild it to suit their strange whims while some space goblin still worship the goblin gods of old most have adapted their dogma to review and worship trying in the machine god the goblins innate aptitude for using technology leads them to believe that try and has a plan for them some goblins even think that it will lead them to some kind of scavenging paradise where every dawn tryin will bring a new piece of advanced technology to them the stripped down for parts however neither tryin nor it's church has yet officially acknowledge the zealous accusations from the space goblins goblins from Gloria and were known for their for rations appetites often eating their body weight each day of what passed for cuisine and the twisted mind of a god space goblins were not afforded that luxury in those early days aboard Absalon station so they had to subsist on discarded scraps of food and other garbage nowadays there is even a chance that upon encountering a strange item a space goblin may try to either dismantle it or eat it the physical difference between space goblins and their cousins from glory on our slight space goblins tend to be a few inches taller and their eyes are a deeper shade of red a typical space goblin is about 3.5 feet tall and weighs around 35 pounds which most of that weight is in their humongous head so is it a pretty cold but those sneaky little goblin snuck aboard that spaceship and then migrated to Absalom station I'm not sure really glad and happy that the space goblins are a playable race in Star finder so let's talk about these ability score modifiers that you'll get for your space goblin the first will be a plus for that's registered plus 42 dexterity and you will take a minus 2 penalty to your charisma score because they're not the prettiest looking and they have those big funky teeth now you also get a low hit point bool pool base now you also get a low hit point cool base of a 2 so what kind of classes would be good to pair up with your space got one I think there's a pretty apparent one in the operative the operative is a dexterity base class and will fully take advantage of that plus 4 dexterity ability score bonus to get so that's pretty much to modifier points so the dexterity is gonna help you with all of your ranged attacks it's gonna help you with all of your deck space skill checks like sleight of hand stealth acrobatics it's gonna help you with your defenses are and the charisma may hurt the operative little bit especially if you're going to go with the persuasions and the disguises and the bluff since so the 2 hit point pool really won't matter too much for an operative ... because of the the high defense is that you're probably gonna have anyway another good choice that you could also take would be the mechanic and although of the mechanic is an intelligence base class and the space goblin does not get and ability bonus score 2 intelligence you can still take the scholar theme to get back one of those 2 points that you would of ... not in the first place so another good choice would possibly be the soldier however veal low hit point base of 2 could hurt you a little bit and there's no call on bonuses either so you're not going to get a higher stamina point pool but you gonna get a heck of a decks bonus to put into your ranged weaponry so that could be an alternative for you that's if you want to play the soldier but if you need any other defenses up or any more dexterity to any of these different classes that I've mentioned you can go with either the outlaw or the ace pilot theme if you wanna go with more strength than go ahead and take the mercenary theme if you need constitution maybe you want to beef up the stamina points a little bit for a soldier then go with ... the space there but the most important thing to remember is play the class that is gonna make you happy so if you want to play a soldier and that space goblin doesn't give you that plus 2 to string that you would probably lead then don't worry about it you always said the decks the fallback for range weaponry it doesn't matter if you have a plus 2 for a class each one a plan I mean heck you can even go with maybe even the envoy or maybe even a mystic just take those appropriate themes are gonna give you one of those missing ability score points just remember play something that's gonna make you happy simples alright so let's take a quick glance so all of these cool racial features that you're gonna get at level one when she was space goblin so the first your creature size and type you will be considered a small humanoid creature now for your movements this is actually pretty nice because you're going to have a 35 feet per round land movement which actually is about 5 foods more than all of the other races and star finder well not all of them but most of them and then lastly you will get dark vision out to 60 feet where you can see all around you in a dark condition and you will see all this within 60 feet in a black and white your next racial feature is scrounge err I mean come all that goes with the goblin that's to say so you're gonna get a plus 2 permanent racial bonus all engineering stealth and survival checks that's right you're going to get 3 plus 2 bonuses to 3 different skill checks so if you're playing the operative or even maybe the mechanic these 3 checks will help you out and lastly you're gonna get another great feature called tanker and Tinker fits the goblin raced perfectly now Tinker is gonna allow you to repair any kind of broken equipment whether it be a weapon and armor a vehicle a normal piece of equipment eccentric cetera as long as that item that you have can have the broken condition so as a move action and yes only a move action you can repair the broken item in question and you won't even need to do an engineering skill check it all on the item you can just remove that's condition that broken condition with the move action so for example if your junk laser has taken more than 50 percent hit point damage then it now has the broken condition on your turn you need to repair because if you don't you're gonna get a minus 2 to hit a minus to damage and the junk laser if or whatever weapon you use and will not be able to take advantage of the critical affects that you would get if you would normally get a crit so you need to use your move action to repair that item now if you do not repair the item and you just take the negative modifiers and you just go with the flow now on the sort of your next turn not only will that item still have the broken condition but it'll also be unstable and that is a whole nother can of worms that you're gonna have to deal with so there we are everybody that is the space goblin from the brand new starfighter alien archive now that in the comments section below I wanna know what all you ladies and gentlemen think of the space goblin and what class and what theme would you use with your space goblin I wanna know if you enjoyed this video and I really really really hope you did please do me a huge favor give me a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate it and ... by the way in case you didn't know I do have over 4000 videos on my YouTube channel stuff like Star finder DND 5 the pathfinder all kinds of live games savage worlds fantasy grounds and much much more so once again everybody my name is David the digital dungeon master and until next time happy gaming stay safe //
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Fantasy Grounds Module Creation -- D&D 5e Ghost of Dragonspear Castle, IronAxe Halls Part 3
\\this the ... the US and and I ... this I ... and and //
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Starfinder Alien Archive Playable Races: Formian | How To Play | Digital Dungeon Master
\\greetings all you starfighters other I'm David the digital dungeon master and in this video we are gonna be taking a look at the 4000000 race in the new Star finder alien archive ... means resembled giant ants with humanoid upper bodies and carve their chitinous plates with insignias reflecting their individual names and achievement members of a hive all share a telepathic link allowing them to coordinate efficiently with one another within a hive are cast specialize to particular task the queen leads the hive which is her only true purpose then the aristocratic mere marks and mercantile taskmasters lead the lower caste of warriors and workers the 4000000 workers are the backbone of hive labor and are hatched in large groups called clutches many of these workers never gain in name beyond their number within their clutch while the workers are strong they typically flee combat unless ordered to fight otherwise for me in war years by contrast are fierce sterile females each with a stronger individual identity to allow for more effective battletech this individualism makes warriors more likely to chafe under strict hive hierarchies and these all the formulas most likely to set out on their own 4 means are most common on Castroville for millennia they sought to eradicate the lotion into their traditional foes but they're queens now instead focus on adopting of the species technology to industrialize their traditional hive since so it looks like we have another insectoid type of race for the star finder role playing game now for the 4000000 that's gonna be a good solid choice for any type of Malay base character now as the 4 men you will get a plus 2 to your strength ability score you'll also get a plus 2 bonus to your constitution score and finally you will take a minus 2 penalty to your wisdom ability score now for your base starting hit point pool for me and we'll give you 4 hit points so as I was saying the form in will be a good choice to play a melee based type of character so there's 3 obvious choices here and one would be the soldier another would be the operative and lastly you could also go with the saw Lorien and the strength is gonna help you across the board no matter what classic shoes for your melee base attacks the constitution is an obvious gaming as well it's going to help you with your stamina point pool now for the soldier if you need a little bit and this goes for not only the soldier but also as the primary school or for the operative and also defenses for the Solari and you could go with the dexterity based theme much like the outlaw ward the ace pilot now if you need a little bit more constitution you could go with either the bounty hunter or the space fair or if you're going with the sole Lorien because remember the Solari and is a charisma base class and if you're going to go with the Solari and you need a little bit more charisma think about going with the center a seeker or the icon themes but the main thing that I can tell you is play whatever class in theme combination that you wanna play not starting with them plus 2 to a starting ability score which is the primary for a class is not gonna matter it's not gonna break the game and you can take a theme to make up one of those lost 2 points and you'll also get every 5 levels your ability score adjustments as well so don't worry about it it's not going to break the game like I said and play what's gonna make you happy so what are these racial features that the form and we'll give you at level one so you're sizing creature type you'll be considered a medium sized monstrous humanoid next for your speed you will get 30 feet of land movement Perowne and lastly you will gets for me and senses and for me and senses will give you dark vision out to 60 feet and with dark vision you see in a dark environment everything around you within 60 feet and you see this in black and white and lastly for 4000000 senses you will get a cent based blogging sense up to 30 feet in front of you know you can go to page 262 and 263 and the star finder core rule book to read up more about blind since so your next racial feature is limited telepathy and this is where you will be able to telepathic we communicate with any other creature that's within a 30 foot range of you and you have to be able to communicate and share the same language now this racial feature would work really well in combat situations especially when you're trying to go into stealth mode with your party members and it also could work well with you in a role playing situation where you have an audience with maybe a squire and king and you could telepathic Lee communicate with each of them so you're next racial feature is sonic resistance and this is where as a foreman you'll have a natural 5 resistant to any song expelled us cast against you and resistance works like this whenever spellcaster is casting that sonic spell against you that spell caster will need to do a check and this check is called a castor check and one this person does a caster check against you it will be a D. 20 plus their character level and then the result of that role is compared to your resistance so if the caster casting the sonic spell rolled lower then your resistance of 5 so a 4 or lower which actually would be pretty hard to do depending on the level of the caster then if they fill that check then that spell does not affect you now you can go to page 265 and the star finder core rule book to read up more on how resistance works and lastly you will get natural weapons this is where you was a for me and are always going to be considered armed and dangerous even if you don't have any weapons in your hands so your natural weapons will give you a one day 3 lethal piercing damage and they will not count as archaic weapons and if they would be considered archaic weapons then you would get a minus 5 to damage but seeing that they are not considered archaic you'll do the one D. 3 lethal piercing plus all of your other bonuses so then at level 3 your natural weapons racial ability is going to give you a another bonus and this is gonna be a damage bonus talk all of your own armed natural weapon attacks and this damage is considered a weapon specialization and usually a weapon specialization will give you a one times your character level bonus modifier to add on to all of the other modifiers that you have but seeing that this is a special or a unique weapon specialization natural weapons gives you a 1.5 compared to the normal one so 1.5 times your character level as being a form in and you will be considered unique weapons specialists now with your unarmed natural weapons now you can get a page 163 and the star finder core rule book to read more about weapon specialization so there we are everybody that is the new form in race from the brand new star finder alien archive I wanna know down in the comments section below what you guys think of this new insectoid type of race do you like the foremen or do you not like it and what class in theme would you choose to go along with this form in race I wanna know down below so if you enjoyed this video and I really really really hope you did please do me a huge favor and give me a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate it and in case you guys and gals that now I do have a you tube channel that has over 4000 videos with store finder with dungeons and dragons fifth edition savage worlds fantasy age fantasy grounds and much much more check it out so anyway my name once again is David the digital dungeon master Anatole Nexon happy gaming keep it safe //
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (The Forge Of Fury), Episode 42
\\yes it is or okay so for one hour I'll understand or catch okay this is beyond the store the maker of death strained maybe not all on his own hates until the sun dies and all things and yeah I'm gonna send Aaron play get here when it snows alright so the doors to the north and to the south right switches said ... Borland correct yeah around allies you know can door to the north and in another empty room and the door to the self this is the chamber probably once was a barracks and there's 6 crushing bones they're kind of leaning in toward that's on the wall looks like actually the wood has been burned at some point as well I mean there's a half a dozen skeletal dwarves that are lying on the floor guarding goes then rolls another strike kicks skeletons all over the place nothing happens and ... there's a bunch of broken furniture and one on here too this is a 6 Skelton encounter moaning and I'm I'm not even waste time with the skills and encounter with us but you challenge rating one eighth Skelton's no one fourth same thing one eighth one fourth I do something in this chamber though our investigation checks very nice most role the 25 so you find the a corpse that has some leather armor under a couple of the underworld Shinya and you find a pouch and this pouches it's actually pretty hefty it is 670 sovereign so basically 7 older son nice what size leather armor sat no it's made medium New England well that's I have Elias don that right now to help once you may see no it isn't her allies doesn't have warm no he uses his mage armor closest decks double check come up thing that's a case in your own one not so I think that's why he chose magic initiates a leakages use mage armor and not have to wear anything so you gonna Dixon someone's correct and I'm in the hours that was his but he can take it off when he comes back in games I just because he doesn't have I just need to give him an extra like to a see I guess you know he's gotta he's gotta he's got it dawned nice so would you guys known before you guys gone back over to word daggers that thanks it shut the fuck homicide let's have bomb I won't Elias to search right in front of him there the only thing that sooner or all of these coins and that basically since the wall there mid there's nothing there so we might get over around more season the bag are as I or conscription the inscription that's an organization yeah I guess pretty much translator to of beyond the store the maker of death is chained many making all on his own hate and so the son dies and all things and and there's also a hammer on the world so and Darling you can you you seen this before our Sylvia's scene this is the this is the symbol of more down the hammer of Morgan that's on the store and the inscription of an orchid she's kind of roto over the ... the symbol alright so alive so opens the door of and through current solus opens the door up and it looks like this voice was once a shrine obviously because of the the religious someone stuff on the door and there's all kinds of graffiti on the walls of our images of works and I'm giving you know the middle finger and all that stuff are over on the left hand side of the room which is on the west wall there is a stone altar and all of the the pews are basically broken and smashed the power now on this altar there is any dwarf that has his arms folded over his chest and this dwarf is in plate mail armor and then all around this altar there's all kinds of bones kind of like sheep in piles at the altars base I mean there's a dead orcas while in front I don't know how long Paul out marlin jump around him a flask of old and have it handy Doug nodded and toss it up there in case something science is going to move flask VOA a flask of oil yeah can were about on the whereabouts punk rock on top of the dead or can and the front of the do you I'm sorry Toplica okay sure it's so it'll be a 5 foot well basically just a say it's right make a point a really quick via also it's right there how about that say that the a flask of that work has been broken on the floor right there are we opening this casket yeah there's a a dwarf hero that is in plate mail that's on top of the I said on top of the altar and his arms are kind of folder from place and there's all the piles of bones all over the place and all I see is moving early stealthily upon the northern wall appear okay do a check in the tower for stones it's about the only time I want something in the towers as for like stuff well okay man said weapons in here so maybe inside the casket so casket there's no casket is strong when I'm in all our okay sorry I thought it was an sarcophagus's type the same thing what I saw short alter does is an altar it will never yes No casting here is there no Ahmed Johnson top it that it's an ulcer okay so just as you as you get to about this point right here all of a sudden sies all of the bones at the foot of the altar start to stir and the the dead or corpse it also starts to move and all of a sudden next to the other that's flanking the altar are a couple of huge skeletons are almost as tall as the ceiling in this room which is about about 10 foot tall and the skeletons are towering and they have big great clubs with pieces of metal kind thinking out of the wood and then the data work warrior he raises up I deserve a blackish green firing in his eyes it kinda looks at you and then he grins evenly as sort like flash it's kind of the flush it was all deteriorated this up as he kind of came to life it's like it's flash almost reappearance on the school ends he has this blackish green Gran on as you know is mouth opens up fighters good blackish green is fires coming out his eyes of this flame inside of it and this is what this guy looks like it doesn't have it so anyways you would recognize it as a white and as for as for the skeletons they probably look like they would be they're not as big as giants so you're thinking they're probably oversize and here's where they're at and roll initiative or the Charlotte Brooklyn campers much Yemen I think I know that that's what most players most lawyers appointed indeed that's about what they were gardens initiative and all I see is initiative alright round one allies is up first so I'm sorry daggers at first with an 18 so you got 3 undead in this temple of Morrigan is it our fault up all the good did Walter has outlived no he is not moved at all is not moved announce is not moved one bit right next to which you don ball's in your court our bolt on network champion bring it's hip of 17 listen to players tonight too so I staggered which 8 fire damage fairness taking a moment that you want and we'll go to the ever Skelton as it moves up and and engages ... Alanis it's actually it's a great club knowing if what he still proud the role went so many effects on we're good to go Akon Ellis 17 za hits well I stakes horrible Levin bludgeoning damage she's heavily wounded no allies is back up will say that he's going to go ahead and slide ever and he will attack the over attack with his rapier all right it's gonna be a hit rakish audacity well have sneak attack so the damage is gonna be a total of 17 very nice will move back C. moon let's see 30 right there yes okay chain right oh yeah he doesn't have to disengage she's just gonna use fancy footwork so when he uses fancy footwork then he can anything that he's attacked weather hits or misses you can go and run away in arctic attack of opportunity pretty nice is really powerful for the ... the swashbuckler alright the next the next ... will attack disease Texas big great club smashes down on you any Mrs so gardens up Birkin's gonna move up he's gonna go head to head the over and if he hits he's gonna uses last spell slot and he misses so now we're disease the ... awesome ashes beside you and kind of takes a chunk out of the altar is gonna range okay then tax with each launch or within a minute so many of my rear all okay yeah go for it yes others to if you don't know forgetting you got a you 6 for inspiration if you want to say that before you do that re roll when you did a 13 okay I'll just use my P. 6 astro it alright so you hit no you ate damage to it I think all right I wanna use my inspiration to get a first level spa salon back and then I'm going I'm gonna drop jotting bolts all ogre skeleton number one if you choose cutting bolts really nice it's very unreal aswell and it does a lot of damage touch wall verses AC is ahead on the over Skelton the bolts smashes on Skelton bits of bone go flying all over the place your total of 23 damage radiant damage to the Skelton thank you never thought you want and will pass it over to the to the work or any bonus action nothing else on a day okay move over to the northern all or champion will a tagsys twice the first attack with a long sword is gonna be a 16 which is a mess he's also going to life drain you boom wow life dream is a crutch while but that's Maurizio life during works like this the target must make a constitution saving throw so let's give you the constitution saving throw alright so that is a success alright so I'm gonna give you damage so you'll take a total of 6 necrotic damage but you take no life damage so that's okay that's a good thing so we got around to end dag Europe that Europe needs to cry yeah please chromatic work on your chest Campion okay borrow a chromatic Gorham another great small high damage low level and it's upgradeable and you had with the 17 versus AC what type of warmer USM one element fire probably Iranian can you do radiance current account what kind of things such as that elemental my father's a couple of the different elements that you could do besides you know except for a couple of times alright but that damaging than most gonna be any I go with fire damages for accurate it's good 7 damage a hard couple of wands so go ahead and take your movement passant will go to the over Skelton all right it's it's going to run through these fears like the cool aid man alright over here are alright so let's see Barling here and attacked and it misses the second attack cool it alliance and hit Solarz with the second attack with this great club paralyzed man while well I guess just went down his unconscious Liz what the second time was going down the line I think I am so look sick alliance is going to yes saving throws right off the bat cels footprint on home alright so that's it for the skeleton my wife's first role is a successful return so use 1 and 0 the other ever skills and let's see Z. strong me a 6 sided one through 3 will be here to 456 so he is going to attack you twice in fact alternate you once you hit you you'll take ... a little bit of damage we'll take about 5 person is gonna hit you again try to anyone's any misses with the second great club attack gardens up garden will attack course he will attack you will attack with shadow below shatter cpabc any hints and I will use my last spell slot to give me divine smite and I will do some bonus damage as well and the skills and will take 17 slashing and radiance he is out of spell slots and now we go to Zee's our attack your personal mean that each very nice it pack tackle it is very nice right Barlow in Europe now alright I'm gonna drop sacred flame on the ogre Skelton astronomy good job no disadvantage because is saving throws so minus he fails ... successful though 17 anything else all I can do that because of a slot I know when a bullet sanctions so prisa inner Unida I was gone I don't want to burn a cycle of response lot with Illingworth all account I pass to him okay yeah I I yeah I would rather be cured soon a plus is that once one save so he's Elise is not around one you know or associate with your champion ... looks give me another do ... did another D. 6 Sir sies wonder 3 will be you ari's gonna move in and try to attack darken has it been taking any damage from that flask of all for the last 3 rounds no I'll give him a little bit of damage here I didn't know that you actually lit up yet I know that you have broken it so I didn't I didn't I didn't hear you say you're gonna love it up ... fireball would've let it out right sure what is it law school boils what one D. 6 damage or someone let me know because it isn't at all aisles it's far it's far far damage per round isn't fun of a kid now go now and I'll add 10 own to the on to this guy here yet only bars for 2 rounds so to burn through one more round is technically the yeah this would be the last round zircons second round yeah can do more than 10 points of damage him so let's do one attack on garden with a long sword he misses and gardens in real life drained tries to suck the life out of him that is a mess we're going around 3 and dagger Recca are built on a CD or chant your yeah old fireball D. old Firebolt hits of the 20 if our image don't take movement will go to the ever Skelton roll me a D. 6 Marlon 1 to 3 will be used for 56 will be Elias Pilz accu twice personal attack will be a 23 any crushes you for 15 bludgeoning damage the next attack we'll whoa whoa all I'm a sucker was a 20 oz will together our 25 is a hit you are gonna get hit for an additional 9 for a total of 24 so your heavily wounded now and we're gonna go to alliance second death saving there was a success Z. throw me a do you 6 again one to 3 will be you he'll attack you twice first is a hit partially resistant second attack is a mess what a garden Gergen has no spells left yet he does use shatter spike slash is out the skeleton in hits for the 14 Eddie takes minimum damage and now Z. sister I try to do that as quick as I can to get back to the players NH attacks Goku John that's a hit mostramos help for 8 borrowing arms gonna pull out this scroll of inflict wounds her name is it's something you can cast anyway isn't correct if it's something that you can cast it's first level you don't even not need to work out this is a site just a second level secular response lot but he can cast cycles but also his good so he's going to cast admitted Mrs is gonna use every role on it's a hit on this is your damage here very good you ever skeleton shatters into thousands of pieces of bone splinters is there right now take movement if you want to then we'll go to the or a one D. 6 pharmacies if you don't mind can attack you first will be life dream in his fourth wife during what's your constitution saving their first you are save it there was a success so you only take more necrotic damage you are heavily wounded slash is again act and misses with a second attack dagger back up thank you for the fall appreciate it yeah and this wasn't fast well last personal spells bought for a chromatic war wait NICET 18 verses AC that's a damage this time mmhm couple wants it's more I lose one certain thank you alright take India moving that you want more go to our alliance his third is a success horribly but he is stable now alright over skeleton D. 6 former there's a use he's gonna attack dark on a couple times first smash herbs marriage crush miss within 18 second swing much worse animus spending there really can't can't go anywhere so gardens back up Gergen will attack both tackle shudder spike yes No More spell slots he misses Z. syrup re roll back okay giving him India inspiration yeah I'm the park that was bought for him earlier Gargan appreciates it but unfortunately he says again her R. Z.'s manage our Oberst LTL I sit in a very nice at 22 part 10 damage Marlon Marlins going to cast a second level his last second response slot ... from your wounds on Elias yeah very nice so he is no longer unconscious I will take prone off get rid of that anyway soon alright take any moving touch one Marlon and pass it on to your champion the Menzies humanity 6 see who the or champion all task you will attack you first attack life drain Mrs balls it up with another long sword attack any messes alright jag Lucia going pretty quick cut off far below ... defendable that's a hit steam very long shot I don't think you've missed once not to jinx here how much you can why shouldn't tax alright 3 fire damage gonna allies he stand them up CNN is don't shoot the arm or champion with the crossbow bolt yeah are you cast pressed to digitize show press the digitization we should be pressed I don't think and see let's see if that attack kids and guess what it does and he's gonna get sneak attack water 3 D. 8 R. 2 D. 8 posted to be sick that's pretty mad damage yeah over skills and goes down sure I'm sure thousands of bits of bone I turn my head to the right okay items American idol back and shake my head Marin Skinner Gargan Darden will tired of the of this it's hard work champion this white it's gonna attack it with a which shatters off to the bowels of the depths of the elemental chaos for you undead fina was his for the 19 undead I'm gonna say we actually hits for 11 white partially resistant the our disease Europe you know Gammons Harlan I guess we the other you drive a nice it 22 alright well home now they are like that you bet instead years seen all of the great BR home so I am and any place vanishes ACS mu N. come stand beside me please well yes you push me again come over here I wanna run over and shut the damn door ... shut the door to the temple of Morton sure you F. yes gets more experience is what is the will the will of the it's like you're fourth encounter to so you guys learning that from time to look through everything I would I would imagine and in the all of the piles of bones there was a bag with 280 gold pieces and you also found inside that bag a couple of scrolls the first was a scroll of web and a scroll of spider climb nynex and I've also added the schools to the party sheet and you can take those out and we will distribute this gold everybody gets 50 6 a piece back here spellbook shipper looking really nice it should be yes look like it's really it's gone up pretty quick I have my sword drawn as I approach bank let's you can don't wanna be pushing that well again Hannah or you wanna yes tokens are long I'm going to spike the door closed spike close would you go soon alliance wants to art search the entire room yeah he was the one that found the gold and the scrolls any searches rustler room and and doesn't find anything our top on the score at but I want to come up and see if we can read in the scripture rooms on the Yom the area that deter or slant on top of and if you read dwarf a lot I can yeah it basically well actually it's not and and OR frantic about it is well yes service scripture and Worf basically just freezes up from Warren Morton and as for dagger rich there is a bunch of vulgarities on all of the different walls in or cash because you're you're comprehend languages is still up so it is just basically a bunch of old here I am asking like this if there's any kind of seal Cabrera or ishler Leander yeah absolutely giving investigation should talk about the altar right yeah F. were I should call and all that jazz if I get a 20 I'll give restitution there and on won't won't that's really not the definitely not a good roll there's the set was about I think you can find nothing and maybe that's the wrong place no he allies doesn't find anything Barling you don't find anything if you think about that I just ran a ... or cannot check for any kind of special ... magical bindings for holding it in place what you mean by man magical bindings holding implicitly mean the altar yes you don't sense any manager I mean it's not like the the hairs on the back your knack for signing up well seasoned stop I don't know what to do can you just back from a toilet breaks again for the falls everybody for can I follow you anything is not the helmet is his head look like it's actually intact the corpse of the dwarf is still there yeah yeah and M. or cash it also says that this is where Jordan is actually sentences vergonha Basil York still tell you via the although the markings on the wall workers that he fought bravely but he was no match for the power of the works and I basically just everyone is there a weapon on him others say sure there's a an axis 2 handed axe so rusty doesn't look like it even really really be useful ... just as the the plate mail doesn't doesn't look like a it would be useful either it just looks like it's it's damage that way too much to have any type of like armor value or anything dag want to see if you can do some on some searching you're the only one I hadn't searched investigation well Boeing Darkhan has neither if you just limited investigation role for American and I'm not giving them guidance so he's gonna get that plus a day for right nothing jag he found nothing how many are there personal body all okay it's not attached so you can discover therein band and when you push them off the axe basically shatters you know the word and although the metal is just kind of describe comic can cave Zen I was head falls off the helmet kind of rolls off the altar makes a bunch in one 's are and then as you do that out from the wall you sort here that wailing sound again and that ghost comes out up close he's got bad feeling any better the ghost comes I'll and he says you shouldn't have done that to do good then roll initiative well alright sies Europe ms dwarf is aggressive he is coming toward genius mineral is he sorry more that role right I'm just gonna kinda high and even though I know we are I would like our you darn I mean dag but he doing Tara I don't kind of complete area and chill touch on Erindale it's a hit with the 16 nope it wasn't it wasn't the darkened after this alright so it takes for anything else for any movement so the ghosts that blood cell in a high pitched wail and me target a room I will do a saving throw for everyone okay so it looks like Borland successful Gargan a successful sie sind successful dag an alias ... alliance you guys have failed and now what happens now is you guys are frightened for one minute so when you're frightened ... you'll not be able to get any closer to the sky so let me put the right now on you dag and also put frightened on alliances won't and that'll be for one minute well let's see now let's take a look at your home while dag all of a sudden you feel totally weird something just strange comes over over you give me a D. for alright you just age 30 years so when you felt when you filled out serve wasn't saving throw by 5 or more which you definitely did ... you're gonna age one the 4 times 10 years so you just aged 30 years for a T. falling all I look at it this way now you can drink legally I don't know what it alright so we'll talk about the the aging so Yeltsin deafening in aid you you're 30 years older now has also you start to it you have some wrinkles on your face and what not I think you're pretty young so and you have so donors are you also near your knees are hurting your back certain little bit Arthur's visiting you with arthritis alright so now he's going to disappear you just totally disappears but he is still roiling so you can hear him are you just appears alright Hans so I borrowed more unity you as this ghost Aaron though just disappeared Yasser stone combat I want check approach to healing alright good take any moving that you'd like to and garden is going to stay there he will do nothing thing to do he yells cannot you coward I will send you back to the depths of the abyss you undead hawai'i's does the same thing Z. sortie doing alliance have any portions of healing only ... I'll check I think he does and if he does I will I will call form he does he's got one potion of healing left I use a partial panel on your actions stab you should have a bar yeah a potion of healing little affected there that you can use on your slot start picking up the pieces of what mark that I pushed off back this theory he's yeah I don't know he didn't like that Arundel didn't alright Jack what he'd done well actually you're frightened so and I'm gonna give you the official frightened the condition here too we must offer artwork alright so you have your you have disadvantage on ability check senator cools will the source of the fear is with them on a slight and you cannot willingly move closer to the source of the fear so you're still frightened you're kind of paranoid you kind of lose sleep shivering in looking around the and I'm just missing some my nieces are hurt my back started hurting I'm not killing myself I was gonna take a seat on the queue right in front of me yet is also moved him it is there's yet if it is just take a seat have a seat cowboy I like it alright so as you go to sit down the give us the Pierce you know what would sitting be considered prone I mean I'm sorry gray area but all right here yeah ... rulers no prone should probably be on the ground but it's something that's actually something to think about what prone if you're sitting would you be vulnerable so but but will say no I bet he will it could be something else here alright so you have to do to kill a charisma saving throw he's gonna try to possess you and you fill your charisma saving throw so you're possessed by the ghosts and now I guess disappears again and you are incapacitation and you lose control of your body now I get to control your body very nice I like it so what what's false what's the I've loved one second you got a second little small slot Malaika so I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and stand up with you I'm gonna stand on this bench and I'm going to cast a second level spell let's see I think all we're gonna do I think I should cast a second level magic missile let's see why don't you Romeo D. 8 drag one too Borland 34 Z. use 56 allies 78 garden well I really should be should so you're gonna turn towards Marlon and you're gonna give him a second level magic missile which will be 4 orbs so go ahead and roll what damage on on marlin as you just all of a sudden just turned and snapped and now you're attacking him I don't got a plane the so I want to alright so you gonna take 3 for that 7 ha ha ha while you go down marlin goes down from a second level magic missile is it 4 or 5 magic missiles no that would be for the one I'm was a constitution a constitution save which you you felt so it got rid of the the skill checks and stuff that you had on people so there were 4 roles now thurs for one was for 4 names for 3 when ms for 5 and the other ones for for so you took a total of 6 1115 alright it said so I go wow alright so the ghost doesn't appear anymore the ghosts is still he's gonna he's actually gonna move you again he's gonna run along his bench then it's gonna run you over here in the lobby about all of your movement and he looks older but he's just laughing and having fun with us and this is one of you is next so Borland your first saving throw is a success here at one garden Gergen doesn't like that gherkins gonna move right then an attack that courage so he takes his weapon and he swings yeah you this is di T. fling I never trusted you anyway any swains any hints you I don't how many spell slots so you're gonna be moderately wounded you're taken 6 alliance is up allies is like word dude you just took down barloon you're out here so he moves and he attacks and if he hits ... hill hit with a sneak attack as well so let's see a wireless with his beautiful Arabia swings and won't see why would that be dole he's yeah no he's he's frightened so I guess service the but I don't think frightened does that let me double check why did he get advantage should get away so sad for them so that would that would be a that would be head anyway because of the bonus so let's go ahead and wants to do a a dagger sneak attack with the marshals school for sneak attack it ends neural damage now Jack you're critically wounded and you just kind of kind of in limbo in your own no man what the heck is going on because Z. since no your turn and darken and allies are saying get over here pope old and kill the sea just killed barloon I am probably parent bank I don't know I can't see that goes forward the wineries you can still hear the wailing and the it's echoing all throughout the chamber I got us our then you sorry for his actions pushing abordar never meant anything bad by it this curiosity get past them it of me please talk do this to my friends you just laughs in capitals if you have to take it out on anybody talk about on the pool could earn you almost 4 routes arsenal's it's Daggs turn again so what Doug is gonna do it is yeah crazy Wellington I he's good hit what he's gonna do he's gonna take to attacks of opportunity from garden and Elias he's gonna try to get over the bar line and give him one for the road so I'm gonna give a couple attacks of opportunity and the first attack of opportunity against why is a because of its because of different in ... that'll be let's assume we get rid of this so that's going to be a mess and I'm with garden skip ahead and get an attack of opportunity on Kharqan as well with shatter spike and he miss or he actually he hits so let's see what kind of damage is going to do he doesn't minimum damage however all of a sudden side dag rich falls over unconscious and as this happens that ghostly spirit kind of comes out of his body and then just kind of fades so now we've got you guys are on a combat now and Barlett and zag or unconscious so Z. swore you want to do you're the only playable person right now it's up what you want to do both of your tool to have your companions are down I I use the potion China one is I have a run down to the south the worst asked what works for help okay go ahead and do a dash garden and allies like way where you go what do you do in you said you're gone to those of the dwarves I like how crazy global so water gardens gonna do gardens got to healing potions so I'm gonna use both my healing potions and I'm gonna put one I'm gonna put one on each of you alright so let's do a couple of healing potion heels Sir dragon your back up still heavily wounded though and then darkened comes over here to borrow one and then he uses last potion of healing on Marlon so you guys are no longer unconscious I'd like to take another approach to healing when I have a chance to Ernest consumables alright jot you're going down to the to the other door right shots now over this I mean no sies yeah I was running down there but out of character I kind of miss understood what you said so I for some reason I thought everyone was down but I remember they were just frightened so I cannot stop and wait a minute I thought wrong thought in my head so under stopped and turned back around and kind of like an idiot walk back okay so when you go again darken the lies are like what were you going you can you can alert those dwarves down her what he's thinking then sometimes really do not think I remember sorry you're not bad for a cold but and were weren't bad shape now I don't have any healing potions left allies knows nobody potions I don't think anybody does any magical left and then all the sudden yeah attacked him and I thought he I thought you were gonna barloon what would happen what what did you do that tag bull I'll tell you would you must've been possessed because as as as you know I put blood but the killing blow to your head when you show that goes spirit came out of your body and anyone in the because some compulsions and stuff and and I I don't know but why do you look so much older now you look like hell believe me he said that on the ends side I feel every second of it what the heck is going on here I turn disease from now on he stay right beside me yeah Z. smuggled out stuff on Evans who if it picks up all of the all of the armored suffering is like trying to he places like the left leg in the right leg spot and the left arm and leg the last leg spot I mean he's like that dwarves like piece together her Iraq who ... mercy home I think was tried you for we have the we have the door spiked during all of this so we in a position to take a rest you put the spike Milligan from sies almost ripping the door off of the hinges and also I will say it's a new day alright and we'll do an encounter role so go ahead and one person give me a D. 20 out the open on 181920 alright 8:00 hours ago by I will tell the combat struggle she doesn't have a long rest no encounters happen no no more ghostly spirit Sir wailing chains or anything dag give me in our channel check and also Barling give me a medicine check alright so 8:00 hours go by he has got a long rest out of this forum I mean I mean it wasn't fun for data can vote I like this version positions pretty phone school but was very awesome how many thought no this is often very often don't notice self must find fountain of youth yeah Gartner's like man what happened to you you look like you aged about 30 years something like that yeah holy Nellie 47 or something 4845 he was 15 I think that actually fits into Islam background story though what he's trying to go so that's pretty cool you so yes I think when you guys were there you guys know that I think any forges something came yeah I can I can use actually no never mind ... I had ZTE's I guess that I have these up on this site you can be my cane out haven't support from now on Christian programs Hey if it wasn't for you we would I wouldn't be 30 years older so not that poor to work off with his little now his so I'm resting spot dirtier than of all the wars well thank you so confused right now I don't know what's going on there's these or sies Morse when your man patch iPad 0 my head on fire try you're like maximum overload in that and that's a peanut size brain of the cobalt has I'm just gonna go on harmonies problems are resolved you so we got a slight nod she doesn't address you've got some or course of those to the east yet in the south and then you have you know where the forges do you want to liberate the forge adventurers Sir Owen we came here to do that yeah absolutely you so this is going to any idea where the ghost went it dissipated kind of like wis away and then nothing at sign American backgrounds alter just published by my figure on a toast you can do you think happens you know nothing happens new never do that again I saw Kelso dorsal liberate BR for Orange gardens of work Alanis is up for I'm working my way there I'm a little worried because it's a very you guys are gonna open up the open up the forged or still it so as you open up the door a new 2 weeks nnsl nnsl //
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (The Forge Of Fury), Episode 41
\\moving home alone I use his rakish audacity no not so sorry does Gardasil when the PDF links in here they're definitely out there though I just don't I just don't condone I'm I have to make the PDF similar to put these in the and to the fans around so alright what's allies newsy attack him yeah like I will really song is right here it's let's say automatic miss he is giving why would he attack this is analogous each Attar ... see since some Somalis good grant disadvantage of I think a lot of Axel you maybe put that on there Clark dropped the arm this is my career on the door guard I think that was my fault no missing from so well let's see one would start a femme horror story either one would be a mess so yeah garden I would say darkened with movin probably you shatter spike stewing attack will shatter spike a swing see slashes out he hits very nice hit any does a total of 6 damage to the door are and we'll go to the next round and Z. syrup now you're blocking the door Justin square in the right here right there a soul that's going alright thank you yeah definitely moderate you you could take that Rachel who if you are next on you can take that Ralph let's okay utis opened up that little Burrard icon of the the top right hand and that will that will take care of it are it's a bit with weighing on it as well I think one is is it a bit with the one that is the worse a complete with a wing of ever saying and now and I want it looks like I it looks like a bird to me what the hell is although I don't know what I'll ask Doug and but it's a total with his mouth open whether we're going on his ear who who oh goodness what's easiest give me a D. 6 12 I'll use 34 dark 569 alright so he's gonna attack use was for the war pick so the first attack on you will be a mess and he swings the war pick again and he really misses that time with a massive critical formal levels pretty barren I well hidden both sides of the scale tonight a bunch of other 20 years in someone's so what's dag known far below alright yet he sings we're gonna try to open up the door to get the other do a car but they stopped though of the female Dungar and now he's walked in the door and that's that's a good thing our CD 3 more fire damage barloon which is actually really are not of the same thing it did to the last guy had gone up and just touching with his finger and knocking down since he's unconscious and I love he falls down I was waiting for you do you I look over digs us I see how easy that is you just got lucky with a that that hit rye L. O. alliance on the female dwarf she was going to run in the arena to get those other Dugard I don't think good I do their part of the staff yeah it's okay as the as an individual encounter but when you got yeah I don't I guess I would have been okay because you had the other 2 of ours well so alright you guys are combat you got 5 different ways you want to go and you got this chamber here still search the area and see what we can come up with that's where I was going okay and there's a lot of noise going on behind that door so that's why they didn't even didn't even notice of door was open okay so there is a potion on the female dwarf it is a it is a potion of healing doesn't look like there's any other you guys search around searching all over and in fact I'll I'll even tell you this there there's you can refill your rations you can refill your your ammo from the boxes of supplies since so if you need any rations and if you need like they have simple stuff like backpack stuff like them and anybody want that's in fact I'm just gonna go and throw it on the on the part sheet and you guys can do what she wants with a potion scenario I've added the Sununu all of the there's like I should have a greater healing in there too Russia quite a few things please why don't you grab that potion and greater healing the US marks pull out sheet right off and put it on your under care sheet if you want to use area all market problems serious is one tokens are watching us can move around freely all our searches problem problem okay spit in her mail wanna make sure they know what's in that room to the south describe what I saw anybody here speak or work back to the on the early click nobody understands it should I just typed it into the chatter shouldn't even ask now our brains are churning go on what can I do to understand this or sums gonna cast comprehend language so borrowing are you looking inspecting the throne ari sitting on a throne because I know it's much really want to do I'm inspecting it give me an investigation check no you don't find anything on the throne just that door be hones or do you guys wanna go well if you're not it I do it I'm going to Dave I'm gonna sit on a throne just it just to do that sure take a selfie said the throne feels good I happen knock on comes over and like does a little loan and at each on the back of the shield just dump memorialize that it makes everybody grovel at your feet noms okay things like which nothing happens a when you sit inside of sit on the 3 Iraq comes down I grabbed him around the neck astronomers on the death headbanger much I would take my foot and kicked open the door with all Maastricht alright so you kick the below par and behind this door is a small little chamber and you startle another new car and it is a a female Dungar and she's sitting out this large table and you actually you take her by surprise she's she's basically sitting right here she is what what what and there's this huge table takes up the entire center of and it dominates the center of this chamber and your stomach because of old tapestries are on the wall there's a stone door behind her and the she stands up she's gray skinned she's got scale mail on she's gotta shield on form a in front of her on the table and she shots whoa whoa who are you and she's going to search term grabber javelin inch she says she says who are you and then you say you come in peace and she's all hesitant but she does pick up a javelin and she says where are the others who were you our I kick .com kinda look and say how are gardens I hear his seventies before dark on our constant well it's like this and he slowly starts to move towards her Marie and she's expecting something as you so stay right there friend stay right there I'm sure that we can probably work something out wants when I'm lying stroll a stealth check and try to sneak down underneath the side of the table around behind her washes engage with dark on a new alliance sure yes sure imia give me a self directed I'll do a a perception you you've got a sheet alright let's see here look checks here so much easier when everybody's here Mara and so the simply stealth hissed nodding doubled proficiency himself but still going and roll and then I'll go ahead no to perception with the other up up up up up to sue Sweeney she does not even notice Elias raad while we're not happy I hear my friends kind of pet I think so much NEXRAD for the sportsman Pritchett 38 months in a row that's crazy all parent alliance stabbed her in the big baby maker okay go ahead and do an attack will the advantage so I soon a tunic from it one is she Becca better vantage it's full of 22 she screams ... he gets sneak attack as well so all of the sneak attack soon running guns a Blazin alright she takes full advantage aren't so everybody roll initiative things like check my appreciate it I really do yeah man I never read life man 38 months while it's crazy thanks man I appreciate it alright very nice Johnson theater initiatives so clear your soul over 20 Z. so you're going to get to go first so I thought I was going around like a pack okay why no one 's always resort to violence no talking Darling you're living are crop a sacred flame owner I love it she fills a saving throw roll damage images taking a move and you want I hope skin alright so she's gonna enrage she's gonna attack Alanis twice with a war pick don't forget you guys got re rolls to bush attack is a hits ally sticks 14 damage his critically wounded the second attack is who that's also has 2 allies could possibly go down maybe he does go down he goes down he is he is unconscious he's gonna move ever in fact she's going to to stay there so gonna pill per shield up Susan said if you want me you gotta come and get me and she's also going to go in and she's gonna I use a bonus action to move into the room behind her and she disappears out of sight and you can hear the whole song yelling if you want me coming jet may and this is pretty much what you can see in the other room alright Sora looked CEO of 2 alliance his first death saving throw was a success no garden what would he think garden will do garden would probably run and write charter jet after you know yeah he D. probably deftly would so we'll go to darken all you will do more for during or 5 he runs them ill be able to attacker it's actually it's shatter spike you can see him swinging his weapon and he misses alright Jack Europe you can barely see the back end of darkened standing in the doorway have him for his bonus section of the road is a second learn Aslan but chill the faith oneself that's awesome 11:00 hours total fast when I dash into right next to darken okay mon we've been there say a square room about 40 by 30 there's a couple of a couple of doors on the north wall right around the room round the let's see this is ranked Suzy says are thanks to the hosts would pre shit so out of Russia you dash then you can see the room was alone Marlins up now I want dash and there beside the home Elias all right she is known dad give me a role I D. 61 to 3 garden 46 you she's gonna attack garden twice personal tech is a hit with the 20 did he have has some show of faith on I ... rubble wooden on the idea no it doesn't look like it just the divine health will do that say when it comes to his turn next attack is it his well that's I think I might be one of the first signs of double hit him so I need to add one more D. 8 on their the size differential which I'll add 7 more and let's see I think car can wow gardens pretty badly wounded now he's Startin a stagger around a little bit alright so next we're gonna go to ally us a little later that well the one that's 2 deaths saving throws right 2 strikes alright now gardens up Parkin attacking shatter spike in a spell over on see what let's see what happens he may want to use as inspiration because everything is contingent on the first row he's he's almost Robert what would the 6 on sifat helps maybe it's full of 17 I believe 17 might be ahead 17 might be headed it is I know how many firsts how many first osplus lost as he had left to right Drapeau once ... slot own divine smile then do only on him amatuer Cher spike she goes down I she goes down the I am hard use a second level spell slot and cast a cure one 's own alliance the dwarf has a suit of swat mail armor and it looks like a single everything also worth a pretty penny not yes once was a little bit for sure in alright requirements are in our Magners abroad after strip sure pronounced to get on the bag holding 2 we search 100 golds you know what school stripper down Xander thought I know I always attack everything no talking this kind of too much fighting so he's almost lose life meadow many times these are evil creatures lease kinda like humans worse very nice almost as bad as gambling these not sure he's starting to think maybe humans I think they're gonna response all grin but he is one of the yes our debate back and forth on news more evil you guys are the monsters I'm quiet league governments in through this backwater back here looking for stuff you're the only thing she finds a small metal armor and that's all that was on the on the 2 were factually now in this room that Sharon it appears to be a bed chamber and and one of the in the corner of the self there's a ... like a sleeping platform now looks like it's recently been slept in so probably this is worth it you just kill this is probably her ... sleeping quarters there's there's also a small table a bench or writing desk and the smaller couple of doors on the north wall our crack the Senate or open it up and looks like a huge storage room and it is completely empty I lasted that to this other room to it was out the door okay he opens up the door stealthily as a camp another another empty room all right let some reception check nope unless anybody go Zen I'm not gonna let him have a chance of seeing not buying this door became man secret chamber and go I caressed here so let's say I don't even know if it's a burn yes we'll take a short rest for it so I I don't think it's been long enough for you guys yeah you guys can't benefit from a long rest because you just have one with the Roper which was probably a couple hours back I'd say it's probably been what maybe 2:03 hours Tenchi font there why after your arrest so if you guys will take a short rest go for it and you can use your your head I seals feel free to users up have alliance due to that have a car can use all of is it not heels everybody gives me a give me a perception check really quick to I'm gonna incorporate one on new magical items in the game the largest I just created imposed on a PDF one in PDF and I just made and released it couple days ago alright so Darlin as you guys are taking arrests in your you know you're starting your Lauren stuff for for your college trying to learn more about the great lawn something catches the corner of your eye and your looking around towards the group this flick it looks almost 6 like a like a shiny type of glass and you get up and you move over to the south part of the room what does she found you found an item that looks like this it is all other use of actual you open it up in a house 6 bottles inside and it looks like it's some type of cooking spices and seeing that you're taking a short rest I'm sure you've probably already seen this but since havoc going to the touch it is a little cruel to the so as you guys figure out what this is going to hinge sure the seniors as well this is this is our an item on I've put on one of my PDF's this month and this is a you tongs savory spices of the light and this is a very rare items lecture wonder side which wonder Saddam's flickering cloaks so basically what you're able to detect the terror for the site of Moses this troubling spice rack was the creation of a Goliath adventure by the name of each on and each one was a Gorman's and he was also a cook by trade in his homeland so far to the north so when you talk with adventure from time to time he would get you know tired of reading all of these plain old crappy traveling rations that had no flavor and he got tired of it so he put the spice rack together of some of the Northlands finest spices and he wanted to add flavor to this ... this food and he was gonna be cooking as he was traveling and then also this food inspires him as well so they're 6 bottles of spices within this traveling satchel and it's like I said the satchels made of the finest seal pelts I was gonna put baby seal pelts on there but I figured somebody would've been hurt but hurt big time if I put baby seal pelts SOSUS made from steel pole anyway ... each bottle has 60 servings with spice so also there's a small cookbook inside of that has several of the town's favorite recipes and it also warms the cook that only one spice can be used at a time so during a long rest the cook must use one serving of spice per person that will be eating and these meals can be made with fresh ingredients such as fish goat meats other forge vegetables ... or if you have no fresh products available then you can use a number of rations per player who'll be eating so you 5 in this group you'd use 5 Russians and you'll be able to use one of the spices so once the mails when cooked which will take several hours of course because the tone was very meticulous cook each player who ate the meal will receive a benefit from the list below according to the spice use and the effect will last until your next long rest or if you fall unconscious and cooks user spices wisely because these are not available in any old general goods a lion shield Koster type of store once they're gone they're gone so they're 6 different spices and these bottles are labeled Marlon the first one these these the balls are like a dried lobster and the dried lobster I give you dark vision of this there's also a mid winter cold we'd gives you a temporary hitpoints there's a winter actinolite gains 5 your movement speed winner jasmine plus 1 all saving throws winters mercy you gain resistance all cold damage and in which hazel you gain plus 12 all attack rolls so you can use one spice at a time and so you have E. tongs savory spice is avoiding your position now congratulations you guys are the first ones that I've given this item to very nice for analyzing I turn around the Dagenham and are calling over instant may listen Sir this is like a one wondrous item I would be more than happy took so what's this for the ring of spell storing that you have and you can download these PDF from a patron pages Wall I put out a call at least a couple of month call let me think on that and then and as we get more patrons and the total goes go goals go up more more PDF will be created every month I wouldn't mind doing for 5 these among yeah I could see that working out well I wouldn't mind doing the every little to the homeless I mean there's enough calls another that I could name if you could do the hocus pocus son actually procuring insurance carriers use the party she yeah put it on there and you can take it off and also you what whoever's gonna gets whoever's gonna get eaten savory spices of delight I will make the item and I will put it on you she and I'll also put the output like the pendants owners while all of the facts so who's it gonna be going to dag yeah got the idea alright very cool you got its own savory spice is a delight and like I said you guys are all patrons inland so you can download the speedy S. and I've got 2 more coming out next to a couple of days more magic items and you know what I guess so disco Hearn and all and also called given I'll say it now what I'm release and I'm also releasing a PDF of all of nothing but diseases like cool and quirky disease is a sure way to put in your game so it's going to be 3 PDF system that's what I'm doing racial feats I'm gonna do a feat for every single race well ha so you don't eat tone spices Sir our breaks up you have use your head lice hills so where do you live your son icing Arkenstone admiral those now very nice and very nice gardens back up and moves to a couple for online very good who had use one for all of us well thanks Windsor Yaser there's a fundamental and they really are I've got a lot of fun making the same I think I got like what 8 now merchant and that's just the beginning there's gonna be a lot more Oregon us tagsys we go suck I'm thinking we should move back towards that west to try and I will question going oratorical back down to the actual forge tempted to go the forge yes yes survey you guys have a whole map to explore a few what you spend Monocacy ally a search this snow normally he's also our workroom and let me know what you want to do with that disease I'll put it in 5 the terminology and will make a PDF out of it and it'll be a free download for alcohol twists about the now do what now ally stood new an investigation check our perception check up at the northeast corner room room ... empty closet yeah he's already he's already looked you didn't see anything up there he looked around already why yeah yeah he looked around already and didn't find anything I did an investigation check and you guys can do that you can spend your gold and make items referencing Andreas just items mannerism feats and will will do good yes she had a just a shield own and also a great summer zanies or do you think we should go next I filled a investigation check so there was a secret chord or there but I call Chandler thanks Leon Lonnie wanted Google or I was tempted to but we might check out the room so first we should not have to be creeping up behind us those guys and for drinking Newman who don't they won't need to they won't hear anything we're doing out here yeah you guys can hear they're still working in there you can still hear the you know iron on iron beaten thing paying punya party I do use this program make monsters anything you want I'm not opening the door this time why is that so I am both numerically ads he's opening up the door have them search the door Mitra's no traps all at first and listen to see if he hears anything on that no it just opens up the door uses kisses clear opens up the door and a flash I know I should be on the ground yeah I'll take care and the door opens up into a large chamber there is a huge ... circular pool that's dominating the son of the room it has ... it is filled up with liquid and there's also a bunch of bits of smashed furniture and and a bunch of other debris that's scattered all about them love the floor in this room and you can see a couple of hallways that lead off to the east and to the west caller hello it is a a darkish brackish looking ... water and as you guys another room you start to hear pool hall leann like a like a moaning all who knows whomever you do all your songs what are you doing there actually let's see nobody can understand money is the language filter Barlow and you can understand it I call my calendar or risk liberating the door stronghold so sue wall appearing right behind darken on the wall is a is a ghostly looking form a ghostly looking shape and let's pops up right here and it is a male dwarf and so he notices that it was you speaking Marlon and he ask you again what do you mean will he ask you what do you mean by liberating our palace cannot tell us what your car or like a mountain or hill door it is a looks Acadia cinnamon dwarf Royler door not a numeric effluent on I let him know that we were sent by some real rock spleen splitter to recapture an old woman stronghold we found out that the door car here we're trying to cleanse this area and to allow blood to work to come back and re establish there heritage you know homeland yeah tells you who who who who who the dual go her yes I have seen that they're here leaned closer car what do pope the smooth rock spleen splitter that you speak of is he the new leader of cloned your car full moon a ghostly sound I'm kind of echoes everywhere throughout the chamber simpleton Aug archon comes up and and the arm chair is a little bit too our until about his time training under the tutelage of real rock Azza amber Smith in a weapons maker and that he has this friend and we're here to restore the Yom the honor of yeah as I can remember that really rocks mentors name anybody for for an inspiration I'm sure the guard con would it's probably listed only sheet somewhere I don't remember the guy's thing nobody else I remember I don't know for sure what I would hope that was problem your sheet some written yes see you basically tells you that you are free to roam in the halls of conjure car if you are here for the dwarves if you're here to liberate the forges from the dew of our but this room rock spleen sponsor then you may roam the halls freely can you help us Serbia our eyes and ears while we're here you miss less you what do you mean by our eyes and ears can you inform us of any potential traps or dangers in this area as we liberate he tells you that there is a chamber below that has a Roper in it in any kind of chuckles a little bit and we not and say yes that beast has been dispatched seek you see there again Mrs Durgin has long been the it says tune nearby we're we're tasked to retrieve the weapons of terror again and take them back to ... curse he tells you that during and fell in his last stand against the works and the shrine to the west uses and any points down of the west all here this was score more and it tells you beyond that wall is where during illness that is where he met his maker that is where he met made his last stand that is more remains lost strewn all home Darkhan raises his sword and gives a nod salute and says we will remember him and tell em tell Arendelle to rest in peace thank you for your help he nods and then he disappears it's kind of goes back through the wall well this is going on I pushed the speed of the poor give me a structured versus strength Chuck contest well I just really think he can do it I'm sure yeah you can do that bam you fall into the water he I love you can stand up thrown your neck or so I inhale a whole lot of it is synergistic your alley and background Zettel nasty brackish water earlier corbelled need a bath I remember that I was gonna offers exam to get out but I guess it doesn't need it our guys armed we wanna Goyden techniques 2 chambers out to the east are going down and hit the big one to the west I tend to go to the west as our objective after a we can come back for this okay so we move down the line alliance to check the list of these doors to the north and the south scissors nothing there ... to the north or the south and both of these rooms as you open up both of the doors they appear to be just band and probably living quarters out once on maybe some maybe a drawing room maybe barracks is a bunch of ... old decayed bodies they've been dead for many many many centuries basically maybe store rooms smash fractured robbery all dogs are so graffiti that's littering the the walls as well you can tell that it's written work but nobody here in Anderson works and then there's a whole couple skills or the words and work ag don't you have a copper hand language scroll I probably can't hear except ari left for him gar cons gonna go ahead and like kick these dead Bob is the make sure they're not like gonna animate and attack us won't walk past no he kicks him in the the bones it sounds like you've role strike at the bowling alley in the the the bones just gonna fly over the small room and sorry nothing happens alright we'll all liars boredom I think if I had my existence is rooted articles are right now I could I gave them a disease for jumping into that brackish water in fact I still light on their next long rest no investigation Cekcyn here goes little hints little word DM to alert the player hint there no investigations no parent network Darkhan more users just pass a percentage among Naren again giving investigation check if you're actively searching if how about just move on our I perception our investigation a investigation right find anything but don't forget to investigate rooms alright I am backgrounds right back south Lauren back then the great hall maybe we should outlaw come a come down to the south of investing in the southern room so Doug woody donor you walking into the walking into this room the store here I don't expect that are not open it yet signed up when we first party there is a an inscription on Lawrence's that great it's there's also wild to the hammer on the doors will I will do is I will cast comprehend languages on myself can I decide what language that is by the way //
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (The Forge Of Fury), Episode 40
\\no Nora score gone much easier yeah yeah alright so let's see what are all these guns for anyway even without the minus 3 that would that would still be ... the Soviet 23 so I have a 20 or yeah so what happens is Elias notices that there is any on the eastern wall he sits up looks like the the plaster is disturbed behind the statue he comes over here I kind of points to this area of the wall so he comes back out to the middle of the room when he has one of the sister of the plaster kinda looks served on the on the eastern wall what clothes I won't work closely inspect the northern statue okay so give me a and investigation check very nice you notice that so you can kind of do some simple math there and you can you can tell that first off you can tell that they the arms are jointed and you can tell that there some score marks on the flooring where there's looks like there's probably been these axes of kinda dug into the floor and it's both axes on the right and the left so these the scores would be about about right there where you're at and in great weather right where the pointers on the other side to all move around it sat alright do I see nothing on the back that might suggest a lever or something that might need might cause it to drop no not even with that great so the investigation check now there's no secret compartments snow a levers nothing like items but if you don't look like this those axes do attack them yet their star studio hours right where you're at and on the office on the upside walls will let's have allies come over and see if we can find a door or something goes but on the statue on the east side yeah said the Risin Serbs plaster from the marble because it's a highly polished wall uses that just doesn't look right and any says Yakima looks like a door probably looks like a door well I don't know how I would be a door behind it well let's have him open it up okay starts peeling plaster away Zahn it'll take me a couple minutes now let's open the start I start opens the US stops please stop yeah okay do you have a new open the door now why try don't know but the screen that well yeah I mean still you can still open the door open thanks those doors are fake doors and if you try to open on the statues come alive and will kill us hogwash watch don't stop do I need to Roland commendation or a person persuasion or something bullet will it depends on if he is going to go over them up I mean if he goes to open them up you can do a strength check to polls are and it would be a contest between between you 2 but I mean you're kind of on the other side of the room so I'm on the other side of the room you know so I would say is he's probably open up the door you did Kanako kinda sick a couple tons of I should sure I'll watch it is nice and hide nor number one alright soo as you open it up both of the arms of the female statue in the middle they swing down and I will attack both of you with us so for USY use your hits and the accent you for a total of 11 and it moderately wounds you the axe swings on the left hand side and it hit slurred dag and you're also going to take some slashing damage wow you're gonna take 15 and when you guys are just walloped by a couple of faxes that just come down and sparks come off of the floor as they come to score the floor again and then they start moving back up at them into position and they start clicking click click click so as the arms are raising back up click click click click click click back into position and then after about about 10 seconds or so the arms are back up fully raise up above her head and though the doors open and behind that door cease is a stone wall alright I'm standing there with my arms crossed tapping my left alone the stone floor in a week for disease to look up at me I have talked powered by head now needs are his easel assume that are do you liars I'm laying against the wall I heart and I know I wasn't down his leg cut in half almost it how I acted goal this my punishment so why is he gets the hot plaster will have go up pads he's only had been so it's okay aren't buying his hand as you are up that's well you know will but or like a full blown attack by now out by then given a doctoral and I like it is it is trying to take the fleas off of me oh would that would actually be a alright well this staff Sgt Elias gets all the plaster repealed czar it is a door Zahn we can leave this place you want to check the other door first yeah out there sometime object and I reach up and up but not much 2 fingers and let them together again no okay well I can check it maybe there's something behind it we don't we don't know although that's the dungeon master did uncover a little bit too much on the map and we can actually see that there is nothing but air but we're not in a minute again and those guys were not happy about it I was slowly crawl across the floor Lawrence yet so we can heal me really quick it is your honor and courage and I was like ... manages bots that I'm ... does too good salt F. backdoor activated the trap then this other car must be okay to open right that don't go there yeah casinos now hello just anybody other stat you don't do that it must be wanna roll up another character if he does he opens it up you open the dubs he's I call very quickly us either in what well your normal enough to wear that you kinda duck your head and the axe Mrs your feel the wind from the blade of the acts just barely missed the top of your head but a lot of skits a chamber he finds a a 20 foot wide chat will 10 foot wide chamber about 20 feet deep in his heart there's another door there's another door I'm I'm I'm calling here folks you take your inspiration healing come over it up I don't limit moment but almost bellezza okay yeah take this potion of healing it's my fault so you take okay tell him my potion via a thank you buddy I was pushing a greater healing look 44 plus so why is looks at the at the door he says I love check it out looks it's pretty safe for are we ready to go and what do you guys want to do good job by the way Aziz on opening those 2 doors but like any artificial nor opener Yamalo below you want to open it up you know I guess it doesn't look like there's any traps and last mouse courtesy slash curtsy helmet opened it slowly or quickly and by chance weapons before dusk no it's okay Thomas whatever you want to do I am pro caution to the wind alright I think belongs or not are you in yeah look I barging totaled style alright soo edge has opened a door the first thing that happens is a big mouth appears right middle of doorway as you slam the door open you gotta chargin and a big mouth appears and he says insurers and sweaters alert alert at Schroders you recognize this dagger rich will both dag and garland as a magic mouth and then I just kind of echoes throughout this huge chamber that is in front of you she says you look and I mean this is an enormous hall and this hall is lined with 10 beautiful pillars and this place is actually lit as well it is a almost brightly lit chamber and so like I said there's 10 pillars 5 on each side 5 on the north wall 5 on the south wall and carved and all of these you you really like this because carved into these great pillars are all kinds of dragons and giants and suffer the looks like they're fighting one another and these are deathly supporting this huge chamber now along the wall there are all kinds of torches in sconces that are keeping this place illuminated and for to the east on the other side of the chamber there is a huge Mahdi thrown that sitting on a Dyess and also you guys are gonna looking in you know you come looking round the walls were also once covered with a bunch of tile mosaics now but a lot of them have been ... smashed a lot of more broken in pieces on the ground so it looks like it's been basically smash and just the filed because were all of the titles once were there's a bunch of like ... like paintings and stuff like graffiti and you can also see that there's a bark quite a few exits also there's one up here in the northwest corner there's one down here in the southwest corner there's one over here in the northeast corner in the southeast corners and then behind the throne you can also see that there's a adore yes the mouth of the actual physical plant ... is one now but now I know the mouse says intruders intruders and it just kind of wistful way kind of like does a toilet bowl type of flush affecting just disappear of course without the thought both to label Fleischer affect and then as you guys answer in the middle of this great hall there is a U. small of smoke and there is a like a fire pit that's almost floor in front of the dice with the thoroughness and there's 6 sleeping bags that are empty and there's a bunch of supplies and packs and stuff that are in this alone can't now everybody give me a perception check as well chart name it's okay Susie's in New England Yaser this perception checks you can just tune out in the open now what this perception check you guys can hear like the ringing sounds of hammers probably hitting maybe me and bill because it actually sounds like hammers or something heavy hitting our and it seems like it's come together your sense is a little bit well you're kind of adjusting to where you're at looking at all the chambers and stuff all the different ... chambers a kind of your office seems like it's coming from this area I had the hiccups for no reason much like gas I hate it when you get the hiccups for no reason anything on the so yeah well you know there's a there's a cooking cooking pot and then all the sudden as you get to about right here's these all of a sudden the these bed start to move a little bit and 3 dark it dwarves they stand up and a harsh voice says you need to go back to where you came this is the old warmly awarding that you're going to get brother how are you brother well there my name is Gary did what are you doing here I don't act like that I like my friends answered this is this is your only warning a little cold I feel like I'm getting each you I think I might teach you actually how many years ago Dr the whole here's what the Durga look like they have a darkish color scheme you would know the doer of our anyway so you would know that they would be doing our I can you give me a minute I mean it's like what a minute to leave sure I'll give you a minute to leave if you know what's good for you little man I went back and alright you move back no I am given us one minute delays you've got a few minutes away if you've got a minute to leave brother and this is actually a female to but the thing is what awaits these honest they are my friends senator Kerry teat hello prove all of your other moves is Yaser are moving in you're still here so here's the Horch roll initiative no force is off limits to anyone but the dual gar your minutes up it's time for your skills to get smashed brother code what are you a whole Cogan voice for a female I I don't get it brother nice roles these all right scared to our school to the top of the order Z. syrup first a lot there all my work there are you sure we cannot talk about this we're here we're all very good results give me a persuasion ship and while high it is a 20 BC and work on it oops I mean gosh darn it you haven't you have a ... and inspiration if you'd like to do inspirational if you have ... you to help us ... butts he kinda she kinda looks ... she just kind of shakes her head she's is I am over this you're gonna die little man so no your persuasion was nice but it was not a it was not successful even though you did roll pretty high I'll let you guys can do all of your roles on the open also you wanna put in itself so you moved up you tried to parlay you didn't convince Sir and the fight song not much I can eat some assurance so this is a female dwarf Garin she enlarges it's like she just goes into a rage raging just she is now almost 10 foot tall and she moves up and she you could hear the footsteps if and she says all I'm going to crush you go bald and she takes a war pick no actually she takes her her shorts or and stab he stabs you and you duck out of the way on the first attack the second attack is gonna be a 21 so you take 12 damage your heavily damaged the next Dugard this you are also enlarges as well and this do a gore is going to charge end and she's gonna charge in this way some 20 30 actually 25 to worship 25 might it's 5 feet to alright dag Europe you're going to get my belly little global brother what's that doing yeah it's gonna cast crown of madness on to work our number 5 and I don't madness but so crown of madness action one human one of your choice that you can see within range must succeed on a wisdom saving throw or or become charmed by you for the duration and it is a this concentration to so it's pretty nice okay so while this creature is charmed in this way a twisted crown of dragon are jagged iron appears on its head and a madness glows in its eyes the charmed target must use its action before moving on each of its turn to make a melee attack against a creature other than itself that you mentally choose the target can act normally a let's turn if you choose no creature or if non are within its reach on your subsequent turns you must use your action to maintain control over the target for the Spelman's also the target can make it wasn't saving there at the end of each of its turn on a success this violence I like that I like tremendous so let's see the old let's see the saving her wisdom saving throw boon the door of our failed so the Durga are is under your control so I get that act now or do I get kept we told it's their turn yell on its next turning in the which is awesome so unknown at this so it'll do all of its actions and then at the end of its term it'll do another wisdom saving throw to see if it shakes it I like Chrono matte that's a good one definitely a good spell alright Sir and but remember you got a user action so you're not gonna be able to do anything but control outta that do occur are which is a good friend okay dag nice job done pass it will go to bars and you can take any movies that you like as well and Borland what say you what is our skill check monkey doing this right moving up always move an owner it is moving into Aziz is definitely hurt Z. slip is a he's hurt pretty bad he's he's over 50 percent so down nice healing word maximum for 8 Z. seals better alright the next to a car is enlarging I love the sin large effect it's gonna run as well it's gonna take a dash 10 15 Swanee 2530 3540 45 and 50 I'm gonna smash to alright ally cistern it is a lie scattered good Charlotte crime and so I really like we had been melee range though Barling key area I think you're stuck here okay MI microphones Andrea about we have a move up an attack let's do it and we use his arm rakish audacity of their absolutely you know see if you hit you get sneak attack so let's see let's do the attack oh yeah let's see he's got that he's got that rape your all also excellent let's so let's use that rapier Anne kind of thrust then with the I. slave your hits what's good not sneak attack damage always nice to have snow of words ERDAS image with the rapier with sneak attack clownish role 18 damage well that that actually hurt the do over but that hurt him pretty good and I believe that he would probably take advantage of his movements and get out of there also because he is a you know he'll use fancy footwork and I would sure exactly so let's see moved in what 10 feet so were you when I got only feet good move more you want and then we'll pass it over to guard on you know garcons gonna do garcons gone ride ever to where allies was just that and garden is gonna attack away fresh off its knees gonna he's gonna slash with the shatter slick up lobbyists damage in case while look at that among our roles some good crit salon and what man so let's take 5 damage also that do occur are and now that there's a crit it's given creek damage which should a double it there yeah while we do that the door knob goes down in the deflate cycle will be caution to as the errors just let out of them nice job gardens gonna move ensues gonna take a lot so he moved in 1015 202530 so let's get around to Z. syrup now while yeah she's in trouble right now yeah she is totally in trouble seeing that now that yeah you know with the crowd of madness you've got that's a whole man she is in trouble so you're gonna rage I see I'll go ahead and feel free to take your attack and like I said by this point you guys can hear the where the green arrows that's where you hear that hammer hitting iron can I arrange and reckless attack you sure again our top the thing on me or on you if you already got accident nice it will then 18 all let her brother earned its 8 damage I think that brother if you see what I was going to happen I'm gonna step into it oh yeah I could maybe I'm gonna Stephanie your slim Jim little bad alright so this this is war she doesn't know that I'm honestly she doesn't know that the other 2 are I'm not gonna metagame so she's gonna try to take you out she is she is she's going to try to take you out and she's gonna attack you twice yes she will attack you toys I I I I wish I could have you sneak attack to alright so the first with ... let's see one as she got and manage what's ... because of reckless attack yes so the first attack Islamists will advantage the second attack is a mess with the same team wow so she's going to take a conning action and she's gonna dash whether Connie action so yeah I think she could take a dash right as you can so she's gonna move she says she looks down to the door or down to the south and she says protect protect us at all costs Boris and she runs turn 15 warning 25 30 35 40 and you hear her open up the door as a bonus near the door start to rip open what I'm gonna tackler I know because she disengaged so that's what she did gush so yeah she didn't disengage she dashed so yes you can get an attack of opportunity so I'll put the token there for you really quick well let me take it off I don't want to do that under attack in for virginity is no matter you don't you don't model because it it'll go off on your next round on the next room so you get a hit goodwill damage nice she takes 12 but she does move over here and you can hear that door opening up down and you can care hope you can hear the stone grinding on the on the floor she just kinda looks back and says I'm out here about how we had something going wrong the only thing that we've got going on is your desks alright let's go the other do a car what say you will that do occur are dag our action I can't really control it at this point because she hasn't how anybody within melee range that I want her to attack so move it I can't move just user action before she notes if she doesn't she is teaching not normally on her turn if I choose no creature I choose a creature but I ask you then melee range she Tattersall well can't you date you you you user no user action to attack all that you have to take that you know you take the movement well let's see ... while the target is charmed let's see has the the crown the charm the target must use its action before moving on each turn so yeah that kinda sucks ... so it has to I mean that that kind of really doesn't make of that that girl is just around that it took it out is what I'm Linden and so I mean the target can act normally if you choose no creature or phenomena within its reach and ... silent if I think you're great you're but it's not within our reach yeah good luck the small kind of contradicts itself but this is the target can act normally are if you choose no creature or if none is within its reach so it seems like you can still go over there and offer anyway so why does it have to be before well what does she have we'll just have to just have a go over and stand next to admit she tries to move away then with the reaction she can attack it with UNTAC amenity will the things going to get what 25 feet the movements of the 15 2025 so you can get there it's not quite with an attack of opportunity ranch which you can dash catching yeah and she is an accent a dash knew you so you can get there or their or their where you want to go from here yeah dash round corner right next care can so it seems like that smoke on a contradicts silver it's kind of weird it's worth normally slowing up using and I have to move up to maintain concentration on it massage with a 120 feet of the range so yes if the Rangers under 20 feet so I mean your work well within the range so you move up and now we go to we'll get a look see Barlinek Europe now what you need right because I was a dork our strength oh yeah well that was your actually any I think to control right here right time in and work on your turn you moved so yeah alright I'm gonna use a second level spell slot okay and I'm learn about 5 feet our own trucks and he'll homes these second of all cure wounds 8 right and then a more am I correct moment alright so we'll go to the let's see ... what we're gonna go to next we'll go to our alliance what would you like a live studio things move in this time all of hello or the whole game here no you guys community community use a lawyer so whatever you guys want to do anyone else wonder anything with alliance slika Lyle some new there sure move Marlon blown out of range weapon or how is that other but he has a he has a crossbow on how do you pronounce cotton cotton a Garriga Guardia suddenly option either her alright let's do it so you want to see because of the large creature there so let's do minus to and we'll do the crossbow role still ahead with the 17 will get sneak attack because of the ally Steve the crossbow damage while that you know how clutch that is because she was just fixing your screen so the door was opening up and then all liars takes around as she hits her in the back of the head with other that you figured out yet just to the I mean right through the head comes up to her throat and she just falls down on the ground dead we now have open a little bit very nice that was that was clutch that was a nicer that was actually really nice roles to away from maximum alright so what say you adventurers you are kind of out of combat you have this you have those do over here from the crown of madness well I didn't do a savings room with this ... with this is worth it me another a hit me with another saving throw wouldn't that automatically happens so she's charmed and says no save on an around the ear and it didn't all on the end of the brown though I guess will load will find out when we get in the yeah let's see Mrs ... you will see duration I don't save concentration let's go the garden smooth Gargan into some 2030 so do the saving for it Sir are it did not no so give me wasn't saving through on like I drop dependent again yeah I'm working track up wasn't saving die on Sunday nothing's happening so it felt so good room it is still under your control Sir for this round so what do you guys want to do I don't I don't is I don't know under control right well we know why should it cramped said you she'll see the crown right it does have a current I don't know what that means sees but you can see me focused on it yeah but disease is not the brightest I don't know I am here and I wanted something I don't I if you attempt to approach all alert you not to Maria eliminate that from there you go Arab ... was you know going anywhere either you know approach today I because you don't know so as you approach yeah I'm approaching broke my weapon to attack but yeah you see us stop that was under my control how okay uses your wish is my command is it just gives a weird look is it gonna as the crowd on the lake tilts some subtle little your wish is my command so what say you dentures the door down here's barely open store down here and then you have a core or city northeast to the north west and also down where you're idag southwest and it looks like an actually as you ran by there were stairs going down to another door so I will I will give you that I was probably focus I mean I've seen it and actually all of these all of these ... interview entry points have doors you guys are a swat not aware you guys could actually I am on the east wall here behind it behind that thrown there's also a door so what do you think they're not very talkative tonight you gotta propellers and figure out why the giants and dragons fighting I roll some kind of insider is true either give me a history check okay but just don't rule one out in the open yeah because I mean it would be basic knowledge anyway the yeah everybody knows about the the giants and dragons fought for for many years are but it doesn't look like there's any any kind of like rhyme or reason to may be worth a lot of money if you get him out of here and I don't warrant stronghold on so what science adventurers let's say this adventure is it 5 different directions you could go I got a feeling that if we go down in that direction more where he earned the Yom hammer strikes us can be like the main encounter how about we take some east Texans smaller bites first how can I or Bryan VS sorry god as a side disk it Harry because as you've already heard once the crown of if to crown and madness doesn't have a target you need to work our gets do whatever she wants yeah it doesn't doors opened up now the metal on iron Wall still on iron whatever it's it's a lot louder now that doors is propped open a little bit so dag you would know that so do you want those he's just going to attack him or what do you want to see something away from night to work that might be a pretty good thing to do to I mean if you think about it not the you know just to give you a little pointers on you can't control still this is your wishes you get yet 6 seconds office after this round you'll you'll lose them anyway please can you pop that or open down below but can you run through that door into is anybody there okay but Susie's you're moving down there to the door yeah you can see inside in and you can also snow like hot metal you've you've seen forges and stuff before and you've smelt that and inside you can you can see that there are Chicago look around can appear on the door you can see that there are multiple forges in here you can see that there is a bridge you can also see ... multiple dwarves banging on and bills and you see a river that is cutting this room in half and a couple of bridges so all yeah this and then you see on that the south wall without everybody metagaming I can't wait til on so it gets here and that's what you see 2 doors on the south lawn CCAC greenies sneeze many artists some darts 2 bridges and more doors yeah it is the area it is a crafting area several furnaces and forges and then it looks like to the the E. swat which will be your left it looks like of the chamber continues on into darkness I mean like I said that that stream of water is flowing from west to east into the dark cavern also and in the 2 stone bridges 3 towards beating on white hot metal shaping it I'm old landfills I'll just close the door alright this is what it looks like all I know is in there the cackling from the from the forges on the banging of the the hammers on the iron handles you guys latency and they didn't even notice you close the doors these it was sort of what the summer's citadels lighter I have some cool artwork yeah I mean it was much bigger or we had during that it and how do you plan to do that say we don't attempt Sir you releasing him or you know move online my list I will okay but let's turn first of so Skinner and go through the the motions here alright services turn now so you can use your option to control the fuel I'm going to release okay alright so now we'll go to ... let's see he would get an attack we're gonna release them try it happening on the net just 5 released now the looks I would say that if you release them I would say that would be at the end of this turn to where he wouldn't get anything so that's that's how I would that's all I would rule the I mean it would just seem logical that you would kinda like delay everything to the last second and then release them alright so I. dag wordy doing on your turn as this crowd of madness disappears and the duo of ours now back to himself although he is kinda shaking the cobwebs out so what's dag Newman chill touch alright chill touch is a hit with an 18 nice job takes 4 necrotic damage it's kind of funny that chill touch those necrotic damage yeah I think they needed more necromancy spell so they certain luscious make chill touch a necromancy spell so they have some too alright so let's get a Marlon Europe now come like an undead touch I guess you alright we'll sing in that he doesn't have the crime only minimal drop of vicious mock going no links to PDF sneer once are about the death gore I don't do that because there's no official PDF so no links please in the stream for any PDS all right nice job Marlon it's not like Hey saving through ... besides us learn where am I it is gonna turn towards these it's going to hurt him war pick my mental ISIS turn ... it's the O. actually it is him and is a national was looking out the wrongdoer varies looking at one of the ones in the forge this is where you actually solve world with the words when you're looking there sies these are whether the war shura there's a a huge dog size Raton there is well alright so alliance what's laws and moving up //
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Tales From The Yawning Portal (The Forge Of Fury), Episode 39
\\alright so where we left off was less on you guys took care of all that stuff that you had to take care of it the fullest fault they gave me their treasure but they got some of the back like you said because of the rope from that you guys gonna found on another subterranean level ends you are in front of these double doors however there is an embankment up to the north which is right here in Kobe a little green arrow you have not explored out there yet you could tell that there was another cavern that kind of descended back into the wall so you guys can go there you guys can go through the double door you guys can leave altogether you can do whatever you want can you drop the map of I can do the thank you anything you guys need to all if you accidentally close the map on it you know I can re share any time but just feel free to hit you can hit the image in map button to on the right and anything that has like a a small little circle on the right hand side this is P. inside of it those are all of the different maps that you have access to a lot of people don't know that because they just rely on on the game master share the map but there yeah but I don't share it's only a a right click it's not like it's gonna not a big job or so what do you think adventurers button you guys got messed up last I think that thing Messier has a hope that Ripper I was actually pretty good fight that was definitely the the hardest white that you guys have had to date so this is where you're at you're in the eastern cavern will they call though the glitter the glitter main and there's a ... almost 10 foot wide door and so if I'm not mistaken the lizard man told you that that leads to a great staircase that goes to the forge and then there's a I said there's a another cavern to the north that you couldn't explore if you want to this I. hanging IRA the more excited I got small but yet it is it's about a 1010 foot steep embankment and you can climb up it yeah there won't be any kind of checks you guys can take your time to get up and I have a look see you have a little little peak probably yeah even Allah we'll take a little peek so you're so you're sending our rocky lechery and there's a bunch of rubble appear and you can see that there's a cavern that goes to the north and I'm gonna open this up for you right now area by which you can see with your with your dark vision all right there well I think you see a little past I adore you wanna go look into he's like you feel better the session sies some assume your film little rough anyone and if anybody in there anybody there result mute maybe I'll follow up barely hear Berlin with each one of you meet but Mona I'm Jim area I see the light well deaths like mushrooms how about that there again I got I got one of these damn bomb headsets with microphones got a retractable arm looped thank you know gonna pull it down in Vermont big gap or to talk into it and right now it's gonna be sneaky already are it is not play him until you can be a community art part comes in so we need art when needed stealth roll again you mean Tunisian Gooden factor I'll go now do the the role for Alanis alright so the chamber opens up to the north ally smooth Zen and you guys are looking in all of sudden out of no where a creature that looks like this appears it has long tentacles around its beak looking mouth and actually kind of looks like a snake or a naga and then it kinda rears back and that it slashes at Elliott's or allies you know one of these one of these days I will I will get his name right so this Greek attacks slash is out with its Sir beak affected the does it twice well the first surgical attack as Islamist when it reaches out with his pursuant to bite and Mrs well alright so everybody roll initiative now and also you guys give me a nature check what these guys are talking at all tonight I I think like 10 words have been subtle line oops I hope everything's alright alright so barley recognizes thing as a correct you recognize this creature this warm like looking creature as a Greek and that has tentacles and it also has a very sharp beak and they are they are very protective of their downs and they are predators they're predators big time alright so let's get with around one ... we're gonna go with the same brick yeah these are these are pretty nice so we're gonna do a tentacle attack tentacle Mrs skilled another tentacle while I'm Rollin absolutely core horrible tonight dag Europe now C. dissing lash out at your party mates I was up yet he attack can I love you mean Arlington Parkinson I put a lot of other hours into it yeah you can you can move all the way up and if you want now remember every time you pass through one of your party member spaces that's double movement so to be 10 foot to get the marlin and 10 foot to get through a guard can also it's fine parent jag moving in for the kill magic missile you guarantee 3 all of season for soul small sort yeah first or hits for to force damage second orders for thanks to the perks not learning restoring threatens theory total of gnawing force damage beautiful did some damage to it that's for sure anything else for you don't right Z. syrup now C. S. me little more arms these yeah and don't forget you guys gets up ... re roll peace compliments from the dragon beat from spoon man I think it's 5 and 10 or 10:00 yeah yeah you're within range to because your weapon that's perfect don't you love that reach man even with a small little culpable saw some and you get member you'll get advantage on your attack as well not only for being a global but you're gonna reckless attack so you don't even have to honestly you don't enough a reckless attack if you don't want national hunt backpack I'm not tactics yeah you take advantage of that fact active sure right now very possible and I'll take the of take that off of you because I don't wanna I don't have advantage on the town if I don't need it so the first attack is a hit alright it partially resist your attack Arab alright barloon Europe now cool bars Congo Hey harmony vicious mockery a is a success ... it had a successful saving through all the way so it's not affected so it is Elias a star in well actually it is another grips turn because there was another great can hear and this great moves up and attacks Elias Bruce attack with its tentacle ha ha look at that what a crowd and what a way to start off for this guy you want so that's a that's a crude hit student while ... alliance just got one shot by a Greek you hear a blood curdling scream I now an alliance goes down from a grip that just appeared out of nowhere probably a mating pair so what ... ally since down 80 failed is first saving throw ... roundness so you you guys are gonna have to move our something so I can get in there you know you can be you can move through the was gonna be a lot of movement though you could do a dash yeah but then I'll have no actions so yeah alright now let's see what you guys doing for garden ha ha ha ha he's gone on you know what he's gonna do you start your right in there I was Sagar king would go right here ride ride there and smack us Macca smacking shrunken let's say hello all you know all will do the attack for for working I'm sure he'd probably be using shatter spike so we slashes out any hits was shatter slick for 19 job the group takes a long time any resist some of the damage garden is done he is passing it ... let's go ahead and give him a Ornish's sing a skirt open didn't roll initiative alright the group is up here now man I would say it's probably gonna go for darken say that now that's a the primary target has been eliminated going to lash out at garden pull my goodness are you kidding me that is another you're one well right are are are we gonna have a TV here tonight I mean what's going on not if I can help it dark in is moderately wounded from 17 points of ... damage slashing damage omen and let's go with the second attack which is gonna be another tentacle attack hold my goodness 23 is a hit the stone garden takes 3 more he's partially resisting the stuff YC got resist because he has had heavy armor master as a feat sue heavy armor this heavy arm around street give it resist resisting any physical damage yep that is still lusting I totally forgot about the your letters that is absolutely crazy that's a must take feet for everyone that all right well any any other everywhere armor where the alright jag Europe now I don't think back here live high on this corner here to forget movement so that borrowing can get through the needs to and because my still sniper feet I don't after about cover I can fire with impunity and I'm going to attack creek southern where I totally forgot about that heavy armor mastery I totally forgot about it totally forgot about it I did not just as a parent I didn't think it was all right Phyllis Barnabas boss lots love it noon he can meet soon you took the words out of my mouth 21 he said it I thought it was I thought it was moving look at the second look it up really quick I think it has a numerical value I I think resists money via a little a little heavy maybe I should I should know this nice no subsidy milfs acid arrow 90 acid damage and I was not a great year ongoing damage to so gun taking the other mimicking what and then pass it 6 alright sies all nice yeah it's reduced by 3 it's not resistance so yeah again if I get a change up to 3 alright we're gonna do spare the Donna and I sure think he has an owner Hong Elias yeah he's got it yeah yeah he had the right one alright Sir the dying he is no longer taking saving throw rolls her death and dying what's unstable moment yeah thanks for doing this Mr I understand help Linda Dreamin help and I appreciate it Kahane area yeah he ... alright we have you to the grid Whittlesey doom Sir about the is there some moisture into yeah I just look that up arm Snape Maniatis minus 3 damage no well leave it open I saw the reserve under Americal value to it and sort of resistance alright let's get a grip number 7 let's see ... didn't seem to move up Skinner attack you Marlon I don't see why wouldn't call my gosh are you kidding me barloon that is one of I was saying does it bring it but I guess it'll have to do it he's gonna bring it and that's 11 damage so you're moderately wounded and let's do another tentacle attack on you if I roll another 20 I'm just gonna be like while it's crazy but I Hey I did I hit again so you take a total of 10 more it's taken 21 damage from that gripped into tentacle lashes ouch please yet these 2 ... Grigson pretty fierce Alanis is up now so what do you want to do with the Los Gatos once again they will also needs why can't 3 quick just labels on it neatly my dishonor lashing right you those rights where they don alright let's so let's pass it almost got a garden let's so let's do that attack with shudder spike again and he sings a resistant to serve that's pretty vicious so what's a hit with shelter spike very nice while we arm turns first level spell slot for Rome Arabian damage on that for him yeah let's do it once said a little bit more it's a lot said to deviate soldiers and other manually I'll add 7 more so that'll ... look see let me look at the outside ... should be good yeah it'll take the full 7 from now so that brick is dead Rick number 8 is incapacity as it falls to the floor Nystrom so all you have now put the ... see first small small is used and we'll pass it on to round number 3 and dag Europe now I was so bored good to see you buddy pricey dank fireball thanks Marit critters doesn't mean I love you too man thanks that's a nice certifiable ... moving but I thought I was gonna run I saw 3 good job 99 fire damage to the creek you definitely affected it that's for sure taking the other movement you want and go and pass it will go disease shoot Z. soon enough to move again pack tactics that's a hit 23 verses AC another 8 damage partially resisted from the piercing ... damage Barlow in Europe now our walk up and just talking with my index finger and watch him fall over as lenses audiences like out of socket or something one always has his unconscious so see ... model he is actually zooms well Z. down sizes.Goldman just poking you coach and you can watch him fall over from ever you just and his bloomer other I'm Karen this season I go that's how it's done you need so one side of this chamber there's a bunch of rubble there's a bunch of trash should can hazard a dainty smell to it and it looks like a lot of the the ceiling is actually kind of caved in caved in as well but it doesn't look like this cavern or this cave goes any other direction looks like it's gonna be a dead end here but there's it and this is definitely like a a mating pair because there's no like I said all the nesting in the rubble crap like that yeah can we have a dark on use 2 of his lay on hands and give our allies tender points back sure let's do it now how many I forget because I spent so long since I played a paladin you get so will he is level he's level for so he gets up on her points salami I need to get owners preparation because he still has only 3 so let's add his fourth novel one on there but he can only get a gift for what half of a person's appoints back in that the limitation on maxim mu you know on my hands as long as it as long as it does it mean yeah no actually a let's see of from the pool up to maximum no no actually it doesn't say half I think that might be channel divinity for the clerk I think that's the channel divinity you're thinking of yeah you can do are as many as you want so you want to do to to ... Zeze or tutor who alliance yeah alliance okay let's it's new so he is now up and he's not prone so at stake prone office alone and we'll take that a seal off also but I would imagine he would probably reach assa own softener while why not as mac it magic initiate he only can cast that once per long rest correct ... let's see this because it is magic initiative so I would actually say no you can't do it not so you go survey along rests in because yeah yeah you guys that actually take one but then again he would have to cast it right then and there so he would practically he would be a law that so let's have G. hello so for those other 2 my own hands so you want ... you wanted to go to allies still I now must have a garden Maria put have guard con hill both open to Carcassonne and then now drop a cure wounds on the license cure wounds on myself one 's own garden and the other one 's own garden he's out ally on hands right let me give you guys some experience points is it 180 a piece and I'm sure you guys probably want to kind of scrounge around listless maybe stuff swan thinking you pry wanna do yeah I mean just look for eggs yes underserved in all of this kraut that's on the ground and stuff there's a bunch of copper silver and gold soon there's 200 copper 980 silver and 60 Gould so let's let's drop that into the party she sure we do it and there you go what yes song I don't like I said there's no other exit points from inside of the so cavernous chamber Bryce again thanks so lost words man I appreciate it tell your friends tell everybody who will have ... Elias give the place once over yeah that's pretty much it the one server and it was successful in unity allies and find anything see how we follow from now on every times easily trouble it looks like the entire a the entire area is no explore the glitter hame is explored you guys know that forges upon those double door and then remember ... you also hurt anybody else remember anything that the lizard man told you guys a couple of weeks ago your car up to the north and to the east upstairs they are falling go I wanna stop back by these little town where the little critters over here that we were just west those were called grits no no I mean the others to came to help us with roads and I'm with the the list of numbers are yeah yeah I was uncertain I was unconscious when they came and rescued us so I technically don't know that we were rescued well all I room all I know is that I'm light on goal yeah I am sure that they would have probably told you I don't think they would have just not said anything you know the main yeah as our demand sandals when talkback are dull if you can field day live here though right no this is our home they knew that Roper was here today not moon are you suggesting that I maybe you were trapped Dana knew it so just like the other the larger lizard they knew it was there and they had it trapped they want us to go take care of it maybe they did when he knew the Roper was there too and they wanted us to remove it as well they were awful handed to come in the last minute her rescuers weren't there they weren't going to get is a goal only just to take gold back I think we should go back and have a talk day while we're discussing over someone a break one of the greatest teacher often give a disease and I want to give a search for the body and servers anything of value that I think I can pull out of it like a special gland or like an arrow head or something like that the I'll let testicles are actually pretty pretty valuable some of some camera or stirs gripped testicles actually make a really good stew and it tastes like chicken we all have it yeah others you be splicing that entire thing in and you're looking through your knowledge books and stuff and there's nothing that's actually a really valuable from an alchemical standpoint however you can pull the tough skill you can pull well if you want to take that beacon that would be pretty because they don't really have any I guess I would have some teeth inside of the of the B. what can use the arm the biggest talent mother apparel if I create something in the future Sir create mailman Littler some with mother of pearl inlay from Greg sick so what do you think you think because you think the loser Nonesuch you guys up I don't ever go back I have a tendency to believe so mainly because I while I have to admit about little bit of a bias because they also killed my familiar so I'm a little annoyed right now and I kind of want vengeance I love it Ogar constant on the corner kick in a rock and roll is does your goddammit yeah yeah ... say yeah I will go back and talk to him this guy can do that you can definitely do that can you pull off all up to the next level from where we were I can you can but is that it was our air the right the other one level up the the the lizard manner ever hearing the same they're just all of us are there on the far left inside there about right here all I try so move all you guys were here so what say you adventurers as your pulling back into the the 10 of the slough the the slick heat our tribe there called the slip he tried and not not urban Yass well it is you again my friends as you are greeted by the leader anybody remember the leader's name for an inspiration Carl genres yeah that's what I strive by Fred but no my neighbor's car guy has what can I help you with the at are you feeling okay better than ever can you tell me something how does he spend here hello this is the drive is has been the year in glitter aim for for many years ever since the dwarves abandon this place they moved out and we moved right out in how much of this place have you explored under room we know this place like the back of our ends my friends well except for except for the forge we we have not been up there but we have heard especially as of late we have heard loud growers echoing through the cavern why do you ask my friends why do you ask Lou cat got your tongue Tara charisma check well you can run a wisdom insight check what were you trying to run a charisma check for I want to ascertain if he has if I can discern anything just by looking at and listening to him if he might know when I ask him the question if you do or anything else like a as the creature from this you know east yeah sure you can go ahead and give him a ... you can do an insight check on him to try to ascertain if if he's a little sketchy or not now do wisdom check in it tells you how this token now okay strong tower O. E. old yeah her you want to do it with you your character or one yeah around my cock against his yeah yeah I just have to ask do you happen to indeed you know that there was a creature live it to the east in eastern chamber the eastern chamber you mean the glitter hang him what what type of creatures did you run into are you talking about the that warms with their undead we really are or the author further over I know I didn't know that anything up existed in that letter ham I thought that it was just a a cavernous a wasteland why would Harrison it seems like a couple of you have been bruised and battered did you find another Roper by chance another you say well I mean we did kind of save you guys from that's a horrible experiences you had I mean I and of course you you you did compensate us and and we slip the tribe we do appreciate that what are you know that did you did you know did you know that that Roper was there the Roper I would be honest with you my friends yes we didn't know but Angie we just know that you were going down there we just told you that there is a new entry point to a a a cavernous lair below it's sort of like a like a hidden retreat the dwarves probably went to we had no clue that there is a one I did but I had no clue that you're going down there to explore the entire thing I mean we had been down there and most of it had been ran sacked all of the storage chambers were empty so I honestly did not think that you're going to go down there and spend too much time I'm sorry I I did not mean to offend you by not telling you if that's what you're getting outside I'm getting it the fact that I lost my familiar to work that you and I've lost some goal was to compensate for us I mean you know it's like you scratch are back in you know we scratchers you helped us so we help you back it you took care of the lizard forests I mean we help you take care of the Roper but it seems like we we hope to just in the Nick of time if my Methley out little bit memory serves me correctly a little bit too opportune I might imagine E. well if you knew the rope was there you see you heard us go that way we did but we think you're gonna spend too much time down there so I'm guilty I am guilty as charged yes I did know that that Roper was down there I hope you don't hold a grudge against the slick the tribe do you you don't seem like the grudge full type you've never met a T. fling before you're right I haven't I could be persuaded to let this go Sweden even after we just save your lives you want to persuade us give me a persuasion check well lots I'll tell you what T. fling we'll give you back 10 percent of what you gave us I think that's fair we are reputable yes I admit although we aren't the the most loved race in all of the world will give you 10 percent back and that is how Morris my final offer how much if we take care of that due regard that you will guide well that is all on your own we we do not have any quarrels with to do our they live on the the each day live in the chamber above us they have what you allow us to do well here as long as we do not as long as we did not touch via the sarcophagus's that they're dead were buried in but of course ... you don't alter their hats and and you basically ransacked them all but we did it not up there to tell them now did we yeah whole but if they come down here and accuse us I mean I'm gonna tell them what happened I'm gonna say grave robbers came through and just wrecked the place a bunch of murder have those Dave I wanna step forward and raise my hand and go great how does your leader I would like to bless you with augments blessing in a recheck my pouch and I pull out a scroll and I read it and I say gift and I'm gonna cast school of commanded second level on him and the winner owned one hired it and we went on to you yeah E. P. waves and others jet I mind tricks they don't work on me right what what are you doing this bar Lynn I don't know warranted bless you from ... Ogba as a gift was think you for your blessing but it it doesn't it it was some strange tingly feeling I don't fight felt quite good exactly but it was certainly saga is various orgasmic give me a persuasion check one of the other lizardmen whispers in his ear yeah how many there are yeah there's there's about a half dozen or so room you can see them moving around the chambers of the self that's for all the young are as well really young that what what skip there were protect check that you are all a persuasion check please no date well well it tell your god that I appreciate this no it felt so breathtaking the NDA so what does this blessing do for me Darlin give you a stiff breeze the whatever that means humans call your your southern regions I will only ours here south in the the southern part of the the glitter him well thank you for your blessing hopefully our crops will grow now leaves cut a rolls is Liza you you're yeah mushrooms will be clump as ever hopefully hopefully we'll have a bountiful harvest this year so is there anything else that I can do for you I will get to Gretchen like what you wanna do give me a couple of minutes I'll be right back let me discuss with my party yeah as you well governor of with everyone else he kind of walks over towards you barloon and any whispers in your hair control your teeth he's out of law I wink and pull my right ear you do you what do you pull your right here look I was in my left ear to own what's up low so what what are you talking about party members dad wretch I still don't trust our he's holding back something I don't know what it is beholden back something he knows more about what's up stairs and he's letting on and percent I'm willing to take the 10 percent but I'm learning a little more than that he needs to give us some where information about what's going on upstairs I'm not we just take him with us Louis could or we can go upstairs and kill the armed war zone after we do that when the divorce command if they decide they don't want the lizardmen here we can just come down and little raid and take care of later but they clearly have they haven't done anything overly deceptive this is like speculation that they may have known that the users and and I look at Dagenham go it's nothing you would have done if the tables were turned so much the how much did the they take from you guys unlike was like a little 1100 separate pieces of war someone Tana money you make they took half back they took back half of what they paid us to kill the white lizard and then we gave happened that back from them saving us from the Roper and so gore goes back into his chamber and he comes out with a small bag any hands it to you this is this is a little more than 10 percent T. fling this is 150 gold okay up okay dagen Maria been say take it well that's that's more than they took from us tell him that he says hello it was such a pleasure doing more colors red suits no I didn't change back from Burger King when you give him a 20 and they give it 2004 hours and change Hey I was our man boss there's too much shut up yeah you know you take that you take that we have plenty more where that came from bargain rate is up and grab it and says come on guys and we can walk out yeah yeah I do care that they got more where that came from I later you guys are gonna say something I'd do what your goes for let's give it my all sense of security and well on the way out will make a pit stop back to make the last bit of the collection our guys we've got this and don't work to the east just south of the arm will plateau that we've one up and kill the 2 great from you're a move all of you to consider take a break I've got it your user as out of zepa knowing that it how does the conference so we Walt there's an irony to low a little investigation aunt Dora make sure there's like no traps or anything make sure there's no line 9 volt battery attached to the other side of it yes the check out the Stonewall the iron door that's cut into the stone wall perfect square and nothing allies checks everything seems ... everything seems legit with those lower let's have him open it up really slowly and if it starts to creep them will stop in portal on the hinges alright you have to pour a little bit of oil on it because it does squeak a little bit but after a after a couple minutes of foreign oil on it there you go 20 foot chamber and then it turns left it goes to the north there is a huge stairwell that ascends up into darkness user well past your your dark vision as just sends up and up and up the darkness after you all I thought I thought so alliances going slowly make his way up searching for traps as a ghost mom's he's like see ya later you can and at the end of the stairs as you are climbing up the entrance is an octagon all chamber and the floor is inlaid with cracked dusty blue tiles and the walls are dressed with a beautiful high gloss Polish marble now there's a couple of large iron bound the worse on the wall and I brought a pointer to show you guys were the the doors were there's one there and here's one of the iron bound the worse there now there's also 3 bronze cast statues and the statues are about 10 feet tall there's one on the west wall and the east wall these 2 statues on the west and the east wall these are depicting an armored dwarf and these dwarves are caring acts an accident she'll now the statue to the north is also about 10 foot tall and it is a female dwarf that has 2 axes and she's holding them up into the air and this is what that statue looks like not everybody give me a a perception check right now and you can just put about put it out in the open Mike said that the statue on the left and on the right they have a an accident she'll and the statue straight ahead on the north wall has 2 axes and there's 2 iron bound the worst one in the northwest corner and then one in the northeast corner so that's what you see adventurers anyone well I guess we need to have alliance in Darkhan roll perception checks to much easier when the players are here and she's there //
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Starfinder Alien Archive Playable Races: Drow | How To Play | Digital Dungeon Master
\\how do you are you start finders out there I'm David the digital dungeon master and in this particular video we're gonna be taking a look at the draw race from the store finder alien archive with purple skin and flowing white hair the drow are physically beautiful but merciless common drow form the majority of civilian and military forces but are governed by the more powerful drown nobles drow are ruthless opponents having no qualms about setting ambushes or mooring enemies to locations where they have the upper hand they regard ideals such as fairness and honor as pathetic gestures of the lesser races and consider all who hold these beliefs deserving of exploitation draw have no qualms about using the other races as slaves using them as minions using them as cannon fodder or even using them as a line of defense that allows them to flee to safety won an encounter turn as the drow economy revolves primarily around retrieving reverse engineering and selling weaponry from the ships they have claimed is around the drow are known throughout the pact worlds for having some of the finest most cutting edge armaments available drow soldiers specialize in the use of range weaponry favoring teamwork tactics to undermine their enemy's defenses however even a loyal drawl sniper would not hesitate to prioritize this personal vendetta and take advantage of a clear line of fire to a rival in the chaos of fierce fire fight some drug or born with gifts such as a greater magical power these individuals are referred to as drill nobles and are most commonly born to other drawl nobles within the powerful ruling house however it is not unheard of for a drawl noble to be born to common parents without any royal genetics such gifted drow upon realizing their talents typically leverage themselves to gain a higher position in society whether by aligning themselves with one of the powerful houses or striking out to earn a name for themself so the draw made it into a store finder I'm actually really happy that they did so let's look at the starting ability score adjustments and talk about some good class and beam combinations for your drow now you're gonna get a plus 2 to your dexterity score you'll also get a plus 2 to your charisma score and you will take a minus 2 tier constitution ability score now for your basic points you'll start with a 4 hit point pool what are some pretty good classes to go along with your drell actually there's quite a few because of the dexterity and the charism of bonuses so you want to take advantage of that dexterity bonus and a good class would be the operative the dexterity is gonna help you with your defenses it will also help you with your dexterity based acrobatics checks that will help you with your self it will help you with your slide of hands the dexterity will also help you with your ranged weaponry attacks and the charisma Burness modifier will also help you with your blocks and you're disguises as well for the operative now you can also go with a soldier that is a range soldier so the dexterity is gonna help you there I now the charisma won't really help the soldier too much but the constitution maybe a slight detriment to the soldier but the 4 hit point baseball will be decent a so if you want to make up a little bit of that stamina pool decrease from the minus 2 constitution think about going with the constitution theme which would be the space fair or the bounty hunter now if you want to take advantage of that charisma ability score bonus think about maybe going with the envoy the charisma will help you with all of your disguises your bluffs your persuasions it will help you with your envoy improvisations you'll also get some help from the dexterity bonus you'll get help with your ranged weaponry your defenses all of your stealth's your slide of hand and your acrobatics checks also think about maybe even going with the sole Lorien now this Lorian is a Malay based type of fighter and you do you get a minus to the constitution so you can make up a little bit of that constitution with maybe a theme such as the space fair or maybe the bounty hunter so now let's take a look at these racial features that you're gonna get at level one when you choose the drow so for your creature and sliced type you will be considered a medium size humanoid creature now for your movements you'll get 30 feet of speed per round on lands and for your vision you'll get dark vision and this is where you can see out 60 feet in front of you in any kind of dark lighting and you will see in black and white your next racial feature is cold drow on unities this is going to give you a couple of different perks the first perk you're gonna get is drawn unities will make you totally immune to any type of magical sleep affects and the other part that you're going to get you will get a plus 2 permanent racial bonus talk all of your saving throws verses enchantment spells now a couple of enchantment spells that come to mind or inflict pain and hold person so you get a plus 2 to any kind of saving for a bonus of the so your next racial feature is keen senses this is where you will get a permanent plus to racial bonus to all of your perception checks and believe me you can never have too much perception your next racial feature is cold drawl magic now there's gonna be multiple perks as well I for this racial feature so the first if you're going to get a couple of spells and you're gonna be able to use these a spell like abilities and what that means is you don't have to be a mystic or you don't have to be a techno me answer to be able to cast the spells so if you're playing that soldier so Lorien or operative you can cast the spell like abilities now any time that you'd need to perform a caster level check your caster level check will be based off of your character level now your spell like abilities that you will get 4 draw magic will be considered at will spells and out will spells means you can cast these and use these as many times as you want to there's no limits and the first at will spell that you will get is called dancing lights this is going to allow you to create for little dancing orbs that are going to be able to shed light and you can move around to take that light and put it in different areas so you can see you're next spell that you'll get is detect magic and we all know would detect magic is it's a classic spell for D. 20 games you'll be able to detect items you'll be able to detect any type of magical object any kind of creature anything that's magical you'll be able to detect especially seeing that this is an at will spell it even makes it that much more useful now draw magic is gonna give you another purpose well it's actually going to give you a feat it's gonna give you the minor psychic power feet and the minor psychic power feet is in the feet section on page 160 and the star finder core rule book and this is going to allow you to choose between 3 different spells such as psychokinetic hand telekinetic projectile and telepathic message and once you choose the spell then you'll be able to use that spell 3 times per day and it's gonna be considered a 0 level spell so if you decide to expand on minor psychic power and you actually literally invest the feet into the psychic power feet you'll be able to choose from another 3 spells however since you have drawl magic that list of 3 spells will be expanded to 4 spells by adding limiting light to it and this spell limiting light is actually a drow feature from the alien archive from the actual MPC and that book so the 4 spells out you'll be able to choose from will be lending light you'll also be able to choose mind link detect thoughts or comprehend languages now what you choose one of these 4 spells it will be considered a first level spell and you'll be able to cast at one time a day now a little bit more on limiting light is it kind of works like fairy fire if you use to dungeons and dragons are other D. 20 games so you'll castle spell within 100 feet of you and it'll affect a 5 foot radius and anything that's in that 5 foot radius will have this pale glow to it so if an object's there it will have that glow if there's a creature there that's invisible you'll be able to see that invisible creature or if it's a creature that you can always are already see it will have that goes well and if anything tries to spell off then it's going to get a minus 20 to any of the stealth checks and it tries to perform and last but not least you will get really a detriment it's not really a bonus racial features this is kind of a detriment to you being a drow and you are gonna get light blindness and what this does is if you are exposed to bright light say daylight or maybe someone pulls out a a weapon that has a bright glow to it anything that has bright light you are gonna get the blind condition for around and in the following around you'll be dazzled from that round until you're out of that brightly lit area so there we are everybody that is the drought radius from the brand new store finder alien archive now down in the comment section below let me know what you think of the draw race do you like it and are you happy to see the drow in this brand new Star finder setting I wanna know so if you enjoyed this video and I really hope you did please do me a huge favor and give me a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate it and ... by the way I do have a YouTube channel with over 4000 videos with starfighter dungeons and dragons fifth edition savage worlds fantasy age and much much much more so check it out once again everybody my name is David the digital dungeon master and until next time heavy gaming keep it safe //
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Starfinder Alien Archive Playable Races: Dragonkin | How To Play | Digital Dungeon Master
\\greetings all you saw funders older I'm David the digital dungeon master and in this particular video we're gonna be taking a look at the dragon can race that's right everybody I said the dragon can race from the starfighter alien archive native to try axes dragon can are smaller and more humanoid than their true dragon cousins yet more intelligent than British Direxion where burns even before the advent of the gap the dragon can have a long history of alliance with humanoids life among the stars has led to the variation within the dragon can race both culturally and genetically while dragon can adopted the use of armor weapons and other tools millennia ago this reliance has accelerated dramatically in recent sent dragging can who remain on tri axis and live according to tradition retain their abilities yet those who make their homes in the cramped quarters of ships and space stations have a diminished ability to fly a fact that drives a wedge between traditionalist and the newer breed the latter of which claim that a good starship odds the only wings that they need dragon can tend to be intimidating we stoic to strangers but loyal and fun with their friends dragon can in general are no more good or evil than the human race doing whatever it takes to protect their friends and families the average dragon can is around 15 to 20 feet long and weighs roughly 2000 pounds now let us take a look at the starting ability score adjustments for your dragon can the first will be a plus for a that's right I said plus 4 to your strength ability score and then you will take a minus 2 to your dexterity ability score however you will have a base hit point pool of 6 which is gonna be a little bit higher than most of the other races so I think a couple of clear cut choices for classes to go with your dragon can would be the soldier and the soul Lauren I mean that plus for storing bonus is just way too much to look ever so if you're gonna play soldier this strike this going to help you with melee weapon so you would focus on a Malay based type of soldier and like I said that strength that plus 4 is going to really help you so watch out for hitting that a cap of 18 of for your strength starting ability score he can't go for that level one now however you will have a minus 2 tier dexterity score which is gonna hurt you a little bit if you decide to go with a range weaponry or maybe your defenses but if you decide to go ahead and pick up the decks based theme which is the ace pilot or the outlaw that will give you one of those minus 2 points back now like I said the Solari on is a charisma base class and this would also be a good choice believe it or not I mean the solare and is a Malay base character so I would go with a charisma base theme like maybe the zendo seeker that would definitely help you out and plus every 5 levels you're going to get ability score adjustments anyway so that's gonna help you how now the most important thing to take into consideration here people is play the class that you want to play and play the character that you're gonna have fun playing so if you want to go with a Malay based operative go forward I mean the minus 2 decks isn't gonna break your character you can make up that decks with a theme and plus the ability score adjustments as you get every 5 levels the important thing here is to have fun and play which one to play symbols that now let's take a look at all of these racial features that you're gonna get out level one when you choose a dragon can and the dragon can actually gets a huge amount of racial features so the first thing is to free your creature and this type you are going to actually be considered a large dragon and you're also going to get a natural 10 foot reach for your weapon attacks that's for melee weapon attacks now take into consideration if you decide to go with that melee based soldier or the Solari on this is definitely going to help you out next the dragon can is going to get several different types of movement the first movement will be land based and you're beginning 30 feet of speed per round on land now also as a dragon can you are gonna get some flying as well and you'll get 30 feet of flying now flying works a little bit differently ... than normal movements and it's definitely different than the starship combat movement as well so I'll give you a little rundown of how works so basically if you wanna fly in a straight line you can fly 30 feet now if you want to turn say you want to turn 45 degrees which would be one facing on the battle grid that would cost you 5 feet so if you want to stand still and in turn to the health left and go at the angle then that's going to cost you 5 feet and then you can go straight so if you you know safe you go for swears up that's 20 feet and then you kind of you like a a half left which is going to cost you 5 feet for 25 and then you can move one more and that would be 30 so that's all movement works in starfighter it's it's a little different are for flying ... than what you're probably used to a with the other D. 20 games and you can actually get a page 259 in the store finder core rulebook and you can read more about tactical flying so your next 3 show features a pretty cool one and it's called rough weapon so you're gonna be able to breathe fire as a standard action in a 30 foot code in front of you then your target will need to do a reflex save and on a field save then your target is gonna take one D. 6 fire damage now you can do this again after you have one of those short little stamina breaks so what you have that you can use your dragon breath again now also at level 3 you're going to get a damage increase as well so instead of just doing the 6 you'll do a D. 6 plus your bonus which will be 1.5 times your character level so it's a nice little bonus of small log but it is a lot better than just the D. 6 and plus it has a really fast recharge time with just needing one of those little short salmon arrests now your next racial feature will be Jr Connick immunities and your caller communities gives you several different benefits and the first benefit is you will be immune to all sleep affect type of spells your next perk is gonna give you a permanent plus to racial bonus on any kind of effects that has to do with paralysis and one popular spell this castle law is hold person so you'll get a plus 2 bonus you're saving throws against hold person your next racial feature is your colleague vision this is going to give you 2 different types of sites your first site is gonna be low light vision this is when your in a dimly lit area you'll be able to see as if it was normal daylight and secondly you'll get dark vision to 60 feet and when you're using your dark vision and a dark area you see everything 60 feet in black and white so your next racial features gonna be flight and flight is going to restrict your flying capability for the first couple levels of your character inflight works like this so 4 levels one through 4 you're not gonna be able to fly normally what you're gonna be able to do is use your flight speed to take like a huge jump so whatever you do in your movement will fly at the end of your move but you have to land on the ground you can't be hovering in the air now this will happen until level 5 now when you hit level 5 then you can fly normally and you're gonna have an average maneuverability which is a good thing it's not gonna give you any kind of negative modifiers from when you start doing your acrobatics checks for stuff like however so average maneuverability that's good no negative modifiers level 5 you can fly like normal and then go to page 259 and the store finder core rule book and read up on the mechanics for flight for a character now your final racial feature is called partner bond and partner bond is actually cool and it's got a couple of neat little gimmicky things that go on with this so how partner bond works is like this you choose a player and you born without player now the player that you bond with cannot be a dragon can so you can't bond with another drug you can that's stated point blank in the rules you can't do it and then once you're bonded with this player there's no way to break that bond unless your partner dies that is the only way to break the bond now there's a couple of perks that go along with partner bond and the first perk is where you and your partner you can telepathic we communicate with one another in your minds as long as you're within 100 feet of one another now the other perk is with initiative so both of you you will roll initiative both you and your partner and whoever has the best role both of you will get that same initiative score so pretty cool little perks for partner bond so there we are everybody that is the dragon can race from the brand new star finder alien archive now I'm in the comments section below I wouldn't know what you guys think of the driving can do you like the dragon can what races and teams would you use for your driving can and I'll be honest with you I honestly think that the dragon can is probably one of the strongest races if you're going to go with a Malay based type of soldier or so Lorien so I wanna know what you guys think about that down in the comment section now if you enjoyed this video and I really hope you did please do me a huge favor everybody and give me a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate it and you can go to my YouTube channel and by the way I have 4000 plus videos there of nothing but like pathfinder star finder dungeons and dragons fifth edition savage worlds fantasy grounds and much much more check it out you're missing now so once again everybody my name is David the digital dungeon master and until next time happy gaming stay safe //
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Starfinder Alien Archive Playable Races: Draelik | How To Play | Digital Dungeon Master
\\greetings all use our vendors out there on David the digital dungeon master and in the studio working to be taking a look at the trailer grace from the store finder alien archive the should ari confederacy lies cloaked deep within an area known as those curves lock nebula an immense cloud of ionized dingy colored gases that block most skins and make astro geisha and difficult as such this loose organization all manner of fugitives and other scoundrels and it is led by the inhabitants of great should are a waterless planet orbiting the system's dim star these residents call themselves dray looks and they are United in support of the conspiracies law those ideals trailer X. are gone humanoids who averaged around 7 feet in height they have gills on their necks and slightly webbed hands and feet that hint that they may have once been an aquatic race even though their home world currently has no oceans or late instead of here drill except short bristles on their heads the color of tree like skin spans various shades of yellow from muster to saffron dray looks have 3 fingers and a thumb on each of their hands and their limbs are slightly longer than those of humans the majority of trail looks have a mystical marking resembling a third of that usually appears on their foreheads the trailer are often drawn to careers that emphasize the deeply ingrained talents of their people hiring themselves out as deceptive assassins feeds or mystics of dubious morality Drake looks encased in shining armor and fighting for the betterment of every race throughout the pact worlds are a rare creed indeed and those who seek to shatter the mold must always contend with their inner demons sometimes even struggling against foul temptations from the other derail ex who do want to bring them back into this devilish fold so let's talk about this new drey like race that's in the alien archive now the trailer for starting ability score adjustments you're going to get a plus 2 to constitution you're also going to get a plus 2 to wisdom and you will get a minus 2 to your charisma now for the basic point pool you'll start with 4 hit points now I think the obvious choice for the derailleur would definitely be the mistake because of both the wisdom and the constitution and plus with before hit point pull base I think it would make a good choice probably the best choice for the jury like so the wisdom is gonna help you with your spell casting ability it's gonna help you with the bonus spells that you have depending on what your total modifiers gonna it's gonna help you with your saving throw DC the wisdom will also help with your mysticism checks identifying creatures the constitution with the base of a 4 hit point pool that constitutions gonna give you a little bit of a bonus for your stamina point pool now the Christmas really not gonna affect you as a mistake but if you need some ability scores say if you want to beef up your armor a little bit you'll need some decks go with the ace pilot or you can go the outlaw if you wanna go melee with your mistake a gun go with the mercenary theme that'll give you some strength if you want that wisdom if you need to get that wisdom up to 18 go ahead and go with the priest theme and if you want some more constitution so more stamina points then go with the space fair or the bounty hunter now just remember with the derailleur if you wanna play a class such as it may be a soldier or maybe an operative don't worry about not getting that plus 2 to that primary ability score because the jury like does not get strength nor does the drill it get dexterity you need to play what you wanna play and play what you're gonna have fun playing I mean that's that's the bottom line so even if you don't get that plus 2 to that sorting ability score there's gonna be ways to make up for that over time the first you can make 1.up by taking a theme based on the ability score that you need and also every 5 levels you're going to get ability score improvements as well so play what you want there's no restrictions and sar finder so now let's go and take a look at these racial features that you'll get a level one when you choose the jury like know your creature type and size you will be considered a medium sized humanoid now for your movements you will get 30 feet of movement par rounds now you also get dark vision as well and dark vision works like this whenever you're able to see out 60 feet in front of you you'll be able see everything in black and white now you can go to page 263 and the star finder core rulebook and you can read up more on dark vision so your next racial feature is a good one and this is called dray like magic no trail like magic is going to gift your character 3 spells that you will be able to cast and they're gonna be considered spell like abilities so you don't need to be a caster a pure castor say like a mistake or a techno Manser so you can Cassie spells if you're gonna play a soldier if you're gonna play a mechanic or operative so that's the great thing about drey like magic now if you need to do any kind of cast for global checks your caster level checks will be based off of your character level so for trail like magic you're gonna get a couple of at will spells and you're out will spells mean that you can cast these as many times as you want there's no restriction so they don't take any spell slots and like I said if you're a soldier or inoperative these are considered spell like abilities and you're not gonna have spell slots anyway but you can continue the Qassam because they're at will so the first that will spell that you're gonna get is going to be fatigued now fatigue is a great debuff and I really recommend you putting this on a lot of the creatures that you're gonna be facing now you'll do an attack roll verse the creature and if you're attacked role is successful then the creature will get the fatigue condition which will lower the targets a see it will basically lower the strength and dextrose it will lower the creatures initiative so basically that creatures gonna be in bad shape now the next that will spell it you're gonna get is called ghost the sound now go sound is going to allow you to project sounds out in front of you or behind you and the sounds can be like footsteps or maybe the sound of someone running or maybe someone beating on a piece of cement or yelling or shouting so you can have a lot of fun with this that could create some role play if you're goofing around with one of your party members or maybe you're trying to trick your opponents as well know your other spell that you're gonna get with dray like magic is called whisper ally and whisper ally you're only gonna be able to use it one time per day so it's not gonna be like in that will spell now when you summon your wispy you're going to summon a small orb and it's gonna do a 20 foot glowing radius around it and you can actually change the color to whatever you want now a couple of other things with whisper alloy you can use a move action to move the wisp up to 60 feet of movement around and also you can go to page 246 and 247 in the store finder core rulebook and the wisp can actually take some actions as well so 1 example would be herring fire so check out all of the actions in the core rulebook and take advantage of using that wisp now your next racial feature is called lurker and lurker actually gives you a plus 4 bonus to all of your stealth checks as long as you're in a dimly lit area or darker so maybe you do you wanna play an operative with a trail like maybe you want to go full blown assassin with an operative so the drain like would actually be a pretty good choice and even though you don't get that plus 2 ability adjustment to dexterity from the start you can still take a theme you could take the ace pilot or maybe the outlaw theme and get one of those decks back and last but not least you will get necromancy resistance and this feature will give you a permanent plus to racial bonus to all of your saving throws that has to do with anything necromancy effect related now this is gonna particularly be really nice when your game master starts putting fatigue against you because fatigue is considered a necromancy type of spell and this feature is definitely gonna help you out with that so there we are everybody that is the new drey like race from the new Star finder alien archive now down in the comment section below I wouldn't know what you guys think of the trailer grace do you like it do you not like it and what class in theme would you put with surgery like I do want to know now if you guys enjoyed this video and I really hope you did please do me a super awesome huge favor and give me a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate it and ... by the way I do have a you tube channel that has over 4000 videos such as store finder dungeons and dragons fifth edition fantasy grounds and many more so you know where to go once again everybody my name is David the digital dungeon master and until next time having gaming stay safe //
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Starfinder Alien Archive Playable Races: Contemplative | How To Play | Digital Dungeon Master
\\now we'll use our founders other I'm David did digital dungeon master and in this video we're gonna be taking a look at the contemplate of race and the store finder alien archive the beings known through the packed worlds as the contemplate of swear once humanoids of extreme intelligence living on Accutron upon walking exceptional psychic powers they deliberately evolve their brains to the detriment of their bodies now contemplated flowed along using telekinesis while their bodies dangle from their huge pulsating brain sacks I contemplated this evolution dates back to long before the gap and only these few pre gap records hints at their original appearance the contemplated is likely would have conquered their home planet of Accutron but instead they were content to ponder the multiverse and its secrets most famously debating their conclusions and Acton's hall of reason contemplate of scholars are universally welcomed and laboratories research facilities and universities all throughout the pact worlds making them among the most prolific academic authors although contemplated as are known to be extra ordinarily intelligence observant and confident their behavior is often jarring to their colleagues of other species despite contemplated is relative peacefulness other races often perceive them as aloof overly logical and emotionally sterile contemplated as are able to speak their their voices are reedy and soft most consider verbal communication rather crude favoring telepathy those who regularly need to speak often wear inexpensive context speakers that translate their telepathic thoughts into spoken words despite their frail appearance contemplated as are able to survive and unforgiving environments when contemplated his do build their own communities the structures are often when the lists and difficult to navigate for those unable to fly so the contemplated of we think about that huge floating brain that's just has a dead body dangling underneath it pretty ingenious saw so let's talk about the starting ability score modifiers for the contemplated the first is going to give you a plus for S. run a surplus for your starting ability score for intelligence the next bonus is going to give you plus 2 to your charisma and seeing that you got a plus 4 plus 2 you're going to get to negative impactful modifiers as well and the first negative modifier is going to be a minus 2 to your strength score and the last negative mata far will be minus 2 to your constitution score now also sing that you're the floating brain you're could have a little bit less at points compared to the other alien races out there so you gonna start with a basic point pool of 2 now let's talk about some good classes that will go along with your contemplated if to take advantage of that plus for intelligence and up close to charisma so first I think the clear cut choice for starting a contemplate of would be the techno Manser class now this is an intelligence base class you'll fully take advantage of the plus 4 to intelligence now just make sure in character creation with that big bonus don't go over an 18 so having this plus 4 to your intelligence may give you a little bit more wiggle room to put some other maybe theme into maybe a constitution or maybe a dexterity ... to make up for those low numbers so the intelligence for your techno answer is going to help you with your spell attack it's gonna help you with your saving throw DC's it's also gonna help you with the multitude of different knowledge checks that you're gonna be able to perform and it will also help you with your total amount of bonus spells depending on what your intelligence modifiers gonna be now another great choice for your intelligence bonus would be the mechanic and the mechanic is pretty much a droid based our character it's also intelligence based and that is gonna help you with your mechanical tricks it's also going to help you with all of your different science checks thankfully that you don't get a minus 2 to dexterity for the contemplated that's pretty nice so you won't have to worry about losing any kind of defenses for either the tectum answer or the mechanic now the minus 2 to storing it is really not going to matter to either of class but the minus 2 to your constitution will hurt a little bit with your starting pool of stamina points